Thursday, June 30, 2016

A George Laird Production: X Men Apocalypse 3D title Design

The Eagle has landed; Labour MP Angela Eagle agrees to be the face of the 172 plotters to challenge Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour leadership, Jeremy Corbyn has the support of the members and unions, Angela Eagle has already lost, damaged goods

Dear All

The Eagle has landed; Angela Eagle has agreed to be the stalking horse in the Labour coup against Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour leadership.

Jeremy Corbyn has had a rough ride as leader after being elected about 9 months ago, I agree with his stance on many things, but that doesn’t mean I am willing to join the rabble plotting against him.

Where’s their loyalty?

It isn’t to the leader, it isn’t to the party, it isn’t to the people, so who do the 172 Labour MPs represent?

Maybe that’s not the question which should be addressed; the real question is that 172 people think they can mount a coup to take over leadership of the party which has 380,000 members.

The Labour Party can find 172 people to replace the plotters at the next election with no difficulty.  

Eagle is a fool, but I seriously doubt she is the brains behind the operation, and the timing seems to suggest to me that the plotters real objective is to ignore the result of the EU referendum in the hope a remainer becomes the next Conservative leader.

In a sign of how the showdown will play out, BBC's Newsnight spoke to 50 chairs and secretaries of local Labour parties who supported Mr Corbyn's election as party leader, 45 will continue to support and nominate Mr Corbyn again.

Angela Eagle has already lost the contest even before leadership contest takes place in my opinion.

Jeremy Corbyn has done nothing wrong in the EU referendum and the views of the plotters aren’t representative of the wider Labour movement.

One Chair speaking out said:

"The MPs are living in their own little bubble. The orchestration of it is appalling, characterised by a total lack of democracy. They are dishonest. Jeremy should stand again - this is a fight for the soul of the party."

Just like the EU referendum, this is a democracy issue, as well as Labour chairs, the unions have now rallied behind Jeremy Corbyn, this gives Jeremy Corbyn a "resounding mandate" to continue in post.

So, what should the plotters do now?

They should resign as Labour MPs as they are unworthy of trust, Angela Eagle has no future in the Labour Party now.

Angela Eagle has been an MP since 1992 and served in government under Gordon Brown, her crap of saying she and others had tried to "make it work" under Corbyn but had concluded it was no longer possible is risible.

Jeremy Corbyn isn’t standing down, he will face the challenge and he will win, the result is likely to be announced at Labour's party conference in September.

Angela Eagle will not be giving the leader’s speech.

In Scotland, members of Ian Murray’s local Labour party have condemned his stupidity when he resigned as shadow Scottish Secretary, he gifted the SNP and the Tories a coup.

I won’t give him any hope in getting selected by members as the next Labour Candidate for Westminster.

His actions were unforgiveable, and his position is untenable, another incident which brought and the focus of anger by from some party activists was Murray referred to protestors outside his Edinburgh office concerned over attempts to eject Corbyn as “dogs”.

Who in their right mind would be an activist for this clown now?

In other local news 200 Scottish Labour members call for Jeremy Corbyn resignation as well, some of them are regarded as high profile in the party having held public office, they are on the wrong side of destiny.

The Eagle has landed, but instead of sliding straight into the top spot in the Labour Party, Eagle has landed right in shit, after this contest is over, so is her political career, point man for a  group of plotters.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A George Laird Production; X Men Apocalypse Title Design

Personal humiliation: Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon gets knock back after knock back as European Council President Donald Tusk and EU states refuse to commit to meetings with her, Charlatan politician reduced to meeting a few MEPs to justify her existence, easier to get in the room delivering pizza!

Dear All

One thing in politics is to know when the jig is up, to know when its game over, but apparently the shop soiled great white hope of Dreghorn Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t understand that concept.

Tampax campaigner Nicola Sturgeon is to hold talks with European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels today.

A piece of nonsense, a dog and pony show, the basis of her European adventure is to attempt to keep Scotland in the European Union.

For those unaware, that means the Nationalists readers who stop by, here is the George Laird view, always handy to have, no part of a country can join the EU while the rest of the country remains outside.

And there is more, in a federal situation if that transpires down the line, no federal part of a country can join the EU while the rest of the country remains outside.

Nicola Sturgeon hasn’t the legal authority to join the EU, Scotland has never held a membership and the rules apply on both sides of the fence, in other words, her adventure is nothing more than a PR stunt and she is screwed!

Since Nicola Sturgeon is a lawyer, she already knows this one would assume unless she was so shit at law she couldn’t grasp facts or indeed read a treaty properly.

Sturgeon is expected to meet European Parliament president Martin Schulz and Guy Verhofstadt, the former Belgian prime minister and leader of the Liberal group at the European Parliament.

What does this mean?

It means nothing!

The real meeting, a meeting with European Council president Donald Tusk is not on the cards and he has no plans to meet Sturgeon because he does not consider it to be the right time.

The right time is code for you are not a sovereign member state.

As to the MSPs giving her a "mandate" to hold discussions with EU institutions, this is another clear example why Holyrood is so poor, why they only seem capable of gesture politics, and why that lot need to grow up.

Sturgeon’s pitch is that "everything must be on the table to protect Scotland's place in Europe", Scotland didn’t have a place in the EU, the United Kingdom did, England, Wales and Northern Ireland equally didn’t have a place either.

Sturgeon said:

"My objective at this very early stage is firstly to raise awareness of the fact that Scotland voted differently in this referendum to the UK as a whole and that there is an aspiration and desire in Scotland, cross-party, to protect Scotland's relationship with the European Union and our place in the European Union”.

Raise awareness?

Is she having a laugh?

Maybe someone should raise awareness with her that she is a loser and blowing taxpayer money on a matter than doesn’t come under her remit.

Sturgeon added:

"And secondly, to begin the process of mapping out and exploring what the options for Scotland might be”.

That’s called Article 49 of the Lisbon Treaty….. hardly rocket science!

Sturgeon continued:

"I'm very aware that this is a long process ahead of us, it's likely to be a difficult and challenging process, but I'm determined that we take every possible step to protect Scotland's interests at every stage of it."

A challenging process for the mentally challenged, as to protecting Scotland’s interests, that falls to the task of the Westminster Government, more able, more capable, more dynamic and more influence that her and crew of non-entities!

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has warned Scotland has no right to negotiate with the EU.

The ultra-unionist Conservative declared:

"If the the United Kingdom leaves, then Scotland leaves too."

Nicola Sturgeon will never be statesman material!

Do you remember the doom and gloom and the angry remainers who tried to blame the leave campaign over the fall in the markets?

Guess what, read this.

