Thursday, February 27, 2020

Mass SNP Exodus; Fourth SNP MSP decides the Nationalist cause isn’t as important enough to remain in public office and is set to quit Holyrood at 2021 election, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon yet again proves she can’t generate loyalty, one person not yet signed up publicly for the exodus is Sturgeon, she must have work to do trying to charge up the bank balance and trying to secure a post FM job

Dear All

It seems that the wheels are failing off the Nationalist bandwagon and people want to bail, so far 4 SNP MSPs have declared for leaving, they obviously didn’t sign up to the dream will never die as prescribed by Alex Salmond. One of the gripes of SNP MSP Gail Ross in stepping down at the Holyrood election after a single-term is the travel. When you think of the Proclaimers saying they would ‘walk 500 miles’, Ms Ross sitting on a train presumably in first class is just too much of a hardship for her. Officially she was leaving for family reasons, maybe the Scottish Parliament could be moved nearer her house so she could just run across in her dressing gown and slippers, do a talk then run across to the house put a washing on before coming back to do a bit of voting.

As a way of staying, Ms Ross, 42, a former Highland councillor who came to Holyrood in 2016 wanted a less cost saving option, she said MSPs should be able to attend committees via video link. She also said she should be able to vote online from her constituency as should others who live far far away in a distant galaxy. Could you imagine, live from Caithness, Sutherland & Ross wisdom from the kitchen from Ms Ross.One wonders if papers had to be read, she would get them in the post or fax through? Apparently, Ross was often tipped for promotion, but never became a minister, is there anyone in the SNP who isn’t a rising star? The reason I ask is because the press keeps trying to spin the line of enormous talent in the SNP when the truth is the SNP is like a barn with the doors open with nothing inside.

As well as Ross, the ‘exodus’ from Holyrood includes Bruce Crawford in Stirling, James Dornan in Glasgow Cathcart, and Richard Lyle in Uddingston & Bellshill are also leaving next year. Crawford is 65 years old and looks like a candidate for being a readymade member of the elderly. Looking at him, I doubt his chances of a long and happy old age; he looks on the way to an early death via heart attack. James Dornan is also off, he is part of the Sturgeon cabal of Glasgow Southside his leaving is a blow to Sturgeon and leaves a vacuum in Sturgeon support. He is 66 years old, he says he has put off stuff and wants to spend more time with the family. Richard Lyle is 69 years old and hasn’t been a powerhouse of ideas for the SNP, his major claim to fame is that Lyle has been at the centre of an ongoing internal party dispute within the SNP Uddingston and Bellshill branch which saw a small minority of party members state that they would refuse to vote for him at the Holyrood election. So, Ms Ross wants more family time, and three other MSPs have ‘done their shift’ and are looking to spend the rest of what time they have left enjoying themselves.

Ms Ross said:

“The decision has been reached due to the demands of travelling to Edinburgh and being away from home for sometimes five days a week, every week. I want to be able to spend more time with my family, to watch my son grow up and to be more involved in local issues, things I cannot presently do. The sheer size of the area I represent also means that I am having difficulty in reaching every part of the constituency on a regular basis and I am not able to represent my constituents in the way they deserve and rightly expect. I recently asked the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee to ask if there is any possibility that members could video in to meetings and remote vote. If we are to encourage into politics more young people with families who live far away from Edinburgh, this has to be considered. It has not been an easy decision to make and I wish to sincerely thank everyone who has supported me in my journey through council and then parliament. It has been a huge privilege to represent the place where I grew up and although the job has sometimes been very challenging, these years have been some of the most rewarding of my professional career. My drive for independence is stronger than ever and I will continue work to make sure that all families can grow and prosper in an independent Scotland.”

If you remember I advocate the removal of the list system, this would mean smaller constituencies which in part would solve part of Ms Ross’ gripe. As to her final remark about working tom make sure that all families can grow and prosper in an independent Scotland, I find that laughable. If you aren’t willing to sacrifice for public office while getting paid for it, what chance is there when you are out of the political bubble? I think Scotland has heard the last of Ms Ross unless she goes back to being a councillor.

So far, four SNP MSPs have decided to throw in the towel, you do get a sense that the party is over, and when you know it, good sense dictates leave early. As the countdown continues to the Alex Salmond, the pressure is on the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon. Nicola Sturgeon isn’t a person who generates loyalty; don’t be surprised if more SNP MSPs decide that doing a runner is a wise career choice. One thing I saw online is that Marco Biaggi, a former SNP Minister has ruled out a return to the frontline of SNP politics, citing he has done enough of the things he wants to do.

What price the cause now Nicola?

It seems that the ‘cause’ isn’t as big as some people try and make us believe, when you stick in so many talentless people who are selfish, don’t be surprised by the outcome. They have had their ‘marriage of convenience’ with the SNP. Now, it rather looks like they are ditching Nicola Sturgeon, the party and the cause. They want to enjoy retirement in the Sun rather than the coming storm which encircles the SNP as a party.

Finally, it is less than two weeks till the start of the trial of the year, Alex Salmond at Edinburgh Sheriff Court, it will be all star; all action, and a packed house. What makes that trial special is obviously who is on trial, but let us not forget who are going to walk in the door as accusers. When a ship is sinking, when a party is over, when an event has run its course, leave early, sticking around for the finish may leave you disappointed.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

A Shameful past, a shameful present and a shameful future, the SNP under Nicola Sturgeon is totally corrupt and morally bankrupt it is time that political parties spoke out against Nationalist ‘political lgbt’ and their agenda for confusing kids, to bring a drag queen with highly sexualised material online into a school goes against any shred of decency, not only should Mhairi Black resign as an MP, John Swinney should follow her and resign as an SNP Minister

Dear All

For years, I highlighted the four main groups that control the SNP, Lgbt, Muslim, Sein Fein Lite and the rich, the most dominant one is Lgbt, naturally the SNP don't like this, they like to give the impression that they are a party for all of Scotland. Like much of the SNP output it is a crafted way to spin a lie, much like the way they sneak out reports of their failures late at night.

In recent weeks the story relating to former SNP Minister Derek Mackay has disgusted people. A grown homosexual man who was chasing after a 16 year old schoolboy in what some people called a “grooming scandal”.  All Derek Mackay did was lift the lid of a despicable and rather seedy operation called the Scottish National Party and how they target and want to sexualize children. We now know that SNP sexualization extends, not just at secondary school but also at primary schools so that children through-out their school lives are bombarded with propaganda over a period of years.

Nicola Sturgeon is the SNP Leader who is to blame for this!

Sturgeon controls the Scottish Government and among other things talks about Lgbt as an ‘exotic lifestyle’, which is a rather strange comment to make as others have mentioned. Her exotic comment was made because in recent times Nicola Sturgeon has been fending off suggestions by people for years that she is a lesbian. The rumours relate to Ms Sturgeon’s private life, cannot be disclosed for legal reasons which some people say is due allegedly to a super injunction being in place gagging the press.

One thing appears to have been flagged up by the press; something is being gagged for legal reasons.

