Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Election Storm; Nicola Sturgeon sees the sand crumbling beneath the feet of SNP candidates, Glasgow North East to re-elect Labour’s Paul Sweeney, backfoot Sturgeon forced to repeat warning over suspended SNP candidate on Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, there is no respect for Sturgeon’s authority in the SNP, we are looking at rot

Dear All

Firstly, sorry for the break in blogging, the campaigning for Paul Sweeney didn’t allow for me to get access to a computer. Plus, I was doing that campaign as a physical wreck, normally I would do the whole campaign, start to finish; this time round, carry too many injuries, I ended up starting late. The reason for this is that my previous surgery required me to be very careful about getting infection and ensure the wound was fully closed. I was a bit wary during the campaign because I knew my eye hadn’t fully settled down, add in a bad back and a really dodgy knee, well you get the picture.

The campaign in Glasgow North East was pretty good in terms of numbers through-out which says a lot about how keen everyone was to get Paul Sweeney re-elected. I would say that he is in a better position than any other Labour candidate in Glasgow. The Glasgow North East seat is a mixed bag of communities but Paul Sweeney is well known and respected. The SNP have lost their momentum and generally across Glasgow, you get the feel that the sand has slipped away from under the party. There is no ‘nationalist anger explodes’, even SNP voters are having doubts about voting SNP. The reason is Anne McLaughlin, her previous tenure as MP was a disaster politically for her, and the big majority created a false sense of security.

Paul Sweeney should retain the seat despite what the polls are saying nationally, the story I feel of this election will become about SNP slippage. I would expect Anne McLaughlin to get under 10,000, you can see why on twitter, she literally has no one to work for her and hence her relying on digital ads to plug the gap. She has no momentum and at hustings, she looked out of her depth and resigned to defeat. She is a former MP & MSP, who now says she is training people here & overseas n public speaking, confident leadership & political engagement. Anne McLaughlin isn’t good at public speaking, she lacks the ability to lead; she has no natural leadership about her. As to helping people with political engagement, the people of Glasgow North East who experienced her brand of political engagement decided to toss her out.

Glasgow North East…… Paul Sweeney for the win all the way!

A contest of minor interest to me is Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath, this area has a suspended SNP candidate Neale Hanvey who is being helped by SNP activists who decided to ignore their dreadful leader Nicola Sturgeon and still campaign for Hanvey. Nicola Sturgeon’s authority is meaningless; her plea to campaign at other seats which is code for Stephen Gethins had no traction. It is laughable that she is now appearing to attempt to resurrect her authority by making a second warning to SNP activists not to campaign. Sturgeon like McLaughlin is failing to realize that their position gave them authority and power. But when you are an SNP activist who wants nothing from Sturgeon, she has no power.

Basically SNP activists in Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath are sending two messages;

1/ Get stuffed
2/ We don’t give a monkey’s about your position

Oh how that must sting for Nicola Sturgeon, also a second warning, really?

If they won’t go to campaign for your cult member Gethins, no second or third or fourth intervention makes a different, the game is over. Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath is a marginal seat; all that separated the SNP from Labour was 259 votes. The result is anyone’s guess because we don’t see anything that the scandal has had an impact. So, deputy Scottish Labour leader Lesley Laird better get her skates on, and fight a blood and guts campaign like Paul Sweeney for very vote. Getting the win may for some people be enough, but the reality, Laird needs a couple of thousand as a majority. Not that this is an excuse for coasting is she gets in, more a solid building block to get a super majority.

Scottish Tory leader Jackson Carlaw last week urged Ms Sturgeon to show “real leadership” and discipline any SNP member who campaigned for Mr Hanvey during his suspension. If Hanvey gets in, no one will be getting disciplined, the SNP only act when forced by media pressure. Hanvay wins, he gets taken back into the fold and sent on a re-education course, which maybe he attends or doesn’t depending on who runs it.

In a weasly defence of failing authority Sturgeon said:

“I’ve been very clear, I’ve said it publicly, I’ll say it again - SNP members in that constituency should not be supporting his campaign, they should be going to other neighbouring constituencies to campaign for candidates there. The SNP could not have been clearer here, these are not easy situations for any party to find themselves in but you have to do the right thing. We’ve done the right thing here, I regret that we were in this position but he’s not an SNP candidate, he shouldn’t be using SNP materials, I haven’t seen any evidence of that, and that’s very clear.”

She added:

“We’ve taken that [decision] because we have zero tolerance to anti-Semitism and that’s the right and important decision and position we took. He’s not the SNP candidate in that constituency, but what happens after that is for a disciplinary process that is independent of me and I think it’s right that that’s allowed to take its course.”

Name an SNP jewish MSP or MP?

