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The Chiltern Hundreds, is it time that former elected SNP MP Michelle Thomson applied for the Chiltern Hundreds, she secured a £5k cheque from a convicted mortgage fraudster for Business for Scotland, her career is sunk, Nicola Sturgeon is badly damaged, her husband, SNP Chief Executive Peter Murrell has questions to answer, and the Police investigation rolls on, that Camel’s back is broken now!

Dear All

The more the (ex) SNP MP Michelle Thomson story keeps rolling the more ‘goodies’ it is spinning up, as I said previously, this story is too good, it’s too sweet, it's a gold mine.

John Swinney, the SNP Finance Minister said:

Michelle Thomson was a friend of his, I wonder if he regrets saying she is a friend now, she is damaged goods and anyone tagged to her will certainly be less Teflon.

It now transpires that the former SNP MP allegedly secured a £5,000 cheque for Business for Scotland, seen by many as another SNP front organisation from a convicted mortgage fraudster.

Convicted mortgage fraudster!

With friends likes these who needs enemies.

I wonder; at what stage will Michelle Thomson apply for the Chiltern Hundreds.

The Chiltern Hundreds was an ancient administrative area in Buckinghamshire, England, composed of three "hundreds" and lying partially within the Chiltern Hills. "Taking the Chiltern Hundreds" now refers to the legal procedure used to effect resignation from the British House of Commons.

If she decides to take that, it won’t help her in her current problems, but it will create a by-election in Edinburgh West.

So, who is the convicted mortgage fraudster who wants Scottish independence which is rapidly becoming a less noble cause under Nicola Sturgeon?

Jamie Rae, he was previously dubbed up in prison for fifteen months, prison seems mighty popular for people involved in politics, we have seen so many carted off like Tommy Sheridan, the Birdman of Barlinnie; he did a stint in the pokey over the News of the World scandal.

So, the question comes to mind is this, why did Michelle Thomson take a cheque for £5,000 from a convicted mortgage fraudster?

At what point did she think this was a good idea?

And apparently, Thomson had alleged “shared business interests” with Jamie Rae, so other questions come to mind, what were the alleged shared business interests?

Rae said:

“For the record, I can say categorically I have never had any business dealings with Michelle Thomson”

As to Ms Thomson’s email claim about “shared business interests”, he said:

“That is BS [bulls**t]...rubbish. I don’t know why she would write that.”

Yes, that is another question to add to the list for Ms Thomson to reply to, it seems there is a lot of confusion about who did what with whom and where, and incidentally both of these people were in the past elected SNP members to public office.

So, what about Jamie Rae, well it seems that he was a former SNP Councillor who admitted multiple counts of mortgage and housing benefit fraud totalling £133,000.

£133,000 is a lot of money.

Labour MSP Jackie Baillie said:

"This simply raises further questions about who SNP MP Michelle Thomson was associated with. Jamie Rae is a convicted mortgage fraudster. The more we know about this story the more unseemly it becomes."

Quite so ma’am!

Given that Michelle Thomson has 17 houses, I wonder if in the near future she will make a bid for the Chiltern Hundreds which was an ancient administrative area in Buckinghamshire, England, or will the appeal of £74,000 a year for another 4 and a half years be too good to pass up.

One thing is certain, the SNP like to get rid of people who threaten or damage their cult, I don’t see Michelle Thomson coming back, things are bad enough but now it is known she is connected to a convicted mortgage fraudster, this is one straw that would cripple a camel’s back.

Game over Michelle Thomson, time to clean out the locker and move on to life outside politics!

Scotland's senior law officer says police will 'follow the evidence' in the criminal investigation they are running, presumably they won’t have time to stop off for an ice cream from Jamie Rae, he used to be a former ice cream salesman.

Now, finally, what did Nicola Sturgeon’s husband Peter Murrell know? I think it is time that a spotlight should be pointed in his direction until we get answers.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

‘Hug a Paedo’ Part 2, SNP MSP Christine Grahame does massive U turn over supporting hiding rapists and paedophiles in mainly working class deprived communities, public outrage to the idea was massive and instant, we have an SNP Justice Convenor in Grahame who is a political liability, how much longer must Scots suffer these fools in power?

