Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scotland’s Nelson Mandela, Tommy Sheridan's sister standing for Holyrood, chances of winning seat, very poor, lack of marketing skills for success

Dear All

The sister of Scotland’s Nelson Mandela, disgraced politician Tommy Sheridan is standing for her brother's party at the Scottish elections.

Lynn Sheridan is the party's top candidate for the Central Scotland regional list.

Unfortunately in her case, not enough work has been done to get into the minds of the public that she is credible.

She is a lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University, a Unison activist and has been involved in promoting gay rights.

But hasn’t any real profile, which is a problem.

She said:

"I look forward to campaigning in Central Scotland against the brutal and unnecessary cuts proposed by Westminster and Holyrood."

Solidarity needs to evolve beyond the cloth cap and Ferrets socialist persona if it is to be seen as clear democratic socialist alternative.

So what are they standing on?

1. The party is calling for the end of tax avoidance for the rich and big companies.

2. They also want to get rid of council tax and replace it with an income-based alternative.

3. Campaigning to scrap Trident nuclear submarines.

4. Investment in home-grown renewable energy.

A party spokesman said:

"We are standing candidates in every region in Scotland and in Glasgow we are part of a Coalition against Cuts list headed by George Galloway. We will be calling on Scotland's Parliament and councils to set needs-based budgets and not pass on the Tory-Liberal cuts. We will also be calling for a multi-option referendum on independence and full fiscal autonomy so that Scotland has the financial powers it needs to build the kind of society that looks after its pensioners, students, workers, young people and their communities. Solidarity is more than just a word - it is who and what we are."

Problem is the marketing of Solidarity; it is poor, very poor.

Tommy Sheridan is currently serving a three-year jail term at Barlinnie in Glasgow and so far not even one escape attempt.

He was found guilty of lying under oath during his defamation action against the News of the World in 2006.

Now, he has three hots and a cot, plenty of leisure time and working on his martyrdom as a political prisoner.

You can’t get elected these days if you can’t market yourself properly, standing in a woolly hat, donkey jacket and boiler suit don’t work.

And neither does call everyone brother, sister and comrade!

I don’t see her going to Holyrood as an MSP but wish her good luck.

Solidarity don't understand how to sell bake beans!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Glasgow Labour Council of shame forced to withdraw £42,000 magazine when caught red handed using taxpayers’ money for electioneering purposes, shame!

Dear All

Glasgow Labour Council of shame is in trouble, they have been forced to withdraw thousands of copies of a publicly-funded magazine.

The reason being that it contained a pre-election attack on the Scottish Government in order to try and influence the vote in Glasgow!

Glasgow Officials suspended delivery claims an article by council leader Gordon Matheson broke the law.

Gordon ‘free dinners’ Matheson is a silly boy producing a magazine, which costs around £42,000 per edition containing “party political propaganda”.

The Glasgow Magazine, which contains features about the council, comes out six times a year and is given free to 300,000 households across the city.

In one article Labour leader Matheson opined that this year Finance Minister offered councils a 2.6% funding cut but then threatened to withhold an extra £50 million unless we agreed to demands designed to win his party votes in May.

The article of shame has prompted a complaint from and legal letter claiming the article breached section two of the Local Government Act 1986.

This legislation sets out rules for local government publications, states:

“A local authority shall not publish any material which ... appears to be designed to affect public support for a political party.”

Glasgow is a key battle ground for Holyrood seats and in particular Glasgow Southside where Labour councillor of shame Stephen Curran is standing.

A Labour Council of shame spokesman said they are not accepting that they have done anything wrong but have asked Royal Mail to suspend delivery and agreed not to put the magazine online.

It seems that the Glasgow Labour Party intend to play dirty to hoodwink the voters.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Former Labour MP Jim Devine jailed for 16 months over expenses fraud, it is a bitter pill to swallow, he has lost everything, money, career, prospects

Dear All

The verdict is finally in and it is a cracker!

Ex-Labour MP Jim Devine has been jailed for 16 months.

16 months for fraudulently claiming £8,385 in expenses.

Ex Labour MP Jim Devine was found guilty of using false invoices for cleaning and printing work.

This is the third Labour MP who has been jailed for fiddling their expenses.

The judge, Mr Justice Saunders, said he "set about defrauding the public purse in a calculated and deliberate way".

Judge Saunders also said:

"These offences constituted a gross breach of trust which, along with others, had had the effect of causing serious damage to the reputation of Parliament. Mr Devine made his false claims at a time when he well knew the damage that was being caused to Parliament by the expenses scandal but he carried on regardless."

Party politics aside this is no way to leave public office!

During the trial the judge dismissed as false Devine's claim in court that another MP had told him what he did was "accepted practice".

Devine's lawyer said he would probably serve eight months in the pokey but could get out in four with good behaviour.

And he will be coming out to nothing, he has effectively lost everything.

Devine was declared bankrupt last month, following a separate hearing at Livingston Sheriff Court.

So, no money, no job, no career, no prospects and no hope!

And it didn’t have to end this way, if he had played it straight, serving in public office such as an MP would have been very interesting and it pays a decent amount of money.

Another example of a person who had it all and lived to see it destroyed just as quick through sheer stupidity.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Day of the Thug pt 2, stop writing about corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli of human rights abusing Glasgow University or face violence!

Dear All

Glasgow University is a human rights abusing organisation.

Most people might be forgiven for thinking that the recent unpleasantness and violence on campus is a new thing.

It is not.

Kate Connelly found out the true nature of what happens to people when they stand up against the senior management of Glasgow University lead by corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli.

Thrown against a wall!


Denied water!

Here is a snapshot of what happened to me written sometime ago when the senior management of Glasgow University stood back and allowed staff thugs the green light in the Sport and Recreation Building.

Powerful red fire hoses set to narrow beam were turned on my face while in the swimming pool.

I nearly drowned.

For sometime I have been subjected to covert surveillance by the media department of Glasgow University using

One of the people involved in the surveillance was Raymond McHugh, Media Relations Manager of Glasgow University.

Yesterday, I was checking the blog when I found that someone had left a threatening post regarding my personal safety.

According to the poster, I was being physically watched and told I was not safe in a public place.

In their words:

“(yes, you are under surveillance all the time - the Mitchell is not safe - you are right to be paranoid).”

It’s a clear message, if I keep writing about corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli and human rights abusing Glasgow University something is going to happen to me.


Another aspect of the threat against me was to try and brand me a racist.

As anyone who reads the many stories I have put up I have always stood up for people from foreign countries when their rights have been abused.


So, do I stop because violence has been threatened against me?

I won’t give in to fear.

I won’t give in to intimidation.

I won’t give in to violence.

The writer used a tactic commonly used by senior management at human rights abusing Glasgow University.

Smears coupled with bad research.

Glasgow University is a human rights abusing organisation and Anton Muscatelli is a corrupt foreigner.

Glasgow University thought that like Kate Connelly I was an easy victim to prey on, they thought wrong.

I have been subject to physical and mental abuse and will not stop campaigning against these people until.

