Tuesday, September 1, 2015

NX Enterprise spaceship test, a George Laird production

Scotland’s unpopular First Minster Nicola Sturgeon tries to become ‘St Nicola of Dreghorn’, she can’t change water into wine; she can’t feed the 5,000 with the SNP food bank con; beans for votes, no, it’s trying to convert abject failure to govern as a success story, what a wretched individual Sturgeon is as a human being

Dear All

It seems that Scotland’s unpopular First Minster Nicola Sturgeon is trying to create a miracle, she isn’t turning water into wine, she isn’t feeding 5,000 with a few loaves and fishes but she is trying to abject failure into success.

And then she hopes that the people of Scotland which some in the SNP call a ‘nation of drunks’ are so gullible that they will swallow it, she is about to claim that the SNP has laid the “strong foundations for a stronger Scotland”.

To quote Nicola Sturgeon, “bollocks”!

And no one is capable of drinking that much to believe her guff of strong foundations for a stronger Scotland without ending under the table.

Yes, it’s all utter rubbish out of her mouth, so what exactly is Nicola Sturgeon is talking about, where are these “strong foundations” she is talking about?

Do you know?

Any chance that possibly your dear old Mum and Dad knows?

What about the neighbours through the wall, could they know?

Strong foundations in SNP crony ridden Scotland are all about getting the taxpayer’s cash for its cult members:

The Ewing family. Former MP and SNP President Winnie Ewing is the mother of ministerial brother and sister duo Fergus and Annabelle Ewing.

The Gibson Family, Iris Gibson, former Glasgow SNP Councillor who stepped down this year, her son, Kenneth who is an MSP and his wife Patricia Gibson who is now an MP.

Leader of the SNP ‘rat ship’, Scotland’s own shop soiled white hope Nicola Sturgeon and her husband, Peter Murrell (the SNP’s Chief Executive), they manage to get about a quarter of a million a year from being anti poverty champions.

Sturgeon apparently used to employ both her sister Gillian and her mother at Holyrood. Her mother is also the SNP Provost of North Ayrshire Council. Money too tight mention in the Sturgeon household!

What about the odious Natalie McGarry, she is now an MP, her mother Alice McGarry, an SNP councillor in Fife. McGarry is also the niece of Holyrood Presiding Officer, former SNP MSP Tricia Marwick. Marwick has also employed her son at Holyrood as a constituency assistant since 2009.

President of the SNP and MEP, Ian Hudghton, he employed his wife to run his office for 15 years at the tax-payer's expense.

For a broader descriptive list of the “fairer” Scotland that Nicola Sturgeon has created, check out The Quiet No blog because you really do need to know how Nicola Sturgeon pissed on your back while telling you it was ‘rain’!

As we head into the final session of the Holyrood Parliament before the 2016 election, we have a health service that Sturgeon and her best pal Shona Robison balls up, a justice system in tatters after the tenure of Kenny MacAskill, a dud called Michael Matheson who deserves the nickname ‘mouse’ after disappearing. An education where children can read and write well, coupled with other failing standards and declining teacher numbers.  

Sturgeon will say she plans to use new powers coming to Scotland from the Smith Commission both “creatively and wisely”.

Given her disastrous tenure as health minister, we already know that she isn’t creative and also she isn’t wise either. She bailed out of health just before the cracks came to light to show what a mistake it was to appoint her.

Nicola Sturgeon is a complete fraud, during the Westminster election, members of her ‘rat ship’ collected food for food banks, baked beans for votes, at the same time, the SNP stolen the legal right of Scots to buy their own council house, were responsible for 144,000 college places getting cut and lined their pockets with taxpayers’ cash while getting their relatives, friends and partners access to public money.

Regarding her Government’s failure, she said there was a “substantial” record of success on the economy, education, health, justice, transport and infrastructure.

That’s crumbs to you and me, and money into the pockets of rich people!

Sturgeon added:

“I am extremely proud of the Scottish Government's record since 2007. As we enter the final parliamentary session of this current term, the programme for government [will] set out how we will continue to deliver for people right across Scotland, making the country wealthier and fairer and protecting the public services that we all cherish.”

To quote Nicola Sturgeon again; “bollocks”!

Why is there a “crisis in GP recruitment”?

Why is the educational attainment gap between rich and poor increasing?

Why does no one have the political will in the SNP to fix Police Scotland?

Some time ago, I wrote an article about the SNP exploiting the poor; this was before they adopted the food bank scam to get votes for Westminster like they care about people.

