Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Can’t Face Reality; Labour MEP Catherine Stihler says that Brexit is not inevitable and that the UK can change its mind, Stihler can’t grasp or accept that global UK is too far down the road in the minds of people of the UK, all her fevered antics will make the pain of leaving so much worse for her, her job is being terminated 2019, she was given three years to prepare, now only 147 days left

Dear All

You will no doubt be familiar with the term ‘self serving politicians’, in Scotland, there are six MEPs, both the Labour and SNP MEPs are deeply upset with the prospect of unemployment. They are so much in denial that they have banded together in what is termed a ‘cross party’ group to attempt by any means to stop Brexit. The Labour MEP Catherine Stihler says ‘Brexit is not inevitable’ and that the ‘UK can change its mind’.

This is of course delusion, despite the hot air, uproar, deal, no deal, irish border, threats, more threats, unhappiness and general smoke and mirrors, Brexit is still going forward. 29th March 2019, the UK leaves the European Union as a member. The countdown is on; it started the moment that the Prime Minister put in the letter to leave.

What we have now, isn’t a discussion on whether we can stay, we won’t be, but on whether there will be a post exit trade deal.

Brexit has won, Brexit is over, there is no going back, there are no protest marches of millions on the street, the public who voted to stay have in the main accepted the decision. Although the ‘elites’ are promoting a so called ‘people’s vote’, the actual vote by the people has taken place, it is that ‘will’ the UK government is taking forward.

I met Catherine Stihler at a BBC radio show hosted by Gordon Brewer, she is didn’t have a good debate, and some of the audience where hostile, Brexit had made people pretty heated. Catherine had lost because she was divorced from the reality on the ground having enjoyed being in the EU bubble. In the bubble, lots of money, lots of travel, private supermarkets, nail salons and allowances. Yes, the allowances were great especially if you were party minded and wanted to throw a bash.

Prime Minister Theresa May faces a tough fight, the real fight is in her own party, if no deal occurs then we are under the World Trade Organisation rules, there won’t be chaos as many of the privilege few has constantly said. If you think back to the Y2K event in 2000, people thought because computers were changing that everything would stop, we are still here! We will still be here after the 29th March 2019.

Although people like to play out the Brexit talks between the UK and EU as seemingly deadlocked, the EU is under pressure to get a deal, we buy more from the EU than they buy from us. If you think how ‘big business’ operates, the men in the grey suits will have a word in the ear of EU politicians to remind of a pertinent fact, money talks.

Catherine Stihler says Britain should not be afraid to change its mind over leaving the EU by holding a People’s Vote referendum. This is the same tactic used against the people of Ireland, keep them voting until they comply with the EU. This isn’t democracy when it happened to the Irish, and it wouldn’t be democracy if it happened here. Nothing stops these people from campaigning for rejoin the EU down the line, but the risk is that if the UK is a success post Brexit then they wouldn’t have a case or a hope in hell of selling this to the people.
Europe is on the brink of civil war.

All these little incidents are all building up to social unrest and then a backlash, the move away from the political elite to other parties such as AfD, Alternative for Deutschland are pushing forward in the country.

Angela Merkel’s allies Christian Social Union (CSU) took 37.2 percent of the vote in the recent elections, the party's worst performance since 1950.

Of course the pro EU in the UK want time, the reason is simple; they know at this point in time, they are swimming against the tide of public opinion. The same ‘more time’ approach is also coming from EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier. Barnier needs a good deal because it is also tied to his political future. To some extent more time is acceptable in the interests of fairness as Brexit negotiations enter a crucial stage. But goodwill shouldn’t be seen as weakness by the EU, because just as goodwill can be extended it can also be withdrawn.

These EU summits are just “part of the process” and not the final decision-making event, we aren’t there yet, but we are still travelling towards it. The issue of the Irish border is a sticking point, but this isn’t as serious as it is hyped up to be. Things can be worked out.

At present, it is said that businesses, universities, farmers, migrant workers and others across the UK can’t prepare for the Brexit until they know the precise details of the deal. In the case of universities who benefited from the EU gravy train in the form of grants, they will have to ask the UK government for more cash, they did rather well out of the EU, but the party is over. As to migrant workers, there won’t be a ‘round up’ of people and them shipped off in cattle trucks back to Europe, but there will be a registration process just as non EU citizens living in the UK do.

One aspect which is laughable is when people like Catherine Stihler say that the EU member states have approached the negotiations in a comradely spirit; no they have not, quite the opposite. Guy Verhofstadt has made it quite plain that he and others would seek to punish the UK for leaving the European project. How Catherine Stihler can make out that anything else is beyond me, given she doesn’t live in a cave!

Right at the start, I said the UK should go the way of hard Brexit or no deal, this was because the EU was trying to extort money from the UK, no deal is my preferred option. Then in a post Brexit world with no pressure a new trade deal can be made if it is in the interests of the UK.

As events unfold in the talks, up pops Nicola Sturgeon to say the only deal that is likely to secure Commons support is one where we remain in both the Single Market and the Customs Union. This is unacceptable; we don’t need or want EU membership by proxy and it would be a political disaster for the Conservatives in an electoral sense.

When Catherine Stihler and group, legal action to establish whether the UK can unilaterally halt Brexit, I just shook my head, once the letter to leave goes in, you cannot un-ring that bell.

There is no ‘take back’ in the process as far as my understanding, and certainly if there were we would have heard about it before now. So, legal action is a waste of time, it proves nothing, can change nothing and Brexit rolls on! In this case, both the EU and the UK have accepted their obligations by treaty, mutual consent, given the UK government wouldn’t be asking to take back the letter; the EU is legally obliged to continue acting within the parameters of the rules. Although treaties can be altered, there isn’t a get out of jail free card on Article 50 on leaving. This is why I doubt that the European Court of Justice can offer a definitive ruling on this point.

Once the letter is handed over to leave, the clock starts!

I don’t blame Catherine Stihler for wanting to save her job, that is only natural, but whether she wants to admit it or not, her time as an MEP is drawing to a close. Her objective should be to seek another seat in another parliament depending if she can find a constituency to take her on as a prospective MP or MSP. The fact she cannot accept the outcome of a democratic vote may cause her a few problems if she elects to seek office elsewhere in the Labour Party.

