Friday, July 31, 2009

"I'm not particularly bright", admits Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth

Dear All

In the tradition of tell us something that we don’t know Bob Ainsworth, the Defence Secretary has admitted he is not particularly intelligent and claimed he is discriminated against because of his accent and moustache.

I have to agree with his assessment because after admitting he is gormless, clueless and a liability; he still hasn’t resigned from his post.

As to intelligence; he can learn and if he has access to a razor he can shave off his moustache.

I struggle to see how Bob Ainsworth saying he has intellectual 'weaknesses' helps British Troops who are fighting and dying on foreign soil.

Is it he wanted them to know their troubles stem from him being backwards, lacking moral fibre and dumb as shit?

I can’t see that being a comfort to troops being shelled and under small arms fire.

In his outpourings he gets worse;

“I have strengths and I have weaknesses”.

He is probably a terrific car parker in tight corners.

“I don't pretend to be able to write a great thesis or doctorate - I have no pretensions in that direction”.

Just as well, a few trees saved as I would expect plenty rewrites coming his way if he ever pens to paper.

“But I'll tell you what I do have, I have a good feel for ordinary people, for politics, and those are my strengths”.

Well, if anyone has a housing problem then Ainsworth your man, a slimmer version that John Prescott who was famed for playing the ‘daft workie come good’ character in the House of Commons. Prescott was removed from every department he ran, no guesses for what for.

“I understand, I hope instinctively, where many of our Armed Forces come from.”

I do too; they come from’ I don’t want to get shot dead and blown up’ street.

In order to generate a sympathy vote he goes way over the top by making these statements;

“I don't try to pretend I am cleverer than a general or the Chief of the Defence Staff.”

“I speak with a Midlands accent. I drop my aitches”.

“I suffer with an asthmatic-related condition that means I speak with a gravelly voice”.

“I have a moustache that some people appear to take offence to”.

In fight back mode; Ainsworth blamed the UK public for ignoring the plight of servicemen and women as they were sent to fight on two fronts by Tony Blair.

Obviously Ainsworth missed the massive demonstrations against the invasions, perhaps he thought the large crowds protesting were going to pop concerts.

As the icing on the cake Bob Ainsworth says;

“We failed Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan”.

Well Bob; you can make a start and put in a letter of resignation and let someone more competent take up the position and fight tooth and nail to ensure our troops are fully protected and get everything they need.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Labour donations fall 90% as big business turns its back on Iain Gray

Dear All

Just as the people are abandoning New Labour, business is waking up and seeing the writing on the wall.

Donations to the Scottish Labour Party have fallen by 90% in a single year.

As per Electoral Commission rules political parties must submit accounts and declare how much and where their donations come from. In the case of the Labour Party overall income was reduced from more than £1m to less than £400,000.

In Scotland for the last 50 years, Labour has ruled unopposed without real opposition as other parties struggled to get a foothold in civic government.

Times have now changed and I would say for the better.

As usual the Labour Party seeks to play down the figures as ‘being part of a cycle’ but the reality is much deeper than that, people have abandoned Labour because Labour has abandoned the people.

With the total collapse of the Labour English vote it is hardly surprising that Scotland is showing the same trend, north and south of the Scottish border, Labour’s policies are all about helping the super rich.

In real terms that matter to ordinary people, the gap between rich and poor continues to grow be it in health, education, jobs and social justice.

New Labour climbing into bed with big business to bankroll them but in doing so left out the fact people have rights.

Although the SNP have done well on donations they have had a peak income which topped £2.6m in 2007. In 2008 donations dipped to £1.76m in 2008.

As the SNP delivers competent Government and shows the people it really is a public service party I expect this will attract new members and donors who will be keen join the SNP as a progressive party going somewhere.

Down south in England the Conservative Party has been attracting big business donations as they stand a very good chance of destroying Labour in the forthcoming General Election.

This means that Government contracts will be up for grabs and I expect we will see as with Labour that those who have donated will do very well.

Finally Iain Gray and the Scottish Labour Party has more problems than debt; they can’t connect with the people anymore and in the long term, their problems will continue to mount under the rudderless leadership of Iain Gray.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Time to end "victorian" values and bankrupt the drugs market!

Dear All

Drugs are the blight on society but they have been with us from the dawn of time and despite several measures, the cycle has failed to be broken by authorities.

In some communities the misery is so apparent by the high levels of associated crime.

There is a phrase;

“in it to win it”.

The reason for the failures is that most politicians lack the courage to be radical to tackle this issue effectively.

They worry that by doing so they won’t get re-elected, which is understandable, opposition parties like to stick a label on people.

In Europe, particularly Holland the authorities take a liberal view on drugs with “coffee houses” where people can smoke cannabis openly.

Our problem is “Victorian” values of an age long since dead and buried; the Government needs to regulate drugs.

More than that it has to effectively drive drug dealers out by bankrupting the entire drugs market!

Until politicians realise this option is the only way, people will live in misery while the dealers get rich.

The objective therefore is to make dealer poor.

If given a straight choice would the public rather put money into the hands of a drug dealer or the Government?

I reckon they would chose the Government, money from the sales could then be ploughed back into offering help to addicts and get them some sort of stability.

This is not an easy option but the alternative is that people are funding criminals who use the money for other criminal enterprises that must be stopped.

Therefore; “in it to win it” is a viable option.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Witch hunts at Westminister need to focus on the real abuse

Dear All

The expenses scandal has done a lot of good and a lot of damage to those leected to Parliament but there comes a time when trivial is present as major wrongdoing.

There needs to be perspective by both the public and the House of Commons if Parliament is to rebuild the trust that it deserves as an institution.

The latest “outrage” is that MPs are still being allowed to claim £25 a night in expenses without even producing receipts.

This is hardly worth getting steamed up over as expenditure can be examined in total at the end of the financial year.

What we don’t need is a continual witch hunt.

This £25 can be claimed by an MP who is away from his or her "main home" on "parliamentary business".

That seems reasonable and fair, people do have to eat.

Mps have what is called the Green book which tells them what they are entitled to, the July edition of the book says;

"A flat-rate sum of £25 may be claimed for any night which a Member spends away from his or her main home on parliamentary business”.

"No receipt is necessary."

The change to the regulation was agreed last year and was passed without any real comment.

It seems that in the race to be “tough” by the political parties; they seem hell bent on being stupid, hurried laws are bad laws.

In April this year, the Commons backed a move to remove rules which said MPs could claim up to £25 without receipts.

Leader of the Commons Harriet Harman said;

"There would need to be receipts for all claims. That is something sensible which we could decide now."

In the space of less than a year, the rules change again which begs the question of competence and of the quality of some MPs who seem to be little better than sheep.

The new Speaker, John Bercow will be raising the issue at the next meeting of the Mp’s Committee on pay and allowances.

I would hope that he would find time to think of the wider picture and urge stability in this matter.

Not all MPs are bad members of Parliament but there is a lot who would benefit from being kicked out at the General Election.

The election should be used by the public to punish the guilty and protect the innocent.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Foreign charity worker, Sohail Ayaz admits child rape

Dear All

One of the worst abuses in crime is against children and this story is pretty bad since it involved a man who was supposed to be involved in helping them.

A former Save the Children worker with connections to a Romanian paedophile ring has been jailed for four years after admitting raping a 14-year-old.

Four years is far too lenient when 10 years should have been the sentence followed by deportation to his home country and life time ban from entry to the EU.

Sohail Ayaz, 35 has pleaded guilty at Southwark Crown Court to the charge of rape.

Ayaz, a Pakistani national living in Barking, east London, also admitted distributing images of the child and possessing 397 other indecent pictures.