And before I forget what happened to the billion quid given by Westminster to the SNP Government to help sort out poverty in Scotland, Nicola screwed the poor on that one while her ‘dafties’ preached in the communities of Scotland that they were anti poverty!

The joke is that they are ‘anti poverty of themselves’, but as then the SNP is milking Scotland on all four tits for as much cash humanely possible they live under constant fear of being found out.

It seems that the poor in Scotland have been duped by these ‘anti Scottish’ SNP Nationalists into believing that an SNP idiot screaming ‘freedom’ and spouting anti English rhetoric is somehow going to lift them out of poverty.  

Finally, when I hear Nicola Sturgeon talking about ‘fairness’, I think back to me standing in the Govan by-election where the Nationalists ran a hate campaign against me, but that isn’t the important memory that I took away from that, no, it was the women of Govan calling Nicola Sturgeon an ‘arsehole’.

Seemed like a strong foundation for standing again in 2017 to me!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, August 31, 2015

Conservative Minister Theresa May's wants an EU migrant crackdown, she is on the right path, the EU needs an internal immigration policy, a new EU border force and political will to make tough decisions, laughingly the Nats who want control of immigration play cheap political point scoring, SNP are a ‘party of protest’ not of government

Dear All

Some time ago I floated the idea of an EU internal immigration policy on the blog, the idea was to regulate the movement of EU citizens so that no member country would be unjustly burdened.

Free movement of Labour would remain but the free movement of Labour would be to a job in another member country.

The current set up is deeply flawed.

Conservative Minister Theresa May is now echoing what I said after she called for EU migrants without a job to be barred from the UK.

The reason for the ‘get tough now’ approach is that official figures show net migration has topped 330,000 people.

David Cameron staked a bit of his political capital in wanting to reduce net migration to below 100,000.

The new figures of 330,000 are extremely embarrassing for the Conservatives, perhaps they should adopt my idea for an EU internal immigration policy because a ‘British fix’ isn;’t enough, the whole of the EU needs to be regulated properly. This is not about banning people it is all about setting a criteria that a person has enough resources available to support themselves after they move to another member state. Each country would set their criteria in-conjunction with the EU.

It would be based on fairness, the same standards would set by a country would apply to right across the board. The resources required by a German would be the same as a Romanian.

Some European leaders don’t wish to sign up to the UK’s attempts to reform the rule on freedom of movement.

They are drawing a line in the sand and saying it is a complete non-starter, this is old thinking, in the past when the membership was small this didn’t represent a problem, it does now.

I have always liked the EU as a concept from the early days, but the organisation has had its problems due to lack of vision.

In truth, I still remain a big fan, but it is hard to see how the EU can continue without being re-invented.

Unsurprisingly the SNP, the party of protest and not of government have waded into this EU row to try and appear meaningful, and as per usual, they are backward and wrong.

An SNP spokesman said:

"Theresa May's comments have less to do with the employment status of immigrants and everything to with her own job prospects as a future leader of the Tory party.”

See what I mean, a real crisis and some clown of a spokesman can’t get past themselves to make this a cheap political point scoring exercise.

No country and afford to have open borders, there must be regulations. If regulations cannot be put in place, if political will cannot be found, then the question of remaining in the EU will be focused in the minds of British people when the referendum is called on continuing membership.

May rightly says there is a "broken European migration system" for the current migrant crisis, and she is 100% right.

But it isn’t just a "broken European migration system", there is a distinct lack of political will in the major capitals to tackle this problem. If unchecked we will see the rise of the far right in Northern European Countries who will be less than agreeable to newcomers.

Recently Alex Neil of the SNP said the Scottish Government would financially support failed asylum seekers if Scotland was handed control over immigration. When I was in the SNP, I used to have a lot of time for Alex Neil, he is a good speaker, on top of his government brief, however, his statement is incredibly stupid at a time when Scots face austerity, lack of jobs and restore to using food banks and soup kitchens.

So, where is this financial support coming from, where is all this money the SNP seem to have their hands on? It’s coming out of the budgets of the poor, the sick and the vulnerable.

There is no chance that the SNP would get control over immigration even if the United Kingdom was to adopt a federal set up.

David Cameron and Theresa May have a mountain to climb if they were to try and push for an EU internal immigration policy, so they will probably just try for a limitation to the numbers coming into the United Kingdom. At present, the Conservatives are trying to do a ‘deal’ with European leaders on reform but I doubt that will be successful as they would hope.

At present there is the biggest influx into the EU in world history, if something is not done it will lead to civil unrest and violence. Just as you wouldn’t tolerate unwanted people breaking into your house, why should you tolerate breaking into your country?

