Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Police Scotland ordered by the Crown Office to investigate Michelle Thomson property allegations, mortgage fraud is a serious offence, people get sent to prison if convicted of that crime, SNP losing the public trust, Nicola Sturgeon says she had “no knowledge”, the SNP had "no knowledge", is the SNP really ‘stronger for Scotland’ Nicola?

Dear All

Deary, deary me, it didn’t take long did it?

The SNP sent the ‘feeble 56’ to Westminster to ‘stand up for Scotland’ and in less than a year, less than 6 months, already the Nationalists have been dogged by scandal and stupidity.

The ‘feeble 56’ are now the ‘feeble 55’.

Michelle Thomson, was one of the people who ran the pro-independence Business for Scotland, most of the ‘businesses’ were looked up by people online and the results were less than impressive.

If you ran a hot dog stand, supported independence, had a few staff, you could have been seen as a ‘big player’ in Business for Scotland.

Business for Scotland, what a load of rubbish! (said loud in a football style chant!)

After fronting this crap, Michelle Thomson was selected as an SNP Candidate; unpopular Nicola Sturgeon was promoting women as part of her drive to win the women’s vote. So, in comes Michelle Thomson and by pure bad luck for the people of Edinburgh West, she gets elected.

Goes to Westminster, and then she claims she is the victim of a smear campaign as her email account is released from a data hack on adultery website Ashley Madison. Of course, adultery is nothing new in the Scottish National Party as many of the leading Nationalists like to shag behind their partner’s back.

Dishing out ‘social justice’ between someone’s legs… stronger for Scotland!

Anyway, we now find out that Michelle Thomson; appointed the SNP's business spokeswoman has been suspended from the party after resigning the whip, by doing so, her party membership is also suspended.

So, what the big deal about this time?

Well, it seems that Police Scotland (acting as the forces of law and order) are investigating serious allegations that her property dealings potentially involved mortgage fraud. Mortgage fraud is a rather sticky wicket; they put people in prison for that sort of thing. At present Michelle Thomson said she was looking forward to being cleared of any wrongdoing and pledged to co-operate with the Police Scotland probe.

She is claiming she is innocent.

I remember during the Bill Walker case, Bill Walker also said countless times that he was innocent as well, Walker another close pal of Nicola Sturgeon had 24 charges against him, when the jury found him guilty, he was found guilty of 24 charges against him. His pal Nicola Sturgeon didn’t attend his trial, send him a cake with a file in it, or visit him in prison. Almost overnight Bill Walker went from SNP MSP to persona non grata at Holyrood.

12 months in the pokey, commonly known as jail or prison, or being dubbed up.

To show what stand up guys they are down at Police Scotland, they are saying Ms Thomson was not currently subject of an investigation.

Bless their law abiding cotton socks!

The withdrawal of the SNP party whip from Thomson at Westminster also means that she is now an independent.

It has been ages since Scotland had an independent ‘Nationalist’ MP at Westminster; maybe she can form her own party. As well as the whip going, she is no longer the spokeswoman for Business, Innovation and Skills.

And she is politically toxic!

The news of the alleged mortgage fraud is a major embarrassment to Nicola Sturgeon who kept telling everyone that ‘SNP women will get things done’, certainly this looks rather badly from a PR point of view.

This bad news follows straight after Nicola Sturgeon back tracked on taking in Syrian refugees to her homestead in Baillieston, poor starving little Syrian children going cold and hungry as Nicola enjoys two big houses to roam about in while eating hot curries.

With the Thomson story breaking, the opposition yet again has decided to ask the most ignorant woman in Scottish politics, Ms Sturgeon what she knew about her MP's background prior to Thomson passing selection as an SNP candidate.

This is quite easy, Sturgeon like in the Bill Walker case knew nothing; Nicola never knows anything about anything, blind, deaf and dumb like the three little monkeys.

Obviously with Thomson’s solicitor, Christopher Hales, being struck off and having a key role in 13 deals closely related to Ms Thomson property business, this case will attract a huge amount of public interest, and the press will be all over this and how close Thomson is to the senior SNP leadership.