Finally, the UK solution to the Irish border problem should be quite simple, let the EU put up the border and then let the EU be the ‘bad guys’, it might prompt the Irish to leave as well.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, October 15, 2018

Nicola Sturgeon personal toxicity; Yes Activists bypass Sturgeon on new Indyref2 campaign, Nicola not welcome or wanted but repackaging the same broken product that the public rejected doesn’t sell, there is no great demand for a poverty stricken independent Scotland, time the Yes Movement recognised reality?

Dear All

You may remember a few posts ago that I wrote that the Yes Movement would eventually have to split from the SNP. However the question remains have Scottish Independence Convention gone their own way or is their new idea of a campaigning body just a sham?

Have the grassroots activists who support independence came to realise that Nicola Sturgeon isn’t going to lead them to independence and neither is the SNP?

It was always on the cards and plain to see what was going with Nicola Sturgeon, she was buying time, not for independence support to rise, but for her to hang on to the post of First Minister.

‘Scottish roubles’ is good roubles!

Today we see that the cross-party Scottish Independence Convention (SIC) have launched a new campaign for Scottish independence. Although the organisation is cross party, it isn’t supported by Labour, Conservatives or Lib Dems. The purpose of the new campaign launch is to get a fundraising appeal on the go for a non SNP organisation aimed at driving support for a Yes vote over 50%. They want to make it cleat this is a separate entity from the SNP.

Scotland has left the SNP behind, they are no longer relevant; an example of this is Nicola Sturgeon’s Brexit plan.

No one in Westminster is listening to her; or her party or whatever input they put forward, Sturgeon is talking to herself, she isn’t a power player in Brexit. She isn’t on any team; her advice isn’t welcome and isn’t sought.

In short, she might as well be howling at the full moon!

If the public stump up the cash, the new organisation is supposed to provide “front-foot media handling, strategic support, resources, messaging and the administrative capacity” to help persuade No voters!  Given the extensive nasty campaign of 2014, no one is in any doubt what the Yes Movement is all about.

It is also said that the new body will bypass SNP ministers to “develop strategy”, undertake public opinion research, and develop “messages and campaign materials for the movement”.

Before you get carried away, you need to look at this page.

Basically as I previously blogged, the independence movement is repackaging itself, but the problem is, it is the same people, which is why I wanted you to look at the above link.
People aren’t buying what the SNP are selling, people aren’t buying what the Scottish Independence Convention is selling so they think this new body will make a difference……. because it is new!

Has anyone ever told them that it doesn’t work that way, new clothes on a pig doesn’t make it a swan!

At the SNP Conference, Nicola Sturgeon downplayed independence and used the smokescreen of Brexit to buy her time up till 29 March 2019.

One thing which was a problem for Yes Scotland which I commented on at the time was it was ‘run by the SNP, staffed by the SNP, for the benefit of the SNP.

There were a few Scottish Greens and SSP to pad it out. Yes Scotland Ltd remains a mothballed company under the control of an SNP lawyer. During the campaign of 2014, the other minor parties complained about how their views weren’t heard at Yes Meetings, and that speakers were SNP. As well as indy campaign, the SNP used this as a vehicle and platform for their Westminster candidates.

One thing of interest, the new body would provide a “rebuttal” service which is something which the SNP said they were going to do.

Is it a coincidence or just a lack of imagination on the part of SIC?

THE SNP launched a new “fact checking” service designed to refute claims made by political opponents.

SIC convenor Elaine C Smith said:

“The dream of Independence for Scotland has been kept alive by all the various groups who keep working, campaigning and marching. Now we’d like to get an official campaign up and running to allow us to help organise further. At almost every meeting or event I have attended over the past four years I have been bowled over by the self-organising and work that is going on across the country. However I am always asked about a central resource that can distribute and communicate what’s going on with all the other groups. That’s what we aim to try and provide.”

When you look at some ‘various groups’, you see that they are run by SNP members, this is the illusion of ‘board’ support that doesn’t exist.

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford said:

“I am delighted with this initiative. I have a burning desire to see a fairer and wealthier Scotland and the delivery of an inclusive open society - independence offers that opportunity. We need to inspire the people of Scotland to come with us on the journey to independence. “Locally Yes Skye, Raasay and Lochalsh are showing the leadership and engagement that is essential in growing the level of support for independence.”

I would say one thing about what Blackford said….. Charles Kennedy!

Scottish Green co-convenor Maggie Chapman said:

“I want our next campaign for independence to be our last campaign for independence, because we must win it. A strong and effective campaign organisation will be crucial to that success. Working across the independence movement, that’s what SIC is determined to deliver.”

Isn’t there a lack of destiny about these people?

Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton said:

“I was under the impression that there was already an organisation devoted full time to campaigning for Scottish independence and it was this Scottish Government. The SNP's own Growth Commission admits that independence means years of cuts to public services.”

Pamela Nash, chief executive of the anti-independence group Scotland in Union, added:

“The nationalist movement will never stop campaigning for a second independence referendum, even though the majority of people in Scotland want to move on from the divisions of the past. Rather than spend time setting up an organisation in the hope of creating more constitutional chaos, most people would rather there is a fresh focus on improving schools, our NHS, and the economy.”

Having failed to deliver Scottish independence in 2014, the Yes mob licked their wounds, took defeat badly, and have been plotting and planning ever since; this new body is going to be drowned out because it is too small. Who exactly will they be providing strategic support too, ever had a Scottish Independence Convention leaflet pushed through your door?

Mostly likely never!

The SIC new body might have meetings, stalls, launches, relaunches etc etc, but they are and will be a hollow shell, pretty much a paper organisation which would struggle to mount a ground campaign. Nicola Sturgeon has the full resources of the Scottish Government and she sees her support falling, what chance has this lot got?

Repackaging the same broken product that the public rejected doesn’t sell, there is no great demand for a poverty stricken independent Scotland.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Nicola Sturgeon’s Bad SNP Conference Breakdown, obligatory sound bites, the haunting of Alex Salmond hanging over the hall, denial over Brexit, using the Conservatives as the bogeyman (again), fire fighting to play for time, and the elephant in the room, the SNP maybe sitting in a pro UK majority Holyrood parliament 2021, is this really what Kenny MacAskill thinks passes for ‘game on’?

Dear All

They say with age brings wisdom; you could make the case for that but what if someone goes the other way and starts babbling nonsense? How do you react to that scenario? You either put up with it, tell them to shut up or you bolt before they fry you brain with undue stress.

