Thursday, August 30, 2018

From the backbench to the park bench, ex SNP MP Alex Salmond dramatically resigns from the SNP over alleged sexual misconduct allegations, the obscenity of his crowd funding appeal is appalling, his ego can’t accept the new reality, his political career is over, Nicola Sturgeon has emerged as the ‘last rat standing’

Dear All

Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson once famously said, a ‘week is a long time in politics’, and what we have seen in the last week has rocked the Scottish political landscape, particularly in the Scottish National Party.

Alex Salmond accused of sexual misconduct by not one, but two females.

I first met Alex Salmond in 2008; it was the Glasgow East by-election. I was not a party member of the SNP at that time but I volunteered to help the campaign of John Mason. Salmond came into a portabin kitchen I was sitting in having lunch and sat down. We struck up a conversion where he talked about politics, universities and various aspects of the by-election campaign. After that we parted, he came across as chatty, friendly and personable.

I would over the next few years in my time in the SNP bump into him, most notably at the Glasgow North East by-election. The SNP put a lot of resources into that campaign, and their operation for by-elections was pretty slick.

Last week, I took the time off to study despite the Salmond story breaking, everyone has an opinion on whether he is guilty or innocent, but there is only one side of the truth. A huge amount of attention has been focused on ‘process’ led by Alex Salmond, on what happened relating to how the SNP Government has handled this case.

I would say that Salmond will probably win his judicial review because of Article Six of the Human Rights Act, the right to a fair trial. If you don’t know what you are accused of and by whom, this represents a breach of human rights law. Whether or not Salmond wins, you cannot fail to spot the irony that it is his own former government is corrupt, something which was never a problem for him while he sat on the other side of the fence.

On this blog, I previously talked about why we give 'bad people' human rights, it isn't because they are entitled to them, and to ensure the innocent are also fully protected. In the Salmond case, there should be no rush to judgement; the matter is so serious that there has to be a Police investigation.

Give that there are allegedly two female victims in this case; people will be at some point be quoting the moorov principle.

This is a famous case from the 1930’s, a sex case.

Given how high profile this case is, a trip to a Court of Law following a Police investigation wouldn’t surprise many people.

Many people and commentators have said that regardless of the outcome of this episode, Alex Salmond is finished politically; it would be hard to disagree with that viewpoint. Salmond’s book, ‘the dream shall never die’, may prompt some laughter because he is already dead and buried, and if he doesn’t grasp that fact, he clearly has a lot of catching up to do.

I called for Nicola Sturgeon to suspend Alex Salmond, but she wouldn’t, her excuse is no legal basis, but the reality is that Nicola Sturgeon didn’t want to be proactive in getting Salmond out. Salmond has a lot of supporters in the SNP, and some of them aren’t supporters of Nicola Sturgeon.

Now, things have taken a dramatic twist, Alex Salmond has resigned from the SNP, saying he wanted to avoid splitting the party and focus on clearing his name. His reasons; relieve pressure on Nicola Sturgeon to suspend him and avoid his suspension causing “substantial internal division”. I am pretty sure that that internal division has already happened, in the SNP there is the ‘Court of King Alex’ and the ‘Court of Queen Nicola’, and they aren’t too fond of each other.

Salmond has been a member of the SNP for 45 years and its leader for 20, everything comes to an end, but I doubt he figured that in the space of 16 months he would go from being an elected SNP MP to Joe Public.

From the backbench to the park bench!

One interesting phenomena in recent years is the use by the SNP of the launch of crowdfunding appeals to bankroll them. Alex Salmond who has five pensions and fronts a TV show has his crowdfunder to take the Scottish Government to court to challenge its handling of the complaints against him.

Opposition parties said he had a “brass neck” asking others to pay for a legal action against the Government, and accused him of “dragging Scotland into the gutter”. Scotland has been in the gutter for a more than a decade under the SNP, small point but always worth mentioning.

In an emotional video statement, Salmond said he “truly loved” the SNP and the Yes movement, and didn’t want to damage the “defining commitment” of his life.

If you don’t get what this means, this is Alex Salmond saying goodbye, there are certain things that you can come back from in politics, but when allegations of the kind that have been made against him pop up, there is no way back.

One thing about Alex Salmond is his ego, he can’t get over himself, his suggestion that he intends to reapply for SNP membership is just ego. He is mired in a serious scandal at the moment, and although he might think he sees light at the end of the tunnel, that tunnel is ‘pitch black’ at the moment.  

Finally, Alex Salmond is independently wealthy man, his crowdfunding appeal is obscene, it is another error of judgement, but when you are in personal and political freefall, knee jerk reactions and panic are the norm. I have for years said the SNP is a party within a party, it is a ‘rat ship’; it seems given the allegations against Salmond that Nicola Sturgeon has emerged as the ‘last rat standing’.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Airwolf descent and turning manouvre - A George Laird Production

Dear All

Here is another cgi clip which I have been working on, the result isn't that bad, but there are still some issues that I need to nail down relating to the model.

Enjoy, I am taking a few days off blogging to study.

This is best played at full screen.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, August 20, 2018

Hitman 47 Enhanced cgi scene using Action VFX products and 3d helicopter model - A George Laird Production

Dear All

This is a movie clip from the film Hitman Agent 47, I have added in a few CGI effects and 3d model helicopter to spice it up.

The scene was motion tracked and I used Action VFX products to change the tone, all in all, reasonable happy but the main rotor on the helicopter is still an animation issue.

