Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Paddy Tipping, Labour MP has heart attack doing the right thing!

Dear All

We all know the expenses scandal has shattered faith in democracy.

For one Labour MP, Paddy Tipping the act of doing the right thing and paying back money has provoked unexpected consequences in the form of a heart attack.

The former Labour minister, for Sherwood, was taken ill at the weekend to hospital amd is expected to stay at Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham to rest and recover.

Mr Tipping, 59, has paid back £14,320 - all the mortgage interest payments claimed on his London flat since 2003.

That must have got the old brow fevered and the ticker pumping like mad; the stress must have been huge.

Who the hell can lay their paws on £14k at a stroke?

Tipping said he was sorry and regretted the decision to re-mortgage at the taxpayer's expense, describing it as a "bad judgement".

It is funny how with New Labour it is always “bad judgment” or “error” is it not?

He chose to take the classic line to explain his behaviour as he had acted within the rules.

Jawohl Herr Tipping!

A spokesperson for Mr Tipping said: "We can confirm that Paddy Tipping, Labour MP for Sherwood, has been taken into hospital after suffering a mild heart attack”.

Let us hope that Paddy doesn’t have any more ‘expenses skeletons’ in the closet or more stress and heart attacks may follow.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Ed Balls, Labour MP tries to gag the press!

Dear All

Here is a laugh on just how sensitive New Labour has become and ‘leader in waiting’ Ed Balls in particular.

Ed Balls has got on the blower to Fraser Nelson of the Spectator and let rip with an angry exchange.

Balls isn’t happy and wants to muzzle the freedom of the press; he has a ordered Fraser Nelson to

"take that post down now"!

Sounds like a whingeing bitch to me who has been caught out!

"You should not call me a liar," said Brown’s ‘replacement’.

Nelson retort back to him was excellent;

“he shouldn't tell lies”.

This is New Labour problem; they are so caught up in daily lying that they see this as a normal act of politics.

Balls having failed to win the argument then allegedly went on to threat Nelson.

If the Spectator didn’t take the post down then it would “expose” the sort of publication they are.

That crowd are Tories Balls and always have been.

Finding out that threats were not working; Balls restored to a traditional approach of begging;

"So you will take the post down?"

This was met with laughter by Fraser Nelson who likes to rub it in.

Later still unhappy Ed Balls took to hounding Matthew d’Ancona, Spectator Editor by repeatedly phoning his mobile, four missed calls.

Can’t a guy go to the toilet in peace Ed?

The good thing about the Spectator is that they will have a pop at anyone even although they are out and out tories.

Well done Fraser Nelson like your attitude!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, June 29, 2009

SNP fight Home Office over act of unfairness!

Dear All

Immigration is a touchy subject as the debate is polarised by extremism but in any country there has to be control of immigration to ensure that fairness of those coming in and those already here is protected.

I have always believed that the immigration system should recognise the concept of fairness. As much as everyone welcomes the qualified doctor with their skills, we should also recognise that others with no skills should be given an opportunity as well.

There has to be fairness right across the board.

Here is a case of interest were flexibility and commonsense should have applied in favour of the family.

Mr Navjot Singh and his wife Nidhi came to Perth in 2004 and their first daughter, Kashish (8) was enrolled in a Perthshire primary school. Their second daughter, Tanisha, was born in Scotland. Under immigration rules they would have been eligible to stay in the UK indefinitely next month, however Mr Singh died early this year. Now his widow and children are being forced to leave.

By accepting the Singh family we have a responsible to them as members of the community; the family has been beset by tragic circumstances so we therefore cannot abandon them because they have fallen on difficult times.

If we do, what does that say about us as a people?

Mrs Singh agreed to return to India with her children earlier this year, because she did not want to remain in Scotland illegally.

So she is willing to play by the rules but in this case the rules should be protecting her and her family but they did not.

Their SNP MP, Pete Wishart says;

"The Singh family are in a dreadful situation. I am appalled by what has happened and this shows how bureaucratic and rigid the rules are. "Mrs Singh has a degree in electronics and communications and has a useful contribution to make to the Perth community. Her children have started their education here and know no other country. Mrs Singh should be allowed to come back to the UK without being subject to this officious nonsense. What we need is a system that works on behalf of families placed in this particular and unusual situation”.

That was is the entire problem, rules that allow unfairness as normal.

How could an immigration officer not see the right and moral thing to do?

I believe that a point based system can work and be effective if the correct people are put in place to run the system.

Once people have been accepted like the Singhs, why should they still be on the system when patently they wanted to be permanent residents? They should have been granted citizenship and issued with passports.

There is a case for immigration to be devolved to the Scottish Parliament in order to protect people such as Mrs Singh and her children.

And let us not forget that one of her children was born on Scottish soil; she is Scottish.

I hope the Home Office acts in a fair manner and let Mrs Singh and her kids return, dare I say it, Home!

Finally; from the section of the Home Office website listing, Our Values it states;

“Working together to protect the public”.

Well, they have certainly let the Singh Family down!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tom Harris, Labour MP lets fear of losing seat get the better of him!

Dear All

If things could get any worse; Tom ‘Bomber’ Harris does it again and puts his foot in his mouth.

Harris; a Labour MP has likened Gordon Brown to one of his party's most unsuccessful and socially inept leaders. Tom Harris has really burnt his bridges by saying that Labour under Brown is similar to Labour under Michael Foot who went on led his party to electoral oblivion.

This treachery by Harris prompted a member of his local party to try to table a motion of no confidence in him. The motion wasn’t successful as narrow majority of activists voted it down but it opens up the scale of future bitter infighting within the local branch as Brownites will be after blood.