Dear All

Do you remember the lyric; “What a difference a day makes”!

No, well it is from an old song, with old age we generally expect wisdom, but that isn’t always the case, some times we get rank stupidity or feeble mindedness thrust upon us by someone in a position of authority.

And rank stupidity was no more able displayed than by 6 SNP MSPs who called for rural sex offenders to be moved into towns and cities where they could be hidden and have anonymity.

If you took the time to read my ‘hug a paedo’ post, you will know that I am against this, it was badly thought-out, dangerous and irresponsible. So people as they get older lost the plot entirely, SNP Justice Committee convener Christine Grahame Holyrood motion calling for the privacy of rapists and paedophiles shows she needs replaced as Justice Committee convener.

Her judgment is badly warped!

This is one of the failures of Holyrood, it is full of second class politicians who are plainly out of their depth, when I say ‘second class’ I am using this as an expression, their ranking in my eyes is much lower than second class. Holyrood motions have been somewhat simple minded in the past, people wanting to raise trivia as something meaningful.

It now transpires that outrage stirred up by the opposition politicians and the public has forced Christine Grahame into doing a U turn faster than Nicola Sturgeon knocking back taking in a Syrian refugee into her home.

I am not opposing Christine Grahame based on her politics, I am opposing her because she is wrong, utterly wrong. The stupidity is bad enough but what she advocated was putting the lives of children and women in danger.

Why couldn’t she see this as an outcome of her Holyrood motion?

In law there is a human right to privacy, where does that human right stop?

Is it privacy everywhere?

Is it privacy in your home?

Is it privacy in a public place?

Is it privacy on private property?

You have the right to privacy in your home; you have no expectation of privacy in a public place. This doesn’t mean that you to identify yourself to anyone, unless of course you are driving a motor vehicle or you are being arrested by Police. You can lawfully wander about the place doing your own thing as long as it is legal and doesn’t infringe the rights or property of others.
When high-risk registered sex offender Stuart Leggate was dumped in a neighbourhood, the residents and their children had no protection, Leggate did; he had the social workers on his side. 8 year old Mark Cummings who was beaten, strangled and sexually abused was failed by their system; Leggate previously had abused a toddler and attacked two other children.

Leggate should have never been placed near children.

Margaret-Ann Cummings told BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland yesterday:

“He moved somewhere where he could mingle with families and, obviously, he picked his victim. If they’re wanting to move sex offenders in to protect them, they should give the community a heads-up. They can’t dump them in a community and not let anyone know. We aren’t out for vigilante attacks; we just want to protect our children.”

In doing her U turn, SNP MSP Christine Grahame says now she wants SNP Ministers to review how registered sex offenders are dealt with across Scotland.

It appears after screwing up; Grahame has run out of ideas, her last one rather panned quickly due to massive public disapproval.

Lots of people say this is a difficult issue, but is it?

Putting these sex beasts with people unaware of their past is unacceptable, and having them live beside their victims is untenable. These people should remain in the areas they commit their crimes, in another part of the constituency away from their victims. If sex beasts know that they cannot escape to another area and have anonymity, it may deter some crimes from happening.

No system will ever be perfect because of the predatory nature of these people.

Lots of people with flag up chance of vigilante attacks against these people, but we should remember that there is a justice system and people who set themselves up as vigilantes will face the full weight of the law against them. There are some crimes that society which means the public cannot and will not forgive. When I asked people today, would they like a rapist or paedophile housed next door to them, the answer was a universal No!

Not surprising is it?

SNP MSP Christine Grahame said:

“It’s a terribly difficult area. I think we have to look at how we deal with these people when they’re released so that communities feel safe and it’s not working completely just now.”

Could that be to do with bad judgment on the part of the people managing offenders?

Grahame added:

“What I was looking at was an instance in my constituency where Robert Greens, a rapist, was released from prison. He had to be returned to Midlothian, where he had committed the offence. The community were in an uproar and couldn’t do anything about it because the rules are such that he had to go there. I never mentioned
vigilantes in my motion. I’m looking at what would be in the best interest of communities.”

