Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Demoted in Stature; Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunts cuts off overseas support for Nicola Sturgeon, no more consular and logistical help from the British Embassy Network, sour grapes SNP whine as they construct a new grievance, truth is the system was abused and now it has been stopped, and about time too, everyone knows Nicola Sturgeon isn’t a ‘statesman’ and never will be!

Dear All

It should have happened a long long time ago but finally the UK Government has withdrawn support for all of Nicola Sturgeon’s overseas trips. The reason is due to the constant independence promotions aspect and therefore Sturgeon is being denied the First Minister consular and logistical help she and the SNP took for granted. Although Nicola Sturgeon will still go on her taxpayer funded jaunts, she now goes as just a ‘punter’.

The humiliation factor of being thrown back into the herd which no doubt sting as this measure effectively means she is now classed as not a ‘statesman’.

Statesmen get consular and logistical help!

The High priestess of the Govanhill ghetto will also see her future job prospects take a hit as she is effectively devalued in Geo political terms. In a muted and miserable response, a Sturgeon stooge said that Jeremy Hunt who withdrew support was helping to make the case for independence and Ms Sturgeon would not be gagged. You can feel the pain in his tone as he had to find a grievance reply. In an additional act of supreme pettiness, the SNP added it would be “naive to think” Mr Hunt’s comments had “nothing to do with the Tory leadership race”.

Laughingly the end gem was;

 "She's not going to take a vow of silence."

The term ‘attention whore’ seems to fit the activities of Nicola Sturgeon, I don’t know if you saw recently Sturgeon singing Caledonia in the scoop by the Daily Record but is looks so bad that it could be an X Factor reject selection.

This clip is so awkward, so painful to watch with someone who obviously doesn’t have any talent attempting to portray warmth and failing pretty miserably in the attempt. Sturgeon’s attempts to ‘fit in’ are a far cry from the polished set piece media PR stunts she is used too. What you see in this clip is the real Sturgeon without the prewritten actor’s lines.  

In a principled stance, Foreign Sec Jeremy Hunt said that support would be reinstated if Sturgeon stopped abusing the service and discussing her life-long madness of plunging Scotland into poverty and make it a sewer in Europe.

The Sturgeon spokesman said:

“Whatever happens it is not going to stop the First Minister of the Scottish Government representing Scotland internationally – that is part of the job and that part of the job will continue regardless. Let’s wait and see how real this actually is. Jeremy Hunt is in the middle of a leadership campaign against Boris Johnson so this would appear to relate to that.”

Whoever wins the race to Number 10, the withdrawal of consular and logistical help will continual, because as the SNP make clear, they think they are above the rules. One way that Sturgeon might attempt to claim the new rules don’t apply is if she does ‘private events ‘piggybacked on a legitimate event.

But let’s face it, the abuse will continue.

The UK Government ordinarily provides diplomatic and logistical support to the devolved governments on overseas trips through the British Embassy network. The assistance was integral to Sturgeon’s recent visits to North America and China. Nicola Sturgeon obviously sees herself as someone who thinks they have an entitlement to be on the world stage as a player, much like Alex Salmond did.

His career post FM has hardly been all glitter even with his RT spot.

In his recent programme he interview Wings of Bath, at what looked to be a swanky hotel, in contrast Nicola Sturgeon had the look of standing in a back court. Of course that back court was clear and tidy, that back court was in the clear part of her constituency, not the Govanhill war zone.

Finally, maybe I have found the perfect song for Nicola Sturgeon to sing.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, June 24, 2019

#GMB Insanity, the struggles of a young man on TV to educate TV presenters, this is pure gold

Dear All

Here is a gem of a video of a young man trying to explain something to TV presenters, I don't know about you but someone needs to sign him up for a political party.


Plots, Plans and Secret Meetings, Team Boris and Team Farage contemplating the Brexit future, Nigel Farage says election pact with Boris Johnson could deliver ‘massive majority’, deliver Brexit and shut Jeremy Corbyn out of Number 10, is there a possible early General Election being planned?

Dear All

The race for Number 10 Downing Street has begun, however like Wimbledon tennis championships, prior to that main event, there is a primer. In the case of politics, the primer for who will be resident in Number 10 depends on what happens with Brexit. There is a little matter of who will be next leader of the Conservatives to be decided, between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt. In reality if you look at this contest, it was always going to boil down between these people.

A clear cut contest between, Brexit and Remain, between, establishment and anti-establishment!

What is needed is a Brexit Prime Minister who is willing to walk away without a deal from the EU.

This little gem caught my eye which to me casts doubt on whether the UK will leave the EU on the new deadline of 31st October. Nigel Farage is said to have had a secret meeting with the Conservatives in an exclusive Mayfair club. The talks are said to concern a secret pact to keep Labour out of No. 10.

Now, given the next election isn’t until 2022, you can see why such a meeting would raise eyebrows. If Brexit is delivered on 31st October 2019, in three months, the Brexit Party wouldn’t have a reason for existing. This meeting of Nigel Farage with pro-Boris MP Priti Patel also flags up the possible notion that an early General Election is being considered by the Boris camp.

Given what happened in the European Election to the Conservative vote, you would think that anyone who becomes Prime Minister would wish to run the clock down on their premiership to the 2022 election.

If you ask why, the main reason is to build some momentum around their brand, preferably with a record of success, particularly relating to Brexit. Of course the European Election was a disaster as well for the Labour Party but they had other issues plaguing them such as the ‘civil war’ between the left and right for control of the party.

One thing to look at seriously is that electoral strategists for both Johnson and Farage are working out how to maximise support for Brexit in a General Election. If you look at the last by-election, it is true the Brexit party done well. We should also remember the by-elections are ‘specials’ in that people from all over the country would come to it to volunteer. In a General Election, the Brexit Party would be at a major disadvantage in a first past the post fight. Firstly, they really don’t have the ground operation in place; neither do they have enough people on the ground or behind the scenes.

The European Election was fought in part with people who previously were in other parties, and in one case, was in another party.

The Brexit Party also don’t know where exactly their vote is in an area as they don’t have a database of voters’ information. They also don’t have the time to construct one or the people to do the legwork to make sure their data is up to date. Add to the list, they don’t have the structures in place to run a traditional constituency campaign for Westminster. They don’t have local knowledge and they don’t have enough experienced activists who know how to cover an area quickly and in the most logical manner.

