Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Sturgeon’s Ultimate Betrayal of a Nation; Scotland has highest drug death rate in the EU, SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon’s failure to govern, failure to lead and failure to accept responsibility is at the heart of the problem, money is there, people are there, services are there, but the will to act isn’t, shamefully the SNP blame Westminster, it is time for new leadership, new government in Scotland

Dear All

In tragedy, there is opportunity, as Scotland’s drug deaths soar to a record breaking 1,187 in a year under SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP are busy trying to blame Westminster for their failures.

The SNP run the Police, they run the health service, they run social care, we know this because when the cuts came to vital services, the SNP MSPs to a man and woman voted them through.

No fights, no questions asked!

The least vulnerable were an easy target, they had no SNP Champion. Do you remember the SNP pledge of a few years ago, ‘Elect a local Champion’. Sick joke then and it still remains a sick joke now.

So, let’s nail something down, the SNP under Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon have had control of the Scotland Government since 2007 till present day.

12 years!

During this time, they have given us election bribes sure, but that was so people would vote them in, targeted bribes at targeted voters.

One group, that doesn’t appear on the SNP voter radar is the disenfranchised, the people at the bottom of society who don’t vote because they don’t feel part of society. In Glasgow, you don’t see the SNP elected representatives at the soup kitchens, or the traditional places like Glasgow City Mission, or Lodge House Mission or the Wayside in central Glasgow.

Apparently Mhairi Black allegedly did a stint at Glasgow City Mission prior to being an MP.

Once elected never to be seen again!

Where’s Mhairi now?

Where are the legendary SNP Campaigns for foodbanks?

Did you notice how that all dried up post Westminster elections?

Pulling on people’s heart strings is something that the SNP have developed into an art form.

Find a victim which suits their SNP agenda then "champion" them for mileage because everything is always about Scottish independence. Once done, drop them to move onto the next cause célèbre, then milk that to death.  

You can be sure that some of the 1,187 people who died of drugs used places like I have mentioned above, but what you don’t see Nicola Sturgeon visiting them. You don’t see the Health Sec Jeane Freeman visiting them or indeed any senior SNP figures of note.

The local soup kitchens don’t get any real support or help from the SNP Government; and recently even the homeless saw their chances of getting a bed for night slashed by the SNP Council. That “gift” to the poor and disadvantage came courtesy of Nicola Sturgeon’s pal, SNP Cllr Mhairi Hunter.

What we are really talking about in a blunt and brutally honest fashion is SNP neglect for the poor under Nicola Sturgeon. So, no money for food, no beds for the night and because of a party committed to grievance at Westminster, no goodwill.

The cause and effect principle!

The effect of bad will has rippled between Holyrood and Westminster for sometime, instead of learning to shut their mouth, the SNP have made a vacuous campaign of grievance putting people’s noses out of joint. The upshot is shocking total of 1,187 people dead in a year, people who gave up hope, in everything, for them there was no tomorrow. There was no future, no prospects and like a tsunami, when things got so bad, drugs washed away their pain. Living while poor is not living, it is existing; it is a life spent in fear and uncertainty.

You don’t know poverty really until you experience it first hand. It isn’t just lack of money, it is a lack of everything, hope, opportunities, help, justice; every door is barred and every ‘right; and ‘entitlement’ has to be fought for, again and again…… because it is withheld.

A ready example is higher education; we have millions to pay for rich middle class foreign students at universities but not a lot for working class people from the most disadvantaged background.

So, whether you like it or not, the poorest working class students and potential students suffer because the SNP leadership want to be seen as internationalists. The attack on the poor is further compounded by the SNP with their nonsensical immigration policy. Everything is done by the SNP to put downward pressure on the poor, given the SNP won’t deliver fairness in devolved government, what do you think will happen when they are free of UK oversight?

Out with Scottish Enlightenment and in with Scottish Mugabe-ism.

In previous posts, I blogged I favour drug legalisation, and although a supervised drug consumption facility in Glasgow sounds like a good idea, the idea is short-sighted. You see what is needed is a bespoke facility which can offer alternatives, services and structures to effectively reset a person’s life.

