Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Easter to all, blogging starts back on Tuesday, and for my avid Glasgow Virgin Media reader, have a long lie in bed over the next few days, the George Laird view can be important but you can wait till lunch time you know!

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It is true, that many people are interested in what I say, because of my ability to come up with ideas such as the National Police and Fire Service, and my social media ideas.

But dinner time is probably best to read the blog after you have had the nosebag on a couple of times.

I wouldn’t be blogging until Tuesday, that way you can have a long lie in for a few days.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

SNP Councillor Gavin Barrie exposed for allegedly fucking another woman behind his wife’s back, ex retired fireman, 55, allegedly manages to ‘hose down’ someone’s wife in her 30’s, will Gavin get her kids xmas presents this year or take hubby for a drink?

Dear All

Do you remember the Love boat tune?

‘Love, exciting and new
Come aboard, were expecting you’.

Well, love is air, for a two-timing SNP councillor called Gavin Barrie, one slight problem; he is fucking behind his wife’s back.

He is also, the SNP whip, tasked with keeping others in line!

Apparently his wife only found out because the husband of the woman he allegedly ‘ploughed’ into contacted her.

Now, he has been exposed as a cheat by his long-term partner who e-mailed SNP politicians asking why they hadn’t told her about his affair.

It seems that she wasn’t part of the team, and their silence equals consent, and why upset the little woman at home.

Maybe he isn’t the only SNP Politician who has his prick parked in another woman when the wife remains ignorant.

From time to time you hear stories in the SNP.

Mr. Barrie is a retired firefighter is said to be banging Elaine McCafferty, believed to be in her late 30s.

SNP whip Gavin Barrie, 55, Elaine McCafferty in her late 30’s.

And she is a mother, who doesn't love a mother!!

At this point, maybe her husband, he must be well fucked off.

From firefighter to a milfman!

Carol Blackburn, Cllr Barrie’s partner of 28 years, lifted the lid on the affair after Mrs McCafferty’s husband phoned her to break the news of them screwing behind her back.

Principled stand by the husband, like this boy already!

Now, Carol, rightly launched a tirade against all 18 SNP councillors on Edinburgh City Council for not having the “decency” to inform her of the tryst or convince Cllr Barrie to “come clean and own up”.

Seems the Nolan Principles don’t apply in the Scottish National Party, decency went out the window a long time ago, I said the party is now effectively a ‘rat ship’.

George Laird right again.

In sticking to the SNP ‘heroes’ in an e-mail, she reveals how this was “not the first time” Cllr Barrie had strayed.

A little bit of power and it goes to some people’s head, but perhaps Cllr Barrie was always a rat.

Anyway Carol has blasted his SNP colleagues who she believes were “complicit” in hiding the relationship.

She said it was “so cruel” that she had to be told by “Elaine’s distraught husband”.

Carol added:

“I hope this never happens to you and yours and that your group can behave in a more moralistic upstanding and family orientated manner than seems to be happening at the moment. I do not want any replies; I just want you to know I do not hold you or your party in any regard at all.”

In a true PR exercise of ‘we know nothing’, Party sources today said news of the affair had come as a “surprise” to many.

Yes, quite so ma’am!

However, it is believed confidants of Cllr Barrie may have suspected it.

Aye right!

Barrie is said to be the “natural successor” to Steve Cardownie, leader of the Edinburgh SNP group.

A rat is the “natural successor”?

A spokesman for the SNP council group said:

“It’s an entirely personal issue between the people involved and it would be inappropriate to make any comment.”

In other words, we hope his wife will just go away and stop blaming us, because we don’t care or give fuck!

An SNP national spokesperson said:

“We regard such matters as private.”

Is it because it is entirely possible that someone higher up in the SNP maybe shagging behind his wife’s back?

Seems Cllr Barrie has a track record of ‘standing up for Scotland’, just ask Elaine McCafferty, think she can tell if he leans to the left?

As I keep saying trust is a major issue in the Scottish National Party now!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

Scottish independence: Labour MP Margaret Curran accuses the SNP using negative tactics, Salmond can’t present a positive case for indy, the lack of talent is so obvious, SNP MSP reads off a piece of paper during interview last night!

Dear All

The SNP keep saying their campaign is a “positive campaign”.

As we have seen like so much that is spouted by Team Salmond and Team Sturgeon that is just another lie.

The ‘positive’ is everything will be milk and honey in an independent Scotland, and the negative is their daily anti Westminister rant, because deep down; the lack of talent in the SNP don’t have a positive case to present.

When we are told ‘facts’ on serious issues we find out like we did over Scotland’s EU membership, it was all a lie, but worse than that, the SNP had never done the work and never asked about EU membership.

They simply got some people’s opinions and presented them as facts, this is outright deception.

You can have failed to notice that there is no positive campaigning, and when a question is asked, it isn’t answered properly by Alex Salmond.

He and Nicola Sturgeon will say anything to trick people into voting for them.

And the current joke ‘we can make our country into anything we want’ is not we as in us but whatever the SNP.

