Thursday, November 15, 2018

Brexit deal, is it now dead; Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg threatens Prime Minister Theresa May with vote of no confidence as resignations pour in leaving her cabinet in disarray, the most damaging resignation is Dominic Raab, the now former Brexit Secretary, there are some tough days ahead for the PM

Dear All

As someone who fought for Brexit, the direction of travel was clear, that the UK should cancel its membership of the EU, and no longer be subject to its jurisdiction. Out meant out, not part out, fully out, no membership of the single market, no customs union, nothing which didn’t put the UK interest first.

The fight to win Brexit was hard, little time, hardly any resources, no real money, especially in Scotland, but the result was victory. Prime Minister David Cameron at the time, accepted the vote and resigned, when there was no need to, but he went anyway and in came Theresa May to steady the ship.

Much of the coverage of Brexit has been hysterical, but Brexit still moved forward, after all, the letter to the EU of withdrawal started a ticking clock, a clock that cannot be wound back. The battle was then focused on the ‘deal’, a deal that the PM had to sell not just to the country, but also to the Cabinet and her party. Clearly there is a gulf in the Conservative Party, and with the resignation of Ministers today, the gulf is widening.

The Conservatives do one thing rather better than other parties when it comes to changing the guard, it is swift and brutal. There is now talk yet again of a party leadership contest, this can be triggered by 48 MPs signing letters and submitting them to the backbench 1922 Committee.

In a blow to the Prime Minister five ministers quit this morning, right from the start, I said that the way forward was for hard Brexit, in effect no deal, let the clock run out and use the World Trade Organisation rules. This to me was always the best route as a rushed deal was worse than no deal.

Jacob Rees-Mogg has supported the Prime Minister as well as being a vocal critic but now this appears to have changed, he said:

"My Right Honourable Friend, and she is unquestionably honourable, said we would leave the customs union. Annex 2 says otherwise. She said she would maintain the integrity of the UK. A whole protocol says otherwise. She said we would be out of the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. Article 174 says otherwise. As what my Right Honourable Friend says and what my Right Honourable Friend does no longer match, should I not write to the member for Altrincham and Sale East?"

The MP for Altrincham and Sale East is Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the backbench 1922 Committee.

So, is a leadership contest in the offing, well all that is needed is 48 letters, generally win or lose the election, it is seen as a time up event. When Margaret Thatcher won her leadership battle, she was quietly told that it was over.

Last year, we were plunged into a snap general election, from my point of view, it was a success, I helped three people cross the line and displace three SNP MPs. If an election contest goes ahead, the calls for another snap election will follow suit, then the pressure will really be on the Prime Minister. Another general election in my opinion could end up a very messy affair indeed, with a hung parliament. There will be plenty people who will be losers to be sure, the question of course is who, when and where?

Here is an update on who has quit as a minister,

Conservative Brexiteer MP Anne Marie Morris told BBC News she believed enough Conservative MPs had now submitted letters of no-confidence in the prime minister to trigger a leadership contest. The old saying, it never rains but it pours applies here, a contest is not what Theresa May wanted, but that’s politics, changeable.

In one funny moment, the Scottish secretary has been urged to quit by one of his own colleagues over the draft Brexit deal, Scottish Conservative MP Ross Thomson said "no Unionist" could support the proposals.

Why is this funny?

It appears that Scottish Conservative MP Ross Thomson is a bit of a Boris Johnson cheerleader, ever heard of riding on the shirt tails of others? I look at this as Ross Thomson angling for a Cabinet position and not being subtle about it either. If I was Ross Thomson, I would be more interested in building up support in his parliamentary seat. Scottish voters are still very fluid, and it would serve him well to wind his neck in, instead of going on voyages of discovery.

I doubt David Mundell, the Scottish secretary will attach much weight to the message by Ross Thomson.

In an attempt to appear relevant, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon told Holyrood that Mr Mundell and Ruth Davidson (on baby leave) would both now resign if they had any "backbone", and reiterated that the 35 SNP MPs at Westminster would vote against the deal. The SNP MPs would vote against any deal, no matter how good; their votes will not alter Brexit. The only impact the SNP have made in Westminster is in the ‘stock’ of the many bars on the parliamentary estate.

