Friday, May 30, 2014

Scottish independence: SNP MSP James Dornan says SNP's bogus 'aspirational' childcare policy will be operational in 10 years, given SNP are saying they have done no work, will he be joining Alex Salmond in exile, quick exit required by plane, forget filing a flight plan!

Scottish independence: SNP MEP Alyn Smith says a Scottish independence supporter writing in support is "welcome breath of fresh air", guess what, the guy doesn’t have the power to grant Scotland EU membership or anything else, SNP grasping at straws for good PR.

Dear All

Do you know what a think tank is?

Simply put, it is a group of people who come up with ideas; they are usually outside active political decision making.

Their opinions may persuade decision makers then again they may not, lots of people have ideas, it doesn't mean their ideas get acted on.

Certain think tanks however do catch the eye of governments; generally this is because of networking.

Graham Avery is the European Commission's honorary director general.

Honorary means he has no power to make a decision on whether Scotland would be allowed to join the European Union, simply put, the 28 current members have a right of veto.

Avery says in a report that no EU member state would have "a material interest" in an independent Scotland being outside the European Union.

The first thing to remember is that he doesn't speak for the 28 members and he doesn't for the European Union.

Secondly, Spain has internal domestic problems; they certainly don't want to enflame them by having Scotland as a member thus putting more pressure on them to grant Catalonia an independence referendum.

Thirdly, we should remember that Graham Avery has already spoken in favour of the Scottish government's aim of EU membership, he therefore isn't impartial.

He also says something rather odd, in the report, by the European Policy Centre think tank, that refusal could cause "a legal nightmare" for other member states.

It doesn't, the only legal nightmare would be to deny the 28 members their right of veto and that cannot happen.

If Scotland leaves the United Kingdom, it loses all benefits of the EU/UK contract, the contract isn't transferable; it is a specific agreement, although if a country enlarges such as what happened to Germany, this is different. The German member state when it reunified didn't need to re-apply because principally this was first and foremost a matter of German internal politics. The former East Germany automatically inherited the rights which all EU Germans enjoyed.

Scotland is the opposite scenario, by leaving, even although British passport holders who are Scottish would retain EU citizenship, the country as a legal entity would not.

That said all EU law would be invalid unless there was an Act of Parliament which would effectively bridged the gap; that would create a legal nightmare because it may have to have a time limit or sunset clause.

SNP MEP Alyn Smith called the report a "welcome breath of fresh air".

Just because someone has an opinion, puts it in a report doesn't mean any of it holds water, the "welcome breath of fresh air" doesn't mean any of it is a fact.

The Better Together campaign said Scotland could lose the UK's "special deals in the EU".

Although Avery negotiated the UK's entry into the European Community in the 1970s, times have changed; Britain was effectively shut out of Europe by the French.

The Scottish government said its plan for membership would be through Article 48 of the Treaty of the European Union.

This has been effectively ruled out by member states, it requires an agreement by all members and it attempts to circumvent the right of veto.

The UK government and Better Together have argued that Scotland would have to re-apply as an independent state under Article 49 of the EU Treaty.

That means the 18 month timescale to meet the Holyrood 2016 election would be impossible, it could take an independent Scotland several years.

In his policy paper, Avery argues that the decision on Scotland's membership would be taken by "the EU's leaders in the European Council, and they will decide on the basis of practical and political considerations".

His next bit is assumption, as he said politically it would be "difficult to see how the Union could reject five million Scots, who are already EU citizens".

Five million Scots is actually 5 million British passport holders!

If Avery acknowledges the problems of Spain, his point of no material interest goes out the window.

Spain has already experience civil war in the 1930's, the benefits of Scotland's membership, budgetary contribution, fisheries resources, etc, pale in comparison to what their domestic situation could end up as.

Alyn Smith said:

"This report is a very welcome breath of fresh air, and debunks much of the nonsense peddled on Scotland and the EU by people who should know better.

He added:

"This paper poses, quite rightly, a few questions over the mechanics of the process whereby Scotland will transition from a region of a member state to a member state in our own right, but the conclusions are sound."

What Smith chooses to ignore is Article 49 and the right of veto.

Also Avery's views contradict those of European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.

Barroso claimed in February that it would be "extremely difficult, if not impossible" for an independent Scotland to join the EU, that was dismissed immediately by the SNP who said that Barroso was angling for a Nato post. And that becaue of this he was biased and therefore his opinion should be ignored despite him being in a position of power within the EU.

Barroso isn't the only EU senior official to say no to the Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon fairytale.

But Avery who holds no power over everything is a "welcome breath of fresh air".

A spokesman for Better Together said:

"As part of the UK we get special deals in the EU. What Alex Salmond needs to be honest about is what would happen to our opt-outs on the Euro and the no borders immigration scheme, as well as what would happen to our rebate. Telling Scots that everything will be alright on the night simply isn't credible."

What every thing boils down to is simply this; does Scotland have a contract of membership?

The answer is no, Westminster holds solely the contract between the EU and the United Kingdom.

And as much as Salmond and co along with the various interested parties what to try and keep kicking the can down the road, they won't be getting pass Article 49, this states anyone who wishes to apply to be a new member state must apply in this manner.

No contract mean no membership, no membership means no EU rights for Scotland.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Scottish independence: The secret life of Blair Jenkins, he says that Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond is an asset to Yes Campaign, support for independence is in free fall, Walter Mitty tells a better story with more flair, someone wake Jenkins up!

Dear All

Blair Jenkins is the Yes Scotland chief executive, Yes Scotland has been compared to being nothing more than an Scottish National Party front.

It is staffed by the SNP, funded by the SNP and run for the benefit of the SNP.

They loosely tag themselves a coalition because they got rag bag collection of other minor parties such as the Scottish Greens and SSP onboard along with some ex Labour people such as Dennis Canavan.

Although these people are making up the numbers, they don't really have any real control of Yes Scotland.

They are just windowdressing; this referendum is all about one man, Alex Salmond.

A vote for Scottish independence is a vote for Alex Salmond.  

Blair Jenkins has been talking about Salmond’s “popular and effective administration”.

What the fuck is he talking about!

Although he is politically out of his depth and sinking, it seems that delusion has set in, “popular and effective administration”.

For the last 3 years, the SNP Government has been on pause, the popularity that Jenkins attributes to Alex Salmond is all about a 5 year council tax freeze.

In the recent European election, 90% of the Scottish population didn't vote of this “popular and effective administration”.

So, who is Jenkins trying to kid?

He is trying to kid the Scottish people, the working class people of Scotland.

Let's talk about "popular".

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon left Scottish women to die of cancer by failing to ensure they got the same access to cancer drugs that English people enjoyed.

Mike Russell was given a vote of no confidence by teachers, he is Education Sec.

Kenny MacAskill is an outright idiot in charge of justice, destroying the right to a fair trial.

Alex Neil recently survived a vote of no confidence; all parties except the SNP demanded his resignation for misleading Parliament.

The burning issue of "injustice" in Scotland leaving aside the independence is a 'plastic bag' tax.

