Friday, October 30, 2015

Unmasked, Nicola Sturgeon’s independence ‘ally’ Thomas Ball pleads guilty at his criminal trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court; Ball ran a malicious hate campaign to accuse me of being a ‘known paedophile’, people very close to Nicola Sturgeon joined the twitter hate account as followers, SNP MP Natalie McGarry linked the hate account to my blog, these people aren’t social justice campaigners, the truth is out now!

Dear All

Thomas Ball, named as one of the seven worst cybernats in the UK by the Daily Mail has pled guilty in a criminal trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court yesterday.

I was the victim of an organised and researched hate campaign by him on Twitter using a fake account setup in my name, using my picture and linking to my blog.

First, time for a quote that Tommy Ball made on his twitter account @georgemlaird:

George Laird ‏@GeorgeMLaird 8 Jul

“Standing at the window Willy in hand, staring at weans George is not normal”.

I was branded a paedophile!

In my youth, I used to teach children, when I went to Glasgow University, I used to teach young people, I was an established figure among the student population. Although some of the staff disliked me, the student body I taught were fiercely loyal to me, and when I had bad times, they, to a man and woman helped me. It was this friendship which kept me at Glasgow University for the best part of 20 years.

The above tweet; is one of many by Thomas Ball, an example how he sought not just to destroy my future but also tarnish the charity work of my past. I am proud of the students I taught and what they achieved during and after university. Some went to the Olympics, some to the Air force, the Police, the Prison Service, the Army (Sandhurst) and others became successful dentists, doctors, scientists, fitness instructors and even airline pilots.

It would be helpful I feel for people to know some of the timeline regarding Thomas Ball’s activities, and some others who I named in my criminal witness statement to Police Scotland.  

If you think back to 2012, you will remember that the press ran with a story regarding comments made by Thomas Ball regarding British soldiers. At that time, I like him was a member of the Scottish National Party. After reading what he wrote, I contacted him to tell him that as 6 British soldiers had been murdered in Afghanistan he should remove his comments out of respect for the soldiers and their families.

I was civil and I was polite, although I didn’t know him well, I thought as we had campaigned together, he would see the wider picture of what he was doing was wrong. So when he out of the blue started to attack me online, it was a surprise. In a hateful rant against me, he made accusations regarding what the people in the SNP allegedly thought of me.

A simple request for him to show respect quickly escalated by his actions, I decided then that I would ‘out him’ to the press. I contacted a number of news agencies, and twitter being what twitter is, the story gained traction and the press, public and politicians all jumped into condemn him.

After I attended the BBC Big Debate, Thomas Ball took to his blog to make further allegations against me, laughing at my pro nuclear Faslane stance and pro NATO.

He said I should be pitied, but should I?

Not long afterwards the SNP went ‘on paper’, pro NATO, personally I thought their change of heart was bullshit, and still do. Anyway, I noticed on his blog a picture, the picture was of Herbert the Pervert, a character in a TV show called Family Guy which I never watched.

Herbert in the cartoon was a paedophile; the photo was doctored to add a beard and rucksack, when I looked at it, I thought someone is crap at using photo shop or some other software programme. It was then pointed out to me what Herbert represented, so I wrote a blog post on Ball and produced a video; it’s the one with the lightsaber which is available to view on youtube.

Thomas Ball wanted to humiliate me but instead I took his photo shop crap and showed I was more talented than him.

In law when someone makes false allegations against you, you have the right of reply or retort, so I produced little videos, the purpose of which was to convey a simple message, Tommy Ball is a liar. Since he couldn’t win the argument or match my videos, he just went down the road of continual abuse. Of course, it has to be said, it wasn’t just me, Jim Murphy; the former Labour MP was also in the firing line since he was widely quoted in papers like the Daily Telegraph and elsewhere re British Soldiers story.

In January 2013, Thomas Ball sets up the twitter account @georgemlaird; I found the account by accident doing a twitter search. As soon as it opened, two people immediately joined it, Shona McAlpine; Office Manager of SNP MSP Humza Yousaf and Jonathan Mackie, Office Manager of SNP MP Chris Stephens, Stephens’ wife also joined the hate account as a follower, along with Anniesland SNP.

On the 20th June, the SNP MP Natalie McGarry helped facilitate the abuse by using her own twitter account:

I've made it! At last I've been designated non-Jedi by the great sage that is @georgemlaird Want a laugh? Here ya go:

The article I wrote was why Natalie McGarry was wrong about the Conservatives joining the SNP to win independence, it wasn’t offensive, it was an opinion that Conservatives big thing in Scotland is that they are British.

So, why did SNP MP Natalie McGarry assist Thomas Ball?

About circa a week later after McGarry linked my blog to Thomas Ball’s fake hate account in my name, Natalie McGarry was socialising with Thomas Ball, also present was Jonathan Mackie, now the Office Manager of SNP MP Chris Stephens.

When you go online, you leave a trail, when I went to Police Scotland; I was able to tell them of my belief that @georgemlaird was Thomas Ball. So, how did I work that out, well it was quite easy, I had help, despite Ball thinking he was clever stuck behind his anonymous @georgemlaird persona, he left a trail a blind man could follow.

Later, the IP address came to light, again helped by Thomas Ball, caught up in his own cleverness.

If you think back to one of my retort videos, I wrote regarding Thomas Ball:

“Stupid and ignorant; unable to learn”!

You know what comes next after making this observation?

George Laird right again!

So, let’s get a feel for the real Thomas Ball by some of his tweets, this will be helpful if he ever joins another political party or stands for public office again.

Incidentally, I knew he was @georgemlaird prior to him standing in the Shettleston by-election despite this; I didn’t subject him to the same treatment he used on me when I stood for public office in October 2013 in the Govan By-election. He was entitled to a free and fair election, and despite what he done to me, I didn’t harm his chances, I wanted him to lose by his own efforts, and he did, despite having a political party campaigning for him, he got 35 votes. I had no one to help me, no political party in my corner and I got 103 votes.

SNP Councillor David McDonald remarked he would like to see myself and Thomas Ball go ‘head to head’, we did on the 29th October 2015 at Glasgow Sheriff Court, Thomas Ball lost. 

Here is the real face of Thomas Ball, political campaigner and “fighter” for social justice:

“George Laird is a nonce Salen Street would be nicer If he moved away”

“Flung out of uni Because of deviancy Not allowed alone with children”

“George Laird films young girls in leisure centres - pervert! Everyone hates him”
“I use the same tactics as 1930s Nazi Germany. Hmmm. Could be worse, I could be like @GeoLaird and use the tactics of 1990s Wee Burney”

@Geolaird was thrown out of @GlasgowUni for surreptiously filming young girls in a sports centre #pervert

“all the happy young people in shorts. The only sound disturbing the silence the thwack of flesh on flesh as I punish my tumescent member”

“I have an excellent track record of being thrown out of universities for filming female students in leisure centres”

“when @geolaird goes swimming, he has to remove the "S" from the logo on his trunks in order to comply with the Trades Descriptions Act”

On the 24th May 2013:

“Dear All, You will have noticed that I have closed my personal account @GeoLaird - I will now only be using this account”

This was Thomas Ball’s attempt at identity theft, my real account was blocked by twitter for no reason; I managed to get it reinstated later.

As you can see Thomas Ball had a lot of fun using twitter to call me a paedophile among other things.

“why won't George Laird confirm that he has never been spoken to by the police over his sexual conduct?” 15th July 2013

“George Laird is always very sensitive & quick to counter criticism. Why won't he say whether the police have ever discussed sexual conduct?” 16th July 2013

“we're now in the third day of @geolaird refusing to answer the question of whether the police have ever spoken to him about sexual behaviour”. 17th July 2013

Do you think he understands now with his Court appearance of the 29th October 2015?

Ball’s Defence lawyer Martin Lavery entered a guilty plea on behalf of Ball; that means Thomas Ball qualifies for a reduction in sentence under the Criminal Procedures Scotland Act 1995, Section 196.

And you are going to love the transcript sent to me:

Allegedly Defence lawyer Martin Lavery said:

“Mr Ball and Mr Laird were both members of SNP and have been for years”.

This is true.

“Both knew each other and they worked in the party”.

This is true.

“The background was that Mr Laird in 2011 applied to be put forward as a candidate in the 2012 local election”.

This is not the background to why Thomas Ball attacked me, I outed Thomas Ball to the press on twitter as to his remarks regarding British Soldiers; this is a matter of record and fact.

“There was then a vetting process that the party goes through and the vetting panel considered his application and took the view that he wasn't appropriate to be a candidate”.