There is to be another by-election down south which may or may not shed some more light on how the Brexit Party operates. The lack of ‘long campaigns’ by the Brexit Party however is a major problem, because ‘long’ campaigns are where you build up your support. If you throw in lack of policies, you will see that Nigel Farage who climbed a mountain in the European Elections, was really in the foothills, the real mountain is climbing Westminster. Social media will take you so far, rallies will take you so far but the blood and guts of doorstep campaigning and stalls are needed; people need to see you out and about in their area for you to be seen as viable.

And you have to be seen as viable.

One of the dangers of having a pact as seen in the Cameron/Clegg arrangement of 2010 is that one side ends up losing support badly. The Lib Dems under Nick Clegg basically were turned on by the public in a most spectacularly way. This is something which must have dawned on Nigel Farage, is it likely that there could be a Conservative/ Brexit Party coalition if there was a hung parliament in 2022? Well it is possible, but the Brexit Party support relies heavily and exclusively on the fact there is no Brexit. What would their support be if they attained their goal of ‘hard Brexit’? Would their support drop, highly likely as politics would return to normality, but the question is what level of support would that be in a post Brexit UK?

A mechanism for a pact apparently centred on discussions on a deal under which MPs in an administration formed by Johnson would agree to stand aside in certain seats in favour of Farage’s party. The idea would be to avoid splitting the pro-Brexit vote. In Scotland, the Brexit Party managed to get 18% of the vote share in the European elections, this put the party second in polling. The problem in Scotland is different, you have to factor in the SNP and as polls show, they appear set to retake seats they previously lost in 2017. If the same vote share held for the 2021 Holyrood election, there would be a Brexit Party list MSPs, but no FPTP seats. So, would the Brexit Party in Scotland fight the Scottish Election of 2021 for Holyrood or would they bypass it altogether if they think they would lose momentum for 2022 Westminster? Or is another scenario that they only put people up on the list system only, if they get anyone then they milk it for all its worth.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

When you look at the Labour Party, the ‘civil war’ between the left and right hasn’t gone well, toss in Brexit and a few other factors and you can see major hurdles in Jeremy Corbyn’s task to form the next Labour Government. One of the tacks in his shoe is people such as David Miliband who wants to block Brexit. Miliband has come out full-heartedly for a second referendum, saying the public must be given a chance to change their minds. Like what happened to the Irish, Miliband wants to cheat the people of the UK out of the 2016 EU referendum result. His hope is to try to get a win and thereby remove the pressure and blame off the political elite who keep stalling the process. Some people like Caroline Flint, who represents Leave-backing Don Valley, have warned that the party risked losing 40 MPs to the Brexit Party and Conservatives if it failed to honour the result from 2016. Isn’t amaziong how concerned some people are about democracy when they stand being ejected from Parliament by the people? If you are a Labour MP in the North of England or Scotland, you have your work cut out to stay in public office.

One time David Miliband was seen as the possible ‘saviour’ of the Labour Party, now, he is like someone wanting to toss Jeremy Corbyn an anvil in the deep end of a swimming pool.

A second referendum is political poison to the Labour Party, having wrongly sat on the fence which caused a drop in support; they now back the wrong option of a second referendum. In Scotland, Labour leader Richard Leonard climbed on board with this option after the European Election which saw the party plunge to 9.5% of the vote and no MEPs.

Anyone think David Miliband is a ‘saviour in waiting’ of the Labour Party?

Labour MP Caroline Flint is right to warn the party risks losing dozens of MPs and she vows to back No Deal if necessary, it is amazing how the right motivation can push people toward doing the right thing. The right motivation in the case of Flint is keeping her seat, personal survival when you head is on the chopping block does wonders. Caroline Flint is aware of the new reality relating to Brexit, ‘we are leaving’. The constitutional crisis is real, there is no other game in town bar Brexit, everyone knows it, particularly in the Conservative Party.

Finally, whether there is a pact between the Conservative Party and the Brexit Party is still a dream, even if these people are meeting at a £1,500-a-year private members’ club. I don’t believe that this was an accidental meeting because I doubt that Nigel Farage, Arron Banks, DUP MP Ian Paisley Jr and pro-Boris MP Priti Patel just all collided one night. But, it does make you wonder if there is a Boris Johnson premiership will he opt for an early election? You can’t help but remember what happened when Theresa May went to the country in 2017 and how that turned out.

Personally, I would run down the clock!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Man Vs Sheep; Low wit SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford launches a bitter attack to claim Boris Johnson is 'racist' and 'not fit for office', Blackford tries to push his way into Conservative leadership contest fight only to have Speaker John Bercow slap him down, sit down Blackford, when we need someone in a clown’s outfit, you’ll get the call

Dear All

There are some fights in life that it is better to stand out the way and just observe, if you think back to ‘The Quiet Man’ picture starring John Wayne, there is a classic line that applies:

“Gentleman, this is a private fight if you please, now will you kindly remain in neutral”.

And that is what the Conservative Party leadership contest is, a private fight, but the SNP like ‘attention whores’ can’t keep out of the way and let the battle commence but seek to try and push their way in.

The SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford shows what utter contempt he has for the House of Commons by saying Conservative Tory leadership contender Boris Johnson was "not fit for office" and then claimed he was "racist".

Speaking under the protection of parliament, Blackford asked:

"Does the Prime Minister realise not only is the member racist, he is stoking division in communities and has a record of dishonesty?"

In the House of Commons, the rule of thumb is not to act in such a manner, but the reality is that the SNP don’t care. The outburst by Blackford is ‘protected’ so he cannot be sued, unlike Alyn Smith MEP who ran his mouth off about the Brexit Party and then had to eat humble pie and retract his words.

SNP MEP Alyn Smith clearly went too far when he accused the Brexit Party of being “a shell company that’s a money-laundering front”, especially when there is no evidence at all of money laundering by anyone in the Brexit Party. When things started to turn legal, he buckled under the pressure and had to say sorry.

That smear didn’t work, wasn’t welcome and also not protected.

Ian Blackford's diatribe however is safe, unless he repeats his nonsense outside, but his comments did prompt Speaker John Bercow to intervene and urge him to "weigh his words" as Conservative MPs shouted "withdraw".

Mr Bercow added:

“I think it would be much better if for now he would withdraw any allegation of racism against any particular member. I don’t think that this is the forum and I don’t think it’s the right way to behave.”

The SNP have been a continual embarrassment to Scotland but bolstered by numbers since 2015 and then the 2017 elections, they feel they can be a little bit more brave in a bigger gang.

Blackford replied:

“The member has called Muslim women ‘letterboxes’, described African people as having ‘watermelon smiles’ and another disgusting slur that I would never dignify by repeating. If that’s not racist Mr Speaker I don’t know what is. Does the minister honestly believe that this man is fit for the office of prime minister?”

