Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some opposition MSP's at Holyrood really are beneath contempt.

Dear All

Do you know everything about everything?

I know I don’t.

It therefore beggar’s belief that the justice secretary should come under fire after admitting he had not read a report into Scotland's largest known paedophile network before it is finalised.

What I find distasteful is that opposition parties in order to gain publicity resort to these types of sick tactics of using child sex crimes to try and score cheap political points.

The reality is neither Scottish government officials nor the justice secretary have seen the final version of the joint report from Lothian and Borders Police, the City of Edinburgh Council and NHS Lothian.

So a serious issue is hijacked by petty little people in every sense of the word.

Is it any wonder ordinary people hold politicians in contempt?

Find out the facts first then shout the odds if there is a case to be addressed.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Parents of Lisa Norris call Health Professions Council (HPC) hearing in Edinburgh a whitewash.

Dear All

Have you ever noticed that we live in a corrupt country?

How does it work, ineffectual government coupled with NGO’s who self regulate.

Put both of those things together and you can literally get away with murder.

Lisa Norris was treated by Dr Stuart McNee at the Beatson Oncology Centre in Glasgow; while she was there she was given 19 radiation overdoses.

Dr Stuart McNee was professionally incompetent 19 times.

The family of the dead girl have spoke out branding the hearing into his conduct a whitewash.

Despite all the charges of misconduct being proven absolutely nothing is going to happen to McNee.

The best bit of this farce was said by Health Professions Council Chairman Colin Allies;

“We are confident the Registrant has learned from his mistakes and would act differently in similar circumstances today”.

Is Allies a mind reader?

But the sick comedy continues as Allies blames the system as being at fault;

“his biggest failing had been not speaking out over staffing pressures in his department”.

I would say that the system is operated by people; Lisa Norris may or may not have survived her brain tumour.

But Dr. Stuart McNee caused her a lot of pain by his incompetence and for that and the number of times this was committed, he should be struck off.

Luckily for him, the regulator is soft, could be useful for his next fuck up!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

John Reid and English Labour try to bribe voters with balloons at Springburn Shopping Centre

Dear All

John Reid’s main claim to fame is that he held ministerial posts in the Blair Government.

His famous quote is that he said the Home Office was “not fit for purpose”.

Not fit for purpose but run by Labour!

At the next General Election he is standing down as an MP and good riddance.

John Reid has been out campaigning for Labour Candidate William Bain in the Glasgow North East by-election, presumably he is the impression people want to see him.

At present Reid is the Chairman of Celtic FC while still an MP at Westminister.However, John

Reid has made some odd comments;

“Willie took me out to Dennistoun and Springburn today, and from speaking to folk there it's clear he'll do a great job for Glasgow North East”.

Given that he has never held public office how could the people or Reid say he will do a great job?

Reid is confused?

The next part of Reid’s statement is laughable;

“As a good local man he understands the area, he's straight with people and he'll stand up for the community."

He is straight with people?

That’s bullshit!If you take the time to go through his London promoted and London hosted website, it is full of lies and false propaganda.

As for standing up for the community that’s a sick joke, where was Bain’s backbone when Michael Martin was coining in the taxpayer’s cash for an office not open to the public?

The facts speak for themselves and are a matter of public record.

Bain was ineffectual and would continue the Martin Family tradition of doing nothing.

Bain’s a warmer.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, October 30, 2009

SNP MP Pete Wishart's parliamentary question shows how badly Scottish firms are served by the Olympic Delivery Authority

Dear All

Everyone is familiar with the expression fair’s fair.

If the Olympics are about anything, they are about people having an equal chance to succeed in competition.

We were extensively told that the Olympics would benefit the whole of the UK, it was a selling point massively pushed by Sebastian Coe and the Labour Government.

The truth is considerably different from the reality.

The responsibility for delivering the games falls to the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) who contract firms to provide various services and constructions for the events.

A parliamentary question from SNP MP Peter Wishart has produced some startling results.

Here is the question;

“To ask the Minister for the Olympics how many Olympic construction contracts have been awarded to firms based (a) in Scotland, (b) in Wales, (c) in Northern Ireland, (d) in England and (e) elsewhere. [289486]”

The response;

a) Scotland: 17
b) Wales: 4
c) Northern Ireland: 3
d) England: 1,022
e) Outside UK: 17.

England, 1,022, does that look even remotely like the Olympic Delivery Authority operates a policy of fairness.

I would say that serious questions have to be asked of the people running the ODA.

For Scotland, it is a double hit, we lose our money from the Lottery to support local groups and then Scottish firms are effectively shut out.

Pete Wishart said;

“The UK Government is clearly failing to honour assurances that companies across the country will benefit from the London Olympics, and in the process, Labour Ministers are failing Scottish businesses.”

Don’t expect fairness to reappear anytime soon now this information is now in the public domain.

I believe this clearly shows how we are losing out and why the people of Scotland need to increase SNP representation in order to protect our interests.

Luckily we have the opportunity to add to the number of SNP MPs on November 12th when the people of Glasgow North East vote in David Kerr to fight for them and the rest of the country.

Scotland only got 17 contracts.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Labour Candidate William Bain's last train to Glasgow Central

Dear All

Labour Candidate William Bain is flapping, here is an open secret; the Labour Party can’t get ordinary people of Glasgow North East to go out for him.

Bain is so unpopular locally that if it wasn’t for his paid English Minders and drafted Parliamentary MSP Researchers, he would be walking the streets in this by-election alone.

Alone in his ill-fitting raincoat!

No one knows him even in his supposed “heartland”.

For the last few days; he has been running what he describes as a “Rip-Off Roadshow” but despite several attempts even the press are not interested let alone the public.

Today, Bain goes with his big choo choo train story.

The GARL story is a dead issue in Glasgow North East; it has been for weeks and shows how William Bain and his English run campaign have run out of steam.

It’s a train story with no traction.

Like his campaign, it has been shunted into a siding by the public and left there.

Here is a video to illustrate William Bain’s Campaign;

He has so far done Planes, Trains and I am waiting for Automobiles.

So why did the SNP cancel the GARL project?

Money, money was cut from the Scottish Government budget by the UK Labour Government.

The choices were damaging essential frontline services or lose the rail track.

It was no contest for the SNP to put people first.

Something Bain can’t understand.

Another part of Bain’s master plan is to try and build up resentment between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

It’s an indication of how badly Bain understands politics, people don’t register a hate vote against cities; they are a lot brighter than Bain and his English Minders give them credit for.

On the 12TH November 2009, the people will be delivering a vote for SNP Candidate David Kerr for change.

A source tells me that the Labour Party have briefed the press they are already expecting a bad vote.

