Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Ultra 3D Earth Tutorial! + Free ORB Plug-in! 100% After Effects!

Dear All

One of the interests I have is in CGI as you see in movies like avatar, in the past, people like myself wouldn't have an opportunity to learn such stuff unless I had gone to work in a movie studio or been able to access a learning institution which ran a course on it.

Now with the advance of the internet, you can learn a variety of things from the comfort of the virtual classroom, in your home, library or even while on a bus!

I found this tutorial in which Andrew Kramer, a leading After Effects and movie cgi genius shows a step by step approach in how the big companies pull off the cgi effects which so many movies rely on. Needless to say you need the right software and computer graphics card to pull off this tutorial but it does show that even the 'little guy' can dream of being a George Lucas.

Anyway, enjoy this tutorial, the plug in is free and the knowledge imparted is top notch.

Finally, Andrew Kramer is a guy who taught himself and has been producing free tutorials and products along with a great range of reasonably priced products which are a must for anyone want to learn After Effects. He is a regular at NAB which is an event that showcases media entertainment technology to industry and the general public, held in Las Vegas. Andrew usually does a presentation for Adobe each year.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

No place for Alex Salmond at the indy table; New pro-independence group is to launch on St Andrew’s Day, as an offshoot of the Scottish Independence Convention, it is a repackaging of a failed experiment, can the SIC grasp the complexity that the SNP and their current and former leadership are toxic vessels?

Dear All

The SNP and the Yes Movement, back in 2012, Yes Scotland was setup in Hope Street Glasgow, it was run by the SNP, staffed by the SNP for the benefit of the SNP plus a few other losers to pad it out and a donkey called Blair Jenkins to run it.

The choice of location for the HQ wasn’t hard to fathom, Alex Salmond appointed Nicola Sturgeon to be the ‘face of independence’ in order to chase the wummin’s vote. Sturgeon sat on the board, along with Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh, faded pop star Pat Kane, Colin Fox of the SSP, and Elaine C Smith of Rab C Nesbit fame, a few others also sat on it. Dennis Canavan, the ex Labour MP was chair presumably to give the impression of cross party political support.

Four years ago today, the two year run in campaign came to an end, the SNP lied, deceived and tried to trick their way to independence but when the result came in, the dream of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon was over. This was a watershed moment, the Nationalists and their allies ran a dirty tricks campaign which included intimidation, not subtle but rather in your face.

People such as me were constantly targeted to be smeared; you might have caught the end of that strategy in the press.

After a disastrous indy campaign, it wasn’t surprising that the Yes Movement would come to realise that the SNP, in particular Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon were a liability round the neck of the independence cause.

Nicola Sturgeon won’t ever lead Scotland to be an independent country, at present she is making noises about indyref 2 but the reality is that she is playing for time, she needs to get another term as FM in order to get enough Scottish ‘roubles’ put by to have a cushy life, post politics, no Fortune 500 companies beating their way to her door.

Post referendum, Alex Salmond went to Westminster then two years later, he was out on the street; his job opportunities weren’t exactly Fortune 500. Salmond was taken on by the Russians, to do a ‘show’, a cross between Parkinson and Politics, and neither entertaining enough to warrant watching.

Some people will do anything for money!

The emergence of a new indy group isn’t a surprise, through-out history, people have tried to sell stuff by repackaging it and calling it something else, and with the SNP leadership being so toxic, Scottish Independence Convention (SIC) probably want ‘clear water’ between them and the Nats. As part of their pitch for the new group, they are starting off with a St Andrew’s Day high-profile fundraiser. The National (a newspaper) reported that the new organisation will be spun off from SIC to provide a ‘strategic vision’ for a new Yes campaign, and will offer a fact checking service.

Apparently fact checking services are all the rage now.

Of course, some facts will not be checked, in case it upsets the ‘strategic vision’ for a new Yes campaign!

