Friday, February 12, 2016

Breach of Trust: George Osborne’s brother, Dr Adam Osborne is stuck off the medical register after an ‘inappropriate’ relationship with a female patient, his career will be known for drugs, escorts and an affair with a patient, had it all and lost it all, so many advantages in life but this time the GMC had no option but to remove him from practicing as a doctor

Dear All

There are certain positions held in society where a high level of trust is placed and is expected by people holding those positions. The medical profession is one such area where a doctor needs to exhibit the highest standards.

If you can’t trust a doctor as they say, who can you trust?

Some time ago I did a piece of Dr Adam Osborne; he is the brother of George Osborne, the Conservative Chancellor. Awhile ago, I covered a story where he fallen foul of the General Medical Council due to his antics.

This was a follow up post regarding Osborne supplying prescription drugs to a cocaine addict prostitute'.

After his hearing, he was suspended for six months, which I got right, prior to the verdict. Having a brush with the medical authorities, you might think that this would have been the kick up the arse he needed to get him and his career back on track. Life however is complicated, and although you can’t pick your family, you can certainly pick your friends. Dr. Adam Osborne seems to be bad at the latter, now he has been stuck off the medical register as a doctor.

His career is destroyed because of a relationship deemed inappropriate with a female patient. Osborne should have known better, in my youth, I was a teacher, and right from the start, I knew that relationships with my female students were inappropriate, because people expect better. One time at Uni, two female medics were in the swimming pool, one shouted up to me, ‘I want to have your babies’. I just laughed that off, the second one who I taught then said the exact same thing, I replied, ‘I am your coach’, to which a very quick, ‘sorry’ was immediately said, the rules are the rules.

So, Adam Osborne had a secret two-year affair with a female patient, he also had a partner, as a psychiatrist surely Osborne had the ability to recognize that this scenario was a recipe for disaster. Maybe he liked the danger, maybe he liked the thrill, but he must have known sooner or later it would all blow up in his face.

In a series of emails to his deeply troubled former lover, he went from ‘begging to threatening’ as the pressure of exposure increased, sometimes the best course of action is to shut your mouth and not give people ammunition to use against you.

'Please don't do this to me — it will destroy me and my family in public,' read one message from him.

Another email ran to:
'You still have the power to tell the GMC [General Medical Council] that you made this up because you were angry at me for discontinuing therapy or that you were confused, paranoid, deluded — whatever excuse you can think of.'

When that tactic didn’t work, he started to threaten her:

'If I get into trouble for this, then I will never forgive you and I will make sure you pay.'

This threatening email is properly what sealed his fate; a person in his position cannot go round making threats of vengeance.  

This week, a tribunal ruled that Osborne's 'deplorable behaviour' meant that his fitness to practice was impaired; the same panel ordered that he be struck off from the medical register.

In other words, his medical career is over, gone and never coming back. All those years of long study and training, the sacrifice, the long hours, the hectic studying, the pressure of exams, all wasted now.

Ruling against him, chairman Dr Nigel Callaghan, said:

'The tribunal regards Dr Osborne's behaviour as profoundly unacceptable and [it] undermines the public's confidence in the medical profession. By his actions, Dr Osborne has brought the reputation of the medical profession into disrepute, breached a fundamental tenet of the medical profession and put [the patient] at risk of harm.'

Some people get extraordinary chances in life, some of those chances allow them to do good, after having it all, having every advantage and opportunity, yet again, we see someone destroying themselves when they had something others can only dream of.

This is just another one of those cases.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Migrant crisis: NATO deploys Aegean people-smuggling patrols to stop people-smugglers taking migrants from Turkey to Greece, isn’t it amazing that Turkey, Germany and Greece have all arrived at the George Laird view of deploying NATO, albeit it has taken some considerable time to get there

Dear All

Do you remember my first of 2016 on the blog, in that post I focused on the migrant crisis, this is easily the most dramatic event to hit the European mainland since the end of WW2. The migrant crisis will ripple through Europe at so many levels because the actions of a few politicians have impacted on the many, in ways that will take decades to repair.

Online, you can read horror stories of how migrants have acted and how they have been treated by others. I touched on the story of ‘Goran in Austria’, a little 10 year old boy brutally raped by an Iraqi migrant; and also migrant using a little girl as shield during a riot at a European border.

Although there are lots of interesting stories which drive my stats up, especially when I touch on SNP incompetence, I like to tackle tricky subjects which need to be addressed; and present solutions which some people don’t like. When I go on media programmes, I don’t what politicians do, sit there say something is ‘terrible’, how ‘heartbroken’ they are, and not have any answers to the problem as they hog the air time talking about themselves and delivering meaningless pap to the audience.