These people, Blair Jenkins says could help deliver a Yes vote in the referendum on 18 September.

Given they are members of a 'popular' government according to Jenkins; he still expects the independence campaign to lag behind the No camp in opinion polls until September.

He is clinging to a hope that in as the voting day approaches many Scots will only take the decision in the finals stages of the campaign.

Scots have already made up their minds; they did so when they were lied to by the leadership of the Scottish National Party.

We were lied to repeatedly; people know that Alex Salmond is running a 'rat ship', the refusal of Alex Neil to resign after lying in Parliament really is the cherry on the cake.

SNP is "popular" because the choice in Scottish politics is so limited, that doesn't count as popularity, so here is a moral maze question.

You find yourself sent to prison on remand, you have a choice of who you share a cell with; your choice is either a paedophile or a rapist?

Who is the more 'popular'?

Restricted choice doesn't mean you are popular, it just means people are picking what they believe is the lesser evil.

We are now about to enter the official 16 week campaign, the formally regulated period. The run up to the referendum with spending limits for both sides of £1.5 million.

The SNP don't as Jenkins says have a key advantage over the No side despite having control of the Scottish Government.

The SNP’s own polling shows that Alex Salmond sharply divides opinion, his 'jolly fat man' routine which he adopted to appear as some kind of good guy is just an act.

Scottish people have seen through him and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon like a sheet of glass, people know about SNP Vote Rigging.

And it isn't people unknown to the leadership of the SNP, you type the people who do it in Google, then type their names along with Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon and guess what?

Salmond and Sturgeon know them.

The SNP isn't a political party although it is registered as such, it is a clique, a nasty vile poisonous little clique.

Popularity; who can forget when Alex Salmond came to Glasgow and was booed repeatedly by the Scottish public as he appeared alongside Scottish medal winners from the GB Olympic team in Glasgow’s George Square.

Or the look on the faces of the Scottish Cabinet as protestors of same sex marriage came to voice their opinions, the Cabinet looked decidedly unhappy, not about the fact people disliked them but rather that people publicly disliked them.

And are willing to show it!

Jenkins says Salmond has “charismatic” media profile would help defeat the leadership of the No campaign.

Alex Salmond was being “charismatic” when be blew up and called into question the integrity of Professor John Curtice of Strathclyde University?

Jenkins said:

“I’ve never expressed a view that’s party political. But the fact that the SNP has been a popular and effective administration has helped the Yes campaign".

No, it hasn't, the campaign is a failure, it was a failure at the start and nearly two years later is has gone nowhere.

Jenkins added:

“Yes can put up people like Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon who stand to do well in broadcasting debates. It’s a lot easier for us as there are no obvious charismatic people for Better Together, whereas we’re spoilt for choice.”

Spoilt for choice?

Salmond has no eye for details and Sturgeon just shouts people down.

Jenkins thinks the failed campaign can pull back its poll deficit after an ICM survey of 1,003 adults puts Yes support at 34 per cent.

That is a fall of five percentage points since the pollster’s last opinion poll a month ago.

Recently I voted Ukip in the Euro election, Ukip won a seat, while in the SNP I called every election I took part in with a 100% accurate result, in the recent MSP by-elections, I was 100% right again.

So, my track record is pretty good.

In 2011, I walked out of the Maryhill & Springburn branch and wrote that Bob Doris who is in my opinion a cretin of unbelievable stupidity and laziness had no chance whatsoever of winning the seat.

At the historic SNP victory of 2011, Bob Doris failed to win against one of Labour's weakest candidates.

George Laird right again, and ahead of time as per usual.

I don't take anything that Blair Jenkins says about politics and give it any credit at all, he isn't a political campaigner, and in my mind, he is just spewing crap.

As unpopular Nicola Sturgeon knows, George Laird always gets it right, and I am 100% convinced that Alex Salmond has already lost the Scottish independence referendum, because it is all one massive political fraud.

Simply put, its bullshit, all of it, the wee phoney groups, the smear campaigns, the fake claims of momentum, the nonsense of having 'talented people', the whole lot is bogus.

Do I have any advice for Blair Jenkins?

Yes, forget writing the CV for head of an independent Scottish Broadcaster in his vision of an independent Scotland.

Like Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, you aren't going anywhere.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Scottish independence: Nationalist supporters complain to cinema chains about referendum ads, now all ads are vetoed after customer complaints, Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon see another Nationalist stunt blow up in their faces, they need the oxygen of publicity, Better together doesn’t, IQ’s dropping sharply!

Dear All

There is a saying, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

I have a saying as well, there is a genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party.

The Alex Salmond referendum is falling apart; the big game changer of the European election changed nothing for the Nationalists.

What it did do was suck the oxygen of publicity away from Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

The Nationalists have a tactic of wanting to silence debate, to that end, the yessers have been complaining about cinemas running Scottish independence referendum adverts.

Now, cinemas have confirmed their intention to withdraw all referendum adverts from the Yes and No campaigns following complaints from customers.

I have watched some of the VoteNoBorders ads, they are professionally made with high productions values, but their ads don’t work.

They grate slightly and there is nothing worse than trying to force comedy, whether a wee movie is 30 seconds or 2 hours, there must be a hook, a start a middle and an end.

VoteNoBorders ads start shouty continue shouty and then fizzle out, I don’t find the comedy sophisticated, rather it is blunt, it doesn't engage with the audience and take them on a journey.

It doesn’t have a hook which the story rests on.

Vue, Odeon, Cineworld and Glasgow Film Theatre said the publicly-funded ads will be pulled ahead of the formal referendum campaign period.

No luck Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

A Vue spokesman said:

"Vue Entertainment is politically impartial, and as with the other leading cinema exhibitors, our sites have run adverts for both the Yes and No campaigns over the last month. We will continue to show these adverts up until the end of the planned campaign on June 5. Following feedback from our customers, which has been duly noted, we have taken the decision not to show any further campaign adverts."


An Odeon spokeswoman said:

"Alongside all major cinema chains in Scotland, Odeon is currently showing two adverts on the upcoming Scottish Independence referendum. Funded for and by the Scottish public, the Yes and No adverts are screened ahead of a number of films although they may not necessarily appear back-to-back. Each campaign is given equal weighting to ensure there is no preference to either argument. The adverts will run until June 5."

It seems Alex Salmond hasn’t created a sense of destiny about the place; Scots want to watch the picture, eat their hotdogs and enjoy their coke.

GFT in Glasgow says viewers complained that they wanted to "retreat from the real world" while watching a movie.

The GFT is very arty; you can see foreign language films there and the classics.

Yes Scotland said there has been "many complaints about the No campaign adverts".

By SNP members keen to close down debate!

Better Together took the view that the fact that they have now been pulled demonstrates that nationalists' "can't tolerate open and honest debate".

GFT chief executive Jaki McDougall said:

"GFT has removed all referendum adverts from our screens. We did receive complaints about the ads when they screened initially but in the main these were from people who wanted to retreat from the real world when they come to GFT, and relax with a good film. GFT is indy-neutral, and we're proud of our record in customer service. As a locally-run cinema we are able to respond quickly to feedback from our customers. We requested that the adverts were removed from the advertising packages with immediate effect."