SIC convenor Elaine C Smith said:

“We don’t know when the next referendum will be but we know we need to start campaigning now. We know we need to be getting on the front foot with the media. We know we need to be harnessing the power of our grassroots organisations. We know we need to be preparing to take the argument to the doorstep and the keyboard”.

If you saw some of the trash that the SNP roped into campaigning, you wouldn’t want some of them anywhere need a front door and certainly not near a keyboard, the bitter cybernats are still fighting their ‘War on Scots’ on platforms like Twitter.

Smith added:

“Four years after the last independence referendum there is still so much energy in the Yes movement but we need to harness it if we are going to successfully listen to and listen to and persuade our fellow Scots that the only safe way forward is to be in charge of our own destiny. The movement has successfully crowd-funded many initiatives since 2014. But this is the chance to take it to the next level. “If we are serious about winning independence then we need to start campaigning on it now. And that means backing this fundraiser when it comes.” 

The lie of Scottish independence is of course that the SNP don’t want Scottish people to be in charge of our own destiny, they want EU membership.

If you think back to 2014 when the SNP converted to being part of NATO, that was just a ruse to get them through the rather tricky problem of defence and regards to spending to secure our borders properly.

In 2013, you may remember this article by me:

At present we have an SNP Government which is a complete shambles under Nicola Sturgeon’s failing leadership, and Alex Salmond having issues to deal with of a serious nature, he denies all wrongdoing.

“Alex Salmond reported to cops over allegations of sexual assault”, doesn’t play well on a doorstep, especially if you want the wummin’s vote.

Finally, if you look at wiki, you see some of the same names as board members of Yes Scotland who are also senior members of the Scottish Independence Convention.

Re-packaging an unworkable and failed idea by people unable to grasp the concept of what it entails is a bit like trying to sell ‘broken lighbulbs’, the market is very limited for public consumption.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, September 17, 2018

Angela Merkel’s Europe is dying; German Politician says privately that ‘Civil War Is Coming to Europe’, the ‘Battle for Europe’ isn’t that far away, the anger isn’t just confined to Germany, it is Europe wide, politicians and media are jointing working to suppress the truth, ‘peace in our time’ isn’t possible now, too many murders, too many rapes!

Dear All

Sometime ago, I started blogging on the concept of ‘civil war’ coming to Europe, since I first started commenting on this, the slide towards ‘war’ continues. As someone who has an interest in WW2, I remember reading then watch the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Neville Chamberlain, who made in his 30 September 1938 speech a prediction of ‘peace in our time’. Actually he was rather wide of the mark as events unfolded. When Neville Chamberlain’s end came, he had sought the help of his friends to stay in power and that help wasn’t forthcoming.

After the disastrous Norway Campaign, it was clear that the mood in the Country and House of Commons had changed.

The Norway Campaign had been a failure.

Now, in this era, the situation in which ‘civil war’ is possible has been created by politicians in Europe, the ‘war’ when it comes will I suspect much like how resistance cells operated in Nazi occupied Europe. I think it is safe to say that a lot of politicians will be in danger along with migrants. The countless murders, rapes, robberies and other outrages are pushing Europeans to the brink.

It is 2018, this year is drawing to a close, and a German city politician in an off the record briefing has said that:

“Civil war is coming to Europe.”

The person, he told will not be revealing his name, as he says in Germany there are penalties for this kind of frankness. That conversation is just one of a number of conservations among what people are saying in private in Germany today. Angela Merkel’s open invitation to three million immigrants mostly of fighting-age males from Muslim countries has been the trigger. The official German number is 1.5 million; however, as we know now, we have been lied to by politicians and also by our media. It wouldn’t be ‘quelle surprise’ when it all kicks off, when you plant acorns, you aren’t surprised when a tree pops up!

The ‘civil war’ in Europe, will not just be a ‘German’ event, no, this will spread through-out Europe, when I did a Brexit talk at Strathclyde University for a Muslim student group, I was asked the question about Muslims going to work in Europe. I said to the student that at this time, under the current situation, working in Europe is dangerous, and I won’t recommend it for him or indeed anyone from the UK.

