Friday, October 21, 2016

The Year of Living Dangerously: Kezia Dugdale's Labour Party facing council polls meltdown as Professor John Curtice predicts a massive wipe out of Labour Councillors as SNP set to seize control of councils, Labour heartland of Glasgow could fall to the SNP

Dear All

“Low morale goes hand in hand with defeat after defeat followed by impending defeat”.

Do you recognise this movie quote?

It is the quote used by James Mason in the 1975 movie Cross of Iron, which also starred James Coburn.

Kezia Dugdale's Labour facing council polls meltdown according to Professor John Curtice, I met Professor Curtice ‘officially’ on white paper day at a BBC broadcast for Radio 5 Live. The Professor is really sharp and has a wealth of knowledge on polling, when he says something it is worth paying attention too.

It has to be said that Scottish Labour has gone through a difficult time over the last several years, recently I was ask by someone to give my thoughts on Scottish politics and the rise of the SNP. I said to look at the SNP; you had to look at them in 4 phases, 1934 to 1974, 1974 to 2007, 2007 to 2014 and 2014 till present. We chatted about also there had been a decline in the Labour Party in Scotland.

As people well know, the tipping point of discontent with Labour was the Scottish Independence Referendum, but the tsunami had built up over decades. When the leadership don’t listen to the people, when elected representatives don’t fix people’s complaints the public have a tendency to reject them.

The Labour Party in Scotland has for far too long traded on the legacy of party’s great statesmen like Nye Bevan.

Now that ‘credit’ has been used up!

Those in charge are now held up and examined on their record, and as we see by the Westminster 2015 and Holyrood 2016 results, the rejection of Labour in Scotland has been a universal thing.

Of course, it didn’t have to be that way, but the actions of the few in charge who failed to show leadership, listen to voters who demanded change went unheeded. The people turned to the SNP not because the SNP were seen as competent but because they were seen as a protest vehicle that everyone could vote for to cull Labour.

I wrote about how Labour needed a cull prior to the council elections of 2012, got that right, I said the cull should be extended to the MPs, they got wiped out, got that right as well. Holyrood 2016 was a disaster for the Labour Party under Kezia Dugdale.

Her approach to the campaign was wrong, and the proof is of course in the result, no one can say the Labour Campaign of 2016 went well.

The voters have deserted the party, the activist base has collapsed, Labour has forgotten how to campaign properly right up and down the party; the big donors like Willie Haughey aren’t funding the party.

The Labour Party came third in the Holyrood election; it came third behind the Tories, the Tories, cast into the political wilderness since the days of Thatcher, allowed back because the Labour Party has lost its way. It lost people who voted for independence and it lost Unionist people when Kezia Dudgdale said she could vote for independence.

And Ruth Davidson seeing an opening nipped in and exploited it; Labour dropped the ball and paid the price.

Now in 2017, the Scottish Labour Party according to Professor Curtice is set to come third behind the Tories again in next year’s council elections. If they do that, the calls for Kezia Dugdale to resign will grow; she has been part of the team which already has lost Labour Party two major elections and the EU Referendum.

In coming to his conclusion, the Professor John Curtice said recent council by-election results had been “uniformly appalling”.

In Glasgow, the Labour Party has lost 5 by-elections on the trot to the SNP. I could have done the Garscadden by-election for the Labour Party, but I chose not to, I was asked by someone called Lorna Finlayson who is Head of Campaigns and Organisation to take part. She contacted me and implied that a position in campaign organisation was available to me if I wanted it.

So, I wrote back and asked what position was being offered, to my surprise she didn’t answer the question, but cc the campaign organiser in the email and he asked for a contact number.

Guess what?

He never contacted me, probably because there was no position in campaign organisation being offered, they wanted me to deliver leaflets. At the time I was pretty unhappy that I was being contacted and the person doing so wasn’t able to give me a straight answer to a simple question.

I felt that they had tried to use me.

So, I stood back, and we all know the result of the Garscadden by-election, the second safest Labour seat in the City of Glasgow was lost by 100 votes.

If I had of gone done the by-election, as an experienced campaigner, I think that Labour would have won, if they had, my contribution beside the usual worthless ‘thanks’ wouldn’t have been recognised at all in the party.  

Those leading the Scottish Labour Party might wish to adopt a policy of answering simple questions when a member asks them directly.

Anyway, back to the Professor, his review of current events and data makes interesting reading, the SNP could win outright majorities in around a dozen of Scotland’s 32 councils and emerge as the largest party in almost a dozen more.

