Thursday, May 28, 2015

Disgraced former Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill finally admits that the ‘Sein Fein’ SNP Government are human rights abusers on prisoner voting rights, Scotland is on the road to fascism, there isn’t any room for justice under unpopular Nicola Sturgeon

Dear All

Kenny MacAskill was the worst Justice Secretary in the history of the Scottish Parliament.

He got the job because he was basically Alex Salmond’s pal; this was the criteria it seems to hold Ministerial Office in the SNP Government. Through-out his rein he was dogged by controversy, one of the cases which showed him up as a lemming was the Cadder Case.

What is interesting about the Cadder Case was the UK Supreme Court had to act to ensure that Scots got access to a fair trial. MacAskill fought tooth and nail against this case, at the time, I opined that human rights couldn’t be replaced by effectively was ‘gifts’ by the Crown Office. Although Cadder the individual wasn’t exactly a pillar of the community, he did more for justice in Scotland as ‘deadbeat’ than Kenny MacAskill did while holding ministerial office.

On the Cadder Case, George Laird was right again by the way, it was they say an open and shut case.

During the Scottish referendum, the SNP deliberately continued to disenfranchise a section of the population resident in Scotland from exercising their right to vote. These people were prisoners who were locked in prison. The issue of prisoner voting is an issue that most politicians won’t touch with a barge pole because everyone is signed up to ‘tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime’.

This slogan was Tony Blair’s mantra while in public office.

Anyone not signing up to this was attacked by the other parties and described as being weak and pro criminal.

Giving people their human rights isn’t and shouldn’t be a matter of whether we like them, or what they stand for, or even what they have done previously.

So, a political consensus emerged which was ‘fuck criminals, we don’t want their votes if they are in prison’.  

My position when the issue cropped up at the referendum was that the prisoners should be allowed to vote. This view is in line with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) who ruled the blanket ban on prisoners voting is a breach of human rights.

According to MacAskill view now, the Scottish Government must review its "shameful" position, during the ‘shame’ episode, Kenny MacAskill had no problem in doing two things, one, collecting his Ministerial salary and secondly keeping his mouth shut.

Keeping your mouth shut doesn’t make you a team player, just in case you motherfuckers didn’t know that!

You are either the Justice Secretary of Scotland or you are not, is my opinion, plainly MacAskill was Alex Salmond’s placeman.

MacAskill’s sudden conversion to ‘faith’ is that he thinks the SNP must back prison votes to fight Tory human rights plan.

I get the sense, this isn’t about restoring democracy and human rights but rather this is a political manoeuvre. The Conservatives want to repeal the Human Rights Act 1998, and replace it with what is termed the British Bill of Rights.

The problem with the Human Rights Act 1998 isn’t that the Bill is wrong, but the wrongful judgments which arise from it, like allowing terrorists to have a revolving door to attempt to defeat the ends of justice. Another misuse is allowing foreign criminals the right to remain in the UK on the basis they can cite another part of human rights as a justification as a breach.

One of the gags used is right to family life to avoid deportation.

David Cameron wants to replace the human rights act with a British Bill of Rights but it rather looks like people will get less rights; and as we head towards a possible exit from the EU, this may look to some as long term housekeeping.

We don’t have a bad human rights act, we have bad judges.  

Writing in The National newspaper, MacAskill admitted that he was "complicit" in the "wrong" decision to oppose granting convicted prisoners the vote.

He added:

"That's an issue that has come before the European Courts on many occasions and in which they have been quite clear.  A blanket ban is unacceptable and in conflict with human rights, notwithstanding that the UK Government has simply refused to comply and indeed Prime Minister David Cameron has said that the very thought of it makes him sick. Shamefully, the Scottish Government has so far refused to adhere to the spirit and the judgements of the European Courts. Initially it hid behind the franchise being reserved to Westminster but did indicate that it did not support its extension to prisoners. That was compounded by replicating the Westminster line in the franchise for the referendum. Votes were granted for 16 and 17-year-olds but not prisoners.