How is having a rapist or paedophile hidden in a community, in the best interest of community?

What kind of bullshit logic is this?

Do you see what I mean about my claim of a genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party, forget law, forget human rights, leave aside due process, take it right back to the bone, is having a rapist or paedophile hidden in a community right?

The answer is no!

It doesn’t matter what spin, clever argument you stick up or fling together, it always comes out as wrong.

The fact that 6 SNP MSPs got behind this Holyrood motion should be an eye opener to Joe Public.

I guess ‘Hug a Paedo’ will flung on the back burner by SNP Ministers until after Holyrood 2016, given the paralysis of Nicola Sturgeon’s government, she will probably farm it out to as wide a body of experts as possible for a range of options.

The SNP have a history of kicking problems into the long grass in the hope they go away or someone else solves their problem for them.

Finally, I also guess that Nicola Sturgeon will continue with her staged managed photo ops with children now there has been a U turn, a key part of the attempt to make her likeable to women and children.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Scotland’s unpopular First Minster Nicola Sturgeon says she will shed no "crocodile tears" over Labour's "pitiful and sad" demise, if Sturgeon thinks this ‘have a laugh’ at Labour will deflect the public from the Michelle Thomson story then she is sadly deluded

Dear All

If you are Nicola Sturgeon, you are desperate to turn the public and media’s attention away from the Michelle Thomson story.

It’s too good; it’s too sweet a story to walk away from.

What did Nicola Sturgeon know?

What did her husband Peter Murrell know?

Why is Pete Wishart squealing about the Thomson story like he accidentally trapped his bollocks between the bath and the wash hand basin in the toilet?

What involvements did the SNP Candidate for Provan have with Michelle Thomson?

Why are the SNP secretly planning for a by-election in Edinburgh West?

Who in the SNP ordered this?

Was it Nicola Sturgeon?

Was it Peter Murrell, the SNP Chief Executive?

Did Nicola Sturgeon believe Michelle Thomson when she said she was innocent?

Did Peter Murrell, the SNP Chief Executive believe Michelle Thomson when she said she was innocent?

See what I meaning about questions, they could be stacked higher than cow shit, if stacking cow shit is your past time. You would need a lot of cows shitting 24/7 to keep ahead of the questions regarding this saga.

Yesterday, I read a Pete Wishart tweet which indicated he was unhappy about the Mainstream media’s continual coverage of the Michelle Thomson story.

What difference does it make to him because Thomson resigned the SNP whip and now sits as an independent?

Is it because one of the ‘victims’ in this Thomson saga was a cancer victim?

In an attempt to divert attention away from Thomson and the SNP, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon has decided to go with the demise of the Labour Party in the UK. This would tend to suggest that the SNP had been successful right from the start; the Nationalists have been going about 80 years. They have only been successful for about 8 years, hardly a legacy of achievement. It is hardly worth bumping your gums over, Sturgeon joined the SNP when about 16; she is 45 now.

Parties like families rise and fall; that is the nature of politics, Labour’s fall has been particularly hard, in Scotland, the worse result since 1918. That failure didn’t happen over night, many people were involved in the slide downwards; mostly due to their lack of commitment to the voters they were elected to serve.

In an interview with Alastair Campbell, (his brother used to work in the Glasgow University library) ex director of communications for Tony Blair, Sturgeon says that Labour was not "capable" of providing strong opposition to the Conservative government.

And in another bizarre part of her statement she goes onto to say that the SNP was "filling that void".

It takes more than sitting in other people’s seats to fill a void, it takes more than just carping, it takes more than money comes from ‘magic money trees’ to be a credible opposition. Unlike most people I know some of the SNP MPs from my time as a former SNP member; they aren’t quality by any means.
Labour has a new leader, Jeremy Corbyn, he succeeded Ed Miliband, Miliband lost the election in both Scotland and England by sitting on the fence. He thought he could ‘hedge his bets’ and try and do a deal with the SNP if the numbers didn’t work out in his favour. The Tories used this to stir up people against him, by the time he did climb off the fence with a no deal pledge, it was too late.

