Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Nationalist Anger Explodes; Police Scotland in Kirkcaldy on high alert after guys in a van allegedly shout at former SNP Cllr Marie Penman, “Get your tits out, you virgin!”, no formal Yestapo investigation as Nationalists react badly to ‘heterosexual’ entertainment in Kirkcaldy, Italian Club owner Mario Caira emerges as the local town hero

Dear All

Wherever there is strip clubs there are always people to object to them on various grounds. Strip clubs are a good way to money for women; which is why then other women try to end their livelihood, they get rather annoyed. about it

When people get annoy, they end up getting angry and then run their mouth. At present, there is a protest group in Kirkcaldy about the planned opening of a strip club in a Fife town. One of the protestors is a former councillor Marie Penman; apparently, she is alleged to have suffered sexist abuse which the Police are investigating.

Penman is a protest organiser against the strip club said two men in a van wound down their windows and shouted at her:

“Get your tits out, you virgin!”

If you have ever been in Kirkcaldy, it is a bit chilly, as to the claim she is a ‘virgin’, I am sure that Ms Penman will be able to enlighten people as to the truth of that statement or otherwise. Kirkcaldy is about 11 miles north of Edinburgh on the East Coast, I am not sure if that is virgin territory.
Oh, and for people interested in buildings, Kirkcaldy has a town square!

Police Scotland are said to be looking into her complaint about the abuse, after the comment of “Get your tits out, you virgin!”, the men in the van were also alleged to have circled the square for another few minutes and continued to shout abuse at her. The protest against the strip club has attracted about 50 protestors out of a town with about a population of 50,000. Clearly, the majority of the town feel this is a non issue, among the protestors were two councillors, Judy Hamilton and Mary Lockhart.

Lockhart has hit the press a few times.

Mary Lockhart suggested in a Facebook post that headlines critical of Labour's position could be the work of the Israeli security services.

Lockhart is also an independence supporter.

The protest was organised by a new group calling themselves; Women Together in Fife (WTF). Most people recognise WTF as What the Fuck which unless IQs have dropped in Fife lately couldn’t have escaped the attention of the protest organisers. In the spirit of standing up for local business, there was a counter protest against Penman and Lockhart’s group.

The strip club is apparently to be called Sin, which no doubt will be staffed by young good looking women who have no objection to taking their clothes off for money.

Ms Penman said after the abuse:

"It kind of sums up why I object to places like Sin.cIt sends out the message that it's okay to treat women any way you want and to view them as purely sexual objects. I took a note of the van's number-plate and reported it to Police Scotland.”

Having seen a picture of Ms Penman and of Mary Lockhart, I don’t think that any reasonably man would treat these two women as ‘sexual objects’. Although Ms Penman puts a decent effort into her appearance, she isn’t good looking, and as for Labour Cllr Mary Lockhart, she is just a fright!

Police Scotland have confirmed receipt of the reported incident but said it was too early to say whether there was a full investigation being carried out into; 

“Get your tits out, you virgin!”

I think Police Scotland might need a bit more if they are to pass this up the chain to the PF. Clearly context is everything, and with the protest going on, this maybe be viewed as being part of the counter protest. Or passersby just being gobby with no agenda at the Po Faced Penman and her band. It could even be argued in the event of court action that given there was 50 protestors that the comment wasn't aimed directly at her.

Penman added:

“The protest is about the fact that clubs like this still exist in modern Scotland - they just seem like they're from a bygone era, when women were seen purely as sexual objects. We're all about equality and fairness in society and I don't believe strip clubs offer this. We're not trying to tell these women that they can't do what they want - we're saying these clubs shouldn't exist in the first place.”

Modern Scotland!

Clearly Penman and Lockhart with their protest outside in Kirkcaldy do think they can tell people what they can do and what they can’t, and I find it odd that they claim that their campaign is about equality and fairness in society.

That statement is a load of crap.

Equality is about people doing what they want to do as long as it is legal, what the Women Together in Fife are all about is oppression. Club owner Mario Caira has said he was "dumbfounded" by the planned protest saying:

“We are doing nothing illegal.”

Caira added:

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The attitude in real terms to anyone that chooses to take up whatever kind of employment is wrong. It has to be up to the individual what they choose to do. There is nobody forcing anybody to do anything. It is rather disappointing in this day and age that people think they can dictate to others what they should and shouldn't do. We live in a democracy, a free country, where people have free choices to decide what they want to do, whether it be male or female, whether they be dancers, football fans, whatever.”

One thing I saw while in the SNP was that nationalists would take up ‘fake causes’ which they couldn’t do anything about. The local council says that the new lap dancing club which will be housed above the existing Kitty's nightclub and does not need a licence, the existing licence covers it. When the protestors pack up and jog on, life will return to normal, however one wonders about the role of Common Weal Fife, which launched a petition against the club.

They said there was "no place for neutrality on this issue”.

That sounds awful Yestapo to me!

Here is the linkedin page of Marie Penman.

I doubt the people of Kirkcaldy are willing to be lectured by the likes of her and Mary Lockhart; Penman ran the Yes Campaign in Fife but strangely doesn’t appear to have put this in her linkedin page from what I can tell.     

Finally, you can only go to the beach in Kirkcaldy and feed the seagulls so many times before you seek adventure elsewhere. Clearly Club owner Mario Caira has spotted a gap in the market for entertainment. Although I am a Brexiteer, I wish Mario Caira who is Italian every success with his business, the same can’t be said from Nationalist camp who claims to stand for equality and fairness. 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Al C said...

I think the fellas in the van were being unpleasant and louty, but ultimately in its own way, so is this worthless little protest. The idea that it 'allows women to be treated as objects' is ridiculous, because the same mouth-breathers will still be gawping over Poldark when it comes on telly. As far as I know, there are strict rules about conduct in strip clubs as well.

Besides, most women who do this sort of work find these pathetic harridans rather insufferable and patronising. Take this woman for example: https://maggiemcneill.wordpress.com/

Anyway, this protest will, with any luck, be a failure, and the club will be opened and will provide employment to those who want it. Most guys as far as I know don't see it as a 'chance to objectify women' but actually think it's a bit boring, surprisingly!

And as for the line that 'in a world of fairness and tolerance (tm) this has no place in modern Scotland', where was that concern when the fanatical groups of nats were assaulting English people in Scotland?

Al C out!

G Laird said...

Hi Al C

I know a few people from Kirkcaldy, I doubt they will even notice this protest, better things to do with their time. To me this looks like Yes Campaigning to get a voter cache of women.


Al C said...

"..better things to do with their time. To me this looks like Yes Campaigning to get a voter cache of women."

Ne'er a truer word said, George. Unfortunately they assume that all women think exactly the same way, and that's not true at all, and they're finding out the hard way.