I was failed by the SNP because they didn’t consider me to be a team player, when I asked for evidence of this from the panel; they couldn’t provide any, not one single incident to justify their decision.

“Mr Laird for some reason blamed Mr Ball and another party member at that time”.

This is untrue.

“Mr Laird thereafter posted offensive material concerning Mr Ball and various others on social media and in essence what Mr Ball then did was to retaliate.”

So, after reading this rubbish, what Ball’s lawyer appears to be saying is that his client attacked me in self defence, if that was the case, he wouldn’t be guilty, and therefore he would and should have gone to trial to clear his name.

Have I said offensive things about people, yes, its called telling the truth, unlike Ball, its on my blog and on my real twitter account, anyone knocking at my door wanting to arrest and charge me?

Not yet, it seems!

You should read my articles on the former SNP leader Allison Hunter; I understand some people didn’t like me painting Mrs. Hunter as she really was in relation with her interacts with me.

Thomas Ball didn’t have a defence, and the reason is that Thomas Ball far from being the victim is simply guilty, and this nonsense spouted is exactly that, nonsense.

Why would I blame Ball for failing vetting when he had no part in the process?

Although many in the Scottish National Party are backward, this doesn’t and never did apply to me.

When Sheriff Margaret Liddell reads my witness statement in depth, she will be able to cross reference it with evidence already in the public domain from various sources, especially relating to the British Soldiers incident.

Thomas Ball is as I have previously said, a liar; today, Scotland can add to it that he is a coward devoid of principles and integrity.

When I came out of the prosecution witness area after Ball had entered a guilty plea, he saw me as I walked to the lifts, he didn’t seem too happy. Maybe he was told by his lawyer that Sheriff Margaret Liddell didn’t want to hear his roar!

So, what advice would I offer Thomas Ball?

Learn to tell the fucking truth!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Actions speak louder than words, Ex-SNP Candidate Lyall Duff who resigned as member for Catholic midwife slur is back in the Nationalist fold, I keep saying that Nicola Sturgeon’s word is worthless, this act tells it like it really is regarding the SNP, what section of the public is Duff supposed to appeal to?

Dear All

There is a lot of hatred in the Scottish National Party against people who hold different views and opinions.

You only have to look at social media to see that Nationalist hate is awash all over it, having lost Scottish independence by lying, bullying, threatening and deception, the mythical second independence referendum was held out as carrot to the simple minded and gullible hate mongers.

As part of Nicola Sturgeon’s pitch to No voters, she urged her Cybernats not to “hurl abuse” on the internet at their unionist opponents.

It’s a bit late to rewrite history that Sturgeon and her followers are ‘nice people’ after what has happened pre referendum vote and post referendum vote.

Everyone knows where we all stand, I don’t care what Nicola Sturgeon does; I am never giving the SNP my vote again.

I would rather cut my nose off and see them burn at the ballot box and accept less than help them into power, even to the extent of letting someone who can’t write a sentence without help of others.

Time and time again, ordinary people have been selected for harassment and abuse which wouldn’t have been out of place in the Germany of the 1930’s. Of course, we don’t have ‘brownshirts’ wandering the streets looking for political opponents, these people prefer to dress casual when throwing abuse.

No uniform to link them to them to the SNP but in the modern age, uniforms aren’t necessary to identify them, technology does the heavy lifting on that score, just as technology was their sword, it also turned out to have a downside. In the modern age, your digital foot print can be tracked, right back to your homestead in some cases.

One of the trademarks of SNP justice regarding abuse is that the person leaves the party as a member; they wait till the heat dies down and then are re-admitted, kind of like a virgin who is purified.

All sins forgiven by Saint Nicola of Dreghorn!

One wonders how long it will be before Nicola Sturgeon’s wife beating pal Bill Walker is back, sitting with Nicola’s arm round his neck enjoying each others company.

Two special people!

Someone I know doesn’t like the SNP, he is a Catholic, and remembers when the SNP were seen as very much an anti Catholic organisation, his opinion is any Catholic voting SNP is like a Turkey voting for Xmas. He has no time for the SNP or the group I refer to as ‘Sein Fein lite’; the ‘Sein Fein lite’ group aren’t nationalists, they just hate the British Establishment. The SNP is just a vehicle for them to exercise their hatred and attempt to break up Britain. If there is a broken Britain, then that might fuel an attempt to have either a breakaway Ireland or campaign for a united Ireland.

As I said, the SNP is made up of various factions of malcontents under the banner of ‘civic nationalism’ which is a load of crap.

A former SNP candidate called Lyall Duff suspended after making abusive comments online about two Catholic midwives has been allowed to rejoin the party. To show how quickly he has returned to the fold, he was photographed with social justice secretary Alex Neil at this month’s SNP conference in Aberdeen.

If you want a laugh, Nicola Sturgeon has said party members who “cross the line” will face disciplinary action. As I previously said, I put no stock in Nicola Sturgeon’s word at all; to me it is entirely worthless. Some tripe to be said to the press to show that she is in control but the truth is; she has a pack of savage wild dogs that one day will turn on her, once they figure out that she has sold them a pup on independence. This will take about two terms if Sturgeon can hold on that long in power. When they realised that they have been conned, she will have salted away enough money that she can do the Salmond route of backbencher or get out of politics altogether.

Scottish Labour MSP James Kelly said:

“Three years ago the SNP decided that Lyle Duff wasn’t fit to be a candidate, and less than a week ago Nicola Sturgeon was forced to tell her supporters not to indulge in online abuse, but here we see Mr Duff’s back in the fold and posing with a senior nationalist minister.”

I have a series of questions for Nicola Sturgeon myself; however, these questions are best suited to a TV camera in front of my face speaking directly to the whole of Scotland.

Who knows, perhaps it might happen sooner rather than later.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, October 23, 2015

SNP Angels of Death, Audit Scotland issues a damning report on Nicola Sturgeon’s incompetence regarding Scotland’s NHS, the professionals don’t trust her, the public don’t trust her, hospitals in crisis, under staffed and underfunded, how long before it’s your family suffering or dead, this is what happens when talentless people get hold of power

Dear All

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon having realised that the SNP’s record in the Scottish Government is disgraceful and shambolic has asked the public to ‘trust her’ on her record.

The tactic isn’t new, it’s akin to ‘what I have done, I didn’t know’, when the SNP took office in 2007, Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond put Nicola Sturgeon in charge of health. She remained in charge until she was shifted to another post to be the ‘face of independence. During that time, the SNP set health targets and we were sold an SNP lie that everything was getting better, and that health was a flagship policy of the SNP because Sturgeon was in charge.

On this blog as far back as I can remember, I said specifically that the second term of the SNP Government needed to be about Scottish Government and local Government reform. This never happened as everything was effectively dumped in favour of chasing Scottish independence.

The crisis in the Scottish NHS didn’t start last week under Nicola Sturgeon’s pal Shona Robison, it didn’t start under Alex Neil; it started under Nicola Sturgeon. When she bailed out, Alex Neil stepped in and the cracks successfully covered up under the Sturgeon regime poured out into the public domain, he was a lame duck and was replaced by another lame duck.

I think I am qualified to speak on this subject because I nearly died towards the end of 2014.

I was emergency admitted to hospital by a GP’s letter after being refused treatment at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Glasgow despite being in crippling pain I was told I was a time waster and had a sheet of paper explaining what A&E was for. 55 hours after being kicked out, I was back, literally hours or minutes from having an internal rupture that if it had occurred I would have ended up dead.

To show how serious my condition was I was kept in as an inpatient, this was during the scandal of Doctors turning away genuine patients down at what local people still refer to as the Southern General.

Nicola Sturgeon by her neglect created a crisis in the health service allowing the service to be stripped of cash over the past five years. She kept her mouth shut as lives were put in danger, including mine, although there is an 18 week target for treatment, I waited 27 weeks for my operation. 2015 was by any stretch of the imagination the worst physical experience of my life, coupled with the fact I was forced to get emergency outcall treatment from nurses on several occasions.

While in hospital, I spoke to other patients and staff about the health service; the staff were clear on the causes of their problems, not enough staff and not enough money was being made available. Despite that these people worked incredibly hard, they didn’t stop and were under enormous pressure. While in hospital, I saw some pretty brave people who were going through tough times indeed. I was lucky; I met an elderly Jewish man in the next bed who kept my spirits up named Stanley Ockrim, we were both going through the same problem but in his case, he had been operated on, I was being stablised as the medical staff fought to stop my internal problems getting worse.

They say if you stand still, you can see the world go by, as a bed ridden patient I had a front seat seeing the Scottish NHS in crisis. In case you don’t know, being in hospital is nothing like the ‘carry on’ movies.