As I remind readers on the blog and elsewhere, sooner or later everyone comes around to the George Laird view, it just takes them a bit longer.

In my first post of 2016, I wrote as I had done before that there needed to be NATO involvement in the migrant crisis, this is because they have experience of co-ordinating a multi national force. Prior to that blog post, I had through-out 2015 came to the conclusion that the Med needed to be patrolled so that migrant boats could be turned back in international waters rather than have them sail on their merry way round the Med.

It now seems that my idea is in sync with NATO now saying, ‘We'll send in the warships’. It seems that the German chancellor Angela Merkel wants vessels to patrol the Aegean Sea in an attempt to stop migrants crossing. Much more is needed than this, on the African side of the Med, it is important that countries also play a part to assist in stopping the migrant boats from leaving their territorial waters. So far, I am not seeing much in the way of diplomatic action to get a security plan drawn up for the Med involving countries which border it.

Security in the Med simply cannot be an ‘allies only’ matter.

It isn’t surprising to me that we are at the point of Defence ministers considering military action to stop people smugglers, already some ‘Dick Tracy’ detective work has been going on to identify routes and people involved. People smuggling is big business, it seems, it isn’t some ‘mom and pop’ business of some little African trying to make a few quid, it is serious criminal enterprise, done in a professional manner.

The EU leaders have in the main failed to tackle the influx of migrants, they were politically sucked into seeing this event as simply a humanitarian crisis, and the politicians fell all over themselves to try and out bid each other that they were more ‘caring’ than others. Forget ‘humanitarian crisis’ and focus on the reality, they used the crisis for political gain, the outcome of their shallow hollow politics was the Paris Attacks and Cologne, among a host of other events of varying degrees of seriousness and criminality.
Should defence ministers who met in Brussels deploy warships?

Yes, how this action wasn’t arrived at earlier is a scandal, and it shows that in terms of European security there is a serious gap not just in recognising that action is needed but also in decision making time. Someone will have to come up with an idea for a working group in various intelligence agencies to red flag when action is necessary. The amount of time that this issue has spent just ‘hanging in the air’ is an apt lesson in failure to plan.

Nato secretary general Jens Stoltenberg trying to make action sound all warm and cuddly said members 'see the need to manage and to tackle the human tragedy' caused by the migrant crisis.

He added:

'I think we will take very seriously the request from Turkey and other allies to look into what Nato can do to help them cope and deal with the crisis and all the challenges they face, not least in Turkey.'

Obviously Stoltenberg needs to be informed that we are in a post cuddly landscape, where national security concerns come to the fore, yes, we need to deal with the humanitarian aspects of the crisis such as camps established outside Europe for people to be processed and assisted.

Germany and Turkey put forward the appeal for military intervention after Merkel met the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkey has 80,000 people parked on the other side of their border want to transit through their country. Something which represents a national security threat in Turkey, consider the issue of the Kurds and the ongoing border troubles in the region, they have legitimate concerns.

You maybe surprised by the U turn by Angela Merkel, it is quite simply, massive bad press personally for her, violence breaking out in Germany, rise of the far right, and her intelligence agency telling her that terrorism is going to rise. We have seen Paris, but we will see other cities in Germany being targeted, it isn’t just about stopping the influx of migrants, it is about rounding up migrants who are in terrorist cells in Germany.

Angela Merkel crossed a line in Germany which may fatally be the end of her career; she must tackle the internal threat and remove it whether it is hard line Jihadis or the violent sex criminals, failure to act will see ordinary Germans taking matters into their own hands as they did recently with a massive brawl when a young German woman was sexually assaulted. The far right in Germany is rising; something which has not gone un-noticed within Germany and outside it, gun sales have gone through the roof, and you can’t have missed a Swiss General urging people to arm themselves, I don’t think he has target practice in mind.

Any new security plan for the Med will have to include new joint civil and military facilities while the remit of the new EU Border Force is worked out, and also what assets can be drawn on by NATO to service the search grid in the Med. This of course will have to be done in parallel with blocking off land routes. Although the idea of ‘Fortress Europe’ maybe uncomfortable in the minds of some people, but there are few options available to stem the tide, there is only hard choices and no soft options, national security needs to be maintain if people want a safe and secure EU. We cannot operate the Schengen agreement of free movement while the external borders are porous.

When you don’t deal with a problem in a timeous matter, it snowballs, some people are overwhelmed by the scale of the migrant crisis as being too difficult a task to tackle, and predictions of the European Union being doomed are rife. The EU can be saved or it can fall, Angela Merkel changed because she was looking into the abyss, the full horror of what she did has sunk, and now she is acting because her political survival is at stake.

We might still be looking at a post Merkel Germany in the near future, so she better wise up and listen to her intelligence people because matters need dealt with immediately.