That’s Salmond and his 64 SNP MSPs; we have already seen how the will of the people is ignored unless your view is their view, so much for the enlightenment.

The SNP keep portraying the referendum as a choice between independence or a Conservative government at Westminster.

They say we are getting a government we didn’t vote for, but obviously that doesn’t apply if it is a Labour Government.

But their logic is that Scotland is the SNP, and since there are hardly any SNP MPs, Scotland will never get the government they voted for.

Labour's Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran said the claim was "simplistic" and would not persuade Scots to vote Yes.

In that respect, Margaret Curran is right, her pitch came as she delivered a speech to Labour members in Edinburgh, where she said the way to guarantee a more socially just Scotland was to elect a Labour government in the 2015 Westminster election.

She is a Labour MP, so this is self interest on her part, prevuiously at Holyrood, she jumped, taking the seat in 2010 from SNP MP John Mason, he didn’t do enough to hold the seat on the ground.

A majority for Labour of circa 13,000 votes!

Incidentally, John Mason was told twice, he wasn’t doing enough.

As part of her speech, Margaret Curran highlighted the minimum wage, record low unemployment and deep reductions in child poverty as achievements from Labour's time in power from 1997 to 2010.

However, the banking crisis and the lack of regulation hasn’t been pointed out, speeches have more impact if they don’t just paint a picture of everything is rosy in the garden.

She added:

"It should stand as a challenge to the SNP against their negative campaign that says all we can ever expect from a UK Government are actions that damage Scotland."

The SNP is desperate to try and restart their failed independence campaign, and as such is presenting unpopular Coalition welfare cuts as a key reason to vote for independence.

I didn’t know that the SNP was found in the 1930’s because someone thought in 2013; Scotland would need protection from welfare cuts!

The SNP is latching onto any issue simply to appear populist, this will not drum up independence support, because people know, that as much as people dislike the Tories in Scotland, people have seen through Alex Salmond’s ‘jolly fat man’ act.

The SNP say one thing in public and another in private, they cannot be trusted, just as someone called Iain Duncan Smith a ‘ratbag’, you could argue the same tag equally applies to Salmond.

Margaret Curran added:

"The SNP's suggestion that being Scottish is enough to guarantee social democratic ends just isn't true. Scots know that 'getting rid of the Tories' is too simplistic an answer for a decision that will last forever."


Well, I would say look at the cases of Cancer sufferer Anne Fisher and Joyce Juszczak, these case tell you everything you need to know about the social democratic ends of the SNP under Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

Couldn’t give a fuck!

I find it funny watching Team Salmond and Team Sturgeon sinking, despite the bluster of Alex Salmond saying:

“My problem is that I have too many talented people ….”

If you watched Newsnight Scotland last night with Gordon Brewer, you will have seen Kevin Stewart, the SNP MSP ….. having to read off a piece of paper.

That’s the talent in the wings?

The Campaign for Scottish independence is dead, the rest is just smoke and mirrors, it’s a face saving exercise; anyone who works for Yes Scotland an SNP front is in the process of wasting 500 plus days.

All the SNP have is spin, there is no substance, and they have left it too late, the signs are there to see if you look closely at the Scottish Government under Salmond.

19th September 2014 is the political death of Alex Salmond at the ballot box.

Team Salmond/ Sturgeon are just a bunch of dumb bastards; they have to live of the ideas of others because they are devoid of original thought themselves!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

David Miliband quits as MP to run charity in the good ole US of A, huge loss to British politics, and huge loss to the Labour Party, he was the leader that Labour never had and should have!

Dear All

One of the interesting stories to emerge in politics is that Labour MP David Miliband is resigning as an MP.

He currently represents South Shields; he will be a big loss to the Labour and politics in Britain.

But when opportunity calls, it is best to answer, he is off to America to work in a charity organisation.

Since he lost to his brother Ed Miliband the leadership of the Labour Party, he has removed himself from the front bench, although offered more or less a blank cheque in the Shadow Cabinet.

So, he is off to take a senior role at the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

In a statement to his constituency party, David Miliband said:

“After the leadership election, I felt I could be most helpful to the party on the front line, in South Shields and around the country, rather than on the front bench in Parliament. I will forever be Labour. But after writing two election manifestoes in 1997 and 2001, and serving as a minister for eight years, I now have to make a choice about how to give full vent to my ideas and ideals. I hope you will understand that the opportunity to lead the IRC represents a unique chance to put my experience into practice on behalf of some of the least fortunate people on Earth.”

His brother is said to be “delighted” at IRC role, but it is a blow to him, one less quality MP in the ranks, David Miliband was a big beast in the Westminster Village, known for his brains rather than volume.

The move triggers a by-election in his South Shields seat in May which I expect will return a Labour MP.
Ed Miliband said that he was “delighted” at his brother’s appointment.

As to his new role, the IRC has personnel on the ground in Iraq and is one of the largest providers of humanitarian assistance in the Congo, although I can’t say I have heard of them, his presence will raise their profile, for the charity it is a coup..

He will take on the post of chief executive officer, replacing Dr George Rupp.

Toby Perkins, MP for Chesterfield, said it was “a big loss to British and Labour politics”.

