Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Attack On Sturgeon From The SNP Mouse That Roared; Nationalist MP Pete Wishart criticises Nicola Sturgeon's, are the SNP waking up to the fact that Sturgeon’s support for a second Brexit vote is another example of her clumsy and ill-judged politics, Sturgeon missed the opportunity to talk about substance yet again, how long before the SNP elected MPs and MSPs tell her it is time to step aside?

Dear All

Many in the SNP hold their position because of one man, Alex Salmond, he gave them the opportunity to be MPs and MSPs, they certainly don’t have loyalty towards Nicola Sturgeon and the new regime.

Pete Wishart is a relic of the Salmond era, so in a sense he is a senior SNP MP, but despite being a complete banger who can go off on one from time to time, he has managed to understand Brexit, and the stupidity of putting your face against it.

As a senior SNP MP he is now openly criticising Nicola Sturgeon's support for a second Brexit vote, there will be no second, the die is cast on that, and for those interested in elections, don’t hold your breath for an early Westminster election. The budget by the government wasn’t an election budget. It was a run of the mill affair to calm the waters, splash some cash and tell everyone that everything is rosy in the garden.

However there are still a few thorns in the garden so careful where you step!

Nicola Sturgeon is hyped, like Salmond was to be seen as a ‘see all know all’ politician, the hype however doesn’t match the reality, wrong on indy, wrong on Trump, wrong on Brexit. Sturgeon was hopeless as Health Sec, had no impact taking over Alex Neil’s position, other than a few pictures standing beside a shovel or spade. Sturgeon’s constant trips out of Scotland to other countries were to try and build up her persona as a ‘statesman’ but she might as well have saved the airfares. 

Nicola Sturgeon is a fringe politician as seen by her agenda for government. If you had a blank piece of paper, could you remember the ‘big’ bills she has steered through Holyrood?

Probably not!

Sturgeon tinkers with policies, she doesn’t alter structures, not in any meaningful sense of how people would think or imagine change. Nicola Sturgeon cannot affect Brexit, in fact her antics coupled with that of her MPs effectively barred them having any meaningful contribution or input in the talks. When Pete Wishart condemns Sturgeon’s position as “little more than an open invitation to have our national view ignored and disrespected all over again”; he must realise that Sturgeon closed the door, the people on the other side can’t waste time opening to hear a meaningless rhetoric being spewed out.
Nicola Sturgeon was wrong to say that she and her MPs would back a so-called “People’s Vote” on the final Brexit deal. A serious point was downgraded by her into a pathetic attention seeking PR for publicity. Such was her ‘support;, she didn’t even go to the anti Brexit march, but instead sent a video message.

So, the question for Pete Wishart is he after all his talk and being the SNP’s longest-serving representative in Westminster going to follow the other sheep into the lobby to vote against the Brexit deal or will he vote with the UK government or abstain.

Is Pete Wishart too old to be a rebel or too old to be doing the right thing?
One thing that Wishart wrote in the pro-independence National newspaper was that , Scotland’s overwhelming vote to remain in the European Union was “totally ignored” in 2016.

The truth is that Scotland didn’t vote as a country to remain in the EU, this was a UK wide vote, why the Nationalists keep using this falsehood is easy to understand, they want people to think that the countries in the UK have each one vote. The reality is that the people of the UK in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales voted to leave the European Union.

A million Scots voted to leave!

Wishart said:

“To say that we will sign up to a referendum without any guarantee that our Scottish national voice will be at least acknowledged is little more than an open invitation to have our national view ignored and disrespected all over again. We are simply inviting all the indignities we are currently enduring to be replicated and refreshed.”

Wishart confuses the ‘national view’ as the SNP view.

One thing that Nicola Sturgeon’s stupidity did was weaken the SNP’s hand in that now they would have to say that there would be two votes on independence, if they ever won and that is highly unlikely, they would have to say that a second deal on the terms would be held.

Brexit gave the SNP an opportunity to be on the winning side, they chose the wrong side, they set themselves up for a fall; and on the night of the Euro count in Glasgow; their cheers were rather short lived. They were cocky that they had won, but later in the evening as I predicted the UK referendum was won by the Leave Campaign.

Leave won the people, 23rd June 2016 was the true people’s vote!

What Pete Wishart’s public intervention means in reality is that the SNP MPs and presumably others are looking forward towards a post Sturgeon exit; she isn’t delivering a second Scottish independence referendum. The recent poll of a pro UK Holyrood in 2021 is a turning point in nationalist politics, back to the drawing board.

The first thing on the board will no doubt be a change of leader!

Finally, although some people might think that there is a load of talent in the nationalist ranks, you should take the story of Ian Blackford to heart, he stands up and says he is a ‘simple crofter’ then is publicly humiliated in the House of Commons as a Conservative MP tells him, the House and the TV audience that his ‘simple’ croft is valued at £500,000.

Clearly; these people are too stupid to run anything never mind a country.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Business as Usual at the SNP; Sturgeon’s SNP forced to suspend member Gareth Wardell over 'anti-Semitic' blog, Wardell runs the Grouse Beater blog which attacked jewish activist Rhea Wolfson, now he faces the party’s disciplinary committee to explain himself, no room at the ‘ratship’ as the SNP will be quick to draw up the gangplank

Dear All

Do you remember the excuse from Nicola Sturgeon for not suspending Alex Salmond in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct?

'No legal basis' to suspend Alex Salmond because the complaint wasn’t brought by an SNP member, at the time many people thought this excuse was rubbish. Today, the SNP has suspended a member accused of “vile anti-Semitism” for citing Hitler in an attack against Jewish Labour activist Rhea Wolfson. Wolfson is part of the Corbyn faction in the Labour, and a GMB Scotland organiser.

Gareth Wardell, who runs the Grouse Beater blog, is now the subject of a complaint to the party’s disciplinary committee. The reason for this is that Wardell posted on Monday about GMB Scotland organiser Rhea Wolfson, and the equal pay dispute in Glasgow. He alleged that Wolfson had been making the most of Hitler’s “fascist ideology” in the dispute.

He also referred to the GMB as a “Cockney clique”.

After the article made its debut, it was shared by SNP branches for Livingston East, Edinburgh Eastern and various SNP councillors. Interestingly these branches have been deleting the links they put up.

