Thursday, July 19, 2018

Diversity In Action; UK Government Office Knew About Mass Rape Gangs over a decade before Investigating, political parties ignored the serial rape of little girls because they were courting the Muslim vote, when people spoke out they were gagged, condemned, de-selected and belittled, the motto should be ‘know your political class’ and who they represent

Dear All

The scandal of grooming Pakistani grooming gangs is appalling, serial rape of little girls, children, politicians whose few who spoke out in parliament were soon gagged by parties. Yes, gagged is the right word to describe what political parties were willing to do to cover up serial rape in the name of diversity.

Read this;

One of the lies sold to the public after every scandal of this nature is that people get replaced, removed or retire and then the political class says that ’lessons have been learned’. Those who did nothing to help; disappear into the background and some even pop up in another job somewhere else.

With their pension intact!

Here is another article worth reading:

Just as Labour MP Sarah Champion speaks out, disgraced shadow equalities minister Naz Shah tries to deflect from the issue. Shah is a disgrace, she is the kind of person which makes you wonder about whether or to whom you should cast your vote for.

This is her glorious family history.

Her father allegedly abandoned her by her father when six years old after he ran off with their neighbour's sixteen-year-old daughter. At age 12, she was sent to Pakistan by her mother, Zoora Shah. Zoora Shah fatally poisoned a man she was having an affair with. She served 14 years in prison for four charges including murder, attempted murder, solicitation to murder and forgery.

Jeremy Corbyn has a hard time finding quality people to be in his Cabinet which is why no MP should have a seat for life at Westminster, re-selection prior to ever election and that should be mandatory.

The cover up of the Pakistani grooming gangs went beyond the political class but infiltrated its way downwards into the establishment, police, social services and councils weren’t interested in child rape of white girls if the predators were Pakistani.

Here is a clip from a radio show that a Muslim caller tries to ignore the factual claim that Pakistani grooming gangs make up 87% of gang rape.

No one comes out of the Pakistani grooming gangs scandal with a clean sheet, even Britain’s Home Office had received information about Pakistani grooming gangs raping vulnerable white girls more than a decade before it finally commissioned an investigation.

A decade plus of silence; a decade plus to allow these gangs to operate and thrive, claiming and hunting for victims at will.

Documents relating to an unpublished report were sent to the Home Office in 2002, but the department failed to act on it. The Government of the day was led by the Labour Party, a Labour Party which courted the Muslim vote actively and was promoting a failed multicultural experiment. 

When an assessment of a University of Luton (now Bedfordshire) research project titled “Risky Business” funded by the Home Office was sent in 2002, some Home Office officials claimed to have no recollection of having received it. No copy of the 2002 draft report had been found in the Home Office archives.

This is the bit you should home in on, it is being said the fault lay with a filing system, this is the point that everyone who ignored this gets off ‘scot free’ and the epic line that is synonymous with scandals can be trotted out, ‘lessons will be learned’.

The July 2018 investigation was prompted by documents uncovered in the Home Office archives relating to the 2002 study during the Jay review into the sexual exploitation of some 1,500 white girls by Pakistani-heritage Muslim men in Rotherham between 1997 and 2003.

The Jay Report, published 2014, was only prompted after an investigation into the sexual abuse by The Times newspaper; it seems that publicly makes a difference in politics. One of the cases sent to the Home Office was a case study of the mother of a 14-year-old girl being groomed for sex by “[South] Asian” men but whose pleas for help were ignored by police.

Ignored by the Police because in the UK, minorities play the race card, but so do political parties which is why the Police probably felt that they didn’t want to put their careers in danger by getting singled out and called racist. Where would we be if the political case agreed to abandon the use of race politics?

Probably a safer society!

Conservative Home Secretary Sajid Javid said: 

“The review did find that pieces of information questioning the response of statutory services were available to the Home Office, meaning that opportunities to follow up on, or seek further information about, matters in Rotherham including whether the police and other statutory agencies were responding appropriately existed.”
Rotherham Labour MP Sarah Champion said:

“It is clear that the Home Office knew about child sexual exploitation in Rotherham from 2002. The report also highlights the knowledge of the local authority and South Yorkshire Police of the abuse. Why, when so many in authority knew the scale and severity of this crime did it take until 2014, with the publication of the Jay report, for a large scale investigation to occur? How many lives could have been protected if swift action had been taken a decade before?”

Labour MP Sarah Champion is what I consider a Labour MP to be, someone worth campaigning for, I have said in the past that minorities have joined political parties to push their own agenda. In return the party uses them to show how welcoming and diverse they are, while expecting votes and probably donations.

Yesterday, I was blogging on how we live in a corrupt system:

‘most people are ignorant of politics, how it works, who is in, and how they got there, in the past, I said the system is corrupt, from attempted vote rigging of candidates, to people being discriminated on the basis of their skin, background, sex, and other numerous combinations to keep it like a private club’.

Today, we have this story of neglect, are you wiser to how politics works?

Rochdale grooming gang whistleblower and former Greater Manchester Police detective Maggie Oliver alleges the Home Office were more interested in covering up their mistakes than protecting vulnerable girls.

I would say that is fair comment, she also added that the conspiracy “goes right to the top of government. She then made the explosive revelation that the Home Office were getting daily updates about Operation Span [an investigation into Child Sex Explotation]. They are more interested in covering up for mistakes instead of holding their hands up she said.

These people in the Home Office were afraid because they knew that there wasn’t the political will to protect little girls from being raped by those who stand in parliament and are addressed as the ‘Right Honourable’.

When I heard that Diane Abbott was appointed Shadow Home Secretary and Naz Shah as Shadow Equalities Minister, I thought about how little quality material that Jeremy Corbyn has to work.

And I doubt I am not the only one thinking this.

I found someone who is also worth consideration to be an MP.

Telling the truth is the most important ‘weapon’ in today’s society, this guy doesn’t seem to have a problem standing up and being counted, why can't our political class?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Denying Direct Democracy: the ‘Remain Camp’ think they have hit the jackpot as Met Police are to probe Vote Leave after Electoral investigation, now there are calls for the referendum result to be made void, dream on, Brexit is still moving forward, if Brexit doesn’t happen then the UK will face a political crisis not seen since Suez

Dear All

Ever since the result of the Brexit referendum in June 2016; the ‘Remain side’ have been exceptionally bad losers, they have tried repeatedly to deny the British people their democratic right to have their vote respected. I fought on the Leave side, the EU is a wholly corrupt organisation which is anti worker and anti country, it is controlled by a ‘political elite’ who are un-elected.

