Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Woman That History Left Behind; SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon isn’t going to the ‘ball’, televised BBC Brexit debate on Sunday December 9, shows that Nicola Sturgeon is just a minor political player in UK politics, maybe the BBC could compromise so that Nicola Sturgeon and Green list MSP Patrick Harvie could be the ‘ugly sisters’ in a BBC panto

Dear All

The Prime Minister Theresa May has said that the so called ‘People's Vote’ is 'not an option'. In politics, people like to think up whizz bang names and slogans to catch the people’s imagination. The term, the ‘People's Vote’ is one such term which doesn’t represent the people but the political elite of this country who want to scupper Brexit and remain in the EU.

The usual suspects are backing this like Tony Blair, who likes to push his nose and side up to European politicians that he is watching out for their interests. In fact his intervention is his running political advert for employment in the EU. He may not be a force in UK politics, but as an ex PM, he likes to think he is a game changer.

Tony Blair like SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is changing nothing.

If you take people like Alex Salmond, when in power, he effectively couldn’t be challenged, out of power and out of favour, he has limited appeal except among a few people on the fringes. In technical terms, he is slightly above just being an ordinary punter.

As people like SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon try to force their way into the Brexit debate, the door has swung back and closed on her, hence she is at present doubling down on failed rhetoric. The latest is to accuse Theresa May of being ‘feart’, this is laughable, feart of what, Nicola Sturgeon. Sturegon isn’t going to be allowed a national UK platform on Brexit. Being someone who likes a laugh, maybe Nicola Sturgeon and Patrick Harvie could apply to be the ‘ugly sisters’ in this panto.

And as Theresa May retorted back to Sturgeon, you’re not even an MP, so jog on!

The Prime Minister is doing a bit of touring selling her deal up and down the country; this is due to the numbers problem, that problem is getting enough votes in December when the vote in the Commons is held. There was never a chance that Theresa May would buy into the concept of being pushed back against calls for a second Brexit referendum. The road was clearly defined by the people on the 23rd June 2016, all over the UK.

Legally once the clock started on exit, there was no going back, no backdoor deal, no taking the letter back, and not ‘Irish’ situation. The Irish were robbed of their democracy when they vote against the EU; they were in effective told to keep voting till they accept the EU and its ilk.

The UK has a different opinion, we’re off, thanks but no thanks, find another cash cow to milk.

Speaking to senior MPs, the Prime Minister refused to be drawn on what would happen if the Commons votes down the Withdrawal Agreement in the crunch vote on December 11. You could say that she is unwilling to speculate or provide ammo to the opposition that she is even considering defeat in the House of Commons. That said, she might lose, if the numbers against her stay the way they presently are. A defeat however wouldn’t be the end of the world, just the end of that EU proposed deal, and if hard Brexit comes then so be it.

Another thing about the people’s vote which is worth noting is that that "people's vote" could not be held before March 29 2019, there is no time to get legislation through, and all the planning and issues to do with funding aren’t in place either. It is clearly that politically and practically, the opposition has run out of time, run out of ideas and run out of support.

The BBC has recently confirmed that Theresa May had agreed to take part in a televised Brexit debate on Sunday December 9 against Jeremy Corbyn. You can expect the SNP to complain to the BBC about the exclusion of Nicola Sturgeon. If you are lucky, the idiots will be back down at Pacific Quay in Glasgow mounting a protest. The debate is a formality really, the outcome is decided, what that can achieve is more a public information event to let people hear more about the details, what, when and how Brexit works.

If I was to bet, I would say that the UK Government is heading for defeat in the vote on December 11, this isn’t the end of the world, a clean break with the EU is needed, I can’t say I am happy with the deal but I am open to be convinced. There is no way that after leaving we can accept EU jurisdiction in the UK, when we leave, we regain full sovereignty.

Ted Heath, the then PM who signed us up to the EU in 1973, knew where the EU was heading in a briefing document, if the public knew then I wonder how the vote to join would have gone. The EU is a failed project with an agenda which runs counter to national sovereignty, for those reasons, it will fail in the long term.

One interesting issue is that Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell has suggested a second referendum could be "inevitable" unless Mrs May goes back to the country in a general election. If you remember an earlier post, I said that the Labour goal was to push for a general election. Elections are tricky things, especially if polarised on one issue which another snap election surely would be, Brexit would be the issue, with a few carrots on other issues thrown in to make the campaign seem ‘exciting’.

Oh, and if you think the SNP would do well in another snap election then think again, they would bleed seats at the ballot box.

Finally, do tune to the BBC debate on December 11, you will get a decent snap shot of the pitch by Theresa May, and without the hectoring babble of Nicola Sturgeon trying to get a sideways mention of a second Scottish independence referendum. Of course, the SNP see this as an opportunity for them, but truth be told, they have their eye up to the wrong end of the telescope as usual. Brexit is the most important UK event in decades politically, it ends a chapter, there was some good, some bad from membership, but in the end, the Europeans made such a mess of the project that exit was the best possible thing for the people of the UK.

This was one campaign which I am glad to have done for the ordinary people of the UK.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Nicola Sturgeon’s Very Personal Public Humiliation; UK Cabinet Office minister David Lidington said any Brexit debate must be by ‘champions’ of main parties, the personal snub for Nicola Sturgeon, ‘selfie’ queen Sturgeon isn’t a major player in UK politics, the truth is no one wants a desperate needy woman lecturing them when they made the right choice and she didn’t on Brexit, painfully SNP discover Sturgeon is no Scottish Champion

Dear All

When a woman gets a knock back, it can be quite sore on their ego, you go from being on top of the world to staring in the mirror looking at flaws. Scotland’s unpopular SNP leader is a ‘selfie queen’. Her pensioner husband, Peter Murrell famously commented that a ‘selfie’ stick would make an ideal present for her.

