Friday, March 18, 2011

David Cameron says that the Tories “are delivering for Scotland”, can we have our £200 million fossil fuel levy money then, we have waited years!

Dear All

David Cameron says that the Conservatives “are delivering for Scotland.”

This is quite a claim.

And it begs the question, if the Tories are ‘delivering’ as Cameron puts it, why aren’t they delivering the £200 million pounds that belongs to Scotland?

It’s Scotland’s money.

The Fossil fuel levy cash is being withheld by the Treasury.

Another show of disrespect directed to Scots by Cameron is where he pigeon holes Scots as a national of menials by using the phrase “hard-grafting Scots.”

He also calls us a nation of corrupt Scots by using the word 'graft'.

Tories are dead in Scotland, in the time left before the Holyrood election they will try and hold what they have, which is about 17 seats.

Annabel Goldie will lead the Scottish Tories to defeat, nothing can change that and shortly afterwards her leadership will be challenged.

And possibly end.

Annabel Goldie has run out of time, she doesn’t have a narrative for the future and her own is already written.

In the event she does ‘win’, she will split the Tory party, people inside have set their faces against her.

As well as saying the Tories have delivered at Holy rood, he points out the securing of more bobbies on the beat, the regeneration of town centres, a council tax freeze, a new national drugs strategy and more help for first-time buyers.

He said:

“All these things are vital to a stronger society, a stronger Scotland, a stronger UK. But ask me what my priority is and it’s this: delivering a growing economy and good, well-paid jobs in Scotland.”

Which is why we have been denied our renewable cash?

The Tories have little credibility in Scotland because of their previous actions; did they think closing military bases would find favour?

Did they think denying Scotland their own Coastguard was sensible?

Cameron is delivering spin and poorly at that, he thought so much about Scotland the first thing he did was offload it to the Lib Dems.

Scotland is still waiting for good deeds Mr. Cameron.

Although Cameron’s aides acknowledge Scotland is difficult territory for the Tories they insist their leader is determined to campaign hard for the best possible outcome on May 5.

You mean there are leaders of political parties who aren’t?

An early poll suggests the Scottish Conservatives could lose five Holyrood seats and fall to just 12 on May 5, seems a reasonable assumption.

People are looking at the mayhem inflicted down south and don’t want it here, selling Tories is one of the hardest sales tasks in Scotland.


Because Tories hate working class people and they can’t hide it, it eventually comes out.

In response, ‘East Coast Weasel’ Labour MSP Iain Gray said:

“David Cameron is washing his hands of responsibility. We’ve seen 2000 jobs go in Scotland in the last month and youth unemployment is in crisis. If the Tories are to have any credibility in Scotland, David Cameron should announce the immediate introduction of a fuel duty regulator as well as scrapping their planned fuel duty rise. The Treasury is benefiting from a multi-billion oil revenue bonus from Scotland and we deserve justice for the economy, families and businesses.”

Out of touch Gray should know that Cameron can’t release details of the budget prior to the announcement by the Chancellor.

You can’t run Government by coming down and shouting the odds in the ‘Forum’!

The Scottish Conservative Party conference in Perth will try and present a unity front but there are deep cracks.

In working class areas, you don’t see Tories campaigning except at election time; the people know this.

They wouldn’t allow themselves to be conned by false prophets.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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