Kenny MacAskill has said the SNP ‘had a good conference with Nicola Sturgeon’s speech’; the truth is her speech was lacklustre, boring, devoid of excitement, and an exercise in managing the membership. 

If having a good conference equals Nicola Sturgeon parroting the obligatory sound bites then you can see why the SNP is in such dire straits. This is a party which doesn’t have a narrative for the future. Brexit left the SNP leadership high and dry as the UK moves forward into this new stage of global Britain.

Nicola Sturgeon urging SNP supporters to be patient is a face saving exercise to buy her time, because since she took over as leader from Alex Salmond, she has lead the party on a downward spiral.

The polls don’t lie; Nicola Sturgeon has failed as a leader.

To attempt to paint a picture that the SNP are close to their ultimate goal and it is in sight shows a lack of failure to grasp reality, and while this continues with Sturgeon at the helm, their problems in and out of government just increase. 

One funny little story going the rounds is that the Glasgow South SNP MP has said that the SNP would support a minority Labour government, in exchange for getting rid of nuclear weapons. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has rejected any possibility of a pact.

The UK isn’t going to get rid of nuclear weapons.

If you know anything about politics, the only good thing about the SNP Conference for Nicola Sturgeon is that it is over. MacAskill says that internal party discipline remains strong, well given the SNP operates like a cult, a party within a party, you would find this no surprise. The real problem for the SNP is not those who are in the cult but those members who are on the outside, the ‘worker bees’. Sturgeon’s problems have only been shunted down the line to the next trial by fire, the next SNP Conference. 

Although the Cult manages the agenda of the Conference, the dissent will spill over into the fringe events first; then will come protests outside. People will abandon the SNP and drift towards the Yes Movement which will want to keep the SNP at arms length.

The SNP Conference was the same as usual, the bogeyman was the Conservatives, with the SNP; the bogeyman is always going to be the Conservatives. In what must be hype, hope or delusion, the former justice minster said ‘Independence has to be won but the union’s no longer so safe and secure’.

What he fails to grasp is that there is a new UK emerging post Brexit!

There is a new UK emerging post Brexit which the SNP have no part in developing, they are bystanders as the Constitution evolves, this leaves the SNP unable to win independence because future changes will leave them more isolated politically. 

Having gone from 56 MPs to 35 MPs, in two years, the direction of travel doesn’t place them in the driving seat.

On the issue of the wee silly marches, Kenny MacAskill thinks that the recent Edinburgh march was somehow a success, in that it was a ‘huge and symbolic event’, no, it wasn’t huge and it wasn’t symbolic either. Saying this march galvanised the cause as well as the conference is laughable, this SNP Conference was haunted the spectre of one man who wasn’t there, Alex Salmond.

Alex Salmond, the ghost in the hall, the elephant not welcomed in the room, the man of roubles. At present, he has his own troubles to contend with;

One thing which will have read from me is that the next Holyrood election is the most important since the parliament opened, which is why there is the major argument for an early independence date with the prospect that pro UK parties will hold the majority of seats in the Scottish Parliament post-2021.

How long have I been going on about the 2021 election and what is means?


Nicola Sturgeon cannot get a Section 30 order in this term of Holyrood, and if it all goes pear shaped, post 2021, she might have enough seats for minority government but at present not enough support in the parliament to get a referendum bill through.

Where does that leave the SNP post 2021?

How long will the SNP members listen to Nicola Sturgeon’s appeal for “Perseverance, Pragmatism and Patience” before they openly call for new leadership and her removal, Salmond fell on his rubber sword, but will a coup force Sturgeon out?

Finally, Kenny MacAskill highlights something which we all know, he says the SNP need to get a grip of problems in the public services, which the SNP effectively paid lip service to as they ran off to chase indy. The problem is that the SNP don’t have a vision for public services, just as they don’t have a vision for independence beyond hype.

The result of the next Holyrood election is becoming the new priority for Scotland as it is effectively ‘game over’ for Brexit, we are leaving. The fact the SNP is stuck fighting Brexit when they can’t change it shows this is a party out of steam, the SNP make no impact at Westminster beyond their foolish petty childish antics, amazingly they think this passes for strategy.

For the SNP, the challenge is how to deal with the post Sturgeon landscape.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Trampling On Others Human Rights; UK Supreme Court rules against gay rights activist Gareth Lee in 'gay cake' case, yet again a minority tries to use human rights as vehicle to breach other people’s human rights, in this case, there is one ‘victim’, gay rights activist Gareth Lee. ‘victim of his own stupidity’, McArthur family 'delighted and relieved' at court victory

Dear All

Do you know what human rights are?

Lots of people mistake ‘I want’ for ‘I am entitled too’ and what they fail to grasp is that they don’t have a human right if it breaches another person’s human rights.

Article 4 of human rights:

“No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms”.

This means you can’t force someone to work for you if they don’t want to.

Article 9 of human rights:

“Freedom of thought, belief and religion”.

This brings us to the case of the Christian owners of a bakery at the centre of the so-called "gay cake" case. When the county court and then at the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal found against the Christian owners, they got it wrong.

In order to get justice, the McArthurs (bakery owners) challenged those rulings at a Supreme Court hearing.

In today’s society certain minorities groups get special treatment while at the same time screaming for equality. These minorities groups have joined every political party to extend their influence, and parties and members fear being branded as homophobic or racist or any of the other labels that minorities try to pin on people to force them to either shut up or comply with their agenda.

Gay rights activist Gareth Lee has claimed he had been discriminated against when the firm refused to make him a cake iced with the slogan "Support Gay Marriage" on it. What Mr. Lee failed to recognise is the human rights of the McArthur family, but the Supreme Court didn’t, they gave a unanimous ruling in London in favour of the bakery.

Gareth Lee wasn’t discriminated against when he was refused because he doesn’t have the human right to comply others to work for him, and he doesn’t have the human right to comply people to act against their religious beliefs. Of course saying this out loud and public is a risky business, anyone who reads this post might be tempted to scream ‘homophobic’.

My reply to any comment of that nature directed at me is, please read Article 10: Freedom of expression, and then if you still don’t grasp it, you are stupid, and no one can help you.