That is bad news for Kezia Dugdale, and it gets worse, all but one of Scotland’s cities is predicted to be SNP-run after next May.

And even more bad news could be added to this, as you know, in Scotland, the Scottish Labour Party leader Kezia Dugdale didn’t back Jeremy Corbyn, I said this was a mistake and still do, the momentum crowd want her gone as leader.

So, how do you solve a problem like kezia?

Well, I would suspect they will stand back and not do activism unless the candidates are pro Corbyn or momentum candidates, if that happens and the election is a disaster, then they can go to plan B, calling for her resignation, and her position would be untenable. Scottish Labour would be effectively just a paper operation till 2020 and when the bad result of that election comes rolling in, the pressure to go will come from inside Labour from her own supporters.

The SNP already run Dundee and Perth, but they would also take over in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling. Glasgow and North Lanarkshire, the historic Labour heartlands would fall, this would be akin to a mini fall of the Roman Empire.

Especially Glasgow!

Parties rise and parties fall, we know and accept this, but Labour’s problems are self-inflicted, there has been bad judgement, bad policies, bad leadership and bad candidates, so they will have to go do soul searching.

Recently someone who stood for high political office said to me in conversation that they didn’t know what the Labour Party’s message was, when they said that to me, I thought there is a serious and systemic problem in the Scottish Labour Party.

Another person also just recently said in a meeting that Labour didn’t know how to campaign which rocked me back in my chair as I thought wow, this lot really do need help in a major way, so I pass along my thoughts to Lorna Finlayson who is Head of Campaigns and Organisation.

What will she do?

I suspect nothing at all.

2017 will be a difficult year for the Labour Party in Scotland, perhaps it is time to go back to the drawing board and do a root and branch review of everything and everybody.

So, what does 2017 hold for me, well I am no longer a member of the Labour Party, I will be standing as an independent in the City of Glasgow Council elections.

I decided to pass myself as a candidate!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University   

Monday, October 17, 2016

End of Days, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon’s career has reached the start of the beginning of the end as Theresa May delivers a complete rebuff to her on a special Brexit deal for Scotland, no separate deal on single market or immigration; there will be no second Scottish Independence referendum in 2018 either, failure to achieve all objectives yet again

Dear All

The SNP Conference is over, the ‘highlights’ were unpopular Nicola Sturgeon saying there will be a second Scottish independence referendum. The Brain family comparing being asked to follow visa rules and describing their ‘hell’, with the real tragic events of the Holocaust, the ‘Star of David’ stunt was remarkably poor taste!  The SNP giving that arse Aamer Anwar stage time, and although not part of it, an alternative ‘Nationalist’ Conference running at the same time which proves that Scotland is moving beyond the SNP.

Is there a prospect of a second Scottish independence referendum taking place in 2018?


Even if Nicola Sturgeon goes through with her threat to resign as First Minister leading to an election for Holyrood, even if the SNP get a majority of seats which is very doubtful, the answer from Westminster is No!

If you have read my back posts going back years, you would have read that I said that 2018 would have been a better choice to hold a Scottish independence referendum.

Why 2018?

Well, if the SNP had ran two successful terms of government, they would have been better prepared for a proper attempt at independence, however, they didn’t, the cracks began to show of failure, and importantly they hadn’t done the work, either to provide a case or reform of government.

A ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond with a smile and he is your best buddy was thought to be better, accompanied by a host of lies, intimidation and hatred.

The threat of a second independence referendum has about as much threat as a shout on a wet street, the call of arms isn’t about indy, it is all about keeping the mob quiet and using them for the forthcoming council elections in Scotland.

As long as the SNP leadership keeping saying indyref, the gullible will keep being cheap labour and donating, but they aren’t donating to win a campaign, they are donating to pay the wages of the SNP, particularly Nicola Sturgeon’s husband who rakes in it is said the over £100,000 a year.

As quickly as the words indyref 2 shot out of Sturgeon’s mouth, Theresa May has delivered a complete rebuff to Nicola Sturgeon.

No indyref 2 and also no special Brexit deal for Scotland.

Yet again Nicola Sturgeon’s career is littered with failure, failure as a First Minster, failure as Health Minister, failure as the day to day face of the Yes Campaign, failure to make Scotland a better place, failure as a local MSP, just look at Govanhill, failure to deliver a second indyref and failure to deliver a ‘special’ Brexit deal for Scotland.
If you look at the PR the SNP do for Sturgeon, you might think she is a superwoman, a statesman, someone special, she is a clown.