Finally, if there is to be a contest in the Conservative Party then that is a matter for the party to resolve. I would like to see Theresa May finish Brexit and then the people make a decision when presented with all the facts and figures. The Brexitters have concerns which should rightly be addressed, one thing is certain; there will be a lot of unhappy people at the end of this process. I have been and always will be for hard Brexit, and a return to the WTO rules, from strength the UK can move forward with confidence.

I wouldn’t rush out just yet for a candidate pack to stand for Westminster although bookmakers make Thresa May 5/1 to resign before the end of the day!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, November 12, 2018

Thank God For Brexit; Angela Merkel’s price for virtual signalling revealed, Netherlands: One in Five North African Asylum Seekers Suspected of Crimes, Berlin, there is a similar picture relating to how foreigners have made up nearly half of the suspects in criminal cases, the “MOCRO War” involving North African migrants from Morocco is being played out in the Netherlands, backlash seems inevitable in Europe

Dear All

First, the High Court, after a few days, the trial which was already to start and a jury picked from the pool, didn’t start. The entire jury pool was discharged, which to me seemed to be rather a waste. The pool was a mixed bag of people, young and old, male and female, and it seemed people of different educational standards.

The classic….. ‘jury of your peers’. Serving on a jury isn’t the best way to spend your time but it is a civic duty which needs to be done. No one likes to find someone guilty because it is at the back of your mind that they could end up in prison for a long time. Society has to be protected, and if they are guilty and a threat I have no problem seeing people removed from society to prevent them harming others.

Awhile ago, someone asked me about the Dutch elections and did I think that Geert Wilders would win, my answer was no, the Dutch weren’t ready for his party to run the country. The fact was, it was too early for them to mount a successful election, what he needed was more time, more time for things to get worse.

One in five North African asylum seekers in the Netherlands have been suspected of crimes in the past one and a half years, according to figures released this week. When Angela Merkel opened the floodgates, there was a massive influx of criminals, criminals who recognised the need to band together into gangs. Criminal gangs operate in Europe; they use the drugs trade, prostitution and the illegal gun trade and human trafficking to fund their lifestyles. In the past, the threats were from Georgians and Albanians who ran crime gangs, now new players emerge. 

Since the height of the migrant crisis in 2015, the Netherlands has taken in just over 80,000 asylum seekers. No one asked the people of the Netherlands if they wanted these people, the politicians decided to do this in various EU Members States, in a show of virtual signalling. The price of their virtual signalling to attempt to keep up with Angela Merkel was murder, rape and robbery, along with other sordid crimes. The people of Europe paid a high price for electing the wrong type of people who betrayed their trust.

North Africans have proven to be the group most prone to crime, according to the police, they think that they are like modern day Vikings coming ashore to rape, loot and pillage. In Amsterdam a severed head was found in an open street. It is just the latest gruesome murder in what is being called the “MOCRO War” involving North African migrants from Morocco.

In Italy, recent figures revealed that as many as one in three criminal suspects come from a migration background. Is it any surprise that the Italians have moved to the right in their politics? It would be in the interests of Italians to leave the EU just as the UK is in the process of doing. In major German cities like Berlin, there is a similar picture relating to how foreigners have made up nearly half of the suspects in criminal cases. In a recent poll, 50% of Germans want Angela Merkel gone as Chancellor, they don’t want to wait till she steps down in 2021.

And who can blame them, she has unleashed, the worst people on this planet who have created a crime wave unprecedented in Europe, and akin to a State that has seen law and order collapse. In some cities, like the Austrian capital of Vienna, the number of foreign criminal suspects has actually surpassed the number of local criminals. Europe is a place were people live in fear, and when a population becomes fearful, there is always a backlash which usually ends up violent.

Finally, there will come a point where the population will see the pressing need to get rid of the political elites. Europe is going to change, we have just seen the 100 year mark pass of WW1, but are we entering a stage where the prelude to WW3 is being played out?

There aren’t enough prisons to hold the bulk of a country’s population when civil war starts.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Why Me God; Short and Snappy video that explains who political elite are hot for Brexit betrayal, Mark Blyth on the Brexit vote pitches the argument perfectly, in local news, local blogger George Laird in the High Court of Glasgow

Dear All

Sometimes you come across a video which you feel does the job of explaining the whole ball game. Brexit has been fought against by people who claim that they represent the 'people', actually they represent the elites. 