Lots of popular TV shows have scenes which use this company products.

The helicopter, I bought off Turbosquid for about £25.


Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Whatever happened to the integrity of the British press, we are being fed a tainted agenda, a fake narrative, a cover up of facts, a failure to report the truth, and support for tyranny by supporting illegal court proceedings in the case of Tommy Robinson, can the mainstream media ever regain the trust of the British people?

Dear All

Press freedom, anyone interested in democracy can and should support this to the hilt, in recent years; there is a new phrase which has entered the public forum, fake news.

It has led in a decline in the status of the mainstream media; that has led to some people outright condemning the press of lies, and also not reporting the news. The rise of alternative media sources allows the opportunity in some cases to correct mistakes. What people believe now is that we aren’t being fed news; we are being fed a tainted agenda.

Just as in some cases the press can be a help, but in other instances they can cause harm, the phone hacking case is one example.

Not their finest hour.

I recently expressed an interest in the Tommy Robinson case, the media in this case played a part in smearing this individual by what looked like a concentrate and organised campaign to support the verdict.

A verdict which was a travesty of justice!

It doesn’t matter whether you like Tommy Robinson or not, everyone should be treated equally and fairly in a court and he wasn’t. Today I am including a video of his, having been released from jail after two months, he confronted a Daily Mail reporter who followed him to where he and his family were holidaying abroad. In a video interview after his release, you could the toll that prison has had on him, locked up over 23 hours a day in solitary confinement.

I would like you to watch the video I have posted with this blog post very carefully, by enlarge reporters aren’t stupid people, their trade is dealing in facts, which is why it is curious that when questioned, the Daily Mail reporter seemed rather short both on facts and in his knowledge of Tommy Robinson.

One point that Tommy Robinson makes is why the press haven’t gone to question the judge who some say acted illegally in how he railroaded Tommy Robinson, from arrest to prison within five hours.

This is usual.

When you hear that Tommy Robinson didn’t plead guilty, the judge didn’t watch the entire video, the fact that information already in the public domain isn’t subject to court reporting restrictions, and also Tommy Robinson wasn’t told what he was charged with specifically, you have to question what is going on.

Today, I would also like to direct you to a few stories.

An Algerian migrant male was shot dead early Monday morning by Spanish police after he attempted to attack officers with a knife.

Police in Britain arrested more than 3,000 foreign nationals each week on average last year, according to new figures which revealed the share of overseas suspects rose to make up one in five people detained.

Belgian Roman Catholic Bishop Jean-Pierre Delville was assaulted earlier this week by “foreign men” during a home invasion, according to the diocese of Liège.

A German doctor was reportedly stabbed to death in his own surgery by an asylum seeker, with his 10-year-old daughter forced to watch.

And finally, this youtube will possibly surprise you, what Nigel Farage is saying is quite simple, the political elite of the left, have endangered not just western values but western society.

In this blog post, I am asking you to do a lot of secondary reading, and viewing, but I think you will find it is worth it to give you a sense of what is really going on around you, and why so many working class people are getting radicalised.

Finally, why is the West shifting towards right wing parties, well there is no mystery, we have been failed, but not just failed, we have been endangered. When I spoke of ‘civil war’ in Europe, I don’t just mean between the illegal migrants and the people, I also mean between the political elite of the left and the people.

Each day is closer to a tipping point, be fearful not just for Europe but also for your children.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, August 16, 2018

The End of Nicola Sturgeon, SNP Leader faces protest demo at SNP Conference as Yes Movement signal that they have lost faith in the SNP, if Sturgeon delivers a referendum her career is over, if she doesn’t her career is over, post FM the career path for her is downwards, who are the senior SNP who want her gone?

Dear All

The Nicola Sturgeon dilemma, do you know what it is?

The dilemma is how to hang onto the salary of First Minister long enough to be financially set for life. In order to do so, this means that Sturgeon is forced to kick a second independence referendum into the long grass beyond the next Holyrood election. 

As things stand at present, the likelihood is that the next election will result in a hung parliament, with Green Party support, it is doubtful that Sturgeon will have the numbers to push through a second independence bill.

You can’t have failed to notice that the pressure is on Sturgeon, not just on the independence front but with the Glasgow Southside seat with angry residents demanding action in the Govanhill ghetto.

Support for the SNP is constantly falling, but the other main parties haven’t been able to fill the void with a credible narrative, and some also have their own internal woes to deal with which are splattered all over the press.

Prime Minister Theresa May isn’t going to allow a second independence referendum during this term of Westminster, so everyone is looking what will the political landscape be in 2022? The Holyrood election however is the main focus for parties because if the SNP cannot get the majority, they don’t get to pass a bill or claim a mandate.

This is why the Yes Mob are scared; the odds on a referendum look rather bleak looking forward which is why they are panicked. It seems that the shine has fallen off the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon as protestors plan to stage a Yes demo at SNP conference in October to urge action.

To be clear, there is no SNP mandate for a second independence referendum doesn’t exist, it is just something the SNP made up, the people of Scotland aren’t behind Nicola Sturgeon which is why the SNP switched from ‘will of the people’ to ‘will of the parliament’. Yes supporters demanding she hurry up and use her ‘triple lock’ mandate to call a second referendum but she won’t.

Its all about the money, its all about that FM salary, pension, perks and the limelight, once Nicola Sturgeon resigns as FM, she will be like Alex Salmond hustling for ‘chump change’, Salmond is reduced to having a TV show on RT, the Russian Channel where he has to shine the spotlight on himself as no one else is interested in doing it.