See the picture above, don't Nicola and Michelle look real chummy, bestest buddies, amigos.

After a ruling by the Scottish Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal into this affair, matters became rather sticky, which led to the information being passed to the Crown Office.  Police Scotland then became involved on the instructions of the Crown Office; this is one case which is doing to have to go the distance.

Obviously, there will be a great deal of interest in Thomson’s Solicitor Christopher Hales, who was struck off, his story will certainly be of massive interest to everyone and his dug.

Scottish Conservative chief whip John Lamont wants the SNP to explain this affair and who can blame him for his interest.

He added: ‎

"Having tried to ignore these serious allegations for 48 hours, the SNP has hit the panic button. The SNP promised a new politics at Westminster. It has taken a matter of weeks for their shine to wear off."

Scottish Labour said:

"It is now vital that the SNP come clean about this situation, and who knew what, when. Michelle Thomson was vetted by the SNP and deemed to be an acceptable candidate for an election. Senior cabinet ministers have backed her citing her business dealings”.

This little gem caught my eye, and I am sure it would have caught the eye of Nicola Sturgeon, a business partner of Ms Thomson's purchased a home for £64,000 from a cancer sufferer, then sold it to Ms Thomson for £95,000 the same day.

Ms Thomson then allegedly got a 'cashback' payment of more than £28,000 from her business partner.

The £28,000 payment and the fact that her business partner had owned the home for less than six months, wasn't allegedly disclosed to the lender. The lender had allegedly provided a mortgage based on a purchase price of £95,000.Under guidelines, the mortgage company should have been made aware of both details.

Thomson said:

“Once the investigation is concluded I look forward to returning to play a full role in party activities. I will be making no further comment on this matter."

If I was unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, I would say that as a punishment, the £28,000 from the Stirling deal should be paid to the cancer sufferer or if they are deceased then the person's family, before there is even a discussion of accepting Thomson back as an SNP MP.

And if Thomson found this unacceptable, then I would terminate any future discussion or membership application.

Cancer sufferer Nicola, think on that bunny!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

SNP Cabinet Minister Fiona Hyslops offers to mediate in the Spanish Constitution power crisis, the Scottish Nationalists like to present themselves as worthy of stepping onto the world stage, get Fiona Hyslop a broom and Humza Yousaf a shovel and plastic bag, the stage should be spotless for real politiicans

Dear All

Although April fool’s day has passed, we should remember that we are still surrounded by fools.

The SNP Government want to stick their noses in the Spain and Catalonia dispute, many people in Catalonia want to break away from Spain altogether and form their own country.

I seriously doubt this would be in the long term interests of Spain or the people of Catalonia, and I also doubt that anyone in the internal community of the EU will back this separation. Catalonia is by en-large a wealthy part of Spain, people there believe they contribute too much to the rest of Spain in taxes. I don’t have the figures to hand but a country is much more than just money. Spain has had a bloody history, some people remember the Spanish civil war in the 1930’s, a terrible time in the history of that country.

Many people died.

Catalan nationalists had done well in recently elections mirroring what the SNP did against the Scottish Labour Party, in both countries people wanted change, meaningful change, they felt they couldn’t get it with the people representing them so they took the chance on backing the Nationalists.

In Scotland, the Nationalists act like a party of opposition refusing to use the powers they have in government and blaming Westminster for their failures. Also in Scotland, we have a divided society, a society of ‘Us and Them’, a society were hatred flourishes.

This is what the legacy of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon is… pure hatred of anyone who opposes the Nationalists. Now, the SNP wants to offer to mediate between Spain and Catalonia to help ‘solve’ the constitutional crisis. Scottish Nationalists have already aligned themselves to Catalonia nationalists so it is doubtful that the Spanish would entertain them, and also foreign affairs are a reserved issue to Westminster.

The SNP has no business trying to interfere in the domestic political situation in Spain, and I fully expect them to be rebuffed, and receive no help from the British Foreign Office. Although some saw the election in Spain as a proxy referendum on independence, it wasn’t, in much the same way that Westminster 2015 wasn’t a proxy referendum either.