It beggars belief how he got into this country in the first place.

The Judge at his trial described it as "very disturbing and worrying" that Ayaz got work with a children's charity.

Ayaz who worked as an accountant, was not required to undergo a criminal record check at the charity since he had no access to minors.

A disturbing thing was that Ayaz entered the UK in 2008 on a two-year skilled worker visa and was arrested in February after Rome-based police started an investigation into an Italian child abuser.

It was clear that Ayaz was involved in child abuse for a considerable time. Police found that their suspect had been supplied with the details of 15 Romanian children by Ayaz.

Ayaz allegedly acted as middleman for a Swedish paedophile who said he could provide Romanian children for sexual abuse. I hope the Police have looked at his bank accounts to trace money coming into to his accounts as this may help trace down others involved in this sordid abuse.

The Italians have issued a European arrest warrant for Ayaz which could see him extradited to Italy to stand trial.

This is one character that needs lengthy jail sentences in both countries followed by deportation and life ban from EU soil.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

New Labour tries to freeze out other parties by limiting debate

Dear All

In an act that shows just how fearful New Labour has become Peter Mandelson has said he is "open" to the idea of a televised debate between Gordon Brown and David Cameron.

Given Brown’s pathetic attempts on Youtube, why bother?

It is not in the interest of the Tories to get involved in this farce as it can only benefit Labour.

Mandelson told the BBC that ‘the public had to choose between the two leaders and the more debate about this choice the better’.

The fact is that there is no real difference between voting New Labour and Tory, the difference is the window dressing, they have no "competing" values and policies.

The Downing Street view is that Gordon Brown's attitude to a TV debate has not changed.

So, it looks like Mandelson is flying a kite to see what the reaction is.

David Cameron is said to be backing the idea, saying it would be good for democracy but since other parties won’t be involved it is hardly democratic at all.

Lord Mandelson made it clear that it would be the prime minister's decision on whether to agree to take part but as we all know that statement is nonsense because everything New Labour do is by clique.

Although Cameron is publicly backing such an idea; I suspect that he knows this won’t come to pass as other parties will raise objections with the BBC.

In the USA such debates are common place but then there are only two parties to choose from Republicans and Democrats.

Another thing about the “debate” is that the audience will be hand picked by the BBC with the real public frozen out and marginalised.

This idea in my opinion is an attempt to try and rig the election by providing the public with only two options when they have several to choose from.

My preferred option is that the General Election produces a hung Parliament then real democracy and reform can take place.

The public have seen precious little of either.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trevor Phillips really needs to resign

Dear All

Recently I posted that Trevor Phillips was the wrong person to head the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

The organisation is now so dysfunctional that there has been a series of resignations by senior officials.

Six commissioners have jumped ship in the past four months with questions about the leadership provided by Chairman Trevor Phillips.

Now, MPs are to looking into this mess as the communities and local government committee is to start an investigation into how the watchdog is run later this year.

It would be expect that Trevor Phillips would have to give evidence to the committee.

As a mark of the concerns this organisation has produced influential figures, such as Stonewall's Ben Summerskill and Mencap president Lord Rix, have urged Mr Phillips to quit.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) was expanded from the Commission for Racial Equality and it seems that there wasn’t a clear focus and agenda of what the new body should be achieving.

This body should be there to serve all people in Britain rather than self interest groups.

Phillips is clearly a problem but it goes far deeper than just him, it is the structure and personnel who need to be looked at seriously.

It maybe that this organisation may have to be taken offline till the entire staff from top down are vetted!

In some cases this may mean replacing key personnel and possibly sacking others.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has a three and a half day a week chairman that is unacceptable in this day and age. A start could be made to alter the Chairman’s contract to full time.

It will be interesting to seek what the MPs uncover with regard to how this organisation functions and why progress is so slow.

It seems this organisation needs major help; it is a quango without teeth for proper enforcement of people’s rights.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Esther Rantzen to throw her hat into the ring at Luton South

Dear All

Years ago, TV presenter Esther Rantzen was the presenter of a TV show called, ‘That’s life’.

She is now embarking on a new career; she will run for Parliament at the next general election expected in 2010.

The seat she is trying to win is the Luton South seat of outgoing Labour MP Margaret Moran.

Ms. Moran claimed she needed to get her partner’s house fixed up because she needed a family life.

In other words we paid circa £22k for the treatment of dry rot so she could get shagged.

Ms Rantzen appears to think that standing for Parliament would be an "adventure", yes it is very entertaining but when the fanfare is over, its you and your voters concerns that are left.

Ms Rantzen feels that the welcome and support she received in Luton has been enough to persuade her to stand.

As an independent it is very difficult to get elected because she doesn’t have a party machine behind her and she acknowledges how hard a task it is by saying;

"Political experts have told me I would be crazy to stand, that I haven't a hope in hell, that it will lead to humiliation and embarrassment on my part but the people have said: 'Go for it'."

Well at least she understands the task.

And has a sense of humour;

She added she was "old enough, ugly enough and tough enough to stand a bit of humiliation" should she lose.

Quite so madam!

The Tories appear upset in the form of Nigel Huddleston, the PPC who is due to fight the contest.

He is obviously rattled;

"That Ms Rantzen continues to be so interested in Luton - where she has no apparent links and even though Margaret Moran is standing down - has surprised many Lutonians".

He will probably be thinking if she splits the vote he might not get in!

He goes on to protest;

"If you're going to stand as an anti-sleaze candidate, surely it would make most sense to stand against an actual wrongdoer. They are hardly in short supply."
Nigel, you’re a Tory that’s enough reason for her to stand.

So; I think Ms Rantzen can expect the Tories to go through her life with a fine tooth comb and attempt to rubbish her.

Still, it is her buck and if she wants to stand then good luck to her.

It makes the contest have a novelty value and will attract media interest.

If she wins, next morning both she and Luton South are in for a hell of a shock.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, July 27, 2009

Is Peter Mandelson going to tackle University discrimination or is it just all talk?

Dear All

Recently Alan Milburn spoke about elite professions such as lawyers and doctors effectively being a closed shop to working class kids.

Who operates these closed shops?
The middle class.

Why has there limited progress over a considerable amount of years?
The middle class.

In order to win back working class voters, New Labour has decided to play the ‘working class’ card.

Lord Mandelson has described universities efforts as being inadequate in relation to recruitment of working class children.

In order to set the playing field level; he is considering positive discrimination and has said that there was a “strong case” for taking teenagers’ background into consideration when they applied and that universities should be flexible about the grades they demand.

He specifically pointed out elite institutions as those most at fault and he would be looking closely at university admissions.

Mandelson goes further by saying;

“Any institution that wants to use greater costs to the student to fund excellence must face an equal expectation to ensure that its services remain accessible to more than just those with the ability to pay.”

In other words stop rejecting the poor on the basis of class.

In a shot across the bows he warned that he was impatient about the progress made in getting more poor students to university. In a speech to university leaders; he makes the point;

“I think we have to ask why, for all the work in the sector and all the seriousness with which it has tackled this question, are we still making only limited progress in widening access to higher education to young people from poorer backgrounds especially at our most selective universities”?

The answer effectively lies with the social networks that prevail in universities right across Britain.

A way of describing it, could be to use the word, ‘Cartels’, interlinking organisations who promote an interlinking culture across the entire system.

Although lip service will given to Mandelson and paper produced, the fundamental problem of the people running universities will not change.

It is a discriminatory middle class clique.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Gordon Brown more relaunches than Thunderbirds

Dear All

It is that time of the week again, what time?

Relaunch time!

