Friday, April 29, 2016

Scrapping the bottom of the barrel: Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon says Holyrood should have right to call referendum within weeks if country ‘dragged’ out of EU, in the dying days of the Holyrood vote, the SNP resort to a sordid con trick on the gullible to whip up support as polls show SNP is dropping

Dear All

It seems that the hypocrite which is Nicola Sturgeon has said she could call a second independence referendum within the next two months if the UK leaves the European Union.

Oh how me sides are splitting!

Firstly, the referendum to leave the EU is a reserved matter.

Secondly, the chance of the SNP getting what is called a Section 30 order by Westminster is absolutely non-existent.

Thirdly, everyone at Westminster hates the SNP.

Fourth, the people who voted No, less than two years down the line haven’t changed their minds.

Sturgeon is a hypocrite, she doesn’t want independence, it isn’t in her manifesto, and on top of that Scotland if it was independent would be out of the EU anyway.

To join the EU, Scotland would need to meet the criteria of pre-entry, own currency, own central bank, and the books balanced over several years, and we aren't even at the issue of ‘veto’.

The veto is a mechanism which allows any EU member state to simply say no to Scotland having membership, and there isn’t a damn thing Sturgeon or her crew can do to avoid that roadblock.

Don’t you just love Article 49 of the EU Charter?

So, what is Nicola Sturgeon doing?

Sturgeon is trying to ‘scare up’ votes for the Holyrood election, nothing more, it’s a tactic, it’s a gimmick, it’s a rip roaring con trick on the Scottish people who the SNP think are gullible enough to swallow it.

Some are though because they don’t look at the small print or just casually accept any old nonsense.

Scotland wouldn’t be dragged out of the EU against its will, because the individual nations are not casting a vote, people are casting a vote. The use of language shows that Sturgeon thinks people are mugs. Look at what she is actually saying.

‘Holyrood should have the right to "propose" a second vote on independence the following day’.

The key word here to look at is not "propose" but the word ‘should’, this means no legal standing, just SNP grievance monkey stuff.

This nonsense is an old chestnut, without a Section 30 order, no legal vote can take place, on top of that there would be no official campaigns because this would also not be sanctioned by the Electoral Commission.

No Better Together Campaign would be run.

What the SNP want is the ability to call a referendum when they wish based on polling and if they think they can win it.

That will not be happening, neverendum creates an unstable environment, it also creates hatred, a feature developed by the Nationalists and their allies through the last Scottish referendum.

So, let’s see what the shop soiled great white hope from Dreghorn is actually saying, and try and get a handle on things.

Sturgeon was asked what her judgement would be on June 24, the day after the EU vote, if Scotland chose to remain in Europe while the UK opted to leave’.

She replied:

"I think in those circumstances the Scottish Parliament should have the right to propose a second referendum.  Whether or not I would be of the view that the Scottish Parliament should exercise that right would depend on a number of things [such as] the margin of the vote in Scotland versus the rest of the UK.  But I think in those circumstances such would be the democratic outrage of Scotland being taken out of the European Union against our will, that I think we would pretty quickly see an overwhelming demand for a second referendum."

Firstly, exercise the ‘right’, how can you exercise a right when the right doesn’t exist?

Plainly speaking, you can’t, this is made up mumbo jumbo.

Democratic outrage?

A few Nationalist bams going for a wee walk with or without flags doesn’t equal democratic outrage, the SNP lie is that Scotland is voting as a single vote, it isn’t, this is the SNP lying to Scottish people, its a deep contempt.

I am campaigning for Vote Leave, the reason is simple; the national and economic security of Scotland is at risk alongside the rest of the UK. There are many issues, but ask yourself this, why is Nicola Sturgeon willing to sign up to the EU when the EU is un-democratic?

I have posted this link before but I am going to so again but it is important that people understand how the European Union works, and how little say that Scotland and the rest of the UK has in terms of influence.

How many of these bodies are directly accountable to the people?

In the lunacy of the SNP, they think they can trick Scots into believe that an independent Scotland can simply slide across with going through membership and avoid the veto of member states using Article 48.

It is rubbish.

There is no legal way round the veto of members.

The SNP manifesto has already earmarked potential triggers for another vote on Scottish independence, they keep using words like inevitable, two things are however inevitable, death and taxes.

SNP manifesto is mumbo jumbo, once people realize the SNP are ‘dafties’ their day in the Sun will come and go, much the their failure on 18th September 2014, you see…. A bam is a bam for all that and all that!

Nicola Sturgeon is a shallow hollow inept vacuous  individual clinging to kids to make out she is a caring individual, the mask, the reality is that she is a horrible creature full of bile, lies and deceit.

The women of Govan had plenty to say in 2013 about her at the Govan by-election, fast forward to 2016, they still do and the hate is there with a passion.

Sturgeon wants to run an independent country, she can’t run her Govanhill ghetto, and baulked at attending hustings in the area.

The SNP want to scrap the pound, setup a temp currency, dump that, join the Euro and have access to the European Central Bank.

If Nicola Sturgeon does pull the ‘trigger’ on a second independence referendum, and tries to go ahead with an illegal vote then she could wake up one morning finding Holyrood shutdown.

But that won’t happen, Sturgeon has been ‘bought’, it is just a matter of time before the muppets in the SNP twig to it, once they get past the bile of Sturgeon.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, April 28, 2016

First he did ‘Hope over Fear’, now Tommy Sheridan enters the ‘Hope over Reality’ phase of Holyrood comeback: he boldly says ‘I've a reasonable chance of returning to Holyrood’, if Sheridan makes it into Holyrood, the ‘good and the great’ will immediately snub him, on the bright side, he will stink the place up, a silver lining, you just have to look for it

Dear All

Do you remember Nicola Sturgeon’s wife beating pal MSP Bill Walker?

Battling Bill was a great cheerleader for the SNP, you know the type, squealing with joy and banging the table as Alex Salmond or one of the other sycophants made a bland point in the Holyrood chamber.

In secret, Bill had a habit of smashing in women’s face, not your typical superhero stuff, after all how many superheroes own an air rifle?

Prior to ending up in the clink, which is terribly popular with politicians, Bill was cast into the wilderness by Holyrood politicians of all Parties; suddenly he wasn’t ‘good enough’ to sit beside them.

Bill was lowering the artificial tone of the place, the image that only the great and good was exposed as a sham.

In due course there was a trial and a verdict to the 24 charges laced against him by the Crown Office, and he was found guilty.

The Sheriff called Kathrine Mackie said:

"Having regard to the gravity of these offences as a result of the cumulative effect of them, your extreme denial and complete absence of any remorse, and the assessment of risk, I have come to the conclusion that a custodial sentence is the only appropriate disposal. In my opinion, the repeated abuse and violent behaviour towards your three former wives and stepdaughter over a period of 28 years outweighs other factors."

High profile case like this with a guilty verdict generally ends with a spell in the clink.

Tommy Sheridan is on the comeback trail, like Bill Walker, Sheridan has been in prison, and the last time was the ‘biggie’.

After being released for perjury over lying in his News of the World civil case, the Judge said the Police should investigate after Sheridan won that and the world turned and Sheridan found himself facing a criminal charge.

My view right from the start was that Sheridan needed a trial lawyer, and that he hadn’t a hope in hell of getting away with it, too many witnesses, and a videotape.

I mean come on!

After his spell in the clink, the campaign trail beckon, and Sheridan is standing on the ballot for Holyrood, he isn’t standing in a constituency; he has no chance there, not even in the Pollok heartland of his youth.

So, he is attempting to piggyback his way into Holyrood using the list system and flapping about a second Scottish independence referendum.

As a tactic, it is a reason way to try and get Nationalist votes which for the most part would be totally wasted on the list in Glasgow.

Having Tommy Sheridan in Holyrood would be a laugh, however I need to clarify before a social justice warrior gets their knickers in a twist, what Holyrood needs is someone to lower the tone of the place.

To have Sheridan who was outed as a mad shagger and prison sentences up the ying yang would destroy the myth the great and good rule over us.

Of course Sheridan won’t be accepted by the ‘club’ at Holyrood but given these people are so shallow, who needs the approval of Nicola Sturgeon, Kezia Dugdale or Patrick Harvie?

Sheridan thinks Solidarity party has a "reasonable chance" of winning seats in the Holyrood election next week.

Personally, I have seen his mob out campaigning in Paisley Road West at Lidi, actually it isn’t far from his expensive home on the same road, so not much of a hardship, that said his little mob are ‘clued up’ campaigning.

At least at the street stall level.

It is said that Sheridan has not won an election in 13 years, in politics you have to play the long game, but Sheridan burnt his bridges when he destroyed the Left in Scotland, after his spat with the law and the SSP, he lost a lot of support from the voters.

Ego done for him!