Tom Harris, MP for Glasgow South has called on the Prime Minister to quit earlier this month as ministers quit the government in droves. In a letter to local Labour Apparatchiks, Harris repeated this treachery to no doubt garner their support.

In the European Elections, Glasgow South was lost to the SNP in the popular vote so perhaps Harris is trying to reconnect to an electorate that has turned his back on him. This is obviously the act of a desperate man in desperate who is wonder if he will have a future after the next General Election.

As an aside Harris has been naughty in breaking House of Commons rules which are quite firm; "Neither the Communications Allowance nor House stationery, including pre-paid envelopes, can be used for personal benefit or for party political activities or campaigning."

Harris as regulars who view his blog know likes to preach on responsibility but that is obviously a one way street!

It seems that Tom ‘Bomber’ Harris is looking at being bombed out by a sizeable bulk of the local branch come election time.

Finally, what is most amusing is that although ‘Bomber’ Harris likes others to hear his version of free speech; he practices censorship on his blog.

Is this another example of him being a hypocrite?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nicola Sturgeon, SNP Health Secretary scraps unworkable New Labour plans

Dear All

One of the flagship departments of the SNP Government in Scotland has been without a doubt, Health.

It could be argued that Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon has surpassed expectations with her handling of the sensitive issues that this department brings.

Her latest decision is scrapped controversial plans to merge the positions of district nurses and health visitors which were extremely unpopular with the health profession. The plans were part of a strategy from the previous New Labour Administration but as previously demonstrated particularly in the health sector, New Labour has a habit of being wrong and out of touch.

In order to look at the plans objectively the SNP commissioned research and found widespread opposition within the profession because of the threat to career structure, focus and identity.

A successful health service is very much about the people in it, from the Porters right up through to specialised medical staff, working as a unit.

Nicola Sturgeon has written the Royal College of Nursing Scotland to confirm that the plan was being dropped to reassure them that an SNP Government takes health and their valuable contribution seriously.

Ms Sturgeon said: "Community nursing staff make a very valuable contribution to community care and will continue to do so. I have met with the nursing sector in Scotland and am happy that we will be working with health boards to modernise community nursing services in Scotland."

That is a 100% commitment from the SNP, a public service Party.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Alan Miburn, Labour MP leaves sinking ship!

Dear All

Another good day for the people of Britain and in particular Darlington as Arch Blairite Alan Milburn is to stand down as an MP at the next General Election. Milburn in addition to his role as an MP has five other jobs.

What kind of service does he give his voters?

Milburn who is 51 said he had been considering the decision for 'a long time' and wanted to pursue 'other challenges'.

Or it could mean he knew he was in the firing line for getting slotted by the electorate!

Milburn as a fully paid member of the Brown hate squad has been a constant critic ever since his hero Tony Blair was forced out in a Brownite coup.

They both hate each other with a passion.

An MP for Darlington since 1992; he is announcing his departure so that his local party has time to find a candidate for the next General Election.

Milburn states; 'I am very proud to have served as Darlington's MP since 1992.

I don’t the people will find the feeling mutual as he probably wasn’t around the place with all his other jobs.

As a close ally of Tony Blair, he was tipped as a potential successor as Prime Minister or stop Brown Candidate but in 2003 he abruptly quit, blaming pressure on his family life from working long hours in London.

How big was the pressure when he still kept up another five jobs after leaving Cabinet?

As Milburn is baling out then I would suspect that he has already Directorships lined up so I would think the claim of wanting to find fresh challenges might be a little thin.

Alan Milburn won’t be missed; he was part of a Government that got a lot of innocent people killed in Iraq.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, June 26, 2009

The New Labour Britain which Gordon Brown is working so hard to create?

Dear All

It is a fact that Britain is so morally corrupt as to represent the greatest single threat to these islands.

From the top down there is no sense of morality and therefore the country has imploded socially.

The case of Karl McCluney is an example of how far off the rails this country is.

Karl McCluney is a 15-year-old boy convicted of murdering a two-year-old girl.
He is a monster.

Demi Leigh Mahon was beaten, bitten and had her hair sheared off during an attack which left her with 68 injuries. McCluney took her to a park before attacking her at a house in Salford, Greater Manchester.

In order to cop a lighter sentence he has pleaded to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

The Jury rejected that claim. McCluney is in the same category as the Moors Murderers and Soham Murderer as child killers whose crimes are so despicable that life in prison without parole is necessary.

Although only 15; Mr Justice Sweeney lifted the reporting restrictions on the defendant's identity. This crime on Demi Leigh was so ferocious; she was left brain-damaged after being punched repeatedly in the face. Dr Carter told the jury it was neither "reasonable or credible" the vast majority of the injuries were sustained accidentally.

Another Doctor; Psychiatrist Dr Cesar Lengua said McCluney had made an admission of guilt to a health worker: "I'm not proud of what I've done and everyone will think I'm a monster but nobody can ever punish me as much as I'll punish myself."

Life in Prison without Parole would be a start.

Dr Lengua, said the boy suffered from an unsocialised conduct disorder and had a "below normal" IQ.

Would he have done this to an adult of similar size? I would think not!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Glasgow Labour Party celebrating proposals to make Glaswegians poorer?

Dear All

Not content with punishing Glaswegians with bad housing, stealth taxes and operating a culture of indifference that would put Mugabe to shame, Glasgow City Council under its leader and wannabe Champagne Socialist, Stephen Purcell wants to make hard working families poorer.

Yes, poorer, no doubt he buys his moral compass from the same store Gordon Brown!

Way to go Purcell, what a hero, Robin Hood in reverse folks.

Labour are proposing a revaluation exercise which would increase Council tax massively which is in sharp contrast to the SNP and their local income tax plans which would help the poorest and allow them to keep more of their money.

