Sunday, January 31, 2010

Whigfield - Saturday Night

The SNP Government has to be absolutely clear, Scottish Water is never going to be sold into private hands, 'it's Scotland's water'

Dear All

There are some things so sacred politically that you just don’t commit sacrilege against them.

Public ownership of water is one such sacred object.

If the SNP Government was to privatise Scottish Water, it would be akin to spitting in the face of each and every citizen of Scotland.

Big business of course would like to see the Scottish Government privatised it completely, they are interested in profit and with a captured market you can see why.

Luckily, Alex Salmond sees how strong the feeling on this issue is and has said that all of the options being considered for Scottish Water would see it remain in public ownership.

Anything else is unacceptable, not just politically but morally as well.

The Tories have no sense of the importance of Scottish Water to the people, Derek Brownlee, tip as a replacement to Annabel Goldie said;

“Conservatives are in no doubt that Scottish Water should be taken out of state control”.

And these people wonder why they are despised in Scotland.

Can we have a situation in a forthcoming independent Scotland, that our water is owned by a foreign company?

No, we can not.

Its Scotland’s oil is an SNP slogan of the past, well it’s Scotland’s water.

And not for sale at any price.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Gordon Brown is a dead duck, Nokiagate, violencegate, too many gates, all horses have bolted

Dear All

Political journalist Andrew Rawnsley is well known on the political scene frequently appearing in print and on television.

He has a new book coming out, ‘The End Of The Party’ which is about New Labour and features the current Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

And not in a good light either.

On Brown, he paints a 'psychological flawed' Gordon Brown as a man of violence with allegations of hitting a senior adviser, pulling a secretary out of her chair and hurling foul-mouthed abuse at aides.

The claims are fiercely denied by Mr Brown's allies as per usual.

As a political journalist Rawnsley is well connected, with alleged accounts are so detailed say his publishers that readers will think he has 'bugs in the vases at No10'.

Number 10 when contacted came out with an evasive replied to the incidents;

“We do not believe the stories are true.”

This is outright denial but more of an opinion.

In token support of Brown, One female official who worked for him said;

“Gordon does shout when he gets cross and is not easy to work for”.

Another official said some of the stories have the ring of truth, this suggests that support for Brown is paper thin.

I suspect that when Brown and the staffers at Number 10 read the full SP on March 1st, they will immediately start collecting cardboard boxes.

Cameron will want into Number 10 straightaway and it will make the transfer of 'tenant' run smoother.

Everyone hates Gordon Brown.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Audit Commission's anti-Tory ‘plot’ was a serious political mistake of epic proportions and stupidity

Dear All

The recurring theme of this blog is that we live in a corrupt country.

This is highlighted in the system best by Quango system or Non Government Organisations.

They are filled to the gunnells with Labour placemen and women.

They are a government within a government through interconnecting social networks.

The Audit Commission is the English local government spending watchdog as such it is supposed to be politically neutral.

It isn’t, it has been taken over by Labour placemen and operates as a politicised entity.

The truth of this fact is the money paid to a lobbying firm with links to the Labour Party on how to undermine the Tories who challenge its activities.

At its head is Stephen Bundred, he is paid £208,000-a-year as its chief executive and is a former Labour councillor.

This is the only member of the quango attached to the Labour Party, Eight of 23 of Connect staff on the company’s website have worked for Labour.

One is contesting a seat for the party at the coming general election.

This politicisation is a matter for all and cuts across party boundaries, the system can only retain confidence if the neutrality is upheld.

The Quango system cannot be allowed to continue as another tier of Labour Government.

In attacking the Tories, it is now clear that any incoming Tory Government should start a review on the make up of quango boards and start a process of removal of those who are overt politicised.

The report from the lobby company said that a good tactic is to foment a rebellion in the Tory grassroots;

“Many Conservative local authority leaders do not follow national party lines. Therefore there is a good opportunity for the commission to exploit any potential differences in opinion.”

Eric Pickles for the Tories said;

“It is disgraceful that I and other taxpayers have had to pay for the Audit Commission to do the Labour party’s dirty work”.

And he has a valid point.

After the next election, I suspect that an incoming Tory Government will be curtailing the activities of quangos and return powers back to local communities.

The dismantling of Labour’s government within a government can only be seen as a good step back towards accountable both to government and the people.

Corrupt Britain has flourished under the Labour Party to the determent of the people.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - Proclaimers

Vie la france, French start campaign to get rid of Labour fool Catherine Ashton as EU Foreign Minister, 'mon dieu mes braves'

Dear All

Baroness Ashton of Upholland is the new EU foreign minister.

She isn’t security cleared.

Given she has a complete arse of the job so far, no real damage has been done.

Her security clearance is being handled by M15 in London, the poor man’s James Bond department.

You would have thought that before she was appointed she would have already been vetted.

But it is an incompetent Labour Government, short on detail and lite on policy.

Politics and appointments by diktat!

She could for all we know be an asset of the KGB!

The delay is a major embarrassment and has been described as “bizarre” surely this type of incompetence can’t be a one off?

Ashton hasn’t gone down well with the French; they seem to have taken a particular dislike to her and her crass style of leadership.

They rightly accused her of flunking her first test as the new EU foreign minister, Haiti could have been a great way of ‘coming out’ for her but she couldn’t be bothered to go, preferring to jump on the Eurostar to head back to London.

This major donkey allowed the USA to step up to the plate and collect all the laurels, leaving the Europeans looking like second -rate.

Joseph Daul, the French leader of Europe’s centre-right MEPs, said;

“Just about everybody was in Haiti at the moment when these people are suffering, and Europe was not present.”

Ashton reply to criticism is;

“I’m neither a doctor nor a firemen”.

And certainly not a politician!

Maybe she should ask Gordon Brown to put her back in a British quango job lapping up the money of gravy train Britain.

This is a time for unity, support the French campaign to throw her out on her ear!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Labour MSPs starting marching with their feet towards Westminister, fed up taking orders from the monkey, they want the organ grinder

Dear All

The Westminister election has claimed another victim.

This one to hit the bricks and pack up his tent is John McFall.

McFall, has represented West Dunbartonshire for more than 20 years and now has announced that he is standing down.

You would have thought if he planned to retire at normal retirement age, he would have told his branch sooner than leaving it to the very last minute.

So, who could replace him as Labour Candidate?

Jackie Baillie, MSP for Dumbarton or Des McNulty, MSP for Clydebank & Milngavie seem like contenders.