I think this is grossly an understatement, David Miliband at present is the Labour leader that Labour never had, but who knows, maybe one day he will wander back in the fight, he was backed by the majority of MPs and party members in his bid for leadership, but lost when the unions swung their support behind Ed.
David Miliband, is married to American violinist Louise Shackelton and has two children, was a key adviser to Tony Blair before entering parliament in June 2001.

I wish him good luck!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond says Scotland on cusp of a second oil boom; First Minister of Scotland claims "is not readily supported by the evidence" says academic report from Glasgow University, Salmond hoisted by his own petard again!

Dear All

Its official as in an official fairytale, by Alex Salmond, Scotland is on the verge of a second oil boom.

Now, that bedtime story is out of the way, the reality, Alex Salmond’s claim that Scotland is on the cusp of a second oil boom has been thrown out the window by a new report.

Short verison, Salmond stood on his hind legs, pre or post Curry, and utter ‘second Oil boom’.

And by the wonder of magic, it didn’t happen.

Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland claims "is not readily supported by the evidence", warns the Centre for Public Policy for Regions (CPPR).

That’s code for talking out his ass!

When comes to politics, evidence and the truth remain the strongest currency, sadly Alex Salmond is trying to introduce a new currency called ‘the liar’ which isn’t similar to the Italian Lira.

The ‘Liar’ is a product which hasn't any monetary value in domestic or internal markets, you can’t give it away.

Analysis based on the latest oil forecasts from the CPPR think-tank warns Scotland will plunge deeper into the red than the rest of the UK this year.

That is possible code for third dip recession; however as part of the UK, the overall UK GDP will keep Scotland afloat.

Finance Secretary John Swinney insisted Scotland would remain better off than the rest of the UK, is that what he is saying in private?

Alistair Darling, head of the Better Together campaign, said the Glasgow University-based body's study was "devastating" for the SNP.

That’s code for fucked!

While the SNP undermine what little trust they have left with Scots, the Better Together campaign pushes forward, and informed choice is what is required, and so far the SNP have precious little to show for the best part of a year campaigning.

Failure to achieve all objectives to win over the public!

CPPR report states:
"Even if North Sea revenues turn out towards the top of the range projected in the Scottish Government's Oil and Gas Analytical Bulletin, it would not mean a return to anything like the level of revenues seen in the early 1980s. To suggest some sort of new oil tax revenue boom is about to emerge is not readily supported by the evidence."

Mr Darling said:

"This is devastating for the nationalists. Betting a country's economic future on such a volatile and declining resource isn't credible."

And add to it, that since nothing has been done in government, the Yes Scotland/SNP campaign is built on sand, and easily gives way.

Co-author, economist John McLaren said:

"Scotland's mainland fiscal balance ... is heavily in deficit, both in absolute terms and relative to the UK's”.

And during Alex Salmond’s entire time as First Minister, he never addressed the real problems, as the SNP see Holyrood as a part time 9 to 5 job, a few days a week.

McLaren added:  

"This position improves considerably once a geographic share of North Sea revenues is added in. As the Scottish Government's Fiscal Commission pointed out ... the objective should be to achieve as close to an overall onshore budget balance as possible."

Oil cannot sustain Scotland, the country hasn’t been set up for independence, the ‘talent’ isn’t there in the Scottish National Party, and no work has been done.

All the SNP has left is spin, but no matter how many lies they tell to hoodwink the people, the truth always remains the truth.

The Scottish Independence Campaign is dead, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon don’t have the support of the people, and the government is incompetent.

The cherry on the cake, academics analysis shows that Salmond is playing people as suckers by misleading them.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson uses speech to demand increased powers for Holyrood, U turns in politics happen but it is best to have a position, where’s the substance, where’s the beef, and the Scottish Tories wonder why they struggle to get elected!

Dear All

“U-turn if you want to, the lady’s not for turning”.

Margaret Thatcher.

Fast forward and now we have Tory leader Ruth Davidson.

Apparently she is for turning; however the wisdom can be questioned.

The Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party has for the last 20 years going down the pan.

They can’t get many people elected, their membership is mostly elderly, their direction is wrong; their policies don’t help people at the bottom of society.

And they continually wonder why they can’t get elected, they are stuck in a time warp, Scotland hates Tories.

That is the problem, and that is the situation that must be addressed, how to win back people.

20 years of dying at the ballot box.

On election night 2011, one of the loudest cheers in the SECC was when Ruth Davidson won a seat on the Glasgow list, that isn’t an achievement.

No Tory Candidate came even close to win a first past the post seat in Glasgow.

Ruth Davidson has turned, she will today argue for increased powers for Holyrood beyond the current Calman proposals.

And she wants to campaign to lower taxes and cut public spending.

She won’t do well at the ballot box, although people like paying less tax and cutting public spending, there is a realisation that services must be provided for all, and that costs money.

Ms Davidson is now standing on ground; that Murdo Fraser previously trod on, which prompted Murdo to send mocking messages to her.

Murdo Fraser wanted to radically change the Tories by scrapping the party and setting up a new party, the Tory brand in Scotland he saw as toxic.