Britain is a strong economy and in less than a week the country is bouncing back, Britain is for the first time in 43 years in a position to undertake tremendous opportunities in the World.

In my previous post, the road to civil war, I was saying that violence was coming to Europe.

I did this piece on March 21 2016 because the warning signs are clear to see, today in Turkey, we have seen tragic events unfold.

I will say it again, Europe is on the road to civil war within the member states, Turkey will join Europe as a member then freedom of movement will allow terrorists to cross borders easily to murder innocent people. Nicola Sturgeon by her rank stupidity is endangering the national and economic security of Scotland. We really do have an idiot in charge as First Minster of Scotland.

Finally, time for a quote:

"Never was so much owed by so many to so few".

In the coming years, the campaigning done by many people on the leave campaign will be remembered as the few who stood against the many, the elite and won.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

SNP Meltdown: SNP MEP Alyn Smith is reduced to ‘begging' at the European Parliament, ‘Don't let Scotland down', someone get this political loser some cardboard boxes to pack up his belongings, what an complete embarrassment to Scotland

Dear All

On Friday the 10th of June, I got a phone call as I was standing in the street putting up posters for a public event on behalf of Jim Sillars, former deputy leader of the SNP and Nigel Griffiths, the Director of Leave.EU.

Anyway, the caller asked me, ‘do you want to go to the BBC’?

I said yes thinking it would be in a few days and as I have had plenty of experience sitting in BBC audiences it wouldn’t be a problem.

The caller said, no, the event isn’t in a few days, it is happening in about an hour and you aren’t sitting in the audience you are sitting on the panel.

So, back up the road, washed up, shaved, suit on, taxi turns ups up, gets me to the BBC, walk in rushed through and within 5 minutes, I am on air.

My fellow panellists were Ming Campbell, the former Lib Dem leader, Alyn Smith SNP MEP and Brian Monteith, the former Conservative MEP.

The debate was hard fought however the leave campaign won it hands down; afterwards I was contacted by the people who had put me into the limelight to say well done!

I was glad not to let the side down with effectively not having time for preparation.

During the radio show hosted by Gordon Brewer, the SNP MEP Alyn Smith looked and sounded to me increasingly unhappy about the way the debate was going for Remain. Afterwards Alyn Smith left the BBC looking rather angry; Ming Campbell was as Ming is a statesman. When I went to shake hands with the audience after the show, some were clearly as unhappy as the SNP MEP.

The Remain audience knew they had witnessed a loss unfolding right in front of their eyes; these weren’t ordinary members of the public but people personally selected by the Remain side, in effect political activists.

I have helped put SNP MEPs Alyn Smith and Ian Hudghton out of a job; I previously met Hudghton who informed me that I wasn’t good enough while in the SNP.

4 years down the line, I have put him onto the political scrapheap; guess he must have made a mistake about my abilities.

Now, after the shock aftermath is sinking in, the SNP issuing meaningless threats, the SNP are past the ‘crying’ stage and have moved on to the ‘begging’ stage!

SNP MEP Alyn Smith is now begging the European Parliament not to "let Scotland down", the begging has received a standing ovation.

Maybe someone will throw him a few Euros his way for the taxi to the airport for the return to Scotland.

The emergency debate in Brussels called following Britain's vote to leave the European Union last week. Check out the video below this post as Nigel Farage gets a rough ride, even the President of the European Parliament comes across as snide as he asks the mob in the chamber for quiet to let Farage speak.

So, what is Alyn Smith want, he is asked his European colleagues to respect the will of Scotland.

Scotland didn’t vote in this referendum as a separate country, there was no Scotland voice, this is an artificial construct by the SNP which is as bogus as Nicola Sturgeon’s fake concern about ordinary people.

The leave campaign in Scotland had few activists, in Glasgow, the number talking part was about 20; not all of them were experienced politically or had a working knowledge of campaigning.

Despite this handicap, the leave campaign on ground followed my suggestions and got about 50% of the Remain vote, about 85,000 votes, a remarkable achievement in the circumstances.

Remain got about 170,000 votes with the support and help of all the main political parties I Glasgow.

62 per cent of the electorate voted to remain in the EU in Scotland, however if there had been the same resources available, then the Remain side would have seen a bigger leave vote returned in Scotland…… using George Laird campaigning tactics!

Smith might have won applause from the chamber at the European Parliament when he described himself as "proudly Scottish and proudly European" but he is about to be ‘proudly unemployed’.

He said:

"And the people of Scotland, along with the people of Northern Ireland and the people of London, and lots and lots of people in Wales and England also, voted to remain within our family of nations.

He added:

"I demand that that status and that esprit European be respected. But colleagues, there are a lot of things to be negotiated. We will need cool heads and warm hearts. But please, remember this: Scotland; did not let you down. Please, I beg you, chers coll├Ęgues, do not let Scotland down now."

Maybe Alyn Smith should listen to a George Laird speech, ‘people don’t believe you, people hate you and people distain you, that is thinking people, now running off and apply for jobseekers allowance’!

Finally, if anyone has spare cardboard boxes, Alyn Smith and Ian Hudghton of the SNP are packing up with their belongings because their ticket on the EU gravy train has run out and they are getting pulled off.

Bless their taxpayer funded cotton socks!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Nigel Farage speaking to the EU Parliament, '20years ago you laughed at me, you are not laughing now'

Monday, June 27, 2016

A George Laird Production: Tie Fighter flying down a corridor and into a wall and exploding

Death Scream 2: Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond predicts Scotland will become an independent country after Brexit result, after a weekend of anti-English grievance from the Nationalists, Nicola Sturgeon thinks she has become relevant again, “You ain't No Statesman, bruv”!

Dear All

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond has returned to give us the ’benefit’ of his ‘wisdom’, wait for it, he says Scotland will become an independent country as a result of Brexit.

Over the weekend we had an angry ‘Tampax campaigner’ in the shape of the unpopular Nicola Sturgeon taking time off from ‘selfies’ to spit the dummy about Scotland being dragged out of the EU against its will.

Just to be clear on polling day at Pirie Park, one of the biggest polling station in Govan with about 5,000 voters, the SNP didn’t put a single person at the polling station until 5.20 pm.

5.20 pm!

So let’s hear no more rubbish of Sturgeon about the SNP campaigning against Brexit, they didn’t give two shits about it, their ‘campaign’ was basically selfies, photo ops and TV appearances by Nicola Sturgeon.

Then the SNP all turned up at the count in Glasgow to give the impression they were campaigners.

Nicola Sturgeon has now lost two referendums both of which she fronted as the face of the SNP; maybe she should strengthen her wrists, do a handstand and give her arse a chance, just throwing that out there!