Kenny MacAskill also said:

"In that act I am as complicit as any as the former justice secretary. It was the wrong thing done, albeit for the right reasons. It was to avoid any needless distractions in the run-up to the referendum, to deny the right-wing press lurid headlines that could tarnish the bigger picture. But the referendum is behind us and the Tory press have failed to stop us. To have credibility on the issue the Scottish Government must now review their position on votes for prisoners or the defence of the Human Rights Act will ring hollow."

This is basically rubbish, but lets us home in on this part:

“It was the wrong thing done, albeit for the right reasons. It was to avoid any needless distractions in the run-up to the referendum, to deny the right-wing press lurid headlines that could tarnish the bigger picture”.

So, I read this and I think, this is a person who doesn’t give a shit about human rights, doesn’t give a shit about justice and thinks that Government exists as an election and referendum tool.

The job of the Justice Secretary is to oversee a justice system that is fair to both sides in a legal, during his tenure as Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill was so far up the arse of the Crown Office; you would have thought he was their employee instead of being their boss.

As to Sein Fein SNP adopting MacAskill’s position, I don’t see unpopular Nicola Sturgeon taking an interest in giving people their human rights; she hasn’t really expressed an interest in that as a politician.

Scotland is on the road to fascism, there isn’t any room for justice.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow tells SNP MPs to stop clapping and 'show some respect' for the traditions of the House, I said there was a genuine lack of talent in the SNP, they just proved George Laird right again, the SNP cult members are just clowns!

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon and ‘Sein Fein’ SNP are set to make demands on David Cameron, now get the popcorn out as we all see how impotent Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘feeble 56’ actually are at Westminster, France and Germany are already in secret pact against Britain to extent political union within the EU, the real kicker is that Sturgeon signs up to massive austerity for Scottish people regardless

Dear All

Just as ordinary people will find out what a colossal mistake it was to send the ‘feeble 56’ SNP MPs to Westminster, we are now seeing the ‘Sein Fein’ SNP express their love of the European Union.

If Scotland was to become independent, the SNP would take Scotland into the EU and also the currency union called the Euro.

We would become the next

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon will be standing side by side with Prime Minister David Cameron and attempting to press for a majority vote in each country before the UK could exit.

In politics, the majority has the final say, but Sturgeon wants to ensure that if Scotland was to vote to stay in and England voted to leave, their wishes would be ignored.

Needless to say, if a majority vote to leave the EU, this will be the end of the matter and the membership.

Nicola Sturgeon says he will run a positive campaign to stay in the EU.

So, what are the disadvantages of membership?

Firstly, there is the cost aspect, the costs of EU membership to the UK is £15bn. Ukip believes this cost is higher when other factors are taken into consideration such as bureaucracy. Whatever the real figure is, there is a cost to the British taxpayer.

Secondly, we have seen how some policies in the EU haven’t been efficient such as the high percentage of EU spending goes on the Common Agricultural Policy or CAP as it is better known. That policy has distorted agricultural markets and lead to higher prices for consumers and encouraging over-supply. Remember the ‘Butter Mountain’ and the ‘wine lake’ of the latter have of the last century? Although there has been some work to reform the Common Agricultural Policy, it still comes up as a topic as because it hasn’t eliminated the wastage, that being said, there has been a reduction.

Problems of the Euro, we have seen how Greece has fared in the Euro, the country because of its economy isn’t doing well, in fact it is doing so badly that recently stories of Greek hospitals running out of supplies of essential equipment has surfaced.

Another story which caught my eye early on was that some Greek pensioners have been forced to look for food in bins. This isn’t the European dream. Greece is in limbo, to renew its self it has to leave the Euro and default on its debt, it is a drastic step to cure a drastic problem. At present the Greek Government is lacking the ability to cope in a real sense, if default is the answer, the question becomes when and not if.

The EU to encourage balancing of the books puts real pressure on countries towards austerity. Since 2008, the start of the banking crisis which saw many southern European countries faced massive pressure from the EU to pursue austerity to pay for the mistakes of others. This has led to spending cuts to meet budget deficits and prolonged economic stagnation.