But the Tories need more than a name change, because to get anywhere they need the working class of Scotland, and so far despite a lot of talk, they still remain and are seen as an anti working class party who care more for the rich than the poor.

Bedroom tax!

Seen as a ‘great idea’ by the Tory faithful, when it makes them completely publicly unelectable in the mainly ‘urban islands’, that’s cities and towns to you and me.

Her Edinburgh speech said:

"New powers over tax should mean one thing: tax rates being reduced and the burden of tax being lifted for every Scottish family. We've already set out our proposal for a 1p cut in income tax for Scottish families, and new powers over tax in Scotland could let us go further."

Window dressing, did the SNP’s penny for Scotland work?


Why would she think this would work now is beyond me, for a politician, you think they would be more smart.

Here is some more of her stuff:

"My experience of the Scottish Parliament is there are too many members whose sole concern is how money should be spent. There are politicians who have little or no concern for those who generate the money in the first place – the over-burdened and under-appreciated Scottish taxpayer. Politicians who regard taxpayers' money as theirs by right, not hard-earned cash they take on trust to spend on the people of Scotland's behalf. Politicians who take no responsibility for difficult decisions and palm blame off on those who do."

She added:

"We will examine the mix of taxes best suited to achieving that goal, but the principle is clear. If you spend the public's money, then you must be accountable to the public both for how it is spent and how it is raised.
"The devolution of new powers over taxation to the Scottish Parliament means it would be the responsibility of the parliament to use those powers in the best interests of the Scottish people."

Ruth Davidson makes a lot of speeches, and her ideas don’t connect with ordinary people, what she fails to realise is that in the main, people don’t give a shit what she does in parliament, they are looking at the end product.

If the Scottish Tories think this will return them to fortune, they are sadly mistaken; it is almost like looking at people who don’t want to get elected.

In a nutshell, the Scottish Tories are seen as people who kick the working class in face, and then can’t understand why the same people don’t vote for them.

I have just taken off my ‘kicking you in the face hat’ and now I am wearing my ‘standing for election hat!’

Scottish voters tend to wear their 'long memory hat'.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, March 25, 2013

Scottish Independence: 'Soldier of Salmond', the movie trailer, aka The Walking Politically Dead..... Coming Soon

McKay Commission proposes a two tier House of Commons, where English MPs could finally hold sway on England-only laws, measure undermines democracy and is politically dangerous, Tories need to fix their Scottish Party

Dear All

In response to the West Lothian Question, an idea has been put forward, Laws that affect England alone should no longer be passed in the Commons without the consent of a majority of English MPs.

When someone goes to Westminster, they have full voting rights, whether they intend to exercise that right is purely a personal matter, but the reality unless independent, most MPs follow the party line.

The inquiry has concluded Scottish MPs shouldn’t be voting on English domestic matters, you could view this as a move against the Labour Party who tends to dominate in the number of Scottish MPs returned to Westminster.

Lib Dems have 11 MPs, the SNP 6 MPs and the Tories have 1, in the form of David Mundell.

And you can understand up to a point, why this is a problem, in 2004, Tony Blair pushed through tuition fees for England even though most English MPs voted against the policy.

I think that on this issue that English MPs could be legitimately angry, because in Scotland under devolution, Scottish students don’t pay. In that respect, England should be the same, Students should get ‘free’ higher education.

Like Scotland, the English system is in need of major reform.

When Tuition fees when through, it passed only because Scottish Labour MPs packed the lobbies in favour of the move, the party system of being whipped!

People can be made to back the wrong policies, especially when they could be disciplined and lose their seat.

Tony Blair was the wrong man to lead the Labour Party, he came in hope and left a trail of misery behind him.

An independent commission, led by former House of Commons clerk Sir William McKay, has said more needs to be done to ensure English MPs have better control.

If this idea was adopted, a Scottish Prime Minister such as Gordon Brown wouldn’t get a vote on his own government agenda, how can this be right?

Quite simply it isn’t.

Should an Englishman or woman be denied the right to vote if they represent a Scottisg seat?

Under the McKay Commission, apparently yes.

The report calls for a compromise ‘double-lock’ system, under which laws that apply in England alone are approved first by English MPs before they go to a vote before the whole Commons, which comprises MPs of all four nations of the UK. 

I think this is a slippery slope, if the creation of different tiers of MPS is allowed, it undermines democracy.

Equality demands each MP has the same rights in the House of Commons, the claim that this is to ensure that MPs from other countries are not relegated to ‘second class’ status is bogus, entirely bogus.

Everyone has a vote but we have fixed it before hand to ensure the outcome!

In politics, there is always piecemeal, bits added here, and bits added there, no thought what further down the line this could mean, then a patch to fix a mistake, it hardly invokes confidence in the system.

The new regime is designed to solve the so-called ‘West Lothian’ question, which asks why it is that Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish MPs have the same right to vote at Westminster as any English MP now that large areas of policy are devolved to national parliaments and assemblies.

Well, I would say in reply, human rights!