If you mess up in politics, the public are generally forgiving, politician does a bit of extra shagging on the side gets caught, wife forgives and says she will stand by him, the public sitting watching this ‘soap’ want to hear the magic word.

Sorry is the magic word, however Tommy Sheridan didn’t say it, he went the opposite route.

Decided to go the route of an appeal, his right, but a loser in my opinion, he came up with a notion that because of the conduct of others that his crime could therefore be excused. In 2015 the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission declined to refer the case to the High Court.

I spoke to a Sheriff that I know in passing; the opinion was that Sheridan hadn’t a hope in hell.

Maybe at Holyrood if Sheridan gets in, he can campaign for evidence to be made illegal in criminal trials in favour of ‘stories’ plausible or not.

Solidarity's flagship pledge, if it wins a seat, is to bring forward an "Indyref 2" Bill that would facilitate a referendum in 2018.

Just to bring anyone up to speed, the Westminster Government will not issue a section 30 order for another referendum in 2018.

Laughable that Sheridan predicts victory in the vote, with 60 to 65 per cent of Scots backing Yes, Salmond had the same deluded thinking in the 2014; it seems that lying your way to achieve victory doesn’t sit well with Scots.

The SNP tried to use Bannockburn in 2014; Sheridan wants to use the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath.

Here is a question, why does Sheridan think a date in history 700 years ago will do it when the SNP ran aground with their 1314 nonsense?


Sheridan’s crowd have absolutely no chance in a constituency seat, like RISE or the Scottish Greens, so they need the list to get into Holyrood.

Finally, Sheridan is a good speaker but his place in the Sun has set but if he could get into Holyrood, he would really upset the apple cart. I don’t know about you but I would be laughing my head off if Tommy Sheridan got in, the stink that it would cause as he demands a second indyref and Nicola Sturgeon denying it would be a hoot.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wakey wakey; Labour candidate Mary Lockhart claims the Scottish Labour Party is ignoring 30% of the membership who voted Yes in September 2014, are these the same people who week in and week out don’t do activism in branches, Labour lost its heartlands because some people elected to public office couldn’t give a toss about representing the poor

Dear All

Do you know why a lot of poor people backed the Yes campaign?

The clue is in the sentence, the word is ‘poor’.

For decades, working class people have seen that their situation has gotten worse, their chances denied, opportunities more or less non-existent, no hope, no prospects, stuck in limbo with a corrupt politician system with nepotism and cronyism a hallmark.

People were angry prior to the 2014 independence vote which is why a large number of Scots wanted to simply leave the UK egged on by false promises of nirvana, and a land of milk and honey.

Today on the bus on the way to the library, two women on the bus were talking about how the Scottish independence referendum was rigged. It was the old stories regarding people counting the ballots some of which were flung onto youtube as proof we were robbed.

If you look at this video, particularly in the section regarding the young man, you will see he isn’t filling in X’s, he is actually writing, also note the size of the table, this isn’t a table were votes were counted.

But concoct a conspiracy and you will get the gullible to sign up to it.

In this election, the Scottish Labour Party is expected to do badly, a re-run it seems of Westminster 2015. This election has one thing which is noticeable there is no excitement about it.

This election is for the most part …… dull.

All the clichés are there, fairness, equality and social justice along with the other mumbo jumbo.

Some people in the Scottish Labour Party supported a Yes vote, some people like Russell Robertson, a Labour Councillor have jumped ship to the SNP; some other former councilors have joined the SNP as well.

Labour’s fortunes are looking pretty bad at the present moment, now we have a Scottish Labour candidate has said the party has to do “a lot of soul-searching” over whether to support independence.

If she thinks this will somehow get her votes, she is deluded, totally deluded.

The financial impact of Scotland leaving the UK would be a disaster, but for some people, they don’t care what damage they do to get rid of Westminster.

The laughable thing is that they aren’t campaigning for independence; they still want to be ruled by the EU,

Brussels calling the shots.

Scottish independence under Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP is no independence at all, Sturgeon is a hypocrite and her party or cult is a bunch of sycophants.

55% of Scots who voted in 2014 did so because they don’t believe or trust the SNP with their future or their children’s future.

Mary Lockhart, Labour candidate for Mid Scotland and Fife says that Labour had yet to recognise that 30 per cent of its membership had voted Yes in the independence referendum.

I say that the 30% were willing to take a leap into the dark because of they had nothing to lose, or thought they had nothing to lose.

But they didn’t think that through properly, Scotland would have financially collapsed, the oil price post indy is in the toilet.

Cuts, cuts, cuts would mean death, death, death!

Yes, death, the natural leveler, the health service under pressure now would be in serious trouble, maybe the dim could work out a suitable window of opportunity to campaign for indy where everything in the family health garden is rosy.

Post indy, if you are older, your chances of survival would be seriously dented as queues gets longer, and longer and longer.

Lockhart was speaking at Women for Independence event where she claimed that 50 per cent of Labour’s traditional voters voted Yes and was strongest in the party’s traditional heartlands.

This might also be the heartlands where some elected people in the Scottish Labour Party didn’t give a flying fuck about serving the people who put them into office, this is a more better explanation of Labour’s ‘problem’.

In the past Labour MPs could count on a sizeable vote so if they didn’t want to help someone they could just ‘fuck them right out the door’, one vote in the old days of Labour being dominant didn’t matter to them.

Does independence solved poverty, according to Nicola Sturgeon and co, indy solves everything, but that’s not true.

If you are poor now in the Union, you will be poor in an independent Scotland, the SNP aren’t going to make a better Scotland; they are ‘users of people’ much in the same way as an addict to get what they need.

Lockhart also said:

“The Labour Party is going to have a lot of soul searching to do. Kezia Dugdale has already indicated she is comfortable for Labour members to campaign for a Yes vote in a referendum.”

I am campaigning for Brexit in the EU referendum, which the Scottish Labour Party will follow the lead of the Labour Party down south to stay in, if Kezia Dugdale wasn’t comfortable about me doing that, I really couldn’t care less.

Lockhart says she spoke deputy leader Alex Rowley about the constitution.

How nice, buddies chatting away!

She said:

“I spoke with Alex Rowley about this last night and he said that he supported home rule. I asked for a clearer definition of home rule... Alex Rowley’s working of it out was a federal system of all the countries of Britain which might actually in the end include Ireland.”

Federalism is the last stage before independence, the arguments would then centre on immigration, how Westminster is punishing Scotland by not allowing it to grow, the signs are already there, remember the foreign student visa row?

And for the ignorant, remember; the more people in Scotland; less opportunities to get an education, a job, a house and a long term viable future, but the SNP don’t care about the working class.

Lockhart makes a point when she says that Labour has to do a lot of soul searching, because the end destination is to get those elected to represent people to do their job they are paid for.

It is time that the Scottish Labour Party started to campaign for the most discriminated group in Scotland, the working class, 2015 was a wake up from the voters, but it may require the people to give the Scottish Labour Party several more.

Conservative deputy leader Jackson Carlaw said:

“Kezia Dugdale refused to say at the weekend whether or not Labour candidates were allowed to back independence. Now we know why - while Scottish Labour claims to be the party of the union, its candidates are telling public meetings they support breaking it up. Mary Lockhart’s support for independence is well known and she has an honest position.
But if Ms Dugdale is whole-hearted about her support for the Union, why are her candidates who oppose the Union allowed to stand? Ms Dugdale now needs to make it clear whether she is happy for candidates like Ms Lockhart to campaign for independence or not.
The bigger question is how Labour can hold the SNP to account on independence when its own candidates support it? This weakness will only allow the SNP to push ahead with their plans for a second referendum, and stop us getting the better government we all want.”

Anyone who thinks that declaring that they support Scottish indy now, is looking like they are on a hiding to nothing.

I don’t see many or any indy lite Scottish Labour Candidates getting elected to Holyrood unless they get a high place on the list system.

Finally, if the Scottish Labour Party had taken care of the Scottish poor then they wouldn’t be the state that they are currently in.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

This is what you get when you vote SNP Cult, Gafftastic - Dr Aileen McLeod is the Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform

East Kilbride SNP supporter Duncan McLean decides to threaten George Laird , he says, “we determine to exterminate you all”, bumbling country yokel lays bare the fraud of inclusive SNP Nationalism once and for all, adding “Your days are numbered Mr Laird”, Holyrood 2016 turns sinister as Nationalist promises revenge on political opponents

Dear Mr. McLean

“I do so approbate that you luxuriated in your loony unionist convention, hope you and your nut job acquaintances found some crumbs of comfort and shoulders to cry upon, as we determine to exterminate you all. The SNP will reign supreme today, tomorrow and always”.


Are you a Dalek or are you pissed while writing this total and nonsensical rubbish?

