Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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Scottish independence: Fiona Scott tells Alex Salmond to stop invoking her late father’s name in independence debate, the reason, Alex Salmond has been accused by her of creating divisions across Scotland, I guess the Nationalist hate campaign wasn’t such a good idea, but hey, George Laird right again!

Dear All

You may remember as regular readers of this blog that I said the Scottish National Party under the leadership of Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is a nasty vicious vile poisonous clique.

Through-out this referendum, the SNP leadership has harassed hatred such as seen in gang warfare and in football rivalry as an instrument of terror to attempt to further their political ambitions regards the referendum.

The Nationalists let mean spirited idiots off the chain and allowed them to run wild like a pack of dogs. t the same time Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon have stood back while their fools wrecked have havoc across Scotland.

Now, to prove yet again, George Laird is right again, the daughter of one of Alex Salmond’s school teachers has asked the First Minister to stop invoking her late father’s good name and memory. She also accused him of creating divisions across Scotland.

Fiona Scott’s father John Ferguson taught Mr Salmond maths at Linlithgow Academy, said he would have been appalled by the intimidation, violence and vandalism caused by the referendum.

Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon could have stopped this at anytime but chose to remain more or less silent, while the animals descend on various people en masse; they attempted to portray themselves as victims.

Ms. Scott said her late father as a fair and compassionate man who hated “bullying”, bullying is something which Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon allow even within their own party.

It is understandable that her family are upset and unhappy how Salmond had used his name over the years, referred to his teaching and beliefs.

In an explosive letter to a newspaper, she added:

“Freedom of speech is under threat. Relationships between neighbours are now threatened if you indicate which way you are voting. For these reasons and many others, on behalf of my family I respectfully request that Mr Salmond never mentions my father in public again as, were he alive, he would be appalled at what is happening across our country.”

Didn’t say for some time that the SNP doesn’t allow Freedom of Speech?

Yes, George Laird certainly did, the SNP is run like a cult, a party within a party, which functions as a one man band where dissent isn’t tolerated by the underlings or people who have a different opinion.

Mrs Scott wrote:

“I have heard on occasion that Mr Salmond still refers to my father's teaching and beliefs regarding education, suggesting he still holds my father in high regard. Dad was an honest and fair man who hated bullying and wanted the best for his pupils and his community. He hated any form of segregation or sectarianism. Mr Salmond has succeeded in creating divisions across Scotland that were not there before and that will still exist after the referendum, no matter which way the vote goes.”

100% credible analysis on the part of Mrs Scott; much like my own thoughts regarding how the SNP works and act against the people of Scotland.

Mr Scott also added something which I have repeatedly touched on regarding the Scottish National Party, the lack of education and fairness; she said they were at the forefront of everything her father did.

George Laird right again.

Sooner or later everyone comes around to the George Laird view.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, September 15, 2014

Scottish independence: Open letter to Hamish the 'real 90 minute Nationalist’ in the independence debate, where is your ‘declaration of triumph’, instead rather looks to me that you have started what I would describe as ‘pre-crying’ before Alex Salmond’s independence defeat, you say you’re a Nationalist, prove it Vote No

Dear Hamish

Time for a quote:

“I note no mention of the latest poll, George”?

Who said that?

I do believe it was Hamish the real ‘90 minute middle class Nationalist’ in the independence debate. In your rather short ‘moment of triumph’ of ‘we are on our way’, presumably a bit of good news had gone to your head rather like a sugar rush when it hits the body.

It didn’t last long too long Hamish did it?

Having come back down to Planet Earth, you have decided to come back with a complaint, as is your right under the Human Rights Act and the European Convention on Human Rights, entitlement to free speech.

Free speech however doesn’t entitle you to get it published or a reply, small point obviously worth mentioning.

But before I address your latest complaint, I would like to tell you about my Saturday, I went along to the 100th event of Labour MP Jim Murphy’s 100 day tour in Glasgow. Ex Labour Minister John Reid was there also to give a speech, standard stuff and no real surprise, rally round the flag. Anyway, it so happens one of the senior BT people who said I should go along to it was there, anyway, we hadn’t officially met, so I wandered over to introduce myself and say hello. I was expecting the quick hello thing, to my surprise he said:

“I would like to thank you for all you have done”.