Now, the SNP is saying that Wolfson deserved “a full apology from the author for the clear offence that has been caused”.

In a section titled “Hitler’s view”, the blog said:

“In Part 1 of Mein Kampf, Hitler attacks unions over and over again. Unions are fascism’s Public Enemy Number 1”.

He added:

“He accused ‘The Jew’ of gradually assuming leadership of the trade union movement. Hitler wanted a blindly obedient fighting force loyal only to the national leader of government. Whether or not Wolfson is intellectually aware of Hitler’s outlook is unknown but she certainly knows how to make the most of it.”

It seems that Gareth Wardell has a lot of explaining to do; given the SNP is run as a cult, and clearly Wardell isn’t a part of it but more a useful idiot, I think I would put a bet on being expelled. The SNP are quick to act when it affects the ‘rat ship’ and with bad polling for Nicola Sturgeon, anything which reminds people how chummy the SNP wanted to get with the Nazis during WW2 takes the gloss off.

Rhea Wolfson is also the Labour candidate for Livingston and a past victim of anti-Semitic abuse, in politics if you get known you get attacked. The SNP cybernats are particularly active in that field especially if you are a candidate for public office.

Paul Sweeney, Labour MP for Glasgow North East, described the blog post as “utterly reprehensible”

On Tuesday, The Herald published Mr Wardell’s defence, in which he said his opponents had used “fascist language” to make his argument about Ms Wolfson sound “sinister”.

He added:

“It's quite a stretch for me to be anti-Semitic, brought up in Jewish family.”

No doubt he will say this to the SNP Disciplinary Committee as part of his explanation.

Wardell continued:

“The only sinister aspect to my essay is the way political opponents tried to make it sound sinister. They use the fascist language it warns about, anti-intellectual, portraying everything in terms of 'them and us'. Ms Wolfson has been grievously misled. When advised what they were up to I strengthened the praise of her anti-Semitic stance in relation to Labour's troubles. In this case it's quite a stretch for me to be anti-Semitic brought up in Jewish family. As for GMB boss Tim Roache's thuggish response, how can one have a rational discussion with a man who boasts he did not read the blog, but thinks it 'disgusting'. His role as the arrogant Englishman is not appreciated. Then again, I don't mind political opponents making a fool of  themselves.”

To distance himself from the SNP, he added:

“Not an office bearer. Not an 'active' member. Don't stick leaflets in letterboxes, or stand with placards on street corners. Don't attend SNP meetings. Don't march if it means walking with my legs.”

One thing that everyone should know in politics is that just because you are in a party, these people in the political bubble are not your friends; another mistake would be to tell people about your private life or who you associate with, in the past Rhea Wolfson found this out the hard way.

Finally as to Wardell, don’t think the SNP will be standing by him after this, he appears to be history; he is going to find out that the SNP cult isn’t his friends either. The SNP won’t want the spotlight of anti-Semitism on them, they kick out Wardell; they make a song and dance how they took strong action.  

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, October 29, 2018

Bayoneting The Wounded Salmond; Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon relationship is said to be falling apart, angry Salmond and his allies not impressed by SNP ‘trawling’ harassment email, with ‘friends’ like Nicola Sturgeon who needs enemies, are the Murrells sweating how they dodge the Salmond membership bullet?

Dear All

‘She disnae call, she disnae write’, and with the spotlight on Alex Salmond over allegations that he was allegedly involved in sexual misconduct, it beggars belief if she ever will call or write or be photographed with him again. Alex Salmond jumped ship from the SNP before Nicola Sturgeon was forced to push him out. He on the way out the door declared he will be back.

C’mon big man……. Behave!!!!

Yes, it seems the towering figure of SNP politics has a few hurdles to get over, before or if he is allowed back in the party. Sex and politics don’t mix well which is why we see so many car crashes played out in the media. If you are married and fool around, the situation goes nuclear, lots of unhappiness sparkled with divorce. When Stewart Hosie ‘traded’ in his wife, Shona Robison for a younger model with less miles on the clock, Nicola Sturgeon sided with her pal, and given she was in the Sturgeon Cabinet, it was a no brainer.

Sex can wreck careers, and if you are a guy trying to get ‘extra’ sex rations outside the martial bed, well more the fool you, especially if you get outed.

Alex Salmond is denying all wrongdoing and criminality in his problem; he is continuing with his TV show for the RT Channel with belongs to the Russians. The Russians aren’t giving up on him just yet; they are standing by him, unlike Nicola Sturgeon who can’t get further enough away from him. If Alex Salmond goes down with his ship, Sturgeon is going to make sure that she is nowhere onboard.

When you are in trouble, you find out who your real pals are, these are the people who standby you come hell or high water, in politics, the concept is similar but once you have a problem, allies disappear like the Sun behind a cloud. It is said that Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon relationship has hits a new low over SNP harassment email which Salmond allies call a “fishing expedition” that was “clearly focused” on Salmond. Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership is so bad, one wonders who many people think that in order to protect her, anyone who could be a leadership threat had to be neuralised.

The SNP email advised former party staff on how to report concerns of bullying and harassment days after sexual misconduct allegations involving Alex Salmond were published, they used the classic defence that this was “duty of care” on their part. If you know anything about the SNP, then you know they don’t give a toss about “duty of care” especially for their members. I can understand Alex Salmond’s allies being angry, they must be looking around, seeing the Nationalist ship sinking in the polls, poor leadership from Sturgeon, government going nowhere, and think Alex can save the ship.

Nicola can’t!

Polling is showing what I have been saying for ages and a day; we are looking at a pro UK majority sitting in the Holyrood parliament in 2021.

Many SNP MSPs face losing their meal ticket at Holyrood in 2021, and with people having mortgages et al, you can’t escape the conclusion that fear is building up in the ranks.

Change of leader is always seen as the remedy!

The SNP is run by the Murrells, Nicola Sturgeon and her pensioner husband who likes to keep out of the spotlight for obvious reasons. If there is a Salmond return to leadership, then it is likely that Nicola Sturgeon wouldn’t survive the cull as Team Salmond move their people into key positions. Nicola Sturgeon would probably be kept on for window dressing as Salmond talks about the ‘new generation’ coming through, with him leading the change. All sounds fresh, all sounds new, all sounds like a purge.