“Note how little was done to celebrate the birthday of your precious queen”.

My precious queen, so far as I know, I have never had an invite to tea, but I look at this situation as the SNP leadership showing off how small minded and petty they are, they are led by Nicola Sturgeon after all.

“How we laughed as Paddy Grady set our police force upon a sectarian upstart, who dared to fly the butcher’s apron from her balcony”.

Thee Paddy Grady?

Never heard of him, is he a big deal out your way?

Backward is the best description of the current SNP isn’t it?

“Your days are numbered Mr Laird”.

I heard that off bigger pricks than you in the past; guess what, still here, and giving people like you the middle finger.

“Alba belongs to us now. We grow stronger by the hour. Our total control spreads ever further in every section and institution of Scottish society”.

If you want to do verbal and literary masturbation would you not be better to find a bus stop, that way you can have a captured audience while you rub one off.

“When the sun rises at the dawn of our brave new independent Scotland, there will be no place in it for the likes of you”.

Didn’t the Nazis say the exact same thing to the Jews?

”As I have said before, do not underestimate me, the higher echelons of the SNP have long memories and we do not forget those that have dared to cross us”.

I haven’t underestimated you; you are an idiot from East Kilbride.

As to making out that you are in the higher echelons of the SNP, I am very much singularly un-impressed by that statement.

You think because the SNP run a shitty wee office in Edinburgh that somehow you clowns are as important as a multi-national?  

In the past you said you ‘know’ Alex Salmond doesn’t impress me, let’s be blunt, who are you anyway?

Basking in reflected glory is it with you?

As to the SNP having long memories, funnily enough so do I and I don’t forgive either.

“Èisd ri gaoth nam beann gus an traogh na h-uisgeachan”

Which means “Keep a low profile until trouble passes”.

I don’t speak Gaelic; it is a load of shite.

Also I don’t have a low profile; I am one of those people who destiny has called upon to say F you!

Try and remember that McLean, this is important.

Are you out campaigning scratching for votes in the provinces, talking rubbish and putting on a fake smile, and telling people how wonderful that the SNP is by doing nothing of note?

Finally, a halfwit like you on a doorstep is a sure comedy hit alongside Linda Fabiani, sadly I don’t live in the area so I am denied a comic turn, and the opportunity not to vote for your bunch of blowhards.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Great Escape continues: Glasgow SNP councillor Billy McAllister quits "Stalinist" SNP as he says the Nationalists have become power mad and “intolerant” of free speech, it seems that no one with any sense wants to stick around on Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘rat ship’

Dear All

It seems that all is not happy among Glasgow SNP Councillors, the former Deputy leader of the Council group, Billy McAllister has resigned from the party after being a member for over 20 years.

No stranger to a ‘rammy’, it seems that this time round, Billy McAllister has said that he was gagged over concerns he raised about the governance of a local food bank.

Food banks are a popular gimmick in the SNP to try the gullible that the Nationalists care for working class people; this was used extensively during the Westminster 2015 campaign.

It isn’t being used in 2016.


Have a guess, okay, lets press on, the SNP are riding high in the polls so they don’t need the gimmick, people still need foodbanks though but the SNP are running with the slogan, ‘I’m with Nicola’.

And because they are saying that they don’t want to draw attention to the fact that the poor are still suffering after having a massive landslide last year.

Apparently, McAllister has said that the SNP is becoming like Scottish Labour and said he is “very sad” to resign.

Of course there is the issue that he has been given a "final written warning" over his "behaviour toward colleagues".

This begs the question, are the colleagues anyone that the Nicola Sturgeon’s husband Peter Murrell been as SNP Chief Executive been told about in the past?

McAllister was elected in 2006 as the councillor for Milton after a by-election and rose to become the party’s deputy leader on the local authority before his fall from grace.

One wonders with the council elections coming up in 2017 will he jump to another party or stand as an independent councillor.

One thing which Billy McAllister has got right is that the party leadership in the city is “intolerant” of free speech.

In the past Nicola Sturgeon said:

“Billy has a great track record in helping the local community as an activist, but he will be able to do so much more as a councillor. I want him as part of the SNP team in the city chambers that stands up for our communities against Labour misrule.”

Nicola apparently prefers SNP misrule instead, if there is an SNP Council in 2017 in Glasgow, the city will be stripped of funds.

No one at the council will be able to do anything as the SNP in Glasgow is firmly under Sturgeon’s wee gang, and they are all sycophants around her.

 The SNP is a rat ship as I have continually said, you may also remember another piece of George Laird wisdom; eventually the rats will turn on themselves.

McAllister said of the Nationalist junta down at the Chambers:

“It’s turning into something that I’m not wanting to be part of. They are just power mad. They are getting carried away and don’t want to live in the real world.”

On the leader of the SNP Group, Susan Aitken, he said:

““She’s been a total nightmare...She has given me no support whatsoever.”

After his public spat with black activist Graham Campbell, the partner of SNP MP Anne McLaughlin, McAllister was removed as Deputy as Campbell played the race card, but it seems that the Fiscal wasn’t buying into Campbell’s version.

Afterwards McAllister wasn’t re-instated as deputy despite the case being dropped, not part of the Sturgeon clique, the position went David McDonald out of the Pollok branch.

So, what will happen in 2017, will Billy McAllister stand in Milton on his record as an independent?

Will he join another party?

Will he join the Lib Dems?

Stay tuned.

Finally, check out my wee video of the McAllister saga, I quite like it.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, April 22, 2016

Poor feeble spin: SNP Candidate whines like a bitch because three political candidates attend a Scotland in Union hustings, communal crying session on the National after sulky James Dornan then says the SNP are getting a warm reception on the doorsteps, anyone had a terrific blowjob, genuine question, no reason not to answer… go on!

Dear All

On Wednesday night, I floated into the Scotland in Union hustings in Glasgow, the event was held in Glasgow Caledonian University.

The event was open to anyone who wished to go; all you had to do to be a member of the audience was just to register.

So, what is a hustings?

A hustings is a political platform that candidates standing in an election make the case why you should vote for them or their party.

As events go, the hustings was pretty standard fare, no one really won, no one died and I managed to catch up to speak to some people I know regarding the election campaign.

I would like to make the point; the event was open to anyone.

Three candidates turned up to speak, Anas Sarwar of the Labour Party, Adam Tomkins, Scottish Conservatives, and Robert Brown, of the three only Adam Tomkins hasn’t been elected to political office.

The SNP and the Scottish Greens were repeatedly contacted to field candidates by Scotland in Union for the event, but neither responded or turned up.

To say that the Scotland in Union hustings was a Better Together alliance was and is absolutely wrong.

James Dornan, the SNP’s candidate for Glasgow Cathcart, said:

“Far from being apologetic about Labour campaigning shoulder-to-shoulder with the Tories, it seems Anas Sarwar is perfectly comfortable with it. Their involvement with the Tories in Better Together was a horror show for Labour – but they have clearly learned nothing, and the grim spectre of Project Fear has now sprung back to life”.

This begs the question, was the Save Govanhill hustings a Better Together alliance, since Nicola Sturgeon deliberately chose not to attend that event?

Plainly some people are a tad simple in their thinking.

And of course, we should remember that Nicola Sturgeon has climbed into bed with David Cameron, politically, to campaign in Scotland for Britain remaining part of the failed EU experiment.

Nicola Sturgeon is politically in bed with the Tories, maybe someone will do a pic with her peaking over the covers with David Cameron, to add a touch of humour, a symbolic dildo on the bed to represent the political establishment to …… well you get the picture!
Dornan added:

“While the old Better Together alliance get together to reminisce about times gone by, the SNP are out on the doorsteps speaking to voters – and getting a very warm response as the only party willing to stand stronger for Scotland.”

Warm response?

Anyone giving blowjobs?

Last night, I was out on the campaign trail myself, I talked a woman in Drumoyne Road from being a non voter to having second thoughts; voting is important; it is the only to get your voice heard. She did tell in passing that a lot of people were planning not to vote, and that she disliked Nicola Sturgeon.

Sorry Nicola, I guess the ‘love’ of the people will need to be continually staged managed, best keep a few kids stashed on the campaign trail to pull out when you think the con of being loved looks like wearing painfully thin.

That’s everyday isn’t it?

Event host Alastair Cameron said:

“We are a non-party organisation and our plea to our supporters is to get out and vote for who they think is best. This was an excellent debate with three talented and articulate speakers who took time out from their busy schedule to take part and show their passion for keeping Scotland in the UK. As well as the constitution, we are interested in the debates about education and the NHS. We had some excellent discussions about how we would use the powers Holyrood has. We hope this will be a useful guide to our supporters who have yet to decide.”