My reputation precedes me Hamish it seems.

Anyway, isn’t that terribly nice?

He then introduced me to his wife, so after a quick exchange with her, I said cheerio and wandered over to a PhD Law student who I had met previously, we had a good chat and then I listened to Jim Murphy.

Sun shining and a big happy crowd, a Yes voter, well an angry Yes supporter turned up to ‘scream and shout’, he had two kids in tow. You don’t take kids to demos Hamish, appalling error of judgment given the amount of hate and intimidation that this campaign has generated. Two women from the Greens also turned up to wave Yes posters. Later on I was interviewed by Japanese television; they seem to have no problem with the George Laird view which I thought went very well considering I had to do it on the hoof.

My final point on Saturday’s event was that I had to pop into the BT Office to use the bathroom, so I walked over to the office, pressed the buzzer, they asked ‘who is it’! I said, “George Laird”, buzzed in straight away without the nonsense of ‘who and what do you want?’

My reputation precedes me Hamish.

And they read the blog as well as Glasgow SNP I am told.

I suppose I should ask; does your political reputation precede you? 
Now, to address your complaint, I have to say firstly I hate jealously, but you reek of it, do I make you feel inferior?

How does that work, you being a middle class rich guy?

“George, your claim to be the real Glaswegian working class voice is wearing thin”.

Hamish, I am working class, are you seriously suggesting that because you are unhappy with my ‘status’, I should bump myself up to middle class? Is that what would make you happy? How does that work, you appear to be unable to accept someone like me can be working class, Hamish.

I don’t wear a cloth cap, donkey jacket and walk about the place calling people ‘mucker’, ‘comrade, ‘brother’ and ‘sister’, I leave that to others. I guess despite a middle class upbringing, you are upset that someone from ‘the masses’ can actually have a voice and people think it is actually worth hearing!

Is unpopular Nicola Sturgeon your ideal of working class?

Nicola Sturgeon is common but with money, which means she has nothing going for her, along with her rather large chip on shoulder, she has also the unhappy needy attention seeking look which I have observed in passing. Her fake sincerity just doesn’t really work for her, too forced, her ‘headshaking routine’ when she doesn’t like a question reminds me of a child. When she sees me, she presses her lips together into a thin line which in some people tends to suggest they are very angry, I think she wants to have a go at me for calling her ‘unpopular’.

“I have pointed out before that only someone of independent means could credibly guarantee to be a full-time councillor, which you did when you stood for election in Glasgow.”

I find your obsession with money to be rather tacky.

Hamish, talking about money all the time in relation to me is rather cheap. Does money rule your life? Is it your God? Do you think you can’t be happy in life as long as you are doing well and others need to be doing badly?

I made an election pledge, an election promise, a promise by me isn’t some bizarre piece of nonsense, it is a promise and I keep my promises Hamish. Otherwise, what good is my word, why should people trust you when you deceive them, I will not attempt to enter public office by lying to people. You appear to have a real problem with someone telling the truth. Also if I do a job, then I do the job properly, is that also strange to you?

Oh and to return to a point I already made, assumptions by you yet again, didn't I warn you about making a fool of yourself by doing that? How many times do I have to repeated myself, the facts you get, remain the facts, the fact you don’t like them doesn’t change the situation.

“Now in almost every article, you extol business bosses, like the heads of BP, RBS, and Standard Life”.

Is everyone entitled to free speech?

What is wrong about supporting their right to exercise it?

“That is not speaking for the working class”.

As I understand it, politicians are supposed to support everyone's human rights, which incidentally I am doing again, why is that strange to you?

Have you seen Alex Salmond lately?

He is so far up Rupert Murdoch’s arse that if he spits, it is coming out Murdoch’s mouth! Do you see me cosying up to people Hamish? I didn’t do it at Glasgow University when I was teaching and I am not doing it now that I am in politics.

“BTW what are you afraid of by censoring all comments?”

People post abuse to me and make allegations about people in public life which could be viewed as defamation, as you know, I have a world famous blog as read by the BBC and my enemies so I have had to moderate Hamish.

“Most bloggers don't these days”.