Net Migration, this is seen by some as a real problem, free Movement of Labour has caused problems of overcrowding in UK cities. The idea of free movement of Labour is in need of being regulated, I have said, and I will continually say, the EU needs an internal immigration policy. The UK’s population is set to rise to 70 million over next decade; this will have a knock on effect to push up house prices, increase burdens of the State functions such as councils and hospitals, and led to congestion on roads.

No country can continue growth forever, it is a myth.

The United Kingdom needs to reclaim its borders and the trend towards 70 million needs to be reversed downwards as a permanent measure. The reality of EU membership is that the UK is powerless to prevent large scale immigration because EU rules allow free movement of labour.

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon and ‘Sein Fein’ SNP wants to increase Scotland’s immigration by about a million people, this would be a disaster.

The EU is famous for red tape, red tape is a burden on business, although some of the rules brought in are essentials, I don’t favour making law purely on the basis of having something to do, just as law making is important when needed, the removal of law is an aspect rarely commented on. It is argued with some justification that the EU has created extra layers of bureaucracy whilst taking away decision making process further from local communities.

Although Sturgeon will push for a “double majority” to be included in the vote that would mean all four nations of the UK must back withdrawal before exit is possible, she won’t get it. The SNP see the EU referendum as a device to push for another independence vote if the majority in the UK vote to leave. They will play silly games, they will huff and puff but in the end they will be shut out of all decision making and will not influence the vote, the legislation, the franchise or the timetable.

On the issue of democracy and the people’s right to express their views on the EU, Nicola Sturgeon said:

“I don’t think it is desirable to hold an in-out referendum on membership of the EU”.

Her view is that we should have the right to vote in a referendum if it is something she wants to have enacted.

Labour in the shape of Harriet Harman dropped its opposition to the referendum at the weekend in recognition of the general election result.

The Labour Party will run its own campaign against withdrawal, with the Liberal Democrats but not with the Tories, it seems that it will be David Cameron and Nicola Sturgeon joined at the hip as SNP usually vote alongside the Tories in Parliament anyway.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie accused Sturgeon of using her tradition approach to anything, grudge and grievance.

He added:

 “I know Nicola Sturgeon wants independence for Scotland but she should stop quibbling about Europe. The SNP need to get on with making the positive case for Europe rather than using it to enhance the chances of independence for Scotland. If she is passionate about the UK remaining in the European Union, she should throw her full support behind the campaign. Europe is good for jobs, trade, workers and consumer rights and so much more so I hope the SNP will join is in a cross-party campaign to keep us in Europe.”

Interestingly, the people who make the strong case for staying in the EU mostly come from the political classes whose people make a very good living out of the EU setup, this contrasts rather sharply from the lives of ordinary working class people who stand in line at food banks.

One thing is certain, regardless of which way the vote goes, the EU will certainly have to be reformed to a new setup.

I doubt that France and Germany will be willing to take that step unless a crisis forces them to re-invent it towards a trading block. Already Hollande and Merkel have tighten their grip and rule out EU treaty change, they want more political union and more control of other member states.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Harriet Harman, acting leader of the Labour Party makes a dramatic U turn on the issue of a referendum on Britain's EU membership, this previous deadlock is a symptom of how badly out of touch the senior leadership is with the public mood

Dear All

One of the things which destroyed the Labour vote in England by their own hand was the Party refusing to back an in-out referendum on membership of the European Union.

The Labour Party has a problem in backing decisions and then having to do an embarrassing U turn when their position becomes untenable.

The people of the United Kingdom want the EU referendum for a number of specific reasons.

One of the prime reasons for wanting to opt out of the European project is the UK cannot control our own borders, this is particularly noticeable and has led to numerous social problems in the UK in a whole range of areas such jobs, housing and social cohesion.

Ordinary people say enough’s enough.