Ed Miliband should have said no deals with the Nationalists under any circumstances right from the start, he gave the impression by default it is was okay to vote SNP and still get a Labour Government. Of course, that isn’t the whole picture; Labour in Scotland didn’t see or choose to turn a blind eye to the rot that had set in over decades because some people were dragging the party down.

Do you remember me banging on about how the Labour Party needed to do a cull of Glasgow Labour Councillors? It seems yet again, I got in there first, there was a cull and about 20 people were de-selected for various reasons.

I didn’t agree with all the de-selection choices but that cull saved Labour from being defeated in 2012 after a considerably period of bad press which was for the most part self inflicted.

Some elected people at the MP level, thought it was a good idea not to work but have the constituent do it for them, and then they would sign the covering letter or simply blank the constituent altogether. Why work when the votes were ‘in the bag’ appeared to be some people’s attitude, the thing with public discontent is that it is like oil in a water system; eventually a small drop ruins the entire supply.

The results of Westminster 2015 speak for themselves. 

One thing which the Scottish Labour Party is waking up to is that things have changed politically in so many ways, now it will be hard graft all the way to win, and like puppies, the Labour Party will find out that politically campaigning isn’t just for Xmas.

15 minutes at FMQs in Holyrood won’t cut it for voters; Labour will have to return to the values of public service. In the old days, you could rely on your elected representative, these days that confidence is gone; some people think that if they are loyal to the party machine then everything will be ‘all right’.

It won’t.

It might take a couple of bods to get you selected as a candidate but it takes a majority vote in an entire constituency to elect you to public office. When I was younger, I thought that elected people must be special in some way, when I got into politics I found that wasn’t the case by any means. This is one of the reasons that I urge anyone who wishes to stand for public office to give it ago, I did in October 2013, came 7th out of 14 people standing. If I had more time, I reckon I could have placed 5th or possibly 4th.

When I listen to Nicola Sturgeon saying that Labour is not "capable" of providing strong opposition to the Conservative government, I think back to her previous statements and remember how she got it spectacularly wrong.

Anyone remember her crowing about how the SNP would win the Glasgow City Council election 2012?

How about how the SNP would win Scottish independence?

The SNP have benefited from the failure of other people, this isn’t the same as being successful in their own right, when Jim Murphy who was the former leader of Scotish Labour said rather quickly after winning the leadership that he had fixed Labour’s problems, I thought that was a remarkable statement.

The problem was some of the people, and they were still in positions which they needed to be removed from, yes, a cull was needed by due to the run in to Westminster 2015, this couldn’t happen. So Labour went into an election with people that the public had turned away from, and didn’t want, they paid the price for the public wanting change. 

Labour has make a start in wanting to bring back its fortunes, of course that will involve a lot of ‘discussion’ to get policies and new people to take Labour forward, and none of this can be based on what the problems of the SNP are.

The Michelle Thomson saga is interesting from the point of view that the SNP have positioned their cult members as the ‘social justice champions of Scotland’, this is a lie to fool the gullible, and at present, the lie has worked, but you can’t fool the people all the time. The Police are investigating the Thomson saga which might result in someone getting charged with criminal offences of alleged mortgage fraud.

And because Michelle Thomson is close to Nicola Sturgeon and the senior SNP leadership who actively endorsed her, everything will be gone over with a fine tooth comb. The damage to Michelle Thomson is huge, which explains why the SNP are backing away from her at a rate of knots, so far I haven’t seen any MP, MSP, MEP or Councillor stand by her, I discount what Wishart is saying because the media blowtorch is now turned towards Nicola Sturgeon and her husband Peter Murrell, the SNP Chief Executive.

I have said it before and I will say it again, Nicola Sturgeon and her husband Peter Murrell are rats, it is interesting that although Thomson jumped from the ‘rat ship’, the ‘Civic Nationalists’ have no loyalty to Thomson, hence secretly planning for a by-election.

