Thursday, September 21, 2017

Scottish Labour Leadership Farce, free speech for Labour members banned at hustings as history is rewritten to paint millionaire Anas Sarwar as a socialist, if you pay money as a member then you are entitled to question candidates and not have them screened out to produce a ‘fairytale’, the 'many' can't question the 'few'

Dear All

It seems that the Scottish Labour Party in the shape of chair Linda Stewart decided to ban people’s right to free speech at Labour leadership hustings. As many people know the Scottish Labour is sinking, where it was seen once as the force in Scottish politics, it now trails in third place.

It was entirely wrong to attempt to rewrite history by banned questions about candidates' finances; it is for members to ask searching questions of anyone who puts themselves forward to be leader. Last night was a farce, and rightly branded so, if anything, the stupidity by the chair only fanned the flames that Anas Sarwar is one of the few.

Lat night the ‘many’ where banned from asking the ‘few’ to be truthful and open!

So, what was the point of last night’s stage managed event with allegedly pre-scripted questions?

There was no point, Scottish Labour want people to pay £12 to vote in the Scottish Labour race to decide if Srawar or Leonard should be leader, so what are you paying for if you can’t ask questions?

Who was the winner last night, by default, it was Richard Leonard because clearly the chair was in the wrong by her actions.

Labour leadership race branded farce as 'hot' hustings questions are banned
Questions about candidates' finances were banned at first hustings amid controversy over the wealthy background of hopeful Anas Sarwar.

Chair Linda Stewart unveiled the ground-rules of the farce, she said there should be no questions “about a candidate’s marital status, domestic circumstances, nor pertaining to the candidates’ financial arrangements”. Anas Sarwar has questions to answer to members about his decision to send his children to private school and the fact his family’s firm are not unionised and don’t pay the real living wage.

It seems that being a millionaire in the Scottish Labour Party has privileges.

The event was a disaster for Scottish Labour which appears to be attempting to keep the Blair Faction or Progress in control of the party in Scotland, to me it seems that if Sarwar wins then Momentum gets their Scottish fight.

Anas Sarwar was quick to jump on a BBC reporter over his personal life saying he should be talking about policy instead, but this shows Anas up as a hypocrite as he calls on Nicola Sturgeon to sack Health Secretary Shona Robison. It seems that Anas is like Marie Antoinette, he wants his cake and eat it as well.

Richard Leonard, who is being backed by supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, said he wanted to “reconnect” with the trade union movement if he becomes leader. Given there is trade union in Anas Sarwar’s family business, this will get him many votes.

Leonard added:

“I am a democratic socialist motivated by the desire to change society for the better of the many not the few.”

And to show that the winds of change at least outside the party favour him over Anas Sarwar, three unions declared support for Leonard.

I don’t know of any trade union in Scotland backing Anas Sarwar or likely to back him in the future.

So, let’s get right down to it, who do the SNP and the Scottish Conservatives want as Labour leader in Scotland?

Anas Sarwar!

Anas Sarwar increases the chances of the SNP hanging on to power because he won’t attract voters back to the party, and if the Conservatives stand a real chance in 2021, then they need a member of the Blair Faction in place.

Paying £12 to vote in a contest where you aren’t allowed to exercise free speech in a party that claims it believes in social justice is a joke; there are better ways to spend £12.

Finally, last night another win for Richard Leonard!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Not a happy millionaire: Scottish Labour leadership row over pay rates at Anas Sarwar's family firm, why should people believe Anas Sarwar can be a leader when his family won’t pay the real living wage to their employees unless they are legally obliged too, BBC interview puts Anas Sarwar on backfoot

Dear All

There comes a time when you should realise that something is over and just walk away, it seems that Anas Sarwar has reached that tipping point, question is, does he recognise it.

There is now a fresh Scottish Labour leadership row over pay rates at Anas Sarwar's family firm; it appears that the Sarwar family don’t pay the real living wage because it is only voluntary, not mandatory.

In other words, unless compelled by law the Sarwar family has no interest in paying the real living wage. This prompts a series of questions:

just how ‘socialist’ is the family of Anas Sarwar?  

have they ever paid more than the law compels them?

what are the terms and conditions of the lowest paid in his family business?

In relation to sending his children to private school, Anas did something rather weak, he sought to ‘share the blame’ by dobbing in his wife by saying she was partly responsible for the decision.

When in doubt blame someone else, but still take some of the blame yourself because as a leader you have to stand by your decisions, good and bad. Anas has rightly said that people should respect a decision made by a couple “in the privacy of their own home”.

The bit that this falls down is that, Anas is a public figure, in politics there is such a thing as leading by example, clearly he isn’t prepared to do this, but then he is a millionaire, he can spend his money where he chooses.