The watchdog Audit Scotland is saying what most staff already know, the NHS will no longer be able to provide the same level of care.

This is Nicola Sturgeon’s legacy to the NHS, she crippled it beyond belief!

As I said years ago; reforms were needed right across the Scottish Government regardless whether there was a successful independence bid or not. Health isn’t cheap, it never will be, but more can be done to help people stay healthy and active thus reliving pressure on the health services.

Prevention is better than cure, and cheaper!

The SNP isn’t a party of government, it is a cult, it is a party of protest which has gotten control of the government of Scotland and will not do what is necessary to fix problems, not just in health but anywhere. The Nationalists are so short sighted they work on populist policies and gimmicks to get them from crisis to crisis, so there is no effective plan as most people would recognise.

Scotland is a backward country under the Scottish National Party.

The NHS is suffering under tighter budgets, rising costs, and higher demand, and at the other end of the scale, Government targets and soaring staff vacancies placing a strain on NHS boards. To highlight my point, if it needed to be highlighted again, I said there was a genuine lack of talent in the SNP. Audit Scotland has said SNP ministers are not making enough progress with their aim to move more services into the community by 2020.

Audit Scotland, new report is a wake up call for all Scots, especially the sheep who think Nicola Sturgeon can fix the problems, she can’t, she makes matters worse, she appoints the wrong people, she can’t show leadership, she loaded her government up with cronies who are patently out of their depth.

The damning new report found:

Seven waiting times targets missed last year.
15 per cent rise in spending on temporary staff.
Seven out of 10 A&E vacancies lie unfilled for six months.
£797 million is needed to tackle a maintenance backlog and get buildings up to scratch.

And what do we get from the SNP piecemeal patch ups, a miserable £60million on easing workload and recruitment pressures. And to there is talk of a public ownership buy out of TATA steel in Scotland, the SNP can find money for gesture politics, if it makes Nicola Sturgeon look good in the press it seems.

This isn’t proper government, if it is a choice of investing in health, or letting TATA steel go to the wall, then TATA steel is going to the wall. The SNP were quick enough to abandon Scottish steelworkers pouring money do unviable enterp
Rises seems to be their strong point. They use government cash like it was their own personal piggy bank.

Scottish Lib Dem health spokesman Jim Hume said:

“After eight years of SNP government, our NHS seems to be in need of intensive care. NHS boards have been forced to scramble to address staff shortages and short-term arrangements have replaced long-term planning. This is clearly not sustainable.”

Labour’s public services spokeswoman Jackie Baillie added:

“For years the SNP protested that they were protecting the health budget – today’s expert report shows it decreased on their watch. Under the SNP, NHS staff are undervalued, under resourced and under intolerable pressure.”

Dr Peter Bennie, chair of BMA Scotland, said:

“The overriding message is that substantive and realistic action is needed if our health service is to cope with the rapidly increasing pressures it is facing.”

Royal College of Nursing Scotland associate director Ellen Hudson said:

“If we are to put the NHS on a sustainable footing, then the government needs to take heed of this report and listen to what we and many other organisations have been saying for some time about the pressures on our health services.”

So, there you have it, the professionals don’t trust the SNP to mange the Scottish Health Service, so why the hell should you?

The majority of the people of Scotland weren’t prepared to bet their property and savings on a dangerously na├»ve independence bid devoid of substance, why would you bet the health of your family member on Nicola Sturgeon whose history of repeated health failures are common knowledge?

Nicola Sturgeon’s word is worth exactly zero!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Deliver us from Evil: For thine is the kingdom, Conservatives tread a dangerous road by creating two classes of MPs in the House of Commons, legal challenges may follow, but worst in my opinion is the backdoor carve up that democracy is the right of current Government to manage, democracy belongs to everyone

Dear All

Deliver us from Evel!

Only this type of Evel has stupidity written all over it, do you think that there should be two classes of MP at Westminster?

Regardless of your position or opposition to some of the dross that Scotland has sent to Westminster, do you equality of position in the House is important.

I do!

I do not support Evel in any shape or form because at its heart the measure is discriminatory by design. People in England have been whipped up by politicians who claim that Scotland gets more free things than they so.

This is a false argument because there are two administrations making different spending choices, and that is the key, different spending choices. A Scottish MP like an English MP cannot vote on Scottish health matters, in that respect both are equally disadvantaged, so why should one set of MPs be further punished by removal of voting rights?

Years ago, I sat in a history class at Glasgow University were the tutor told a story that a Scot in England was legally entitled to the same rights as someone from England. So, controversial moves to limit voting rights of Scottish MPs are as far as I am concerned legally wrong and the idea is morally bankrupt.

Do you know the answer to the West Lothian question?

Ignore it!

Yes, that is it in a nutshell, ignore it, David Cameron if he pushes Evel through is actually not solving problems but creating more and giving the SNP an excuse to further play grievance politics in Westminster. A Westminster committee also warns the plans will become embroiled in “legal challenges”, and those challenges will go all the way to the UK Supreme Court.

I would expect a ruling which doesn’t favour Evel, this purely cannot be a matter for the House of Commons procedure committee because the ramifications I feel go beyond a mere technical issue of the House.

Labour MP Ian Murray speaking against Evel said the proposals will weaken our democracy, weaken Scotland’s voice, and that is exactly what it will do, and how it will be seen. It isn’t enough that justice is done, it must be seen to be done, we all know that quote or should do, where’s the justice here?

It doesn’t exist, if a governing party tries to gerrymander the House of Common voting at any stage, it creates a constitutional crisis. The Act of Union of 1707 brought Scottish MPs in Westminster, therefore should there be a referendum on the Act of Union in Scotland to see Scotland will ratify the proposed changes?

This is a contract at it heart, if the contract is broken, then as Lord Denning, the former Master of the Rolls would say, no contract exists.

Former Prime minister Gordon Brown has previously said the change could hasten the break-up of the UK, he agrees with me that this nonsense will create two classes of MP, and will proved oxygen for the SNP to call for another independence vote.

Although the SNP will use any excuse, why provide them with a genuine grievance because the Conservatives felt threatened and in a moment of blind panic came up with a knee jerk because some of their back benchers got the wind put up them by fear of losing their seats.

If the Conservatives bring in Evel, it is entirely possible and highly probable that the Labour Party will remove the legislation when they regain control of Westminster and form a government.

Ping pong politics don’t work, and it is doubtful any opposition party will sign up to this madness, and that it what it is, sheer madness. If we accept lower status MPs are acceptable in a democracy, why stop at just Scottish MPs?

We were told specifically, we are better together, that there is equality and there are pooling and sharing of resources, this was the pitch to Scottish voters in the referendum of 2014.

You may remember when the SNP were clapping in the House of Commons; Speaker John Bercow said something along the lines of:

‘the convention of not clapping in this house is long established and I would appreciate if members would respect the convention, they will get their speaking rights from this chair, that they can be assured.’

Speaking rights are meaningless unless they also include full voting rights, if John Bercow and his officials go along with this by having an introduction of a new parliamentary stage for laws that do not affect other parts of the UK, it will be a measure too far.

Fake Scot Angus Robertson for the Nationalists said:

“The Tories have got themselves into a first-class muddle and are trying to force this through, with too many flaws, too quickly”.

This is from the warmer who claimed Scotland could have a navy the size of the Norwegian version, when asked what that comprised didn’t know how many ships the Norwegians actually had, but he did look at their website.

Einstein I think not, Einstein’s cleaner….. perhaps with references!

Procedure committee chairman Charles Walker warned could prompt legal disputes; you may remember before the break up of the last Parliament he gave a speech on a disgraceful underhanded move by William Hague, ‘I rather be known as an honest fool Mr. Speaker’ said Charles Walker.

Mr Walker said:

“Legal challenges to the decisions of the Speaker and to the procedures of the House, though unlikely to succeed, cannot be ruled out. It is important that legislation be drafted as clearly as possible to meet the tests for certifying England-only legislation.”

This episode in my mind shows the dangers of the tyranny of a majority which doesn’t act in good faith, a key requirement of a democracy.

What next, voting rights removed from committees, where does the thin edge of the wedge actually end?

Although there is some amusement value to this botched measure, it is equally a disaster for England in that now all parliamentarians aren’t allowed to play a full and equal role in the House of Commons.

It seems a high price to pay in a democracy just to stick to a load of knuckle dragging gits from the SNP is it not?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Is Brexit from EU gaining traction, Professor John Curtice says the British public is "seriously divided" over Europe, a leaked report suggested the number of economic migrants could be as high as 1.5 million, the EU is heading towards being unstable, dangerous and violent because a backlash is coming as far right anti migrant parties will rise and seize power

Dear All

I have always been a supporter of the European Union as far back as it was then known as the European Community.

