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Human rights abusing Glasgow University faces bitter attack on university management by 200 academics, corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli Principal

Dear All

For some considerable time I have been saying that the senior management of the University of Glasgow is corrupt.

It seems that an influential group of academics at the university has written to the Scottish Government attacking the running of higher education institutions.

George Laird was right again.

And yet again, ahead of the curve!

Glasgow University is riddled with cronyism, this has lead to a situation that seen the university drowning under incompetence.

One day, a few years ago, I was talking to a person who worked in the management of the university, it so happened they used to go to the Stevenson Building (sports facility). They knew me because my reputation as an instructor went before me.

The person told me that a head of a university department had allegedly ‘borrowed’ his MSc project because they were sitting the same qualification.

The project was worth 20% of the mark as told to me.

And that wasn’t the first time that had happened to him by senior staff asking to borrow the same project.

I spent 20 years there as an outsider and was well known by staff and students.

Now, 200 professors and researchers from Glasgow University have signed a paper calling for the influence of senior management groups to be reduced.

Glasgow University senior management has involved in bullying, discrimination and criminal fraud.

Read this for yourself; the documents proving my allegations are third party university documents.

Too stupid and arrogant to cover up their criminality!

And it starts right at the very top of the institution with corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli, through the Vice-Principals named in my documents extending to administration and heads of departments.


Now, academics want to see greater democracy and a cap on the salaries of senior officials, which have spiralled in recent years.

Last January, it emerged that university principals across Scotland were awarded pay increases of up to 7% despite public funding cuts.

There is a theme in higher education; most of the Principals appointed all come from the same private invitation only club.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh!

Their members effectively run the cartel in senior positions in ancient universities.

Not a member of the cartel, pretty much no chance of a senior job in higher education in Scotland.

Hasn’t anyone noticed how each university copies others?

To return to the human rights abusing Glasgow University, its corrupt Principal Anton Muscatelli earns more than £200,000 a year.

The university is ranked £128 in the world.

£200k for failure!

The Glasgow University attack comes in a submission to a Scottish Government consultation on higher education.

Given the current battle being waged within Glasgow University, sparked by threats to courses and jobs, it is highly topical.

Glasgow University has drawn up a list of proposed cuts, including the axing of modern languages, nursing, anthropology and social work.

As well as that the Department of Adult and Continuing Education (DACE) is staring down both barrels of an academic shotgun about to be blown away.

So much for Glasgow University reaching out to the wider community as evening and weekend classes, which cater for up to 5000 adult learners a year are to be axed.

Since the cuts were publicised, the university has been inundated with letters from concerned graduates and a network of academics from across the world.

The human rights abusing Glasgow University currently wants to increase money coming from former graduates. It will go straight into the senior management trough.

Not one penny more!

Academics argue universities are increasingly controlled by small groups of officials out of touch with the rest of the university.

Isn’t it wonderful that so many academics have finally come round to the George Laird view?

200 of them and only one George Laird!

The letter states:

“In practice, the powers of both Court and Senate have been eroded by the emergence of executive management groups, within which strategic decisions are made in the absence of widespread consultation. These decisions are then reported to the governing bodies with limited supporting and background information.”

Knowledge is power.

The academics then raise warn of the “substantial increase” in the proportion of university funds being spent on administration.
The needs of the few cartel members from various sub groups outweigh the greater good it seems.

The letter added:

“Decisions, whether strategic or managerial, are increasingly made without appropriate consultation, and are, in effect, top-down decisions from a senior executive management group. Consideration should be given to academic elections or confirmations in respect of key administrative posts. The academic body should, by vote, be able to confirm the appointment of the principal.”

End to the appointment of Royal Society of Edinburgh members?

The submission also calls for a review of the salaries of senior managerial staff with a view of capping salaries in future.

The letter goes on:

“Universities ... exist for the public good, not as profit-making organisations. As such, they have charitable status. The high salary levels currently commanded by senior management are not compatible with this status and further alienate management from the academic body.”

At Glasgow University over 20 years, I saw how it was always certain people who always got the cream and the perks.

A mouthpiece for Glasgow University said:

“The university is both a centre for world-class teaching and research as well as a business with a more than £400 million turnover. Particularly in a challenging financial environment, the university’s senior managers, led by the principal, work with our governing body, university court, to set the strategic direction of the university, which will ensure its continued success.”

The University Court are hand picked sheep.

More bad news for corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli, more people are getting to know their ways.

Glasgow University is a crony ridden pit drowning in a cess pool of its own greed, the age of the dotty cardigan wearing Professor is gone.

At Glasgow University, the bully, the liar, the sex predator, the academic cheat and the greedy all swim in the same puddle.

George Laird was right again, corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli is an apex of what goes wrong when you appoint the wrong person.

Glasgow University is 128th in the world and still has further to fall.

Because there is a distinct lack of talent in depth!

As to the person who allegedly ‘borrowed’ someone’s MSc project, they are still employed at Glasgow University.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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