In recent days, there has been talk of a Brexit debate, naturally ‘selfie’ Sturgeon wants in on the action, for numerous reasons. Chiefly the reasons seem to be, to boost her flagging leadership, to try and halt the terminal decline of her government, to try desperately to reconnect with Scots.

This is all linked to an attempt to shore up seats for both Holyrood and Westminster that the SNP currently hold. 2017 was a wake up call for the SNP, from 56 MPs they crashed backwards down to 35 MPs. Some other seats were held by a slim majority. In areas of Glasgow; just under 100 votes separate the current SNP MP from the ‘dole queue’ and universal credit, some of them live in fear of an early general election.

One of the Cabinet Office minister David Lidington has dropped a bomb on ‘selfie’ Sturgeon that if there is a Brexit TV debate is 'only for biggest parties', which means Sturgeon with 35 MPs wouldn’t be invited to the party. This will no doubt anger Sturgeon being brutally rebuffed, but we should remember, she isn’t an MP, so why should she be on the stage.

The answer is simple, the SNP at Westminister are a pack of fools, and if you look at Ian Blackford, well he looks like he has just had too many lunches, the wee fat guy who just waddles and babbles about the place.

Certainly not a man of action!

Cabinet Office minister David Lidington has insisted that Nicola Sturgeon will not be part of a TV debate with Theresa May. The reason is that Sturgeon is not a ‘big picture’ politician, she and her ‘low road’ politics of grievance has no right to attempt to barge into this debate. One thing that Cabinet Office minister David Lidington did say however is that it is up to Scottish broadcasters whether or not First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is included in any TV debate in Scotland.

With so many TV channels and the internet, there is plenty of options for Scots to just cut Nicola Sturgeon off, rather than hearing an evening of boring rhetoric as Sturgeon tries to turn a Brexit debate in a case for a second referendum on Scottish independence.

Enough is enough!

David Lidington said:

"This is a debate between the leaders of the two biggest parties at Westminster which is where the decision on whether to approve the deal or not will take place. The Prime Minister obviously will speak up in favour of the deal she has negotiated, I'm assuming that Mr Corbyn, if he wants to do this, will argue for the rejection of the deal. I think if Scottish broadcasters decide whether they want to have a separate debate in Scotland and perhaps invite the First Minister and the Secretary of State to take part there, but I think that's a matter for the broadcasters to discuss amongst themselves."

He added:

“This is a binary choice: Do you accept the deal that is on the table or do you reject the deal that is on the table and I think that there is a clarity about having two champions, one for each side of that debate.”

Clearly Cabinet Office minister David Lidington doesn’t consider Nicola Sturgeon a champion or even a ranked contender, which has a clarity about this, he has said what many Scots think about the Sturgeon ‘performance’, it just into up to snuff. Despite numerous makeovers, the sands of time have been cruel to Nicola Sturgeon, short, bad tempered, gobby, ‘pot belly’, and dyeing her hair and attempt to dress far too young for a grey haired women over 48. Despite her hefty salary, Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t have charisma, she doesn’t have style, mentally she is adrift; always it seems on the wrong side of the debate.

Watching Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t make for good TV.

MPs will vote on December 11 on Mrs May's Withdrawal Agreement, at present, the chances of a win for her look slim as even members of the Conservatives aren’t happy with the deal. The SNP are voting against the deal, orders from Sturgeon or her chief lackeys, the SNP MPs all vote as a block because they are sheep. On the evening of the debate, Nicola Sturgeon can sit in with her pensioner husband and watch as the real politicians thrash Brexit on TV.

The SNP had a chance early on to be part of Global Britain, and by default, project them as leaders of ‘Global Scotland’, but their politics are tried to a doomed EU project, there is no vision in the party. Having a provincial minded leader such as Sturgeon has damaged policy development in the party. The record of the Sturgeon government is appalling stuff, identity politics coupled with ineptness, short term policy to get over short term problems.

There comes a point when Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP will have to accept that she is mutton dressed as mutton, you could say even, she is mental mutton. The attempts to dress young, the layering of too much make up, the need to stick her nose in where it isn’t wanted has ‘something of the night’ about it. 

When Nicola Sturgeon described herself as ‘chief mammy’, my thoughts were, an attempt at humour or does she have a screw loose? I keep remembering the words from David Laws MP, when he wrote in his diary that Nicola Sturgeon was a ghastly woman, cold and unattractive, it is something you can't forget.

Finally, expect plenty of outrage by the SNP about Nicola Sturgeon being knocked back, although some people will quietly laugh, the truth is no one wants a desperate needy woman lecturing them when they made the right choice and she didn’t.  

Vacancy for National Champion of Scotland to appear on Scotgov website soon?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, November 26, 2018

Hard Brexit Ahoy: British and EU leaders have agreed a deal, they are trying to sell it warning ‘there is no plan B’, in the House of Commons, the numbers don’t stack up for the Prime Minister Theresa May to get the EU deal through, sometimes, just sometimes, you just have to walk away and wait, British people want full sovereignty

Dear All

One of the tactics of salesmen; is to say to a punter that they will not get a better deal or equally there is no alternative (plan B). The reason for the hard sell is obvious, to end the matter, however despite the EU 27 agreeing a deal with the UK, it doesn’t seem that the deal is liked by people at home.

To say there is no plan B is wrong; plan B for the UK is WTO trading rules.

Also, there is a narrative that the EU is doing us a favour by trading with I; we buy more from the EU than the entire 27 other Member States sell to us. We are one of the biggest trading nations in world, not some backward country were the staple food is wild game and bananas.

