Friday, September 30, 2011

Labour leader Ed Miliband makes a massive political gaffe during BBC Scotland interview, cannot name favourite to be Scottish leader, Ken who?

Dear All

Ed Miliband is having a hard time but walk down the corridor and be in the shoes of Scottish Labour leadership frontrunner Ken Macintosh.

His campaign suffered a low blow in the nether regions as Ed Miliband could even remember his name.

Too low-profile!

Rather than see that as a disadvantage it gives him the narrative to play the ‘outsider’ card, turning a negative into a positive.

Miliband did remember the other two, Tom Harris, an MP and Glasgow University product Johann Lamont.

Lamont is deputy Scottish Labour leader at Holyrood, and the worst candidate by miles and miles.

The interview by Miliband highlights he is gaffe prone, as the Labour leader could only describe Mr Macintosh as “a third candidate”.

He is the favourite, the natural candidate by circumstance.

However, the lack of knowledge is embarrassing by even more is that Ken Macintosh has been a member of the Scottish Parliament since 1999.

Holyrood is considered by Scottish MPs as a back water institution with the real action happening at Westminster.

At Westminster, you can do it all, domestic, provincial and international politics that is why the real talent in Labour in Scotland want to go to Westminster.

Labour MP Jim Murphy, the shadow defence secretary, and Douglas Alexander, the shadow foreign secretary have resisted attempts to persuade them to stand for the leadership as the bright lights of London are too powerful.

Holyrood is 9 to 5 politics, Monday to Friday and sits only a couple of days a week.

The Miliabnd gaffe started easy enough during an interview with BBC Scotland in which Mr Miliband, who looked tired after a week-long conference, described the declared candidates as three “great hitters”.

Then some bright speark chipped in with the classic could name them, Miliband initially looked startled like he had been kicked by a horse.

He then replied:

“What I am saying is there is Tom Harris, there is Johann Lamont and a third candidate who is also putting himself forward.”

How can he not know the name of what he describes as a ‘great hitter’?

How can someone be great if you don’t know them?


He was then reminded it was Ken Macintosh’s name he was scratching for, prompting him to say:

“Look, Ken Macintosh is going to be an excellent candidate.”

On what basis is he, because he put his name forward?

Ed Miliband after his ‘Gillian Duffy’ moment telephoned Mr Macintosh to apologise.

Labour later released a statement from the MSP, in which he attempted to laugh off the incident.

Aye right!

Making light of it Macintosh, who is a father-of-six, joked:

“I don’t think anyone should read anything into it – half the time I can’t even remember the names of my own kids. If anything, it shows politicians are human.”

Then trying to divert, he said what had got his attention was Mr Miliband’s “strong and positive case for Scotland to remain in the UK”.

Aye right!

At present the Labour Party is undergoing an root-and-branch review. The next leader of Labour in Scotland would be in charge not just of the party’s MSPs but also its MPs.

And presumably councillors, you have to be in charge of everyone for it to make sense.

There is still time for other candidates to enter the race, however, the task for Labour is massive, there has been a cull in Glasgow of Labour Councillors but changing faces isn’t enough.

I suspect that Labour will go with a people’s campaign to reconnect with voters as they fight off challenges to their power base, particularly in Glasgow.

If Glasgow falls it is a key mile stone on the road to independence and Labour will fight a vicious campaign to hold onto the city.

As Peter O’Toole put it in Lawrence of Arabia:

“No prisoners, no prisoners”!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Scottish police gear up for massive bun fight over London Olympics; Met Police want to strip out Scottish Police firearm teams, totally unacceptable

Dear All

I have to agree with the assessment by senior Scottish Police Officers that a request to provide almost 1000 officers to police the London Olympics next year is untenable.

The issue of security is not just on events day, and the security operation must be enacted prior to the Olympics starting.

The Beijing Olympics lasted from August 8th through the 24th, 16 days: 2 weeks, 2 days.

And that means we are looking at as a minimum three weeks possibly stretching to 4.

The entire Olympic site must be searched and then locked down; this will extend beyond the site as various perimeters are set up within the security operation zones.

At a recent meeting to discuss the security of the event, Scottish police were asked cough to between 950 and 1000 officers.

Their offer was in the region of 750 and 800, clearly as well as static duties, the Police will want to create several mobile reserves incorporated into their terrorist threat assessment plans.

It also means that Scotland would possibly be asked to give up specialist firearms teams, probably deployed to other areas of the security zones.

So, it is said that officers are “drawing a line in the sand” and they are right to do so, effectively their role of crime detection will be reduced to mere stewarding.

A complete waste of a valuable officer’s time!

Most large public events generally pass peacefully with mutual aid coming from forces.

The threat at the Olympics isn’t from rioters but rather from small cells of people infiltrating the perimeter and the best way to do that is by way of being a volunteer or paid steward.

These people will of course be vetted but, then so where Russian spies, Burgess, Maclean and Phiby and they ended up walking all over the place.

Total security is impossible but there are ways to limit risk such as what happen in Munich to Israeli athletes who tragically died.

The Munich massacre remembers blight on the Olympic experience that few can forget or should do.

So, what is the threat level, well it is probably going to be set as high even without specific intelligence.

A Police source said:

“Based on current figures there is a significant shortfall and the numbers being requested are expected to increase. There will be five assessments of the numbers of officers required before the Olympics. Three have been done so far and there are concerns about how enough specialist officers will be found in the context of massive cuts to police numbers in England and Wales. Scotland can’t be expected to bail them out because they are cutting back. We are drawing a line in the sand.”

As I say there are concerns in relation to specially trained firearms and public-order officers.

Better to have them and not need them, than not have them and be up shit creek.

The people who make this world worse aren’t taking a day off.

Les Gray, chairman of the Scottish Police Federation, said:

“They are going to find themselves short and we are going to politely say no. Scottish forces can’t sacrifice numbers here. The situation in England and Wales is very difficult because they are cutting so many officers and because of discontent over the Winsor Review.”

I am not a fan of Les Gray; this isn’t the time to get on a soapbox about pay, conditions and perks.

It’s a security issue and not the right time for that.

David O’Connor, president of the Association of Scottish Police Superintendents, said:

“Forces in England and Wales are cutting far too far and far too deep and we don’t have the numbers to send that level of support.”

Assistant Chief Constable Cliff Anderson, general secretary of the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland, said:

“Scotland has agreed in principle to deploy officers to assist at the Olympics and planning is under way. No firm request for officers is planned until early next year. Only a small proportion of Scotland’s overall firearms capability has been identified as potentially being utilised for the Games mutual aid provision.”

Publicly, everyone in public office always says that there is always enough cover, however I have mighty big doubts about that.

At the Games there will be SAS cover on standby worked into the assessment plans but regular army could be deployed in certain stewarding duties.

The Games are a once-in-a-lifetime national event but crime is all time national event and Police forces need reserves too.

Big bun fight is in the offing.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Goldfinger - Shirley Bassey

Labour MSP Hanzala Malik under fire for double jobbing, he says he has a “moral duty” to stay till the end of his term in 2012, single by-election!

Dear All

The death of SNP councillor George Roberts was a terrible blow for his family, he was well liked and respected.

His death means that there will be a by-election in the Hillhead ward, pencilled in for 17th November.

Anxious for a double win, the SNP are putting pressure on Labour MSP Hanzala Malik to stand down thereby causing a double by-election.

From a political point of view, it would allow the SNP to get valuable information on whether their attempt to win the city of Glasgow is viable.

And a double by-election would be treated as a special by the SNP in much the same way as Glasgow East or Glasgow North East by-elections.

It would also see possibly the appearance of government ministers such as Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond with MSPs especially in Glasgow whipped to attend this event.

If it is a single by-election, it will probably be low key with numbers of activists reflecting that situation.

So, the SNP want a double but the Labour Party certainly has nothing to gain and everything to lose if they go down that road.

Hanzala Malik stuck his name on the Glasgow list for Holyrood, never thought he would be elected but stranger things happen at sea and he finds himself in Holyrood.

I saw him on election night at the SECC in the hall sitting behind the SNP, very friendly chap as he sat with his wife.

However, he is double jobbing being both a Labour MSP and Labour Councillor.

But he isn’t the only one from a political party doing that in the city.