In a dig at Nicola Sturgeon, Theresa May replied:

“I can say to (him) that I believe any Conservative prime minister in the future will be better for Scotland than the SNP.”

You can also hear the Nationalist ragebuilding as they work out the dig is all for Nicola Sturgeon.

If today tells us anything is that when the SNP have a go, they are unable to be subtle and crafted with wit, this Blackford intervention left him looking the fool again.  And sometimes, you have to realise that private fights should be private, but if you have to jump in, then mockery and humiliation makes much better weapons than grievance.

And at least everyone can get a laugh.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The ‘Quiet War’ in Scottish Labour, why is it that Scottish Labour’s right wing think that after voters deserted the party with them in charge, they have the answers to Labour’s Scottish problems, Labour candidate for Inverclyde Martin McCluskey comes up with a plan called, ‘Our plan to save Scottish Labour’, why couldn’t he do that when he was political director for Kezia Dugdale

Image result for martin mccluskey labour list

Dear All

Have you noticed that the people who led the Scottish Labour Party to ruin are very good and quick about offering advice to fix it? One of the guys who apparently knows how to fix it is, Martin McCluskey, he was the political director for previously Scottish Labour Kezia Dugdale. What is interesting is that although support for Scottish Labour was dropping, under Kezia Dugdale, it was like a freight train hurtling down the tracks out of control.

Kezia Dugdale couldn’t make a compelling vision for Scotland to excite the voters with Martin McCluskey as her political director.

The ‘right’ of the Scottish Labour Party has a plan, which has a snappy title, ‘our plan to save Scottish Labour’. If you think back to the time of Jim Murphy and Kezia Dugdale in charge, you will remember their announcement that they had ‘fixed’ the Scottish Labour Party. If you then take into consideration the result of the Westminster 2015 election, you would have your doubts about that declaration.

In the 2015 election, the party launched with two policies straight away, one campaign against the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act, and campaigning for people to get an alcoholic drink at a football game.

At the time, I asked the question; was this the most pressing social justice issue in Scotland?

I asked why is the Scottish Labour Party offering the electorate some policy bread crumbs? Why would you launch a campaign for public office based on tat? When I read this, I was convinced the direction of travel for the party was backwards.

Come election 2015, the Scottish Labour Party got politically mauled at the ballot box, ending up with a single MP in Scotland. What saved Labour MP Ian Murray’s bacon was his work in supporting a football club in crisis. The worst disaster in an election for the Labour Party in 100 years, 2017 snap election saw a minor rebirth, but the party couldn’t make double digits in seats.

It appears the Scottish Labour Party strategy was to wait till people fell out with the SNP at the ballot box, then hail retaking some seats as a turning point. 

In Glasgow, the only seat won by Scottish Labour was Glasgow North East, a seat which didn’t exactly get help from HQ in a meaningful way, help went to East Renfrewshire which I predicted the Scottish Labour Party wouldn’t take, and they didn’t.

So, what is the ‘our plan to save Scottish Labour’ well at it heart is a massive mistake, support staying in the EU. 

The Scottish Labour’s right wing want to stay in the 'anti worker, anti country 'EU organization. After sitting on the fence, which didn’t work, the Scottish Labour Party then goes on to pick the next wrong choice in disrespecting the 2016 referendum vote.

Martin McCluskey apparently goes onto say that “we need to communicate a consistent, principled and unequivocal stance on independence and Brexit”.

Where exactly is the principled and unequivocal stance when you want to disrespect the 2016 vote?

In case, people like Martin McCluskey don’t grasp what is going on, the direction of travel of the UK is still to leave the European Union. His former boss, Kezia Dugdale had a track record of being wrong on so many issues from Brexit to Trump; it wasn’t even funny to watch. When the history of the Scottish Labour Party is written, the time of rapid decline was from 2007 to date right through the party levels.

Martin McCluskey also says that to deliver real change for our country, we need real change in our party.

My question is this, why didn’t he do this as Kezia Dugdale’s political director when she was in charge?

Anyway of what Martin McCluskey has wrote, the part which has most worth is the section where he states:

“First, to deliver real change for our country, we need real change in our party.Better ideas and organisation will only take us so far – the mindset of the Scottish Labour Party has to change as well. One place to start is to break out of the bubbles of Westminster and Holyrood. What happens in both these places matters to the party, but in opposition we need to draw from talent from across our movement. There are many more councillors, activists, trade unionists and members than there are MPs and MSPs. We should broaden the members of Scottish Labour’s shadow ministerial team by bringing in councillors and members with relevant experience. Having voices from outside Holyrood at Scottish Labour’s top table would be valuable as we begin to develop a manifesto for 2021”.

The problems that Scottish Labour has goes well beyond, what McCluskey mentions. To build a successful organisation, you need a strong grassroots base that is politically active. The Scottish Labour Party isn’t able at present to run a successful campaign as the European Elections rather painfully showed. 

The lost of all MEPs was embarrassing but the vote share of 9.5% was a real disaster of mega proportions. David Martin should never have lost his seat. He was 35 years an MEP, he gets bumped in part caught out by Brexit anger and also by withering of support from the working class vote, he did his job, he did nothing wrong.

Scottish Labour needs a new campaign model, and while they stick to business as usual, the SNP will continue to dominate. While the party remains too Holyrood focused, they will also tread water. A real problem is that the Scottish Labour Party struggles badly to get members to be activists, this is something which needs to be repeatedly said.

Under Martin McCluskey, he wants people to stand and a doorstep and explain why in effect, we don't want to honour a democratic vote. 

And while the ‘quiet war’ between the Momentum crowd and the progressives rages on, the Scottish Labour Party remains divided.  

An example of the the ' quiet war' is that Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard has suffered a huge blow after a key ally was ousted from her position on the party’s ruling body. Mary Fee, who sits on Labour’s Scottish Executive Committee as chair of its group of MSPs, was defeated in a vote after being challenged for the role by Jackie Baillie.

Left-wing MSP Neil Findlay said on Twitter:

“I am absolutely disgusted that @MaryFeeMSP has been removed as Scottish Labour group chair.”

Why, there is an election and she lost, what is there to be disgusted about?

The Euro result was Labour’s worst result north of the border since 1910, and immediately led to calls for Mr Leonard to consider his position. That being said, we should remember that in reality we are talking about two seats.

Two seats!

The result of 2015 Westminster was more damaging for the party.