You will find that a hard research project because I don’t ever remember one, you’ll see Sein Fein, Muslim, LGBT and the rich, but no jewish representation or even a senior leadership person. Not even a token figure, much in the same way you have no Chinese MSP or MP in the SNP. Diversity stops at Sein Fein, Muslim, LGBT and the rich, the SNP is a party steeped in tokenism.

Finally, this is my second last post, tomorrow back to the hospital for surgery, then a period off blogging to rest my eye; then start back normally after the New Year. So, just the xmas blog to crack out, and an assessment of the election, the winners, the losers and the crying. And of course a lighthearted look at any portillo moments. This Thursday, 10 pm polls close and then the game’s afoot. So stock up on grub, it will be a long night as the various battles unfold. The battle of Glasgow North East, Stirling, East Renfrewshire and Ochil and South Perthshire, along with Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, the ones to watch and laugh or cry over!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Shaken Not Stirred, Labour Candidate Paul Sweeney on course to win Glasgow North East as the SNP failed to put a worthy candidate up for the seat, when is Anne McLaughlin going to realise that she is fighting the ‘Best of British’, Labour campaign in North East of Glasgow is cruising towards an increased majority

Dear All

Nothing says Xmas more than opening your prezzies, scoffing down a turkey dinner, hearing the Queen's speech and watching the Bond movie on Xmas day. One thing which has been sadly lacking is the spirit of Xmas from the UK for quite some time. It is almost like the TV channels find it a chore to remember what Xmas is about and what is means beyond mere trinkets.

This Xmas will usher in a new government, who that will be depends on what happens between now and the 10 pm on the 12th December. It will be down to two men, Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn, my contribution in this little drama is to support Paul Sweeney, the Labour Candidate for Glasgow North East as best I can.

And, this time round, this is a hard election for me, not mentally but physically, I am physically wrecked, knee and back both gubbed and seeing with only one good eye. I was hobbling along today, I looked up to see the Sun reflect of a building with huge glass panels. The bad eye was looking at the equivalent of a lighthouse in heavy fog where the light when you look at it blinds everything out.

Today, I am resting up because the body sadly is breaking down, quite a bit, so I am having to rest up and pace myself which is not really my style when it comes to campaigning. I am only doing one campaign in this election which is a novelty for me as last time when I did the Westminster campaigning, it was 4. Two conservative and two Labour, which might seem odd, as people are brought up to believe that the fight is between the left and the right. But it isn't that simple, there are shades of grey. Being in Paul Sweeney's campaign is great, the activists are very upbeat and really up for the fight ahead as is the candidate.

In this election, I can see the sands shift from under the SNP despite the polls, despite the hype and despite the bookies odds. I don't think this election will be as good for the SNP as Nicola Sturgeon hopes. You could say that her and her government are carrying to much baggage and people know it. They will still come out as the largest party, because they play the emotional card to whip up people's anger. At some stage in the future, the anger will literally burn out and the those who backed Sturgeon will question why the SNP government are so bad at protecting Scots.

And they won't accept Westminster as an answer.

Madame Shouty will be facing dissent, it is already taking place, Nicola Sturgeon urges SNP members not to campaign for axed Fife candidate, their response is effectively get it up you. It seems rebellion is rife. Sturgeon having had to dump a candidate wants SNP members to shore Stephen Gethins who is slated to lose his seat. SNP activists are standing by their suspended candidate, Neale Harvey. He is fighting to win Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath from Labour's Lesley Laird. Harvey is suspended in the event he wins, he will get back into the party, the investigation will be a memory.

To leave politics aside, I want you to watch the Bond trailer as well, it is great, and it highlights why Daniel Craig must continue as 007. The new Bond trailer is just a taste of great British action at its best. The film will be released in the UK on April 3, 2020, at that time, equipped with two good eyes, I am going to see it at Cineworld. When Daniel Craig was first proposed as Bond, many people didn't think he was up to the task, I thought differently. When Casino Royale came out, the critics were silenced and dumbfounded by how good Daniel Craig is. In the other movies, you will find a line by Moneypenny, where she says, 'it looks like you are just getting started'. I would like to see Daniel Craig in at least another 3 movies. The new movie is titled 'No Time to Die', and I would venture that for Daniel Craig, no time to quit. James Bond is king, other action heroes come and go, but Bond is forever.

What Bond does is make people feel proud to be British, the best of British, and takes us back to an era when all the values of what that means run deep in our national psyche. The franchise started in 1962, the year of my birth with the incredible Dr. No. Sean Connery was 007, he set the style of movies and is so iconic in the Bond universe and rightly so. Many others have played Bond, but no one at that time in 1962 could have done a better job than Sean Connery. In the present era, Daniel Craig raised the bar in 2006. I remember buy the DVD in Asda when first released for £7, what a bargain, next day they put the price up.