SNP whip Councillor Graeme Hendry said:

“If the rumours are true that Hanzala Malik is refusing to stand down then he is treating the people of Hillhead with contempt.”

SNP Councillor Graeme Hendry has another job as well as his Coucnillor job, that is also double jobbing, doesn't see that as a problem the hypocrite.

I believe that everyone who is currently double jobbing in the city of Glasgow should step down, from whatever party, all councillors in my opinion should be full time, with the exception of those who are also in the administration of the council.

And a scandal in the offing is people employed by Scottish MSPs as staff standing for Council in the same wards their MSP represents.

This is also a case of double jobbing because effectively they are getting paid twice to handle the cases of constituents.

Maybe someone should do a story on that aspect, it is as big as scandal as the ALEO nonsense that the Labour Party was involved in.

The Labour Party has nothing to gain if Hanzala Malik steps down and everything to lose, Labour may not be terribly bright but they aren’t stupid when self interest is concerned.

Malik says he has a “moral duty” to stay until his term ends in 2012 which is hypocrisy as he was quick to point out in 2007 that an SNP MSP should give up his “inappropriate” second job as a Glasgow city councillor.

Oh how opinions change when the shoe is on the other foot.

The Hillhead by-election if it is a double will provide useful information on whether the SNP has a chance to win the city in 2012.

If it is a single seat, it is meaningless.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

BBC chief Lord Patten says job losses ‘not the end of the world’, try telling that to the wives and husbands of the 150 people facing the sack!

Dear All

Here is a bold statement.

BBC Trust chairman Lord Patten has warned there will be job losses at the corporation but said:

“It’s not the end of the world; this isn’t the slaughter of the first-born.”

Try saying that to the poor bastard who is left high and dry without the ability to pay his mortgage or feed his family!

Patten, the former governor of Hong Kong was speaking at BBC Scotland’s HQ at Pacific Quay in Glasgow, where the trust is spending two days discussing savings north of the Border.

Cuts are said to be in the region of a whopping and soul destroying 20%.

150 BBC jobs in Scotland could go bye bye!

One of the high-profile programmes under threat is River City.

River City is important because it provides work for people in Scotland, so I support it, even although I can’t stand it.

To me it is Cringe TV.

However, during a question and answer session attended by the BBC Trust chairman, BBC Scotland director Ken MacQuarrie told staff:

“We have no plans to cut River City; I can make that absolutely clear.”

Make of that as you will, one thing I have found is that people promise one thing and sometimes deliver something else.

People at River City should prepare for the worse and look elsewhere, just in case.

Lord Patten said concerns about the soap’s future are “slightly far-fetched” but chipped in that there would be more repeats on television.


Bring back Friday night double bills of horror films on BBC2.

Patten told The Herald:

“It’s tough, and alas some people will lose their jobs, so you cannot make light of it. But it’s not the end of the world; this isn’t the slaughter of the first-born. There are some real jewels in the crown which we have got to preserve but we’re not going to be able to do everything, as we’ve had to show already. We had to reach a deal with Sky over broadcasting Formula 1 – we just couldn’t afford to do it ourselves. So we will have to make some changes. We won’t be able to spend quite as much money on entertainment but I hope we’ll be able to preserve the very best quality in news, dramas, children’s (programmes), the presentation of national events, and service to the nations and regions, because we’re the only people doing that.”
Not much comfort to those getting pumped.

‘Don’t worry darling we can still watch Formula 1 together’!

So, that axe is falling and 150 people are going to be going to the wall, it’s a small Scottish pond so in order to get work they may have to move.

Maybe some bright spark will bring back Star Trek, BBC 1 at 7 pm on a Monday night, we can only hope.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hannibal Rising (2007) Trailer HD, one for the collection

MANHUNTER - Trailer - (1986), its a real cult classic

Child star of Labour conference and the truth behind his 'life of poverty', he went to private school, what does he know of poor?

Dear All

At the recent Labour Party conference, up popped a 16 year old lad called Rory Weal.

He was quickly feted as the ‘hero’ of the Labour conference for an impassioned speech telling how the welfare state saved his family from ruin.

One slight problem emerged.

As the schoolboy played to the crowd with a tale of his home being repossessed and the family having ‘nothing, no money, no savings’, and how it was only the benefits system the family had to to fall back on.

It turns out he is the privileged son of a millionaire property developer who sent Rory to a private school.

And even now he goes he goes to a selective grammar school.

The ‘poor’ Weal family owned homes worth an estimated £2.25million in some of the most sought-after addresses in the land.

Jonathan Weal, Rory’s dad previously lived in a luxury penthouse apartment in leafy Blackheath, South London, valued at £1.3million.

Another hovel owned by the family was a £950,000 Grade II listed lodge house in Chislehurst, Kent.

And regards to schooling, Rory went to 13,788-a-year Colfe’s School in Blackheath.

Hardly Oliver Twist is he?

It seems the narrative of a poor kid rising up through the ranks is sheer nonsense.

So, we got treated to a ‘William Hague moment’.

Getting on his designer soapbox, Rory attacking the ‘vicious and Right-wing’ Government of Cameron and Clegg as he constructed the image of his destitute family!

He told Labour delegates:

“Two and a half years ago, the home I had lived in since birth was repossessed. We had nothing, no money, no savings”.


“I owe my entire well-being and that of my family to the welfare state. That is why I joined the Labour Party, but that very same welfare state is being ruthlessly ripped apart by a vicious and Right-wing Tory-led government. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for that system, that safety net. So I take this opportunity to plead with the Government to reconsider their measures.”

However, he did have 13 and a half years of luxury few poor people will ever realise except in their dreams.
Rory, who later declared he would ‘not rule out’ becoming Prime Minister one day.

He also said:

“I ask David Cameron, what does he think I should do when I can’t afford to get to school in the morning?”

Walk like the poor do.

“What does he think I should do when I can’t buy the materials I need for school?”

Get a part time job.

Unfortunately Rory’s own grandmother was less kind as she described the budding politician as an accomplished actor.

At her home in Stockbridge, Hampshire, Sandra Weal said:

“He used to do a lot of acting and I think that’s why he was so confident in front of an audience. We only found out about the speech on Monday and it’s really the first time we’ve heard about his interest in politics. We were surprised because we thought he wanted to go in to something like acting. But he’ll make a fantastic politician - he’s not pompous, he’s just a very genuine person.”

Fuck off!

Yesterday the Labour Party was keeping a tight rein on its ‘new star’. Rory was placed under the protection of two Labour minders who were fending off the media and ensuring he did not stray ‘off message’.

But the message is clear, how to stand for elected office, claim you are poor, that you have suffer hardship and come from a rough area, never having the advantages in life.

Then go home to your £300,000 semi-detached house after conning the public.

I would put money the little shit is one of the 90 minutes activists who only come out at election times.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Labour MP Tom Harris lays bare some home truth and is criticised by own party over remarks, Holyrood list MSPs are 'second class' representatives!

Dear All

How to win friends and influence people is a good book on pressing the flesh to make a good impression.

Labour MP Tom Harris takes a different view, he has suggested some Labour MSPs are ore important than others.

What does he mean by important?

Well, he puts more value on the 15 who won first past the post at the recent Holyrood election.

The other 22 were list MSP who no one expected to be sitting in Holyrood, but when the Tsunami hit, there was a bit of a clear out.

Researchers became MSPs and MSPs became researchers, a bit like the Stella Artois commercial.

As he has let rip, this has brought criticised by members of his own party who must unhappy about being tagged as ‘second class’ MSPs.

The regional list system is a joke; it allows people to become MSPs who the public would never elect in a month of Sundays.

The list can be gerrymandered by vote rigging, the practice is simple and well known, sign up members to secure a party vote and then let their membership lapse, repeating the process before the deadline of eligibility runs out.

I believe that the regional list should be scrapped completely; it is undemocratic, unfair and doesn’t give ordinary voters the right to reject.

Some people are voted into the Scottish Parliament and others are appointed based on a discredited party list system.

You can legally rig a party list by signing up members.

In a radio interview, Tom Harris said that describing the party as having won 37 seats in May was “putting too rosy a glow on to the result”.

He is right, they won 15 seats.