Gordon Brown; the inept leader of the Labour Party who has had more launches than Thunderbirds is trying again to stir up support for his party of walking dead; he is trying to raise moral.

In order to do this is he is calling for discipline from party members.

Recently; a poll of grassroots Labour activists were screaming for a change of leader, so I don’t expect much support there for his witterings.

So, in the autumn there is supposed to be a “fight back”; to do and say what?

Things are going to get better?

Everyone knows that Gordon Brown intends to massively cut budgets, so where is the help, the hope and the rosy future?

If there is any good news is that Labour MPs have put Brown on notice; he has until the September party conference season to demonstrate he is capable of leading the party.

A verdict was recently delivered in the Norwich North by-election in the form of a humiliating defeat at the hands of the voters.

As usual Gordon Brown is divorced from reality by this statement;

"We've got to show that we are a disciplined party getting on with the work of government. I think people are very clear that we've got a task ahead."

The task ahead is clear, get rid of Gordon Brown that is the number one priority for Labour.

Another character divorced from reality is the Chancellor Alistair Darling who is going about saying Labour would win the next general election.

Presumably he doesn’t know what is going on in the country!

On a happy note rent a mouth Labour backbencher Eric Joyce, has been going around saying even Cabinet ministers had given up the battle. His gem;

"There are some doomsayers who have given up the ghost some of them Cabinet, some of the ministers of state, some of them ex-Cabinet ministers."

How are Brown and Darling missing these people? They do attend the House of Commons on a regular basis.

Panic is setting in the Labour MP Ranks has unemployment is staring them in the face; the Tory swing in Norwich North if repeated would give them a 200 majority.

New Labour has nothing to offer the people but hardship and inequality.

It’s over!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, July 24, 2009

Glasgow Labour MP, Mohammad Sarwar waste of space

Dear All

Britain is in chaos, debt, unemployment, illegal wars, recession, tons of stuff to keep an army of MPs working 24/7 on important issues.

Unless you are Mohammad Sarwar; he is busy trying to get recognition for Glasgow as the Chicken Tikka Masala Capital of the free world.

Mohammad Sarwar is the Labour MP for Glasgow Central and has taken up the fight for Glasgow to be officially recognised as the home of Britain's favourite curry, the Chicken Tikka Masala, one of one of the most popular in the UK.

Mohammad Sarwar wants the city to be given EU Protected Designation of Origin status for the curry.


And who cares?

In true George Foulkes time wasting fashion he has tabled an early day motion in the House of Commons calling for other politicians to back his campaign.

What a loser.

As part of his campaign, Sarwar has claimed the dish owed its origins to the culinary skills of Ali Ahmed Aslam, proprietor of the Shish Mahal restaurant in Park Road in the trendy west end.

Now, the restaurant owner wants the dish to have the same legal protection as other famous Scottish foods like Arbroath smokies.

Sounds like free advertising for local eatery to me.

As everyone knows Labour in Glasgow is ridiculous but this is a new low even for them. To justify this waste of time Mr Sarwar said:

"Glasgow's contribution to popular cuisine deserves to be more widely recognised”.

In order to make sure that the simple folk get the message about the Shish Mahal; he goes on to say;

“The Shish Mahal pioneered great Asian food with a Glasgow twist."

Is this a second job, advertising eateries or does he get free food?

As well as him wasting his time; he has roped in dopey Labour controlled Glasgow City Council in his bid to get EU recognition.

These clowns have climbed on board too, I wonder if they are on free food too?

This is an example of how desperately Labour is needed to be voted out of Glasgow.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Disgraced Tory, Julie Kirkbride may stand again

Dear All

Here is a laugh which isn’t funny.

Tory MP, Julie Kirkbride who resigned over the expenses row could fight the next general election.

Now that really is taking the public for mugs.

Julie Kirkbride announced she was standing down from parliament two months ago amid heavy criticism of her living arrangements with husband Andrew Mackay. In other words both she and her husband were milking the expenses system for every penny they could stuff in their pockets.

Ms Kirkbride; herself had claimed thousands of pounds in Commons allowances against the couple's family home in her Bromsgrove constituency, while her husband Tory MP for Bracknell claimed for the property they shared in London.

Although not illegal, it is certainly unethical and morally questionable.

Her husband, an aide to David Cameron fell on his plastic sword and announced that he would not stand again at the next General Election too.

Their use of scheme meant all the couple's accommodation was effectively paid for by the taxpayer, sparking widespread anger among voters.

Now, with a bit of dust settled the chairman of the Bromsgrove Conservative Association said that Ms Kirkbride could still be their candidate.

That is really treating the public with massive contempt.

A 3300 strong local petition calling for her to stand aside was raised by local people to try and get rid of her; the Tories say that has now been "discredited".

Complete and utter rubbish!

Now we have the farce of the Tories trying to present Kirkbride as a “popular” MP.

Having both screwed the taxpayers the Kirkbrides are a disgrace and unfit for public office. The fact they are claiming they acted within the rules shows that they cannot present a moral case.

If Kirkbride is selected for the General Election; she should lose his seat and leave public life.

I said in a previous post elsewhere that we had not heard the last of Kirkbride; it seems that I was right again about her popping up.

In corrupt Britain, this isn’t surprising, we will now be subjected to a Cherie Blair type speech in due course.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, July 23, 2009

15 Year old BNP Supporter convicted of racial harassment

Dear All

Yesterday, I wrote a post that Nick Griffin who was assaulted was entitled to the full protection of the law.

On the other side of the racial divide that protection equally applies to people from ethnic backgrounds.

Here is a story which highlights in my opinion who the BNP influence has corrupted society.

A teenage BNP supporter who drove a classmate to the brink of suicide has been convicted of racial harassment, the youth only 15, subjected his female victim to months of racist abuse.

This type of bullying has a devastating effect on their victims; the verbal abuse was considerable as she was called; 'wog, c**n, n****r, gorilla and golliwog' by her tormentor.

The girl feared reporting the abuse would make him become violent and instead suffered in silence and during a living hell for four months before she attempted suicide in January this year.

As with all bullies; the youth tried to actively try to enlist other youths in this campaign of terror. This sorry tale only came out into the public domain after she tried to kill herself by overdosing on pills.

This little girl ended up hospitalised and then sectioned in a psychiatric hospital for several weeks in order to receive help. Since her ordeal she has more less been out of school ever since but now she has a fresh start and is due to attend a new school in a different part of the country.

As with all instances of bullying getting the authorities to deal with it is a struggle both the Police and the School dragged their heels.

The mother says;

“When I first informed the school, they as good as called me a liar. I then had a long battle convincing the police to take this seriously”.

That is the reality of corrupt Britain; the authorities don’t want to act unless they are pressured.

This case has good aspects and bad aspects to it is the first successful prosecution of a schoolchild for racial abuse in the UK and an recognition of the failure that spawned such people who have no respect for society or people.

David Cameron talks of “broken Britain” as a soundbyte; it goes deeper than just broke.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

New Labour treat people of Glasgow North East with contempt

Dear All

The battle on the Glasgow North Eastern Front is expected to take place on November 12 2009 after New Labour voted down an SNP motion to bring the by-election forward in order that the people of Springburn get an MP as soon as possible.

Labour's decision not to hold the Glasgow North East by-election was defended by Gordon Brown but the SNP strongly condemned him and stated it was "simply unacceptable".

In England today voters are going to the polls in Norwich North by-election, in other words, it is acceptable that English people get an MP as soon as possible but not the Scots.

Earlier in the week, the SNP had an unsuccessful bid to move the writ in the Commons so that the Glasgow by-election could take place during the summer.