So, the clock is ticking and for William Bain, it’s the last train to Glasgow Central.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ave Maria- Hitman

Dear All

A bit of culture, enjoy.

Labour Candidate William Bain talks housing but can't hang a sign properly, it's Labour, its squint

Dear All

Another day and Labour Candidate William Bain tries to put the frighteners on people of Glasgow North East.

Since it is getting close to Halloween, expect him to dress up as the Ghost of 74 years of Labour Party neglect.

So, the latest scare story is housing.


William Bain doesn’t own or rent property but that is no reason not to speak out.

After all, I am sure his mum has some horror stories about Labour Glasgow City Council.

William Bain said;

"My city needs more affordable housing projects not only to regenerate communities but to boost the struggling construction industry”.

Another dig at London Labour for slashing the Scottish Budget, such disloyalty, he is swinging after the bell and punching people in his own corner now!

If he keeps this up, he will knock out the ref.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

SNP Group walk out at Glasgow City Council as Labour Party refuse to discuss serious crime problems

Dear All

Organised crime is a real and serious issue in the City of Glasgow.

However, there has been remarkable little will by the City Council in dealing with a problem that has blighted the lives of so many of the citizens who live in fear.

The drugs problem in Glasgow has been well documented and the Police know who all the major players are and how they laundered their illegal money.

The SNP Group in Glasgow City Council have staged a walk out in protest at the Lord Provost's refusal to discuss a competent motion on tackling organised crime. It is very much in the interest of the council to act as one voice cutting across party lines.

However the Labour controlled Council is dragging its feet.

The refusal of the Lord Provost to even discuss the issue in public has lead to the SNP Group staging a walkout about the apparent lack of democracy. For too long Labour has run Glasgow as a fiefdom, this city belongs to the people, not the Labour Party.

In Springburn the Labour Candidate William Bain has made crime a campaign issue but Bain’s campaign goes after ‘little fish’, the Moby Tiddlers!

Sorry but the real problem is the sharks.

SNP Leader James Dornan said;

"Today is another black day in the history of democracy in Glasgow. For another motion on serious crime, tabled by Councillor Billy McAllister, to be rejected as not competent or relevant is simply incredible, particularly for those most affected by these criminals. This lack of concern by the Labour Party does them no good whatsoever and makes a mockery of their claims to be fighting crime. When they won’t even talk about it who will take seriously their claims to fight it? Today’s agenda is not worth the paper it is printed on. Labour in Glasgow are running away from serious crime in the city and destroying democracy in the process".

Although Steven ‘bin laden’ Purcell is a lion when tackling defenceless employees he is a cowardly 'Lyon' when it's organised crime.

Is it wounded ‘pride’?

SNP Councillor Billy McAllister added;

"I have consistently tried to raise the issue of serious crime in the Council and have been thwarted at every turn. These criminals are making a fortune on the backs of ordinary decent citizens and the Labour Party should be fighting alongside us to put an end to their activities not putting barriers in our way. I will continue to fight criminality both in my role as local councillor and as a member of my community. Labour has turned a blind eye to serious criminals for far too long, but they will not get away with trying to silence those that wish to fight these evil criminals."

Councillor McAllister was the driving force along with residents to end the Lyons crime family’s involvement in the Chirnsyde Community Centre.

The Labour Council finally decided to act after the body count starting to rise in the streets after the tripe shooting and murder was committed at Applerow Motors, 730 Balmore Road, Glasgow.

Even after the Chief Constable of Strathclyde Police wrote to the Licensing Committee to say that the owner of the MOT station was involved in serious crime including the trafficking and supply of Class A drugs, it still couldn’t prompt the Labour Council to act.

So what is the problem?

Deaf, blind and stupid!

I would say that after 74 years of Labour neglect in Glasgow North East, there is not the political will by the Labour Party to act.

But the SNP will act to ensure that the people get justice and a future.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Labour leader Iain Gray reshuffles shadow cabinet, presumably a pack of cards wasn't available.

Dear All

Dramatic news, Iain Gray, Mr. Invisible has reshuffled the Labour Shadow Cabinet.

What does that mean?

Sod all, just a bunch of deadbeats with worthless paper titles, doesn’t even look good on a CV.

So, let us see who gets what.

1/ Deputy Leader (Chief of Staff; Equalities and Older People): Johann Lamont

Given the area, she represents where the people who live there get about £5k lower than the national average in wages, hardly a ringing endorsement for such a post.

2/ Finance and the Economy: Andy KerrAfter totally mismanaging the health service during his stint as a Minister, Kerr wants to wreck the economy.

3/ Housing and Regeneration: Cathy Jamieson

Oh My God, sacked from the Health brief, I guess she won’t be available for the fake William Bain Stobhill Campaign anymore. From Law to Health to Housing, next stop emptying the bins or tending potted plants.

4/ Health and Wellbeing: Jackie BaillieNow that is really taking the piss!

5/ Without Portfolio: Elections and campaigns: John Park

Yapping Yousuf describes him as the Scottish Peter Mandelson, no luck that boy!

6/ Education: Des McNulty

He could certainly do with some, served on the Court at the Corrupt University of Glasgow.

7/ Local Government: Michael McMahonA Labour party hack since 1996; not one of the great thinkers of our time, or any time for that matter!

8/ Justice: Richard BakerWhat can you say about Richard Baker; well crap springs to mind, doesn’t know what he is doing or talking about on Justice.

9/ Environment & Rural Affairs: Sarah Boyack

She has a history on environment and rural affairs, just treading water in Holyrood.

10/ Business Manager: Paul Martin, son of disgraced ex MP Michael Martin, a bam.

11/ Culture and Constitution: Pauline McNeill

Pauline McNeil cultured?

12/ Chief Whip: David Stewart

Never heard of him!

This is very much a team of ‘all the no talents’ that Iain Gray has put together, he is really scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

I wonder if he picked them because he likes to get his weekends off as opposition leader.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tory Cameron spews out hate in anti scottish rant

Dear All

This caught my eye, David Cameron has claimed Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond will be “an irrelevance” in the upcoming general election.

What Tory Cameron is saying is that Scotland will be an irrelevance as he expects to achieve a landslide victory to control Westminister based on winning English seats.

In Scotland, the Tories are effectively a dead party, they have one MP.

However you would think that Cameron would have had the sense to keep that type of distain for Scotland under wraps as Ruth Davidson is standing for election in Glasgow North East.

I would say his comments are an admission of the fact that the Tories don’t expect to win or even do well.

Recently Cameron was speaking about how he would operate a policy of “mutual respect” with the Scottish Government.

Is this what he means?

If the Tories win, will it be a return to the dark days of Thatcher and the English boot on the Scottish neck?

I would say yes!

Cameron’s arrogance extends to telling voters that the only options for their votes are between the corrupt Labour Party and the corrupt Tory Party.