Back to the font of all knowledge, Alex Salmond, do you remember him telling everyone that Scottish independence was coming?

Do you remember him predicting a second oil boom?

Do you remember him telling everyone that Scotland would be the Saudi Arabia of renewables?

He got everything wrong!

Based on two recent opinion polls which are coming off the back of an emotion response, we get a prediction by Salmond.

I will spell it out for him as I am 2 for 2 wins on referendums, Scotland will not vote for independence under the SNP.

Nicola Sturgeon’s claim that the Britain that Scots had voted to remain a part of in 2014 “does not exist anymore” is rubbish.

And the threat by her to veto Brexit in Scotland is also utter rubbish, the reality of Sturgeon’s latest dog and pony show of made up grievance is the death scream of her political career.

Yes, you get it now, death scream, all her little scheming has blown up in her face as a million Scots voted leave, including her own SNP members.

Sturgeon’s warning that the next Conservative Prime Minister shouldn’t block any attempted second independence referendum is laughable, her teeth have been pulled; she is a political non-entity.

And let’s get real, a ‘tampax campaigner’ shouting the odds to a Prime Minister of Great Britain, lots to do on Brexit and Sturgeon won’t be a key figure.

Senior German politician and ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel, Gunther Krichbaum, predicted that an independent Scotland would soon be a member of the EU.

George Laird says no!

The more Sturgeon screams for indyref 2, the more pointless she becomes in the eyes of the people of Scotland.

When the dust settles, the people of Scotland will remember who Nicola Sturgeon and what Nicola Sturgeon is, then the shop soiled great white hope of Dreghorn will wake up to the reality that her time has come and gone.

“You ain't No Statesman, bruv, you’re just a shitty little tampax campaigner”!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

Friday, June 24, 2016

EU Referendum Special, Independence Day, the Countdown to Brexit is over, Vote Leave won as I said they would, David Cameron resigns as Prime Minister, the Great Escape by Britain will now encourage other countries to leave the EU, George Laird right again

Dear All

It is now Independence Day, the Battle of Britain is over, the Battle of Europe is now about to start.

The referendum on continued membership of the European Union is now over and Brexit has won.

For the regular blog readers, time for a well-known phrase used by members of the SNP:

“George Laird right again”.

Usually said in a sneering fashion!

At present, I am 2 for 2 on referendums.

100% success rate!

Last night, I attended the Glasgow count after cracking on during the day on polling stations, so thoughts on the day. I decide to concentrate on The Glasgow South West Constituency during the week (Pollok) and the weekends I spent in the city centre cranking out thousands of leaflets.

Glasgow South West had one of the biggest leave votes in the city, for the most part; I did it myself by constructing a hybrid campaign because I didn’t have much in the way of resources, manpower and materials.

The mood at the count on the Remain side was a bit sombre; they sat and watched as the results came in and it was very close, then Leave went ahead and then Leave lost the lead, it was up and down like a yoyo.

The Glasgow result came and to and prior to that I said to the Leave campaigners, just watch the SNP will do a huge cheer and selfies post result. I never expected to win Glasgow; my plan was to suppress the vote by getting as many votes as possible.

So, against all the main political parties was me and about 15 to 20 volunteers for leave, we got about 84,000 and Remain got 160,000 votes.

Leave was far more productive because that is the way I laid out the Glasgow ground campaign in the city centre.

Some people had doubts about me and my abilities in the group, but the Remain campaigners didn’t it seems when I told them how I was campaigning; a few people were genuinely shocked.

I was told I was a one man campaigning army.

The count was a bit sombre as I mentioned, the Remain side were expecting a landslide in the UK to remain in the EU, it never happened according to plan.

David Cameron has resigned as Prime Minister, I have to say, I am sorry that he did this, I wanted him to continue on in the role and see out his last term as PM.

I think he deserved too!

Over in the Labour camp, an MP has called on Jeremy Corbyn to resign over Brexit vote; Angela Smith accused him of showing "insufficient leadership".

What a load of rubbish by her, personally I have doubts about her future showing such bad judgment.

Before I forgot, Kezia Dugdale ended up chatting to me last night by accident, I was telling her what I had been doing, she said she was really happy that I had the courage to go out and campaign the way I did, and thanked me for the work I did in the Holyrood election in Pollok.

I did a hell of a lot.

The author JK Rowling said Scotland will see independence after Brexit, she is not only wrong, she isn’t a campaigner, politics might be her hobby but I take politics and campaigning very seriously.

There will be no second indyref, no section 30 order and no future for the SNP; Nicola Sturgeon still doesn’t get it, she is irrelevant, her campaign is fuelled by hate and emotion, and that fuel can’t be sustained.

The trend for the SNP is downwards!

Britain leaving the EU is the Great Escape, and I am one of the people who helped the people of Britain make…….. a home run to freedom!

Just for the record, I must be Hilts, that’s Captain Hilts!

Yours sincerely

George Laird 
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

George Laird EU Leave Ad 2016

EU Remain Meltdown, Prime Minister David Cameron sees a huge backlash against him over using Jo Cox’s death for political gain in the campaign for Remain, how on earth could he not foresee that this type of behaviour was wrong and would work against him, he just put his political future on the line post Brexit

Dear All

Politics can be a nasty dirty business, and to be sure it is populated by some people who use others for their political advantage or gain.

I have to say I am rather disappointed in Prime Minister David Cameron who ‘used Jo Cox’s death’ to campaign for Remain.

It was incredibly insensitive to her, her family and to her legacy as a campaigning Labour MP at the House of Commons.

When David Cameron used Jo Cox for political gain, there was always going to be a backlash from people, the main reason for a backlash was the attempt to smear Vote Leave voters and particularly campaigners that they are somehow responsible for the death of Jo Cox.

The campaign to leave the EU is not a campaign to leave Europe!

The EU is a political organisation which Britain along with others holds …… a membership!

Media, both printed and TV have attempted to pass off the EU as Europe in order to fuel the narrative that leave is somehow a racist campaign, dirty politics at play, but it tells you something about the state of Britain today.

David Cameron has received justified scathing criticism on Facebook when David Cameron pauid tribute to Jo Cox, it was a major mistake to conflate this with the leave campaign. After describing how the country will miss her, he turns the subject to the upcoming EU referendum.

He wrote:

‘It is not easy, in the wake of Jo’s murder, to turn to the question of Thursday’s referendum. But we must.’ He then was at pains to stress Jo Cox supported the campaign to Remain in the EU.

The post has not gone down well, provoking an angry reaction with people blasting the Prime Minister, with one asking ‘how low can you go?’

