Saturday, March 5, 2011

‘Glasgow University’ Report on devolution via the ‘Wendy’ Commission and Scotland Bill Committee will wreck Scotland, Wendy Alexander’s final legacy

Dear All

We all know that Wendy Alexander is leaving Holyrood.

Her last FU all to the people of Scotland is her abortion that came from the Wendy Commission aka Calman.

The human right abusing Glasgow University lead commission to further destroy Scotland’s prospects!

Those from the university who took part are:

Kenneth Calman, Chancellor of the University of Glasgow.

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli, Principal of the University

Wendy Alexander, MSP, Glasgow University product and complete arse.

These people all played a part in what will effectually become the new Scotland Bill.

Or Calman plus, the devolution blueprint for a future nightmare.

The committee which Alexander convened has produced a 239-page report on the Bill.

And that donkey is currently progressing through Westminster system.

There are so many objections to the report that these were collected in an annexe to the report as a virtual minority report.

You only have to look at the Wendy Alexander track record to see it is littered with failure.

One of her biggest was the GHA in Glasgow.

And of course the one that killed her leadership, the illegal donation scandal.

But to home in on the main objection of the report was the concern that the Calman tax power to substitute 10p of basic rate income tax for a portion of the block grant would inevitably lead to a reduction in Scottish funding.

Yes, even on the way out the door, Wendy Alexander wants to punish the Scottish people as she leaves to spend more quality time with her offspring.

Alexander is supposed to be leaving politics to become a school gate mum.

That’s the official reason; do I see this lasting long?


She will be taking on another position elsewhere, Alexander is under the mistaken belief she is a ‘leader of men and nation’.

And she cannot go without a big pay packet.

Alexander said of the report:

“This report is about delivering a much stronger financial settlement for Scotland and the next phase of devolution. I am proud of the work that my committee has done to improve the Scotland Bill. What we are now recommending is ‘Calman plus’. Our report recommends a series of amendments that would give the Scottish Parliament new powers to raise up to £5bn for major infrastructure projects by borrowing or issuing bonds – double the amount proposed by the UK Government. I believe that these powers could help the next Scottish Government pay for the new Forth Road Bridge or fund a major housing programme. The committee also makes a series of recommendations to strengthen the powers of the Scottish Parliament over a whole range of areas including council tax benefit, the Crown Estate and Gaelic broadcasting. It is more than 10 years since the Scottish Parliament was created. We are now taking the next steps on a journey with new financial powers and responsibilities, which will provide ministers with the tools to invest in our future and make life better for people in Scotland.”

Scotland needs more than titbits; it needs full financial powers devolved to the Scottish Parliament.

Her last big project like everything else she touches with end in failure and that will be to the detriment of the people of Scotland.

On the bright side, she can now drop the fake sincerity smile and act which the public saw through quite easily long ago.

The fight for independence continues.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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