A Yes Scotland mouthpiece said:

"We understand there have been many complaints about the No campaign adverts. We are in touch with cinema chains about possible future screenings of Yes ads, and will of course abide by their decision."

That means another Nationalist stunt has backfired on them, they won’t be getting their ads up!

IQ’s dropping rather sharply in the ranks of Nationalism?

Well, they must, the rule of thumb is that they need oxygen, they need people to think, they just killed that off.

A Better Together spokesman said:

"The fact that so many nationalists complained about our positive cinema advert shows that they will do anything to close down debate in Scotland. The idea that people in Scotland won't see any more cinema adverts in this referendum campaign because nationalists can't tolerate open and honest debate about the future of our country is depressing in the extreme."

That said, the Better Together spokesman would probably think ‘bloody marvelous, another own goal by the SNP’.

Although a great ad can certainly help, I am including a youtube clip of the Yes Scotland crowd which is truly awful, aside from the poor production values; one can only wonders what goes through some people’s heads.

Making an arse of yourself is one thing, publishing it is entirely a different matter.

In some countries the Police would just ask you to move on!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Open letter to Hamish, ‘oh the pain, the pain, I feel your pain’, you joining in the communal crying of Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond and the Nationalists over Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh being rejected by Scots, another day in Paradise

Dear Hamish

"SNP got more votes than your party George. Accept that with grace".

Firstly, still trying for that exclusive first victory after so many failures at bat, personally I don’t like to walk away either!

The different between us is that I don’t like to walk away when I am right and you don’t like to walk away when you are wrong!

Now to address your points:

1/ Ukip isn’t my party.

2/ I have never been a member of Ukip.

3/ I have voted Ukip once in my life, my vote as my previous posts make entirely clear was a protest vote.

4/ The protest vote was to ensure that Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh wasn’t elected to public office.

5/ I wrote a few articles in support of Ukip to advertise them, as you know or don’t depending on how you read my blog, I have a readership of 8,000 to 10,000 a month generally depending on what I write.

6/ I previously sent someone called Michael Fisher of Ukip some of my documents containing ideas on how to effectively campaign on the ground, you can see my ideas being used by the SNP when you cross reference past SNP newsletters and those documents.

“Accept that with grace”.

Except what?

I have nothing to accept with grace Hamish, Ukip was a tool to use against Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, campaign over, I don’t need it anymore; I don’t give them a second thought.

When I use a hammer to hit a nail into a piece of wood, I don’t become a fan of the hammer, I just use it.

I am pro EU; I have stated this on many occasions.

But speaking of “Accept that with grace”, it seems that Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond and the Nationalists haven’t accept Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh getting humped in the ballot.

Do you think if the Homosexual Glasgow SNP activist known to unpopular Nicola Sturgeon had spent more time on the campaign trail and less time up an alley with a city street beggar that would have helped?

Oh how the SNP are squealing at present, blaming everyone but themselves, they pushed Ukip under the public’s noses and the public wanted to stick two fingers up to Alex Salmond.

90% of the Scottish population didn’t vote for the SNP at the election Hamish.

Can you feel the Nationalist’s pain Hamish?

Did you feel it, the ‘artificial sense of destiny’ of Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh getting the blessing of Winnie Ewing?

Alex Salmond is a “master strategist” don’t you know!

You don’t play the race card when your candidate is from a minority.

Doesn’t Alex Salmond know this?

Awhile ago, you were attempting to tag me as a homophobe, the Ukip candidate is a homosexual, want to withdraw that smear or will you just leave it out there?

What about the racist tag, is it still too early since the SNP played that to the hilt during the election?

Is it?

Is it still too early Hamish?

Clearly I don’t think Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh is worthy or deserving to be an MEP.

Also, you are comparing too different types of nationalist parties without full understanding them.

Apples and pears aren’t the same.

Oh, what about your contribution to the election for the SNP, did the 90 minute Nationalist stagger out into the sunlight?

“I have been a nationalist all my life”.

What was your contribution to help rich English Nationalist (temp SNP secondment), ex Labour, ex Tory candidate, and Muslim race card player Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh?

Not a day?

Do you think she has ever watched Braveheart?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

European election special: Angry Alex Salmond turns his poisonous hatred on the BBC and impartial political analyst Professor John Curtice, Salmond refuses to accept he is to blame for Ukip’s Scottish victory by talking them up; the real victory however was Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh wasn’t elected to public office

Dear All

Scotland's 'jolly fat man' Alex Salmond has had an easy ride, in truth, he has never really faced a credible opposition at Holyrood.

His backbenchers are little more than sheep picked not because they have real ability or talent.

When they open their mouths, you just see how bland they are, to prove a point, take the time to look at how vexed the Scottish National Party are about the 'plastic bag' tax.

In a world in which the Nationalists say is riddled with discrimination, they want to put 5 pence on a plastic bag.

Holyrood cost £440 million pounds to build, and we get a 'plastic bag' tax!

After 307 years, doesn't the yoke grind us down, but a plastic tax, we can take our place among the nations of the world!

That was sarcasm in case it escaped Nationalists who visit the blog.

It seems that with the rather sudden dropping of the Nigel Farage's Ukip 'A Bomb' in Scottish politics, Alex Salmond has no one but himself to blame.

He opened the door for people to believe that different kinds of Nationalism are now available to them.

Ukip has parked in his backyard.

When Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh failed to get elected, it rather upset the apple cart, the Nationalists had already prepared themselves to spin a line about Scotland being different and how they were leading an inclusive party.

Which is all bullshit.

Ukip's result has caused Alex Salmond to lost the plot.

Rather than accept, he was the cause of their decidedly underwhelming result, Salmond has decided to blame others.

He played the race card, and paid the penalty, and as anyone with any judgment would figure out, you don't play race politics when your candidate is from a minority.
So, having exhibited poor judgment, Salmond refuse to accept responsibility for his part in that rather poor and under-performing campaign. And to then blame broadcasters such as the BBC shows he has the petted lip.

Salmond even had a go at blaming Labour that 90% of Scots didn't vote for the SNP.

I have to say that I am glad that the Scottish National Party didn't get the third seat they had set their sights on.

Although Salmond blamed the BBC, we should remember, it was a remarkable result in many ways, but chiefly we should remember Salmond gave Nigel Farage's party its biggest boost.

He decided to try and make it a contest between a white man and a Muslim woman.

When you look at the coverage, the SNP choose to play the race card surrounded by Asian people, even to the extent of using Glasgow City Mosque as a back drop in their little play.

This time however, the 'heroine' doesn't get saved while tied to the rail tracks, this time the Scottish people helped the train driver shovel more coal to increase the speed and go right over the top of her.

Choo choo!

The SNP even invoked the "ghost" of Winnie Ewing, who still had a pulse therefore the photo op of the 'chosen one' being received was given up with her blessing.

You may ask what was Winnie Ewing big achievement in politics for ordinary people?