And at present there is an exodus of Labour MSPs jumping ship to Westminister, well they have got Iain Gray as a leader.

McFall has done his branch no favours as they scramble to get someone into place in a few short weeks.

I would expect them to try and get a high profile candidate as sticking in an unknown with no track record in the area could spell disaster.

His majority is in the region of 12,553 so Labour has a buffer to fall back on but even so, they will be looking to play it ultra safe.

I suspect they might feel Des McNulty rather than Jackie Baillie is a better choice; McNulty is less of a damaged article than Baillie.

Baillie effectively killed her Holyrood career as number 2 to the disgraced Wendy Alexander.

But, she might decide that she is better off down the road at Westminister.

If Labour MSPs do fight over the seat then it will be another damning indictment of Iain Gray’s leadership.

Why take order from London Labour’s puppet in Holyrood when there is more kudos going straight to the organ grinder?

Sitting getting orders from the monkey is no way for an aspiring professional to act.

Doesn’t look good on the Political CV, ‘effective team working with a chimp’!

This looks like exodus, exodus from Gray.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Voters deliver early verdict on Cathy 'Moron' Jamieson's political career of 'serving' the people, she isn't Westminister material

Dear All

The SNP Westminister Candidate in Kilmarnock and Loudoun got an unexpected boost to their campaign as Labour MSP Cathy ‘Moron’ Jamieson was selected to fight the seat.

Cathy ‘Moron’ Jamieson is best remembered for two things being involved one of the biggest legal scandals in Scottish history and being portrayed by comic Jonathan Watson on his television show.

Watson portrayal was noted for the way he captured the essence of how thick she, as I opined before Jamieson should have used him in a dress and wig and sent him to the Scottish Parliament.

To rebuild her credibility as an MSP!

Jamieson won the vote to stand as former defence secretary Des Browne is stepping down as he wants to focus outside parliament on the issues of nuclear disarmament and conflict resolution.

I never knew that Kilmarnock town centre was so bad!

I think we can take that Browne’s departure means he has jobs lined, too good to pass up.

In her time at the Scottish Parliament, she has served as Scotland's education minister, justice minister and Labour's deputy leader in the Scottish Parliament.

On education, she was a failure, her justice stint speaks for itself above and as Labour deputy leader, she was the equivalent of the ‘daft workie come good’ John Prescott.

If returned to Westminister, one can only conclude that she will continue her track record of stupidity much to Scotland’s determent.

Cathy ‘Moron’ Jamieson is a poster girl for the untalented and with a future Tory Government coming in, she will disappear as the non entity she undoubtedly is.

On the bright side, she could take up the line used by Jonathan Watson and go ‘bargain hunting’ in the shops of London.

If the SNP want to tackle her effectively, the Shirley McKie case is one of the themes to continually throw in her face.

Let Jamieson respond to how she denied justice to an innocent woman.

And they should ask Jonathan Watson to do a video and post it on youtube.

Jamieson hasn’t got it upstairs.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, January 29, 2010

Gordon Brown thinks that bribery can solve the Afghan war problem, who wants to buy a new mud hut and a few goats?

Dear All

You can tell there is an election in the air when politicians start talking out of their rear end.

Gordon Brown has raised the prospect of British troops returning home from Afghanistan by the middle of next year, 2011.

But Afghan President Hamid Karzai recently said that British troops will be needed until 2025.

The difference is 14 years!

Inept Gordon Brown has a set a deadline of summer 2011 for “turning the tide” against the Taliban.

That target will be missed as the Taliban aren’t signed up to that timetable.

As part of the ‘new’ strategy, the “peace and reintegration” fund is to be established.

That’s bribery to you and me.

Its big money too, £600 million pounds and not means tested.

Critics mockingly have already dubbed it the “Taliban trust fund”.

The hardcore Taliban can’t be bribed and such a notion is pure fantasy and wishful thinking on Brown’s part he is incapable of thinking beyond financial matters.

The Taliban aren’t going to stop until western forces leave Afghanistan.

Hamid Karzai who runs the corrupt Afghan Government said;

“We must reach out to all of our countrymen, especially our disenchanted brothers, who are not part of al Qaeda or other terrorist networks, who accept the Afghan constitution.”

Meaningless pap; just because his government is corrupt, that doesn’t apply to everyone else.

At present the United Nations representative in Afghanistan is trying hard to get the Taliban round the table to discuss the possibility of them laying down their arms.

A key requirement for them must be foreign military withdrawal and that seems unlikely.

So, do things look hopeful?

I would say no, the London Conference of 60 nations was dismissed by the Taliban as “a propaganda ploy”.

No Taliban leaders where in attendance.

It was a talking shop that although it raised money, it achieved little else.

In 2011, the west will still be in the same position it finds itself in now, not winning and up shit creek without a paddle!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Parmir Gill goes to Oxford University by pulling the wool over the staff, he showed initiative, they should show charity

Dear All

We all know it is a corrupt society.

Play by the rules and you get shafted.

Parmbir Gill wanted to go to Oxford University so badly he decided that the best way forward was to be creative with his qualifications.

He is a mad fibber!

At this point, I would say that ‘rules are a trap to catch people with no initiative’, this is a quote by Paul Schofield in the 1964 movie, The Train starring Burt Lancaster.

As an Oxford University student, he has been suspended over allegations he claimed to have achieved ten As at A level.

He had three.So, what should Oxford University do?

Well, they could take the view that they should expel him, the advantages are its quick, requires little thought and involves a little bit of face saving.

There is always the argument of wanting to teach others a lesson.

Or they could take another view, let him continue.

In other words, exercise a little charity.

If he passes his exams let him continue; let him stand or fall on his own merits.

Parmir Gill is a student at Lady Margaret Hall, a college with alumni including Nigella Lawson, Ann Widdecombe and former MI5 director general Eliza Manningham-Buller.

All successful high flyers, is so strange that he should want to aspire to the same level?

I don’t condone him lying but I find his gall of pulling the wool over the academic and admin staff refreshingly funny.

The University should accept the hit, if they kick him out, it rather flags up the elitist aspect when the human approach would buy incredible public goodwill.

Personally, Oxford is getting a bargain, if he fails, it’s his fault; if he passes they get the credit for putting him back of the straight and narrow.

So to the question of sanction!