The mood in Europe is refugees are not welcome.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

‘Your granny is going to have to die’: Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon says the underfunded and understaffed Scottish NHS is going to have to suffer ‘hard decisions’ as she makes a speech outlining a few more gimmicks, one treatment unavailable on the NHS is to Nicola Sturgeon likeable and caring, that trick couldn’t even be pulled off in her own party

Dear All

My friend recently had to have his auntie admitted to the ‘Southern General’ hospital in Glasgow, as you know due to serious health concerns; I have ended up in hospital myself over the last couple of years, living under the threat of cancer. My friend went to the hospital with his auntie and found that the A&E department is in chaos down at the ‘Southern’.

Too many people are coming in and there isn’t enough space or personnel to provide the service we expect from the NHS. This isn’t the fault of the health service; this is the fault of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

Nicola Sturgeon effectively didn’t manage the service properly as Health Sec; we however were treated to press release after press release as the SNP crafted a false image that Nicola was doing the job.

The truth is that like other SNP Ministers, Sturgeon wasn’t up to the job; she bailed when the cracks in the service were about to spill out into the public domain, but she had by that time mismanaged the service for seven years. The SNP in the two years between ‘2012 to 2014’ they left the service rudderless like the other departments of government while they ran off to chase independence.

The SNP are a party of protest, they are not a party of government; their record bears this out. Let’s look at another issue, crime; do you remember the SNP screaming that corroboration needed to be scrapped to improve rape convictions?

Remember, women in danger, it’s an outrage and a botched series of measures to stop human rights activists, judges and lawyers from complaining. As we know, the scrapping of corroboration was all about winning the women’s vote, the SNP used corroboration as a ‘gimmick’ to further their own ends, they didn’t give a toss about protecting women.

Like all SNP, party of ‘protest’ gimmicks, it was a despicable con trick, women were seen as mugs; another example of how women were duped was the crap by Sturgeon to get more women into power.

More women into power means the SNP Cult members approved by Sturgeon such as handing her ‘pal’ Shona Robison, the health Sec portfolio, a brief that she is clearly out of her depth. The ‘branding’ which overarched that particular con trick was ‘SNP women will get things done’.

We have seen what SNP women have been ‘getting things done’ SNP MP’s Michelle Thomson and Natalie McGarry being two examples.

Now, it seems that Nicola Sturgeon is ready to take ‘tough decisions’ on healthcare, I imagine that means ‘kill your granny’, longer waiting times and incompetence. Sturgeon is aid to be making a pledge to ensure health and care services in Scotland are fit for the future.

This is just talk, among the new ideas are more sustainable workforce, increase in student numbers at medical schools, greater access to medical education and maximising the contribution nurses can make. In case you are bamboozled by these steps, it can be summed up as talking out her ass.

She is also going to waffle on about advances in technology that “present challenges and opportunities that the founders of the NHS could scarcely have imagined. Basically this is to make out she knows what she is talking about, but what is Nicola Sturgeon’s medical experience?

Nothing, she might not even hold a first aid certificate, but she and the SNP try to present her like they did with Salmond as the fount of all knowledge. Nicola Sturgeon’s track record in politics serving the people is one of failure. Would you trust her to ‘save your granny’ when she cannot get her own MSP area sorted out from being a ghetto? 

Sturgeon added:

“As First Minister, I am determined that we take the decisions - including the tough decisions - that will ensure that our health and care services are fit for the future. For all the complexity involved in delivering modern health and care services, the basic argument I’m going to make is actually a very simple one. It’s this - care should always be delivered as locally as possible. In fact, when possible, it should be delivered at home. That’s not a new idea but it is even more important now than it has been in previous decades. As more people live for longer, we need to support them to live as independently and healthily as possible. So, I want to talk about some of the fundamental changes and reforms that we’re making to health and care services which will help us to achieve that aim.”

As a patient in hospital I was repeatedly told how bad things were under the Scottish National Party Government.

Here is a lie worth repeating from Sturgeon, reforms currently being implemented in health and care services “will benefit everyone in Scotland”.

In panto; the audience always shout back; ‘oh no you won’t!’

Nicola Sturgeon talks about an improved successful health service when in fact the service is understaffed and underfunded, then she and her cohorts crow about ‘how good they are with Scotland’s finances’, but people don’t get to see the human price, people waiting too long for treatment dying or suffering more than they should be.

My operation was carried out with the time limit laid down and I am not the only one as figures are ‘fiddled’ by shifting the dates about when you are trying to get on a list.

Nicola Sturgeon is a horrible nasty vile petty individual who the party has countless times try to rebrand as likeable and caring, she isn’t, and she never was, she never did what needed to be done as Health Sec.

But don’t take my word for it; let’s look back at what those in the SNP were saying.