One thing the SNP like to pretend to have is unity but recently, I heard that senior SNP are want a ‘post Sturgeon’ era ushered in and that ‘they want her gone’. It seems that people are waiting and biding their time. Always interesting when former ‘colleagues’ turn on you is it not? Here is a clip from Rome, the death of Julius Caesar to get you into the right mood of what is lurking in the SNP.

In Sturgeon’s case the knife is a second independence referendum, no delivery falls on her rubber sword, delivers and loses it (again) falls on rubber sword. This is why Sturgeon may make the noises but is dreading another referendum; she will be the First female SNP leader to lose it in their history.

Sturgeon said last year that if the SNP won a majority of Scottish seats at Westminster it would convert her already “cast-iron” mandate for a referendum into a “triple lock” one, this was a ploy to get votes because Sturgeon has known since 2015, the show is over. 2015 saw the SNP win with 56 MPs at that Westminster election but the 56 in the space of two short years have been reduced dramatically to 35 MPs.

And the prediction is that the 35 aren’t secure as some are hanging on by a trickle of votes which could so easily be turned!

After the 2017, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP were forced to ‘cancel the party’ for indyref 2, after the SNP lost a third of its MPs in the general election, it was hardcore evidence that progress was going backwards. The boat was further rocked when senior SNP figures such as MP Pete Wishart and MSP Alex Neil urged caution, they know that the support they need to win doesn’t exist hence they are downplaying the prospect of another plebiscite in the near future.

What we are seeing now is the Yes Movement and the SNP going their separate ways, the Yes Movement don’t want and will not allow SNP control of the campaign as previously happened. The protest group at the October SNP Conference is organised by the Scotland Land of the Brave Saor Alba group, which has also helped organise recent marches calling for a second referendum. These marches across Scotland are basically the same people travelling around the country.

Scottish Tory chief whip Maurice Golden said:

“The SNP’s famous discipline is beginning to wilt, and it looks set to do so in spectacular style with a demo outside its own conference. Nicola Sturgeon has marched her independence diehards to the top of the hill and now they’re furious about being left in limbo. She should do what’s in Scotland’s best interests – march them back down and take another referendum off the table altogether.”

Finally, to return to the subject of money, Nicola Sturgeon knows post FM that she the career path for her is downwards, if you look at previous SNP leader Alex Salmond, he has effectively gone the route of ‘self employed’ doing his woeful TV show, no Fortune 500 companies beating a track to his door to make him CEO. 

If you think back to the comments of former Cabinet Minister David Laws, he said of Nicola Sturgeon, ‘a ghastly ‘woman’ and added ‘a cold and unattractive character’.

Now do you know why Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t want a second independence referendum, she doesn’t want to lose the money, doesn’t want to lose the position and doesn’t want to lose the limelight. And…. When you look at her track record, 'tampon campaigning' and 'baby boxes', maybe she has clicked that she isn’t the sharpest tool in the box!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Airwolf helicopter flying along railroad tracks - A George Laird Production

Dear All

Here is a clip I have been working on using a 3d model helicopter, the model is Airwolf, a great tv show of the past, I finally got the rotors to turn properly.


Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, August 13, 2018

SNP Neglect and Abandonment, Nicola Sturgeon’s Govanhill defence leaves residents of the Govanhill ghetto totally unimpressed, the problem is leadership and her elected SNP ‘pals’ aren't up to the job, a few wheelie bins, an upgraded cleansing service and a new cycle route would bring in gentrification of the area, could Nicola Sturgeon face being back on the Holyrood list?

Dear All

Govanhill is a byword for political neglect in Scotland.

Govanhill falls within the constituency of SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, but far from being an area which is pristine, the Nationalist leader has left the area to run down and become crime ridden.

Govanhill is now Scotland's first third world ghetto!

Recently SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon used the press to do a piece in a Sunday newspaper to insist she was working on problems in Govanhill, frankly her defence of her representation of the Glasgow Southside seat is bizarre.

One of the SNP Councillors in the area is the woefully inept Mhairi Hunter, if you check her register of interests on the council website, you can see that Hunter gets well paid for her political offices as well as being paid as an SNP Councillor, she has these ‘jobs’:

P/T Constituency Assistant to Nicola Sturgeon MSP
Co-chair Glasgow City Integration Joint Board
Board Member NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board

Incredibly isn’t it, not the jobs, but how someone so dense gets these positions, but in case you think it is a mystery, allow me to help, Mhairi Hunter is Nicola Sturgeon’s pal, and has been her election agent in the past. In the old days, you heard the phrase ‘jobs for the boys’ in this case, it is very much ‘jobs for the girls’.

The fact that Nicola Sturgeon has been forced to defend the management of her ghetto at the heart of her constituency after repeated complaints from residents shows that the work of ‘Let’s Save Govanhill’ is working. I suspect that her renew interest in the area goes beyond a PR exercise, I suspect that the SNP vote is falling to a point that possibly could see Nicola Sturgeon go back on the Holyrood list to be an MSP.

The fight to rid Govanhill of Nicola Sturgeon is one of the greatest challenges that other political parties have more or less ignored.

Unsurprisingly the residents are highly unimpressed with Sturgeon's Govanhill defence. The squalor and filthy in the area requires action, action which Nicola Sturgeon refuses to take, along with her SNP Council led by the ineffective Susan Aitken. The SNP are masters at the shallow public relations exercise, but despite this residents have made an impressive impact and case for action.

