Friday, April 30, 2010

For Welsh people May 6th, Vote Plaid Cymru

Culture and Sport employees go on strike, pay freeze and no overtime cited, how much longer must Glasgow tolerate Bridget McConnell's weak leadership?

Dear All

The ‘Summer of Discontent’ has started in Glasgow.

The Glasgow Labour Council of shame set up arms length companies fronted by Labour Party members, relatives, friends and associates.

The Aleos seem to have a knack of benefiting the Labour Party.

While people attached to the Labour Party enjoy the cream, the workers get shabby treatment.

The workers of Culture and Sport Glasgow are out on strike.

Culture and Sport is run by Bridget McConnell, wife of Jack McConnell, she pulls in £132,000k.

And delivers crap!

So, why the strike, the dispute is over the organisation's bid to freeze wages and cut overtime.

Unison, Unite, GMB and Bectu unions say they had no other option to walkout after talks to resolve the dispute failed.

One of the features of the Labour Council of shame moves to destroy and dismantle Glasgow is the Aleo programme the upshot is the cutting of pay and conditions for the workers.

And the second day of action is 6th May.

That means there could be a real problem because that is the day of voting.

Community centres due to be used as polling stations could be affected by the action, but Culture and Sport Glasgow insists no polling stations will be closed.

So, more failure from Bridget McConnell, more problems not resolved, as the Labour controlled quango limps on with her poor leadership.

I think we will be seeing a lot more strike action in Glasgow as the Steven ‘bin laden’ Purcell experiment further implodes.

Bridget McConnell should ‘pay up for Glasgow and resign’.

Yours sincerely

George LairdThe Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Car crash destroys Gordon Brown's last throw of the dice, junior Labour official, "I feel like a dog that can't be kicked any more."

Dear All

Three debates and three losses by Gordon Brown!

And of course ‘bigotgate’ played badly, along with all the other stuff too numerous to mention.

Now, Labour's ill-starred election campaign takes another hit when Gordon Brown launched of a poster designed to set the agenda for the final week.

It was interrupted by a car crash.

Witnesses heard at the poster launch a long squealing of tyres followed by a green Volkswagen Golf smashing into a bus shelter only yards from the car park where the Prime Minister and nine Cabinet ministers were lined up.

It is probably an apt visualisation of how the Labour Party Campaign has run.

Disaster follows disaster follows disaster.

The driver of the crashed car, an unemployed Labour supporter was trying to avoid a dustcart.

At the time, one of the occupants was shouting abuse at Labour Ministers, as it negotiated a nearby roundabout.

Roundabouts can be tricky.

Omed Rashid, the car driver, said the rubbish truck clipped his Golf, sending it out of control.

A refuse collector called Dell denied causing the crash and was totally unapologetic.

He said;

"Half our jobs are gone left, right and centre in this city."

A junior Labour official gave a more candid take on events as they unfolded;

"I feel like a dog that can't be kicked any more."

Now, he knows what ordinary people living under Gordon Brown and the Labour Government feel like every day.

So, another Gordon Brown relaunch crashes yet again.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

High noon in Fife as Labour and SNP activists clash in angry exchanges, Labour Activist Yapping Yousuf only gives one side of the story on his blog

Dear All

Yapping Yousuf of “I guess we have lost the bigot vote” fame has stuck a post about an incident involving SNP activists and Labours activists in Fife.

Typically and unsurprisingly it is to his usual standard, a one side story.

The incident concerns Peter Lockhart, a Labour activist in Fife who suffers from fibromyalgia who was out campaign for Labour.

Yousuf reports the incident as follows;

“Campaigns are often tense times. You are out every day fighting for the party you genuinely believe is best for the country and sometimes it can become a bit like supporting a football team and soemtimes it does feel like the other parties are the 'enemy.'

But no matter how involved you are in a campaign I can't understand how you can lose so much perspective to bully and attack a disabled man just because he is a Labour activist.

Peter Lockhart is a Labour activist in Fife. He suffers from fibromyalgia and which causes considerable muscle and tissue pain and his condition is deteriorating. He can walk short distances but needs a wheelchair to travel any further.

Most people would have nothing but sympathy for Peter's condition but not some in the SNP. A Nationalist shouted to Peter that "that next week they'd bring their wheelchair to get the sympathy vote."

As if that wasn't bad enough then SNP councillor Alistair Bain started giving Peter abuse. As Peter says, Councillor Bain then:

"came along and said that I was milking being in a wheelchair and that I could get about okay if I wanted."

It's the sort of nastiness that leaves you speechless. This isn't just another ranting cybernat spewing out his bile. This is an elected SNP representative. So will be sacked and thrown out of the party?

Of course not.

The SNP said that:"Under extreme provocation, some SNP activists regrettably responded in kind. This was an unfortunate incident which we hope will not be repeated."

I don't know Peter personally but I do know his sister and he is understandably distraught at what has happened. How an SNP councillor who as part of the ruling administration in Fife can now make decisions on services affecting disabled people after he has shown them such contempt is beyond me.”

The first point I would make was that Yousuf wasn’t there.

Secondly; he has written his post without giving both sides of the story.

Thirdly, after Yousuf’s carry on against Gillian Duffy, it is a bit late for him to take the moral high ground.

The SNP replied that its activists including one who has a life threatening condition had been provoked by abusive language.

SNP said;

"On Saturday a group of activists, one of whom has a severe and life-threatening disability, were subjected to abusive language from Labour campaign workers. Under extreme provocation, some SNP activists regrettably responded in kind. This was an unfortunate incident which we hope will not be repeated."

So, why did Yousuf only give a one sided account?

Surely; in the interests of fairness, he should have given both sides of the story?

Regarding SNP Councillor Alistair Bain if he was involved in hurling abuse someone should have a word in his shell like ear and point him in the direction of the Councillor’s code of conduct and related literature.

I said it was going to be a nasty election and it is shaping up to be so.

And out trots Labour Activist Yapping Yousuf with his SNP smear story but don't expect objectivity or to hear both sides of the story from him.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fraser Nelson of the The Spectator gives a damning verdict on Gordon Brown and 'bigotgate' for the Labour Party

Dear All

It is important to read alternate views, because if you just stay in your own little political mindset you develop tunnel vision.

That is why I like to see what Tories and others are thinking, so I pop along to the Spectator.

Fraser Nelson gives his take on the ‘bigotgate’ disaster yesterday.

Pop along and have a read.

Fraser Nelson has interesting views but I wouldn’t agree 100% with everything he says across the spectrum.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

SNP Candidate Billy McAllister takes time out to attend wedding, the happy couple wanted their local champion to attend their special day

Dear All

As well as putting forward and arguing the case for SNP policies to benefit people, there is another side to politics, helping the people in your local area.

SNP Candidate Billy McAllister is well known for standing and being counted when people living in his area need help.