There is a third way, by voting SNP, the people of Scotland will be showing Cameron that Scotland has moved on from the ping pong politics that have so damaged it.

There is a real possibility of a hung parliament which would allow the SNP to possibly hold the balance of power.

The SNP have cast their eye on 20 possible seats that could return an SNP MP at Westminister; then the pressure would really be on Labour and the Tories to make the best possible offer in a bidding war.

I suspect the SNP will be asking for a high price, a very high price.

For Ruth Davidson who is already struggling to make an impact, Cameron has effectively sunk her attempts to appear credible.

Where does she go from here?

Back to the BBC I suspect.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

SNP Candidate David Kerr highlights 45 years of Labour broken promises to restore Springburn Hall

Dear All

Reality can sometimes hurt, especially when you are Labour Candidate William Bain.

Word on the street in Springburn is that everyone is talking about 74 years of Labour neglect.

SNP candidate David Kerr has hit out over the empty promises of Labour politicians to restore Springburn Public Hall.

This pledge has been repeatedly given to the people of Springburn, election after election and still they have not acted.

The Springburn Burgh hall was built in 1903 and was once a focal point of the local community to meet.

Under the Labour controlled Glasgow City Council, it has lain unused for 45 years and has fallen into a state of disrepair despite repeated election promises from Labour candidates to restore it.

This is 45 years of lying by Labour to the voters on a single issue.

Recently in Maryhill; a community effort to restore Maryhill Burgh Hall was fully backed by SNP MSPs and councillors. After making the case and getting involved in the campaign it has recently secured Scottish Government funding.

This could have been done in Springburn by the Labour Party but then the Martin Fiefdom ruled and the only money the Martins were interested in is their own.

Speaking outside the Springburn Public Hall, David Kerr said;

"Springburn Public Hall is testament to Labour's neglect of Glasgow North East. Despite Labour promises to restore it at every election for the past 40 years, it is crumbling. This building is a clear symbol of Labour's neglect and of Labour's broken record of broken promises”.

The problem in Springburn is that because the Labour Party has ruled for too long, they have run out of steam, out of ideas and importantly out of will.

David Kerr added;

"If elected, I will fight to see this great building restored to its former glory and as an SNP MP I will deliver.

That type of promise is nowhere near what Labour Candidate William Bain will commit to on any issue.

So far Bain has pledged to do the bare minimum and even then he has left himself plenty of loopholes to get out of that.

So, David Kerr has fully committed himself to be a working MP who will make a difference, to help rather than hinder, to work with the community rather than against and to put right a series of wrongs that Labour could not or would not address.

David Kerr’s work starts immediately after he is elected to prep up Glasgow North East for a different type of MP.

One that works for the people!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ride on Time- Blackbox

Fine Time- Yazz

Labour Candidate William Bain flogs a dead horse on knife crime

Dear All

Flogging a dead horse will produce no results.

But that doesn’t stop Labour Candidate William Bain from trying to misrepresent the truth of David Kerr the SNP Candidate's statements.

Labour Candidate Willie Bain and his English run campaign thought by using knife crime, they would be on a winner by using people's fears and pointing the finger at the SNP Candidate and telling them he is to blame for their lot in life.

As part of his arsenal of gimmicks, he has called for a four year sentence for anyone carrying a knife.

Here is his exact quote;

"My plan is simple and will send out a clear message: carry a knife and go to jail”.

He is part correct in his statement, his idea is simple but more than that, it is also illegal and a breach of the Human Rights Act 1998 which guarantees an accused person the right to a fair trial.

In another attempt to get his dead horse back on its feet, he has released official Scottish Government figures to support his position.

But regardless of this, he cannot get past the illegal nature of what he proposes once a person goes to court.

He is effectively stating a person is guilty until he proves himself innocent.

As well as this William Bain is misrepresenting the comments of SNP Candidate David Kerr.

Bain has used part of a quote by David Kerr and twisted it for his own political ends.

David Kerr’s stance on knife crime is that it is up to an independent judge to decide whether or not a person is sent to prison. He has also said that if a person uses a knife then they should expect to go to prison.

To reinforce my point about how William Bain is against a person having an entitlement to a fair trial, he states;

"there is no excuse for carrying a lethal weapon on the streets”.

From his own mouth and by his own hand, he has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he doesn’t care about people’s rights, he has no problem with innocent people being unjustly locked up.

That being the case, it would be a disaster if he were elected to the Glasgow North East seat.

It is the duty of an MP to protect democracy and people’s rights, something William Bain doesn’t care about as he is morally bankrupt.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Celine Dion- I drove all night

Labour Candidate William Bain needs three women as human shields to hide behind to lie on Scottish health issues

Dear All

Health has been one of the major successes of the SNP Scottish Government.

Nicola Sturgeon has handled the health portfolio extremely well, it therefore beggar’s belief that William Bain should be so crass as to try and score cheap political points by misleading the public.

Labour candidate, William Bain has launched his Rip-Off Roadshow at Stobhill Hospital with a banner and the discredit Shadow health Secretary Cathy Jamieson.

Cathy Jamieson was involved in one of the biggest legal scandals in Scotland during her time as Justice Minister. As Shadow Health Secretary she has been invisible in the parliament occasionally making a few catty comments.

The Labour Candidate in the photo above can be clearly seen holding a banner with an internet address.

The false impression that William Bain is trying to project to the voters is that he is joining a group of ordinary people with a legitimate gripe.

The truth is that it is a lie. leads people back to William Bain’s London hosted and London promoted website.

William Bain in my opinion is unfit for public office as he will say and do anything to win this by-election.

I can only wonder why someone so lacking in personal integrity would stoop so low to con voters.

The facts on the SNP regarding health are clear; Glasgow receives more per head in funding than other areas in Scotland.

The city run by the Labour controlled Labour Party for more than 74 years bears the responsibility of their neglect which has resulted in a terrible health record.

So, how long will the fake campaign which William Bain and the Labour party set up last?

One week!

Every penny saved by the NHS is reinvested back into frontline services this and other facts represent the truth that William Bain will not tell you.

For example William Bain will not tell you that in 2006, Labour contracted with a private company to provide a regional treatment centre at Stracathro hospital in Angus. The private sector provided the service but the NHS paid for it which means the NHS and all of us as taxpayers paid not just for the service but for the profit margin as well.

But then the truth never did sit well with William Bain.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Gordon Brown forced to retreat from putting soldiers lives in danger over cuts

Dear All

In recent years the Territorial Army has been active in many wars, namely in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Territory Army is made up of volunteers who do part time soldiering which supplements the regular forces in war and in peacetime.

The Labour Government had recently decided to cut Territorial Army training for six months because of budget difficulties of £20 million.