The UK cannot and will not have separate EU arrangements for Scotland, no separate deal on membership of the European single market and no new powers over immigration.

At any level!

When I was on the Gordon Brewer show on 10th June, I said that devolved administrations of the United Kingdom should be part of the Brexit talks, to which Gordon Brewer said that is very noble of you.

Not sure on the noble part but I was just being George Laird, ahead of the curve as usual.

The PM’s spokeswoman has been asked if she believed it was in any way feasible for one part of the UK to remain in the single market while the others left.

Let me jump right in, the answer is no!

As to immigration, the PM’s spokeswoman said:

“There is a very clear delineation between the issues that are reserved and issues that are devolved. What the Prime Minister does want to do is to work constructively with partners across the UK to secure the best deal for it as we leave the EU.”

Short version with padding it, the answer is no!

The official Brexit talks start in early 2017, the unofficial ones have already begun, if you missed it, let me fill you in, Boris Johnson came out and support Turkish membership of the EU despite the fact we are leaving.

The Turks aren’t anywhere close to getting on the first rung of EU membership, never mind anything else.

As part of Nicola Sturgeon’s grandstanding pitch, she announced a plan to appoint more Scottish trade envoys.

That would be SNP cronies and paid for by the taxpayers, meaningless nonsense who will not deliver trade deals because they will have no real authority.

Sturgeon has made it perfectly clear she would do everything in her power to keep Scotland within the single market.

Sturgeon has no power to keep Scotland in the single market because the Westminster Government has already said that freedom of movement will not be acceptable to the majority of voters who voted to leave the EU.

Finally, to return to the Brain family who decided to bite the hand that feeds them by allowing them to stay in the UK, after their Holocaust stunt to compare the Westminster Government who did bend over backwards to allow them more time to meet the visa requirements, I would deport them back to Australia.

The host country that allows them to stay is the United Kingdom, not a devolved Scotland.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, October 14, 2016

Scotland says NAW, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is allegedly holding 'secret independence talks', there is a plan, a master plan which involves her stepping down as First Minister, when is Nicola Sturgeon going to understand that no one likes her, and no one cares if she goes, her latest plan for a 3 act drama where she is the ‘heroine’ will fail, she is the ‘baddie’

Dear All

What do you do you know about movies?

Well, you know they cost generally a lot of money, you know that there has to be a plot, you know that there is a ‘start’, ‘middle,’ and an ‘end’.

Standard format!, so example, I know that a script for a movie is generally about 120 pages long, in Holywood you will notice that a movie ending generally tends to finish on a happy upbeat note.

How many movies do you see the ‘bad guy’ win?

In the movie, the Silence of the Lambs, Agent Starling with the help of Hannibal Lecter gets her, he gets shot repeatedly because he is a ‘really bad guy’, Starling saves the hostage from being torn apart; she graduates.

But the ‘second bad guy’, Hannibal Lecter manages to escape and resume his life despite being a serial killer   

I am a big movie buff as you can tell.

In 2014, a three act drama was played out in Scotland called the Scottish Independence Referendum, Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond cast himself in the role of the Hero, he also what is called in the movies a ‘sidekick’, In Errol Flynn movies that roles was taken up by Alan Hale, Hale’s character was the everyman, in the 2014 referendum, the role was taken by Nicola Sturgeon.

In our heroes we expect heroism; we expect the kind of honesty and integrity that you saw in the classic Errol Flynn movie, the Adventures of Robin Hood. The hero who puts people before self, in Salmond and Sturgeon, we didn’t get that, we had a pair of lowlifes who thought that lying, shouting freedom, blaming Westminster, big jolly fat man smile and no plan would be enough to trick Scotland into voting for independence.

The SNP cast themselves as the ‘heroes’ when in fact they were the ‘villains’, the ‘bad guys’, the people in movies who you sit and wait to see them getting what is coming to them.

I fought in the Scottish Independence Referendum, I was on the right side, the side of the Scottish people, and what did the Scottish people have to say to Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon?


In passing, I bumped into Adam Tomkins, he is now a Tory MSP for Glasgow, at the time, I said to him, that he should archive everything from Better Together.

In 2016, at the SNP Conference, Nicola Sturgeon has decided that she wants to do another three act drama; this will be called indyref 2. The reason which she hinges her reasons, is bogus, in fact it really doesn’t matter what the excuse is for the SNP. This one involves saying a lie that Scotland voted to stay in the European Union.