Although Salmond’s public bitterness has been directed at Leslie Evans, top Government civil servant, it is also understood he is angry with Sturgeon. If Salmond goes to town on Sturgeon, it would be logical that he is also going to town on Sturgeon’s husband. SNP headquarters, run by Sturgeon’s husband Peter Murrell, wrote to staff three days after lurid details of one of the sexual misconduct allegations against Salmond came to light, post ‘tits and ass’ revelations, although Salmond was not named in the email, it is said the context was explicitly in relation to recent media coverage.

A senior headquarters figure wrote:

“The past few days have seen new stories concerning allegations of sexual misconduct. I appreciate that seeing such reports can be upsetting and distressing. We take our responsibility, whether you are current staff or a former employee, extremely seriously.”

She continued:

“In terms of the communication channels for reporting concerns, the SNP is firm in its belief that allegations of bullying and harassment must be taken seriously and that anyone who considers that they have been subject to such behaviour must feel able to come forward.”

It seems that Alex Salmond has a number of fights piling up, fight with the Judicial Review, fight with Police Scotland, fight with Nicola Sturgeon, fight with Peter Murrell, fight to get back into Holyrood and a fight with the public over his reputation, fight to regain the leadership and then indy fighting.

And of course a clearout at SNP HQ, that purge would make a good documentary.

The Murrells must be sweating, Salmond said he is no saint, in the past, I blogged, ‘She disnae call, she disnae write’ and added, ‘she disnae send the SNP membership form’, with a glimpse of this running saga you can possible expect denial of membership. 

If the SNP under Nicola Sturgeon and her husband deny Salmond a membership return, it could solve many problems in the short term. How that would play out in the long run is another matter. Weeks after the ‘trawl’ email was sent, a newspaper reported that several alleged complaints against Salmond had been lodged with the SNP and had been passed to an independent lawyer. 

Finally at times like this, I am reminded of the old saying with ‘friends’ like Nicola Sturgeon who needs enemies!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Tommy Robinson: judge Nicholas Hillard refers contempt of court case back to the attorney general, yesterday in London, Tommy Robinson declared the press ‘the enemies of the people’ to loud cheers, the hatred by some press people online shows how clouded their judgement is, and doing it publicly garners more support for Robinson!, all we need is a Rumpole of the Bailey and this case would be complete

Dear All

The Tommy Robinson case has become a circus, who would have thought when Robinson was wrongly put in prison that we would see a snowball effect which puts the establishment of trial.

So, what is the problem in the Tommy Robinson case?

It basically is this, there isn’t any evidence that he committed contempt of court, and to add insult to injury, there is plenty of evidence that he was treated unfairly, and treated badly in prison prior to his release. Such is the concern about this case that the new judge at the Old Bailey has referred this contempt case back to the attorney general. Apparently this case is too complex for Nicholas Hilliard, the recorder of London; you may find this an eye opener given his bio.

This isn’t any newbie judge, but the task for Nicholas Hillard is how to put a square peg in a round hole and make it look professional. If he is any good at Law, he would know that this case is a loser. I suspect he does hence he has kicked this case back into the long grass and offloading this to the attorney general. In this case, the establishment have lost badly even before the latest attempt at getting a second guilty verdict.

In what must be a seen as a smart move, the decision to refer the case to the attorney general would allow Robinson’s contempt charges to be heard in a proper adversarial setting, in which a lawyer could present evidence and question witnesses to make the case.

Hillard said he had made the decision after receiving a statement from Robinson on Monday in which he proposed to give evidence in his own defence. Here is a link to his statement.

You should take the time to read it.

Yesterday; Tommy Robinson walked free from Court, but prior to going in he address a large crowd, in which he called the press, the ‘enemies of the people’. This apparently upset a few media punters and as you can see from twitter, the press was none too pleased about the fact he isn’t in jail.

Hannah isn’t happy and she works at the Guardian and Observer.

Sunny Hundal isn’t happy.

Kevin McGuire isn’t happy.

However, the prize for being most upset goes to Dr Louise Raw.

Louise works for the BBC, a historian at BBC Radio London no less.

In rush to judgement and getting out the burning cross, what seems to be lost to these people is that an important legal point is being made, take out Robinson, and look at the issues. It seems to me that evidence for some doesn’t matter; they want Tommy Robinson in jail because it fits their narrative.

Judge Hilliard said:

“It is sufficient for present purposes to say that the nature and extent of the controversy to be considered emerged far more clearly from that statement [provided by Robinson] than ever before. It may be necessary to look at quite a lot of the detail of what Mr Yaxley-Lennon said in the broadcast [featuring the alleged contempt] as to come to the overall picture as to what happened. I’m satisfied in the light of the issues as they now appear, as they emerged from the statement of yesterday, that cross-examination of Mr Yaxley-Lennon is necessary for a proper and thorough examination and resolution of the case that is in the public interest.”

Hillard made the right decision; this case is within the realm of the public interest. Although this case is serious, you can find quite a bit of humour looking at what some people are saying, like Otto English.

“So fresh from his court appearance - Tommy Robinson dines on a 3 course meal in the House of Lords before being driven back to his million pound gated Bedfordshire pile. Meanwhile his hapless followers - still clutching those cans - drift home - comforted that they've funded him.

People like Otto English are part of the reason why ordinary working class people support Tommy Robinson, the contempt he shows when he writes about Robinson’s ‘hapless followers’ is why people turn away from the political class and their helpers in the press.

If I was the attorney general, I wouldn’t keep digging a hole, this case is a loser, it was lost the minute the Police arrested Tommy Robinson on a charge of breach of the peace. That lie was used to slap him in handcuffs in order to put him through a kangaroo court where evidence didn’t matter or Robinson’s rights. What we could be looking at is the most important case to come to the Old Bailey which could change the way that the law is applied relating to contempt of court. Forget Robinson look at the evidence, sadly it is something which seems to be getting lost in the rush to jail him.