Former SNP leader John Swinney has fallen far from grace, he is the ‘man on the ground’ as Education Sec; it is he that is making sure schools push the Nationalist Lgbt agenda.

Swinney is like a facilitator, the link between Government and the schools, making sure Lgbt material from the Lgbt community is pushed right down kids’ throats. This is done not to educate but to confuse children, there is no reason for this agenda to be taught in a school.

A series of questions for John Swinney might include;

Are you totally without honour?

Where is your integrity in public life?

What Lgbt organizations shaped this material?

Why does the SNP finance so many Lgbt organizations in Scotland?

Did any heterosexual organizations contribute material?

Whatever happens in the future, John Swinney’s career in public office is tarnished forever.

As an outsider, it looks to me that kids cannot get educated in Scotland, but they are like battery chickens on a production line. They are being brainwashed on an SNP Lgbt conveyor belt. John Swinney is the ‘man on the ground’, the front man, always best to use a heterosexual as a front man for this type of operation, gives the ‘illusion of principle’ where none exists.

We have people like lesbian SNP MP Mhairi Black adding to quality control in her role as an MP, adding to the school mix. At the end of the production line, well at the end of the ‘production line’ we have seen recently suspended ex SNP MSP Derek Mackay. What was 42 year old homosexual Derek Mackay’s end game for a 16 year old schoolboy who he said was ‘cute’ and why did he keep pursuing this boy to the tune of 270 messages?

Did he want to assess how quality control was working?

Lesbian SNP MP Mhairi Black is sometimes called by others ‘Manky’ Black, she is a middle class careerist from a rather comfortable middle class background who the SNP used to try and get the kids interested in Nationalism. Her ‘act’ isn’t drag, it is a mixture of Rab C Nesbitt and the ‘alright mucker’ mentality. This is to give the impression of the young scheme ned with the rough workie voice who done good. Black’s only claim to fame is that she was taken under the wing of Jim Sillars during the indyref campaign of 2014 with that she got elected to Westminster and has been a failure as an MP since.

She has spoken in 15 debates in the last year — below average amongst MPs

She has received answers to only 6 written questions in the last year — average amongst MPs.

Mhairi Black seen as a rising star of the SNP is a below average MP.

Black’s bad judgment is now called into question openly over the Flowjob row; the drag queen row centres Paisley MP Mhairi Black visiting a local school last week with an adult entertainer. The issue isn’t the fact that a drag queen read a story to children, but rather a drag queen whose has an online presence is steeped in filth both in words and in pictures. He was seen as fit and proper to be allowed into a primary school because Black knows him, no questions asked it appears. The pair visited Glencoats Primary as part of LGBTQ history month, but whether it was done as part of LGBTQ history month, it isn’t a cover or a pass for asking whether this was right and proper in the first place. Mhairi Black and the drag queen had prior association having been photographed together; there is even a picture of Nicola Sturgeon with the drag queen as well.

A question I haven’t come across is whether this guy is an SNP member?

Here is a disturbing video of someone who thinks that drag queen story time is wrong.

You need to watch it as you need also to watch this video on twitter.

One thing however didn’t surprise me and that where Lgbt people who have spoken out that this was wrong. One person wrote this episode harks back to the time that people saw Lgbt people as paedophiles. In previous posts, I had wrote that the SNP had been taking Scotland backwards, didn’t think for a minute tho that applied to the Lgbt community.

But we live and learn!

Black defended the visit as a “great day” and accused critics of homophobia which is mental when you think Lgbt people think this is so wrong. Now we have SNP’s new head spin-doctor blundering into the row when you think about a period of silence would be needed. Former Daily Record editor Murray Foote admitted a late-night tweet he sent about the issue had failed to reflect “legitimate parental concerns”. In that respect he is like Black because she didn’t give a toss about parents concerns either. Foote compared what happened with a visit to the panto.

He wrote:

“I could be wrong but do thousands of parents not voluntarily take their primary age kids along to see drag acts in pantomime every Christmas?”

Nine hours later, after a wave of online criticism, Foote issued a clarification.

He wrote:

“In hindsight, this tweet lacked the necessary qualification around some of the legitimate parental concerns about social media posts. I was attempting to make too broad a point.”

Former Daily Record editor, now an SNP spindoctor, not a great start pouring petrol on a fire!

Edinburgh Tory councillor John McLellan, a fellow former newspaper editor, replied;

“Aye, the spin doctoring lark takes a bit of getting used to, eh Murray?”

A spokesperson for Renfrewshire Council said:

"The school pupils at Glencoats Primary are currently organising a series of activities and events to mark LGBT history month. In discussion with pupils in their Rainbow club, one of their requests was to invite people from the LGBT community to hear about their own experiences growing up and they wanted to invite a drag queen to talk to this group to hear about their own personal experience. Learning about values including equalities and diversity has an important role in the school curriculum. All school visits are arranged and managed with the wellbeing of pupils first and foremost however it is clear in this case, the social media content associated with the speaker's stage persona is not appropriate for the children and had we been aware of this, the visit would not have been arranged. We are sorry for the concern this has caused and are investigating."

Why should there be a LGBT history month in the first place?

Did a band of enlightened heterosexuals just get together and decide that would be a good idea?

The answer is no!

Just as people are aware of ‘political islam’, we have in this country ‘political Lgbt’. Political Islam is any interpretation of Islam as a source of political identity and action. It can refer to a wide range of individuals and groups who advocate the transformation of state and society according to what they see as Islamic principles. This is what the Lgbt politicians are doing in Scotland pushing their agenda. Everyone knows about it, to speak about means being branded homophobic. Mhairi Black was quick to brand people ‘homophobic’ for complaining but we should look past that and look at the issue, Black was wrong and people; parents and others are calling for her resignation as an MP. The SNP is aware of the scope of this scandal as seen by the intervention of their chief spin-doctor and his ludicrous panto gaffe.  

Finally, if you feel you must feel sorry for anyone, feel sorry for the kids, and feel sorry for Education Sec John Swinney, he is the heterosexual ‘front man’ for the SNP Lgbt project to corrupt and confuse the children of Scotland. I wonder if John Swinney allows tubs of Nutella and bananas in his house; the tools of teaching kids anal sex in schools.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The SNP are Shameful and Beyond Wicked; Parents of rejected Scottish straight-A pupils write to Nicola Sturgeon attacking her 'degrading' cap on Scottish university places, Scots kids shut out of Scots universities, the SNP want to flood Scotland with ‘cheap labour’ o gerrymander a referendum vote, irony of Sturgeon calling UK Government's immigration plans ‘devastating and offensive’ is nonsense, every step of a Scots life, Sturgeon is denying them opportunities

Dear All

An interesting piece popped up in the Telegraph which plays into a theme which I have highlighted for years about Scots being shut out of higher education.

The Scottish National Party are trying to create a skills shortage in Scotland, with this idea, they then plan to push for powers to control immigration into Scotland. The jist of this is that as a narrative, they will claim there aren’t enough doctors and other professionals to secure the health, wealth and social cohesion of Scotland. As they rail against the UK Government with their made up grievance, behind it is a push for Scottish Independence.