The UK government says the will not get a better Brexit deal if they vote down the one agreed in Brussels yesterday, this is the pitch to MPs to get them to vote yes. The thing of it is that the numbers to win a vote may be against Theresa May. There are Conservatives MPs who will join Labour and others voting no. That is vote when it comes will be possibly a defeat for the PM. The parties seem at present to minded to sink the EU deal, each party it appears has different reasons.

The heads of the 27 other EU governments took just a miserable 38 minutes to sign off the UK’s Brexit deal, considering this was a milestone in EU history, you might think 38 minutes is a tad rushed.

The crucial Commons vote is likely to be in three weeks’ time, and it will see the Conservative whips working overtime in an attempt to get MPs in their own party to tow the line.

Prime Minister Theresa May has well over 80 MPs in her own party saying they will reject the deal, to say the odds are stacked against Theresa May is an understatement, but the question is what does she have to chip in, to woe the opposition? Let’s face it, she needs what is termed a ‘sweetener’, something to buy a bit of goodwill

If the PM loses the vote, where do we go from here?

Thrust into the combat of another early General election!

A change of leader in the Conservative Party!

Back to Brussels for more concessions!

Or plan B, use the WTO rules and go hard Brexit.

Time is not against the UK, it is more against the EU, if there is a bad Brexit, it damages Brussels, and with other members not happy, the idea of just walking away seems more tempting.

The PM will go to the Commons today with the message that “there is not a better deal available”, that will go down like a lead balloon, pre deal, the opposition were geared up for a fight no matter what the outcome. The Prime Minister will also brief her Cabinet on the final deal because when she speaks in the Commons, they will be doing the collective responsibility thing. Interestingly senior pro-Brexit figures, including Andrea Leadsom, Liam Fox and Geoffrey Cox aren’t making public comment which raises the spectre of positioning if there is a leadership bid from the fallout.

What is laughable is that in Brussels, EU leaders spoke of their sadness as the UK’s Brexit “divorce” was signed off, David Cameron asked for concessions while PM, he got nothing but withering contempt. So, how sad are they in Europe, sad about losing the UK as a cash cow to fund the EU.

We were paying about 20% of the entire budget!

President Jean-Claude Juncker saying it was “not a day for champagne”, given he is seen as a drunk by some, I think we can bow to his expertise.

The Prime Minister is expected to tell MPs:

“Our duty as a Parliament over these coming weeks is to examine this deal in detail, to debate it respectfully, to listen to our constituents and decide what is in our national interest. We can back this deal; deliver on the vote of the referendum and move on to building a brighter future of opportunity and prosperity for all our people. Or this House can choose to reject this deal and go back to square one.”

29 March 2019, the clock ends and deal or no deal, we are out, as I blogged in the past, I am for hard Brexit, recent comments by the French President gloating over fishing rights to me says plenty.

The Prime Minister said:

“If people think somehow there is another negotiation to be done, that’s not the case. It is the result of what have been tough and difficult negotiations over a significant period of time.”

Leo Varadkar, the Irish prime minister, warned that “any other deal really only exists in people’s imagination”, and claimed Brexiteers who are threatening to vote against the agreement in the Commons “don’t agree among themselves what that better deal could be”. “There isn’t a plan B. The truth is what we have here is the best deal that is available both for the United Kingdom and for the European Union.”


No one gives a monkeys’ what Leo Varadkar, the Irish prime minister says in the UK.

Varadkar added:

“Anyone can have a better deal or an alternative deal in their own minds, but an agreement 500 pages long that 28 member states can sign up to, nobody has that. What’s on the table is the only deal that’s on the table.”
In what must be a rallying of support, his Dutch counterpart, Mark Rutte waded in to urge MPs to give their approval in a “meaningful vote” in the House of Commons. There is nothing like a couple of EU stooges who think they know better than the British people, do you believe they have our interests at heart?

Sorry, I don’t buy it!

In Scotland, Stephen Kerr, the Conservative MP for Stirling is having a go at the SNP over their opposition to the deal. The SNP want a date for a second Scottish independence referendum at their choosing, they are using Brexit as a tool.

Kerr said:

“The EU has made it abundantly clear today: this is the only deal on the table. Nicola Sturgeon’s opposition to this deal is obviously self-interested. The SNP just wants to take us back to yet more constitutional chaos – and we will oppose that every step of the way.”

If Stephen Kerr was to shine a light on the Labour Party, he would find their opposition to the deal is more in keeping with trying to force a general election. The truth is yes, this deal took a lot of time, it covers a lot, but it isn’t going to go down well with the British public. This is the problem, and the solution is looking rather likely to be to say, no deal and thanks but no thanks, we’re offski, enjoy the holidays.

Finally, there are a huge amount of EU workers who depend on the UK to buy their goods such as cars etc. If no deal happens, you will see the men in European grey suits lean on the Brussels clique to remind them who they work for. You can expect big business and the money men of Europe to show their displeasure to Frau Merkel and anyone else who thinks they are ‘it’. 

Oh to be a fly on that wall!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, November 23, 2018

SNP Leaders In Political Meltdown; Bitter SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon ends up looking like a right haddock after accusing Prime Minister Theresa May of 'selling out' Scotland's fishermen, coordinated SNP attack fails as PM uses one apt sentence after SNP leader attack in the Commons, "I will tell him what a sell-out of Scottish fishermen would be: it's the policy of the Scottish National Party to stay in the Common Fisheries Policy"

Dear All

What is the first important thing that comes to mind when you think of the SNP, depending on your political knowledge, you might think:


Lacking in substance


No vision



You would of course be right as the terms above easily and readily roll off the tongue.

Here is something which is not funny; unpopular Nicola Sturgeon has accused Theresa May of 'selling out' Scotland's fishermen. The irony in this attack is that Nicola Sturgeon along with the rest of the SNP intended to do just that by remaining in the EU. If the SNP ever won independence; the first thing on their agenda post feathering their nest would be to rejoin the EU.