Taking time out of campaigning hard in Glasgow North East, Billy McAllister attended the wedding of Lydia Twelde.

Just a few short months ago she was laid up in hospital with seriously injuries, 2 broken legs and broken pelvis.

So, it was delightful that Lydia invited Billy McAllister to attend her wedding to Thomas Aria at St. Mungo's in Townhead Glasgow.

Billy took up Lydia’s case when she suffered racist abuse while living in Glasgow North East.

In his capacity as an SNP Councillor in Glasgow, he made representations to get her rehoused to a place of safety.

Lydia said;

"Billy got me rehoused after suffering racist abuse and always helps out when needed, it's wonderful to have him here today, we are all supporting him, I would like to see him in London helping the people of Scotland”.

Lydia never forgot his help and kindness so on her special day, she wanted her friends and family round her.

People she could trust, people like SNP Candidate Billy McAllister.

The true Glasgow North East local champion.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Is this the face of bigoted Britain or just an ordinary woman with ordinary concerns, immigration should be the issue of the last TV debate

Dear All

Give it a name.

‘Bigotgate’ is splashed all over the papers.

The spectre of immigration returned to haunt Gordon Brown yet again more people are confronting Gordon Brown.

Immigration has been the issue that all three of the London based parties are steered clear of during this General Election.

The public in the shape of Gillian Duffy have put it firmly on the political agenda.

With one last debate to go, it would seem odd if immigration didn’t appear as part of the economic debate.

Having called one voter a “bigot” Brown found himself being forced to defend Labour's policy on immigration as he visited a factory in the West Midlands.

Previously the Labour Party said immigration policy was to address economic labour shortages but since then government documents show it was part of a social engineering experiment.

It has since been admitted that most of the new jobs created have not gone to British people.

Immigration like banking regulation was a disaster.

In order to stem the rising anti Labour tide, the Labour Party has wheeled out Gordon Brown’s wife.

She said that Brown was ‘absolutely mortified'.

Mortified he was caught; let us not kid ourselves he would have been at Gillian Duffy’s door under any other circumstances.

Sarah Brown said;

“He phoned me as soon as it happened and was absolutely mortified. He went to see her because he hated the fact he had hurt someone. His apology was from the heart.”

Just like his abuse.

The next leader of the Labour Party, Home Secretary Alan Johnson said Gordon Brown made a 'dreadful mistake'.

Already Alan Johnson is looking post May 6th 2010 for his leadership challenge.

Johnson then went on to say that immigration wasn’t now 'off-limits' as an issue during the campaign.

Johnson added;

“No-one can suggest this wasn't damaging. You have to look at how Gordon responds. I think Gordon has dealt with that properly. He's very much an un-spun politician.”

Presumably Alan Johnson didn’t see the ‘spun’ notes that Gordon Brown used during the two previous television debates.

A poll by YouGov for The Sun immediately after Mr Brown's gaffe showed that the vast majority of voters felt that the Prime Minister had been exposed as a hypocrite.

Only one in four believed that his apology to Mrs Duffy.

The public didn’t buy his apology as genuine.

So far Mrs Duffy is refusing to comment as she left her terrace house in Rochdale this morning, if she accepted Gordon Brown’s apology after a home visit.

Despite being in her house for nearly 40 minutes, Brown left with no photo opportunity to show that he had been forgiven.

Tonight’s debate is on the economy but people will be want a debate on immigration and its economic impacts.

As Former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy warned that the issue would be the 'elephant in the room' at tonight's last leaders' debate.

The General Election is wide open as people turn away from the Labour Party.

13 years in power and it is a 65 year old woman from Rochdale that Gordon Brown and the Labour Party are depending on.

I am sure many women will be mulling over Gordon Brown’s remark;

“She was just a sort of bigoted woman”.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gordon Brown Apologises For Calling A Woman Gillian Duffy 'Bigoted'

Labour Activist Yousuf Hamid claims the Labour Party has lost the "bigot" vote, female abuse continues unabated against elderly Gillian Duffy

Dear All

Here is what Labour Activist Yousuf Hamid has said regarding the Gordon Brown and Gillian Duffy incident

yousufhamid I guess we have lost the bigot vote
less than a minute ago via UberTwitter

What a disgraceful display of contempt for elderly females.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

'she's just a sort of bigoted woman', how much weight does Gordon Brown put on women’s opinions?

Dear All

Let us have a closer look at what Gordon Brown described as “just a bigoted woman”.

Gillian Duffy is a 65-year-old is a widow.

Her husband died of cancer four years ago.

She was formerly a Council worker worked for Rochdale council for 30 years working with children and handicapped children.

People like Mrs Duffy are the bedrock of society, helping those in most need.

Mrs Duffy describes herself as an "ordinary woman".

She says after the abuse;

"now I'm absolutely ashamed of saying I'm Labour".

Now, female voters can decide if they want to put their faith in Gordon Brown who thinks that women who speak out on controversial subjects are just ’bigoted’ women.

This is a defining moment of the General Election because if a lifelong Labour female supporter can be treated in such a fashion.

How much weight does Gordon Brown put on women’s opinion?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Labour Councillor of shame, Jim 'the undertaker' Coleman carries on the Steven Purcell legacy destroying ordinary people's future in Glasgow

Dear All

One of the most noticeable things about Labour controlled Glasgow City Council is that they don’t listen to ordinary people.

Case in point, school closure programme affecting 20 schools put out to consultation, 96% of the people responding said no.

The Labour Council of shame ignored them.

Now, another section of Glasgow people are attacking the Labour Council of shame, teachers are angry at proposals by Glasgow City Council to cut costs by laying off school supply staff.

They get just one week’s notice.

The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) is now taking up the fight for supply teachers to obtain employment rights.

The Glasgow Labour Councillors want to curtail these rights on the basis of cost.City officials broke the news in a letter written to all of the authority’s secondary schools asking that temporary supply teachers “not to work in any school in Glasgow” during the exam diet in May.

A feature of the Glasgow Labour Council of shame is their drive to continually cut the pay and conditions of ordinary people.

Working for a full year gives teachers the right to take a local authority to an employment tribunal or to receive a redundancy settlement.

And the Council aren’t having any truck with.

Hugh Donnelly, secretary of the Glasgow branch of the EIS, said;

“We are extremely concerned at the suggestion given to headteachers to give notice to supply teachers who have started work this session. The concerns relate to the fact that one particular group of teachers appears to be singled out, that their contracts will be broken and that there will be adverse impact on their employment rights. We are also concerned because we believe there will be a significant impact on the quality of learning and teaching if these proposals go ahead.”

Ann Ballinger, general secretary of the Scottish Secondary Teachers’ Association, has also spoken out about the underhanded tactics to deprive rights of supply teachers.

She said;

“It is no wonder that young teachers are leaving Scotland to seek work elsewhere when they are treated like this”.