As much I as I have tried to highlight this publicly, it seems the message is only starting to click with the wider public. Parents of a straight-A son student; who was rejected from Edinburgh University's Medical School want answers. They have emailed Nicola Sturgeon to tell her;

"Stop making out to the electorate that SNP are securing our kids' futures when you certainly are not."

Another parent challenged Sturgeon to explain why her daughter could not study English at St Andrews despite obtaining five A grades at Higher, and the course only requiring three. To address the first concern, the SNP want to create a problem, and Universities who are in bed with the SNP Government want the high fees of foreign students into their coffers. So, right from the get go; the young Scottish person who wanted to be a doctor faced discrimination at both SNP Government and University level. This type of discrimination is legal, because they did so ‘under the rules’, the rules they set. As to getting into St Andrew’s or as some call it the University of Southern England, well the title speaks for itself. There is a high volume of fee paying students going there, and will continue to go there, after all it is Prince William went there?

A third disgruntled parent described visiting an Edinburgh University open day and being told that only a small proportion of places on the courses her son was interested in studying were available for Scottish-domiciled youngsters. For the Universities, funded by the Scottish taxpayer but not accountable to the Scottish taxpayer, the situation won’t change, the SNP Cabinet who are university educated simply aren’t interested. Like the EU, Scots are paying through the nose for a limited service and in return we get limited places. We have an over funded university system, a law unto itself, and an underfunded college system.

For years, both the SNP Government under both Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon have hoisted a false flag of being concerned about the lack of students from the most poorest backgrounds. They have worked on this false flag of equal access with the Universities to create an illusion that the problem is that kids from poorer backgrounds aren’t as smart. To that end, we keep hearing that universities are working tirelessly to raise standards and lowering the bar to get more poor kids in. You see this as a news splash of ’60 kids from Easterhouse’ to get university places, it makes the news. What you don’t stop to consider is why it makes the news, it does so because it is un-usual. 

So, now you know again, why the SNP in collusion with universities aren’t going anything other than bleeding the Scottish taxpayers for cash.

As we are leaving the EU, things will be changing, one such plan which will really boost opportunities for poorer people is the UK Government plan to end freedom of movement. Let’s ask you a question; would you rather be going to a job interview with a few candidates or a few hundred candidates? I suspect you would say a few candidates because logically this would mean you chances of employment dramatically increase. It isn’t rocket science to work out that more people chasing the same job means less opportunity, but people like the SNP crow about the great thing that is diversity except they don’t experience the downside of it. What are the downsides, less jobs, less housing, less educational opportunities, reduced access to health services, longer waiting times, these are a few of the disadvantages.

I support the UK Government plans to end freedom of movement and introduce a new points-based immigration system. It isn’t a party political matter but it will be used as such, already, Nicola Sturgeon is complaining. Sturgeon says end freedom of movement will be "devastating" for Scotland. Why devastating, because without access to ‘cheap labour’, companies will be forced to pay Scots and others a fairer rate of pay. Are you aware of the ‘Viking Case’ which came before the EU Courts?

This case basically declared that in effect workers rights are a myth in the EU, the case saw a company sack all its workers and replace them with cheap labour from another country. The judges upheld the right of the company to do this. This is because the EU is controlled by corporations and works purely for their interests while portraying the myth they are all about the rights and protections of the people; the politicians at Brussels are mere puppets.

The UK Government has decided to stop 'Low-skilled' migrant workers coming to the UK to work; they are to be denied visas after Brexit. Less candidates, more jobs and higher wages, because the scales will be tipped more favourably towards workers. Isn’t interesting  how the alleged socialist parties such as Labour and the SNP are fighting this, especially when it benefits the low skilled workers in the UK in getting higher wages!

Whose side is Nicola Sturgeon on?

Well, she was never on your side, like Tony Blair, she is willing to sell out Scotland to the EU, as long as she and her cult get status.

Sturgeon tweeted:

"It is impossible to overstate how devastating this UK gov policy will be for Scotland's economy. Our demographics mean we need to keep attracting people here - this makes it so much harder. Getting power over migration in @ScotParl is now a necessity for our future prosperity."

Given the SNP have made Scotland, the highest tax place in the UK, people don’t want to come here.

She added:

"Tory immigration policy is offensive in principle - it labels vital workers, making a big contribution as ‘low skilled’ & slams the door in their faces. And it is disastrous in practice - it will badly damage our economy. We must get powers to create policy for our needs & values."

Is there such a thing as a low skilled worker?

The answer is yes, and why shouldn’t the UK decide who comes into our country, every other country gets to decide that, it is a fundamental principle of sovereignty to regulate your borders in terms of people, goods and services.

Ben Macpherson, the Scottish Government's migration minister, accused the Conservative government of "engaging in dog-whistle politics".

He said the proposals, which will bring about the end of freedom of movement for people, are "incredibly worrying and concerning".

He added:

"The UK Government is really engaging in dog-whistle politics here by painting immigration as a negative concept when we have all been enriched, financially and culturally, by inward migration and it is incredibly important for our future."

As part of her independence strategy for a referendum, Sturgeon harks about the demographic challenges Scotland faces with its ageing population, which led to the nonsense for a distinctive "Scottish visa". The Sturgeon plan was rejected rightly out of hand because the UK Government knows what the agenda really is, gerrymandering a referendum vote. Don’t confuse yourself that Sturgeon is concerned with demographic challenges Scotland; she has made Scotland an unattractive place both financially and socially to live and work. The UK economy needs to move away from a reliance on "cheap labour from Europe", and wealth must be re-distributed downwards. This is what the UK
Government, whose new immigration policy statement argues the UK economy needs.

More jobs, higher wages and more buying of goods and services for people living in the UK, what is not to like about the benefits of the new policy?

UK Home Secretary Priti Patel said on the immigration proposals:
"It is right that people should speak English before they come to our country, that they should have a sponsored route, whether it's through employment or a sponsored route through an academic institution."

In assisting the SNP line of attack, Marc Crothall, chief executive of the Scottish Tourism Alliance, said:

"The announcement of the UK Government's plans for a new points-based immigration system appears now be the biggest threat to Scotland's tourism industry. We have very fragile areas in our economy and it is more important than ever that we're able to attract and retain people, particularly in the Highlands and Islands and other rural areas. We need a differentiated system that is responsive to the specific needs of our tourism industry, our demography and our wider economy and sectors."

The new immigration rules aren’t just about helping Scots, they are about helping out people UK wide. Countries such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand operate points based system, these countries are seen as highly desirable to live in; shouldn’t we also have that opportunity. People talk about how the care and tourism sectors will suffer without cheap labour. Funny is it not about the great concern for end of life care while the SNP are willing to see someone spend a lifetime not getting ahead, not making forward progress and not living the dream.