Europe has changed, and not for the better, when fpeople live in constant fear there is always a tipping point.

Although the AfD, Alternative für Deutschland, the main party of the resistance to Angela still only polls around 16 percent of the national vote, their day to achieve power is coming. When people thought in Holland that Geert Wilders would be PM, I said no, the reason was simple, not enough damage has been done yet to make people turn away from the mainstream parties. I was right in that Dutch election, their gains are like a detonator going off before the main explosion.

The other parties in Germany, Angela Merkel’s majority Christian Democrats and the SPD and the Greens will make sure that the AfD stays out of power by forming alliances of convenience. So, in effect, they are priming Germany to blow, when you strangle the people’s voice, when you ignore them, the outcome is things are going to get a lot lot worse before they get better. People will then turn to parties like Alternative für Deutschland.

As part of the political and media strategy to suppress support for AfD, their campaign is to dub AfD as the ‘far right’, this tactic of labelling is well known in politics. Angela Merkel’s party and others would really rather bury their heads in the sand about the problems and just pretend it’s not happening. They should have acted long ago, but didn’t every murder, every rape, every robbery in Germany by migrants can be laid at Merkel’s door.

Merkel should be in prison for what she and others have done!

Finally, if you look at how the protest rally in Chemnitz over the murder of a man by two migrants, you can see how the politicians and media work hand in glove. The purpose of the rally was to draw attention to the large number of rapes and murders inflicted by mostly Muslim immigrants on Germans. That protest was utterly misrepresented by the media and the authorities as neo-Nazi revivalism which it was not.

Nothing, I have seen and nothing I have read leads me to believe that the slide to ‘civil war’ can be stopped; the rock is just starting to roll down the mountain.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, September 14, 2018

Tommy Robinson & Ezra Levant EXCLUSIVE interview on his Prison Treatment

Dear All

An interesting video on what happened to Tommy Robinson when he was arrested and jailed.

Clearly, this is worth watching, as it raises serious questions about how the legal system is working.

The basis of a fair society is how people are treated before the law, if this is lost, then society is lost.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, September 13, 2018

SNP Anger Explodes; former MSP Tommy Sheridan provokes bitter SNP anger by wanting to show the movie, Braveheart at his Hope Over Fear Rally, he says he is 'not frightened' to screen 'cinematic classic', is the real reason of the SNP objection that Mel Gibson in the movie bangs the French bird, and self confessed ‘lonely’ Nicola Sturgeon is having to make do with an old age pensioner husband?

Dear All

Have you seen the price of a cinema ticket these days, it costs a fortune, but if you can’t afford to go to the movies, then Tommy Sheridan is going to be showing the screen 'cinematic classic' Braveheart at his pro-indy rally. 

The idea of showing Braveheart is to get people fired up, in the movie, you can see sex, violence and comedy. The sex bit is tamed down, but the fight scenes are worth watching, after all who doesn’t like a good rammy?

So, Braveheart is being shown in Glasgow’s George Square, there is a Greggs nearby, a couple of sausage rolls and a few cans of soft drink and you are 'good to go', provided the weather is okay.

Might be an idea to bring a fold up seat for comfort!

Hope Over Fear is a vehicle for Tommy Sheridan to attempt to make a political comeback, however, no matter how many movies he shows, no matter how many kids get their face painted, he has blew it in the Scottish political arena.

His fall from grace was epic despite the Russians attempting to give him a ‘leg up’ rather than a ‘leg over’, his time is over.   

The SNP leadership aren’t a fan of Tommy Sheridan going way back, and nothing has changed, they see Sheridan as a threat to them and their narrative.

Already Sturgeon’s little helper SNP Councillor Mhairi Hunter has said:

"People will be put off voting Yes by seeing folk cheering Braveheart and then cheering Tommy Sheridan. That will absolutely put soft Nos off."