The McArthur family have expressed their "delight and relief" after winning a Supreme Court appeal over a claim that they had discriminated against a customer. But the fact remains, why did the county court and then at the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal get it wrong. After all this is human rights, these people are trained lawyers and judges?

Basically I would say that is down to fear, fear of doing their job properly, fear that their careers could be affected, and fear of the mob.

The bakery's general manager, Daniel McArthur, who attended court with his wife Amy, said:

“We're delighted and relieved at today's ruling. We always knew we hadn't done anything wrong in turning down this order. We're particularly pleased the Supreme Court emphatically accepted what we've said all along - we did not turn down this order because of the person who made it, but because of the message itself. I know a lot of people will be glad to hear this ruling today, because this ruling protects freedom of speech and freedom of conscience for everyone.”

What is amusing about this story is that Mr Lee, a member of the LGBT advocacy group QueerSpace, hadordered a £36.50 cake for a private function marking International Day Against Homophobia.

Homophobia is defined as:

‘dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people’. gives a more extended version.

In his crusade, it seems that Gareth Lee couldn’t work out that in his quest for equality; he was trampling over other people’s human rights!

What advice would I give Gareth Lee, either get taught human rights proper;y or take up baking, tips online at youtube and other media platforms.

Another issue that is flagged up by this case is the role and support by Northern Ireland's Equality Commission; these people don’t understand human rights or equality.

Lee said:

“To me, this was never about a campaign or a statement. All I wanted was to order a cake in a shop that sold cakes to order. I paid my money, my money was taken and then a few days later it was refused. That made me feel like a second-class citizen. I'm concerned not just for the implications for myself and other gay people, but for every single one of us.”

So, let us look at his point, that the shop sold cakes to order and the refusal as the basis for making him feel a second-class citizen. Cakes to order isn’t a blank cheque, would Gareth Lee field an objection if someone came into the bakery and said they would like a cake to order with the wording ‘kill all homosexuals’?

Clearly the wording on any cake is subject to the discretion of the bakery, unless of course he feels that the McArthur’s Article 4 of human rights shouldn’t apply because he is withdrawing them via him paying cash:

In a brief statement announcing the court's decision, its president, Lady Hale, said the McArthur family hold the religious belief that "the only form of marriage consistent with the Bible and acceptable to God is between a man and a woman".

She said:

"As to Mr Lee's claim based on sexual discrimination, the bakers did not refuse to fulfil his order because of his sexual orientation. They would have refused to make such a cake for any customer, irrespective of their sexual orientation. Their objection was to the message on the cake, not to the personal characteristics of Mr Lee or of anyone else with whom he was associated”.

Article 4 of human rights!

She added:

"The message on the cake would not just be for the benefit of gay people - but also for their families and friends and anyone who recognises the social benefits which the commitment involved in gay marriage can bring. Accordingly, this court holds that there was no discrimination on the ground of the sexual orientation of Mr Lee or anyone else with whom he was associated."

Lady Hale continued:

"The bakers could not refuse to supply their goods to Mr Lee because he was a gay man or supported gay marriage, but that is quite different from obliging them to supply a cake iced with a message with which they profoundly disagreed."

After announcing that the bakery's appeal was allowed, she added:

"This conclusion is not in any way to diminish the need to protect gay people and people who support gay marriage from discrimination”.

Mr Lee said he is considering his options regarding an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, if that is the case, his arse better get a move on; the UK leaves the EU on 29th March 2019.

Finally, most people in political parties would automatically support the position of Gareth Lee, of the LGBT advocacy group QueerSpace because they are spineless, and not to mince words, there are plenty of people who are as thick as shit in politics. Also people don’t want the fear of being wrongly labelled homophobic so are forced into silence. As we have seen in the press, politicians have no problem chucking the homophobic tag about the place. Sometimes they end up coming a cropper as Kezia Dugdale found out in her running court room saga.

Gareth Lee, of the LGBT advocacy group QueerSpace needs to understand that he was granted equality regarding the ‘gay’ cake in that bakery, he was told to piss off like anyone else.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Nicola’s SNP Conference From Hell, every SNP Conference for Nicola Sturgeon is an exercise in ‘managing the membership’ away from Scottish independence,’ Sturgeon uses a false message of hope to get through October Conference, rather looking like that Nicola Sturgeon won’t deliver a second independence referendum as First Minister

Dear All

When a politician isn’t able to address the issues they end up talking fantasy, Patrick Harvie did it at a debate on the EU which I was a guest speaker, and today in wind and rain swept Glasgow, Nicola Sturgeon is punting fantasy as well. Nicola Sturgeon is insisting that an independent Scotland offers an oasis of optimism in the face of Brexit chaos. Since there are structured talks ongoing, this doesn’t fit the definition of chaos by any means.

Prime Minister Theresa May will deliver Brexit on 29th March 2019, the talks ongoing with the EU are about the new relationship with the EU, not going back in, not having EU lite membership or any other jargon.

Do you know what is really going on?

Nicola Sturgeon is desperately trying to save her bacon by trying to keep a lid on tensions over a second referendum when she knows see cannot get a second section 30 order. No order means no referendum, and if you add in the fact that the SNP would lose a second referendum, you can see why Sturgeon is desperate to ‘get off the hook’.

Anyone listening to her today and swallowing her guff is a mug, yes, a sucker, a brain dead moron, a sheep, a dupe, conned all the way. Nicola Sturgeon is on a clock, she has a limited shelf life as First Minister, so she is keen to hang on as long as she can to get enough ‘Scottish roubles’ before she ends up on the SNP backbenches. After the last referendum, Alex Salmond left in ‘the huff’, fell on his rubber sword then went to Westminster to setup his ‘Court of King Alex’.

Due to a hiccup in the plan, he was removed by the public in the snap general election in 2017.

Currently Salmond is working for The Alex Salmond Show which appears on the Russian RT channel, some people claim like disgraced Tommy Sheridan that he is part of the ‘Scottish puppet’ class. Salmond’s travel to the bottom continues unabated, and he even has a few domestic problems like the investigation by Police Scotland and his other brush with the legal system over a judicial review.

The focus that Sturgeon wants the SNP and the independence supporters to look at is Westminster, look there but don’t look at her as she attempts to channel grievance on the stage of the SNP Conference in Glasgow. In what is complete hot air, she said she might use her mandate to demand a new vote before the 2021 Holyrood election. No one recognises her ‘mandate’ in Westminster and no one is going to give her a section 30 order in this term of Holyrood.

