Saturday, March 26, 2011

Catholic Church to send Old Firm singing songs film to Police, Peter Kearney starts shit stirring quest again, Scotland’s shame Peter Kearney

Dear All

It seems that some people have got nothing better to do than be a shit stirring troublemaker.

Enter Catholic Church spokesman Peter Kearney.

The old firm games have attracted a lot of press because some idiots have caused trouble and spoilt it for the rest of the supporters.

In a recent flared between Rangers’ Ally McCoist and Celtic’s Neil Lennon, violence poured out into the pitch, the streets and in the homes of the people of Scotland.

I first came across Peter Kearney when he was ‘crusading’ in the central belt of Scotland in the quest to get a few people sacked.

At the same time, he was running a narrative which he said that hostility to Catholics is ‘deep, wide and vicious.’

He was at the time destroying the life and career of Hugh Dallas over a stupid email which went whizzing about the SFA.

Now, he’s back complaining again, and it’s about football unsurprisingly.

Kearney seems keen to keep sectarianism on the boil.

To that end the Catholic Church in Scotland is to study all footage of last week’s League Cup final to provide evidence to police of anti-Catholic songs sung by Rangers fans.

With the Scottish Government, the Police and the SFA trying to claim down a volatile situation, Kearney is like a bull in a china shop.

Last week Cup Final was a success, not by the result at the end of the game but by the behaviour exhibited by those at it.

But there is always a minority regardless who will be bigots.

Kearney gives the bigots oxygen by his raving.

Will Peter Kearney be complaining about anti protestant songs apparently not from what I can read in the public domain!

Catholic Church spokesman Peter Kearney said there was particular concern about comments from a Scottish Government Minister and Strathclyde Chief Constable Steve House’s over glowing praise of fans’ behaviour.

Maybe Peter Kearney should understand the politics of life better, the point was all about making a good start, from there you make progress, and progress leads to success.

But then Peter Kearney wasn’t that good a politician because the voting public kept handing him his ass at election time!

And let’s face it who will vote a crank into public office?

I found this:

Why is Peter Kearney attending an event that promotes a certain view of a divided Scotland?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

45,000 "kafflic" hating orangemen marched paased bute house to commemorate the act of union just a few short years ago. almost all pass on to family and friends and their own children their vile bigotry. Not all of them support football teams. kearney isn't keeping the pot y pub and shout FKB or FTP. see how long you last.boiling, steam been's pouring out for centuries. try walking into an

Anonymous said...

"But there is always a 'minority' regardless who will be bigots."

As well you know, it was the majority of Rangers fans singing sectarian songs last Sunday. The issue for me here is that a large section of the Scottish population (including yourself and Kenny MacAskill) are either unconcerned by or indeed actively uncourage Anti-Catholic racism.

I am a Catholic student at Glasgow uni and find it particularly questionable that the human rights you champion do not extend to the Irish-Catholic population in the west of Scotland. Indeed, you take issue not with the racism apparent in our society but go as far to call the real 'shame' the Catholic church spokesman who attacks it.

"Will Peter Kearney be complaining about anti protestant songs"

What song are these? As usual, anti-catholic racism is disguised by the 'two sides are just as bad' myth. A favourite of the Scottish media.

What people like yourself fail to realise is that as a practising Catholic I was genuinely disgusted by the actions of the Rangers fans last Sunday, it makes you want to stay away from football.

Anonymous said...

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dont hear much complaining when they win only when they get beat dident hear him coplain when
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Anonymous said...

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that what he should be constrating on it would the right thing to do

Anonymous said...

child abuse that what he should be looking into their are more abuse in his church than anaywhere else in the world it full of peadophiles
that what he should be constrating on it would the right thing to do