The SNP doesn’t have the interest of Scottish fishermen at heart, they never did, and they never will.

What people like Nicola Sturgeon count on is that the public are politically unaware, so that they can try to manipulate them to their cause, the SNP has never stood up for Scotland, they don’t know how to.

The SNP only stand up for them; always have, always will!

The bitter battle that Sturgeon seeks to have with Theresa May is all about trying to angle another independence vote. In Holyrood, Sturgeon using a safe platform is fighting against Brexit at every turn, and using fishing rights is just a convenient excuse to attack Theresa May. The tactic isn’t new, it is old and par for the course, the SNP stand up and accuse whomever of “selling out” Scotland.
The Prime Minister has said that post the transition period in December 2020, Britain would become an “independent coastal state”. Although a lot of people might not like the transition, I think people can get their head round it, Brexit doesn’t just affect the UK, it also affects Europe. The Brexit talks are tricky as it is hard to unpick 40 plus years of membership at the snap of your fingers.

And less we forget it was SNP’s policy to keep Scotland in the Common Fisheries Policy!

What Sturgeon is doing is ultimately making herself look like a fool as she tries to side with the EU, who are at best lukewarm about her and Scotland.

The UK and EU27 have agreed a text on their future relationship post Brexit, the details of which is due to be signed off at a special summit in Brussels. What is clearly is that Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have had no input in shaping the Brexit talks.

Not on the UK side and not on the EU side either.

The text states:

“Within the context of the overall economic partnership, the parties should establish a new fisheries agreement on, inter alia, access to waters and quota shares. The parties will use their best endeavours to conclude and ratify their new fisheries agreement by July 1 2020 in order for it to be in place in time to be used for determining fishing opportunities for the first year after the transition period.”

So, to clarify, the focus should be on July 1 2020, that is where Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP should have focused on rather than her continual spewing of rubbish to attract attention to get a media headline. The problem in her strategy is that she has cried ‘wolf’ so often nothing she says has any impact. If you read between the lines and sit back and let the SNP spew, you can see what they plan, they planned to use Scottish waters as a “bargaining chip” if they were ever in a position to apply for entry to the EU.

At First Minister Questions, Ms Sturgeon said:

“The political declaration that has been agreed between the UK Government and the European Commission this morning represents another Tory sell-out of Scottish fishermen”.

In case you didn’t grasp what was said, allow me to break it down, Sturgeon wanted to say “Tory sell-out”, it is called a ‘hook’ in literature, something to grab your attention and let your imagination do the work.

One gaffe that Sturgeon did make was recalling how last week all 13 Scottish  Conservative MPs sent a letter to the Prime Minister making clear post Brexit the UK "must be able to negotiate access and quota shares on an annual basis without any pre-existing arrangement being in force" and "this means that access and quota shares cannot be included in the future economic partnership".

13 Scottish Conservative MPs standing up for Scotland….. opps!

In what must be a drag, Sturgeon added:

"In terms of David Mundell's position I would simply say this: his position is a matter for him but if he is still in office by the end of today in light of this political declaration he will have forfeited forever any last remaining scrap of principle or credibility that he had."

If it is a matter for him then why is Nicola Sturgeon and the rest of the SNP rabble constantly calling for him to resign?

Labour's Lesley Laird, the Shadow Scottish Secretary, echoed the call for the Scottish Secretary to "resign with immediate effect".

I think like Sturgeon that call will find no favour!

David Mundell has tweeted that he would “not take lessons on standing up for fisherman from Nicola Sturgeon, who is committed to trapping them in the hated Common Fisheries Policy”.

Game, set and match.

He added:

“The PM has fiercely resisted the efforts of EU states to make an explicit link between access to our waters and access to markets. We will negotiate and decide, as an independent coastal state, on access and quota[s] on an annual basis, just like Norway and Iceland do now.”

Finally, it is no secret that SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is truly having a dreadfully bad Brexit in terms of government input and also her personal standing. The ploy of trying to appear to stand up for Scottish fishermen is much like a Xmas panto with her as the ‘panto dame’ who the audience boo at through-out the show. The intelligence need in the SNP is lacking, here are two more examples.

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford mouths off about fishing, to which the PM says:

"I will tell him what a sell-out of Scottish fishermen would be: it's the policy of the Scottish National Party to stay in the Common Fisheries Policy."

And SNP MP Hanna Bardell plays 'keepy up' in the Chamber of the House of Commons, it seems the SNP have loads of time for stupidity and none for the key things need in Westminster and Holyrood, commonsense, vision and emotional intelligence.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Activist Judges; President Donald Trump denounces Obama-Appointed Judge for blocking denial of asylum to caravan migrants heading towards the American border, the democrats at every turn seek to undermine the Trump Administration, clearly the democrats don’t care about protecting America from all enemies both foreign and domestic

Dear All

If you ever watched an American war movie, you might have come across a scene where American Officers swear an oath, to protect America from all enemies both foreign and domestic. At the present moment, America is at war, this one is an internal one, between the Democrats and the Republicans. Some of this you can see played out on the news, some of it in documentaries, and in American college campuses.

After Donald Trump became President beating Hillary Rodham Clinton, the ‘war’ has spilled into many spheres of American life, nowhere is safe it seems from the malaise of the Democratic reach. All the anti Trump attacks by democrats including former President Obama show one thing, the democrats are scared. They have been spectacularly found out for what they are.

They are scared because of what Trump represents and what their past has been, successful exposed by people like Dinesh D'Souza.

It seems that the legacy of Obama appointees think nothing of attempting to damage Trump in their quest to return the Democratic Party to power. At present, the democrats are a failed party, a dinosaur in modern America with their politics of division to rule.