Rather than whining like a pussy and screaming like a bitch in the night, perhaps James Dornan should have volunteered to step into the lion’s den instead of getting all teary eyed and relating his tale of woe to the Daily SNP talking shop which the National appears to have become.

As I understand, this is Scotland in Union only hustings during the election, it was well run, well organized, a few changes I would make for next time, I would use an external person to host the event, and open up the range of parties to include the minor parties as well.

In the interests of total fairness and transparency this change is needed, which is a sign of a healthy debate, assuming the Scotland in Union which to proceed with more of these events in future!

Finally: Anas Sarwar said:

“The SNP wake up everyday [sic] not just thinking about how to divide the UK. But how to divide Scots.”

Never a truer word said passing, no one won that event.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

American Icon Prince, singer and superstar dies aged 57 at Paisley Park, he was a unique talent in the American music scene, RIP

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tony Blair’s former henchman Alastair Campbell says Brexit 'plays into the hands of Islamic State', Russian president Vladimir Putin and possibly Donald Trump, Campbell’s speech to Irish business leaders is a joke, do they simply forget how they suffered under the EU?

Dear All

One of the increasingly popular modern myths under construction at the moment is that Britain voting to leave the European Union would play into the hands of Islamic State terrorists.

This load of rubbish is being punted by ex-Downing Street spin doctor Alastair Campbell who was Tony Blair’s PR guru.

Blair you may remember signed up Britain to join the ‘crusades’ in the middle east, instead of fighting a holy war, it was about oil and destroying secular countries which have been replaced by puppet governments run by idiots and breeding terrorists like rabbits.

We all know this because we can all remember being took to war on a ‘lie’, well actually it was a series of lies.

But let’s not forget, afterwards they did say ‘sorry’ of sorts, phoney intelligence could have happened to anyone.

Someone however did get rich out of the conflict, the American corporations who got billions in contracts to re-build after the war, except the re-building didn’t go to plan.

Alastair Campbell has joined the Remain camp it seems as he gave a speech to a conference in Dublin, this was to rally business leaders, I don’t know about you but I don’t care what someone in Eire thinks about Brexit, and I suspect that many will think likewise.

A while ago back in the day, Tony Blair had his sights set on being The EU President, but he never got the call, it seems that Blair was as unpopular over in Europe as he is in Britain.

A guy sells out his entire country and no one it seems wants to let him forget it, mind you he did get a medal out of the Americans!

And a few quid via employment opportunities will major banks.

Campbell is saying:

"No serious overseas player thinks we should leave, unless it suits their agenda" he will tell the Irish Business and Employers Confederation. Putin probably. Isis definitely. And, depending what mood he is in, Donald Trump. That's about it on the international scene."

Of course he conveniently forgets:

What Campbell is trying to do is get you to think that in your mind anyone who wants a Brexit is an extremist so that you think twice about backing Britain taking back political control.

Ask yourself this, is Europe a safe place at the moment?

Brussels, Cologne and Paris fancy a trip there, think it is okay to wander about as you may have done in the past?

Angela Merkel directly imported terrorism into the heart of Europe by her gross stupidity, she is will also be responsible for the future increase of domestic terrorism on the European mainland.

In real terms, it doesn’t really matter to Russian president Vladimir Putin that Britain does an exit from Europe, we are not exiting from Nato, and as we all should know Britain doesn’t have much influence as David Cameron’s failed EU deal rather graphically and painfully exposes.

Europe is too undemocratic to be reformed; here is something to look at.

Do a bit of reading and see how many you can find are directly electable by the public.

Are you shocked that so many EU institutions are making decisions affecting your lives and you have absolutely no say whatsoever on their direction or can make them accountable to you.

Much is said about destabilising Europe, too late that was done by Merkel and the migrant crisis.

On mainland Europe there is a rise by the far right because German people are afraid and their politicians are ignoring people, it is a recipe for disaster.

If you do the reading you come to the conclusion that Alastair Campbell is running a con on you, and he wants to get business leaders (who only speak for themselves) to front a smokescreen.

I don’t care what President Obama thinks.

I don’t care what President Putin thinks.

I don’t care what Isis thinks.

I don’t care what people in Eire think.

I care about democratic, government by the people for the people, not the sham we have now of government for the corporations and big business.

This is the reality:

In rounding off his Dublin speech, Campbell added:

"I urge you the Irish with a legitimate interest in the outcome, and genuine concerns as I have been hearing in recent days, to get stuck in. Yes, only the British people will decide. But you can be influencers, and you must be. It is a legitimate and necessary thing to do. Please do it. My country needs you."

I would say to the people of Eire, remember when you got absolutely financially ass raped by the EU?

Finally, I would say to the BBC who stop by the blog, when are you going to put someone like me on TV instead of these hollow unprincipled individual who have continued sold this country down the drain?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What is this shite: Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale signals Labour opposition to trident renewal will be in party's manifesto, what a catchy vote loser, the Scottish Labour Party is in a bad enough position without Student Union bullshit politics and gifting the Scottish Tories votes

Dear All

Student Union bullshit!

Do you remember this?

Well if you took the time to go to University or College, you would have seen this close up, were a section of the student population would try and be ‘radical’ to make up for the fact they weren’t born in the sixties and don’t have an idea in their heads worth a damn or a pot to piss in.

The Scottish Labour will declare its opposition to renewing Britain's nuclear deterrent in its election manifesto.

I have to say I am angry about this, in my view this is what I term as ‘Student Union bullshit’, it also highlights why the Labour Party is seen as so out of touch with ordinary people.

Kezia Dugdale is backing job losses at Faslane, she is backing making Britain a less powerful voice in the world community and she is effectively backing and endangering the seat that Britain holds on the United Nations security council.

The party voted overwhelmingly at its conference last November to support the scrapping of the Trident missile system based at Faslane on the Clyde, isn’t it amazing that you can get so many people in a room and they can all get the right answer wrong!

So, what does this in the Labour manifesto mean?

It means that the Scottish Labour Party has gifted Ruth Davidson a coup, and she didn’t have to come up with a crafty plan, she just sat back and let the stupid do all the heavy lifting for her.

I said this before, and it is in the MSM, there is talk that the Scottish Labour Party could be beaten into third place by the Tories.

Many people in the past would have laughed that such a position is possible, but this crap will lose the Labour Party votes, not just in the Faslane area but right across Scotland.

If Kezia Dugdale comes third in the Holyrood election, she should stand down as the leader; her track record to date isn’t good; she was part of the ‘two man team’ who led the disastrous Westminster 2015 election.

She is shaping up at present to be the ‘point man’ for the worst Scottish Labour defeat in the short but ineffective history of Holyrood.

And the way things are falling apart, the council elections ain’t looking too good either for her, in fitba, everyone wants to score the hat trick on the field, however it seems that Kezia Dugdale’s hat trick will be defeat after defeat, and the bonus, fouling her own side.

Thank you Kezia, Nicola Sturgeon must love you, just think, you probably imagine that the 15 minutes of FMQs somehow make up for the rout of voters turning away from the party. 15 minutes of air, once a week during term, does in no way rebuild the Labour Party which is lying in ashes.

The UK party remains committed to replacing Trident, you might ask why?

It is because they know that this bullshit will never be accepted by the public who view national security as a serious business, well above politics.

Dugdale said:

"We want to make sure that the communities affected by Trident not being renewed are protected and there are new jobs, and there's a lot of detail on how we would go about doing that. But we are opposed to the renewal of Trident and you'll see that reflected in our manifesto."

What new jobs Kezia?

Is it a case of ‘they will come’!

Maybe there is a pressing need for working in poundland or KFC by the workers.

Ruth Davidson said:

"Kezia Dugdale is now in the bizarre position of boasting about putting policies in her manifesto in which she herself does not believe. Nothing shows the mess the current Labour Party finds itself in more than its tortuous position on our national defence. A strong team of Scottish Conservative MSPs will stand shoulder to shoulder with the GMB union in defending thousands of jobs on the Clyde and ensuring our nuclear deterrent remains at the heart of our national defence."

How the Scottish Tories must ‘love’ Kezia Dugdale at this moment in time, truly being a Labour member is like being in a sinking boat and being asked to bail it out, while the leadership use a hose to pump water in at the same time.

Kezia Dugdale isn’t having a good election, if I was her I wouldn’t pack any bags for moving into Bute House.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, April 18, 2016

Scottish Labour, a troubled past and an uncertain future, new Poll says the Labour brand is so toxic that it is putting off Scots voters, isn’t it amazing how some people have the inability to learn from the past mistakes, if Kezia Dugdale comes third at Holyrood 2016, she has no future as leader of Scottish Labour

Dear All

In 2015, I was sitting out politics on the side lines due to serious illness, in 2014, I did the Better Together campaign in Pollok, and attended some events in Glasgow, got a few invites to hear some people speak.