Yes, a bit of community style punishment wouldn’t go amiss, sweeping up, grass cutting, washing windows and general cleaning duties to give him a bit of time for reflection on his behaviour!

Finally, I would ask if you read this post to contact Oxford University and submit a letter of support allowing him to stay.

Think of it as a good deed for the day, I have already sent mine.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Labour MP Paul Flynn concerned strong handshakes equal assault, PC madness?

Dear All

Paul Flynn is a Labour MP and fully paid up member of the awkward squad which is sometimes known as the 'usual suspects', Labour MPs who aren’t 100% behind the government.

Mr. Flynn, 74, represents Newport West and has come out with an off the wall suggestion, people who use bone-crushing handshakes to prove the strength of their personalities should be charged with assault.

This is a non starter because in order to prove assault, you have to prove intent, the mens rea or as the plebs on a housing scheme call it, ‘guilty mind’.

Mr. Flynn believes that shaking hands is getting less popular and he would like to see it ended;
"Good riddance. They are unnecessary, unhygienic, germ-spreading intrusions."

It is true he has a point about the spreading of germs, and some people don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom, shame on them!

His main gripe appears to be that;"oafs use them to prove the strength of their personalities with bone-crushers".

He should man up and thank god they aren’t shaking anything else on the body which would bring tears to a glass eye.

As a victim of a solid handshake he said;

“Even yelps of pain or sarcasm has no effect."

I would find that hard to believe and if that is the case he should take lessons in serious sarcasm.

As to getting people charged with assault, this has to be tongue in cheek and if it ever went in front of a jury would be flung out.

He should stick to causing trouble on the green benches and forget about certain body parts getting shaked.

There isn't a big interest in handshakes; the market is over saturated to make it a good political crusade.

Now, if he was campaigning on shaking ass; he would get cross party support.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Self regulation of the medical profession allows Dr. Jane Barton who caused 10 deaths to keep working, corrupt Britain at its best

Dear All

One of the most interesting aspects of corrupt Britain is self regulation particularly in the medical profession.

Time and time again, we see doctors who have in some cases caused death and significant harm to patients being allowed to continue to practice.

Dr. Jane Barton is a doctor who prescribed "potentially hazardous" levels of drugs to elderly patients who later died.

It should come as no surprise that she isn’t being struck off.

She is being allowed to continue working under certain conditions despite being found guilty of serious professional misconduct.

When a doctor has fouled up and case is taken further by a complaint, a doctor usually has to go before a fitness to practice panel.

Doctors then sit in judgement of other doctors, rather like the old boys network.

The hearing in central London into her serious professional misconduct was attended by relatives of those who died under Barton’s care.

Iain Wilson, the son of Robert Wilson whose father died shouted;

"You should hang your head in shame."

Niall Dickson, GMC chief executive, said;

"Our view was the doctor's name should have been erased from the medical register following the panel's finding of serious professional misconduct.

Even the General Medical Council criticised the panel's ruling.

Barton’s excuse is she was working under "unreasonable pressure" with an "excessive and increasing burden" in caring for patients.

After the hearing Dr Barton said;

"I am disappointed by the decision of the GMC panel”.

I am sure that the 10 dead patients killed by her incompetence would express an equally strong sentiment.

Should she be struck off the medical register?

Yes but more than that she should have resigned herself.

10 dead people, an impressive record.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, January 28, 2010

EU Foreign Minister too lazy to go to Haiti,"I'm neither a doctor nor a fireman"

Dear All

At the height of the ‘is Tony Blair going to become the President of Europe’ debacle, a relatively unknown Labour Party stooge was parachuted into the position as EU Foreign Affairs Minister.

Catherine Ashton!

Straight away without any formal training, she made an arse of it!

One diplomat has stated that she had “killed the job”.

The problem seems to be that Catherine Ashton seems to think that her job is ‘9 to 5’ and if something happens then it can wait.

As soon as the buzzer goes, her arse is on the Eurostar commuting home to London.

It is rumoured she spends more time on Eurostar than in her office.

Haiti is in trouble; everyone is pouring aid and popping out to see if they can help.

Catherine Ashton didn’t go, her reply to criticism;

“I’m neither a doctor nor a fireman.”

Nor very bright, if Mandelson got the post, he would have been of a flight with the press in tow.

Poor Ashton must think she is a clerk.

With Hillary Clinton going to the scene, you would think that she would have known that her presence as EU Foreign Affairs Minister was required.

In the European Parliament, the French not known for being quiet let rip, with one MEP harangued Lady Ashton;

“You shouldn’t be here but in Haiti.”

He should have known that the Eurostar train doesn’t go that far!

At present 27 European countries have to resort to individual diplomacy as they have all sussed that they are dealing with a basket case.

She will unity the whole of Europe at some point, when they plot to get rid of her.

And she is the clown who famously said, "I hope and trust that you will judge me by what I do in this new role".

We are, you're a complete arsehole.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Sinn Féin and the DUP need to get the Justice Ministry functioning, then see who comes through the doors with their complaints

Dear All

Ireland has always had a trouble history.

But if you ever happened to go visit then you will find the people every welcoming which was always my expertise on visiting.

Even if you were a complete stranger, they would talk to you like they have known you for years.

At present there is a problem, there needs to be a transfer from London to Belfast of policing and justice powers.

The sticking point is the DUP, at the behest of the Protestant Orange Order wanting the abolition of the Parades Commission.

The Democratic Unionist Party should look at the wider picture rather than get bogged down in someone’s petty disputes.

So much has been done to improve the lives of the people of Northern Ireland to walk away would be criminal.

The fact of the matter whether people like it or not is that there needs to be a Parades Commission at present.

If people have complaints about rulings of the commission then they should be addressed through elected representatives.

Sinn Féin and the DUP shouldn’t be taking on other people’s baggage.

As for Sinn Féin threatening to walk away from power sharing that isn’t the way to go either.

Everyone should focus on one thing at a time.

This means an Irish Justice Ministry fully functioning by May with the total support of both parties.

Get the functions of civil government working then open the doors and see who comes through the doors with their complaints.

But get civil government working first.
Leave the bad old days where they belong, in the past.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Gordon Shaw transforms Lochend Community High School by fostering school spirit and pride in the school

Dear All

A sense of pride can do wonders, something to believe in is important.

Lochend Community High School in is Easterhouse, Glasgow, it has adopted a traditional house system as part of moves to improve school discipline.