Gosh, I never knew you read so many blogs, do you complain to others or is it just me who gets that ‘the treatment’?

Well remember that most bloggers don't have my history with the Scottish National Party, do they Hamish?

Do you remember why I binned the Scottish National Party?

They decided to raise a bogus complaint against me to brand me homophobic by a village idiot called William Henderson, some yokel from the provinces who held the position of National Secretary of the SNP. As well as being involved in the setting up of the hearing, he was also the complainer, which is highly unethical and a breach of my human rights for a fair hearing. He was also speaking to the ‘Judges’ outside the process.

Prior to that the SNP Chief Executive Peter Murrell, husband of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon refused to investigate a smear campaign against me and I informed him, I was withdrawing from being an SNP activist on that basis. The Nationalist smear used against me was that because I had failed SNP candidate selection that was the reason for my unhappiness. I was failed on not being a ‘team player’, which apparently surprised many people in the SNP because I was Glasgow SNP’s top activist.

I have no time for clowns Hamish!

So, what happened after I stopped being an SNP Activist?

At this point, I have to mention, the genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party, 2012, the SNP under the extraordinary inept leadership of Allison Hunter failed to take control of Glasgow City Council. Hunter was Sturgeon’s proxy, not the smartest tool in the box by a rather large margin. And a manifesto that looked like it had been thrown together by a chimp’s tea party.

I was there at the SECC in my dual capacity as a ‘roving reporter’ and a ‘humble Glaswegian pottering about the place’ for my blog talking to the politicians. Anas Sarwar told me that the Labour Party was doing really well, Patrick Harvie, Scottish Greens seemed happy enough, but the Glasgow SNP, well they looked rather unhappy, close to tears.

Even unpopular Nicola Sturgeon left the hall looking rather angry and dejected; no Sturgeon powerbase in Glasgow beyond her little nasty vile SNP clique.

A day of days!

What a miserable result for the SNP, personally I thought she got what she deserved myself and for the record, I said six months prior to the slaughter, that the Labour Party were going to hand her, her ass.

George Laird right again!

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon didn’t stay to the end, what she should have done was stay to the end Hamish, and got everyone who stood as a candidate and thanked them personally, congratulated the winners and console the losers.

You know….. demonstrate leadership shit!!!!!

Maybe she was in a hurry to go home to Baillieston and watch Braveheart or Borgen.

All ready for the big Alex Salmond independence defeat on Thursday?

Have you bought in enough popcorn and booze?

Do you wonder if unpopular Nicola Sturgeon will say to herself on referendum night, George Laird right again?

To recap, I said, Glasgow SNP wouldn’t win the Council in 2012; the SNP would lose the Scottish independence referendum and wouldn’t do well in the Westminster 2015 election.

So, far I have one in the bag, Thursday, I will have two in the bag, and in 2015, the hat trick.

I am the real Glaswegian working class voice in the independence debate..... as seen on the BBC and now Japanese TV.

Finally, why are you trying to sell my country down the river, placing people’s futures in peril by voting Yes?

Where’s your ethics?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Scottish independence: Yes, the ‘Badge of Shame’, Yes campaigners disgrace themselves in Glasgow and elsewhere, angry Yesser gets in my face and demands “Tell me one positive thing about the UK”, my reply “Access to 200 Embassies in 160 countries through-out the world”.

Dear All

Yesterday evening, I was passing through the City Centre in Glasgow, only to stumble into the Nigel Farage Show.

Before I got to that ‘jolly’ I noticed the Better Together Crowd at the Central Station, so I got off the bus and wandered over.

I picked up a bunch of BT leaflets and started handing them out people. Some Yes guys was talking to the BT organiser but it appears one was very upset for some reason; he was wearing a Yes badge, which is now a ‘badge of shame’.

Anyway, he comes over to me and gets in my face.

He starts off by saying that, “I have just been talking to your pal” loudly, presumably he thought I was deaf.

At that point, I felt compelled to stop him and inform him the BT organiser wasn’t ‘my pal’, although not an independence related fact, I don’t like people making assumptions about me.

Next up he says to me; 

“Tell me one positive thing about the UK”.

I said immediately:

“Access to 200 Embassies in 160 countries through-out the world”!