1. The fees money stolen from me is returned.

2. The money stolen by breach of contract is returned.

3. The people who lied and defamation me are dealt with.

4. My name is publicly cleared by the University.

5. I am issued a formal apology in writing.

6. I am compensated for the physical and mental abuse I suffered.

Glasgow University is a human rights abusing organisation.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Human rights abusing Glasgow University advertise for Media Relations Manager after last one caught doing covert surveillance on protestor

Dear All

Recently I wrote a post on Raymond McHugh, employee of the human rights abusing Glasgow University.

He was involved in conducting covert surveillance against me using while on my website.

You can read my articles on his activities by clicking on the link.

I came across this today.

It seems that McHugh is being promoted.

If you are interested in working for a human rights abusing organisation which allows institutional bullying, malpractice, discrimination and criminal fraud by the senior management then file an application.

Its £45k in the sky rocket but the down side is that you have to work with people who are so false that they will probably turn over your guts, well the guts of a decent person!

Your first assignment will probably to spin away the violence and intimidation used on student protestors.

Can you run a smear campaign?

Can you lie?

Can you distort the truth?

If so, get the application in and try your luck.

Experience of managing stories on corrupt foreigners, bullies, liars, harassers, paedophiles, male prostitutes, sexual predators, violent thugs, human rights abusers and other types of deviants would be really useful.

And the ability to spell would simply be marvellous.


Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli Principal.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tory Annabel Goldie gets on her bike but it will be a political juggernaut that leaves her as ‘road kill’ after she loses Holyrood election

Conservative Councillor David Clews defects to Labour Party in Annabel Goldie’s own constituency seat, her weak leadership is killing election chances

Dear All

Last night Annabel Goldie was on television doing the Scottish Leaders debate.

But she isn’t just fighting for seats; she is fighting for her political life.

Against her own party members who want rid of her!

Her leadership is weak, people have lost faith.

The latest upset to her faltering campaign is a Conservative councillor whose ward straddles the Scottish Parliament seat where Goldie is standing for election has defected to Labour.

Renfrewshire Councillor David Clews is gone.

His seat is the Houston, Crosslee and Linwood ward.

It is a seat that sits partly within Miss Goldie's target constituency Renfrewshire North and West.

She won’t win that seat, despite her high public profile; she is destined to remain a publicly unelectable list MSP.

David Clews cites as his reason for leaving that the Tories "no longer represent" his views.

Mr Clews said:

"I have been thinking about this for some time now because over recent months my politics and outlook has changed, and I no longer feel the Conservative Party represents my views. My decision to join Labour is very much about policy and focusing on the things that really matter to people - jobs, the economy, local services."

Another devastating personal blow to Annabel Goldie, deep in her own heartland, people don’t have faith in her.

She is facing the truth, she isn’t facing the reality and she can’t escape the outcome for the Tories at Holyrood.

Annabel Goldie is leaving the Tory Party to defeat.

She is so deluded that she has convinced herself that she is relevant.

You have to feel sorry for someone like that clinging on when it is time to retire and keep some kind of dignity.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thrown against a wall, concussion, denied water, arrested, corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli of Glasgow University, unfit to be Principal

Dear All

Fear and intimidation are the tactics of the senior management of human rights abusing Glasgow University.

The day of thug was exposed publicly at the Hetherington Research Club but it has been there at Glasgow University as long as I can remember.

Now staff members at Glasgow University are finding their voice and “outraged” over the treatment of a female student by police.

Kate Connelly, a 21-year-old theology and religious studies undergraduate, was arrested twice once wrongly through mistaken identity.

The Police said no arrests had been made.

There are also disturbing claims that she was forced to get dressed in front of a female officer.

We now have a complaint registered by Richard King, professor of religious studies at the university.

He has raised concerns that Strathclyde Police tried to put a positive spin on events by saying there were no arrests or injuries.

Three students were reportedly arrested and charged with offences.

Strathclyde Police have denied acting inappropriately.

Professor King said academic members are composing a letter to corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli expressing “outrage at the treatment of one of our students” who suffered a concussion.

A concussion after allegedly being brutally thrown against a wall!

As well as that it is claimed that human rights were denied after access to water was refused after she was arrested for obstructing the police and inciting violence.

Hospital treatment was “eventually allowed” by the Police.

Then she was taken to Stewart Street police station and held for more than six hours before being released and charged only with obstruction.

And it gets worse for corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli who is trying to spin his way out of responsibility.

The following morning three police officers re-arrested Ms Connelly in her bedroom on breach of the peace charges.

She was handcuffed.

Interviewed in the street and then “immediately released” with the breach of the peace charges dropped.

Police claimed it was a case of mistaken identity.

The Free Hetherington campaigners are now organising a “Kate Connelly is innocent” campaign.

Professor King said in an email:

“One of our Theology and Religious Studies students, Kate Connelly, suffered a concussion after [allegedly] being thrown against a wall by police/security during the ‘eviction’.

He added:

“I have spoken to her. She is a very good and well-mannered honours student on my Buddhism course, and she assures me she did nothing to justify this charge and, in fact, is a strong advocate of non-violent approaches to activism.”

This is another example why corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli is unfit for purpose, unfit to be Principal and lacking as a human being.

Fear, violence and intimidation are the tools of his tenure as Vice-Principal and now Principal, like most cowards, Muscatelli stands back and lets others do the dirty work.

Glasgow University is a human rights abusing organisation.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ed Miliband vows to 'refound' the Labour Party by setting up voter capture scheme, people pay a £1 and they get say on policy, Labour Party con trick!

Dear All

The Labour Party is a dying party; people are leaving it in droves.

Why, what is the reason?

Simple, it doesn’t represent the people anymore, it is a clique.

Not just any ordinary clique but a middle class clique.

When Wendy Alexander stepped down, she wasn’t replaced by a man of the people.

No one from the area was good enough.

Now, Ed Miliband is trying a con trick in an effort to halt declining membership.

He wants to give the public a formal role in policy formation and allow them to become "registered supporters" free of charge.

It is a vote capture scheme.

By allowing people to comment, he thinks they will believe they have a say in policy, but having a say doesn’t mean they will have the final say!

So, we get the "Refounding Labour" project, headed by shadow cabinet member Peter Hain who wants to transform Labour into a more outward-looking organisation.

It isn’t and the ‘project’ won’t achieve this, Labour has abandoned its roots in favour of big business.

Hain’s pitch:

"It is imperative we use this period of Opposition to leapfrog the other parties by refounding our own, so that Labour emerges refreshed and reinvigorated”.

And he says that unless changes are made Labour's future and that many local parties are moribund.

He says activists feel disengaged and disillusioned; the membership is elderly, in some areas of the country the party "barely functions".

This isn’t just a Labour problem, it is common with other parties, politics is in a nut; ordinary people may use their vote come election time but who wants to work for political parties week in week out doing menial work?

If people want to be ‘postmen’ they can join the Post Office and get paid for it.

Hain suggestion is that Labour should consider allowing registered supporters to join the party without becoming full members.

Individuals would be able to become a ‘supporter’ and have a say in leadership elections and policy for just £1.

Previously, I proposed that my political party open up certain branch meeting to the public.
In 2009!

