Thursday, April 16, 2015

SNP campaign director Angus Robertson reveals himself to be a pro active ‘grass’ as he demands investigation of Labour Party members involved pro-Tory tactical voting campaign in Perth, I accuse ‘Wimbledon’ Angus of anti Scottish behaviour, no one likes a ‘tell tale’

Dear All

The SNP is cracking, ‘Tampax Tommy’, Nicola Sturgeon has flipped flopped on FFA, the Nats have gone radial rental on upping the hate, and fake Scot Angus Robertson is demanding a Labour Party investigation into its members.

Angus Robertson was the campaign director for the Scottish independence campaign, he blew it big style.

Now, he wants Scottish Labour Party leader Jim Murphy to investigate Labour members have been involved in tactical voting in Perth to attempt to oust his buddy Pete Wishart.

The heat is on, tactical voting which is still in early development is seen as a threat to the Nationalists.

SNP campaign director Angus Robertson has reacted badly to reports that the political pressure group United Against Separation (UAS) has been getting a great reception in north Muirton area of Perth were Pete Wishart has been flapping since he has learned he is a target.

Pete Wishart has been close to political tears, so his buddy Angus has come along to attempt to stop Labour members in UAS promoting the Conservative Candidate Alexander Stewart.

Anyway, what’s it is to do with Robertson?

People have ‘the right’ to do their own thing and besides Ed Miliband is backing tactical voting in Scotland anyway, so what’s the problem?

Robertson said the move by UAS was “further embarrassment” for Jim Murphy.

How is it “further embarrassment”, I am sure that Jim Murphy wouldn’t have a problem with seeing Pete Wishart’s political ass roasted by the voters and dumped on the street.

Robertson is an act of desperation bleated:

“While the SNP is trying to lock the Tories out, Labour members are telling people to vote them in. Jim Murphy needs to investigate as a matter of urgency which of his members is campaigning to elect the Tories.”

Piss off and go on a ‘tampax’ demo Robertson.

We don’t need an 'fake Scot' telling proud Scots what to do in an election, and especially not some ‘tube’ from Wimbledon trying to pass himself off as one of us.

He continued:

“Labour’s credibility amongst people in Scotland has been irreparably damaged by the way they cosied up to the Tories during the referendum — and these revelations make clear that they’ve learned absolutely nothing.”

Stop whining for goodness, Robertson; anyone would think he had his trousers down at his ankles waiting to get blasted in the ass by people from a financially challenged and ethnically diverse background.

A spokesman for the Scottish Labour Party said:

“We want everyone to vote Labour. Our progressive polices will change Scotland for the better.”

Quite so ma’am!

And a tactical avoidance of the issue is the way to go, who takes notice of Angus Robertson anyway?

UAS are also were out in Dundee, which is the heartland of the Hosie clan last Sunday, urging residents there to vote Labour.

Andrew Skinner of UAS said the team made up of people from different parties and none would be handing out their literature in Fife and Angus in coming weeks. It seems UAS will be targeting hotspots to attempt to thwart to ensure Labour success.  

Andrew said:

“We’re targeting Gordon, Edinburgh and Glasgow this week but some of our members will be handing out leaflets in Fife and Angus over the forthcoming weeks. We can’t hit all the constituencies in numbers but I want to praise the Forward Together group who are doing a great job in Perth.”

Forward Together which has Victor Clements as a spokesman said:

“It is us that Pete Wishart particularly objects to as he is well aware that he is vulnerable here. It is us that unsettle him by setting up our gazebo right beside him on the High Street in Perth every Saturday”.

Snigger snigger, people like Wishart apparently don’t like competition, presumably because he doesn’t look like a rock star, however, if he tries acting, a slot could be found in a horror movie as a hillside strangler, obviously shot in black and white.

Victor Clements added:

“We cover two constituencies, Perth and North Perthshire, and Ochil and South Perthshire. In the former, we are advocating people vote for Alexander Stewart of the Conservatives, and in the latter, we are supporting the sitting Labour MP Gordon Banks. There is nothing new about this. People in Scotland ejected the Tories in the 1990s by tactical voting, but they are now turning their attention to the SNP and using the same tactics on them.”

As a co-op ‘tampax’ campaigner, Pete Wishart is unhappy about the fact in this election he may have to pay the ‘blood price’.