In Glasgow alone under SNP proposals 60% of its citizens would be better off.

This idea has so outraged Labour after they have spent so much time and effort in building their gerrymandered Labour Ghettos to pen support and make them part of breadline Scotland.

Every person who leaves the Glasgow Ghettos is a personal humiliation for the Glasgow Labour Party.

Stephen Purcell has ambition; his goal is to become an MSP and then challenge Iain Gray for the leadership of the Holyrood Labour Group.

Why? He can't even run the Council properly; I suspect he wants to follow in the footsteps of Charles Gordon who singlehandedly puts back the cause of the working class every time he speaks.

The poor fool Purcell probably thinks he is the next Jack McConnell; I wonder if he wants to go to Malawi too at taxpayers expense?

Save up for a holiday Purcell like the rest of the population!

The best thing for Purcell is keep boozing in the Station Bar in Yoker and forget about punishing Glaswegians.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Westminister to install hand picked and rigged "independent" board!

Dear All

I previously commented on the Spectator, Coffee house blog that the “independent” body to oversee MPs claims would be fixed and rigged in such a way that it would fall far below what the public expect and are entitled too.

Enter New Labour who will introduce a Bill that will clean up Parliament.

Or a more apt description, several placemen to allow business as usual, smoke and mirrors to shield the guilty!

We are getting an “Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority” (Ipsa) and an officer known as the “Commissioner for Parliamentary Investigations”.

Then as with much of New Labour’s corrupt practices, the Devil is in the detail. This is all about allowing Gordon Brown to be seen to be doing something immediately, it’s his ‘Statesman’ act, remember that?

This is to generate good press for him with the promise that expense fiddling MPs will face up to a year in clink. The Fraud Act 1968 and 1978 already exists on the statute books and provides for much harsher sentences like 10 years to life.

The IPSA or Department for Shielding the Guilty will have five hand picked members, a judge, an auditor and a former MP and two others who might come from the reality television circuit, maybe Susan Boyle.

Now the catch; they will be appointed “only with the agreement of the Speaker” and “approved by a Speaker's committee” in order to makes sure the “right” people get appointed.

Anyone think that this crap is “independent”?

Anyone think the Commissioner whose job can be cancelled on a whim will rock the boat?

This is very much the case that the potential pool of the guilty will chose their judge and jury!

This is a political stitch-up by the Parliamentary Establishment of the worst sort and shows it holds the electorate in total contempt. What we need is root-and-branch reform of Parliament coupled with a massive exodus via the ballot box of the guilty being kicked out. The expenses system needs clarity, transparency and enforcement of the rules; it needs ‘Headhunters’.

Trust has been broken and this sham, this smoke and mirrors will convince people that the ballot box is the only way to remove these people who care only for themselves.

Cromwell said; “in the name of God go”!

How right he was!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Labour Millionaires go undercover to deliver a leaflet!

Dear All

The Scottish Labour Party was today rocked by scandal as Labour Activists have to dress up as nuns to enter Glasgow North East to solicit votes.

Two members of the Labour Party were given communications devices and a heavy duty motorcycle for their task.

The pair were waved off at Glasgow City Chambers by local Labour leaders who informed the waiting press that;

“These two are expandable and the motorcycle is on hire, the company can collect it if they bring it back.

Armed with a clutch of leaflets highlighting how Labour is making life fair for rich people, the two stalwarts set off to Springburn only to return five minutes later for a map!

A convoy of press followed the two ‘champagne socialists’ to the deepest parts of the Springburn area.

A first knock on the door of a pensioner was deemed a success as the two managed to get a leaflet into her hands before she realised the Labour Party was calling.

Then all hell broken loose as the entire street wanted to know why the drains weren’t getting fixed!

A hurried press conference was arranged by the Labour Party duo as they tried to say it was the fault of the SNP but the people shouted back, “Labour run the Council dimwits’!

The Activists didn’t know this and finally admitted that they didn’t come from Glasgow but from Bearsden and Newton Mearns, affluent suburbs just outside Glasgow.

Finally, after delivering one leaflet to a pensioner, the mission was deemed a success;

“We may come back tomorrow and deliver another leaflet”; claimed one Activist out loud but everyone had walked away!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Is Andrew Fulton, Tory Chairman still an MI6 Spy or Asset?

Dear All
Let’s remember the Tories, in particular MI6 Station Chief, currently Chairman of the Tories in Scotland, Andrew Fulton.

Andrew Fulton is involved in the Scottish North American Business Council and listed as an advisor to various organisations involved in intelligence matters.

Andrew Fulton was placed in the Glasgow University Lockerbie Briefing Unit until his cover was blown. His title of Visiting Professor was allowed be given to him by then Glasgow University Principal Graeme Davis, Davis was also a member of SNABC.

The unusual thing about Fulton’s Professorship was that he had never worked in the legal profession in any capacity, had never taught classes and did no research at Glasgow University.

So how was he suitable to be a Visiting Professor of Law?

In my opinion, Graham Davis probably allowed the security services to plant Fulton in the Media unit.
The American ambassador Philip Lader was a member of the Scottish North American Business Council at the same time.
So this may have been used as a front organisation to allow Fulton and Lader to meet without drawing attention to them and talk about Lockerbie and how to handle the press to steer them away from the Americans.
I can’t see the Scottish people trusting the Tories led by an ex MI6 spy and former employee of a mercenary company, this is reflected at the Polls as the Tories can’t make headway.

One more thing about Fulton as Tory Chairman is his lack of public image on the Scottish political scene which tends to suggest that he is worthy of further investigation, in depth investigation.

Yours sincerely
George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

MPs to face Fines and Prison for being corrupt.