Finally, to show how desperate some people are to get him on anything; Section 41 of the Criminal Justice act 1925 makes it an offence to photograph people within court precincts. City of London police have said they are looking into whether any offences were committed at Robinson’s September court appearance. Given Robinson was put in a private room prior to going into court, no one is going to get a conviction out of that, talk about grasping at straws!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Nationalist Anger Explodes; Police Scotland in Kirkcaldy on high alert after guys in a van allegedly shout at former SNP Cllr Marie Penman, “Get your tits out, you virgin!”, no formal Yestapo investigation as Nationalists react badly to ‘heterosexual’ entertainment in Kirkcaldy, Italian Club owner Mario Caira emerges as the local town hero

Dear All

Wherever there is strip clubs there are always people to object to them on various grounds. Strip clubs are a good way to money for women; which is why then other women try to end their livelihood, they get rather annoyed. about it

When people get annoy, they end up getting angry and then run their mouth. At present, there is a protest group in Kirkcaldy about the planned opening of a strip club in a Fife town. One of the protestors is a former councillor Marie Penman; apparently, she is alleged to have suffered sexist abuse which the Police are investigating.

Penman is a protest organiser against the strip club said two men in a van wound down their windows and shouted at her:

“Get your tits out, you virgin!”

If you have ever been in Kirkcaldy, it is a bit chilly, as to the claim she is a ‘virgin’, I am sure that Ms Penman will be able to enlighten people as to the truth of that statement or otherwise. Kirkcaldy is about 11 miles north of Edinburgh on the East Coast, I am not sure if that is virgin territory.
Oh, and for people interested in buildings, Kirkcaldy has a town square!

Police Scotland are said to be looking into her complaint about the abuse, after the comment of “Get your tits out, you virgin!”, the men in the van were also alleged to have circled the square for another few minutes and continued to shout abuse at her. The protest against the strip club has attracted about 50 protestors out of a town with about a population of 50,000. Clearly, the majority of the town feel this is a non issue, among the protestors were two councillors, Judy Hamilton and Mary Lockhart.

Lockhart has hit the press a few times.

Mary Lockhart suggested in a Facebook post that headlines critical of Labour's position could be the work of the Israeli security services.

Lockhart is also an independence supporter.

The protest was organised by a new group calling themselves; Women Together in Fife (WTF). Most people recognise WTF as What the Fuck which unless IQs have dropped in Fife lately couldn’t have escaped the attention of the protest organisers. In the spirit of standing up for local business, there was a counter protest against Penman and Lockhart’s group.

The strip club is apparently to be called Sin, which no doubt will be staffed by young good looking women who have no objection to taking their clothes off for money.

Ms Penman said after the abuse:

"It kind of sums up why I object to places like Sin.cIt sends out the message that it's okay to treat women any way you want and to view them as purely sexual objects. I took a note of the van's number-plate and reported it to Police Scotland.”

Having seen a picture of Ms Penman and of Mary Lockhart, I don’t think that any reasonably man would treat these two women as ‘sexual objects’. Although Ms Penman puts a decent effort into her appearance, she isn’t good looking, and as for Labour Cllr Mary Lockhart, she is just a fright!

Police Scotland have confirmed receipt of the reported incident but said it was too early to say whether there was a full investigation being carried out into; 

“Get your tits out, you virgin!”

I think Police Scotland might need a bit more if they are to pass this up the chain to the PF. Clearly context is everything, and with the protest going on, this maybe be viewed as being part of the counter protest. Or passersby just being gobby with no agenda at the Po Faced Penman and her band. It could even be argued in the event of court action that given there was 50 protestors that the comment wasn't aimed directly at her.

Penman added:

“The protest is about the fact that clubs like this still exist in modern Scotland - they just seem like they're from a bygone era, when women were seen purely as sexual objects. We're all about equality and fairness in society and I don't believe strip clubs offer this. We're not trying to tell these women that they can't do what they want - we're saying these clubs shouldn't exist in the first place.”

Modern Scotland!

Clearly Penman and Lockhart with their protest outside in Kirkcaldy do think they can tell people what they can do and what they can’t, and I find it odd that they claim that their campaign is about equality and fairness in society.

That statement is a load of crap.

Equality is about people doing what they want to do as long as it is legal, what the Women Together in Fife are all about is oppression. Club owner Mario Caira has said he was "dumbfounded" by the planned protest saying:

“We are doing nothing illegal.”

Caira added:

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The attitude in real terms to anyone that chooses to take up whatever kind of employment is wrong. It has to be up to the individual what they choose to do. There is nobody forcing anybody to do anything. It is rather disappointing in this day and age that people think they can dictate to others what they should and shouldn't do. We live in a democracy, a free country, where people have free choices to decide what they want to do, whether it be male or female, whether they be dancers, football fans, whatever.”

One thing I saw while in the SNP was that nationalists would take up ‘fake causes’ which they couldn’t do anything about. The local council says that the new lap dancing club which will be housed above the existing Kitty's nightclub and does not need a licence, the existing licence covers it. When the protestors pack up and jog on, life will return to normal, however one wonders about the role of Common Weal Fife, which launched a petition against the club.

They said there was "no place for neutrality on this issue”.

That sounds awful Yestapo to me!

Here is the linkedin page of Marie Penman.

I doubt the people of Kirkcaldy are willing to be lectured by the likes of her and Mary Lockhart; Penman ran the Yes Campaign in Fife but strangely doesn’t appear to have put this in her linkedin page from what I can tell.     

Finally, you can only go to the beach in Kirkcaldy and feed the seagulls so many times before you seek adventure elsewhere. Clearly Club owner Mario Caira has spotted a gap in the market for entertainment. Although I am a Brexiteer, I wish Mario Caira who is Italian every success with his business, the same can’t be said from Nationalist camp who claims to stand for equality and fairness. 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, October 22, 2018

Time Marches On, Glaswegian Blogger George Laird hits the big 56, on special days like this, a donner kebab is so needed, salad no sauce and a can of irn bru!

Dear All

Time marches on, who would have thought I would be blogging at 56 years old, luckily I have kept my good looks and sense of humour!


Tough day at the Office: Scottish Conservatives say to Prime Minister Theresa May that they must get an opt out on fishing if they are to support an extension to transition period, given the way contract law works, the way the EU works, and the EU 27, that request is a tough ask, extension period means all the rules stay in place, all or nothing, no middle ground

Dear All

You may have noticed in the press that there was an anti Brexit march in London asking for a second vote. The march organised by the political elite was all about attempting to keep their networking links in Europe. In order to do so, this would mean the UK staying in the EU. The EU is corrupt, some say we should have asked for reform, over the years, we did, 72 times, we asked for specific measures and 72 times our voices were ignored. 

