Tuesday, January 25, 2011

‘Public’ Service before ‘Private’ Service, Lord Strathclyde sneaks back to Westminster, Brigit felt like a ‘dirty Hooker’ because of him

Dear All

Lord Strathclyde has surfaced.

Yesterday he made his first public appearance following reports of an affair with an unmarried woman called Birgit Cunningham.

Apparently Birgit Cunningham was getting banged by Lord Strathclyde to music of George Michael.

I wonder, what tunes?

Father Figure, Careless Whisper or Wake Me Up Before You Go Go!

Anyway, he has sneaked back into the House of Lords to lead the coalition's attempts to get through its voting reform bill through the Lords.

‘Public’ Service before ‘Private’ Service, how novel!

The ‘Leader’ of the House of Lords has he made it clear the government was prepared to continue with late sessions this week to get its bill on a referendum on changing the voting system through in time.

What about knob breaks?

Miss Cunningham, 48 is an ex-girlfriend of Kevin Costner who descended into poverty and alcoholism said:

“I’m not proud of sleeping with a married man, but I feel Lord Strathclyde took advantage of me when I was at my most vulnerable and I feel betrayed. I’m fed up of this Government’s hypocrisy and how they preach to us about family values”.

How does Lord Strathclyde come back from allegedly taking advantage of a ‘vulnerable’ woman?

The old brass neck!

By all accounts it was a steamy deal.

Birgit details the action in such graphic terms.

In September 2003, she says turned to her old friend Lord Strathclyde, for help with a campaign.

She says:

“I cried down the phone that I needed help, women needed help.”

Lord Strathclyde promptly replied:

“Let’s meet up, I’ll come over, I’ll bring some food, some wine. I’ll cheer you up.”

He then arrived at her ‘grim’ housing association flat above a chip shop and mini-cab firm in the shadow of a flyover on a shabby stretch of west London’s Ladbroke Grove.

They sat down and ate a meal off plates rested on their laps.

What no dining table!

She added:

“He brought food and wine and he listened, I had a bit to drink and was feeling sorry for myself”.

Then it is full steam ahead.

“He started kissing me, saying, “You are a very attractive girl, you can move on from this”. He started rubbing my leg. I gave in to him”.

“The flat was filthy and it stank of chip fat from the takeaway downstairs. When I moved in the ceilings were stained with nicotine and the carpets covered in dirt and muck.”

Lord Strathclyde is a married man.

Brigit Cunningham said they had sex on the creaking sofa.

It is all so sordid isn’t it?

Brigit also said:

“Afterwards I felt like some Dickensian girl, like a dirty hooker”.

And after laying on some Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference smoked salmon at a meeting, Lord Strathclyde allegedly left £40.

Salmon and a bang for £40!

I remember a story about Dr Brendan Wallace from the human rights abusing Glasgow University who was selling his ass for £40.

He wasn’t throwing in Salmon!

The Sunday Mail exposed his sordid double life, telling how he dressed in denim mini, purple stockings and wore red lipstick to sell his body.

So, what advice would I give Lord Strathclyde?

Keep your dick in your trousers, get on a treadmill you fat fuck and giving £40 is so cheap.

Vermin in Ermine or kindly gent giving women £40 for a bit of salmon, you decide.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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