Nicola Sturgeon can ask but she has no authority hence there will be no vote, she knows and if you don’t know then you need to brush up on what a section 30 order means in practice.

The Yes movement is steadily breaking away from the SNP, they want to accelerate the push for independence but the SNP know that from polling, they haven’t made any progress in four years. The truth is the polling shows that there is still flux in Scottish politics and that the SNP support from the public is dripping away. The Unionist parties however still haven’t capitalised on this properly, they are making slight headway but not enough for various reasons. The Scottish Conservatives need a robust huge ground operation to pitch a unique Scottish offer, and the Labour Party has the problems of internal division, lack of a narrative and in some cases people campaigning without a clue what they are doing due to lack of planning.

Nicola Sturgeon told ITV:

“I’d like there to be a second independence referendum yesterday and failing yesterday, tomorrow – but it’s not just down to what I want.”

The key words are ‘I’d like’ an admission that the ‘mandate’ is a figment of the imagination, and a recognition that authority rests with the UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

And she isn’t going to budge on this issue, it’s a dead duck request!

If you caught any of the headlines, you might have read that SNP MP Joanna Cherry mouth off at a fringe meeting that independence could be achieved without a repeat of 2014’s referendum. No one is going the Joanna Cherry route who insisted a “democratic event” such as a general election would be enough to walk away from the UK. This is a classic example of nonsense, done to create an image and manage an image, sheer propaganda tripe.  

Another banger to ‘bang the drum’ is Angus Brendan MacNeil, ‘three in a bed’ Angus who has been the MP for the Western Isles since 2005, said the SNP must not “dither” and instead act on independence here and now. It is said that in the ‘three in a bed’ incident that Angus didn’t pump the guts out of the two birds, so why did he ‘dither’?

Is he an expert on ‘dithering’?   

The contempt that the SNP Cult has for the membership is simply extraordinary!

MacNeil told the SNP conference delegates that “another way” would have to be found if the UK Government refused to allow a legally binding vote.

I assume that doesn’t mean rebellion, coup or UDI!

The SAS would just round up these jokers for the gulag and it would be highly entertaining as Sturgeon and Co sit behind the barbed wire awaiting a court date. But the reality is that Nicola Sturgeon is no rebel, she will keep taking the FM salary and perks as long as possible. Also since phones are banned in prison, the withdrawal symptoms of not taking ‘selfies’ would be hard for her.

No one is going the Joanna Cherry route who insisted a “democratic event” such as a general election would be enough to walk away from the UK.

Deputy SNP leader Keith Brown told SNP delegates the party was “stepping up the campaign for independence”. There is no campaign running at present for Scottish independence, there is no Yes Scotland 2 running; there is nothing happening! So, all the nonsense interventions by MacNeil, Cherry and others are seen for what they are, ‘managing the membership’.

Scottish Tory chief whip Maurice Golden said Ms Sturgeon had “led the SNP troops half way into battle, and then called halt”.

He added:

“When it comes to Scotland’s future, everyone in the SNP has an opinion but nobody has a plan. All the while, Scotland’s schools are going backwards, waiting times are being missed, and the economy is in the slow lane. Nicola Sturgeon can show leadership today by doing the right thing: and taking a second referendum off the table. The SNP army might not like it, but at least they’d know what was going on.”

Finally, one thing to remember, every SNP Conference from now on is an exercise in ‘managing the membership’ away from Scottish independence, although this will work for a while, there will come a time when a sizeable number of the SNP will call for Sturgeon to be removed as leader. Whether this will happen before she has enough money and pension contributions squirreled away is an open ended question.

But it is rather looking like that Nicola Sturgeon won’t deliver a second independence referendum as First Minister.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, October 8, 2018

SNP’s Pointless Quest Is Doomed to Failure; SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford and his Barmy Army of SNP MPs threaten 'maximum disruption' at Westminster, rabble rousing all the rage at SNP Conference as they attempt to be relevant to Scotland, Blackford’s rant shows that Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership and team cannot hold back the tide of change for the UK

Dear All

The echo chamber of the empty threat, the SNP in the shape of Ian Blackford has decided to look for trouble down at Westminster, the aim of this tactic is supposed to cause “maximum disruption” to the UK government’s programme in the Commons.

As we all know, the ‘grievo-max’ SNP at Westminster so far has been limited to clapping (each other), talking out the rear end, wasting time asking pointless questions and of course highlighting ‘issues’ to push their agenda.

The SNP Conference is in full swing, it is a time for rhetoric, for grandstanding, for stoking up the natives, and what better way than to punt the notion that Scotland is being treated badly. Ian Blackford told delegates at the SNP conference that his 35-strong group would not allow Scotland to be treated as a “second class nation”. Having been primed up for action, the delegates are supposed to have fire in the belly to go out and campaign for indy.

Reality is they are seen as a form of cheap labour!

But the gullible in the SNP are missing a key piece of information, Nicola Sturgeon isn’t going to deliver a second Scottish referendum anytime soon; and to highlight that fact, she is backing a second vote on Brexit to buy time.

Of course there isn’t going to be a second vote on Brexit, the so called ‘people’s vote’ is nothing of the sort, it is the elite’s vote. Even Bob Geldof has crawled out of the woodwork to pitch up a scare story about music industry being threatened by Brexit.

Bob Geldof famously delivered his ‘fuck you’ gesture to the working class by flipping them the V sign while sailing up to them in an expensive private yacht.

In the past, we have seen the SNP disgrace Scotland down at Westminster both in the chamber and also in the bars.  

Here is an example of these clowns alleged behaviour:

“Standing on chairs in Parliament’s Sports and Social bar, a band of portly gentlemen are bellowing out Scottish folk songs. A young barmaid, only in her early twenties yet a seasoned veteran when it comes to turfing out unruly Westminster soaks, approaches a new SNP MP and politely asks him to pack it in. Words are exchanged. Multiple witnesses allege a drunken ‘f— you’ is uttered. Defeated, the barmaid retreats behind the bar to mocking male laughter. So upset is she by the incident, she will leave her job a few weeks later”.