In the fight to get a second vote, which won't happen, they have shown their true colours. People like Tony Blair, Gina Miller, Nicola Sturgeon and others stand together, shoulder to shoulder to sell out the working class.

This video is classic, because it is short, punchy to the point and cuts right through the nonsense.

I want you to watch it a few times, let what this guy is telling you sink in, yesterday, I touched on the theme of the political elites who don't serve our community re the rape gangs, today, watch and listen as the political elites are exposed in another area, working for the corporations.

Also I am need to take a bit of time off because I am required to go to the High Court in Glasgow!

But before panic sets in and people rush to start baking me a cake with a file inside, I am up for jury service.

Why me? 

Apparently you are picked at random, given this is the third time I have been picked, and done two trials already, how random is random? Given it is the High Court, I could get any type of serious case from murder to rape to fraud to drug smuggling, if picked, and given my name is Laird, chances are no matter what end of the alphabet they work from, I could end up hearing a case.

If selected, I won't be blogging or tweeting at all, jury duty is a serious business and given that someone or groups liberty is at sake, I am legally obliged to ensure they get a fair trial, so I won't be doing commentating.

In the words of the immoral Eric Cartman;

“Why me God'?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, November 5, 2018

A Country Under Attack From Within; the UK has seen countless cases of Pakistani Muslim Gang Rape Gangs who used the weakness of the left’s political correctness and the race card, they believed that they could get away with raping female children, our political classes set up a culture were crying racist made people scared to do their jobs, race politicians are a problem to be rooted out of our politics

Dear All

One thing the media did to dilute the problem of Pakistani Muslim Rape Gangs was to use the word ‘grooming’ as this seemed more user friendly to them after being effectively forced to report on this epidemic.

The Police, the social services, and other related agencies all failed the child victims of the rape gangs, because those above them on the political ladder were unsupportive. Our politicians allowed a culture to breed within the political body of this country were certain minority groups were seen as special.

In the game of political rape politics, anyone who speaks out can be branded as a ‘racist’ in order to silence them. The leadership in political parties were a long time coming to the party to get female child victims justice. In fact, when you see MPs being silenced in their own parties for the sake of diversity, you should feel angry.

Angry because the political class are putting vote caches before justice, before children, before society!

The trial which Tommy Robinson covered which led to his false arrest for breach of the peace and subsequent imprisonment simply mirrored so many other trials of Pakistani Muslim Rape Gangs. These people felt invincible because they operated in large groups, their victims were female children and for years the politically correct police were cowed. Frontline police didn’t get the support they needed because they didn’t trust those in authority above them. And to cap it all the senior police didn’t trust the politicians who would hang people out to dry.

Such was the invincibility that these rape gangs held in their own minds that a Pakistani gang rapist told a victim’s mother that the politically correct police ‘Won’t Touch Us’. The mother of a Huddersfield rape gang victim said her daughter’s rapist told her the police “won’t touch me, they don’t like us P***s”. Race card politics is a major problem in the UK, it has been a problem for decades; it was a tool to dismiss the white working class by people who earned their living off allegedly standing up for them.

Now, the problem has exploded onto the political agenda, you might think that political parties would be fighting it out to prove that they stand up for the white working class. You might have thought that there would be major battles on law and order in the House of Commons. You might have thought that MPs would be keen to see that convicted rapists of foreign extraction lose citizenship and face automatic deportation.

You might have expected a show of solidarity!

The House of Commons have been stunningly silent apart from the Home Secretary who stuck his head above the parapet, only for others to attack him. The silence is why the  mother of ‘Girl L’ told the Huddersfield Examiner that she had struggled to get West Yorkshire Police to take her complaints of grooming and abuse against her daughter seriously. Even when the Pakistani Muslim Rape Gang members were told several times to stay away from her daughter, they took no notice.

On one occasion, she told Irfan Ahmed on the telephone:

“I’ve reported you to the police for child sexual exploitation.”

To which, she said Ahmed replied: “Bring it on, they won’t touch me”.

In fact so sure were the rapists of their privilege accorded to them by the political class that they would threaten the victims’ families as routine, just a converstion.

The mother of a victim said:

“I would speak to them and then they’d threaten me. We were passing all this information on and all the Police would say is ‘we’re building up intelligence’ and this went on for years.”