But I would make a point, not everyone can saved, life isn’t that simple, some people aren’t going to be able to be turned around, not in the manner you might expected. The mental impairment caused by drugs in some is just too much damage to repair. We can see of course see the physical signs like people dead or losing their limbs, but the mental side can be as equally damaging.

The Scottish Secretary David Mundell has said the Commons Scottish Affairs Committee was currently undertaking an inquiry into drug use in Scotland and the Government would want to consider its report. Then perhaps there maybe an opportunity for a pilot of supervised drug consumption facility.

Finally, given the traditional Conservative response to drugs and crime, this coupled with SNP hostility, this may kill off prospect of that pilot happening. Rather than holding the traditional view and line, I would like to see Scottish Conservative MPs take a proactive lead and push this through. It is said that there are about 13,000 addicts in Glasgow, in theory 13,000 chances to turn people’s life around. I think it is worth taking a chance and making the investment for vulnerable Scots who have lost their way.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, July 15, 2019

The SNP Scottish Armada; SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon and her incompetent Scottish Government 'cannot guarantee medicine supplies' under no-deal Brexit, plans to sail to the EU to pick up aspirin, rubbers and KY Jelly remain on high alert, the SNP will stoop to anything to try and make Nicola ‘dinghy’ Sturgeon look like a leader, even using the sick as a stepping stone for Scottish independence

Dear All

We all like a good horror story, but to sell the fear factor, it has to have an element of truth, sadly truth and the SNP appear to be complete strangers. In the senior ranks of the SNP, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon has appointed her men with a proper job. Keith Brown, depute SNP leader is a prime example, ‘the man who walks indy marches’. There is another lump of flesh appointed by Sturgeon, Mike Russell, Scottish Govt Brexit Secretary. He is in full scaremongering mode that supply of vital medicines cannot be guaranteed in the event of a no-deal exit.

Anyone seriously think that the EU or the UK would stop medicine supplies in either direction?

I don’t, if there is one think which would never be forgotten or forgiven is people dying due to one or other side holding back medical supplies. The people of the UK would take that issue to heart and the anger generated would see no goodwill available to the Europeans. In order to try and pad out his scare story as having any credibility, Mike Russell said arrangements were previously in place, but the situation had “changed” following the Brexit deadline being pushed back to October 31.

Change meaning the date had changed, is this a climatic event?

Hardly, but such is the poor arguments that remainers have, they have to plum the depths to find anything, even fluff and dross to try and make themselves meaningful to the public, in this case, the SNP in their eyes are the ‘heroes’.

Look, look, Nicola Sturgeon is securing medical supplies!

And of course in future releases, we will be treated to how ‘tirelessly’ the SNP have worked because of a date changed, including the ‘Scottish armada (hired) sailing to the EU to pick up aspirin, rubbers and KY Jelly. Mike Russell insisted ministers now cannot “absolutely guarantee” all medicines will continue to be available if the UK crashes out of the European Union.

Such a statement is nonsense, Sturgeon’s ministers probably cannot guarantee anything, but at a UK level, government is more stable, more reliable, and more expert.

So, why do the SNP fear no deal?

Because when links are severed, there will see less opportunities for the SNP in terms of jobs and advancement, you cannot have failed to notice that every SNP leader in the past has post leadership, not gone onto better and lucrative pastures. Swinney ended up demoted back to MSP, and Salmond, well his future has been a rollercoaster to the bottom, via RT, the Russian channel. You don’t see the SNP going anywhere of note once they step down, no fortune 500 companies in their future. It is also doubtful that things will get any better for Sturgeon post FM.

If anything, her future might be a spot in the education sector like Wendy Alexander!

No chance in my opinion of a United Nations top post, no EU top post, no job in Nato, no ambassador job with the UK Government, not even a sniff at ‘our man in Mongolia’. 

Back to Russell’s horror story, he said:

“There are bigger difficulties in preparing for a no-deal in October than there were in March. For example, the availability of warehousing towards the end of the year, towards the Christmas season, becomes much more difficult”.

Christmas season puts lives in danger?