Although there is talk of a reformed EU, I doubt the people currently controlling it have the political will to do so. These people want a United States of Europe with an un-elected EU Commission in charge, so long as they get ‘their cut’ and a seat at the table.

23rd June 2016, the UK voted to leave, 29th March 2017, we sent in the letter to leave, this set the two year clock ticking. Now, there is talk about extending the transition period by the Prime Minister Theresa May. Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has admitted the UK Government is considering an extension.

He said:

“I’m open-minded about using a short extension of the implementation period – let’s say three months”.

I am not in favour of extension because we will find ourselves in a position were we will have shown to be weak. The UK national interest is not solved by extended transition, but by showing strength, we voted to leave, we should leave. There is no pressure on the UK to agree a future deal while we are in the EU, and we shouldn’t act like there is. I am one of those people who favour ‘hard Brexit’, the EU wanted to punish us for leaving, and have shown themselves to be less than agreeable to a fair solution.

The issue of the transition extension has put the Prime Minister at loggerheads with Scots Tories, who see an extension as a betrayal of Scotland’s fishing industry. We were told that the UK would take back control of its fishing waters on Brexit Day next March, now we get a story, no, it will now be 2020. One thing which isn’t about Brexit is the Scottish Conservatives attempt to win the Holyrood contest of 2021. This is the most important election ever to be held in Holyrood history and the Scottish Conservatives see themselves in with a chance.

Scottish Secretary David Mundell has contacted Number 10 to express his concerns, and ask that there should be an opt-out for the fishing industry from the CFP. That will not happen, if the EU ‘contract’ is extended, then all rights are extended, which could see a legal challenge from either the EU, foreign governments or foreign fishermen.

It doesn’t look like ‘opt out’ is realistic.

You can add to that scenario that the EU27 would agree to this in principle or by deed, especially those whose trawlers fish in UK waters.
It only takes one to say no!

Douglas Ross MP for Moray; told the BBC's Sunday Politics Scotland programme:

“I could not support a deal that would include staying in the Common Fisheries Policy beyond December 2020.”

He added:

“What's important is that we send out a very strong signal to everyone who is negotiating on behalf of the UK that this is an issue that is extremely important for our Scottish communities that we represent. We cannot have the CFP.”

Scottish Conservatives need a big boost to kick start their attempt to win Holyrood, and if you ask the question, ‘what is that got to do with the price of fish’; well getting the opt out is certainly a big win for them. One thing the Scottish Conservatives have been championing is the fishing industry, probably more so than any other political party in Scotland. Conservative Peer Ian Duncan led the charge while an MEP for years, while the SNP under Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon were willing to sell the Scottish fishermen down the river without a second thought.  

The strength of feeling on this issue is so strong that it might lead to Scootish Conservatives being prepared to vote against the Government, even possibly voting down the Chancellor’s Budget. This then puts Theresa May in a difficult place, as if it wasn’t hard enough at present with ‘rebel talk’ all around her and tempers wearing rather thin.

Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab calling for goodwill and "a bit of oomph on both sides" to get the exit deal over the line might not happen. It seems that some people are apparently working on the leadership bid for the party from the Brexiteer camp.

Scottish Secretary David Mundell has a valid point when he stated:

“It would be rather odd if we ended up in that bridging temporary mechanism without a route out. It could be time-limited, there could be another mechanism. I probably wouldn’t call it an ejector seat but there needs to be something which allows us to control how long we are there for to avoid any sense that we are left indefinitely in a sort of customs union limbo. That wouldn’t be acceptable.”

No deal is better than a bad deal in my opinion, in relation to the Irish border, I would throw that ball back into the EU’s court and say to them, if you want a border in Ireland, you build it, run it and talk the flak for it. I would then sit back and watch the Irish have their fight with the EU.

Who knows maybe they will say time up and call it a day with Brussels as well!

The Prime Minister is said to be 95% there in getting agreements for the Brexit deal but this is a case were she needs 100 over 100, a perfect score and then sell it to her MPs and the Country.

On the border, the PM said:

“The commitment to avoiding a hard border is one that this House emphatically endorsed and enshrined in law in the Withdrawal Act earlier this year. As I set out last week, the original backstop proposal from the EU was one we could not accept, as it would mean creating a customs border down the Irish Sea and breaking up the integrity of the UK. I do not believe that any UK Prime Minister could ever accept this. And I certainly will not.”

So, basically we could be seeing all or nothing, nothing being hard Brexit, which is were I thought we should be right from the start. This is politics and like football, anything can happen, even if it seems bizarre and totally out of the left field.

Finally, the Brexit march in London is meaningless, the UK government and the UK people are heading towards Brexit, the elites will continue to press for another referendum vote, but that won’t happen. When you see people like Nicola Sturgeon and Labour MP Chuka Umunna supporting this march, you know one thing if you voted leave, you did the right thing!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, October 18, 2018

A Country Under Siege; Italy fights back against EU tyranny, new poll shows that only 44 percent of Italians would vote to remain in the bloc if a referendum were held, EU starts to issue threats because they don’t like the Italian budget, is Italy going to be the next country to leave the European Union?

Dear All

The United Kingdom is the first to leave the European Union, but as events in Europe unfold, they may not be the last; Italy according to a recent poll has become the most eurosceptic country within the European Union.

The tipping point in the change of public opinion like the UK has been a long time coming, but the rise of the populists in Italian elections is further proof that the EU project is failing. A recent poll found only 44 percent of Italians would vote to remain in the bloc if a referendum were held.

Funnily Italy is even less positive on the European Union than the United Kingdom, that might seem a surprise but when you factor in the migrant crisis that hit Italian soil, perhaps it is not although strange. Countries bordering the Med have been particularly hard hit and effected as the Med is a route used by human traffickers.

I suppose given this poll, the question must be when the Italians will take the next step and hold a referendum. Although the Italians by enlarge like keeping the Euro as a currency, it is doubtful they wouldn’t over time have the same feelings towards a return to the Lira.

Populist Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini reacted to the data saying of the EU:

“It is clear now to everyone that it needs to be re-founded.”

There has been talk that in order to save the European project that it would have to reinvent, but the problem with this is that the same people with the same mindset would continue. This reinvention if it occurred might simply be a roll back of the political path already trodden, a pause, before the political elite try the same plan again on intergration.

Salvini added:

“I dream of a Europe that does few things and does them well. The next year’s European elections will be a historic occasion.”