Finally, although the points based system will be coming in, it is right that we bring to an end freedom of movement. Freedom of movement has not been a benefit to Scots or indeed the rest of the UK, the concept was abused. This led to the end of EU membership after 47 years because the EU put corporations before people. The weight of EU corruption was a weight the UK couldn’t hold any longer, so we voted to let it go. It is clear the UK government who are being demonized for caring about working class people face challenges; one challenge will be to counter the SNP lies and propaganda about SNP ‘helping' Scots. The parents of Scots youngsters denied a university place in their own country is shameful and wicked, but they are wiser now, our task, make the rest of the country as wise.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, February 17, 2020

The Decline of Scotland and its Reputation; former SNP Minister Derek Mackay won't face charges after messaging 16-year-old schoolboy, has there ever been such a morally bankrupt party ruling our country, but the really pertinent question in the Mackay scandal, ‘what was Derek Mackay’s endgame for this young schoolboy?’

Dear All

Former SNP Minister Derek Mackay won't face charges after messaging 16-year-old schoolboy; it seems Police Scotland after consulting the Crown Office came to the conclusion that no laws were broken. In this entire affair, it seems that no one seemed to ask the pertinent question, ‘what was Derek Mackay’s endgame for this young schoolboy?’ In the world of sleazy SNP politics, it seems also that Mackay has gone the Natalie McGarry route seeking protection from the health service. Claims of illness don’t however wash with the public, unfortunately for Mackay; the public were able to ’examine’ Mackay through his many TV appearances. Unless you are a foaming mouth Nat, you wouldn’t say anything was wrong with this character.

Now that Mackay is out from under the Police investigation, can we expect a triumphant return to Holyrood? Mackay is out the door as a government minister but will he welcomed back into the fold? With the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon attempt to defend him, citing Mackay was only confused man. The fact is like Mark McDonald, another SNP reject, Mackay is damaged goods, in the closeted bubble of Holyrood; the private club doesn’t want him back. He can stay out of the way, he can hand in sick notes, he can work the system, but what he can’t do is return to the fold. The SNP is made up of four groups, lgbt, Muslim, Sein Fein lite and the rich, although the lgbt grouping dominates, they can’t escape the fact that Mackay back tars them.

In stepping back from pursuing Mackay, a source said:

“It was felt the trail of messages itself was ­inappropriate given the imbalance in power and the difference in age between the two parties. The messages were not highly ­sexualised and, in any case, the boy was 16 and of age. But consideration was given as to whether the messages could have caused fear and alarm or distress. Could there have been an aggravated breach of the peace or would some sort of sexual aggravation or grooming charge be justified? But all things considered, the consensus was that the threshold of criminality had not been reached.”

It is interesting how some politicians describe Mackay’s actions as grooming.

Child grooming is befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child, and sometimes the family, to lower the child's inhibitions with the objective of sexual abuse. So, again, I come back to the pertinent question, ‘what was Derek Mackay’s endgame for this young schoolboy?’

When you also look at the context of other stories now in the public domain regarding Mackay’s contact with others, perhaps more people need to be talking about this, was the plan a fairytale romance, marriage with Nicola Sturgeon playing a starring role?

Or are the bookies and the public thinking something more sinister?

These stories don’t lend weight to a happy ever after scenario for the schoolboy.

In the day that sees Mackay not being charged by the Police, the SNP have announced his replacement, Kate Forbes, the timing is not strange but rather it is to deflect attention away from Mackay. Mackay cannot be forced out as the pretendy parliament at Holyrood doesn’t have a mechanism to remove people like Mackay. And you have to wonder, why they don’t have such a mechanism? As in the case, of Mark McDonald, Mackay will probably be painted as the ‘rogue male’, someone who will be shunned at least by the main parties, but in the world of SNP lgbt politics, they might want to keep him.

Can it be business as normal for Derek Mackay?

No, the parliament doesn’t want him there because he draws attention to how morally bankrupt Holyrood is. The public don’t want him there because some will have already in their own minds formed an opinion regarding what they think Derek Mackay’s endgame was. Presumably Nicola Sturgeon who was very close to Mackay doesn’t want him there because her use of kids as indy props. I am still waiting for a coast is clear picture for the SNP to use kids as props with an SNP politician, so far nothing. Eventually, someone will have to be seen with a kid, given what has happened one would suspect probably their kids as the icebreaker for Sturgeon. The kid would probably have to be young, primary school age and female for that PR stunt, maybe done on ‘hallowed’ ground such as Holyrood.

Finally, will be seeing much more of SNP figures who get caught heading for medical assessments, the Nats are less creative in how they try to escape attention and/or justice. As Mackay head to the doctor’s surgery, I asked a question;

“Given the time delays before you get medical treatment in Scotland, can anyone explain why former SNP Minister Derek Mackay is getting help so quickly it seems in comparison with ordinary members of the public?”

One tweeter wrote to me that they waited 9 months for an appointment at urology department, Royal Alexandria Hospital Paisley.

The fight to get rid of Derek Mackay continues, chances are he will sail on collecting his salary and pension contributions right up to when Holyrood dissolves for the 2021 election. This episode with him is rather seedy and squalid, but we don’t live in the days of a better Scotland, and we don’t have the same calibre of politicians who know the meaning of the word honourable.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Arrogance and Self-Awareness Rarely Go Hand in Hand, Two short months after Boris Johnson’s historic election victory and there is a Cabinet reshuffle, Sajid Javid resigns as Chancellor for refusing to ‘sack’ his special advisors citing "no self-respecting minister" could accept the condition being imposed upon him, the Conservatives have just found a new PM in waiting called Sajid Javid, a man willing to standby his team

Dear All

In the battle that is politics, you occasionally, occasionally find an act that makes you sit up and take notice; Sajid Javid has dramatically resigned as the Chancellor just weeks before the Budget. The reason for his resignation is that Boris Johnson wanted all Javid’s special advisers to resign. When someone is a leader, they are responsible for the team, what they do, how they act and their welfare and security. Clearly Sajid Javid took that responsibility to heart.

So; why should all of Javid’s Spads be asked to resign in the first place?

To lose your job without cause would be a monstrous injustice no matter what side of the political divide you are fighting on. One clue to the mass ‘sacking’ could be that In September, Sonia Khan, a Treasury media adviser, was escorted by armed police from Downing St. Her removal from government came after a confrontation with No 10's chief strategist Dominic Cummings over her contact with those close to Philip Hammond, the former Chancellor. Cummings is turning out to be a bit of a Rasputin figure in Boris Johnson’s Government.

In politics when it comes to advisors, the rule of thumb is when the advisor becomes the story, they have to go. Is Dominic Cummings sailing into those waters, clearly to me, it seems that the wider Conservative Party doesn’t have any time for him. When Boris Johnson goes, so will Cummings go as well, I think he is smart enough to know the next leader of the Conservatives wouldn’t have any time for him. And with Sajid Javid’s resignation, his political capital for standing by his team will no doubt win him pundits in the party.