President Donald Trump has denounced an Obama-Appointed Judge who has decided to block denial of asylum to the Caravan Migrants heading towards America from the south. These people aren’t asylum seekers, they are economic migrants. They are not fleeing war, they are fleeing poverty. The migrant caravan has been covered in the news as they snake their way north to the American border.

If you think back to the European migrant crisis, I suggested that borders should be guarded by the military because civilian agencies cannot cope with the present situation.

In reacting to the ban, President Trump said:

“This was an Obama judge, and I’ll tell you what, it’s not going to happen like this anymore.”

What the democrats have done is opened up a can of worms by their actions, judges should be above politics, however, what is going on could see the removal of judges in the same way as political power passes between parties. The President is rights to deny asylum to the migrant caravan crossing into the United States illegally at the Southern border.

You might ask what the problem is!

Well, undocumented and uncheck migrants pose a national security risk to the people and the country they illegally attempt to entry under the guise of asylum.

The Swedish example of how stupid the political elite have become is spelled out in every crime inflicted on the Swedish people.

The problem of ‘activist’ judges is a ticking timebomb, it rots the judicial process and dislodges justice as the cornerstone of society. U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar of San Francisco, appointed by former President Barack Obama, issuing of a restraining order of the Trump administration’s effort to deny asylum to migrants trying to cross the southern border illegally is wrong. Especially when you consider that the administration would still allow people crossing through legal points of entry to claim asylum.

The White House also released a strongly worded statement;

“This decision will open the floodgates, inviting countless illegal aliens to pour into our country on the American taxpayer’s dime,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement calling the ruling “contrary to well-established Federal law.”

The problem of the Hispanic gangs on the border infiltrating America as part of the drug cartels is well known.

Each day, drug mules do back and forth carrying drugs into America.

If you think the migrant caravan coming to America is all doctors, dentists, nuclear scientists then think again.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement:

“This temporary injunction is yet another example of activist judges imposing their open borders policy preferences, which are rejected by the overwhelming majority of the American people.”

In an ideal world, militarisation of the borders isn’t a step to be taken lightly, the military is a blunt instrument, they are there to stop threats, not enter meaningful conversations.

Finally, President Donald Trump has many critics, but he is pro the American worker, more so that most previous holders of the office of President. Donald Trump’s Migration Policy has boosted farm productivity and, importantly wages for workers. As immigrant farm workers become scarce; this is good news for the people, more jobs, more choice and more money. Globalisation promoted by political parties is a bad thing; it is about destroying countries, importing cheap labour to work for low wages.

President Donald Trump stood on a platform, Make America Great Again, not for himself but for the people, the every same people who the democrats would see fight each other for scraps.

Finally, isn’t it time to think seriously about what you are being told in the mainstream news?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Ever Feel You Have Been Conned Scotland; SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon admits Indyref2 may be after 2021, Sturgeon angles for another term as ‘lame duck’ First Minister running a defective government, no unofficial Catalan-style vote, nothing that could harm Nicola Sturgeon’s money, expenses, perks and junkets, expect the SNP ‘usual suspects’ to whip up an increasingly angry indy mob between now and Holyrood 2021

Dear All

You might remember something which I blogged on awhile ago, if not here is a refresher, Nicola Sturgeon knows she cannot deliver a second independence referendum.

So, what the hell is going on with Nicola Sturgeon?

Well, in my opinion she is milking the position of First Minister for all that she can, money, expenses, perks and junkets, ‘loads a selfies’, and preparing the groundwork to leave. 

But before she goes, she wants to hang on another term after this current Holyrood Parliament ends in 2021. It rather looks at present that there will be a hung parliament after 2021 in Holyrood.

That being the case, the question will be who will be the minority government?

Brexit is still moving forward, however there are problems with ‘the deal’, I still favour hard Brexit, and rejection of the current proposals, and given the unhappiness, various people might also travel that road.

The SNP will probably vote against the deal to try and secure ground for indyref 2.

The Labour Party will probably vote against the deal to attempt to bring down the UK government and get a general election.

The Conservative Brexiteers will vote against the deal because they don’t want it.

Selling the current deal will be hard task for the Prime Minister Theresa May to the House of Commons. It is fair to say that Theresa May is under a lot of pressure, not just on the deal but also her continued leadership of the Conservative Party. A bad deal will haunt her all the way to 2022, so she needs to get it right and sellable, because a lot is riding on this, politically and personally for her and her party.

If there is any humour in the current chaos is that SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has had to admit there may not be a second independence referendum in the current parliament. She will speak long and loud that she is forced to try to secure one at the next Holyrood election. The gullible in the SNP and the wider indy movement will be asked to swallow this guff, but these people must see what is plain to ordinary people, Sturgeon is ‘selling a pup’ to her supporters.  

So, yet again for SNP supporters, Nicola Sturgeon is securing money, expenses, perks and junkets, ‘loads a selfies’, and preparing the groundwork to leave. No matter how many times I clearly explained this to these people, this concept doesn’t register. In order to soft soap her play for continued support, Nicola Sturgeon said she may not be able to overcome the UK Government’s rigid refusal to grant Holyrood the power to hold another vote before 2021.

This is because she has no power, her phantom triple lock mandate is just an illusion used by her and the indy movement to attempt to bounce another referendum on the Scottish people.

Now, Sturgeon says what we all knew, she doesn’t have legal authority, no authority equals no referendum. And of course she is ruling out an unofficial Catalan-style vote, because this would stop her money gravy train. Sturgeon wants to throw the problem onto the people of Scotland as the best option, and when they don’t give her a mandate in parliament, her hands are clean.

The new strategy is the same as the old strategy, just complaining and grievance. You can expect from on to hear from the ‘usual suspects’ SNP MPs and MSPs hyping up indy now. These will be fake news rallying cries for the punters to stoke them up, all for nothing. Then SNP Government announcements of more ‘tat’ of the baby box and tampon variety.

