Saturday, March 16, 2013

Scottish independence: SNP Minister Mike Russell gets a massively overwhelming vote of No confidence from educational professionals in Scotland, Salmond and Russell are destroying the future for Scotland’s working class children

Dear All

It seems that College staff have woken up and smelled the coffee on further education; it’s a disaster under the Scottish National Party.

The higher education sector is in need of major reform, and by reform I am talking an extensive refit.

Universities have grown too big and costly, we need them to be slimmed down; there are courses which could easily be transferred into the College Sector.

The College sector rather than contraction needs expansion, some of their courses should be removed, that is where my idea for community colleges comes, set up in schools and run by councils. This can provide revenue to councils and make use of existing facilities in the evenings. Colleges for too long have been treated appallingly, the Scottish Funding Council needs to be split in two, it is university dominated and fixed, this is an unhealthy situation.   

This is a huge task, so huge that it is beyond the mental capacity of the Scottish National Party Ministers in Government.

Since the SNP took over education, it has been a disaster, first Fiona Hyslop had to be removed, then came Alex Salmond’s pal Mike Russell.

Time for an Alex Salmond quote:

“My problem is that I have too many talented people and not enough Cabinet positions”!

And now for the reality, people in the college sector have overwhelmingly backed a motion of no confidence in the Scottish Government and education secretary Mike Russell.

Eventually everyone comes around to the George Laird view!

Centralisation agenda of Russell is bollocks, education is a market unlike the Police and Fire Service, which aren’t, so more diversity is the key to a healthy sector.

Members of the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) claimed yesterday that “significant cuts” by the Scottish Government were leading to “diminished colleges” that were providing students with fewer opportunities.

Since the SNP came to power, the number of students at college had fallen by about 120,000; it seems the continual yapping of the SNP about ‘standing up for Scotland’, is in fact a load of wank!

The people of Scotland have been conned by Alex Salmond playing the ‘jolly fat man’ routine, it also highlights that the SNP Government is, and always was a one man band.

Labour education spokesman Hugh Henry said:

“The deception and betrayal is causing unprecedented anger.”

George Laird right again, and of course, it should be remembered; I provided the solution to fix what Mike Russell patently can’t.

The Labour MSP continued:

“College staff no longer have any faith in Mike Russell but sadly it will make no difference because Alex Salmond and Mike Russell are working hand in hand to destroy morale in Scotland’s colleges”.


“Normally, when a minister has lost the confidence of a major part of his portfolio, the right thing is for that minister to consider whether they should continue. But it is now clear that misleading the Scottish Parliament, the public, students, lecturers and staff as well as damaging our colleges, doesn’t matter to this SNP government. Mike Russell simply has no shame.”

One thing that the terminal incompetent Mike Russell has learned well; is greed, we are paying for SNP Ministers who aren’t up to the job, they take the money and run.

To be an SNP Minister, you need to learn the lesson of the ‘cult of personality’, it isn’t new; Stalin used it during his reign of hell which set Russia back decades.

The college sector has overwhelmingly backed a motion of no confidence in the Scottish Government and education secretary Mike Russell.

You could say the ‘lesson’ of this episode is that ‘SNP cronyism’ with lesser beings is no way to secure a country’s future for its children.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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