And not to sugar coat things he said the attitude the party took “rather masked just how bad the result was”.

The Holyrood result was a disaster.

Popping up on the influential BBC Today programme, he reflected that the party took 53 constituency seats in the first Scottish Parliament elections in 1999.

One senior Scottish Labour figure said last night:

“This is Tom getting a bit carried away now that he is in the leadership race. The SNP have never made much of this distinction, and neither should we. After all, in Holyrood, every vote counts the same.”

A simplistic analogy!

And continuing the truth by spilling his guts, Harris also said the party had paid the “appropriate price“ for the lack of vision it had offered to voters earlier this year. They did not think we were saying anything relevant to them.”

Four years of no policies of any real meaning coupled with gimmicks to hoodwink the voters such as the phoney knife crime campaign took its toll.

4 years and no private members bill produced despite claiming this was a serious issue.

In the wake of the disastrous result, Labour ordered a root and branch review of the party in Scotland.

Of the 3 leadership candidates who have formally declared, Harris is in the wrong place, Johann Lamont, the party’s current deputy leader is ineffectual which leaves Ken Macintosh MSP for East Renfrewshire.

He like Murdo Fraser is the real alternative, Scottish politics is a small pond and the pool of real talent who have vision can be fitted into an egg cup.

And you need a microscope as well.

Tom Harris is doing a lot of talking so he dominates the stage and sets the agenda, is he the saviour of Scottish Labour?

Or is he just a Labour MP tired of being in Westminster and wants a 9 to 5 job.

Well they better do something; the Council elections are less than a year away.

Tick Tock!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

United Nations Compensation (UNCC) awards George Laird $6,500,000, if only that was true, I would be packed off to South of France toes in the sea!

Dear All

It seems that Kofi Annan has written to me personally.

So, here is the full email.

United Nations Development
United Nations Economic Commission on Financial Matters for Africa.
Office Address, 11 Queens' s Drive,
Ikoyi, P.O.Box 2075, Lagos.
Tel/Fax: +234-7039109580, Fax: 2111372


The United Nations in Nigeria, Benin Republic, Ghana and Bokinafaso received a
report of scam against you and other British/US citizens and Malaysia,Etc.
whom the country of Nigeria/Benin,Bokinafaso And Ghana have recompensated
you due to meeting held with Four countries Government and the world high
commissions against fraud activities by the Four country Citizens.

Your name was among those scammed as listed by the Nigeria Financial
Intelligent Unit (NFIU).Your compensation has been issued out, You where
compensated with the sum of 6.5million USD as the affected victim. You are
required to forward the below informations for reverification.




Yours in Service,

Prof Kofi Annan

It is of course a 419 scam, to rip people off, but if you have the time and energy, you can do some good.

Every email they get yanking their chain means less time to scam some poor schmuck out of their life savings.

So, get typing asking for more money and information.

And don’t give any details of yourself to these clowns, they are in Brazil according to their IP address,

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thousands of students at human rights abusing Glasgow University experience enrolment chaos, business as usual at ‘the bay’ Muscatelli?

Dear All

I spent 20 years at the human rights abusing Glasgow University pottering about the place.

So, I am well versed in the university myth of their supposed superiority which sometimes is quite lacking.

The latest problem to hit the troubled campus managed by the corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli is the bright shiny new £14 million “self-enrolment” service has allegedly fallen on its arse.

Launched this year at ‘the bay’ probably to much self congratulation, it is said to have left this year’s admissions system in chaos.

This is according to some staff and students.

What would Glasgow University be without poor management?


The numbers of students calling the University of Glasgow’s helpline to complain about glitches in the IT system is said to run into thousands.

Students are unable to register for degree courses.

The new campus software, titled ‘MyCampus’, (how wonderfully original) was introduced this year to allow students to enrol and select course options.

This new idea was to save money, £500,000 annually from the budget and phase out the dedicated adviser of studies team.

The university has been under fire for some time for implementing controversial cuts seen as detrimental to students.

Patently Muscatelli and his senior management crew didn’t realise that some things are better being done by hand!

University Staff speaking out say the MyCampus system is beset with technical problems.

I remember my friend who was a lecturer telling me he built a lazer around £250,000 that didn’t work.

At the time, it didn’t have much effect on me as I was well used to nothing working right, if you wanted something done best to do it yourself and save the hassle.

Especially down at the Stevenson Building, the University sports facility.

Now, students will see the registration process not being completed until the end of the first term in December.

Common complaints from students include students being told that compulsory classes are full or being enrolled for the wrong degree.

You know, if the staff who spy on me had taken my advice and download Hi-Tech Creations, Aces High; they could have been flying around in virtual reality staying out of trouble.

And it would be cheaper.

In classic, ‘it doesn’t work, forget the system’, students are being advised by some university tutors to ignore the system and simply turn up at the correct classes for their degree course.

The upgrade to MyCampus was installed to replace the existing in-house system, called WebSURF.

However, the UCU lecturers’ union believes WebSURF was more effective and has described the new system as “cumbersome, frustrating and unreliable”.

How embarrassing for corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli, another part of the university mirroring their ‘justice’ system.

Course advisers at the University of Glasgow say the introduction of MyCampus has increased their workload; worried students have inundated them with queries.

The university defence is that the system has already been adopted by Cambridge, Queen’s University Belfast and Derby University.

As I have previous opined, at Glasgow University, there is a habit of copying other people’s ideas from elsewhere.

The software is part of the Student Lifecycle Project, which I previously blogged on before as the new white elephant on campus.

George Laird was right again.

20 years at Glasgow University watching how these people operate.

One student tweeted:

“I can’t enrol in anything so I missed my first philosophy lecture which I signed up for on paper.”

Another said:

“Most of the links were dead, so I just gave up.”

A spokesman for the Glasgow branch of the UCU and adviser of studies, said:

“It’s not really fit for purpose at the present time. The people getting it in the neck are the teaching staff. It has created a tremendous amount of extra work, particularly for course advisers. We have been fire-fighting for the last week or so … I don’t think we will have everyone enrolled until the end of the first term. It has worked better for new students, but there are problems with continuing students where there is a lot of data to be transferred. It is a lot of cash but it’s not just the capital costs. The university has put a tremendous amount of staff resources into this.”

Reminds me of the Critchon College the University of Glasgow decided to take education to the masses in Dumfries.

That ran into trouble too.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Annabel Goldie enters the leadership race as a complainer against Murdo Fraser’s plan for new ‘Tory’ party in Scotland, bike please for Goldie!

Dear All

Annabel Goldie has no political future after she steps down as Scottish Tory leader.

She like Jack McConnell is just going to sit up the back at Holyrood and occasionally put her bit in.

Passing the time waiting on her appointment to the Lords!

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock!

Meanwhile life goes on, the Scottish Tories are a dead party in Scottish politics, they have no future; to believe they have is naïve.

However, Annabel Goldie has become embroiled in the party’s leadership campaign trying to save her toxic brand as Murdo Fraser; her deputy has made a pledge to form a breakaway centre-right movement.

Fraser is smart enough to know the Scottish Tories have no future, but Goldie clearly wants to try and save the Titanic.

It’s over!

Murdo Fraser is one of four candidates along with Glasgow list MSP Ruth Davidson, transport spokesman Jackson Carlaw and Central Scotland list MSP Margaret Mitchell standing to be the next leader.

Of the four standing, only Murdo Fraser has the vision.

Ruth Davidson is a carpet bagger, Carlaw isn’t right and Margaret Mitchell doesn’t impress.

Goldie has released a statement saying she rejected Mr Fraser’s plan.

No one cares Annabel, you are yesterday’s force.

Tories did badly at the Holyrood election, others did worse but the fact remains that unless a successful narrative can be found to revitalise the party, they are going down wards towards the same status as Party Harvie’s Green Party.

He says members must “get real”.

Fraser has stats to back up his claims as he says that if the party continues to lose regional list votes at the rate it has been doing, it will find itself with less than 7% of the vote.

Mr Fraser said:

“I, and thousands of members like me, have worked tirelessly for decades for this party. The least the members deserve is to know the unvarnished, unspun truth about the state we’re in. The reality is that, despite having popular and effective leaders such as Annabel Goldie and David McLetchie, we go backwards at every election. We have lost well over 100,000 votes since devolution, and if our trend goes on we will be reduced to a rump like the Greens and the SSP used to be.”