It took the United Kingdom 10 years of effort to get into the European Union as we know it; our membership wasn’t easy because of Charles de Gaulle, the former French President. He didn’t want us to be part of the European project which in the main was run by a Franco/ German alliance.

As the EU grew, the reforms that needed to be done were patchy at best and mostly lacked political will. Everything was strung together around the founding principles which didn’t reflect the makeup of a developing entity which was to emerge.

David Cameron like many others wants a reformed EU; at present we are seeing the Conservative Government appearing to want reforms or more to the point opt-outs because they don’t like certain parts of what the United Kingdom are signed up to.

Their stance is this is protecting sovereignty.

The EU referendum is important, the United Kingdom although in Europe has struggled to be a part of Europe, mostly we go along but we are able to form our own opinions rather than just rubber stamp what comes down the pipe.

If you have watch and read about the migrant crisis of late, you will have seen a distinct change in European opinion, on the one hand you had Angela Merkel open the floodgates to economic migrants, only for Germany to realise the damage they have done and impose border controls.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a serious mistake.

German people like most Europeans are tolerant people; this tolerance has been tested; Merkel is now seeing the rise of the far right in Germany which is drawing in moderate Germans to their views.

As I blogged on, protests will turn to violent protests, then we will see attacks on economic migrants, and also attacks on politicians.

When I blogged that there would be attacks on politicians, some people might have thought that strange of me, but it was easy to see it coming, the Mayoral Candidate in Cologne was stabbed in Germany by a 58 years old man.

His reason was said to be because of economic migrants.

Although we won’t see a war in the convention sense, we will see a situation where internal terrorism may develop; this is the result of Merkel’s actions. The guy who stabbed the Mayoral Candidate in Cologne will be seen as a loner, but we can expect more politicians to be attacked.

To the young and those educated to degree level, Europe seems like a big adventure so they are likely in a referendum to back staying in the EU.

But those less well educated and with no prospects or hope, they are seeing what little they have being steady taken away from them as more and more migrants come into their country. Politicians tend to dispute because they are conveniently not there when the poorest in society see economic migrants gets things that they are denied by the State.

Even at Christian charities, the poor and homeless have a sense of resentment growing inside of them which politicians simply cannot dismiss as these people relate their actual experiences.

I have blogged on the possibility of civil war in Europe, a clash of cultures which don’t blend, when you see the riots in places like Spain and Italy, you have to ask how long can it be before violence on a wide scale happens?

Professor Curtice, of the University of Strathclyde and Senior Research Fellow at NatCen Social Research is looking at attitudes to Europe.

He said that research suggests more than two in three voters aged under 35 would prefer to remain in the EU, this is understandable, Europe has a lot to offer of the economically and socially mobile.

In the over 55’s only 45% which to stay in Europe, Conservative voters are split down the middle on how to vote, the Conservatives want to see the United Kingdom trade more with the rest of the world.

Professor Curtice said overall, the British public is "seriously divided" over Europe.

What could push a No vote higher is the migrant crisis and the economic impact on the less well off in society who are suffering under cuts, the more people they less chance they have of a job, getting a house, getting hospital treatment as queues get longer.

He added:

"The referendum is not only going to be a debate about the UK’s future relationship with the EU, but also seems set to expose a significant social division between those who feel they are likely to be winners in an international jobs market and those who do not. The outcome will thus tell us a lot about what kind of country we would prefer to be."

It is hard to continue to be a supporter of the European Union when real reform isn’t on the agenda, when sovereignty is diluted, when politicians simply don’t protect their own people and have stopped listening.

When the attack happened on Mayoral candidate Henriette Reker in Cologne, it was appalling, Germany has said it expects 800,000 asylum seekers this year, but a leaked report suggested the number could be as high as 1.5 million.

Once these people are given papers, there is nothing to stop them coming to the United Kingdom, and they won’t be moving into affluent areas, they will be moving into deprived working class communities up and down the country.

This maybe the tipping point for many people to say that European Union membership comes at too high a price.

I am pro-European Union but it is becoming harder to justify that stance, especially to those who will suffer most, the people who have been robbed of their future, and face being robbed by the politicians who aren’t affected economically or socially by the policies they enact.

There is a case for staying in and there is a case for leaving, and in two years, the case for leaving may unity all sections of society to bring in a majority vote for leaving.

That will be a sad end to the United Kingdom’s membership but it may be the only viable option.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

House fire in Govan overshadowed by A bomb explosion

Sturgeon drops a clanger: unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon launches phoney bid to save 270 jobs after Tata Steel announce cuts, her track record at Govan shipbuilders and elsewhere shows she is ‘all mouth and no trousers’, we are all aware of the SNP PR con of fake sincerity and the mirage of help which doesn’t exist, the joke’s old Nicola

Dear All

How many does that make now?

How many does what make?

How many taskforces has unpopular Nicola Sturgeon setup when a major Scottish business has gone to the wall or is in difficulties?

She tried to ‘save’ Hall’s food and failed.

She tried to ‘save’ the jobs at Govan shipbuilders and failed?

She tried to ‘save’ jobs in the North Sea and failed.

100% success rate of failure!

Now, we have the pathetic spectacle of Nicola Sturgeon setting up another taskforce in a bid to save jobs at Tata Steel.

1,200 people are going to lose their bread and butter, 270 of those jobs will be in Scotland, the bulk in Scunthorpe.

You may have noticed that I have said the SNP don’t do Law well, another thing they don’t do well is business; remember buying Prestwick Airport, what a pig in a poke that turned out for the Scottish people.

The joke is that we have something called the Scottish Government Steel Task Force chaired by Business minister Fergus Ewing; he will look for new owners.

"We seek him here, we seek him there
Those Frenchies seek him everywhere!
Is he in heaven? Or is he in hell?
That demmed Elusive steel owning Pimpernel?”

A bit of culture to brighten up a sad tale of woe!

The Task Force will meet for the next Thursday October 29, presumably with the press invited along to milk it for PR purposes, anyone seriously think Ewing will get a buyer?

I don’t.

Sturgeon said:

“This is a very anxious time for Tata Steel employees and their families and is deeply concerning for everyone involved. My government is determined to fight for a future for our steel industry. That is why I have established a Scottish Steel Task Force – to be chaired by my Business Minister, Fergus Ewing - that will bring together all the key representatives to work to keep the Dalzell and Clydebridge plants open. “We will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to keep the plants open and support the 270 staff affected by today’s announcement.”

What about the 900 job losses in Scunthorpe, do these people matter?

Apparently not, yet again, the small mindedness of Nicola Sturgeon pours out yet again, she fails to notice the bigger picture.

Business Minister Fergus Ewing said:

“The Scottish Government’s priority is finding a way to continue with commercial production at the sites”.

Do you remember how the SNP fucked the Scottish steel industry by awarding a massive steel contract to China, the new Forth Bridge contract!

Where was the loyalty to the steel workers?

Where was standing up for Scotland?

Aren’t you just sick that so many fellow Scots are taken in by these SNP losers who are pissing on Scotland without the decency to call it rain?

Why aren’t the SNP crowing about their ‘success’ in helping the Govan shipbuilding workers who lost their jobs?

Because there isn’t any, other than pointing them in the direction of the Govan job centre, what did they do, except talk among themselves how to look active while doing nothing!

270 steel jobs in Scotland will probably be lost and no PR circus fronted by the SNP to appear more ‘caring’ than the Westminster Government, yet again, Nationalists playing politics with people’s lives.

Nothing will be done for the 270 by the SNP Government; Nicola Sturgeon’s word is worthless as ‘Syrian Joe’ found out, no room at the Sturgeon inn for him!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, October 19, 2015

Business as usual?, company owned by SNP MP Richard Arkless and his wife is to be probed by Trading Standards after complaint is made, Arkless employs his wife as his part-time personal assistant, employing relatives and partners is something the SNP do which is why Scottish people can’t get proper representation, fairness, equality and social justice is the big lie in the SNP

Dear All

The Michelle Thomson scandal is as I said a gold mine, the gold is how an SNP MP can present herself as a ‘social justice champion’ while at the same time preying on the sick and vulnerable.

I have always maintained that something has gone every wrong in the SNP, it isn’t a political party; it’s a cult, a cult which is bad for Scotland and bad for the Scottish people.

Through-out the Scottish independence campaign people connected to the SNP set up organisations which were supposed to be politically neutral, this was how Business for Scotland was presented.