Such an announcement would have placed lives in danger; you can’t train for war on the cheap or fight it as the Labour Government in Westminister seems to think.

SNP Westminster Leader and Defence spokesperson Angus Robertson MP has led calls for the cuts to be abandoned immediately, in order to protect lives.

Across the political divide the Labour Government move has been condemned and the public as well have reacted badly to such news.

Now the UK Government has been forced into a partial climb down and limited TA training will be allowed to take place.

One night a month!

This is still unacceptable in my opinion.

Gordon Brown can climb down even further and restore the budget.

Lives are at stake!

The TA are much more than the ‘weekend warriors’, they are portrayed as, at present 500 territorial officers are operational in Afghanistan risking their lives.

We have already an incompetent as Defence Secretary in Bon Ainsworth so why add to the burden of serving soldiers?

There are numerous things to cut like Trident, an expensive never to be used white elephant so that some small people can feel important.

While Gordon Brown struts about the world trying to be important, TA soldiers will be dying so he can get his photo ops.

People should protest this to the Ministry of Defence and write to their MPs to keep this issue alive and in the public domain.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Labour Candidate William Bain forced to hide behind another man's wife to go door knocking

Dear All

Such was the unpopularity of Prime Minister Gordon Brown that the Labour Party had to use his wife Sarah to hide behind.

It was the act of a desperate man who was so disliked by the public, the House of Commons and even within his own party.

Labour Candidate William Bain has reached a tipping point of such unpopularity at Glasgow North East he has had to call on another man’s wife to act as a human shield.

Sarah Brown has been designated as the ‘human sandbag’ which William Bain has to hide behind when his English Minders need a rest.

Sarah Brown joined the campaign trail in Glasgow North East to act as a ‘buffer for a duffer’.

In the picture above she took the lead role as a nervous William Bain stood on the bottom steps ready for a quick getaway if questioned as to why he is now being forced to copy David Kerr and the SNP’s plans to help the people.

A clearly relieved Mrs Brown is seen walking down the steps head down as the Labour Party tiptoe around affluent areas while staying clear of such areas as Hamiltonhill and Possil.

The Labour Party selected Riddrie as the area to take Mrs Brown because they couldn’t guarantee what kind of reception she would receive in the more deprived parts of the community that the Labour controlled Council has abandoned.

Sarah Brown said;"I was delighted to visit Glasgow North East and meet Willie Bain”.

Considering this is a known staged Labour Party trick, we cannot read much into that statement.

“Willie took me round his campaign centre and introduced me to some of the local members”.

Considering that is a meeting point for the English Volunteers running the Bain campaign, I would have expected she would visit that location.

“Willie is definitely working hard for the area, after a quick coffee and chat he took me out knocking on doors and we had a great time talking to people in Riddrie."

If William Bain was working hard for the people of Glasgow North East, then why did he press the disgraced former Labour MP, Michael Martin to open a public office?

Why didn’t he speak out about 74 years of neglect?

Why was Sarah Brown kept away from the most deprived parts of the community?

Was it to paint a false picture for Sarah Brown rather than let her see the cold hard reality?
I wonder how many more campaigning days he will use female human shields to hide behind.

Bad show having to use another man’s wife but at least he gave her back after the photo op!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Labour Candidate William Bain issues a bogus contract to hoodwink voters in the Glasgow North East by-election

Dear All

William Bain has put up what he considers a contract.

It is not a contract because in order for it to be a contract it must be between designated parties.

Is this William Bain’s 'contract' with the entire world?

Do you see what I mean when I say this guy is a crackpot?

All this is a series of pledges but let us go through them.

Bain says he will;

1/ Live right here in the community.

Given he already stays with his parents, this isn’t a real pledge, he doesn’t even say he will buy his own home in the community never mind rent a place.

2/ Never claim on a mortgage for a second home.

But he is going to hit the taxpayer for his entire hotel bills.

3/ Never claim for food bills.

This shows how desperate he is to win; no one would begrudge someone working away from home their food money.

4/ Never claim for gardening.

Given he lives in a block of flats and doesn’t have a garden; he is showing utter contempt for the voters by implying this would be something he is giving up. If he put in a gardening claim it would be fraudulent.

Here is a thought, didn’t William Bain realise he stays in a block of flats with no garden?

5/ Publish any expense claims monthly.MP John Mason of the SNP has published his receipts online, so William Bain is forced to having to copy the SNP now, how embarrassing for him.

The next part of his ‘pledge’ sheet is what would be expected as a minimum from any decent MP under his ‘here for all of us’ section.

In the final part of his pledges he makes some odd statements.

He will hold regular public meetings, but no details, will it be every month, six months or a year?

For a contract drawn up by him, it has a lot of loopholes.

Also when did the public get the right to vet the contract?

If Bain is entering into a contract then both sides should have input?

Why did he exclude the public?

Don't they have rights in the drawing up of his contract with them?

He also says he will never be Westminister’s voice in Glasgow North East. That is correct, he will be the Labour Party’s voice in the constituency if elected.

He states he will be Glasgow North East voice in Westminster. If he wasn’t an MP, he would be allowed to speak in Westminister in the first place.

Finally, he says keep this contract in a safe place.

The ‘contract’ isn’t worth the paper it is written on; there are no penalty clauses if he breaks his word, so why keep it.

William Bain holds the people in Glasgow North East in contempt by trying to pass off this nonsense.

William Bain is unfit to hold public office, as I previously stated, every time this guy opens his mouth he digs himself a bigger hole.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Bonnie Greer helps the BNP gain favourable publicity

Dear All

The debate into Nick Griffin appearing on Question Time is over.

The debate into what happened and why has now begun.

In response to a poster in an earlier post, I said;

“I have heard that Question Time didn’t follow its normal format, a mistake that gave Griffin more ammo to complain”.

It appears that others agree with my assessment of the botched programme with Radio 4 presenter Sue MacGregor accusing the BBC of mishandling the appearance and setting the “attack dogs” against Nick Griffin.

She is correct to state the way the programme was conducted meant more people were likely to have felt some sympathy for Griffin.

Another unnamed BBC presenter said the programme was a “bear pit”.

The lawyers advising the BBC have told Director General Mark Thompson and Chief Political Ric Bailey that the in-house rules on impartiality were not observed on the programme.

They have also suggested that Griffin may have to be given a right of reply as the only remedy if Griffin and the BNP chose to go to court to challenge the BBC’s rules on impartiality.

The BBC directive on impartiality states;

“We must ensure that we avoid bias or an imbalance of views on controversial subjects.”

Sue MacGregor said;

“I don’t think it was right to completely skew the formula to him and one issue. It either gave him a huge audience for his views, which I would not approve of, or it gave the impression of attack dogs against Nick Griffin.”