Pete should remember, no to Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh, she has put his bawbees on the line; if you are going to standby a Sturgeon don’t be surprised when the lead starts flying. In this this election in Perth, there are two people to support in Perth, Gordon Banks of the Labour Party and Alexander Stewart of the Conservatives.

Finally, this move to ‘tell tales’ by Angus Robertson is totally anti Scottish behaviour, no one likes a ‘grass’.


Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Turning point: The ‘cat is out of the bag’, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon really is economically illiterate, Sturgeon forced to backtrack on full fiscal autonomy, what happened to the rubbish that Scotland is a ‘rich country’ and ‘Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands’ Nicola?

Dear All

To be absolutely clear, I have said for years that there is a genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party, from top to bottom. As a former member I used to sit and listen to some of the elected members and wonder, how could anyone so stupid, lazy and still get elected to public office?

And I campaigned for some real ‘warmers’ in my time.

I could probably do a list on the dense, but a bit of googling and it is all laid out for you. Some elected SNP members realise they are just cannon fodder and have the good sense not to burden the public with hair brained ideas.

But sadly, some think they are clever, and foster on the rest of us the most unbelievable garbage which they themselves don’t know what they are wittering on about.

I am not talking about the detail, I am talking about the overview concept, in 2012; I was sitting at an SNP meeting in the City Chambers in Glasgow, where the SNP council manifesto was trotted out; I was given a copy. Mhairi Hunter, a Sturgeon crony was doing a presentation, I started scanning the document, it was mince; it looked like it had been cobbled together on the back of a fag packet.

Anyway as I was scanning, Ms. Hunter started speaking, never before had I had to stop reading to look up in politics with a ‘WTF’ crossing my mind. I thought I had stumbled into an 8 year olds reading class, it was so bad; I want to start shouting out the next word in the sentence on the page, to speed matter along. You know how you find yourself in a situation and wonder how long the rubbish has to go before it comes to its painful end? To top it off in the Q & A when others asked questions about what they would be campaigning on, the Hunter clan had a stock answer, ‘we’ll get back to you’, why did they need to get back to anyone, they were supposedly the ‘authors’ of this steaming piece of horseshit.

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon has been portrayed as a kind of ‘superwoman’; this is all the more remarkable given her failures of epic proportions in politics. Here are a couple to ‘wet the appetite’.

In 2012, Sturgeon was pretty much bragging that the SNP would win control of Glasgow City Council.

That was a massive fail.

Through-out her tenure as Health Sec, she was spun as being the most successful health sec, as news reports show, right up and down the line; the health service is in crisis.

That was a massive fail.

Between 2012 and 2014, she was pushed onto the public as the ‘face of independence’, and she lost that referendum in the most dramatic fashion, 28 out of 32 areas rejected her and Alex Salmond.

That was a massive fail.

Nicola Sturgeon has spent her whole adult life screaming that Scotland is a ‘rich country’ in between blaming the English in the shape of Westminster. In fact, she in this Westminster election, was going full pelt saying, no, demanding that Scotland get full fiscal autonomy now!

Remember the SNP stock line of the referendum, ‘Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands’, well it seems she doesn’t believe that anymore, now it seems its ‘Scotland’s bills paid by English hands’ with her as the ‘middle man’.  

If Scotland had full fiscal autonomy, it would create a black hole in Scotland’s finances to the tune of £7.6 billion. £7.6 billion which wouldn’t becoming to Scotland from Westminster, after realising that, anyone with half a brain would point out, this is utter financial incompetence by the SNP, enter the U turn.

Sturgeon has U turned on a number of major issues which all add up to the ‘tampax’ campaigner looking like even more of an opportunist than Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh.

In politics, it helps to have principals, but what does Nicola Sturgeon stand for other than independence?

She is a one trick pony, the ‘tampax’ campaign is just a passing phase; it isn’t even politics in my opinion.

Ukip have launched their manifesto with a pledge to scrap the Barnett formula which provides 20 per cent more funding for Scots than England and Wales, Scots are about £1200 better off because of the Barnett formula.

It should be pointed out although Scots get more; there are specific reasons for this arrangement. Having had her bluff called Nicola Sturgeon now wants to keep the Barnett formula like a kid’s comfort blanket, someone to bail her out when she wrecks the country and then blames Westminster.

Did I hear clucking from Ms. Sturgeon, did someone bring a chicken in here?