Scotland did not vote to stay in the European Union, the people of the United Kingdom voted by a majority to leave the European Union.

Never confuse Europe with the European Union, they are distinct entities.

So, in the three act drama that Sturgeon wants to run, she is the ‘heroine’, she is the cherished figure, don’t go Nicola, we love you and all that other bullshit you would see on a cheap and cheesy midweek show like RiverCity.  Apparently Nicola Sturgeon has discussed secret plans to call a snap Holyrood election to force another independence referendum. The idea is that she steps down and fights the campaign based on an EU vote.

In effective she wants to gamble her political career and stand down as First Minister in 2018 to secure a second vote on breaking up Britain.

Anyway before we go on time for a poem which unpopular Nicola Sturgeon should have read and didn’t, presumably too busy watching Borgen.

Sometime when you're feeling important;
Sometime when your ego 's in bloom;
Sometime when you take it for granted,
You're the best qualified in the room:
Sometime when you feel that your going,
Would leave an unfillable hole,
Just follow these simple instructions,
And see how they humble your soul.  
Take a bucket and fill it with water,
Put your hand in it up to the wrist,
Pull it out and the hole that's remaining,
Is a measure of how much you'll be missed.
You can splash all you wish when you enter,
You may stir up the water galore,
But stop, and you'll find that in no time,
It looks quite the same as before.  
The moral of this quaint example,
Is to do just the best that you can,
Be proud of yourself but remember,
There's no indispensable man.

But Nicola Sturgeon think she is, yes there will be a lot of noise and given the state of Labour and the Tories in Scotland, it is highly doubtful that Kezia Dugdale or Ruth Davidson will win the position of First Minister.

If this blog is about anything, it is about telling the truth.

So, there is no gamble on winning First Minister but the gamble that Sturgeon will win a Section 30 order out of Westminster is, and before she starts off on the path, she isn’t getting a Section 30 order.

Whatever the ‘deal’ made on Brexit is, apparently Sturgeon will say that the ‘deal’ isn’t good enough, toss on a bit of ‘Scotland taken out against her will’ and hey presto, SNP Grievance, otherwise known in housing schemes as ‘dick behaviour’.

So, we fast forward to 2018, Sturgeon resigns as First Minster, nothing gets done for a 28 days (are you noticing anything getting done now) and Scotland is off to the polls. The SNP win by a landslide, we are back at the same place, and Sturgeon is no further forward.

But she then says that she has a mandate.

 A senior source said:

"The plan then is for Sturgeon to resign as First Minister in the knowledge that neither Ruth Davidson or Kezia Dugdale could replace her. After 28 days of no government there will have to be an election and the SNP will make it into a single issue of holding an independence referendum."

They added:

"The idea is that the election will be a platform to build a winning majority for independence in the referendum which would have to follow when the SNP win."

At the present moment, I doubt that Sturgeon could get a majority in parliament so she would have to go knocking on the door of the Scottish Greens.

And as I mentioned to a Sheriff who sits on the bench last night, no Section 30 order which also means, no Yes Scotland official campaign, no Better Together campaign and no legal basis to do anything.

The Law can be quite unforgiving if you breach electoral law, and of course there will be no declaration of UDI.

What I find funny is that the SNP are leaking polling data which they say appears to show that as a result of Brexit many voters in Scotland have switched sides in the independence debate.

And it gets better, the SNP want to go around and use Brexit fears to get a coalition of the willing, civic groups, universities, colleges and other organisations.

Kirsty Hughes, a leading Brussels-watcher, said on current events:

"[This] would mean Scotland could, as part of its divorce talks with the UK, hold parallel membership talks with the EU, and attempt to limit the damage so that its laws did remain consistent with the EU, allowing fast-track negotiations and re-entry."

Let’s break this down; the Westminster Government will not give a Section 30 order.

As there will be no divorce talks because there will be no second referendum. The SNP won’t be holding parallel talks because if the scenario that Ms. Hughes painted was true, the UK and Scotland would have to be finish and sign off on independence before Brussels could even talk to the SNP, and they can’t and won’t do that if there are live talks in process.

That would be classed as interfering in the domestic politics of a member state, and that is a big no no!

If Scotland were independent, they wouldn’t get fast track membership, this is another myth used by the SNP.

Try this article:

Internal domestic problems in at least 4 EU countries will see a veto against Scotland; you would think an EU watcher like Ms. Hughes would know this!