As well as the BBC thinking they had been clever, one should not forget that the panelists are equally guilty of going along with this.

Bonnie Greer’s quote;

“At one point, I had to restrain myself from slapping him. But it was worth it because he was totally trounced.”

This statement of how she considered violence acceptable is more like the politics of the student union protest.

Did she really want us to know how much she disliked Griffin, or was it more about raising her image?

Now, let us come on to David Dimbleby, why did he go along with it?

Out of all the people round that table, he is the person that I am most disappointed in.

As host of the show, he was charged with ensuring fairness and impartially but was it easier just to join the mob?

To warp a Churchill quote, ‘never in the field of human conflict have so few done so much damage to so many’.

Here are the names of the unmagnificent seven;

1/ Director General Mark Thompson
2/ Chief Political advisor Ric Bailey
3/ David Dimbleby
4/ Chris Huhne
5/ Sayeeda Warsi
6/ Jack Straw
7/ Bonnie Greer

Each one of these people played a part in helping Nick griffin gain a platform, not by his appearance by the way they conducted themselves.

So, what is the remedy?

They should rerun the programme again, this time using the usual format and not with panelists who want to play student politics so as to raise their profile.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Dear All

I met this group, they sound great, play a super gig and they are perfect gentlemen.

I am not easily impressed but I was when I met them in passing.

Labour Candidate William Bain tries to live off other people's success as people click he is a loser

Dear All

It is a mark of how desperate William Bain has become that he tries to associate himself with the laurels handed out to other people.

He has none himself to speak of.

The guy is looking for someone to like him outside his badly English run campaign at Flemington House, Springburn.

Bain’s website states;

“Willie Bain, Labour's by-election candidate in Glasgow North East, congratulated health workers and staff at Stobhill Hospital on the news that it had been named Best New Building outside London at a prestigious design awards ceremony”.

For the record, the NHS in Scotland is run by the SNP Government which has improved considerably under the stewardship of Nicola Sturgeon.

The reason, Nicola Sturgeon believes in teamwork and co-operation something completely different to New Labour diktat.

Willie Bain said;

"The SNP talk down and rip off our area at every opportunity, but as Stobhill Hospital's award shows Glasgow North East has a lot to be proud of”.

The 74 years of Labour Party neglect not being one of them.

Another fact is that Glasgow receives a very good deal from the Scottish Government, more so that other areas.

Bain added;

"I was born in Stobhill and I'm proud that it's Labour investment that gave local people such a great hospital.

I fail to see being born in Stobhill is an achievement, I was also born there and while we are at it, the people paid for Stobhill hospital not the Labour Party.

The Bain rant continues;

"The nurses and doctors at Stobhill do a fantastic job and their award is well deserved. It's an outrage the SNP Government in Edinburgh thinks it's ok to award Glasgow's Health Board the worst settlement since devolution.”

I wonder if William Bain has the ability to analyse facts or do his English Minders not allow him to think, just repeat their words.

Labour Candidate William Bain so unpopular that he has to try and stand beside other people to bask in their success!

Maybe he should ask David Kerr of the SNP if he can come out with him, it’s the best chance that Bain has of standing in a crowd of happy people.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

We don't solve the BNP problem by living in denial

Dear All

There is a saying you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

If the BNP is to be defeated then everyone should know what they stand for so that they can make an informed judgement.

In a democracy, everyone has to support the right to free speech, remove that and we are on the way to a fascist state.

The BNP appearing on Questiontime will increase their support but it will be temporary as once people see the calibre of their people, they will see that these people are totally wrong to represent them.

Peter Hain says his fears have been proven right after the BNP appeared on the programme.

A statement of the obvious!

The YouGov poll in the Daily Telegraph suggests 22% of people would "seriously consider" voting BNP.

The main political parties have ignored this threat and buried their heads in the sand and less we forget; we now know the support the BNP can possibly achieve if action isn’t taken.

All we learnt is the true extent of the damage that has been done in society by successive Labour and Tory governments.

Hain would rather the crack was papered over.

I chose not to watch the edition of Questiontime as I was of the opinion, it would have little value and it appears I was right.

Although Griffin has the right to free speech; I have the right not to listen.

The BNP has claimed 3,000 people registered to join the party during and after the show.

I wonder if they would have joined if they had seen the Panorama investigation into racism against a couple of reporters posing as a couple in Bristol.

I firmly believe that if both programmes were run one immediately after the other, this would have given people cause to pause for thought.

I think most people are genuinely good but some get misguided.

As long as the main UK political parties continue to drive people apart then the BNP will continue to expand.

Can the problem be fixed?

Yes, but the solutions need to be radical across a range of measures.

At present that strength of political will doesn’t exist in many.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

High drama in Glasgow North East as BNP vehicle crashes outside SNP Offices.

Dear All

We all like a laugh.

In a world Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University exclusive, I can reveal that the BNP vehicle which carries their advertising was involved in a car smash in Angus Street, Springburn, Glasgow today.

The vehicle which has signage on it calling for voters to “punish the pigs” hit a parked car while travelling down the street according to an SNP source.

The source tells me that the SNP activists went to the scene to see if anyone was injured, after checking everyone was alright they stood about laughing and enjoying themselves.

I wonder if the BNP driver regrets passing the SNP Offices.

One thing that will be certain is the driver of the parked car might probably be punished the pigs if the BNP skipped off without leaving their details.

In this case, this poor BNP piglet will be done up like a kipper by the insurance company for the damage.

Hopefully the BNP will be able to find someone who knows how to use the mirrors and drive a vehicle properly. Failing that, everyone should watch out.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, October 23, 2009

Policeman gets 26 months in prison for drug dealing

Dear All

When I was a child, I saw a movie called the Blue Lamp which focussed on the traditional bobby on the beat.

The film was about the investigation into the death of George Dixon, a Policeman nearing retirement.

The movie portrayed Police Officers as servants of the people who knew their communities and helped the people.

Fast forward to 2009 and we get Police and a different type of society.

Christopher McGinn was a police officer who has admitted dealing cocaine.

Worse than that he was on secondment to his force's drugs unit!

Now he has been jailed for 26 months.

Christopher McGinn was caught with the drug by Police Officers in a pub car park from Lothian and Borders Police.

He was suspended from duty before resigning from the force.

Sheriff Roderick MacLeod at Edinburgh Sheriff Court said;

"As a serving police officer at the time you were duty-bound to uphold society's values rather than subverting them."

The Sheriff is quite correct but the question must be asked how did McGinn not believe in those principles?

Did he believe that being a Policeman was simply just a job?

Why didn’t he have any pride in what he was doing?

Now, he is in prison, his life and career ruined.