Oh to be a man in Scotland 2018 and campaign for tampons!

The fly in the ointment for Nicola Sturgeon is of course that polls say that the SNP will lose seats at the next Holyrood election, with Unionist parties in the majority. Imagine the anger the day after the 2021 Holyrood election when that happens, who will the nationalists blame?

Nicola Sturgeon.

2021 Holyrood maybe the SNP’s last dance at Government, the trend is downwards, spiralling decline, all self inflicted, all preventable and all due to the Cult. Sturgeon dropped the bombshell at a weekend meeting of the Women for Independence group. It seems that Nicola Sturgeon is doing more closed events, what you might call; ‘not meet the people’!

The picture is bleak for Sturgeon; a poll also gave a 20-point lead to the pro UK campaign.

Sturgeon’s answer to the mob was:

“I don’t have an easy answer to this”.

Tried looking in a mirror?

She added:

“We may get into a situation where the UK government says ‘No, we’re not going to agree the Section 30 Order [transferring referendum powers to Holyrood]’. And I think if that happens, we need to rise above that, we need to make a case of how unreasonable that is. And ultimately, if the only way through that is to take that to an election, and ask the people of Scotland to use an election to say ‘No, we will have absolutely our right to choose, I think maybe that’s what that will take.”

The SNP as I have always said are a party of protest, not of government which is why they are failing. A new Survation poll Scotland in Union group this week found 60% of Scots would vote to ‘Remain’ in the UK.

The nationalist’s 45 group have lost 5%, are they now the 40 group, 5% died, gave up; went to the bookies, down the pub, away to the seaside?

Finally; and for the third time, Nicola Sturgeon is clearly playing for time, her Brexit rallying cry didn’t work, support is going backwards, government is a failure and an albatross round her neck. Her former mentor Alex Salmond still has an uncomfortable spotlight focused on him, and her allies are getting scarce. Nicola Sturgeon and her motley crew gambled that lack of substance would forever carry them onwards, now she and they are experiencing changed days, different landscape. 

Maybe she will write a book, ‘The Tampon and the Thistle’, how it all went pear shaped from the minute she took the poison chalice of leadership.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Brexit deal, is it now dead; Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg threatens Prime Minister Theresa May with vote of no confidence as resignations pour in leaving her cabinet in disarray, the most damaging resignation is Dominic Raab, the now former Brexit Secretary, there are some tough days ahead for the PM

Dear All

As someone who fought for Brexit, the direction of travel was clear, that the UK should cancel its membership of the EU, and no longer be subject to its jurisdiction. Out meant out, not part out, fully out, no membership of the single market, no customs union, nothing which didn’t put the UK interest first.

The fight to win Brexit was hard, little time, hardly any resources, no real money, especially in Scotland, but the result was victory. Prime Minister David Cameron at the time, accepted the vote and resigned, when there was no need to, but he went anyway and in came Theresa May to steady the ship.

Much of the coverage of Brexit has been hysterical, but Brexit still moved forward, after all, the letter to the EU of withdrawal started a ticking clock, a clock that cannot be wound back. The battle was then focused on the ‘deal’, a deal that the PM had to sell not just to the country, but also to the Cabinet and her party. Clearly there is a gulf in the Conservative Party, and with the resignation of Ministers today, the gulf is widening.

The Conservatives do one thing rather better than other parties when it comes to changing the guard, it is swift and brutal. There is now talk yet again of a party leadership contest, this can be triggered by 48 MPs signing letters and submitting them to the backbench 1922 Committee.

In a blow to the Prime Minister five ministers quit this morning, right from the start, I said that the way forward was for hard Brexit, in effect no deal, let the clock run out and use the World Trade Organisation rules. This to me was always the best route as a rushed deal was worse than no deal.

Jacob Rees-Mogg has supported the Prime Minister as well as being a vocal critic but now this appears to have changed, he said:

"My Right Honourable Friend, and she is unquestionably honourable, said we would leave the customs union. Annex 2 says otherwise. She said she would maintain the integrity of the UK. A whole protocol says otherwise. She said we would be out of the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. Article 174 says otherwise. As what my Right Honourable Friend says and what my Right Honourable Friend does no longer match, should I not write to the member for Altrincham and Sale East?"

The MP for Altrincham and Sale East is Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the backbench 1922 Committee.

So, is a leadership contest in the offing, well all that is needed is 48 letters, generally win or lose the election, it is seen as a time up event. When Margaret Thatcher won her leadership battle, she was quietly told that it was over.

Last year, we were plunged into a snap general election, from my point of view, it was a success, I helped three people cross the line and displace three SNP MPs. If an election contest goes ahead, the calls for another snap election will follow suit, then the pressure will really be on the Prime Minister. Another general election in my opinion could end up a very messy affair indeed, with a hung parliament. There will be plenty people who will be losers to be sure, the question of course is who, when and where?

Here is an update on who has quit as a minister,

Conservative Brexiteer MP Anne Marie Morris told BBC News she believed enough Conservative MPs had now submitted letters of no-confidence in the prime minister to trigger a leadership contest. The old saying, it never rains but it pours applies here, a contest is not what Theresa May wanted, but that’s politics, changeable.

In one funny moment, the Scottish secretary has been urged to quit by one of his own colleagues over the draft Brexit deal, Scottish Conservative MP Ross Thomson said "no Unionist" could support the proposals.

Why is this funny?

It appears that Scottish Conservative MP Ross Thomson is a bit of a Boris Johnson cheerleader, ever heard of riding on the shirt tails of others? I look at this as Ross Thomson angling for a Cabinet position and not being subtle about it either. If I was Ross Thomson, I would be more interested in building up support in his parliamentary seat. Scottish voters are still very fluid, and it would serve him well to wind his neck in, instead of going on voyages of discovery.