Finally, I don’t see people like Martin McCluskey as the solution to Scottish Labour’s problems, the real driver for change must come from Richard Leonard, the Scottish leader. The place that Richard Leonard needs to start is to rebuild the grassroots foundations, he needs members to be activists, and activists to be better trained. Activists need better training and education, which is paid lip service to in the party. Then Richard Leonard needs to work his way up through every level of the party to ensure that CLPs are working their area properly and have something to offer people in terms of help, advice and a vision.

At an informal Labour meeting, I asked the question, where is Scottish Labour's Nye Bevan moment now?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, June 17, 2019

Enjoying Freedom to the Max, Shamed ex-MP Natalie McGarry enjoys family day out, neighbours say she looks like she hasn’t a care in the world, Lord Turnbull was wrong to let Natalie McGarry out on appeal, and especially when it is not known if there are any grounds for appeal in the first place

Dear All

The soap opera that is the life of ex SNP MP Natalie McGarry is rapidly becoming the stuff of legend. Initially I thought there was a musical somewhere in it, but I was thinking small, you could make a Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy type movie out of this, or if you want to go for the big bucks.

A mission impossible style flick!

Then there are books, and documentaries, maybe even a toy line.

Instead of the good guys winning, we would have to have heartless McGarry taking lots of money from vulnerable people.

And of course, for dramatic licence in any movie, we would have to have a scene where Natalie is being chased in a shopping centre and to keep going, takes a three piece KFC meal off a child.

We have to put that in as a reference to hungry children starving at a foodbank!

Cinematic cuts of the child crying and McGarry munching a piece of fried chicken would be a good contrast, plus the stuffing of handfuls of fries and washing it down with diet pepsi to highlight cruelty and excessive greed. 

Now in the real work we are finding out in the public domain, the back story of convicted fraudster Natalie McGarry’s debt problems which stretched back nearly fifteen years, this would make a great flashback scene for a movie.

Being pursued previously in court in 2004 over a £5,000-plus sum when she lived in Aberdeen would be another great escape scene. A Helicopter on a roof in the Granite City in the rain on a dark night lifting her off to safety is probably a better scene than her jumping a bus or a train.

Maybe Nicola Sturgeon’s helicopter is available?

In 2004, First National Consumer Finance Ltd, a firm providing credit applied for an inhibition against McGarry over a £5,879 debt. In Scots law, an inhibition prevents a debtor from selling or disposing of any assets before the money owed is repaid. A summary of the document stated that McGarry’s whereabouts were “unknown” and the inhibition was discharged in 2006.

At the present moment, Natalie McGarry is freed from prison after only doing five nights, and with her history, the outrage that people feel is genuine. She should be locked up in a prison, not enjoying freedom. It seems that McGarry at present now enjoys family day outs, leaving leafy Clarkston to explore Scotland.

Prior to being released, her lawyer said that the family finances were in perilous state. That being said if you consider that her Cllr husband is supposed to allegedly have two jobs, and she is allegedly on benefits, plus does the kid get child support?

How poor are these people?

To get child support, you can claim if you're 'responsible for the child' which means you'll get £20.70 a week for your first child. It doesn’t matter if you work, or have savings and investments

When I was looking at the piccies of her outside her home as she was snapped on her family day out, I was struck by the badge on what appears to be the family car.

2.0 TDI.

How many people do you know in a financially perilous state live in leafy Clarkston, drive a 2.0 TDI, and allegedly appear to have possibly more than one source of income?

One of her neighbours said:

“It’s horrendous she’s been let out so quickly after stealing so much money.”

“so much money” over such a long time, the test of victimhood which so many people have tried to tag onto McGarry is wrong and disgusting.

Finally, in movies, we all like the happy endings to remind us that in the end, the good guys win but sometimes the bad guys win. Lord Turnbull was wrong to let Natalie McGarry out on appeal, and especially when it is not known if there are any grounds for appeal in the first place. 

There is a need for a change in the law so that if Lawyers say a client’s finances in a perilous state, it has to be verified by the Court.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, June 13, 2019

SNP Created Hell on Earth, Govanhill, SNP leader and self declared ‘Chief Mammy’ Nicola Sturgeon’s constituency should be declared a Scottish disaster zone, plagues of rats and bedbug infestations abound, it’s like an 80’s horror movie as decontamination teams are sent into a modern living hell, does inept Nicola Sturgeon have any ‘selfies’ of her and the kids bitten by bedbugs, now washing machines in Schools, should places of learning also become places of washing clothes?

Dear All

The Govanhill ghetto in Glasgow is one of the Hi Vis failures of SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, the ghetto which has steadily gone downhill is Sturgeon’s meal ticket, with the additional backup of the Glasgow list. The area stinks to high heaven, the streets are filthy, and the crime is appalling. The rat infestation is such that it is one of the problem areas in the City.

The lack of attention by Nicola Sturgeon is a national disgrace.

Vote SNP means Vote for No representation.

Now a primary school in Nicola Sturgeon’s constituency has been forced to install washing machines to boil wash its pupils’ clothes in a desperate attempt to end a lingering outbreak of bedbug infestations. Obviously the rats need company, and the diversity of bedbugs will no doubt be hailed as another success by the Nationalists. St Bride’s Primary in Strathbungo, Glasgow is paying through the nose thousands of pounds to repeatedly decontaminate it of pests brought in from the local community.

Repeatedly decontaminate?

Apparently some people unfortunately have hygiene issues, they don’t wash. In scenes reminiscent of an 80’s horror movie, equipment and decontamination teams have been drafted into fight the spread of the bedbugs. I suppose that explains why Nicola Sturgeon uses a helicopter!

And is off jaunting around the country, the UK and Europe, she really doesn’t want to do the day job; she doesn’t want to tackle crisis unless she is the heroine. One person that Nicola Sturgeon won’t be visiting however is the staff member at the primary school who had to be paid compensation by the SNP City Council who style themselves as ‘City Government’. The SNP Council also had to fork out cash to pay to replace the woman’s furniture after she brought her work home with her!

What is incredible; is that warnings about bedbugs and advice had been offered to parents at the school as early as 2015. The joke here is that with the SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon talking up running a country, she can’t even manage a constituency. Govanhill is a disgrace; and beyond the ability of Nicola Sturgeon to tackle it. You would think she would show leadership, but it seems the luxury, the salary and jollies are more important than people.

If you had a child would you want it to end up in St Bride’s Primary?

We are living in the modern age, it is 2019, but a further two decontaminations of the school have taken place; with two more pencilled in during the summer break. You have to wonder at the brassneck that Sturgeon’s has to draw her salary. Govanhill effectively doesn’t have a local MSP, the reality is that Sturgeon and her vicious Southside Clique use the constituency for them to have a pay day.
And you, the taxpayer are paying for it, through the nose!