This shows that the SNP isn’t just substance lite as we well know, but the people in it are remarkable shallow and quick to turn on each other. If Thomson does make a comeback, she will know a lot more about the SNP than she did previously, she knows that trust doesn’t exist.

Speaking of "filling that void", I doubt Sturgeon’s opinion of Scottish Labour will really turn the spotlight away from Michelle Thomson and the SNP, it is as I said, too good and too sweet a story to walk away from.

This is one story which will run and run, especially because one of the people affected by this is a cancer sufferer.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, October 5, 2015

‘Hug a Paedo’, Six SNP MSPs want to give guaranteed anonymity to rapists and paedophiles, these notorious sex beasts would be put in highly deprived working class areas to live without the knowledge of the local community, next time you see SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon hug a kid, you could be looking at her with a future potential victim

Dear All

Some time ago, I was a member of the audience in Clydebank Town hall for the BBC Big Debate which was hosted by Gordon Brewer. I recognised several of the panel from previous shows which tends to suggest the BBC operate an approved rota. One of the guests that day was the SNP MSP Gil Paterson; I first met him at the Bishopbriggs South by-election which was caused by the death of a Labour Councillor.

Circa May 2009!

Anyway, time for a quote:

“I sometimes think that Tories were born without a heart”.

SNP MSP Gil Paterson

This is from the Clydebank show as Paterson was in blame the Conservatives mode, which appears to be a standard SNP mantra at the present moment.

It seems however that Gil Paterson is all heart, he is one of six SNP MSPs who are calling sex offenders to be re-housed from rural areas to the big city were they can melt into the background and be guaranteed anonymity.

So, what do you think, are you happy that the SNP want to protect the privacy of rapists and paedophiles?

Everyone has the right to be protected from violence in law, even evil people; the worst of the worst have human rights. I did jury duty in the past, it is a thankless task; the first case I was picked for was a sex case of a man who allegedly had sexually abused a young girl about between 3 and 5 years old.

The case collapsed for whatever reason and the jurors were put back into the jury pool, I was then selected for an assault case. One of the jurors, a female said of the alleged sex beast, ‘he looks guilty’, I was appalled because the guy was dishevelled and wore thick glasses, looking like a tramp doesn’t mean you are a criminal.  

The person who proposed this motion of re-housing and therefore anonymity at Holyrood is none other than SNP MSP Christine Grahame, I have met her as well when she tried to float the argument on another BBC show that the Royal family were part of the reason for poverty of poor people.

I responded that the Royal family had setup charities such as the Princes Trust and the Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme to help young people get out of poverty and, it was politicians like her who were responsible by their lack of action to address inequality. By the look on her face, she didn’t like the reply coming out of my mouth, but as the old saying goes, truth hurts!

Have you ever noticed that some older people seem to lose the plot when they get older and their views come across as bizarre and extreme! Again some people when they get older tend to take sterner views of life as well as a shift toward the right wing.    

I have to say I am surprised that 5 SNP MSPs have backed this motion, because it shows a startling lack of judgement on their part. By their stupidity and yes, it is stupidity; they are putting the lives of women and children in danger.  

Anonymity maybe a great thing for sex offenders, but is it good for the public?

Put it another way, if you knew a big unexploded bomb was at the bottom of your street would you still walk pass it every day or would you want to take another route to avoid it?

Eight-year-old Mark Cummings and Karen Dewar, 16, were murdered by sex offenders who were parachuted into unsuspecting neighbourhoods.

Whose fault is that?

Obviously the People who killed them, and the social workers who dumped the sex offenders into those communities in the first place, and politicians who didn’t care enough to speak out, put in place adequate laws and systems to minimise risk.

Mark’s mum Margaret-Ann, 40, said:

“Part of the reason my son was killed was because a dangerous sex offender had been encouraged to move to a community where he wasn’t known. We need less of this sort of thing, not more of it. Once again, politicians are putting sex offenders and their human rights ahead of public safety.”

