Sunday, October 4, 2009

Labour MSP, Paul Martin's Private Members Bill falls after attracting only 34 votes.

Dear All

They say the sincerest form of flattery is when someone copies you.

When the Labour Party was kicked out as the Government of Scotland at the May 2007 elections; they had no policies or real ideas to get in touch with the people.

So, they looked at the SNP and copied some of theirs, the SNP Government abolished car parks charges in NHS Hospitals which were not part of the PFI scheme.

That decision led Labour MSP, Paul Martin to put forward a Member's Bill, with the aim of making it illegal for health boards to levy charges on those using their car parks.

Just so we are clear who allowed PFI hospitals to charge for car parking, it was the Labour Party.

Out of 46 Labour MSPs at Holyrood, his proposals had attracted the support of 34 Labour MSPs.

12 Labour MSPs didn’t back him.

What should be remembered about Paul Martin is that he isn’t the sharpest tax in the box; he is part of the Martin political dynasty that has blighted Springburn for decades.

For his private members bill under Holyrood standing orders to succeed he would need support from at least one of the other main parties.

What is so pathetic is that Mr Martin is now accusing politicians from other parties of "failing to step up to the plate when it really mattered".

Why didn’t he voice opposition when the original PFI was going through?

In true New Labour style he said;

"I am angry, disappointed and frustrated that my Bill will not become law”.

Perhaps before he engaged mouth, he would have been better to approach the SNP business manager, Bruce Crawford and started a dialogue about his private members bill and took soundings.

He added;

"The sad truth is other parties have been all talk and no action on this issue”.

Speaking of action, it was the SNP that abolished hospital car parking charges imposed by the Labour Party.

The SNP talked the talk and walked the walk, Labour MSP; Paul Martin on the other hand rose up expectation and delivered nothing.

He also pointed out that many shopping centres provide free parking and said;

"It is a sad reflection that people who are being cared for in hospital and their families have to pay to park."

And that is the fault of the Labour Party and no one else, they approved the PFI contracts.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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