I mean, c’mon, is that really the best he can come up with, one thing that the UK has is space, and plenty of storage space to boot, this is him reaching.  One jokey part I liked is when Mike Russell said:

“Those preparations are not finalised south of the Border. We’re working with the UK Government to make sure they are finalized”.

Do you get the impression that Mike Russell thinks he is overseeing the UK Government, and that they are jointly working together? The UK government is doing the work, and the SNP is standing about waiting for that to be complete.

A UK Department of Health and Social Care spokesman said:

"Our priority is for all patients to continue to have access to medicines and medical products when we leave the EU.
We are working with industry and other stakeholders to continue robust no-deal contingency planning for supply after 31 October. We are confident that if everyone does what they need to do, the supply of medicines and medical products should be uninterrupted."

The key part of this statement is that” the supply of medicines and medical products should be uninterrupted."

Finally, how sad is that the SNP are reduced to being so low as to attempt to put the ‘frightens’ on patients. Of course, this is all about the SNP trying to dominate the media on a daily basis. The side benefit for them is hoisting up Nicola Sturgeon has a heroine who at the 11th hour rides to the rescue, perhaps they will have a patient all lined to be exploited for political purposes. Everything the SNP do is about independence, except government, their record is appalling.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Right at Glasgow University

Thursday, July 11, 2019

SNP’s distorted world view; Everything revolves round the SNP, everything revolves around the leader, in a political party that doesn’t work well with others, it isn’t a surprise that the Citizens Assembly was doomed to failure, the SNP aren’t open, balanced, transparent, and inclusive, and they don’t want ideas unless they are seen as the instigator which is why Scotland is held back, they don’t have vision

Dear All

If you think back to what I and others have said about the SNP, it is a cult, a party within a party made up primarily of 4 sub groups, Sein Fein lite, LGBT, Muslims and the rich. All headed and fronted by someone who uses the cult of personality as their instrument to exercise total control.

If you are not a member of the cult, you are not a member of the cult, that doesn’t mean you can interact with them, but you are seen as someone to ‘used’, whether that be as a foot soldier or an outsider who supports a cult idea. The SNP don’t work well or play well with others, they don’t build bridges; they use and attempt to subjugate people into groups.

The old saying of ‘divide and rule’ applies!

The problem with the Citizen Assembly is that the SNP couldn’t allow the body to be a non-partisan assembly of ordinary Scottish citizens because if you discuss problems, you by default have to talk about who caused the problems. As the SNP has been the devolved government in Scotland for over a decade; the injustices, whether it be health, education or social come right back to their door. When I was an SNP member, I saw close up how they operated when it came to responsibility, the ‘leaders’ would foster their work onto someone else.

This is why the SNP is and always will remain a party of protest and not of government, the day job comes last. Government maybe their meal ticket in terms of perks and money but it is a bother, a part-time exercise, something to be done as quickly as possible. Then they can ‘party’, network and get their ‘selfies’ while standing up for various aspects of identity politics, while they engineer their place as a defender of rights.

The truth is that they in practice aren’t defender of rights but rather a sinister crowd who practice oppression using the resources and funding of the State. If you are a charity, you have to bow to the SNP or see your funding cut or dry up….. as if by magic.

The fate of the proposed Citizens Assembly is now in doubt, there is no cross party support as the Conservatives and Lib Dems are out for boycotting it. The Assembly is seen as a propaganda unit for a second Scottish independence referendum after SNP MP Joanna Cherry opened her big gub to vent. In some respects, the Citizen Assembly is much like the SNP’s National Assembly which I attended on 4th September 2010 in Perth, round table discussions to look at policy ideas.

I pushed for Police Scotland and a national Fire Service, but my main focus was Police Scotland at that meeting, with my trusty ham sandwiches and cans of pepsi, I set off for Perth. As the SNP don’t work well with others, and also as they don’t do the ‘day job’, is it a surprise that the SNP made a mess of the planned Citizens Assembly?

I would say; not a surprise but par for the course.

The SNP really at the heart of the cult, don’t want ordinary people gathering information on the biggest issues facing the nation. They don’t want information that would then be used to guide both parliament and the people on the best way forward unless they are the instigator of the ideas. They have to be centre stage, they have to take all the credit and they are so insecure that only they can hold the limelight.  These traits exhibit should in some respect explain the lack of quality legislation which comes out of the Scottish Parliament and Government.