What does Winnie Ewing mean to the people of Scotland?

Sweet FA!

Also, how many SNP 'heroines' come via being a Conservative Party Candidate?

As Salmond screamed keep Ukip out, the people of Scotland took one look at Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh and decided to invoke the spirit of William Wallace and stick two fingers up to Salmond and Sturgeon's crony.

As Salmond went in the angry Nat mode, he fell back on Star Trek accusing the BBC of "beamed into Scotland, courtesy of the BBC" the Ukip brand.

And needless to say Ukip boldly went where no Ukip has gone before.

As the unhappiness weld up, the Nationalist floodgates opened, forget the biblical tales of disaster, this was much worse, the Nats had banked on a bounce at the Euro elections to boost their flagging campaign.

In true sycophant mode, after Salmond visited the wailing wall, next came Mike Russell, the education minister, then Stewart Maxwell, the Holyrood culture committee convenor. He was followed by Christina McKelvie, of the European committee.

Christina McKelvie decided it wasn't just enough to bubble, a bit of hate was called for, so she did a re-tweeted that the BBC were "twats".

Twat is another word for a vagina.

A common term is 'fanny' as in 'hey you ya fanny'.

As the Nationalists worked themselves up to greater heights of outrage, they even turned on John Curtice of Strathclyde University who does impartial analysis for broadcasters including the BBC.

I have met him, a few times, he also does the odd bit of charity work.

The SNP questioned the psephologist's neutrality and accusing him of "letting the mask slip".

This in layman's terms is like playing football and kicking the referee because you don't like the rules explained to you.

Alex Salmond built his reputation tearing into people, in his later years, he decided to adopt a 'jolly fat man' persona.

The attack on John Curtice was pathetic, truly pathetic but pure Salmond, his minnows just trailed in behind him to be part of the pack.

Entirely typical behaviour from Scotland's 'jolly fat man'.

Sometimes ago, I was blogging on the rather ridiculous crap coming from that the SNP that the Scots were different from the English regarding fairness.

This is such utter rubbish as to be worthy of the deepest contempt, being Scottish doesn't make you any fairer than if you are English, American, Swiss, French, German, Russian or Chinese.

Your personality will determine if you are fair, like faith it is something you either believe in or don't.

The Scottish National Party leadership don't believe in fairness, equality and social justice, its all a lie.

You just have to type in Google 'SNP Vote Rigging' to see how the people around Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon act. The SNP is a 'rat ship', what we are seeing from Alex Salmond as 'King Rat' isn't anything new, the scale of people turning away from the SNP inside and outside is staggering.

People spoke to me of how privately they were glad that Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh wasn't elected, these are people who also had some satisfaction when the odious Natalie McGarry imploded in the Cowdenbeath by-election. It wasn't just that McGarry lost, it was that she destroyed the SNP vote much in the same way that Osama Saeed killed off Newton Mearns for the SNP.

Clearly being hard pressed to Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon's arses restricts vision.

As we approach the 100 days to the political death of Alex Salmond, the supposed game changer never happened.

So much for Alex Salmond as the 'strategic mastermind'.

Time for a couple of quotes:

"My problem is that I have too many talent people and not enough Cabinet positions".

Alex Salmond.

"Rather than the A Team, the party looked rather like the GAY Team in nature."

George Laird.

I really like that quote, so do others it seems.

During the Euro election, I never got an SNP leaflet pushed through my door, this is a sign of how on the ground the rank and file SNP members are deserting the Nationalist clique, and why shouldn't they.

The SNP aren't campaigning for Scottish independence, they are just having the piss taken out of them, they are being used as from of cheap labour, treated like mugs, and propping up a 'dictatorship' who have no concern for ordinary Scots. I got an SNP newspaper yesterday pushed through my door, the guy who delivered it I never saw before. As he popped out of a close three doors up he was clearly sweating and mopping his head.

The paper I got was a pile of unreadable shit, so I torn it up and chucked it in the bin.

The market selling Scottish independence has closed, it has been over priced and like ripe fruit is bloating up in the hot weather. Scotland's 'jolly fat man' Alex Salmond is finding out his 'team players' aren't any use, the 'face of independence' unpopular Nicola Sturgeon has badly flopped and less than gifted haven't been able to produce the goods either.

I notice that every time the Glasgow SNP clique see me they look terribly unhappy with their lot in life as their miserable ineffective independence campaign crashes down around their ears, I guess they don't do George Laird radical thinking.

Arse licking is another matter, #Scolympians.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ex Labour, Ex Tory Candidate Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh rejected by Scottish voters at the European election, Electoral Bio Hazard video

Angry Alex Salmond tries to blame Labour Party for his botched EU campaign, 90% of Scots didn’t vote for SNP, Salmond played the race card and misjudged the mood of ordinary Scots who he doesn’t represent, Scots rejected Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, Scots rejected Salmond

Dear All

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond was hoping to use the European elections as a springboard.

That plan fell to pieces as Ukip stormed in and claimed a seat which the SNP hoped would go to ex Tory candidate Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh.

Salmond played the race card against Ukip and it blew up in his face rather badly, you don’t play the race card when your candidate is from an ethnic minority.

Rather than accept a humiliating defeat gracefully, Salmond has decided to blame the Labour Party for 90% of Scots not voting SNP.

He is blaming them for his mismanagement and staggering incompetence.

Labour didn’t make me vote UkIp, Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon made me vote Ukip, Labour never entered my mind as I was going to protest vote to keep out  Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh.

And it seems that many of my fellow Scots agreed with me.

In the rest of the UK, Ukip made impressive gains and won the election, the first party in a hundred years to beat outright Labour and Conservative.

When the final results were confirmed it was Ukip, led by Nigel Farage who grab that essential sixth Scottish seat in Brussels with a 10.4 per cent share of the vote.

They might have only got one seat but they sucked the oxygen away from the Scottish National Party.

Who are now rather upset, like little upset budgies?

No ‘jolly fat man’ smile from Salmond, no I am so popular, 90% of Scots rejected him.

They utterly failed in their aim of snatching a third seat.

David Coburn, the party's new Scottish MEP, said:

"The Ukip revolution has now come to Scotland."

A bit early to be talking about revolution but the best dig so far from the political sphere was when Labour Leader Johann Lamont said:

"From Poland to France, Greece to Scotland we have seen the rise of nationalism and Scotland now has three nationalist MEPs”.

And of course there is the recent article by Staurt Winton on Think Scotland where he points out the similarities with the SNP and Ukip.

Labour rightly highlighted that Salmond bolstered the Ukip support by turning the campaign into a straight fight between the SNP and what the First Minister repeatedly described as Mr Farage's "politics of intolerance".

In the end, people choose to stick with a protest vote and reject Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh.

In a comment sent to the blog, a poster said that there were many happy people at the SNP who were happy to see Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh lose.

Labour MEP David Martin said:

"I'd like to suggest to David Coburn that the first thing he does when he sits down and recovers from the champagne is write a letter to Alex Salmond because there is no doubt in my mind that Alex Salmond's decision to polarise the campaign, the Scottish debate, between two extremes is why David Coburn is with us today as a member of the European Parliament."