Soryia Siddique, Labour councillor for Southside Central, said:

“These revelations are deeply concerning. This area is represented by Nicola Sturgeon in the Scottish Parliament – there is absolutely no excuse for this complacency.”

One of the problems in the area is Mhairi Hunter, SNP councilor, she is listed as being a P/T Constituency Assistant to Nicola Sturgeon MSP, must be nice to draw more than one salary. When people want to question Hunter about the problems in Govanhill, the classic response is, ‘I am in a hurry’.

The reply was, ‘too busy for Govanhill’!

But let’s not forget the main problem, Hunter is just a symptom, the MSP, Nicola Sturgeon is the real issue.

Remember the offal out of the mouths of the SNP, ‘SNP women will get things done’?

The real representatives of Govanhill are the people who are part of Let’s Save Govanhill, unfortunately, they don’t have a representative in the Scottish Parliament.

As the news of the rat and bedbug infestations explode across the media, the SNP attack dogs will be out in full force. One thing they can’t stomach is the truth; Council budgets under the SNP have declined by £744.7 million (7.1 %) in the past five years.

The Scottish Government's budget fell by £547 million during this period - a fall of 1.8 %."

Where’s the money going Nicola Sturgeon?

Finally, we have all seen how the SNP uses kids as props; Nicola Stuiregon even called herself, the ‘Chief Mammy’ of Scotland. I wonder if Nicola Sturgeon just happens to have any ‘selfies’ of her and any kids bitten by bedbugs? Maybe its time, not for indyref 2 but time to stop tax payer jaunts around the planet and long vacs in far away bed bug-free Portugal?

Maybe instead of calling herself 'Chief Mammy', Nicola Sturgeon should call herself  the 'Bad Mammy'.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Danger to Public Safety in Scotland; Disgraced ex SNP MP Natalie McGarry is freed from prison after 5 nights into 18-month jail sentence, Middle class Scotland’s press and politicians rally round to create a narrative that Natalie McGarry is deserving of victimhood, let’s show McGarry in her true colours, she helped facilitate a hate account on Twitter to brand someone a paedophile, she didn’t have any problems placing someone in extreme danger from violence

Dear All

Do you believe in man made miracles?

Well wrap you head around this, former SNP MP Natalie McGarry has been freed from prison ahead of her potential appeal against conviction and sentence.

She was put in prison for embezzlement.

McGarry sentenced to 18 months in prison has only so far done 5 days!

It’s a Scottish man made miracle of justice under the SNP, now contrast that ‘miracle’ with the case 60-year-old woman who embezzled £125,000 has been jailed for 30 months down in Dumfries.

The 60 year old woman is still in jail.

You maybe wonder; where the public outcry from the press and senior politicians against this imprisonment has taken place. Well if you are looking for the condemnation let me save you the trouble, it doesn’t exist.

You won’t get the senior politicians speaking out, There will be no TV Specials on Scotland Tonight. There will be no reams of paper used up writing about her, no digital campaign played out on Twitter and Facebook over the 60 year old. No, oh my God, this 60 year old is nearly at the end of her life, she has had a hard life when young, she lived in despair, all she wanted was some happiness.

The different between McGarry and the old woman is that McGarry is privileged and connected middle class.

The press and the politicians made up chiefly of the middle class don’t want to upset the SNP Establishment. So, we find the establishment has protected Natalie McGarry and her councillor husband from the full glare of publicity. Incredibly, we, the public get to see little in the way of negative press attention. We get to see the manipulation of the story to attempt to paint Natalie McGarry as a victim. We get the press and politicians using McGarry’s 18 month old daughter as a justification for McGarry not being in prison. We see the political class and press rally round to to condemn the 18 months in prison as harsh.

Natalie McGarry plead guilty to the charges against her, she showed no remorse or contrition which along with the amount and the seriousness of the case meant she should be in prison. There hasn’t been a serious discussion of what Natalie McGarry admitted to doing who has plead guilty to stealing from friends, political allies and charities. There was no ‘Nationalist anger explodes’ over what Natalie McGarry did, amazing how the SNP cybernats turn off like a tap right across social media, almost like magic.

In the case of the press, who are supposed to be neutral, the narrative of victimhood by proxy is akin to #fakenews, Like a cooking class, they have chipped in a wean, flag up mental illness, told everyone she has lost everything, friends, colleagues, career, reputation and the Crown wants back the money under proceeds of crime. The other parts of McGarry’s lifestyle of abusing people, quietly forgotten, no serious effort to paint a true picture of this wretched creature.

In the case of the press, they had to find a cover story for the privileged middle-class Natalie McGarry who plead guilty to embezzling more than £25,000. And to that end, the press and politicians are using prison reform as a vehicle, because they are “concerned” about the welfare of females being in prison. 

Let us remind ourselves of the words of Sheriff Paul Crozier:

“You have fallen very far short of the standards the general public should expect from their elected representative. There is no alternative than a custodial sentence as you have shown no remorse.”

Why the sudden concern about women’s prison reform now, why are old reports from 2017 being trotted out as ‘independent’ evidence, why now are the press and politicians listening?

Why have they done this now?

Is it because Natalie McGarry is/was their pal?

Is it because she comes from an SNP family dynasty?

Or does the press think favourable coverage is a bankable commodity that maybe down the line will buy favours from the political class from which Natalie McGarry came?

If you wonder why so many people are abandoning the mainstream media for news and look elsewhere to the alt-media, here is a good Scottish example. I encourage people to look at other sources because as President Donald Trump stated, we live in an era of #fakenews by the mainstream media. Fake news is done for a purpose, to close debate and discussion, so that people will follow their narrative.

So, what part do the press and politicians want us to play in the Natalie McGarry saga?

We, the public are expected to join them in their mass outbreak of middle-class mourning and weeping at the downfall of one of their own. As the collective cry, they hold up an 18 month baby and that McGarry suffers from poor mental health. Of course, the meter on virtue signalling will have to be put into overdrive. One thing that was said in order to liberate Natalie McGarry for prison by the Dean of the Faculty of Advocates, Gordon Jackson QC was that McGarry doesn’t pose a risk to public safety.

How did Gordon Jackson QC arrive at that conclusion?
Well in the interests of history and clarity, I would like to take you back to my experience of Natalie McGarry.

This blog past contains this section.

In January 2013, Thomas Ball sets up the twitter account @georgemlaird; I found the account by accident doing a twitter search. As soon as it opened, two people immediately joined it, Shona McAlpine; Office Manager of SNP MSP Humza Yousaf and Jonathan Mackie, Office Manager of SNP MP Chris Stephens, Stephens’ wife also joined the hate account as a follower, along with Anniesland SNP.