Why are people surprised by the actions of Labour Councillors?

She added;

“We are training some of the best teachers ever in Scotland, but so many end up scratching around for work. This sort of approach from Glasgow will do nothing for the future of these talented young staff.”

The Glasgow Labour Council has no problem feathering its own nest; in one night £400 of taxpayer money was spent so that Labour Leader Steven ‘bin laden’ Purcell and his pals could get drunk on champagne.

The Labour Party has failed Glasgow and its people.

Yet again, people will have to turn to the SNP for support, people like SNP Councillor Billy McAllister who fought against the Glasgow City Council Schools closure programme.

Labour Councillor of shame Jim 'the undertaker' Coleman carries on the Steven 'bin laden' Purcell legacy of destroying people's future.

Denying people employment rights is wrong.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Gordon Brown makes it absolutely clear to ordinary people, if you raise immigration as a subject, you are a bigot, elderly pensioner abused by him

Dear All

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been caught on microphone describing a voter he had just spoken to in Rochdale as a "bigoted woman".

This is one of the defining moments of the 2010 General Election.

One of the most controversial subjects at the present moment is immigration, when 65 year-old Gillian Duffy challenged Gordon Brown, she had no idea what was to follow.

Gillian Duffy, a lifelong Labour voter was speaking on a number of concerns which figure high in the minds of ordinary people.

After her exchange Brown got in his car but forgot he was still wearing a broadcast microphone.

It starts off with Gordon Brown saying of the exchange went badly.

And then the private face of Gordon Brown emerges;

"That was a disaster - they should never have put me with that woman. Whose idea was that? It's just ridiculous”.

When an aide asked what went wrong, Brown replied;

"Ugh everything! She's just a sort of bigoted woman that said she used to be Labour. I mean it's just ridiculous. I don't know why Sue brought her up towards me."

Afterwards widower Mrs Duffy was played the tape by the press and was visiably shocked;

Mrs Duffy said;

"I'm very upset. He's an educated person. Why has he come out with words like that?”

Mrs Duffy added;

"He's supposed to be leading the country and he's calling an ordinary woman who's come up and asked questions that most people would ask him... It's going to be tax, tax, tax for another 20 years to get out of this national debt, and he's calling me a bigot."

It is precisely because Mrs Duffy is an ordinary woman that Gordon Brown spoke like that, Brown doesn’t like the public.

Today, we caught a rare glimpse of the private face of Gordon Brown who holds ordinary people in contempt.

And that is now in the public domain.

The irony is that Mrs Duffy after the exchange described Gordon Brown as “very nice”.

That opinion change as she listened to the tape of abuse about her being played back.

BBC political editor Nick Robinson said it was a disaster for the prime minister because it showed the gap between his public face and private face.

Robinson added;

"For those of us who have known Gordon Brown for many years, what we have seen is no huge surprise. He has got better and better at handling himself in public, but quite often he flares up in private, expresses frustration." Nick Robinson added that the irony was that if his comments had not been picked up, it would have been a lively election exchange which would have been seen to do him credit”.

In a hasty arrange damage limitation exercise on Radio 2's Jeremy Vine show, Brown said;

"Of course I apologise if I've said anything that's been offensive and I would never put myself in a position where I would want to say anything like that about a woman I'd met”.

A spokesman for Gordon Brown said;

"Mr Brown has apologised to Mrs Duffy personally by phone. He does not think that she is bigoted”.

Well all evidence to the contrary.

The Conservatives said Mr Brown's comments spoke for themselves.

They reveal a man who is not to be trusted, saying one thing in public and another in private.

The private side revealed that Gordon Brown’s opinion of anyone who raises concerns on subjects such as immigration, ‘they are a bigot’.

Today; was a defining moment in the 2010 General Election because it reveals the dark ugly side of Gordon Brown!

This might be the day that Gordon Brown lost the female, elderly and working class vote.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Glasgow University educated Tory Candidate Philip Lardner standing in North Ayrshire and Arran suspended over gay comments

Dear All

Tory election candidate Philip Lardner has been suspended.

The reason is for describing gay people on his website as "not normal".

Scottish Tory chairman and ex MI6 spy Andrew Fulton described the North Ayrshire and Arran candidate's comments as "deeply offensive and unacceptable".

Fulton added;

"These views have no place in the modern Conservative party."

Phillip Lardner has a bit of a history for making controversial comments; he was reinstated to the party in 2008 after a previous suspension.

That time it was alleged claims he made racist comments.

This gaffe comes shortly after the Chris Grayling howler about gay people using B&B’s in private homes.

It seems that the Tories like the Labour Party and the SNP are accident prone on the blogsphere.

Under the heading "What I believe in", Phil rattled out;

"Homosexuality is not 'normal behaviour'."

Educated at Glasgow University in the Law Faculty, Philip Lardner is just another Tory living in a bygone age.

A typical Glasgow University product.

So, 8,000 Tory votes are up for grabs in North Ayrshire and Arran which could go to either the SNP or Lib Dems.

Here is a full list of Candidates.

Katy Clarke, Labour *
Gillian Cole-Hamilton, Liberal Democrat
Patricia Gibson, Scottish National Party
Philip Lardner, Conservative
Louise McDaid, Socialist Labour Party

Katy Clark's Labour majority is more than 11,000 but Tories like to vote so it could be they will jump for this election.

And it could be to the SNP.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

City Building workers join SNP Candidate Billy McAllister and MSP Bob Doris are calling for the board to be sacked, independent investigation needed

Dear All

Things aren’t happy down at the Labour controlled quango called City Building.

Calls for investigation in how jobs and contracts are awarded tops the bill as a must ask.

City Building is run by Glasgow South Labour Party member Willie Docherty.

His wife is Labour Councillor Sadie Docherty.

As well as that the workers have grievances.

Now there are calls for the City Building Board to be sacked.

It seems the people aren’t prepared to put up with the Glasgow Labour Party anymore destroying their jobs and creaming off at the expense of the workers.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

SNP Candidate Billy McAllister attends Maryhill Burgh Halls reopening and praises use of Town Centre Regeneration cash in Maryhill, Vote SNP 6TH MAY

Dear All

Never give up is pretty much the core of SNP thinking.

18 years of solid campaigning by Glasgow North East SNP candidate Billy McAllister has paid off.
The people of Maryhill get back a piece of history with the opening of Phase 1 of Maryhill Burgh Halls.

Opening the refurbished Halls was Alex Neil MSP and Housing and Communities Minister.

This shows the difference between how the SNP operate in Maryhill and the Labour Party operates in Springburn.

For decades the Labour Party has promised to rebuild the Springburn Burgh Halls but the reality is they have reneged repeated on that promise.

The new facility at Maryhill comprises a state of the art sports centre, health suite and swimming pool.

SNP in action!