Many Conservatives have called for purely ‘English votes for English laws’, with MPs from other nations barred from voting on such issues.

They are wrong, it undermines the Union, it undermines the House of Commons and it undermines democracy.

Democracy isn’t perfect but in the House of Commons, we expect equal rights for equal members. If we can’t grasp that concept there, things are worse than people think in Britain.

This idea could also make governing impossible, which cannot be a good thing.

Sir William McKay said:

‘Surveys have shown that people in England are unhappy about the existing arrangements, and support change. There is a feeling that England is at a disadvantage, and that it’s not right that MPs representing the devolved nations should be able to vote on matters affecting England. The status quo clearly cannot be sustained. Our proposals retain the right of a UK-wide majority to make the final decisions where they believe UK interests or those of a part of the UK other than England should prevail.’ 

A Cabinet Office spokesman said:

‘We will give the report very serious consideration before we respond.’

This report is wrong; it could end up unworkable and a government winning an election only to find that the opposition is in control.

The solution for Conservatives is to fix their ‘Scottish’ problem, 1 MP at present, the collapse of their vote, number of seats across the board and internal problems.

Second class MPs based on a geographic area they represent is entirely wrong.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, March 22, 2013

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg says the Lib Dems will abandon illegal immigrant amnesty proposal, the idea of amnesty was bizarre; we don’t stop hunting criminals because they have evaded the law

Dear All

Immigration is a hot potato in Britain.

Given Britain is in the EU, the UK Government has little control of our borders people from other member states.

While the EU was small, this didn’t represent a problem, now it does.

Add to it, illegal immigration and something must change, it isn't a question of if but when.

For the EU as a whole, we need an internal immigration policy; if someone wishes to live in a different EU country then they should satisfy a criteria set by a country by country basis.

If done properly, it could help the entire EU function better, but it requires massive political will in Europe.

At present, there is a possibility that the EU is heading towards breakdown on several fronts, governments and banking, these are two such issues which people are focusing on.

There should not be civil unrest within EU borders.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is a desperate man, the Eastleigh by-election gave him a reprieve of sorts but his party; the Lib Dems have suffered by his choices.

He sold out his entire party for power, the ‘in the national interest’ tag banded about…. was bollocks, this was self interest and glory hunting, his place in history.

Clegg needs voters to come back to the Lib Dems.

Today he scrapped controversial Liberal Democrat proposals for an immigrant “amnesty” as he unveiled a tough new stance on visa abuse.

The amnesty idea was rubbish, we don’t pardon illegal immigrants, we arrest them, they are criminals, they are not asylum seekers in a genuine sense; they are economic immigrants or worse.

Once they have illegally entered the country, every act they do to acquire jobs, benefits and others services is crime.

Breaking into a country is just the same as breaking into someone’s home, the ‘liberal left’ and the ‘race politicians’ try to paint these people as victims.

It’s done as part of an agenda to self promote some individuals; while at the same time stigmatising others for political advantage, tagging people as racists.

So, Nick Clegg scraps Lib Dem ‘amnesty’ plan, then he PM outlines bail-style cash bonds for ‘high-risk’ visa applicants.

Clegg’s plan has been dismissed as unworkable by Home Affairs Select Committee head Keith Vaz.

Ping pong politics from this Labour politician.

Apparently the Lib Dems had a plan to allow illegal immigrants to stay in the UK if they have been in the country for 10 years, in the party’s manifesto in the run up to the 2010 general election.

Now, given the collapse of the Lib Dem vote, he has had a 'change of heart', it now risks “undermining public confidence”.

Whether a party is popular or not, this is an issue that is beyond party politics because it affects every citizen in the UK.

Sadly, in the UK, the Labour Party blundered massively on immigration by opening the flood gates, it wasn’t done for economic reasons as stated at the time but as part of a social experiment to make Britain more diverse.

Now, we see the chickens come home to roost, the rise of UKIP; people flock to parties that are willing to articulate their concerns.

Immigration is a concern.

Nick Clegg said:

“Despite the policy’s aims, it was seen by many people as a reward for those who have broken the law.”

He added:

“That is why I am no longer convinced this specific policy should be retained in our manifesto for the next general election.”

Clegg recognizes that the Liberals need to be ‘less liberal’ or they wouldn’t have much of a party left in 2015.

As to plans for bail-like security bonds, which would be paid as a cash guarantee from visa applicants coming from high-risk countries, the bond should be high, if breached, all the money is lost, and when these people are caught, all assets confiscated by the State.

All assets, no exceptions!

Deputy Prime Minister is pledging to “lay the foundations for an immigration system that embodies this nation’s instincts and its values” but he attacked the previous Labour government for “grossly” mismanaging the issue.

To be clear, this was Tony Blair’s fault.

Although the Lib Dems are going in a new direction for votes, I suspect they won’t go far enough; the bonds are allegedly to be set at £1,000.

£1,000 for the chance to become an illegal immigrant is remarkably cheap!

Lets as a starter for 10, raise that up to £50,000.

And I still don’t hear anything about what must surely come, an internal immigration policy for the EU.