It is now 2011.

But then I was always ahead of my time when it comes to ideas.

Political branch meeting are tedious with generally nothing of interested being said.

Hain added:

"Just as politics has become more global it has also become more local. So what matters more than ever is how Labour engages with people in their neighbourhoods on local issues."

Effectively he is running with George Laird’s idea of open politics.

So, what must a political branch do?

It must campaign on local issues.

It must campaign for local people.

It must campaign for local organisations.

It must have a political branch website where members can submit articles.

It must adopt multi media techniques.

It must offer educational opportunities to the many instead of the few.

In short it must adopt George Laird type thinking.

Britain has about 1.5% of people saying they belonged to a political party in 2001.

The other 98.5% is up for grabs.

But that means political parties need to stop talking at people and talk with them.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Annabel Goldie found guilty of weak leadership and sentenced to political death after May 2011, no reprieve, no appeal, she will get rough justice!

Third Tory MSP Candidate quits Holyrood election race citing electoral malpractice, Annabel Goldie’s weak leadership now too much of a liability

Dear All

Yesterday, Scottish Tory leader Annabel Goldie stood before the television cameras and gave what can only be described as the weakest defence of what is going on in the Tory Party’s history.

Her claims that her campaign hasn’t imploded seem scarcely credible.

3 Tory MSP Candidates have resigned in a matter of days.

As she launched her manifesto one of her candidates quit in disgust at the party’s failure to investigate vote-rigging allegations.

Vote rigging is very popular in the Glasgow regional list it seems where you can buy your way to Holyrood.

David Meikle is Glasgow’s only Tory councillor.

But he has the integrity to withdraw from the city’s regional ballot for May’s election after his complaints about a recent internal selection contest had been stonewalled by the party hierarchy.

He is however still standing in Glasgow Southside.

Annabel Goldie’s leadership is dying and dysfunctional, her defeat at the ballot box with trigger an expected leadership challenge.

Anyone but Goldie!

And the Tories are right, she has done well in Holyrood but outside she is floundering as she is unable to lead.

Meikle and another Holyrood candidate, Richard Sullivan previously had demanded an investigation into the ranking of candidates for the party’s Glasgow list, alleging “electoral malpractice”.

And nothing was done as the Tory Party buried its head in sand.

The pair claimed a sudden influx of new members had skewed the result, and that numerous ballot papers bore similar handwriting.

Their party’s headquarters refused to instigate a probe, arguing there was no need for one, no need when allegations of vote rigging are flagged up?

What planet are they living on?

Meikle has confirmed he had refused to sign nomination papers for the regional list as he felt the process and the result were tainted.

But out of loyalty to his local association, he would remain the candidate for the first-past-the post seat of Glasgow Southside.

Being sixth on the regional list he stood no chance of being elected but he did stand up for the principle that everyone standing for election should be treated fairly.

As well as Meikle standing down, last week saw Malcolm Macaskill, who had been top of the Glasgow list sacked after past financial troubles emerged, including two bankruptcies and unpaid income tax in the 1990s.

He was pushed out so that Ruth Davidson, an aide to Goldie could put into pole position.

Since then Tom Coakley, a former footballer who made a fortune in property has now withdrawn a pledge to give the Tories £100,000 a year for a decade.

And rumours say that a second major Tory donor, John McGlynn, the airport car park magnate, no longer wants to contribute to party funds in protest at the treatment of Macaskill.

Macaskill was badly treated; he was denied natural justice and the right to a fair hearing.

Heather McLeod, a former Tory PPC put it aptly, the Scottish Tories are a nest of vipers.

After the Holyrood debacle, the next fight is to get rid of Goldie; one could say that election is more important than Holyrood.

Ruth Davidson will prove no bargain for the Scottish Tories, she is publicly unelectable in Glasgow.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

‘East Coast Weasel’ Iain Gray claims ‘Labour setting the agenda’, why are they stealing our people’s ideas then including George Laird's?

Dear All

If you didn’t know any better, you might be forgiven for thinking there wasn’t an election on.

In an outrageous statement divorced from reality, ‘East Coast Weasel’ Labour Candidate Iain Gray is saying that Labour has "set the policy agenda" in the run-up to the election.

He copied the policies of his main rival.

So, how is that setting the agenda?

Labour had been forced into policy shifts on issues such as fee-free education.

And the council tax freeze!

Despite being portrayed as a Leader of the Labour Party in Scotland, he isn’t.

His status at present is that of a Labour Member and Labour Candidate.

There is no Scottish Labour Party.

There is only a UK wide Labour Party and its leader is Ed Miliband.

Gray told BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme:

"What we've seen in the past few months is that we've set the policy agenda, including on things like a single police force for Scotland, the single fire service, a literacy drive, an apprenticeship guarantee, reinstating the Future Jobs Fund to help unemployed young people”.

On the single Fire Service, Iain Gray is copying George Laird again.

On the 4th September 2010, I told my party’s national assembly that Scotland needed a single national police force and fire service.

Gray has run out of ideas and is the ‘photocopy’ leader.

Tonight we have the leaders’ debates which see Iain Gray under the spotlight, he doesn’t have the ability to think on his feet, take him away from crafted speeches and mental cupboard is bare.

The choice is simple: do the people of Scotland want the control of this country to be controlled by London based parties or by a Scottish Party?

We can’t step back and allow our country to be controlled by London Labour anymore.

That’s why I am voting to keep a proper Scottish Government, voted in by Scots, run by Scots, for the benefit of all within our borders!

The fight is to continue to push equality and fairness forward so that the many get access to what the few have denied them for so long.

Labour’s not working!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli of human rights abusing Glasgow University attacked by Scottish Government over “perverse” cuts and failure

Dear All

More bad news for corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli of the human rights abusing Glasgow University, Scotland’s Education Secretary has launched an outspoken attack on the running of one of the country’s leading universities.

In a damaging statement adding to the chorus of Muscatelli must resign, a Scottish Government Minister called the plans for controversial course cuts at Glasgow University as “perverse”.

And he cited that that the decision was based on “false figures” by the University.

Of the botched attempt to eject student protesters from the Hetherington Research Club which provoked a subsequent backlash from staff and students, that was described as “failure” by the institution.

Everything Muscatelli does is suspect.

From covering up criminal fraud to failure to run the local ‘tuck shop’ to running the university, it is all serial incompetence.

This is what happens when you promote someone beyond their meagre capabilities.

Recently corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli stood before 500 students in Bute Hall, Glasgow University and lied to their faces, he said:

"It was not us that ordered that level of police force. I want to make it clear we will always protect the rights of protesters at this university, we will always work with them to solve any grievances."


Muscatelli was involved in covering up criminal fraud, discrimination and bullying by senior management.

As more people speak out about the need to remove Muscatelli, the problems at Glasgow University will continue to grow.

And less we forget, the senior management wants the names of student protestors.

A spokesman for Glasgow University said:

“Any decision taken by the university court, after a process of extensive consultation with staff, students and the wider community, will be after the Scottish elections on May 5. That has always been our timetable, but we continue to refine plans in light of ongoing consultation and debate.”

