Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Airwolf helicopter flying along railroad tracks - A George Laird Production

Dear All

Here is a clip I have been working on using a 3d model helicopter, the model is Airwolf, a great tv show of the past, I finally got the rotors to turn properly.


Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, August 13, 2018

SNP Neglect and Abandonment, Nicola Sturgeon’s Govanhill defence leaves residents of the Govanhill ghetto totally unimpressed, the problem is leadership and her elected SNP ‘pals’ aren't up to the job, a few wheelie bins, an upgraded cleansing service and a new cycle route would bring in gentrification of the area, could Nicola Sturgeon face being back on the Holyrood list?

Dear All

Govanhill is a byword for political neglect in Scotland.

Govanhill falls within the constituency of SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, but far from being an area which is pristine, the Nationalist leader has left the area to run down and become crime ridden.

Govanhill is now Scotland's first third world ghetto!

Recently SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon used the press to do a piece in a Sunday newspaper to insist she was working on problems in Govanhill, frankly her defence of her representation of the Glasgow Southside seat is bizarre.

One of the SNP Councillors in the area is the woefully inept Mhairi Hunter, if you check her register of interests on the council website, you can see that Hunter gets well paid for her political offices as well as being paid as an SNP Councillor, she has these ‘jobs’:

P/T Constituency Assistant to Nicola Sturgeon MSP
Co-chair Glasgow City Integration Joint Board
Board Member NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board

Incredibly isn’t it, not the jobs, but how someone so dense gets these positions, but in case you think it is a mystery, allow me to help, Mhairi Hunter is Nicola Sturgeon’s pal, and has been her election agent in the past. In the old days, you heard the phrase ‘jobs for the boys’ in this case, it is very much ‘jobs for the girls’.

The fact that Nicola Sturgeon has been forced to defend the management of her ghetto at the heart of her constituency after repeated complaints from residents shows that the work of ‘Let’s Save Govanhill’ is working. I suspect that her renew interest in the area goes beyond a PR exercise, I suspect that the SNP vote is falling to a point that possibly could see Nicola Sturgeon go back on the Holyrood list to be an MSP.

The fight to rid Govanhill of Nicola Sturgeon is one of the greatest challenges that other political parties have more or less ignored.

Unsurprisingly the residents are highly unimpressed with Sturgeon's Govanhill defence. The squalor and filthy in the area requires action, action which Nicola Sturgeon refuses to take, along with her SNP Council led by the ineffective Susan Aitken. The SNP are masters at the shallow public relations exercise, but despite this residents have made an impressive impact and case for action.

Most of the political representation in the Glasgow Southside seat is SNP, there is no excuse that Nicola Sturgeon can give, no one else to blame, no pointing the finger at Westminster and no pointing the finger at Holyrood.

This time the blame entirely lies with Nicola Sturgeon.

One thing which Sturgeon did say is that rumours that the area’s slum and infested tenements are to be bulldozed are wrong.  Sturgeon said she was “well aware that Govanhill faces some very specific challenges”, but what are these ‘specific challenges’? It seems that the SNP leader knows them but isn’t willing to publicly talk about them.

The answer is migrants; migrants turned Govanhill into a third world ghetto, along with Muslim slum landlords who failed to keep up the maintenance of their properties. The high ethic vote which Nicola Sturgeon depends on is said by some to be one of the reasons for the inactivity of the SNP leader and the elected Councillors to take a leadership role.

So, what is the ‘Sturgeon defence’?

Well, the defence is based on doing the least amount of work to appear active such as:

A clampdown on rogue landlords,
A unique cleansing service to fight fly-tipping,
New wheelie bins to help solve problems with “vermin”.
A new cycle route

Yes, clearly the SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon and her other elected SNP cohorts are clearly out of their depth, her defence is risible. The idea that a cycle route is attracting people and businesses to the area is quite frankly laughable; a cycle route through the ghetto means suddenly it will become gentrified?

Does that mean Govanhill will become as trendy as Glasgow’s ‘West End’?

Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t give a monkey’s cuss about Govanhill, but Sturgeon has plenty of time for LGBT events, she has plenty of time to travel to London to watch the Tennis, she has plenty of time to travel to Brussels to give speeches, but the truth is that she has limited time for the people of Govanhill.