Many people considered Business for Scotland to be nothing more than an SNP front, we know now that five of its seven directors have stood for election for the SNP.

Five out of seven, what are the odds of that in gambling terms?

Michelle Thomson career such as it is will not recover; she will always be the SNP MP who preyed on the sick and vulnerable for profit.

Now as the skeletons come to light, a company owned by another SNP's MP is to be probed by Trading Standards.

An electrical firm owned by newly-elected Richard Arkless is to be investigated by the consumer watchdog after it received a complaint.

The Dumfries and Galloway MP has resigned as director from the business, LED Warehouse, just a day later, just a day later, what are the odds of just a quick resignation happening?

Like many of the Nationalists, Arkless has also gone the route of ‘social justice champion’, and like Michelle Thomson, he played a prominent role in pro-independence group, Business for Scotland.

Given his sudden resignation, opposition politicians want Arkless to reveal details of the complaint and explain why he felt he had to go. The Company which is a lighting retailer called LED Warehouse Limited was set up in May 2013 by Arkless and his wife.

Since Trading Standards is involved obviously this isn’t just an old complaint, Dumfries and Galloway Council is responsible for Trading Standards in the area.

A spokesman said:

"Dumfries and Galloway Council's Trading Standards service has received a complaint. We treat all enquiries and complaints confidentially so we cannot pass on any details."

He added:

"Trading Standards will investigate the complaint."

Several LED Warehouse customers have contacted the firm's Facebook page with their complaints regarding the company.

Mark Payne wrote:

"I ordered three bulbs last Monday over the phone when you were having website problems. They haven't arrived yet and the money has been debited from my card and despite leaving a message on your answer phone yesterday I haven't heard back from you. Please advise what is happening."

In business, when you take payment, the usual practice is to ship the goods to the customer, this seems terribly unsatisfactory at present, and disgraceful at worst.

Scottish Conservative chief whip John Lamont said:

“The SNP likes to paint itself as whiter than white. But revelations in recent weeks about a number of MPs and candidates suggest the opposite is true. This is just the latest in a series of allegations the party’s top brass is going to have to explain.”

An SNP spokeswoman insisted that Richard Arkless had been unaware of any complaint to Trading Standards and claimed there was no investigation in progress.

So, why did he resign and why are Dumfries and Galloway Council's Trading Standards service saying they have received a complaint?

Obviously someone isn’t telling the truth, if it was the council employee then they would be in serious trouble and that might represent gross misconduct, why do that and place your job in jeopardy?

Arkless also employs his wife to be his part-time personal assistant while at the same time she is now the sole director of the company under investigation.

As we are now seeing, the cracks in the SNP are being to show and as I have always said there is a genuine lack of talent in the SNP.

This is just another episode that stinks to high heaven, don’t see him losing the SNP whip, I am sure someone in the SNP will come up with ‘Operation blame The Wife’.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, October 16, 2015

Thursday, October 15, 2015

This is what it looks like when Scottish Nationalists set your car on fire, cgi representation of flames and heat distortion so you know what to expect if you exercise free speech by asking questions

‘Bought and sold for English gold’, SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon signals that Scottish independence is dead, stone dead, her cult has joined the Westminster class, the burning question for me, ‘Whatever happened to Syrian Joe’, the mythical guest earmarked for Sturgeon’s home?

Dear All

I said some considerable time ago that Scottish independence is dead, and it is exactly that, stone dead, Nicola Sturgeon has no stomach for independence.

Braveheart, she is not, her clique all have hefty pay and perks at Westminster, they will settle into the trough fairly quickly and once munching away they won’t want to back out.

‘Bought and sold for English gold’.

Of course this leaves the thorny question of what to do with the mugs?

The mugs are the people who do the work, the new found warriors of the cause, well they will be fired with tales of Westminster austerity and the laughable act by Nicola Sturgeon that ‘social justice’ is the next mission.

Still no Syrian refugee at Nicola Sturgeon’s home in Baillieston, Glasgow; apparently there isn’t the appetite in the Sturgeon household to follow through on a solemn promise or as some call it ‘the vow’!

Surely there is a playwright who can do a piece on ‘Whatever happened to Syrian Joe’?

The retreat from Scottish independence has already started, it started the minute that Alex Salmond marched the SNP up to the top off the hill and then marched them back down again.


In comes unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, the shopsoiled white hope from Dreghorn to svae the day, but she isn’t saving anything, that is why she is saying a second independence referendum is on the back-burner.

Why is it on the backburner, because of her record in government, it’s a shambles, not just in one area but in all areas, with Holyrood 2016 coming up, we will have the spectacle of Sturgeon complete with ‘standby kid’ saying she will focus on the everyday issues that matter to people in Scotland.


Two years full years the SNP Ministers abandoned their desks, they took the pay but didn’t produce the goods, even more lost than T in the Park under Fiona Hyslop.

Part time government with full time small minded people!

The SNP leader wants to dominate the news, the reason why is obvious, her husband Peter Murrell, the SNP chief executive is facing claims he broke spending rules in the run up to poll in September last year.

‘Don’t mention the war, don’t mention independence’ is the way forward that Sturgeon wants to tread.

The Electoral Commission will have to investigate the serious allegation that Murrell helped run the pro-independence Business for Scotland campaign group. If this is found to be the case, he will be unable to remain as SNP Chief Executive, he will have to go and go quickly.

Nicola Sturgeon’s claim to be a social justice champion pushed by the media who fell into spouting this lie is dubious, what did she do to address the rich/p0or apartheid in higher education?

He made it worse, she made it harder for the poorest not just to get into University but she more or less destroyed the college sector by slashing budgets and student places.

140,000 places gone, most of which would go to working class kids as a first step to escape poverty.

What do the SNP do, they collect bake beans to hand out to poor people instead, not cake, baked beans!

John Lamont, the Scottish Conservatives’ chief whip, said:

“The people of Scotland have waited more than eight years for the SNP to put the constitution aside and focus on issues that really matter. It begs the question why hasn’t Nicola Sturgeon said this before now?”

He added:

“While the Scottish Government has been spending millions of pounds and investing countless hours in trying to break Britain apart, standards have slipped. As a consequence our schools, hospitals and roads are not doing as well as they should be.”

Labour MP Ian Murray said:

“The truth is that in our schools the gap between the richest and the rest is growing and our hospitals are struggling.”

Hmm someone who thinks like me, incidentally, I have blogged repeatedly on the scandal of cutting College places under the SNP while they prop up rich universities at the expense of the poor.

If you can bothered, you can watch three days of lying and deception as rich Nationalists talk about their fake social justice credentials, but it is doubtful you will see ex SNP MP Michelle Thomson lurking about the place like a bad smell.

After all she might run into Peter Murrell and that would make a good picture for the press.

The SNP are running Scotland into the deck because of their stupidity, they are a cult, a party of protest, not of government, and oh how it shows!

Don’t forget to watch out for Nicola Sturgeon using kids as props, she likes to play mother using other people’s kids.

Finally, does domestic issues mean we are back to the 'fanny pad' campaign, maybe if we are lucky, all male SNP MP and MSP will wear a tampon as an act of solidarity for a photo shoot.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The comic Legend that is David Allen telling religious jokes, a great comic of his time

Out of the shadows and into the light, the Michelle Thomson scandal is turning into a goldmine, SNP Chief Executive Peter Murrell, the husband of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon could be grilled over serious allegations he was allegedly involved in a breach of rules surrounding independence referendum, question, how many people saw ‘Yes Groups’ run by SNP members as nothing more than fronts for the SNP?

Dear All

One of the things which many people I have talked said to me was that the various Yes Groups set up to give the impression of a groundswell of public support towards a Yes vote were nothing more than SNP fronts.

I have written articles during the Scottish independence campaign of 2014 which I said the organisation called Yes Scotland was staffed by SNP members, their board had members who were SNP, and they offered no alternative narrative publicly except that of the SNP Government it seemed.

Of course, to pad out the inclusiveness of Yes Scotland, the Nationalists used a few ‘dafties’ to give the appearance there was a coalition of the willing, in the shape of the SSP, and the Scottish Greens.

Another group which also popped up during indy was Labour for Independence, that group had photos of people standing under their banner who turned out to be SNP councillors and SNP members.

It was a nasty little sham to hoodwink the public which the Labour Party should have expelled every single member connected with it.

The SNP MP Michelle Thomson affair is a goldmine, first it started off with the revelation that she had 17 houses worth £1.7 million and benefited on the backs of vulnerable people such as cancer sufferers.