Having been forced into a U turn, she said in the most insincere and oily fashion:

“So for as long as Scotland’s funding is still determined by Westminster then the Barnett formula should stay in place. Obviously if Scotland was to become in years ahead fiscally autonomous then we are in a different position but the Barnett formula should stay until that time.”

If pigs could fly, there could be a market for flying bacon butties!

And as per normal with her failing memory, she said new tax powers could “take years”. This is all the more remarkable as opponents pointed out that the SNP claimed independence could be achieved in just 18 months.

Why 18 months, this is so the SNP could link the timetable with the 2016 elections were they would play the ‘conquering heroes’ card.

Labour’s shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran said:

“Another day, another financial policy from the SNP. They want rid of the Barnett formula but really they recognise how important it is for Scotland so claim they could keep it until they introduce their damaging full fiscal fantasy.”

Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie said:

“Nicola Sturgeon wants all the benefits of controlling all taxes but none of the risks that go with that responsibility.”

The more the Scottish National Party speak, the more people will realise that Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t have a clue what she doing, she is just lurching from soundbite to soundbite, saying anything which she thinks will attract a vote.

This revelation and the SNP U turn should be the wake up call for Scots who have been duped by her, £7.6 billion isn’t chicken feed or ‘irrelevant’ as the SNP would have you believe, it would create austerity max, lead to suffer and cuts the like of which we haven’t seen in Scotland. This really is a major gaffe for the SNP, money is still money, and if the SNP get their way, we would on the road to Nordic taxes with none of the benefits, I wonder how those in the Govanhill ghetto that Sturgeon represents feel about this?

Yesterday, an under pressure cybernat copied in SNP MSP Bob Doris into a tweet, when we were ‘debating’, well actually, we weren’t debating at all, we were doing what was called ‘trolling’ each other, I assume their impression was that Bob would ‘sort me out’ as they couldn’t raise their game to the task. One of them even called me a ‘hunnibunni’ and said in effect I was a ‘smart arse’, I was only playing with the little fish, catch and release. This wee episode just reinforced to me that there are those in the Nationalist community that can’t see a deadbeat when they pop up in front of them. If they have to rely on Bob Doris they are just as well running up the white flag.

So many in the SNP using their mouth to write cheques that their brains can’t cash; much like Ms. Sturgeon!

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Scotland in Union publish the Guide to tactical voting against the SNP, United Against Separation are put in work on the ground to ensure that Pete Wishart doesn’t return to Westminster, tactical voting is becoming this year’s must have information to beat unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, SNP Candidate Pete Wishart starts to feel the heat, is it all slipping away from the SNP now?

Dear All

As general readers know I am a bit of a blogger in Scotland, so anyway I was doing my normal thing, know what I saying when up pops someone and asks me would I like to join a BT Group.

I thought hmmm!

The person said;

‘we know that you don’t need us but we would really like you to join, and we need you’.

So, I decided to stick my head through the door so to speak and see the lie of the land. After being welcomed I found that people really liked my blog and the fact I had done my bit for keeping Scotland in the UK. The next thing I knew people were asking me to join other groups and give my advice on campaigning.

Apparently I am a team player after all!

One of the other groups which I am not in, but aware of is Scotland in Union, they are doing research and analysis which is always handy and they have connections to other people and groups.

Scotland in Union has launched a new campaign that gives Scots the information on how to vote tactically to stop an SNP landslide. At present, things in politics in Scotland are unbalanced; where clear and logical thinking is required some people have been swept along by emotion. The SNP at present is promising people heaven and earth to get some of the worst dross possible into Westminster. Yesterday I wrote about one of them, Natalie McGarry, who deserves not to win Glasgow East, in the Cowdenbeath by-election, she imploded the SNP vote by about 50%, even her local connections couldn’t stop people seeing the truth about her.

The truth being she is a dud!

The tactical voting guide in an ideal world wouldn’t be needed, it would be everyone for them; but at this juncture in Scottish history, it is needed, the general election in Scotland has to return the best placed candidate in each constituency to beat the SNP.

I would strongly urge people to pop along to the Scotland in Union website and have a read, as well as analysis, there is the bookmakers’ odds for the victor this time. If you want to try and have a punt down the bookies, the name of the Labour, Tory or Liberal Democrat candidate with the best chance of beating the Nationalists is highlighted in bold.