That means if the Labour Party take control of the Scottish Parliament then Muscatelli will have a green light to evict protestors during the summer while the student population is off campus.

Note that the decision is to be taken after the fifth of May.

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli Principal.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Edinburgh Tory Councillor Iain Whyte drops out of the race for Maryhill and Springburn, he realises carpetbaggers and non Glaswegians unelectable

Dear All

It all it is hard being a Tory in Scotland, everyone hates you.

The public can be quite forgiving but mention you’re a Tory and they will have no truck with you.

Edinburgh Carpetbagger Iain Whyte dropped out of the race for Maryhill and Springburn in Glasgow.

He is the second Conservative candidate for the Scottish elections in a week which has seen the Tory Campaign flounder.

Whyte’s chance of success in Mayhill and Springburn was incredibly poor, this is a seat which I have studied in some detail.

When I was a boy, I was brought up in Maryhill so have a fair idea of the mentality of the people. It isn’t a Labour Party stronghold for nothing, add to it diehard Labour in Springburn and the new seat is a tough nut to crack.

Edinburgh councillor Iain Whyte never stood a chance.

So, after a rethink, he has decided to bail.

A Tory spokesman said Mr Whyte had stepped down because of new rules which could have cost him his current position on Lothian Health Board.

He added:

"Changes to the selection system on Lothian Health Board meant Iain unfortunately had to reconsider his position and stand down as a candidate in Glasgow."

And chances are the Health Board is a stepping stone to better things, Maryhill and Springburn Candidacy isn’t.

So, who is the one to beat?

Labour Candidate Patricia Ferguson is the clear favourite with the Labour Party winning every first past the post General Election since 1999.

If you logically think about it is spending 7 weeks pounding the pavements and getting a few minutes of air time on the podium worth the effort?


Not when you consider that the party hasn’t done any work in the area whatsoever!

Not when no one knows you.

And not when you’re not Glaswegian born and bred.

Carpetbaggers not welcome; the message of 2011 to Holyrood's Maryhill and Springburn MSP Candidates.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Catholic Church to send Old Firm singing songs film to Police, Peter Kearney starts shit stirring quest again, Scotland’s shame Peter Kearney

Dear All

It seems that some people have got nothing better to do than be a shit stirring troublemaker.

Enter Catholic Church spokesman Peter Kearney.

The old firm games have attracted a lot of press because some idiots have caused trouble and spoilt it for the rest of the supporters.

In a recent flared between Rangers’ Ally McCoist and Celtic’s Neil Lennon, violence poured out into the pitch, the streets and in the homes of the people of Scotland.

I first came across Peter Kearney when he was ‘crusading’ in the central belt of Scotland in the quest to get a few people sacked.

At the same time, he was running a narrative which he said that hostility to Catholics is ‘deep, wide and vicious.’

He was at the time destroying the life and career of Hugh Dallas over a stupid email which went whizzing about the SFA.

Now, he’s back complaining again, and it’s about football unsurprisingly.

Kearney seems keen to keep sectarianism on the boil.

To that end the Catholic Church in Scotland is to study all footage of last week’s League Cup final to provide evidence to police of anti-Catholic songs sung by Rangers fans.

With the Scottish Government, the Police and the SFA trying to claim down a volatile situation, Kearney is like a bull in a china shop.

Last week Cup Final was a success, not by the result at the end of the game but by the behaviour exhibited by those at it.

But there is always a minority regardless who will be bigots.

Kearney gives the bigots oxygen by his raving.

Will Peter Kearney be complaining about anti protestant songs apparently not from what I can read in the public domain!

Catholic Church spokesman Peter Kearney said there was particular concern about comments from a Scottish Government Minister and Strathclyde Chief Constable Steve House’s over glowing praise of fans’ behaviour.

Maybe Peter Kearney should understand the politics of life better, the point was all about making a good start, from there you make progress, and progress leads to success.

But then Peter Kearney wasn’t that good a politician because the voting public kept handing him his ass at election time!

And let’s face it who will vote a crank into public office?

I found this:

Why is Peter Kearney attending an event that promotes a certain view of a divided Scotland?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli of human rights abusing Glasgow University caught out lying to students, incompetent and a liar!

Dear All

He came to conquer, to play the kindly Professor, to express regret and show empathy.

And like everything else Muscatelli gets involved in, it ended in failure.

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli got a different message from the student population yesterday.

‘Get to f*ck’!

Students have demanded the resignation of the Principal of human rights abusing Glasgow University over course cuts and a botched heavy handed attempt to end the Hetherington Research Club protest.

In order to appeal to the masses as a ‘listening Principal, yesterday, Muscatelli held an open meeting with students.

Professor Anton Muscatelli has been accused of incompetence and of having failed in his duty of care to the university community.

I have been saying this for 5 years.

George Laird was right again.

Muscatelli is the bad seed pissing on the history and traditions of the university that I spent 20 years at in various roles.

Muscatelli tolld the meeting of 500 students he isn’t resigning.

Yesterday’s meeting was chaired by Liberal Democrat MP Charles Kennedy, the university rector, who sat back and saw Muscatelli’s comments met with jeers.

Followed by loud applause following statements regarding the principal’s supposed incompetence!

Muscatelli is a prick.

A lie by Muscatelli to the student population was a statement by him:

“I do not walk away from problems – if there is an issue, I like to deal with it.”

Incompetent and liar!

Alison Kyle, a postgraduate student of archeology, said after the meeting:

“I think it allows people to see that there is a wider student concern about the cuts and consultation process, but it’s too late. This meeting was pointless in a way.”

And she is exactly right; it is a PR stunt by the senior management so that they can say that they are conducting a dialogue.

Another student, Louisa Campbell, agreed, stating:

“I think it’s healthy for students to be given the opportunity to express their opinions, but I don’t think it will have a long-term effect on anything. It showed that there is a clear lack of confidence in Professor Muscatelli and the senior management and this hasn’t done anything to allay our fears.”

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli said afterwards:

“The meeting was called in order to build better communication and a greater understanding with our students. It enabled senior staff to directly listen to the concerns about events on Tuesday at the Hetherington Club and also to discuss the wider funding situation facing the higher [education] sector. I am pleased the meeting was so well attended and that students took the opportunity to speak directly to my colleagues and I. We understand the events of Tuesday caused anxiety to both students and staff and we were keen to address those concerns in an open and transparent way.”

Under corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli, Glasgow University is a human rights abusing organisation, it’s a fact.

Yesterday’s meeting did however throw up an important point.

Anton Muscatelli is a liar.

His lie:

“I do not walk away from problems – if there is an issue, I like to deal with it.”

Now read this.

George Laird was right again and ahead of the curve.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, March 25, 2011

Head of propaganda at human rights abusing Glasgow University caught in covert surveillance operation against victimised former student protestor

Dear All

Minor fame indeed and sinister!

Human Rights abusing Glasgow University's Chief propagandist Raymond McHugh has dropped by this world famous blog.

His official job is Media Relations Manager.

Formerly he was a News Sub-Editor at Scottish Daily Record and Sunday Mail Ltd.

And Editor at The Glaswegian Newspaper.