So, in conclusion, Nicola Sturgeon does her three act drama, act 1, not happy with Brexit, act 2, the election, ‘let’s save Nicola as FM’ and act 3, failure.

When it comes to politics, you should look at Nicola Sturgeon’s track record in power, it is a career littered with failure to lead, failure as a First Minster, failure as Health Minister, failure as the day to day face of the Yes Campaign, failure to make Scotland a better place, and also failure as a local MSP, just look at Govanhill.

The people of Scotland won’t vote for Scottish independence under the Scottish National Party, and not under her leadership.

In movies, the ‘heroine’ is always saved or saves the day, but Nicola Sturgeon isn’t a ‘heroine’, she may wrap herself in ‘selfies’ with kids to appear ‘caring’ and ‘likeable’ but as she knows she isn’t and when you look in her eyes, you do see an angry vicious nasty little person staring right back at you.

Scotland says NAW Nicola!

Yours sincerely

George laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University    

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Where the hell did that mountain come from, Heinkel doing bombing run, test material

The Rise of the Far Right, Angela Merkel’s career is collapsing as opposition party AfD soars in Germany, in Holland, Geert Wilders is set to be the next leader of Holland, and in France, President Francois Hollande is speaking out against mass immigration, if you want change, you have to stand for public office, the message has sunk in now with European people

Dear All

The electorate is angry, you don’t have to look at things in the UK; you can get a sense of it further afield, so today, the post is on Germany and the Netherlands.

Politicians don’t want the public involved in decision making, the talk of how wonderful it is that a nation has become politically active as blurted out by Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond is erroneous nonsense.

The political elite don’t want to be representatives of the people, they are the representatives of big business who have successful bought them off, not a whole party, you don’t have to go that far, just some of the key leaders.

A common complaint is that nothing ever changes, the poor become poorer the rich become richer, and the politicians don’t help but see themselves as ‘managers’ or overseers of the population. And they pay themselves a great of money, and when they leave public office, they walk into highly paid jobs which they aren’t trained in, educated in or have any relevant experience.

You know the phrase, the ‘old boys’ network’.

The Brexit campaign was a milestone in British politics, the people didn’t follow the advice of their leaders in government, they voted to leave the EU project, it was the right thing to do. Brexit wasn’t a destination however; it was just a way station on the road to further change. If the Remain and Leave leaders failed to deliver on immigration control, you will see the rise of new political parties in the UK. People will not settle for being fobbed off with anything less than full Brexit and full sovereignty restored.

Angela Merkel was without doubt one of the most powerful leaders in the history of Germany, she was surefooted, it seemed that nothing could affect her popularity or standing with the people.

The migrant crisis came which changed perception of her dramatically.

For every action there are consequences, for Merkel the world has turned and so has her standing, she is now experiencing election defeat to anti-immigration party, the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD). The tide has turned against her, the people have turned against her and now even those in her own party recognise that she is a liability.

Merkel's party, the conservative CDU party was hammered into third place in an election in her home state on Sunday. This has prompted her own party and government ministers to say that she can 'no longer ignore views of the people'.

For Merkel, the situation has gone too far, she maybe under renewed pressure to U-turn on her 'open door' refugee policy, she maybe willing to admit mistakes, but the time for listening to her is gone!

Next year will be a milestone in European politics, national elections will be taking place, her opponents the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party is growing strong; they took almost 21 per cent in its first bid for seats in the regional parliament of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. AfD co-chief Beatrix von Storch hailed the shock outcome as 'the beginning of the end of the Merkel era', that is a fair assessment, the end of Merkel was sealed when she decided to rewrite policy not just for Germany but for the entire 28 EU Member States.

The Conservative CDU party is now facing up to the fact that they have a lame duck leader, and she will not step down and in return for her intransigence she will take down and fatally wound her own party’s chances.

If you think back to my earlier migrant posts, I said the actions of Merkel had created the biggest single crisis since the end of the Second World War, and guess what, the daily newspaper Die Welt has commented:

'Germany now has what has never existed since the end of the war: an extreme-right party'.  

Her key allies wrongly think that by demanding changes, this will avoid being decimated at the ballot box in next year's general election, its too late for that, already a tipping point has been reached.

Is Merkel going to start a deportation programme?

Is Merkel going to round up the migrants and put them in camps?

Is Merkel doing to do what is necessary, what she should have done in the first place?

There is an old saying in politics, when you become the story; it is time to leave office, Angela Merkel should not stand for public office for a fourth term.