Dear All

Shock horror, MPs who knowingly make a false allowance claim could be put in the clink for up to a year. I suppose that would make it terribly difficult to hold surgeries and do house visits.

As with any piece of legislation the important thing is to look at is the gaps were you could drive a bus through it without scrapping the paint work.

“The Parliamentary Standards Bill sets up a new code of conduct for MPs, an independent watchdog that could recommend they repay money and/or are expelled, and a special investigator to probe alleged rule breaches”.

I could be the Special Investigator but I suspect that job will be farmed out to a senior ex Policeman on the Public Honours Unit circuit.

One of the boys to protect the boys!

Under the New Law three new criminal offences will be created, knowingly providing false or misleading information in a claim - up to 12 months in prison or an unlimited fine; failing to comply with the registration rules - a fine of up to £5000 and breaching the ban on paid advocacy - a fine of up to £5000.

There needs to be a fourth offence, those who solicit paid advocacy need hefty fines and imprisonment as well.

It seems that Westminister has decided to copy the same regime that has been put in place at Holyrood.

With an expenses scandal in full swing, it is time for politicians to want to be seen to be tough, what a pity they couldn’t do that before.

The next big scandal waiting in the wings is of course second jobs and particularly how much money Tories are coining in.

William Hague is a poster boy for the Tory second job scandals as his little cottage industry of public speaking is in my opinion, a racket. He has used his MP status to generate financial gain in the after dinner speaker circuit.

Finally; I would like to see MPs paid the same rate as people such as Doctors and have properly audited expenses so that MPs stops the sordid little process of trying to screw the taxpayer and get on with representing the people who voted them in.

The people deserve better.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Grant Thoms, SNP Councillor not to stand in Glasgow North East.

Dear All

A piece of unconfirmed gossip, last night I hear that Grant Thoms, the SNP Candidate for Glasgow North East has decided not to put his name forward for the by-election caused by Michael Martin, MP standing down.

Under SNP Party rules with regard to by-elections, candidates need to resubmit themselves for selection even if they previously were the sitting prospective candidate.

I feel that this is a terrible shame that Grant has decided to stand aside as he has many good personal qualities that would make him a decent MP and an asset to the people of Springburn.

I hope that Grant would reconsider if the rumour is true and stand.

I have met him a couple of times and he is worth voting for but at the end of the day, people have to make their own mind up how they want their career to go forward.
He is a good Councillor and a good listener, the kind of excellent material sadly lacking in Westminister.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, June 22, 2009

Michael Martin, Labour MP resigns in disgrace!

Dear All

The former speaker of the House of Commons Michael Martin has formally stood down as an MP after a campaign to force him from Public Office.

He leaves this position in disgrace, the first speaker forced from Office in 300 years.

In keeping with Commons tradition, the Chancellor of the Exchequer has appointed Mr Martin to be Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead, this is a technical device to allow him to stand down as an MP.

In recent days, television crews have been to Glasgow North West, were the people had hardly been singing Martin’s praises. In fact he is highlighted for his absence from the people who he is supposed to represent.

There is no date set for the by-election and it looks like a straight fight between the Labour Party and the Scottish National Party. No Candidates have formally been announced by either party but it is expected that Willie Bain, Labour Activist will fight it out with Grant Thoms of the SNP.

Michael Martin will of course receive a peerage and be elevated to the House of Lords; personally I think his conduct in Public Office warrants the removal of that privilege.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Gordon Brown, Warrior Princess, TV Show?

Dear All

I have an idea how Gordon Brown can gain the popular Law and Order vote!

Enter Gordon Brown, Warrior Princess, the Television Show!

Each week he travels in the wastelands of a future Britain and helps local officials tackle and bully poor people that can’t pay their debts and taxes. They set a Brownian Court and bring offenders before it and he dishes out New Labour style 'justice'. It is basically him deny people their rights and laughing in their face with his henchmen smiling and nodding in the background like the sycophants they are.

Then he does a speech in front of the peasants about his moral compass and Presbyterian conscience! They pelt him with eggs and cabbages outside before he and local Labour Party
Officials then beat a hasty retreat to a free buffet complete with the fineness wines and goodies!

I tell you it is a winner and less pathetic than what he is doing now!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Gordon Brown can he get anymore pathetic?

Dear All

After spinning that he could walk away from Downing Street and become a teacher, this statement has hugely backfired on Gordon Brown.

It was another pathetic lie!

Brown has been forced to confirm that he will fight the next general election.

He isn’t going anywhere.

Now he has to do a damage limitation exercise after sending mixed signals about his aptitude and desire for the job to shore up his pathetic and most undemocratic Government in over a century.

Brown goes from one crisis to another crisis of his own making.

New Labour are struggling to return to a slogan that they think will garner votes for Gordon Brown, 'not flash, just Gordon', how pathetic.

Everything Brown does is designed for one purpose to get votes that is the strategy, for him there is nothing else left; it is power for power’s sake.

In an attempt to achieve this; his recent Guardian interview was supposed to paint him as a humble man who cares nothing for trappings of power.

Don’t we all remember that this ‘humble’ man refused to shake the hand of the Downing Street Policeman during the Obama visit?

The act of a humble man; I think not!

The fact is that ever attempt by Brown to present him as a man of the people has failed miserably. The reason why in my opinion is that he doesn’t care about the people and can’t fake it, his contempt is too strong.

Brown will have to attempt another relaunch; I have lost count the number of times he has now done this. The public has rejected him permanently and he should acknowledge this and go. When you are not wanted and mocked it is time to do a runner.

Another spectacular failure of understanding was Brown wanting to the inquiry into the Iraq War to be held in secret. This is contrary to his supposed line of open and transparent government, which is another lie spun to the people.