I doubt David Mundell, the Scottish secretary will attach much weight to the message by Ross Thomson.

In an attempt to appear relevant, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon told Holyrood that Mr Mundell and Ruth Davidson (on baby leave) would both now resign if they had any "backbone", and reiterated that the 35 SNP MPs at Westminster would vote against the deal. The SNP MPs would vote against any deal, no matter how good; their votes will not alter Brexit. The only impact the SNP have made in Westminster is in the ‘stock’ of the many bars on the parliamentary estate.

Finally, if there is to be a contest in the Conservative Party then that is a matter for the party to resolve. I would like to see Theresa May finish Brexit and then the people make a decision when presented with all the facts and figures. The Brexitters have concerns which should rightly be addressed, one thing is certain; there will be a lot of unhappy people at the end of this process. I have been and always will be for hard Brexit, and a return to the WTO rules, from strength the UK can move forward with confidence.

I wouldn’t rush out just yet for a candidate pack to stand for Westminster although bookmakers make Thresa May 5/1 to resign before the end of the day!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, November 12, 2018

Thank God For Brexit; Angela Merkel’s price for virtual signalling revealed, Netherlands: One in Five North African Asylum Seekers Suspected of Crimes, Berlin, there is a similar picture relating to how foreigners have made up nearly half of the suspects in criminal cases, the “MOCRO War” involving North African migrants from Morocco is being played out in the Netherlands, backlash seems inevitable in Europe

Dear All

First, the High Court, after a few days, the trial which was already to start and a jury picked from the pool, didn’t start. The entire jury pool was discharged, which to me seemed to be rather a waste. The pool was a mixed bag of people, young and old, male and female, and it seemed people of different educational standards.

The classic….. ‘jury of your peers’. Serving on a jury isn’t the best way to spend your time but it is a civic duty which needs to be done. No one likes to find someone guilty because it is at the back of your mind that they could end up in prison for a long time. Society has to be protected, and if they are guilty and a threat I have no problem seeing people removed from society to prevent them harming others.

Awhile ago, someone asked me about the Dutch elections and did I think that Geert Wilders would win, my answer was no, the Dutch weren’t ready for his party to run the country. The fact was, it was too early for them to mount a successful election, what he needed was more time, more time for things to get worse.

One in five North African asylum seekers in the Netherlands have been suspected of crimes in the past one and a half years, according to figures released this week. When Angela Merkel opened the floodgates, there was a massive influx of criminals, criminals who recognised the need to band together into gangs. Criminal gangs operate in Europe; they use the drugs trade, prostitution and the illegal gun trade and human trafficking to fund their lifestyles. In the past, the threats were from Georgians and Albanians who ran crime gangs, now new players emerge. 

Since the height of the migrant crisis in 2015, the Netherlands has taken in just over 80,000 asylum seekers. No one asked the people of the Netherlands if they wanted these people, the politicians decided to do this in various EU Members States, in a show of virtual signalling. The price of their virtual signalling to attempt to keep up with Angela Merkel was murder, rape and robbery, along with other sordid crimes. The people of Europe paid a high price for electing the wrong type of people who betrayed their trust.

North Africans have proven to be the group most prone to crime, according to the police, they think that they are like modern day Vikings coming ashore to rape, loot and pillage. In Amsterdam a severed head was found in an open street. It is just the latest gruesome murder in what is being called the “MOCRO War” involving North African migrants from Morocco.

In Italy, recent figures revealed that as many as one in three criminal suspects come from a migration background. Is it any surprise that the Italians have moved to the right in their politics? It would be in the interests of Italians to leave the EU just as the UK is in the process of doing. In major German cities like Berlin, there is a similar picture relating to how foreigners have made up nearly half of the suspects in criminal cases. In a recent poll, 50% of Germans want Angela Merkel gone as Chancellor, they don’t want to wait till she steps down in 2021.

And who can blame them, she has unleashed, the worst people on this planet who have created a crime wave unprecedented in Europe, and akin to a State that has seen law and order collapse. In some cities, like the Austrian capital of Vienna, the number of foreign criminal suspects has actually surpassed the number of local criminals. Europe is a place were people live in fear, and when a population becomes fearful, there is always a backlash which usually ends up violent.

Finally, there will come a point where the population will see the pressing need to get rid of the political elites. Europe is going to change, we have just seen the 100 year mark pass of WW1, but are we entering a stage where the prelude to WW3 is being played out?

There aren’t enough prisons to hold the bulk of a country’s population when civil war starts.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Why Me God; Short and Snappy video that explains who political elite are hot for Brexit betrayal, Mark Blyth on the Brexit vote pitches the argument perfectly, in local news, local blogger George Laird in the High Court of Glasgow

Dear All

Sometimes you come across a video which you feel does the job of explaining the whole ball game. Brexit has been fought against by people who claim that they represent the 'people', actually they represent the elites. 

In the fight to get a second vote, which won't happen, they have shown their true colours. People like Tony Blair, Gina Miller, Nicola Sturgeon and others stand together, shoulder to shoulder to sell out the working class.

This video is classic, because it is short, punchy to the point and cuts right through the nonsense.

I want you to watch it a few times, let what this guy is telling you sink in, yesterday, I touched on the theme of the political elites who don't serve our community re the rape gangs, today, watch and listen as the political elites are exposed in another area, working for the corporations.

Also I am need to take a bit of time off because I am required to go to the High Court in Glasgow!

But before panic sets in and people rush to start baking me a cake with a file inside, I am up for jury service.

Why me? 

Apparently you are picked at random, given this is the third time I have been picked, and done two trials already, how random is random? Given it is the High Court, I could get any type of serious case from murder to rape to fraud to drug smuggling, if picked, and given my name is Laird, chances are no matter what end of the alphabet they work from, I could end up hearing a case.