Many people have said what she did was immoral, which cuts right across the political spectrum of left or right. Police Scotland is currently investigating alleged irregularities involving property deals in which she was said to be involved; this is another complaint that will probably go the distance, all the way to a Court of Law.

Thomson’s lawyer was stuck off by his governing body.

As the Thomson story gained traction, more information came into the public domain regarding her connection with Business for Scotland; this was another group which was seen by some people as an SNP front despite the claims that this was a party politically neutral organisation.

Some of these people went on to become SNP Candidates for Westminster and Holyrood, five of its seven directors have stood for election for the SNP.

Five out of seven, think about that for a moment, what are the odds of that happening do you think?

How would Oscar Wilde have put it?

No one else as I understand it went on to be a candidate for any other party.

The ‘businesses’ in Business for Scotland were not exactly in the main, big companies or household names, some it was said were little more than sole traders, or had little if any staff.

But Business for Scotland was given the same kind of kudos as the CBI which it didn’t deserve or warrant, by the mainstream media. Michelle Thomson had a serious role in Business for Scotland trying to convince the public that there was an economic case for independence and that ‘business’ was behind the SNP in its bid for independence.

As the Thomson saga dragged on, the SNP have started to become more and more desperate to shift the news media spotlight away from Thomson. SNP MP Pete Wishart was squealing like a pig on Twitter on behalf of Thomson, but was he really squealing on behalf of Thomson, after all she resigned the SNP whip and therefore wasn’t even a member.

56 SNP MPs had become 55 SNP MPs!

As people continue to dig, the name Peter Murrell has arisen to the surface, you will have noticed on my blog I have written about Peter Murrell in relation to what he did when I submitted complaints about my treatment while in the SNP.

I put in a DSAR to the SNP, when I asked Peter Murrell by email who was the data controller of the Party, he replied that he was, the time for a DSAR is 40 days, the SNP broke the law regarding my DSAR, my identification sent wasn’t returned, and the specific information which I asked for wasn’t included. This along with the smear campaign not investigated by Peter Murrell led to first withdrawing from being and SNP activist than having nothing more to do with the Nationalists.

These people don’t believe in the law or natural justice for working class people.

Peter Murrell is married to Nicola Sturgeon, the fairytale myth of these two people being ‘social justice champions’ is a complete and utter lie. I make no bones about the fact that I publicly call Peter Murrell and Nicola Sturgeon what they really are.

These people are rats!

They are the worse type of scum because they put on an act which is totally false and misleading to the people of Scotland, remember Sturgeon saying she would take in a Syrian refugee into her own home; that turned out to be a lie, as she has no plans to do so.

As I said previously, the Michelle Thomson story is a goldmine, all it takes is hard work and digging, now we are at the stage where Nicola Sturgeon’s husband Peter Murrell is at the centre of a ‘serious allegation'. It is alleged that he was possibly involved in a breach of rules surrounding the independence referendum. Given his position and the seriousness of the allegation the SNP’s chief executive, Peter Murrell, has been reported to the Electoral Com¬mission.

The complaint is over claims that he allegedly tried to gain an unfair advantage for the “Yes” campaign ahead of the crucial vote last year. It seems that Murrell who likes to move in the shadows is now going to be thrust more into the spotlight.

And as he basks in the public glare, so will his wife Nicola Sturgeon, except this time, it wouldn’t be a staged managed photo opportunity of how caring his wife is when a press gang is available.

As to opposition parties, this issue is dynamite, it has all the ingredients to make a good story of hugely damaging proportions and they want a full investigation. This is one complaint that cannot be swept away, too big, too serious and now too public.

The claims regarding Murrell centre on suggestions he was helping a group called Business for Scotland, if that is proved Murrell was involved in BFS while carrying out his SNP duties, it is serious stuff, the SNP and BFS were registered separately as independence campaign bodies and as such there are strict rules applied to prevent such bodies from working together and sharing funding.

During the Scottish referendum, I was fighting the good fight in my area for Better Together; they were officially registered with the Electoral Commission as was everyone else who wanted to pick a side, I picked the right side, to save Scotland for a better day. The Electoral Commission set limits on how much organisations could spend, while also barring individual groups from working together.

Remember through-out the Scottish independence campaign I said there was a genuine lack of talent in the SNP? Well, there is, to wander off track for a minute, the SNP MP Chris Stephens who I helped in the past is calling for a public inquiry into the miner’s strike of 1984, what a waste of time and money. It also shows that his ‘shop steward’ mentality doesn’t recognise the real problems and solutions needed for now, history is history.

Back to Murrell, if things turn bad, his position as SNP Chief Executive would be untenable, and by default so would Nicola Sturgeon’s ability to cling on the position as First Minister.

So, you can see why the SNP are so desperate to get the press and other media to focus on something else.

We should be grateful to Kevin Hague; he did a breakdown of the businesses which made up Business for Scotland on his blog. And he is a bit of a digger when it comes to research it appears. Anyone interested should nip over to his blog and read his articles.

He said:

“All parties need to play by the rules. If they were not playing by these rules, and BFS co-ordinated with the SNP, then that should be in the public domain. BFS continuously positioned themselves as a party politically neutral organisation. This finally puts the nail in their coffin. It was a SNP front and we now see that five of its seven directors have stood for election for the SNP, and the SNP chief executive was influential at board level – or even a shadow director.”

It seems the cracks in the SNP are coming to the surface now, when I was in the SNP I was urging the need for education, after awhile, I realised I was surrounded by dumb bastards but while their stupidity in the main didn’t affect me, I wanted to help ‘right the ship’. I give people the benefit of the doubt until such time as they do something so bad that I close the book on extending good will to them.

Now, I want to see the ‘rat ship’ created by Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell torpedoed, and the survivors politically machined gunned in the water.

The SNP isn’t a Nationalist party, it is a shell occupied by greedy stupid and self serving little people, feathering their own nest, their relatives, cronies and partners at the taxpayers expense.

If there has been any law broken then under Schedule 4, Paragraph 24, sub paragraph 5, sub sub Paragraph (b) of the Scottish Independence Referendum Act 2013. By virtue of that provision, a person who "knowingly or recklessly" makes a false declaration [as to election expenditure] commits an offence bringing with it the potential penalty of a fine or even of a term of imprisonment "not exceeding twelve months".

Given that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon never went to see her wife beating pal Bill Walker, would she go see Peter Murrell if he got banged up in prison?

Would Tommy Sheridan, who was publicly shunned by the senior SNP leadership during the Scottish independence referendum, have a smile on his face if Murrell was given his old cell?

Don’t quote me on this but I think Asda are doing the complete boxset of Ronnie Barker’s Porridge for about a tenner, this includes the Xmas episodes; maybe Murrell would like this for Xmas.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Watch this video, Europe is heading towards a dark place, we maybe be seeing the seeds of civil war engulfing Europe as people feel they are totally disconnected from the political class, Angela Merkel is politically damaged by the migrant crisis

Lloyd Quinan who famously said during the Scottish independence referendum that No voters were bad parents has been chosen as SNP Holyrood candidate, he is rated number 9 on the Lothian list, how many people consider Lloyd Quinan to be a ‘bad man’, stupid, politically naive and dangerous, ideal sheep material

Dear All

Did you vote against Scottish Independence?

Are you a parent?

If you did, then according to former STV weatherman and politician Lloyd Quinan, you are a bad parent.

This rocket was formerly an SNP MSP between 1999 and 2003; do you remember any of his big ideas?

How about any of his small ideas to make Scotland a better place?

Chances are you don’t because people like Lloyd Quinan are in a political desert, nothing exists but independence.

Independence at any cost puts lives at risk, how does that happen?

It happens when a country cannot pay its way at the current levels need to sustain infrastructure.

If Scottish independence had been rammed through, once full control was passed over, you would see austerity max kick in to a level never imagined; no milk and honey for Scots.

What kind of bad parent would place the lives and health of their children at risk?

A Nationalist parent!

A Nationalist parent believes the rubbish of Nicola Sturgeon that Scotland is a wealthy country, there would be wealth in Scotland, but the SNP would make sure like always that wealth is funnelled to their members, relatives and associates.

A Nationalist parent stupidity believes the lies of Scotland keeping the pound.

A Nationalist parent stupidity believes the lies of Scotland having automatic EU membership?

A Nationalist parent stupidity believes the lies of Scotland being governed by the SNP in the best interests of the people.

I see Lloyd Quinan has a crank for his beliefs on bad parents, to show his poor judgement politically, you only have to look at the fact he left the SNP to join Scottish Socialist Party.

The Scottish Socialist Party is a refuge for political idiots much to the dismay of its serious members; that is why the party doesn’t get anywhere, the Sheridan factor killed them off as a force, now they have folded in a hollow shell called RISE.