As it the way with Gordon Brown when asked why Norwich North can have a by-election and Glasgow North East not; he dismissed his contempt of the Scottish people by saying the by-election would take place "in the normal way of by-elections".

Stewart Hosie of the SNP, the Chief Whip at Westminster, said the UK Government was showing "contempt" for voters.

This is another example of how badly Scottish people are treated under New Labour, total contempt and arrogance.

As the strongest Labour seat in Glasgow it is surprising that Labour would not want a quick election unless their decision was based on the European Election result which saw the SNP win 29% to Labour’s 20% of the popular vote.

However it should be noted that the SNP polled 3100 to Labour’s 5100 in that area, Labour won the popular vote. It could be that Gordon Brown has decided that a General Election is slotted to be called in October and this would increase their chances of holding the seat.

As always the people of Glasgow North East have been treated as second class citizens and it is time that they gave the SNP the opportunity to prove themselves.

It is time to end the Labour Fiefdom of Glasgow and return it to the people.

David Kerr of the SNP has a tough challenge and a lot will depend on his commitment to the people to make real meaningful change to their lives through his representations for them at local and national level.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

BNP Leader, Nick Griffin assaulted in pub.

Dear All

This is an interesting story as it touches on does Nick Griffin of the BNP have rights?

Specifically does he have the right not to be assaulted that the other members of the public enjoy?

The simple answer is yes.

A Labour MP has claimed British National Party supporters beat up a man when he threw beer over the party leader, Nick Griffin.

In other words, a man carried out an assault on Nick Griffin and thought it was justified so that is all right.

David Drew MP claimed the "totally upstanding" man was given "one hell of a hiding" after the incident last week.

If he was “upstanding” why did he carry out the assault? Also was he not the architect of his own misfortune?

The BNP Deputy Leader Simon Darby claimed the man lay in wait after an altercation inside the pub and threw a pint of Guinness over Mr Griffin.

A deliberate act on the part of a yob!

Speaking in the Commons, the Labour MP for Stroud, said he did not want the BNP "anywhere near" his constituency which is tough because as citizens, they have guarantee freedom of movement within the EU.

The Labour MP went on to make a further stupid comment by saying;

"I don't know why [Mr Griffin] was wined and dined in my constituency in Painswick but he was," he said.

Try going for some food.

"It just so happens that one of my constituents took offence at this and happened to spill some beer over Mr Griffin”.

Bullshit, sheer bullshit.

Mr. Drew then goes on to justify assault by this comment;

"I happen to know the young man, and he is totally upstanding - he's an outstanding individual”.

"As a result of this he was taken outside and given one hell of a hiding."

Perhaps, Griffin’s attacker misjudged the mood of the BNP, perhaps he thought he could do what he liked and walk away untouched.

I think this is a key comment by Darby;

"As we were leaving he had been lying in wait for us and threw a pint of Guinness over Mr Griffin”.

The Tories on the other hand were less disturbed by the incident as Tory MP for Ribble Valley Nigel Evans said he was "very disturbed" to hear about the story and quipped: "What a dreadful waste of beer."

Whether people like it or not the BNP have elected public officials and these people have full rights in law and the same protections.

This type of action only enhances the credibility of the BNP, an extremist party and helps them win over voters.

The BNP need to be defeated on policies, violence won’t work.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

New Labour fails to protect people and small businesses.

Dear All

The true cost of New Labour financial mismanagement is now bubbling to the surface as the number of Scots going bust soars to record levels.

At a time of record unemployment the numbers of Scottish people going under in the financial crisis steadily mounts.

In the first three months of the financial quarter 6,294 personal insolvencies either by way of bankruptcies or protected trust deeds.

Where is the help that the Labour Government promised?

This simply isn’t about people going bust but also people losing their homes who cannot afford the mortgages.

This figure represents an 11% rise on the previous quarter- and a 33% rise on the same period last year and things are going to soar higher as the full impact of the recession bites.

In order to find some protection and respite people are using the Protected Trust Deed to have breathing space, this was used by SNP Councillor James Dornan during his financial troubles.

Luckily for James Dornan; he through hard work managed to pay off his creditors and get his life back on track.

Others however will be less fortunate in that regard.

The Labour Government has failed to regulate the banking system and it was only a matter of time before everything came crashing down.

Credit was lent too cheap and the bubble grew and grew, despite warnings New Labour failed to act.

If the Westminister Government does not introduce real help soon then many more people will suffer and their families too!

Not only are people going to the wall on debt but also Scottish Companies are going down as well and this is with all the money ploughed into the banking system by the UK taxpayer.

It is increasingly clear that Gordon Brown and the Labour Government will not act to save small business.

This country needs a General Election now.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

David Kerr, SNP Candidate for Glasgow North East launchs campaign.

Dear All

After James Dornan stepped down from the candidacy of Glasgow North East, the local branch selected a new candidate, David Kerr.

Mr. Kerr is formerly of the BBC and has stood for the SNP before in Falkirk.

Today is the last day that the Springburn by-election can be called before summer recess.

As I understand the situation the SNP have lodged a motion for the by-election to be called as soon as possible this afternoon, to be debate in the House of Commons.

David Kerr officially launched his campaign on Saturday and was joined by Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon at the launch, along with several SNP Councillors and activists.

The 35-year-old secured the SNP candidacy at a meeting of the local party on Friday night and pledged to tackle the pressing social issues in the Glasgow North East seat such as the looming loss of 140 jobs at Diageo's Port Dundas distillery.

David Kerr said;

"The reality is that Glasgow North East is possibly going to be left with no MP for five months".

At present Labour have failed to move the writ for the election which possibly means they are unsure of their candidate, William Bain or issues that they would fight the by-election on.

So, this is a big test for the SNP, who are very much the underdogs in this diehard Labour heartland. This test is far tougher than the Glasgow East by-election which was won by John Mason.

I suspect that Labour will try and use every dirty trick in this by-election and try to smear David Kerr rather than fight on the local issues that they have so neglected in this area.

I was told that while Michael Martin was Speaker, he and his staff held no surgeries in the local area.

This was a complete disgrace and something the Labour Candidate; William Bain made no public mention of.

If Bain thinks this type of behaviour is acceptable then it begs the question what type of MP would he make?

I would suggest a bad one and the people of Springburn deserve better and hopefully the SNP will deliver that change.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, July 20, 2009

In the bunker after Glasgow East

Dear All

This is one of the funniest videos I have ever seen. The footage is from the movie Downfall, worth viewing in its own right. The text is hugely comical.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Amistad, Anthony Hopkins speech as John Quincy Adams

Your Honors, I derive much consolation from the fact that my colleague, Mr. Baldwin, here, has argued the case in so able and so complete a manner as to leave me scarcely anything to say.

However, why are we here? How is it that a simple, plain property issue should now find itself so ennobled as to be argued before the Supreme Court of the United States of America? I mean, do we fear the lower courts, which found for us easily, somehow missed the truth? Is that it? Or is it, rather, our great and consuming fear of civil war that has allowed us to heap symbolism upon a simple case that never asked for it and now would have us disregard truth, even as it stands before us, tall and proud as a mountain? The truth, in truth, has been driven from this case like a slave, flogged from court to court, wretched and destitute. And not by any great legal acumen on the part of the opposition, I might add, but through the long, powerful arm of the Executive Office.

Yea, this is no mere property case, gentlemen. I put it to you thus: This is the most important case ever to come before this court. Because what it, in fact, concerns is the very nature of man.
These are transcriptions of letters written between our Secretary of State, John Forsyth, and the Queen of Spain, Isabella the Second. Now, I ask that you accept their perusal as part of your deliberations.