Here is a laugh from The Scottish Conservative and Unionist MSP John Lamont, hit back at Mr Fraser, accusing him of insulting “hard-working candidates and activists across Scotland”.

I have never seen a Tory activist or ‘hard working’ candidate other than at election time.

They don’t work in poor areas.

That is the reality, to say there is such a thing as “hard-working candidates and activists across Scotland” raises the question.

Where do they work?

Lamont is the campaign manager for Ms Davidson, he said:

“No-one is disputing the party has been in serious decline, but surely as the deputy leader he has to accept some responsibility for what has happened.”

This is such a bland statement, does Lamont?

The Scottish Tories need to disband and remodel themselves to win seats, Fraser says that a new right wing party is needed, but the reality is to win votes, a new centre party offers a better chance.

Right wing policies coupled with centre left policies on social justice is the only viable option.

Question is will the Scottish Tories who so despised the working class take steps to better their lives?

If they make these people’s lives better then they stand a chance of being a force, if they don’t a new name won’t make a difference.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing is still a wolf.

It’s Murdo Fraser for leader because there is simply no one else.

Annabel Goldie’s intervention has as much effect as a shout on a wet street.

Someone get her a blanket, warm milk and some rusks, she will need something to occupy her time up the back waiting on her Baroness title from the Queen.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Professor Green Feat. Lily Allen - Just Be Good To Green

Film Week, Billy Lo Vs Carl Miller (Full Fight Scene) Game of Death

David Cameron calls for swift action to avert economic crisis, its too late for that, he must push for a Euro wide default, passed point of no return

Dear All

The Euro is for all intensive purposes on the brink of collapse.

We are heading into a double dip recession.

Banks are trading fraudulent selling in the derivatives market which has turned into a giant ponsi scheme backed by nothing.

Have a read:


The three industrial giants, America, Europe and China are waiting to see who falls first.

We are currently pumping money into a black hole to shore up a collapsing system.

And the question is when.

The solution by governments to the debt problem is short term; they want people and organisations to take on more debt, when they should be doing the opposition.

We cannot grow our way out of debt by taking on more debt.

Prime Minister David Cameron has recently warned that failure to act swiftly over Eurozone debts would "lengthen the shadows of uncertainty" looming over the global economy.

It is a stupid statement because behind the rhetoric there is no plan other than austerity.

The solution for countries is simply to default and not pay the banks.

Iceland done it and their economy is starting to grow.

Cameron made his call to action at the Canadian parliament by saying that indebted nations need to make tough decisions in order to repair their broken balance sheets.

Did he really say “their”?

It isn’t their problem, it’s the bank’s problem but politicians try to sell this as the country’s problem.

Cameron is looking for a fix to solve the Eurozone crisis and stop it deepening.

The solution is the entire Euro zone defaults at the same time and nationalises the money supply currently controlled by the banks.

Stop Quantitative easing (QE) dead which is asset stripping nations placing them in deeper into debt and limiting their ability to break free from debt.

Boldly David Cameron called on European nations to show they had the "political will" to "do what is necessary".

He said:

"One way or another, they have to find a fundamental and lasting solution to the heart of the problem - the high level of indebtedness in many Euro countries."

Cameron doesn’t have the "political will" to "do what is necessary", he is so impotent, and he hasn’t even banned the London Stock Exchange trading in fraudulent Derivatives.

Does he know that is going on?

If he doesn’t, how can he fix any problems?

In telling the Canadian parliament that banks had to be made strong, and lack of competitiveness challenged he misses the point.

Banks are strong; they are making money, weakening governments like Spain, France, America and Greece.

We will see continual hikes in oil and food prices caused not by demand by but by speculation.

Cameron’s only plan is to continually prop up the banks using taxpayers’ money which will lead to great austerity.

Recently we had riots, which rapidly went out of control; we will see riots again in Britain.

There is no political will to default the banks in Britain because politicians are in the pockets of bankers.

Why do you think the Greeks are out protesting?

It is because government isn’t listening to the people.

Default is the only way forward for the entire Euro Zone, all countries must default at the same time; then we can have stability in the bank system, once it has been fixed.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Angry public sector unions warn of guerrilla action as Scottish ‘winter of discontent’ is mooted, strikes, strikes, strikes, ‘show me the money’!

Dear All

I lived through the Labour ‘Winter of Discontent’ which saw the end of the James Callahan Government.

That ushered in 18 years of conservatism which saw Scotland utterly destroyed as a society.

2011 sees the start of real deep cuts to budgets forced on Scotland by the Tory/ Lib Dem Coalition in London.

The only difference is now there is an extra layer of administration between Westminster and the Councils called Holyrood.

People fear for their jobs, the ability to pay their mortgage or even whether they will be able to put food on the table.

2011 and the unions have declared a “winter of discontent”.

The unions are protesting over public sector pension contribution hikes and another pay freeze.

But the money isn’t there; the only way to balance without changing structure is compulsory job losses.

Public sector reform is needed and the reality is that the public sector must shrink to consolidate before any kind of expansion is possible.

Jobs will be lost and quality of service will go down.

Anyone not realising this is a fool.

So, the unions are gearing up for war in Scotland, and since the creation of Holyrood and the Scottish Government, the buck stops here.

When the rubbish starts piling up, services are overloaded and protest after protest starts, it will be very hard for any government to remain popular.

In politics, in a short space of time you can go from being favour of the month to being the most despised party.

Ask the Lib Dems, their support has deserted them for good reasons.

Of course people can play the blame game, kicking the can down the road to Westminster but ordinary people aren’t quite so forgiving or understanding.

If there is the same kind of chaos which marked the action of 1979-80, there will be a rise in protest voting the like we haven’t seen for some time.

Rubbish Mountains piled up, coupled with heart breaking personal stories of vulnerable people suffering doesn’t win elections.

The ball kicks off with a UK wide public service strike on November 30.

And we can expect much more action, leaving anyone wanting to run a positive campaign on a real sticky wicket.

Unions covering teachers, health staff, fire fighters and even prison officers could all ballot for industrial action.

When these types of people hit the streets there will follow a back lash.

Budget cuts will lead to job losses and reduced services, although some people like to stress no compulsory job losses, when posts aren’t filled, these are still job losses.

Someone better come up with radical thinking to reform the public sector, sooner rather than later.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Film Week, Run Silent Run Deep (Trailer)

Kirsty MacColl A New England

John Swinney and Scottish Government feel the backlash as anger rises over budget, new George Laird idea, introduce a City Sovereign Fund

Dear All

The Scottish budget came and went, austerity is on the way and people don’t like it.

For the poor, they are use to living in austerity, staying in bad housing, eating the lowest quality and poorest food and wearing the cheapest of clothes.

It is a fairly unpleasant existence that most of the public don’t have to endure, however the poor make their budgets balance.

They have no choice.

They don’t have financial reserves to draw on and no opportunity to make money.

Yesterday; saw the Scottish Government to continue with a public sector pay freeze, factor in the rise in inflation running towards 5% and those in employment are seeking their pay going backwards.

The unions are unhappy but the facts remain, the Scottish Government has had its budget grant cut by Westminster.

That means cuts travel downwards.

Despite the gloom, John Swinney expressed hope of a “modest” pay increase in 2013 but wouldn’t be drawn on how much.

The PCS union speaks of “anger as never before” but there isn’t the money to continue as before, public sector reform of out dated models is needed.

Politicians seem welded to the idea that there can be continually growth in the economy, like a balloon, too much air and it will burst.

Mike Kirby, Scottish secretary of Unison, said:

“While we welcome the news on public sector pensions as it applies to local government, the Finance Secretary had the discretion to carry this across the public services and chose not to do so. We are disappointed but not surprised by the very unhelpful level of spin put on the Government’s discussions with us”.

Kirby added:

“Although his announcement removes the threat of industrial action in local government, we still have serious issues across the public sector with many thousands of our members still facing unprecedented attacks on their pensions. We’re angry at the continuation of the pay freeze which will affect hundreds of thousands of low-paid workers, who have already faced a real-term pay cut for the past two years. There’s also no evidence that the £250 payment for workers earning under £21,000 will be universally applied.”

