Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day of the Thug, Glasgow University Senior Management allow violence and intimidation against students again, serious injuries in peaceful protest

Dear All

Glasgow University is a human rights abusing organisation.

It’s a fact.

Some people have previously laughed at my campaign including a Holyrood MSP who said:

‘George Laird of the Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University’!

In a slow deliberate manner implying I was a fool to stand up for my rights against victimisation by Glasgow University senior management.

Events in recent days have shown and proven that Glasgow University senior management are not afraid to use violence and intimidation against specifically targeted individuals. The University of Glasgow has always been careful about how it selects its victims, always picking on the vulnerable.

Now, given the Hetherington debacle, we see further calls for corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli, the worst Principal in the history of Glasgow University to resign.

Glasgow University operates a secret policy of discrimination.

The attempt by the senior university management to use violence and intimidation has backfired spectacularly.

This has plunged the university into a fresh crisis as 150 angry students ran rampage through some of the most historic parts of Glasgow University to confront corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli.

Having been evicted by force from the Hetherington Research Club, they storm the main building to take up a new ‘squat’ in the administration offices.

As well as the student anger, a band of nearly 100 outraged academics signed a joint statement condemning the university’s actions.

Previously staff had a vote of no confidence in Muscatelli.

The use of violence, green lighted by the senior management resulted in claims that four students were injured, two suffering dislocated shoulders and one suffering concussion.

Glasgow University senior management have allowed staff to use violence on people within the campus before, knowing full well their history.

Staff who had a history of violence and kept offensive weapons in their lockers which is fully documented by their own security staff!

After the violent eviction watched by 700 students who gathered outside, 200 decided to take the demonstration directly to the principal, chanting “retake the university” and “Muscatelli – out out out.”

Lauri Love, one of the protest leaders, told his colleagues:

“We have retaken the university”, before the head of security Gordon Mackenzie was provided with a list of demands which included the resignation of corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli.

In an attempt to get the protestors to leave Susan Stewart, director of corporate communications, and a member of the senior management group tried to get students to quit.

Flanked by security staff!

Stewart was shouted down.

As a paid mouthpiece of the university, she failed that task.

She explained that a letter had previously been sent to the group asking to leave the building peacefully.

One of the evictees, Sarah Higgins, 20, a politics student, said:

“The response is out of proportion and people are angry about it. They’ve only made things worse.”

Tommy Gore, president of the university’s student representative council, said the police presence was “unacceptable” and added:

“We cannot, in any way, see the justification for allowing such a disproportionately large amount of police onto our university campus.”

The day of the thug has arrived openly at human rights abusing Glasgow University; peaceful protest will be met by violence and intimidation by senior management staff.

It was a mistake that corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli ever became Principal.

Glasgow University still is a human rights abusing organisation under his tenure, he should resign immediately.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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The Source said...

I wonder wht the protesters were allowed back into the same premises they got evicted from, hours after the ugly scenes's at the Heatherington building.
A lot of tax-payers money was wasted yesterday by the large presence of police, inculding dogs and helicopter, so why was this allowed to happen.
Glasgow University are a joke, as are the people who run the place, they should be FORCED to pay the large amount of money that spent dealing with the fiasco there yesterday