Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What is this shite: Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale signals Labour opposition to trident renewal will be in party's manifesto, what a catchy vote loser, the Scottish Labour Party is in a bad enough position without Student Union bullshit politics and gifting the Scottish Tories votes

Dear All

Student Union bullshit!

Do you remember this?

Well if you took the time to go to University or College, you would have seen this close up, were a section of the student population would try and be ‘radical’ to make up for the fact they weren’t born in the sixties and don’t have an idea in their heads worth a damn or a pot to piss in.

The Scottish Labour will declare its opposition to renewing Britain's nuclear deterrent in its election manifesto.

I have to say I am angry about this, in my view this is what I term as ‘Student Union bullshit’, it also highlights why the Labour Party is seen as so out of touch with ordinary people.

Kezia Dugdale is backing job losses at Faslane, she is backing making Britain a less powerful voice in the world community and she is effectively backing and endangering the seat that Britain holds on the United Nations security council.

The party voted overwhelmingly at its conference last November to support the scrapping of the Trident missile system based at Faslane on the Clyde, isn’t it amazing that you can get so many people in a room and they can all get the right answer wrong!

So, what does this in the Labour manifesto mean?

It means that the Scottish Labour Party has gifted Ruth Davidson a coup, and she didn’t have to come up with a crafty plan, she just sat back and let the stupid do all the heavy lifting for her.

I said this before, and it is in the MSM, there is talk that the Scottish Labour Party could be beaten into third place by the Tories.

Many people in the past would have laughed that such a position is possible, but this crap will lose the Labour Party votes, not just in the Faslane area but right across Scotland.

If Kezia Dugdale comes third in the Holyrood election, she should stand down as the leader; her track record to date isn’t good; she was part of the ‘two man team’ who led the disastrous Westminster 2015 election.

She is shaping up at present to be the ‘point man’ for the worst Scottish Labour defeat in the short but ineffective history of Holyrood.

And the way things are falling apart, the council elections ain’t looking too good either for her, in fitba, everyone wants to score the hat trick on the field, however it seems that Kezia Dugdale’s hat trick will be defeat after defeat, and the bonus, fouling her own side.

Thank you Kezia, Nicola Sturgeon must love you, just think, you probably imagine that the 15 minutes of FMQs somehow make up for the rout of voters turning away from the party. 15 minutes of air, once a week during term, does in no way rebuild the Labour Party which is lying in ashes.

The UK party remains committed to replacing Trident, you might ask why?

It is because they know that this bullshit will never be accepted by the public who view national security as a serious business, well above politics.

Dugdale said:

"We want to make sure that the communities affected by Trident not being renewed are protected and there are new jobs, and there's a lot of detail on how we would go about doing that. But we are opposed to the renewal of Trident and you'll see that reflected in our manifesto."

What new jobs Kezia?

Is it a case of ‘they will come’!

Maybe there is a pressing need for working in poundland or KFC by the workers.

Ruth Davidson said:

"Kezia Dugdale is now in the bizarre position of boasting about putting policies in her manifesto in which she herself does not believe. Nothing shows the mess the current Labour Party finds itself in more than its tortuous position on our national defence. A strong team of Scottish Conservative MSPs will stand shoulder to shoulder with the GMB union in defending thousands of jobs on the Clyde and ensuring our nuclear deterrent remains at the heart of our national defence."

How the Scottish Tories must ‘love’ Kezia Dugdale at this moment in time, truly being a Labour member is like being in a sinking boat and being asked to bail it out, while the leadership use a hose to pump water in at the same time.

Kezia Dugdale isn’t having a good election, if I was her I wouldn’t pack any bags for moving into Bute House.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

turkeys and xmas , voting tory fuck it he is a fucking clown

Anonymous said...

When you compare with past Labour leaders & MPs, its really sad what the party has become. Like many people, i'm struggling to find reasons to keep voting Labour, but could maybe still justify it with a tactical vote because my main priority is to get the Cult oot!


Anonymous said...

The trident was decided by the party members at conference we are a democratic party unlike the SNP.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"The trident was decided by the party members at conference we are a democratic party unlike the SNP".

Just like to remind you that Scottish Labour aren't the opposition Holyrood.

Oh, and the leadership got it wrong on Trident.