The scheme requires pupils to wear compulsory school uniform with a coloured badge to denote which house they belong to.

As well as fostering school spirit, each house competes against each other in a range of activities from academic to sporting events.

What is surprising is why such a scheme hasn’t been rolled out across the rest of Scotland.

Inclusiveness breeds community.

Community breeds character.

The results by Gordon Shaw, the school’s head teacher have seen a 63% reduction in pupil exclusions in the past two years.

It has been a marvellous success worthy of recognition.

Gordon Shaw said;

“We also want our young people to have as many opportunities to succeed as possible through school events.”

This goal setting idea is not new but the volume of activities put in place is a well thought-out considered proposal.

I would like to think that other schools would look at the Lochend model and implement it in their schools.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Outkast - Hey Ya

Now, the snow is gone, Steven 'bin laden' Purcell and the Labour Council of shame introduce old past time to Glasgow, walking in filth again!

Dear All

The ‘Winter of Discontent’ is set to return to Glasgow as bin men are to be balloted for strike action.

The last time rubbish piled up in the streets causing a massive backlog as Steven ‘bin laden’ Purcell and his Labour Council of shame lost control of the situation.

Now, the residents are back to the same ridiculous situation as control of cleansing returns to anarchy.

The Union says 400 staff could walk out, the reason; they are accusing the city council of reneging on previous promises of payments to compensate for a change in their shift patterns totalling £1,000 a year.

Labour reneging on promises, how very William Bain of them!

I am surprised that the bin men thought that the Labour Council of shame would stick to an agreement, Glaswegians are usually pretty sharp.

Another reasonable gripe is bosses backtracking on promises to look at individual cases where bin men had concerns about shift patterns.

12,000 complaints were lodged with the Council in the last strike.

The strike however is good news for the guy running the Department of Land and Environmental Services, Robert Booth, his brother runs a cleansing operation.

So, for Glaswegians, it is a return to walking in the streets of filth as Purcell can’t manage the ‘bins of wrath’.

Isn’t time for Purcell and the Labour Council of shame to start to work for the people of Glasgow?

Instead of toadying to big business or is that asking too much?

Probably is!

Got a complaint about rubbish; then send it to the man responsible;

Ask him to do his job and sort out his incompetence.

It's time Steven Purcell 'paid up for Glasgow' and resigned.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

The Labour Party Cretins make sucessful transition to schools as they introduce discrimination to children as part of the learning experience

Dear All

The problem with equality is that there are some very stupid people who seem to be unable to understand what the concept is.

Equality means the same standard is applied across the board.

This is a story of Political Correctness going too far the wrong way.

Children from better-off families have been banned from school trips with their less privileged classmates.

This is completely wrong.

In Trafford, Greater Manchester a pilot scheme is operating to assist 'economically disadvantaged' school children only.

This means that only children from low-income families can go on the trips such as trip to Knowsley Safari Park, football sessions with Manchester United Foundation doing to the indoor snow centre, Chill Factore.

What is good about these trips is that it broadens a child’s horizon, doing activities that they would normally not be able to engage in, the bad, it is discriminatory.

Like all Labour schemes, it is badly thought-out; the element of social cohesion is missed out.

Does it matter?

Yes, how can you spout equality while practicing discrimination?

Would it not have been more sensible to have widened the scheme to allow trips but allow the children of those on benefits to apply for exemptions, that way everyone can go and enjoy it?

All school trips should be open to all.

The scheme has left some children in tears because they did not understand why they could not go on the trips with their friends.

It is a pretty ridiculous affair that this aspect wasn’t addressed before the scheme was rolled out.

The solution, everyone goes, those eligible for an exemption receive it and those whose parents can afford it pay.

It makes you wonder how some people maintain employment when they are clearly idiots causing so much damage.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

The Unite Union shouts the odds at Holyrood on max pay, are their senior executives prepared to set an example and live on national average wage?

Dear All

Stupidity is a poor substitute for intelligence is one of the phrases that I used to use when teaching.

Here is one such example; Union leaders in Scotland are calling for a national maximum wage.

This will never happen.

What is even more bizarre is that the trade union Unite is urging the Scottish Government to back the proposals.

Officials from trade union Unite will be appearing to submit this idea before Holyrood's economy committee into the future of the banking sector in Scotland.

Quite simply this will encourage business not relocate in Scotland or transfer their headquarters out of Scotland to England.

Putting a cap on maximum pay will not help those at the bottom of the pay ladder.

A submission by the union states that "excessive pay levels" of senior executives fuelled the huge inequality in pay across the UK in both the public and private sectors.

The average UK wage about £30,680, if you live in a gerrymandered ghetto such as Pollok then you would be lucky to take home even half that.

Rather than engaging in the politics of envy, why aren’t they campaigning for meaningful change in why people in social housing slums on average earn below the national average consistently?

It is time that the Unions stop playing the politics of the student union and face up to the real concerns of their members and help to achieve better pay and conditions for them rather than worrying about a tiny minority.

Why don’t Unite senior executives set an example and introduce the average UK wage of £30,680 for themselves?

Why don’t they take a pay cut?

I suspect that the senior members of the Unite union would go very quite about that as a proposal.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Reform of Westminister select committees may increase scrutiny of government business, the reforms should be backed

Dear All

Reform of Parliament is long overdue and not just because of the expenses scandal.

MPs’ serve on select committees in Wesminister, their purpose is to scrutinise government business.

However a report has been produced that the select committee system is failing for a number of reasons.

With some committees having 14 members, it is felt that it is "well-nigh impossible" for them all to question witnesses properly.

Another problem of the system is poor attendance because some MPs’ can’t be bothered to turn up and do the work.

Commons liaison committee is putting forward and interesting set of proposals which would see all frontbench MPs- ministers or parliamentary private secretaries must be banned from serving on select committees.

This idea has merit as government business should be looked at in as much an impartial manner as possible.

It is said that the enlargement of committees has weakened the system leading to disengagement.

This is the type of reform that all MPs’ should get behind as better governance is the ultimate goal.

It is better that fewer do more scrutiny than a lot doing none.

And we have seen enough bad law being passed already at Westminister.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

The legacy of New Labour under Gordon Brown revealed, the gap between rich and poor is at its widest for 40 years,meritocracy is just a word

Dear All

One of the recurring themes of this blog is that we live in a corrupt country.

Now another government-commissioned report highlights what I have been writing and saying for years.

The gap between rich and poor in the UK is growing.