Finally, tomorrow, I will be limping back out to campaign, shaken but not stirred, because the people of Glasgow North East need Paul Sweeney back as their Labour MP and people's champion. Not something which you could associate with the SNP candidate Anne McLaughlin, being a people's champion.


Mind you, I could see an opening for Anne as a minor Bond villain given that she wouldn't be getting elected on the 12th December 2019, obviously she would have to play the part of someone doing an admin role. She isn't up to being a star nor an MP.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

SNP, the Political Party that failed Scottish kids; International tests see record low results for Scottish school pupils, Scotland was famous for the enlightenment, well the lights are going out under the SNP, and the children of Scotland are paying the ‘forever bill’ of a lost generation, their future has been robbed from them, a bitter pill for parents to swallow

Dear All

Once Scottish education was held up as a beacon of excellence, and rightly so, Scotland had not just world class universities but also world class schools. Scotland has done much to invent the modern world as we know it.

Without Scots churning out ideas, our world wouldn’t be as we know it, so we have a proud history to look back on, but after 12 years of SNP rule at Holyrood, we as a country are going backwards. It would be simple to just write off what is been done and neglected and just tag it as stupidity. The SNP have used the government machine as a vehicle not for improvements to our society but for independence campaigning. If there is a price for stupidity, the ordinary Scot has more than paid that particular bill in full. Right across the board, we are failing as a country and as a people.

This is entirely due to the SNP leadership.

In the big departments of state, health education and law and order, the shameful neglect of policy is replaced by short term vision, no real objectives and sound bites. The Scottish NHS makes the news because of failures, failure to manage, failure to treat and failure to accept responsibility.  As to law and order, when Nicola Sturgeon put Humza Yousaf in charge, the joke was verging on too much, it seems membership of the Sturgeon cabal was the only qualification for high office.

When the SNP brought in ‘curriculum for excellence’ it almost seemed that the SNP leadership where intent in destroying the life chances of Scottish kids on an industrial scale. The facts speak for themselves; those at the bottom of society who needed education as the lifeline to escape poverty were having that pulled away from them. CoE has been a disaster, it was known it was a disaster, but the SNP leadership had this pressed ahead by education chiefs as they sat back.

So, why does the SNP want a country of underachievers?

I would suggest the answer is simple; they need this as a reason to push for control of immigration, in this way they can make the case for skilled immigrants such as doctors, dentists and engineers. But, and there is always a ‘but’, we would also get a criminal element in an SNP immigration free for all. The SNP with a low educated population would also see to create division, rather than accept they are to blame, they would blame Westminster. Some people have bought into this nonsense, just as they bought into the lie that the Scottish NHS was under threat of being sold off to the Americans.

The SNP leadership are the enemies of stability, peace, advancement and opportunity in Scotland, no amount of fake ‘nationalist anger explodes’ crap can hide this in the mist of deception. The truth of failure in education is factual, international education tests have reported record low results in science and maths among Scottish school pupils. Scotland, the country that built the modern world, now produces kids with such poor education, we would be lucky to see them construct a shed in the back garden. When we look at key indicators, we find that pupils are performing substantially worse in all three subjects of reading, maths and science than they did in 2000.

Scotland is a country moving backwards because we elected stupid people to political office who either don’t listen, don’t grasp or don’t comprehend what experts are telling them to advance the abilities of our kids. Given the SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon isn’t interested in kids unless they are a prop for a photo op, is it any surprise that efforts to close the attainment gap between rich and poor pupils appear to have stalled?

I have been blogging for years regarding how Scottish kids from disadvantaged backgrounds are being shut out of getting higher education. We keep getting fobbed off by the SNP leadership and people like Universities Scotland, the mouthpiece of the universities that they are doing their best. Clearly this is just sound bites to deflect media attention because return to the status quo.

Where exactly are the champions of the poor in the SNP Government?

They don’t exist!

Education Secretary John Swinney said the results were “very encouraging” and stressed PISA only shows part of the picture, Swinney has been a disaster in education, he doesn’t know what he is doing, and he doesn’t have the will to act. When Swinney went from finance to education, I thought he wouldn’t understand it, the concept what was needed, an education system where pupils had the ability to break down subjects because they had been taught the most important skill that everyone should learn. What is that skill?

The skill is the ability to analyze.

The ability to analyse is what famous Scottish inventors had, with the ability to investigate a problem and find the ideal solution in a timely, efficient manner. This is what is needed at the heart of every Scottish kid’s education.