On the 20th June, the SNP MP Natalie McGarry helped facilitate the abuse by using her own twitter account:

I've made it! At last I've been designated non-Jedi by the great sage that is @georgemlaird Want a laugh? Here ya go:

What Natalie McGarry did was to lend credibility that the hate twitter account setup by Tommy Ball was genuine, as Ball was publishing my address using this account; McGarry helped putting my safety and life in danger. Tommy Ball was trying to establish that I was a paedophile.

Presumably the hope was I was to be targeted for community justice.

Finally, I don’t and won’t buy in the middle class politicians and press attempts to paint a narrative that Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘good pal’, Natalie McGarry is deserving of victimhood.

There shouldn’t be cover for a deeply dishonest privileged middle-class woman like McGarry. What she done in the past was to damage trust in politicians still further and thereby damaged the democratic process. When she won the Glasgow East seat in 2017, apparently McGarry is alleged to have said:

“I deserve this”.

The George Laird view is that ex SNP MP Natalie McGarry deserves jail.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Does ex SNP MP Natalie McGarry fit the classic profile of the Sociopath?, McGarry is set to appeal against her 18 month jail sentence, no remorse, no contrition and desperately trying to build a narrative that she is a victim, what’s the problem Natalie, no swimming pool, no decent restaurants, no trendy bars, can’t get a shish kebab, no Chinese takeaway allowed, write to SNP Justice Sec Humza Yousaf ask for special treatment, if he won’t help, start working on the escape tunnel

Dear All

I suppose we all should have expected it.

It will probably all come to nothing, other than a day out of the nick for Natalie McGarry, but she is going to appeal against her sentence.

Apparently after stealing tens of thousands of pounds, she feels that an 18 month jail sentence is far too excessive for her to serve. The former SNP MP Natalie McGarry appears to be unhappy with prison, too restrictive, no opportunities for advancement, no high life.

But she could learn horticulture, hairdressing, Catering, industrial cleaning, laundry services or even re-cyc- a bike, maybe she could fix mine, I busted the crank! If that doesn’t appeal then surely a letter to Justice Sec Humza Yousaf asking for “special treatment” could solve the problem?

‘Dear Humza, I want a pardon’, it could work, untested but worth a shot.

Anyway the stigma of being an ‘old lag’ must wear heavily on Natalie McGarry’s mind at present, so she wants freedom!

Having expressed no remorse for her crimes which the official ‘tally’ is £25,600, one can only wonder on what basis can she have to launch an appeal? 

After all she was found to have spent the cash which was largely raised by public donations, on rent, a holiday to Spain with her cllr husband, transfers of money to him, and other lifestyle spending.

She did the crimes, and now she must do the time. This reminds me of William Begg, the limbs in the loch murderer, who like the occasional ‘day out’ of prison to protest about his rights being abused.

What does this say about Natalie McGarry’s actions? 

I suspect that many will say that she is completely lacking of integrity and dignity after this latest turns of events. I wish I had seen the police slap the cuffs on Natalie McGarry after sentencing; it should have been recorded for posterity.

Sheriff Paul Crozier who sentenced McGarry said she had expressed no remorse for her crimes. He added:

“Your fraud and deceit is of the most serious type. You were in a position of trust and you abused those positions. You have fallen very far short of the standards the general public should expect from their elected representative."

A legal source told the press:

“They have a fortnight to appeal and I’m pretty positive work has already started on it. The fact she wasn’t able to change her plea is a point for a legal appeal straight away. Some thought she’d get 12 to 14 months, as that’s in step with similar cases. But her sentence was exacerbated by the fact she’s shown no contrition and continues to protest her innocence.”

So, does she have a point about the fact she wasn’t able to change her plea, well, she can raise it, but in truth, she is onto a loser. Sheriff Paul Crozier who had to put up with her antics in Court, said that when she plead guilty, she knew exactly what she was pleading guilty too. The other aspect which will count against her is the money trail, which all leads back to McGarry. 

She had access to the money!

Natalie McGarry appears to be trying to create a post jail narrative that she was the victim in this case, which will not work. I suppose many people will start to wonder if Natalie McGarry is a sociopath or whether she is just a ‘street bam’ grasping at straws.

Does Natalie McGarry fit the profile of the Sociopath?

Here are some traits associated with the condition;

Glibness and Superficial Charm 

Manipulative and Conning 
They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering
Grandiose Sense of Self 
Feels entitled to certain things as "their right." 
Pathological Lying 
Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt 
Shallow Emotions 
Verbal outbursts 
Callousness/Lack of Empathy 
Changes life story readily 

Does Natalie McGarry tick any of those boxes?

Well according to Sheriff Paul Crozier, she apparently lacks any remorse for what she did, when she won the Glasgow East seat in 2015, she allegedly said ‘I deserved this’. On twitter, she had a habit of lying and abusing people she disliked.  If an appeal does comes; after all she probably thinks nothing ventured nothing gained, it should fall flat on its face.

Remember what the key part of what Sheriff Paul Crozier said:

“Your fraud and deceit is of the most serious type”.

Finally, the whole Natalie McGarry thing is kind of surreal for me; this was a git that abused many people including myself and for the most part got away with it. Now the world has turned for her. The new reality for Natalie McGarry I don’t think has really sunk in yet. Of course she will have probably gone through the teary eyes stage in prison, but the future post jail doesn’t look very rosy in the garden. I see her appeal only in the terms of a ‘day out’, there will no re-trial; there will be no reduction in sentence. There will be no joy, just a sense of defeat, and less we forget, the Crown Office is coming after the money she plead guilty to having stolen.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, June 10, 2019

24 Hours to Save Convict Natalie McGarry, or is it 45 mins, it is time to say stop saying that the jailing of ex SNP MP Natalie McGarry is wrong, the virtue signaling middle classes need to get a grip on reality, McGarry committed serious crime, she deserves jail time, she showed no remorse, and tried to weasel out of taking responsibility, getting preggers isn’t a get out of jail free card

Dear All

Cat Stewart over at the Herald lamenting shoving Natalie McGarry’s posterior into prison as if a wrong has been committed. Is jailing people involved in serious crime now a crime or an injustice. How did we get here when people think that special treatment should be doled out because McGarry allowed herself to get knocked up and produce a sprog.

Well, we should all applaud Cat Stewart for an entertaining article.

This caught my eye;

“But for McGarry, is it right to jail a mother with a toddler?”

