Monday, March 14, 2011

Vicar arrested and church searched as police probe hundreds of 'sham' marriages, Father if you have ‘sinned’ you should be deported permanently

Dear All

We all know the old saying in Church:

Forgive me father I have sinned!

Now, there is a new twist to the age old saying, Police are probing hundreds of possible sham marriages on the basis a Rev Canon has sinned.

They have arrested a vicar, Rev Canon Dr Patrick John Magumba who has been taken into custody after officers swooped on his home in Rochdale.

He is now on bail.

And suspended on full pay as the UK Border Agency investigates allegations he staged bogus weddings to help people gets visas.

Sham marriages are a recognised scam to circumvent immigration rules.

And other way is forced marriages recently the subject of legislation at the Scottish Parliament.

If the Rev Canon Dr Patrick John Magumba from Uganda is convicted of being involved in this matter, he should be deported.

And banned from the UK for life!

Rev Magumba was arrested at his house after officers acting on intelligence, teamed up with Greater Manchester Police.

So, someone talked.

A spokesman for the agency said:

“The UK Border Agency arrested a 58-year-old man in Rochdale for questioning in connection with an ongoing investigation into sham marriages in the North-West. He has been released on bail”.

The Church of England Diocese of Manchester has been helping the borders agency with its investigation.

Sham weddings involve EU citizens marrying non-Europeans so they can earn the right to live here.

In many cases, the bride and groom have never met and don't even speak the same language.

Immigration is a problem in the UK and the system is too soft, with too ways of circumventing the system by deception.

We need a system that is fair and properly run, with harsher and draconian penalties for breaking the rules.

Prison and deportation!

This problem isn’t just a British problem; it is a problem where the solution must come from the European Union.

There is no point limping on denying the situation any longer.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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