Years ago, I wrote on how the EU was in desperate need of reform, and the policy idea I had was the internal EU immigration policy. Each country in conjunction with the EU sets a strict code of residency in all EU countries. The criteria in one country could be radically different from the conditions set in another member state. This isn’t a block on free of movement of Labour; rather it’s recognition of the realities of life.

There is a strong case for staying as part of the EU, but equally there is a strong case to made for leaving the EU, while reform agenda remains little better than an academic discussion.

I fully support the people’s right to have a referendum on the EU, just as I supported the right of people to have a Scottish referendum.

What does it say that after being massive defeated that the Labour Party has now decided that listening to the people is a good idea?

It rather proves my point about the need for fresh talent to fill the Labour ranks is sorely needed, by fresh talent that doesn’t mean people who were chairs of Labour student organisations while at University. People that can look at problems and come up with radical solutions both internationally and domestically!

Ed Miliband while leader of the Labour Party made a lot of mistakes, he was weak, he had no vision and wasn’t a listening politician. His first big mistake was standing against his brother David for the leadership; he wasn’t ready for this post.    

After changing their mind of the EU, the party doesn’t wish the in-out referendum on membership of the European to clash with next year’s Scottish Parliament election. I would think that David Cameron would agree with this and the 2017 date which was touted early on would probably remain.

2017 is also date for the Council elections in Scotland.
One of issues already flagged up is the issue of eligibility to vote, the UK government have stated that people from most other EU nations living in the UK will not be able to vote.

The franchise used will be the general election franchise, with only UK, Irish and Commonwealth citizens eligible to cast their vote.

Acting leader of Labour, Harriet Harman said:

“There just does not seem to be the public appetite for us to man the barricades against a referendum that appears inevitably going to happen. We will vote for the bill and then get into the big questions for and against Europe.”

She added:

“It’s a big constitutional issue on its own and it needs that separate consideration.”

That is debatable that people cannot wrap their heads around multiple issues at the same time.

‘Fake Scot’ Angus Robertson of ‘Sein Fein’ SNP decided to take the opportunity to renew his party’s call for separate votes on the EU in each constituent part of the UK. The SNP want a majority in each country to say out or the vote is null and void. In effect, he thinks a minority should be able to hold the rest of the UK to ransom.

David Cameron will not take that nonsense onboard, Englishman Angus Robertson is particularly liked at the House of Commons; his words carry no weight with his English countrymen.

Robertson says a failure to allow each constituent part of the UK to decide on its status in the EU would leave Mr Cameron’s independence referendum vow to give Scotland an equal voice “in tatters”.

No, it doesn’t, this is a UK wide vote, and should and will be treated as such.

Robertson diatribe runs to this:

“We will also seek to amend the legislation to ensure no constituent part of the UK can be taken out of the EU against its will.”

There is no legal precedent for this point; it is meaningless much like Angus Robertson himself.

He also added the SNP will also seek to ensure 16 and 17-year-olds are allowed to vote in the EU membership referendum.

Robertson piped up:

“Young people are our future. It is their UK, and their Europe, so they must have their say. 16 and 17-year-olds can pay taxes, get married and join the armed forces, so it is only right and fair that they should also be entitled to vote.”

If that is the case, why do they need a State appointed Guardian?

Nigel Farage, leader of Ukip, said Labour had “been dragged, unwillingly” to accept an in-out referendum on Europe after its electoral defeat on 7 May.

I would have to agree with Nigel Farage’s assessment, nothing like defeat to make a party interested in accepting democracy again.

Farage said:

“They grudgingly accept that it is the will of the British people to have a say on their future, but they make it clear that they will campaign for in, whatever the result of Mr Cameron’s negotiations. So in reality this isn’t a conversion to democracy and the facts of the European argument, merely an acceptance of the inevitable. Claims that the EU has kept the peace for 70 years, and that Britain would be in some way barred from trade with the EU nations, rebels against all evidence. But they have closed their minds and hearts to evidence.”

Labour has already stated their position and this was confirmed by Shadow Europe Minister Pat McFadden said he “can’t see circumstances where Labour would back a no vote.