Finally, the only announcement that the people of Britain are wanting is Gordon Brown to make is the date of the next General Election public, maybe this humble man will give the people their greatest wish before being forced to!
Yours sincerely
George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gordon Brown to ask God to join the Cabinet?

Dear All

When the entire country hates you and wants rid of you, it can be a challenge to try and not acknowledge it.

Gordon Brown is now to be interviewed in Downing Street this week by Sally Magnusson, one of the regular presenters of the BBC's popular religious programme, Songs of Praise and will speak about courage and the people who have inspired him!

He is now turning to God to help him out, as if.

God is not expected to make an appearance, Jesus is also unavailable and the Heavenly body of Angels and the Choir won’t come either!

In other words Brown has totally lost the plot rather like Bono did dragging some African guy about to show his charity credentials. As always, the idea is a con for the gullible in the voting population of Middle Britain. This carefully thought-out scam will form part of a "fightback" strategy which will see Brown attempt to put forward a more human image to voters.

We then are expected to forget Brown is a bully, a backstabber and a disloyal human being who lacks empathy for his fellow man.

In order to generate sympathy Brown has said; he could walk away from all this tomorrow.

If that is an offer then he should keep his word!

"I'm not interested in what accompanies being in power. I wouldn't worry if I never returned to those places – Downing street, Chequers... And it would probably be good for my children."

Note; Brown repeatedly says he will not use his children in politics, so the subtext is ‘I am putting the country before my children’. This reminds me of Wendy Alexander Labour MSP who was so unpopular she couldn’t go five feet without children round her; they were her human shield to portray the image that she was likeable.

It didn’t work for her and God won’t work for Gordon Brown.

This comment by him is a cracker; that he was "not very good" at political manoeuvring”.

Is that why he surrounded himself with despicable people to do his dirty work?

He also claimed he could become a teacher after leaving politics.

Do they allow bullies in the teaching profession?

If Gordon Brown is a devout and honest politician, can he explain why he is still taking advice from Damien McBride?

How does his "moral compass", and his "Presbyterian conscience" square with continuing a relationship with one of the most vile and evil men on the political scene of Britain?

Finally; Gordon Brown should call a General Election so that the people of Britain can remove those who have abused the position of being a Westminister MP, that is what his moral compass and Presbyterian conscience should be telling him.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Damien McBride to enter 'holy orders' to pay for last orders?

Dear All

Here has to be one of the best laughs to come out of the Damien McBride Scandal.

Mr. McBride has applied for a job at Finchley Catholic High School as a "Business and Community Manager" to help people.

Try helping himself, as a better position of the situation.

McBride was involved in one of the wicked abuses of power in modern Britishness political history in attempting to destroy people’s lives by smears. He was forced to resign as a Downing Street adviser in April 2009 after the leak of emails sent to Derek “Dolly” Draper, a Labour stooge, planning a smear campaign against senior Tories. It was by all accounts a Labour response to sites like order-order.com to win the bloggers Battle of Britain.

The governors of the north London school are expected to decide this week whether to choose McBride, if they did it would be a ridiculous decision appointing someone with his track record. The money is £22,000, a hefty drop but perhaps this is his spell of ‘sack cloth and ashes’? He then like a virgin renewed washed clean of sin to return to the Brown inner circle after his spell of spiritual enlightenment in the wilderness.

I am writing it but I can’t swallow that bullshit but it will probably be the case.

So what is the job?

Outreach worker, strengthening ties with local businesses and charities, networking.

Despite McBride turning to a ‘holy’ path, Rudi Vis, the outgoing Labour MP for Finchley & Golders Green, tried to have him struck off Labour's list of members.

Nice try, Rudi but the vote was probably fixed well in advance, other people probably knew were their Labour bread was buttered.

Should Finchley Catholic High School be used as hideout for McBride who like a bad penny will come back to help his discredited Master; Gordon Brown?

I would say no!

I don’t think that McBride has expressed enough regret for his filthy actions or even learned his lesson.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ian 'the deerhunter' Davidson, Labour MP can be forced to pay bills but only using taxpayers money!

Dear All

Ian the ‘deerhunter’ Davidson, Labour MP for Glasgow South West is very much a talkative soul as a class warrior.

Then the BBC got on the blower and wanted to talk to him about the fact he billed the Fees Office for failure to pay Council Tax, he wasn’t happy.

Davidson put the phone down on them, the BBC!

Widely regarded as a beacon for truth, justice and crap soaps!

The taxpayer God bless them now has stumped up twice for his mistakes, £65 and £55.

Why? What did we do wrong?

Davidson sits as a member of the Commons committee that oversees public spending, but can’t set up a debit to the Council.

How much scrutiny can he be doing on that Committee?

Does he go because they lay on a buffet?

Is there Champers?

I love a free buffet myself, can I come?

It seems that other companies have joined in the pursuit of payment of their bills by him such as Scottish Power, BT and the water board.

Mr. Davidson; all bills come with bar codes; you can walk into a post office anywhere and pay them.

If he can’t sort out is own life what kind of service can he be producing for the people of Pollok and Govan as part of his Glasgow South West seat?

Finally; Davidson is the Treasurer of the British Council All Party Parliamentary Group; I wonder if he pays their bills on time?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Eric Joyce, Labour MP needs voted out

Dear All

Eric Joyce is famous; he regularly is at the top of the class as one of the most expensive MPs in Scotland.

Go have a look at his Newsnight Scotland interview with Gordon Brewer; it is cringe television at its best.

What he was thinking going for this interview is a mystery as he comes across really badly.


Listen has he defends paying his mates!
His defence of buying three oil paintings is "they look quite nice".