In the cloak and dagger world of politics, it is said that Dominic Cummings has set up a "network of spies" to watch special advisers suspected of passing over information to journalists. Leaking in politics isn’t new, it is a tool used by government to test the water on new ideas and policies; it is also a torpedo which can sink a career or a government. Government is built on trust, and the press and politicians are joined at the hip. It is no surprise that stories get out because both politicians and the press feed off each other.

You could say depending on the subject, leaking is a necessary safeguard, but in matters of national security leaking is unacceptable. National security is increasingly linked with economic and financial security, so the scope of what is acceptable to leak is narrowing. With the resignation of Sajid Javid this means a reshuffle in Boris Johnson’s Cabinet, not something he would wish, given the budget, is only a few weeks away. Whoever replaces Sajid Javid will probably do a competent job but he won’t be as good; or seen as being good, his appointment is made under a cloud. The new Chancellor is Rishi Sunak, the 39-year-old Chief Secretary of the Treasury, typical he is claimed to be a rising star, until Javid resigned however, his rising star status had stopped.

A source close to Sajid Javid said:
"He has turned down the job of Chancellor of the Exchequer. The Prime Minister said he had to fire all his special advisers and replace them with Number 10 special advisers to make it one team. The Chancellor said no self-respecting minister would accept those terms."

I agree with Sajid Javid, these terms are unacceptable, it would make have made the Chancellor an outsider in what is supposed to be his own team, there would be no loyalty, and no trust in such a setup. I think either in the short or long term, this idea is dangerously unworkable; it has all the hallmarks of the East German Stasti about it. A minister must be able to have frank discussions with his or her team in order if policy is wrong it can be worked through. Under Dominic Cummings, this type of frank discussion wouldn’t be able to take place because his spies would report to him and we would see this as an anti Boris narrative. It is a recipe for disaster and mistrust; it would mean Ministers who disagree with policy would have to find a new avenue for taking their concerns forward which excludes “their” spads. Under this approach, Ministers could feel that having no spads is better than having a Cummings spy in their office.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell noted:

“Dominic Cummings has clearly won the battle to take absolute control of the Treasury and install his stooge as Chancellor.”

Ian Murray, the Labour MP for Edinburgh South, said:

"This extraordinary reshuffle has revealed who is really in charge of this government: Dominic Cummings. Sajid Javid has shown a loyalty to his team that is all too rare in politics, standing up to the Trump-style politics on display from No 10. The reshuffle demonstrates that we need a Labour Party at full strength to stand up to Johnson and his puppet master, because the country deserves better than this shambles. That’s why Labour must choose change, not continuity.”

Ed Davey for the Liberal Democrats said "Boris Johnson’s reshuffle is in tatters. He has lost his Chancellor a mere month from the Budget. Like every crisis at No 10 you can see Dominic Cummings lurking in the background. This is the Conservatives' own unelected bureaucrat, unaccountable to the public attempting to control every part of Government”.

The resignation of Sajid Javid is a huge blow to Boris Johnson, and although there is a full blown Cabinet reshuffle in progress, the results of which will become clearer as the day goes on. I doubt this reshuffle event will overshadow what happened to Sajid Javid. It is far too early in the Premiership of Boris Johnson to allow this type of disruptive nonsense to have taken place. What I feel is that at some stage, the influence of Dominic Cummings will be brought to an end, either he will be sacked or there will be a revolt in the Conservative ranks against him. The Conservatives have always run a tight ship which is why they have seen off the Labour Party in countless elections. Cummings could destroy that unity, and if Boris doesn’t do something, he will find out how ruthless the Conservatives are at getting rid of leaders.

Finally, Cabinet reshuffles come and go, but today, we have seen a potential candidate for Prime Minister of the United Kingdom emerge, Sajid Javid, a man willing to standby his team to the end. In the world of politics, this kind of integrity is few and far between, Boris better wake up to what is happening around him. It only takes a small stone in your shoe to stop a long journey dead in its tracks.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Holyrood Mice Roared; Holyrood Parliament MSPs feel free to speak out against former SNP Minister Derek Mackay because Mackay’s lgbt protected status has been revoked, having freedom of speech has led to them to say that ‘let voters kick out Derek Mackay now’, but is a better use of time not a referendum on whether Holyrood riddled by identity politics, the revamped tool of ‘divide and conquer’ should be closed permanently?

Dear All

The scandal involving SNP Minister Derek Mackay highlights yet again, the problems of Holyrood as a failed parliament. The place is like a private club, it isn’t a place filled with the biggest and the best of Scotland. Salmond, Sturgeon, Mackay and Walker along with many others have killed that off entirely over the last pitiful 20 years. In operation and in practice in order to be a member of the private club, you need to tick the right boxes which include, are you rich, are you from a private school, are you Sein Fein complainant, are you lgbtq complainant, are you Muslim complainant, are you from Glasgow University; are you from a university. 

In the past, I have blogged on the four main groups that dominate in the SNP. Sein Fein lite, lgbtq, Muslim and the rich, there are other sub groups also in the SNP but their influence is minimal hence you don’t see their ‘causes’ much in the press.

Of the four main groups that make up the SNP, the lgbtq is the strongest followed a distant second by the Muslim group in causes and alleged victimhood, Sein Fein trails in third and the rich, they don’t need causes, what they want gets discussed behind closed doors. 

In the past, the SNP under Alex Salmond was front and centre with the ‘cause’ of Islamophobia especially when they were trying to get the Muslim vote in Scotland but particularly Glasgow. Pushed to the front, Humza Yousaf, then an SNP staffer who in some govt meetings was wearing another ‘hat’ for the Scottish Islamic Foundation, the SNP Govt under Salmond funded them to the tune of £200,000. An organization led and promoted by Humza Yousaf and his cousin, Osama Saeed to highlight Scotland would be one big happy family of diversity if only steered by SNP candidates.

That organization was a failure.

In the post Salmond era, Nicola Sturgeon took over the reins of the SNP, and the ‘panic’ stopped being about the Islamophobia problem and became all about homosexuality victimhood and the promotion of the lgbt lifestyle, in schools their agenda came by way of the curriculum. Let’s face, if a guy was talking about anal sex, ass rimming, arse licking, the joys of masturbation to kids; you would expect the police to lock the dirty bastards up. In Scotland, employ them as teachers, pay them a salary and they call it 'education' and give them immunity. Under Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP push the sexualisation of children charges forward because this is all about heterosexuals pushing for never-ending equality right?

Well, some people would say no, in a recent video, the current heterosexual SNP member to "front" the lgbtq agenda is John Swinney, after all Nicola can’t carry all the load right? Here is a video of John in action, who has all the happiness of a man holding a turd at arms length while engaing in a chat.

Doesn’t John Swinney look happy, a former SNP leader, a former SNP finance secretary in the autumn of his years promoting this shit. In this video when he starts to talk about how some parents don’t like this, he then realises what he has said and rapidly changes tact to something else. And when he speaks of organizations being in a dialogue with the SNP government; anyone want to list those which are seen as heterosexual organizations?