The National Equality Panel reports say that the problems are deep seated and that systemic differences remain in pay and employment.

Areas flagged up for special concern are neighbourhood renewal, taxes and education.

Although the Labour and Conservative Parties say they are committed to improving life chances in order to gain votes, the evidence is firmly against them.

The problem isn’t being addressed because the focus is spotlighted on the poor rather than tackling those who operate the systematic discrimination.

So, all that happens, is smoke and mirrors and no action, the deck chairs just get moved around but the result is always the same, the poor aren’t getting a seat.

Professor John Hills, of the London School of Economics said;

"Most political parties and people subscribe to the ideal of 'equality of opportunity'."

In truth, they have to all claim to support equality in order to attract members and votes.

Hills added;

"The challenge that our report puts down to all political parties is how do you create a level playing field when there are such large differences between the resources that different people have available to them”.

How do you create a level playing field?

Punitive sanctions and more transparency, watchdogs that have teeth and the political will.

A classic bastion of discrimination is UK Government, the Public Honours Unit is primary an exclusive club that excludes the ordinary working class person from sitting on the numerous NGO boards that run this country.

So, what does the future hold?

Can change really be forthcoming?

No, not while people like Gordon Brown and New Labour are in Government, they lack the political will to change anything.

Pretty sad isn’t.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Labour MP Jim Murphy wants to ignore the SNP during the General Election, it's rather like 'don't mention the war' mentality

Dear All

Jim Murphy has lost the plot or has he?

Labour is to adopt a controversial strategy of ignoring the SNP completely during the General Election campaign in Scotland.

He is doing this to concentrate on the Tories; one small point obviously worth mentioning is that the main challenger in his seat is the Tory Candidate.

For Labour MPs in the rest of Scotland they face a serious real threat of losing their seats to SNP Candidates.

If this strategy is implemented , then the SNP chances in some seats will increase considerably.

The Labour Party in Scotland has used the repeated tactic of campaigning on Holyrood issues in Westminister by-elections.

Effectively to the SNP determent it has to be said.

The fact of Scottish politics is that the SNP are the major force in Scotland, at the General Election, the Tories will be lucky, very lucky to get a handful of seats.

The may get wiped out in Scotland altogether, holding just a single seat at present.

It is widely expected that the Tories will form the next UK Government; Labour is set for a landslide of losses.

So, who can stand up for Scotland’s interests other than the Scottish National Party who are the government of Scotland?

Who will the Tories take seriously if not the SNP Government of Scotland?

Labour MP William Bain?

He said he would oppose cuts throughout his by-election campaign, first thing he did when he got to Westminister was vote with the Labour Government for cuts.

In Glasgow, the SNP if they fight hard have a realistic chance of winning three seats, those are Glasgow East, Glasgow South and Glasgow North.

John Mason, Malcolm Fleming and Patrick Grady represent the best possible chance out of the seven available seats to be fought in the city.

But in order to win these seats, the SNP have to be radical and strip out their activists from the remaining seats to fight in these areas.

People, money and resources are the assets of the political economy and the SNP have to manage the political budget.
It is impossible to win every seat in Glasgow.

So why not divert resources to those seats that are viable.

Surely Alex Salmond and the SNP would rather have three gains instead of seven losses in the City of Glasgow?

They have to address and manage the political budget in the same way they have done with the financial budget.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

The SNP manifesto promised children 2 hours of fitness exercise it is time to look beyond the traditional failed approach

Dear All

Sport for children is a target missed every year for the last six years by successive administrations at Holyrood.

The SNP Ministers find themselves under fire for missing another educational target and manifesto commitment.

Is there a simple solution to the problem?

Yes, hire in fitness instructors who do nothing but teach fitness.

In the after school community, kids gets fitness training in the voluntary and private sector such as judo, boxing and karate clubs as well as other organisations.

And it is cost effective.

So why not look beyond the traditional teacher ethos?

The SNP manifesto stated;

“To help Scottish children develop the habit of physical fitness, we will ensure that every pupil has two hours of quality PE each week delivered by specialist PE teachers.”

Sounds good but the reality is far from achieved, only a third of all schoolchildren meet the two hours’ target with thousands of pupils getting next to no proper exercise at all.

So, at present there is a blame game between government and council along the lines of ‘it’s your fault’.

It is ridiculous that some schools have no indoor sports facilities at all, no gym hall or any sort of area where children can exercise in the winter.

So, why not take them to the local sports centre, big halls and qualified instructors?

This helps meet the Scottish Government target and provides revenue to the local centres for use of facilities and personnel.

But the Scottish Government must go further for children and look to the work done by the Australians who operate an interesting scheme to encourage children into sport.
Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

The Police in the Northern Constabulary are unhappy, the cause, they don’t want to be subject to overview because of cost.

Dear All

The Police in the Northern Constabulary are unhappy, the cause, they don’t want to be subject to overview.

They would rather have not to deal with Freedom of Information requests because they say it divert funds away from other police work.

So is it important that organisations such as the Police remain transparent?

In a democracy this should be seen as essential in order to serve the public trust.

The main issue that is stated is the financial aspect of doing the work. It would therefore be sensible to ask for additional funding from the Scottish Government.

Business and public bodies asked Northern Constabulary 178 questions, MP and MSPs made 166 requests while 15 came from solicitors.

So should requests be solely available to those who have power?

And the answer has to be no.

Research by the Scottish Information Commissioner published last year that suggested more than two-thirds of Scots wanted legal access to documents held by bodies such as private prisons.

That is because Scotland is a corrupt country, where people are denied their rights on a continual basis.

The system is so rotten that it is only because of Acts of Parliament such as the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2005 that information trickles out.

If the Police want more funds they should approached the Scottish Government with specific proposals such as a cut of monies recovered from the Proceeds of Crimes Act.

It would also encourage them to be more pro active in chasing down target criminals operating in Scotland.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency boss Gordon Meldrum claims drugs major problem but unable to provide major solution

Dear All

Drugs should be made legal.

The evidence from the war on drugs points to the complete failure to deal with the problem effectively in any real sense.

A report highlights that a quarter of adults have admitted taking illegal drugs at some point in their lives.

The report released by the Scottish Government shows that if a new strategy is not adopted then all the effort and resources.

The illegal drugs market has to be bankrupted.

It is a business and as such can be destroyed like any other.