Scottish Conservative education spokeswoman Liz Smith said:

“This is damning evidence revealing the full extent of the SNP’s shameful 12 years running down Scotland’s schools. Nicola Sturgeon asked to be judged on education. This summer saw the fourth consecutive year of decline in Higher pass rates and now the SNP is presiding over the worst ever PISA results in both maths and science. In reading, where it should be acknowledged that there is encouraging improvement since 2015, the score is still lower than the 2012 result and considerably lower than the score in 2000. Nicola Sturgeon’s obsession with a second divisive referendum has come at a high cost to our schools.
Performance in maths and science is absolutely vital for the future of Scotland's  economy and for industries such as engineering and IT”.

Smith added:

“These results are a humiliation for the SNP and they also mean that the potential of Scotland’s economy has been tarnished. After the last set of poor PISA results, the SNP said that the curriculum had to change. Yet these results are a new low and we know there have been many failings within the delivery of the Curriculum for Excellence. It is not just time to change the curriculum but also to change the government in Scotland.”

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said the results were “appalling”.

He said:

“Scotland used to have one of the best education systems in the world, but under the SNP its now just average. Scottish teachers have been messed about for too long. John Swinney has refused to listen to them. Support in their classrooms has been cut to the bone and they simply don't believe in the policies being imposed on them, not least the national testing of four and five-year-olds. Nicola Sturgeon once claimed education was her top priority, but nobody is now in any doubt that the SNP will always put independence first no matter the cost. Their chief civil servant has warned another independence campaign will lead to the 'de-prioritisation' of domestic policy, but the SNP simply don't care about the damage and distraction it will cause.”

In what must be the most deluded excuse, SNP Education Sec John Swinney said:

“These are very encouraging results and the latest sign that our education reforms are working. Scottish schools are improving and this international study confirms that”.

Finally, when you find that pupils are performing substantially worse in all three subjects of reading, maths and science than they did in 2000, how can Swinney’s statement make sense. He is like Nero, fiddling while Rome burns down around him, Swinney isn’t a stupid man, I have met him, but I would say his cowardice in allowing this situation to continue because an inability to accept responsibility is rather damning. Scotland was also famous for the enlightenment, well the lights are going out, and the children of Scotland are paying the bill.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Nationalist False Flag Season; Second SNP constituency office targeted by graffiti vandals in overnight attack, is there an election on because something smells rather fishy, given that support is moving away from the SNP in key marginal seats, has someone been a bit too clever in an attempt to generate ‘Nationalist Victimhood’?

Dear All

Do you remember a youtube video of an idiot sitting in a van saying that he had been contacted, told to go to a location by someone he didn’t know and then found indy votes not counted?

The video made a minor sensation, through-out the video the man kept saying he wasn’t going to go to the Police.

Why not go to the Police?

Why not take it to an elected SNP MSP?

That little episode was a crock of ‘you know what’, it might have had a touch of comedic value, in that the ‘presenter’ was clearly targeting the really gullible, to stoke up anger and outrage. Guy phones him up and tells him to go to a bin, what a pity he didn’t climb in and make himself useful as rubbish.

False flags are used by governments, politicians and others to practice deceit on the public, one of the most famous is the Gleiwitz incident used by the Nazis.

The Nazis were masters of propaganda

False flags are designed to make someone or groups appear as the victims, which is why I have linked to this youtube video.

This documentary was carefully shot to show woman and kids in danger, being persecuted for nothing, to provoke anger. Think back to the press continually saying ‘Nationalist anger explodes’ in Scotland in the SNP’s drive to create victimhood. Just after the 2014 result, the claims of vote rigging surfaced about the counts being rigged.

They were not rigged, not a single claim was correct; no one involved in the count ever was prosecuted.

I want to put a question to you, have you noticed that this election is a quiet election in the main? The campaign rolls on but I see a subtle shift away from the SNP, the ground is slipping from under their feet.

And they are worried.

30 out of 35 SNP are marginal which means a slight push could see a cascade of SNP losses; one such marginal is Motherwell and Wishaw, that seat last time was won by 318 votes. Of course that was then and this is now, however the point I want to make is the SNP share is going down. All Labour in theory has to do is hold their vote and add a little more and if the SNP vote continues to dip, Marion Fellowes, the SNP candidate loses the seat.

A few days ago, we learned of an attack on SNP MSP Aileen Campbell, she is what I call one of the 'disappeared ones’, someone who is a minister but so low key, no one notices her. So, when her office in Carluke was ’attacked’, I saw the story but didn’t pay much attention to it. Now the office of Marion Fellowes who is the incumbent MP at Motherwell and Wishaw has been attacked with apparently the same modius operandi.

Call me old fashioned but I don't believe for a minute that pro UK Scots did this at all.