‘Operation Human being’, was just another gimmick to present a false image to the public, when you see Nicola Sturgeon dropping the mask and being angry, that is the real Nicola Sturgeon.

Scottish voters hyped on the indy drug have failed to see through her, but I do, I see right through her fake personality of appearing ‘caring’, and it is time the rest of Scotland went ‘cold turkey’ on this nasty vile horrible women, one thing for sure, she can get treatment for her condition on the NHS!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

EU Migrant Crisis: Austrian chancellor Werner Faymann was very quick to condemn Hungarian PM Viktor Orban's treatment of the refugees, now he does a U turn and demands every migrant picked up is dumped into Turkey, Europe’s attitude is hardening, refugees are now not welcome

Dear All

If you have followed the migrant crisis in Europe, you will have seen how the badly informed policy of Angela Merkel saying refugees are welcome has gone full circle to refugees are not welcome.

At the start of the crisis, the country which impressed me most was Hungary, it seemed that the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban understood right from the start that the breaching of European borders wasn’t just a bad idea but there would be serious consequences for doing so.

The Paris attacks rightly shocked everyone, innocent people killed and harmed by Islamic terrorists, then in Germany, the Cologne sex attacks by migrants, two big stories, but just two stories in an ocean of stories of murder, rape, robbery and violence.

We learned something significant about the political class after the invasion of Europe, we learned that they were slow to recognise their political stupidity, we learned they were slow to act, we learned they were suppressing the truth and free speech in the media, and we learned they didn’t have the political will to act to protect the communities of Europe.

German chancellor Angela Merkel has damaged the European project beyond belief; she has also created ill will towards her personally by her actions to bully other EU members to accept a quota by use of threat. Not surprisingly after events which have made into the public domain, some EU leaders decided not to accept migrants. In Europe, a proposal of an inner Schengen free travel area was floated but this will fail, why because it is too late for that, Islamic terrorists are already here.

You may remember my ideas to help save Europe:

1/ EU Border Force

2/ EU internal immigration policy for EU citizens

3/ intervention and mobilisation of the military in member states

4/ New EU wide ID card scheme

5/ No non EU economic migrant processed from this crisis and allowed to remain within an EU country which has accept them can travel to any other EU member state. Everyone should be completely documented, if a breach occurred; the person or group will be returned to the EU country they were settled and registered in.

All are needed and necessary, also people talk about the need to ‘police’ the Med to turn back migrant boats, which is why I suggested that a joint civilian and military force was needed, and for speed, NATO was the ideal umbrella organisation for this exercise since they have experience of joint military operations.

The press must take some of the blame for the extraordinary length of time it has taken for politicians to change and act after getting it wrong. Like most people, I saw the picture of the little dead boy washed up on a beach; who couldn’t help but be moved by this, his life was cruelly robbed from him. Also, the press sat on the stories of criminality involving migrants; this was to create a false image that the migrants were mostly women and children when in fact the majority are healthy young men. In one video, I watched a man using a screaming child as a ‘shield’ during a riot as migrants tried to storm a barrier by Police, he carried the child at chest height, a deliberate act.

He endangered the life of this little girl, because the migrants were rioting hurdling missiles at the police to break through the security corridor. They couldn’t act to save her, law and order had broken down, just in the same way that law and order had broke down in Cologne and countless other places across Europe. When parts of society break down like, it doesn’t just affect the people involved, it affects everyone; this is why I suggested that there was a need for the military to be involved right from the start. Police should be re-deployed from border duties to cities, although additional military units should be made available for them to draw on.

Things have changed in Europe, so much so that the politicians faced with angry citizens have now realised that their positions are now under direct threat, the rise of the far right has acted as a catalyst to spur on politicians to act in the common good, something they should have done from the start.

How much have they changed?

'Send them all back': this isn’t just a rallying cry from Austrian chancellor Werner Faymann, it is a sense of the new reality dawning in Europe among the political class that something major is needed. The Austrian chancellor is demanding that the EU border patrols return every migrant picked up trying to reach Greece to Turkey. The Turkish people have also hardened their stance on their borders to stop refugees flooding into their country from Syria.

And you can be sure this isn’t being left to the Police as a civil matter, it is a matter of national security, something which some European politicians shamefully chose to ignore.

Although Chancellor Werner Faymann wants all refugees sent back to Turkey, that isn’t enough, and Angela Merkel visiting Turkey to speak to the Turkish PM for talks on reducing refugee influx is the wrong person to do so. Through-out the crisis she has singly failed to grasp the dire consequences of her actions, with Merkel it isn’t a question of losing faith more an issue that you cannot put faith in her at all.