As well as Scotland in Union, there is also United Against Separation (UAS), this is the new kid on the block of political campaigning which is emerging as a frontrunner in ‘on the ground’ campaigning. UAS is seeking to unseat Pete Wishart, the SNP MP for Perth and North Perthshire, using tactical voting.

Pete Wishart must be thinking how did I get so much attention and heat on my ass?

Well, Pete, have you considered it might be because of Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh, a notorious carpetbagger who has been in more political parties than some people have pairs of shoes?

When you call down the rain, you have also got to deal with the mud.

United Against Separation (UAS) is a fairly open group, they have people from all strands of the political spectrum, Labour, Tory, Lib Dem members as well as people who are not in a political party. In what must be seen as an extraordinary move, UAS wants people who voted no to back the Tories. Andrew Skinner, of UAS, told the Dundee Courier it was a “tall order” to unseat Wishart who is defending a majority of 4,379 but the good news is that around 60 per cent of voters in Perth and Kinross rejected independence. And in more bad news of Pete Wishart, Andrew said the group was “really shocked at the positive reaction we got” in the North Muirton area of the seat.

Politics is a funny old game! I mean who would have thought a Tory revival in Scotland would be done by people in the Labour and Lib Dem Parties. As well as UAS wanting Pete Wishart to get shafted, up pops, Forward Together, they have been formed in the area to have a crack at Pete Wishart also. The analysis shows that the Conservative Candidate Alexander Stewart has the best chance of beating Mr Wishart in Perth and North Perthshire.

Go that Tory!

Personally, I have no ill will to Pete Wishart, if you have ever heard him ‘standing up for Scotland’ you will be drawn his unintentional comic touch, I mean who can talk such utter shite, keep a straight face and look like they believe it. Wishart even said once if I recall correctly that he wasn’t a ‘Nationalist’, well he isn’t a politician either in my opinion but that is another matter.

When it comes to Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh, I will settle for her not getting elected if given a straight choice between Wishart and Shiekh, she is a Sturgeon crony or as some SNP describe the clique surrounding Sturgeon, part of ‘the sisterhood’. Tasmina doesn’t deserve to go to Westminster, just like she didn’t deserve to go to the European Parliament.

One of the things that needs to be pressed home by all the parties, is Nicola Sturgeon’s financial incompetent by wanting FFA, (Full Fiscal Autonomy), people are right to be concerned about the SNP’s plans to cut all financial ties with the UK. If anyone was dopey enough to give it to them, the country would be in chaos and unstable, this would also trigger problems in the rest of the UK and on the financial markets. Laughingly, it is said that the SNP want Full Fiscal Autonomy in the ‘good times’ but also a Barnett style ‘get out of jail free card’ when they mess up.

Maybe someone should tell unpopular Nicola Sturgeon it doesn’t work that way, its all or nothing.

Back to Pete Wishart who might be seeing the end of his political career if the wind is blowing in the right direction, he in an act of sheer desperation said to the press that traditional Labour voters would be “absolutely appalled” that party supporters are asking them to back the Tories.


The SNP keep saying there is no difference between Labour and the Conservatives, is that a lie Pete by the SNP leadership?

And becoming hysterical he called the campaign “bizarre and poorly thought out.”

Niet Comrade, us, proud Scots have a tradition of putting political boot to political ass, what has Pete Wishart done for Perth and North Perthshire, some people say sweet FA, and that is more than enough reason to give him the heave ho!

Finally, my advice to Pete Wishart if he loses, blame Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh, and be quite vocal about it to Dundee SNP, after all, the Hosie clan might have an eye on moving into Bute House.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Glasgow East Election special: SNP members ‘hunt’ down Labour Candidate Margaret Curran as they use intimidation and terror tactics against her and voters, in a sinister turn, odious SNP Candidate Natalie McGarry says Margaret is a “fair target for community justice”, didn't the Nazis encourage ‘community justice’ against Jews?

Dear All

The SNP is a ‘rat ship’; the Scottish independence referendum was a ‘dry run’ for the use of terror tactics against politicians and members of the public who spoke out against the SNP cult and how it operates.

Rather than putting a stop to it, the SNP leadership of Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon sat back and allowed their members and ‘allies’ to use intimidation, this is reminiscent of Adolf Hitler and Rudolph Hess, the Nazi leaders of 1930’s Germany.