Can this new stance turn around Nick Clegg’s electoral fortunes?

No, this piecemeal stuff, PR grabbing headlines with remarkably little substance to offer potential Lib Dem voters to return to the fold. The likelihood of drawing in other potential voters to his cause is also very thin indeed.

Illegal immigration is crime; this contributes to further crimes, the idea of amnesty is bizarre; we don’t stop hunting criminals because they have evaded the law, it isn’t a game, and it isn’t a victimless crime either.

Nick Clegg will have to much better than he current proposes, or he will be out! 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon urged to accept EU talks, the bottom line, Scotland would lose all the opt-outs we have as part of the UK, lose the rebate and have to join the euro, Angry wee Nat Ms. Sturgeon would hail that as a ‘good deal’

Dear All

Awhile ago Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was blow apart by Scottish Tory Ruth Davidson on the BBC Big Debate over never having asked about EU membership.

Since then, she and the SNP have tried unsuccessfully to force their way into the EU Commission only to be told to get lost.

The last piece of ‘starting a dialogue’ was a phoney talk at a think tank to try and hoodwink voters that the SNP Government was having a dialogue with stakeholders.

She might as well have been talking to the wall for all the good that did.

Now, the SNP have retreated from the European question, less cocky, Ms. Sturgeon found out that outside the SNP where she has no power, her presence doesn’t carry any weight.

An interesting titbit has emerged Nicola Sturgeon is facing pressure to accept an offer from Latvia to discuss an independent Scotland's membership of the European Union.

This is incredible because she can answer no questions of real meaning; she would have to admit that legally Scotland isn’t at present an EU member in its own right, and that Scotland’s position and rights are far from secure.

At this point, I would like to remind everyone, the UK opts are not transferrable, that means no rebate!

Latvian Prime Minister, Valdis Dombrovskis, has invited SNP Ministers to Riga and with the SNP Government effectively being a one man band, and Ms. Sturgeon not exactly being Einstein on her feet, they should stay away from such talks.

The only reason for attending would be if the SNP thought they could pull over a photo op, but their track record on the EU is appalling.

At every stage it is a car crash.

Lavita is to hold the presidency of the Council of Europe in 2015 and would direct the EU's response to any bid for membership, however, in Europe, it isn’t all brotherly love, and at international level the SNP fail to shine, their niche is domestic politics based on a lie that they are standing up for Scotland.

However, I keep remembering Anne Fisher that is the true nature of the SNP under Salmond and Sturgeon.

The SNP is a North East Scotland dominated provisional party and post indy failure once Salmond goes, the party will collapse because Nicola Sturgeon isn’t exactly Ms. Popular within its ranks.

Hardly anyone in the SNP in Glasgow is willing to work for the party.

Do you remember the movie 300?

Well that is roughly the number in her branch, and during her re-election in 2011, it was more like 30 a day, and for historical accuracy, her husband Peter Murrell, the Chief Executive of the SNP wasn’t exactly first in for a morning shift to help her. Also the SNP told its Glasgow councilors to attend her campaign. It seems that they need to be ‘forced’ to be volunteers.

Anyway, back to the possible future car crash, Mr Dombrovskis said an independent Scotland could not expect to inherit the UK's membership terms.

Because there is no contract, Sturgeon is a lawyer, you could argue since she botched this and made claims previously that she isn’t exactly the highest quality in that department.

Apparently Drumchapel Law Centre isn’t exactly a good training ground for complex negotiations on EU Law.

Scottish Labour MEP Catherine Stihler said:

"Scotland would lose all the opt-outs we have as part of the UK, lose the rebate and have to join the euro. If the SNP want to dispute that, why not take up Prime Minister Dombrovskis's offer?"

A Scottish Government spokeswoman said:

"It is possible to prepare a scenario that will provide the European Commission with the information it needs to consider an independent Scotland's continued EU membership, and we call on the UK Government to join us in making such a submission."

This is deception, because it implies that Scotland already is a member in its own right, and the continual use by the SNP Government of “continued EU membership” is incredibly dishonest.

When a government starts to lie to the people, it’s the ‘fall of Rome’; Alex Salmond is Nero, while he tries to fiddle, each day he loses more and more support.

Scottish independence is dead; Ms. Sturgeon is purely working on her leadership bid after Salmond steps down.

And today is another day closer to the end of Alex Salmond.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond picks the ‘Day of destiny’, September 18th 2014 is the day of his political death, 545 days and counting, there will be no reprieve, no appeal….. judged by the people of Scotland!

Dear All

Rarely do we get the date of someone’s political death in politics, but Alex Salmond has announced his date.

Thursday September 18 2014, is the date of Samageddon.

So, start the clock, countdown the days, get the popcorn out and settle in, the squealing will get ramped up, the fear, the viciousness, the hate will flow.

547 days till political death.

The time isn’t unsurprising, he wants to try and use a feel factor from two major events next year in Scotland: Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games, and the build-up to the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles.

Between now and the vote, expect a lot of spin about how important ‘Scottish’ is as Salmond and Sturgeon try to trick working class Scots into voting for them.