Holyrood is 20 years old, but the institution is a failure, in terms of vision, output and leadership. There is no going forward together as a nation under the SNP, there is an ‘us or them’ mentality which haunts everything they do.

In late February, I laughed as SNP MP Joanna Cherry wrote in favour of CAs. She said that “Citizens Assemblies could be used to great effect as Scotland moves towards its second independence referendum”, and that “Citizens Assemblies would have a transformative potential in the independence debate”.

Her cat out of the bag comments completely destroyed the credibility of the Citizens Assembly and damaged the reputation of former Labour MEP David Martin because she created a stigma about it. David Martin has since attempted to defend the idea but the idea is now damaged beyond repair. Anything that it produces will be seen through the prism of it being an SNP idea.

Does anyone seriously believe the assembly will be independent of government?

That it will be open, balanced, transparent, and inclusive?

Naw to the first and naw to the second, especially when you think back that SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon unveiled her plans for an assembly while revealing her intention to pursue a second independence referendum before 2021.

No referendum before 2021, just like there will be no Westminster General Election before 2022, well anyone with any sense in this country won’t be wanting to go to the polls early while there is such flux in politics at the UK level.

Brexit is the on;y political game in town, it dominates all political thinking in the UK.

If I was in the business of offering advice to co-convener of the assembly, former Labour MEP David Martin, it would be to bail out, and that same advice would also apply to Dr Oliver Escobar, the Scottish Government’s adviser.

You don’t sell’ damaged goods’ as ‘new’ when you know that everyone knows it is damaged.  The main and underlining problem is that no matter how hard David Martin and others try, the damage is done and the assembly is utterly tarnished in some people’s eyes as another wing of the SNP.

Just like Yes Scotland!

I wrote about Yes Scotland as ‘run by the SNP, staffed by the SNP for the benefit of the SNP’ back in the day. Then like now, the SNP fronted that organization with another former Labour politician, how things don’t change in the SNP mindset. The SNP don’t have ideas, they just rehash and repackage the same ones under different packaging, fronted by different people but the goal is always the same, allowing them to control power either directly or indirectly.

Finally, you should read up on the cult of personality, then you will understand the SNP better.

Then look at the tenure of Salmond and that of Sturgeon, now what do you see? Do you see people who are open, balanced, transparent, and inclusive?

Of course you don’t!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

What Price Labour Democracy; Labour Party takes a 'significant step backwards' as Jeremy Corbyn calls for new EU referendum, Corbyn said on TV that he had ‘listened’, well if he is in ‘listening mode’, ears back, betraying the 2016 EU referendum result is the most stupid thing possible that a party can do, this position is a ‘welcome gift’ for the new Conservative PM

Dear All

If you could think of the worse possible scenario to hinder the Labour Party’s attempt at winning the next General Election, you would be right if you said back the UK staying in the EU. Jeremy Corbyn has been under pressure to change Labour's position on Brexit and it seems the right wing of the Labour Party is getting its way. At the same time; the right wing of the Labour Party have also gave themselves a massive boost in their attempts at killing off Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

Although this has been dressed up as a 'Significant step forward', what it actually is without a doubt is a 'Significant step backwards'.

When I was a kid, I thought politicians were super smart, mainly because they seem to come from university backgrounds, but I have realised, they aren’t smart as they appear, and they don’t have all the answers, quite the opposite it seems. The demise of the ability of the political class is getting well known with a sceptical public. SNP MSP Alex Neil has mentioned today this issue as he lamented that the lack of independent thinkers, people selected because they are in effect like better than drones, or as Neil terms its ‘robots’, this is now causing a major problem.

A problem which goes right across all parties to various degrees!

For the Labour Party to jump on the bandwagon of ‘Brexit Betrayal’ is astonishing in my opinion, given that this stance is going to divide the party and effectively rip the guts out of it. Jeremy Corbyn has been a Euro Skeptic all his days. Now is wiling to go down the road of making the Labour Party a party of ‘remain’ and campaigning for a second referendum.