If the Catalonia Government was to go down the road of a Scottish-style vote it would be illegal, and lead to possible violence. The government in Barcelona maybe on a collision course with Madrid but do they want civil war?

This is the question because all others are meaningless.

SNP Cabinet Secretary Fiona Hyslop who is up to her neck in scandal from the T in the Park mess wants to "mediate and assist both the Spanish and Catalan governments", presumably she will do this along with Humza Yousaf who some people think is an outright idiot.

The Spanish Government of Conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy will not be swayed by any SNP offer, and is pretty much laid his cards out on the table, rejection any democratic vote in Catalonia from an illegal referendum.

Spain's Constitutional Court vetoed a putative referendum last year and that stands as is.

Hyslop said:

"We congratulate those who have been successful in the Catalan elections. What happens next is a matter for the people and the Governments of Catalonia and Spain. The constitutional arrangements in Scotland and the UK which paved the way for last year’s legally binding independence referendum, and a vibrant constitutional debate, were part of a process agreed by both the Scottish and UK Governments. The constitutional arrangements in Scotland and the UK are clearly different to those of Spain and Catalonia but should we be invited we stand ready to share our experiences with Spain and Catalonia."

Will Hyslop tell the Spanish Government of the hatred that the Nationalists whipped up; will they tell of the intimidation, the bullying, the harassment and the criminality of the Yes side?

Can you imagine two idiots like Fiona Hyslop and Humza Yousaf using their phoney made up titles trying to pass themselves off as worthy to be on the international stage, the UN, they certainly aren’t.

It maybe that that Europe is heading towards civil unrest and civil war down the line, but the last thing we need is the small minded Scottish Nationalist ‘wisdom’ cluttering the place up. Fiona Hyslop has already exhibited bad judgment in T in the Park; she was formerly removed as Education Secretary by Alex Salmond.

We would be better trying to find two tubes on a work experience programme and send them instead.

It would be cheaper.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  

Monday, September 28, 2015

Holyrood 2016 ad, SNP robbing your future

Refugees not welcome, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon backtracks on her vow to let Syrian refugees stay at her home in Baillieston, this shallow hollow woman is entirely vacuous, inept, fake, insincere and untrustworthy, I guess ‘caring’ Nicola Sturgeon isn’t too bothered that homeless Syrian children are going hungry and suffering unless a TV camera is stuck in her face, 'cue the fake tears Nicola, we are live in 3.. 2...1'

Dear All

Long ago but not that long ago, it was 2012, in my capacity as a ‘roving reporter’ on the campaign trial, I trooped into an election hustings hosted by the Sunny Govan radio station in a Church hall in Kinning Park, to cover the Glasgow City Council election.

During the debate, the SNP Candidate Allison Hunter standing in Ward 5 muttered that the plight of refugees brought her close to tears.

Aye right!

I knew Mrs Hunter as a member of the Scottish National Party; she was a horrible nasty individual with a massive chip on shoulder. I found her comments to the audience and to the listening radio audience to be laughable, so much so, I wrote a post about the event and what I thought of it and those standing for public office.

If you want you can read my take by clicking on the link.

The Scottish National Party likes to exploit people and their suffering for their own ends to gain power and political advantage. Allison Hunter was no more caring about the plight of refugees as a Serbian winter would be; she was also lazy and inept. Ironically, after she passed away the SNP apparently setup the Allison Hunter Training School. That is how ridiculous the SNP is, Alex Salmond described Hunter as a ‘great leader’, of course, Salmond gets a lot wrong but this judgment stretched the bizarre to a whole new level.

Have you heard the expression M.I.A, missing in action, well that was exactly what Mrs Hunter was in her ward, when I asked people who was the SNP Councillor in the Govan by-election, I sometimes got Margo MacDonald or even Nicola Sturgeon, no one it seems knew Mrs Hunter.

No legacy there it seems.