So, the SNP Government is facing serious challenges, as we head towards a tipping point, things are bad now, they are going to get worse, much worse, to say everything is going to be okay is naïve.

Grahame Smith, general secretary of the STUC, said:

“The big minus is Mr Swinney’s treatment of public service workers. Having criticised the UK Government for combining a pay freeze with a pension contributions cash-grab, Mr Swinney has proceeded to take the same path in Scotland.”

Everyone needs money, I would suggest as a measure because we are in such a crisis that the Scottish Government continues with their paying for a council tax freeze but allow councils to increase council tax bills by a modest 3% to be placed into a new City Sovereign Fund.

The City Sovereign Fund can then be used in part to charge up emergency funds with the bulk being strategically invested for the purposes of growth.

This is the new George Laird idea that I want the SNP Government to adopt, the monies collected through council tax, this is just a mechanism.

People will go along with my idea if they can see and have explained the advantages of the City Sovereign Fund.

Cosla finance spokesman Kevin Keenan said:

“We are disappointed but not surprised with the very unhelpful level of spin put on the Government’s discussions with us ahead of today’s announcement.”

Citing protection of police and teacher numbers, he said:

“It has to be fully understood that none of the things the Government wants to prioritise come without a cost attached – and that by prioritising some areas you are immediately damaging others even further. The hard-nosed facts are that in reality Scottish local government is going to be 7% down over the period of this spending review. When you add in £1 billion worth of demand on the vital services we provide that takes us to 15% down; and that can mean only a significant reduction in local services and local spend.”

And it all can be solved by the City Sovereign Fund.

As well as looking over his shoulder at union displeasure, his political opponents aren’t far behind in condemnation.

Tory spokesman Gavin Brown said:

“This Government ought to be judged by what it does, as opposed to just what it says. They’ve said the economy is the most important thing but the reality and rhetoric do not match together.”

Willie Rennie, leader of the Liberal Democrats, said the Scottish Government had “dodged and delayed endlessly” on taking tough decisions.

Green MSP Patrick Harvie said:

“There is something fundamentally wrong with a spending plan where the motorways budget is over three times the size of the housing and regeneration budget, and these figures are moving in opposite directions every year.”

Scotland Office Minister David Mundell said:

“It’s high time Scottish ministers accepted that tough decisions come with being in Government and stop constantly trying to blame others.”

So, the Scottish Government is facing serious challenges, it means that radical thinking is needed.

As the person who proposed the Scottish National Police Force and National Fire Service at the SNP National Assembly on the 4th September 2010, I think the SNP should convene the Assembly again.

I am publicly calling on the SNP Government to look at my new idea, the City Sovereign Fund.

Both my previous ideas are now Scottish Government policy, this should be also.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Phil Collins - I Wish It Would Rain Down Music Video

Film Week, Kingdom of Heaven Trailer

Travellers and supporters demand human rights at Dale Farm, there is no human right to break the law; the illegal travellers have no legal case

Dear All

The Dale Farm travellers' site has been fairly controversial, but it highlights a lack of proper traveller sites in the UK both permanent and temporary.

At Dale Farm, some travellers have set home illegally breaking the law.

And the travellers’ case is also weakened by the discovery that some of the travellers have luxury homes back in Ireland which undermines the narrative developed that they have nowhere to go.

Basildon Council has been forced to start the process of removal of the illegal pitches after complaints by residents.

For local residents, this has been a victory, as some people who saw the various documentaries couldn’t fail to notice that locals were threatened with violence by travellers.

Such behaviour cannot be tolerated and anyone threatening violence should be subject to the full force of the law.

But the problem remains, travellers need sites.

Some of the Caravans from the Dale Farm travellers' site have upped sticks and have now set up an illegal camp 55 miles away.

They have done so on mass, which has led local residents fearing that many more are on their way.

Around 20 families have moved from Essex to Stockwood Park near Luton in Bedfordshire.

Currently they have gaining access to a 100-hectare piece of land illegally.

Those who stayed at Dale Farm, where travellers have been in a ten-year battle with Basildon Council, were given a last-minute reprieve from the High Court after a judge ruled that the proposed measures ‘may go further’ than the terms of the enforcement notices.

One of the travellers, Flint Devons said:

“I moved to Luton rather than wait for the bailiffs because my health was suffering. My son and daughter were already in schools in Essex. Then we had to move and lose it all. We came to Luton because we've been here before. The word has now spread back to Dale Farm. There'll be 20 to 40 more caravans coming from Dale Farm. We have nowhere else to go.”

A spokesman for Luton Borough Council said:

“The council was made aware of the encampment and immediately started the standard legal procedure for eviction. We expect to move them on very soon.”

The cost of the operation to evict travellers puts a strain on council budgets; it would be far easier to solve the problem by set up permanent and temporary sites, than continually move people on.

The travellers have attracted high profile campaigners to their cause such as Vanessa Redgrave but the fundamental question remains, the travellers broke the law.
They have no legal right.

In scenes bordering on farce, Basildon Council had another legal hitch thrown in their way as a judge granted a last-gasp injunction to delay further action.

Basildon Council leader Tony Ball said he was 'extremely disappointed and frustrated' by the decision, but added:

“The motion was put forward to the High Court without notice, which meant the judge only had one side of the story and therefore has given the council until Friday to go back to the High Court to make its argument. I am absolutely clear that, in this issue on Friday, the court will find in the council’s favour and the clearance will be able to continue.”

And legally the council have won every case on this issue.

The final cost is said to run into the region of £18 million pounds.

Another twist to this story is that the UK Government's planning changes will help stop illegal traveller camps in future.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

The Labour Party plunged Scotland into 'shameful' PFI leases lasting generations because they didn’t want to upset anyone, these clowns for real?

Dear All

PFI was favoured by Labour Party for funding big building projects; it was ‘buy now, pay later’.

And how the taxpayer will pay as controversial private finance initiative (PFI) chickens comes home to roost.

PFI is really buy now pay forever, it was a stupid short term measure so ill judged that it is a scandal.

It maybe ‘tick the boxes’ of legality but morally, it was unjustifiable in the extreme.

Ministers are warning generations of Scots will have to pay for past school and hospital building projects which were funded by the controversial initiative (PFI).

Public schools and hospitals are now funded by the alternative Scottish Futures Trust that retains public ownership.

And get this, some contracts included leases lasting more than a century and those contracts need to be paid out of the public purse, a massive drain on resources.

Infrastructure Secretary Alex Neil described these deals as "shameful".

They go beyond shameful, I see them as abuse of public office in public office, cheap political electioneering to be seen to be doing something.

The financial bubble has burst, we all know that the chances of double dip recession are increasing, at presents it is said that there is a 17% chance of this, and this is before massive cuts to budgets come into play.

I have been blogging for sometime that we will go into a double dip recession as the system of both finance and local government is in meltdown.

An example of the PFI stupidity includes the Hairmyres Hospital.

Set in sunny South Lanarkshire, it cost £68m to build but the contractor will get 10 times that over the next 30 years.

In other words, the taxpayers have been legally fleeced.

The new new Edinburgh Royal Infirmary building contract lasts for 25 years but the lease on the land goes on for 130 years.

How could anyone allow a contract such as this to be signed in the first place?

It goes beyond incompetence.

SNP Minister Alex Neil said:

"It could go on for generations because some of these leases last up to 100 years, even where the PFI contract only lasts up to 25 years. So that means another 75 years of a potential liability. It is outrageous and the people who signed these contracts on behalf of the Scottish Executive before 2000, and indeed the UK government, should be utterly ashamed of themselves."
Seven projects across Scotland have been identified with lengthy leases.

New Craigs Psychiatric Hospital on the outskirts of Inverness is another donkey we are saddled with, the building contract lasts 25 years but the land will be held by the private finance company for 99 years.

Malcolm Iredale, finance director for NHS Highland, said:

"At the time the deal was the best deal that we could get. I think it is very easy to look back and say we could do things differently. I think it is difficult to say would we do the same deal again."

Maybe better management is another option, instead of ‘going along to get along’.

Scotland needs its own office of budget responsibility to act as an independent unit to scrutinise major public building works and were appropriate refer them back to the Scottish Government.