Fiona Jordan, of the Let’s Save Govanhill campaign group, said Ms Sturgeon’s comments reminded her of Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

She said:

“That article is an exercise in damage limitation by Nicola Sturgeon and her PR team. In the real world, Nicola should tell us the outcomes for the millions of pounds that have been spent in Govanhill. It has been nothing more than a band-aid to cover up or deflect from her dereliction of duty and failure to manage Govanhill. She has overseen the creation of a ghetto in 21st century Scotland and we have to live in it.”

Fiona Jordan is right about Nicola Sturgeon fiddling like Nero while Rome burned, her SNP elected officials aren’t fit for purpose, the obscene fact her ‘pal’ Mhairi Hunter is listed as a PT Constituency Assistant to Nicola Sturgeon and a councillor for the same area is a sick joke.

Given that Nicola Sturgeon felt compelled to publicly write her defence in the papers says a lot to me, it says that the SNP vote in the area is going down; it says to me that the SNP lies of being there to help have exploded in her face.

Govanhill is an area that needs stern measures taken against the ‘specific challenges’, the supposed crackdown on slum landlords isn’t really a crackdown. Glasgow City Council has set aside the money to buy up 500 properties in the Govanhill. In the press, it was hyped that these properties were seized in fact the slum landlords actually received a windfall courtesy of Nicola Sturgeon.

If you wonder why Nicola Sturgeon has been less than sterling in her efforts to fix Govanhill, why not have to look at the names of some of the banned slum landlords such as Usman Ul Haq, Abid Mahmood, Abdul Ali, Shazia Akhtar, Abdul Shakoor and Furrukh Saleem and then form your own opinion about the lack of action.

The credit for raising the profile and scale of the problems in Govanhill deservedly goes to Let’s Save Govanhill campaign group and their spokesperson Fiona Jordan, not the SNP MSP Nicola Sturgeon, not to the SNP MP Alison Thewliss, nor SNP Cllrs Mhairi Hunter and Alexander Belic.

On the Glasgow City Council website, SNP Cllr Mhairi Hunter is listed as a carer for her elderly father, one wonders given the state of ‘care’ she has delivered for residents in Govanhill, what are the conditions for the elderly father like?

Do you think he lives surrounded by rubbish and faeces as the residents of Govanhill do?

Finally, in one video when the residents group wanted to speak to Mhairi Hunter, she disappeared rather quickly shouting, 'am in a hurry', ....... busy doing nothing, working the whole day through, she like to be able to do the job...... but is more suited to using the loo!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

NY Square changing billboards using perspective corner pin - A George Laird production

Dear All

The low cost way of getting your picture and movie clip playing in New York City.

A George Laird production.......... this afternoon, budget film making at its best!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Totally Unfit for Purpose Under The SNP, Nicola Sturgeon’s Government introduces ‘health care rationing’ in Scotland's NHS as sick people are being denied health provision in order to ease waiting lists, the people of Scotland need to be the ‘surgeons’ that cut the cancer of the SNP from government via the ballot box

Dear All

The NHS, the health service is 70 years old, the creation of the NHS post war was one of the crowning achievements of UK Government which regardless of wealth, everyone was treated on the basis of need.

Under Nicola Sturgeon, the first SNP health minister, the health service went into decline, the ‘hands off’ and inability to have a vision for the service started to creep in, and in came spin plus, selected targets were used to promote Sturgeon as a health minister getting things done, when the opposite was the case.

In Scotland, there is a health crisis, a shortage of GPs, shortage of surgeons, waiting times missed from A&E, to cancer to surgery, Sturgeon left the health service severely damaged.

And so did the SNP Ministers who followed after her, they didn’t fight its corner as they should, it was supposed to be a flagship policy. The worst health minister after Nicola Sturgeon was her ‘pal’ Shona Robison, a woman so incompetent that everything was out of her depth.

Instead of pressing the case for having two deputy health ministers to assist and turn round the service, the SNP opted for the ‘one band man’ approach, spin that a single person at the helm was getting things done. It seems that illusion was more important to the SNP than the health of the patients.

The NHS has always been about treatment on the basis of need, now we find that opticians in Ayrshire have been told not to refer patients for second cataracts op to ease waiting times.

For the SNP, spin is more important to make Nicola Sturgeon look good than people’s well being. The sad fact is that under the SNP, patients in Ayrshire are being refused cataract surgery on a second eye under new restrictions. Sight loss campaigners and opticians are angry about this move, and rightly so, but it is time that the public became angry.  