As people are aware in politics, the momentum crowd are busy trying to get certain Labour MPs de-selected to be replaced by their members, but it could be those who get de-selected that get the ‘last laugh’ come a General election. From a Scottish view point, this change doesn’t help the Labour Party win seats, earlier, the Scottish leader Richard Leonard already made his position clear of his direction of travel.

Some Labour supporters of a second EU referendum have hailed this as a "significant and very welcome step forward" after Jeremy Corbyn called on the government to stage a public vote on any Brexit deal, and confirmed his party would campaign to Remain.

I don’t, this folly is worse than Nick Clegg and his disastrous betrayal over tuition fees, and we all saw what the upshot of that decision had on the fortunes of the Lib Dems. Because of lack of progress on Brexit, the Lib Dems managed to find a way back but this is solely due to their Brexit stance as a ‘remain’ party.

One of the things which won’t happen is that following a meeting of the shadow cabinet at Westminster, Jeremy Corbyn said that whoever wins the Conservative leadership contest should have the confidence to put any new deal they negotiate with Brussels or no-deal to the public.

This is never going to be a serious option.

The Labour Party was wrong to support remain in 2016, the Labour Party was wrong to break its promise to honour the vote, the Labour Party was wrong to position themselves as a ‘remain’ party, the Labour Party is wrong to want a second referendum.

I think the classic line, #you couldn’t make this shit up’ is more than perfect for what has happened, this tactic now strengthens whoever becomes the next Conservative leader which is increasingly looking like Boris Johnson. Brexit-backing Labour MP John Mann agrees with me saying the move will lead to the loss of Leave-voting voters and be a gift to the Tory leadership front-runner.

Mann said;

"The one person who will be smiling at today's announcement is Boris Johnson. I think it gives him quite a boost when he wins the Tory leadership. And I think it makes it slightly more likely that he'll be tempted to call a Brexit election."

Just to be clear, whoever wins the leadership contest in the Conservative Party, they won’t be calling an early General Election for Westminster[ neither Johnson or Hunt are that silly. Either candidate will in my opinion run down the clock because both of them know that they will need to present a proven product to the electorate of success. As well as that they need to build their personal ‘brand’ and publish their version of Global UK in the post Brexit world.

Anti Corbyn Labour MP Ian Murray said:

“This is a significant and very welcome step forward. It’s taken a huge effort to get to this point, and I pay tribute to party members who have helped secure this policy position. A confirmatory vote with a campaign to remain in the EU is now official Labour Party policy, in line with the Scottish Labour Party. We must now get out there and tell voters that the only way to stop Brexit and remain in the EU permanently is to vote Labour.”

George Laird, member of Pollok CLP said:

“What a betrayal of the working class which will come back on the party in both at Holyrood and Westminster”.

Finally, give that the Labour Party needs to win back Brexit voting Northern England and of course Scotland to form a majority government for Westminster, do you think the betting odds just got better or worse for Jeremy Corbyn?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Rethinking a bad decision, UK Home Office want to deport Lizanne Malpas who lives in Arran, given she is married to a British born citizen, of good character, and running a business, she ticks all the boxes for staying in Scotland, deportation shouldn’t apply in her case, this is a rubber stamp job

Dear All

There is a quote that the law is sometimes an ass, and although rules are rules, sometime how these rules are applied is wrong. John and Lizanne Malpas are in a pickle, Lizanne was born in Zimbabwe but because her immigration status isn’t British Office mandarins ruled she can no longer live in the UK.

The problem is that officials don’t seem to be able to make the right decision because they get no ground to demonstrate good judgment. Unless there is a dramatic U-turn in the next few days she will have to say farewell to her husband. Then it’s down to the airport flew off back to Zimbabwe, a country which has been ran into the ground, Zimbabwe was once considered the breadbasket of Africa such was the output in food production. After Mugabe went racist against white farmers that place ended up collapsing, investment ended and the country went to the dogs relying on aid.

Having kicked white farmers off their land, the new regime noticed that not only could the new farmers, not farm the land, they couldn’t manage the land either, which also had an impact on local employment.