Faymann’s idea of ‘sending them back’ however isn’t as straight forward as it seems, this is because Turkey would effectively have to sent up camps to house the migrants, something which they will be reluctant to do due to the volume of numbers. It could be a scenario that migrants pass straight from one border to another and are deposited or dumped back into Syria. And we should remember that not all migrants are actually Syrian, some reports put that number at 30% of the total volume heading into Europe.
So, let be real, it is easier to stop a rolling stone at the top of the hill rather than half way down it, this is why stopping the influx at source is so important. The West should be in discussion with the Syrian Government for the return of their citizens back home. The obvious hiccup is that the West has acted rather badly on Syria in the past, so we need someone or organisation that is acceptable to the Assad regime.

In politics, it is not unknown for a politician to get it spectacular wrong, the Chancellor of Austria Werner Faymann is one such individual. He now has had his ‘Road to Damascus’, at the start of the migrant, he jumped on the ‘bandwagon’ to criticise the actions of the Hungarians by saying Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's treatment of the refugees was similar to the deportation of Jews to Nazi death camps.

He also said:

“Sticking refugees in trains and sending them somewhere completely different to where they think they're going reminds us of the darkest chapter of our continent's history”.

Where is Werner Faymann now, he is wanting to ship off migrants, presumably in trains to somewhere completely different, unless of course he decides to do a ‘Bataan death march’, no, he will probably use trains.

In her weekly broadcast to the German people, Angela Merkel said:

“We must be prepared to take in quotas of refugees legally and bear our part of the task. I don't think Europe can keep itself completely out of this.”

Maybe she should take the time to visit the mother of the 10 year old boy who was violently raped in a swimming pool in Austria, apparently the Iraqi man said in his defence that it was a ‘sexual emergency’. The mother of the boy raped by an Iraqi migrant said she regrets teaching her children to be welcoming to migrants, and she is a migrant who came to Austria from Serbia. The little boy had to be hospitalised after the attack suffered serious injuries, his mother said her son has been crying himself to sleep every night since the attack.

His mother added:

“I know that the physical wounds will heal, but the wounds to his soul may never heal. I don't want the man to be deported; I want him to be jailed because I have heard what they do to child sex attackers in jail. I want him to experience everything in jail that child sex attackers can experience from the other convicts. And then I want him deported.”

When you have the wrong people in political office making bad decisions, the consequences can be devastating, little Goran ended up being violently raped because politicians wanted to show they were ‘caring’ for their political advantage. To them it was just another tactic to garner support among the electorate; Angela Merkel has a lot to answer for in my opinion, her actions border on criminal negligence in public office.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, February 8, 2016

SNP ‘Civic Nationalism’ exposed: 'Get the Pakis out of the party': SNP councillor Julie McAnulty at the centre of second race row, the SNP infighting resurfaces again proving the party has become a ‘rat ship’ under the leadership of Nicola Sturgeon, playing the ‘race card’ is becoming rather common in the ‘civic nationalist’ movement

Dear All

SNP member Sheena McCulloch has made a complaint it appears about Julie McAnulty who represents the Coatbridge North and Glenboig ward at North Lanarkshire Council. The allegation is that the SNP councillor she used racist language in a conversation with her.

Julie McAnulty has been selected by the Scottish National Party to be an SNP candidate for the Scottish Parliament elections in 2006.

One of the ways that the SNP like to get rid of people is to smear them and label, a favourite tactic in the party is to simply call someone a racist, or use the race card. In 2014, Alex Salmond and Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh both played the race card during the European elections when it became clear that Ukip stood a chance of winning a seat.

Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh, an English woman has a habit of playing the race card, she was a former Conservative candidate in Govan, but as she left the party on the way out the door decided to throw the charge of racist at the Scottish Conservatives.

As I have remarked before, I don’t see the Scottish Conservatives as racist and the ‘label’ by Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh didn’t stick.

Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh is close to Nicola Sturgeon.

Other people in the SNP have used the racist tag beyond Salmond and Ahmed-Shiehk, the wife of Muslim list SNP MSP Humza Yousaf used it in objecting to be stopped and questioned at Glasgow Airport.

Gail Lythgoe, an English woman claimed the security checks were a ‘tad racist’, it seems that if you do your job, Lythgoe feels it is acceptable to smear people, and as we know Lythgoe has a history of smearing, she tried to organise a hate mob against the former Labour MP Ian Davidson, lucky for her, she was caught when the email surfaced in the press.

Gail Lythgoe is close to Nicola Sturgeon.

Things got so bad that a Herald blogger called Hamira Khan accused those "playing the race card" of deliberately creating fear and tension between communities.

In the story above, it seems that Muslim List MSP Humza Yousaf and Aamer Anwar set up a new Independent Advisory Group, that group managed to rope in Kenny MacAskill to an effectively Asians only meeting in Glasgow to discuss the ‘problem’. Of course Asians aren’t the only people being stopped and questioned when coming to or leaving the UK, it happens to every one of all races and religions.