RISE is led Jonathon Shafi, and in this election this party alliance will rise and fall very quickly.

Having Lloyd Quinan as number 9 on the party list in the Lothian region probably means he won’t get elected which will be a good thing. If you take the time to watch this youtube video, you will come to the same conclusion yourself.

In this video, he says to the punters, you have the chance to change the life chances of young kids, given the SNP haven’t done that in 8 years of Government, and are actively pulling ‘up the ladder’ from young Scots, who is he kidding?

I would say given we know what we know now about the extent of the lies pushed onto the Scottish public by the ‘Nationalists’, it is hard to think of Lloyd Quinan as nothing more than a ‘bad man’.

Real Nationalists don’t put the lives of people and especially kids in danger, the NHS in Scotland if we were post indy would be pushed to breaking point and times for treatment would be longer.

People would die!

Finally a cynical person might see putting Lloyd Quinan on the list as a way to divert from the Michelle Thomson saga which includes now the husband of Nicola Sturgeon, Peter Murell, this is where the real focus of the media should be targeted.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, October 12, 2015

Scottish Greens go on a publicity seeking campaign to highlight what they talk about at their conference, get this gem, ‘Tories guilty of a "despicable lie" over immigrants’ says Patrick Harvie, perhaps Patrick needs to do more research to find out the truth, rich and poor both know that increased immigration puts pressure on services, it isn’t rocket science

Dear All

One of the things about being an opposition MSP is that you can call for the most ridiculous nonsense without being burdened by responsibility.

In opposition, you should put forward proper policies that you would implement if you were in Government.

The Scottish Greens will never be in Government in Scotland, they are a fringe party, like the SSP or Solidarity, during the Scottish independence referendum; they were effectively coasting behind the Scottish National Party.

During that campaign Patrick Harvie made several matter of fact statements which contrasted sharply with the leaders of the SNP lying through their teeth. In May 2012, I was at the BBC Big Debate at which Patrick Harvie did very well, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon had an incredibly bad evening as Ruth Davidson pulled out the ‘letter of destiny’ on the EU. The SNP had never contacted the European Union as a government or opposition to enquire as to terms of membership.

As we know, the SNP claim by Nicola Sturgeon on automatic membership was a lie, the SNP Government claim of having EU legal advice was a lie, we found that out later as the SNP Government shelled out £20k of taxpayers money to try and do a cover up.

In politics, it isn’t unusual to see people lie for political advantage, but we also see people telling the truth, also for political advantage, and as I keep saying the truth hurts!

Patrick Harvie has accused the UK government of a “despicable lie” by blaming immigrants for strains on public services that were actually caused by Tory cuts.

So, do immigrants put strain on public services?

The answer is Yes!

Home Secretary Theresa May’s speech to the Tory conference upset the trendy lefties who don’t suffer like the vulnerable in society because they have university education, jobs and for the most part the impact of immigration doesn’t affect them.

They don’t see a problem for two reasons, one, they don’t a toss about the vulnerable and two, they never meet the vulnerable in places like soup kitchens when they have to ‘compete’ with migrants for food.

Theresa May’s speech was condemned by business leaders, why are they condemning it; they want an increased pool of cheap labour.

Who benefits for driving down wages and conditions?

Certainly not the poorest in society!

At present, we aren’t seeing the chaos in the UK in the same manner as experienced on the mainland of Europe, riots and demonstrations, but we are heading towards a backlash, not just against migrants about against the politicians who support them.

This might open Patrick Harvie’s eyes to the wider picture.

Politics is in a state of flux, but people aren’t crying for Patrick Harvie, they aren’t as the SNP would like to have you believe; crying out for Nicola Sturgeon either.

What the people want and need is a centre right party in Scotland which addresses the needs of Scottish people. They want a party which is willing to address the mistakes of the past and put in place regulations for the protection of the people, and the economic security of the country.

At present Ruth Davidson is making that pitch for the working class vote in Scotland, how successful that attempt will be, will depending on a number of factors, saying ‘elect me’ isn’t an offer because it fails to address the issue, what do people want and will she deliver it.

Not what she is willing to deliver, and if it is only rhetoric then she will find the 2016 election as painful as 2015, the Conservative vote share went down and they made no gains in seats.

Ruth Davidson should stand on a platform of a devolved Department of Work and Pensions, devolved not to Holyrood but to a new designed Scotland Office. You might remember I floated this idea ages ago, good then and still good now!

I believe that issue is something which Scottish Labour should back as well, I don’t a problem, it would be good for Scotland and good for the UK, which might be heading towards a federal setup further down the line.

Of course, to return to immigration, Scotland is still part of the UK and that means, the Westminster Government will need to do the heavy lifting on this issue. Ed Miliband while Labour leader apologised for the failed social experiment of Tony Blair to turn the UK into a multi-cultural society. Tony Blair lied to the people of the UK that his failed social engineering experiment was done on the basis of economics.

Even Trevor Phillips has commented on the failure of multiculturalism.

Harvie said on the issue of an in/out EU referendum:

“We cannot permit the right wing, the hostile, the divisive rhetoric of austerity, the absurd fanatic ideology of the free market to define both Yes and No in that referendum. In what must count as one of the most despicable speeches I have ever heard from a political party conference, Theresa May showed just how willing the Tories are to lie and blame some of the most vulnerable people in our society for the pressures that they themselves are creating. The lie that it is immigrants or refugees or asylum seekers that put pressure on our public services and infrastructure. What an outright despicable lie. It is the UK Government themselves, by undermining those services and robbing the country of investment; that is putting pressure on them.”

The EU referendum is seemingly depending on who you listen to not a foregone conclusion because the polling suggests that people are seriously considering saying it is time to leave the EU.

David Cameron doesn’t want to leave the EU but instead, he wants a reformed EU, but it is doubtful that he can get major reforms to the organisation with the Germans in the shape of Angela Merkel being a roadblock to change. Merkel’s open borders policy which plunged the EU into political crisis will not be forgotten anytime soon. I would hazard a guess that this episode has damaged her career beyond repair and her remaining leader is and should be in doubt.

If you look at footage, you cannot take Patrick Harvie’s statement at face value:

“The lie that it is immigrants or refugees or asylum seekers that put pressure on our public services and infrastructure. What an outright despicable lie”.

Check out Youtube on the migrant crisis, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy and France doesn’t seem to be coping well. In fact the German immigration minister quit his post, closer to home; places like Kent and Slough have seen pressure on public services and infrastructure.

Patrick Harvie appears to need better researchers or be more self aware of the problems which he seems keen to gloss over, being nice and cuddly for votes is a tactic well known to politicians, but there is a time for making hard decisions and facing up to reality.

Green delegates as part of their voyage of discovery on Foreign affairs, also backed a motion on Israel-Palestine, they decided to do a spot of student union politics by condemning "Zionism as a racist ideology based on Jewish supremacy in Palestine" and calling Israel's policy towards Palestinians "apartheid".

The standard call for a separate Palestinian state was trotted out, along with Israel shrunk to its 1967 borders. Israel will not give up its current borders, although there is talk of a two state solution, it won’t happen because there is no political will to do so.

The Scottish Greens have also called on a boycott of Israeli goods and services, an end to Hamas being described as a terrorist organisation, and the release of all Palestinian political prisoners from Israeli jails.

Absolutely meaningless student union politics!

The Greens hope to up their numbers by securing a list MSP from each of the eight Holyrood regions, if the current discontent surround the SNP continues, they might get swing voters because they believe in independence. The SNP lost a recent by-election to the Lib Dems, but I would think this was down more to a strong local candidate and the Lib Dems having a track record with the voters in that area.

As to Patrick Harvie standing in constituency in Glasgow, this is just for show, I don’t put much store in this, he has to campaign anyway as he is on the Glasgow list, presumably this is ‘nowhere is a no go area for the Scottish Greens’.

And it is also a no win area to boot.  

Finally, the Scottish Greens conference voted to launch a distinctive Green campaign to remain in the EU, this is a safe bet as all the main parties and the SNP will all go pro EU with the exception of Ukip.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, October 9, 2015

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Chiltern Hundreds, is it time that former elected SNP MP Michelle Thomson applied for the Chiltern Hundreds, she secured a £5k cheque from a convicted mortgage fraudster for Business for Scotland, her career is sunk, Nicola Sturgeon is badly damaged, her husband, SNP Chief Executive Peter Murrell has questions to answer, and the Police investigation rolls on, that Camel’s back is broken now!