Thank you, sir. [to court officer]

I would not touch on them now except to notice a curious phrase which is much repeated. The queen again and again refers to our incompetent courts. Now what, I wonder, would be more to her liking? Huh? A court that finds against the Africans? Well, I think not. And here is the fine point of it: What her majesty wants is a court that behaves just like her courts, the courts this eleven year-old child plays with in her magical kingdom called Spain, a court that will do what it is told, a court that can be toyed with like a doll, a court -- as it happens -- of which our own President, Martin Van Buren, would be most proud.

Thank you. [takes document from Baldwin]

This is a publication of the Office of the President. It's called the Executive Review, and I'm sure you all read it. At least I'm sure the President hopes you all read it. This is a recent issue, and there's an article in here written by a "keen mind of the South," who is my former Vice President, John Calhoun, perhaps -- Could it be? -- who asserts that:

"There has never existed a civilized society in which one segment did not thrive upon the labor of another. As far back as one chooses to look -- to ancient times, to biblical times -- history bears this out. In Eden, where only two were created, even there one was pronounced subordinate to the other. Slavery has always been with us and is neither sinful nor immoral. Rather, as war and antagonism are the natural states of man, so, too, slavery, as natural as it is inevitable."

Now, gentlemen, I must say I differ with the keen minds of the South, and with our president, who apparently shares their views, offering that the natural state of mankind is instead -- and I know this is a controversial idea -- is freedom. Is freedom. And the proof is the length to which a man, woman, or child will go to regain it, once taken. He will break loose his chains, He will decimate his enemies. He will try and try and try against all odds, against all prejudices, to get home.

Cinque, would you stand up, if you would, so everyone can see you. This man is black. We can all see that. But can we also see as easily that which is equally true -- that he is the only true hero in this room.

Now, if he were white, he wouldn't be standing before this court fighting for his life. If he were white and his enslavers were British, he wouldn't be able to stand, so heavy the weight of the medals and honors we would bestow upon him. Songs would be written about him. The great authors of our times would fill books about him. His story would be told and retold in our classrooms. Our children, because we would make sure of it, would know his name as well as they know Patrick Henry's.

Yet, if the South is right, what are we to do with that embarrassing, annoying document, "The Declaration of Independence?" What of its conceits? "All men...created equal," "inalienable rights," "life," "liberty," and so on and so forth?

What on earth are we to do with this?

I have a modest suggestion. [tears up a facsimile of the Declaration]

The other night I was talking with my friend, Cinque. He was over at my place, and we were out in the greenhouse together. And he was explaining to me how when a member of the Mende -- that's his people -- how when a member of the Mende encounters a situation where there appears no hope at all, he invokes his ancestors. It's a tradition. See, the Mende believe that if one can summon the spirits of one's ancestors, then they have never left, and the wisdom and strength they fathered and inspired will come to his aid.

James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, John Adams: We've long resisted asking you for guidance. Perhaps we have feared in doing so we might acknowledge that our individuality which we so, so revere is not entirely our own. Perhaps we've feared an appeal to you might be taken for weakness. But, we've come to understand, finally, that this is not so. We understand now, we've been made to understand, and to embrace the understanding that who we are is who we were.

We desperately need your strength and wisdom to triumph over our fears, our prejudices, our-selves. Give us the courage to do what is right. And if it means civil war, then let it come. And when it does, may it be, finally, the last battle of the American Revolution.

That's all I have to say.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Craig Murray stands in Norwich North

Dear All

The candidate list for the Norwich North by-election has been published, with 12 people confirmed as standing.

For the record; I want Craig Murray to win this by-election.

The polling date is to take place on 23 July, and was the result of the resignation of Labour MP Ian Gibson after he was deselected over his expenses claims.

Gibson was deselected by a Labour Star Chamber as ever standing as a Labour Candidate again.

He was treated very shabbily in my opinion.

Dr Gibson had a majority of 5,459 over the Conservatives in 2005 but given the circumstances the votes could go anywhere.

Among the independents standing is Craig Murray, former Ambassador to Uzbekistan, who left the post in 2004 after criticising its human rights; he has a strong chance ahead of the Greens for example.

The Labour candidate is Chris Ostrowski while Chloe Smith is representing the Conservatives and April Pond is standing for the Liberal Democrats.

Rupert Read is standing for the Greens, Glenn Tingle for the UK Independence Party and Robert West for the BNP.

Laud Howling is standing on behalf of The Official Monster Raving Loony Party while Thomas Burridge is representing The Libertarian Party and Anne Fryatt is representing the None of The Above Party.

Peter Baggs and Bill Holden are also standing as independents.

So, it is game on and no prisoners taken.

The BBC are following around the Tory Candidate, Chloe Smith as a Queen in Waiting but they might find that Craig Murray might steal the crown.

I certainly hope he does as he was treated in a disgraceful manner by Labour while serving as an ambassador in Uzbekistan.

The Labour Government tried to fit him up.

The full list of candidates (in alphabetical order):
Peter Baggs (Independent)
Thomas Burridge (Libertarian Party)
Anne Fryatt (None of The Above Party)
Bill Holden (Independent)
Laud Howling (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
Craig Murray (Put An Honest Man into Parliament)
Chris Ostrowski (Labour)
April Pond (Liberal Democrat)
Rupert Read (Green)
Chloe Smith (Conservative)
Glenn Tingle (UK Independence Party)
Robert West (British National Party)

But there can be only one winner and hopefuly it will be Craig Murray.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Labour Government put troops lives at risk

Dear All

The Afghanistan War has been lost and UK service personnel have been placed in danger for no gain.

It is therefore not surprising that Gordon Brown and the Labour Party treat the forgotten war as a news soundbyte while UK Troops are dying.

Here is an example of the contempt; demands for more equipment to protect UK forces in Afghanistan from roadside bombs ‘will be considered’, the government has promised.

That is a promise of action rather smoke and mirrors.

The UK Troops are so badly equipped that Gen Sir Richard Dannatt, says he is compiling a "shopping list".

This is a disgrace; men and materials should be available and not have to be begged for.

Recently the scandal of helicopters being in short supply has hit the headlines but there is no action from Gordon Brown, lives are being put in danger so Brown can save cash and fight war on the cheap.

Meanwhile, the 185th British death of the conflict has been confirmed.

A soldier from the 2nd Battalion, The Rifles died in an explosion while on foot patrol near Gereshk in central Helmand, he was the 16th to die this month, as the British army continues an offensive aimed at increasing security ahead of Afghan elections planned for next month.

All this operation is doing is moving the problem from area to area as there can be no decisive battle in this guerrilla war.

In order to give the appearance of doing something for the benefit of the media Gordon Brown spent 40 minutes with Chief of the Defence Staff, Sir Jock Stirrup, on Friday morning.

That is to get the message out, ‘Labour Cares’!

Adding to the spin; Business secretary Lord Mandelson said the general's views on troops' equipment requirements would be taken "very seriously". "They will not go without whatever they need to carry out their very important operations in Afghanistan," he said.

Notice the use of the word “very”, to reinforce the notion they are pro active.

This war which has no end and does nothing to make Britain safe, it was lost a long time ago.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It is a tough life being the Devil in New Labour Britain.

Dear All

It is a hard life being the Devil, the angel who fell from heaven and was cast out.

Enter Gavin, a security guard who swindled benefit money to pay for operations to make him look like the devil; he has been banned from leaving his house at night by a court.

You can’t do the devil’s work during the day time, it’s too light but the court wants its pound of flesh.

Gavin Paslow is now subject to a curfew after using £3,552 to fund operations to give him fangs, a forked tongue and horns. Further to that he has changed his name to Diablo Delenfer or devil from the inferno.