When asked why she thought police were not actively investigating child sexual exploitation by the gang, who are majority Pakistani-Muslim, she said: 

“I think being in fear of being called racist. I think that’s got a lot to do with it.”

So, the fear is called racist, not being backed by superiors, job, career and mortgage on the line, and the knowledge that our elected representatives to parliament and other bodies were firmly in the ‘not my problem camp’. No upside for them, no political donations, possible vote loss; no great PR opportunities to be seen as a champion of diversity.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police denied the accusations that political correctness had hampered investigations into the child rapes, rape gangs going strong for decades. Multiple reports of abuse, the coincidence of authorities fearing accusations of racism from the mainly Pakistani-Muslim rapists echoes that found in other towns plagued by grooming gang scandals such as in Rotherham, Rochdale,  and Telford.

One of the 20 convicted Huddersfield child predators is still on the run, Sajid Hussain absconded from the country while out on bail during the jury’s deliberation. Clearly he had help, and it is likely he has gone to Pakistan were he has probably relatives. Hussain was found guilty at Leeds Crown Court last month of two counts of rape and sentenced to 17 years in prison in his absence. If he is ever caught, he also faces other charges which hopefully mean he would die in a UK prison.
One of the changes in law that is needed is regarding reporting restrictions at the time of the active trial, once Sajid Hussain fled; the police were prevented from making a public appeal for information. This cannot be right that an accused person or convicted person is effectively helped to facilitate their escape by a news blackout.

One of the things that make Tommy Robinson have a high profile is that he spotted a gap in the market both politically and socially. His reporting as a citizen journalist and activist has struck a nerve with white working class people. He stepped in and filled a void which normally the political class would have had covered. In this case, no one wanted to cover the Pakistani Muslim Rape Gang brief, a negative brief with no glory.

20 men were convicted for the systemic abuse, grooming, rape, and sex trafficking of 15 vulnerable white girls aged between 11 to 17 years old; the protests over the arrest of Tommy Robinson signalled a change in voter reaction to the political class. In Europe, the tide has also turned against the political class. In Germany, Hungary, France, Italy, Poland, the mood has changed.

In Britain, the change is taking longer as the press, police, politicians, academia and NGOs, all band together against what is seen as their ‘common enemy’, that would be the ‘common people’.

Finally, in history it isn’t unusual for governments to rise and fall, much like families, but the fall of the political class is aided by the rot within.

Clearly, the abuses are symptoms of a more pressing problem in our society.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Attack On Sturgeon From The SNP Mouse That Roared; Nationalist MP Pete Wishart criticises Nicola Sturgeon's, are the SNP waking up to the fact that Sturgeon’s support for a second Brexit vote is another example of her clumsy and ill-judged politics, Sturgeon missed the opportunity to talk about substance yet again, how long before the SNP elected MPs and MSPs tell her it is time to step aside?

Dear All

Many in the SNP hold their position because of one man, Alex Salmond, he gave them the opportunity to be MPs and MSPs, they certainly don’t have loyalty towards Nicola Sturgeon and the new regime.

Pete Wishart is a relic of the Salmond era, so in a sense he is a senior SNP MP, but despite being a complete banger who can go off on one from time to time, he has managed to understand Brexit, and the stupidity of putting your face against it.

As a senior SNP MP he is now openly criticising Nicola Sturgeon's support for a second Brexit vote, there will be no second, the die is cast on that, and for those interested in elections, don’t hold your breath for an early Westminster election. The budget by the government wasn’t an election budget. It was a run of the mill affair to calm the waters, splash some cash and tell everyone that everything is rosy in the garden.

However there are still a few thorns in the garden so careful where you step!

Nicola Sturgeon is hyped, like Salmond was to be seen as a ‘see all know all’ politician, the hype however doesn’t match the reality, wrong on indy, wrong on Trump, wrong on Brexit. Sturgeon was hopeless as Health Sec, had no impact taking over Alex Neil’s position, other than a few pictures standing beside a shovel or spade. Sturgeon’s constant trips out of Scotland to other countries were to try and build up her persona as a ‘statesman’ but she might as well have saved the airfares. 

Nicola Sturgeon is a fringe politician as seen by her agenda for government. If you had a blank piece of paper, could you remember the ‘big’ bills she has steered through Holyrood?