The truth is Swinney and the SNP govt are listening to lgbt organizations, and when he says he is under pressure from the parliament to deliver this to kids, you can help feeling contempt for this individual. His speech to the parents in this video is sheer fucking bullshit implying that the bulk of parents would accept this and there would be the "individual parents" which would disagree. I came across an interesting series of tweets by a guy on twitter which touches on what he thinks is going on in Scotland. This guy nails it when he says for too long any criticism of its deepening obsession with LGBTQ issues has been denounced as homophobic and any concern that's expressed about a failure to take seriously the safeguarding of children is dismissed as bigotry. 

He opines that maybe Derek Mackay has inadvertently opened a little window into the shared culture of some top level Scottish politicians. Maybe we should ask how seriously do they really take the risks to 16 year olds and other children from some of their key policies. Scottish SNP Govt is currently consulting on the Gender Recognition Bill, perhaps the most carelessly researched piece of legislation proposed anywhere in the UK in decades where a child can simply pick their sex in the same way you can pick a bag of crisps at a supermarket. 

This has led to female politicians speaking out about how there will be no safe spaces for women now. If someone born a man calls himself a woman, he can simply walk into a female changing area and if anyone interferes he can scream discrimination and probably get staff fired.

In some respects, you could laugh at how the SNP has got themselves into this position, it got there by weak leadership, it got here by identity politics. Identity politics has been embraced by the political class as the new ethos of ‘divide and conquer’. It is to stop ground swell support against them and also to target and label people as bigots. Identity politics is a vehicle used to suppress free speech but all the major parties and elected officials live in fear of being labeled and branded. Holyrood is such a political shithole; it is easy to see why people despise politicians.

Under the Gender Recognition Bill, its lofty aim is to sweep away clear definitions of biological sex (male and female, remember them?). They will be replaced with some meaningless spectrum of 'gender identities'. This will undermine women rights. It will also endanger children's mental health by promoting the notion they can be born in the wrong body. The SNP Govt says its GR Bill is informed by the idea "people know their own minds best". But do 16 year old school kids really know their minds well enough to change their legal sex? Surely one of the things that made Mackay's behaviour totally inexcusable was that he was using political status and authority to try to stupefy a child. Does a 16 year old boy with apparently a girlfriend really want the attention of a 42 year old homosexual that he doesn’t know or want to know?

In Derek Mackay’s mind, the answer seemed to be yes, hence 270 messages trying to get the little boy to engage with him, and for what purpose? Since the Mackay story broke, Derek Mackay is in hiding, no sign of him at Holyrood, even in the cesspool parliament; his stench is too much for them. In Holyrood, the condemnation is fast, the condemnation is thick and the condemnation is universal. In the political bubble, anything which tracks back to the parliament must be exercised to keep their mindset that they are noble, aloof and wise, considering weighty matters.

But that's exactly what the Scottish govt now proposes to do on a national scale. First, later this year it will introduce new lessons in schools, promoting the idea all kids have a 'gender identity'.

In the world of Holyrood, The SNP govt has taken advice almost exclusively from a tiny clique of LGBTQ lobby organizations. Stonewall, Equality Network, LGBT Youth & Scottish Trans Alliance form a magic circle of influence. Personnel are best buddies with leading politicians and by an amazing coincidence these organisations then obtain huge funding from the same administration their mates run which is a pattern that the SNP have adopted and kept from the Salmond era. 

You even get lgbt personnel jumping from these organizations into jobs with the SNP.   

The SNP was said to have the largest majority of lgbt elected members of any political party in the UK, but not a lot of research has been done if any on the number of lgbt members who are employed by the SNP or are the staffers of MPs and MSPs. Some people might opine that the equality drive is pushed by enlightened heterosexual politicians, but they just ‘front the campaign’ so that anyone who speaks out can then be labeled a bigot or worse.

In the SNP created atmosphere, it isn’t surprising about the rise of people like Derek Mackay in the ranks of the SNP under both Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon. The only surprise but then it’s not really a surprise is why so few people speak out. Mackay has effectively been branded rogue male, just in the same way that Bill Walker was branded rogue, someone to be shunned when the public gets to hear about what is going on. In effective, the calls for Mackay out are a sign of cauterize the wound, taking the line of least resistance. With the smoke not cleared, already other people are now freed up to call for voters to be allowed to throw out "unacceptable" MSPs like Derek Mackay without having to wait years for an election. Nicola Sturgeon has dived off to Europe, a typical response for her when scandal breaks in the SNP, Derek Mackay, her protégé is badly damaged goods; the parliament has turned on him. Why did Nicola Sturgeon give up so quick on Derek Mackay, opposition MSPs called what he did "grooming".

A recall petition isn’t anything new the Standards Committee looked at this idea in 2018 because of another SNP scandal involving childcare minister Mark McDonald. He had to quit his post after inappropriate texts to a party colleague, but the committee ultimately rejected it. There is a mechanism to get rid of MPs, there must now be a mechanism to get rid of MSPs and list MSPs, but Holyrood full of little people will be slow to act, instead we will see their fury enabled on Mackay as the rogue male. I think we should have a recall mechanism at Holyrood and also the list system needs to be abolished entirely and replaced by smaller constituencies. Each MSP should represent roughly two wards. Although having to fight for every seat might not make MSPs honourable, it would make it easier for removing them if a recall is necessary due to their conduct.

I wrote about my lack of respect for John Swinney, who is the current front man for the pushing the lgbtq agenda through schools and onto kids. So, here is something to give you an idea why you should also have contempt for this ‘front man’. 

How to teach anal sex 101 under the Scottish National Party, first get a banana, you might have to buy a pack out of Asda for about £1, second, buy a tub of Nutella, this is a paste like product, a brand of sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread. To teach, get the kids into a class room, form a circle. Explain that the tub itself represents a human male anus, unscrew the cap; place it to one side. Next take the banana peeled or unpeeled and turning the tub and banana sideways; thrust the banana deep into paste and then pull the banana out covered in hazelnut cocoa spread. In these lessons, the teaching of the act will be the main learning outcome and probably not the mentioning things like HIV, Aids and Genital warts. Maybe there will be some light background music to break the awkward silences in those lessons.

Finally, some people like the way I write, some people say I say a brutal truth, but in a political culture that values compliance over honesty, and cover up over protection, we should be asking why so few of our politicians speak out? They are speaking out now because the consensus is condemnation, and it’s seen to be okay, Mackay’s lgbt protected status has been revoked. Bear in mind however Holyrood is a second rate parliament filled with a majority of third rate politicians who appear to need a licence to speak out. It is like a high summer open sewer because identity politics have replaced the very thing that makes a parliament, integrity. I am in two minds, about whether Mackay should resign or not. I am curiously draw to the idea that a new front man is needed in Holyrood, someone who represents what is so very much wrong with this open sewer and those who inhabit it.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Derek likes a Schoolboy: Creepy SNP Minister Derek Mackay resigns as an SNP Minister, is suspended from the SNP, accused of allegedly predatory behavior towards a 16 year old boy still at school, and all the political leaders at Holyrood join Nicola Sturgeon is calling for his resignation as an MSP, the SNP is a cesspool of a party who have been targeting young children, the call for a by-election in this case is warranted

Dear All

There is as I have always said something pretty rotten at the core of the Scottish National Party. It is a party without honour, a party with dignity and a party without integrity. It is a party which you could liken to a cesspool without skipping a beat before turning to their policies; these people are a danger to Scotland, a danger to society and a danger to communities. I have been saying the SNP is rotten for sometime been sneered at been targeted but hey, the proof of how rotten it is at the top is bubbling over now.