What a nutter!

People usually get plastic surgery to enhance appearance to look more attractive to get the chicks.

Paslow will be unable to stalk the streets at night after he was ordered to remain indoors from 5pm to 5am when he admitted seven counts of benefit fraud.

In order to prove he was a fruitloop; he turned up in court under his new moniker and pleaded guilty to seven offences of failing to promptly notify the Department for Work and Pensions of a change in circumstance that he knew would affect his benefit claims.

That was him working not being a nutter.

In April, a court decided to shove 200 hours community service up him to teach him the error of his ways but he was back in court yesterday to receive the curfew as a substitute punishment claiming he could not complete the unpaid work due to ill health.

I have to say that claim would have some merit.

After the case Paslow, from Seasalter, Kent said he was sorry for his mistake.

If he was desperate to look like a nut then why not try and get it done on the NHS, if they are doing men into women then surely a surgeon could have a crack at man into Lucifer.

After all how many times do you get to make the devil these days?

I wonder if he will come to regret looking like an arse!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

In essence, I'm being asked to pay £64 to prove that I am not a paedophile

Dear All

The sinister creep of the state continues with measures to have everyone put on a database and be vetted.

The latest sinister idea is to put authors who visit schools to be subject to vetting.

It is getting ridiculous now.

Several high-profile authors are to stop visiting schools in protest at new laws requiring them to be vetted to work with youngsters. Philip Pullman, author of fantasy trilogy His Dark Materials, said the idea was "ludicrous and insulting".

And it surely is as Pullman and others would be in the company of registered teachers through-out their time.

Other authors such as Anne Fine and Michael Morpurgo have also hit out at the scheme which costs £64 per person. In order to sell this outrage, officials say the checks have been misunderstood and authors will only need them if they go to schools often.

As always these types of measures have one purpose to move society in Britain towards I.D Cards which will eventually contain information which will affect employment chances.

The Home Office says the change from October will help protect children but that as always is smoke and mirrors.

Anyone who has "regular" or "intense" contact with children or vulnerable adults will have to sign up to the Vetting and Barring Scheme before November 2010.

What about children who go to the shops or McDonalds, why is the fuss centring on schools when there are multiple places which children are more exposed to risk.

It would appear to me that this is a strategy, a much wider strategy by government.

Anthony Horowitz, author of the popular Alex Rider series sums up the situation in one damning sentence;

"In essence, I'm being asked to pay £64 to prove that I am not a paedophile”.

After I.D cards have been shelved the government is seeking new measures to get the entire population on databases so that they can be monitored, this story is an example of how the Big Brother state works.

Finally; the Home Office says various new regulations will have meant that more than five million more jobs and voluntary posts including most NHS positions will be subject to checks.

In other words, further measures are to be put in place to bar sections of society from employment without due process of law.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

John Bercow, Commons Speaker fails transparency test

Dear All

Hardly having sat in the Speaker’s chair and John Bercow is already messing up.

Parliament has been rocked by scandal after scandal but now questions are being raised over new Commons Speaker John Bercow's commitment to transparency.

His office refused to reveal how much he is getting paid.

Completely unacceptable!

His spokeswoman said it would breach parliamentary "protocol" to say whether he had stuck to a wage freeze agreed by his predecessor.

One of the prime reasons for Martin to go was his lack of transparency, something Bercow pledged to turn around.

The Commons website now lists the Speaker's total pay entitlement as £144,520, suggesting that Bercow has kept the increase and earns 1.9% more than his predecessor.

It seems the old adage that you cannot trust a Tory remains true.

The Speaker's salary is traditionally been linked to that of cabinet ministers but no reference to a freeze for Bercow.

During his candidacy, Bercow made much of the need for change and that he was the man to bring forward that change to restore trust and reputation of the House of Commons.

We are now at the stage were repeated requests have been made for the Commons authorities to clarify the situation since the new Speaker was appointed and have been met by continual refusal.

This is not good enough.

During his campaign for the job, Bercow insisted: "It is high time the house was run by professionals on a transparent basis, ensuring that we are accountable to the people who put us here."

It seems that Bercow has misrepresented himself during his application for the job!

I was never a supporter of the view he was the right man for the job, so early into his tenure I have been proven correct.

Nothing ever changes for the corrupt in power.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

BNP MEP's take their seats at European Parliament.

Dear All

The first session of the new European Parliament in Strasbourg has got off to an unusual start by the election of Jerzy Buzek (Poland) as its president and the arrival of the first far right MEPs from the UK.

Jerzy Buzek is supposed to be regarded by some as the living embodiment of what many people think the European Union should be about.

He was born in Poland, in a border region which changed hands between Czechoslovakia, Poland and Germany during World War II.

A member of the anti-bureaucratic trade union Solidarity; he helped bring the communist regime to an end.

His role as President is largely symbolic and the result of horse trading and closed door deals. Buzek will serve two-and-half years before standing down in favour of a socialist candidate.

On the other side of the political coin!

The BNP have now got two MEP’s at Brussels, Nick Griffin, the Cambridge educated leader and Andrew Brons.

This is the greatest success that the BNP has had to date and a coup; they are the first members of the far right British National Party to win seats in the European Parliament.

The BNP election has led to a petition by 90,000 British voters declaring that the BNP does not speak for them.

Which according to the rules; they now do and I suspect that Griffen and Brons will use this situation to their advantage.

I suspect they already have a plan and that plan is to be seen as serious politicians so I don’t expect to see many waves.

Griffin isn’t stupid by any means.

This is a sad day for the people of Britain but the reason for the BNP success lies with the main political parties of Westminister.

The BNP saw a gap in the market and exploited it.

Although the BNP will not change the course of history during this parliament their presence represents how broken Britain has become.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

George Foukles, Labour MP waste of public money and oxygen.

Dear All

It is that time of year again, time for George Foulkes to cause trouble.

This time the noble Lord latest venture in stirring shit is a complaint to the Westminister sleaze Watchdog against First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond.

Foulkes has a history of wasting public money by asking a large number of parliamentary questions, the more meaningless the better.

Nothing is too stupid for Foulkes to ask the Scottish Government.

From Space hoppers to hairstylists, Foukles wants to know the cost.

Alex Salmond used of taxpayers' money in a bid to force Tony Blair from office over Iraq.

Some might say that he was doing his duty holding the UK Government to account.

Last night, Foulkes was quick to crow Mr Lyon was to look into his complaint, which was limited to the First Minister "in the first instance".

In other words, this is a party political complaint against Alex Salmond, could it be something to do with the fact there is a by-election in Glasgow North East?

The SNP response to what Foukles is up to is that the Nationalist parties had been "absolutely" right in their bid to hold Mr Blair to account for the war.

That war was illegal, achieved nothing and destroyed an entire country which caused lasting damage to the West.

Foukles is one of the most expensive clowns in public life.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Westminister MPs outrage at lack of public toilets.

Dear All

In a previous post, I highlighted the on going campaign by Police against people peeing in the street.

Now; MPs are up in arms about the lack of a decent bog to have a slash in or go for a dump.

Some 26 MPs have signed a House of Commons motion about the closure of public lavatories in recent years, which they say has been damaging to the public interest.

The cross-party group say older people, the disabled and those with young families have been most affected by heartless Councils. So they want ministers to force councils to act and provide the public service they should always have done.

The MPs, led by the Lib Dem environment spokesman Tim Farron, are backing a campaign by the British Toilets Association (BTA) for better facilities.


Look forward to the 18 hole golf courses and swimming pools.