One other statement which he may regret later is saying:

“The fact is too many of our schools aren’t good enough in Scotland.”

In Glasgow, the Labour Party has control of the council and education for 40 years, so he has opened up a can of worms there, now he has to talk about Labour failure in education in Glasgow. Of course, I am sure he will rope in the SNP Government for 10 years of their failures as well.

The decision by Anas Sarwar to criticised Good Morning Scotland presenter Gary Robertson, accusing him of focusing on personality issues rather than policy was clearly a sign he was rattled by having to defend his decisions and those his family have made in the past.  

Anas Sarwar is a centrist millionaire MSP in a party that was setup by the working class for the betterment of the working class, although having money and influence to a certain degree in the Labour Party due to the minority vote, the wider movement wants a Corbyn supporter.
Anas Sarwar had a crack at leadership when he was Johann Lamont’s deputy, that didn’t turn out well just in the same way that Kezia Dugdale being deputy to Jim Murphy was a disaster too.

The Labour Party has a slogan which doesn’t help Anas at the moment, ‘for the many, not the few’; the truth is that Anas Sarwar is one of the rich privileged few, a multi-millionaire born into wealth, private schooled and university educated, to make matters worse, he joined the ‘Progress’ crowd of entitled middle class people who gain control of the party to the detriment of working class people. The Labour Party ‘Progress’ crowd brought in such measures as the ‘bedroom tax’ and ‘ATOS assessments’ not the Conservatives.

Although sending his children to private school is something he will ride out in his leadership struggle, his links to his family firm aren’t something which can be swept away under the carpet.

Anas Sarwar said:

“One, I’m a minority shareholder in the company. Second, I have no role in the company. I’m not a director in the company. I have no say in how the company operates. But I have had assurances from the company that they do want to transition to a real living wage for all employees”.

Was that discussed round the family kitchen table?

Anas added:

“They too have welcomed the fact that a Labour government would introduce a real living wage much quicker than the current UK government, meaning they’d be able to implement it quicker, and also so it’s compulsory on every company. I don’t care who the shareholder of any company is, I don’t care which company it is, I want every company to be mandated by the government to pay the real living wage and not use the market as the excuse.”

His family ‘welcome’ it but won’t pay it unless they are compelled by law?

Is there any obstacle to them paying the real living wage for all employees now?

Clearly the answer is yes, have you figured out what the problem is, it isn’t the law, the problem is the Sarwar family.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Scottish Labour in Scotland stands at the crossroads, it is important that Richard Leonard wins the leadership of the Labour Party in Scotland to reshape the party back towards the ethos that the party was founded to protect, the working class people of Scotland

Dear All

One of the lies that is sold by the right wing of the Labour Party and the mainstream media is that the ‘Blair Faction’ which is now flying under the title ‘Progress’ is the moderate wing of the party.

It is a lie, Progress or the Blair Faction are the people who aren’t socialists who have taken up residence in the Labour Party who are all university educated and from a middle class background.

The Labour contest in Scotland sees two people standing, Richard Leonard and Anas Sarwar. Anas Sarwar is the much better known candidate, however his campaign has hit trouble, he is a millionaire, he is private schooled, he sends his children to private school; the family business he has shares in doesn’t recognise a trade union.

Just on his family background, he should be ruled out, the Labour Party of Keir Hardie has been changed, and not for the better, this is why the party is in decline. The ‘Blair Faction’, the section of the party which believes in ‘entitlement’ destroyed the party in Scotland; they had lived off the backs of the working class vote for decades while at the same time failing to deliver for the people.

The proof isn’t just the election results; the proof is the utter collapse of the activist base in the party north of the border. Kezia Dugdale should be the last of the ‘Blair Faction’ ever to lead Scottish Labour.

Labour is a Party that needs to rediscover its roots; and its roots like its leaders should come from the working class, not rich millionaires who have their own agenda.

Richard Leonard is the MSP aiming to become the next Scottish Labour leader, if he wins then perhaps the party has a chance to be relevant again, if Anas Sarwar wins then Kezia Dugdale leaving makes no difference, one Blairite replaced by another Blairite doesn’t equal change.

As to Richard Leonard’s claim that the party north of the border would have faced electoral disaster without Jeremy Corbyn is spurious in my opinion because the Blair Faction still control the party machine. In the election, the focus was on one seat that was held by Ian Murray, an anti Corbyn supporter. In East Renfrewshire, the Labour Party wrong choose to pump money into Blair MacDougall’s campaign which had no chance of winning.

Blair MacDougall look like a Corbyn supporter to you?

Richard Leonard is one of two candidates hoping to replace Kezia Dugdale, the fact that only two people are willing to put themselves forward tells you a lot about the state of the Labour Party in Scotland as it stands at present.