The real problem will be what these people do in the Chamber of the Commons and in Committees, usually this is limited to cheap gimmicks like clapping or being out of order and then being put out by the Speaker. How many times do you have to walk out the Commons chamber before everyone regards you as an arse? Previously Blackford and the other SNP MPs left the chamber during Prime Minister’s Questions in protest over a ‘power grab’ on devolution caused by the EU Withdrawal Bill, it was a stunt that achieved nothing.

What Blackford doesn’t realise is the obstructionist tactics don’t equal good PR, which is why 56 SNP MPs are now 35 SNP MPs, failed tactic that had consequences, to repeat it may give short term happiness but when you have a mortgage, you might find that acting the clown causes long term pain.

Blackford said:

“The Tories think they can do whatever they want to Scotland and get away with it. Well they cannot. Thousands of people joined us the day that the SNP walked out of Westminster to show the Prime Minister we will not have our parliament, our people, our country disrespected. Scotland will not be treated as a second class nation. We must act to protect our parliament and Scotland’s voice. In Westminster, your SNP MPs will do all the we can to protect devolution. Let those in Westminster hear this. If contempt continues to be shown to the people of Scotland and to our parliament, SNP MPs will not hesitate in causing maximum disruption to the Tory government’s agenda when and where Scotland needs us to.”

What the SNP want is continued EU membership, their stance on wanting single market and the customs union is not a viable position, it is a tactic which will go nowhere. The SNP doesn’t have the votes and support to change anything, they are hoping for a political miracle, but that ain’t happening.  

In what must be delusion, Blackford said:

“The Prime Minister needs to accept that Chequers has bounced. Let me be clear: the SNP will not give in to ultimatums. We will not follow the Tories through any lobby that leads to economic disruption for citizens across Scotland and the rest of the UK. We will not sit back and allow Scotland to be dragged out of the single market and the customs union We will not be complicit in a blind or no deal Brexit. When the time comes ot vote on a Brexit deal, the only deal we will accept is one that keeps Scotland in the single market and the customs union. Any other deal sells us short. I put the Prime Minister on notice here today - we will not support any measure, any measure, that threatens Scottish jobs and living standards. We will not sit back and allow Scotland to be treated the way that Westminster wants.”

The Conservatives don’t need the SNP votes, never did, never will in this Parliament, the SNP are in no position to bargain, they aren’t being offered anything, and despite screaming in the corner, they are generally ignored or treated with contempt, which they have richly earned.

Blackford added:

"The people of Scotland didn’t vote for this Tory government, they didn’t vote to have a referendum on leaving the EU, they didn’t vote for Brexit, they didn’t vote for a hard Brexit and they certainly didn’t vote to come crashing out of the EU with no deal.”

No one in Scotland voted Conservatives, Scots didn’t vote for Brexit?

The truth is people in Scotland voted for Conservatives in every constituency, people voted for Brexit is every constituency, are these people’s votes to be not counted? People in Scotland which is part of the UK voted in a UK wide referendum for Brexit.

There wasn’t a ‘Scottish referendum’ on Brexit!

Finally, to return to the start of the post, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is attempting to buy time, not for Brexit, not for indyref 2, purely for the FM salary. All the hot air that Sturgeon and others spout at the SNP Conference is more like a mutual support operation because the Nationalists are on the side. Their Brexit campaign much like their Brexit referendum campaigning, a sham, Nicola Sturgeon cannot hold back the tide of change, much like she appears not to be able to hold back her pot belly stomach. It is hanging out like the stuffing on a burst couch!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, October 5, 2018

Best Argument Ever Against Political Correctness by Stephen Fry

The Scottish Labour Purges: Labour leader Richard Leonard sacks Anas Sarwar and Jackie Baillie in Scottish Labour reshuffle, Anas Sarwar was sacked for “political reasons”, although Anas had a good stint as health spokesman, he should reflect on the backbenches how he got there, in my opinion, , one reason was lacking in leadership, and the other was inability to work as part of the team.

Dear All

In comedy timing is essential, likewise in politics, it is also essential and generally more pressing. The leadership contest between Anas Sarwar and Richard Leonard didn’t impress me in the way it was conducted from the Sarwar side. In the end, the right person won in Richard Leonard, what transpired in that contest should have been a heads up for Richard Leonard.

Yesterday, Richard Leonard did something which he should have done nearly a year ago, he sacked Anas Sarwar as Shadow Health spokesman. You could make a case that by giving Anas a chance to get onboard with the new leadership, Richard Leonard was being fair.  

A Scottish Labour Shadow Cabinet reshuffle was long overdue, you can say one thing about Anas Sarwar’s stint as Health spokesman, he did a decent job, but beyond his brief, his other activities were to prove his undoing, according to Richard Leonard, Anas Sarwar was sacked for “political reasons”.

One of the reasons which more than warranted his removal was his ‘playing the race card’, after he was removed, SNP MSP Humza Yousaf tweeted:

“Scottish Labour denied Asian members voting rights in an internal selection battle, allegedly discounted Asian members postal ballots and have now chucked their only Asian front bencher to the back benches. Structural racism within Scottish Labour?”

The sense of entitlement is laughable, but the snide question on racism is pure Humza, like Anas Sarwar, Yousaf is a ‘race card player’, in fact, to someone looking at this from the outside, you might be tempted to ask the question;

“are they operating as a double act?”

One big mistake yesterday in the reshuffle was the appointment of Monica Lennon as Health spokesperson, I doubt she will be as good as Anas, he had experience and also knowledge of working in the NHS having been a dentist.

His presentation was pretty good, and he managed to get a lot of mileage at the expense of the SNP. The SNP incompetence in health is a running sore, so there were lots of issues to jump on to use, which is always pretty handy. Although the same issues will be there for Monica Lennon, I doubt she will be as effective as Anas.

Yesterday’s sacking were all about Richard Leonard’s attempt to assert his authority over Scottish Labour which is going through an unhappy time due to the issue of Kezia Dugdale’s court case which has divided the party in how it was managed. Kezia put herself into the position she is in, she wrote what she wanted to write and there followed consequences. 

The Labour Party should have not got involved, and left it as a matter between her and the Daily Record, but they did get involved, and it all went sideways when they pulled out of funding her. Once the party had committed, they should have seen it through to the end, even if they thought it would result in a loss.

Kezia Dugdale was lucky that the Daily Record stepped back in to help her, as they promised they would do from the start.