Lack of accountability makes the EU a dangerous organisation.

The Remain side is made up of various vested interests groups, including the ‘Progress’ wing of the Labour Party. They want to see a re-run the EU referendum; this cannot be allowed to happen. Ireland voted against the Lisbon Treaty but the politicians re-ran the referendum till they got the “right” vote, their vote.

The Ireland situation was a complete betrayal of democracy.

Several attempts have been made to garner support from the people of the UK for a second referendum but the public isn’t interested, the political elite in the UK have set up various little organisations but the reality is, they are just talking to themselves.

Everyone else has moved on.

In elections and referendums, we expect each side to act in a fair and democratic manner, following the letter of the law and the spirit, but as I have mentioned numerous times, our politics have been infiltrated by minority groups who operate to their own agenda within various political parties. These people use their minority status to undermine parties for their own ends, and that of others they are in league with.

Police are investigating senior figures in the Vote Leave campaign after the group was fined for breaking strict electoral rules. This information has prompted Winston Churchill’s grandson, Sir Nicholas Soames, to declare the British electoral system should be “blown up and started all over again”. Although everyone supports in theory a fair system, the fact is the system is geared towards larger parties, which is why proportional representation is always being called for in the past.

It is said that the official campaign for leaving the EU exceeded spending limits by almost £500,000, flouting electoral law, would this have swayed the result by much, I don’t think so, the UK Government prior to the referendum sent a booklet to every home at the cost of circa £9 million. The machinery of government and the ruling party led by David Cameron were staunchly pro EU, however they activities it seemed didn’t come under the electoral law because they were publishing ‘information’.

During the Second World War; Winston Churchill defeated this country from Nazi Germany, one wonders what he would think of his grandson, Sir Nicholas Soames now. It seems that investigators found "significant evidence" of joint working between Vote Leave and another campaign group, BeLeave. The latter was founded by Darren Grimes, then a 23-year-old fashion student who made a name for himself, today he found out the price of ‘fame’ Darren Grimes: the pro-Brexit student activist fined apparently £20k.

Kyle Taylor, director of Fair Vote UK, said:

“This is much bigger than Brexit: breaking election law is undermining the very fabric of how we believe our society should make rules. We are sleepwalking into a future I don’t want to be a part of.”

In the interest of fairness, here a link to their site;

You might want to pop in and have a look.

One of the people who is quite happy to sabotage the direct democracy of the people is the middle class sycophant Labour MP Chuka Umunna, he has condemned the revelations as an “affront to our democracy”. Umunna is someone who shouldn’t be a Labour MP in my opinion, who he ‘represents’ is anyone’s guess, but I doubt it is the ‘little people’.

That’s you and me!

Apparently in his element, Umunna is raising concerns of “foul play”, and siding with the SNP, they are saying via Brexit Secretary Mike Russell by insisting the vote to leave the EU was “obtained, at least in part, by breaching electoral law”. Before this storm in a tea cup erupted, both Umunna’ crew and Nicola Sturgeon were attempting any trick to get a second vote.
Russell is trying the old trick that this shouldn’t be a UK wide vote but each country should have one single vote, it denies a fair process, and is designed to be possibly a stalemate. Westminster has already dismissed this nonsense previously, Scotland is part of the UK and the UK voted to leave the EU. This ploy is all about the SNP angling for a second referendum at a time of their choosing; effectively they want an ‘open’ Section 30 order without a time limit.

And they aren’t getting that from Westminster.

In what can be seen as politicking, the Labour Party has called for ministers and formers ministers who were key figures in Vote Leave such as Michael Gove and Boris Johnson to be investigated, the end game is the collapse of the Conservative Government, and attempting to garner election support.

Labour MP David Lammy declared that Vote Leave had “cheated” on spending rules and the payday should be a new vote on whether the referendum result was now void. There will be no parliamentary vote on whether the result of the June 2016 referendum should now be classed as void, it will never happen.

The Electoral Commission found Vote Leave failed to declare money it spent with controversial data firm Aggregate IQ. BeLeave "spent more than £675,000 with Aggregate IQ under a common plan with Vote Leave", investigators found. This was not declared and took the latter over the legal spending limit. This came to light via whistleblowers, the cash was used to pay for targeted messaging services on Facebook and other social media. One of the whistleblowers was Shahmir Sanni.

So, who is Shahmir Sanni?

If you think back to the start of this post, you will have read me stating that ‘our politics have been infiltrated by minority groups who operate to their own agenda within various political parties’.

Found this as well for you to look at:

One thing that Shahmir Sanni isn’t is a hero!

A Vote Leave spokesman said the Electoral Commission's report contained "a number of false accusations and incorrect assertions that are wholly inaccurate and do not stand up to scrutiny".

Finally, most people are ignorant of politics, how it works, who is in, and how they got there, in the past, I said the system is corrupt, from attempted vote rigging of candidates, to people being discriminated on the basis of their skin, background, sex, and other numerous combinations to keep it like a private club, merit doesn’t count, hard work doesn’t count and vision doesn’t count either. The Met Police can do what they want to do if investigating is their wish, however, there isn’t going to be a re-run of the 2016 referendum.

The Prime Minister Theresa May is getting on with delivery of Brexit, the process is in motion, there are legal frameworks, and come 29th March 2019, we are out of the EU. Cabinet Office minister Chloe Smith insisted the Government was “getting on with delivering the result of the referendum”.

There is no going back!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Way Ahead; Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš says EU must turn back boats, and that resettling Migrants is ‘Road to Hell’, the EU Border Force need to operate a no go zone in the Med and impound NGO boats which fuel the crisis, it is time that nation states stepped up and opposed the EU or see wide spread trouble in Europe

Dear All

A few years ago, I proposed a series of measures during the ‘migrant crisis’ as it has become to be known in a few blog posts.

The ideas were:

1/ EU Border Force

2/ EU internal immigration policy for EU citizens

3/ intervention and mobilisation of the military in member states

4/ New EU wide ID card scheme

5/ No non EU economic migrant processed from this crisis and allowed to remain within an EU country which has accept them can travel to any other EU member state. Everyone should be completely documented, if a breach occurred; the person or group will be returned to the EU country they were settled and registered in.