Of course in order to do so, the Government has to grasp the nettle that a quango needs to be set up to sell legalised drugs.

Cannabis is the most common drug used followed by amphetamines, ecstasy and cocaine.

Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency boss Gordon Meldrum said;

"Heroin is still killing people every week and there are threats from stronger strains of cannabis, cocaine, and so-called 'legal highs'."

So, why not do something that would allow the Government to regulate the market and collect the revenue?

The money could be used to fund treatment projects and help those trapped in an endless cycle of crime and despair.

The message of just say no was catchy but not effective as still the numbers remain unacceptably high.

At present this is a problem with Heroin killing users because it is laced with anthrax.

The response to this crisis is to close the stable door after the horse has bolted but shouldn’t the response be to intervene before the users injected themselves with the anthrax?

How much is the cost to treat an anthrax heroin user?

It would make simple economic and moral sense for the government to legalise the market and exercise some kind of control.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Labour MP Austin Mitchell pays back £10,459 in the Westminister MP expenses scandal before Sir Thomas Legg's announcements and he is 'sorry'

Dear All

Labour MP Austin Mitchell is one of the Labour Party’s high profile MPs appearing on television on a regular basis.

But now he has found infamy on top of his fame and has to repay more than £10,000 in parliamentary expenses.

He has been found to have broken the rules on claims for mortgages.

He said;

"Sir Tom Legg's re-analysis of MPs' Additional Costs Allowances (ACA) has discovered an error in my mortgage claims which has resulted in an overpayment of £10,549. Sir Tom's analysis is correct.

Everything in the expenses scandal involving Labour MPs is an error.

This begs the question about the calibre of Labour MPs and their ability to understand the rules they work by in regard to claiming expenses.

As usual when a Labour MP is caught, he has said;

“I am sorry”!

Always looks good to the public the sack cloth and ashes bit.

However, he has done the politically expedient thing and got his apology in before Sir Thomas Legg’s announcement, effectively killing the story.

Mitchell said;

"I am releasing this information now ahead of whatever announcements Sir Tom Legg makes on claims for repayment by the generality of members because I have no wish to contest his ruling in my case. I am sorry."

This allows him to issue the “I have moved on and the matter is closed” statement to any future reporter.

He pays back £10,549 but he won’t be the last.

He says that the bank changed his mortgage in 2006 without his knowledge so I wonder will be chasing them up to find out whom authorised it?

Or will he just want the issue buried?

I know I would want to find out but would he?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, January 25, 2010

Polish Pensioner declared dead by a doctor found alive and well after being put in coffin by undertaker, you just can't get good help these days

Dear All

Medicine isn’t an exact science, when I was at University of Glasgow, one of the medics told me a story about how he was treating a guy on his last legs who he thought had expired in the presence of the family.

As best as he could he said “that’s it he’s gone”.

To add insult to injury the old guy groaned during his speech, the family sitting, just looked at him, he was still alive.

The Doc didn’t know where to look.

Over in sunny Poland, Jozef Guzy collapsed at work of a suspected heart attack. An ambulance was called and an experienced doctor declared that the 76-year-old had died.

Three hours later, up pops the undertaker to take Mr Guzy's body away in a coffin.

No heartbeat, not breathing and the body had cooled; all characteristics of death.

As the undertaker fiddled with his watch chain, he touched Mr Guzy's neck and low and behold detected a pulse.

The ambulance was called again and the same doctor returned to confirm the pensioner had 'come back from the dead'.

For Jozef Guzy it was a happy escape, I wonder if he does the lottery!

So, happy faces all round and moral of the story, don’t be so keen to box people up too quick.

They might just climb out of their coffin and scare the hell out of you!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Geoff Hoon's troubles get considerably worse as he faces vote of no confidence on 12th February by Labour Activists who seek to de-select him

Dear All

It seems that Geoff Hoon is in the same kind of bother as Anne Moffat, Labour Activists want to get rid of him.

His botched coup against Gordon Brown recent threw the Labour party into chaos, as during the day, people waited to see which way people would jump.

In the end, it fizzled out and the plotters retreated to consider their position.

Now, the furious local activists want a showdown with Geoff Hoon and this could see him de-selected as a candidate.

Hoon current holds the seat of Ashfield, 12th February he faces a vote of no confidence if he is unsuccessful, it will spell the end of his politics career permanently.

There is a rumour that Hoon may resign before the no confidence takes place but I suspect that is wishful thinking on the part of some.

If things go pear shaped then Hoon like John Reid may simply step into another job, as executive chairman of the Football League.

In corrupt Britain, networking is so important, people move seamlessly from one job to another.

So, what qualifications or experience does Hoon have to be executive chairman of the Football League?


He might have watched footie on the TV, but hardly a qualification.

His stated position regarding being an MP is “to continue to represent the people of Ashfield.”

It seems that the Labour Activists if unsuccessful will have to hope their fallback position the public do the job for them.

Either way things look bleak.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Chemical Ali who killed thousands of men, women and children in Iraq is finally hanged for war crimes

Dear All

Ali Hassan al-Majid formerly known as "Chemical Ali" has been hanged by the Iraqi Government.

Majid, part of Saddam Hussein's regime had earlier been sentenced to death four times for genocide and crimes against humanity.

So, one way or another, he was getting his neck stretched.

Chemical Ali got his name because of the chemical attacks he used against civilians.

The gas attack on the Kurdish town of Halabja in 1988 was said to have caused 5,000 deaths, men, women and children.

Iraqi jets were used to deliver chemical weapons over Halabja spraying it with a lethal cocktail of mustard gas and the nerve agents Tabun, Sarin and VX.

In the end Chemical Ali showed no remorse for his crimes as he was lead to the gallows which the Iraqi Government was keen to stress it was more dignified that Saddam execution.

He insisted that he was acting in the interests of Iraqi security.

Warped values indeed to justify the murder of women and children!

The news of his death had a mixed reaction from the Iraqi people, in Tikrit, his home town, a resident said;

"I give my condolences to the Iraqi people on the death of Ali Hassan al-Majid, who was killed by traitors and hooligans."

I suspect someone who is socially unaware.

On the other side of the debate a resident of Halabja said;

''We, the families of those killed in the attack on Halabja, are very pleased to hear that Ali Hassan al-Majid was executed”.

Given the amount of people that he killed as a homicidal manic; the world is a little better off without him.