And contracts such as above should never have been signed, they are so bad. In business you don’t give up the controlling stake, any idiot can tell you that.

Lewis MacDonald, the party's Holyrood spokesperson on infrastructure, said:

"One of the things we said in the run-up to the 1997 UK general election was that we would keep in place for the first two years the spending plans we inherited from the Tory government. Not because we thought they were good spending plans but because we knew that it was critical that the money markets had confidence that an incoming Labour government would maintain economic stability."

We are paying millions of pounds over decades because the Labour Party didn’t want to upset someone?

Is he for real?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rammstein-Feuer Frei!

Film Week, The Hunt For Red October (1990) Trailer

Keiser Report: Dollar-Trapped (E186)

George Laird views attract the big institutions as blog continues to set the agenda that others follow, Houses Of Parliament drop by again!

Dear All

From time to time, I like to put up the visitors who drop by my blog.

So, here is a list, to show how the George Laird views continue to attract some of the high profile institutions in Britain.

As you can see, the BBC, Houses of Parliament and other press and academic institutions show the power of this blog.

Park Lane College (
Houses Of Parliament (
British Sky Broadcasting Ltd (
University Of Glasgow (
University Of Stirling (
Trinity Mirror Group (
East Renfrewshire Council (
University Of Glasgow ( (spying on George Laird)
City University (London) (
Newsquest Media Group Ltd (
Glasgow Council, City Of Education Services (
The Robert Gordon University (
College Of North East London (
Glasgow City Council (
Coatbridge College (
Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council (
Jewel And Esk Valley College (
Hutchison Corporate Access (hk) Ltd. ( armed forces Europe
Biggart Baillie (Glasgow) (
Ftc Kaplan London (
British Broadcasting Corporation (
Edinburgh University (
Itchen College (
Lloydstsb Bank Plc (
Bury College (
Greater Manchester Police (
University Of Glasgow ( Liar and bully Julie Ommer
Gmg Radio (
Thomas Rotherham College (

This blog and this author set the agenda and others follow.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Joanna Yeates' parents face their daughter's killer as Vincent Tabak is in court, he admits manslaughter but denies murder, he deserves life sentence

Dear All

Sometime ago; I blogged on the murder of Jo Yeates, the facts clearly pointed that she was killed within her apartment and then dumped.

Friday the 7th January I wrote this post.

Putting up the solution to solve the case!

On the 20th, I followed that up with;

And then on May 6th.

The neighbour Vincent Tabak pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

George Laird was right again, but it was an easy case to solve if you looked at the evidence.

What you had to look at was the evidence that was there coupled with evidence that should have been there and was missing.

In his haste Vincent Tabak forgot to put Ms. Yeates footwear back on, left at her flat, along with her coat and door keys.

Criminal profiler Dr Gary Macpherson playing the role of Mr. Sherlock Holmes of 221B Baker Street put out all sorts of theories regarding Tabak.

The lack of evidence left by the culprit citing that Tabak maybe forensic aware, when Tabak could easily explain away his DNA in her flat by saying, he was her neighbour.

McPherson also said that the lack of evidence may indicate that the killer may have abducted and killed before.

He got both theories wrong, and to think, we pay this ‘clown’ money at Carstairs State Hospital.

And he is on the directory of professional witnesses as being an ‘expert’.

All theories, all wrong!

However, Vincent Tabak was caught and now the the parents of landscape architect Jo Yeates get to see her killer at court for the first time.

David and Teresa Yeates were at Bristol Crown Court for a pre-trial hearing for Vincent Tabak.

The couple have not seen Tabak in person in court before as the defendant has appeared by videolink from prison at previous hearings they attended.

Tabak is a Dutch engineer and has confessed to killing Ms. Yeates, he has admitted the manslaughter of Ms. Yeates but denies her murder.

The charge against Tabak states that he 'unlawfully killed' Miss Yeates between December 16 and December 19.

He is going to prison for a long time, this isn’t just a murder case; it is a high profile one like Soham and the Moors murders.

It took the Police several months and 70 Police Officers to solve this case, it took me, a few minutes reading a couple of articles.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Alleged merger of Dundee and Abertay University causes concerns as SNP Minister Shona Robison seeks meeting regarding rumours in city

Dear All

Higher education is a problem, an ongoing problem that I have blogged on with the correct solution to fix it.

It is a question of empire building that has run out of control.

To fix the problem of higher education, again, we have to slim down universities, expand the college sector and introduce community colleges.

That is the way to get high volume students through the system coupled with high quality education.

It’s about having vision.

The Labour Party has accused the SNP Government of having a secret plan for closing colleges and universities.

Whether that is true we will have to wait and see after tomorrow’s budget statement.

It is said that there could be an enforced merger involving Dundee and Abertay Universities.

This doesn’t appear to be proving popular with two SNP members for the city; Health Minister Shona Robison and Dundee West MSP Joe Fitzpatrick.

Ms. Robison has demanded a meeting with education secretary Michael Russell on the issue.

If it goes ahead, I would expect Ms. Robison and Mr. Fitzpatrick to be SNP team players and remain silent, if that turns out to be the case.

They have signed SNP group standing orders to that effect.

Dundee West MSP Joe Fitzpatrick said:

“We have seen the rumours, so as local members we want to make sure that whatever happens, it is in the best interests of both institutions.”

Ken Macintosh, the Labour Party’s education spokesman, said:

“Michael Russell is talking about mapping provision across sectors, but is he going to share the map he has in his mind? If so, is he going to consult with the universities?”

The budget statement by SNP finance secretary John Swinney will probably not provide many surprises.

However, the lack of money and inability to generate liquidity is a major problem in the public sector.

Both Abertay and Dundee insist no merger is under consideration, things change in politics so quickly, positions that people once held sometimes become untenable that circumstance forces them to revaluate their positions.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Glasgow SNP Councillor George Roberts passes away after short illness, he was a nice person and will be sorely missed, condolences to his family

Dear All

Yesterday saw the sad passing of George Roberts, the SNP Councillor for Hillhead.

He died after a short illness, aged 68.

As the Councillor representing the Hillhead ward since May 2007, he was widely regarded so much that Glasgow Labour Councillors immediately paid tribute to him when they got the news.

As well as being a councillor, he was deputy business manager for the Scottish National Party (SNP) group in the city chambers.‬

Lord Provost Bob Winter said Councillor Roberts was "respected" and "cared deeply for his constituents".‬ ‪

Councillor Roberts was born in Belfast in 1942. He attended Victoria Drive school before graduating in civil engineering from Strathclyde University in Glasgow.

As a trainee, he was part of the team which constructed the city's Kingston Bridge.

He later worked on major construction projects, from Africa to Asia. ‬ ‪‬

‪Councillor Roberts is survived by his wife, Sheila, son Ewan and daughter-in-law Jenny.

A great pity!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, September 19, 2011

Film Week, Fright Night (1985) Trailer

‘Piegate’, ‘Schooliegate’ and now, ‘wongagate’, Frank McAveety faces Police probe as de-selected Labour Councillor Andy Muir gives statement to CID!

Dear All

I met Frank McAveety once at a polling station; as he walked by he said hello, this was in stark contrast to Labour Councillor George Ryan, and a wee Labour activist pensioner who was growling at everyone.

Rather like a wild animal guarding a tasty hot pie, he was terribly unhappy.

Such is the people you meet pottering about the place.

Anyway, in May, Frank McAveety lost his seat at Holyrood to John Mason of the SNP.

The Mason camp was highly motivated on the ground; John Mason took the election very serious getting out early in the morning to deliver leaflets, then running campaign teams at night time.

The hard work paid off, Mason won and McAveety, a Labour heavy hitter was run to second place.

The McAveety team didn’t work hard enough.

Having lost and it was a shock, minds turn to the Glasgow City Council election, a springboard back to Holyrood for McAveety.

If, McAveety wants back to Holyrood, he needs a public platform to do so, councillor will give him that essential public profile.

But he has trouble; Strathclyde Police is investigating a complaint about alleged financial irregularities at McAveety’s former constituency office in Glasgow Shettleston.

Labour Councillor of shame, Andy Muir has volunteered a statement to CID officers about events during his employment in the office between 2008 and 2010.