This is the theme which the people of Britain are asking of a man who holds the highest public office, ‘How low can you go’?

Ian Sanders said:

‘Using a poor woman’s murder for political advantage. I didn’t think you could get any worse. I wish I’d never voted for you. Still, you’ll be gone as soon as we leave the EU, and I can’t wait to get a decent Tory leader again.’

Ben Graham wrote:

‘It is very sad that Jo was killed on our streets and it is unforgivable for Cameron to use this young ladies death to push forward this ridiculous campaign to remain but the bottom line is that this madness happened while we are still in the EU so I’m struggling to see your point on this one Dave!’

Gary Taylor added:

‘Wow, how low can you go.. absolutely no reason to reference Jo’s murder in this thread, you are a pathetic excuse for a human being. I have my suspicions that you lean towards a vote to leave as your PR has done them more good than you could ever imagine.’

This campaign has cast a question on the future of David Cameron remaining Prime Minister, although he has expressed a commitment to stay if things go badly wrong for the Remain camp on Thursday, and after talking to a shopkeeper today in Craigton while out campaigning…. Brexit is still looking increasingly likely.

Last night, I spoke to a guy who I know who uses homeless services in the city, I met him through a friend, when I asked him had he heard of the murder of Jo Cox; he said no, given these two events I doubt her death will impact the vote. Also you may remember my observations of the Jo Cox vigil in Glasgow where sadly only a few hundred turned out and most of them I recognised as being part of the Glasgow political class.

In politics, you can learn from the mistakes of the past, using Jo Cox for political purposes was an incredibly bad idea which has now blown up in the face of the Prime Minister.

What I don’t understand is why he thought this would turn out any other way than it did!

I am committed to vote to leave the EU on Thursday come hell or high water, I urge other people to do the same for the simple principle, the EU, the political organisation is anti-democratic.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, June 20, 2016

EU Referendum Special, Countdown to Brexit is still going ahead, scaremongering, fear and threats promoted by the media and endorsed by the Remain camp aren’t working, David Cameron and George Osborne made a major tactic mistake on threatening the British people with punishment for exercising their democratic right

Dear All

The countdown to Brexit has well and truly started, the historic vote takes places this Thursday 23rd June; it is the day that which some people are calling ‘Independence Day’.

Independence Day has a nice ring to it don’t you think?

On Saturday, while I was campaigning a woman came up to me and called me a racist, she wasn’t a ned, she was a rich affluent woman judging by her clothes and her dental work.

So what is a racist?


a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.
"I had a fear of being called a racist"
racial bigot, racialist, xenophobe, chauvinist; More
having or showing the belief that a particular race is superior to another.
"we are investigating complaints about racist abuse at a newsagents"

The level of her ignorance was startling, as she told me how angry she was, I asked was she angry during the Scottish independence referendum, she said Yes.

So, if you use her definition of racism, that means 1.6 million Scots who voted for independence are racist.

Then you have to add that bunch of ‘racists’ to the total number of Scots who are in the Unionist camp who are voting leave, the majority of the country must by her rule of thumb be racist.

One small problem tho, the EU isn’t a country, so her argument was rubbish, a little or a lot of ignorance is a dangerous thing.

I am expecting a sizeable Scottish vote to leave the EU on Thursday judging by the response I got while campaigning.

The conduct of the media and the Remain camp in using the tragic murder of Labour MP Jo Cox has been a disgrace.

There is an article on the Spectator that you make also wish to view.

In Glasgow, I attended the vigil for Jo Cox, you won’t see any pictures of me there, I don’t need a TV crew to express my sympathy to her and the family after what happened. The event was supposed to run from 7 pm to 11 pm, I went at 7.30 pm; the event was attended by about 200 people. 200 out a population of 485,000 in Glasgow, it is a shame that more people didn’t stop by and it is also a shame that the event scheduled for 4 hours packed up before 9 pm.

Once the TV crews left!

Personally I think the political class in Glasgow could have shown more respect, in attendance at the vigil was Piers Doughty-Brown; you may remember he harassed Margaret Curran during the 2015 election. Some people commented online how tasteless it was he was at the vigil.

On Sunday, there was a fun run in the city centre, a well-known Glasgow MSP walked passed me, dressed for the event. I didn’t see this person at the vigil; however that doesn’t mean he didn’t attend. Another person trotting through the town on Sunday was Mhairi Black; her claim to fame is in my opinion this:

If you wish to skip the link, here is the jist; Mhairi Black MP ranks poorly in league table showing how good politicians are at replying to constituents' emails via a special contact website.

Now, let’s turn to David Cameron and George Osborne, they have threatened the British people with a £30 billion austerity budget if people vote leave on Thursday. Andrew Neil of the BBC torn apart the Conservative MP Ed Vaizey, you will enjoy watching Andrew put him to the sword.

If you aren’t a regular reader of the Spectator, then please stick it on the reading list, I sometimes comment on the Coffeehouse blog when I can.

Threats by David Cameron and George Osborne have backfired on them:

Sorry for so many links, but the important thing on Thursday is to make an informed choice, the threat by the Government in Westminster is an empty threat, and deals with the nonsense of Cameron and Osborne being replaced by a more right wing set of Tories.

David Cameron and George Osborne are making their position as leaders of the Conservatives more untenable by the day, they need a moment of pause, and they also need to stop abusing the memory of Jo Cox for political purposes.

If I didn’t truly believe that Brexit was the best course for Scotland, I wouldn’t be campaigning, but it is and I am, we need to act to protect pour country, Brexit is the mechanism to do just that.

I am sad that the EU project has failed, it is crippling countries who have membership, it is increasing unemployment and it has failed every test of democracy.

It is time to leave the EU, forget the scaremongering, the fear and threats, British people are better than that, we just have to show it on Thursday 23 rd, the polls open at 7 am till 10 pm.

Finally, a quote by Ghandi:

“A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history”.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, June 17, 2016

Brexit: Vote Remain Exploits Jo Cox Murder | Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux

EU Referendum Special, the Remain camp sees support haemorrhage as multi-millionaire Sir Bob Geldof shouts obscenities to ordinary working class people who back Brexit, PR stunt goes badly wrong, the next PR disaster was attempting to use the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox to blacken Leave, 10 point Leave lead is set to grow in UK

Dear All

One of the most iconic images of the whole EU campaign took place two days ago on the River Thames; do you know what the image was?

It was Sir Bob Geldof making crude gestures and shouting insults at ordinary people who are fishermen and want to make a living, they staged an event for the Leave campaign which was attended by many Scottish boats.