If you follow that logic, female murderers wouldn’t be locked up either, or does Cat wholeheartedly support the need to imprison female murders?

I am going to say she would say okay to female murderers doing prison.

Now let’s turn to this part:

“Mothers, in the vast majority of cases, are primary care givers for children and a custodial sentence impacts negatively and unfairly on family life”.

McGarry’s criminality is serious crime, of course there is a negative impact on family life, but in this case, the sentence is not unfair. This reminds me of the waffle spouted Albie Sachs, arguably the world's most famous judge who wrongly made the judgment in South Africa not to send a woman to prison because it would infringe the human rights of her three children.

That bizarre decision was silly, based on his emotion after hearing mitigation, that nonsense was even imported into Scotland by someone doing the role of child commissioner.

Article 8 of Human Rights

Presumably, Cat Stewart should read 8.2.

“There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as is in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others”.

So, in this case, the human rights of Natalie McGarry have been respected in full, in fact Sheriff Paul Crozier gave her a light sentence of 18 months.

Did the ‘I have got a kid defence’ work for Tommy Sheridan?

No, let’s get real here, if McGarry was a crack head junkie from Possil, would this article have been written?


McGarry was a public figure; the fact that she has been treated to a prison cell shocks some people who are also public figures.

Jail is for everyone, including people like Natalie McGarry.

Finally, these types of bizarre articles are entertaining, but in reality they don’t hold water, the saying nice to be nice applies, but justice isn’t about being nice. It is about upholding one of the cornerstones of society. Natalie McGarry did a lot of evil before she was caught; we should focus on that and not her former celebrity.

I doubt there is much public support for this type of virtue signalling.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, June 6, 2019

From MP to HMP; Ex-SNP MP Natalie McGarry sentenced and jailed for 18 months, led to the cells in handcuffs, McGarry showed absolutely no remorse for her crimes; Sheriff Paul Crozier said her fraud and deceit had been of the "most serious kind", it seems the taxpayer is still funding McGarry’s lifestyle, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon endorsed McGarry to be an MP publicly, talk about bad judgment

Dear All

Book her Danno!

It took a longtime coming but now is D-Day for Former SNP MP Natalie McGarry at Glasgow Sheriff Court, 75 years the D-Day landings occurred in France. How appropriate on that day that Natalie McGarry has been jailed for 18 months for embezzling money.

Today we celebrate justice in Scotland.

Natalie McGarry is headed for the ‘big house’, the slammer, the nick, club fed, greybar hotel, the opportunities for a social life will be severely curtailed and no swimming pool either, no onsite takeaways, no Chinese, KFC, Donalds, Burger King  or even a subway. No opportunity to go to trendy Southside bars and Cafes.

Having tried to dodge the bullet, the 18 months in prison will give Natalie McGarry the time to reflect not just on her crimes, but how much of a despicable and horrible person she is which cannot be explained away by claiming her claims of anxiety and depression. We will never get the true picture of how much Natalie McGarry stole but the official record places the amount at £25,600.

Was it worth it?

Is £25.600 worth losing your career, hers is totally  ruined, her reputation is shot to shit, losing your friends, colleagues, job and also we are told a miscarriage?

I think she sold out cheap!

Unfortunately for McGarry, she cannot turn back the clock; she cannot fix the wrongs she had done over the years. After Sheriff Crozier sentenced her, McGarry was slapped in handcuffs, that moment is the dawning of a new adventure which will no doubt sink in later this evening in a prison cell after she is processed.

Passing sentence, Sheriff Crozier told McGarry that her fraud and deceit had been of the "most serious kind" given the position of trust she had been in.

He added:

"You have fallen very far short of the standards the general public should expect from their elected representative. There is no alternative than a custodial sentence as you have shown no remorse."

The fact she showed no remorse probably sealed her fate for a trip to prison, but the odds were very high that she would be banged up. After pleading guilty earlier, her antics of wanting to withdraw the guilty pleas at a later hearing was refused by Sheriff Paul Crozier, basically set the Court against her. The Court had given her countless opportunities but Natalie McGarry didn’t seem to grasp her position and where she was, and what was about to happen.

She played for time, she attempted to keep kicking the can down the road by sacking her lawyers, but in the end, her time was to run out.

Defence lawyer Allan Macleod had earlier told the court that McGarry continues to insist she was innocent of the charges. You have to laugh at this part because simply there is a money trail to follow which all leads back to her and her alone. In mitigation her lawyer trotted out the classic sob story of ruined career etc, but in this there is a tragic element. The court was told that she had suffered a miscarriage earlier this week, while she was six weeks pregnant. You could ask the question with all of this hanging over her head why she chose to allow herself to get pregnant in the first place.

Did she want her child to be born behind bars?

Natalie McGarry was always going to jail.

My interest in this trial was more than most, I was a victim of Natalie McGarry, during the hate campaign ran against me by Tommy Ball, McGarry assisted Ball by linking me to the twitter hate account Ball setup to brand me a paedophile. Tommy Ball was eventually caught and dealt with but McGarry escaped justice for her part in it.

In my blog post of October 2015, I went into more detail about what had gone on and listed McGarry’s part.

Today justice has caught up with Natalie McGarry in full.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Oh That Didn’t End Well: New kid on the block, Change UK loses Six MPs including leader Heidi Allen, Brexit chaos has thrown up so much bad judgment that you have to wonder how some people consider themselves to be credible in politics, Change UK has one last journey that is to fold as a political party

Dear All

One thing that Brexit did was smoke out some of the anti democratic forces who are signed up to the European agenda. What is laughable that is these people talk about protecting workers’ rights in an organisation which is anti worker, pro cheap labour.

What these people are really supporting is freedom of movement which erodes workers’s rights, wages, and conditions. If you think way back, the objections to the EU first came from the left, the unions, but they ended up keeping quiet.

When people split from the Labour Party and Conservative Party at the time, I thought what a waste of time, and doomed to failure. The ‘rebels’ from both camps formed the group known as TIG. The Independent Group which then changed its name, logo and pretty much everything else to become Change UK put themselves forward for elections. In the European Elections, the Change UK Party did so badly that it was scrapping by on 3% of the vote. In contrast the other new kid on the block, the Brexit Party went from 0 to 32% in the polls and won the election.

After the defeat and probably waking up to the fact that these people don’t know what they are doing in campaigning terms, six of Change UK's 11 MPs, including spokesman Chuka Umunna and interim leader Heidi Allen have quit after it failed to get a single MEP elected. The six who have left, now sit as independents, running down the clock to the next election where they will be replaced as MPs.