I wonder, if he was given a second chance post prison would he change?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Labour Candidate William Bain digs a bigger hole for himself everytime he opens his mouth!

Dear All

Deluded simply deluded!

I wonder, under what circumstances would the Labour Candidate William Bain stop lying in the Glasgow North East by-election?

I am beginning to believe that he has no personal integrity at all.

William Bain scoffs at David Kerr as the “The SNP's third-choice candidate”, apart from the fact that is a lie, how would he describe Margaret Curran’s predicament of being possibly the fifth choice candidate?

The reality is stark, 74 years of the Labour Party taking the people for granted has produced a ghetto; it is a fact.

If you walk through certain parts of the constituency, you automatically realise this, in Hamiltonhill and Possil, the quality of life and amenities provided by the Labour controlled Glasgow City Council is extremely poor.

I speak from experience as I was brought up in the ghettos of Glasgow my entire life.

What David Kerr of the SNP is pointing out is the complete failure of the Labour Party to provide for and help the people.

William Bain said;

"David Kerr doesn't live here so perhaps he doesn't see the changes in my community on his visits here”.

How much more pathetic can Bain get trying to hide behind the people that the Labour Party abandoned?

Bain added;

"He'd rather talk our area down than solve the problems we have”.

Why didn’t Michael Martin open an office with public access in the community?

Why didn’t Bain make this a priority if he was so concerned?

Bain when further;

"Calling our area a ghetto is a disgusting slur to local people”.

No, it is a statement of fact regarding the Labour Party management of the City of Glasgow.

Bain quipped;

"People take pride in our area and look after their houses, so will be furious to be told their homes are in a ghetto."

Has Bain ever been up the tenements down Hamiltonhill and Possil, some residents down there have smashed in doors.

Anyone noticed his campaign photos don’t feature these areas, just back and front doors and expensive flats.

Local Labour MSP Paul Martin said;

"Like Willie, I have lived in this constituency all my life and know how offensive this kind of sneering comment it. He is talking down at people”.

I would suggest David Kerr has highlighted the extent of how much the Labour Party has used the people of this area.

Paul Martin’s father, Michael Martin said;

“I didn't come in to parliament not to take what's owed to me."

And the Martin family has been treating the people of Glasgow North East as a pay day.

Martin in a show of fake outrage continued;

"It is a bit rich for someone from the Southside to come up here and lecture us”.

If there is any lecturing going on, it is to the Labour Party.

Martin added;

"Things have changed massively in the last 74 years”.

Higher unemployment, poor health record, bad housing, lack of social and economic opportunities for the people!

Is this halfwit proud of the Labour Party record?

The people of Glasgow North East have an opportunity to end the Martin fiefdom completely.

David Kerr has ideas to help those who the Labour Party abandoned and when he sets up his office then people will know further how badly the Martin dynasty abused their trust.

William Bain represents nothing more than a bad joke and the people of Glasgow North East have heard enough in their lifetime.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Housemartins - Happy Hour

Police take protestors for a drag along the grass as they try to stop BNP appearance on Questiontime

Dear All

As expected Anti-fascist protesters have broken into BBC Television centre.

They are protesting about the appearance of British National Party leader Nick Griffin's on QuestionTime.

So, who is to blame for Nick Griffin munching on free sandwiches and coffee as he waits for his appearance on the popular TV show.

Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg, yes, these three guys who are the leaders of the three main UK political parties have let the public down badly.

Particularly, the inept back stabbing buffoon that is Gordon Brown.

25 protesters were ejected from the building by police after breaking through a gate at the main entrance.

After all what is a protest if you are not carted off by the Police!

There are several hundred protesters outside the West London building who are deeply unhappy and if it rains more so.

For the BNP leader; today is a victory; he has managed to rope in others to do his fighting for him.

And funded by the taxpayer to boot!

He will be laughing his socks off and the protestors only serve his purpose as they try to gag him and his ilk.

The best thing is to let people like Griffin and then hang them by their own words and deeds.

It is too late for a student union style fistfight.

Deputy director general Mark Byford has defended the BBC's decision saying it was part of the corporation's "responsibility of due impartiality" so that puts them in the clear.

But fundamental this is an issue of free speech and like it or not, we have to allow Nick Griffin to exercise the same rights as any other citizen.

By doing so, we make his message weaker because we take away part of the BNP grievance of discrimination against white working class people.

Lots of people are to blame for the rise of the BNP, some of them are in the Labour UK Government and some will be in the next Tory UK Government.

Go figure!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Escaped fugitive does his 'time' working in prison!

Dear All

Most wanted men on the run have a goal, to evade prison.

In America, a man wanted on suspicion of drug and fraud crimes in th Czech Republic has been arrested in an American maximum security prison.

He was working as a guard.

Everyone needs a job so, Michal Preclik’s from Czech Republic decided to get involved in the penal corrections system.

His employers at a Nebraska prison made no such checks when they hired him on his suitability for the role.

It took a year before the error was spotted and only because they wanted to promote him to a more senior position.

Senator Heath Mello said;

“This is just unbelievable that the state of Nebraska is hiring international criminals”.

Makes me wonder are local criminals are working there too?

The Department of Correctional Services is reviewing its hiring practices follow the embarrassment as they don’t where to look after this massive gaff.

Of course the obvious thing to ask, will be get a reduction in sentence for time already served as a guard?

Only in America folks do we get these wonderful stories, you have to wonder did he decide to give up a life of crime and wanted to go straight?

He has been charged with violating US immigration laws and the Czech authorities still have their outstanding claim.

It seems that Michal Preclik’s prison career is moving in the wrong direction.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Labour Party admit William Bain won't be a full time MP in Glasgow North East

Dear All

Kezia dugdale is a Labour Party Activist who blogs on politics.

Here is a link to her blog;

She is not happy about the coverage on the internet regarding the Labour Candidate, William Bain who is standing in the Glasgow North East seat.

Her main gripe is what she describes as lies about William Bain’s circumstances.

It has been said that Gordon Wilson allegedly called for the use of dirty tactics to be used by the SNP in this by-election.

For the record, there is no dirty tricks campaign being used by the SNP.

The SNP leave that style of campaigning to the Labour Party.

Here are some facts spouted by her.

“William Bain lives on the Carron estate. 12 1c Eccles Street to be exact. Fact”.

More than half the working week he lives is London, England. Fact.

“Willie does not have kids. Fact”.

It maybe a fact but it is hardly relevant to the campaign. Fact.

“William lives with his mum and dad. Fact”.

William Bain doesn't own or is the tenant of 12 1c Eccles Street Glasgow. Fact.

Kezia Dugdale then diverts from her factual ‘evidence’ to present subjective opinion that the SNP intend to spread lies about William Bain.

She has no evidence of an SNP smear campaign. Fact.

