Monday, March 2, 2015

Glasgow South West Election video special, Don't Vote SNP, Don't Chris Stephens, Don't Vote in a loser

Scotland’s unpopular First Minster Nicola Sturgeon writes her own ‘report card’ but it’s the ‘boy in the politics class’, Ed Balls who passes her a note to tell her she is an irrelevance, her Trident demand is the politics of a crank

Dear All

One thing is a racing certainty is that Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon won’t be calling the shots whoever wins the 2015 election.

Nicola Sturgeon’s demands for propping up a minority Labour government by demands for an extra £180 billion of public spending after the election will not happen whether it is a Tory or a Labour Government.

There will be an economic plan, but Sturgeon wouldn’t be getting any input because her demands are as Ed Balls says an irrelevance.

Recently Sturgeon marked 100 days as First Minister, you probably missed it because the Nationalists have nothing to celebrate and are doing a holding action to shore up their failures in areas such as health.

Shona Robison, Sturgeon’s pal is floundering as the NHS moves into deeper crisis as we now find out that kids aren’t getting prompt treatment now.

Not exactly a great ad for the SNP con trick on women voters, if you vote women in things gets done better. It is the fact you are female that things get done better it revolves around are you smart, committed and proactive.   

Sturgeon’s call for an extra £180 billion of public spending was never going to be listened to after the election, even in a hung Parliament; Labour MP Ed Balls declares the money demand as not a issue.

Britons will in the main either get a Tory economic plan or a Labour one.

As I previously said, there are no deals to be had by the SNP with Labour because this would undermine any chance of a Labour return to Holyrood as the majority party. If Ed Miliband was to do so, it would create internal division already seen as some in the Labour Party want the Scottish branch as a wholly separate entity.

The truth is in Scotland that Scots must vote Labour if they want a Labour Government. However, there are Scots who in this election will be using tactical voting so that in areas where the Conservatives are the main challenger to SNP, people are being as to vote Tory even if they have been voting Labour in the past. This has led to the rise of citizen activism where people involved in politics don’t have allegiance to the party they are a member but are focused on getting a particular candidate in as a stopper to the SNP.

Political Parties don’t like this as they have no control or influence in campaign groups based on the Better Together model but applied to elections rather than the referendum.

The days of ‘I am a Labour activist, I am a Tory activist’ are disappearing, you can see this on Twitter where in general, the ‘activists’ are more or less the paid officials or elected representatives.

So far in this election, the Labour and Tories haven’t exactly produced inspired campaigns in Scotland. So far, the ‘offer’ from Labour isn’t enough, it is well short of getting Labour voters to return to the fold and the Scottish Tories haven’t anything to sell to the working class in Scotland, so they aren’t even trying.

Sturgeon has said she would be willing to prop up a minority Ed Miliband government, this is what is called an informal confidence-and-supply basis, however the ‘price’ isn’t cheap and is very much the politics of the student union.

Her keynote demands are scrapping the renewal of Trident.

On that issue along there will be no deal, Britain gives up Trident and its seat the United Nations Security Council would be called into question, All the five permanent council members, America, Britain, France, China and Russia are all nuclear powers.

Another not willing to negotiate is the devolution of all tax powers.

As to ending austerity, that won’t be discussed either, Scotland won’t be getting a land of ‘milk and honey’ at the expense of the rest of the UK.

To mark, the 100 days of misfit Sturgeon crony ridden government, Nicola Sturgeon produced a “report card” of so called achievements.

Headed by “the first gender-balanced cabinet in the UK” and “online Facebook” question-and-answer sessions.

To address the first one, gender-balanced, think big chip on shoulder, pro discrimination based on sex and promoting her female “pals” who receive a massive hike in pay.

As to the “online Facebook” question-and-answer sessions, let us be absolutely clear on this aspect of Sturgeon’s reign…… so fuck!

If she won’t answer questions at FMQs, the plebs are going to be treated any different?

Nicola Sturgeon talking to the plebs is a scam, much like the SNP Cabinet touring the country, looking at them in a church hall is meaningless, they aren’t going to be involved in letting the public hear their private discussions like John Swinney saying pensions might not be affordable in an independent Scotland.

While in the SNP, I observed how Nicola Sturgeon would attend social events, and after giving a speech would rather quickly remove her body from the event.
She added on her 100 days, which if you think back is:

“I am very proud of the work myself and my team have done so far – but I am also clear that we have much more to do.”