Wow, how wonderful, what a career, editor of The Glaswegian!

Presumably the job as the Editor of The Times wasn’t available.

Today, McHugh makes his ninth visit and is using in a covert surveillance operation of this blog.

Host name

IP address

He shouldn’t spend so much time on my website; he should thinking about who is going to get the sack when the cuts bite.

The Candidates as they appear on the university website:

Mrs Eleanor Cowie (Media Relations Officer)
Mr Stuart M Forsyth (Media Relations Officer (International)
Mr Ray McHugh (Media Relations Manager)
Mr Martin Shannon (Senior Media Relations Officer)
Mrs Laura Tyler (Marketing and New Media Manager)
Mr Nick Wade (Communications Assistant)

Seems like top heavy bloated management to me.

Will it be ‘women and children first?

Or will Raymond McHugh fall on his rubber sword and take the hit for the team?

Stay tuned, as the cuts bite.

And McHugh, Scottish Parliament, IP address,, time spent 22 hours 40 mins 49 secs.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Waiting for Johann Lamont, when is Labour MSP Candidate going to condemn Labour Councillor of shame William O’Rourke over his rape comments?

'East Coast Weasel' Iain Gray pledges unfairness as part of Labour's bid to win Holyrood Election, no help for the poor and vulnerable, no LIT!

Human Rights abusing Glasgow University to set up the ‘Whitewash Commission’ to ensure that senior management are cleared and shut down complaints

Dear All

Human rights abusing Glasgow University is to hold an internal 'independent' investigation into its failed attempt to end a student occupation.

The ‘Whitewash Commission’ will clear senior management and pave the way for the blocking of complaints against them.

Here is an example of how human rights abusing Glasgow University conducted an investigation from my own situation:

“Appendix H is a letter from Professor Robert Rennie, Law Faculty who is also attached to the Senate Office. Professor Rennie apparently was able to conduct an investigation into my complaint without interviewing me or looking at my evidence. He then managed to clear individuals from the Department he is attached to. I should point out that under the university staff procedures this is not allowed. So, either Dr. Jack Aitken when he wrote on the 25th February 2004 is a liar or Professor Robert Rennie has been involved in the covering up of fraud at Glasgow University by investigating a case that he is not allowed to, under the policies and procedures of the University”.

As you can see Professor Robert Rennie who is a Professor of Law did everything possible to ensure that bullying staff were protected.

Let’s run through what he did.

1/ He didn’t interview me.

2/ He didn’t allow me to submit written evidence.

3/ He didn’t interview any of my witnesses.

4/ He didn’t allow witnesses to submit written evidence.

5/ The Senate Office, who I was complaining about, prepared ‘my’ complaint without my knowledge.

6/ I weren’t told an investigation was taking place until after senior management were cleared.

And then the arsehole wrote to me to say that it 'wasn't necessary' to interview me.

That is how Glasgow University senior management operate.

At present corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli is expressing his regret over “the deeply unfortunate events”.

The unfortunate events are that this is in the public domain.

He didn’t have any regrets what he and the other senior management allowed me to be subjected too.

But then if my case had made the papers then the university would have taken the same tact by expressing regret.

Muscatelli’s regret is that the violence and intimidation of a few student protestors blew up in their faces.

So, an investigation panel will look into events surrounding the incident, and that panel will be hand picked from the University Court, the University Senate and the Student Representative Council.

Michael Comerford, a postgraduate student representative said:

“As one of many students who are extremely concerned about the proposed cuts at Glasgow University, I find it difficult to believe this investigation will be fair and transparent.”

My own personal experience leads me to a similar conclusion; this ‘investigation’ will be to shut down avenues of complaint being filed against senior management.

This could be a PR stunt to try and cover up the true nature of Glasgow University senior management who are only too willing to use violence and intimidation against students.

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli Principal.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Publicly unelectable Tory Candidate Ruth Davidson takes top spot on Tory list rankings for Holyrood in Glasgow, the carpetbagger could get elected!

Dear All

It seems that the politically unelectable can go to Holyrood as an MSP.

Carpetbagger Ruth Davidson has grabbed the top spot on the Tory Glasgow regional list.

Her name comes to the top as Malcolm Macaskill who topped of the Scottish Conservative's regional ranking list of candidates for the Glasgow area is no longer a candidate for Glasgow.

Ex MI6 Spy Andrew Fulton, Scottish Conservative chairman, said:

"This change arose following discussions between the candidate and the Party's Candidates Board. As always in internal issues, such conversations are private and we will respect that confidentiality. I would, however, like to thank Malcolm for his service to the Party. This difficult decision has been taken in the best interests of the Party and we are lucky to have such an able candidate as Ruth Davidson to take over the top spot on our Glasgow Regional list."

By this statement, it looks like Macaskill was kicked out of his position.

Scottish Labour's candidate for Glasgow Southside, Stephen Curran, said:

"The Scottish Tories have been plunged into crisis. This reveals the chaos at the heart of the Tory party in Scotland. People in Glasgow remember what the Tories did to our city the last time and haven't forgotten. People here want someone focused on what really matters, not a last minute substitution."

We all remember that Ruth Davidson stood in the Glasgow North East by-election and was soundly defeated.

She could only poll 1,075.

The reason for this was quite simple, ordinary people are able to see through Ruth Davidson.

She, if elected isn’t going to Holyrood to serve the people; she is going to serve the Tory Party.

The idea she gives a hoot about the people is quite frankly risible.

So, come May 5th and not by popular demand, Ruth Davidson could be joining Holyrood’s politically unelectable sitting passing laws!

The key phrase in Fulton’s statement was:

“This difficult decision has been taken in the best interests of the Party”.

Looks like Macaskill was forced out!

If the Tories think that someone like Ruth Davidson can turn round the fortunes of the Tory Party in Scotland and specifically in Glasgow, they are completely deluded.

Ruth Davidson is a Wendy Alexander clone, a Glasgow University product that will never be accepted by ordinary working class people.

People won’t buy what the Scottish Tories are selling.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, March 24, 2011

“I'll back Labour if I win Scottish parliament seat”, says George Galloway, he targets his pitch toward Labour voters, 6% of vote means he is in!

Dear All

One thing you can say about George Galloway is that the boy isn’t stupid.

Galloway is standing for Holyrood on the list vote, if he gets 6%, he’s in.

The list in truth is his own option of going to Holyrood, he hasn’t built up time in a community to be a contender.

And then there is the Labour factor to overcome.

So, he is sticking his electoral ‘eggs’ in one basket.

Galloway wants to get as wide a voting stream as possible so he wants to tap into the Labour Regional Vote in Glasgow.

His pitch is simple; Labour won’t get any seats under the regional vote so their vote is up for grabs.

So, the former MP George Galloway will back Labour in the Scottish parliament if he wins a seat.

With Galloway in the contest and pledging support to the Labour Party, their voters might be asked to shift over.

Remember there are only 7 seats up for grabs.

And I expect one Tory, one Lib Dem and one Green.

That leaves four.

If Galloway is smart and lucky, he takes another that leaves three!

Senior figures in the major parties, including Labour, believe it is likely that Galloway would win a list seat.