“Well here's another fact for you. Willie's mum is housebound and Willie's dad is her main carer. Willie living at home means that he can offer his dad some respite”.

I lived with my mother until her death because she had a history of heart trouble too which I can fully understand.

But is Kezia Dugdale actually saying that the Labour Candidate William Bain won’t be a full time MP because he has to care for his sick mother?

If that statement is true by her then why is he standing in the first place?

Kezia states;

“That makes him 100% a family man in my book”.

Actually the term 'family man' applies more to men who have their own family and not to a son caring for their mother.

Ms. Dugdale seems unfamiliar with the terminology.

“The SNP's electoral strategy to bad mouth Willie and spread lies about him is truly pathetic”.

The SNP do not have an electoral strategy to spread lies about William Bain.

This is a lie by Kezia Dugdale and if she has proof on this on SNP documents then I would like to see it.

“It's not just Cybernats either - this comes from the very top of the SNP”.

This is a subjective statement and I would like to see the proof.

“The only reason I have this bit of the electoral register is because SNP spin doctors tried to spin these lies to a major national tabloid and us humble labour folk had to evidence the truth”.

I would be very surprised if Liz Lloyd and Valerie Livingston of the SNP were involved in a smear campaign.

Kezia states;

“I find that utterly shameful”.

What I find despicable is that the Labour Candidate William Bain has a website which continually spreads lies and makes false allegations about the SNP.

It seems that Kezia Dugdale should stop by the William Bain's website and vent her ‘outrage’ there.

There is no SNP smear campaign against Labour Candidate William Bain that is a fact.

The only difference between an SNP fact and a Labour Party fact is, the SNP fact is the truth.

Maybe Kezia Dugdale is too far gone politically to know the difference.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Time- scheme

Dear All

This is excellent.

Only a cowboy- scheme

Labour Candidate Willaim Bain doesn't believe in the concept that a person is innocent until proven guilty

Dear All

The more I see and read about William Bain, the more I am convinced that he is unfit to be elected to public office.

In politics, people ‘expand’ on truth when trying to get elected but when they continually lie and misrepresent to achieve public office, they make themselves unelectable.

Willie Bain is high on accusation but remarkably light in substance.

His English run campaign in Glasgow North East has used knife crime as one of their issues.

But let us step back and remember that in 30 months of New Labour at Holyrood, their MSPs haven’t produced a single knife crime bill.


The SNP is not soft on crime but tough on criminals.

Everyone but Labour recognises that we have to punish the guilty and then rehabilitate offenders to turn them away from crime.

Even the Tories recognise that fact.

The reason that the SNP refuse to back William Bain’s campaign is that it is intellectually bankrupt and worse still lacking common sense.

He is preying on people’s fear of crime and unjustly pointing the finger at the wrong people, this is his tactic to try and win the Glasgow North East by-election.

What William Bain can’t explain is where the additional money would come from to pay for his idea.

What would he cut?

Also why doesn’t he want an independent judiciary?

Willie Bain has said;

"It shows how the SNP just don't understand Glasgow”.

I would reject that statement, during the Chirnsyde Community Initiative scandal, the Labour Party supported criminals, the SNP campaigned successful to close the centre down.

The Labour Party was silent till the scandal blew up in their faces.

Bain added;

"There is no justification for people carrying a blade. In this by-election people can send a message to the SNP that if you carry a knife you should go to jail."

This statement by William Bain, a law lecturer shows that he isn’t the least bit interested in a person receiving a fair trial as they are legally entitled to under the Human Rights Act 1998.

By his own words; he is stating that a person is ‘guilty until they prove themselves innocent’.

A person with such views in my opinion is contemptible and unfit for public office.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

BNP leader Nick Griffin wins a battle but he won't win the war

Dear All

The British National party, Nick Griffin, is to appear on Question Time.

The reason put forward by the BBC is the success of the far-right party's success in the European elections.

During that election in June 2009, the BNP managed to obtain enough votes to secure to MEP seats.

The stance of most political parties is to refuse to share a platform with the BNP because of its policies on race.

This stance is now out of date, but refusing to deal with the problem the BNP represent, the mainstream political parties have given them oxygen and fueled grievance.

The BNP are where they are because ordinary people; misguidedly have voted for them but that is their right in a democracy.

It is the job of mainstream political parties to face down their challenge so that voters know what they stand for.

So, should the BNP be allowed on Questiontime, the answer has to be yes because unless we can convince people that politicians are operating a democracy, BNP numbers will continue to grow!

For the BNP, this appearance is a coup for them but I believe their success will be short lived because I believe that most ordinary people confronted with facts will turn away from them.

In Glasgow, 3,000 people voted BNP.

My first thought was this is 3,000 people who the political parties had badly let down, they had not made their case properly.

But to quote General Mike Jackson;

“we are where we are”!

So, the challenge must now be met head on and defeated in public, not with slogans, not with rhetoric but with cold hard factual evidence.

A BBC spokeswoman said the corporation is obliged to treat all legal political parties registered with the Electoral Commission with due impartiality.

She added;

"Our audiences and the electorate will make up their own minds about the different policies offered by elected politicians."

Because at the end of the day, it is these people who cast their votes.

I expect anti-fascist groups to stage a demonstration outside the BBC to protest but trying to get into a physical fight with the BNP is counter productive and helps only the BNP.

The BNP have won a battle but they will never win the war because I firmly believe that most people are better than that, even when sometimes some get misguided with false promises.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Postal dispute could be the Alamo for New Labour

Dear All

You know that a crisis is serious when Peter Mandelson sticks his oar.

There is a postal strike looming and by all accounts, it is going ahead.

Business Secretary Peter Mandelson describes the postal strike as "totally self-defeating".

In stead of trying to sound concerned; he should look at it from the point of view of the workers, their wages and conditions.

Mandelson believes Industrial action would not resolve the dispute but simply drive customers away from Royal Mail; however it would put intense pressure on the management as government puts pressure on them.

Mandelson hasn’t had to experience living in poverty or even living like a normal citizen, for him it is foreign travel, exotic holidays and billionaire’s yachts coupled with substantial wages and expenses.

The Communication and Workers Union has quite rightly accused Lord Mandelson of interfering, if he wants to help then why doesn’t he sit in on the negotiations

As a gesture Royal Mail says it is willing to go to conciliation service Acas if postal staff call off their strike but with so many quangos seen as full of corrupt Labour placemen why would you want to?

The reason I believe that Mandelson is concerned is nothing to do with helping but rather to stem what maybe a tide of industrial unrest sweeping through unions.

The unions are starting to ask questions, and Labour doesn’t have any tangible answers to supply back!

But there is another big problem on the horizon, Royal Mail wants to hire 30,000 temp staff to help deal with the effects of the strike, that would be seen as using temp staff for the purposes of strike breaking.