Of course people won’t be put off by seeing the state of Govanhill under the management of her ‘stay away’ boss Nicola Sturgeon. There is in my opinion no such thing as ‘soft nos’ because people are pretty wise now to the SNP and what they are all about.

If Tommy Sheridan doesn’t believe me when I say his career is over, then perhaps, Scottish Tory chief whip Maurice Golden might convince him. He said:

“Reasonable supporters of independence will cringe at the prospect of this ridiculous spectacle. It's quite obvious Tommy Sheridan is using this campaign as a way to rehabilitate his image from convicted perjurer and failed politician."

I would say that he is right on part two of his assessment but wrong on part one, a movie is a movie is a movie. Also given that some people are a little dry when it comes to public speaking, pre-entertainment is really a bad thing.

And of course, Tommy Sheridan can film this event and use this as material for his new chat show!

Two Twitter polls attracting over 2000 votes asking about the showing of Braveheart in advance of the Hope Over Fear rally found the majority are so far showing a wave of opinion against it.

Some people don’t like a good movie, and that is what Braveheart is, a movie, not a documentary, it isn’t a movie that you look for deep meaning, much in the same way you won’t find it is a John Wayne ‘cowboys and indians’ movie.

One poll found 72% either said it should not go ahead or answered "are you kidding me?". Another found 42% thought it was a bad idea, 22% a good one and 36% not bothered.

This anti response sounds to me to be disgruntled SNP types who are getting their knickers in a twist because many of their leadership figures are actually English but they don’t like to be reminded of it.

One thing which may disappoint people is that Sheridan has decided to show an edited version of the cinematic classic probably due to time constrains, Braveheart running time is normally 3 hours and 2 mins.

One wonders what scenes will be shown in this watered down version!

Is sex out?

Is battle scene violence out?

Is the scene of the LGBT man thrown out of a high window by the English King played by Patrick McGoohan, (he also had a small part in the Dambusters movie) kept in?

Is the comedy of the Irishman played well by David O’Hara still there?

One thing that Braveheart had was a pretty amazing cast working with Mel Gibson.

This was also the first noticeable role for Catherine McCormack who played Mel Gibson’s love interest, early on she gets her throat slit, which effectively sets up the movie.

One wonders really what the main objection to this movie by the SNP?

Is it that this is a heterosexual love story?

Is it the Mel Gibson marries a beautiful young woman and Nicola Sturgeon married a guy old enough to be her father who effectively stays out of sight?

Is it because Mel Gibson in the movie bangs the French bird and gets her preggers?

Is it because of the LGBT man thrown out of a high window?

Is it because heterosexual males are shown taken the lead and driving forward a real agenda for change when people like Nicola Sturgeon are farting about with ‘baby boxes’ and ‘tampons’?

Is it because the SNP know that the Yes Movement have come to realise that Nicola Sturgeon isn’t the person capable of leading a new indyref campaign?

Finally, if Nicola Sturgeon and her sidekick Mhairi Hunter don’t like Braveheart then don’t turn up, they won’t be missed, perhaps they can spend the time getting to grips with the Govanhill slum which they allegedly represent, or turn up at the rally and hand out free tampons!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Crime and Failure, the Labour Party made the wrong choice backing Sadiq Khan for London Mayor, Khan’s popularity crumbles to dust after summer of violence in the Capitalsees Mayor’s ratings hit lowest level, Labour need a replacement for the election 2020, the party cannot go into that election with Khan as candidate, he is a serious liability

Dear All

Here is a stat that you may find rather shocking; London has overtaken New York City for number of murders for the first time in over 200 years.

New York is seen often seen in movies as a violence place but the fact that London leaves this behind now is unacceptable. The London Mayor is Labour's Sadiq Khan, his tenure as Mayor has seen him making bad decisions to the point that his approval rating has slumped to its lowest level on record.