If you think back 30 years ago, we had the song Band Aid, which was then followed by the huge concert Live Aid, the purpose was to help people in Africa. That made Bob Geldof into an international figure. Geldof was previously a singer in the pop band, The Boomtown Rats, I like the group; their music was really good.

Fast forward to 2016, we have a different Bob Geldof, multi millionaire who charges £100,000 to do a speech on poverty; he is backing Britain staying in the EU, which means he is now supporting poverty in Africa.

And supporting poverty in Britain!

A changed day is it not for Sir Bob Geldof.

The counter protest by Geldof was professional organised to support the EU, but it soon turned sour indeed and he became the bad pr story, in fact some of his supporters in the Labour Party left the boat in disgust afterwards. And took the time to apologise to the fishermen who have seen their industry destroyed and their coastal towns become ghost towns as jobs dried up. This is the price some ordinary people are paying for membership of the EU and why the campaign for Leave now commands a 10 point lead according to a latest opinion poll.

People of Britain, right across Britain want Brexit, the support for Leave is now becoming a flood.

Tonight I met a young girl who said she wanted to stay in the EU, so I asked her, could you tell me what the EU is? This young girl is a student with a first class honours degree, so plenty of brains kicking about the place.

Her answer was she couldn’t, she thought the EU was Europe, it isn’t, the EU is a political organisation, I put it to her in these terms; do you go to the gym? She said yes, she did, I said the Britain has a membership of the EU like you have a membership of the gym, this grants you certain rights of usage. What it is doesn’t grant you is the ability to change the way the gym is run. As she started to struggle, I simply dropped the conversation; there was no point in continuing it further, she had an emotional attachment without understanding.

When you look at the picture of Bob Geldof sticking two fingers up to the fishermen, you should look at all the people surrounding him, they aren’t ordinary people. I would suggest that they are all rich middle class university educated student types, what people in the past describe as the trendy left.

But these people aren’t the ‘trendy left’, they are the regressive left, today is a sad day in Britain, the Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered, she has a husband and two kids, she was stabbed and shot according to reports. It was a terrible tragic event which a person has been arrested, we will in due course learn details but everyone in this country is shocked, and for what it is worth, my sincere condolences to her family.

Not long after on twitter, a tweet appear to say that the man shouted ‘Britain First’ before he stabbed Jo, this story as far as I can make out isn’t true, the person who made the claim has since deleted the tweet. There is no way that this tweet should have been sent to make capital for the Remain camp; it is another political low for them among a series of lows.

At this time, the most important thing is that everything humanly possible is done for Jo Cox’s husband and her two kids, and I do mean everything.

I will not be campaigning today out of respect for Jo and her family, neither will anyone in the Leave campaign in Scotland. We have lost a dedicated hard working campaigning MP who was a credit to family, the House of Commons, her area and the Labour Party.

I would like to hope that no further stupid and crass remarks are made by either side, sadly that appears too much to hope for in this day and age.

RIP Jo Cox.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Scottish Labour totally misjudge the mood of people in the EU referendum in their Scottish leaflet, their claims don’t stand up to scrutiny, the EU is bad for Scotland, comic book maestro Mark Millar: Scotland says needs to get out of Europe while it still can, he got the mood right!

Dear All

The tide has turned against the Remain camp, the general public has listened to the facts and reasoning of the Leave campaign and are about to make a historic decision.

Leave has opened up a 7 point in the polls, I fully expect that lead to continue to grow, and people’s voices have become stronger and determined for Brexit, we have to take back sovereignty.

The EU is an anti-democratic, anti-state and anti- worker organisation; I have found online an excellent video for you to watch which sums up the problem in the EU rather nicely.

As well as ordinary people turning against the political elites, we are seeing more and more celebs also speaking out now in a way they wouldn’t have felt comfortable in the past.

John Cleese, the great comedy actor recently came out for Brexit, he has been followed by Mark Millar. Mark Millar is as you know the author of the hugely funny Kick Ass books, which has spawned two great movies. The theme of the movies are way that the ordinary people, the underdogs rise up against injustice.

Mark Millar says that Scots 'needs to get out of Europe' while they still can, and rather than being an armchair warrior, he stated he wanted to do everything he could to persuade people to leave the EU ahead of next week's referendum.

Writing for STV, he wrote:

"A chance like this is never coming back and, make no mistake, voting Remain is not a vote for the status quo as you or I understand it. The EU is being rapidly realigned as a state by itself with a president, a currency and very soon an army. We're heading into something that's not only going to be a monster, a politician's dream where the people with power are appointed not elected, but a total failure in every sense”.

He added:

"Europe is falling apart and the solution to this catastrophe is surely not more of the very same problem that kicked off the troubles. We need to get out while we still can and continue what's been good for us (like several progressive employment laws) through our democratic parliaments here in the UK."

This morning I got a Scottish Labour leaflet through the door, it wasn’t delivered by Labour activist, the Labour Party had to use the Royal Mail; there is effectively no real Labour campaign on the ground of note in Scotland.

Just as Scottish Labour are nowhere to be seen, neither is the SNP and its activists, their ‘war’ is being fought out on social media, their campaigns are no more than paper campaigns.

The leaflet today from Labour is Remain, however when you look inside it, they are attacking the Remain camp, infighting has broken out in the Remain camp, Scottish Labour have gone the route of project fear. This is despite Frank Roy who played a key role in Better Together saying this wouldn’t happen.

The Remain camp don’t have a case for remaining in the EU, all we have seen in vested self-interests speaking out in an attempt to protect their interests, the higher good discarded for money, their slice of the EU cake.

Mark Millar and others know that it is in the interest of national security and economic security that we all should vote to leave the EU on the 23rd June.

Inside the Scottish Labour leaflet there is four big falsehoods, centre spread, which I wanted to address.

Falsehood one, 250,000 jobs would be lost if we leave the EU.

Under the World Trade Organisation rules, the EU aren’t allowed to do this, if they did they would also run into serious trouble with EU law. Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty means that everything stays the same for two years, by that time we would have a new trade agreement.

Falsehood two, Workers’ rights would be affected by leaving the EU.

In Britain since 1938, a bill was passed in Westminster called the Fair Pay Act, this entitles workers to holiday pay. As to maternity leave, we in Britain have better maternity leave payments than those guaranteed by the EU. Equal pay, it is illegal in Britain not to offer equal pay for work.

Falsehood 3, leaving the EU would hit the economy.

We import more from the EU than we sell to them, in fact far from being weak, our bargaining position is extremely strong as we are the 5th biggest economy in the World. The EU needs us because the goods we buy from Europe such as cars help to keep in employment 1,000,000 German car workers.