What Allison Hunter had in common with her ‘pal’ Nicola Sturgeon was the ability to express fake concern as to the needs of other people. In my last post, I said a few things, such as Nicola Sturgeon is a rat, and also that she is a shallow hollow woman, entirely vacuous, inept, fake, insincere and untrustworthy. Of course this type of ‘rebel’ talk upsets her sycophantic followers who believe that she is going to deliver for them Scottish independence.

Where a ‘jolly fat man’ like Alex Salmond couldn’t tread, Sturgeon will conquer, she will end austerity, she will bring a land of milk and honey, she will bring nirvana to the masses.

More chance of winning the Euro millions!

You may have noticed that I have been commenting on the migrant crisis, ideas that I have floated in the past online such as new EU border force and internal EU immigration may about to come into operation.

The Scottish National Party has been commenting on the migrant crisis, using this as a stick to beat the Conservative Government as being ‘uncaring’. In truth, the Conservatives have taken a sensible approach, it is cautious and it should be; national security concerns are at stake here.

ISIS terrorists!

The SNP as I have said many times in the past have been trying to portray Nicola Sturgeon as likeable, in countless stage managed political events, a kid is placed into Nicola Sturgeon’s arms in front of photographers and TV crews to create an image of a caring and concerned person.

I also blogged on the rubbish of Nicola Sturgeon: I was 'internally conflicted' about her Vogue photo shoot. Did you buy into her attempt to get you to connect with her on some level, did you feel her pain? Did you wonder, was Nicola Sturgeon alright, juggling with looking unglamorous and being inept in charge of the Scottish Government?

Did you shed silent tears into your big fluffy white pillow that night?

Me neither and I need new pillows!

During the migrant crisis, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon used the plight of others for political advantage which led to her making ‘the vow’.

Nicola Sturgeon said in a Sky TV interview she would give a home to Syrian refugees, her home in Glasgow, Nicola, hubby and Syrian refugees, one big happy family, all munching round the dinner table.

When I heard this, I didn’t think, Nicola Sturgeon is a wonderful human being, gosh I was so wrong about her in the past, no, I thought then as I do now….. she is a rat.

Despite claiming that she would be 'absolutely happy' to help refugees on September 6, it appears she is U turning on ‘the Vow’.

What about the homeless Syrian children Nicola?

Her spokesman has said there were no plans for Syrian refugees to live in her home in Ballieston in the East End of Glasgow. When Sturgeon made the promise this made national headlines, another PR stunt which has been exposed as a sham, there is as I said a genuine lack of talent in the SNP and ethics.

Her spokesman said:

‘She said she would be willing to do it if that’s what it took, but she did not say that there were any plans for that to happen. So if you’re phoning to find out if there’s an update, then there is no update.’

Now remember, she said she would house Syrian refugees in her own home:

“Yes, I would”.

She added:

“And I’ve actually been overwhelmed myself over the past few days with messages from people across Scotland saying that they personally would be happy to give a home temporarily – or for a longer period of time – to somebody fleeing Syria.”

Apparently Scotland’s unpopular First Minster Nicola Sturgeon is currently living her official residence, Bute House in Edinburgh, I was under the impression that she said she wasn’t going to live there but stay in Glasgow.

Is that another promise broken?

Nicola Sturgeon has made ‘the vow’, hiding in Bute House doesn’t change that, but lets be real for a minute, what do you expect from a shallow hollow woman, entirely vacuous, inept, fake, insincere and untrustworthy?

One wonders what her sycophantic followers will make of her backtracking; will they see the real Nicola Sturgeon? Will they realise that they are being taken for mugs, used as cheap labour, pissed on without the courtesy of the SNP cult calling it rain?

In politics, you don’t actually have to be a rat if you don’t want to be, something that Dreghorn’s shop soiled white hope Nicola Sturgeon should remember. Reengaging on a promise, how common and totally lacking in class, Sturgeon might have lots of money, but in so many ways she is poor.