The idea of the EU Border Force was that it would work jointly with the military in the Med and at other human trafficking smuggling routes to stop migrants entering Europe. Evidence is plain to see, the migrant crisis has altered Europe in a bad way, it led to the rise of the far right, a rejection of the political elite, the formation of new populist parties and an angry population.

One of the States which has acted in the best interests of Europe, is the Czech Republic, they have stood firm along with a few others from EU intimidation, which was done by direct threats via the EU body and Germany. One thing which the Czechs are saying is that Europe must turn back the boats. Migrants should not be resettled in Europe but in Africa. The Czech believe the current situation is the road to hell, and making illegal immigration worse.

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has restated his nation’s position of not taking any third world migrants from other EU nations; I agree with him, the problem was created by Germany’s Angela Merkel and her attempts to spread her problem to other EU States should be resisted. Merkel’s doesn’t have a future as German Chancellor, she is a stupid and dangerous woman responsible for the crime wave which emerged due to her open borders nonsense.

The situation is grim, Italy has asked fellow bloc members to take a share of a batch of hundreds picked up by Brussels border force Frontex in the Mediterranean, the Italians are following suit of other countries such as the Czech Republic and Hungary, ordinary people are now politically motivated to speak and vote out politicians who are a threat to their countries national security.

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš  said:

“[Like other European leaders], I received a copy of the letter from Prime Minister [Giuseppe] Conte, … in which he asks the EU to take care of the 450 people currently at sea. Such an approach is a road to hell” and “only motivates smugglers and increases their income. It is no solution to accept these people. On the contrary, this is just worsening the problem we have in Europe.”

A huge mistake was made early on in the migrant crisis by allowing illegal migrants freedom of movement in a member state, this led to rape, murder and multiple other crimes.

I call this Merkel’s Murders!

Would you put your hand into a fire, probably not, you are intelligent enough to know that it will burn you, Angela Merkel is intelligent enough to know that the illegal migrants would end up raping, killing and attacking the indigenous population.

The NGO boats ferrying migrants across the Mediterranean known as “Soros ships” must be stopped by the military and impounded. These boats are doing the work for human traffickers; effectively they are engaged in criminality under the guise of humanitarian work. No country can have open borders; history teaches that weak countries go under when led by bad people.

And that is what we have in Europe, bad people elected as politicians who care more about virtual signalling while at the same time expose their utter contempt for their own people.

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš  stressed that the EU bloc should follow Australia’s lead and turn back the boats, writing:

“We must send a clear signal that illegal migration has ended and that the European Union is ready to return illegal immigrants immediately.”

This is why the EU Border Force is so important, they should be a permanent force patrolling the Mediterranean with assistance given to African countries which border the Med.  

When Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini initially closed the country’s ports to the Frontex vessels, the government declared a “political victory” after France, Malta, Germany, Spain, and Portugal agreed to each take 50 of the 450 migrants. These people are Syrians flee Assad, the majority are from Eritrea.

Finally, we have seen the start of a trend:

Everyone knows what is going on, even US President Donald Trump:

Why can’t our home grown politicians see it, well they do, they just don’t care because they live in a bubble.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, July 16, 2018

Putting Hard Brexit back on the Agenda; Prime Minister Theresa May battles to hold party together as Brexit splits deepen, the amount of senior Conservatives who are unhappy is growing, 40 letters to the influential 1922 Committee asking for a leadership ballot, another 8 and the PM is in serious trouble, we must honour the people’s vote, end EU membership, regain our sovereignty

Dear All

In the past in back posts, I have favoured what some term as ‘hard Brexit’, I came to that view because the EU cannot be trusted, and I do not think it serves the UK national interest post Brexit that we end up by some convoluted means controlled by the EU by default.

23rd June 2016 was pretty clear, the people of the EU wanted to end the membership of the EU, they wanted full sovereignty back, people voted for many reasons, as is the way of things, but the result showed people wanted complete detachment from this organisation.

The EU is an out of control organisation which is anti country and anti worker, the migrant crisis proved to be the tipping point, not just in the UK but elsewhere in Europe. People are rising up against the political elite which refuses to listen and operates to their own agenda.

In the UK, the people wanted that Theresa May as Prime Minister steered the Brexit Bill and take us fully out of the EU. Recently developments and resignations show that her job is now much harder. The Prime Minister is battling to hold together after a “catastrophic split” within her party. Her appeal to warring members to back her controversial Brexit blueprint will be exceptionally difficult, senior members of her own party are beyond unhappy.

What is the future of Brexit and that of the Prime Minister as it emerged that influential 1922 Committee of backbench MPs has reportedly amassed 40 letters demanding a vote of no confidence in Mrs May.

The trigger point for a leadership election is 48.

I don’t want to see Theresa May go, I expect her to carry on and end the EU membership, but with so many Conservatives against her blueprint, and against her leadership, it seems that her threat to back her or “no Brexit”, might have been a mistake. As I understand it, once we put the letter of withdrawal in, the two year clock starts, I am not aware of a mechanism that allows withdrawal of the letter. If it doesn’t appear in any treaty then hard Brexiteers have recourse to law. Matters haven’t been helped by US President Donald Trump who criticised her Brexit approach.

Last night the eighth resignation over Brexit occurred, as Tory MP Robert Courts –who took over David Cameron’s old seat stepped down as a ministerial aide.

He insisted:

“I had to think who I wanted to see in the mirror for the rest of my life.”

Such is the strength of feeling, Eurosceptics have set up a “party within a party” in a bid to circumvent Tory whips and further frustrate Mrs May’s plans. What is needed is to return to the principle of the vote and honour what the people voted for. In politics, you see a lot of emotion; however, what is needed is logic. Theresa May has to provide a successful conclusion to Brexit which the people of the UK can get behind, if she doesn’t, she risks the future of the current government.

Leading Brexiter Jacob Rees-Mogg warned trust in Mrs May was waning, in the Conservative Party when it comes to removal of leaders, they are pretty brutal about it, when people come to see you and tell you it is time to go, it is usually your friends.

The amount of senior Conservatives ranged against the Prime Minister is a huge test for her, former Brexit Secretary David Davis, Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg. Mogg publicly accused the Prime Minister of being "a Remainer who remained a Remainer". This was compounded by David Davis who stated that Theresa May of being "astonishingly dishonest" for claiming there is no alternative to her proposals.