Phase 2 of the main building will be completed in May 2011, comprising offices and a centre for the local community.

SNP in action!

Springburn Burgh Hall is a complete derelict wreck.

Glasgow Labour Party inaction!

Billy McAllister has worked along with the community activists to raise almost 10 million pounds.

This money has provided the people with a cracking centre for the local community to use for many years to come.

It was a hard fight to get this project through because the Labour Party although keen to take the credit, isn’t so keen to do the work for the people.

As everyone involved in the project would readily admit, it was a team effort.

SNP MSP Bob Doris championed Glasgow's inclusion in the Town Centre Regeneration Fund.

Because of this, Glasgow got a fair crack of the whip.

Bob Doris said;

"I am delighted that we are now seeing Maryhill Burgh Halls take its place as a significant local landmark once again and it will play a central role within the Maryhill Community. It has been a long hard fight to get this far for the Burgh Hall's Trust. I pay credit to them and I am also proud of the role that both myself and the SNP Government have played to secure vital funding. Today's event is an acknowledgement of all the hard work many people have carried out over a number of years to breathe life back into Maryhill Burgh Halls".

So, you know now what you get when you vote an SNP member into elected office.

A local Champion who works full time for the people!

May 6th gives the people of Glasgow the opportunity to change politics forever by voting in SNP local champions.

The record speaks for itself.

SNP regeneration vs Labour destruction!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Glasgow University Principal Anton Muscatelli stays silent on University Child Sex Predator attempts to secure placement at sick children’s hospital

Dear All

Glasgow University Child Sex Predator Andrew Byrne hits the headlines again as Judge Lord Brailsford orders a risk assessment to be carried out.

Branded as one of Scotland's most disturbing sexual predators, the ‘Beast of Gilmorehill’ preyed on 19 girls and boys, defenceless children.

On top of that Bryne was using his position at Glasgow University to secure a placement at a children’s hospital.

The Glasgow University Child Sex Predator was stopped before he got that position.

At Court Andrew Byrne plead guilty to 32 charges related to the sexual abuse of youngsters

The risk assessment needs to be carried out so a report can be presented before the court in order to determine a proper sentence.

What is clear is that the Glasgow University Child Sex Predator must not be allowed contact with children ever again.

Byrne should face the stiffest penalties, a life sentence is appropriate with additional lifelong restrictions imposed.

A background report already seen by the defence has flagged up concerns about Byrne's ability to change.

In a footnote to the ‘Beast of Gilmorehill’, I have yet to see any apology from Glasgow University for Byrne using his position within the University to secure a placement at a children’s hospital.

Anton Muscatelli is Principal which probably explains the silence.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, April 26, 2010

Labour Candidate John Cowan is removed by Labour Party after they find out he is a complete nutjob, he says he is 'Labour through and through'

Dear All

The sleazy Labour Party has been forced to suspend another Labour candidate after it emerged he had posted sexually explicit and offensive messages online.

John Cowan who was fighting for a seat in South East Cambridgeshire is now toast!

Well buttered up.

Cowan’s antics run to;

posting adverts asking for people to pose nude for his photographic portfolio

speculating about the death of Margaret Thatcher

admitted illegally paying his cleaner cash-in-hand

saying he would not want his children to marry a Muslim

A Labour Party spokesman said;

“The allegations that came to light after nominations closed are totally unacceptable and well below what the party expects of our candidates”.

But they have so many people like that in the Labour Party.

In Moray, the Labour Party Candidate Stuart MacLennan was removed for offensive comments to.

The Labour mouthpiece added;

“The general secretary of the Labour Party has suspended the candidate from the Labour Party and we are taking action to ensure he is never again a Labour candidate”.

We have all been here before and not very long ago either.

The 35-year-old, who is single and a self-confessed pagan is clearly nuts.

He lives with his mother in Norfolk.

As a potential sexual athlete he allegedly said;

“Why limit it to just one woman? I would prefer one for each day of the week!”

High volume, isn’t he aware of the STD problem?

He added;

“What is it with Working class English Women? For a start most of them are not very attractive and all they seem to be interested [sic] in is ripping off nice gents like myself whilst getting ****** and ******* factory workers.”

Well firstly getting ****** is supporting the local economy so vital in Norfolk and ******* factory workers is probably down to them have a more down to earth approach and acting normal.

Cowan also wrote;

“As a pagan I do not believe in exclusive relationships between couples, a more plural approach is healthier than years of unhappiness with all the heartache and stress.”

Best he has a chat with his mum to set him straight, birds and the bees, the cost of mortgages etc etc.

To show he has a bit of humour he said;

“'Even though I've been a Liberal Democrat and discussed joining the Conservatives, I believe I'm a Labour man through and through.”

Eh ???????

Another Labour stormtrooper bites the dust.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Vote SNP Candidate John Mason for Glasgow East, harding working, full time and local, fully committed to the people

English Tory William Hague comes to Scotland to spell out how the Tory boot will be applied to Scotland's neck, we need SNP protection

Dear All

Second rater Shadow foreign secretary William Hague has pledged the Conservatives would repair the damaged relationship between Holyrood and Westminster.

Step back a second, didn’t the Tories claim they would take an axe to Scotland public sector?

Another deluded statement by Hague is that part of the blame for Britain's "broken politics" at the door of First Minister Alex Salmond.

Did he miss the Westminster expenses scandal?

Hague then called on Alex Salmond to "raise his game and put Scotland first".

The public delivered a verdict on Alex Salmond’s game recently.

45% of the popular vote!

Tory David Mundell trailed a miserable third place at 18%.

Hague is in Scotland to try and drum up support for a dead Scottish Tory Party led by MI6 spy Andrew Fulton

Recently the Scottish Tories were described by a Tory Candidate Heather MacLeod as a “nest of vipers” with “reactionary views”.

Hague claims he wants working together but the first act of a Tory Government is the Scottish cuts agenda.

No discussion, no respect, no input, just diktat.

Is a symbol of change?

Tory overseers coming to Scotland to put the English Tory Boot back on Scotland’s neck!

I remember Thatcher, there is no mutual respect.

Scotland needs protection, Scotland needs SNP MPs.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

SNP Candidate John Mason highlights Labour's shameful Farepak legacy, 15p in the pound to victims, a settlement unfair for all

Dear All

SNP Work and Pensions Spokesman and Westminster candidate for Glasgow East, John Mason has quite rightly condemned the 'inadequate and unfair' settlement for the thousands of victims of the Farepak collapse.

Ordinary people who scrimped and saved up to give their families a merry xmas have been stabbed in the Labour Government.

It is more important to protect banker’s bonuses than protect a family in Glasgow East and elsewhere from being ripped off.

Following a meeting between former directors of the Christmas savings club and the joint liquidators, Farepak families are set to receive just 15p for every pound invested.

15 pence is ridiculous.