One of the attacks leveled by Salmond was Farage's party were boosted by "the wall-to-wall media coverage of Ukip that has been beamed into Scotland".

Apparently no one was really interested in Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, ex Tory, ex Labour and a Sturgeon crony.

SNP MEP Alyn Smith said:

"Ukip topped the poll south of Border because the Westminster parties have pandered to their agenda. In Scotland, the SNP took them on - and we won the election."

90% of Scots didn’t vote for the SNP.

So, who is to blame?

The answer is simple, Alex Salmond is to blame, his stupidity was a gift to Ukip, he decided to use race to polarise the debate between David Coburn and Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh.

A Nationalist supporter on twitter said:

“If only we'd run a white man instead of a Muslim woman”.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, May 26, 2014

Alex Salmond, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP had 80 years to create a vision of a modern Scotland, last night I whipped up an entire city, It is the capital of Eckistan (Scottish region), called Losersville

European Election special: Ukip win their first Scottish MEP seat, Alex Salmond playing the race card backfires spectacularly as Nicola Sturgeon’s crony Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh fails to get into public office, ‘oh dear what can the matter be’, George Laird right again!

Dear All

I voted in the European Election, now the contest is over, here is how I voted.

I voted Ukip.

The reason I voted for Nigel Farage's Ukip party, it was a protest vote against the Scottish National Party and its leadership of Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

They run a 'rat ship'.

Time for a quote by SNP:

“It’s not where you come from but where you are going that is important”!

Bashir Ahmad, SNP MSP.

“Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, you are not going anywhere”.

George Laird.

David Coburn representing Ukip has become Scotland’s first Ukip MEP, oh how it must hurt for Tasmina, so many Conservatives getting elected and her tossed aside, not even looked at.

Alex Salmond rather stupidity played the race card, something which Tasmina Ahmed–Sheikh previously done in leaving the Conservatives.

As you know I am a bit of a scribbler and wrote some articles because it was important that Tasmina Ahmed–Sheikh was defeated, she doesn’t deserve to be an MEP.

Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said of the result that it was spectacular for the Nationalists.

Try looking through the right end of the telescope Nicola!

You promoted a member of your clique to the hilt and got handed your political ass badly!

Ukip's shock breakthrough gives the Scottish independence campaign a serious problem for the Nationalists; people aren’t listening to them; the problem is a major one.

Ukip's David Coburn said:

"Ukip are not going to sit down and be quiet like all the other parties. The Ukip revolution has now come to Scotland. I will do my best to make sure I highlight the problems of the European Union. When I'm in Brussels I will do my best to make sure Scottish business and Scottish people know the daft schemes they're cooking up there to make our lives infinitely more awkward. My second mission will be to make myself redundant. I want to get out of the European Union at the first available opportunity, and that I will do. On the bigger picture, Ukip has done well on the British stage as a whole and the fact that we're winning in Scotland and got such a good score in Scotland - getting up to 14% in some areas - is something we're very proud of."

Returning Labour MEP David Martin said SNP leader Alex Salmond has allowed Ukip in by polarising the debate in Scotland.

He added:

"I'd like to suggest to David Coburn that the first thing he does when he sits down and recovers from the champagne is write a letter to Alex Salmond because there is no doubt in my mind that Alex Salmond's decision to polarise the campaign, the Scottish debate, between two extremes is why David Coburn is with us today as a member of the European Parliament."

David like me knows that playing the race card is just bad politics.

Alex Salmond might as well have hung a sign around Tasmina’s neck saying, ‘I’m a English Muslim who wants mass immigration to take your Scottish jobs’.

Alex Salmond..... Master Strategist!

Rather than presenting a positive vision, Salmond and Co had none to offer but tried and 'put the frighteners' on people, the SNP at the EU are a waste of space, they have done nothing of note, and then Salmond and Sturgeon wanted to saddle us with Tasmina.


I said Naw!!!!!!

And I mean Naw!!!!!!

What do I mean......I mean Naw!!!!!

The real Conservative candidate who did win unlike Tasmina was Ian Duncan, who takes over from the retiring Struan Stevenson.

He said:

"We've bucked the national trend and it is a reminder that we have much to offer the people of Scotland."

Well, I would think two seats would be need before any type of we are making a comeback could be uttered, I wished him good luck prior to the vote, he at least has principles.

The big loser was George Lyon for the Lib Dems, he is out!

Not his fault!

Not a surprise either but his party is falling faster than a stone in free fall off a multi block of flats.

So, to recap, the SNP got what they thoroughly deserved, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh was defeated and rejected by the Scottish people, two Labour got back, one Conservative and David Coburn became a Scottish MEP.

George Laird right again.

Now, that is out of the way, will Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh position herself to take Nicola Sturgeon's seat in Holyrood in 2016?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, May 23, 2014

European Election Special, Nigel Farage is jubilant after Ukip storm to impressive victories down south, polls in Scotland suggest that Ukip could have a Scottish MEP, Alex Salmond urges people to reject the intolerant agenda of Ukip” and sign up to intolerant agenda of the Scottish National Party.

Dear All

One man who is going to be jubilant today is Nigel Farage.

Today, he will have caused major headaches down south after yesterday’s elections.

He is predicting his party could hoover up 200 extra council seats.

And he feels that the European election results due Monday could be even better making Ukip a serious player for the 2015 Westminster election.

Ukip made significant wins in Essex and areas such as Rotherham, the Ukip brand and the rather catchy slogan of ‘enough’s enough' obviously appealed to the ordinary working class people, but not just them, right across the board.

Farage says the "Ukip fox is in the Westminster hen house".

Being in the hen house is one thing, having the chicken dinner is another.

Farage said:

"There are areas of the country where now we have got an imprint in local government. Under the first-past-the-post system we are serious players."

A disappointing night for Labour down south, where the party failed to secure control of councils in spots such as Thurrock but Labour did rally in London which must be some comfort.

Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander said the country appeared to have entered a period of "four-party politics".

This could take a while to bed in.

The Conservatives also feared they were having a good night either are set for heavy losses.

Education Secretary Michael Gove admitting voters had turned to Ukip to send a "very clear message", and the Liberal Democrats also suffered.

Although a message was sent by the public, you can expect it to be ignored.

A third of councils having declared results which saw Ukip gained nearly a hundred seats, they had put their target figure at 80.

They included 11 in Basildon to ensure it went from Tory to no overall control, and five in Thurrock to rob Labour of overall control.

In the north, Ukip showed it could pose a threat in the traditional strongholds of Ed Miliband's party, taking 10 of the 21 council seats up for election in Rotherham.

There will be a lot of very nervous Labour and Tory MPs around now asking if they will have a job next year.

Michael Gove on Good Morning Britain: 

"We know that a number of people have voted for the United Kingdom Independence Party in order to send a very clear message. They want to make sure that the Government delivers on the policies of controlling immigration, making sure that we reform our welfare state, making sure that we get a proper referendum in Europe and the instructions from the electorate are loud and clear. We appreciate and understand why people have voted Ukip, and in government we will make sure that we deliver on the priorities that people have clearly set out."