Yours sincerely

George Laird 
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, August 28, 2015

Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon becomes an apologist for the Nationalists hate mob who set out to intimidate and bully BBC staff doing their jobs; “The frustration that many (independence supporters) felt was not borne out of a misplaced desire to control the media”, to quote Nicola Sturgeon … “bollocks”!

Dear All

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon has become an apologist for the hate campaign run by Nationalists during the Scottish independence referendum against the BBC.

She said:

"The frustration that many (independence supporters) felt was not borne out of a misplaced desire to control the media, but from a genuine concern that the playing field didn't always feel even."

There was a genuine desire to intimidate and bully as can be seen by the protests outside the BBC and online hatred towards BBC staff.

Sturgeon like the former despot Alex Salmond claims the BBC's coverage of last year's independence referendum was unfair.

As I remarked on Twitter yesterday, that is like saying a trial is unfair because the prosecution wants to use the truth.

Through-out the Scottish independence campaign, the Nationalists continually lied, distorted the truth, fabricated figures and made claims which no evidence supported. The biggest lies presented to the Scottish public were on the rather thorny issues of currency and the EU.

On the issue of the pound, the SNP tried to hoodwink the public that they could continue to use the pound and it would be backed by the Bank of England.

Some idiots at BT events hosted by former Labour MP screamed; “it’s our pound” as if that had some kind of legal backing attached to it. When the Westminster Government said no currency union, Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond tried to threaten Westminster.

On the EU, Sturgeon said that Scotland would have automatic EU membership and didn’t have to go through the normal entry procedures under Article 49, citing that the treaty could be changed and they could get in using Article 48. They even used Germany reunification as an example which was totally bogus and had no standing to support their case.

Germany reunification was first and foremost a matter of internal German domestic politics; Scotland leaving the United Kingdom was a completely different matter. The United Kingdom holds EU membership, any country leaving the Union, also leaves the EU by default. Scotland doesn’t have EU membership in its own right; that lie was also allowed to flourish during the Scottish independence referendum by the Nationalists. 

Another point worth mentioning is that part of the condition of EU entry is a country must have its own Central Bank and currency.

So, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon knew they were always going to ‘dump the pound’ which they created a smokescreen around to garner votes.

They wanted access to the European Central Bank, so they did a despicable con trick of deception played out on the Scottish public.

These issues were touched on by the Better Together campaign, bloggers such as me; and the wider mainstream media. 

With so much lies and deception coming from the Nationalist camp, it was only right that the BBC analysed the SNP's case for independence in depth. Like raw sewage the SNP kept pumping out a horror story dress up as a fairytale.

For Nicola Sturgeon to claim unfairness in reporting and also claim 'network' journalists, reporting the story for the whole of the UK, were poorly informed is utterly bizarre.

To quote Sturgeon:


At present the SNP are trying to cobble a case to get control of the BBC in Scotland, and they are making demands and saying they are willing to be an ‘ally’. The BBC doesn’t need this ‘petty small minded provincial grievance merchant’ stinking up Pacific Quay in Glasgow.

At the Alternative McTaggart lecture at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, she launched a strongly-worded attack on the BBC, the wrong time, the wrong place and the wrong subject.

She said:

"I am not saying there was institutional bias in the BBC's referendum output. However, there were occasions when its coverage - through oversight, apparent ignorance of the detail of an issue or as a result of simply following the agenda of openly partisan print media - lapsed from the objective output the referendum deserved into what could seem partial and, at times, pejorative. I don't doubt the effort and integrity that went into the Corporation's coverage. And, for the record, I think that the BBC; and BBC Scotland in particular, has some of the finest political journalists in the land”.


Nicola Sturgeon does fake sincerity as badly as young guy tugging away at his first pair of female panties, clumsy and rather crude with a belief of being sophisticated.

Sturgeon added:

In trying to appear Statesmanlike and failing yet again, she stated it was right the case for independence should be analysed to a greater degree than the case for staying in the UK.

But a moan worthy of Joan McAlpine, she complained:

"The status quo and the consequences of voting No were not really analysed at all."

What is there to be analysed, all the information of No which is the status quo is already published.

The consequences of voting in the Pollok constituency for example were saving the BBC from being shutdown, saving Govan Shipbuilders from being shutdown and saving the NHS from being financially wrecked and thereby saving the lives of many people.

Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon didn’t seem overly concerned with their plight much in the same way as she didn’t seem concerned about helping Joyce in Inverclyde who needed a specialised drug. It took a major relapse before Joyce got help despite Sturgeon being ‘concerned’ and doing the photo op.