McFadden said:

“I don’t think the European Union necessarily always works best by always threatening to leave. We’ve achieved change by working with others; the Prime Minister is going to have to get some agreement from others to some of the changes that he wants so let’s see what he comes up with. But he too has some issues here because in terms of the programme that he’s set out so far, there is nothing that he could renegotiate that would satisfy a good number of his backbenchers who want to come out come what may.”

David Cameron says he will try and get a deal on reforms from Europe, I doubt his efforts will be productive as he thinks, even if he gets all he wishes, there is a sizeable population who want control of UK borders to be returned fully to the UK control. I would say he is looking at this from the wrong end of the telescope; the issue is much wider that the UK’s self interest, the EU problems require a 28 member discussion on the future of the EU.

It could be that the EU needs a re-invention what it stands for; so far the organisation has failed to address problems like illegal immigration of economic migrants into the EU, failed to fix the Euro currency, failed to properly protect EU member states whose economies can’t match the German powerhouse, allowed itself to grow too big without necessary safeguards re treaty changes.

It is too late to tinker with ‘wee things’ and present that as gold plated reforms, much in the same way as UK mission creep towards Federalism will be an absolute disaster. It was pointed out o me a short while ago, that the language of the British Government has changed, Instead of talking about Team GB, we are now seeing the push towards calling Britain, the United Kingdom, in UK government literature. 

A pointer of the push towards Federalism is Professor Adam Tomkins blog, ‘notes from North Britain which has a new article on Federalism as a way of saving the Union.

Wishful thinking on his part, and a non starter with yessers!

Some time ago, I mentioned to him to see that Better Together archived its material, I said he might have need of it again, when indyref 2 comes along, post 2020; post Cameron.

Tomkins has been recently appointed as an advisor to Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell on matters to do with the Constitution. As a law Professor at Glasgow University, he is quite smart on law, but independence is about more than facts.

Anyway, the United Kingdom has held membership of the EU for circa 40 years, it would be a shame to lose it, but the British public may think the damage that comes with membership is too high a price to pay.

The European Union really does need an internal immigration policy, this is a good base to start from; it is also a measure that will have to eventually come into play at some point, along with a permanent cap on membership limits.

Finally, Labour’s U turn on the EU is a symptom of how badly out of touch the senior leadership is with the public mood.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, May 22, 2015

‘Bad Mother’ Nicola Sturgeon lets her ‘feral kids’ run wild on the Westminster Parliamentary Estate, Sir Gerald Kaufman, a resident on the ‘estate’ brands the SNP MPs ‘goons’, Kaufman has a point as Westminster will see soon enough how trash lowers the dignity of Parliament

Dear All

One thing that the Scottish National Party MPs have managed to achieved in their short Westminster career of 2015 is the title of ‘goons’. In the SNP to be selected as part of the Nationalist clique, you have to fall into one of four categories.


Irish republican

Member of the LGBT community


You don’t have to have any understanding of politics but it helps if you have a deep hatred of the British Establishment.

Sir Gerald Kaufman has called SNP MPs 'goons' over their Commons behaviour, you can’t expect the 50 new members to know all the workings of the House, but you would expect them to act like adults.

Sadly, that is the case, the Nationalists, all hand picked by the SNP cult have already demonstrated that they are small minded individuals who hold the Westminster Parliament in contempt.

As the longest-serving MP in the House of Commons, Labour’s Sir Gerald Kaufman feels that it is time that the Nationalists understand that their behaviour is unacceptable.

The seating row has brought home to the people of Scotland that on May 7th, they made a tremendous mistake in voting SNP. The SNP created an image of Nicola Sturgeon as a caring individual; to that end they stuck a young child in her arms, to convey an image of her as the ‘mother of the nation’.

Nicola Sturgeon has no kids, and never will be a mother; her ‘children’ are the feral SNP MPs, the kind of people that you would warn your own kids to stay away from.

The attempt to turf the veteran Labour MP Dennis Skinner out of the seat he has claimed for nearly 45 years shows a ‘ned’ mentality but we shouldn’t expect any better from the SNP.