Mr Farron said the fact councils were not compelled to provide toilets meant many areas - particularly in the countryside - faced a chronic lack of amenities.

They could if pressed have a shit in the woods.

Farron stated; "It's an issue for everybody - we all need to use the loo,"

Man’s a genius!

Mike Bone, director of the BTA, said the issue affected the ‘quality of life of millions’, do people spend ‘quality’ time when pissing?

Bone was critical of Councils who have to make savings as usually the first thing to do is the loos.

I think that public toilets should be available for the public to use.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, July 13, 2009

James Dornan, SNP Councillor stands down from candidacy for Glasgow North East

Dear All

James Dornan, the SNP Councillor who was to fight the by-election in the seat of former Commons Speaker Michael Martin, has withdrawn after newspaper allegations.

This is a real shame as he had a lot going for him both personally and professional.

James Dornan insisted he had acted in good faith, but did not want the issue to overshadow the election.

He decided to put the party and people of Glasgow North East first which I feel shows great strength of character.

Springburn badly needs an SNP MP to get elected and get to work to raise and tackle the massive social problems that this area has, the sooner the better.

This upset means that there will be another selection meeting for the Glasgow seat to elect a new candidate.

I would have liked to have seen James Dornan take his case to the people of Springburn and show the positive aspects of what he believes in and stands for.

He is well capable and I am sure that in future he will and should stand again as a candidate if he wants to elsewhere.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tommy Sheridan and wife Gail plead not guilty to perjury

Dear All

Tommy Sheridan and his wife Gail appeared in court today to face perjury charges following his newspaper defamation case against the News of the World.

Both have entered formal pleas of not guilty at the High Court in Edinburgh.

This means that the prosecution is going ahead against them.

Tommy Sheridan was arrested in December 2007 after allegations of lying under oath against the News of the World which he won £200,000 at the Court of Session.

It is unusual for this type of prosecution to be mounted particularly as this wasn’t a criminal case but rather a civil case.

The News of the World published allegations about Sheridan's private life as an adulterer who had visited a swingers' club.

Tommy Sheridan and his wife have always denied the allegations and been critical of the way police have acted against him.

The original case split the Scottish Socialist Party and destroyed it as a political force, Sheridan established a rival party Solidarity which is struggling to make an impact on the political scene.

Sheridan’s case ensured that he and his former colleagues were unelectable at the May 2007 elections which ushered in an SNP Government.

At Court, Sheridan was met by a dozen or so supporters holding Solidarity banners; they are viewing this as a political trial which may have some merit.

It is expected that the trial could be lengthy and no doubt costly but it will generate sales for the News of the World as this soap opera continues.

On top of the trial, Tommy Sheridan is standing for the Westminister seat vacated by Michael Martin.

It seems that Tommy Sheridan will continue to provide entertainment while at the same time attempting to stay out of prison.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Sunday, July 12, 2009

James Dornan, SNP Councillor's hiccup isn't a negative

Dear All

James Dornan has had a hiccup in his bid to be the MP for Glasgow North East; I still believe that despite this small setback he is still good enough to be the candidate for the SNP.

I also think that this doesn’t detract his appeal from voters because of debt problems rather is shows them that James has been in the same boat as the people he will represent if he makes a strong enough case during the by-election.

Debt is something that people of Springburn and Glasgow in general know all about.

James is now talking legal advice on whether he was wrong to be a director at Culture & Sport Glasgow under Scots charity law.

Although James Dornan is a close ally of health secretary Nicola Sturgeon, he defeated BBC TV presenter David Kerr by 17 votes to 12 at a meeting of local activists, not by association but on merit, his own merit.

Public records show James Dornan signed over all his assets to an insolvency practitioner in October 2004 because he was unable to pay his debts, which shows he was acting in a responsible manner.

A Protected trust deed was used as a less painful alternative to full-blown bankruptcy. James isn’t the first this type of thing has happened to as around 6000 Scots made similar arrangements that year.
This allowed James to pay his creditors as much as he could afford each month.

James far from giving up the fight fought his way out of his personal circumstances and in December 2007 became solvent.

So, the issue it seems is James Dornan worthy of trust; I would say yes, people fall on hard times; sometimes very hard times but he has shown that despite his problems he has the determination and will to carry on.

Rather than this being seen as a negative it shows that James Dornan is able to identify with the people of Glasgow North East; that he understands bad times, he understands debt and he understands what ordinary people’s problems are.

In my mind there is no question that the SNP should in anyway do anything other than standby James Dornan as the Candidate for Glasgow North East.

He is good enough, he has ability and he understands problems.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

20 minutes in the life of George Laird

Dear All

Last night I was travelling home on the 54 bus when all hell broke out. A commotion started down the front of the bus as a woman realised that her elderly friend had taken ill. At first no one seemed to know the seriousness of the situation as it appeared that her pal was still conducting a conversation with her sick friend.

Then the woman getting no response cried out that she couldn’t feel a pulse.

The driver pulled the bus over and came to see what the problem was; the old lady was still sitting in her seat having not cried out in pain at any time. Someone then said to move her into the bus well to lay her down flat.

I thought she was being moved so that first aid was getting carried out but I was wrong, the driver who I expected to take charge and administered mouth to mouth and first aid stayed motionless.

I was up the back when the hysteria started and after the bus stopped half the passengers done a runner.

After realising the seriousness I acted getting the driver to help me move her from the well of the bus to the buggy area, I started mouth to mouth and CPR till the ambulance turned up and the paramedics did their thing.

I then helped the ambulance staff by carrying the oxygen cylinder to their vehicle.

I tried my very best to save her.

Her name was Ann; she was in her mid 70’s and had just returned from having a day out with her friend down the coast.

I don’t think she suffered.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chris Byrant, Labour MP gets slapped down hard!

Dear All

It seems that New Labour is so unpopular that people are now writing shirty letters back to them.

Here is a letter from 'Tony Blair Clone', Chris Bryant and reply from Andrew Nickson of Birmingham University.

In Basketball terms, it is a clear three points.

I also think that Bryant is on to plums if he ever needs help from Nickson.

Well done that boy!

Dear Andrew,

I am writing to introduce myself as the new Minister for Latin America and the Caribbean at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

I am delighted to have been appointed to this position. I have a strong interest in the region, having spent a year of my life living there.

I attach great importance to deepening the relationship between the UK and the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

In a more globalised world, such ties will become ever more important - as barriers to trade, culturalengagement and scientific co-operation become easier to overcome.

I also believe that the UK, together with our EU partners, must work closely with the region to tackle some of the most serious global problems facing us today - such as climate change, economic development, and reform of international institutions.

Chris Bryant

Chris Bryant M.P.Minister for Latin AmericaForeign & Commonwealth OfficeLondon

Now the response was not quite so cordial…

Dear Sir,

Why would I want to accept the invitation to meet you?

In all, you split more than £92,000 of expenses between three properties in Wales and London in the past five years.

In 2004, you submitted a claim of £58,000 - three times the maximum allowance for the year - to overhaul your second home in Porth, Wales.

You wanted the money for renovations after buying the property for £97,500.

In April 2005, you flipped your designation to your flat in west London, which you bought for £400,000 in April 2002.

You claimed £630 a month for mortgage interest, along with other bills.

After claiming more than £3,600 over three months, you sold the flat in July 2005 for £477,000.

You then used your profits to buy a more expensive flat in west London, which was valued at £670,000.

You immediately flipped your second home designation there. You even claimed nearly £6,400 in stamp duty, legal fees and mortgage fees (!).

You then began claiming mortgage interest of £1,000 a month.

You also claimed £6,000 a year for service charge and ground rent.