If selected, I won't be blogging or tweeting at all, jury duty is a serious business and given that someone or groups liberty is at sake, I am legally obliged to ensure they get a fair trial, so I won't be doing commentating.

In the words of the immoral Eric Cartman;

“Why me God'?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, November 5, 2018

A Country Under Attack From Within; the UK has seen countless cases of Pakistani Muslim Gang Rape Gangs who used the weakness of the left’s political correctness and the race card, they believed that they could get away with raping female children, our political classes set up a culture were crying racist made people scared to do their jobs, race politicians are a problem to be rooted out of our politics

Dear All

One thing the media did to dilute the problem of Pakistani Muslim Rape Gangs was to use the word ‘grooming’ as this seemed more user friendly to them after being effectively forced to report on this epidemic.

The Police, the social services, and other related agencies all failed the child victims of the rape gangs, because those above them on the political ladder were unsupportive. Our politicians allowed a culture to breed within the political body of this country were certain minority groups were seen as special.

In the game of political rape politics, anyone who speaks out can be branded as a ‘racist’ in order to silence them. The leadership in political parties were a long time coming to the party to get female child victims justice. In fact, when you see MPs being silenced in their own parties for the sake of diversity, you should feel angry.

Angry because the political class are putting vote caches before justice, before children, before society!

The trial which Tommy Robinson covered which led to his false arrest for breach of the peace and subsequent imprisonment simply mirrored so many other trials of Pakistani Muslim Rape Gangs. These people felt invincible because they operated in large groups, their victims were female children and for years the politically correct police were cowed. Frontline police didn’t get the support they needed because they didn’t trust those in authority above them. And to cap it all the senior police didn’t trust the politicians who would hang people out to dry.

Such was the invincibility that these rape gangs held in their own minds that a Pakistani gang rapist told a victim’s mother that the politically correct police ‘Won’t Touch Us’. The mother of a Huddersfield rape gang victim said her daughter’s rapist told her the police “won’t touch me, they don’t like us P***s”. Race card politics is a major problem in the UK, it has been a problem for decades; it was a tool to dismiss the white working class by people who earned their living off allegedly standing up for them.

Now, the problem has exploded onto the political agenda, you might think that political parties would be fighting it out to prove that they stand up for the white working class. You might have thought that there would be major battles on law and order in the House of Commons. You might have thought that MPs would be keen to see that convicted rapists of foreign extraction lose citizenship and face automatic deportation.

You might have expected a show of solidarity!

The House of Commons have been stunningly silent apart from the Home Secretary who stuck his head above the parapet, only for others to attack him. The silence is why the  mother of ‘Girl L’ told the Huddersfield Examiner that she had struggled to get West Yorkshire Police to take her complaints of grooming and abuse against her daughter seriously. Even when the Pakistani Muslim Rape Gang members were told several times to stay away from her daughter, they took no notice.

On one occasion, she told Irfan Ahmed on the telephone:

“I’ve reported you to the police for child sexual exploitation.”

To which, she said Ahmed replied: “Bring it on, they won’t touch me”.

In fact so sure were the rapists of their privilege accorded to them by the political class that they would threaten the victims’ families as routine, just a converstion.

The mother of a victim said:

“I would speak to them and then they’d threaten me. We were passing all this information on and all the Police would say is ‘we’re building up intelligence’ and this went on for years.”

When asked why she thought police were not actively investigating child sexual exploitation by the gang, who are majority Pakistani-Muslim, she said: 

“I think being in fear of being called racist. I think that’s got a lot to do with it.”

So, the fear is called racist, not being backed by superiors, job, career and mortgage on the line, and the knowledge that our elected representatives to parliament and other bodies were firmly in the ‘not my problem camp’. No upside for them, no political donations, possible vote loss; no great PR opportunities to be seen as a champion of diversity.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police denied the accusations that political correctness had hampered investigations into the child rapes, rape gangs going strong for decades. Multiple reports of abuse, the coincidence of authorities fearing accusations of racism from the mainly Pakistani-Muslim rapists echoes that found in other towns plagued by grooming gang scandals such as in Rotherham, Rochdale,  and Telford.

One of the 20 convicted Huddersfield child predators is still on the run, Sajid Hussain absconded from the country while out on bail during the jury’s deliberation. Clearly he had help, and it is likely he has gone to Pakistan were he has probably relatives. Hussain was found guilty at Leeds Crown Court last month of two counts of rape and sentenced to 17 years in prison in his absence. If he is ever caught, he also faces other charges which hopefully mean he would die in a UK prison.
One of the changes in law that is needed is regarding reporting restrictions at the time of the active trial, once Sajid Hussain fled; the police were prevented from making a public appeal for information. This cannot be right that an accused person or convicted person is effectively helped to facilitate their escape by a news blackout.

One of the things that make Tommy Robinson have a high profile is that he spotted a gap in the market both politically and socially. His reporting as a citizen journalist and activist has struck a nerve with white working class people. He stepped in and filled a void which normally the political class would have had covered. In this case, no one wanted to cover the Pakistani Muslim Rape Gang brief, a negative brief with no glory.

20 men were convicted for the systemic abuse, grooming, rape, and sex trafficking of 15 vulnerable white girls aged between 11 to 17 years old; the protests over the arrest of Tommy Robinson signalled a change in voter reaction to the political class. In Europe, the tide has also turned against the political class. In Germany, Hungary, France, Italy, Poland, the mood has changed.

In Britain, the change is taking longer as the press, police, politicians, academia and NGOs, all band together against what is seen as their ‘common enemy’, that would be the ‘common people’.

Finally, in history it isn’t unusual for governments to rise and fall, much like families, but the fall of the political class is aided by the rot within.

Clearly, the abuses are symptoms of a more pressing problem in our society.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University