And of course the Labour Government has refused to help as its repeated failure to step in to ensure proper compensation for the victims was ignored.SNP MP John Mason said;

"It is simply disgraceful that, three years after the Farepak collapse, 123, 000 victims are still haunted by this ghost of Christmas past”.

He added;"It is a disgrace that thousands of low-income families, still struggling to find their feet, are set to receive this inadequate and unfair payout while the administrators have made millions”.

On top of that the Labour Government let them take the cream and leave the people with crumbs.

So, where are the six Glasgow MPs who never stood up for the Farepak victims?

Not helping the families, that is for sure!

Why didn’t the Labour Government bring forward adequate consumer protection?

Because they don’t care that 123,000 victims are given a voice.

The Labour Government could have acted but never acted.

Cold comfort for ordinary people, they wanted action, the Labour Party offered slogans.

Glasgow East like elsewhere in Scotland needs local champions, full time MPs like John Mason to fight the fights that need fought.

John Mason is still battling to help the Farepak victims but no Labour MP is willing to stand beside him.

That speaks volumes.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Nick Clegg runs scared after Alex Salmond's devastating performance at Scottish Leaders debate, Clegg votes to deny Scots human rights and equality

Dear All

After SNP First Minister Alex Salmond demolished the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems at the Scottish Leaders debate, Nick Clegg is running scared.

Alex Salmond, 45% of the popular vote.

Alistair Carmichael, 33% of the popular vote.

It was a complete rout for the unionist representatives.

The debacle has forced Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg onto the backfoot as he says it was a "measure of desperation" that the SNP is planning court action over the final TV leaders' debate.

Nick Clegg who shouts about democracy long and hard isn’t so keen on others being allowed to have their say.

The SNP are not a fringe party; they are the Government of Scotland.

They speak for the people of Scotland.

The SNP are rightly furious that they have not been included in the leaders clashes because the mainstream media is trying to rig the General Election in favour of unionist parties only.

This has led to the SNP attempting to raise £50,000 to pay for legal action at the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

For a simple concept, to be treated equally and fairly!

The Tories, the Labour Party, the Lib Dems and the broadcasters don’t believe in this concept.

The SNP intend lodge papers with the court seeking a review of the broadcaster's position to "ensure that Scottish interests are properly represented".

Already £34,000 has been given by the public to ensure Scotland’s voice is heard.

£16,000 is still needed.

Why is Clegg afraid to face the leader of the Scottish Government?

If Scotland is to be denied fairness then the broadcast should be banned in Scotland.

Alex Salmond and the SNP have at every turn given the unionist parties and the media the opportunity to do the right thing.

The Human Rights Act 1998 is supposed to ensure fairness and equal treatment, so it is right that the SNP should seek a review to uphold their human rights.

But English people still treat Scottish people as second class citizens with second class rights.

Let us see what a judge has to say about that.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Labour controlled City Building gives £125k contract to one of Labour donor Willie Haughey's companies, questions need to be asked, lots of questions

Dear All

One thing which is needed is an inquiry into Labour controlled Glasgow City Council and the Aleos they set up.

Now more allegations have surfaced about the Labour-dominated construction quango, City Building.

This time it is a £125,000 deal with the Labour Party’s biggest Scottish donor, Willie Haughey who seems to do very well out of his relationship with the Labour-run Glasgow City Council.

City Building paid £126,077 for staff clothing to a company owned by the millionaire Willie Haughey.

How do we know Labour donor Haughey is a millionaire?

He got £20 million in contracts from the Council.

SNP Candidate John Mason is pressing for an Audit Scotland probe into City Building.

He said there appeared to be an “accumulating pattern” of behaviour which should be investigated.

Seven of the eight firms who tendered for the clothing contract were rejected for failing to meet “minimum technical criteria”.

But a guy who runs a fridge repair business was acceptable.

City Refrigeration Holdings (CRH) was awarded the contract.

City Building is stuffed with Labour Party members who have questions to answer about how Labour Party donors benefit from taxpayers money.

At the head of City Building is Willie Docherty who does every well to the tune of £150,000-a-year as managing director.

He is a Labour member in Glasgow South.

His wife is a Labour Councillor at Glasgow City Council.

Labour Councillor Gerry Leonard rakes in £20,000-a-year as chairman plus his Councillor’s salary.

2008 sees the appointment of Lesley Quinn, Labour’s former Scottish general secretary, to the new post of “business development manager” at City Building, job never advertised.

One question on the streets of Glasgow is how many jobs and contracts have been awarded to Labour Party members, relatives, friends, associates and Labour donors?

And the Glasgow Labour Party is still fighting to ensure the public don’t get answers.

It will take an SNP administration in Glasgow City Council to get answers that the public are seeking.

2012 sees Council elections and the chance to change Glasgow for the better.

It is time to kill the Glasgow Labour Party fiefdom and return accountability to the public.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Former Labour MP and MSP Dennis Canavan urges people to vote for SNP Candidate John McNally because he is"someone you can trust"

Dear All

You know Labour support is collapsing when people such as Ex-Labour MP Dennis Canavan urge voters to back the SNP Candidate, John McNally in his former constituency.

Dennis Canavan who has a large popular following in Falkirk is asking the people to vote SNP.

This is a truly remarkable situation by any standard.

Canavan has thrown his weight behind the SNP Candidate where Labour's Eric Joyce is seeking re-election.

The slogan by Canavan is "someone you can trust".

Labour Candidate Eric Joyce, one of Britain’s most expensive MPs is seeking re-election in Falkirk.

In a damning statement the former MP and MSP for Falkirk West said;

"Eric Joyce has been MP for nearly 10 years and his record speaks for itself”.

Joyce has a record of excess with little return to the public.

Canavan added;

"He has hit the headlines several times as Britain's most expensive MP but are you getting value for money? Surely the people of Falkirk constituency deserve better. Now is the time for change”.

And change can only come about by voting SNP.

The testimonial given by Dennis Canavan about John McNally is superb;

"I have known John McNally for many years. When I was in Parliament, I had a good working relationship with him, as a local councillor. John is an honest man, someone you can trust. If you elect him as your MP, he will work hard on your behalf. That is why I think he is worthy of your support."

And that is what you get when you elect an SNP MP.

A local champion!

SNP Candidate John McNally said;

"I would like to thank Dennis Canavan for his warm words and best wishes. This election is a chance for people in Falkirk to clean up Westminster and I hope, to elect me as their local champion."

With the Labour Party doing so badly in the polls, people need to think about who will stand up for them and Scotland against London based unionist parties.

It’s SNP!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

SNP First Minister Alex Salmond turns in a world class performance to win Scottish Leaders debate, 45% of popular vote, Jim Murphy of Labour scraps 5%

Dear All

So, the Scottish Leaders debate took place.

The clear winner by miles was First Minister and SNP MSP Alex Salmond.