The problems in Ayrshire stems from new rules have been implemented to ease pressure on the service there is a shortage of surgeons and theatre space to cope with demand. We now have in NHS Ayrshire and Arran rationing of treatment, this isn’t the first time this has happened. In 2017, the NHS Ayrshire and Arran introduced a strict threshold for cataracts surgery, to get treatment patients’ vision had to deteriorate below the legal standard for driving before they could get the proper treatment, and then be referred on for surgery.

Samantha Watson, chair of Optometry Scotland, said:

“There is some frustration amongst our colleagues in Ayrshire and Arran about this change in policy. Opticians in the area are at the frontline of care and have to manage patient expectations, which can be challenging in this situation. We would stress that, regardless of any policy change, an optometrist should be patients’ absolute first port of call for any eye issues. They are the ‘GPs of eyes’ and are best placed to assess eye health and decide on the path of care.”

The policy change is the wrong decision from a moral standpoint, health standpoint and contradicts guidelines recently issued by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

NICE concludes second eye cataract surgery is highly cost effective and should be offered using the same criteria as for first eye surgery. It also said access to cataract surgery should not be restricted on the basis of visual acuity.

David Stubley, 68 has cataracts in both eyes, his optician said that he does not qualify for referral because his sight is not yet poor enough, even though he experiences other debilitating side effects such as migraines, sensitivity to light, and milky vision.

David said:

“I think it is most unfair, not just for myself but the rest of the population of Ayrshire, that we are being arbitrarily made to accept approaching blindness or at least very restricted vision just on the basis that they decide this operation shouldn’t be done. If I was living in Inverclyde I would be able to say to my optician ‘can I get my cataracts done?’ and they would say ‘yes’. But because I live in Prestwick, I’m told I’ve just got to suffer it.”

Given his family history, Mr Stubley, said he was particularly concerned because his sister had developed glaucoma and his mother had suffered a burst blood vessel in her eye, which prevented her from undergoing cataract surgery. The NHS in Scotland is a Scotland wide service; if a patient cannot be treated in Ayrshire then alternative arrangements should be made.

I suppose the question should be asked, given that treatment should be done and the cost is around £3000 per eye, should there be a grant or award available that allows him to use another service provider?

In Ayrshire, there is only capacity for 75% of the patients who need treatment, due to not enough surgeons and facilities. As with everything, Nicola Sturgeon will try to blame anyone but herself for this, lack of surgeons, she will possibly try the old chestnut of ‘Brexit’. Lack of facilities would be fobbed off by the merger and centralisation of services, basically to hide the real problem which is cuts, cuts and more cuts.

A spokesman for the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) said:

"Cataract surgery is a very successful and cost-effective treatment. Denying this to people who need it is a false economy as people with sight loss are at greater risk of falls, depression and isolation which can result in more costs to the public purse.”

Ten years of SNP Government have seen the run down of the health service and the higher education system which has seen places for medicine and nurses cut, we shouldn’t have a shortage of surgeons, not in Scotland which has some of the finest medical schools in the UK. The SNP are running down Scotland to such an extent that services right across the board cannot cope.

The focus needs to be on what is the SNP spending taxpayer money on?

Finally, the problems in the NHS in Scotland didn’t happen overnight, they have built up over years, tenure of Nicola Sturgeon steered the ship ‘onto the rocks’, the replacements to her, didn’t try to refloat the ship, rather they were content to stay on the rocks kidding themselves on that the ‘ship was still at sea’. What is needed is a change of government with new ideas, ability to fix problems, and to get the NHS in Scotland back on its feet. The people of Scotland need to be the ‘surgeons’ that cut the cancer of the SNP from government via the ballot box.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, August 6, 2018

Jordan Peterson wipes the floor with biased BBC reporter, a classic example why people turn to other forms of alternative news

Dear All

Here is an example why people are rejecting mainstream media for news, in this classic example, a BBC reporter continually misrepresents a person's views.

The person in question is Jordan Peterson who has quite a following, basically what the BBC presenter did wrong was attempt to fight Peterson on subjects he doesn't know anything about only to get owned.

In many respects this interview is like the Cathy Newman interview, where Jordan Peterson slaughtered her as the opposition.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University