Andy Muir, a serving Glasgow Labour councillor was de-selected by Labour just recently in the cull of deadwood.

He stood for councillor twice in Baillieston running under the slogan, ‘who is Andy Muir?’

The first time he tried that wheeze, he bombed against the nationalist David Turner who won the seat vacated by John Mason who had won the Glasgow East by-election, Labour MP David Marshall resigned in a hurry.

The second time, Muir stood against David Cassidy of the SNP and won comfortably.

Things have changed however, since his de-selection Muir, the son of a police officer and a member of Strathclyde Police Authority has visited Strathclyde Police force’s Deputy Chief Constable Neil Richardson.

Frank McAveety has vehemently denied any wrongdoing and said Muir’s allegations were “without foundation”.

This is a problem for Frank McAveety tipped to be making his comeback at the council elections.

The former MSP said in a statement:

“Andy Muir was employed to work in my constituency office but as time went by it became clear he was not fulfilling the duties expected of him. To assist him, we reduced his hours, but eventually we had to terminate his contract.”

The SNP said Labour should suspend McAveety from the party pending the outcome of the investigation.

Another person who could have much to say on this issue is the office manager at Councillor Alex Glass, the Labour whip on Glasgow City Council.

Glass is current a councillor in Ward 3, and two of his fellow councillors Tommy Morrison and William O’Rourke have been already been de-selected.

If there is any truth in the Muir allegations, it may affect his re-election chances.

Frank McAveety has had a troubled history in politics, ‘piegate’ was a classic example, then came the infamous ‘schooliegate’ incident were he describe a school girl at a hearing as “dark and dusky”.

He left the microphone on!

This forced him to resign as petitions convenor a job he was held in high regard of across the chamber at Holyrood, for his fairness.

The Labour Party needs people such as Frank McAveety in order to lend gravitas to their campaign to hold the city of Glasgow.

'Wongagate' is set to run and run!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Glasgow Labour Councillor Shaukat Butt faces wife assault charge, trial set for October, is this a complete Labour clear out of Ward 5, sunny Govan?

Dear All

Sometimes a story catches you which is a surprise, such is the one surrounding Labour Councillor Shaukat Butt MBE.

Butt represents Ward 5 in the city of Glasgow; it is a key strategic area for political parties in the fight for the control of the Glasgow City Council in 2012.

Govan is a prize.

The Labour Party recognises this and has de-selected already two of its Labour Councillors of shame.

Stephen Dornan and John Flanagan are history; they have the right to appeal the decision so anything could happen.

With Shaukat Butt having his present troubles, this may mean that the Labour Party will fight Govan with a totally new selection of candidates.

Shaukat Butt’s troubles are serious, really serious; he has been bailed after being charged with assaulting his wife.

And as per norm, the Labour Party said it would suspend him.

Butt isn’t just your typical cannon fodder, he is a former JP and as a sitting councillor since 1995 is a member of various city bodies.

The 69-year-old was released on bail after appearing at Glasgow Sheriff Court and has a court date for the pleading trial slotted for October.

A spokesman for Scottish Labour said:

“This man will be suspended from the Labour Party until the outcome is known and we take these allegations exceptionally seriously.”

It seems the Labour Party’s problems just got a whole lot worse, I imagine that Ward 5 will have a total clear out as Labour will seek to bring in young bright fresh faces to head up the fight.

And they will definitely be pouring in activists in that one.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Ex-Labour MSP Wendy Alexander left politics to spend more time with her kids, now she joins think-tank and sets up business, George Laird right again!

Dear All

Do you remember when Wendy Alexander stepped down as a Labour MSP?

She wanted to spend more time with her children.

17 months down the line as I suspected, Wendy Alexander has found herself another position.

She joins three other ex-MSPs who have joined the advisory board of the independent think-tank, Reform Scotland.

As well as that she has set up a business called Wendy Alexander Associates Limited which she runs from her own home.

Alexander is one of five new board members at Reform Scotland.

The others are former Scottish Government minister Jim Mather, former Scottish Conservative finance spokesman Derek Brownlee, Jeremy Purvis, former Scottish Liberal Democrat economy and finance spokesman, and Martin Sime, chief executive of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO).

Reform Scotland chairman Ben Thomson said:

"I am delighted and thrilled that Wendy, Jim, Martin, Derek and Jeremy have joined our team. All five have played key roles at the heart of Scottish public life and have a great deal to offer us as an agenda-setting think tank and to Scotland itself.”

I was right, Alexander isn’t going away; she is possibly using this as a platform to launch herself towards quangoland or charity organisations.

Nothing changes and she is oh so predictable.

Alexander said:

"Scotland needs a rich tapestry of think-tanks and policy institutes to spark our imagination. Reform Scotland is a leader in terms of fresh thinking. The board brings together those from across business and politics with a wide range of perspectives. I am delighted to make a contribution to its valuable work."

Looking at her track record of the GHA failure, Reform Scotland must be so desperate if they are taking her.

It’s a stepping stone.

On the bright side, it may get her out of the Virgin Active gym at Finneston, a favourite haunt of hers as an Labour MSP.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, September 16, 2011

Wretch 32 ft. Example - 'Unorthodox' (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Halle Berry brings a touch of Hollywood A list class to Glasgow City Centre and a water bottle, it's chilly!

Dear All

Recently Brad Pitt filmed his movie World War Z, the zombie flick; it was a great boost to the city.

Now, in true Hollywood style, another production hits the city.

You wait years for one Hollywood star to show up, and then two turn up at once, who will be the third?

Halle Berry is in town to shoot scenes for her latest film.

The star was spotted in Douglas Street, near the city centre and if you want the cost effective film tour, jump a number 9 bus and then get off, the film trucks are there.

Glasgow is doubling for the hills of San Francisco for the next few days.

Halle Berry is filming a segment of the £62 million blockbuster Cloud Atlas.

Also starring in the movie are Tom Hanks, Hugh Grant and James McAvoy, but only Berry is expected to appear in Scotland.

Cloud Atlas is based on the best-selling book by David Mitchell and is being directed by the Wachowski brothers.

They have good track record, they made the Matrix trilogy and brought it to the big screen.

So, its lights cameras and action!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ed Miliband makes a sex jibe at George Osborne over his association with ex-escort agency boss and dominatrix Natalie Rowe, David Cameron gets angry

Dear All

Politics is a very dirty business.

George Osborne makes the press because of his association with Natalie Rowe.

Natalie Rowe is an ex-escort agency boss and dominatrix.

George Osborne knows her.

Miss Rowe gave an interview on Australian television and despite being half way around the world, the contents of the interview have made it back to Britain.

She alleges that she had taken drugs with Mr Osborne in the early 1990s.

The claims surfaced in 2005 and have been denied by the Chancellor but he doesn’t deny he knows her.

And with the phone hacking raging like mad, she has suggested that may have been the latest victim of the phone-hacking scandal.

Police say that her details had been found on a notebook belonging to the News of the World’s private investigator, Glenn Mulcaire.

Ed Miliband has used this information to have a dig at Osborne prompting Downing Street to him making jokes “beneath him”.

Mr Miliband made his thinly-veiled reference to the allegations in the House of Commons during Prime Minister’s Questions.

He said:

“The message to all those people who have lost jobs is the Prime Minister is not going to change course,”


“The Chancellor of the Exchequer has lashed himself to the mast ... not for the first time, perhaps.”

George Osborne remained stony-faced as laughter erupted in the chamber.

Number 10 sources said the Prime Minister thought the joke “was beneath the leader of the Opposition”.

That is a matter of subjective opinion.

In life you happen to run across people from all walks of life, some good, some bad, but it doesn’t mean you condone their activities such as Miss Rowe.

People will live the way they want to life to help them survive, we shouldn’t be too judgmental.

Ed Miliband managed to get a laugh at Osborne’s expense however such behaviour is a double edged sword, one day, it will be Miliband sitting stony-faced as someone takes to the lectern to deliver him a complete and thorough ass whipping.

It will probably hurt a lot more than if done by a dominatrix as Tory MPs tend to be less sophisticated.

For them, the lash must be used to the bone.

On that day, Ed Miliband will experience real pain.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

London Labour faces massive backlash over shake-up of Glasgow councillors as claims emerge of unfairness and denial of natural justice against Scots

Dear All

In the movie, Independence Day starring Will Smith, the American President fighting the Alien Invasion gives an impassioned speech to rally the troops.