Anas Sarwar has declared that he is ready to be First Minister, well I can tell Anas that Scotland isn’t ready to make him First Minister or the Labour Party the party of government.

The recent General Election in Scotland saw the Labour Party make gains, but the important thing is not that the party increased their share of the popular vote to 40 per cent but that the SNP vote collapsed.

The SNP vote collapsed, if you can’t grasp that then you really do need to smell the coffee, success based on other’s failure is hardly anything to crow about. I don’t know where Richard Leonard gets the idea that the UK Labour leader had “revitalised the party and energised young people” since taking charge in 2015.

The reason for making this statement to me appears to be electioneering rather than hard fact, when I did Labour campaigning, the ‘energised young people’ weren’t exactly there in numbers or had the experience to do a good job.

Anyone can be an activist, only a few can be really good at it.

Richard Leonard launched his Scottish Labour leadership campaign in Glasgow on Saturday; it must have been a quiet affair as the main event that day was the Yes mob walking about Glasgow having lost three years ago.

If Anas wins the leadership, then Scottish Labour will not be seen as viable, if Richard Leonard wins then he needs to chart a steady course so that the loony left don’t wreck things as they traditionally do.

This election is about a choice but sadly the choice doesn’t appear to be much different from what has gone before, the fact only two people came forward is rather telling.

Scottish Labour is supposed to have a leaders programme in operation, judging by this contest, you wouldn’t know it existed.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, September 18, 2017

Wake up Europe; you’re lagging behind, House of Representatives Passes Bill to Deport Suspected MS-13 Gang Members from the US, ground breaking legislation needs to be given the chance to succeed and address long standing problems, Europe could benefit from a similar scheme to tackle migrant crisis, permanent deportation helps protect social cohesion

Dear All

Have you ever ‘got into’ youtube in a big way? Most people use youtube as an entertainment platform, but it is a serious piece of learning and education, if you know where to look. You can find pretty much anything and everything put up, from funny vids to serious politics, cartoons to full movies, hobbyist stuff to professional tuition.

One of the things which I like to watch is documentaries, they are very educational; one channel is called prison documentaries which looks at the prison system in America both federal and county.

Here is an example of the videos on that channel:

In America, there is a gang system in prison of various factions, one of the factions os a violent MS-13, this street gang is made up of illegal immigrants from Mexico who are involved in violent crime and drugs. The situation in America regarding violent crime is well known as are the people who engage in it. However, despite knowing of the problem, the situation hasn’t been dealt with until the arrival of  President Donald Trump.

You may not like Trump, but he is different, he is a President that means to get things done such as tackling securing the US border and overhauling the current immigration system. Although, he is best known for his stance on ‘the wall’, a barrier to stop illegal immigration, a piece of legislation has been passed on Thursday that would make suspected membership in the violent MS-13 street gang a sufficient cause for deportation.

As you know, I blogged on measures to strengthen the European Union before I realised that the political will did not exist to fix it. Europe is headed for generations of instability. What is needed is a pan European piece of legislation which mirrors the American legislation to permanently problem individuals and criminal gangs.

What has been passed in America is groundbreaking stuff to be such because criminal gangs like MS-13 pose a national security threat as they are linked to the Mexican drug cartels.

The House passed H.R. 3697 in response to MS-13’s growing violence and its ties to Mexican drug cartels. Section 2(b) of the bill makes suspected membership in a “criminal gang” (including MS-13) sufficient cause to ban for life a foreigner from entering the United States.

Section 2(c) of the bill makes membership in a criminal gang or involvement in any criminal gang activity grounds for immediate deportation.

Whether this Bill goes the distance and is passed by Congress remains to be seen but already the American Civil Liberties Union and other left wing civil-rights groups, are claiming that the legislation is inconsistent with due process and other constitutional rights.

If you view the many prison documentaries on the Mexican gang problem, this would be seen as a no brainer, and the fact that the Democrats are opposing this is unbelievable, lots of people came out against Trump, I didn’t, America’s Democrats aren’t the party that cares for the people.

Dinesh D'Souza makes a compelling case when he argues against do illegal aliens have constitutional rights.

My interest in this story is that the legislation used could be transplanted to Europe and tackle a growing problem, violence in Europe is on the increase, people are training for conflict.

If you look at 1.30 minutes into the video, you see training taking place, when the breakdown comes, certain people and groups will be better equipped. What you are looking at is people who know that the political elite have failed them and decided that being engaged in their process is fruitless.

Europe needs new leaders, question is where will they come from, and when will they reset Europe, if it can’t be done by legislation, the bullet and the bomb seem to be the alternative. Isn't amazing how problems can easily be solved if you get the right type of leaders, people should be angry with the dross we have been saddled with.

