Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Personal humiliation: Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon gets knock back after knock back as European Council President Donald Tusk and EU states refuse to commit to meetings with her, Charlatan politician reduced to meeting a few MEPs to justify her existence, easier to get in the room delivering pizza!

Dear All

One thing in politics is to know when the jig is up, to know when its game over, but apparently the shop soiled great white hope of Dreghorn Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t understand that concept.

Tampax campaigner Nicola Sturgeon is to hold talks with European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels today.

A piece of nonsense, a dog and pony show, the basis of her European adventure is to attempt to keep Scotland in the European Union.

For those unaware, that means the Nationalists readers who stop by, here is the George Laird view, always handy to have, no part of a country can join the EU while the rest of the country remains outside.

And there is more, in a federal situation if that transpires down the line, no federal part of a country can join the EU while the rest of the country remains outside.

Nicola Sturgeon hasn’t the legal authority to join the EU, Scotland has never held a membership and the rules apply on both sides of the fence, in other words, her adventure is nothing more than a PR stunt and she is screwed!

Since Nicola Sturgeon is a lawyer, she already knows this one would assume unless she was so shit at law she couldn’t grasp facts or indeed read a treaty properly.

Sturgeon is expected to meet European Parliament president Martin Schulz and Guy Verhofstadt, the former Belgian prime minister and leader of the Liberal group at the European Parliament.

What does this mean?

It means nothing!

The real meeting, a meeting with European Council president Donald Tusk is not on the cards and he has no plans to meet Sturgeon because he does not consider it to be the right time.

The right time is code for you are not a sovereign member state.

As to the MSPs giving her a "mandate" to hold discussions with EU institutions, this is another clear example why Holyrood is so poor, why they only seem capable of gesture politics, and why that lot need to grow up.

Sturgeon’s pitch is that "everything must be on the table to protect Scotland's place in Europe", Scotland didn’t have a place in the EU, the United Kingdom did, England, Wales and Northern Ireland equally didn’t have a place either.

Sturgeon said:

"My objective at this very early stage is firstly to raise awareness of the fact that Scotland voted differently in this referendum to the UK as a whole and that there is an aspiration and desire in Scotland, cross-party, to protect Scotland's relationship with the European Union and our place in the European Union”.

Raise awareness?

Is she having a laugh?

Maybe someone should raise awareness with her that she is a loser and blowing taxpayer money on a matter than doesn’t come under her remit.

Sturgeon added:

"And secondly, to begin the process of mapping out and exploring what the options for Scotland might be”.

That’s called Article 49 of the Lisbon Treaty….. hardly rocket science!

Sturgeon continued:

"I'm very aware that this is a long process ahead of us, it's likely to be a difficult and challenging process, but I'm determined that we take every possible step to protect Scotland's interests at every stage of it."

A challenging process for the mentally challenged, as to protecting Scotland’s interests, that falls to the task of the Westminster Government, more able, more capable, more dynamic and more influence that her and crew of non-entities!

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has warned Scotland has no right to negotiate with the EU.

The ultra-unionist Conservative declared:

"If the the United Kingdom leaves, then Scotland leaves too."

Nicola Sturgeon will never be statesman material!

Do you remember the doom and gloom and the angry remainers who tried to blame the leave campaign over the fall in the markets?

Guess what, read this.

Britain is a strong economy and in less than a week the country is bouncing back, Britain is for the first time in 43 years in a position to undertake tremendous opportunities in the World.

In my previous post, the road to civil war, I was saying that violence was coming to Europe.

I did this piece on March 21 2016 because the warning signs are clear to see, today in Turkey, we have seen tragic events unfold.

I will say it again, Europe is on the road to civil war within the member states, Turkey will join Europe as a member then freedom of movement will allow terrorists to cross borders easily to murder innocent people. Nicola Sturgeon by her rank stupidity is endangering the national and economic security of Scotland. We really do have an idiot in charge as First Minster of Scotland.

Finally, time for a quote:

"Never was so much owed by so many to so few".

In the coming years, the campaigning done by many people on the leave campaign will be remembered as the few who stood against the many, the elite and won.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

One of your best Georgieboy , Chuchillian almost


Anonymous said...

No surprises there, no one expects any better from this loser of a first minister but what is happening with Dugdale? Is she just going to ape everything that Sturgeon says and does or will she start acting like a grown-up politician with a mind and policies of her own. Traditional labour voters in Scotland deserve far better than this.

Sherbie. said...

Hahaha,,, that'll sicken Sturgeon. Even Hollande didn't want to know. I wonder how much this Irritating fool Sturgeon cost the taxpayer for this "jollie",, anyway, I hope Scotland's fishermen and their families are taking note of how this treacherous NAT Sturgeon, is destroying their industry, and making a laughing out of Scotland. Well done to Spain and France for putting this cocky fool in her place.

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

Does this woman spend her day sitting in the centre of a circle of obscenely overpaid sycophants, "advisers", spin doctors, media advisers and "political strategists" with her head swivelling back and forth through 360 degrees looking for "ideas" aimed at creating the illusion that she is doing dynamic and first ministerial things? As we know, the nearest she ever came to having a real job was at an "advice centre" in a council housing estate. Her entire "adult" life has been spent in meaningless posturing inside the snp bubble in which delusion and crass unresearched political bibblebabble is the only currency she has ever known. She has given up on "Scottish independence", she shows no talent for governance and her sole ambition now is simply to cling to office for as long as possible whilst raking in the cash.

Having said all of that, she seems to be the best leader I could have invented for the snp. That would be due to the fact that she is such an appalling waste of knicker elastic that she can only "lead" the snp to the electoral oblivion from which they came and to which they will inevitably return. And that's my ruling. Any appeal against this ruling will be denied.

Auld Jock