Alex Salmond went head to head with Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy, shadow Scottish secretary David Mundell and Lib Dem Scottish spokesman Alistair Carmichael in the televised clash.

And won by a staggering margin!

The tale of the tape!

Alex Salmond 45%

Alistair Carmichael 33%

David Mundell 18%

Jim Murphy 5%

The story is total collapse of public support for Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy.


In a room which the Labour Party packed in their activists, Murphy after speaking was subject to stone cold silence.

Even hard core activists like Yousuf Hamid specially placed in the audience didn’t clap.

Jim Murphy was rightly placed fourth in the polling.

SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson said;

"There has been nothing to choose between the three Westminster leaders in the other debates, but there is a clear leader here in Scotland."

When pressed on the cuts issue facing Scotland, Alex Salmond countered by saying he would cut Trident, the ID cards system, the House of Lords and the Scotland Office.

It seems that although the SNP have been banned form the leaders’ debate, when given the opportunity to speak up for Scotland, Alex Salmond proved why he should be on the platform going head to head with Cameron, Clegg and Brown.

Alex Salmond won 45% of the popular vote.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Pretenders - Don't Get Me Wrong [1986]

"Brass in Pocket" - **The Pretenders**

Billy McAllister for Glasgow North East

Labour Party produce sick poster of David Cameron pushing a wheelchair, his disabled wheelchair bound son Ivan died last year, truly an evil act

Dear All

This election is shaping up to be very nasty.

However, there are limits, boundaries not to be crossed.

The Labour Party on the night of the televised foreign affairs debate published as the main image on its official website a photomontage of the Tory leader pushing a wheelchair in which William Hague was seated.

This was incredibly bad taste and insensitive as David Cameron’s son, Ivan, died last year aged six after spending his life in a wheelchair.

Ivan suffered from cerebral palsy and epilepsy and was often photographed being pushed in his wheelchair by his father.

It seems that the Labour Party under Gordon Brown is hardcore vile.

Disgusting doesn’t even come close to express the evil behind the Labour thinking that this was acceptable.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

English Tory David Cameron makes it perfectly clear, Scotland is to be starved of public funding, England to increase their share of taxpayer money

Dear All

Remember that line the Tories trotted out in Scotland about mutual respect with the Scottish Government?

David Cameron is suggesting the parts of the UK most dependent on the public sector will bear the brunt of spending cuts should the Tories win power.

He is talking about Scotland.

Scotland has devolved government and because we prioritise our money differently for the benefit of the people, the English Tories plan to punish Scotland.

This has the echoes of Thatcher.

Now that Cameron has brought his anti Scotland credentials out of the bag, the case for voting SNP is clearly strengthened.

Like the Labour Party, the Tories are destroying the public sector so their rich backers in the private get to cream off the lucrative parts.

Cameron said;

“We need to grow the private sector in every area of the country.”

The effect of the private services taking over council services has been a disaster.

Jobs, pay cuts, services, scaled back and the public suffering!

Tories put profit before people.

So David Cameron wants to swing the Celt axe in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

The intention is clear; the money raised is for England.

I would say that the case for a hung parliament is even more important as both the Tories and Labour have a clear agenda.

Celt countries are to be starved of funding.

This makes it vital that more SNP MPs should be returned in order to protect Scotland’s interests.

You can trust anyone else to protect Scotland’s future.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, April 23, 2010

Tory Candidate for council Martin Coxall in brawl with two Labour women in Poplar, total disgrace, he gets locked up

Dear All

The biggest fight so far between the Labour Party and the Tories hasn’t been on the debates and not on policy.

It was an undignified brawl in the street.

A Tory council candidate, Martin Coxall wearing a John Prescott mask has been arrested after allegedly knocking down two women while trying to disrupt a campaign visit by the former deputy prime minister John Prescott.

Coxall had to be restrained by police after allegedly assaulting two female Labour party helpers.

In a scene from a spaghetti western, Prescott abandoned his walkabout in Chrisp Street Market when he was confronted by three men, believed to be members of Tower Hamlets Conservatives.

Police sources confirmed a man in his thirties was arrested for assault after the incident and remains in police custody.

The brawl in Poplar erupted as a Labour activist snatched a sign from Coxall.

I suspect this will form part of his defence; he was the victim of theft.

Prescott said later;

“Tory council candidate in Poplar Martin Coxall attacked two women in scuffle trying to get me. Expect this from BNP not Tories. I'm alright after the scuffle. He didn't touch me but I was worried about the ladies. He was wearing a John Prescott mask! Bizarre.”

Labour Candidate Jim Fitzpatrick said;

“The men were within a few feet of John. At first we thought they were drunk, then that they were the BNP. It turns out they were Conservatives. This is totally outrageous behaviour.”

Tories are such wicked people.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

SNP MSP Anne McLaughlin exposes Labour Party lie on apprenticeships, the guarantee is worthless, 'show me the money'

Dear All

It’s a lie!

It’s deceit!

It’s Labour!

Making false promises does more harm than good.

The Labour Party has claimed they would 'guarantee' an apprenticeship place for any young person who wants one.

This is something which cannot be delivered by them for several reasons.

They cannot guarantee unlimited funding

They cannot guarantee unlimited workplaces

They cannot guarantee that in all cases the candidates will have the necessary educational qualifications which would make them suitable.

Some apprenticeships required a certain standard of education in order for people to progress through courses.

That is a fact of life.

SNP MSP for Glasgow Ms McLaughlin said;

"This is another false promise from Labour that simply cannot be delivered. They are callously playing havoc with the hopes of young Scots for the sake of crude electioneering. Labour know – or should know – that it is impossible to 'guarantee' an unlimited supply of apprenticeships without an unlimited supply of workplaces and an unlimited supply of funds to help employers take apprentices on. How do Labour intend to pay for this theoretical guarantee?”

As usual the Labour Party is making statements which they have no intention of fulfilling.

Lie now and not pay later is their strategy.

SNP MSP Anne McLaughlin added;

“In contrast, the SNP government is getting on with the job of delivering real apprenticeships and training places for young people across Scotland. Nearly 20,000 people in Scotland have started a Modern Apprenticeship over the past year”.

Another point of note is the SNP since elected as the Government of Scotland in 2007 has created over 130,000 training places.

Everyone should have the opportunity to try for an apprenticeship but this might mean they go via different routes so that when the vacancy is there, they have the skills to make a success of it.

And the SNP Government will work to ensure young people get the best help and advice possible.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Gordon Brown needs notes to tell him to use his hands while speaking, he is all spin no substance, no policies, no future

Dear All

Remember Gordon Brown trying to cobble together he is substance over spin?

Look carefully at the picture of his notes and enlarge it.

One line in an attempt to be hip says 'phone a friend'.

Brown doesn’t have any!

Can the people think five more years of this deranged nutjob is worth it?