So, SNP MSPs want to re-house sex offenders in urban areas, do you know what that means, it means that these people will placed in the most deprived areas. You for example see rural sex offenders getting upmarket council housing in Newton Mearns or Bearsden. Statistics show that deprived areas are commonly used as dumping grounds for high risk offenders in Scotland.

SNP MSP Sandra White; who won a first past the post seat in 2011, represents Glasgow Kelvin. Part of her constituency covers Townhead; this is close to where schoolboy Mark Cummings was killed.

He was beaten, strangled and molested by Stuart Leggate.

Leggate was moved into the same block of flats as Mark’s family in Royston to escape his past, would Sandra White want Stuart Leggate next door to her? I seriously doubt it, what about Nicola Sturgeon who lives in Baillieston, is she willing to say publicly she has no problem with Leggate next door? Leggate was moved from Carnwath after abusing a toddler and attacking two other children.

The SNP has made a concerted attempted to win the women’s vote for the last several years, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon as can be seen by countless photos has used children in an attempt to portray herself as likeable. We should remember that the SNP are ‘users’ of vulnerable people, they don’t care what happens to them, they don’t care that working class people in deprived areas are carrying the burden of sex offenders being thrust into the midst without their knowledge or warning.

An SNP spokesman said:

“Our MSPs are free to lodge and sign motions as they wish.”

None of the SNP MSPs involved in signing the motion has responded to requests for a comment.

Is it because of shame?

Is it because they know they are wrong?

Is it because there is an election in 2016 for Holyrood?

Here is a question worth asking ‘caring’ Nicola Sturgeon, what kind of ‘social justice champion’ would place women and children in danger from rape, sexual abuse or murder?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, October 2, 2015

Dregs of humanity: Nicola Sturgeon refuses to rule out readmitting Michelle Thomson to the SNP, this toxic scandal goes right to the heart of ethics in politics, time to throw this line at Sturgeon, “How many vulnerable people have elected SNP members ripped off today Nicola, how many of them were cancer victims”?

Dear All

SNP MP Michelle Thomson currently a toxic independent MP is the gift that keeps on giving, having sunk her own career, the aftermath is that she is sinking and damaging the careers of SNP cabinet ministers who endorsed her business record.

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon has refused to rule out readmitting the Edinburgh West MP to her party when so many question her suitability to hold public office after the morality of her business affairs.

Sturgeon is the worst type of leader, common with no class, a little lower middle class immoral wretched creature who is destroying Scotland’s reputation, piece by piece, day by day.

I have said it before and I will say it again, the Scottish National Party is a party of the rich, run by the rich for the benefit of the rich.

The SNP were supposed to represent the new politics, people wanted change in Scotland and thought the SNP were that change, how wrong they were.

We know that there will be a Police Scotland investigation, but another interesting piece of fall out is the role of the Law Society of Scotland who have also been damaged, hence an emergency press conference to defend its delays in referring key information to the Crown Office.

The Law Society will probably be talked about more in the future in the press as the Police investigation and presumably a court case comes down the track.

Who knows who, who knew what and how they are all connected with certainly mulled over with a fine tooth comb! The Society has had to strongly deny speculation that a pro-independence campaigner, Lawyers for Yes punter, who served on the committee responsible for passing the case to prosecutors, may have held up the process.

Michelle Thomson's property dealings from what is in the public domain have caused massive concern, so much so that Thomson herself is damaged beyond repair, for her the SNP cannot take her back. Thomson built a £1.7 million property portfolio by purchasing homes from people in financial distress.

Is that the hallmark of a social justice campaigner?

Is that the ethics of the new SNP politics?

Is that someone who cares about Scotland?

Alex Neil, the Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, said Thomson had an "excellent grasp of the economic picture" and "commitment to how business can be used to support social justice."
I wonder if Alex Neil now bitterly regrets saying those words in the light that a cancer sufferer was one of the people affected by this scandal.

And let’s be clear, it is a scandal.

Fiona Hyslop, the gaffe prone Culture Secretary who deserves to be removed as a minister described Thomson as an "ideal candidate" for Westminster. Ideal because in the mind of Hyslop, because Thomson had a "knowledge of business, and her passion to make Scotland a better place."