Most of the political representation in the Glasgow Southside seat is SNP, there is no excuse that Nicola Sturgeon can give, no one else to blame, no pointing the finger at Westminster and no pointing the finger at Holyrood.

This time the blame entirely lies with Nicola Sturgeon.

One thing which Sturgeon did say is that rumours that the area’s slum and infested tenements are to be bulldozed are wrong.  Sturgeon said she was “well aware that Govanhill faces some very specific challenges”, but what are these ‘specific challenges’? It seems that the SNP leader knows them but isn’t willing to publicly talk about them.

The answer is migrants; migrants turned Govanhill into a third world ghetto, along with Muslim slum landlords who failed to keep up the maintenance of their properties. The high ethic vote which Nicola Sturgeon depends on is said by some to be one of the reasons for the inactivity of the SNP leader and the elected Councillors to take a leadership role.

So, what is the ‘Sturgeon defence’?

Well, the defence is based on doing the least amount of work to appear active such as:

A clampdown on rogue landlords,
A unique cleansing service to fight fly-tipping,
New wheelie bins to help solve problems with “vermin”.
A new cycle route

Yes, clearly the SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon and her other elected SNP cohorts are clearly out of their depth, her defence is risible. The idea that a cycle route is attracting people and businesses to the area is quite frankly laughable; a cycle route through the ghetto means suddenly it will become gentrified?

Does that mean Govanhill will become as trendy as Glasgow’s ‘West End’?

Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t give a monkey’s cuss about Govanhill, but Sturgeon has plenty of time for LGBT events, she has plenty of time to travel to London to watch the Tennis, she has plenty of time to travel to Brussels to give speeches, but the truth is that she has limited time for the people of Govanhill.

Fiona Jordan, of the Let’s Save Govanhill campaign group, said Ms Sturgeon’s comments reminded her of Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

She said:

“That article is an exercise in damage limitation by Nicola Sturgeon and her PR team. In the real world, Nicola should tell us the outcomes for the millions of pounds that have been spent in Govanhill. It has been nothing more than a band-aid to cover up or deflect from her dereliction of duty and failure to manage Govanhill. She has overseen the creation of a ghetto in 21st century Scotland and we have to live in it.”

Fiona Jordan is right about Nicola Sturgeon fiddling like Nero while Rome burned, her SNP elected officials aren’t fit for purpose, the obscene fact her ‘pal’ Mhairi Hunter is listed as a PT Constituency Assistant to Nicola Sturgeon and a councillor for the same area is a sick joke.

Given that Nicola Sturgeon felt compelled to publicly write her defence in the papers says a lot to me, it says that the SNP vote in the area is going down; it says to me that the SNP lies of being there to help have exploded in her face.

Govanhill is an area that needs stern measures taken against the ‘specific challenges’, the supposed crackdown on slum landlords isn’t really a crackdown. Glasgow City Council has set aside the money to buy up 500 properties in the Govanhill. In the press, it was hyped that these properties were seized in fact the slum landlords actually received a windfall courtesy of Nicola Sturgeon.

If you wonder why Nicola Sturgeon has been less than sterling in her efforts to fix Govanhill, why not have to look at the names of some of the banned slum landlords such as Usman Ul Haq, Abid Mahmood, Abdul Ali, Shazia Akhtar, Abdul Shakoor and Furrukh Saleem and then form your own opinion about the lack of action.

The credit for raising the profile and scale of the problems in Govanhill deservedly goes to Let’s Save Govanhill campaign group and their spokesperson Fiona Jordan, not the SNP MSP Nicola Sturgeon, not to the SNP MP Alison Thewliss, nor SNP Cllrs Mhairi Hunter and Alexander Belic.

On the Glasgow City Council website, SNP Cllr Mhairi Hunter is listed as a carer for her elderly father, one wonders given the state of ‘care’ she has delivered for residents in Govanhill, what are the conditions for the elderly father like?

Do you think he lives surrounded by rubbish and faeces as the residents of Govanhill do?

Finally, in one video when the residents group wanted to speak to Mhairi Hunter, she disappeared rather quickly shouting, 'am in a hurry', ....... busy doing nothing, working the whole day through, she like to be able to do the job...... but is more suited to using the loo!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

NY Square changing billboards using perspective corner pin - A George Laird production

Dear All

The low cost way of getting your picture and movie clip playing in New York City.

A George Laird production.......... this afternoon, budget film making at its best!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Totally Unfit for Purpose Under The SNP, Nicola Sturgeon’s Government introduces ‘health care rationing’ in Scotland's NHS as sick people are being denied health provision in order to ease waiting lists, the people of Scotland need to be the ‘surgeons’ that cut the cancer of the SNP from government via the ballot box

Dear All

The NHS, the health service is 70 years old, the creation of the NHS post war was one of the crowning achievements of UK Government which regardless of wealth, everyone was treated on the basis of need.

Under Nicola Sturgeon, the first SNP health minister, the health service went into decline, the ‘hands off’ and inability to have a vision for the service started to creep in, and in came spin plus, selected targets were used to promote Sturgeon as a health minister getting things done, when the opposite was the case.

In Scotland, there is a health crisis, a shortage of GPs, shortage of surgeons, waiting times missed from A&E, to cancer to surgery, Sturgeon left the health service severely damaged.

And so did the SNP Ministers who followed after her, they didn’t fight its corner as they should, it was supposed to be a flagship policy. The worst health minister after Nicola Sturgeon was her ‘pal’ Shona Robison, a woman so incompetent that everything was out of her depth.