On two occasions I got invited to go hear Gordon Brown deliver a speech, the first one was a Labour event at the City Halls in Glasgow, so to give myself a break from the campaign trail I went to see it.

I found to my surprise that I enjoyed the event, this was because of the speech by Gordon Brown, in fact when I got a second invite to the Emirates Arena, I decided to go again, it was a different speech but still highly entertaining.

For decades the Labour Party has been the dominant force in Scottish politics, for this reason some of the people picked to represent Labour in public office decided that they really didn’t have to try to look after the people in the area they were elected in.

In politics, if a politician doesn’t want to help you, they just don’t because they can always rely on the block vote that Labour had in constituencies.

Now they can’t, if the Scottish Labour Party wants to win Westminster and Holyrood seats they have to work for it now, they have to rebuild the Party and they have to encourage more people to be active.

Last year the Scottish Labour Party got wiped out in the General election; that was for a number of reasons such as poor campaign, tripe presented as policies, bad candidates who should have been removed and a lack of a work ethic.

The resentment by the voters solved a problem for the Labour Party that they were unable or unwilling to do for themselves, get rid of deadwood. Jim Murphy said that he had ‘fixed’ the Labour Party in a speech that Labour had changed, what exactly was that change?

We now sit in 2016 and the Labour brand is still putting off Scots voters, according to a new poll, however as a campaigner, I for 99% of my time never really experience a negative reaction on the doorstep. Yesterday I was out on the campaign trail all by myself campaign in the Pollok Constituency.

Labour it seems has lost the art of campaigning, something which I pointed out to someone in another party when I asked him to look at an event I attended where a former Labour Staffer was doing a ‘management’ role.

BMG Research who ran a poll found that:

“The results are clear; in Scotland, it would seem, the Labour party brand is toxic.”

It is expected that like last year the Labour Party will not do so well at the ballot box, and as buses like elections come in three’s it might mean in 2017, the Labour Party will see current many councillors swept out of power.

I attended my local community council recently, two councillors were in attendance, one SNP and the other Labour; during the meeting the issue of concerts in Bellahouston Park was raised. To my surprise I found out that the Labour Council didn’t charge DF Concerts a fee for using the park and worse still did even cover their costs to reinstate the park post event.

During the meeting the SNP Councillor said he was there to do what the community council asked, that wasn’t the same impression that the Labour Councillor gave, he seemed to reject the very idea that someone could raise the idea of charging a fee or recover the costs of damage to the park.

It seems that the Labour Party is still in Status Quo mode, 2015 didn’t happen, 2016 which might well be as bad is looking increasingly likely to happen, and 2017 might see the Glasgow Labour Council swept out if they don’t change their attitude. In a period of austerity and cuts, the council don't see the potential of making money from a profitable concert company.

You couldn’t make it up, my friend’s mother, in her 70’s, heart and lung problem, a spiral facture of the femur had to wait over two years to get a stair lift, and was forced during that time to sleep in the living room. I made the point how many stair lifts would a fee charged to DF Concerts have bought for the Council?

The Labour Party has a kids not Cuts campaign, this all about putting a penny on income tax to offset cuts, the idea is popular with voters but not as well when you mention it is a Scottish Labour Party policy.

It seems that the Scottish voters haven’t forgiven the Labour Party; some people say that is because they joined forces with the Tories during the Better Together Campaign. I don’t for a second think this was the case, the Labour Party’s problems in Scotland were built up over decades and the cause were some of the people elected, whether it be scandal or laziness.

Now the ‘houses of cards’ has come crashing down round their ears.

A Scottish Labour spokesman said:

"This election is about how we use the new powers of the Scottish Parliament to stop the cuts and invest in public services. People were promised the referendum was a once in a generation vote and the SNP should stick to that promise. Instead of rerunning the arguments of the past every party should focus on the future. This poll confirms strong support for Kezia Dugdale's plan for fairer taxes, including a 50p top rate of tax for the richest 1 per cent, to stop the cuts and invest in education. Faced with the choice between using the powers of the Scottish Parliament to invest in our economy or carrying on with the SNP's cuts, Labour will use the powers."

There comes a time when people stop listening to you in politics, then they stop voting for you, and then there is a rapid decline in party fortunes. If the Scottish Labour plan is to wait till the SNP become unpopular as a strategy they might find they will have as long as wait as the Tories had done after being cast in the wilderness for 40 years.

The Labour Party need to get beyond the sound bite of ‘we’re listening’ and start grasping the nettle of ‘we’re doing what you asked’!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, April 15, 2016

EU Remain campaign rolls out the ‘big guns’ in the shape of Alistair Darling as he brands Brexit campaign "Project Fantasy", if you take the time to educate yourself on this issue, you could ask Alistair Darling the question, why are you turning your guns on the people?

Dear All

During the Scottish independence referendum many people doubt Alistair Darling as being the right man for the job to head up Better Together.

I didn’t I put my money where my mouth is and said he was the right man at the right time in the right place.

As it turned out Alistair Darling proved he was to a strong asset and a steady pair of hands.

Today, Alistair Darling is in my opinion on the wrong side of history and the people, he dismiss the Brexit campaign to end Britain’s membership of the European Union as “Project Fantasy”.

During the Scottish referendum, someone stupidly called the Better Together campaign ‘project fear’, it seems we have a reworked hash of old material because people don’t want to look at the facts.

So what are the facts that Alistair Darling wants to dismiss as fantasy?

 Billions are lost to fraud and waste.

Damaging rules often come from lobbying by big multinational corporations trying to eliminate competition from entrepreneurs.

The Common Agricultural Policy increases food bills and damages African agriculture, food bills in the EU are 18% higher than the rest of the world.

Europe’s economic problems are getting worse; the Euro severely damaged the Greek economy.

We have seen a continual undermining of democratic government, the Dutch held a referendum, guess what the EU in its wisdom decided to ignore the result.

It is poisoning relations between nations, as demonstrated by Angela Merkel who decided that a migrant quota system should be imposed on member states, is that democracy or is it something else?

So, what about the Status quo argument, recently someone said to me that by me campaign for Brexit, I am endangering his job, his colleagues, a vote to ‘remain’ is not a vote for the status quo that is because there is no status quo.

Do you know the current annual cost of EU regulation to the British economy?

Willing to take a guess?

It’s a whopping £33.3 bn.

Here is another fact; we send £350 million to the EU every week. If we have the courage and refuse to listen to the scaremongering we can spend this money on our priorities.

We can rebuild schools, especially in Scotland, where the bad news is that 17 have been forced to shut; we could build new hospitals, our money building our infrastructure for the benefit of people regardless of nationality living in the UK.

So, there are plenty of facts out there, plenty of facts, the Remain campaign much like Yes Scotland are trying the don’t think trick, just believe us. Unlike Scottish independence which was the real project fantasy, this time round, the truth can be accessed by you.

Jump online and you can start reading, make your own mind up, the migrant crisis focused people’s minds, with a series of terrorists’ acts right across Europe, leaving is a logical choice; it’s a matter of national and economic security.

David Cameron made a huge big deal about going to Europe and getting concessions, he got nothing of worth, he didn’t get what people wanted; he got crumbs.

I don’t blame him, he tried, when he failed, he tried to change the debate to focus on other issues which angered a lot of people.

I wasn’t angry, I knew he would fail even before he got on a plane to Brussels, you can if you read up, always spot a ‘dog and pony show’.

The European Union is actively making workers across the continent poorer; this is from a top Brussels finance chief, German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel. He conceded that the EU's policies are depressing the earnings of low-paid workers and pensioners, who he patronisingly dubbed "the little people".

You can read this here:

Tomorrow I will be attending a briefing for Vote Leave in Scotland at the Grand Central Hotel for volunteers and supporters to hear about the campaign in Scotland.

Finally, I was a huge supporter in the past of the EU, but the EU is not what Britain signed up to back in 1973 when Ted Heath, the Conservative Prime Minister took us in, it has gone badly wrong.

Sometimes, it is better to cut your losses and walk away, need something to read, go read up on Greece and the EU, the country sucked dry, bankrupt and loss of sovereignty, democracy destroyed and assets sold off.

Educate yourself, don’t simply accept anyone’s word.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Is that supposed to be an argument, Brexit campaigners are 'soft on crime', Labour careerist Jonathon Reynolds makes a fool of himself using a rehashed Tony Blair comment to scare people into voting to remain part of the EU, someone should add Reynolds name to momentum’s list for removal

Dear All

The Labour MP for Stalybridge and Hyde is Jonathan Reynolds, I have never heard of him until today.

But in my defence, there are lots of people in politics not worth listening to because most are like battery hens producing a set product of ideas already worked out for them or making up rubbish.

Reynold’s says that Brexit campaigners are "soft on crime and soft on the causes of crime".