You could make a strong case that in the end justice finally caught up with him.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

I would like to formally apologise to Ms. Irene Anderson for any embarassment that I inadvertently caused her in a recent post on politics

Dear Peter Murrell/ Scottish National Party

I have been asked by Ms. Irene Anderson to make a clarification about my post;

‘If the SNP are serious about trying to win Glasgow Central, they should face the truth; Osama Saeed should be replaced as the SNP Candidate’.

At no time did she have any input regarding any opinions expressed in my post whatsoever.

I wish to make this absolutely clear.

I would also like to formally apologise to Ms. Anderson for any personal embarrassment that I have inadvertently caused her.

If there is any question regarding my veracity, I am willing to sign a written statement to that effect.

Finally, I would make a point, when John Mason stood for election, I knew he was going to win, when some others stood I knew they were not going to win.

That doesn’t make me a fortune teller, it just means that I see something different that others don’t.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

US General Stanley McChrystal says there has been "enough fighting" in Afghanistan and states a political solution is "inevitable" with the Taliban

Dear All

The Americans are starting to signal what everyone knew was coming.

They are unable to win the war in Afghanistan.

US Gen Stanley McChrystal has given an interview to the Financial Times newspaper saying that there had been "enough fighting".

In his article he goes on to say that a political solution in all conflicts was "inevitable".

This at last is the realisation that the current impasse cannot be sustained.

In mirroring his attitude the top UN envoy in Kabul said it was time to talk to the militants.

It is only a matter of time before the British are told to change their policy to be inline with the new American thinking.

When America speaks, the British Government repeats.

At present Turkey is trying to broker talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

The carrot is the Taliban playing a possible role in the government.

The US and Nato are pledged to increase troops in 2010, this will not solve the political problem, the US cannot keep such a level of expense indefinitely with the current economic climate.

For the Americans, it was only logically for them to come to the conclusion that the problem isn’t a military one on the ground but a cultural one, deep rooted.

Gen McChrystal however said;

‘if the new US-led strategy was successful, the militants "could look desperate" in a year's time’.

Given that time isn’t an issue for the Taliban, this statement doesn’t make sense but suggests that they are hedging their bets.

When the issue came up of senior Taliban could have a role in the future Afghan government, he said;

"I think any Afghans can play a role if they focus on the future, and not the past”.

So both the Afghan Government and Americans are of similar thinking, with the Americans having a better over view.

What is interesting is that how far United Nations special representative Kai Eide has gone. He is calling for some senior Taliban leaders to be removed from a UN list of terrorists.

This is a major policy shift and could be seen as a prelude to direct talks which will surely come.
He puts it rather bluntly;

"If you want relevant results, then you have to talk to the relevant person in authority. I think the time has come to do it”.

So, what was achieved in Afghanistan?

That question will be picked over by historians for a very long time.

In the round, I would say that the West has learned that occupation will eventually lead to mission failure.

At present, Nato is gearing up for an offensive in Helmand province, capturing territory is meaningless in Afghanistan unless they are capturing hearts and minds.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

As Tony Blair prepares for his day out at the Iraq Inquiry, have a look at what he caused by destroying Iraq, her name is Shams

Dear All

Have a good look at the picture above, this little girl is called Shams, it means ‘Sun’ in Arabic.

She is the victim of a car bomb in Sadr City, Baghdad; she is alive but lost both her eyes in the explosion as well as her mother.

The injuries to her face need no real explanation regarding how severe they are.

She was 20 months old at the time of the attack.

This week, the media will focus on the appearance of Tony Blair at the Iraq Inquiry as he tries to paint himself as ‘whiter than white’.

We will be treated to a sickening display of whitewash from the hand picked cronies running the Inquiry as well as Blair playing his now customary ‘Man of God’ role.

This appearance will pretty much mirror how the bankers acts in front of a House of Commons Committee, saying ‘sorry but I acted in good faith’.

In the TV series Band of Brothers, an episode was entitled ‘why we fight’; it shows the Americans stumbling upon a Nazis Concentration Camp and their revulsion to the acts of torture, abuse and inhumanity inflicted on the inmates.

When I look at Shams, I think you can see ‘why we protest’.

Tony Blair played a large part in the destruction of an entire country; countless hundreds of thousands of people are dead and injured because of him.

He is a war criminal as I understand the definition of the term.

After sucking up to and having the backing the Americans, he left public office and immediately started earning millions of pounds.

Add to it, his ‘Man of God’ role telling the poor to accept less while he jets around the world staying in billionaires mansions and working on his suntan of their yachts.

It all adds to a pretty nauseating sight of this loathsome individual creeping around the world trying to convince people he is a ‘peace envoy’.

Little Shams is a little baby girl who had her whole future destroyed by Tony Blair.

And his life is one long endless party of greed and excess.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lady Gaga- Bad Romance

If independence is to be achieved then the SNP have to show economic competence, SFT should be tasked for review by Jim and Margaret Cuthbert

Dear All

The Scottish Government has attracted continual criticism over the Scottish Futures Trust.

The idea is to get away from the PFI concept where big business makes obscene money off building infrastructure projects.

Good idea which few could disagree with.

Two people have been very critical of the Scottish Futures Trust, Jim and Margaret Cuthbert; he is a former chief statistician with the Scottish Office and his wife an academic.

I would think that the sensible way forward for the SNP Government is to commission a review of how the Cuthberts would address the problems they believe have surfaced in the SFT project.
The Cuthberts don’t appear to be anti SNP having savaged the Calman proposals put forward by the Unionist parties.

The Scottish Government could use a fresh pair of eyes on SFT, if anything to ensure the best use of public money.

They should be given the opportunity to have a blank canvass.

The SNP shouldn’t be frightened to be radical; the goal is a properly functioning set of proposals that are in the Scottish public interest.

One of the interesting points mentioned by the Cuthberts is that because of the size of the contracts, middle-sized Scottish firms are denied the opportunity to get to bid for the projects.

The Scottish Futures Trust has to work or be a continual question of economic competence for the SNP Government to answer.

John Swinney should task the Cuthberts to go through everything in SFT, line by line and sort out any problems inherent in the proposals.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Labour MP Anne Moffat sat on her tuffet eating her curds and whey, along came 25 activists and sat down beside her and booted her arse away

Dear All

One of the longest running sagas has been the battle by Labour activists to get rid of Anne Moffat MP for East Lothian.

Now, activists have voted overwhelmingly to get rid of her and are seeking a candidate to replace her before the general election.
Representatives of branches voted 25 to five in favour of a motion calling for her deselection.