I have to agree with them, 6% of the second vote in Glasgow on 5 May is achievable.

Galloway said:

"If you don't fight, you don't get. It's the squeaky wheel which gets the grease."

Galloway, 56, also previously attacked Holyrood MSP’s accusing members of being inadequate.

You don’t know the half of it!

Galloway added:

"We know the Scottish parliament is too small, too small-minded, too small in its horizons. And that the great majority of the people in it are quintessentially small politicians."

He is of course quite correct, sadly, the truth hurts, we haven’t got a great parliament because it is to some extent filled with people whose only vision is to get an MSP pay check!

Most people in Glasgow when I ask don’t know the names of Glasgow list MSPs.

After 4 years of them working and giving us their ‘vision’, they might as well not have bothered at all!

George Galloway says he will be a big beast in that small jungle and to be fair, it is about time some people were savaged.

He would pull off a shock by spreading his net wide.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Human rights abusing Glasgow University starts process of ‘rounding up the Jews’, senior university management wants names of student protestors

Dear All

First They came... - Pastor Martin NiemollerFirst they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

We all remember that quote from Pastor Martin Niemöller.

One of the things which happened to me while at the human rights abusing Glasgow University while being bullied, was being asked for the names of student friends by the senior management of Glasgow University!

Fast forward to 2011 and the university was the names of the students entering the Hetherington Research Club.

One can speculate that they want the names to those individual students so they can be singled out and dealt with.

The actions of corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli and his senior management have been exposed, students subjected to violence and intimidation. When the university ‘storm troopers’ went to the Hetherington Research Club to evict a few protestors, the backlash from the campus was overwhelming.

No support from student and staff.

Everyone is turning against the evil corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli.

The debacle has lead to lecturers to call for an independent inquiry and the immediate resignation of senior management.

Glasgow University has set up an internal inquiry which will be a whitewash.

An emergency meeting of UCU-Glasgow union members yesterday resulted in some 200 academic and administrative staff voting unanimously for an independent inquiry into the removal.

That inquiry must be conducted by the Scottish Government.

Another aspect of inquiries at the human rights abusing Glasgow University is to some times farm them out to other universities such as Strathclyde University.

Using such people as John Martin, Director of Student Affairs, Strathclyde University, students should reject that.

A statement from UCU-Glasgow said:

“We strongly condemn the decision that resulted in the excessive police action on campus yesterday and demand that a full independent inquiry be held. Further, we demand the senior management group accepts responsibility and resigns with immediate effect.”

Muscatelli isn’t going to resign.

With the eviction, students moved into the main building and after discussion, they are currently back where they started at the Hetherington Research Club.

Jack Ferguson, a fourth-year student involved in the occupation, said:

“This is an embarrassing climb down for the university. This is an institution in crisis. The staff are in open rebellion against the authorities.”

Now, Glasgow University Senior Management is going back to an old tactic, gathering names of students.

And I don’t think they will want to help them.

Glasgow University is a human rights abusing organisation!

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli Principal.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Jaconelli family thrown out into the street after Glasgow Labour Council of shame send in the heavy mob in dawn raid, the fight continues to Holyrood?

Dear All

Every so often something happens which could cause a political upset.

Margaret Jaconelli could be on such upset in the Glasgow Holyrood Election.

Mrs. Jaconelli has been evicted from her home by Glasgow Labour Council of shame.

She lost the battle over plans to demolish her home to make way for the Commonwealth Games.

Yet again, big business won over politicians at the expense of the little people.

In a dawn raid fronted by Police and sheriff officers, they stormed the building in Glasgow’s East End.

The Jaconelli family were barricaded inside and could not call for reinforcements.

There was much screaming and shouting before sheriff officers using drills and door rams smashed their way in.

Glasgow 2011 under the Labour Party!

Remember that on polling day folks.

After a struggle lasting several hours’ sheriff officers finally managed to get in.

Margaret and husband Jack, both 52, thrown out of their Dalmarnock home surrounded by family, friends and supporters.

Then the Police prevented anyone getting near the flat and the cordon remained in place until the family left.

The family say they are determined to carry on their fight.

Mrs Jaconelli said:

“I have lost everything – I have lost my home. They wouldn’t stop. They had masks on and were armed with all sorts of things. We told them my brother was in the flat and he suffers from a heart condition, but even that didn’t stop them. They tried to get in front and back doors of the close and then into our home. We waited until the last piece of wood was taken off the door – and then walked out with our heads held high.”

This is the classic situation were you would have seen Tommy Sheridan at, but unfortunately as Scotland’s Nelson Mandela, he is still a guest of her Majesty in Barlinnie.

In a statement Mrs Jaconelli said:

“We have witnessed the crushing of rights of people. We have lost our community. What kind of legacy is that for the Commonwealth Games.”

So, where were the mainstream parties?

Where were the political candidates standing for election in her area?

They weren’t standing with the Jaconelli family in Ardenlea Street, Glasgow.

I would assume that they “too busy” pretending that they are fighting for the rights of the working class people!

The Jaconelli case is another example of how Glasgow politics is middle class dominated.

No one from a mainstream political party came to help Mrs Jaconelli because they didn’t see her and her family as important enough.

Mrs Jaconelli found out the true nature of the Labour controlled Glasgow City Council.

If I was her, I would still stand for election for Holyrood in Glasgow to ask Glaswegians to stand up and be counted.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Example - Kickstarts

Example - Kickstarts (Official Video) by andrius221

Judge throws out appeal by expenses cheat ex Labour MP David Chaytor who fraudulently claimed £22,000, he got a light sentence!

Dear All

Former Labour MP David Chaytor was found guilty of expenses fraud.

He changed his plea to guilty in order to get a lesser sentence.

Then after a short spell in prison, he was moved to Club Fed, an open prison, fast track to a cushy existence.

Scotland’s Nelson Mandela is banged up in Barlinnie, no Club Fed for him.

With sweet FA to do with his time, David Chaytor decided that he wasn’t happy with a lesser sentence and wanted more off.

So he has stuck in an appeal.

And the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge and two other judges promptly tossed that appeal out on its arse.

Appeal refused.

Chaytor forged tenancy documents and invoices to falsely claim more than £22,000 of taxpayers' money for rent and IT work from the Commons authorities.

The problem with Chaytor was that he was involved in a multiple fraud!

His 18-month prison term stands.

Announcing the decision, Lord Judge, sitting with Mr Justice Henriques and Mr Justice Foskett, said:

“This was a grave breach of trust and there was a further aggravating feature of this case. It is difficult to exaggerate the levels of public concern at the revelation of significant abuse of the expenses system by some Members of Parliament.
'Some elected representatives, vested with the responsibility for making the laws which govern us all, betrayed the public trust.”

He added:

“There was incredulous consequent public shock. The result was serious damage to the reputation of Parliament, with correspondingly reduced confidence in our priceless democratic system and the processes by which it is implemented and we are governed. This element of damage caused by the appellant and others cannot be valued in monetary terms, but it is nonetheless real, and the impact of what has been done will not dissipate rapidly.”

The chances of a successful appeal in my opinion were nil.