He even has a note telling him to use his hands while speaking.

Sad and pathetic doesn’t really do him justice.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Nick Clegg wins second debate as the 'odd couple' have bust up on set, Cameron outshines Brown who looks like a tired old dog, tail between his legs

Dear All

One of the funny things which have come out of the debates between the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems is the emergence of ‘odd couple’.

Gordon Brown and David Cameron!

They have tried to team up to halt the advance of Nick Clegg as he connects with English voters.

On one hand you have Gordon Brown playing the tired old man closely followed by his ‘little bit of fluff’ David Cameron.

It is odd watching both of them seek Nick Clegg’s approval.

Two debates down and still they can’t work a strategy which impacts on Clegg.

Now, the ‘odd couple’ are bickering among themselves, David Cameron, the battered ‘wife’ accused Labour of “disgraceful” behaviour in trying to scare old people by suggesting his party would stop the pension credit and the winter fuel allowance as well as free bus travel.

Cameron said;

“Those leaflets and letters you’ve been getting from Labour are pure and simple lies. You should not be frightening people in an election campaign, it’s just not right.”

Unhappy Brown trying desperately to look statesmanlike mumbled something about his take on the Tory manifesto had been right.

So, not able to take Clegg on in the debates, the ‘odd couple’ hoped that spurious claims about donations paid into Nick Clegg’s bank account would prove damaging.

And that tactic has also backfired spectacularly making Clegg even more popular.

Clegg said;

"Any suggestion I did anything wrong is out of order and I'm going to publish the figures to prove it"

Cameron and Brown will have one more chance to burst Clegg’s bubble in the final TV debate next Thursday.

It is 2-0 to Clegg and the public have the perception fixed he is viable.

Nothing the ‘odd couple’ can do alter that fact.

A hung Parliament is looking more of a possibility.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

English controlled BBC reject SNP and Plaid Cymru appeal to be treated fairly, discrimination despite being the parties of Government

Dear All

The SNP and Plaid Cymru have lost their bid to overturn the BBC’s decision to exclude them from the televised party leaders’ debates.

Is anyone surprised that an English Broadcasting Corporation based in London should back up London based political parties determining what people in Scotland should hear on TV?

The decision has been described by Alex Salmond, the Head of the Scottish Government as a “democratic disgrace”.

In a sham hearing yesterday the BBC Trust said it had rejected the appeal against the nationalist party’s absence from the corporation’s leaders’ debate on April 29.

The decision was made by an ad hoc committee of five trustees, including the trustees for Scotland and Wales.

And less we forget the trustees were appointed by the English Government in Westminster.

Alex Salmond said;

“Today’s decision shows that the BBC has given up all pretence of being a national broadcaster for Scotland. Fairness and impartiality have been thrown out in what amounts to blatant discrimination against both parties and countries.”

The BBC have a Scottish debate pencilled in fronted by Glen Campbell, I would say the SNP have three options;

not turn up.

turn up and make a protest through-out the entire recording.

accept being treated as a second class citizen in their own country.

I would go with option of protest.

The BBC Trust yesterday said;

“The director-general had not erred in his approach as to which parties to include in the BBC’s Prime Ministerial debate. Noting the level of past electoral support and the number of candidates standing for the SNP and Plaid Cymru, the committee concluded that the DG’s approach to impartiality was appropriate.”

And there you have the nub, English people attempting to rig the Westminster election for the benefit of London based parties.

BBC Trust Chairman Sir Michael Lyons said;

“The trust is fully aware that this is an important matter for licence fee-payers in Scotland and Wales and the political parties of those nations. We are also fully aware that the BBC has a duty to ensure impartiality in covering the General Election. We have considered the appeal very carefully against BBC editorial and election guidelines and in line with our responsibilities set out in the charter.”

The people of Scotland and Wales were always going to lose this appeal.

I would say to Alex Salmond;

‘It is time to be a little less nice, a little less understanding’.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

How can trust in politics be restored when Gordon Brown publicly lies on TV, is this his 'moral compass', pointing towards greed and power?

Dear All

To show how wretched Gordon Brown is, I want to do another post to show that as well as lying in print, he also is prepared to lie in the TV debates.

Gordon Brown stated that he had never authorised a leaflet scaremongering over bus passes for the elderly.

I have blogged he made this claim on his own leaflet in Fife.When directly challenged on Labour's scaremongering tactics in relation to concessionary travel for pensioners Brown said;

"I have not authorised any leaflets".

The wording in his leaflet says he will fight against "cuts to concessionary travel".

So what is the truth of the situation regarding concessionary travel?The truth is the SNP has expanded the travel scheme to include disabled veterans from April 201.

And there is a guarantee to elderly people in the SNP Party's Westminster manifesto.

SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson said;

"Brown has been caught red handed in this debate. He claimed he did not authorise the misleading and scaremongering leaflets yet there is one going out in his own constituency."If he can't be trusted on his own leaflets then what can he be trusted on?"All three London parties offered little to voters in Scotland tonight - ignoring Scotland's huge potential in renewable energy, the toughest climate change targets in the world and the presence of Trident on our shores."The only alternative to the Westminster parties for Scotland's voters was not heard tonight - but Scotland's voice will be heard on Sunday in a real debate."

Trust is an issue in politics because so many people don’t believe politicians are telling the truth anymore.

It is a low point in politics when a man who has held the Office of Prime Minister such as Gordon Brown feels it is appropriate to lie in writing and while publicly speaking on television.

Gordon Brown cannot be trusted.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Gordon Brown and three Labour Candidates in Glasgow caught out attempting acts of deception on voters, lies printed on Labour leaflets

Dear All

One of the hallmarks of the Labour Party campaign is their use of lying to the public.

Not making a mistake but actually lying.

Gordon Brown has now been caught by making false claims that the Scottish National Party was to cut concessionary travel.

I would say to people, if you can’t trust him to tell the truth, can you trust him to work for you?

Lying is not a legitimate tool of electioneering as it treats voters with sheer contempt.

From the top of the Labour Party to the bottom, it is rotten to the core.

Gordon Brown to Ian Davidson to William Bain, right across the board they have attempted each of them to deceive people in their election leaflets.

Labour Candidate Margaret Curran is also a liar.

In her last attempt to win the seat of Glasgow East, she claimed she had lived and worked in the East end all her life.

For over two decades she has lived in the south side of Glasgow.

And on the employment from she is listed as having worked at Jordanhill in the West end of Glasgow.

In Curran’s leaflet she too also uses the false and misleading claim the SNP plans to cut concessionary travel.

So to what point is this tactic used for?

It is to create fear among the people.

It is disgraceful that so many Labour politicians feel that it is acceptable to use deception to attempt to secure public office.

Is it any wonder that trust in politics and politicians is so low when such underhanded tactics are used.