Her support has completely gone and this affair goes forward to the Labour National Executive to ratify.

A Scottish Labour spokesman said;

"Members are entitled, under the Labour party rules, to request the NEC to recommence the selection of the prospective parliamentary candidate. The motion was passed by local members and will be considered by the NEC at the next opportunity."

So this looks pretty bleak for her hanging on.

Earlier in her stormy political career, she sacked three of her staff, this act went down badly provoking anger in the constituency which she never recovered.

There are certain niceties to observe when dealing with staff

An MP is in the business of treating them correctly to assist them do their job and the staff are there to help the MP provide a superior service to constituents.

That way both stay in a job.

This is bad news for Iain Gray the MSP who shares the constituency representing it at Holyrood.

Can she expect support from the top?

Itdoesn’t look like, she seems to have been cast adrift as a Scottish Labour Party spokesman said;

"This is a local party issue. They have followed the correct procedure and the most important thing is that we win East Lothian, which we are confident that we will do at the general election."

Not one word of support for Moffat.

So, little Miss Moffat is going to get kicked off her tuffet!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

If the SNP are serious about trying to win Glasgow Central, they should face the truth, Osama Saeed should be replaced as the SNP Candidate

Dear All

A while ago I wrote a post on Osama Saeed who is standing as the SNP Candidate for Glasgow Central against Anas Sarwar of the Labour Party.

My view, unchanged is that Osama Saeed will not win Glasgow Central. Rather than being an asset, his involvement in the Scottish Islamic Foundation makes him a liability.

He should be replaced by the SNP if they are serious about winning this seat at the General Election.

The Scottish Government gave the Scottish Islamic Foundation money to put on a festival called IslamFest.

There was no festival and the Scottish Government had to chase the SIF to return the money.

So, the Labour Party has enough ammunition to secure victory, the Scottish Government having to hound Osama Saeed to get the money returned.

As a bonus gift from Osama Saeed to the Sarwar family, he asked in relation to the expenses of MP Mohammad Sarwar;

“Have you ever paid any of your family members from Parliamentary allowances?”

Given the Scottish Islamic Foundation has members of his family and SNP members, it calls into question his judgement.

Why is it wrong for Mohammad Sarwar to use taxpayer money to pay a relative for work when his family and friends get a benefit in kind from their involvement in his organisation?

Osama Saeed’s activities haven’t gone unnoticed in the SNP even as far as ministerial level with both Fergus Ewing and Alex Neil concerned about the way the Scottish Islamic Foundation was operating.

Osama Saeed will never be returned to Westminister as an MP, his only chance of elected public office is on a regional MSP list.

He should be replaced as soon as possible.

That way the SNP would have a reasonable chance of success rather than allow the Labour Party to use Osama Saeed’s baggage to create a higher majority.

Finally, the SNP should realise that if they don’t act then this could have a knock on effect that will see Nicola Sturgeon back on the regional list in 2011.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tory MSP Annabel Goldie in choo choo expenses molehill, she should use the cattle truck once in a while like the rest of us

Dear All

Annabel Goldie is the leader of the Scottish Tories in Scotland.

Of late the question of her leadership has been called into doubt as if the Scottish Tories problems are her fault.

The Tories are despised in Scotland; the legacy of Thatcher is still firmly remembered by the people.

There is no Tory bounce in Scotland as by-election after by-election shows only too well.

So because the London Tories aren’t backing her, she is seen as fair game.

The issue of her taxpayer funded first-class rail travel has hit the headlines, in a time where she is calling for cutting “non-essential” spending and calling on low-income workers to take a pay freeze, she rides about in luxury and comfort.

Do I have a problem she is taking the train, first class?


Her expenses for train travel over 4 years are £10,000, about £50 a week.

Has she done something wrong?


Her staff travelled the same route standard class.

I don’t begrudge her seat in first class but how much more sensible would it have been to travel in the cattle truck with the rest of us on occasion?

So, her leadership, has she done badly, actually no, given the party, she has done every well with effectively nothing to work with.

Last October, she was excluded from a dinner for Scottish Tory fundraisers and UK leader David Cameron near Glasgow, a mistake because she brings a certain steadiness by picking her fights carefully.

If the Tories decide to find an alternative at this time, it would be a mistake, she is trying her best.

And she comes across as likeable.

It seems Tory stupidity may win over patience.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Glasgow's Labour Council of shame faces opposition as Unison opposes Steven 'bin laden' Purcell destroying infrastucture and jobs

Dear All

Glasgow Labour Party is the ‘destroyer of lives’ in the city, they rule the gerrymandered ghettos that ring the city, killing aspiration and opportunities to keep them in power.

Glasgow has been controlled by the Labour Council of shame led by Steven ‘bin laden’ Purcell for many years; the people have seen little benefits to their quality of life.

Big business has reaped rewards at the expenses of the people.

The people of Glasgow are suffering under the heel of the Labour boot, infrastructure destroyed and jobs all lost.

Now, the Glasgow branch of Scotland's largest public sector union is holding an open meeting later to fight proposed service cuts by the city council.

Unison is now fighting the plans by the Labour Council of shame which would see up to 600 staff at the council and its arms-length bodies lose their jobs.

Such is the scale of revolt that Unison has opened a union meeting to the public, at the Unison branch office in Albion Street today.

Unison branch secretary, Brian Smith, said;

"Neither the people of Glasgow nor public service workers caused this economic crisis and they should not have to pay to bail out irresponsible bankers”.

It was caused by the incompetent Labour Government at Westminister which failed to regulate the financial markets properly.

The embarrassment for Unison is how long it has taken them to stand up for the rights of ordinary workers.

Labour City treasurer Gordon Matheson said the council dealing with the first of many difficult years ahead trying to deal with the "twin problems of the worldwide recession and the Scottish Executive's decision to punish the people of Glasgow with the smallest grant increase in Scotland".

How typical of Matheson to show contempt for ordinary citizens by misleading them what the actual truth is.

Labour is responsible for financial mismanagement of Britain and Glasgow receives the most per head of population in Scotland from the SNP Government.

It is now time that the Unions in Scotland broke their links to the Labour Party and stopped giving the money.

That support has been used to keep the people down.

Glasgow’s shame is the Labour Party; it is time the Unions faced up to their responsibilities if they are to have any relevance in Scottish society.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University