Asked if he would congratulate Ukip candidates on their success, he replied: 

"Yes, I would like to congratulate all of those candidates who won and wish them well when they serve the public and I would like to commiserate with those candidates who lost."

Former minister David Lammy who played the race card during the election said that voters were "swallowing" Ukip's message on immigration and Europe.

By calling Ukip racist, Lammy was saying that their voters are also racist by default; maybe he helped strengthen Ukip’s appeal.

The Lib Dems suffered another pummelling, which insn’t unexpected, the Lib Dems need to do something to reverse their fortunes, lying in public office hasn’t work out well for them.

Their own piece of good news came when the Lib Dems tighten their grip in Eastleigh.

This is the parliamentary seat they successfully defended last year after the resignation of former Cabinet minister Chris Huhne.

The Lib Dems have a good record on the ground which explains why this is the case, they are bucking the trend.

Nigel Farage is a very happy man; the Euro results may see him be even happier on Monday.

Playing the race card was the wrong tactic against Ukip, didn’t work for Labour and it might not work for others who played it.

In Scotland, the ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond made a desperate last minute call for voters to reject Ukip.

Polls have suggested that Ukip’s candidate David Coburn is on the verge of making it to Strasbourg.

If David Coburn does make it that means the ex Labour, ex Tory Candidate, English Nationalist (SNP Party) Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh won’t be going to Strasbourg.

Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh didn’t get my vote yesterday.

Throughout the campaign, Alex Salmond urged the people of Scotland to reject the intolerant agenda of Ukip” and instead sign up to follow the intolerant agenda of the Scottish National Party.

No thanks Alex, the SNP is a 'rat ship'.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Open letter to Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, you didn’t get my vote, after visiting several polling stations, I saw no SNP activists standing outside, why is Glasgow SNP unwilling to come out for an ex Tory Candidate or is it just on the basis you are a Sturgeon crony?

Dear Tasmina

It’s ‘election day’ a time to get out there and stick up for your ‘principles’.

I notice online that the Ahdinnaeken blog doesn’t reckon much to yours.

It is a humourous look at the world of politics.

Anyway, I got down to my local polling station and cast my vote.

The big X.

The Scottish National Party, the party of grudge, grievance and malcontent didn’t get my vote.

You didn’t get my vote, Chris Stephens didn’t get my vote and the President of the SNP didn’t get my vote.

In Glasgow as you know, you are one of Nicola Sturgeon’s cronies, another being Chris Stephens who isn’t getting elected today or any other day.

After casting my vote, I decided to tour several polling stations to get a feel of the lie of the land.

No Glasgow SNP at any polling stations, I guess, the ‘Sturgeon effect’ of unpopularity has come into play.

No one is willing to come out for you as the ex Tory candidate Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh and Chris Stephens, Stephens let an Asian man be abused at Pollok SNP Candidate selection.

Regardless what anyone thought about whether he was suitable or not as a candidate, he deserves an equal chance, he didn’t get it.

So, no one willing to come out for you, this is terribly embarrassing having to rely on paid Nats.

Having played the race card, and Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond having played the race card on your behalf, the SNP membership must have thought to themselves, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, no thank you governor.

I see however, see that paid MSP Nats are going about with you in Darnley; it is this like is a support group?

Interestingly, Political parties on all sides have used the European elections to call on Scottish voters to reject Ukip.

Obviously they don’t view you, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh as a credible threat in public office.

I suspect they think you just want the money and the position.

The bottom line is that seven in 10 Scots back stricter immigration controls, a key part of Ukip's policy pitch.

You don’t.

You don’t agree with the majority of Scots or their views.

Last election, SNP and Labour took two seats each; with the Conservatives and the Lib Dems each taking one but Lib Dems are in meltdown is that your hope or do you think you can push out your Conservative counterpart Ian Duncan?

So there is in theory a seat up for grabs as you know.

If Ukip gets in it will rock the foundations of Alex Salmond and unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s unhappy little world.

Will Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh challenge Nicola Sturgeon for Glasgow Southside seat in 2016?

Will Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh be bought off by challenging Anas Sarwar?

I think everyone knows before a single vote is cast for SNP Candidate Selection that Labour MP Anas Sarwar will face a Glasgow SNP Muslim Candidate in 2015.

I mean it is unlikely that they will pick odious Natalie McGarry who imploded the vote in the Cowdenbeath by-election.

Mind use the word ‘imploded’ if talking about why McGarry couldn’t win in Glasgow.

Boosts your chances.

From 10,000 to 5,000 votes, McGarry killed off that Cowdenbeath seat stone cold dead.

Lost for a generation!

Alex Salmond, Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ is urged voters to reject what he described as the "appalling politics of intolerance" being peddled by Ukip.

But presumably accept the "appalling politics of intolerance" being peddled by the SNP.

Just to check, what are your views on homosexuality?

Do you agree with a SNP homosexual activist taking a street beggar up a dark alley?

Laughingly Salmond said:

"People of all political shades who want to stop Ukip can play their part and back... the SNP".

Any unionist voters stupid enough to be believe that guff?

Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, you don’t deserve to be a MEP which probably explains why no SNP members were at the several polling stations I visited, they must think the same as me, they must be getting around to the George Laird view.

Eventually everyone does.

One thing you aren't a person who could lead Scotland to independence.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Guest Post: Dissent Silenced, How one man decided to sign up to be a Better Together volunteer because of his belief that freedom of speech would be under threat in an independent Scotland

An overused cliché these days is I’ve been on a journey. Well not being one to put my head above the parapet until now, I’ll use it, even if it is a bit cheesy. What turns a moderate into an activist? My referendum journey started with being annoyed with newsnet for publishing the story on £4 trillion oil revenue or the $300,000 for every Scot story . I thought initially people would see through the misinformation and it would go away and that’s what got me started on facebook. I started posting factual information to show the figures were not possible from the BP statistical review the EIA etc. but this was ignored and even ridiculed.  Maybe the maths was hard? Even now it is easy to prove these figures are deeply misleading. For example, tax revenue from oil was £4.4 billion last year  down by ~40%.  This means that if we want to hit the £4 trillion or even £1.5 trillion Salmond target we’re talking about 500 to 1000 years of production assuming no more decline, in short totally ludicrous! There has been a change though, you mention this now and it’s not that you are wrong; it is you are putting Scotland down. I call it realism. However, the facts about energy are not the reason I’m writing to a human rights blog, it is the shift from not accepting facts to allegations of thinking Scotland is too wee, too small, which we all know is not true, we would likely be similar to Ireland or any other small nation. Because as soon as you start throwing around serious allegations you open the door, it’s not much of a stretch to start thinking of someone with a different opinion as a traitor or quisling .