In response to the press revelations of your abuse of expenses, you said “I moved flat in London to be closer to Parliament”(!).

It is a disgrace that you have been appointed to represent my country in Latin America.

Voy a informar a todos mis contactos de prensa en la regiĆ³n para que sepan.

Andrew Nickson
Reader in Latin American StudiesUniversity of Birmingham

Nice to know that there are some decent academics kicking about the place!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Glasgow University where I was nearly drowned by staff turning firehoses on my face.

Dear All

Everyone remembers traumatic events in their life; they never go away.

I would like to recollect one from my time at the University of Glasgow.

I was in the swimming pool one night at the Department of Sport and Recreation, having popped out the sauna; I went for a swim in the pool when two of the Staff of the Sports and Recreation Service turned the red fire hoses on me full force.

These powerful red fire hoses were set to narrow beam and directed to my face.

I couldn’t breath and being asthmatic I started to panic in the water.

The names of the people involved were John Finnegan and David Higgins who both thought it was funny as they laughed during my attempts to get out of the pool.

I later suffered an asthma attack brought on by stress.

I never again went swimming in the pool of the Stevenson Building, University of Glasgow, Oakfield Ave, Hillhead, Glasgow.

I have also never gone swimming again outside in a private facility.

I relate this tale because I feel that it is important that people who read my blog have a clear understanding of how the University of Glasgow Staff treat people who they run personal vendettas against.

Despite complaining in writing of this treatment to senior management of the University of Glasgow nothing was done.

You can see a picture of the pool I was nearly drowned in here .

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Teacher arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Dear All

As some who has done a bit of teaching in my past life; I know it can be stressful.

You can through no fault of your own get landed with warmers who try your patience.

This story however is a bit of a surprise, a science teacher has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a boy of 14 and two other pupils were hurt at a Nottinghamshire school.

I wonder if it would not have been more appropriate for him to just stick to procedures!

Let it be someone else’s problem.

A boy is said to be in a serious condition in hospital following the incident at All Saints' Roman Catholic School in Mansfield and the Science teacher Peter Harvey, 49, is being questioned by detectives, a weapon was used and there were a "number of witnesses".

That doesn’t sound good, as a victim of violent crime who nearly lost his life I can understand how troubling such nastiness can be.

The boy was taken to King's Mill Hospital but transferred to Queen's Medical Centre (QMC) in Nottingham where his condition is described as very serious. This is the same hospital that a Labour MP was taken to recently when he had a heart attack paying back expenses money. They must be terribly busy, less so if they didn’t have MPs in cluttering up the place.

The school has declined to comment "at this time" because they are probably thinking less said soonest mended and then there is the lawsuit to think of, the big lawsuit.

The school is a specialist performing arts college and describes itself as, "a lively, Catholic comprehensive school with a very special, warm ethos which is recognised by all who visit".

I am sure they might want to rethink that slogan.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University
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Accountant gets year in Prison for bad money management.

Dear All

A simple tale of ordinary folk who needed more!

An accountant stole almost £130,000 as he funded his girlfriend's "luxury" lifestyle has been jailed for a year.

It seemed that he was under pressure to keep her happy.

Andrew Rennie, 26, splashed out on £38,000 for designer jewellery, clothes and cosmetic surgery, and bought a flat for them to live in.

That was terribly nice of him.

In today’s me me me society, he pressurised because his partner "enjoyed the good life", don’t we all.

Rennie admitted taking the money from the Don Fishing Company Ltd while working as an accounts assistant between September 2004 and December 2005.

A fishy tale indeed, bosses had signed blank cheques for him to fill in for work purposes which he then cashed into his own bank account.

How very trusting of them; I wonder if they considered him; a friend?

Rennie, who was in debt, first took £10,000 to pay the deposit on a mortgage. This seems to me that he needs to get a refresher course to brush up his skills or perhaps gets a second job.

Fiscal depute Ian Warburton said: "As part of his duties, he was responsible for the rationing and the completion of company cheques."He would take the cheques to one of two signatories to be signed. "It was company policy at the time that they signed blank cheques and simply handed them back to Mr Rennie for completion.

"It became clear there were a number of unexplained payments from the company bank account and a number of discrepancies came to light."

As a victim of financial crime committed by staff at the University of Glasgow; I can entirely understand the Prosecution being unhappy.

The court heard Rennie handed police receipts for a number of "luxury goods" and admitted stealing when he was caught.

I see that Rennie has opted for a plea of mitigation under the Criminal Procedures (Scotland) Act; he must have a good lawyer who is going for 20% off his sentence.

Section 196 (1) of the 1995 Act.

Just as well; he was probably bang to rights and didn’t have a leg to stand on.

As a gesture of how sorry he was, Rennie has paid back £85,000 which is no small amount; I wonder how he got his hands on this amount of cash?

So, he gets a year in prison and the chance to consider his position and future employment opportunities.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

SNP pick correct choice for Glasgow North East By-election

Dear All

Soon it will be time for ‘War on the North Eastern Front’, the battle ground is Springburn where New Labour will try every dirty trick to hold the seat vacated by Michael Martin.

Three candidates put themselves forward for possible selection for the SNP candidacy to fight the seat.

1/ David Kerr, a BBC Scotland producer.

2/ Aileen McLeod, a former European Election Candidate.

3/ James Dornan, SNP Leader, Glasgow City Council.

Of the three, only James Dornan has any credibility as a candidate with the people in my opinion.

What is essential in fighting a seat like Springburn is that the people have to see the person very much as “their” candidate. James Dornan has a good track record as a Councillor and Leader of the SNP Group on Glasgow City Council.

As always it will be local issues that will be the main focus of the campaign of all the parties.

The SNP have a harder challenge in attempting to take Glasgow North East than they did in Glasgow East. In the recent European Election, the Westminister Seat was retained by New Labour winning the popular vote.

This firmly makes the SNP the underdogs to win the seat, coupled with how long the Martin dynasty has ruled Springburn; it will boil down to a battle of ideas and record. The SNP have to show the people of Springburn that voting SNP is a vote for change but not change with a slogan.

James Dornan if selected as the MP has to be radical and that means setting up an office accessible to the people, tackling the crime problem and anti social behaviour that blights the area, particularly round Saracen Cross.

He has to show that be will be a force that the people can turn to and things will get done.
Springburn has many problems, health, education, crime and lack of opportunities both socially and economically.

The Labour Party is fielding, William Bain, a Lecturer in Public Law at London South Bank University.

Having googled Mr. Bain what is not unsurprising is his lack of meaningful contribution on social issues in the public domain and of the Springburn area. I also find it interesting that he did not speak out publicly at Michael Martin not holding surgeries so the people of Springburn could see him.

That was a disgrace.

Although Labour is promoting William Bain as the local candidate; he works 400 miles away in London.

As a measure of how rattled the Labour Party is they have said that the SNP campaign was "falling apart at the seams".

The by-election hasn’t been called yet!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Craig Murray, Norwich North Candidate denied fair hearing at By-election debate!

Dear All

For years; I have commented on how corrupt Britain has become and how this affects society.

Craig Murray, independent candidate for the Norwich North Westminster seat is experiencing shoddy treatment to get a fair hearing as other mainstream candidates fight to win the seat.

Craig Murray has been excluded from a candidate’s debate organised by the Univerisities and Colleges Union (UCU).

This is absolutely disgusting, above is a picture of the man responsible, Matt Waddup, his email address is;


If you believe in democracy then send him an email and ask him to reverse his decision.

Despite being banned Craig Murray is going to turn up and demand fair treatment and the right to speak and air his views.

It will be interesting to see if the other mainstream candidates refuse to back him and stay silent.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University