9If you don’t recognise the quote, it’s from the Tony Blair era, a variation on ‘tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime’, this was the Labour soundbite and policy lite to win over people that they had the grip on crime.

Germany is in the European Union, I know you will already know, if being in Europe is so wonderful, can Reynolds explain:

I will stop there because I could go on and on and on.

Labour's Jonathan Reynolds said leaving the EU would compromise Europe-wide co-operation that allows Britain to track down serious criminals like paedophiles more effectively.

This is dangerous rubbish, it is scaremongering and it shows that Reynolds seems to have a shaky grasp on reality.

Can you imagine a German Police Chief saying, ‘Britain’s might not buy BMW’s so I will not pass on information about serious criminals’?

European co-operation will continue, why you may ask, because it is in everyone’s national security interest.

In politics, if you want to make a name for yourself, best to do with big ideas, being a statesman, not by being the village idiot.

For Stalybridge and Hyde MP to claim campaigners to leave the union want to end such partnership with other EU countries is laughable.

Joining and replying for the Government, Attorney General Jeremy Wright said there was a "considerable advantage" in Britain remaining in the EU and being part of justice measures such as the European Arrest Warrant.

And post #Brexit, the EU will want that considerable advantage to continue, this seems to be a theme on the Remain, cry wolf, loud, long and often.

I would to Jonathan Reynolds, go learn politics or get educated or get some integrity, he is coming across as a loon.

During law officers' questions, Reynolds said:

"I always remember the first piece of European legislation that I sat on a delegated Bill committee for was, I believe, a regulation that enabled us to track paedophiles more easily across different European countries. Frankly, why anybody would wish to end that kind of co-operation between European countries is beyond me. Would you agree with me that the Brexit campaign is soft on crime and soft on the causes of crime?"

Is there something which tracks paedophiles?

It is called a passport.

Mr Wright replied:

"I have great respect for those who argue for a British exit from the European Union but I'm afraid on this I believe they are wrong. And for the reasons that you give there is considerable advantage to Britain and to British citizens in being part of the European Arrest Warrant."

With slightly less respect, if this best that Jonathan Reynolds can come up with I sincerely hope that the Jeremy Corbyn fan club called momentum stick his name on the list for removal from public office via a campaign for de-selection.

Perhaps an extended period of unemployment and being unemployable would do the Stalybridge and Hyde the world of good; he could then at least go online and see how the world works.

It is precisely the European attitude to crime that will motivate many people to vote for #Brexit.

Do we want to import rape, robbery, terrorism and, murder onto the shores of Britain?

If anyone is ‘soft’, it’s Jonathan Reynolds, soft in the head; he is just another Labour Party careerist!

On his wiki, it is said that Reynolds has a wife and three kids, maybe he should read this:

I would like his thoughts on sexual emergencies.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Scottish Conservatives launch their manifesto aimed at 'winning over Labour voters', it seems that the Conservatives view Holyrood 2016 as their big chance to come in from the 36 year imposed exile of the Scottish people, leading Glasgow list Candidate Adam Tomkins really put his foot in his mouth when he said ‘higher education is a privilege not a right’, he might know law but he is shit at politics

Dear All

The Holyrood election is interesting this year, 2015 was a disaster for the Scottish Labour Party, the worst result since 1918; there is one Labour MP in Scotland.

According to the polls, the SNP is set to be the biggest winner this year, a poll recently put well ahead of any potential rival.

No votes have been cast yet, and anything can happen in politics, but in this election, the Scottish Conservatives are putting a lot of time, money and effort.

Leader Ruth Davidson is bouncing around as there is talk about the Conservatives beating Labour into second place and becoming the official opposition.

If you take the time to view twitter, the Scottish Tories seem to have rallied their troops for a big push to try and break the circa 40 years in the wilderness.

Given the misfortunes of Labour, this might be possible, the Conservatives might have success based on the troubles that Labour face at present, troubles that stretch back decades.

In 2015, Jim Murphy and Kezia Dugdale led Labour, Murphy declared that he had ‘fixed’ Labour; then came the disaster of the election; apparently he had fixed Labour enough. Today sees the Scottish Conservatives announce a £1billion plan to upgrade Scotland's cold, damp homes as they unveil a manifesto aimed at winning over Labour voters.

So, is it all rosy in the garden for the Scottish Conservatives?


They plan to stop free prescriptions and wish to introduce tuition fees, Professor Adam Tomkins, who is the candidate in Anniesland and top of the Glasgow list has recent said that higher education is a privilege not a right.

Apparently that got a frosty reception at a hustings and made it into the public domain, Professor Tomkins might be good at law but he is shit at politics.

When he stands in Anniesland, he is going to get tanked, he is fighting for third place, his is rely on his top of the Glasgow list place for the Conservatives to get him elected.

One person who seems strangely quiet about the Conservative revival election is Tory Councillor David Meikle, if you check his twitter feed; you might think that there wasn’t an election on at all.

Also, I am having difficulty seeing Councillor Meikle in any snaps with the #TeamRuth crowd pounding the pavements; however I did find a snap of him with Nicola Sturgeon, Alison Thewliss and Norman McLeod of the SNP on his feed.

Jump David jump!

Politics such fun is it not?

So, can Ruth Davidson with her pitch to traditional Labour voters with pledges on housing, hospitals and schools do ‘the business’?

I would say not.

And a YouGov survey backs my opinion and found Labour has restored its slight lead over the Conservatives, after trailing the previous month, the Labour campaign is a tad shaky and needs to move up a gear.

Professor John Curtice predicted a parliament of 70 SNP MSPs, 24 Labour, 23 Conservatives, eight Greens and four Liberal Democrats on the basis of the results.

The Scottish Conservatives want to rebuild infrastructure but what they are not getting and steering away from his helping the poorest in society.

It is the same failure to engage since the Scottish public turned their back on the party in the 1980’s. Of course different people now in the party, different time as well, but the ‘let down’ is the same mentality.

What is the point of talking about tax cuts when public services are suffering and falling apart, especially in a country like Scotland!

The Conservatives put a lot of stock in BBC trained Ruth Davidson, I have met her a few times in passing, just a quick hello, I doubt she would even remember me, last time I saw her she was coming out of the Vets in Glasgow. Anyway, she comes across well but is failing to turn her personal appeal into support for her party.

Being clever and being trusted are two different things.

A bit of good news for Davidson is that in the Yougov poll a third of people (32 per cent) thought Ms Davidson would do a better job of holding an SNP government to account than Kezia Dugdale.

Only 13 per cent of people rated Kezia Dugdale as the best person to take on Nicola Sturgeon.

I am not in the 13 per cent, politics is in a dreadful state in Scotland, and more people are looking around for something else beyond what is currently on offer, and what is on offer ain’t much.

Labour's equalities spokesman Neil Findlay said:

"Ruth Davidson’s Tories need to spell out the costs of their plan for secret taxes on the sick and on students. This is the real test for Ruth Davidson’s party – she can’t hide behind daft photo ops forever."

Ruth Davidson has a huge gaping hole in her attempt to lead the Conservatives out of the wilderness after a 36 year exile.

And she won’t get it by saying she will invest in infrastructure, she is going to have to come up with a real plan to invest in the poorest in society.

Scottish Conservative candidate Adam Tomkins saying university higher education is a privilege not a right was a massive own goal.

Finally, look at the picture on the far left, yet again Professor Tomkins in a ‘meet the little people’ event has his elbow on the table clearly bored out of his tits and not wanting to be there.

As I said….. shit at politics!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ukip activist Jack Neill makes a fool of himself by 'Blacked up', wearing a wig and red nose in the bath, social justice warriors spring into action to brand him ‘racist’, this is the state of politics in Scotland and why it dying, the press are to blame also for entertaining the un-appointed Thought Police and giving them credibility

Dear All

Politics in some respects is a funny old game, it is also a dangerous old game, not only can you not trust the opposition, you cannot trust even members of your own party.

My advice if you are a political activist, don’t trust anyone, don’t tell anyone about your personal life and be careful who you associate with.

People have a habit of letting you down while at the same time expecting you are loyal to a fault with them.

Ukip in the Uk had periodically been labelled as racist, this isn’t surprising, this also happened to the Conservatives, on her way out the door, Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh branded the Scottish Conservatives racist.

Playing the race card is for some people part of their politically DNA, they can’t win the argument so seek to label and smear people to control their right to free speech.

Watch this video as Milo Yiannopoulos explains why you should hate these bastards with a passion.

So, let’s get back to the UKIP activist who was pictured with his faced "blacked up". It was a silly stupid stunt which brought the angry hateful left to his door and ended up in the press. Having made an arse of himself; we now have Jack Jardine, who is standing for Ukip in the Mid Scotland and Fife region wading in by saying the ‘blacking up’ was a treatment for acne.