The question to Muslim list MSP Humza Yousaf who allegedly claims to stand for equality, fairness and social justice is why were there so few people from other ethnic communities at this event?

It isn’t any surprise to me that the practice of calling people ‘racist’ has filtered down to the rank and file members.

It almost seems like there is a ‘playbook’ used by the SNP to twist people‘s words, smear them and attempt to destroy a person’s reputation.

And the SNP leadership has a habit of doing nothing about it, and we are talking about Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

The SNP has been described as the Scottish Nasty Party in the press, but it is much more than that, it is a cult, a party within a party.

Sheena McCulloch allegedly said:

“On the journey back Julie was asking me about the trouble and in fighting in the Bellshill branch and asked for my view on the trouble in Coatbridge. During this discussion Julie made a comment which I found to be unacceptable. She asked if I agreed with her that it was in her words the ‘Pakis’ that were causing the problems locally and that we needed to get rid of them out of the party”.

She added:

“I outlined immediately that I was not happy with her comment as I know and respect many Muslim members locally. I informed her that what she said was unacceptable and that I considered many of the people she was referring to as friends. For the remainder of the journey she did not speak to me. Ever since this day Julie has ignored me and refused to speak to me.”

I look forward to Sheena McCulloch producing concrete evidence of her claim such as an audio recording or other tangible proof like a third party witness. If she is unable to provide such evidence then she will leave herself open to a defamation suit.

Given that Julie McAnulty has been selected by the Scottish National Party to be an SNP candidate for the Scottish Parliament elections in 2006, one would assume that she has now been suspended from the party and has lost her candidacy.

If Julie McAnulty isn’t suspended, I assume she is within her rights to ask for an SNP investigation into SNP member Sheena McCulloch who would have to provide evidence of her claims to a party hearing, if she didn’t have any proof, then the SNP would have to discipline her, and I would expect that to mean expelled. If she isn’t expelled then that would suggest to some that smearing members is a party approved function of the Scottish National Party and supported by the SNP leadership.

In other words, you can’t have it both ways, someone has to be expelled; either it is SNP Councillor Julie McAnulty or 40 year membership holder Sheena McCulloch. 

The SNP said:

“The SNP takes a zero tolerance approach to racism in any form. We have received Ms McCulloch’s complaint and are examining the claims she makes.”

During my time as an SNP member, I watched as Humza Yousaf’s SNP Office Manager Shona McAlpine who wasn’t a member of the Pollok SNP branch smeared an Asian man at a selection meeting, the other candidates for Ward 4 were all white. What is also interesting about this event was the now SNP MP Chris Stephens and four people who went on to be SNP Council Candidates in 2012 all sat there and said nothing to stop McAlpine smearing the man.

I have covered this event on my blog in previous posts.

The Asian man has since left the SNP, this incident was reported to SNP HQ and there was no investigation, not even the now Pakistani born Asian Councillor Shab Jaffri spoke up to defend the Asian man.

The SNP say that they take a ‘zero tolerance approach to racism in any form’, during the Scottish independence of 2014, the SNP were said by some to have conducted an ‘anti English’ campaign.

Perhaps the SNP don’t know what racism actually is but they do know what smearing innocent people is all about, and they have had a massive history of doing it to draw on.

I don’t know SNP Councillor Julie McAnulty but allegation doesn’t equal guilt, and unless there is concrete evidence to back up Sheena McCulloch’s complaint then McAnulty will continue on her candidacy for Holyrood. However, she doesn’t have to just watch her political opponents; she also has to watch the SNP members from stabbing her in the back.

You can expect more ‘racism’ rows to appear in the Scottish National Party, this is my predication.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Death of a mental pygmy: Nicola Sturgeon’s independence ally Tommy Ball is fined £1.5k at Glasgow Sheriff Court; Sheriff Margaret Liddell said Ball’s criminality was ‘an unpleasant and malicious offence', Tommy Ball was always be known as the political activist who tweeted about sexual intercourse with children

Dear All

After 3 years, 1 month and 3 days, Nicola Sturgeon’s independence ally and former SNP Govan Organiser Tommy Ball was sentenced for his criminality for endangering my life and safety by tweeting that I was a ‘known paedophile’.

Sentencing Ball, Sheriff Margaret Liddell said:

“This was an unpleasant and malicious offence.”

And she was absolutely right, in my youth, I used to teach children as I have mentioned before regarding this case, in my later years, I ended up at Glasgow University, there I was teaching in the main, young men and women.

If there is one thing I am really proud of was my time spent doing that activity.