Former Brexit minister Steve Baker said she had presided over a "cloak and dagger" plot to pursue a much softer exit from the EU than he and Mr Davis thought they were working towards. He added the party faces a "catastrophic split” that “cannot be reconciled" which is code for there will have to be a change of leader. In Northern English constituencies, Conservatives have warned the Chequers plan has "gone down like a lead balloon" with voters.

I guess there must be many people who must be thinking, ‘how the hell did we all get here’!

I know I am, if there is no Brexit then that creates a major crisis which follows that the UK Government would have to dissolve and an election called. I don’t see those in power behind the scenes of the Conservative Party being enthralled by that idea. If another snap election was called it wouldn’t sit well with the public at all given we had one in 2017.

The damage post Chequers plan can be shown in a poll Labour four points ahead of the Conservatives Tories, while support for Ukip rose by five points. There is also a possible return of Nigel Farage which should increase that support.

The EU is attempting to sabotage the democratic vote of the people of the UK, they want to keep control of the UK by hook or by crook, that cannot be allowed to happen. The fight for Brexit has restarted again, a series of amendments to the Customs Bill has been tabled by members of the European Research Group (ERG). The intent is to scupper Mrs May’s plans for a "UK-EU free trade area" based on a "common rule book".

The Prime Minister could face a further challenge on Tuesday, from pro-EU Conservatives seeking to amend the Trade Bill to keep the UK in a customs union with the EU. The EU had offered two options: either the UK remain in the customs union and accept continued freedom of movement, or Northern Ireland would effectively be "carved out" from the UK. Neither of these was acceptable.

The EU is attempting to blackmail the people of the UK.

Theresa May said:

"Faced with that we had an option. We could go for no deal, no deal is still there, it is still possible, but I think the best thing for the UK is to have deal that sets a good relationship with our trading partners in the future. So if we were going to find something that was in Britain's interest, that delivered on the referendum and that was negotiable, we had to make what is a compromise but is a positive in terms of the benefits it gives us."

There is a third option…… hard Brexit which is what I said we should have done previously, when you know that you deal with people with no goodwill, you act accordingly.

Finally, the history of the United Kingdom is well known, we aren't going to allow ourselves to be blackmailed by the un-elected EU minions, and certainly not by despots and drunks.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, July 13, 2018

‘Wakey wakey, rise and shine’ Scottish Labour slump sees party set to lose all but one Scottish MP to the SNP, all 2017 gains wiped out, the polling is rather uncomfortable reading because it highlights various problems for Labour, however don’t go running to the bookies to put a bet on the SNP retaking Glasgow North East from Paul Sweeney at the next election

Dear All

Polling can sometimes flag up new information or warnings, a new poll is proving uncomfortable reading for Labour leader in Scotland, Richard Leonard, the news is that Scottish Labour is on course to lose all the Westminster seats it gained from the SNP at the last general election.

In Glasgow North East, I helped Labour MP Paul Sweeney get over the line to royally defeat Nicola Sturgeon’s pal, Anne McLaughlin, it was a close fight, but I knew that Paul Sweeney could win it.

242 votes majority was the final deciding factor on who went to Westminster on the night of the count. Lord Ashcroft had put Labour’s chances at 2% of achieving a win so taking that seat was a special moment because a dedicated few had battle the might of the SNP machine. The team was a mixture of personalities and different campaigning styles but somehow it managed to work.

The Labour Party is going through a bad period; a survey shows plummeting support for Jeremy Corbyn, it could be said that there has been problems, the party split between the supporters of Corbyn and those of ‘progress’ the right wing of the Labour Party. Progress is sitting biding its time, what are they waiting for; well simply put ‘electoral failure’ by the UK Labour leader.

In Scotland, polling says the SNP are sitting on 42 per cent, which according to the polling this also means they would get back the eight seats it lost to the Scottish Conservatives in June 2017, with the Tories polling at 24 per cent of the vote. I helped three people become MPs in 2017, two Conservatives and one Labour since at that point I wasn’t in a political party and was therefore a ‘free agent’. I enjoyed working for both Labour in Glasgow North East and the Conservatives in Ayr and Newton Mearns.

One of my best days campaigning was going around the wee small villages in Ayrshire promoting Bill Grant, the Conservative, an ex fireman. 

Nice weather, nice people and the local Conservatives were pleased I had travelled all the way from Glasgow to pitch in for them. The worst part of my experience was campaigning for Pollok CLP, treated like shit, ignored and made to feel unwelcome, assisting in a campaign which was quite frankly a joke, run badly by people who didn’t achieve much during the short campaign, 888 votes for 6 weeks work.  

Prior to the six weeks the Pollok CLP was doing nothing for months on end.

Recently, I was asked to put my thoughts together about Pollok CLP for someone, so I scribbled down what I thought should be the objective of the CLP if there was to be a snap election or election in 2022. The feedback was the person agreed with me because I highlighted several issues beyond the current ‘race row’ Westminster selection contest.

Professor Sir John Curtice who is always worth listening too said the results suggested Labour’s support “is going backwards”, well that about sums things up, on  the wider scale, it mirrors what I highlighted about what needed to be addressed at Pollok CLP……. leadership.

The Labour Party in Scotland isn’t doing much, there isn’t a person driving forward an agenda, it seems everything is haphazard and too short term to have any lasting and meaningful impact.

If you had read my back blog posts, you will notice that I was saying that the SNP could hold on as the largest party, but even with support from the Scottish Greens, they might not make a majority. What the poll says that the SNP is on course to to get an unprecedented fourth consecutive Holyrood election win. This is why I keep going on about why the 2021 Holyrood is the most important election since Holyrood opened in 1999.

What that election is about is denying the SNP an overall majority even with Scottish Greens support!

At present the Scottish Labour Party is the third party in Holyrood, so there is a huge amount of work to do to get even a sniff at the Office of First Minister but the handicap is who is going to do the ground work in the communities to go out and get the votes. And also when you see some of the people in charge, you ask yourself who is going to go out and work for them.

Which is why the vast majority of the membership have spoken with total inactivity, being a member and being an activist is two entirely different things, in the eyes of the Labour Party there appears to be no difference.

Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity among voters seems to have slumped a bit, with just 28 per cent of Scots now feeling favourably towards him. Here is a clear example of why the slump happened:

How do you think this sits with potential voters?

Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard is struggling to make a name for himself; he is polling with just nine per cent of people viewing him favourably, and the headache of 26 per cent viewing him unfavourably. Not the polling a person wants to see if they have ambition to be First Minister.  