The SNP goon squad have a culture of presenting themselves as 'victims', so we have both "attacks" apparently sprayed with 'SNPOUT' which is a hastag used on twitter and a pro UK Facebook group, and with red spray paint.

Could it be that some SNP supporting idiot or group has been too clever?

With the polls now shifting for Scottish Labour, have SNP canvassing returns not been as expected for the Nicola Sturgeon Cult. Is Westminster, now a distant dream for some of them? There is a shift, we have gone from the prediction to only one Labour MP expected to hold his seat to two in a recent poll. I think if the trend continues over the next fortnight, we might get a few more upsets to the SNP bandwagon.

Police Scotland said:

"We are also aware of vandalism to a constituency office in Carluke which happened around the same time. These are not currently being treated as linked but we are keeping an open mind".

I think they should open their mind further; this has all the ingredients of a false flag operation.

1/ Target SNP women
2/ Use name of pro UK Facebook group
3/ The surprisingly strange toned down "abuse"
4/ Same apparent MO at both locations
5/ Same tactics used by Nazis which the SNP use in their creation of the ‘cult of the leader’ who rails against supposed victimhood of Scots.

Which is why I come back to this video because I don’t believe these attacks were by pro UK people, to me, something is off; it feels odd!

Finally, the narrative of the attacks on SNP women, the fact that these ‘attacks’ aren’t simply directed at Westminster candidates but appear to be targeted at the entire SNP as a group, should make people perk up and take notice. Another hallmark of the Nationalist cause is their firm belief in everyone else being an idiot who can’t work out what is going on. Well in this election, I reckon I can see what is going on. I see the SNP support slipping, and I don’t see this dramatic ten to midnight attempt at victimhood washing with the Scottish public either because it looks odd, feels odd, and has all the ingredients of a false flag operation.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

SNP Carpetbagger Humiliation; SNP candidate John Nicolson standing in Ochil & South Perthshire repeatedly booed by Perthshire residents after forgetting which seat he is standing in at a hustings at Alloa town hall, when you have younger pictures of yourself on your election leaflets, you show yourself up as a vain pompous fool, now he speaks to confirm it with this gaffe

Dear All

In politics, there is such a thing as a ‘Portillo moment’, named after Michael Portillo who was famously beaten in a Westminster in 1997 by Stephen Twigg.

You could say that losing his seat made Michael Portillo a better person, such is life; it’s fickle. Portillo moments are general welcomed when a candidate is seen as a pompous arse. One such character who deserves a Portillo moment is John Nicolson, the SNP candidate in Conservative-held Ochil & South Perthshire. He is so up himself that on election night, I will be like many hoping that he doesn’t win the seat. Ochil & South Perthshire is just a meal ticket for John Nicolson, he is a carpet bagger parachuted in by the SNP because he is part of the Nicola Sturgeon clique. The previous carpet bagger was Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh who was removed by the SNP after a scandal.

I have campaigned with her, not the greatest activist I have ever worked with, but she ticks certain boxes which is why the SNP promoted her. She was close to Nicola Sturgeon and then Alex Salmond. After her fall from grace, she joined Alex Salmond and together, they founded Slainte Media, a production company behind The Alex Salmond Show, and regularly co-hosts the programme on RT. Tasmina sounds like someone who should be on a shopping channel selling cheap vacuum cleaners.

In the event that Alex Salmond survives his current problems, he will probably take Tasmina on his coat tails and challenge for the SNP leadership. Tasmina was part of the Court of King Alex in Westminster, not a real political player just someone with a big gob and apparently a nickname at Westminster…. ‘Tedious’.

So much to say and nothing worth hearing!

Now that Tasmina is gone, a Sturgeon ally dropped into Ochil & South Perthshire, the vain and pompous John Nicholson. A man who appears to like putting a younger picture of himself on his election leaflets. And for your entertainment, I reworked his election leaflet, so how would you describe him? Always tricky; people so sensitive, especially when it comes to age, well, I will try.

John Nicolson looks like an old fart!

The election is in full swing albeit, a quiet affair so far from all parties, the SNP are in hiding, especially after Nicola Sturgeon got a hiding off Andrew Neil. Despite the quiet, SNP candidate Nicholson has been branded a “laughing stock” after he told voters at a hustings last night that he was standing in another seat. Ochil & South Perthshire is just a meal ticket to him; he apparently stays in Bearsden, Glasgow and London. Post-election, even if he was to win the seat he would stay in Bearsden, Glasgow and London. He is a carpet bagger, such people are generally un-welcome but in his case, he was booed after declaring that only he could win in East Dunbartonshire.

Not the thing to say as a candidate in Ochil & South Perthshire.