To quote Nicola Sturgeon:


Angela Constance; dubbed by some in the SNP as ‘Alice Cooper in drag’ was quick to praise Ms Thomson's track record during the referendum. I remember Angela Constance from Glasgow University, she was in the SRC and she was a clown.

She is still a clown.

For me although, he isn’t senior in the SNP, the best laugh was Jim Sillars, the former SNP deputy leader, he wrongly endorsed her "commitment to social justice and how we can support the poorest in our society."

Sillars is waking up to the grim reality, Scotland wants change and the SNP aren’t it, sure Thomson is in the firing now, but the SNP is a cult full of people who aren’t the right people to take Scotland forward.

It seems that questions aren’t just being directed towards Nicola Sturgeon, people are getting the idea that her husband Peter Murrell needs more light shone on him.   

Labour Leader Kezia Dugdale said:

"What we have here are vulnerable families losing out for the financial gain of others. Vulnerable people were taken advantage of as their homes were snapped up at knock down prices. That’s just not right”.

No, it isn’t right; in fact it stinks so bad that Thomson should be a campaign issue for the Holyrood election.

Let Nicola Sturgeon explain why vulnerable families lost out for the financial gain of others, let her justify this to the poor of Scotland who she had already is in the process of robbing them of their right to buy their council house.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson:

"These are very serious questions in relation to ethics and morality, especially for a party which so shamelessly regards itself as worldly superior to everyone else. Surely the First Minister can agree no senior spokesperson should exploit the poor and vulnerable in this way, and that anyone who does has no future in the party."

I would like to see the people that front ‘community justice’ dog Sturgeon on the campaign trail scream:

“How many vulnerable people have elected SNP members ripped off today Nicola, how many of them were cancer victims”?

I guess we will be seeing a lot of photos of Nicola with kids for the foreseeable future, the poorer the better, a human shield to protect a wretched individual who is unworthy of leadership, let alone government.

“How many vulnerable people have elected SNP members ripped off today Nicola, how many of them were cancer victims”?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Police Scotland ordered by the Crown Office to investigate Michelle Thomson property allegations, mortgage fraud is a serious offence, people get sent to prison if convicted of that crime, SNP losing the public trust, Nicola Sturgeon says she had “no knowledge”, the SNP had "no knowledge", is the SNP really ‘stronger for Scotland’ Nicola?

Dear All

Deary, deary me, it didn’t take long did it?

The SNP sent the ‘feeble 56’ to Westminster to ‘stand up for Scotland’ and in less than a year, less than 6 months, already the Nationalists have been dogged by scandal and stupidity.

The ‘feeble 56’ are now the ‘feeble 55’.

Michelle Thomson, was one of the people who ran the pro-independence Business for Scotland, most of the ‘businesses’ were looked up by people online and the results were less than impressive.

If you ran a hot dog stand, supported independence, had a few staff, you could have been seen as a ‘big player’ in Business for Scotland.

Business for Scotland, what a load of rubbish! (said loud in a football style chant!)

After fronting this crap, Michelle Thomson was selected as an SNP Candidate; unpopular Nicola Sturgeon was promoting women as part of her drive to win the women’s vote. So, in comes Michelle Thomson and by pure bad luck for the people of Edinburgh West, she gets elected.

Goes to Westminster, and then she claims she is the victim of a smear campaign as her email account is released from a data hack on adultery website Ashley Madison. Of course, adultery is nothing new in the Scottish National Party as many of the leading Nationalists like to shag behind their partner’s back.

Dishing out ‘social justice’ between someone’s legs… stronger for Scotland!

Anyway, we now find out that Michelle Thomson; appointed the SNP's business spokeswoman has been suspended from the party after resigning the whip, by doing so, her party membership is also suspended.

So, what the big deal about this time?

Well, it seems that Police Scotland (acting as the forces of law and order) are investigating serious allegations that her property dealings potentially involved mortgage fraud. Mortgage fraud is a rather sticky wicket; they put people in prison for that sort of thing. At present Michelle Thomson said she was looking forward to being cleared of any wrongdoing and pledged to co-operate with the Police Scotland probe.