So, I’m annoyed, I keep posting on BT etc. but something fortuitous happens, I’m blocked for no apparent reason, cant post anymore; I’m not abusive, forthright maybe, I have a public profile to maintain. I can’t say whether I was reported for being abusive by someone disgruntled with facts about oil, but I’m no longer on there. Consequently, I went on the labour for Indy sites and was instantly blocked from them for raising an innocuous question about stop and search rates in Scotland.  This was like the proverbial red rag. I went on a moderated debating site and it appears I have been blocked from that too for raising one too many questions about the dehumanising of the No voter, comparing them to hostages suffering Stockholm Syndrome  and much, much worse. This has made me quite simply incandescent, there is so much wrong with the stifling of differing opinion in a democracy and using trivialising and dehumanising comparisons about people who at the end of the day only want to remain part of the UK.

So, what have I done about it, signed up to be a BT volunteer, been to some meetings and I would advise all of you to do the same. The separatist (BTW they find that insulting, independence means exactly that though, the irony) have done a great job on me, they’ve taken a moderate person and turned me into someone who now believes that freedom of speech and the opportunity to give a different opinion are all under threat in the New Scotland and that is why I am writing to a human rights blog. You may think I’m over reacting, but the signs are there. The trivialisation of independence, trying to sleep walk us into it, by keeping the pound and queen etc. all short term measures, the misinformation and downright lies, and most concerning the silencing of differing opinion and demeaning comparisons of no voters that are all unacceptable. It has to stop, when someone tells you something is too good to be true, it is and voters get the democracy they deserve. Be angry and worried in equal measure.

European election special: Seven out of ten Scots back Nigel Farage and Ukip policy on immigration, if Ukip gets the protest vote tomorrow then unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘pal’ Tasmina Ahmed-Sheik who doesn’t represent the majority of Scottish views is toast

Dear All

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond is playing the ‘race card’ at present against Ukip, the reason is that he wants ex Tory Candidate Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh to get the Scottish National Party a third seat at the European Parliament.

Ex Tory Candidate Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh won’t get the George Laird vote.

In playing the ‘race card’, the SNP hopes to attract Asian vote in Scotland.

It is rather crude politics.

UKIP has policies to curb immigration, cut overseas aid and crack down on foreign benefits claimants.

These policies are backed by a majority of Scots.

Whether you are a Asian, White, Black or Chinese British or indeed any other combination of British, what Ukip is saying is that we have to protect our people first.

They apparently define that as just British, regardless of race, creed, colour or religion, that doesn’t play any part in their thinking.

No country can operate with an open doors policy; Ukip is saying what many Scots are thinking ‘enough’s enough’.

Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh doesn't agree with Ukip and she according to a new survey doesn’t believe in the views of the majority of Scots.

Can Nigel Farage's anti-EU party make a breakthrough north of the Border, that is a tall order, it means that people have to stop and think and have a moment of pause.

Ukip wants an MEP seat in Scotland.

It would open up the Scottish independence debate by putting the cat among the pigeons, no one except the SNP want to swamp Scotland with a million immigrants.

Alex Salmond does.

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon does.

Publicly unelectable SNP list MSP Humza Yousaf does.

Ordinary working class Scots don’t.

If we can’t cope now, how will we if the population increases dramatically?

What’s the plan Salmond?

Like everything else it doesn’t exist.

The new survey is a wake up call for the SNP as nearly seven out of 10 Scots back stricter immigration controls, they also want over half want international aid budgets to be cut.

Publicly unelectable SNP list MSP Humza Yousaf wants to give a billion pounds of our money every year in aid.

Charity is nice, but in order to do so, Humza Yousaf and the SNP would be effectively cutting council budgets, the NHS and money to the third sector.

Our taxes would go through the roof, so at both ends, the Scottish people would suffer.

Interestingly 6 out of 10 people say benefits should only be available to those who have lived in the UK for at least five years.

Significantly there is a strong backing from SNP voters regarding Ukip’s promises, hopefully the SNP voter will realise that a vote for the SNP tomorrow is an entirely wasted vote.

The survey was conducted by pollsters Survation for Dundee University's Five Million Questions project.

They are asking interesting stuff through-out Alex Salmond’s referendum.

Michael Marra, the director of Five Million Questions, said:

"This data shows that Ukip's comparatively poor performance in Scotland is not due to a lack of support for their policies among large sections of Scottish voters. The idea that Ukip's popularity in much of the rest of the UK represents a fundamental divergence in British social attitudes appears to be based on little evidence. This is especially important at the moment given the context of the referendum. There is a striking level of support for Ukip policies among Scottish Conservative and SNP voters. It appears from this data that the principle difference is in party affiliation rather than social attitude."

68.4 per cent back Ukip's headline pledge to impose stricter immigration controls.

Among Conservatives voters, the figure rose dramatically to 84.4 per cent.

The policy was also backed by 68.8 per cent of SNP voters, 67.5 per cent of Labour voters and 60.2 per cent of LibDems.

So, the people of Scotland face a choice do they want to elect Ex Tory Candidate Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh who doesn’t represent the views of Scots or do they want David Coburn, Ukip's lead European candidate in Scotland?

Salmond has sought to turn the campaign into a ‘race contest’ between the SNP’s Tasmina Ahmed-Sheik and Ukip.

His argument is vote SNP because Ukip is racist.

David Coburn, Ukip's lead European candidate said:

"These findings are encouraging and it's what we are hearing all over Scotland. Ukip's values are Scotland's values."

Perhaps Scots will say tomorrow ‘enough’s enough’ and lodge a protest vote with Ukip.

Tomorrow one thing you can be damn sure about is the George Laird vote isn’t going to the SNP for any price, the SNP have the worst record of Scottish MEPs at the EU.

The SNP lead candidate is a outright idiot in my opinion, and I see he has used EU expenses to pay his wife, although we can’t bump him, we can all have a damn good try at making sure that Tasmina Ahmed-Sheik doesn’t get access to the EU gravy train.

Enough’s enough, Salmond played the race card, these people aren’t worth your time or your vote. Ms. Ahmed-Sheik seems to have no problem getting Scottish Government cash, let's try and make sure she doesn't access EU money.

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon's 'pal' doesn't deserve to be an Scottish MEP in my opinion.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Scottish independence: Scottish National Party MP Pete Wishart declares that he doesn’t believe in Nationalism, apparently he is a ‘democracy campaigner’ who campaigns for National liberation, fine; when is he ‘burning his bra’ and ‘getting his tits out’!

Dear All

Last October, I stood as the independent candidate in the Govan by-election.

I came 7th out of 14 people standing.

The by-election was caused the death of Allison Hunter who represented the SNP.

Hunter was allegedly responsible for training up the current crop of SNP elected officials and candidates, which probably explains why they are so inept, stupid and lazy.  

Allison Hunter wasn't a leader of men.

When people die, the usual rule of thumb is for people in politics to say nice things about them regarding what a wonderful contribution they made and how they had achieved so much for so many.

And also how well liked they were, in the case of Allison Hunter it was mentioned how 'helpful' she was to others, the kindly friendly type, hyped as a kind of 'aunty figure'.

In 2010, I was at the Westminster count, not being part of the Pollok SNP group that night, I went over to say hello. I was confronted by an angry Ms Hunter who accused me of not doing ballot sampling.