If you think about the evidence speaks for itself loudly.

And it wasn’t accidental either!

Lord Judge said of Chaytor:

“This sad fall from grace was entirely self-inflicted.”
No one forced Chaytor to do what he did, he was using his elected position for his own advantage and he was paid a decent salary, with an interesting career.

Lord Judge added:

“As a Member of Parliament, the appellant was entitled, within prescribed rules, to claim for expenses incurred by him in the course of fulfilling the responsibilities of his office. The rules are set out in a document known as the Green Book, published by the House of Commons Department of Resources, which was also responsible for the administration of the expenses claims system.”

Lord Judge also added:

“Until what became known as the "expenses scandal", it was an essential feature of the operation of the scheme that Members of Parliament were invariably treated as honest, trustworthy people and the unwritten assumption was that only claims for expenses genuinely incurred in accordance with the rules would be made.”

Now, trust in politicians is bouncing along the deck.

And justly so, in some cases we get very good politicians from all parties but there is still are hard core of bad politicians who don’t serve the communities they represent, just their party interest.

They haven’t grasped the best way to serve their party’s interest is ensuring they provide as best they can a good service on behalf of the people.

Chaytor just wasted the Court’s time, this was never a runner.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Margaret Jaconelli bids for move to Holyrood as MSP, the problem with a loose cannon is sometimes it goes off and blows yer brains out!

Dear All

In politics you get the serious politicians and the less so serious.

Enter a Grandmother!

Margaret Jaconelli, Holyrood MSP for Glasgow!

Mrs. Jaconelli is embroiled in a bitter eviction battle over plans to demolish her home to make way for the Commonwealth Games athletes’ village.

She wants to stand for the Scottish Parliament.

Good luck to her and I wish her all the best.

And if Glaswegians were to ‘go mental’, they might vote her in.

So, where to stand?

If you’re going out with a bang then you might as well stand in the highest profile seat in Glasgow.

Because you get even more publicity and if you can get the sympathy vote, who knows what could happen.

To stand she needs a £500 deposit and a few signatures and bob’s your uncle you are off to the races!

And good news for the Labour Council of shame, she is planning to designate her home as her campaign headquarters in the six-week run up to the election.

Legally she is entitled to a free and fair election which means Glasgow Labour Council might have to back off.

The would-be politician will probably stand on the issue of housing, which she has some knowledge of.

She said: “Before now, I had never dreamed of entering the world of politics. But then I realised I have been locked in a political battle with this council for the past eight years. They want to steal my home from me and my family but I have had neither the power not political platform to take them on. That changes now. Hopefully, with the support of the Glasgow people, I can highlight the disgraceful way our community has been treated in the name of these Games. It is not about me. I am aware of many examples where this council has bulldozed the rights of its citizens. People have been coming to me recently asking for help. I would ask the council to respect the fact that my home is now my campaign headquarters and remove the threat of eviction until after the vote.”

If Mrs Jaconelli stands in Glasgow Southside, she could upset the chances of the Labour Candidate Stephen Curran and the Labour Party who are desperate to win this seat at all costs.

They are throwing money, manpower and resources into this high profile campaign and Glaswegians are fickle about people getting abused.

And with dozens of supporters doing high visual profile work in the streets, it does focus minds especially if you target the right places to find your niche support.

In her case post offices, shops, primary schools, benefit office, housing offices, council benefit offices, leisure centres, supermarkets, bingo halls and boozers!

In some respects it would be incredibly funny if after the last electoral bullet is fired, Mrs Jaconelli is standing up at the mike as a Glasgow MSP with the two main parties looking at each other in total disbelief.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Day of the Thug, Glasgow University Senior Management allow violence and intimidation against students again, serious injuries in peaceful protest

Dear All

Glasgow University is a human rights abusing organisation.

It’s a fact.

Some people have previously laughed at my campaign including a Holyrood MSP who said:

‘George Laird of the Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University’!

In a slow deliberate manner implying I was a fool to stand up for my rights against victimisation by Glasgow University senior management.

Events in recent days have shown and proven that Glasgow University senior management are not afraid to use violence and intimidation against specifically targeted individuals. The University of Glasgow has always been careful about how it selects its victims, always picking on the vulnerable.

Now, given the Hetherington debacle, we see further calls for corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli, the worst Principal in the history of Glasgow University to resign.

Glasgow University operates a secret policy of discrimination.

The attempt by the senior university management to use violence and intimidation has backfired spectacularly.

This has plunged the university into a fresh crisis as 150 angry students ran rampage through some of the most historic parts of Glasgow University to confront corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli.

Having been evicted by force from the Hetherington Research Club, they storm the main building to take up a new ‘squat’ in the administration offices.

As well as the student anger, a band of nearly 100 outraged academics signed a joint statement condemning the university’s actions.

Previously staff had a vote of no confidence in Muscatelli.

The use of violence, green lighted by the senior management resulted in claims that four students were injured, two suffering dislocated shoulders and one suffering concussion.

Glasgow University senior management have allowed staff to use violence on people within the campus before, knowing full well their history.

Staff who had a history of violence and kept offensive weapons in their lockers which is fully documented by their own security staff!

After the violent eviction watched by 700 students who gathered outside, 200 decided to take the demonstration directly to the principal, chanting “retake the university” and “Muscatelli – out out out.”

Lauri Love, one of the protest leaders, told his colleagues:

“We have retaken the university”, before the head of security Gordon Mackenzie was provided with a list of demands which included the resignation of corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli.

In an attempt to get the protestors to leave Susan Stewart, director of corporate communications, and a member of the senior management group tried to get students to quit.

Flanked by security staff!

Stewart was shouted down.

As a paid mouthpiece of the university, she failed that task.

She explained that a letter had previously been sent to the group asking to leave the building peacefully.

One of the evictees, Sarah Higgins, 20, a politics student, said:

“The response is out of proportion and people are angry about it. They’ve only made things worse.”

Tommy Gore, president of the university’s student representative council, said the police presence was “unacceptable” and added:

“We cannot, in any way, see the justification for allowing such a disproportionately large amount of police onto our university campus.”

The day of the thug has arrived openly at human rights abusing Glasgow University; peaceful protest will be met by violence and intimidation by senior management staff.

It was a mistake that corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli ever became Principal.

Glasgow University still is a human rights abusing organisation under his tenure, he should resign immediately.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The ‘C*nt for Red October’, are university media staff joining the growing internal rebellion against corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli?

Dear All

It seems human rights abusing Glasgow University; don’t like my writing about University Corruption.


IP addresses: Publicity Department Central University Planning Unit Glasgow University liar, bully and thief Julie Ommer

With University sending in the ‘storm troopers’ to crush student dissent at the Hetherington backed up by the Police, unhappiness is the order of the day.

Finally, who was the member of the publicity department who typed into google “mucatelli cunt”?

Host name

IP address

And with a Professor liken the Muscatelli Regime to Stalin’s Russia; it seems that Anton’s political commissars will have a hard time suppressing staff and student dissent.

During World War 2, Red October featured strongly in Soviet propaganda.