Finally, if the voters of Falkirk have a look at this interview, it is more there is enough ammo to realise that they are in desperate need of getting a local person to represent them not someone who lived with his family in Croydon, London and visited.

Joyce is what I would describe as a carpetbagger and an apologist, how he got selected beggars belief.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Baroness Uddin, Labour Peer, absolute disgrace

Dear All

Baroness Uddin is in a spot of soapy bubble, big soapy bubble.

As a Peer of the realm she is entitled to claim expenses for sitting in the House of Lords. She claimed for a two-bedroom flat in Maidstone as her main residence to receive expenses money under a scheme designed to compensate politicians who live outside London.

Trouble is even although she owns the place she doesn’t live there.

Her neighbours are more than happy to confirm this is the case.

To add insult to injury, she has what looks to be damning evidence on her Facebook website page;

"great sense of belonging to the East End [of London] which has been my home for 30 years".

Please note; “My home”, a very unfortunate use of words.

Baroness Uddinbecame Britain's first Muslim peer in 1998 aged 38, has told the press she had not done anything wrong and insisted she had stayed in the Maidstone flat regularly.

One wonders if a jury will take that version as the Gospel truth.

"I strongly deny that I have never lived there. Indeed I have stayed there regularly since buying it," she said.

So her defence will be based on the definition of what “regularly” means.

A useful person to take the stand is Yvonne Adams, who has lived in the flat next-door, she states;

"I can't emphasise enough how no one has lived there.
"They just haven't. I know that for a fact."

I would say this eye witness account seems plausible and if the Police check Baroness Uddin’s moblie phone records then it could be even more credible as to where she has been living.

Another eye witness for the case should be Plumber Mark Ryan as having first knowledge of the inside of the flat.

He states;

"This place looked like someone had left it ages ago. It was very dusty. It didn't look lived-in. It certainly didn't look like a family home. They told me they were just moving in."

Please note; the use of “They told me they were just moving in”.

Uddin’s husband on the other hand doesn’t appear to be a credible witness as when asked by a reporter he was uncertain about the house in Kent. I suspect his testimony will not stand the test of a Court of Law.

As an aside the Uddin’s have lived in Wapping since 1993 which is inside London but you don’t get to claim the allowance.

So, at the end of the day; Uddin will probably have to restore to technicalities of the wording of the rules to escape justice, there is no such definition under the Lords system as to what a main residence is.

I would expect her lawyers to use this technicality to save her as she looks completely stuffed based on the evidence.

Finally; her main home in Wapping where she is registered to vote is social housing, given she is well above the income bracket to qualify for it, questions should be asked how she obtained it when poor people in the area could not.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kitty Ussher, Labour MP resigns in disgrace!

Dear All

Kitty Ussher told the taxman that her Burnley home was her “principal residence” for a single month in 2007.

She then sold the property avoided paying Capital Gains Tax and pocketed £17,000 in her sky rocket.

She resigned when confronted with the allegations by a newspaper, The Daily Telegraph.

She has also decided to stand down as an MP at the next Election and will pocket her leaving allowances by exiting stage left.

Every single MP who has been involved in practices like this must be exposed and stand the test of scrutiny by their voters at the ballot box.

Her resignation leaves the way possible for the election of a BNP Candidate as Burnley will be a target area for them.

“A letter from Miss Usher’s accountants sent on Dec 14 2006, said: “I am enclosing a declaration to vary your previous main residence election for a period of one month to [Burnley home] and then back to [London home]”.

In other words a straight forward dodge using the law to acquire an advantage, although this is legal, it shows how corrupt morally she is as a person in public life.

She won’t be missed but her legacy might be a BNP MP sitting in Westminister.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Brian Binley, Tory MP

Dear All

Moats, duck ponds, helipads and tennis courts, standard fare for your average Tory Millionaire on the make.

Step forward Brian Binley, the Gold Standard in Expenses claiming; we are paying him for a flat he already owns.

Tory sleaze never went away folks, they just got more crafty and devious.

This Tory millionaire claimed more than £57,000 of taxpayers’ money to rent a flat from his own company.

Brian Binley, is MP for Northampton South and he obviously doesn’t give a toss for the standards for public life, he broke the Commons rules which ban MPs from paying themselves or their businesses rent.

What is more disgust is that Commons officials warned Mr Binley that his arrangement was forbidden in April 2006. He is a remarkably vile individual who thinks that rules don’t apply to him. He then had the cheek to appeal to Commons Speaker Michael Martin, who failed to act to curb the payments until April this year.

That turns out to be £1,500 a month going on for three years, £57,000 salted away from the public purse.

He should be one for de-selection by the Tory Leader, David Cameron.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Jim Devine, Labour MP deselected

Dear All

Jim Devine, the Scottish MP has found out his fate; he has been deselected from standing as a Labour MP ever again.


Jim obviously couldn’t tell a convincing story to the New Labour ‘Star Chamber’ sitting in judgement on his arse.

Devine was always a smug git, now he faces the cold reality of being thrown on the scrapheap. The decision to kill off his political career was unanimous that means no one believed his story.

Jim Devine has said; "I'm absolutely devastated. I've been hung out to dry."

Try; you were caught bang to rights Jim!

Devine’s claims were the stuff of legend, paying cash and no proper receipts, God bless you Sir! He could be a market trader or second hand doughnut salesman selling kit out of the back of a van.

Devine had billed the taxpayer for £2157 for rewiring at his London flat and then it came to light the invoice was bogus. He alleged the guy might have “died” or “went up north”.

Or he could be living round the corner still using the same boozer to drink in!