He didn’t like that ‘positive’ answer so stomped off calling me a liar.

This just goes to show, you can’t please some people, the Yes Crowd were also at Central Station handing out leaflets, although they looked slightly lost and out of their depth. Presumably they could have benefit from some sort of leadership, again not my problem.

As to the Farage ‘show’, as you would expect the Yes protestors were also out in force there as was some kind of anti racism demonstration. At one point, a lead protestor called on the Scottish MEP David Coburn to explain his homophobic views.

As I understand it he is a homosexual, patently someone should do their research. While I was there I saw some of the Yes ‘mob’ who Labour MP Jim Murphy had to face on his travels. One of the good things about the Yes Crowd filming each other is that they capture their own faces on camera.

A well known cybernat turned up later but he saw me and then disappeared down the street, only to come back later and see me still standing there. He had a look of man who had been arrested and charged by Police Scotland awaiting his Criminal trial.  This guy is known to unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, SNP Candidate Chris Stephens, SNP Candidate Natalie McGarry, SNP MSP Humza Yousaf’s employee Shona McAlpine and SNP Candidate Jonathan Mackie.

Police Scotland made an arrest at the scene of a man later on who they quickly handcuffed and lead away with a press pack in tow snapping and filming away. The mood was very ugly despite the chanting and singing of the protestors. The Police numbered about 20 uniformed with some odd people who rather stood out which I put down to be security, whether they were Special Branch, Police Scotland or Farage’s rent a mob I wasn’t sure.

So, what was Nigel Farage up to do?

The jist or excuse is that he is campaigning to ‘save the union’, but the reality is that Ukip were using the Scottish independence referendum as a backdrop to campaign for the Westminster 2015 election.

Some of the people who attended his meeting, I recognised from attending election counts as formerly associated with the BNP. I would definitely say it was an unpleasant atmosphere in St Enoch Square verging on feral.

At one stage a guy was trying to incite the crowd because of another incident which happened in the City previously regarding an alleged assault on a Yes supporter. I informed the Police of this because it represented a threat to public safety; they said they would keep an eye on him. 

Ukip despite its faults is not what I would call a racist party; however that doesn’t mean like all parties it hasn’t got racists within its ranks. Nigel Farage’s party lacks proper policy; direction and I would have to say professionalism. That isn’t my concern, just my observations of how their MEPs including David Coburn act.

Another interesting development of late which caught my eye was former SNP deputy leader Jim Sillars claiming there will be a “day of reckoning” for major Scottish employers such as Royal Bank of Scotland and Standard Life after a Yes vote.

At present major employers are speaking out in favour of a No vote, whatever their reasons are their reasons, but free speech entitles them to say what they wish, whether people chose to listen is their own affair. And incidentally most people tend to arrive at their own views without help from ‘celeb’ style endorsements.  

Sillars says that some employers are “subverting Scotland’s democratic process” and went on to vow that oil giant BP would be nationalised in an independent Scotland. A serious threat, we are to have a “day of reckoning” if the Scottish National Party wins independence. As well as targeting BP, other companies such as John Lewis are said to be getting singled out for special treatment.

You may remember that I said that there was something seriously had gone wrong with Nationalism in Scotland, well, it is clear that the proof of it is being spoken openly by people like Jim Sillars. Banks to be split up, their crime, it appears disloyalty to Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

In a sinister tone, Jim Sillars said:

“This referendum is about power, and when we get a Yes majority, we will use that power for a day of reckoning with BP and the banks”.
He added:

“BP, in an independent Scotland, will need to learn the meaning of nationalisation, in part or in whole, as it has in other countries who have not been as soft as we have forced to be. We will be the masters of the oil fields, not BP or any other of the majors.”

‘Meaning of nationalisation’?

In the Scottish National Party as I understood it that is greed and cronyism under Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership.

Jim Sillars says he will stay in politics if it is a Yes vote, lucky for the people of Scotland that it will be a No vote. No responsible Government can involve themselves in vendetta and vengeance but apparently Sillars says that is what the SNP is signed up to.  

Another ditto I did yesterday was on Matt Landsburgh who did an incredibly offensive tweet about Gordon Brown’s late daughter, Landsburgh was a parliamentary intern for Shona Robison SNP MSP; she is married to Stewart Hosie MP.