Do you know that 25% to 30% of all cars in Britain are German?

We can leave the EU, get access to the single market and get a better deal.

Falsehood 4, being in Europe gives us lower prices.

Being in Europe means we pay 18% more for food rather elsewhere in the World, and you add to it that EU trade deals help to oppose and impose poverty on Africa.

The EU oppresses workers inside the EU and they impose poverty on countries in Africa, the click to the Guardian article is important and you should take the time to read it in full, because it backs my claim of the EU being anti-worker.

Ska Keller, a German member of the European Parliament said of the way the EU operates:

“Developing countries have a gun pointed at their chest – either they sign or their market access to the EU is restricted.”

What was Scottish Labour saying about the EU protecting workers?

I am voting to leave the EU on 23rd June, and I want as many of my fellow Scots to do likewise!

Yours sincerely

George Laird 
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Open letter to Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP fail to meet socially-rented housing manifesto target, failed to meet the A&E targets as well, the trend for the SNP is downwards, the implosion of your government due to lack of talent is expected, and the envy of your southside clique is so rather common, you're a total dud!

Dear All

The SNP has a track record of missing targets, the biggie is of course health targets for A&E but the incompetence doesn’t just end there, no there is much more failure in other areas to gasp at!

Sturgeon’s crew have missed a manifesto target to build more than 6,000 new socially-rented houses a year.

What has happened Nicola?

Did you appoint the wrong person yet again?

Of course you did, you stuck in a buddy who was a diddy and a crony to fill up the slots, now the chickens are coming home to roost, except they didn’t have a coop because no one was building.

There really is a huge lack of talent in the SNP in the elected.

Imagine those poor chickens standing out in the rain, no roof over their heads; they must kind of feel like working class on the housing ladder right now, soaked right through to the bone.

The Scottish Government was elected in May 2011 on a manifesto which included an "aim to build over 6,000 new socially-rented houses each year".

The key word here is ‘aim’, not a guarantee; you really can’t give those, too busy with your personal agenda to help out the Scots most in need.

After a decent start, credit where credit is due, the trend started to sink downwards, because your crew are really the 9 to 5 commandos then off out after picking up their pay packets.   

How could you been as utterly stupid as to appoint Kevin Stewart as Housing Minister?

In a Newsnight interview the guy was so gormless as to need a piece of paper to read off his prepared answers.

Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton said:

"In 2011 SNP promised 30,000 new socially-rented homes. After they won power, they lowered the target to 20,000. No amount of boastful press releases will help families into homes. The Scottish Government needs to be more focused on new rented homes."

Lowering the target, how unprincipled, in fact it stinks.

Conservative housing spokesman Alex Johnstone said:

"Although I welcome the increase in affordable housing, the fact is that the Scottish Government has put affordable housing on a pedestal to the exclusion of other tenures. What we are now seeing is an imbalance in construction that is pulling up the housing ladder from young families and ironically putting greater pressure on the affordable sector. The bottom line is that the ongoing housing crisis will only be solved by building more houses across all tenures and the Scottish Government is failing to deliver."

Just as the arse has fallen out of your 2014 indy campaign, it has also fallen out as you pitiful attempts at Government, the trend is downwards, you have peaked, as to joining the remain campaign, seen the stats, Leave 47%, Remain 41%.

I once cracked out in an article that you couldn’t get anything right and that your miserable career is built on failure.

George Laird right again.

Finally, I notice the major dullard Mhairi Hunter has been mentioning about my appearance as a guest on the Gordon Brewer Big Debate, why don’t you put her up one day?

Scotland needs a laugh!

The impression I got was the less than talented ‘cllr’ was green with envy alongside the rest of your southside gang on twitter, she is so common you know. 

People like her should be given a mega bucket of fried chicken and 2 ltr bottle of pepsi and left in a corner; thinking doesn’t sit well with her in my opinion, she is so gormless, what about her for housing minister?     

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, June 13, 2016

End of EU rule looms: Leave camp take 19-Point lead as Britons flock to Brexit, panic stricken Nicola Sturgeon engages in "divisive" rhetoric to encourage Scots to back Remain, guess what a landside is coming, and Sturgeon is on the wrong side of destiny yet again

Dear All

What a time to be a fake 90 minute Nationalist of the Sturgeon variety!

Nicola Sturgeon actively campaigning against a second Scottish independence referendum is an absolute hoot.

You might have noticed of late that the SNP are AWOL from the EU Referendum, their activists won’t come out and beyond a few miserable photo ops and Sturgeon doing a big of snide personal attacks and screaming; they are so quiet, like tiny little mice.

It is highly doubtful in my opinion that SNP supporters and voters will back Remain, when they know that Nicola is in bed with the Tories ….. all the way and Tony Blair to boot.

I have been doing my bit to get a strong Vote Leave for the people of Scotland while Nicola has been supporting oppression of the working class both in Britain and in Africa.

The shop soiled great white hope from Dreghorn claims the result of the vote in 10 days' time hangs "in the balance", my job is to kick it off the bloody cliff, and watch the EU then implode.

People want democracy back in the hands of our elected politicians…. Even the stupid one, because we can get round to them later!

Nicola Sturgeon looks increasingly like she is onto a loser, and she knows it, polling suggests the vote to leave is growing by the day; it seems at this point that Brexit is now appears unstoppable.

Today, I was out in Cardonald, most people who took the time to speak to me said they were voting leave, not just older people but young mums with their kids in tow.

As to Sturgeon arguing Scotland being dragged out of the EU against its will would be a "democratic outrage" and almost certainly spark another referendum, there will be no second referendum because Nicola Sturgeon will bottle it and not even ask.

Support for Scottish independence is dropping as is her party’s support, Nicola Sturgeon has peaked, and its downhill all the way.

Don’t let Sturgeon kid you on that Scotland is solid Remain, it isn’t, the SNP have collapsed, Scottish Labour don’t want to know, the Scottish Conservatives are a tad quiet, even Ruth Davidson seems to have lost her voice.

Tom Harris, leading the Leave campaign in Scotland, accused Ms Sturgeon of adopting "divisive" rhetoric.

He said:

"Scotland doesn't have a vote, neither does England, neither does any other nation of the UK. We are voting as individuals, each vote has the same value as any other in any part of the country. It is divisive, and unnecessarily divisive, to start saying one nation can outvote any other nation. All votes are equal and the majority wins, end of story. Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland are not members of the EU, we are voting as UK citizens and it doesn't matter where the votes to Leave or Remain come from."

If you are into gambling, you might want to ‘get the pennies’ on Vote Leave, the way things are going, the smart money is now on Brexit.

And to show how the Remain side has fade away, check out this story:

19 point lead!