Gordon Brown pledged to clean up politics; the truth is that was another lie.

But now the public know, and on the 6th May 2010, the opportunity exists to send these people out of public life.

And everyone should this opportunity to do so.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jay Sean - Do You Remember ft. Sean Paul

Gavin Lingiah thinks the Labour Party cut and paste of the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law, it is a "major" achievement, it isn't

Dear All

I am sure you like me like a laugh.

Over at Yapping Yousuf, he stuck up this gem of wisdom from “brilliant” Gavin Lingiah.

Just to impress us all, Yousuf sticks Liniah qualifications;

BSc in Molecular and Cellular Biology, a PHD in Molecular Biology and an LLM degree in innovation, technology and law focusing on intellectual property and IT law and policy to set the stage.

Then Yousuf states Gavin is adding some much-needed intellectual weight to his blog today.

Just in case we didn’t understand the significance of the qualifications.

While it is true that Yousuf is acting like a 'kiss ass' for the Labour Party at the moment, this isn’t weight but chit chat.

Someone could have told you this claptrap down the pub while you were eating a packet of pork scratchings and downing a pint.

Statements of the bleeding obvious don’t equal intellectual weight in my opinion.

And in true intellectual fashion he starts the ball rolling by quoting Cicero except he can’t remember where to put the quotation mark.

"Freedom is a possession of inestimable value. Cicero".


"Freedom is a possession of inestimable value”. Cicero.

Now, it gets better as he starts off his voyage of discovery.

“I believe that the Human Rights Act is a major achievement of the Labour Party in government and is as significant as devolution”.

It is a cut and paste of European Convention on Human Rights.

So, the ability to copy others work is a major achievement of the Labour Party?

Then there follows an attack on the Tories who want the Human Rights Act 1998 replaced with a UK Bill of Rights.

Regardless of how the Tories try to tinker with the act or even scrap it, they are still locked into the European Convention on Human Rights so recourse still exists.

The problem with Human Rights Act 1998 is not the act itself but people interrupt the act.

The act is like driving a car, if you stick a person behind the wheel who isn’t competent, then it becomes a danger to others.

Lingiah never mentions this, the pertinent point which his argument should be based on in defence of the Human Rights Act 1998.

“Brilliant” Gavin Lingiah is a member of East Dunbartonshire Labour Party and has the ability to cut and paste and state the obvious.

Other than that, today the world’s knowledge hasn’t been extended.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Glasgow's costliest and laziest MP Ian 'the deerhunter' Davidson claims he got people jobs at new Southern General hospital, it isn't even built yet!

Dear All

Election communications will come through your door at some point as the various political parties try and interest you in their candidates.

I recently received a leaflet from the Labour Candidate Ian ‘the deerhunter’ Davidson.

It continued a mixture of false claims and bullshit.

I can only think that Davidson thinks the people of Glasgow South West are poor educated and mentally challenged.

So I want to go through his pitch

Davidson says;

“Labour want to protect you and your family from the impact of the recession and give ordinary people the chance of a better life”.

Labour Chancellor Alistair Darling;

“we will cut deeper than Margaret Thatcher”.

So, straightaway Labour Candidate Ian Davidson is attempting to mislead the public.

He then states;

“The Tories, however, want to use our economic difficulties as an excuse to destroy jobs and services”.

In Glasgow under the Glasgow Labour Council, they have shut schools and community centres, destroying jobs and services.

In contrast, it is the SNP who have stood up for the people of Glasgow.

If he is re-elected he says he will work hard for the area, I have lived in Glasgow South West for 37 years and I have never seen him in the area once.

The only hard work I have seen is his involvement in the expenses scandal where he claimed £87,699 in the four years, £30 below the max.

Davidson famous stated that he wished he had a larger mortgage on his London flat to allow him to claim more in allowances.

His next claim of note is saying his priority to ensure local priority for jobs to people in the Glasgow South West area.

This is a bogus claim.

Another bogus claim immediately follows that he will protect public sector jobs and services.

The public sector is funded by the SNP Government; Davidson has no input on devolved matters.

He can't protect these jobs.

There then comes this extraordinary claim by him;

“I have worked to ensure local people get jobs in the shipyards and all our local developments such as Sliverburn Shopping Centre, the new Southern General Hospital and the other projects in South West Glasgow”.

EU law doesn’t permit job discrimination, so is Ian Davidson saying he advised numerous private and public sector organisations to break the law?

He isn’t saying anything else in that statement.

He also tells us that he was involved in campaigning for the National Minimum Wage.

That Act of Parliament was passed in 1998!

It is now 2010.

12 years have passed in the meantime and that is how far back he has to think about something he voted for as an example of him doing his job!

Other aspects of Labour Candidate Ian Davidson which should be noted are that he paid a family friend from Glasgow £5,500 to decorate his London flat.

£5,500 to a family friend!

Then there are the committees and groups he sits on while not travelling to the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Australia and elsewhere.

During this time, he isn't representing Glasgow South West.

Current Membership:
Select Committees
1997 - Public Accounts

2005 – Scottish AffairsParty Political Groups

Co-operative Party - Former Chair of Parliamentary Group UNITE - Former Chair of MSF Parliamentary Group

Backbench Committees
Overseas AidTrade and Industry Defence
All Party Parliamentary Groups
Aerospace - Former Secretary
Alcohol Misuse
Building Societies and Financial Mutuals Construction Group – Vice Chair
Housing Co-operatives
Local Government Councillors
New Europe - Secretary
Overseas Territories
Royal Marines
Rugby Union Team - Secretary and Captain
Scotch Whisky
Ship Building and Repair Group - Secretary
Smoking and Health
Socially Responsible Investment
All Party Parliamentary Country Groups
ANZACBermuda - Chair
Cayman Islands
Germany - Vice-Chair
Mozambique – Chair
Namibia – Chair
Republic of Korea
South Africa- Vice-Chair

Associate Groups

Parliamentary Lighting Groups

British Council - Treasurer New Europe Advisory Council

Can anyone believe he is fighting for the people of Glasgow South West?

I don’t.

His office is hidden at the furthest point of the Glasgow South West boundary, off the beaten track and major bus routes.

The question used by SNP MSP Nicola Sturgeon and SNP PPC Chris Stephens on the campaign trail is;

“do you know who your sitting MP is?”

The overwhelming majority of the responses to this simple question is no!

That is damning, 20 years of being an MP and people don’t know who he is, where he is and what he stands for.

On the 6th May 2010, only a vote for Chris Stephens, the SNP Candidate can bring forward a real change agenda.

His office will be open to the public for business, Monday to Friday, 9 to 5.

It will be signposted and be on a major bus route. It will be proactive in taking up issues because despite 20 years of Labour, Glasgow South West still lags way behind the rest of Glasgow in the residents achieving the average wage.

6th May 2010, people should get out and use their vote, it is time for change.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University