Speaking at a hustings in Alloa town hall last night, he told his audience:

“Please trust me with your vote on December the 12th. As you know, only the Scottish National party can beat the Tories here in East Dunbartonshire."

Despite boos and jeers from the crowd; he appeared oblivious to his mistake, he said later this was a slip of the tongue.

Tory MSP Murdo Fraser said:

“John Nicolson is now a laughing stock.” 

Well, not a revelation to me, but welcomed as others might think he is someone to watch, and he isn’t.

Murdo added:

"It's well known he was parachuted in to Ochil and South Perthshire last month by Nicola Sturgeon. You'd think by know that he would have worked out where he was. People have had enough of SNP placemen thinking they can walk in with a God-given right to a seat. In two weeks’ time, voters in Ochil and South Perthshire can tell Mr Nicolson to go home and think again - assuming he can find his way there."

I hope that on election, I can watch on TV and see him lose, and the smile wiped off his face as he is sent packing back to the Sturgeon camp. With so much unpleasantness about to hit the SNP with the upcoming Salmond trial, he along with some others will be earmarked to be wheeled out to comment on what happens or comes next. The MP slot would be used to give him status, when this buffoon speaks; he needs a title to fall back on as he is just a Sturgeon placeman.  

So, what are Nicholson’s chances?

Luke Graham of the Conservative Party won the seat in 2017 with a credible majority of 3,359 votes, so not an easy climb for the SNP despite them targeting the seat. Although the SNP are good at by-elections due to drawing in people from elsewhere but with so many SNP marginal seats, help from outside maybe limited. I expect that Nicola Sturgeon and the usual suspects of government ministers will be visiting to make Nicholson seem important. That said he is only important to Nicola Sturgeon, as a human political bullet magnet during the Alex Salmond trial.

I see Conservative incumbent Luke Graham as the clear favourite in this scenario; however, this is a complex election with Brexit overshadowing it. How do people of Ochil and South Perthshire feel about Brexit, presumably after all the fuss, they want a government that can get Brexit done. Luke Graham also has the advantage of his incumbency and ‘long campaigning’ to build his brand. I would rate his chances as 60/40 or slightly better. The SNP have worked the area to win the seat but Tasmina rather queered the pitch with her troubles.

In a statement, Nicolson said: 

“I made a slip of the tongue. We’re all human”.

True, we are all human but also some of us are an arse which seems a perfect fit for Nicholson and his travelling circus.

He added:

"On December 12th voters in Ochil and South Perthshire will face the choice between a Tory candidate prepared to do whatever Boris Johnson tells him - trading away Scotland’s NHS to Donald Trump and taking Scotland out of the EU. Or an SNP candidate who will act to protect Scotland from Boris Johnson and ensure we have a choice over our future.”

The NHS is totally devolved in Scotland and controlled by the SNP, so his scaremongering is simply project fear in the hope that voters don’t wise up. Sadly, although the SNP seem to think people are idiots, they will probably be getting a shock in Ochil and South Perthshire as Nicola’s pal gets cast out like an old broken record.

Finally, if there is any justice in the world, the incumbent Luke Graham should hold his seat, and with the SNP tide of support going out right across Scotland, he is well placed to do the win. After Nicholson gets beaten, I doubt people of Ochil and South Perthshire will ever see him against as he disappears back to Bearsden and London. No doubt appearing at his next carpet bagger placement, assuming Nicola Sturgeon is still around.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

SNP Have Lost Moral Authority; SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon left grim-faced as BBC interviewer Andrew Neil ruthlessly rips apart her record as SNP leader and First Minister, Andrew Neil shamed Nicola Sturgeon 10 times in just 43 seconds during car crash interview, her performance was cold, callous and lacking in empathy

Dear All

Andrew Neil is a supberb interviewer who is worthy of being named alongside the greats, like Sir Robin Day, Brian Walden and Jeremy Paxman. If you sit in front of these people, you have to be up to the mark. They are always prepared, well researched and professional.

Last night was the ‘big fight’, Andrew Neil Vs Nicola Sturgeon. 

Although the SNP leader and her govt get an easy ride in Scotland by the cowed press, there comes a time when you run into the best. Nicola Sturgeon was utterly shamed 10 times in just 43 seconds, during her car crash TV interview. Words like annihilation are a good fit for what happened to Sturgeon. Even her expensive media training was useless, as the lack of empathy showed as Andrew Neil reel off a list of failures, and you could see she was stressed by the event.

Yesterday was the day that Nicola Sturgeon lost the moral authority in the Westminster 2019 election.

Andrew Neil listed her failures:

"Only two of your eight waiting time targets are being hit, you’ve been in for a long while.
"You haven’t hit the A&E target since 2017”.