Here is the speech:

“Good morning. In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest aerial battle in the history of mankind. "Mankind." That word should have new meaning for all of us today. We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interests. Perhaps it's fate that today is the Fourth of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom... Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution... but from annihilation. We are fighting for our right to live. To exist. And should we win the day, the Fourth of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day the world declared in one voice: "We will not go quietly into the night!" We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!”

Across the road in Glasgow, a similar fight is going on, the culled Labour Councillors of shame have declared loudly in one voice to London Labour.

‘"We will not go quietly into the night!" We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive!’

Labour bosses are facing a growing list of complaints and legal threats from de-selected councillors, the fight back has begun.

Already, the Labour Party has seen concerns raised the legality of the process.

Half of Labour’s 47 councillors have been prevented from standing for re-election next May as the London Labour ‘Deadwood Finder General’ has brought down the axe on them.

So, in the public domain we get stories of possible breaches of party rules, rushed appeals, and councillors’ fates decided before they were even interviewed.

And privately back stabbing by a senior councillor to get rid of his enemies!

The back lash has begun and its fierce, the critical meeting of the city party next week is rumoured to be going to be postponed.

It’s total war.

A key official in the cull is also dragged into the spotlight, procedures secretary Jamie Mallan.

He runs a website pretending to be a dog.

This could be helpful if he is dealing out ‘ruff’ justice.

I have never heard of Jamie Mallan but it is said, he does a cracking line in ‘baby talk’ on his “Brodie the Beagle” Facebook page.

Eyebrows have said to have been raised among Labour activists.
An option for Labour Councillor de-selected is the classic defection to other parties, in the war, other parties have said to approached Labour councillors about defecting.

In the pipeline there is said to be at least a dozen councillors are expected to lodge appeals, many alleging the exercise has been badly mishandled.

Labour last night said the process was “absolutely robust”.

What is odd and highlights the concerns of the de-selected is that under Labour Party rules, sitting councillors are only interviewed ahead of an election if there are concerns about their discipline, attendance, campaigning or competence.

In Glasgow, it seems that all the councillors were interviewed. This means that normal procedure was waived, does that sound like natural justice?

I think not.

The person who did this is the Scottish general secretary Colin Smyth.

Activists claim this was done without the explicit agreement of the city party’s ruling general committee.

If true, it could undermine the whole basis of the vetting exercise and force them to re do the entire vetting exercise again with different people hosting the vetting.

Another source of unhappiness is that some councillors are also challenging Mr Mallan’s status as procedures secretary.

It is alleged at Glasgow East’s annual meeting last month it was not properly convened because not all members were told of it, and so Mr Mallan has no right to be procedures secretary.

A good solid legal point, if this is true.

The complaints are by the truck load on this cull, one councillor is now considering going to court to interdict the meeting.

And bizarrely, two councillors claim their rejections were dated the day before they were interviewed.

Nothing in the public domain who at present that could be.

One disgruntled councillor said:

“This is London Labour running Glasgow Labour.”

The fight for Glasgow continues, there is deadwood in Glasgow, half of the sitting Labour Councillors have been rejected, if they form a break away group, and join the SNP in coalition, Glasgow could see a real change before the election.

But will the culled Labour Councillors of shame have the nerve to pull the trigger if their appeals fail?

Luckily Euan McLeod and Andy Muir have a movie career to fall back on, Glasgow’s very own John Travoltas, maybe leaving the city chambers but they will forever be tap dancing into our hearts.

It is time for Labour Councillors to start thinking of declaring their ‘independence’ day from London Labour, they will need more than Dad's Army tactics to win.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

McCormac Review recommends that volunteers should take to take lessons in schools; we need three year evidence based pilot to justify change

Dear All

Some considerable time ago I put forward that SportScotland needed to be revamped from its present form, to produce more qualified instructors in Scotland.

In schools we have a highly paid PE teacher, when the job could be done so much more cost effective by bring in fitness instructors as they do in Sports Centres and Leisure clubs.

As someone who taught fitness to children and young adults, this is a suggestion which has merit in the increasingly tight financial world that we live in.

Hence my interest in public sector reform of local government.

Two of my previous reform suggestions are now in the process of being implemented Scottish National Police Force and Fire Services.

But local government is the real target for reform; out dated models need to change to make the services 21st century for both the clients and staff.

To that end someone needs to have ideas, I have also previously posted on my education idea of community college which children and adults can access to better themselves.

A new report has come out saying experts such as sports specialists, linguists, artists, musicians or employers should be allowed to take lessons in Scottish schools instead of teachers.

I think the idea has merit, but, anyone teaching in a school must have a certain standard, a great athlete doesn’t necessary make a great coach. The ability to teach is a skill that requires two things, complete understanding of the subject and the ability to pass the information on pitched at the level of the student.

Goal setting is important, short and long term, because the teacher isn’t just teaching the subject but the ability to think, guided by the teacher.

When I taught fitness in my youth, the people I taught learned the subject to instructor standard, part of their process was the ability to teach back.

The controversial proposal of letting others into the classroom is part of the McCormac Review.

It makes 34 recommendations on improving Scottish education; however the teaching unions will have to look closely at this report, as it affects their members.

The review of teachers’ working conditions suggests volunteer visitors could be “deployed in the classroom without the teacher being present”.


“Regular, structured involvement with groups such as sports specialists, college lecturers, university staff or local employers brings additional dimensions to the education being provided.”

Earlier this year, there was an outcry after Renfrewshire Council suggested volunteers could supervise cultural, citizenship and sporting activities in primary schools.

The plan was eventually scrapped.

It prompted much anger after teaching unions and parents described it as a “disgraceful” way of trying to save money.

Professor Gerry McCormac, chairman of the review, insisted all visiting experts would work under the close supervision of teaching staff.

However, he also stressed head teachers could decide if they were able to lead a class on their own.

I think head teachers aren’t suitable as this could lead to an imbalance in standards, there has to be more than someone’s subjective approval.

You need a frame work, you must have a frame work of academic and non academic criteria or you won’t have a start point, people, parents need to know that there is a minimum standard that their kids will learn, otherwise the project has no real and measureable value.

Ronnie Smith, general secretary of the EIS union, said:

“Given the recent gauche attempt by Renfrewshire to displace teachers with unqualified staff, it is particularly disappointing the review joins the ranks
of the diluters who wish to lessen the input of qualified teachers to children’s education.”

An outright hostile response, to return to sport, if the world 100 metres champion or the world boxing champion was to take a class would Mr. Smith be chucking around the “unqualified staff” remark?

I think not.

Clearly there is a polarisation of views here, but as an idea it has merit, it is worthy of discussion, but any and all proposals must be to the benefit of the child.

And teachers should figure promptly in that education experience, I learned nothing from PE teachers during secondary school, I left school unable to swim, no knowledge of fitness, not even an understanding of football. The exercise classes such as they were at Crookston Castle consisted of football and minor athletics training, chucking a disc, 100 metres and other track and field.

Run and jump.

I left school unfit and ignorant of sport, health and fitness.

Is that what Ronnie Smith, general secretary of the EIS union is fighting to protect so passionately?

There is room for reform but it needs to be right across the education portfolio which means it goes beyond children’s school and into higher education.

If this isn’t done then there will be problems elsewhere.

Greg Dempster, general secretary of the Association of Headteachers and Deputes in Scotland, said the positive benefits of teachers working in partnership with external experts were known.

He added:

“However, we would need to be reassured that appropriate safeguards would be put in place to ensure these proposals would not erode the role of teachers.”

Anthony Finn, chief executive of the GTCS, expressed concern if the recommendation “were to lead to non-registered visitors being asked to take responsibility for the learning of pupils”.

How can someone as educated as Mr. Finn think that non-registered visitors would be allowed to teach, hasn’t he heard of The Children Act 1989 and the requirement placed on authorities to have responsible people in charge of children?

It has been on the books for 22 years!

I believe to move forward on this issue, there should be a pilot starting in sport provision to run for three years within a local authority area to establish real and measurable results.

Good ideas always remain good ideas but let’s move on the basis of evidence.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University