Far from being a decisive Mayor, Khan’s attitude is ‘I can’t do anything about…’ In London as we keep seeing there has been an escalating surging violence in the capital. Certain types of crime such as Moped and acid attacks have effectively led people to have no confidence in him.

How much longer the Labour Party can continue to support him as their candidate for Mayor is debateable, personally, I think after his term ends, he should go. What is needed in London is a strong Mayor who is willing to bring back stop and search; who are willing to campaign for severe measures and sentences to be used on those who do violence in the City.

And have exclusion orders to remove such people from the City of London with severe penalties for those who think they can flout the law. Acid attackers should be given sentences inline with those who carry a weapon such as a gun.

It is a fact of life that you don’t stamp out violent crime by being nice; there is ‘no talking people round’ who are active gang members. The time is coming where action is needed, and the rather weak response from Khan shows that there is no leadership worth following in City Hall.

In April, Andrew Gilligan wrote a hard hitting piece, where he looked at Khan’s promises such as on social housing.

Khan promised that his housing policy would ‘rival the NHS with its transformative effect on society’ but the reality apparently according to Gilligan was that City Hall figures failed to realise the promise. In the first year of Khan’s term, London did not start building a single social rented home.

In politics, the folly of hanging onto deadweight is well known in Scotland as the Westminster 2015 and 2017 elections showed rather painfully for the Scottish Labour. You might think Scottish Labour learned their lesson, but you would be wrong, former badly defeated Holyrood MSPs are slotted to be Westminster candidates for some of their seats, probably in the 2022 election.   

Although we have seen the problems of Boris Johnson and his martial problems played out in the press, one thing you can say about Johnson was he started 7,439 homes for social rent in his first year as mayor and 1,687 in the first year of his second term.

Even after the economic crash!

I believe that ideally policing should be kept under the scope of the Mayor but given the surging violence, there maybe a case for policing in the Capital to come under direct responsibility of the Home Secretary.

Something has gone badly wrong, and the state of affairs is such that something has to happen to move forward, at present there is an impasse, the new idea of a ‘violent crime taskforce’, in a City of circa 8 million, 120 officers isn’t even a drop in the bucket.

On thing which did have a WTF moment writing this piece was finding out that while an MP, he once went straight from voting in parliament for post office closures to a public meeting where he protested against post office closures. If such an act of stupidity cannot be seen for what it is then the Labour Party has even bigger problems that it realises.

Philip Cowley, Professor of Politics at Queen Mary and Director of the Mile End Institute said regards to the poll findings on Khan:

“In April 2018, Sadiq Khan was still ahead among those aged 50-64, working class Londoners, those living in outer London and white voters. He’s now behind among all of these groups.”

Cowley added:

“When we first started polling, he was one of the most popular politicians in Britain. Such was his cross-party support, he even had net positive support from Conservative voters. Those days are long gone.”

The professor argues with some cause that Khan can be beaten at the next mayoral election in May 2020, if he faces a strong Tory candidate, given Boris Johnson’s troubles which effectively kills off a leadership bid, could he return as Mayor?

The defining issue of Sadiq Khan’s term as Mayor has been crime; this is not the type of failure that you want hanging round your neck entering an election.

Murders in London have overtaken New York for first time since 1800; that is quite a headline which no one can spin away from. If I was a party manager for the Labour Party, I would say that Khan has to be brought in for a serious talk regarding what he doing with his time. Khan has taken a strong stance on politically correct cultural issues, moving to ban attractive images of women on the Tube, fast food adverts, and campaigning against a clean Brexit and U.S. President Donald J. Trump all the while people are being murdered and robbed all around him.

London needs a tough Mayor on crime and a series of measures that meet the needs of the Capital; it rather seems that Khan isn’t that man.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Airwolf flies through Train yard - A George Laird Production

Dear All

In lieu of a politics post today, here is a part finished cgi project which I am working on, due to having to attend an event, my time was rather used up today.

Comments welcome, basically this is an action scene using a 3d model helicopter.