Finally, I guess; the people of Scotland will have to miss out on the headline by Nicola Sturgeon:

‘I just love my new little Syrian Mammy’!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Laying it on thick, Scotland’s unpopular First Minster Nicola Sturgeon lays out her personal angst over Vogue photo shoot, despite multiple attempts by the SNP to re-invent and make her likeable, the public aren’t buying it, anyone really care how she balances being ‘unglamorous’ with her utter incompetence at running the SNP Government?

Dear All

Some time ago, I read something which was such a load of crap as to be utterly risible. It was Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond pushing a line when asked, what keeps him up all night, he trotted out nuclear weapons.

The angst of Alex Salmond!

Nuclear weapons, I ask, do you seriously think that Alex Salmond paces about in his bedroom in his northern hovel to the early hours of the morning over that? When I think nuclear weapons, my ‘angst’ is more I hope the sub doesn’t hit the seabed because some nugget can’t steer the boat properly.

Surely Salmond’s angst would be better served in worrying about why he ran a cult or what people will think of him being married to a woman old enough to be his mother or is it smart to have a known adulteress such as Joan McAlpine as his aide.

McAlpine wrecked a woman’s 29 year old marriage.

Now those are angst problems to get a grip on.

Of course what is going on is the SNP leader is inviting you to invest in his life as soap opera like EastEnders, he is the main character, the hero or as they say in the urban ghetto a ‘good c*nt’. Aspects of his life are laid bare to get you to relate to him on some level as you would with a TV show or long running saga which you feel you must tune into watch.

Alex did this, Alex did that, oh isn’t Alex wonderful.

In case you don’t know the real plot in the Alex Salmond saga, the short version is this, he fucked over the poorest in society by introducing middle class welfare-ism.

As to what people aren’t seeing, behind the mask of the northern fat man, well, the SNP aides at Westminster have apparently written a document in which Salmond is dubbed ‘Mr. Terror’.

Now sit down for a minute and chew on that, big beaming jolly fat man for the public and allegedly in private, ‘Mr. Terror’; what face do you think is the real one? Anyway, make a choice, as an aside; I would add that anyone who uses fear to lead people below them is a bad leader. If you look at the Yes Campaign run by the SNP and what they did, you can see the point of bad leadership proven.

So, the SNP are into presenting their leaders in the vain of a soap opera character. After Salmond resigned in the huff, barred reporters and had the fat smirk wiped off his face by the public, up pops the next ‘chosen one’ by God, sense of destiny character, the great shop soiled white hope from Dreghorn, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

Like Salmond, the SNP has gone the same route of trying to present Sturgeon as cross between superstar politician and caring individual. To sell the ‘caring’ part in this new soap opera, we see Nicola with kids all the time, we see Sturgeon all smiles along with her husband in a perfectly cleaned house which a reporter drops by to have a cup of tea and a chat, and we learn her husband likes gardening.

Himmler liked gardening.

Just as we had the Alex Salmond angst thrust on us to make sure we knew he was thinking weighty thoughts, it is now the time for Nicola Sturgeon to trot out her angst.

Is it nuclear weapons?

No, nothing as worldly, we get treated to Nicola Sturgeon: I was 'internally conflicted' about Vogue photoshoot. This pish is, ‘I am just a wee woman from Dreghorn, education got me where I am today and I care deeply about Scots but I will let my sycophants say I am a super woman who gets things done’.  

This is what Scots have been asked to buy into now, just as Salmond turned out to be a rat, so has Sturgeon.

Do you think Scotland has serious problems?

Yes… No?

If you think Yes; then you have to ask yourself, why Nicola Sturgeon has time to pose for Vogue when the Government she runs is falling down around her ears. As people comment all the time in politics to her, ‘its time to do your day job’!

Lots of people as Nicola Sturgeon said comment on her clothes and hair "literally every time I'm on camera". I suspect this is to do with fact that she appears to favour dressing in the clothes of an elderly woman and then there is the great ‘is she, isn’t she wearing a syrup (wig) debate. I have heard several women voice the opinion it’s a wig, and one woman in October 2013 opined Sturgeon needs to get her eyebrows done. I think this is because they look rather manly and the fake colouring to pass herself off a blonde hadn’t worked.    