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson on the other hand is the most popular politician among voters at present, that is good news for the Scottish Conservatives, however, the Conservatives need to have a better ground operation to compete with the SNP, plus they need a ‘unique message’ to sell basically something which they can get Westminster to do that the SNP cannot. Scottish Conservatives need to give Scots something which would get them mass support.

Labour campaigns spokesman Neil Findlay said:

“The emerging dividing line in Scotland is between Labour’s plan to invest and build an economy that works for the many, not the few, or further austerity with the SNP and the Tories.”
Does anyone at the Labour HQ realise that parroting ‘for the many, not the few’ tagged into every spokesperson responses is just plain annoying, and makes them sound like a mindless drone.

A Conservative spokesman said:

“This very much reinforces Labour’s position as political non-entities in Scotland, and proves Ruth Davidson is the only alternative first minister to Nicola Sturgeon.”
Finally, although all political parties look at the polling religiously, they are always on the look out for trends, if the future polling continues to look bad for Scottish Labour, they will by circumstance be forced to change not just policies, but also practices and people, candidates and staff. I said yesterday that Labour could get back five seats in Glasgow, I still stand by that observation however they will have to be creative and work for them, politics in Scotland is still rather fluid.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, July 12, 2018

SNP Leadership Collapse; SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is so toxic that only 1 in 4 back Sturgeon calling for second independence referendum this autumn, Keith Brown since elected Deputy is very much the ‘invisible man’, People are tired of lies, tired of failure, tired of deceit; they are literally tired of the leadership of the SNP and in particular Nicola Sturgeon

Dear All

Do, you remember the ‘45’; this is what the Nationalists tagged themselves within minutes of losing the Scottish independence referendum of 2014. Twitter was a blaze with people tweet ‘45’ and some put it on their twitter profiles. The winners, the ‘55’ didn’t see any need to attempt to bolster their confidence with some cheap gimmick, they won it!

Its 2018, not a great time leap from 2014 but now the ‘45’ seem to be melting away, a survey for the Daily Record found only 23 per cent of people thought Nicola Sturgeon should push for a new vote now, and with signs clearly pointing to a split within the Nationalists ranks, 19 per cent who wanted one much later.  

Only 1 in 4 back Sturgeon calling for second independence referendum this autumn, but the reality is neither they nor Nicola Sturgeon will be getting one. What is significant is that so many think an unwinnable referendum needs to happen now. Nicola Sturgeon is playing for time; she knows she will lose another Scottish independence referendum by an even bigger margin.

Scotland will never follow the lead of Nicola Sturgeon or the SNP, their antics at Holyrood and Westminster have been noticed, from stupidity to incompetence, the SNP have travelled all those roads.

The polling found that the majority of Scotland is fully opposed to any referendum full stop. Far from winning over people, the SNP had entrenched views of people, voting to stay in the UK is still growing in Scotland. The same cannot be said for the option to break up the UK, what the SNP haven’t come to terms with post 2014 and 2016 referendums, is the political landscape has moved away from them. Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have no narrative and no purpose in a modern Scotland. People are tired of lies, tired of failure, tired of deceit; they are literally tired of the leadership of the SNP and in particular Nicola Sturgeon who has become a figure of mockery.

Nicola Sturgeon jumped the gun and a second referendum in March 2017, but the ‘we are on our way’ was short lived by the snap Westminster election in 2017. Sturgeon lost that election badly then had to “reset” her plans, the drop in support a mere two years was significant.

One thing the SNP do rather easily is break promises, Sturgeon promised to update MSPs on a “precise timescale” on a second referendum this autumn, but that will have to be kicked into the long grass, in her case, rather long grass, we are talking post 2022. The year before is the Holyrood election, and if the SNP can’t get a majority with the Greens, they will not be able to get the legal framework in place, in the event of getting a Section 30 order post 2021 Holyrood.

Brexit is a red herring; it is just a ‘place holder’ for SNP grievance to justify any ‘change of circumstances’ for a second vote.

As it stands now, it looks unlikely there will be a majority at Holyrood for the SNP and their allies, if that happens, then politics turns interesting in Scotland. There is fight between the UK and Scottish governments at the Supreme Court between now and the autumn, although the SNP would like to paint this case as meaningful, it isn’t, the Court should strike down Holyrood’s alternative Brexit Bill. Just as Brexit didn’t bring a kick start of popular support for a second referendum, neither will this court case.

People don’t genuinely like Nicola Sturgeon, despite the ‘makeover’, what lies underneath in her personality is terribly ugly; it matches what comes out of her mouth. No amount of standing with kids or any other set piece moments of appearing ‘caring’ can mask the real Nicola Sturgeon.

One thing which would be highly amusing is if Sturgeon pushes again for a referendum and the Prime Minister refuses, the loss of face would be incredible and send a signal.

Nicola Sturgeon has no real power, Nicola Sturgeon cannot affect real change; Nicola Sturgeon is a busted flush.

Professor Sir John Curtice of Strathclyde University said the new poll showed that, despite SNP hopes Brexit was still having little impact on the independence question.

He said:

“Although the SNP have had somewhat the better of the argument in the row about the impact of Brexit Withdrawal Bill on the powers of the Scottish Parliament, there’s still no sign of any significant change in the level for support for independence – or much evidence of enthusiasm for an early ballot among the party’s supporters.”

Scottish Labour Leader Richard Leonard said:

"The people of Scotland want the government focused on jobs, schools and hospitals, not another referendum campaign that creates false divisions between working class people when the real divide is between the richest and the rest of us. The chaos at the heart of the Tory government has focused people’s minds on the extreme challenges of leaving a political and economic union, and it is clear that there is not strong support for Nicola Sturgeon to try and force another referendum onto the agenda."

A Scottish Conservative spokesman said:

“This poll again shows the majority of people do not want a second referendum - and they overwhelmingly don’t want one any time soon. Nicola Sturgeon should use this research as motivation to take the threat of another divisive vote off the table.”

Scottish Green MSP Patrick Harvie added: 

"It’s remarkable that support for independence remains so high given that the Yes movement hasn’t done a single bit of formal campaigning. The status quo will no longer exist in March 2019 and I suspect that voters in Scotland will come to demand a say on whether we should be dragged along with this Brexit mess."

