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Scottish independence Scotland's unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon calls for a debate between Alex Salmond and David Cameron, "if Cameron will debate with Farage, why not with Salmond?" Nigel Farage is a credibility threat, Salmond is yesterday's man; he is a spent force, you get it now?

Dear All

Scotland's unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has repeated the rather tried old call for Prime Minister David Cameron to agree to a debate with Alex Salmond.

The Nationalists have been told No, No and No.

In this case as in every other case were Alex Salmond wants to fight on an English VS Scottish agenda, he has been blown out.

There will be no head to head before the independence referendum.

Cameron isn't a fool, and neither are his advisers, there is nothing in it for him debating with Alex Salmond.

And there is the question of why give a loser oxygen when you can just watch him dispassionately died a little every day before the 18th September. 

Down south, Ukip and Nigel Farage are a different kettle of fish, Farage is seen as a real threat. This is because Ukip threat his core vote, in Scotland, it doesn't make any real difference. Also, the independence referendum isn't an election which is explains why Cameron would see no reason to debate with Salmond.

There are reports that Cameron could take part in a pre-election TV debate with Ukip leader Nigel Farage.

This type of debate isn't new, Nick Clegg in the 2010 election did rather well that propelled the Lib Dems into Government. Gordon Brown, the incumbent Prime Minister was slaughtered, Cameron came second, the catchphrase was, 'I agree with Nick'.

If Cameron does agree to a series of broadcast showdowns in the run-up to the 2015 General Election, he will have to be very careful.

Ukip is sucking up the working class vote and the middle class vote, Nigel Farage is pulling votes away from both the Tories and Labour. The Lib Dems are in chaos, their vote is rock bottom.

Under the supposed plan, Cameron is said to be open to  a ''2-3-5'' format drawn up by his aides.

First, a fight with Ed Miliband, then a re-match which would include Clegg, in the final debate, this would see Farage and the Green party leader Natalie Bennett get a shot.

So, why no invite for Alex Salmond?

The reason is quite simple; the Scottish National Party is a fringe party with no possibility of forming the next Westminster Government. The SNP have 6 MPs at Westminster and they aren't exactly dynamic or a force to be reckoned with. Sucvh is the contempt they are held in that previously Cameron told SNP MP Angus Roberston at the dispatch box:

"will you fuck off".

Robertson hasn't, but whether he is there or wandering the streets, he doesn't make an impact. He is just another Englishman falsely claiming to be Scottish.

Mr. Roberston's main claim to fame is that he doesn't have any claim to fame, not a thinker, not a doer and not a people person, at least in Westminster.

Sensing that she and Salmond are being left behind, unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

"It's astonishing that David Cameron is happy to have a head-to-head debate with Nigel Farage - whose party doesn't have a single seat in the House of Commons - but continues to run scared of a debate on the future of Scotland with First Minister Alex Salmond".

That is an election, learn to spot the difference.

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon added:

"We now know he is happy to debate with the leader of Ukip who constantly lose their election deposits in Scotland, but is not willing to debate with Scotland's democratically elected First Minister. That begs the question what is he afraid of?"

As Ms. Sturgeon knows, fear isn't a factor, Alex Salmond is married o a woman old enough to be his mother, he is clinically obese, he combs his hair forward and he is deluded.

So, what is there to fear?

Sturgeon added:
"It was reported on Saturday that the Prime Minister is to visit Scotland more often over the next few months in order to campaign for a No vote. Why on earth is he not happy to publically debate his position? Given he is now happy to debate (with) a wide range of politicians in England, the Prime Minister should stop snubbing Scotland."

Alex Salmond isn't Scotland, perhaps because he is fat, Sturgeon mistakes him for a land mass.

Or maybe she is just as deluded as the fool who rolls around on £2,900 a night hotels lying on Egyptian cotton sheets pissing on the Scottish taxpayers.

Is that it Nicola?
Cameron has repeatedly ruled out facing Mr Salmond live on television, insisting the debate is for the people of Scotland, doesn't have a vote.

Responding to Sturgeon, Downing Street pointed o a letter which the Prime Minster wrote to Mr Salmond last autumn.

Cameron wrote:

"I have already made clear - and will continue to do so - that it is not me you should be debating with head-to-head on TV, but Alistair Darling."

He added:

"Separation would be forever, not just for the length of a five-year term. The referendum is therefore too important to be reduced to the status of some glorified General Election. People should cast their vote in the knowledge that they are deciding not just for themselves, but also for their children, grandchildren and succeeding generations. It is for people in Scotland to decide. And it is right for you and Alistair Darling - as the leaders of the respective campaigns, with votes to cast as well as votes to win - to debate head-to-head on TV."

So, what about the SNP calling for a place on the Westminster election debates?

Given the SNP isn't putting up candidates all over the UK that call is likely to be rejected.

Whether Nigel Farage gets a place in a debate is dependent on how well Ukip performs at the Euro Election, if they emerge with a greater number of seats, they certainly will have booked their place.

As to the SNP, they currently have two MEPs, in 2009 if memory serves they got 100,000 more votes than Labour, but still achieve the same number of seats, this was at the high of their popularity. This time round although they face weak opposition from all the main parties, there is the issue that they lied on the EU to hoodwink voters, several times in fact. Their candidates some already EU MEPs have an unremarkable record of non achievement.

Salmond calls them his 'top team', who is he kidding?

There is only one way Salmond would get a look in at Westminster 2015, it would be if Cameron and his people thought that his inclusion would take seats away from Labour in Scotland and there would be some advantage for the Scottish Tories.

Given the Scottish Tories are still in the wilderness, Ruth Davidson hasn't pulled off any miracles and is looking increasingly unlikely to do so. Salmond is effectively screwed all roads.

But first, he has an irrelevant Euro campaign to run before the big event on the 18th September, the Death of Nationalism Day in Scotland, well, his poisonous brand at least. Seems the 'jolly fat man' act isn't that great a success.

Presumably Scotland's unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon thinks she is a strategic thinker calling for a debate between Salmond and Cameron, she should remember the contempt that the SNP (part time Westminster region) are held in:

"will you fuck off".

That is about the strength of it, grudge, grievance and malcontent wasn't that great a position to take.

It appears to me that Ms. Sturgeon has been infected with what I dubbed the 'Hunter Virus', symptoms can vary such as stupidity, laziness and overblown sense of entitlement and ability, other lesser symptoms are being mistaken for an 'arsehole'. In the Govan by-election, many people said of Ms. Sturgeon.... "arsehole".

What price popularity!

Finally, isn't time that Nicola Sturgeon pulled out the 'secret weapon'?

There is a guy in Pollok SNP who pisses his trousers, could that lull David Cameron into a false sense of security?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University     

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