Sturgeon is doing nothing in government of real significance, we have crackpot policies such as ‘mugabe’ style land grabs, she hasn’t fixed Police Scotland, the NHS is in deep crisis, money is deliberately held back from budgets forcing cuts to services, and the best Sturgeon can do is ‘brag’ about giving her female pals extra taxpayers cash and waffle on about spoon fed “online Facebook” question-and-answer sessions.

Rather than Nicola Sturgeon writing her own ‘report card’ perhaps someone else should have a crack at it, who is less impressive by failure.    

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Westminster 2015 remember this historical fact, SNP FM Nicola Sturgeon, Clueless and Useless, ruined Scottish NHS, new video, Vote SNP, Vote Donkey!

Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon shown to be utter incompetent and ineffective leader as her ‘mugabe’ style land grab proposals fail to take into account securing food production, SNP ‘class war’ on landed gentry is a huge mistake, her being ‘common’ with a lack of class a real problem for Scots

Dear All

Recently Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said that ‘education’ is how she got to be First Minister.

I rejected that assertion by her and supplied my own theory which was, as angry wee Nat spitting venom and bile she was accepted into the SNP, which is run as a party within a party.

Her career could be characterised as ‘howling at the moon’, the politics of grievance and malcontent, assumption over facts, truly Nicola Sturgeon could be termed a ‘shallow woman’ in politics. If you understand what a ‘hollow man’ is in politics, you can easily get where Ms. Sturgeon is coming from.

On Thursday at FMQs at Holyrood, Nicola Sturgeon was shown as the vacuous individual she actually is, this time it is a major blunder. The Nationalists under Sturgeon appear to be planning a ‘mugabe’ style land grab from Scottish Lairds to break up their estates. It is petty and quite pathetic, even by the low standards that Nicola Sturgeon operates to in Scottish politics. But in her rush, yet again the critical thinking of what land is, how it used and what future use is need for Scotland has been left out of the equation.

In the past, I have said quite critically that Ms. Sturgeon is in effect a person of low class who sets an incredibly low bar for her self and her ‘gang’. Have I been proved right, well it rather looks that what because Sturgeon spends her time being snide about the English to the applause of her sycophants , no one gets to say ‘this is wrong, don’t do it’.

Her cronies just keep tight lipped and focus on their self advancement by gut wrenching ass licking that would turn your stomach. You see, they don’t have ideas either; the SNP is a political vacuum, they copy others work, truly the cut and paste generation.     

You may have noticed that land reform has been floating about political circles, indeed just recently The Scottish Land Revenue Group held their spring conference in Glasgow on February 23rd.

The speakers were:

Fred Harrison, Director of the Land Research Trust.
Dr. Roger Sandlands, Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Strathclyde.
Peter McColl, Director of Policy at Common Weal.
Andy Wightman, researcher and author
Dr. Duncan Pickard, former lecturer in Animal Physiology and Nutrition at Leeds University.
Alistair McIntosh, visiting Professor at Glasgow University

So, while the SNP stew in their own puddle of self belief and arrogance, things and events are moving on without them.

Just as Alex Salmond’ time was up, so was unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s time, you can clearly see that outside the stage managed events of the SNP, Sturgeon doesn’t gel as a leader, doesn’t inspire confidence and is basically clueless and insular.

First Minister Questions at Holyrood show clearly that all she offers is putting blame on others for her failures and the SNP Governments failures, each day people recognise that she has been found out as shallow.   

Tory leader Ruth Davidson using land as an issue as it relates to food production caught out Sturgeon by making it graphically clear that Sturgeon is more about dogma than evidence. During FMQs, she out Sturgeon as being unable to provide any evidence the Scottish Government has considered the impact on food production of Nationalist drive to split up land ownership.

Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘mugabe style farm reforms risked driving up everyone’s family shopping bills as yet again, the senior SNP couldn’t be bothered to do the work and instead left everything hanging for someone else to pick up and deal with it.

Sturgeon was unable to provide any “hard evidence” about the impact on food production or prices.

She has a whole government behind her but not the ability to manage, her cromyism appointments show this only too well.

Ruth Davidson, the Scottish Tory leader seeing an opening as Nicola Sturgeon to produce any Scottish Government research about the effect of her proposals to split up land ownership on agricultural output.

Davidson previously caught out Sturgeon on EU membership as it relates to independence and we all know how that turned out at the ballot box!