Adolf Hitler was a great fan of being photographed with German youth, in this Westminster 2015 election, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon it seems has an ‘emergency child’ to put out every time she does a ‘stage managed’ spontaneous ‘meet the people’ event. 

At the same time, Sturgeon’s SNP Activists have been using intimidation tactics in Glasgow East were the odious Natalie McGarry is the Nationalist candidate. In politics, it is quite wrong and utterly disgraceful to disrupt people’s attempts to stand for political office.

Margaret Curran was elected as the Labour MP in 2010 in Glasgow East, she fought a good campaign and deserved to win, I was campaigning at that time for John Mason of the SNP. Despite warning him that he was in danger of losing the seat on two distinct occasions, he didn’t address the issue and lost by circa 13,000 votes. In 2015, Margaret Curran is standing again, this time things are different, she is being ‘hunted’ by the SNP in one of the most sinister episodes in the history of Scottish politics.

Hunted by SNP members, it isn’t just intimidation of the candidate but also intimidation of voters. During the independence referendum in Pollok, I witnessed the recording of female BT activists by Nationalists, later on SNP Candidate Chris Stephens who was part of the Yes Scotland rabble was later removed by Silverburn security staff.

Why didn’t he stop the filming of a woman?

Another good question is why did he do nothing when an Asian man was abused at the Pollok SNP selection meeting?

Back to Glasgow East, the SNP members seem to think it is acceptable to follow Margaret Curran around, they think it is okay to film her, and when she goes to speak to a voter, they think it is okay to shout at her as she tries to engage with the public.    

When the incident happened one of the Labour campaign team tries to reason with the male SNP member called Piers Doughty-Brown.

He screams back:

“We’re in a public street – we don’t need permission.”

When asked to stop the intimidation tactics, the reply is:

“Are you a police officer? Then go away from me, and go away from me now.”

On his Facebook page, Piers Doughty-Brown wrote:

“Long day hunting with Helen Tennant, but it paid off in the end when we cornered Margaret Curran.”

When the incident became public, the odious Natalie McGarry said Mrs Curran was a “fair target for community justice”.

One wonders if Margaret Curran will get any more ‘community justice’ from SNP members, it rather looks at some point that violence will be coming down the track. If SNP members decide that violence is the way to go, they might reflect on the fact that there is always space in prisons and when a fight breaks out people have the legal right to defend themselves.

Frank McAveety, the Labour councillor said:

“People getting filmed is a regular feature. There’s been incidents where our street stalls have been filmed by two people simultaneously – one on foot, one in a car. We’ve had women canvassers intimidated by groups of men. They get shouted at – things like ‘you’re finished in this town’, like it was the Wild West or something. It’s targeted disruption, a very fevered atmosphere.”

It seems yet again the SNP really do love filming vulnerable women, single women are it seems easy prey for groups of men.

Interestingly, although the SNP continually claim that the cybernats are nothing to do with them; if you do a bit of research you can see one of the worst of the cybernats at a party with an SNP Minister. Although in public the SNP distanced themselves from the person, in private it is a different story. And of course, it is no surprise that the odious Natalie McGarry was at another event where that individual was socialising with elected SNP politicians.

Something to think about, a Scottish political editor says that one of his colleagues did a senior SNP person a favour at a difficult time and was asked what he wanted in return.

Call off the cybernats, he said. “It stopped overnight,” says the political editor.

I don’t think that will happen in Glasgow East for Margaret Curran.

In Glasgow East, my message to the people is simply this, Vote Margaret Curran.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, April 13, 2015

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have now become an irrelevance in the Westminster 2015 election, Professor John Curtice’s poll of polls shows Ed Miliband can get a Lib-Lab deal and shut out the SNP entirely, in local news, Nicola Sturgeon is still using working class kids as ‘human shield’ in her fake show of humanity

Dear All

It seems that the SNP ‘offer’ to make Ed Miliband Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is destine for the rubbish bin.

Unpopular Niocla Sturgeon currently using kids as a ‘human shield’ is busy try to be relevant in British Westminster politics.

She cries:

I lead the team that does the talk with Westminster’.

The only thing is that there will be no one on the other side of the talk for Nicola Sturgeon to talk to; it seems the rather haggard Ms. Sturgeon won’t be getting a look in.