Given that the Green MSP used the word ‘formal’, we should remember that the SNP have been using Holyrood as a campaign vehicle prior to the 2014 vote and post 2014 losing of the referendum. The SNP and their ‘allies’ haven’t gone away because they think like kids playing ‘war’ that a last grenade can win the battle for them. The truth is that being in government has become a double edged sword for the SNP, their failures across the board show that they are incapable to be the government of Scotland.

Finally, the split in the Nationalist movement over timing will lead to the parting of the waves between the SNP and the wider independence movement, last time, the SNP ran the show and failed, this time you may find the SNP being pushed away to run their own separate campaign.

What is clear is that Nicola Sturgeon is toxic, and no PR Guru will be able to change that, she is the lighting rod for grievance where none exists. If you need to have it rammed home to you, the lack of candidates to be Nicola Sturgeon’s deputy tells a story as does the fact that Keith Brown since elected is very much the ‘invisible man’.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Operation ‘Bigmouth’, SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford says the SNP would ‘relish’ another snap general election, who taught this fool campaigning, imagine the look on SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon's face if she walks out of the next Count in Glasgow with her party in Glasgow reduced to just two MPs?

Dear All

Talk is cheap; one of the things which is clear to me is that SNP Westminster Ian Blackford is about as bright as an old 40 watt bulb. In an attempt to ‘big’ himself and the SNP up, Blackford says that the SNP would ‘relish’ another snap general election.

In 2015, the SNP swept the board and got 56 MPs, two years later, a snap election was called and the 56 suddenly became 35. It wasn’t just the fact that 21 got slotted what was of interest, was whom and also those others which were hanging by a thread.

The Prime Minister Theresa May isn’t going to call another snap election, and as much as Blackford and the others in the SNP say they ‘welcome’ it, the reality is that the 35 SNP MPs are in danger of being reduced even further.

Only thing which Blackford and Nicola Sturgeon are saying is that the Prime Minister’s proposals for exiting the EU failed to protect Scotland’s interests, it wouldn’t matter what the plan was; nothing would ever be good enough for them. It’s an old story, an old broken record that we have all read and heard before, and quite frankly, we are all bored with the Nationalists constant whining non stop. 

In 2017, a lot of the senior SNP were removed, including Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson, effectively the head was cut off the SNP at Westminster which is why we have this buffoon called Blackford in place. Apparently the Conservatives like Blackford because he represents no credible threat to them, those little SNP Commons stunts, nothing to worry about .it seems.

The Prime Minister Theresa May is due to publish a Government white paper on her Brexit plans next week. This will provide the British people with a bit more clarity, with the resignation of David Davis and Boris Johnson; the temperature is rather hot at the moment. The agreement reached at Chequers last Friday includes plans for a free trade area for industrial and agricultural goods, based on a “common rule book” and a “combined customs territory”, this will be looked at very carefully. One thing which people should remember is that once the UK is out of the EU, any future government is not bound by any previous agreement.

What the relationship with the EU will be post 2022 is anyone’s guess, the main aim is the cancellation of the membership, other issues can be worked out as time goes on. The attempt by the SNP to rock the boat isn’t sophisticated; it is based on them attempting to change the narrative back towards them being able to jump from the UK and into EU membership circumventing the rules. 

Elections are a dodgy business, they become even dodgier when politics is in political flux, in 2017, in Glasgow North East; Lord Ashcroft put a Labour win at 2%.  The previous MP was SNP, Anne McLaughlin who won in 2015 securing 21,976 votes. The swing was 39.31%, by any stretch of the imagination a truly uphill task to take that seat back. 

In less than two years however, the vote for the SNP was to drop to 13,395. The winner in 2017 was Paul Sweeney, the majority was 242 votes, although people had doubts, I didn’t, this was the only seat the Labour Party took in Glasgow that night.

The Labour Team was a mixture of different personalities, short of time, short of money and short of help, but they developed a belief as the campaign went on. Towards the end, even people who had been lukewarm about the prospects were geared to take the seat.

As I said to Paul Sweeney, he had the right team to win it.

The hard reality of life is the SNP in Glasgow could in theory be wiped out; they could lose every single seat that they current hold with the right preparation by the opposition. Whether the opposition is able to mount an effective ground campaign is another issue, one thing about the shock in 2017, the SNP got a wake up call.

The problem with the vote being so fluid is that everything is up for grabs, and there is no certainty at present.

Blackford was is defiant about the SNP chances of success, well lets face it, who wants to own up that many of their colleagues futures rest on an emotional vote.

Blackford said:

“The SNP are still the dominant voice, the dominant party in Scotland. We’ve been the government party in Scotland for the last 11 years. I would firmly believe that if we had to put ourselves in front of the electorate again, we’d get the overwhelming backing of the people of Scotland.”

Well he would say that!

He added:

“If we’re talking about a situation where the Scottish economy is going to be threatened and if there’s an opportunity for us to have a debate with the people of Scotland, then of course I would welcome that,” he told the broadcaster. My focus in the short term, my party’s focus…is about protecting the interests of the Scottish people. That’s about making sure that we stay in the single market and the customs union. If we faced an election as we go through that process then so be it, it’s something I would relish and something I would look forward to. I believe the SNP would come out of that in a strengthened position.”

No, they will not.

I would say that all Glasgow seats are up for grabs, some more than others, if I had to pick the two worst seats based on results, I would say that the SNP’s best chances to hold seats are Glasgow Central and Glasgow South based on the 2017 results. I struggle to understand how Blackford gets to the opinion that a snap election would see the SNP come out of that in a strengthened position.

Glasgow has seven seats, one Labour and six SNP, obviously things change, but it is possible that this result could flip to five Labour and two SNP, in 2022, however, there is a glitch; the previous year is the Holyrood election. The SNP as they stand at present could end up with the most seats.

The opposition still needs to get its act together.

Finally, in politics it is not uncommon to talk yourself up and that of your party, Ian Blackford, I don’t see as a credible source or fountain of knowledge.

The SNP has falling support, they have seen people stop donating to them which is why they need the Westminster ‘Short money’ to keep them afloat. One thing which would happen, if there was a snap election, in Glasgow North East, the SNP put up Anne McLaughlin, it would be another loss to Paul Sweeney, she isn’t good enough by a country mile.