Probably not!

Sturgeon tinkers with policies, she doesn’t alter structures, not in any meaningful sense of how people would think or imagine change. Nicola Sturgeon cannot affect Brexit, in fact her antics coupled with that of her MPs effectively barred them having any meaningful contribution or input in the talks. When Pete Wishart condemns Sturgeon’s position as “little more than an open invitation to have our national view ignored and disrespected all over again”; he must realise that Sturgeon closed the door, the people on the other side can’t waste time opening to hear a meaningless rhetoric being spewed out.
Nicola Sturgeon was wrong to say that she and her MPs would back a so-called “People’s Vote” on the final Brexit deal. A serious point was downgraded by her into a pathetic attention seeking PR for publicity. Such was her ‘support;, she didn’t even go to the anti Brexit march, but instead sent a video message.

So, the question for Pete Wishart is he after all his talk and being the SNP’s longest-serving representative in Westminster going to follow the other sheep into the lobby to vote against the Brexit deal or will he vote with the UK government or abstain.

Is Pete Wishart too old to be a rebel or too old to be doing the right thing?
One thing that Wishart wrote in the pro-independence National newspaper was that , Scotland’s overwhelming vote to remain in the European Union was “totally ignored” in 2016.

The truth is that Scotland didn’t vote as a country to remain in the EU, this was a UK wide vote, why the Nationalists keep using this falsehood is easy to understand, they want people to think that the countries in the UK have each one vote. The reality is that the people of the UK in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales voted to leave the European Union.

A million Scots voted to leave!

Wishart said:

“To say that we will sign up to a referendum without any guarantee that our Scottish national voice will be at least acknowledged is little more than an open invitation to have our national view ignored and disrespected all over again. We are simply inviting all the indignities we are currently enduring to be replicated and refreshed.”

Wishart confuses the ‘national view’ as the SNP view.

One thing that Nicola Sturgeon’s stupidity did was weaken the SNP’s hand in that now they would have to say that there would be two votes on independence, if they ever won and that is highly unlikely, they would have to say that a second deal on the terms would be held.

Brexit gave the SNP an opportunity to be on the winning side, they chose the wrong side, they set themselves up for a fall; and on the night of the Euro count in Glasgow; their cheers were rather short lived. They were cocky that they had won, but later in the evening as I predicted the UK referendum was won by the Leave Campaign.

Leave won the people, 23rd June 2016 was the true people’s vote!

What Pete Wishart’s public intervention means in reality is that the SNP MPs and presumably others are looking forward towards a post Sturgeon exit; she isn’t delivering a second Scottish independence referendum. The recent poll of a pro UK Holyrood in 2021 is a turning point in nationalist politics, back to the drawing board.

The first thing on the board will no doubt be a change of leader!

Finally, although some people might think that there is a load of talent in the nationalist ranks, you should take the story of Ian Blackford to heart, he stands up and says he is a ‘simple crofter’ then is publicly humiliated in the House of Commons as a Conservative MP tells him, the House and the TV audience that his ‘simple’ croft is valued at £500,000.

Clearly; these people are too stupid to run anything never mind a country.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Business as Usual at the SNP; Sturgeon’s SNP forced to suspend member Gareth Wardell over 'anti-Semitic' blog, Wardell runs the Grouse Beater blog which attacked jewish activist Rhea Wolfson, now he faces the party’s disciplinary committee to explain himself, no room at the ‘ratship’ as the SNP will be quick to draw up the gangplank

Dear All

Do you remember the excuse from Nicola Sturgeon for not suspending Alex Salmond in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct?

'No legal basis' to suspend Alex Salmond because the complaint wasn’t brought by an SNP member, at the time many people thought this excuse was rubbish. Today, the SNP has suspended a member accused of “vile anti-Semitism” for citing Hitler in an attack against Jewish Labour activist Rhea Wolfson. Wolfson is part of the Corbyn faction in the Labour, and a GMB Scotland organiser.

Gareth Wardell, who runs the Grouse Beater blog, is now the subject of a complaint to the party’s disciplinary committee. The reason for this is that Wardell posted on Monday about GMB Scotland organiser Rhea Wolfson, and the equal pay dispute in Glasgow. He alleged that Wolfson had been making the most of Hitler’s “fascist ideology” in the dispute.