At a recent meeting of Labour MSPs, it was apparently not cordial, which I think explains why Jackie Baillie was shown the door also, however, I wouldn’t have sacked her myself, not for speaking out in favour of Kezia. What I would have said to her was that ‘we are where we are re Kezia, and as the Daily Record is funding her defence’, we need to step back from this infighting’.

This entire episode is a huge mess in how it was handled but Richard Leonard shouldn't carry the can.

If you add in the running sore of Anas Sarwar losing the leadership contest and being seen in the eyes of the Leonard’s camp as part of a briefing operation against the leader, you can only wonder how this will further play out. 

One thing that Anas Sarwar better get used to is being on the backbenches for a rather long time.

Not unexpectedly, Scots Labour MP Ian Murray tweeted:

"The purge of good, capable and committed people goes on merely for standing up for what they believe in. I don’t know whether to be angry or sad. I thought Richard was better than this?"

Murray is so anti Corbyn as leader, it isn’t even funny, he resigned as Scottish Secretary from the Labour Shadow Cabinet in the hope that Corbyn would resigns as leader.

Former Kirkcaldy MP and Labour defence minister Lord Lewis Moonie added on Twitter:

“My party is soooooooo f***ed.”

Well that is a bit OTT, but certainly this damage, but there is no such thing as the indispensable man or woman in the Labour Party.  

A source said it this episode is further evidence of poor leadership on Richard Leonard:

“You don’t take your two best players off the pitch when you’re in trouble.”

You do when they aren’t acting as Team players!

Scottish Tory deputy leader Jackson Carlaw said:

“Labour is a party more divided than ever, and with this chaotic reshuffle have underlined again just how weak an opposition they are. They've removed their best performers from the frontbench on the same day their media chief confirms he can't take it anymore. This is a bewildering and ridiculous political fiasco. The only two MSPs capable of leading have now been sacked by their increasingly hapless leader. Richard Leonard couldn't lead a circus, even though that's what he increasingly seems to aspire to.”
This is just politicking on the part of Jackson Carlaw, false support for Anas Sarwar and Jackie Baillie, I am sure he would much prefer less able people to be up against, especially since the Conservatives plan to mount a serious bid for Holyrood in 2021.

Nicola Sturgeon joined in to Labour’s woes and taunted Mr Leonard at First Minister’s Questions, she read out a quote from someone in his own party;

“‘Richard has no authority over the group. If he is serious about leading Scottish Labour, he should be apologising”. I could not sum it up any better.”

Finally, Sturgeon has her own problems re leadership, and usually her assessment of anything is usually wrong.

Richard Leonard has nothing to apologise for to anyone, his reshuffle was about picking a new team to work as a team. I wouldn’t have sacked Jackie Baillie because I didn’t think it was necessary, but Anas Sarwar by his own actions crossed his rubicon, hence sacked for “political reasons”. In his time on the backbenches, Anas should reflect on how he got there, one reason was lacking in leadership, and the other was inability to work as part of the team.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rughts at Glasgow University

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Fighting without Ammunition; Scottish Labour Leader Richard Leonard loses his chief spindoctor after he quits having done less than six months, he said the job is “not for me”, his departure is a wake up call and an opportunity to reset Labour in Scotland, whoever gets to be the next Head of Communications needs to be able to have direct and meaningful input into what the CLPs are doing in their areas

Dear All

In politics, people come and go from parties for a variety of reasons, in the election to decide who was going to be the next Scottish Labour leader; I cast my vote for Richard Leonard. The alternative candidate was Anas Sarwar who politically was on the other side of the fence from Jeremy Corbyn, so after Kezia Dugdale’s stance on Corbyn, it made sense to vote Leonard. You can’t have unity in leadership when on one side of the border sits someone who isn’t behind the party leader.

This week saw the chaos in Scottish Labour went it got out that Scottish MSPs were infighting over the Kezia Dugdale funding issue. Several mistakes led up to this fight, Kezia Dugdale putting her foot in it by what she wrote, Labour in London agreeing to fund the defamation case, then withdrawing, and the Labour Gen Sec appearing to act against anti Corbyn supporter Dugdale looking like the decision was partisan.

In the middle of all this; Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard looking like a man with no authority, this raised the spectre of the recurring comment that Scottish Labour is a mere ‘branch office’ to give the illusion of having a separate identity to the Scottish public.   

The truth is there is no Scottish Labour Party registered with the electoral Commission. It is a marketing gimmick, of course, due to devolution; the Labour Party in Scotland is allowed to make decisions about matters relating to devolved services; in Wales with the Welsh Assembly the same is true.

If you read the blog as a regular, you will be hard pressed to find a good Labour story on it, the reason for this is simple, in order to ‘spin’ a good story, you need good stories. At the present moment, all you seen in the public domain is ‘bad’ stories, and for the most part a lack of activism on the ground.

On the 24th September, Kevin Schofield did a tweet on this story;

This related to Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard condemning one of the party's most senior figures over an "anti-Catholic" remark he made to a female member. The man who did it was Andy Kerr; his son is the candidate for Glasgow South West. I replied to Kevin Schofield’s tweet by writing:

“You assume that Pollok CLP is active doing canvassing? Activism at Pollok CLP is slightly above zero since the last election”.

This response provoked a reply by an ally of Matt Kerr called John Beattie, who wrote:

“You’re very wrong there, George. We’ve done several food collections for the food bank, stalls, a fundraiser and leafleting since last June. If you actually attended CLP meetings you’d have known that”.

To address his points, the first 16 weeks of membership with Labour, I was banned from attending meetings; later on due to a medical issue I had problems, so my first meeting was in July. The next meeting in August was cancelled I was told due to a ‘holiday’, in October when the voting and hustings to decide the candidate, I wasn’t sent information about the hustings and denied a vote in the election. I think this answers the point on attendance.

To address the point on activism:

““You’re very wrong there, George. We’ve done several food collections for the food bank, stalls, a fundraiser and leafleting since last June”.

My point was on canvassing, nowhere does the Kerr ally address this, in fact if you know anything about activism, you will notice that Pollok CLP is reduced to standing about doing organised begging in the street, a tactic used the SNP MP in run ups to Westminster elections. As to ‘several food collections’, this is an activity which is publicised to the wider CLP to volunteer for in a timeous manner. On the issue of ‘leafleting’, having contacted an elected branch member, they confirmed what we had previously discussed before, nothing was getting done.