The SNP wanted to shut down the BBC if they had won independence and replace it with a new State broadcaster presumably headed up by Blair Jenkins, Jenkins has since disappeared after Yes Scotland; an SNP front run by the Nationalists got handed their ass on the 18th September 2014.

SNP control of BBC Scotland is a joke in very poor taste; it will also be dismissed as verboten down the road at Westminster. It seems that Nicola Sturgeon is becoming as ridiculous as Alex Salmond with the bizarre outbursts; it is like watching outtakes from failed candidates from the X Factor.

I am a big fan of the BBC, I want them to ask politicians from any party the hard questions; I don’t want them gagged by the SNP goons, the BBC protests were a huge tactical mistake, but what do you expect from stupid small minded little people in every sense of the word.

From the SNP expect nothing and you will not be disappointed.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says she will be an ally of the BBC if they ‘dance to her tune’, BBC reporter Nick Robinson was subjected to a sustain and organised Nationalist hate campaign, Alex Salmond’s feud with Robinson shows how petty mean spirited and nasty the Scottish National Party are, bad losers and also bad winners

Dear All

It seems that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is saying that her government can be an ally of the BBC if organisation bows down to the Nationalists and accepts her reforms. It seems that Sturgeon wants a new federal structure and new radio and television channels.

That won’t happen.

A federal structure won’t work for the BBC because it would lead to the Nationalists attempting to get state control of the organisation for political purposes.

The BBC will get its charter renewed, there is no question about that, just as people are signed to the NHS as a concept, they are equally signed up to the BBC, it’s their BBC, it’s what they know, what they like and what they want.

Aside from those people who don’t pay their TV licence.

During the independence referendum, the BBC was targeted by the Nationalists, although the leadership kept their distance from the staged managed protests outside the BBC HQ in Glasgow, also missing where the prominent Yes campaigners and SNP politicians.

This is very telling by their absence.

It says to me that these protests were organised and orchestrated much further up the line of the Nationalist camp and the ‘dafties’ were sent in to play the part of ‘outraged ordinary people’, it was all fake.

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond was asked repeatedly time and time again to condemn the protests and always he refused calling them ‘joyous’. A ‘joyous’ angery hate filled mob bent on intimidation and bullying of the broadcaster and its Glasgow staff.

Outgoing political editor Nick Robinson has accused Alex salmond of wanting control of the BBC, and he is exactly right, the SNP would dearly love to dictate what the BBC shows, especially they want control of the news media output.

The Scottish National Party has and is running a vendetta against the BBC prior to the independence referendum and post defeat. Nicola Sturgeon recently had a private dinner with Nick Robinson and his family along, this is a n attempt to butter up Robinson and distance herself from Salmond’s rhetoric and personal running grudge against Nick Robinson.

No one will buy Sturgeon’s fake sincerity towards Robinson and the BBC, Nicola Sturgeon is a fake. She sits now at the head of a ‘rat ship’, although faces may have changed and some others brought on board, the SNP remains as I have written in the past a ‘rat ship’.

Another one of Robinson’s bang on the money comments was when he described Nationalist protests against the BBC as “Putin-like”. Like the Putin protests in Russia, they were controlled by Putin’s party behind the scenes.

The running feud by Alex Salmond is the realisation by him that he is a fading star whose day has come and gone. Now, he is more like an attention seeking whore on a low grade talent show thinking the more outrageous and stupid he is the more the cameras will keep the spotlight on him.

That will work for a while, but the more coverage of him being ridiculous the more of a liability he will be to the SNP.

Salmond is the poster boy for hatred against the BBC.

Finally, if Sturgeon thinks a few spuds, a side dish of veggies and a roast will buy off someone from the BBC like Nick Robinson, she is sadly mistaken.

Nicola Sturgeon will need a hell of a lot of spuds to make Nick Robinson forget that it was her party members who led the hate campaign against him while Alex Salmond stood back and allowed it to continue, and her trap was also firmly shut as I recall, however she did mumble something when forced to.

No one is forgetting anything Sturgeon, no one is forgetting you are a rat.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Alex Salmond indy is dead, down among the Gravestones

Police Scotland in crisis, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon puts Michael ‘the mouse’ Matheson in as Scottish Justice Secretary to replace the dud that was Kenny MacAskill, now rank and file members of the Police are speaking out about a botched Police service, “some very uncomfortable reading” is code for incompetence, yet again the SNP Government fails Scotland

Dear All

It can’t be much fun working in Police Scotland at present, the service was setup badly, because of this it was run badly, it lacks proper accountability and morale is dropping.