Does part of the treatment also include a wig and big red nose?

Would I say that Mr Neill is a racist?

No, I would say I couldn’t go there simply based on a picture, a silly stunt however has plunged Ukip's Holyrood election campaign into chaos.

Regardless of what the activist did or didn’t do, it is amazing how the left has jumped straight away to make accusations of racism.

Rather than looking at Neill, I am more interested in the people making allegations, of course, I am a victim of crime as people know, during a hate campaign directed at me, I was called paedophile, racist, homophobic, homosexual, sexual pervert and misogynous.

All the classic Scottish National Party labels against opponents who the supporters and friends of Nicola Sturgeon take particular joy in using to great effect.

The incident has prompted the University of the West of Scotland, where Neill is a criminal justice student to launch an inquiry into his behaviour.

So, what can they prove, is it against the law if you believe this was acne treatment to use it?


Is it against the law to wear a wig?


Is it against the law to wear a fake red nose?


Is it against the law to take a photo wearing all these items?


This begs the question; what kind of inquiry can the University of the West of Scotland make?

Also, Jack Neill has the right to freedom of expression, a human right, so does the university intend to put their version of human rights to supplant Neill’s right.

Milo Yiannopoulos in his videos makes a very valid point; he says that the social justice warriors in the press, politicians and academia are all lying to us.

A Ukip Press spokesman Gawain Towler said:

"He’s a kid. He’s an idiot. He is pulling silly faces on his Facebook page, sitting in his bathroom with a silly clown nose on. He put a face mask on his face surrounded by bubbles. But it is in no way malicious, no way racist. He should be aware of how things look. But this is not malicious in any way. If the University of the West of Scotland wishes to investigate they will find an ordinary student behaving in an ordinary way, in the safe space of his own bathroom. He’s a berk. He’s a prat. But does it deserve the caterwauling of the politically correct? "No. We’ll slap his wrist for being a berk but there was no malice in it."

Politically correctness and language policing is described by Milo Yiannopoulos as horseshit, he also makes the point that the best person to tell you what to do is……… yourself.

So, the next time someone tries to intimidate, harass, bully or victimise you, tell them to fuck off, you don’t need acceptance by a load of bastards who hate you, you don’t need to know their views, you don’t need to listen to them.

But you have a moral duty to let people know about these shallow hollow fake social justice warriors are who are polluting our society and destroying our way of life.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, April 11, 2016

Pissing on the Rug, the SNP came to Westminster in triumph that they were Scotland’s champions, now the lie is wearing rather painfully thin as the Nationalists are accused over flood of ‘trivial’ Commons motions, so far SNP have blown £165,000 of taxpayers’ money, I guess it must hurt to be finding out that instead of being a ‘Celt Tiger’, you are in fact a ‘declawed pussy’

Dear All

When the SNP had a landslide, the Scottish public where duped into thinking that something was ‘happening’ and the SNP would set the House of Commons alight with their ‘cause’.

Just in the door however, they might as well be pissing on the rug!

Yes, just in and the ‘social justice’ warriors unable to conduct themselves properly have reverted to type, and now it is ‘Mission Impossible: Waste Time’.

SNP MPs are indulging in stupidity, but less us be clear, they have latched on the tactic to table as many House of Commons motions as they can.

So far, this accounts for almost 44 per cent of all early day motions (EDMs) put down since the General Election last May.

And to show there is a cost to stupidity, this little game has run to a cost of at around £165,000 based on the most recent estimated administrative cost for tabling a parliamentary motion.

If this pissing on the rug continues at the present rate, the cost will hit the £1 million pound mark.

Every time an SNP MP wants to waste taxpayer money, then they simply do a meaningless early day motion which cost us circa £290 a pop.

The biggest EDM clown is none other than the discredited Paul Monaghan, the MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross.

So far this idiot has racked up 56.

Angus Brendan MacNeil, ‘3 in a bed Angus’ after he cheated on his pregnant wife did one in a search for enlightenment:

“That this House congratulates the Scottish Parliament for its eye-catching end to the session, prior to the May elections, with parliamentarian and piper Stuart MacMillan piping the parliamentarians from the chamber.”

Maybe I should do a motion:

George Laird:

“That this House congratulates Angus Brendan MacNeil , ‘3 in a bed Angus’ for his eye catching story, prior to the birth of his child by taking two young women to a hotel room and getting some of his kit off’.

This motion would be as meaningless as the claptrap out of MacNeil.

In defending the stupidity tactic at Westminster, the SNP said:

"It is no surprise SNP MPs top the list of active parliamentarians at Westminster”.

She added:

“Early Day Motions are just one of the many ways that the SNP's MPs can ensure the voices of their constituents and local communities are heard loud and clear at Westminster; our very active MPs also lodge parliamentary questions, take part in debates, question UK government ministers and perform committee work.”

Was the SNP MP who told a barmaid at the House of Commons to 'fuck off' making Scotland’s voice heard?

The facts appear to be plain, the SNP AT Westminster are a joke, they are pissing on the rug to get right up the noses of House of Commons, it is said that SNP MPs are isolated and no one wants to be associated with them.

Quelle surprise!

What is the good news?

Each day is one day to the next Westminster General Election, at that point, some of these the idiots will out the door faster than shit through a goose.

Straight onto the scrapheap!

£165,000 of taxpayer’s money completely wasted, instead of ‘learning the trade’ we have the gits roaming the corridors of Westminster.

The Court of King Alex, Scotland's 'jolly fat man' Alex Salmond is full of unfunny jesters, his career is dying much like his wee Westminster gang.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, April 8, 2016

Glasgow SNP Councillor Glenn Elder turns up at the Vote Leave Campaign political event in Glasgow to do covert photography, then takes to twitter to lie about a young man called Ben Sears, during the Scottish indy ref Nats had a tactic of filming BT women, is Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP rolling out tactics of intimidation for the #Brexit Remain Campaign?

Dear All

During the referendum, the Scottish National Party members and their allies used a tactic of intimidation on women from Better Together.

The intimidation ran to deliberately filming them as they campaigned on the streets of Scotland.

Why did the Nationalists specifically target women?

Easy prey!

What was the filming used for?

Was it used for sexual purposes?

Was it used for research?

Was it just used as an intimidation tool?

I don't know, I am just asking the questions!

The filming of women was a low for Nicola Sturgeon’s failed and miserable campaign, the people usually filming for the most part appeared to be simple minded in nature, and in some cases looked like dishevelled dirty old men.

Now, it seems that the tactic of covert recording is back and is being done by an Glasgow SNP Councillor Glenn Elder.

Yesterday, the Vote Leave Campaign were campaigning in Buchanan Glasgow, during the event, SNP Councillor Glenn Elder turned up twice mobile phone in hand standing off at a distance to record a young man called Ben Sears.

Here is what SNP Councillor Glenn Elder said as he bragged about his rather sinister creepy episode:

“The "aloneness" of a Labour activist, canvassing - Buchanan Street, today”.

So, several issues crop up here.

1/ The creepy nature that SNP Councillor Glenn Elder conducted himself.
2/ The putting into the public domain false information.
3/ The disregard for the Nolan Principles of standards in public life ie honesty.

After being caught twice, SNP Councillor Glenn Elder ducked in the Argyle Street Arcade on Buchanan Street, apparently Elder doesn’t like people observing him as he goes about his creepy sinister behaviour.

Oh, and by the way for the benefit of Elder, I have downloaded the page for evidence just in case the young man target wishes to make a formal complaint to the Commissioner for Standards in Scotland.

It appears that Elder isn’t very bright, in his reference to ‘aloneness’ which has the meaning:

“aloneness - a disposition toward being alone. lonesomeness, solitariness, loneliness. friendlessness - being without friends. reclusiveness - a disposition to prefer seclusion or isolation”.

Given that Ben Sears and the rest of the Vote Leave Team actively engaged with the public, nearly 1500 leaflets were handed out to the public where is the reclusiveness, where is the isolation?

Also, given SNP Councillor Glenn Elder doesn’t know Ben Sears, how did he arrive at the defamatory smear that Ben Sears is friendless?

It seems that SNP Councillor Glenn Elder has a disposition to being a lying bastard.

Bastard meaning:

“an unpleasant or despicable person”.

"he lied to me, the bastard!"

Ben Sears is not as SNP Councillor Glenn Elder said a 'Labour Activist'; at no time during the event did Elder approach any of the Vote Leave Team operating in Buchanan Street to speak to them. He never spoke to the host Ben Sears.

Ben is not a member of any political party!

It seems that Nicola Sturgeon’s Glasgow elite aren’t very elite at all, oh dear, how sad, never mind.