Alex Salmond will ramp up his ‘jolly fat man’ and Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will play the role of a ‘concerned citizen’.

It’s a pathetic joke.

As well as sporting events, there are other historic events bound to form part of the independence/unionist narrative in 2014: the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn (June 23-24), and the 100th anniversary of the start of World War 1 (June 28).

Salmond will of course dress in black, and making a bi deal of this, expect plenty of wreaths being laid as the SNP Govt use the subtext this is what happened under the English.

Nicola Sturgeon, this morning tweeted an image of her signing the bill, along with the words:

"When I joined @thesnp at 16, I never imagined I'd one day put my signature on an #indyref Bill."

On the 19th Sept 2014, she will still be in a devolved Scotland, no one is backing her, and no one is coming to help her.

The independent Electoral Commission will act as watchdog, Salmond only caved in after pressure from opposition parties.

In a brief speech to MSPs, Salmond in Holyrood put the case for leaving Britain, arguing that last year Scotland's finances were in a stronger position than the UK's.

So, to be clear, its fuck everyone, I’m alright, hardly statesmanlike and who can believe a word Salmond and the SNP Government say anyway!

And he trotted out the miserable nuclear argument; Scots could remove Trident nuclear missiles from the Clyde.

At every General Election, Scots overwhelming vote unionist parties for Westminster, as the SNP is seen as a fringe party and acts like a fringe party at Westminster while at Westminster.

For all the good they do, they might as well not be there….. cut the carbon footprint! 

And then there was the ‘big lie’ an end to spending cuts imposed by the Coalition Government at Westminster under independence.

Fuck off with that shite!

He said the referendum "will be a truly historic day for our nation. The day when the people will decide Scotland’s future."

He is such a pompous wanker, take Joan McAlpine and just go!  

Scots Labour leader Johann Lamont asked:

'What's the plan, Alex?'"

This is in relation to the blueprint, which is currently being made up as it goes along.

Another pathetic joke!

In a dig at the long delay between the election and announcement of the referendum date, Lamont said:

"If the hand of history is on his shoulder I do wish it had given him a shove and made him get on with it."

Salmond said:

"I believe (September 18) will be the day we take responsibility for our country, when we are able to speak with our own voice, choose our own direction and contribute in our own distinct way."

This is a man who can’t even take responsibility for what happens in his own party, never mind a country.

He added:

"I believe on September 18 the people of Scotland will vote Yes to create a better country than we have now, one we can pass on with pride to the next generation."

In 2010, he was bragging that the SNP would get 20 MPs for Westminster, they got 6 seats, the same 6 seats as they previously did; the by-election win by John Mason was quickly lost by a 13,000 majority to Labour.

Now he is bragging he is going to get a Yes Vote!

Didn’t he know that George Laird has said No?

Go back to your constituency Salmond and just stay there, do us all a favour, your ‘jolly fat man’ persona leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Thursday September 18 2014 ……. Political death, no reprieve, no appeal….. judged!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Open letter to Hamish, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon are running a ‘rat ship’ that is sinking, you work for them if you wish, but they have absolutely no loyalty, Scottish independence is dead, and they are despicable individuals

Dear Hamish

“Dear George Laird”

Am I dear?

“there has been a Shetland independence movement for many years. As a democrat, I support the right of any community to determine their own affairs, if they so wish”.

So, if Glasgow was declare they wanted to be an independent city state like Monaco, you would back it?

Exactly how far does your idea extend?

Independence for a constituency, ward, a street?

“I am glad to see you endorsing that view. I am also glad to see you clarifying that you still support Scottish independence”.

I have been a supporter all my life.

“But why then vote No in the referendum?”

That is quite simple; it isn’t independence under any circumstances.

For example, would you support an ultra right wing government with a despot at the helm set up to benefit a few at the expense of the many?

Do you support a fascist state?

“Do you think there will be a better chance in your lifetime?”

There is always a better chance, the reason for that is that there are better people than Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon. They have turned the SNP into their own personal party, run by a nasty vicious clique.

Do, you remember how Salmond left Cancer sufferer Anne Fisher up shit creek, the despicable bastard.

What really is your opinion on that one?

You’re willing to follow people like Salmond and Sturgeon because you have been sucked in by their spin that they are “decent” people.

“There is no place for a nationalist party in an independent country, so the SNP as a party will cease to exist”.

Sorry, to disappoint you, the SNP will continue after independence, the reason is that the party is run by a nasty clique, and these people are so vile, nasty, stupid, ignorant and small minded they wouldn’t get selected by Labour.

They have nowhere to go; it’s a rat ship in the SNP, if you understand the concept Hamish.

“Scotland will be what the Scots want it to be, and I hope you would play a positive part in that”.

Did you forget that Nicola Sturgeon said that her ‘nationalism’ isn’t based on identity?

That means Hamish, your Scottish doesn’t count, in Glasgow, Team Sturgeon is run for the benefit of people round Sturgeon.

Why are so few born and bred Glaswegians, SNP Councillors?

Why are all candidates in GGC Govan Ward, all outsiders, and all Team Sturgeon cronies?