In local elections in this country such as council, the issues tend to be fought out on local matters, the voter turn out also tends to be poor, in Germany the local elections also follow the same traits, there the issues tend to be decided on economic matters, this election was special, this one was fought solely on the chancellor's immigration programme.

No country can open its self up to uncontrolled immigration; it is dangerous, unethical and leads to breakdown of social cohesion. Germans aren’t employing the economic migrants, around 975,000 migrants are receiving benefits, and the German people have already made their decision on integration of these people.

The EU project run without regard to the people by an unaccountable and unelected self serving elite might be putting on a good show of bravado at present, but the reality is it is imploding.

Did you by chance catch the statement that the EU should close the borders between them and the UK by some insignificant wee guy in Luxembourg? Apparently the idea; is to teach us in the United Kingdom a lesson of where the power lies. This guy has the same problem that Merkel has, lives in a bubble, paid as part of the political elite and out of touch with the people.

Germans will take care of the Merkel problem; the EU Member States will probably have to see new political leaders emerge to take care of the EU problem, the main thurst of which will be entire reform with the removal of the concept that in future no Commission style setup which takes State sovereignty away will ever be tolerated again.

In Holland as in Germany, the people are angry, and when people get angry they look beyond current leaders to others to represent them. Political failure in Europe is the lynchpin of many problems which were all avoidable and could have been foreseen. Dutch leadership hopeful Geert Wilders is calling for a quick exit from the European Union because of Angela Merkel’s 'stupidity'.

Eventually as I stated many times on the blog, people come round to the George Laird view, and then it spreads, of course, I don’t have the same high profile as someone like Geert Wilders but usually I am right up there when it comes to being ahead of the curve.

Geert Wilders is an anti-immigration MP, who is leading all the polls to be the country’s next leader, if he gets in, it will be another country in Europe which has shifted to the right which I said was always going to happen.

Wilders said:

"We have a ‘political elite’ at the top not listening to them (people) and that is why parties like mine all over Europe are getting votes. We should not have to pay for the stupidity of Angela Merkel. She can invite anyone she wants but we did not invite them so they shouldn't be able to come here. We will decide ourselves who is welcome here."

All together now……… sovereignty!

Remember this word, it is going to be talked about an awful lot in the coming years as Europe is re-designed and the EU project either dies out or attempts to reverse engineer back towards an EEC Common Market.    

Geert Wilders has a party called the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV), their manifesto is populist; in that they call for the complete de-Islamification of the Netherlands, to stop Muslim asylum-seekers from entering the Netherlands, shut down all Islamic schools and refugee centres and ban women from wearing headscarfs in public.


Most opinion polls in the run-up to parliamentary elections in March next year in Holland look incredibly good for the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV), their possible success is no different that the AfD in Germany and the Identitarian Movement in Austria, they are finding their voice and they are finding their audience.

If the forecast are correct, the Dutch Freedom Party could take 35 seats in the 150-seat Dutch Parliament. This might be enough to unseat the ruling Liberal party. Geert Wilders also echos the Identitarian Movement in Austria when he says:

“The EU leaves us no freedom to determine our own immigration and asylum laws. That’s why leaving the EU is necessary.”

All together now……… sovereignty!

If the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) becomes the government of Holland, there is a manifesto commitment to voters the chance to vote in an EU referendum, and this time, unlike the UK, the government of Holland will be leading the Leave Campaign, and I think there is a strong chance of it as being successful as the UK campaign.

What future then for the EU and Europe?

The EU has to be dismantled, it has gone wrong, plainly what started out as a way of bring nations closer together has been ruined by the political elite, they thought they didn’t have to listen.

As to Europe, this will go on, individual state will regain sovereignty and start making their own decisions on areas which they previously were dictated to by Brussels.

You are witnessing the biggest political change in Europe since the Second World War, we will see the move to the right in politics, Islamic jihadi terrorists will fuel this mindset, and we will know who in the political class were responsible for bring death and destruction to our way of life.

It isn’t a safe time to be a politician in Europe, physically or indeed politically.

Finally, Europe is a great place to visit; some of my happiest memories were my holidays there in the past.

When is Europe so special?

I would say go find out yourself, experience the atmosphere, soak up the culture, then you will understand yourself.

Finally, I see that the French President Francois Hollande has now admitted 'France has a problem with Islam' and that he is now against mass immigration, you are seeing a different Europe emerge before your very eyes.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University