How can proper research not have been done as to the practical effects of the SNP proposals?

Result lower food production, no bells ringing anywhere, how is that securing the economic life of the nation?

Davidson said Sturegon’s silence proves that the Scottish Government wants to portray the land reform agenda as a “class war”. In the SNP mindset, they always have to find someone to fight against as mainly their case doesn’t stand up on merit.

The SNP is a remarkably shallow operation jumping from grievance to grievance as they see cling to power for power’s sake, short term thinking, when others are doing the talking  and critical thinking such as the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), it doesn’t register.

The Scottish Government have overlooked food production despite it being the most important factor in land reform, it beggars’ belief.

The impartial group of experts, the RICS predicted the SNP plans would backfire as land owners and their tenant have “disputes and confrontations”.

SNP’s plans would see the law of succession changed, giving a greater number of relatives a right to inherit a share of family farm. You may remember on this blog I talked about the false promises of the SNP, two mules and 40 acres of land! If holdings are broken up too small, they stand a chance of becoming economically unviable which benefits no one, least of Scotland.

Davidson said:

“We know the SNP is trying to hide behind shooting estates to turn this into a class war. But this isn’t about the landed gentry – this is about family farmers. It’s also about how much food Scotland produces and how much it costs to buy a Scotch beefburger in the shops. We’ve heard the ideological case for these land reforms, but we’re yet to hear a practical one.”

Finally, time for a quote:

“The education I got is a major reason why I’m able to stand here today as the First Minister of Scotland”.

Not bright enough to secure Scotland’s food supply!

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, February 27, 2015

Ukip leader Nigel Farage sees a decent poll boost which suggests the Ukip leader’s ambition to enter Westminster could be realised in South Thanet, his chances are boosted by David Cameron’s immigration target being blown as nearly 298,000 people came into Britain last year

Dear All

One of the people hoping to storm the gates of Westminster and become an MP is Nigel Farage.

Getting Ukip MPs into Westminster is a key part of securing their desire that a referendum of the continued membership of the EU takes place.

Although all the main parties are signed up to the European project, ordinary people have become more disenchanted as their concerns have been ignored on issue such as immigration.

As a member of the EU, we have little control of our own borders to stop people from other EU countries coming here. Although the Conservative Party has talked tough, the reality is the EU needs reforms such as an internal EU immigration policy.

Ukip’s star is on the rise, and on of Ukip’s pre-election conference, it appears to be good news for Nigel Farage with a poll suggesting his wish to be a member of the British Parliament is likely.

Nothing is guaranteed, the polling day is still the best source of information on who is in and who is out.

Research by Survation says Farage’s support in South Thanet is a very decent 39 per cent, ahead of Labour rival WIll Scobie. Scobie sits on 28 per cent and Tory Craig Mackinlay on 27 per cent.

This is good news as for some time the Ukip brand had appear to have slipped by inactivity, a few bad stories of members acting in or seen to be acting in a racist manner. Ukip needs to tighten up what its members are saying on a range of subjects, this is due to them not really understanding politics and how it operates.

Other good news out of bad news is net migration figures released yesterday that showed nearly 298,000 people came into Britain last year.

That figure is almost treble David Cameron’s target.

An internal EU immigration policy, I floated that idea to someone in the Conservative Party, they didn’t get back to me.

Their loss!

At present there is a goldmine of topics to take Westminster to task on, including the EU and the NHS, Ukip suffered on the NHS because of what previous had been said about it going private, that is such a complete none starter to be political suicide for anyone mental enough to go down that road.

At present Farage is in the US to raise his profile aborad as he addresses the right-wing Conservative Political Action Conference.

The Tea Party movement is there, along with their star Sarah Palin, a previous Vice President hopeful.

But what should focus Nigel Farage’s mind is  South Thanet, to win it he needs to work hard and work non-stop right up to the day of the ballot.

In November 2013 Labour had the lead by 35 per cent to Ukip’s 30 per cent. So, things here are fluid, and Farage needs to try and lock down the vote by getting people to think as he does.

The Conservatives have a problem in that their current MP Laura Sandys, is stepping down in May which means the newcomer has to start from scratch and build up a profile and following.

Such is the hotbed atmosphere that Ukip has reportedly requested police bodyguards for Mr Farage. Left wing protestors have a habit of turning up to brand Ukip as racist which the party is not.