He also referred to the GMB as a “Cockney clique”.

After the article made its debut, it was shared by SNP branches for Livingston East, Edinburgh Eastern and various SNP councillors. Interestingly these branches have been deleting the links they put up.

Now, the SNP is saying that Wolfson deserved “a full apology from the author for the clear offence that has been caused”.

In a section titled “Hitler’s view”, the blog said:

“In Part 1 of Mein Kampf, Hitler attacks unions over and over again. Unions are fascism’s Public Enemy Number 1”.

He added:

“He accused ‘The Jew’ of gradually assuming leadership of the trade union movement. Hitler wanted a blindly obedient fighting force loyal only to the national leader of government. Whether or not Wolfson is intellectually aware of Hitler’s outlook is unknown but she certainly knows how to make the most of it.”

It seems that Gareth Wardell has a lot of explaining to do; given the SNP is run as a cult, and clearly Wardell isn’t a part of it but more a useful idiot, I think I would put a bet on being expelled. The SNP are quick to act when it affects the ‘rat ship’ and with bad polling for Nicola Sturgeon, anything which reminds people how chummy the SNP wanted to get with the Nazis during WW2 takes the gloss off.

Rhea Wolfson is also the Labour candidate for Livingston and a past victim of anti-Semitic abuse, in politics if you get known you get attacked. The SNP cybernats are particularly active in that field especially if you are a candidate for public office.

Paul Sweeney, Labour MP for Glasgow North East, described the blog post as “utterly reprehensible”

On Tuesday, The Herald published Mr Wardell’s defence, in which he said his opponents had used “fascist language” to make his argument about Ms Wolfson sound “sinister”.

He added:

“It's quite a stretch for me to be anti-Semitic, brought up in Jewish family.”

No doubt he will say this to the SNP Disciplinary Committee as part of his explanation.

Wardell continued:

“The only sinister aspect to my essay is the way political opponents tried to make it sound sinister. They use the fascist language it warns about, anti-intellectual, portraying everything in terms of 'them and us'. Ms Wolfson has been grievously misled. When advised what they were up to I strengthened the praise of her anti-Semitic stance in relation to Labour's troubles. In this case it's quite a stretch for me to be anti-Semitic brought up in Jewish family. As for GMB boss Tim Roache's thuggish response, how can one have a rational discussion with a man who boasts he did not read the blog, but thinks it 'disgusting'. His role as the arrogant Englishman is not appreciated. Then again, I don't mind political opponents making a fool of  themselves.”

To distance himself from the SNP, he added:

“Not an office bearer. Not an 'active' member. Don't stick leaflets in letterboxes, or stand with placards on street corners. Don't attend SNP meetings. Don't march if it means walking with my legs.”

One thing that everyone should know in politics is that just because you are in a party, these people in the political bubble are not your friends; another mistake would be to tell people about your private life or who you associate with, in the past Rhea Wolfson found this out the hard way.

Finally as to Wardell, don’t think the SNP will be standing by him after this, he appears to be history; he is going to find out that the SNP cult isn’t his friends either. The SNP won’t want the spotlight of anti-Semitism on them, they kick out Wardell; they make a song and dance how they took strong action.  

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, October 29, 2018

Bayoneting The Wounded Salmond; Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon relationship is said to be falling apart, angry Salmond and his allies not impressed by SNP ‘trawling’ harassment email, with ‘friends’ like Nicola Sturgeon who needs enemies, are the Murrells sweating how they dodge the Salmond membership bullet?

Dear All

‘She disnae call, she disnae write’, and with the spotlight on Alex Salmond over allegations that he was allegedly involved in sexual misconduct, it beggars belief if she ever will call or write or be photographed with him again. Alex Salmond jumped ship from the SNP before Nicola Sturgeon was forced to push him out. He on the way out the door declared he will be back.

C’mon big man……. Behave!!!!

Yes, it seems the towering figure of SNP politics has a few hurdles to get over, before or if he is allowed back in the party. Sex and politics don’t mix well which is why we see so many car crashes played out in the media. If you are married and fool around, the situation goes nuclear, lots of unhappiness sparkled with divorce. When Stewart Hosie ‘traded’ in his wife, Shona Robison for a younger model with less miles on the clock, Nicola Sturgeon sided with her pal, and given she was in the Sturgeon Cabinet, it was a no brainer.