I hadn't been asked by anyone; that is the factual point I would like to make.

Standing in a group, she started to verbally abuse me when I made a joke of it by saying:

"Don't I do enough work for the party"!

This prompted her to start swearing at me in front of the people round her, I didn't saying anything back, not because I was scared but because I had made a promise to an SNP organiser that I wouldn't cause any incidents at the count I attend in order not to bring disrepute to the party.

I kept my promise.

Hunter couldn't act like a professional.

Allison Hunter, SNP Cllr, SNP Organiser, SNP election agent, SNP Group leader, Nicola Sturgeon's 'pal', touted by Alex Salmond as 'wonderful', was a wretched excuse for a human being. 

Inept, useless, lazy and a malcontent! 

She trained up the SNP!

One has to wonder, did she have any direct input into the training of Pete Wishart, SNP MP, formerly in a band.

The SNP have 6 MPs at Westminster, they are led by an Englishman called Angus Robertson who tries to do an impression he is Scottish.

He isn't.

Of the rest of the SNP MP group I would simply say..... poor politicians and leave it at that.

Back to Pete Wishart, apparently, it seems that he is away with the birdies, he has tweeted that he has “Never much cared for any ‘nationalisms’ whether Scottish, British or Whateverish.”

A Scottish Nationalist who doesn't care for Nationalism!

If you think back you can come across other odds statements he has made such as:

"I have never felt British in my life” and that “I do not even know what Britishness is."

This is the same line used by someone who attended the BBC independence debate, 'Arabs and independence', I was in the audience. 

He uttered; 

'I have lived in England for 10 years and I don't know what Britishness is.' 

He is also the same person in 2012 at the BBC indy debate with Isobel Fraser who said;

'we shouldn't ask questions but vote for independence and decide everything afterwards'. 

I am sure the BBC will have archived that footage of both programmes. You can't miss this guy he looks and sounds like a bam.   

Wishart's conversion has been compared to a member of Sinn Fein insisting their membership should not be taken as evidence of being a Republican.

Other bits of bizarre musings by Mr. Wishart are quite revealing: 

“Britishness will be a feature of an independent Scotland as we go forward and we are keen to develop and build new British institutions as an equal partner. I wholeheartedly agree with the positive historic image of ‘Britain’ that the Nos [ie, Unionists] present and shout a rousing ‘hear, hear’ when I listen to them talk of a Britain as the ‘idea’ that built the NHS and stood together in the war.”

Remember he said previously:

“I do not even know what Britishness is."

It gets worse, as he uttered:

“Independence can actually even reverse the decline of the idea of Britishness, a concept that has consistently been on the wane and which I feared might eventually go in a devolved Scotland”.

How the hell did he get past SNP candidate selection?

To be blunt, what kind of babbling shit is this?

Is this to reach out to English voters, or can’t he genuinely remember what he previously said?  

If you want to mock someone, use their own material, because if it changes but their circumstances don't you have to ask are they an opportunist?


“If someone had told me that I would now welcome my own Britishness a few years ago I would have almost choked on my jellied eels”.

In October 2012 Pete Wishart treated us all to this ditto:

“It’s time to reach out to that patriotic inner Scottish nationalist who resides in practically everybody who lives and works in Scotland” and “Our job is to unleash that inner nationalist”.


“Never much cared for any ‘nationalisms’ whether Scottish, British or Whateverish.”

Wishart goes on to talk about National liberation.

Perhaps he can post the date when Scotland was invaded?

I read a bit of history but as I recall the Treaty of Union of 1707 was a Treaty of Union, not a surrender document. 

The SNP are willing to say anything to get a vote, they may think this is smart politics, but in the age of the super highway of the internet, everything is remembered forever and cached.

When at Glasgow University, I had the view that incompetence should not be a barrier to employment, Glasgow University management apparently agree with me on that one, we agreed on little else as I recall.

So, I am fighting to keep Pete Wishart in a job at present by campaigning for Scotland to remain part of the UK. I don't want any thanks from him, this is a by product which works out in his favour.

Whoever trained him up as an MP did such a poor job, he rightly should have the option to file a complaint against them. 

Mind you given that he and the other SNP MPs have done no damage at Westminster politically, this could be a mitigation defence, plus the disciplinary committee would have to take into account he received an advantage in the form of a salary and expenses.

Finally, I would like to finish on a quote:

“I do not even know what Britishness is."

Pete Wishart SNP MP.

"There is a genuine lack of talent in the SNP!.

George Laird 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Open letter to Michael Rossi, you object to term ‘unpopular’ Nicola Sturgeon, are you implying Nicola Sturgeon cares about the George Laird view, why don’t you start a blog telling people how ‘wonderful’ it was she let Scots women die of cancer after being denied drugs or just miss out the bad bits and you try for SNP MSP slot

Dear Micahel Rossi

Thank you for taking the time to contribute your thoughts.

“I still don't get why you preface every reference to Nicola Sturgeon with "Scotland's unpopular Deputy First Minister".”

Well, Michael, when someone says to you Nicola Sturgeon is an “arsehole”, you discount it, when some else says Nicola Sturgeon is an “arsehole”, you discount it, when you hear it through-out a number of political campaigns, it gets you thinking.

Gosh, she really is unpopular.

Why are women calling unpopular Nicola Sturgeon an “arsehole”?

Could be that she has let people down?

Could it be that she let Scots women die by failing to ensure they got cancer drugs?

Could be that she only serves her own self interest?

You answer the questions since you seem to know so much about her.

“Regardless of your own opinion of her, polls show quite the opposite”.

Did, I say I was talking about polls?

“Many of my Unionist friends whilst intending of course to vote no in September think highly of her”.

Any of them ever been fucked off by her?

Surely that is the point that generates unpopularity!

“Did she do something to upset you?”

Upset me?

Like what for example?

“Surely it's incumbent on bloggers as well as journalists not to misrepresent things - if you'd said Sturgeon "who I personally dislike" or Sturgeon "who is unpopular with some", that surely would have been a more honest form of words?”

Well, what unpopular Nicola Sturgeon knows is that George Laird tells the truth, ask her; then look to see if her face changes, when you ask if I am a liar of anything I wrote about her.

Also are you suggesting that Ms. Sturgeon is upset by what George Laird writes and thinks of her?

I can’t remember the exact quote from her but I understand it was something along the lines of:

“I became a lot happier in politics when I didn’t give a fuck what people were saying about me”.

The jist of the Nicola Sturgeon mantra!

Online you can see people write things about her that would have cause for a case of being upset, but the use of ‘unpopular’!

Perhaps you are upset because I said she is unpopular and here are the reasons why, isn’t that the nub?

Ms. Sturgeon’s concern is as a fake as her hair.

I hope you are not one of these people who are dazzled because someone holds a title; Ms. Sturgeon’s position is meaningless to me, much like her opinion.

If you wish to do your own blog on how wonderful Ms. Sturgeon is, then please feel free to do so, I wonder how many articles you can publish before you run out of material.

When you get it up and running send me a link.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University