Another ‘dodgy’ claim was submitted for shelving in his office £2326 for 66 m of the stuff. When reporters called to see it in his office it wasn’t there, gosh! It was claimed that the guy who ran the local boozer put up the shelves, gosh. The guy then said; he had nothing to do with it, gosh!

To be fair would you want to take the hit for Devine and find the Custom mob trawling through your accounts, friendship goes only so far but money’s money!

I wonder if Devine conducts all his household domestic business in public houses?

You walk in and can buy a pint, a pie and a fridge, pay the gas, electric and council tax while sitting on a stool watching Sky Football.

The Labour Party, the fiends then issued the following statement;

“After considering in detail the case of Jim Devine and speaking to him, the Labour Party's special NEC endorsements panel today unanimously recommended rescinding his endorsement as a Labour candidate. "He will not be able to stand as a Labour candidate in any constituency at the next General Election."

No thank you for his service, just cast aside like an old worn out jumper!

Finally, let us all hope that Inspector Knacker of the Yard can take some time off from playing dominos and launch an investigation.

Free Jim Devine, Free the Livingston One but let’s get him locked up first though!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tory A lister Davena Rankin deselected?

Dear All

I heard a rumour last night otherwise known as gossip.

I heard that Tory Candidate, Davena Rankin has be deselected by a local tory party branch from fighting 'her' Glasgow Westminister seat.

It seems that Ms. Rankin's career is starting the long road backwards.

Of course this will upset David Cameron as she was on the A list of Tory Candidates.

The process to deselect her was done quite properly under the Tory Scottish rules so I understand.

I look at her and I see a Wendy Alexander clone, someone who wants to use voters as a stepping stone.

Although Ms. Rankin may tick a lot of boxes, the important one of 'giving a toss' looks to me to be completely blank.

I wonder why she got bumped and as Michael Howard famously said;

"Are you thinking what I am thinking?"

For the record; I am thinking arse!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, June 15, 2009

Strathclyde Police suit up for Operation Spray

Dear All

If life wasn’t tough enough, the Police in Scotland are on the lookout for willies!
Any size any shape anywhere any position in the public realm.

Where do they put the handcuffs on or are they investing in special willie cuffs?

Chiefs in Scotland's biggest force, Strathclyde want their officers catch people peeing in the street to ensure the entire willie carrying population of Strathclyde gets the message.

Use a toilet or use the inside of your trousers!

Serious assault is a much bigger problem but Police aren’t setting the bar on that target as high, only two percent more.

This policy shows why need to get elected Police Chiefs who are in tune with the needs of their community.

Labour justice spokesman Richard Baker, MSP said: "People want to see less urinating in the street but at the end of the day people are more concerned with more serious crimes”.

No shit Sherlock; we should all remember that New Labour was instrumental in bring in targets to fiddle stats on higher detection rates that were meaningless pap.

Tory ‘justice’ rent a mouth spokesman Bill Aitken, an expert in talking complete cock said:
"Urinating in the street is a nuisance and distasteful but it is less serious and threatening than people carrying knives, for example".

Obviously he is edging to be Dr. Watson to Baker’s Holmes.

"The police have to target priorities and those should be knife-carrying and more serious violent crimes."

What about political corruption Aitken?

The Strathclyde Police are failing to hit targets for the containing of serious assaults and robberies in Glasgow, that’s real crime folks.

I wonder if they use the helicopter with thermal imaging to seek out offenders?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hazel Blears, Labour MP, a Rat?

Dear All

Hazel Blears, the treasonous rat was close to tears as she described her antics as 'Stupid, thoughtless and cruel' in the plot she was involved in to topple Gordon Brown.

Blears fired her powder too soon and it backfired.

Now she finds herself adrift and friendless and the voters of Salford aren’t too keen on her either.

It seems everyone hates ‘our Hazel’.

In her hand she holds a cheque for circa £13k which she bumped the Custom and Reveune Service for. In true New Labour style she has agreed to pay back the money after she was caught.

What a star!

She said, “it was important to her what people thought about her”.

Pity that concept never crossed her mind prior to what some might call out and out criminal fraud.

The word on Salford is that the people want to see the back of her and soon enough isn’t quick enough.

Now she knows that help isn’t available and now all teary eyed she wants to be forgiven. This is her ‘Cherie Blair’ moment to garner sympathy, not funny living off an MPs salary is it Hazel?

Despite the fake tears and false forgiveness, she is stuffed, Brownites know she was part of a plot and she is never coming back to government.

Finally, how could she not work out that Brown who is as equally false and shallow as her and backstabbed his way to the top would ever voluntary step down?

Brown’s moral compass is greed, bullying, power and hate. He has no good personal qualities to draw on and would destroy the entire country if he could get an extra day at the helm.

She should start looking for employment opportunities because she is looking at defeat at the ballot box.


It seems that road to unemployment has already started.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Paedophile Gang get 43 years in Prison.

Dear All

Today was good day for Justice in Scotland.

Six men involved in one of Scotland's worst paedophile rings got heavy jail sentences. A judge at the High Court in Edinburgh sentenced these criminals to between 2 and 20 years.

Neil Campbell of Bearsden, received five years four months; John Milligan, 40, Govan who got 20 years; Ross Webber, 27, North Berwick, 10 years nine months; Craig Boath, 24, Dundee, 11 years nine months; John Murphy, 44, Govanhill, two years; and Colin Slaven, 23, Edinburgh four years.

Not long enough in my opinion.

Two other criminals, Neil Strachan, 41, and James Rennie, 38 (pictured), were found guilty of conspiring to abuse youngsters and will be sentenced next month. Rennie was Chief Executive of LGBT Youth Scotland and Strachan also held a respectable job which allowed them opportunities to pray on kids.