It is said that the modern SNP was trained up by a former Sturgeon crony named Allison Hunter who was previously a Glasgow SNP Councillor for the Govan Ward. I found that Ms. Hunter underneath the false exterior of ‘Auntie Allison’ was a deeply ignorant and thoroughly nasty little woman.

I remember on one occasion being abandoned in the street after an SNP event as her, the SNP MP Chris Stephens and the organiser Richard Bache all jumped into her car and sped off down the road I had to walk back. Richard Bache was a friend of William Begg, the limbs in the Loch killer. Homosexual Begg’s prison hobby is taking the State to Court on any matter. 

Although I didn’t protest about such ill treatment by Hunter, I did at the time think I had been put in with a group of ignorant pigs. On another occasion Ms. Hunter at a Glasgow election count thought it was acceptable to belittle me by swearing and shouting abuse at me in front of a group of people. Since, I had given my word not to cause trouble at the counts, to Bache, I didn’t respond but it reinforced my opinion that I shouldn’t have been active in the Pollok Branch of the SNP.

Another thing about Ms. Hunter was the fact she was incredibly lazy, year on year in the Govan Ward, she rarely came out to work with the activists. Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond prior to the Hunter’s epic Glasgow City Council defeat in 2012 said she was a great leader, full of compassion and natural authority etc etc, all the good things you would expect and all what Ms. Hunter lacked in spades.

In the early days of my SNP membership, I noticed quite early on the lack of education, to that end I proposed a teaching in 2010, at the hustings in 2011; I even mentioned this to unpopular Nicola Sturgeon in front of a group of people. 3 years later and with the death of Ms. Hunter, the SNP announced the Allison Hunter Training School.

The joke was not lost on me, symbolism to make a gesture to give someone a status they didn’t earn and didn’t deserve.

If Hunter did ‘train up’ the modern SNP as claimed, a rather poor job she made of it, her product is little better than feral animals.

I agree with Sir Gerald Kaufman, these people who are supposed to be the best of best from SNP Candidate selection are little more than ‘goons’.

Kaufman said:

“I think that their conduct is infantile. I don’t know what they’re trying to prove. It’s all very well for them to try to sit in a block, but to move one of the longest-serving members of parliament out of a seat that he’s occupied for decades, it’s stupid.”

As well being infantile, members of the ‘feeble have also been reprimanded by parliamentary staff for taking selfies, which breaks the Palace of Westminster’s strict no-photography rules.

After being told it was customary to applaud in the Commons chamber by a Conservative MP, what did the SNP do?

They applauded.

One of the amusing things in this sorry episode which has years to run is that Pete Wishart, one of the SNP most senior members, was allegedly called the "biggest clown in Parliament" by Labour's chief whip in the row about seating in the Commons.

On twitter, I said that there shouldn’t be such a rush to judgment, this wasn’t a defence of Pete Wishart but rather an observation that the Labour Chief Whip had by passed many contenders for the title in the new SNP intake.

For example; the odious Natalie McGarry has started to expose herself as a fool already, and will certainly provide more ammunition for opposition members to use in the coming years.

McGarry tweeted recently:

“As long as in your heart and your head you believe sovereignty lies with the people, doesn't matter what comes out your mouth.”

This led many people on Twitter to ask, did Natalie McGarry ‘lie’ as she was being sworn in as an MP?

Another person to watch out for is Chris Law out of Dundee, he has ‘dick’ written all over him.

What Sir Gerald Kaufman is seeing what many people suspected but few dared to say until recently, the SNP is a cult, the cult is like feral animals, and there will come a time, when the animals will find out the difference between, tolerated and accepted, at Westminster.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, May 21, 2015

NY 5th Ave explosion, a George Laird Production

Prime Minister David Cameron gets ready for the biggest bun fight of the Westminster 2015 term, the referendum on continued EU membership, given the EU caved in over Greece to some degree, Cameron make get wiggle room for his proposed EU reforms, but it’s dangerous waters to sail in

Dear All

One of the most interesting aspects of the 2015 Parliament will be the referendum on Britain’s continued European Union membership. Ted Heath, the Conservative Prime Minister in 1973 signed to take us into what was then called the Common Market. This was the end of a process which had lasted about 10 years have been blocked by General Charles de Gaulle of France.