Tommy Ball created a spoof page on twitter in my name, using my picture, linked it to my blog and put up my address, he then started tweeting saying stupid things; the idea was to discredit me. When that didn’t work, he escalated his abuse to start tweeting about me having sexual intercourse with children, filming young women getting undressed, and anything else he could think of in terms of abuse.

Tommy Ball walked out of Glasgow Sheriff Court but it may now be dawning on him that he will always be remembered for tweeting about sexual intercourse with children. One of his former friends and indy campaigners who I tweeted said that politically, Tommy Ball is finished.

What political party would take Tommy Ball as a member now, especially with his history?

When I told Tommy Ball aka @georgemlaird that I had gone to Police Scotland, you would have thought he would be smart enough to stop his hate campaign, but no, he wanted to continue with his criminality under the illusion he was safe.

Why did Tommy Ball target me, it was because I outed him to the press over his tweets regarding British soldiers.

After the story broke, he left the Scottish National Party and used his blog to attack calling me among other things a tramp, after I was a member of the audience at the BBC Big Debate in 2012.

Then he stuck up on his blog a picture of a cartoon character called Herbert the Pervert from a tv show called Family Guy, someone I know pointed out to me what Herbert was as a character. Later on Ball started deleting all pictures on his blog, post notification that I had called in Police Scotland.

Tommy Ball after leaving the SNP joined up with the SSP, there some people including so I understand Frances Curran became concerned about his online activities. Tommy Ball became a member of the SSP Media team; he was appointed to their EC and was a candidate for them. Ball was to stand as a candidate in the Shettleston by-election were he achieved 35 votes with a political party backing him. I stood in the Govan by-election and got 103 votes with no help and no political party backing me. The SNP Councillor David McDonald said he wanted to see me go ‘head to head’ with Ball, as I wrote in an earlier post, Tommy Ball lost.

I passed on information to the SSP about Tommy Ball via friend to someone in the party, then later on, Tommy Ball suddenly left the SSP after it was said he would be their candidate for the SSP’s Westminster campaign in Pollok in 2015.

Then with his hate account rumbling quite the thing, Tommy Ball was terribly keen for revenge, but he wasn’t very clever, so I started investigating Tommy Ball and the account @georgemlaird, data crunching. After a while it became clear to me that @georgemlaird and Tommy Ball where the same person; I found this out prior to him standing in the Shettleston by-election but rather than subjecting him to the hate campaign he done against in when I stood in the Govan by-election, I gave him a free pass. When I decided to get involved in politics, I decided that I would politically play it straight down the line, no lying and no cheating.

When Police Scotland turned up at Tommy Ball’s door, one can only wonder what the look on his face must have been as they invited him to the Police station and seized his laptop, tablet and phone. The Police Station at Govan is just across the road from me which was handy.

Arrested, charged and convicted.

After he was arrested Tommy Ball left Scotland to go living in County Longford, Ireland, presumably after tweeting about sexual intercourse with children, he might have felt disappearing to somewhere that people don’t known his history might be a good thing.

On the 12th of September 2014, I was in Glasgow City Centre passing through St Enoch’s Square when I spotted a demo against the Ukip leader Nigel Farage, as a political activist I don’t do demos, anyway I stopped to see what was going on. As I stood in the square, I ended up talking to two women who also wanted to know what the situation was. It was then I saw Tommy Ball, he took out his phone and photographed me from a distance then went on twitter to tweet with the picture:

“Noted sexual predator and bigot George Lard has turned up to support fellow BetterTogether man Farage”.

At this point, it should be mentioned that Tommy Ball had been arrested and charged by Police; again he was endangering my safety and using his own personal twitter account to do so.

At Court, Tommy Ball’s lawyer said that his client (Ball) accepts he was “foolish” and it was “wholly unacceptable” what he did to me but given that Ball is a proven serial liar, I don’t put any weight to that rubbish.

As to the claim that Tommy Ball “deeply regrets his actions” and is “extremely embarrassed to be appearing in court”, I think his ‘regret’ is based on getting caught, and that the embarrassment is to get a lighter sentence.

The hate account setup by Tommy Ball is protected but it can be found by clicking on this link.

As you can see it has 971 tweets and 17 followers.

The SNP MP Natalie McGarry assisted Tommy Ball but because Ball pled guilty to get a lighter sentence I didn’t get the chance to name her in open court, so I am taking the opportunity to do so yet again. McGarry linked my blog to Ball’s hate account using her own personal account on twitter. Natalie McGarry like Tommy Ball is a rather nasty vile person who has her own troubles at present.

Finally, I am aware that four newspapers covered the sentencing hearing of Tommy Ball, the Herald, the Evening Times, the Daily Record and the Scottish Sun as you can see by the look on Tommy Ball’s face, he doesn’t seem to happy that justice caught up with him.