Instead of pressing the case for having two deputy health ministers to assist and turn round the service, the SNP opted for the ‘one band man’ approach, spin that a single person at the helm was getting things done. It seems that illusion was more important to the SNP than the health of the patients.

The NHS has always been about treatment on the basis of need, now we find that opticians in Ayrshire have been told not to refer patients for second cataracts op to ease waiting times.

For the SNP, spin is more important to make Nicola Sturgeon look good than people’s well being. The sad fact is that under the SNP, patients in Ayrshire are being refused cataract surgery on a second eye under new restrictions. Sight loss campaigners and opticians are angry about this move, and rightly so, but it is time that the public became angry.  

The problems in Ayrshire stems from new rules have been implemented to ease pressure on the service there is a shortage of surgeons and theatre space to cope with demand. We now have in NHS Ayrshire and Arran rationing of treatment, this isn’t the first time this has happened. In 2017, the NHS Ayrshire and Arran introduced a strict threshold for cataracts surgery, to get treatment patients’ vision had to deteriorate below the legal standard for driving before they could get the proper treatment, and then be referred on for surgery.

Samantha Watson, chair of Optometry Scotland, said:

“There is some frustration amongst our colleagues in Ayrshire and Arran about this change in policy. Opticians in the area are at the frontline of care and have to manage patient expectations, which can be challenging in this situation. We would stress that, regardless of any policy change, an optometrist should be patients’ absolute first port of call for any eye issues. They are the ‘GPs of eyes’ and are best placed to assess eye health and decide on the path of care.”

The policy change is the wrong decision from a moral standpoint, health standpoint and contradicts guidelines recently issued by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

NICE concludes second eye cataract surgery is highly cost effective and should be offered using the same criteria as for first eye surgery. It also said access to cataract surgery should not be restricted on the basis of visual acuity.

David Stubley, 68 has cataracts in both eyes, his optician said that he does not qualify for referral because his sight is not yet poor enough, even though he experiences other debilitating side effects such as migraines, sensitivity to light, and milky vision.

David said:

“I think it is most unfair, not just for myself but the rest of the population of Ayrshire, that we are being arbitrarily made to accept approaching blindness or at least very restricted vision just on the basis that they decide this operation shouldn’t be done. If I was living in Inverclyde I would be able to say to my optician ‘can I get my cataracts done?’ and they would say ‘yes’. But because I live in Prestwick, I’m told I’ve just got to suffer it.”

Given his family history, Mr Stubley, said he was particularly concerned because his sister had developed glaucoma and his mother had suffered a burst blood vessel in her eye, which prevented her from undergoing cataract surgery. The NHS in Scotland is a Scotland wide service; if a patient cannot be treated in Ayrshire then alternative arrangements should be made.

I suppose the question should be asked, given that treatment should be done and the cost is around £3000 per eye, should there be a grant or award available that allows him to use another service provider?

In Ayrshire, there is only capacity for 75% of the patients who need treatment, due to not enough surgeons and facilities. As with everything, Nicola Sturgeon will try to blame anyone but herself for this, lack of surgeons, she will possibly try the old chestnut of ‘Brexit’. Lack of facilities would be fobbed off by the merger and centralisation of services, basically to hide the real problem which is cuts, cuts and more cuts.

A spokesman for the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) said:

"Cataract surgery is a very successful and cost-effective treatment. Denying this to people who need it is a false economy as people with sight loss are at greater risk of falls, depression and isolation which can result in more costs to the public purse.”

Ten years of SNP Government have seen the run down of the health service and the higher education system which has seen places for medicine and nurses cut, we shouldn’t have a shortage of surgeons, not in Scotland which has some of the finest medical schools in the UK. The SNP are running down Scotland to such an extent that services right across the board cannot cope.

The focus needs to be on what is the SNP spending taxpayer money on?

Finally, the problems in the NHS in Scotland didn’t happen overnight, they have built up over years, tenure of Nicola Sturgeon steered the ship ‘onto the rocks’, the replacements to her, didn’t try to refloat the ship, rather they were content to stay on the rocks kidding themselves on that the ‘ship was still at sea’. What is needed is a change of government with new ideas, ability to fix problems, and to get the NHS in Scotland back on its feet. The people of Scotland need to be the ‘surgeons’ that cut the cancer of the SNP from government via the ballot box.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, August 6, 2018

Jordan Peterson wipes the floor with biased BBC reporter, a classic example why people turn to other forms of alternative news

Dear All

Here is an example why people are rejecting mainstream media for news, in this classic example, a BBC reporter continually misrepresents a person's views.

The person in question is Jordan Peterson who has quite a following, basically what the BBC presenter did wrong was attempt to fight Peterson on subjects he doesn't know anything about only to get owned.

In many respects this interview is like the Cathy Newman interview, where Jordan Peterson slaughtered her as the opposition.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Europe’s migrant crisis: German City of Essen orders up 128 brand new Bulletproof Vests for Deportation Officers to wear while carrying out forced deportations of failed asylum seekers, recently a failed asylum seeker attempted to shoot the Police officers with an officer’s gun, how long before migrants start access illegal firearms, will that be the point that mobilisation of the military occurs?

Dear All

During the migrant crisis, politicians comb through the migrants to find doctors, dentists, engineers and families with small children to thrust into people’s faces to counter the wave of negative opinion they had generated.

One of the PR jobs fostered on to people was the image of the little Syrian boy who drowned; this created a storm of protest.