She is claiming she is innocent.

I remember during the Bill Walker case, Bill Walker also said countless times that he was innocent was well, Walker another close pal of Nicola Sturgeon had 24 charges against him, when the jury found him guilty, he was found guilty of 24 charges against him. His pal Nicola Sturgeon didn’t attend his trial, send him a cake with a file in it, or visit him in prison. Almost overnight Bill Walker went from SNP MSP to persona non grata at Holyrood.

12 months in the pokey, commonly known as jail or prison, or being dubbed up.

To show what stand up guys they are down at Police Scotland, they are saying Ms Thomson was not currently subject of an investigation.

Bless their law abiding cotton socks!

The withdrawal of the SNP party whip from Thomson at Westminster also means that she is now an independent.

It has been ages since Scotland had an independent ‘Nationalist’ MP at Westminster; maybe she can form her own party. As well as the whip going, she is no longer the spokeswoman for Business, Innovation and Skills.

And she is politically toxic!

The news of the alleged mortgage fraud is a major embarrassment to Nicola Sturgeon who kept telling everyone that ‘SNP women will get things done’, certainly this looks rather badly from a PR point of view.

This bad news follows straight after Nicola Sturgeon back tracked on taking in Syrian refugees to her homestead in Baillieston, poor starving little Syrian children going cold and hungry as Nicola enjoys two big houses to roam about in while eating hot curries.

With the Thomson story breaking, the opposition yet again has decided to ask the most ignorant woman in Scottish politics, Ms Sturgeon what she knew about her MP's background prior to Thomson passing selection as an SNP candidate.

This is quite easy, Sturgeon like in the Bill Walker case knew nothing; Nicola never knows anything about anything, blind, deaf and dumb like the three little monkeys.

Obviously with Thomson’s solicitor, Christopher Hales, being struck off and having a key role in 13 deals closely related to Ms Thomson property business, this case will attract a huge amount of public interest, and the press will be all over this and how close Thomson is to the senior SNP leadership.

See the picture above, don't Nicola and Michelle look real chummy, bestest buddies, amigos.

After a ruling by the Scottish Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal into this affair, matters became rather sticky, which led to the information being passed to the Crown Office.  Police Scotland then became involved on the instructions of the Crown Office; this is one case which is doing to have to go the distance.

Obviously, there will be a great deal of interest in Thomson’s Solicitor Christopher Hales, who was struck off, his story will certainly be of massive interest to everyone and his dug.

Scottish Conservative chief whip John Lamont wants the SNP to explain this affair and who can blame him for his interest.

He added: ‎

"Having tried to ignore these serious allegations for 48 hours, the SNP has hit the panic button. The SNP promised a new politics at Westminster. It has taken a matter of weeks for their shine to wear off."

Scottish Labour said:

"It is now vital that the SNP come clean about this situation, and who knew what, when. Michelle Thomson was vetted by the SNP and deemed to be an acceptable candidate for an election. Senior cabinet ministers have backed her citing her business dealings”.

This little gem caught my eye, and I am sure it would have caught the eye of Nicola Sturgeon, a business partner of Ms Thomson's purchased a home for £64,000 from a cancer sufferer, then sold it to Ms Thomson for £95,000 the same day.

Ms Thomson then allegedly got a 'cashback' payment of more than £28,000 from her business partner.

The £28,000 payment and the fact that her business partner had owned the home for less than six months, wasn't allegedly disclosed to the lender. The lender had allegedly provided a mortgage based on a purchase price of £95,000.Under guidelines, the mortgage company should have been made aware of both details.

Thomson said:

“Once the investigation is concluded I look forward to returning to play a full role in party activities. I will be making no further comment on this matter."

If I was unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, I would say that as a punishment, the £28,000 from the Stirling deal should be paid to the cancer sufferer or if they are deceased then the person's family, before there is even a discussion of accepting Thomson back as an SNP MP.

And if Thomson found this unacceptable, then I would terminate any future discussion or membership application.

Cancer sufferer Nicola, think on that bunny!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University