Today’s blog post is about in the main, a rat, a man who betrayed his wife and children, betrayed his party and betrayed his public office. Someone within the Sturgeon inner circle and tipped as a future leader of the SNP, ladies and gentlemen, Derek Mackay. When you ask yourself how far down a man can sink, if they are SNP, they can sink lower, Mackay is now swimming in the cesspool of his own making.

SNP MSP Derek Mackay should be about to deliver the Scottish budget, but the creepy MSP who was Sturgeon’s right hand man has now resigned as a minister and been suspended from the SNP. In fact, what Mackay has been accused of is so serious, so low and despicable that even Nicola Sturgeon has said the former Finance Secretary’s behaviour fell “seriously below” the standards required of a minister and get this; she said there are "clearly" issues for Mr Mackey to reflect on in terms of whether he continues as an MSP.

Derek apparently likes a little schoolboy aged 16; he is 42, and a homosexual! Even after the boy revealed he was just 16 and told Mr Mackay not to “try anything”, Mackay didn’t back off and bombarded him with messages until this month. Mackay went on to tell the boy:

“I think you are really cute.”

When you hear the words really cute, you generally think of people telling mothers how cute their babies are, as a way of saying well done, your baby looks pretty, healthy and happy, in those terms, we all accept as a normal exchange. However, when a 42 year old man tells a 16 year old schoolboy, he is ‘really cute’; something doesn’t gel; you don’t get the same impression of using the words ‘really cute’ in this instance.

It appears sordid, it appears dirty, it appears plain wrong!

Scottish Tory leader Jackson Carlaw leading off condemnation said Mackay's behaviour could "constitute the grooming of a young individual". Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard said it was "nothing short of predatory", and said he "should go as a member of this parliament". What does it says that Nicola Sturgeon, Jackson Carlaw and Richard Leonard are all united along with the Scottish Greens Patrick Harvie and Willie Rennie that Mackay should resign as an MSP? There is clearly “issues” as Sturgeon alluded too.

What caught Mackay out was the boy’s outraged mum who only learned of the creepy exchanges last week. Horrified, she reacted as any mum would after seeing that Mackay appeared to be allegedly flirting with her child. What is also concerning is that Mackay who is a dad of two should have known better, as a politician and as a Minister of Crown, he should be beyond reproach and living and being held to a high standard. Does anyone think that Derek Mackay deserves to be a Minister of the Crown or even still hold public office?

I think, the backlash which is fast moving is No!

Derek Mackay now sits as an independent MSP, just like Mark McDonald who also suspended by the SNP.

If you think there is a way back into the fold for Derek Mackay; then the words of Nicola Sturgeon can give you some sense of that position, she said:

"I am not aware of any further allegations or any conduct of a similar nature. But I should stress I was not aware of this until last evening."

Nicola Sturgeon has form for saying that she wasn’t aware of anything but for her to say this so quickly, tends to lend weight to Derek Mackay never being admitted back into the SNP. His fall from grace is huge, Minister, MSP, part of the Sturgeon inner circle. You have to wonder given this and other people who have also fallen from grace whether Nicola should be asking about and giving people warnings about consequences if their private life is clouded by sleaze.

It seems others have branded Derek Mackay a "predatory" and urged resignation as an MSP after apparently grooming a 16-year-old schoolboy on social media. When you see Green co-leader Patrick Harvie adding:

"Derek Mackay’s behaviour was utterly unacceptable, and his resignation was clearly necessary."

Clearly, this has distant echoes back to the time of Mark McDonald, who was cast out and shunned by the parliament.

Personally, I don’t want to see anyone leave public office in disgrace. I would have preferred that Derek Mackay was thrown out of Holyrood, the traditional way, via the ballot box but that opportunity now appears to be gone. I think there is no way back to the SNP, and I don’t think he will go. He will probably instead run down the clock till the election of Holyrood 2021 and then quietly slip away. Future employment might however be a problem for him after this episode.

Finally, here is a video to watch, the SNP have been targeting young children in their independence cause for sometime via people like Mhairi Black. The SNP has also been pushing their own agenda at schools regarding the sexualization of children.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Nobody Likes Nicola, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is rejected by Prime Minister Boris Johnson from having an official role at major climate change event in Scotland, 90,000 delegates, 200 world leaders and the world media, the largest summit the UK has ever held but Boris says he doesn’t want to see Sturgeon "anywhere near" the climate summit, for Sturgeon to be humiliated like this is long overdue payback

Dear All

You would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh, but in a massive downgrading of political authority, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has point blank refused to give Nicola Sturgeon an official role in the Glasgow COP26 climate summit. The level of humiliation is tremendous, naturally this slap in the face will see the cybernat community doing their traditional ‘nationalist anger explodes’ route. We should remember that this event is for important people, not failing independence wannabes.  

The climate change conference in Glasgow is later this year, 9–19 November 2020, this means a whole year of Nicola Sturgeon festering away, relegated to the sidelines, a fringe person. Of course this is assuming she is still hanging around post Salmond trial.

The conference will incorporate the 26th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the 16th meeting of the parties for the Kyoto Protocol (CMP16), and the third meeting of the parties for the Paris Agreement (CMA3). That’s the official bumf but what matters to Nicola Sturgeon is the denial of prestige in her frequent attempts to be seen as a world leader.

Former UK Minister for Energy and Clean Growth, Claire Perry, was appointed President of COP26. The UK government however abruptly removed her from the Presidential post on 31 January 2020, stating that the post would become "a ministerial role". Those are the breaks, but while in post, Claire O'Neill said she had made the ‘let Sturgeon in’ as a suggestion to end the "stand-off" between the UK and Scottish governments over the global conference. Claire Perry probably made the offer in good faith, but the reality is the climate in Scotland politically is very cold and bitter, hence it is a time to wrap up, dig in and wait till the season of Sturgeon’ officially ends.

As well as speaking of Nicola Sturgeon’s humiliation, she also accused the Scottish government of behaving "disgracefully" ahead of the conference. For those who are used to SNP pettiness this is par for the course. Apparently, the Scottish government had been contracting buildings from the site which should instead be used by the climate change conference. So, one wonders what events will the SNP Government be running, climate conference Scottish version? Whatever the events, we will see Nicola Sturgeon pushing herself forward centre stage, trying to then piggyback on the main conference which she has no role in. I suppose a question that would be asked is what does Nicola Sturgeon know about climate change?

She is no expert, she is no academic; she isn’t even a gifted amateur on the subject!