Or they could attempt to go back to their old parties, tail between their legs, but in the case of Chuka Umunna, I doubt that anyone will want him back in the Labour Party. Momentum has earmarked him for de-selection. Once liken to be the Black ‘Tony Blair, Chuka is like Blair heading for the political dustbin of history.

Now the Change UK Party has five five MPs and a new party leader, the former 
Conservative business minister and anti-Brexit campaigner Anna Soubry, who faces a rather  bleak future. I don’t see Change UK under her becoming a powerhouse party, because the anti Brexit market is so crowded out with others. Change UK is left with former Labour MPs Mike Gapes, Chris Leslie, Joan Ryan and Ann Coffey as the rank and file MPs.

A joint statement from the six leaving members said their priority was now "to provide collegiate leadership to bring people together in the national interest".

Isn’t that what all political parties claim to do?

Why, yes, it seems that the Status Quo party is doing business as usual, which probably explains why they are treading water.

The splitters added:

“We know the landscape will continue to shift within the political environment and have concluded that by returning to sit as independents, we will be best placed to work cross-party and respond flexibly. We wish our colleagues well as they continue to build Change UK."


In a statement, Soubry said:

“I’m deeply disappointed that at such a crucial time in British politics our former colleagues have made this decision. Now is not the time to walk away, but instead to roll up our sleeves and stand up for the sensible mainstream centre ground which is unrepresented in British politics today. Going forward, the Change UK MPs are as determined to fix Britain’s broken politics as we were when we left our former parties.”

I am surprised that she is disappointed with these vain and selfish people bailed, but given they have form for doing so in the past, what did she expect. It is a bit like the woman who cheats on her husband then leaves; one thing her new partner knows is that he cannot trust her. Loyalty is a two way street, and when you know it is one way only well anything can happen. As I kid, I remember a song, ‘ten green bottles standing on the wall’, it seems that going from 11 to 5 is a hell of a lot of glass falling in a hurry.

Finally, I popped into the Pollok CLP meeting last night to catch up on Labour Party politics, some people spoke of how the Labour Party approach to Brexit was right in trying to bring the people together. They also spoke of how Jeremy Corbyn was right not to have attended the State Dinner for President Trump. Having listened carefully to the contributions, I found myself coming to the conclusion that the approach was entirely wrong. Wrong on Brexit, wrong on the strategy to bring people together, wrong on Jeremy Corbyn who did not attend the State Dinner. I suppose I could have said something but I didn’t, I think the Labour polling in Scotland says everything that needs to be said.

9.5% vote share in the European Election for the Labour Party!

Polled fifth in the vote in Scotland!

No MEPs!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Getting Lost On The Way To The Frontline; Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to attend protest in Trafalgar Square against President Donald Trump, the real political battle is being fought out in Peterborough’s by-election as the Brexit Party seem poised to claim their first Westminster seat, Trafalgar Square is a meaningless distraction

Dear All

I don’t do demos, they are counter-productive and a waste of time politically; your targeted audience already knows your opinion of them, and the idea of being involved in a mob isn’t appealing in the slightest.

I don't do demos!

Another important thing about demos is that some people turn up not to protest but to cause trouble, basically violence on the streets. You can see this if you view the ‘yellow vest’ protests in France, people take the opportunity of chaos to commit crime. Then they use the crowds to disappear, a tactic used by the far left, the far right and the State. Yes, even the State gets in on the act in some countries acting in a dark and sinister way.

Donald Trump’s State Visit will be a success; these events are pre-planned and generally go off without a hitch. One thing the UK is good at is State events, we can expect to see lots of coverage of the visit and of the Queen with Donald Trump. These visits are more than just a meet and greet, they are symbols of how strong the US and UK alliance is.

If you think back to when Trump wasn’t President, he had a run in with Alex Salmond because he wouldn’t support the release of the Lockerbie Bomber. The SNP had taken the opportunity to write a document for him to sign, if he had, he wouldn’t have been President of the US. The idea of getting Trump to sign it was a seriously stupid idea by the SNP. It is therefore no surprise that the SNP under Nicola Sturgeon wishes to carry on the feud, Sturgeon publicly backed Hillary Clinton.

An error of judgment in a sea of errors of judgments, but this one was so badly handled, it left the SNP unable to count on the US as an ally or even make them remain neutral at least to the public. The idea of SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford bumping his gums anti-Trump protests in Trafalgar Square is laughable. Outside the political bubble, rank and file Londoners don’t even know who he is and his credibility as a speaker is in my opinion so low, you won’t hear anything meaningful out of his gob.

Thousands of activists are expected in central London as the US president meetsPrime Minister Theresa May, but the policing operation will mean they cannot demonstrate outside the entrance to Downing Street. The security around the President will be very tight, no one is getting to climb the railings or even get near the President.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will also address the anti-Trump protests in Trafalgar Square, he already declined an opportunity to attend the state banquet at Buckingham Palace on Monday evening.

Should Jeremy Corbyn have gone?

The answer is yes, Jeremy Corbyn has put himself forward to be Prime Minister in the next Westminster election, if he wins, then he will have to work with President Trump assuming Trump gets re-elected in 2020. Attending the state banquet is something that the leader of the opposition should do, not for himself, but for his party and the wider public. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t do well when it comes to foreign affairs, but he should have people telling him what is needed and expected.

Across the UK, there are supposed to be protests in Birmingham, Stoke, Sheffield, Chester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leicester, Oxford and Exeter are also planned. These protests will be so small that you will probably miss them unless they have banners. It seems the ‘right on comrade’ mob will be sharpening their socialist credentials, basically middle class university students pretending to be working class.

One thing that President Trump loves is having a dig at Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan, Khan says Trump isn’t welcome, the reply by Trump:

“SadiqKhan, who by all accounts has done a terrible job as Mayor of London, has been foolishly “nasty” to the visiting President of the United States, by far the most important ally of the United Kingdom. He is a stone cold loser who should focus on crime in London, not me.”

Trolling can be such fun.

I would urge people not to go and do the demo route, because although you might be sincere in your actions, there are plenty people who aren’t.

What will the protests around the UK accomplish?


Finally, Jeremy Corbyn would be better served by attending the Peterborough by-election which is happening at the moment, caused the dismissal of the previous MP.  Former Labour MP Fiona Onasanya was removed from her position as MP on May 1 after she was convicted of perverting the course of justice. Another reason for attending this event full time is that The Brexit Party did well in the European Elections. In the European elections Peterborough voted overwhelmingly in favour of the Brexit party, securing 16,106 votes - more than twice that of runners up Labour.

That is the front line in politics not larking about in Trafalgar Square.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University