This boy didn’t need to die, his family settled in Turkey, but they wanted a better life in Canada, prior to his death, the family was safe. Basically he was killed by his father’s greed and stupidity. Ironically Channel 4 television in the UK who present an annual Christmas message as an alternative to the Christmas Message of Queen Elizabeth II in 2015 gave a platform to the dead boy’s father Abdullah Kurdi.

He said:

“If a person shuts a door in someone's face, this is very difficult. When a door is opened they no longer feel humiliated. At this time of year I would like to ask you all to think about the pain of fathers, mothers and children who are seeking peace and security. We ask just for a little bit of sympathy from you. Hopefully next year the war will end in Syria and peace will reign all over the world”.

The political elite used this tragic event to justify their actions in flooding Europe with illegal migrants, now the tide is turning after rapes, murders, terrorism and breakdown of social cohesion. In the German city of Essen, they have ordered 128 custom bulletproof vests for immigration officers to keep them safe whilst carrying out deportations.

Bulletproof vests, yes apparently failed asylum seekers have no problem with violence and killing. The left in North-Rhine Westphalia have slammed the creation of the Central Immigration Office (ZAB) to tackle the illegals problem. Far-left Die Linke politician Marion Wegscheider said:

“Such an authority is incompatible with the image that we have of our Essen”.

Our Essen?

Yes, it appears that the extremists don’t care a jot for the break down in social cohesion, rising crime levels, human trafficking and all the other baggage that comes with the self created problem imposed on Germany by Angela Merkel. One thing which I have blogged on is the rise in people speaking out, forming groups and acting as an opposition to the elite’s tyranny. Local citizen group the Essen Citizens’ Alliance (EBB) has welcomed the creation of the new deportation agency, saying:

“The repatriation of non-resident foreigners must finally be improved. We need more deportations. If rejected asylum seekers are not deported, this undermines the acceptance of the rule of law.”
The left and the political elite choose to ignore the difference between an genuine asylum seeker and an undocumented economic migrant. This had led to the rise of the rightwing parties across Europe. These people have been dubbed the ‘far right’ but the term is meaningless, ‘far right’ is anyone who doesn’t agree with the agenda of the left.

From September 1st, the deportation agency ZAB will be tasked with managing the deportation of some 21,000 failed asylum seekers in the region. Their staff with consist of around 300 employees. This isn’t going to be enough, what is clear is that the government needs to authorise the use of the military as a back up to the deportation agency.

Violence will happen, people will disappear and the situation will spiral out of control, already Police and other authorities have seen a number of attacks on them during deportations. The army is a blunt instrument, their job isn’t empathy, their job is to complete operations; Chancellor Angela Merkel’s was forced to promise an increase in deportations September of 2016 as a response to her power fading.

This is the reality of illegal immigration, earlier this year; a group of police were attacked by a mob of migrants in the southern town of Ellwangen. The Police sought to carry out a scheduled deportation only to be met by violence with saw four people, including a police officer hospitalised.

Another incident in June, involving another migrant, a 30-year-old Nigerian, attempted to wrestle a police officer’s pistol from him during his deportation process. The Nigerian man attempted to shoot the officers but failed and the weapon was removed from him. The Nigerian then stabbed an officer before being subdued with pepper spray.

Buying 128 bulletproof vests may seem like good forward planning.

But it isn’t, the truth is that illegal migrants should never have been allowed into the community in the first place. They should have been placed in detention camps outside Europe’s borders. Angela Merkel created an industrial scale problem, how long will it be before illegal migrants access illegal arms via the Balkan’s route and load up with AK 47’s?

Finally, I have blogged before about the mobilisation of the military onto the streets of Europe because they will face a crisis which the Police and Deportation agencies will not be able to cope with.

In the current national security crisis, there must be the building of detention camps as I wrote about in 2015, the problem is European wide now.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, August 3, 2018

Why I Stopped watching THE FLASH⚡ in season 4! RANT! Iris west a Speedster & leader?

Dear All

I found this review on a TV show called 'The Flash' which is a reboot, the problem with shows like this, is rather than being what they are supposed to be, they have been turned into vehicles to promote Social Justice Warrior agendas.

This is why after awhile, the ratings drop, firstly they remain true to the ethos of the character, then they introduce their agenda which turns off the audience.

If you take the last two Star Wars movies, both of these movies are terrible, in fact, you could swear profusely, long, loud and with venom at what the SJW's have done.

Just as people are starting to boycott the news media, and seek alt sources of news, people are also not willing to support shows that turn bad.

This clip, I found for you to watch is really funny, but the content is excellent in analysis about The Flash, like the person in this video, I watched the first three seasons of The Flash, then in season four, I stopped. I wanted to see a crime fighting show, with good action, good plot and good characters supporting the 'hero'.

Now, we get 'man hating' shows were every guy is a just a wank unless they are in a same sex relationship.

Where a secondary lead female character changes her sexuality while others tell her that she is the bravest and strongest woman they have ever known. The reason that SJW's used mainstream series as a vehicle is that if they came out with their real agenda at the start, they wouldn't make money, wouldn't have an audience, and advertisers wouldn't back them.

When I watch an action TV show, I want the characters to be fit for the show regardless of their personal story, the plot is and should be the driver.

One of my favourite shows is Fear The Walking Dead, different types of characters, the main driver isn't someone's race, religion or sexuality, its isn't about personal angst, it is about their survival. Imagine there is a zombie apocalypse, you are fighting for survival everyday, to find food, shelter and security, clean water and a future, how much time do you think should be allocated to whether someone is unhappy because they are not taking it up the arse?

