Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Bit about the EU Referendum, found this clip on youtube, it is a great start point for people to listen to regarding the European Union, the campaign has enter the last 7 days, it is becoming clear people of Britain want Brexit, once we have it, we can get a better deal with Europe

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Smudge said...

VOTE OUT,, that's all that matters, then we can start trading with the world again. We will be able to control our borders, make our own laws, get rid of any foregn rapists, murderers, etc etc. There ate SO MANY PLUSES to LEAVING this German led, EU dictatorship. Look at the way that pig, Bob Geldof, insulted OUR fishermen yesterday. He did the LEAVE campaign a massive favour. Fuck of Geldof,,,,, and to everyone I'd say,,,, the next time this MORON is looking for your money,, tell the pratt where to go.