Can it all be coincidence?

Hamish, if you wish to campaign for Scottish indy, by all means, do so, but you will be wasting your time.

Completely wasting your time!

George Laird is always right, like I was right many times before.

Yes Scotland is an SNP front, and crony ridden as several Team Sturgeon little helpers got positions.

And the newest Yes Scotland board member, the little girl, her dad is in the Maryhill and Springburn SNP branch.

It’s a coincidence right?

Sadly, no matter how many SNP cronies go to Yes Scotland, collectively they couldn’t organise a course on ‘how to fuck a doorknob’.

Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, (the best chance according to your thinking) are too fucking stupid to lead Scotland to independence. If you check this blog, you will notice a theme, I state something is going to happen and then it comes true.

Check out the blog post on Tory MP George Osborne brother who was a medic, I said he would get suspended for six months.

And he was suspended for six months, there are other examples, for example the Jo Yeates case, I wrote the solution 13 days before the arrest of the neighbour.

George Laird is always right Hamish.

I am voting against independence under Salmond and Sturgeon.

I suggest you do the same, but you should follow your conscience, my view is let people do what they want to do...... then let them accept responsibility for their actions.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond shouts his mouth off about ‘Scottish regulation’ of the press, then with a little resistance encountered, his bottle crashes again, ‘mouth’ hoisted by his own petard

Dear All

As the Scottish independence campaign continues to sink without trace, Alex Salmond is man who is desperate for something, anything to try and get Scots to back him.

His latest attempt is saying that Scottish soldiers and thousands of civilians were killed in the Iraq war thanks to the votes of Labour MSPs in the Scottish Parliament.

One has to wonder what fuckwit in his inner circle thought this was a good strategic move to try and kick start independence campaign.

To use the dead bodies of Scottish soldiers and Iraqi civilians, is a new low even for him to stoop to, what happened to the ‘positive campaign’.

It is an extraordinary allegation to make and a sign that the dying campaign is in the middle of its death throes, madness is overpowering common decency.

The allegation was made during a heated debate at Holyrood marking the tenth anniversary of the conflict, but the inescapable truth is, MSPs having no say over foreign affairs.

This is reserved to Westminster.

Labour have rightly accused Salmond of “the most tasteless politicking” by using the deaths of British soldiers to try and revive his flagging campaign for independence.

Is it any wonder that serving Scottish soldiers want nothing to do with a United States of Salmond armed forces?

Another unforgivable act was when Salmond lost his temper with Lewis Macdonald, a senior Labour MSP.

It seems that Alex Salmond doesn’t like anyone interrupting him when he is playing the morally outraged less than jolly fat man.

MacDonald symbolically voted for the conflict a decade ago, and attempted to intervene in Salmond’s opening speech.

Then the increasingly bitter First Minister turned to his Labour opponent and said:

“Well, the member says it’s a joke. Let him speak and see how funny it is that people died because of his votes in this parliament.”

Everyone knows that Alex Salmond doesn’t give a toss about the working class, and the lack of support for British Soldiers by the Scottish National Party is well known.

When was the last time that Alex Salmond visited Scottish soldiers on active service?

Who does he think he is kidding with his timely manufactured fake outrage?

Can Alex Salmond sink any lower in his quest for independence?

The person in Britain responsible is Tony Blair, he was the then Prime Minister; he sold out his principles, if he had any, and jumped on the American bandwagon.

You only have to look at where he gets his money now to highlight that point.

Saddam Hussein was a dictator; his regime was built on the ‘cult of personality’ much like Alex Salmond uses, a clique of small followers up the leader’s arse.

You could argue the merits, whether Saddam should have been killed, his death wasn’t pretty; he was turned over to be killed by the Americans.

And the Iraqi puppet government duly complied.

As I keep saying and have been proven correct, there is a genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party.

A Scottish Labour spokesman said:

“Bereft of arguments for independence, he now tries to use the deaths of brave Scots fighting in the British Army in Iraq to revive his flagging campaign”.

He added:

“It is the most tasteless politicking on a very serious subject. Whatever your views on the war, those who voted both for it and against it did so out of honest conviction.”

 John Lamont, the Scottish Tory Chief Whip, said:

“That’s certainly not the rhetoric or behaviour Scotland’s first minister should adopt. From the SNP side this debate was always going to descend into that kind of mud-slinging, and is not what the people of Scotland expect from their Parliament.”

Using dead British soldiers is disgusting; the living won’t have anything to do with Alex Salmond; so he uses the dead.

You expect this type of behavior from the disgusting animal Tommy Ball, but for Alex Salmond to sink to this level shows how badly things are behind the scenes.

As the pressure ramps up, Alex Salmond and the SNP are finding how much the lack of talent in their ranks is crippling indy.

George Laird was right again, but then George Laird is always right.

There is further still to sink.

Should Alex Salmond apologise for his behaviour?

Yes, but he won’t, he isn’t a ‘big man’ just a man playing the role of the ‘jolly fat man’ for the cameras and public, but he shouldn’t let the mask slip and reveal his true personality.

This is a truly ignorant little man.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University