Dear All

The more the (ex) SNP MP Michelle Thomson story keeps rolling the more ‘goodies’ it is spinning up, as I said previously, this story is too good, it’s too sweet, it's a gold mine.

John Swinney, the SNP Finance Minister said:

Michelle Thomson was a friend of his, I wonder if he regrets saying she is a friend now, she is damaged goods and anyone tagged to her will certainly be less Teflon.

It now transpires that the former SNP MP allegedly secured a £5,000 cheque for Business for Scotland, seen by many as another SNP front organisation from a convicted mortgage fraudster.

Convicted mortgage fraudster!

With friends likes these who needs enemies.

I wonder; at what stage will Michelle Thomson apply for the Chiltern Hundreds.

The Chiltern Hundreds was an ancient administrative area in Buckinghamshire, England, composed of three "hundreds" and lying partially within the Chiltern Hills. "Taking the Chiltern Hundreds" now refers to the legal procedure used to effect resignation from the British House of Commons.

If she decides to take that, it won’t help her in her current problems, but it will create a by-election in Edinburgh West.

So, who is the convicted mortgage fraudster who wants Scottish independence which is rapidly becoming a less noble cause under Nicola Sturgeon?

Jamie Rae, he was previously dubbed up in prison for fifteen months, prison seems mighty popular for people involved in politics, we have seen so many carted off like Tommy Sheridan, the Birdman of Barlinnie; he did a stint in the pokey over the News of the World scandal.

So, the question comes to mind is this, why did Michelle Thomson take a cheque for £5,000 from a convicted mortgage fraudster?

At what point did she think this was a good idea?

And apparently, Thomson had alleged “shared business interests” with Jamie Rae, so other questions come to mind, what were the alleged shared business interests?

Rae said:

“For the record, I can say categorically I have never had any business dealings with Michelle Thomson”

As to Ms Thomson’s email claim about “shared business interests”, he said:

“That is BS [bulls**t]...rubbish. I don’t know why she would write that.”

Yes, that is another question to add to the list for Ms Thomson to reply to, it seems there is a lot of confusion about who did what with whom and where, and incidentally both of these people were in the past elected SNP members to public office.

So, what about Jamie Rae, well it seems that he was a former SNP Councillor who admitted multiple counts of mortgage and housing benefit fraud totalling £133,000.

£133,000 is a lot of money.

Labour MSP Jackie Baillie said:

"This simply raises further questions about who SNP MP Michelle Thomson was associated with. Jamie Rae is a convicted mortgage fraudster. The more we know about this story the more unseemly it becomes."

Quite so ma’am!

Given that Michelle Thomson has 17 houses, I wonder if in the near future she will make a bid for the Chiltern Hundreds which was an ancient administrative area in Buckinghamshire, England, or will the appeal of £74,000 a year for another 4 and a half years be too good to pass up.

One thing is certain, the SNP like to get rid of people who threaten or damage their cult, I don’t see Michelle Thomson coming back, things are bad enough but now it is known she is connected to a convicted mortgage fraudster, this is one straw that would cripple a camel’s back.

Game over Michelle Thomson, time to clean out the locker and move on to life outside politics!

Scotland's senior law officer says police will 'follow the evidence' in the criminal investigation they are running, presumably they won’t have time to stop off for an ice cream from Jamie Rae, he used to be a former ice cream salesman.

Now, finally, what did Nicola Sturgeon’s husband Peter Murrell know? I think it is time that a spotlight should be pointed in his direction until we get answers.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

‘Hug a Paedo’ Part 2, SNP MSP Christine Grahame does massive U turn over supporting hiding rapists and paedophiles in mainly working class deprived communities, public outrage to the idea was massive and instant, we have an SNP Justice Convenor in Grahame who is a political liability, how much longer must Scots suffer these fools in power?

Dear All

Do you remember the lyric; “What a difference a day makes”!

No, well it is from an old song, with old age we generally expect wisdom, but that isn’t always the case, some times we get rank stupidity or feeble mindedness thrust upon us by someone in a position of authority.

And rank stupidity was no more ably displayed than by 6 SNP MSPs who called for rural sex offenders to be moved into towns and cities where they could be hidden and have anonymity.

If you took the time to read my ‘hug a paedo’ post, you will know that I am against this, it was badly thought-out, dangerous and irresponsible. So people as they get older lost the plot entirely, SNP Justice Committee convener Christine Grahame Holyrood motion calling for the privacy of rapists and paedophiles shows she needs replaced as Justice Committee convener.

Her judgment is badly warped!

This is one of the failures of Holyrood, it is full of second class politicians who are plainly out of their depth, when I say ‘second class’ I am using this as an expression, their ranking in my eyes is much lower than second class. Holyrood motions have been somewhat simple minded in the past, people wanting to raise trivia as something meaningful.

It now transpires that outrage stirred up by the opposition politicians and the public has forced Christine Grahame into doing a U turn faster than Nicola Sturgeon knocking back taking in a Syrian refugee into her home.

I am not opposing Christine Grahame based on her politics, I am opposing her because she is wrong, utterly wrong. The stupidity is bad enough but what she advocated was putting the lives of children and women in danger.

Why couldn’t she see this as an outcome of her Holyrood motion?

In law there is a human right to privacy, where does that human right stop?

Is it privacy everywhere?

Is it privacy in your home?

Is it privacy in a public place?

Is it privacy on private property?

You have the right to privacy in your home; you have no expectation of privacy in a public place. This doesn’t mean that you to identify yourself to anyone, unless of course you are driving a motor vehicle or you are being arrested by Police. You can lawfully wander about the place doing your own thing as long as it is legal and doesn’t infringe the rights or property of others.
When high-risk registered sex offender Stuart Leggate was dumped in a neighbourhood, the residents and their children had no protection, Leggate did; he had the social workers on his side. 8 year old Mark Cummings who was beaten, strangled and sexually abused was failed by their system; Leggate previously had abused a toddler and attacked two other children.

Leggate should have never been placed near children.

Margaret-Ann Cummings told BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland yesterday:

“He moved somewhere where he could mingle with families and, obviously, he picked his victim. If they’re wanting to move sex offenders in to protect them, they should give the community a heads-up. They can’t dump them in a community and not let anyone know. We aren’t out for vigilante attacks; we just want to protect our children.”

In doing her U turn, SNP MSP Christine Grahame says now she wants SNP Ministers to review how registered sex offenders are dealt with across Scotland.

It appears after screwing up; Grahame has run out of ideas, her last one rather panned quickly due to massive public disapproval.

Lots of people say this is a difficult issue, but is it?

Putting these sex beasts with people unaware of their past is unacceptable, and having them live beside their victims is untenable. These people should remain in the areas they commit their crimes, in another part of the constituency away from their victims. If sex beasts know that they cannot escape to another area and have anonymity, it may deter some crimes from happening.

No system will ever be perfect because of the predatory nature of these people.

Lots of people with flag up chance of vigilante attacks against these people, but we should remember that there is a justice system and people who set themselves up as vigilantes will face the full weight of the law against them. There are some crimes that society which means the public cannot and will not forgive. When I asked people today, would they like a rapist or paedophile housed next door to them, the answer was a universal No!

Not surprising is it?

SNP MSP Christine Grahame said:

“It’s a terribly difficult area. I think we have to look at how we deal with these people when they’re released so that communities feel safe and it’s not working completely just now.”

Could that be to do with bad judgment on the part of the people managing offenders?

Grahame added:

“What I was looking at was an instance in my constituency where Robert Greens, a rapist, was released from prison. He had to be returned to Midlothian, where he had committed the offence. The community were in an uproar and couldn’t do anything about it because the rules are such that he had to go there. I never mentioned
vigilantes in my motion. I’m looking at what would be in the best interest of communities.”

How is having a rapist or paedophile hidden in a community, in the best interest of community?

What kind of bullshit logic is this?

Do you see what I mean about my claim of a genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party, forget law, forget human rights, leave aside due process, take it right back to the bone, is having a rapist or paedophile hidden in a community right?

The answer is no!

It doesn’t matter what spin, clever argument you stick up or fling together, it always comes out as wrong.

The fact that 6 SNP MSPs got behind this Holyrood motion should be an eye opener to Joe Public.

I guess ‘Hug a Paedo’ will flung on the back burner by SNP Ministers until after Holyrood 2016, given the paralysis of Nicola Sturgeon’s government, she will probably farm it out to as wide a body of experts as possible for a range of options.

The SNP have a history of kicking problems into the long grass in the hope they go away or someone else solves their problem for them.

Finally, I also guess that Nicola Sturgeon will continue with her staged managed photo ops with children now there has been a U turn, a key part of the attempt to make her likeable to women and children.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University