It is a tale of how racism by a majority causes self harm.

After a rethink post Mugabe, the fact that food production is essential in the national and economic interest was realized.

When you watch the returning farmer being greeted, you know that the phrase, ‘we are all in this together’ is true. Outside interference by politicians like Mugabe took Zimbabwe to the brink of ruin with the farmers and their staff, some of whom worked for years together.

Zimbabwe has a long road back to being a proper country, but it is funny how change was forced on the government because of previous stupidity.

As to Lizanne Malpas, she is married to a British citizen; it is a genuine marriage not a passport scam. She should be in no danger of having to quit her home on the Scots island of Arran. If anything, this is a rubber stamp job of the two minute variety, so why has the mistake being made, because the government wants to be seen to be acting on people who operate outside the rules regardless of colour.

Mrs Malpas said:

“I keep waking up and hoping that it will all just disappear and that it has been a complete mistake. But sadly, not so far. What I can say, however, is that the whole community of Arran have been absolutely astonishing and amazing in their support for us.”
Vowing to return as quickly as possible, she added:

“There have been lots of hugs and tears over the last few days from everyone I meet. It is truly incredible the depth of feeling and support we have received. In fairness, I seriously doubt whether I would have managed to get through it all this far without this enormous love towards us and our plight.”

In this country we struggle to deport rapists and murderers back to their home country, but someone who is running a wee shop on Arran is fair game so it seems. Honestly after putting all their savings into buying the Sandwich Station in Lochranza, which has now become one of the main tourist attractions, I think we can say she is a credit to the community. Deportation shouldn’t happen in this case, and the UK Government needs to look at this case again.

She is married to a British born citizen, to me that crosses the threshold of ‘she is now one of us’, and we should help her. Years ago, I blogged on an Indian family who moved to Scotland, sadly the husband died and my comments on the family’s problems were that we accepted this family on a visa, due to no fault of theirs tragic events happened to them, we should therefore keep faith with them.

The SNP as I have blogged having been trying to get control of immigration for their own devious purposes. We are seeing people like the wretched Patricia Gibson, the SNP MP for North Ayrshire and Arran use this case to say that this was the “latest in a long line” of people wanting to settle in Scotland but being denied the chance.

She said:

“It honestly defies logic and something must be done urgently to correct this hostile environment being created by the government towards helping people settle in rural communities.”

I know Gibson for her time as a Pollok SNP Cllr, a lazy and stupid woman who was noticeably absent from activism in the Pollok area. People like Gibson aren’t a help in cases like this, as quiet diplomacy is better, than a shouty individual with little ability.

I hope the Home Office do the right thing by Lizanne Malpas and do it soon.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, July 8, 2019

SNP Fuelling Accelerated Decline; Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP demand immigration powers under the guise of avoiding cuts to public services, while at the same time using the lie that continual growth and independence solves everything, SNP can’t take care of Scotland’s homeless with even a bed for the night, immigration powers all about gerrymandering a second indy vote, but Westminster is wise to that trick

Dear All

There is a myth peddled by politicians, which on the face of it sounds goods but underneath is a rotting shell, it is the myth of ‘continual growth’. Continual growth in our economy, continual growth in the population and continual growth in wealth as a solution of all our ills! At some stage, just like filling a balloon with too much air, it will explode, and cause chaos, whether that be housing shortages, longer waiting times in health or fewer job opportunities. There will be major problems!

Ordinary people know this as a reality at the bottom end of society.

As part of the SNP strategy to cons Scots into voting for independence, the SNP employ the tactic of Dog-whistle politics. If you don’t know what that is, here is a simple explanation, Dog-whistle politics is political messaging employing coded language that appears to mean one thing to the general population but has an additional, different, or more specific resonance for a targeted subgroup. To that end, Nicola Sturgeon is targeting the UK Government in an attempt to wrestle control of immigration under the guise of growth, not just to pay for public services and their old favourite to bring in doctors etc to save our NHS.

To lie to Scots, the SNP like to use the NHS and the doctors gag, to portray that they are interested in saving lives.