What the EU should be is a trade bloc, the overreach into sovereignty has been a complete disaster; people need back control of their laws, not made by unelected and unaccountable people in the EU Commission. The EU Parliament is a toothless body, it is a sham, all real power lies with the EU Commission, and we didn’t vote any of them in.

Salvini further added:

“I expect a sea of votes across the continent for those who want to respect their identities and peoples, against the arrogant impositions of financial speculators and the absurd laws of bureaucrats living on another planet. It will be a new European Spring of Freedom!”

The return of sovereignty is set to be the most pressing problem on the political stage in Europe, along with the migrant crisis and the social unrest. German Chancellor Angela Merkel with her stupidity has taken Europe to the brink of disaster, her future is bleak.

As Italy rails against the EU, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is warning his Italian counterpart Giuseppe Conte not to break the budgetary rules set out by the European Union. The business of setting the Italian budget is an Italian affair, but such is the interference of the EU that they feel they can walk all over the Italian people.

Initially, the Italians were unhappy about a lack of progress in solving migrant issues; they even went as far as threatening to stop sending Brussels money. Now the conflict has revolved around the Italian budget which has increased spending to pay for the Five Star Movement’s basic income programme.

How Italians spend their money is their business, but given the way the EU works, this spending affects how much the EU gives out money, and clearly they uses this an economic weapon to keep member states in line. President Jean-Claude Juncker said earlier this week that the Italian budget could provoke a violent counter-reaction in other eurozone countries.

So, what would be the violent counter-reaction?

Armed invasion?

Finally, European Parliament President Antonio Tajani said:

“The appreciation for membership of the Union and its benefits is growing in almost all of Europe. The single currency also appeals to the great majority of citizens.”

This is gloss, the underlining problems in Europe are immigration, security and unemployment and the EU has created major problems with the first two, and regards to the third, they have undermined the people of Europe. They have deliberately used the migrant crisis to affect employment opportunities, and to bring in cheap labour to help the major corporations suppress wages.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Can’t Face Reality; Labour MEP Catherine Stihler says that Brexit is not inevitable and that the UK can change its mind, Stihler can’t grasp or accept that global UK is too far down the road in the minds of people of the UK, all her fevered antics will make the pain of leaving so much worse for her, her job is being terminated 2019, she was given three years to prepare, now only 147 days left

Dear All

You will no doubt be familiar with the term ‘self serving politicians’, in Scotland, there are six MEPs, both the Labour and SNP MEPs are deeply upset with the prospect of unemployment. They are so much in denial that they have banded together in what is termed a ‘cross party’ group to attempt by any means to stop Brexit. The Labour MEP Catherine Stihler says ‘Brexit is not inevitable’ and that the ‘UK can change its mind’.

This is of course delusion, despite the hot air, uproar, deal, no deal, irish border, threats, more threats, unhappiness and general smoke and mirrors, Brexit is still going forward. 29th March 2019, the UK leaves the European Union as a member. The countdown is on; it started the moment that the Prime Minister put in the letter to leave.

What we have now, isn’t a discussion on whether we can stay, we won’t be, but on whether there will be a post exit trade deal.

Brexit has won, Brexit is over, there is no going back, there are no protest marches of millions on the street, the public who voted to stay have in the main accepted the decision. Although the ‘elites’ are promoting a so called ‘people’s vote’, the actual vote by the people has taken place, it is that ‘will’ the UK government is taking forward.

I met Catherine Stihler at a BBC radio show hosted by Gordon Brewer, she is didn’t have a good debate, and some of the audience where hostile, Brexit had made people pretty heated. Catherine had lost because she was divorced from the reality on the ground having enjoyed being in the EU bubble. In the bubble, lots of money, lots of travel, private supermarkets, nail salons and allowances. Yes, the allowances were great especially if you were party minded and wanted to throw a bash.

Prime Minister Theresa May faces a tough fight, the real fight is in her own party, if no deal occurs then we are under the World Trade Organisation rules, there won’t be chaos as many of the privilege few has constantly said. If you think back to the Y2K event in 2000, people thought because computers were changing that everything would stop, we are still here! We will still be here after the 29th March 2019.

Although people like to play out the Brexit talks between the UK and EU as seemingly deadlocked, the EU is under pressure to get a deal, we buy more from the EU than they buy from us. If you think how ‘big business’ operates, the men in the grey suits will have a word in the ear of EU politicians to remind of a pertinent fact, money talks.

Catherine Stihler says Britain should not be afraid to change its mind over leaving the EU by holding a People’s Vote referendum. This is the same tactic used against the people of Ireland, keep them voting until they comply with the EU. This isn’t democracy when it happened to the Irish, and it wouldn’t be democracy if it happened here. Nothing stops these people from campaigning for rejoin the EU down the line, but the risk is that if the UK is a success post Brexit then they wouldn’t have a case or a hope in hell of selling this to the people.
Europe is on the brink of civil war.

All these little incidents are all building up to social unrest and then a backlash, the move away from the political elite to other parties such as AfD, Alternative for Deutschland are pushing forward in the country.

Angela Merkel’s allies Christian Social Union (CSU) took 37.2 percent of the vote in the recent elections, the party's worst performance since 1950.

Of course the pro EU in the UK want time, the reason is simple; they know at this point in time, they are swimming against the tide of public opinion. The same ‘more time’ approach is also coming from EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier. Barnier needs a good deal because it is also tied to his political future. To some extent more time is acceptable in the interests of fairness as Brexit negotiations enter a crucial stage. But goodwill shouldn’t be seen as weakness by the EU, because just as goodwill can be extended it can also be withdrawn.

These EU summits are just “part of the process” and not the final decision-making event, we aren’t there yet, but we are still travelling towards it. The issue of the Irish border is a sticking point, but this isn’t as serious as it is hyped up to be. Things can be worked out.

At present, it is said that businesses, universities, farmers, migrant workers and others across the UK can’t prepare for the Brexit until they know the precise details of the deal. In the case of universities who benefited from the EU gravy train in the form of grants, they will have to ask the UK government for more cash, they did rather well out of the EU, but the party is over. As to migrant workers, there won’t be a ‘round up’ of people and them shipped off in cattle trucks back to Europe, but there will be a registration process just as non EU citizens living in the UK do.