This would lead to the dispute being inflamed and with a General Election just round the corner; employment law could be a feature of that election, if this dispute turns nasty.

So, rather than doing soundbytes, Mandelson should get a team together and pop in and get round the table with both sides in any capacity.

If the dispute runs into Christmas people will not be understanding at that time of year in any way shape or form.

There must be room for a deal somewhere.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sir Ludovic Kennedy passes away at age 89

Dear All

Today, the world is a lesser place; one of the great broadcasters of our time has passed away.

Author, broadcaster and campaigner Sir Ludovic Kennedy has died aged 89.

Kennedy, a former BBC Panorama journalist, spent decades investigating high profile miscarriages of justice, notably the case of the Birmingham Six.

The Birmingham Six case made a mockery of English justice as the state imprisoned innocent men and women for crimes they didn’t commit.

A feature of this case was the Police torturing innocent people held in custody.

Sir Ludovic Kennedy died on Sunday at a nursing home in Salisbury, Wiltshire, after contracting pneumonia.

He is survived by his four children.

Born in Edinburgh, he joined the Royal Navy and served on HMS Tartar during the war.

When the war was over, he enrolled at Oxford University and from there to a successful career in journalism were he made such a name for himself.

That name was craved out by investigations into a number of high-profile criminal cases.

A member of the Liberal Democrat Party, he stood unsuccessfully as a Liberal candidate in 1958, I would have thought he would have made a good MP if elected but then sometimes the best candidate doesn’t always win.

As someone who was brought up watching Panorama, World in Action and Weekend World, I can honestly say he played a part in helping me better understand the world and why justice and people to speak out are so essential.

He was by definition, a great man.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Labour Candidate William Bain's launch is a damp squid as he is forced to stand outside a relative's home to launch his campaign

Dear All

It’s a bad news day for Labour Candidate, William Bain.

Willie Bain launched his campaign for Glasgow North East by-election on the doorstep of one of his relatives on the Carron Estate, Springburn.

William Bain doesn’t own or even rent a property in the Glasgow North East area.

Local residents and Labour activists looked on miserably as William Bain launched his non existent action plan for Glasgow North East.

The 'plan' focuses on issues that Bain can have no positive effect on, but let us go through each point again to remind ourselves how he is trying to con the voters.

1/ Stopping Glasgow getting ripped off

Does this mean that he will be tackling the Labour control of Glasgow City Council?


2/ Crack down on crime

Crime is a devolved issue to the Scottish Parliament and therefore Bain cannot affect Scottish Government policy that is already tough on criminals.

3/ Help Glasgow pensioners & families through tough times

This is another bogus issue as Bain if elected will only have one vote in Westminister.

4/ Better shops, better buses, and better homes.

Why is William Bain criticising local small business?
What are the names of the small business who run bad shops?

Is he going to provide the taxpayer’s money to fund private shops?
Surely that is illegal?

He wants better buses, where will he get the money for new buses? Again this is a non campaign.

Better homes, finally an admission of failure of Labour policy but let us not forget he can do nothing on this issue as well.

The “action plan” is a sick joke, making promises he cannot keep.

As to the location of his launch, William Bain said;

"Welcome to my home here in Springburn. I've lived here on the Carron estate all my life, and I don't want to represent anywhere but Glasgow North East. Unlike some, I'm not career-politician. I will be a local voice for local people”.

Firstly, this isn’t his home, its his parents, second, he hasn’t lived in the estate all his life, by his own admission he works during the working week in London.

He added;
"Today I launch my campaign and my action plan for Glasgow North East, a fresh start and a fair deal for local people: better shops, buses, homes; a better deal for pensioners and families; and a crackdown on crime”.

All his issues are bogus and all promises fraudulent!

Of his unworkable knife crime idea, he stated;

"If you carry a knife you should go to jail”.

This means that innocent people will go to prison for four years under his badly thought-out idea but luckily his ‘crackpot’ idea will not come into force in Scotland.

His lie;

"The SNP are ripping off Glasgow North East, and they're not even ashamed of it”.

As previously stated by the SNP, Glasgow receives more public money than anywhere else.

His entire English designed and English run campaign is based on lies, fear and falsehoods.

Bain in an attempt to drum up some kind of support said; "We can make Glasgow North East a better place to live, a better place to work, and a better place to bring up kids”.

Is that why he kept his mouth firmly shut on Michael Martin’s refusal to open a public office for the people of Glasgow North East?

Finally, if take the time to look at his launch photo, you will see the crowd is full of people looking pure miserable. But then, when you have a deadbeat standing for public office, it is hard to be enthusiastic.

Not one person smiling!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Labour Candidate William Bain can't attract voters even with a free seat in a Glasgow street

Dear All

Having read some of Labour Candidate William Bain’s claims, which some are out and out falsehoods; I am starting to wonder if he is just a ‘crackpot’.

The Labour Party claims;

“Willie Bain is the only local man”.

If Bain took the time to read the literature of the BNP Candidate, Charles Baillie, then he would find out that he is also making the same claims.

I wonder how many of the BNP Candidate’s views does William Bain agrees with?

William Bain who is fronting an English run Labour campaign is rapidly losing respect day by day.

His continual pettiness has been a hallmark of this by-election regarding David Kerr the SNP Candidate.

David Kerr spoke at the SNP Conference in Inverness as a member, as he lives in the Southside of Glasgow; he named the branch he was a member of.

William Bain said;

"I live in the Glasgow North East constituency – and will do so whatever the result on polling day”.

What he means is that he lives in the Glasgow North East constituency when he is not living in London during the working week.

And what he also means is that he lives with his mother when he returns to Glasgow.

Out of circa 17 areas that make up the constituency, William Bain is only local to one area out of 17.

Bain issues a challenge to David Kerr;

"Why doesn’t Mr Kerr come and live where I do?”

What in London?

Or does he mean that David Kerr should move into Bain’s mother’s house?

Bain added;

"I have never stood for election in any other part of Scotland”.

Only because he is unelectable and won’t pass selection and his mother wouldn’t let him!

Bain finishes with;

"If he is so committed to this part of Glasgow, he should come and live here now, not just in the event he is elected."

Why hasn't Labour Candidate Willaim Bain ever had a property in the area?

SNP Candidate David Kerr has a property on the Southside of Glasgow which he stays at, unlike William Bain; he isn’t freeloading off his mother.

I challenge William Bain to get his own house in the community.

A source has stated that Rosemary and Lilley who live next door to Bain’s mother have said that they haven’t seen Bain in years.

If the next door neighbours haven’t seen Bain, then one wonders if the rest of the community would have any chance.

Nobody knows William Bain in Springburn, no one at all!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University