This conference is a biggie; it is ‘starring’ Sir David Attenborough, although his brother Richard Attenborough starred in the movie, The Great Escape, Sturgeon on the other hand wants to ‘break in’ by any means possible. The fact is when it comes to climate change, Greta Thunberg; the young woman has captured the market on the perspective of the female of the species. Greta is the poster girl, she has the youth; she has built up the presence, what has Nicola done? If you want to see ‘messing up’ the planet, then trot down to Govanhill, the modern day ghetto in the heart of Glasgow. Sturgeon’s lack of action on saving the planet is there in all its glory!

 SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon in an attempt to play the ‘statesman’ tweeted:

"It's not about Boris Johnson or me - it is about tackling the climate crisis. My commitment is that political differences will not stop me and my government working to make it a success."

Is that why the SNP Government hired buildings from the COP site and was accused of ‘absolutely behaved disgracefully’? Nicola Sturgeon and her crew are there to help, or are the buildings being held hostage so they can be used as a bargaining chip?

Once thing, I really get a giggle out of is when the Prime Minister Boris Johnson told a fringe event at the Scottish Conservative conference in September that he did not want to see Ms Sturgeon "anywhere near" the climate summit as it was the UK government that had brought it to Glasgow rather than the SNP. So, its Feb 2020, we can expect nearly a year of SNP playground politics as the SNP try to by hook or by crook try to wedge Sturgeon in through the door. This conference is a huge event happening right here in Scotland, the sight of Sturgeon looking out the window of one building at the COP site while all the action is happening across the other side will be a joy.

Up to 90,000 people, delegates, observers, heads of state and media are expected to attend COP26. The event will be the largest summit the UK has held, with up to 200 world leaders expected for the final weekend of talks. Can you feel the level of humiliation rising in Nicola Sturgeon’s head; kept out, shut out, not wanted!

One wonders; is the SNP Government hiring space at the COP site in an attempt to funnel world leaders into meetings with Sturgeon? A face saving last resort exercise if holding the buildings to hostage doesn’t pay off? Do, you have your T shirt printed, ‘Nicola Sturgeon, no role at COP26’ yet? Between now and the conference, we will just have to hope that Boris Johnson ‘stays the course’ and keeps firm in his no role for the poisonous wee drawf.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, February 3, 2020

Don’t Trust the SNP with Your Future; SNP ministers accused of secrecy as Scottish economy shrinks and our deficit grows, Nicola Sturgeon has done enough damage to our country, the days are over when ordinary Scots remained silent and let others fight their battles, everyone must challenge the SNP for their failures, we need a better Scotland, but we won't get it with the SNP in charge

Dear All

The facts bear out a harsh truth about the SNP, they are a party of protest, and they are not a party of government. Right across the board, our services such as education and health are failing, alongside our failing council services starved of money that the SNP refuse to pass on from Westminster. There is plenty of money and assets for SNP supporters and their families, but less for the things that really matter. Scotland is a failing country and it will continue to fail unless there is a change of government.

The SNP refuse to solve problems unless they can be done by a quick fix, but when it comes to strategic planning, long term vision and the will to carry that through, there is none of it. Everything is short term with the SNP, so Ministers can focus on breaking up the UK. Scotland’s deficit has grown to almost seven times the relative size of the UK’s, according to new data from the Scottish Government. This is the effect of Nicola Sturgeon running a ‘part time’ government while taking full time pay, perks and pensions. As is the case, SNP ministers were accused of trying to “bury bad news” by failing to publicise the changes because they are all about spin and less about the truth. We have a government in Scotland run by the SNP that we cannot trust, not with your health, not with your wealth and not with your future!

Scotland under the SNP is the highest tax place in the UK, and the rumour is that the SNP plan to hit people with a whopping 5% increase in council tax. You may be tempted to ask where is all this extra money going and who benefits? When you consider the state of Scotland’s infrastructure falling down around our ears in police station, schools, hospitals, it is clear that 12 years of SNP rule has been disastrous. Under the SNP, our country is literally becoming like a neglected ghost town, in parts of the country there is population flight because the further out you get; less services are available.

This problem is still continuing to this day.

The financial problems facing Scotland are acute, the latest GDP quarterly national accounts for Scotland, which showed the difference between and tax income and public spending had risen from 7 per cent to 7.2% of GDP. If you compare that with the UK deficit, you will see that they have only a deficit of 1.1% of GDP. Scotland is not an attractive place to do business in, it is not an attractive place to live, even foreign workers doing menial jobs don’t want to come and work in Scotland. This shows the extent of how the SNP have damaged the country with their high tax policies and less of crucial public and council services.

While the SNP say independence solves everything, this is a lie, if the country was independent, we would face austerity max, massive poverty which would see our public services destroyed. We would see longer waiting times for services which we were entitled to and also longer waiting times. Things are bad in Scotland, but they could get a whole lot worse for you and your family. Pro UK people have been highlighting how Scotland would need to slash services, hike taxes or go on a borrowing binge after a Yes vote. But the real price is the human factor, especially for those who are sick and need treatment; we would see effectively health rationing brought in by stealth. Can you afford to gamble with your family? Independence would mean we would be out of the UK and not allowed in the EU, we would be a country in serious trouble at every level.  Nicola Sturgeon’s plan for an independent Scotland to rejoin the EU, means huge tax rises and cuts because that is the only way that she could balance the books to come down to 3% for Scotland to qualify.

Economist John McLaren of Scottish Trends said:

“The lack of analysis by ministers of the important revisions to Scottish economic data is worrying, if not entirely unexpected. A £5bn downwards revision in Scottish GDP has important implications for judging Scotland’s economic and fiscal standing, especially in terms of independence or full fiscal autonomy.”

Tory MSP Murdo Fraser said:

“The SNP have been caught red-handed trying to sweep their economic failures under the rug. The SNP’s secret Scotland must end now. The Scottish Conservatives are calling on SNP Ministers to explain themselves to the Scottish Parliament this week.”

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton tweeted:

“Scotland’s national deficit is now 7.2% and rising. Applicant states are required to have a deficit no higher than 3% before they’ll be considered for EU membership. We could be outside both unions for years. Independence not the EU lifeboat SNP say it is.”

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“Nicola Sturgeon views Brexit as a political opportunity to talk up the break-up of the UK, while trying to hide the economic reality from people. As part of the UK, we pool and share resources so that this deficit doesn’t lead to deeper public service cuts or steep tax rises. That wouldn’t be the case with a separate Scotland, and Nicola Sturgeon needs to start being honest with voters.”

Having listened to the politicians, it is important that ordinary people get their say; we can no longer sit back and be silent about what is going on. We, the people need to get active, speak out and forget about upsetting these people who seek to destroy our way of life. Scotland is failing in attracting business, it is failing in education for young working class people to use it as a route to escape poverty, and it is failing as a society. All this damage has been cause by Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP who will do anything to win independence, including destroying anything or anyone that gets in their way. It is too late to sit on the sidelines and hope that as usual someone else comes and fights your battles for you, this time you have to stand up and be counted. We are in the fight of our lives, trying to save every service, every community and every one for a better Scotland.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University