Perhaps they will name their investigation that!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Glasgow Labour Council Chief George Black accused of hypocrisy over hospitality, Black attends freebie events, people lose jobs; Black watches Kylie

Dear All

‘All work and no play makes, Jack a dull boy’.

The chief executive of Glasgow Labour Council of shame knows how to play.

And with lavish hospitality!

George Black has been accused of insensitivity and hypocrisy after accepting lavish hospitality while Glasgow City Council is cutting its budget and shedding thousands of staff.

Black has enjoyed free trips to Wimbledon, Gleneagles and Crystal Palace athletics stadium.

And he is on £170,000-a-year.

So, he isn’t short of a few bob.

Black has also accepted tickets to concerts by Kylie Minogue, Coldplay, Joan Armatrading and Andrea Bocelli since 2008.

The tally of how much George Black has enjoyed himself stands at 68 events, including 31 dinners, 12 concerts and shows, 11 sporting events, seven awards galas and five balls.

Several events came courtesy of companies doing business with the council.

No surprise there then!

This is the type of practice that should be stamped out immediately and completely.

In fact, there should be a law against accepting gratuities of this nature for politicians and those in higher echelons of the public sector.

David Meikle, a Tory councillor in Glasgow, said:

“These revelations are a slap in the face for hard-pressed council taxpayers and staff. It is galling that the chief executive, who earns more than the Prime Minister, has been enjoying these freebies while services and jobs are being cut.”

A spokesman for the council said:

“There are a host of reasons why it would be appropriate to accept hospitality. In each case, the chief executive acted appropriately and within the rules.”

Clearly, the rules need to be changed.

Under the Glasgow Labour Council of shame, the public have seen how weak and ineffectual Gordon ‘free dinners’ Matheson is, check out his freebies:

I don’t think we can count on Matheson to take a lead.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Prime Minister David Cameron wins massive support for UK attack on Libya in House of Commons vote, 557 – 13, land invasion is needed

Dear All

Right from the start of the Libyan crisis and before it became popular with David Cameron; I was blogging on how the United Nations needed to send in Peacekeepers in order to protect the civilian population from Gaddafi.

You can read my time line and content.

We now have the United Nations Resolution, the no fly zone and to their credit China and Russia didn’t use their veto in the Security Council.

We have seen the effect of the no fly zone with allied planes launching strikes which have stop Gaddafi seeking revenge on protestors.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, the West made serious mistakes; we went to war for all the wrong reasons.

And we are still currently living with the shame of being on the wrong side of history.

Libya is different; we are on the right side of history because our help is to protect the people.

Gaddafi must be removed from power, we cannot allow and we should not have allowed commercial interest and vested interests to get in the way of what is needed to be done.

We are talking land invasion.

The lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan cannot be repeated, to that end China and Russia should be part of the post Libyan future if that is the will of the Libyan people.

In Britain, David Cameron won the overwhelming support of the House of Commons for his decision to commit British forces to the international military effort.

Cameron said:

“This is not going to be another Iraq.”

Time will tell on that issue.

He added “good progress” had been made in wiping out Gaddafi’s air defences and action by US, UK and French planes and naval vessels had helped avert a “bloody massacre” in the rebel stronghold Benghazi.

Which Gaddafi pledged his forces would ‘cleanse’.

Former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell said:

“This action is necessary, legal and legitimate”.

Although there is talk by some of this being a ‘good war’ it isn’t, the people who have already died prove that.

Gaddafi and his family should be given a stark choice with options.

Resign and take your family and associates with you into exile.

Or resist and face the prospect of being killed.

Or resist and face the prospect of trial by the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Resignation guarantees life.

One of the worst instances of the Iraq debacle was the execution of Saddam; he was murdered by the puppet American controlled regime instead of being tried by the ICC.

That was one of the most damning things which destroyed America’s reputation, a mistake so huge you could scarcely believe someone was so stupid to sanction it.

If captured Gaddafi cannot be tried in a Libyan Court but by the ICC.

Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama must be signed up to this part of the mission.

Never again should the rule of law be discarded in favour of lynch mob justice.

MPs voted by 557 to 13, a majority 544 in favour of the use of the armed forces to implement the UN Security Council resolution passed last week which authorised “all necessary measures” to protect civilians and enforce a no-fly zone.

The public need to know that we are doing the right thing and that the people who will risk their lives are going so in a just cause.

It isn’t about oil as touted by some because the West already climbed into bed with Gaddafi; it’s about the Libyan people and their democratic right to freedom in their own country.

That is why I support what is happening and what will logically follow, land invasion.

This is a UN led mission on humanitarian grounds.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Human rights abusing Glasgow University send in the ‘Storm troopers’ to clear student protest out of building, blitzkrieg with Police back up

Dear All

When students at the human rights abusing Glasgow University occupied the Hetherington Building, they thought quite wrongly that their interests would be taken onboard by the corrupt senior university management.

They were wrong!

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli and his management group don’t care about people’s rights, destroying parts of the university or human rights in general.

I plainly saw this myself when the liar, bully and thief Julie Ommer, Director of Sport and Recreation repeatedly made false accusations against me as part of a deliberate and systematic smear campaign.

Now, more unhappiness on campus as Police turned up to evict a group of student protesters who have occupied the former post grad club!

80 of them!

The Police were there to assist Anton's ‘Stromtroopers’ of the University Security.

After the seven's occupation which resulted in failure, they have singly fail to grasp the aspects of how to conduct the ‘War on Muscatelli’.

In order to prosecute a success war, it has to be done partly in a covert fashion by putting so much pressure in the system that the university can’t cope.

Foi’s cost time and money.

Enquiries cost time and money.

Complaints in departments cost time and money.

Using computing facilities to run anti Glasgow University propaganda to various institutions, press and World Wide Web!

Find out rating sites and mass postings of protest.

In a war, you have to target specifically.

Example, a Library protest!

What is a library protest?

Get an organised group of students to take out several books and return them almost immediately.

The effect on library staff would produce a result were the library would struggle to provide an effective service.

By carefully selecting targets on campus and burning staff time, the university would be cheaper to give into the protestors.

Targeting people and infrastructure works.

Protester Alice Coy, a postgraduate student, said:

"We've been occupying the building for seven weeks as part of an anti-cuts protest. We chose this building on purpose so that it was not an inconvenience to students as it closed a year ago. The security officers came in this morning to evict us, we've been given no warning. It's very distressing and the university have been incredibly obstructive and refused to negotiate with us."

Alice made the mistake of not having a wider campaign, perhaps Alice should learn more.

Tommy Gore, president of the SRC, said:

"What we saw outside the Hetherington Research Club today, with a police presence of 80 officers on university-owned property is unacceptable. Whilst we support the university's goal of turning the previously empty building into learning and teaching space, we cannot, in any way, see the justification for allowing such a disproportionally large amount of police onto our university campus."

Gore makes the mistake of saying “our university campus”.

It isn't yours; it isn’t the people of Glasgow or even Scotland’s.

Education in Scotland is run by members of the Royal Society of Edinburgh; this private club effectively operates the cartel in Scottish Education.

Another student protest ends!

Failure of achieve all objectives.

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli Principal

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University