Earlier on prior to journeying into town, I read that SNP Councillor David MacDiarmid was charged and fined for abusive behaviour to Better Together Activists, their ‘crime’, they were putting up posters in Fife.

Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser said:

“It is very disappointed to read that an elected SNP Councillor has been charged by the police as a result of abusive behaviour”.    

At present there are too many uneducated idiots running about the place, causing allsorts of trouble, I have previously wrote about the problem of having an ignorant activist base in politics. Post Salmond indy defeat, there will be a massive political vacuum in Scottish politics, because the Scottish National Party cannot deliver an independent Scotland, that is plain to see.

But more than that, Scotland needs a new centre right political party which is based on fairness, equality and social justice.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, September 12, 2014

Scottish independence: ‘Why we fight’, Scottish National Party parliamentary intern produces one of the most offensive messages of the Scottish independence campaign over Gordon Brown’s late daughter, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon unleashed hatred through-out Scotland

Dear All

During this Scottish independence campaign I have been lucky to be invited to two speeches by Labour MP Gordon Brown.

I can honestly say, they have been highlights for me.

One was in the Saltmarket attended by hundreds and the other at the Chris Hoy Velodrome, both in Glasgow.

I went to the first one out of curiosity and was really impressed by his speech and more importantly his knowledge of the Labour movement. When I had the opportunity to attend the Chris Hoy Velodrome speech by special invite, I knew it would be both interesting and excellent.

I wasn’t disappointed.

In politics, people who step onto the political battle field can expect to take flak, but there is a point that people shouldn’t go beyond.

People’s families are off limits.

You will remember I said that a rather nasty vile clique surrounds the leadership of the Scottish National Party.

Enter Matthew Landsburgh connected to Scottish National Party, but he isn’t just a member, he is a staff member of Dundee SNP.

He is an SNP parliamentary intern.

Landsburgh was also an NHS Tayside board member who has now resigned over an incredibly offensive message about Gordon Brown on Twitter.

The tweet made reference to Mr Brown’s late daughter, and said the former Prime Minister had “lied” about the NHS.

Having a go at someone’s innocent child is bad enough, having a go using and knowing they are dead is beyond the pale.

As Euan McColm said in reply to Landburgh’s comment:

“That’ a fucking despicable thing to say”

I told many people that something had gone seriously wrong in Nationalism in Scotland and in particular in the Scottish National Party.

The SNP is run as a vile nasty clique for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many.

Landsburgh’s account that posted the abuse on Twitter has since been deleted.

And in full SNP damage limitation mode, Landsburgh has also quit as his role in the SNP’s Dundee office.

He said in a statement:

“I offer an unreserved apology for the tweet and to Gordon Brown and his family.  It was totally inappropriate and I have resigned from NHS Tayside and my part-time employment as a parliamentary intern with immediate effect.”

This is what the Scottish National Party is in reality; this is the Yes Generation, the new future of Scotland under the SNP.

A country of Us and Them!

A spokeswoman for NHS Tayside said:

“The comments posted by non-executive member of Tayside NHS Board, Mr Matthew Landsburgh, were his personal views. NHS Tayside chairman Sandy Watson is extremely upset and disappointed by these unacceptable comments. Mr Landsburgh has apologised for his actions and tendered his resignation from NHS Tayside Board, which Mr Watson has accepted with immediate effect.”

Who do I blame?

I blame Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, they have spent decades fostering hate and grievance to a point that their people cannot not just tell right from wrong, they can’t recognise what it means to be decent.

Politicians and political activists expect people to have a go at them, that is part and parcel of politics, but you don’t target people’s families, you don’t ever target their children.

If Matthew Landsburgh is still an SNP member then he should be immediately expelled.

Not on the basis of damage limitation but on the basis he has no business in political life of Scotland, now or in the future.

Finally before and after Labour MP Jim Murphy was attacked, I said things were going to get worse and worse.

George Laird right again.  

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Ex-DUP leader Dr Ian Paisley dies at 88, he was a real firebrand politician the like few had ever seen, but here is someone's personal story of how he helped someone previously known to me

Dear All

Love him or loath him, you can’t dispute one of the biggest political forces in Irish politics was former leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) Dr Ian Paisley.