In an online poll on the Express which I clicked on, 91% of 168370 voted to leave the EU.

A clear expression of people power in action, it is in the national interest of the United Kingdom to go, the EU is a dysfunctional organisation which doesn’t work to the benefit of EU citizens.

Once the United Kingdom goes, I hope this will start a cascade effect which will see other countries leave, and we can get back to mutual and beneficial trading arrangements which will promote harmony instead of the current situation of Europe being destroyed country by country by the EU.

It really is time to go.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

EU Referendum Special update: Free entry, Sunday 12th June, Palace of Arts in Glasgow, Jim Sillars, former SNP Deputy Leader and Nigel Griffiths, Director of Leave.EU will be speaking at the Pollok EU Ref Debate, the Leave campaign is firmly pulling away in the polls, but the pressure is still on to maximise a huge Leave vote in Scotland, no breaks it seems

Dear All

It has been a bit of a hectic time this weather, I am in campaigning mode.

Beep beep beep!

I have been going street stalls for the leave campaign, running leafleting teams in Pollok, organising the Pollok EU Referendum talk at the Glasgow Palace of Arts. Learning how to make posters in word publisher and driving my mates about, because they all want to get pissed.

Never a dull moment it seems in the life of in the international jet set of Pollok (First bus user).

If you pass through Buchanan Street on a weekend you will see that Vote Leave have a stall, street stalls aren’t anything new, but this stall I was told by a PhD student is something special. The student told me that she had travelled about campaigning as part of her thesis and hasn’t come across an operation so well run, and she has campaigned in Kent with senior figures for Leave.

As well as bouncing around Buchanan Street, I am the official spokesman for Leave.EU in Glasgow; as such I have been doing sessions sitting on a panel talking to people about the case for Leave. I have done two events so far, one with the FOSIS and the other with Glasgow Skeptics. Normally I am a member of the audience but due to a quirk of fate I have been thrown into the spotlight, it is nice to get recognised for my efforts.

On Sunday 12th June, I am organising a special event for Leave.EU in Pollok, the event will take place at the Palace of Arts, doors open at 2 pm, and the event proper kicks off at 2.30 pm. This is a chance for people from Pollok to question senior members of Leave in Scotland. I have secured two great speakers so far, Jim Sillars, former SNP deputy leader and Nigel Griffiths, the Director of Leave.EU in Scotland. It is hoped that other people may also appear on the panel but talks are on-going.

I am doing the ‘donkey work’, but I wanted to do something special for the residents around my way as a treat as some people say they haven’t seen anyone or got much in the way of information.

Last Friday I was asked to run a special event for people visiting Glasgow so I set up a nice trot around two housing developments in Darnley, no tenements, just lovely flat areas which I have done in the past.

One guy lasted 30 minutes, the heat was fierce and he really wasn't equipped for the event, the rest of the team clicked into it and really enjoyed it. Afterwards, we went to McDonald’s and had a nibble, to do the ‘social thing’, something I need to learn to do more. While in the SNP, I was in charge of the campaign rooms for the David Kerr by-election, as I explained to my team, my job is to keep you happy; my happiness doesn’t count, something to do with leading by example and leadership.

The Leave campaign has gained the upper hand as poll after poll is showing but the race is still running, I intend to get as high as possible a Leave vote for the benefit of the people of Scotland.

One of the reasons I am campaigning is because of TTIP, what is TTIP?

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a series of trade negotiations being carried out mostly in secret between the EU and US.

As a bi-lateral trade agreement, TTIP is about reducing the regulatory barriers to trade for big business, things like food safety law, environmental legislation, banking regulations and the sovereign powers of individual nations.

In plain English, this agreement could lead to the destruction of the NHS, destroyed so that big business can make profit.

Other reasons I am campaign, the EU is anti-democratic, this is dangerous, laws are being passed by people that were did not elected and we cannot hold to account. Our national and economic security is at risk.

Don’t take my word for it, do the research, and please remember to vote on 23rd June, this is important.

If my blogging is patchy between now and polling day, you can be sure I am focused on getting as many people converted to the cause of sovereignty, we should elected the people who make decisions, laws and taxes that affect us all.

If you wish to come along to the Pollok EU ref talk on Sunday 12th June at Palace of Arts in Glasgow, doors open 2 pm, event starts proper circa 2.30 pm, it is first come first served on seats, and there will be as I stated two great speakers in attendance who will answer your questions, entertain and inform you.

Entry is free and all welcome.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Glasgow Skeptics EU Referendum debate turns up the heat as Green MSP Patrick Harvie accuses Westminster of being ‘racist and xenophobic’ on immigration, Harvie displays the classic signs of the ‘regressive left’ by thinking labelling and smears win arguments

Dear All

It seems that the tide has turned in the EU referendum debate away from the ‘remain’ camp and towards ‘Vote Leave’.

As the referendum is now a little more than two weeks away, we are finding out more and more about the anti democratic nature of the EU and how it functions.

In my research I discovered a process called ‘co-decision’, this is the method of how EU law is drafted and made. This process involves three parts of the EU, the EU Parliament, the European Council and the European Commission.

Are you aware that the EU Parliament cannot initiate, propose or repeal EU laws?

We have 751 MEPs who are all part of a parliament which is effectively neutered, to add insult to injury; we see that each MEP over the course of a year costs us in the region of £1.79 million pounds. This is a massive amount of money for a parliament which is little better than a talking shop.

This parliament is a front to given the illusion of democracy, over two debates I have attended both Anas Sarwar and Patrick Harvie spoke of starting a ‘dialogue’ in Europe to ‘fix’ the EU.

Do you know that all recommendations for change, 72 in total; put forward by Britain have all been rejected by the EU?

Britain due to the way the system is set up is always going to be outvoted; the German and Franco alliance dominates the EU.

The EU debate is about many things, it is about democracy, accountability and about trust, all these key ingredients are missing in the EU, and that is why the remain camp are restoring to scaremongering and emotional arguments instead of trying to address facts.

So; what kind of facts are useful to know, well debt for a starter, 'France is totally bankrupt'!

Who said that, none other than the French jobs minister Michel Sapin.

Last week, there were protests and riots in France, about 1.2 million people took to the streets over the erosion of worker’s rights. A few days earlier, the people of Belgium were out on the streets, again Labour protests. Politicians talk about how the EU protects workers rights, where are the EU to protect the French and Belgians?

Let us now look at some other issues that affect worker’s rights.

Zero hours contracts are being promoted under EU Flexible Labour Market rules. If you think back to the movie, ‘On the Waterfront’, people would come down to the docks each day to be ‘picked’ to work, zero hours contracts are the modern day equivalent of this, an obscenity.