Ted Heath signed on behalf of Britain and we started our membership which so far has lasted 42 years, give or take. You could say in many respects the European Union as it was to become has brought stability to Europe. That being said, there are also negative aspects which centre round loss of sovereignty of the current 28 member countries which lead people to call for EU reform.

I am in favour of EU, which is why I believe that the continual growth of the EU has been detrimental to its security, both economically and strategically. Some people believe in what is called a ‘United States of Europe’, this would lead to loss of sovereignty with member parliaments being effectively rubber stamps for EU legislation.

David Cameron will press ahead with the referendum by publishing the parliamentary bill, to satisfy is backbenchers who have been pretty vocal on their displeasure about how the EU has interacted with Britain. Although, the Conservatives did take Britain into Europe and section of the Party has always been anti EU right from the start; and that hasn’t died down.

The Bill will no doubt be the centre piece of the Queen’s speech next week, David Cameron will be keeping his word to make sure that his final term as Prime Minister is as trouble free as possible, although, he plans controversial legislation on a range of issues. This Bill more or less guarantees him getting his programme through; the vote when it finally comes is scheduled to take place in 2017.

The Prime Minister will no doubt campaign for a majority to stay in, but his backbenchers won’t be whipped. The EU provokes strong emotions, so the opposition which will be Ukip, will face off against the Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems and the SNP. 

Cameron is not alone when calling for EU reform, another group called Open Europe think tank has been campaigning for major changes to the EU is backing his bid. This group seem to feel that he stands a good chance of success on EU negotiations. The EU has recently bent over backwards in the matter of Greece and their issue of threatening default on their debt, so there maybe wiggle round. However, that being said, David Cameron must produce a package of extensive reforms to justify his position that might not be so easy.

Any agreements will have to be signed off by Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor.

Some of the reforms being suggested are:

Restrictions on in-work benefits for EU migrants for four years

Safeguards for non-eurozone members in the EU’s single market – by allowing such countries to suspend “qualified majority voting” if a proposal impinges on their rights

 A “red card” to allow national parliaments to club together to block new EU legislation
Amending the EU’s historic mission, enshrined in the treaty of Rome, to foster an “ever closer union among the peoples of Europe” 

I would like to come back to my idea, that what is needed in the EU is an internal EU immigration policy, if reforms are to take place, piecemeal won’t cut it, it is essential that the founding principles of the EU are kept, but without a shift and change of focus, the EU will and has become unmanageable, effectively growth of enlargement has paralysed the organisation. Greece is a good example of how it can all go terribly wrong for a country when an economy falls out of sync with the rest of Europe. The Euro sounds good in principle, however in application it is too inflexible because the currency only works well when everything is booming, the downturn hit many countries in the EU very badly.

There is a school of thought that Britain if it leaves the EU would be much better off and able to trade easier and more successfully with the rest of the world, and in particularly the Commonwealth. It would seem that the cutting of ‘red tape’ should also figure rather highly on the list for David Cameron to campaign on.

Raoul Ruparel, Open Europe’s head of economic research, said:

“David Cameron will be squeezed between those who say no substantial reforms in Europe are possible and those who seek to set the bar so high that it is effectively code for exit before even trying to fundamentally reform the EU. He should ignore both camps and instead seek to balance the priorities of the UK public, businesses and his own party along with the achievability of the reforms in Europe.”

The problem is which ever way he turns, someone isn’t going to be happy, and there isn’t a middle ground. Unless David Cameron can get control of Britain’s borders, and refuse entry unless conditions are met, he stands a good chance of having a continual running sore through-out his last term in Office as Prime Minister.

An internal EU immigration policy solves many problems.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University