He famously said:

No, No No!

Paisley was a firebrand fundamentalist Protestant preacher, he has a huge presence; he has passed away at the age of 88.

The former leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) Dr Ian Paisley was known for his opposition to compromise with the IRA for decades in Northern Ireland

My people will have a view of him from seeing him on television but I would like to relate a story told to me by someone I know.

His mother was Catholic and needed help, so Dr Ian Paisley was her MP, although there was the great divide in Irish politics, he told that Dr Ian Paisley was simply wonderful in how helped his mother.

Nothing was too much!

People have different sides to them; it seems the public image of a firebrand was different than the private image of the caring MP.

Paisley became a peacemaker when he entered government with Sinn Fein at Stormont as first minister following a landmark deal.

There were problems of course but Ireland and its people wanted an end to bloodshed. The will of people was too strong to ignore.

Mrs Paisley released a statement, which read:

“My beloved husband, Ian, entered his eternal rest this morning. Although ours is the grand hope of reunion, naturally as a family we are heartbroken. We loved him and he adored us, and our earthly lives are forever changed. According to Ian’s wishes his funeral will be private and attended only by the immediate family, as will be his burial. As a family we appreciate that there will be an expectation by those who admired him to express their gratitude for his life and their sorrow at his passing. To that end we will in due course publish details of a public memorial service which, will be scheduled later in the year. There will be no further comment or statements made by me or the family at this time.”

Any loss is keenly felt in a family, but I suspect although the family will get their wish for a private funeral, there will be many people who he served as an MP who will want to line the streets regardless of their religion.

There aren’t too many people in politics that make such an impression on the National scene; Dr Ian Paisley was one of them.

I relate the story of my colleague’s mother because it changed my view of the man, perhaps it make help change yours.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Scottish independence: Scots are focussed on the economy case and currency, but take a minute and ask yourself, do you really trust Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon to protect the Nation’s security, Salmond hasn’t support the world view that military action is required in Iraq, honestly how more pathetic can he get?

Dear All

Awhile ago, I was part of a BBC independence debate audience hosted by Gordon Brewer. The subject of Iraq was aired on the programme, the panel although saying it was terrible wasn’t really up on military matters. Anyway Gordon Brewer asked me straight out did I support military action in Iraq as the issue of airstrikes was discussed.

I immediately replied yes, but done tactically.

I also added that what was needed a return of allied forces on the ground. A few days later David Cameron came out and said that ISIS represented a threat to British National security, about a week after that President Obama said about 300 advisors were getting sent to Iraq. Patently that is a drop in the bucket, it doesn’t provide the security that the Iraqi people deserve and should rightly expect.

In a nutshell, the allied forces were pulled out too soon before the country was totally stable in both terms of governance and internal security, there was a vacuum in which ISIS was allowed to exploit to their advantage.      

And a lot of innocent people died, murdered by the militant organisation.

In a week, Scotland votes in the referendum, aside from the economic case which is important, other issues are equally important to Scots, security and defence, you could also chuck in foreign affairs. At present these issues are reserved to Westminster, but if Scotland became independence, the Scottish Government would deal directly with these matters.

David Cameron has been saying that Britain is preparing to take military action against Islamic State. That is more or less the Westminster view which all other parties will be signing up to, although the Labour Party and Lib Dems are said to favour political and diplomatic options included in the mix.

So, what is the position of Alex Salmond?

It appears he is reluctant to give his views on military action. In the past the Scottish National Party has famously been backward in foreign affairs policy. Alex Salmond described Nato’s action in bombing of Serbia in 1999 as “unpardonable folly” and of “dubious legality”. That intervention by Nato was something I supported at the time in order to save innocent people who were being massacred.


The ‘fountain of all knowledge’ was badly out of touch then, just as they are at present, the SNP do domestic politics, they don’t do Westminster or international politics well. As to getting an answer of a positive on military action, I think people shouldn’t hold their breath on that one from Alex Salmond and the SNP. Quite simply, the SNP on foreign affairs are a joke, you cannot take them seriously.

And I don’t!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University