The real reason for the SNP wanting immigration powers is to flood the country with poor people and use them for voting purposes to support them and their farce of independence. They say that Scotland is facing a “demographic crisis” that could leave it struggling to pay for public services, the SNP have withheld money from Councils which is the reason that they struggle to pay for public services. The SNP also aren’t generating wealth in Scotland and after making it the highest tax place in the UK, they have made it unattractive as a destination.

And that doesn’t even touch on the SNP systematic failure to govern right across the board. We have all seen as people that we are struggling to get health care, social care, jobs, housing and even the grass getting cut and the bins emptied.

Scotland is becoming a slum.  

Apparently the SNP say we need 500,000 extra citizens which is just over what they need to win a second indyref. The SNP having abandoned the ‘we could be a rich country like Ireland and Norway’ is using these countries again to float the idea that population growth is good. Population growth from immigrants has been a disaster, Europe experienced growth all right in rape, murder, crime gangs and terrorism. The laugh that Scotland is exposed to any post-Brexit decline in numbers is fanciful, people don’t come here from Europe because we are in the EU, the EU isn’t a safeguard of anything; they come looking for work. They also don’t come because the SNP claim there is some sort of Scottish exceptionalism working here, that we are better than the English.

So, what will this new SNP analysis actually achieve, well it will achieve nothing, the SNP burnt their bridges with the UK government a long time ago and with Westminster. In order to advance, you need goodwill, and the SNP don’t have any credit with that to draw on. The UK government will not give Nicola Sturgeon powers over immigration, no matter what form or scenario she paints.

This analysis is just a grievance document.

And tomorrow, it will not even register in the minds of Scots, in fact, if it wasn’t for the press, this document wouldn’t even see the light of day.

The SNP know that they are not going to get immigration powers which is why SNP MSP Linda Fabiani said:

“Scotland urgently needs to grow our population – or we face a demographic timebomb over coming decades that could make it seriously challenging to fund public services like the NHS. But the Tories – who created a self-proclaimed ‘hostile environment’ for migrants and now want to throw up more barriers by leaving the EU – are taking entirely the wrong approach. It is increasingly obvious that Scotland needs our own powers over migration and the means to grow our population. “Independence will give Scotland the power to take decisions in our own interests – to grow our population, give young people opportunities for a better life and reject the failed approach of the Tories.”

Did you notice the NHS reference, the Tories ‘bad’ reference and independence solves everything reference?

Given the current waiting time for treatment in the NHS, how much more strain would the system be under if 500,000 people were suddenly dropped into Scotland? Where is the housing stock to shelter them, where are the jobs, where are the extra schools, where are the places for them to get a GP? How would the Council services cope with a high influx of low skill immigrants?

The answer to all the questions is of course badly.

Given the state of our public services both local and nationally, we shouldn’t be talking about population growth, but rather we should be talking about internal reforms and the  re-skilling of our people through education.

So, for some light reading;

Finally, what is at work here is a fraud, immigration is a good thing, but too much is bad. If you take the example of the slum in Govnahill Glasgow managed by the SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon and run by the SNP Council which has a high immigrant population, it is a colourful and diverse place to live, it is a rat and bedbug infested shithole, teaming with crime and unemployment. Endless growth in this area didn’t produce a better or fairer place to live and work. It produced somewhere where public services and bodies are unable to cope. It produced despair and fear in the residents.

Finally, there is a saying, charity beings at home, recently the SNP Council cut funding to help Glasgow’s homeless to the tune of £2.6 million, this was done at the Glasgow City Integration Joint Board, which Sturgeon’s dug, Mhairi Hunter co-chairs, the board unanimously agreed in May to cut £2.6m from third sector organisations providing homeless beds. As they are unwilling to take care of Scots, we can assume that immigration powers aren’t for making Scotland better or fairer but more for another sinister purpose. trying to gerrymander another Scottish referendum which the SNP already know they can’t win based on their arguments which have already been rejected. 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, July 5, 2019

Brexit is Putting Political Parties on Notice: the Labour Party crashes to fourth in YouGov poll for first time as frontbencher admits voters are fleeing party, Ann Widdecombe's European Parliament Maiden Speech tells you everything you need to know in under two minutes about the EU, Labour must back Brexit to move forward, no more fence sitting, no more wrong decisions

Dear All

Under normal circumstances in politics and with the additional chaos of Brexit for the UK Government, the Labour Party should in theory be riding high in the polls. The party should be in prime position to be seen as a government in waiting.