"The two-month cancer target you haven’t hit since 2013”.

"Children are dying in a new Glasgow hospital because the water is contaminated, perhaps by pigeon droppings”.

"A new multi-million pound Edinburgh hospital should of opened in 2012 is still unfit to open. You can’t even get the ventilation system to work."

He continued:

"You’ve got the worse drug addiction problem in Europe. But you cut drug treatment budgets by 15 million”.

During this interview, you can notice that Nicola Sturgeon sat there impassive, the lack of empathy oozing out of her, but the real bullet which hit home personally was the line by Andrew Neil:

"You've called for legislation to protect the NHS from Donald Trump, maybe the NHS needs legislation to protect it from Nicola Sturgeon!"

The artificial shine was stripped away from Nicola Sturgeon by a master interviewer, the fake SNP image of in control and know everything was blown apart, the reality exposed, ‘knows nothing, does nothing and doesn’t care’.

When it came to the issue of currency, break-up of the UK and EU membership, Andrew Neil said:

"In this situation, we are talking about England and the rest of the UK would no longer be in the EU, you would still be using the pound but you wouldn’t have monetary union. You’re seriously saying you would try and join the EU using a currency of a country that is no longer in the EU? Brussels wouldn’t allow that to happen."

What the SNP propose to do which is fairly obvious is attempt to trick people that they will still use the pound in a fabled post indy Scotland, the truth is they would do so until they setup a new currency, that would be the job of a Scottish Central Bank.

Their ‘Our Pound’ strategy is a big lie to deceive people at the ballot box.

You can’t join the EU if you don’t have your own separate currency, that’s the EU rules, and they aren’t open to fudge. So, the SNP always wanted right from the start to ditch the pound. They also wanted a quick indyref 2 in the hope they could simply transfer while the UK still had EU membership. That isn’t allowed within the EU rules either while Scotland is part of the UK. The SNP are lying to the people of Scotland, they aren’t the party of independence; they are a party of interdependence. The SNP see the EU as a big networking opportunity for power, wealth and advancement.

Round it out to simple……… greed!

And they are quite happy to stab Scotland in the back along with the population.

Look closely at Nicola Sturgeon during this interview, all the traits that former consul-general to Edinburgh, Miguel Angel Vecino spotted are all there, “distant and cold”, as well as lacking empathy. You should replay this clip a few times to dial into it, when the drug deaths are mentioned and the fact she cut the treatment money, her facial expression remains absolutely blank.

For years, I talked about ‘unpopular’ Nicola Sturgeon which differed from the fake image that was presented to the world. The construct of the SNP caring superwoman is a mirage, rather like a coat of paint on a condemned building. The child hugging Nicola Sturgeon has been exposed, she will still continue using kids as props, her promotion of certain minority groups, but what she cannot get is the majority of the people of Scotland to back her. The SNP treat the governance of Scotland as a part time concern, a vehicle to get power, money and a platform for their indy cause. And while the SNP continue with this approach and taken no responsibility people suffer.

People like the family of Milly Main.

There is a cost to independence and SNP neglect, but the SNP aren’t paying that price, Scottish kids like Milly Main are, and so are drug addicts who can’t get treatment because of deliberate cuts to funding. 

Lots of people are calling for Jeane Freeman, the health sec to resign, but I am not.


I blame in part SNP MSP Shona Robison, the then Health Sec who was a liability in the job, and allowed to continue in it because she and Nicola Sturgeon are ‘pals’. 

Both Robison and Sturgeon are to blame for the mess of the Scottish NHS. If anyone should resign, look to Sturgeon and Robison as candidates but neither will. Scotland is living in a dark time, and until we rid ourselves of this inept SNP government, we will not move forward as a country.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, November 25, 2019

The Human Factor; First Scottish election poll predicts electoral wipeout for Labour in Scotland, polling says only one seat, data and analysis are good indicators, but one thing you cannot rule out of the mix is the emotional element swimming about in the back of people’s minds, so watch Glasgow North East and Glasgow East for Labour wins

Dear All

I said it before, and I will say it again, the Labour Party needs to change its policy on Brexit, if proof was needed, the continual polls show that the Conservative Party are clearly in the lead by a substantial margin with their policy. So, for the cheap seats, the Labour Party needs to be pro Brexit, without this, there can be no level playing field. From a Scottish perspective, the first Scottish opinion poll is proving more than disappointing to Scottish Labour. If this polling holds up, the data suggests the party stands to lose all but one of its seats in Scotland. Although personally, I think there is an area of margin within this result. In Glasgow, there are many marginal seats, and to say that of the seven seats held by Labour in Scotland, only Edinburgh South's incumbent Ian Murray would return to the House of Commons doesn’t paint the full picture.

