Monday, October 29, 2018

Bayoneting The Wounded Salmond; Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon relationship is said to be falling apart, angry Salmond and his allies not impressed by SNP ‘trawling’ harassment email, with ‘friends’ like Nicola Sturgeon who needs enemies, are the Murrells sweating how they dodge the Salmond membership bullet?

Dear All

‘She disnae call, she disnae write’, and with the spotlight on Alex Salmond over allegations that he was allegedly involved in sexual misconduct, it beggars belief if she ever will call or write or be photographed with him again. Alex Salmond jumped ship from the SNP before Nicola Sturgeon was forced to push him out. He on the way out the door declared he will be back.

C’mon big man……. Behave!!!!

Yes, it seems the towering figure of SNP politics has a few hurdles to get over, before or if he is allowed back in the party. Sex and politics don’t mix well which is why we see so many car crashes played out in the media. If you are married and fool around, the situation goes nuclear, lots of unhappiness sparkled with divorce. When Stewart Hosie ‘traded’ in his wife, Shona Robison for a younger model with less miles on the clock, Nicola Sturgeon sided with her pal, and given she was in the Sturgeon Cabinet, it was a no brainer.

Sex can wreck careers, and if you are a guy trying to get ‘extra’ sex rations outside the martial bed, well more the fool you, especially if you get outed.

Alex Salmond is denying all wrongdoing and criminality in his problem; he is continuing with his TV show for the RT Channel with belongs to the Russians. The Russians aren’t giving up on him just yet; they are standing by him, unlike Nicola Sturgeon who can’t get further enough away from him. If Alex Salmond goes down with his ship, Sturgeon is going to make sure that she is nowhere onboard.

When you are in trouble, you find out who your real pals are, these are the people who standby you come hell or high water, in politics, the concept is similar but once you have a problem, allies disappear like the Sun behind a cloud. It is said that Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon relationship has hits a new low over SNP harassment email which Salmond allies call a “fishing expedition” that was “clearly focused” on Salmond. Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership is so bad, one wonders who many people think that in order to protect her, anyone who could be a leadership threat had to be neuralised.

The SNP email advised former party staff on how to report concerns of bullying and harassment days after sexual misconduct allegations involving Alex Salmond were published, they used the classic defence that this was “duty of care” on their part. If you know anything about the SNP, then you know they don’t give a toss about “duty of care” especially for their members. I can understand Alex Salmond’s allies being angry, they must be looking around, seeing the Nationalist ship sinking in the polls, poor leadership from Sturgeon, government going nowhere, and think Alex can save the ship.

Nicola can’t!

Polling is showing what I have been saying for ages and a day; we are looking at a pro UK majority sitting in the Holyrood parliament in 2021.

Many SNP MSPs face losing their meal ticket at Holyrood in 2021, and with people having mortgages et al, you can’t escape the conclusion that fear is building up in the ranks.

Change of leader is always seen as the remedy!

The SNP is run by the Murrells, Nicola Sturgeon and her pensioner husband who likes to keep out of the spotlight for obvious reasons. If there is a Salmond return to leadership, then it is likely that Nicola Sturgeon wouldn’t survive the cull as Team Salmond move their people into key positions. Nicola Sturgeon would probably be kept on for window dressing as Salmond talks about the ‘new generation’ coming through, with him leading the change. All sounds fresh, all sounds new, all sounds like a purge.

Although Salmond’s public bitterness has been directed at Leslie Evans, top Government civil servant, it is also understood he is angry with Sturgeon. If Salmond goes to town on Sturgeon, it would be logical that he is also going to town on Sturgeon’s husband. SNP headquarters, run by Sturgeon’s husband Peter Murrell, wrote to staff three days after lurid details of one of the sexual misconduct allegations against Salmond came to light, post ‘tits and ass’ revelations, although Salmond was not named in the email, it is said the context was explicitly in relation to recent media coverage.

A senior headquarters figure wrote:

“The past few days have seen new stories concerning allegations of sexual misconduct. I appreciate that seeing such reports can be upsetting and distressing. We take our responsibility, whether you are current staff or a former employee, extremely seriously.”

She continued:

“In terms of the communication channels for reporting concerns, the SNP is firm in its belief that allegations of bullying and harassment must be taken seriously and that anyone who considers that they have been subject to such behaviour must feel able to come forward.”

It seems that Alex Salmond has a number of fights piling up, fight with the Judicial Review, fight with Police Scotland, fight with Nicola Sturgeon, fight with Peter Murrell, fight to get back into Holyrood and a fight with the public over his reputation, fight to regain the leadership and then indy fighting.

And of course a clearout at SNP HQ, that purge would make a good documentary.

The Murrells must be sweating, Salmond said he is no saint, in the past, I blogged, ‘She disnae call, she disnae write’ and added, ‘she disnae send the SNP membership form’, with a glimpse of this running saga you can possible expect denial of membership. 

If the SNP under Nicola Sturgeon and her husband deny Salmond a membership return, it could solve many problems in the short term. How that would play out in the long run is another matter. Weeks after the ‘trawl’ email was sent, a newspaper reported that several alleged complaints against Salmond had been lodged with the SNP and had been passed to an independent lawyer. 

Finally at times like this, I am reminded of the old saying with ‘friends’ like Nicola Sturgeon who needs enemies!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Excellent post George

Al C said...

I see. The nats seem to be fighting themselves. Got any thoughts on who to put money on for the 2021 election, George?

G Laird said...

Hi Al C

At this stage, I think as I mentioned before pro UK majority at Holyrood, the SNP seems set to be the largest party tho. The Conservatives need to do more on the ground if they want to remain in second place, and considerably more if they want to mount a challenge for FM. Labour is just spinning its wheels at the moment, they need a narrative and vision, and that isn't coming through.

Ruth Davidson has a chance to be FM, but she needs a huge operation to get over a few hurdles.

She needs ideas that are so big, she might shy away from them. In short, she needs to plant her tanks on Labour/SNP heartlands and make a play for the working class vote. To do that she needs working class Conservatives who will do the long haul between now and 2021 on the ground, week in week out.


Anonymous said...

What a lot of garbage.... This whole piece is conjecture. Not one piece of solid fact it truth.

Unknown said...

Whoo!The Unionists and their mainstream media cohorts are now in full attack mode!
Starting to sound desperate now guys...What's the matter guys scared of what's coming !

Anonymous said...

Well, well well how desperate are the tories getting? I've never read such a load of bullsh** in my life. Scotland WILL BE Independent and Alex will be back in a prominent place in the SNP as soon as these lies are proved as the malicious dirty tricks that they are. How low are they willing to stoop to try to break the Spirit of Scotland? It is the people of Scotland who are fighting for their freedom from the tyrannical powers of Westminster and will never stop until they have their Independence.

Alexander Cochrane said...

Utter balderdash. If you cannot find any true dirt just lie and make it up. The bitterness and desperation of the unionists is now so transparent as they see Scotland liking how we are governed now as compared to the centuries of war, poverty and awful misery we got from them. That is the legacy they are remembered by in Scotland and they can shove it.