Taking it up the arse can apply equally to men and women.

Finally, in today's social justice warrior TV shows, if you are a LGBT guy who shags a guy up the arse, you are considered a 'hero'.

If you are a guy who shags women up the arse, you are considered 'a dirty bastard', in fact a guy 'ploughing a bird's dirty track' at present isn't even a bit character in a TV show.

Is this the next step in sexual equality in TV?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Cry of the Buffoon, former SNP leader Alex Salmond Salmond is demanding the corporation prove it “is not pursuing a campaign against sites which support Scottish independence”, Salmond wants an answer from the BBC which satisifies the ‘Scottish public’, who voted Alex Salmond as ‘voice of the Scottish public’, his intervention has all the hallmarks of an ‘attention whore’

Dear All

It isn’t usual to see Nationalists with their knickers in a twist, their sense of entitlement in unbelievable, they think they are special and can do what they want. The BBC has complained about 13 videos uploaded to indy website Wings Over Scotland, their right, their content. It isn’t however usual to see on youtube however clips and entire programmes, movies and documentaries on this platform.

Now, two indy people have had their youtube channels shut down, you could say censored or you could acknowledge breach of copyright, depending on who’s view you lean towards. Wings Over Scotland aka John Devlin Stuart Campbell and Peter Curran both are known for their indy stance, both their channels were shut down. Not shutdown by the BBC but by youtube.

I had an artistic video of mine removed by youtube which showed Nicola Sturgeon doing a bit of begging and attempting to rally her troops, I add in a green screen of a fake person who hanged himself, it was a parody that was greatly amusing, but had a message, indy was a dead duck, couldn’t find a duck hanging or I would have used that clip for the composite.

Alex Salmond?

Yes, Alex Salmond, former FM, former MSP, former MSP and now a member of the public has written to the BBC’s director-general to complain after two pro-independence YouTube accounts were suspended last weekend.

Salmond is demanding the corporation prove it “is not pursuing a campaign against sites which support Scottish independence”.

You can guess, where that letter is going, into the bin, the row which is nothing to do with Salmond, may feature on his tawdry RT show, The Alex Salmond Show, the lightweight foamy nationalists’ version of jackanory.

Salmond said his ‘concern’ over the legal action was in part because one of the videos on the blog was an interview with him in the run up to the 2014 independence referendum, it seems Salmond thinks his witterings are national treasures which should be made available for all time.

In an attempt to muddy the water, Salmond also said that “Unionist-supporting sites” have been allowed to keep “innumerable BBC excerpts in use on YouTube channels”.

Maybe their use is for educational purposes, a concept which might have escaped Salmond’s mind in his desire to ‘get a grievance’ on the go!

He continued:

“If memory serves, this news interview now removed from YouTube was a challenge from me to the then prime minister to debate on Scottish independence. It has now disappeared from the public record thanks to the BBC action.”

If memory serves, the SNP lied, deceived and attempted to cheat the people of Scotland, at every turn during the 2014 referendum.

Salmond added:

“Why does the BBC as a public service broadcaster presume to effectively expunge my interview from the public record without so much as a by-your-leave?”

Because it is their film, their copyright and done with their equipment, it isn’t his interview, it is theirs.

Salmond concluded:

“There is a considerable public interest in this matter and I look forward to an early reply and hopefully one that satisifies the Scottish public that the BBC as a public service broadcaster has not set its face against fair comment and freedom of speech and further is not pursuing a campaign against sites which support Scottish independence.”

As a member of the Scottish public, I don’t support Salmond, and from what I can tell Salmond doesn’t speak for the Scottish public, and never did, he was always operating to his own agenda.

Alex Salmond is:

Not an MP

Not an MSP

Not a Councillor

Not a First Minister

Alex Salmond just produces a cheap as chips, TV show on RT, which is so lightweight on all aspects that it is just a ‘look at me, I am on TV show’.

So, what response is coming back from the BBC?

The BBC denies being selective in its actions to protect copyright.

The BBC denies asking YouTube to shut down two pro-independence channels.

The broadcaster has said it takes action to protect its copyright “whenever we receive complaints about large volumes of our material being posted or used without authorisation”.

The key part of that sentence is ‘large volumes of our material’, it seems that they aren’t interested in the person who puts up the odd clip to make a point, or educate, or create a discussion.

The BBC object to industrial scale use.

When the people at the BBC see what they regard as abuse, they ask for individual videos to be removed by youtube.

Whether your video stays up is a matter for youtube.

If there is any comedy in this story story it must be Stuart Campbell launching a scathing attack at the BBC yesterday, saying the public broadcaster have operated “a plainly partisan policy, observably applying different rules and procedures to people with different political viewpoints.”

Well, he would say that wouldn’t he!

Campbell is a complete banger, and this time, he has got himself into soapy bubble, so rather than whine, he should follow the rules, or don’t they apply to this mutt? If you take the time to visit his website, Wings Over Scotland which he runs from Bath, you will see some of the usual suspects doing a collective moan on various topics, and bitch about other people, such as myself. Campbell once said of me, I know who he is, well I know who he is as well, and the term complete banger fits well.