I wonder, do the residents of the Linn Ward know that SNP Councillor Glenn Elder does creepy sinister covert photographing of a young man?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Nicola Sturgeon attends an Asian Wedding were SNP donor is charged with assaulting a Labour-supporting pensioner, Adil Bhatti previously abused in the Scottish National Party is alleged punched in front of witnesses, in Queens Park, a 37 year old woman is raped, but Nicola has time for weddings

Dear All

Dearie dearie me, it seems that a Asian millionaire SNP donor Mohammad Ramzan, founder and chairman of United Wholesale Grocers in Glasgow, connected to Nicola Sturgeon has been charged by police after allegedly assaulting a Labour supporting pensioner.

And dearie dearie me indeed, before I get started, today in Glasgow, I noticed something rather creepy occur in the city centre, an SNP councillor was covertly photographing or filming a political event happening in Glasgow on his phone.

The Vote Leave Campaign.

During the Scottish independence event, the Nationalists had a habit of filming women, whether this was for intimidation or for sexual purposes is hard to say.

Now that Glasgow SNP Councillor has been noticed, and if there is trouble in future, his name will be passed onto Police Scotland.

Anyway back to the ‘action’, everyone loves a good action story, well; it seems that Ramzen was at a wedding attended by Nicola Sturgeon.

Ramzan is the brother of former Labour MP Mohammad Sarwar and the uncle of Anas Sarwar, the former Labour MP now standing for Holyrood.

Nothing like having a foot in both political camps!

The person alleged to have been assaulted was Adil Bhatti, I have blogged on Adil Bhatti before; he was the subject of a nasty vicious abuse when he stood as a council candidate for Ward 4 which is Craigton.

Previously Bhatti was an ally of Nicola Sturgeon before he left the party over the change to Nato.

Adil Bhatti was reportedly punched in front of other guests, oh that looks terrible, seems that there are witnesses.

 A Police Scotland spokesman said:

“We can confirm that a 58-year-old man was charged in connection with an alleged assault following an incident which is alleged to have taken place on February 26 2016 in the Erskine area. A report was submitted to the procurator fiscal.”

Mr Ramzan’s spokesman said:

“Mr Ramzan is currently out with the country on an extended business trip to Pakistan. He vehemently denies any charges and will prove his innocence through the Scottish judicial process.”

Yes, he will be going through a Scottish judicial process.
Nicola Sturgeon apparently arrived after any alleged altercation so in this instance can say, she knew nothing and saw nothing either.

Things seem to be going badly for Nicola Sturgeon as the powerkeg of Govanhill is said to be set to explode. In the news, an investigation has been launched after woman raped in Queens Park.

Nicola Sturgeon has been extensively criticised for failing the residents, crime is up, old age pensioners are getting mugged; now a women has been raped in a park not far from Nicola Sturgeon’s office.

Where’s Nicola Sturgeon you may ask?

Sturgeon is out enjoying herself while people suffer; I have to say this, what a stinking excuse for a human being she really is!

Finally Ramzan recently donated £250 to the SNP’s Glasgow Cathcart candidate James Dornan.

Asked if he would be returning the money, Dornan said:

“Let’s just see what happens.”

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Don't try this at home, years of expert training required, how to prepare for Scottish politics during the Holyrood 2016 contest

Scottish Labour in chaos: the blows fall thick and fast as Labour as candidates struggle to secure crowd-funding donations, lack of activists available for campaigning, lack of organisation, lack of leadership, lack of teamwork and the tin lid, Kezia Dugdale refuses to say whether she applied to work for the Scottish National Party

Dear All

Some time ago I coin the phrase the ‘political economy’ in relation to campaigning, what is that you may ask?

It is people, resources and money.

In October 2013, I stood as an independent candidate in the Govan by-election, this was the first time I had ever stood for public office, out of 14 people standing I placed 7th.

At the time, I was told by people in the Labour Party that this was a remarkable achievement for someone standing as a first time candidate; on top of that I had no one to help me. It gets better, only 17 days to run my campaign, plus two hate campaigns run against me, one by the Nationalists and the other by a man who ended up in court.

Done my own election videos, and invested £100 to buy 5,000 leaflets.

I had two objectives to show that I could run a decent campaign as a credible candidate and help take votes away from the SNP candidate, who lost to John Kane of the Labour Party. After the result, the SNP walked out prior to the winner giving his speech, it was very petty, and as they left I was laughing my head off.

In 2014, Scotland went on a journey, the Nationalists tried to win independence and miserably failed, their prospectus was built on lies and falsehoods, many people came into politics thinking that indyref 2 was round the corner.

That was another lie sold by SNP Candidates to whip up support for Westminster 2015!

As people know I didn’t take any part in political campaigning that year, I was living under the shadow of cancer; it was physically and mentally the worst year of my life, in quite some considerable time.

This year, I had planned to stand for Holyrood in the Pollok Constituency as an independent candidate, but because of health reasons that was to prove to be impossible.

Why stand?

Because political parties don’t believe that someone like me should stand.

Anyway, I joined the Labour Party in Glasgow to assist as best I can get people elected to public office, I am a well know campaigner in Glasgow at least, last night you may have spotted me on the BBC for the tax debate. Six people from various parties offered up their views on why we should vote for them.

A quick run through and my verdict of that show for the blog regulars.

Labour… 1 pence in the pound tax, not bold enough.

Greens….. Land Valuation Tax, too much politics and not enough substance.

Lib Dems…… too cocky for a man whose party is effective dead in Scotland.

SNP……. Defensive, like a man hiding a lot of guilty and hoping no asks him about it.

Tories….. bad tempered in parts and evasive.

Ukip ……. Too much comedy and focusing on EU referendum.

In 2015, the Labour Party had the worst result since about 1918, their campaign was awful, it was insulting to the electorate, they hadn’t learned from the referendum, and their elected politicians were living off the legacy of the Labour brand and reputation.

Some people were effective getting away with being bad MPs for their areas, since the Labour Party couldn’t or wouldn’t get rid of them; the task fell to the people of Scotland.

And the people did just that, all but one of the Labour MPs in Scotland was removed at the ballot box, the sad part is that good were swept away with the bad; there was a tipping point for Labour.

We are now in the short campaign for Holyrood 2016, are Labour’s problems fixed?



Well, if you take the time, you can read that Labour's Holyrood election campaign has suffered further tales of woe after it emerged that crowd-funding for candidates has struggled to secure donations.

But it isn’t just money that Labour is failing to secure, they are also failing to run effective campaigns as they struggle to get activists to come out and mount a decent campaign in their branch areas.

I went to the last Labour Conference in Glasgow, my friend Andrew Skinner had a stand for Scotland in Union, he is their campaign manager and they are lucky to have to him. Anyway, after listening to some people boring the tits off me in the Conference Hall, I decided to pitch in and help him. I can only stand people talking out their arse for so long before I have to get out.

During the day, up pops a guy to complain, his name was Scott Nicholson, he is the Labour Candidate for Perth and Kinross. Nicholson decided to have a go at Andrew Skinner because during #GE15, Scotland’s Big Voice, an activist group on Facebook were promoting ‘tactical voting’. As I listened to him speak I found him to be the most patronising bastard I had ever met who was full of his own self-importance.

Anyway, the world turns and it seems that Scott Nicholson has suffered the humiliation of getting only a miserable £60 out of £750 on his crowd funder appeal. In this election, I don’t see a hope in hell of this clown getting to Holyrood.

Labour’s troubles seem to be getting worse not better; one candidate has failed to raise any funds through crowd-funding, not even their family is backing them it appears.

Why is Labour in this state?

It is because they think they can ride out the storm, and wait for the SNP to fall from grace, and then continue as business as usual.

The new business as usual however is Labour Candidates failing to get elected, and that will continue for some considerable time unless the Labour Party changes.

In contrast to Labour Candidates doing so badly, the most successful Scottish candidate on crowdfunder is Ruth Davdison, £6,500 for her Edinburgh Central campaign. The Scottish Tories see an opportunity due to the demise of Labour’s fortunes.

It seems at present that Kezia Dugdale isn’t doing well, especially with her U turns, bad policy decisions and her comments on independence.

The way things are going, Kezia Dugdale was part of the team that led Labour to its worst defeat in 2015; it is rather shaping up that she will lead Labour to its worst Holyrood defeat since the creation of the Scottish Parliament.

The people of Scotland are waiting for something different.

To put the tin lid on it for Scottish Labour, Kezia Dugdale has repeatedly refused to say whether she had applied for a job working for the SNP at the Scottish parliament in 2003.

She is refusing to answer the question, she thinks she is being smart but what she is doing is raising the issue of trust in her and gifting an own goal to the Conservatives who are running with the theme they are the true defenders of the Union.

Kezia Dugdale appears not to be fighting for the position of First Minster but for third place.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University