I would also expect Labour incumbent Paul Sweeney to hold Glasgow North East.

I also expect Scottish Labour would possibly be in a good position to secure a second seat at Glasgow East. Why Glasgow East, well, the SNP Candidate David Linden in securing more TV exposure just comes across as weak, brainwashed and clueless.

Andrew Neil of the BBC literally destroyed David Linden on policy and substance.

Why do people think they can walk into an interview with Andrew Neil and just waffle? The youtube clip is a rather painful lesson on the dangers of being unprepared and facing an expert interviewer. If you don’t know your subject, don’t cross into unknown territory and expect safe passage. David Linden wanted to up his profile, and he did, he came across as clueless, rather than garnering votes, I think his appearance harmed his chances of holding onto the seat. He could be one of the minor SNP scalps to fall on the 12th December.

I think, there is a better than average chance of two seats in Glasgow being won by Scottish Labour, not reflected in the polls nor at the bookies.

Data and analysis are good indicators, but one thing you cannot rule out of the mix is the emotional element swimming about in the back of people’s minds. The Panelbase study for the Sunday Times predicting a wipeout for Scottish Labour is nothing new. Prior to winning his seat in 2017, Labour candidate Paul Sweeney was 16/1 at the bookies, he was at the start of that campaign thinking a good night was to cut into the SNP majority, but I knew different.

Glasgow North East of all the seats in Glasgow; was the only seat in Glasgow I said would fall in 2017.

George Laird right again.

This election is more complex than the 2017 variety, but you can look beyond analysis towards the human factor or ‘feel’ you get from canvassing, general chatting and more importantly listening. Politicians love to talk, but if you don’t listen to your audience, you are missing the wider picture. Strathclyde University Professor Sir John Curtice says, the SNP are on course for another electoral win in Scotland, his opinion is that they will see their seats rise from 35 to 41. This is still a decent result but nowhere near the 2015 result of 56 MPs. The dam was broken by Conservatives and Labour in 2017, but the ability to capitalise or develop the brand over the last two and half years hasn’t fully exploited.
The pitch by both Labour and Conservative should be that they can deliver want the SNP cannot from Westminster, this is a strength the SNP don’t have, and will never have, the SNP cannot shape Scotland, only the parties of the Union can do this.

So, why aren’t they doing this?

Because no one is thinking this, that’s why.

Panelbase puts the SNP on 40%, the Conservatives on 28%, Labour on 20%, and the Liberal Democrats on 11%. It is easy to notice a bounce in the step of the Scottish Conservatives, and 28% must bhoy them up no end, but Scottish Labour on 20% must set heads scratching.

After all, their manifesto has a lot of appeal to it.

One million Scots voted for Brexit, and they had the whole Scottish establishment ranged against them, their voices have been ignored. They will be keen to vote for a party that can win a seat, and deliver Brexit. The Brexit Party chances in Scotland are in my opinion … nil. Yes, Brexit Party candidates are standing but they don’t have enough people to mount a Westminster campaign, and importantly, they will have no ‘long campaigning’ behind them in communities. Their votes per seat will probably average out in line with what Ukip would get on a good night.

If you look at this election, the SNP is running the same campaign against Scottish Labour that it did in 2015 and 2017, convincing Labour voters that they will work with Jeremy Corbyn to put a Labour Government in. But the fly in the ointment is that a Labour government must give them what they want when they want it. Basically a blackmail-esque type of arrangement, and not even subtle about it!  The trick, or ploy however isn’t about putting a Labour govt in but merely a device to shut Labour out of Scottish seats.

The Scottish Labour Party hasn’t ever addressed this SNP trick of them hijacking traditional Labour voters, but they need to. Scottish Labour needs to go backwards, backwards to the days of John Smith, not just for inspiration but also for faith. The lessons of 2015 and 2017 haven’t been learned, and if you can’t learn from the past, your chances of having a future are diminished.

If you want more painful reading on Labour’s plight, then I suggest this article.

The Conservatives are on track to win the general election with 349 MPs, how many of them from Scotland are reckoned to be about 12, down one from 2017.

Finally, is it too late for the Labour Party to alter course on Brexit? Without a level playing field, the chances of a Labour govt seem remote. A landslide by the Conservatives will be a sore lesson for the Labour Party to learn about Brexit. Especially if they are sitting in Westminster with a predicted 213 seats, and only one MP in Scotland. Personally, I think we are looking at more than one Labour MP in Scotland, I don't have feel of SNP return to the heyday of 2015. I am thinking that two Labour MPs will emerge from Glasgow, Glasgow North East and Glasgow East on the night of the count. 

They will have to work their socks off for the win, but it is doable.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University