So, what does this mean, well, not unsurprisingly, the SNP will be completely irrelevant in the formation of a UK government.

They won’t be choosing the Prime Minister.

They won’t be choosing the Party of government.

They won’t be getting £180 billion of spending.

They won’t be getting Trident stopped.

They won’t be getting control of the BBC.

Nicola Sturgeon is onto plums!

It might be the case that Labour would do a deal and get the support of the Lib Dems.

Professor John Curtice who I met while a guest on BBC 5 live has done a poll-of-polls which shows that the SNP won’t be making anyone ‘King’ or having Sturgeon pull the strings!

John Curtice’s analysis of opinion polls puts Labour in line to win 302 seats making them the biggest party.

The Lib Dems are heading for 20.

So, you add in a few other people who get elected just to be on the safe side such as
The three SDLP MPs in Northern Ireland and left-leaning Lady Hermon, the former Ulster Unionist.

It all adds up to no room at the inn regardless how many seats the SNP manage to get in Scotland.

The Lib Dems on hearing that they might be back in government said the analysis was welcome even although they stand to lose a considerable number of  seats from their 2010 total of 57.

The Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie said:

“The national polling falls short of our expectations but even John Curtice’s analysis that the Lib Dems could hold the balance in a hung parliament shows what is possible. Even on the pessimistic outlook the Liberal Democrats would be critical to the success of such a government, the SNP would be irrelevant. The national polling is not reflecting the local variations with Lib Dem concentrations of support. There is a route to victory for every one of our candidates in every single Lib Dem held seat in Scotland. It’s a straight choice between the Lib Dems and the SNP. With Professor Curtice’s analysis the real question for voters in those eleven Lib Dem seats is this: if they want a stable coalition that delivers more powers for Scotland, balances the books and invests in the NHS they need to back the Liberal Democrats as they won’t get that with the SNP.”

So, it looks like the SNP standing up for Scotland is going to be a flop, they won’t have the numbers to blackmail Westminster.

Last night Englishman Angus Robertson, the SNP election campaign director said:

“The prospect of Westminster establishment parties getting together to impose more cuts will encourage even more people in Scotland to vote SNP”.

Why bother voting for a party that cannot affect change, this is the reality facing Scots.

And of course, the fact that the SNP have been shown time and time again to be economically illiterate will put pressure on voters to get out and vote tactically to stop the SNP in key seats such as Gordon.

Nicola Sturgeon is planning austerity max, she wants to increase UK debt, make the UK a lesser world power, put its seat on the UN Security Council in jeopardy and cancel Trident which weakens the Western defence grid.

A vote for the SNP is truly a wasted voted at Westminster, it is all about giving the SNP Cult members a ‘’payday’ which getting substandard representation.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Terror on the streets of Scotland: Labour councillor John O’Kane threatened by Nationalist yob with chainsaw, ‘If you come over here, I am going to cut your fucking head off”, Texas Chainsaw Massacre comes to Barrhead Scotland, Nationalist hate campaign against democracy boils over

Dear All

Terror on the streets of Scotland, you may have heard of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, basically it was some guy in mask who slices people up with a chainsaw, presumably because it was quick and easy.

And there is a lot of blood and screaming.

But that’s the movies, you don’t expect that when you are on the campaign trail that someone will threaten to cut your head.

As the ‘heat’ turns up on the Westminster election, the SNP supporters are getting more angry and vicious; in fact I had someone come to the blog to threaten me anonymously.

Apparently they are trying to scare me into silence by threats that I am being followed.

“Spies at every corner George, every corner xx”.

Classic Yestapo terror tactics!

In the last few days we have seen senior nationalists such as Angus MacNeil and Christina McKelvie involved in the Dawn Rodger’s affair, a rather nasty episode of vicious online hatred.

Labour councillor PAUL O'Kane was canvassing for leader Jim Murphy in the Auchenback estate in Barrhead.

No big deal, trot round the estate, pressing the flesh and beaming goodwill to all men and women. But things took a sinister turn when he was heckled by a resident who had SNP poster in his window.

Paul said:

“The man came to the front of his garden and started shouting at me because I had a suit and a rosette on”.

He added:

“He was saying ‘There’s the big Labour politician’, ‘Get away’, ‘Get out of here’. Then he picked up an electric saw, switched it on and shouted at me: ‘If you come over here, I am going to cut your fucking head off”.