There is an old saying that if everyone knows the score, they can fit in, provided that a reasonable attempt is made to operate a system which is based on sound principles. When the SNP setup Police Scotland, they rammed it through with dealing with the problems they created.

Overnight everyone in the 8 forces was suddenly Police Scotland.

Police Scotland is just a name change, in Scotland, there are several national law enforcement agencies which operate perfectly fine, no one thinks twice that they are a national agency because it isn’t relevant.  

Today on Twitter, I floated my new idea, scrap the office of Chief Constable and instead have an elected Commissioner. Stephen House as I said many times before wasn’t my first choice for Chief Constable; in fact I thought it was important he didn’t get it. I have nothing personal against him and some of the problems would have surfaced regardless who was sitting behind the desk. He does carry some blame but it would be unfair to make him a scapegoat for the political failure of others.

Everyone involved has a slice of that pudding.

When I trotted out the idea of a unified Police Force at the SNP National Assembly in September 2010, it was to have a triple lock of accountability; this would be helpful to the Police and Politicians. Local boards, National Board and a new Justice 3 Committee for oversight; I have written about this before, it deals with issues flagged in the press. Another point which I mentioned by in 2010, was an increase in Special Constables numbers, this would allow members of the community subject to normal vetting to become the traditional bobby on the beat. 

They wouldn’t be community wardens; they would be Police Officers with the full powers that go with it.

As in any organisation, you get surveys asking for feedback, well someone thought it was a good idea to do a survey of officers and staff, however, it seems that everything is not rosy in the garden. Although it isn’t published just yet, it is said to make “some very uncomfortable reading” for Police Scotland.

This is the vibe coming from the Scottish Police Federation (SPF), which represents 98% of police officers in Scotland. Over the last few weeks, I have looking at videos of Policing in America that has gone bad; this for the most part isn’t the experience of Scotland or indeed the rest of the United Kingdom. You can find examples though if you do some research, mostly confrontations happen when either side don’t know the law. We recognise that Policing is necessary, and that the job can be difficult and sometimes dangerous, but it has to be done.

There have been some high profile cases which stick out regarding the calls for reform of Police Scotland, the deaths of two people left for three days in a crashed car and the death in custody of Sheku Bayoh.

These are tragic events, but they shouldn’t be used as an excuse to knock the whole service, ex SNP leader Gordon Wilson used them to call for Federalisation of the Service. This wouldn’t have made any difference to the cases above; both these cases were a failure not at the top but much more local.

You can’t blame Stephen House for these cases.

Chairman Brian Docherty said:

“We know our members are working harder and longer than ever, face greater disruption than ever before and that in parts of the service they are at breaking point. We also know that policing in Scotland has undergone the most monumental public-sector reform and against a backdrop of austerity, pension reform, real-terms wage deflation and a relentless media frenzy, we fully expect the staff survey will make for some very uncomfortable reading. We can’t recall any other body being expected to publish its internal reports, but given the increased politicised nature of policing in Scotland we won’t be surprised that the usual commentators will use this as another stick with which to beat, what is by any measure, an excellent public service".

He added:

“Our members deserve to be recognised for the work they do and service they provide. We believe this survey will reinforce that they have sacrificed a great deal to deliver for our communities and that it is time they were given the chance to catch their breath. We know that unless the service looks after its staff, it is all of our communities who suffer.”

I am going to leave the issues regarding pay and conditions; they can get round the table about that with their employers. The real issues are damage to morale and the increased politicised nature of policing in Scotland. The 8 forces were merged into one service so that front line policing jobs could be protected.

The alternative was job losses.

Kenny MacAskill wasn’t a fan of Police Scotland, so he left it to go on its merry way as he rushed off to chase the independence dream. After he was removed thereby proving my continued point that he was a deadbeat, up pops Michael Matheson as the Justice Sec, given the Nicola Sturgeon seal of approval. At present the Justice Sec is keeping such a low profile that you might be tempted to ask him who he is hiding from.

To add to this tale of woe, we have the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) loaded with SNP cronies who need removed as soon as possible to a park bench to feed the pigeons, services no longer required.

Scottish Labour have called on Police Scotland to publish the survey without delay, however, regardless what is in the survey, the Scottish Labour Party need to do a plan for a reformed Police Scotland.

Any additional information which the survey throws up could be used to shape the service and get it back onto an even keel.

The Scottish National Party is a party of protest and not of government.

Finally, if someone could tell Police Scotland not to have their traffic police do ‘blue light’ runs with their sirens screaming on empty roads outside their HQ in Govan at 3 am in the morning; I would be really grateful, the pigeons round my way need their rest.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University