Imagine the look on Nicola Sturgeon's face if in 2022, she walks out of the Count in Glasgow with her party in Glasgow reduced to just two MPs?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, July 9, 2018

Life is never easy: Brexit Secretary David Davis dramatically quits is a major blow to Theresa May’s leadership, the loss of Davis is an unhappy event, the question is, will there be more to follow or will the PM steady the ship, the situation is how we say is fluid to the point that some people think it is okay to scream ‘General Election’

Dear All

On the 23rd June 2016, the British people went to cast their votes on the referendum to stay or leave the EU. The people decided to leave after 40 plus years of membership, it was the right decision by the people. But what does leave mean and what did people vote for?

It meant leaving the EU, ECJ, Customs Union, Single Market and open border access, it meant totally reclaiming our sovereignty back, this was the mandate from the people to the politicians.

It was clear, direct and not open to interpretation, fudge, back door deals or any other kind of ploy.

Out means out!

David Davis has dramatically resigned as Brexit Secretary, this resignation is a major blow to Theresa May, it comes straight after Prime Minister triumphantly sealed Cabinet agreement for her Chequers compromise plan, which plots a softer Brexit. To be blunt this isn’t good news for anyone.

People expected that Prime Minister Theresa May should steer Brexit through until it is completed. Now, we have a situation were people in the Conservative Party are talking about a ‘confidence’ vote in the Prime Minister. In order for this to happen, there would have to be 48 Conservative MPs writing to the 1922 Committee.

Brexiters are angry and say the compromise deal is a “complete capitulation” to Brussels, if the Prime Minister doesn’t steady the ship; we aren’t looking at a very happy situation which could implode the government. Apparently there is talk that other Brexiteers could also resign from government. Boris Johnson is said to be unhappy with the deal and made his feeling loud and plain.

A general election if called would be an unwelcome event, it would be an uncalled for distraction which the people don’t want. David Davis has since been replaced by Dominic Rabb as Brexit Secretary but that doesn’t solve the problem only the Cabinet position.

Ian Lavery, the Labour Chairman, said:

“This is absolute chaos and Theresa May has no authority left. The Prime Minister is in office but not in power. She cannot deliver Brexit and our country is at a complete standstill, while the Tories indulge in their leadership tussling. We can’t go on like this. Britain needs a functioning Government.”

One resignation doesn’t mean the collapse of government, it seems Mr. Lavery is politicking and spinning like mad, on the surface, the opposition parties have to say they welcome a general election but the truth is that they don’t. If there is an election, it will be an election of fear from those people who are sitting members, especially those on low majorities.

Labour MP Seema Malhotra, who sits on the Commons Brexit Committee, tweeted:

"Will there be a domino effect?”

Too early, even for wishful thinking!

She added:

"It's now not inconceivable that May is gone within days or weeks, the Tories are plunged into disarray and a general election called."

Prime Minister Theresa May needs to understand the strength of feeling regarding leaving the EU, it is incredibly strong; events in Europe bear out that the decision to leave was correct.

Europe is heading towards a dark place, although the mainstream media is rather good at not reporting the news, the stories are out there for you.

All involved are Syrian migrants.

Conservative MP Andrea Jenkyns; who quit a junior Government role earlier this year to "fight for Brexit" has threatened to vote against Mrs May's Brexit plan and she isn’t the only one it seems.

She tweeted:

“Fantastic news. Well done David Davis for having the principle and guts to resign. I take my hat off to you. We need to make sure this is now a game changer for #Brexit.”

Conservative MP Henry Smith tweeted:

“Last year I stood on an election promise to deliver the British people's 2016 referendum decision [by the largest number in our democratic history] to leave the EU, ECJ, Customs Union, Single Market and open border access. I work for my constituents and country first, and always.”

If there is any vote against the Prime Minister, she will win it easily, but the recent developments don’t play out well, given some of the comments of some Brexiteers, the truth of the pudding is in the eating. We will have to wait and see what develops when all the I’s and T’s are dotted and crossed, only then can a judgement be made.

Finally, it seems that SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has decided to utter, ‘Game On’ as she wants to stay in the single market and customs union, in her twisted way, this is an attempt to demand a Scottish independence referendum. For her, it isn’t ‘Game On’ but rather ‘Game Over’, she and her party will be getting no say, no input and holding no sway in talks. Perhaps she thinks this development is an opportunity however the fact the post of Brexit Secretary has been so quickly filled should signal to her she has missed the boat.

Well, all we can do now is sit back and watch matters unfold with a critical eye, I think after Brexit is done and dusted on 19th March 2019, we might see Theresa May stand down as Prime Minister not long after……. having ‘done her shift’.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, July 5, 2018

The Continued Delusions of ‘King Alex’, Alex Salmond hints at possible comeback, having lost in 2017 by the biggest swing to the Conservatives in the UK in 2017, Salmond 'wore out his welcome entirely' in Gordon, but he wouldn’t get much comfort in Banff & Buchan, that is just another place he won’t get elected, his day is over, the public have spoken

Dear All

The Sun is shining, the heat is unbearable and if you’re not careful you could end up confused and deluded. One person obviously suffering from the heat is ex SNP MP Alex Salmond.

As the temperatures climb in Scotland, Salmond has hinted he may try to return to Westminster in a snap general election. To be clear, there isn’t going to be a snap election, we already had one in 2017, also there is no interest by the other parties despite what they may tell you. Any snap election would be a political disaster for the SNP in their supposed new heartlands, the true of Scottish politics is that the voters are in flux, the vote is up for grabs.

Alex Salmond is working as a TV presenter on the Alex Salmond Show on the Kremlin-backed RT channel; he is taking the ‘Russian Rouble’. I don’t watch the show but have looked at highlights in passing when drawn to it when need be. The show is also featuring Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh; she was also kicked out of Westminster in 2015.

In the episode of the ‘show’, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh witters on why a State Visit of US President Donald Trump to the UK is inappropriate.

The Salmond / Trump feud is laughable, Donald Trump, the Commander in Chief of the greatest military force in the World, Alex Salmond , a very minor bit player on the Russian Channel. Salmond seems to want to try for his old seat of Banff & Buchan, which he represented from 1987 to 2010, but the reality is although he may get the candidacy, it is doubtful he will get the win.

David James Duguid MP is the Scottish Conservative Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament for Banff and Buchan since June 2017. He won the seat which had been held by the Scottish National Party for 30 years, and I think he isn’t going to sit back and let Salmond walk back into it.

The fact of the matter is that Salmond has ‘worn out his welcome’ in Gordon which he lost at the election; it was lost by him after the biggest swing to the Tories anywhere in the UK. Salmond lost after a massive tactical vote by LibDem supporters, they decided to back a Conservative in protest over a second independence referendum. In politics, it is important to go forward, however Salmond has reached his sell by date with the public.