After the incident, he said:

“It made a hell of a noise and it was quite frightening.”

So, we have had intimidation tactics used against women, politicians and bloggers such as me increasing at an alarming rate.

Paul, who represents Neilston, Uplawmoor & Newton Mearns North on East Renfrewshire Council added the Texas Chainsaw massacre yob had earlier taunted him with comments such as “You’re a red Tory”.

This is a Nationalist war cry which you can see online by doing a bit of digging.

Paul said:

“I’m used to vigorous political campaigning but that level of intimidation and threat is disturbing. It was as if he wanted to chase us out of town. That is completely undemocratic. And to threaten someone’s life really is disturbing and quite upsetting.”

Most people who assist political parties are volunteers; they give up their free time to help get things changed in their communities.

Among the volunteers with the Councillor was a 71-year-old man, the ‘Sons of Alex’ aren’t so brave after all, they like to pick easy victims to prey on.

One of the newspapers has tried to speak to the Nationalist supporter yesterday but he was not at home, perhaps he had a problem with his chainsaw and wanted to get it fixed.

Because it is summer, the man appears to be very busy with home decorating; the SNP poster in his window has also been removed. Maybe it clashed with his pictures of his fav football team, or maybe he wanted more light through the window to cheer himself up, Police visits can be very stressful.

Police Scotland confirmed the matter is under investigation.

A spokeswoman said:

“We can confirm we have received a complaint about a group of adults threatened on Divernia Way, Barrhead, on Monday. Inquiries are ongoing.”

Labour councillor PAUL O'Kane has survived this nasty incident, but there will be many more to come, the Nationalists are scared that people are waking up to tactical voting, even the ‘Rev’ Stu Campbell is blowing his trumpet in angst.

So, no Texas Chainsaw Massacre in the Auchenback estate in Barrhead, it is also doubtful there will be a movie since an electric chainsaw was used. After all how can you be a blood crazed manic if you have to constant knock on doors asking to use a plug while at the same time running down the street chasing people.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Labour leader Ed Miliband finally gets it, he backs tactical voting in Scotland to help defeat the SNP, in local news unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is forced to call off Nationalist attack dogs as SNP Candidate Angus MacNeil assists in the abuse of an innocent woman, ‘3 in a bed’ Angus gets it badly wrong again

Dear All

On the blog and on twitter, I have been calling on people in Scotland to get behind the idea of tactical voting. Tactical voting doesn’t get the attention of the mainstream political parties because they would like to get their members elected and thereby claim the sole credit.

‘We have a mandate from the people’.

Things are not normal in Scotland; in fact Iain MacWhirter has just done a piece in response to Chris Deerin’s article entitled "Scotland has gone mad".

Well if it helps, only part of it has gone off the rails.

In September 2014, the majority of the people in Scotland rejected independence, and they were right to do so, the Scottish National Party attempted by deception to hoodwink the people. Some people fell for it, others did not and financial disaster was headed off. You could say that ‘civic’ Nationalists took it rather badly, as 28 out of 32 areas said no!

People who voted No, have decided that the country is in effect seeing the playing out a ‘national crisis’, and they are right. Something has gone wrong in the SNP, case in point; a young woman was viciously abused online called Dawn Rodger, who said she was an undecided voter who had been won over by Jim Murphy. It was another nasty episode in a long line of nasty episodes that has come from the SNP members. This type of behaviour isn’t reserved for just ordinary people. Ruth Davidson MSP got a taste of abuse from someone called Mark Hughes because of her sexuality.

What is interesting is that senior SNP member Angus MacNeil, who is standing for re-election for the SNP in Na h-Eileanan an Iar shared a photo of a Labour campaigner alongside one of Ms Rodger, insinuating it was the same woman.

I first met Angus MacNeil in 2008 at Glasgow East, this was a by-election which John Mason won by 365 votes. In the SNP, there is a lack of a work ethic, MacNeil declared to anyone listening that ‘he was in charge of the sign in sheets’; this isn’t a job at a by-election rather it is a statement of not wanting to work but instead being seen.   

Another senior nationalist who also shared the photo was SNP MSP Christina McKelvie, having failed to ascertain facts; she blindly stumbled into the mess and played her part in this nasty affair. Because of their positions, the mentally dense in the SNP (and there are many) felt they had justification to abuse Dawn Rodger.