One aspect which is laughable is when people like Catherine Stihler say that the EU member states have approached the negotiations in a comradely spirit; no they have not, quite the opposite. Guy Verhofstadt has made it quite plain that he and others would seek to punish the UK for leaving the European project. How Catherine Stihler can make out that anything else is beyond me, given she doesn’t live in a cave!

Right at the start, I said the UK should go the way of hard Brexit or no deal, this was because the EU was trying to extort money from the UK, no deal is my preferred option. Then in a post Brexit world with no pressure a new trade deal can be made if it is in the interests of the UK.

As events unfold in the talks, up pops Nicola Sturgeon to say the only deal that is likely to secure Commons support is one where we remain in both the Single Market and the Customs Union. This is unacceptable; we don’t need or want EU membership by proxy and it would be a political disaster for the Conservatives in an electoral sense.

When Catherine Stihler and group, legal action to establish whether the UK can unilaterally halt Brexit, I just shook my head, once the letter to leave goes in, you cannot un-ring that bell.

There is no ‘take back’ in the process as far as my understanding, and certainly if there were we would have heard about it before now. So, legal action is a waste of time, it proves nothing, can change nothing and Brexit rolls on! In this case, both the EU and the UK have accepted their obligations by treaty, mutual consent, given the UK government wouldn’t be asking to take back the letter; the EU is legally obliged to continue acting within the parameters of the rules. Although treaties can be altered, there isn’t a get out of jail free card on Article 50 on leaving. This is why I doubt that the European Court of Justice can offer a definitive ruling on this point.

Once the letter is handed over to leave, the clock starts!

I don’t blame Catherine Stihler for wanting to save her job, that is only natural, but whether she wants to admit it or not, her time as an MEP is drawing to a close. Her objective should be to seek another seat in another parliament depending if she can find a constituency to take her on as a prospective MP or MSP. The fact she cannot accept the outcome of a democratic vote may cause her a few problems if she elects to seek office elsewhere in the Labour Party.

Finally, the UK solution to the Irish border problem should be quite simple, let the EU put up the border and then let the EU be the ‘bad guys’, it might prompt the Irish to leave as well.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, October 15, 2018

Nicola Sturgeon personal toxicity; Yes Activists bypass Sturgeon on new Indyref2 campaign, Nicola not welcome or wanted but repackaging the same broken product that the public rejected doesn’t sell, there is no great demand for a poverty stricken independent Scotland, time the Yes Movement recognised reality?

Dear All

You may remember a few posts ago that I wrote that the Yes Movement would eventually have to split from the SNP. However the question remains have Scottish Independence Convention gone their own way or is their new idea of a campaigning body just a sham?

Have the grassroots activists who support independence came to realise that Nicola Sturgeon isn’t going to lead them to independence and neither is the SNP?

It was always on the cards and plain to see what was going with Nicola Sturgeon, she was buying time, not for independence support to rise, but for her to hang on to the post of First Minister.

‘Scottish roubles’ is good roubles!

Today we see that the cross-party Scottish Independence Convention (SIC) have launched a new campaign for Scottish independence. Although the organisation is cross party, it isn’t supported by Labour, Conservatives or Lib Dems. The purpose of the new campaign launch is to get a fundraising appeal on the go for a non SNP organisation aimed at driving support for a Yes vote over 50%. They want to make it cleat this is a separate entity from the SNP.

Scotland has left the SNP behind, they are no longer relevant; an example of this is Nicola Sturgeon’s Brexit plan.

No one in Westminster is listening to her; or her party or whatever input they put forward, Sturgeon is talking to herself, she isn’t a power player in Brexit. She isn’t on any team; her advice isn’t welcome and isn’t sought.

In short, she might as well be howling at the full moon!

If the public stump up the cash, the new organisation is supposed to provide “front-foot media handling, strategic support, resources, messaging and the administrative capacity” to help persuade No voters!  Given the extensive nasty campaign of 2014, no one is in any doubt what the Yes Movement is all about.

It is also said that the new body will bypass SNP ministers to “develop strategy”, undertake public opinion research, and develop “messages and campaign materials for the movement”.

Before you get carried away, you need to look at this page.

Basically as I previously blogged, the independence movement is repackaging itself, but the problem is, it is the same people, which is why I wanted you to look at the above link.
People aren’t buying what the SNP are selling, people aren’t buying what the Scottish Independence Convention is selling so they think this new body will make a difference……. because it is new!

Has anyone ever told them that it doesn’t work that way, new clothes on a pig doesn’t make it a swan!

At the SNP Conference, Nicola Sturgeon downplayed independence and used the smokescreen of Brexit to buy her time up till 29 March 2019.

One thing which was a problem for Yes Scotland which I commented on at the time was it was ‘run by the SNP, staffed by the SNP, for the benefit of the SNP.

There were a few Scottish Greens and SSP to pad it out. Yes Scotland Ltd remains a mothballed company under the control of an SNP lawyer. During the campaign of 2014, the other minor parties complained about how their views weren’t heard at Yes Meetings, and that speakers were SNP. As well as indy campaign, the SNP used this as a vehicle and platform for their Westminster candidates.

One thing of interest, the new body would provide a “rebuttal” service which is something which the SNP said they were going to do.

Is it a coincidence or just a lack of imagination on the part of SIC?

THE SNP launched a new “fact checking” service designed to refute claims made by political opponents.

SIC convenor Elaine C Smith said:

“The dream of Independence for Scotland has been kept alive by all the various groups who keep working, campaigning and marching. Now we’d like to get an official campaign up and running to allow us to help organise further. At almost every meeting or event I have attended over the past four years I have been bowled over by the self-organising and work that is going on across the country. However I am always asked about a central resource that can distribute and communicate what’s going on with all the other groups. That’s what we aim to try and provide.”

When you look at some ‘various groups’, you see that they are run by SNP members, this is the illusion of ‘board’ support that doesn’t exist.

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford said:

“I am delighted with this initiative. I have a burning desire to see a fairer and wealthier Scotland and the delivery of an inclusive open society - independence offers that opportunity. We need to inspire the people of Scotland to come with us on the journey to independence. “Locally Yes Skye, Raasay and Lochalsh are showing the leadership and engagement that is essential in growing the level of support for independence.”

I would say one thing about what Blackford said….. Charles Kennedy!