Finally, sorry for the gap in blogging been really ill of late and cat sitting, yes, life if full of surprises.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Douglas Murray: 'Nicola Sturgeon and Lily Allen are hypocrites over migrants'

“There shall be a Scottish Parliament”, with those historic words, Holyrood opened and the most amazing third rate politicians became a plague on Scotland, MSPs discuss giving Scots prisoners the vote, the answer is yes, but can third rate politicians manage to get their act together?

Dear All

All political parties in opposition cry long and loud about their commitment to Human Rights, it is one of the standard con tricks to get elected, once in, their commitment takes a back seat unless you are in a minority. However, not all minorities are acceptable to them; prisoners in Scotland are a minority that historically has been denied a vote in elections.

If you give a prisoner their human right to vote, the other parties then turn on the party advocating it to try to enhance that they are ‘tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime’.

This is the prime reason why change is talked about and generally not possible. Politics is effectively ruled by the middle class elite which I have spoken of in the past, the Scottish Labour Party is a classic example of this problem.  As you know, the tipping point of disaster has been reached by Labour in Scotland and the election results bear this out over past elections. The ‘revival’ narrative used straight after the last election about the seats gains is deception, the SNP vote collapsed and allowed for some seats to change hands.

Scottish politics remains in flux.

We now at Holyrood have what appears to be an exercise in #fakepolitics, MSPs have discussed the prospect of allowing prisoners to vote in Scottish elections. In the Scottish Referendum, the SNP wouldn’t allow prisoners to vote, not on moral grounds but on the grounds that they didn’t wish to extend to prisoners their human rights in case it backfired on them.

Democracy it seems is only for those deemed worthy.

Convicted prisoners have been prevented from voting in elections in the UK despite a series of legal challenges and even as far as the European Court of Human Rights who have ruled against the UK's blanket ban on several occasions. The idea that the Holyrood's equalities committee considered arguments and practical points is bullshit, and as to Committee convener Christina McKelvie saying the matter merited "careful consideration".

Is Christina McKelvie having a laugh?

When I read that Christina McKelvie is saying this matter merited "careful consideration", I immediately think this stupid bitch doesn’t understand human rights; however McKelvie is the only pretend politician in the ‘pretend’ parliament. Holyrood is teaming with third rate politicians in a second rate parliament. The parliament is a disgrace, it isn’t changing lives for the better, it is just another tier of government that benefits ‘the few over the many’.

The reason for the interest now is that Holyrood is taking on new powers over the administration of elections north of the border so we have a ‘process’ where some MSPs adopt the position as being ‘for’ the idea and the majority then jump on the ‘against’ bandwagon.
If there is an election in the offing, the human rights don’t matter, the answer is no, keep the status quo, as the SNP who shout they are pro Europe, the irony is delicious. Pro European Party which will not put into effective a European Court of Human Rights rulings, I mean it isn’t like the Court got the decision wrong either in principle or in law.

Green MSP Patrick Harvie suggested expanding the franchise in the past, but his bid rejected by MSPs, so here is a question, why didn’t Patrick Harvie then put forward a private members bill?

On the subject of private members bills, how many MSPs have actually submitted a private members bill during their tenure as MSPs? I think that is research which I would like to see carried out because it would better inform the public about the standard of MSPs were have been lumped with.

Harvie says there was an "absolute requirement" to revisit the issue, amazing Harvie gets this right but before you get carried away, there is a catalogue of supporting bad decisions under his belt.

He said:

"It is a point of principle that Holyrood must change the law to comply with human rights. The blanket ban must therefore be ended. Stopping all prisoners voting, regardless of the nature of their offence or the length of their sentence, clearly breaches human rights, and the current position cannot hold. If we want Scotland to be a beacon for fairness, and if we believe in rehabilitating offenders, we must look at all the options, have the debate, and end the ban."

The Prison Reform Trust charity submitted a paper outlining "a clear and unambiguous case for reform", saying that "voting is not a privilege, it is a basic human right".

The case for reform is clear, but as many people know being right doesn’t always matter to politicians which is why this country is so bad, people need more access to direct democracy because our rights aren’t being protected. In the past the one of the greatest advances in human rights was made against the SNP, this is the Cadder Case which ended up at the UK Supreme Court.

The SNP fought long and hard to deny people human rights, I therefore don’t hold out much hope for Nicola Sturgeon and her motley crew getting a grip on this issue. You don’t give people their human rights because you like them which appears to be the benchmark in Scottish politics, you do so because they are entitled to them, like doesn’t come into it.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

How to Escape the Democrat Plantation (an easy guide).

Dear All

Have you ever wondered who the Democrats are in Britain?