Another part of our EU legacy is that collective bargaining has been attacked and weakened in Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Romania as an EU bailout condition. Who does this benefit?

Large corporations!

So it is clear, the EU doesn’t stand on the side of workers despite the window dressing of ‘protection’.

Is there more, well if you google the ‘Viking-Line’ case in the ECJ, this case threatens to impose lower wages than the UK minimum wage. The upshot of this is allowing companies using an HQ address of convenience in Poland or Romania to impose the overseas minimum wage on their UK workers.

The EU’s free movement of labour rules are exploiting workers, allowing unscrupulous employers to import cheap labour and force down UK wage rates. This is constantly denied even by people employed in Unions allegedly to protect workers rights.

Have you heard of the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership? It has a catchy nickname called TTIP, except the tip of the iceberg would see EU’s ability to fine Governments that remove hospital services, railways and other contracts from private companies. This agreement could lead to the destroying of the National Health Service in Britain. If you have the time then please read up specifically on this development. Again, this is designed to help large corporations at the expense of the people.

Our very democracy and sovereignty is being attacked by the EU, Compulsory competitive tendering of all railway networks will be mandatory from 2019 under new EU laws over-ruling our UK Parliament.

Not long ago, Alan Johnson, the Labour MP and Leader of the In campaign said something rather incredible, which I would like to share with you:

“Austerity, Greece, the manifest lack of democracy and accountability all are spreading disillusionment about the EU among the left.”

Do, you know that there is a backlog of almost £20 billion in unpaid bills which member states will have to pick up?

Guess what, we are tagged to pay £2 billion of this, and you can also factor in that at present we pay 20% of the EU budget. Not only are we political losers, we are also economic losers, as Anas Sarwar remarked to me ‘there are always winners and losers’, to which I replied that ‘we are always the losers’.

It is highly likely that with France being “totally bankrupt”, and Greece and Italy understood to be on the brink of crisis that Britain will be forking out money in order to keep those countries afloat.

Last night I attended a Glasgow Skeptics event, my friend Alex on the panel with me put a brilliant defence of Leave’s position, I was off form due to recovering from illness. To my surprise I found the contribution by Patrick Harvie to be bizarre, at one point I said to him that shouting doesn’t make his points more credible. He also was keen to stress that Westminster was racist and xenophobic on the issue of immigration. It was almost like he was in the wrong debate and he was fighting the independence referendum.

Tax dodging multinationals have effectively run rings round Brussels, major employers such as McDonald’s, Starbucks and Amazon do the bulk of their business in the UK, but EU has allowed Luxembourg to become the tax-haven of choice for tax-dodging multinationals.

The architect of Luxembourg’s tax-cheat regime was their Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker now the President of the European Commission. Juncker has made repeated threats that Britain will suffer consequences if we leave the EU. One thing is clear to me in my mind, the EU is an anti democratic, anti people organisation which is firmly in the pockets of big business.

If you consider that you truly believe in democracy, if you believe that we should elect our lawmakers and that the sovereignty of our country matters, then on the 23rd of June, cast your vote with confidence and Vote Leave.

Finally, the tide towards exit is sweeping through the country, the Leave campaign is pulling away, winning the argument, making the case, and using facts not fear to convince people.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, June 2, 2016

The reality of losing a majority, Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon tastes bitter defeat as Holyrood MSPs vote for an outright ban on fracking in Scotland, in local news, politics returns to semi normal as SNP climb back into bed with the Tories, is this the ‘Annabel Goldie’ era all over again?

Dear All

Nicola Sturgeon in my opinion would sell Scotland and the Scottish people down the river without a moment’s hesitation.

So, I am delighted to tell you that Nicola Sturgeon has suffered an embarrassing setbackat Holyrood after MSPs supported a Scottish Labour call for an immediate and outright ban on fracking.

This is a good win for the people of Scotland and it is what Labour needs to do to regain trust with the voters.

Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green MSPs combined to pass a motion to demand a ban during a Holyrood debate on the environment.

Although Sturgeon’s crew said they would "recognised" the vote, they don’t consider this issue is dead and buried.

I am not convinced by fracking either, yes, it could make a lot of money for big business, but there are people who say the practice is dangerous.

Even within the SNP, things aren’t rosy in the garden for Nicola Sturgeon as grassroots SNP members are in revolt about this, and Sturgeon can’t afford to ignore them, which is why she imposed a moratorium on fracking pending the conclusions of a series of scientific studies due to be completed next year.

SNP MSPs during the vote all abstained which clearly shows that they are nothing more than mere drones, devoid of independent thought.

The vote is not binding on the government who I suspect will back fracking regardless of what the scientific evidence is presented to Holyrood.

During the election campaign, Labour, the Lib Dems and the Greens all pledged to ban fracking on environmental grounds, on the other side of the divide, the SNP have climbed into bed with the Tories, which yet again poo poo’s the idea that the SNP is a centre left party.

Labour's environment spokeswoman Claudia Beamish said:

"Today the will of the Scottish Parliament has been made clear - there should be an outright ban on fracking. The SNP may have abstained on the vote, but they cannot ignore the clear position of Scotland's Parliament. The SNP Government must now clarify whether or not they will respect the will of Parliament and introduce an outright ban on fracking. It would be outrageous for this important vote to be ignored”.

Friends of the Earth, Head of campaigns Mary Church said:

"It is clear from today’s vote that there is a growing consensus that stopping climate change means we have to say no to new fossil fuels like fracked gas. We look forward to greater urgency from the Scottish Government in ending the uncertainty for communities faced with unconventional fossil fuel extraction across Scotland."

Scots Tories environment spokesman Maurice Golden said fracking could generate £33billion for the UK economy, yet again the word ‘could’, no guarantee; this is pretty poor politics by Golden.

He told MSPs:

"For the three amigos, the left wing cabal of Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens, I say to you that you are out of step with the scientific evidence and with what consumers and businesses want and need. I think you need to stop playing politics and start standing up for Scottish jobs. For the SNP, you need to make your mind up. You're more indecisive than the Lib Dems. You need to listen to your own advice, and I quote from your own Scottish Government report: 'The technology exists to allow the safe extraction of such resources'."

Having done well in the Holyrood 2016, the Scottish Tories should reflect for a moment to consider that they got votes on a ‘loan’ from Scottish people, and if they want to be part of the crowd they better wise up.

Or the Tories could find in next election; they will ‘bumped’ back onto the scrapheap by the same people who extended to them the opportunity to change!

Fracking is not right for Scotland; I don’t agree with it, I don’t support it.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University