Scottish Green co-convenor Maggie Chapman said:

“I want our next campaign for independence to be our last campaign for independence, because we must win it. A strong and effective campaign organisation will be crucial to that success. Working across the independence movement, that’s what SIC is determined to deliver.”

Isn’t there a lack of destiny about these people?

Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton said:

“I was under the impression that there was already an organisation devoted full time to campaigning for Scottish independence and it was this Scottish Government. The SNP's own Growth Commission admits that independence means years of cuts to public services.”

Pamela Nash, chief executive of the anti-independence group Scotland in Union, added:

“The nationalist movement will never stop campaigning for a second independence referendum, even though the majority of people in Scotland want to move on from the divisions of the past. Rather than spend time setting up an organisation in the hope of creating more constitutional chaos, most people would rather there is a fresh focus on improving schools, our NHS, and the economy.”

Having failed to deliver Scottish independence in 2014, the Yes mob licked their wounds, took defeat badly, and have been plotting and planning ever since; this new body is going to be drowned out because it is too small. Who exactly will they be providing strategic support too, ever had a Scottish Independence Convention leaflet pushed through your door?

Mostly likely never!

The SIC new body might have meetings, stalls, launches, relaunches etc etc, but they are and will be a hollow shell, pretty much a paper organisation which would struggle to mount a ground campaign. Nicola Sturgeon has the full resources of the Scottish Government and she sees her support falling, what chance has this lot got?

Repackaging the same broken product that the public rejected doesn’t sell, there is no great demand for a poverty stricken independent Scotland.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Nicola Sturgeon’s Bad SNP Conference Breakdown, obligatory sound bites, the haunting of Alex Salmond hanging over the hall, denial over Brexit, using the Conservatives as the bogeyman (again), fire fighting to play for time, and the elephant in the room, the SNP maybe sitting in a pro UK majority Holyrood parliament 2021, is this really what Kenny MacAskill thinks passes for ‘game on’?

Dear All

They say with age brings wisdom; you could make the case for that but what if someone goes the other way and starts babbling nonsense? How do you react to that scenario? You either put up with it, tell them to shut up or you bolt before they fry you brain with undue stress.

Kenny MacAskill has said the SNP ‘had a good conference with Nicola Sturgeon’s speech’; the truth is her speech was lacklustre, boring, devoid of excitement, and an exercise in managing the membership. 

If having a good conference equals Nicola Sturgeon parroting the obligatory sound bites then you can see why the SNP is in such dire straits. This is a party which doesn’t have a narrative for the future. Brexit left the SNP leadership high and dry as the UK moves forward into this new stage of global Britain.

Nicola Sturgeon urging SNP supporters to be patient is a face saving exercise to buy her time, because since she took over as leader from Alex Salmond, she has lead the party on a downward spiral.

The polls don’t lie; Nicola Sturgeon has failed as a leader.

To attempt to paint a picture that the SNP are close to their ultimate goal and it is in sight shows a lack of failure to grasp reality, and while this continues with Sturgeon at the helm, their problems in and out of government just increase. 

One funny little story going the rounds is that the Glasgow South SNP MP has said that the SNP would support a minority Labour government, in exchange for getting rid of nuclear weapons. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has rejected any possibility of a pact.

The UK isn’t going to get rid of nuclear weapons.

If you know anything about politics, the only good thing about the SNP Conference for Nicola Sturgeon is that it is over. MacAskill says that internal party discipline remains strong, well given the SNP operates like a cult, a party within a party, you would find this no surprise. The real problem for the SNP is not those who are in the cult but those members who are on the outside, the ‘worker bees’. Sturgeon’s problems have only been shunted down the line to the next trial by fire, the next SNP Conference. 

Although the Cult manages the agenda of the Conference, the dissent will spill over into the fringe events first; then will come protests outside. People will abandon the SNP and drift towards the Yes Movement which will want to keep the SNP at arms length.

The SNP Conference was the same as usual, the bogeyman was the Conservatives, with the SNP; the bogeyman is always going to be the Conservatives. In what must be hype, hope or delusion, the former justice minster said ‘Independence has to be won but the union’s no longer so safe and secure’.

What he fails to grasp is that there is a new UK emerging post Brexit!

There is a new UK emerging post Brexit which the SNP have no part in developing, they are bystanders as the Constitution evolves, this leaves the SNP unable to win independence because future changes will leave them more isolated politically. 

Having gone from 56 MPs to 35 MPs, in two years, the direction of travel doesn’t place them in the driving seat.

On the issue of the wee silly marches, Kenny MacAskill thinks that the recent Edinburgh march was somehow a success, in that it was a ‘huge and symbolic event’, no, it wasn’t huge and it wasn’t symbolic either. Saying this march galvanised the cause as well as the conference is laughable, this SNP Conference was haunted the spectre of one man who wasn’t there, Alex Salmond.

Alex Salmond, the ghost in the hall, the elephant not welcomed in the room, the man of roubles. At present, he has his own troubles to contend with;

One thing which will have read from me is that the next Holyrood election is the most important since the parliament opened, which is why there is the major argument for an early independence date with the prospect that pro UK parties will hold the majority of seats in the Scottish Parliament post-2021.

How long have I been going on about the 2021 election and what is means?


Nicola Sturgeon cannot get a Section 30 order in this term of Holyrood, and if it all goes pear shaped, post 2021, she might have enough seats for minority government but at present not enough support in the parliament to get a referendum bill through.

Where does that leave the SNP post 2021?

How long will the SNP members listen to Nicola Sturgeon’s appeal for “Perseverance, Pragmatism and Patience” before they openly call for new leadership and her removal, Salmond fell on his rubber sword, but will a coup force Sturgeon out?

Finally, Kenny MacAskill highlights something which we all know, he says the SNP need to get a grip of problems in the public services, which the SNP effectively paid lip service to as they ran off to chase indy. The problem is that the SNP don’t have a vision for public services, just as they don’t have a vision for independence beyond hype.

The result of the next Holyrood election is becoming the new priority for Scotland as it is effectively ‘game over’ for Brexit, we are leaving. The fact the SNP is stuck fighting Brexit when they can’t change it shows this is a party out of steam, the SNP make no impact at Westminster beyond their foolish petty childish antics, amazingly they think this passes for strategy.

For the SNP, the challenge is how to deal with the post Sturgeon landscape.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University