Tommy Ball will always be remembered as the independence ally of Nicola Sturgeon who serially tweeted about sexual intercourse with children.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, February 4, 2016

‘Deal or No deal’, Prime Minister David Cameron comes back to the UK with his ‘thin gruel’ EU deal for the people to make a decision, the fundamental issue of control of the UK borders wasn’t even on the table, with Europe plunging towards war, and the military urging people to arm themselves, how is continued membership of the EU, the ‘best of both worlds’?

Dear All

When Prime Minister David Cameron decided to go to Europe and declare he would get a better deal for Britain, I thought, and I still do, what a waste of time.

What do people in the UK?

The people of the UK want control of our borders and the ability to regulate and decide who comes to the UK and in what numbers.

Are we getting that?

The answer is no, at present David Cameron is declaring that the ‘deal he has managed to get is the ‘best of both worlds’, this is lifted straight out of the Better Together Campaign for 2014.

And what he has got isn’t the ‘best of both worlds’ far from it, anti EU critics have described his deal in varying forms, Boris Johnson says it is “making the best out of a bad job". Although I don’t tend to agree with Johnson, he on this occasion has got it right.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, another Conservative said of the deal that Cameron had just two week to salvage his reputation, and liken the deal to ‘thin gruel’.

The mission to get a better deal for the UK has ended in failure, with ‘war clouds’ hanging over Europe, it is hardly likely that staying in Europe represents the ‘best of both worlds’, especially with the growth of the far right, and the impending violence that will sweep the continent. It isn’t just the threat of Islamic terrorists that the authorities will have to deal with, but the growth of ‘domestic terrorism’.

You see, a lot of people are going to end up, Angela Merkel has lost control of the situation, people aren’t willing to listen to her; the public mood has turned not just against the migrants but also against her.

Merkel has recently been outed as trying to dictate what the German media and people can say as free speech regarding the migrant crisis.


Because she doesn’t want the full extent of the criminality to be known and lose what control of the political agenda she has left. Merkel still wants other countries to take migrants, I would say that people will follow the Polish view and come out as a firm No!

At home, David Cameron is said to be facing his own backlash, as former defence secretary Liam Fox also predicted that as many as five cabinet ministers could campaign for a ‘Brexit’, which might also rise as Europe further sinks.

I came across something yesterday online, in Paris, the Police torn down a migrant camp in the city on a disused railway line in the city.

Europe cannot cope with the current problems, and the problems of numbers will continue to grow, there is a lack of direction and political will, however the mood political in France has changed since the killings in Paris.

The French are becoming more hardline in their tactics, with a zero tolerance towards dissent.

 As to the deal by the EU and David Cameron, here is what it is in draft form.

Migrant benefits: Britain will be allowed an ‘emergency brake’ to limit in-work benefits paid to EU migrants in the UK for up to four years.

Child benefit: David Cameron has failed to win his original demand for a ban on EU migrants in Britain receiving child benefit payments if their children still live abroad.

Opt-out from ever-closer union: Britain didn’t get a complete opt-out from the EU principle of ‘ever-closer union’.

Treaty change: The draft agreement between the 28 member states is described as “legally-binding decision” but there is only a commitment to discuss the “possible” inclusion of some of the changes.

Sham marriages: In a surprise inclusion, the Prime Minister has won an agreement for a crackdown on ‘marriages of convenience’ used by non-EU nationals to abuse the EU’s freedom of movement rules.

Foreign criminals: The EU has signalled it is ready to allow member states a greater ability to prevent foreign criminals or those that present a security threat from using freedom of movement rules to move around the bloc.

EU rules: If powers are held in Brussels but are not being used, the EU will look at returning those powers to national parliaments.

‘Red card’ on Brussels legislation: National parliaments will be able to group together to block new EU laws if they represent more than 55 per cent of member states.

David Cameron got something, but a lot of the above problems could have been solved if he had gotten control of our border back, he didn’t and that means his ‘tacked measures’ don’t appeal, it is said that he has sent out his Ministers to sell this to the public.

I would say that his deal falls far short from what he would have wanted to deliver, I don’t blame him, he can’t change Europe and that is the nub of the problem, he may get support here and there on an issue but he can’t get enough.

So, what is the ‘best of both worlds’ regarding the United Kingdom and its EU membership, well it could be as people look at what is happening in Europe to be better off out of the European Union although.

There is simply no political will to change by the political elite, and with possible ‘civil war’ coming, who wants to stick around for that bunny.

It seems that Lieutenant-General André Blattmann has issued a warning to the Swiss people that society is dangerously close to collapse and advised those not already armed as part of the Swiss Army reserve to take steps to arm themselves.

As I keep saying sooner or later, everyone comes round to the George Laird view; I am just ahead of the curve.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University