So, baring this in mind; is it any wonder that bloggers like me call on people to vote tactically in this election. Today on twitter, some guy called Ian Brennan started a conversation pointing out people who supported the Union have been abusive, I don’t support these people that target innocent people and in one case of mentioned, seriously doubt the people involved had ever been political activists. When I asked for his comment on an Asian man being abused in the SNP, his reply was rather weak; however unlike SNP Candidate Chris Stephens he did managed to find his ‘voice’. Chris Stephens sat back along with all the current SNP Councillor in Wards 3 and 4 while Shona McAlpine abused an Asian man. I put a stop to that not because the guy was a friend of mine, but because he was legally entitled to a fair chance, and he didn’t get it.

Apparently Ed Miliband, the Labour leader backs tactical voting north of the border. This is due to people inside and outside the Labour Party doing a spot of intense lobbying. Miliband isn’t calling for tactical voting in the rest of the UK were Ukip are seen as a possible major player, their time I don’t think has come just yet. I expect them to pick up voters in this election but perhaps the next Westminster election would better suit their plans.

Although it has taken considerable time for Ed Miliband to warm to tactical voting is needed, he has endorsed tactical voting to prevent a Labour wipeout in Scotland. The Labour campaign needs to double its efforts and get its core vote some of whom voted for independence to see that the SNP are attempting to bring chaos to Scotland.

A Channel 4 poll found half of Tory voters and half of Lib Dem voters north of the border were prepared to vote Labour. This is a remarkable achievement which has been people led and not party led to keep the nationalists out. This election is a test bed for future tactical voting, yes, this will not be the lat election this is used, think of this as a pilot programme to be refined.

I have chipped in my ten cents worth on how this is needed and after this election how it can be improved, it seems I have a knack for politics.

At present, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is screaming that she wants “full fiscal autonomy”, that means the Scottish Parliament take full control of taxation, but how this translates is that Scotland would have a £7.6 billion gap in the Scottish economy.

Nicola Sturgeon wants the means to wreck Scotland and then blame Westminster; Jim Murphy dryly dubbed this nonsense “full fiscal austerity”. The idea is to set in motion a series of disastrous events to demand a second independence referendum. As I said Sturegon doesn’t care about working class people, her stupidity would see a 12 per cent cut in all Scottish spending, including pensions and benefits.

Jim Murphy called the policy as “full fiscal austerity”, claiming Scottish pensioners will on average be £18 worse off a week, or £940 a year, not that this would bother Nicola Sturgeon who is part of a household that has £250,000 a year coming through her front door plus expenses.

Ed Miliband said that Sturgeon should say what taxes she would raise and which services she would cut. But Nicola who likes to talk is strangely silent on the pain and misery she wants to inflict on everyone in Scotland. One of the funniest sights of this campaign is Sturgeon hugging babies and children, what is funny about that?

Well, she is planning to make them suffer, like most despots she is using the youth of the country to make out she ‘cares’, Salmond tried that as he surround himself with the ‘Salmond Youth’. Obviously Sturgeon can’t have her own ‘Salmond Youth’, so she has shifted focus to what some say is the ‘League of Scottish Maidens’ in an attempt to get the women’s vote. Sadly for her, women aren’t so easily conned which is why Scottish independence fell straight on its collective arse prior to the vote.

This election is rather unusual, it isn’t about hope and aspiration from the SNP but more akin to deception and delusion, there is a price to pay for stupidity in life. In trying to wreck not just Scotland but the rest of the UK, Sturgeon will one day find even within her own followers of the SNP Cult she leads, a realisation that she isn’t going to deliver anything. Nicola Sturgeon has one task and one task only; that is to lead the SNP into the political wilderness.

Tactical voting is a realisation that there are some things bigger than party politics. Some people have entered the fight because of different political beliefs, but even if you don’t know anything about politics, the treatment of Dawn Rodger is enough to combat the SNP.

She isn’t the only victim.

The fact that SNP Candidate Angus MacNeil and SNP MSP Christina McKelvie gave the abuse the green light with a retweet which ‘set the dogs’ on an innocent woman is enough cause to vote tactically. I wonder if the SNP wasn’t chasing the women’s vote, would Nicola Sturgeon have called the dogs off.

And is it not interesting that after she did, so many nationalists as if on cue all apologised to the young woman?

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University