Sex can wreck careers, and if you are a guy trying to get ‘extra’ sex rations outside the martial bed, well more the fool you, especially if you get outed.

Alex Salmond is denying all wrongdoing and criminality in his problem; he is continuing with his TV show for the RT Channel with belongs to the Russians. The Russians aren’t giving up on him just yet; they are standing by him, unlike Nicola Sturgeon who can’t get further enough away from him. If Alex Salmond goes down with his ship, Sturgeon is going to make sure that she is nowhere onboard.

When you are in trouble, you find out who your real pals are, these are the people who standby you come hell or high water, in politics, the concept is similar but once you have a problem, allies disappear like the Sun behind a cloud. It is said that Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon relationship has hits a new low over SNP harassment email which Salmond allies call a “fishing expedition” that was “clearly focused” on Salmond. Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership is so bad, one wonders who many people think that in order to protect her, anyone who could be a leadership threat had to be neuralised.

The SNP email advised former party staff on how to report concerns of bullying and harassment days after sexual misconduct allegations involving Alex Salmond were published, they used the classic defence that this was “duty of care” on their part. If you know anything about the SNP, then you know they don’t give a toss about “duty of care” especially for their members. I can understand Alex Salmond’s allies being angry, they must be looking around, seeing the Nationalist ship sinking in the polls, poor leadership from Sturgeon, government going nowhere, and think Alex can save the ship.

Nicola can’t!

Polling is showing what I have been saying for ages and a day; we are looking at a pro UK majority sitting in the Holyrood parliament in 2021.

Many SNP MSPs face losing their meal ticket at Holyrood in 2021, and with people having mortgages et al, you can’t escape the conclusion that fear is building up in the ranks.

Change of leader is always seen as the remedy!

The SNP is run by the Murrells, Nicola Sturgeon and her pensioner husband who likes to keep out of the spotlight for obvious reasons. If there is a Salmond return to leadership, then it is likely that Nicola Sturgeon wouldn’t survive the cull as Team Salmond move their people into key positions. Nicola Sturgeon would probably be kept on for window dressing as Salmond talks about the ‘new generation’ coming through, with him leading the change. All sounds fresh, all sounds new, all sounds like a purge.

Although Salmond’s public bitterness has been directed at Leslie Evans, top Government civil servant, it is also understood he is angry with Sturgeon. If Salmond goes to town on Sturgeon, it would be logical that he is also going to town on Sturgeon’s husband. SNP headquarters, run by Sturgeon’s husband Peter Murrell, wrote to staff three days after lurid details of one of the sexual misconduct allegations against Salmond came to light, post ‘tits and ass’ revelations, although Salmond was not named in the email, it is said the context was explicitly in relation to recent media coverage.

A senior headquarters figure wrote:

“The past few days have seen new stories concerning allegations of sexual misconduct. I appreciate that seeing such reports can be upsetting and distressing. We take our responsibility, whether you are current staff or a former employee, extremely seriously.”

She continued:

“In terms of the communication channels for reporting concerns, the SNP is firm in its belief that allegations of bullying and harassment must be taken seriously and that anyone who considers that they have been subject to such behaviour must feel able to come forward.”

It seems that Alex Salmond has a number of fights piling up, fight with the Judicial Review, fight with Police Scotland, fight with Nicola Sturgeon, fight with Peter Murrell, fight to get back into Holyrood and a fight with the public over his reputation, fight to regain the leadership and then indy fighting.

And of course a clearout at SNP HQ, that purge would make a good documentary.

The Murrells must be sweating, Salmond said he is no saint, in the past, I blogged, ‘She disnae call, she disnae write’ and added, ‘she disnae send the SNP membership form’, with a glimpse of this running saga you can possible expect denial of membership. 

If the SNP under Nicola Sturgeon and her husband deny Salmond a membership return, it could solve many problems in the short term. How that would play out in the long run is another matter. Weeks after the ‘trawl’ email was sent, a newspaper reported that several alleged complaints against Salmond had been lodged with the SNP and had been passed to an independent lawyer. 

Finally at times like this, I am reminded of the old saying with ‘friends’ like Nicola Sturgeon who needs enemies!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University