Oh for the sake of clarity, there was something done delivering the ‘Labour newspaper’. If you check twitter and scroll through their Pollok CLP timeline, you will be utterly unimpressed by their work rate.

It is pretty hard to write a good Labour story, you can’t find one at the top of the party, and as you have read above, nearly impossible to find one at the bottom. I am hardly surprised that Richard Leonard’s chief spindoctor has quit after less than six months in the job. Charlie Mann; said he realised working for Scottish Labour was “not for me”. Imagine going into work, and end up fire fighting and saying, ‘we don’t comment on leaks’. Mann probably didn't understand what he had signed up for, but probably thought it would be good for his career, especially if the Labour Party took Holyrood.

Mann said:

“Having joined the Scottish Labour Party as Head of Communications, after a career spent working in public relations and broadcasting, I have decided the role is not for me. I will be looking to return to my previous role and would like to thank the Labour Party for having given me the opportunity.”

What this loss signifies is that the Labour Party in Scotland needs reorganised from top to bottom, however, the people who are in control of the machine are sailing along quite happy to ignore of what is going on around them. Mann’s appointment as chief of communications in April was a key decision for Richard Leonard but he failed to realise that having given the job, he need to get Labour organise in such a way say to serve up opportunities that Mann could use as Head of Communications. Although Mann jumping ship will reflect badly on the Labour leader’s judgment, he should also reflect on the wider picture because the public can’t see it.

One thing that Mann can’t do is put a positive spin on the Kezia Dugdale saga, it was a mess from start to finish, Kezia’s classic statement:

'How can people trust Labour?'

Can you spin that in front of a press corp positively?

Finally, the Labour Party in Scotland is so badly organised that they have to rely on people turning away from the SNP for votes rather getting their act together and doing the hard graft on doorsteps. I think it is time for a review of staffing. Whoever gets to be the next Head of Communications also needs to be able to have direct and meaningful input into what the CLPs are doing in their areas; this requires re-organisation.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Threats, threats, threats, European Parliament’s Brexit coordinator Guy Verhofstadt says, ‘We Will Never Allow UK to Choose (their) Immigration Policy’, with the EU project failing, people like Guy Verhofstadt ‘fiddle while Rome burns’, in his delusion he says Brexit ‘chaos’ will make Europeans like the EU again, how utterly bereft of self awareness this EU puppet is!

Dear All

Back in 2016, the EU referendum was the political hot potato in the UK, prior to the vote, the political elite thought like the Scottish independence result that they ‘had it in the bag’. 23rd June saw the result which crushed the Remain campaign; it was a loss, a rejection of 40 plus years of EU membership.

People in the UK had enough of the undemocratic EU which has shown itself to be anti worker and anti country. As campaigns go, this campaign was unique in that the few had overcome the many, much in the same way as Spitfire pilots had done in the Battle of Britain.

A key reason for many people to vote Leave was the issue of immigration, others fought for other reasons in Leave such as regaining sovereignty. Under freedom of movement, the UK had lost control of its borders, everyone knew because the same problem existed in then other 27 member states. The loss of control saw the rise of criminality in its various guises, everything from human trafficking to prostitution to housing benefit scams, industrial scale criminality.

Now that the UK is leaving, the Europeans are losing a major ‘cash cow’, they are angry, very angry, the anger could be crystallised in the form of one man, Guy Verhofstadt, this arch-liberal and federalist is a poster boy for the contempt he hold the UK in. As the European Parliament’s Brexit coordinator has said he will “never” allow the UK to control its own borders. Guy Verhofstadt is one of those people who will lead the people in the EU member states to eventually rise up, and when the ‘civil war’ kicks off, his future is assured, he has none.

What has happened in Europe under people like Angela Merkel and Guy Verhofstadt under the guise of humanitarianism is akin to ‘war crimes’.  These people have set migrants against EU citizens and the outcome is to destroy member states in favour of the creation of a European Super state.

Guy Verhofstadt says that the UK proposed system on immigration allowing in professionals and people with the skills the nation needs amounts to “discrimination”. This is of course nonsense, there is no human right infraction here, and the use of the word “discrimination” is a sham, and a deflection. What the EU wants is for the UL to have a second vote in the hope that people will change their minds, and if they don’t a third vote.

A huge part of EU funding comes from the UK.

As Verhofstadt ranted in front of MEP, we get to see the madness that allows people like him gain power and public office, the man is a fool! A dangerous fool who has power over others; and with history repeating itself with the demise of Europe, his dreams are destine for the scrapheap.

Yesterday, the home secretary Sajid Javid announced plans to prioritise immigrants’ skills, rather than their country of origin, in a post-Brexit shake-up of the visa system and immigration. This type of scheme isn’t new, in Australia; the government have been keen to attract doctors, dentists, joiners and engineers to grow their country and provide services.

The UK government plan on immigration is to bring down numbers by capping unskilled migration; however the government will listen to representation from various sectors that employ unskilled migrants. What is also needed but not talked about is the retraining of British workers who have been left behind; the EU never protected their rights through-out the 40 plus years of membership. The sudden concern of the pro EU people in the UK is risible to the plight of the poor.

Theresa May, the UK Prime Minister has a message for the political elite in Europe, ‘we don’t need the EU’! May also insists Britain’s best days are still to come as Brexit looms, there is even talk about the end of austerity which is sorely needed and long over due in this country. Now is a time to rebuild, rebuild the country and retrain our workforce, invest in the country and invest in the people.

People like Guy Verhofstadt have their little followers in this country:

Caroline Lucas, the Green Party said:

“By ending free movement, our own Government is making it harder for all of us to live, love, study and work across 27 other countries”.

This statement is a joke, prior to being part of the European community in 1973, people in the UK travelled to Europe to live, love, study and work, presumably having to apply for a visa in her mind is the equivalent of tunnelling under the Berlin Wall!

One thing worth mentioning is that the UK has visa free travel to 173 countries in the World, so is it likely that the EU will stop people in the UK going to Europe for holidays etc?

I hardly think so.

Finally, Guy Verhofstadt in his sad delusion said the Brexit “chaos” will make people in Europe ‘like’ the EU again, clearly he isn’t aware of what is going on around him, Europe is primed for violence, splits, divisions and angry confrontation. Things might look okay in the ‘bubble’ of the EU but on the streets, it is a different story.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University