One can only hope that Strachan and Rennie get a sentence so high that they will both need wheelchairs to leave prison. Life in their cases should mean exactly that.

One wonders how many young kids these ‘people’ damaged to get their sick kicks.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Labour Heavies can't stop people voting SNP

Dear All

This is the tragic scene at a Glasgow Polling Station when a massive crowd turned up to vote out Labour MP, Ian Davidson.

Throughout the day the traditional black crombie Glasgow Labour Mafioso tried to stem back the tide promising the earth but no one was listening.

In a desperate attempt to shore up the defences New Labour drafted in sumo warriors skilled in unarmed combat.

Iris McDonald, 85 year old with a walking stick led the charge; her account as follows.

"I was walking up to the Polling Station door when a man wearing a Red Rosette told me to vote Labour. I told him to sod off then I was surrounded by the Labour Mafioso asking did I like my pension.

So I immediately decked them.

Then these four foreign gentlemen came forward and challenged me. In front of a crowd of neighbours the challenge was issued. They came at me one at a time and I planted them in a decorative position so that they wouldn't obstruct the doorway.

After I came out I went home and got some ice cubes as I may have kicked them in the testicles a bit too hard. I like to be neighbourly and later when I got them back on their feet they seemed extremely grateful.

I voted SNP as Chris Stephens seems a terribly nice young man".

A spokesman for Strathclyde Police said that an incident occurred at the locus where 8 men accosted Iris McDonald, four were planted in the ground, three ended up in trees and one was deposited down a drain. My Officers recieved tea and biscuits from Iris and the Fire Brigade got the men out of the trees. The man in the drain didn't want to come out. Iris was told off about using some fairly strong language but she explained it was in the heat of the moment. The Police said that this was a fairly minor incident as Iris usually just shoots them in the leg!

No complaint was filed.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tom Harris MP

Dear All

Tom Harris is MP for Glasgow South, in the European Elections the Scottish National Party won more of the popular vote in his area putting him in danger of losing his seat to an SNP Candidate.


Harris runs his own blog in which he censors dissent, a very New Labour trait. I suspect he is going for the ‘man of the people I am good guy kinda thing’.

But Harris is a complainer and a whinger; his blog states;

“This blog is funded and administered privately by Tom Harris MP - no taxpayers' money is used to pay for any part of this blog”.

Then we find he loves claiming expenses, taxpayers’ money, the boy loves it. £90 for a cot and £50 for a steriliser, the claim was made under the additional costs allowance (ACA) and rightly rejected.

The reason given, they were “not wholly, exclusively and necessarily” incurred in relation to parliamentary duties.

In true Glasgow Labour Party outrage; he wrote to the fees office to complain. He said: “I wish to object to your decision not to reimburse me for the costs of purchasing a baby’s cot and bottle steriliser for use in my London home”.

Well he would wouldn’t he!

“I can confirm that these expenses have been incurred 'wholly, exclusively and necessarily’ in relation to my parliamentary duties in that the only reason my wife and baby son visit me in London is because I live there half the week”.

If someone turned up at his place with a horse would Harris claim for the building of stables?

“And the only reason I live in London half the week is that I am a Member of Parliament”.

Funny I thought it was because he was paid a salary.

“MPs by necessity have to own two of almost everything — two sets of furniture, two TV sets, two DVD players, two electric shavers, etc”.

Lucky us he doesn’t own a Porsche.

“Since all of these were legitimately claimed from my ACA, perhaps you can explain why a cot for my son cannot be.”

His son wasn’t elected to Parliament; Harris went to University folks!

Mr Harris concluded: “If you insist on upholding this odd decision, perhaps you might be good enough to write to me explaining where my son should sleep next time he visits me in London?”

Easy answer, in the cot you bought him with your own money!

Yes, Tom; you can use your MP Salary to pay for the provision of your children, it isn’t a pocket money allowance solely for your benefit.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The War on Brown starts now!

Dear All

52% of the general public want Gordon Brown the inept Prime Minister of Great Britain to resign immediately.

Such is the delusion of Brown that he thinks he can win the next General Election.

Labour under his stupidity has had the worst results in a century.

In Scotland the SNP came first in the European Elections with 50% more votes than Labour.

England now has two BNP MEPs because Brown created the opportunity for them to tap into the disaffected white working class.

His Cabinet are the walking dead, cronies, crones and an over the hill tv Personality who says;

"You're fired"!

The General Election is less than a year away when Brown will be forced to go to the polls, hopefully this will wipe out the corrupt in Westminister and leave a hung Parliament.

Brown says he will not run away from the problems, trouble is he is 'the problem'.

People in Fife should deposit him straight on to the unemployment line via the ballot box.

It is nice that a backstabbing traitor like Brown should end his career as the worst Labour Leader in living memory; he edges Foot and Kinnock as the most inept clown ever to rise above his station.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, June 8, 2009

Did Ian 'the Deer hunter' Davidson MP shoot Bambi?

Dear All

In Scotland the Scottish National Party won 29.1% of the national vote in the European Elections.

Labour came second with 20.8% of the vote.

The SNP came first in 22 of the 32 council areas which is a remarkable achievement for them.

In Glasgow South West the seat of Labour MP Ian 'the deerhuter' Davidson, the SNP made a swing from 44% to 3% in a Labour stronghold

500 votes was the margin between the SNP and Labour vote.

In the last General Election the Labour majority of Davidson was 13,896.

If the SNP work really hard they have a chance of taking this seat for the first time.

The SNP Candidate for Glasgow South West is Chris Stephens who works in local government and is active in the trade union movement, tons of experience behind him in dealing with people's problems at the coal face.

The people of Pollok and Govan deserve a better MP and they have an opportunity at the General Election to bring in CHANGE!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University