The Brexit issue has left the Labour Party in a dreadful state, sitting on the fence with the additional signals of ‘wink wink, we are actually remianers guv’ see Labour slumps to 18 points ina new poll. Ironically some people keen to see Jeremy Corbyn lose the leadership and any future Westminster election are urging him to swing party behind campaign to Remain in EU.

If there was a ‘nail in the coffin’ for the Labour Party which would speel electoral defeat it is swinging the party behind a campaign to Remain in EU. Brexit is now so much a polarizing issue within the party that only by following the decision made in 2016 can the party have a credible position.

If you don’t support democracy, and the verdict of the people, the question must be asked; who do you really represent as a Political Party? The EU is anti worker, anti country and after the sham of recent internal EU elections to change the key player, the anti democracy tag also could be added to the rest of the mix.

Nationally in the UK according to a YouGov poll, the Labour Party is sitting in fourth place.  We also have a shadow cabinet member admitted supporters are deserting the party because of its fence-sitting on Brexit.

The direction of travel for the UK is Brexit.

Jon Ashworth, the Shadow Health Secretary, said of the result:

"I don't believe that would be the result at a general election.

He added:

“If that was a result at a general election, it would be devastating for the Labour Party."

One thing that Labour’s Phil Wilson, a leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign said:

“Day after day, poll after poll shows the dismay among voters over Labour’s failure to offer a clear and principled position backing a final say referendum. So long as the doubt and confusion continues over whether it will support a final say on any Brexit outcome - and on whether it will campaign to stay in the EU - Labour will continue to shed votes to parties like the Liberal Democrats”.

There is nothing principled about a betrayal of the 2016 vote; in fact betrayal of that vote would be a disaster for the Labour Party, much like a tsunami hitting a coastline. The heartlands of the North, key to a Labour return would be in extreme danger of falling to the Brexit Party. And now matter how the Labour Party juggles the numbers, the notion of a hung parliament is so real that it puts any deal with Labour and anyone else as pretty much a non starter.

The Brexit Party won’t do a deal, the DUP won’t do a deal and the SNP, all the want is to get Corbyn dependent on their votes to force through another indyref on their timetable. On the other side, the Conservatives have a good chance of DUP support, and depending on how things pan out for Brexit, the Brexit Party as a stop gap.

Although the numbers might seem tight, there are a lot of clear dividing lines, the Conservatives sit on 24 per cent from last week which might mean people are warming to a Boris Johnson premiership. The Brexit Party was up one point on 23 per cent and the Liberal Democrats also put on one point to 20 per cent. The Labour Party is on 18 per cent, but they also have pluses to draw on in terms of organizational matters in running campaigns nationally which could work in their favour.

But to deny Brexit isn’t one of them.

The poll at 18 per cent is bad; it cannot be glossed over, the lowest since May 2009 when Gordon Brown's Government was battling the financial crash.

But it should be noted, it can get worse.

Unite's Len McCluskey, want the party to continue to respect the 2016 Brexit result and are fearful if they back Remain, they will lose votes in Labour heartlands. One thing that the Labour Party needs to focus on is to protect their core vote. An example of what happens when you don’t can be seen by the Scottish example which spans more than a decade. Senior party figures like Tom Watson, Emily Thornberry and Keir Starmer want Mr Corbyn to swing the party behind the position adopted last month by the Scottish Labour Party.

Scottish Labour is the fifth party in Scotland after the Euro 2019 election with a vote share of 9.5%.

Finally, ask yourself this, Brexit goes through, the UK Government makes a success of Global UK and Brexit goes thorough where does this leave the Labour Party politically?  Where does this leave the party in the forthcoming 2022 election? Where does this the Scottish Party in the Holyrood election of 2021? Of course you have to account for the SNP factor in Scotland. Elections are about winners and losers, and as someone who has seen plenty of them, winning feels so much better.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University