Salmond hinted at a return to politics the night he lost Gordon to Conservative Colin Clark, saying:

“You’ve not seen the last of my bonnets and me.”

In panto, the correct response is, ‘oh aye we have’!

The current joke at present is that the SNP is officially on a campaign footing, they think because of some internal feuding in Theresa May’s cabinet over Brexit that there will be a snap election, this is the same nonsense that some in the Labour Party were spouting, it is delusion.

Theresa May maybe under some pressure but her position as PM is not fragile, there is a lot of hot air kicking about the place, people squealing all over the place but it doesn’t add up to nowt.

The Fixed-Term Parliaments Act means there would only be an election if Conservative MPs voted for it, and there is no appetite among them for that happening in this part of the current election cycle.

The truth is that no one wants an election for various reasons, for some, its lack of money, for others, they know they will get slaughtered, and for quite a few, they need a longer run in time than just the six weeks of the ‘short campaign’. Then there is the public feeling as well, collapsing the UK Government will not go down well with the public which expects the PM to deliver Brexit.

A Scottish Conservative spokesman said on a Salmond return:

“Alex Salmond was given his jotters by the people of Gordon in spectacular style last year. He’d get a similar response from voters in Banff & Buchan.”

Quite so!

The man whose job is meaningless, SNP deputy leader Keith Brown, he has been tasked with starting to organise candidate selections over the summer, which means that Salmond and Ahmed-Sheikh will be pushing themselves to the front of the queue. Although they will probably get selected, I don’t see either getting back to Westminster either in 2018 or 2022. The SNP bubble is burst as we saw in 2017, Nicola Sturgeon is a falling leader, the SNP is losing support as 2017 showed, and they don’t have a narrative.

Does anyone think that Alex Salmond popping back doing his ‘jolly fat man’ act will win over the public?

I don’t, and I think wherever Salmond pops up he is going to get a rough ride, the sun set on his political career, he was effectively moved out of Holyrood for Westminster, then the public moved him out of Westminster onto the street.

And out on the street is the place for Alex Salmond, he divided Scotland by feeding people grievance after grievance, he has gone as far as he is going, maybe someone needs to get him a drink of cold water and dark cold room to lie down in, the heat might have fried his brain.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Clowns in the Chamber; 28 SNP MPs engage in mean spirited and 'pathetic theatrics' in order to force 5 votes during England's World Cup clash with Columbia, the pettiness of this act speaks volumes, the SNP are using parliamentary procedure to cause trouble, I think it is time that the UK Government started to push back and give the SNP, a taste of their own vile medicine

Dear All

There are a few times in your life when national events capture your imagination to the extent that you feel you need to be there, even if it is in the role of a spectator. The World Cup rolls around every four years and is quite a spectacle which many people enjoy.

Doubly so if you have a team competing in the event!

The only UK team in the World Cup is England, and this naturally has created a lot of interest, even in the political bubble that is Westminster. In what is an act of mean spirited pettiness, the SNP has decided to take the opportunity to spoil it by forcing five votes during England's World Cup knock-out clash with Colombia.

At Westminster, it isn’t uncommon for the SNP to drop the mask and show their true colours, but on this occasion they are sinking to a new low. To actively go out of their way to spoil people’s enjoyment is a measure of what the SNP have become under Nicola Sturgeon. Douglas Ross, Conservative MP for Moray made the point that the SNP's "pathetic theatrics" have affected staff in the chamber from having a chance to watch the game. You could make the point that ‘they are paid to work’ however, there are times when common decency dictates that the rules are quietly forgotten.

The World Cup is one of those times.

Culture minister Margot James confronted SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford in the Commons, however this is a waste of time, and making a point, Conservative Sir Bernard Jenkin also questioned if so many votes would have taken place if   Scotland were in action.

The answer is No, plus you could probably add to that the SNP MPs would have cleared out to the nearest Commons bar to load up on cheap booze. In an attempt to play the ‘honest broker’ and failing, Blackford insisted the Government was responsible for the timetable, and votes on motions linked to public spending could only take place from 7 pm.

It took 66 minutes to get the 5 votes done. The SNP also added this was their only opportunity to "speak out against the continued austerity".

The SNP are an embarrassment to the people of Scotland and also a party out of friends at Westminster, they care nothing for goodwill because they are ‘users’, and the only way to get rid of them is the ballot box. Even then such lessons as handed out in 2017 were their numbers were reduced from 56 to 35 MPs taught them nothing. In 2015, the 56 MPs thought that they were the ‘new establishment’ in Scotland having wrestled the seats from the Labour Party.

The SNP leader Ian Blackford said his party were acting on their vow to use parliamentary procedure to oppose the Government "every inch of the way". The thing about rules is that they can be changed by a majority of the House. The Government won all five votes in the end and the number of MPs voting in favour felling as the England game progressed. 

The gesture by the SNP was pointless; it was also a sign that will be picked up by the voters in Scotland, when elected, people hope they don’t send a clown to Westminster, but the SNP are really kicking the arse out of it. If there is a silver-lining, it is surely that down the line the 35 SNP MPs will be reduced dramatically. Although most people are disengaged from politics, they do play attention when the need arises, several SNP MPs have blotted their copybook, and best start looking for a new job come 2022.

During one of the votes, a Conservative frontbencher approached Mr Blackford and SNP Commons leader Pete Wishart as they chatted on their frontbench with Tory business minister Richard Harrington.

She was heard to say:

"What about the people who work here?"

Easily answered the SNP Cult doesn’t care a jot, and hold the ‘workies’ in utter contempt!

The SNP's new resident comic Patrick Grady (Glasgow North) joked:

"I understand there are hoards of people around London this evening looking for 90 minutes of entertainment on a green playing field. Where better to look than the House of Commons? I think we've been thoroughly entertained and I'm sure there's nothing else on this evening's line-up that could be as interesting for people."

A crude attempt to rub people’s faces in it, best to laugh now, down the line, Grady might not find the time for laughter because it rather looks like the SNP ‘Glasgow Six’ won’t all be going back in 2022.

Finally, in public office there is such a thing as the Nolan Principles.

The SNP MPs don’t seem to have read the principles, or don’t understand them; there is a complete lack of integrity and more importantly leadership for the Nationalists at Westminster.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University