Every Party has those who have extreme views in their ranks, Ukip is no different but when these people get identified Ukip is more proactive in removing them.

Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless both former Tory MPs will speak at the Conference having switched to Ukip, at the election, I would expect them to hold their seats in Parliament as they obviously have a personal following, particular Douglas Carswell who is a popular MP and hard working.

So can Ukip win a good number seats, that is still open to question, we are still a long way off from polling day, a lot can happen, in 2010 Gordon Brown effective saw his Premiership disappear over the Gillian Duffy incident.

Nigel Farage entering Westminster would be good for democracy because it would send the signal that the main parties need, for too long have they ignored people, we could be seeing the start of the decline of both Labour and Conservative Parties in the UK.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon sees the ‘Sons of Alex’, the cybernats attack a hard-working nurse calling her a liar and an actress after she speaks up for NHS, everyone knows the SNP have failed the NHS which is in crisis, SNP standing up for women exposed as total fraud, major fail yet again by Nicola Sturgeon!

Dear All

It seems that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s miserable leadership is going down the toilet; she cannot control even the Nationalists attack dogs.

And guess what, they are attacking and abusing women again!

I guess the Nationalists are waking up to the fact that Nicola’s con trick on women to vote SNP is being rebuffed.

Now a female NHS nurse is being subjected to a barrage of abuse from the ‘sons of Alex’, the hardcore of cybernats who use the internet to lie and spread hate.

The ground central for the attack on Conscientious Suzanne Hunter is the pro-independence Wings Over Scotland website run by Stuart Campbell.

Campbell comes across as a wee shit of a human being; his website is populated by the real trash of civic Nationalism in Scotland, the Salmond and Sturgeon cliques. Suzanne Hunter has been wrongly branded a liar and an actress as the Nat crazies all piled in to attack her for appearing on a Labour election leaflet calling for more nurses for the NHS.

She did so in a Labour Party election leaflet. 

In what justifies her call for more help for the NHS, the blind, deaf and stupid among the Nats published Suzanne’s picture next to the casting profile of a Scots actress who bears almost no resemblance to her.

Poor research is a trademark of the SNP, after all check out Sturgeon’s Prestwick Airport deal!

After sticking up the wrong picture regarding identification, the nutters on Wings Over Scotland in full fake outrage mode spouting online bile at Suzanne, who is not even a Labour member.


Stuart Campbell who lives in Bath, Somerset is a severe embarrassment to the Nationalist community, although he said he wasn’t sure if both women were the same.

He added:

“So it would be perfectly possible for Scottish Labour to have put an actress in an NHS uniform, invented a completely fake quote for her to say, and put it on a leaflet to create the impression that NHS staff backed Labour, all without ever admitting that not a single word of it was actually true.”

Then as a demonstration of his political abilities, he said:

“Political parties can invent fake people out of thin air, create opinions for them, and pass them off as being absolutely real without any fear of detection.”

Suzanne said last night:

“I’m shocked and upset and insulted. I don’t know the actress but I bet she is really upset and angry too. It’s a smear on my character. The people writing all this nasty stuff don’t know me and they don’t know what they are talking about. I don’t even look like the other girl. I had never heard of any Stuart Campbell before this but I hear that this website has done this kind of thing before.”

To enlighten 28-year-old Suzanne, Stuart Campbell is a massive tool much like Peter A Bell, mouth opens and they rant on and on and on! 

Wings followers attacking people with shocking unfounded rants and personal insults is new by any means, it is what they do!

Suzanne said she agreed to be used on the leaflet and on previous leaflets about the health service because she has a passion for the NHS.

She said in it:

“Working as an NHS nurse I see every day the huge stress the NHS is under”.

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon effectively dumped the NHS as Health Sec as she ran off to chase the independence dream, then Alex Neil couldn’t turn it round before Sturgeon then appointed her pal, Shona Robison who is now trying to use taxpayers cash to buy her way out of trouble.

Suzanne added:

“This winter the NHS reached breaking point because we simply don’t have the resources. Our NHS needs real help now. I’ll be voting Scottish Labour on 7 May because they’re the only party who can get rid of the Tories and pull our NHS back from the brink.”

I guess the question to be asked of Nicola Sturgeon will she defend Suzanne Hunter’s right to free speech?

So to recap, attacking women, abusing women and not defending women, the civic nationalism of the SNP.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  

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