Finally, isn’t sad that Alex Salmond seems to take any opportunity to attempt to burst through into the public spotlight, one thing which I am certain on is that jackanory had better value for money and a higher audience. Salmond must be so disappointed that disgraced Mark McDonald didn’t step down as an MSP. In an update to this story, the BBC has asked youtube to reinstate Campbell's channel and allow the 13 videos to stay up.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Human Rights or Tyranny: Tommy Robinson freed on bail after winning contempt challenge, his case goes back to Leeds Crown Court after appeal judges pass the hot potato, their problem, let them sort it, the public interest wouldn’t be served by a re-trial and certainly not by imprisoning Tommy Robinson again, expect a massive media circus

Dear All

Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon has been many things, at the present moment, he is an independent reporter. When he was arrested outside Leeds Crown Court for covering yet another Pakistani Rape Gang story, he was arrested by the Police under false pretences.

Alleged breach of the peace!

The fact that he wasn’t causing breach of the peace didn’t matter, this was a just a mechanism to detain him and then drag him into Court to face a charge of Contempt of Court.

Labour MP Sarah Champion is another person who has spoken out about Pakistani Rape Gangs targeting white female children, she now requires additional security protection, and Muslims are moving to attempt to de-select her as the Labour MP for her area.

Along time ago, I asked a question, ‘why do we give bad people human rights’?

If you understand human rights in its purest sense, you know the answer; we give bad people human rights in order to protect everyone’s rights. If we don’t do that we live in a fascist society where your liberty is based on someone else’s whim.

The case to imprison Tommy Robinson was bad law and bad judgement; however, he is now freed on bail after winning contempt challenge. The initial judge who imprisoned him was entirely wrong, and Robinson wasn’t given a fair trial, it seemed that jailing Robinson was more important that following due process.

Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett and two other judges in London quashed a finding of contempt made against Robinson at Leeds Crown Court in May when he was sentenced to 13 months in jail.

In reality, there wasn’t much else they could do, if they hadn’t the entire legal process would be under the spotlight, if you are going to attempt to lock up someone, then give them their human rights, given them due process and be fair, and act within the letter and spirit of the law.

Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment made headlines around the world, this wasn’t unexpected, the ‘establishment’ misjudged this rather badly, they thought they were imprisoning one guy, when in fact they were imprisoning someone who has become the ‘voice of millions’.

Announcing the decision, Lord Burnett said the court was allowing his appeal "in respect of the committal for contempt at Leeds Crown Court".

He added:

"The appellant is granted bail and the matter of contempt at Leeds Crown Court is remitted to be heard again."
This is called ‘the line of least resistance’, kicking it back out his door to Leeds, and given them the problem, their problem, let them fix it. I don’t see the value on this case going back to Leeds Crown Court, and I don’t see how this serves the public interest.

The excuse of prejudice of the trial is nonsense.

Here is a video to watch.

The reporter in this case, isn’t really using the prefix ‘alleged’, no, he is out and out calling the accused ‘Pakistani child rapists’, anyone read a story of this person being arrested?

If it was okay to jail Tommy Robinson, then this other reporter should be in the next cell, but he isn’t. It isn’t like his youtube video isn’t easy to find by any member of the public, you can find it in under a minute.

At a hearing in July, Robinson’s QC Jeremy Dein argued that procedural "deficiencies" had given rise to "prejudice". In other words, he was going for a win based on procedure, rather than fighting the charge. Dein also submitted that the sentence was "manifestly excessive" and that "insufficient" regard had been given to personal mitigation. He was again using a technical ploy to get the win; and this paid off with the release of Tommy Robinson from prison.

One of the things post imprisonment was a concentrated attempt by several sections of the media to justify his imprisonment, as part of this tactic, the media focused on Robinson’s past convictions because this was a targeted piece so as to get people not to support him.

These media outlets, who posted on youtube, didn’t get the response they thought they would:

To give you a favour of the responses, the nice ones call Channel 4 fake news, a term that has become very popular, and one of the reasons that people turn to alt media sources.

So, what does Tommy Robinson represent?

Tommy Robinson represents what you might term a ‘people’s voice’, not the voice of the establishment, not the voice of the mainstream media, not the voice of the political parties.

In the past, many people placed their faith in institutions, if you were to ask the people now; you will see that belief no longer exists. The reason it no longer exists is that if you take politics as the top of the pyramid, it has corrupted everything beneath it.

People despise politicians!

You can clear see by the rise right across Europe of other parties that this is so, although the migrant crisis was the catalyst for this change in Europe, for decades in the UK, thousands of female children were raped by Pakistani Rape Gangs and the political parties and others covered it up.

Thousands of female children were raped by Pakistani Rape Gangs and the political parties and others covered it up, this is the point you should home in on. This was done because of the parties seeking British Pakistani Muslim votes in order to win seats for Westminster.

Here is an example of someone who isn’t afraid to speak out, the presenter sets the record straight when a woman who claims to be a British Pakistani woman tries to muddy the water and deflect from the truth of what is going on.

The Appeal Court made the right decision to free Tommy Robinson, if they hadn’t their reputation would have been called into question, as it was highly likely this case would have made it to the Supreme Court, who certainly would have freed Robinson. The story however doesn’t end there, the return t Leeds Crown Court will be a media circus, this case is completely damaged goods, however, re-conviction does appear to be the way to go, this time the Crown will be looking for their ‘get out of jail free card’.

Along time ago, I asked a question, ‘why do we give bad people human rights’.

Now you know!

Finally, yesterday, I blogged on how Muslim Asim Khan should be allowed a fair process, today I blog on how Tommy Robinson should be allowed a fair process, how can I support each of their rights, easy, I believe in justice.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University