Nicola Sturgeon added comments about her appearance are often "written in the most hideous and quite cruel way."

She is so precious, do you feel her angst?

Perhaps the comments are a proxy for what people think her personality is actually like, I remember some time ago, that the SNP let it be known how nice, warm and funny she is in private. If people have to say that you are nice and publicly; perhaps their statements cannot be taken at face value. And I toss this in; Nicola Sturgeon surrounds herself with the most vicious nasty scum in Scottish politics.

Do nice people hang around with scum?

Nicola Sturgeon told the press, roped into her soap opera:

“I have the dilemma of knowing whatever I do people are going to talk about what I wear and what my hair looks like, and I could and maybe should just decide that I'm not going to engage with that on any level. Or I can decide, as I sometimes do, that I'll try to turn it into a positive in some way. Most of what I ever do there will be trying to use a platform to promote Scottish designers to turn it to an advantage. But you will find people with different opinion, sometimes I'm a bit internally conflicted by it.”

So, have you bought into her angst yet regarding that diatribe?

Or are you one of those people who see this shallow hollow woman for what she is, entirely vacuous, inept, fake, insincere and untrustworthy.

Perhaps a spot of Sturgeon angst might be thrown that onto those words. Nicola repeats George Laird says, “I am entirely vacuous, inept, fake, insincere and untrustworthy”, to which someone points out, doesn’t he get a hell of a lot right?

Despite the SNP trying to turn Sturgeon into someone likeable with their stage managed appearances with the ‘standby kid’, to be stuck on her for the photo shoot, the gag isn’t working too well.

Hence we now have ‘inside the mind’ of Nicola, the trials and upsets of a ‘social justice champion’.

Sturgeon isn’t a heroine, she isn’t an anti hero; she is your classic wicked witch, ugly sister or outright baddie.

I am really not interested that she dresses in the clothing suited to an elderly woman and looks ridiculous. That is called fashion, however, that being said, the ‘great’ Nicola Sturgeon wig debate has a passing interest for me.

Another observation from the cheap seats; is the SNP selling the tag #sexysocialism on twitter, this piece of nonsense is to attempt to portray Nicola Sturgeon as sexy, and she does socialism, well again this is just risible.

Yesterday online I was directed to an article written by someone whose name escapes me, a gem of a comment which I feel should be passed on to Nicola. The author writes if he wants to stop himself from ejaculation during sex he thinks of Nicola’s face. The jist is that once he thinks of Nicola, his ardour immediately cools, as a throw away comment, I was looking a picture of Nicola a wee while ago, and I was struck how she resembled the late great Boris Karloff. He famously played the role of The Mummy in the 1930s I believe, and he was very good in it, worth a watch.

Karloff was able to pull off a fine performance in the role, he could sell himself as the undead much better than Nicola Sturgeon can playing the 'role' of a decent human being.

Of course he had the advantage of ‘craft’.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, September 25, 2015

Failing to lead by example, Scotland’s shame, SNP aides write secret document branding SNP MPs as ‘complete arseholes’, one Braveheart MP allegedly in front of multiple witnesses tells a young working class woman to ‘fuck off’ after she tries to restore order in a Commons Bar, Nicola Sturgeon’s respect agenda for women exposed as a fraud, it’s all coming out now, we have Celt Clowns in Westminster

Dear All

Do you remember that I clearly stated that there was a genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party?

Another gem of wisdom which I also dropped on you was what the women of Govan thought of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon…… ‘arsehole’. Yes, ‘arsehole’ not said in a passing or indeed passive way but with the conviction and passion of an orator driving the point home.


Oh, before I forget, on the Conservative Home blog, there is an article about Shami Chakrabarti, the director of Liberty and her embarrassing toadying to Nicola Sturgeon, it seems better known people are thinking on a similar track to me.

Anyway, during the 2015 Westminster election campaign, the Labour Party ran what must have seen to outsiders a rather strange campaign, about three months out, sidelined by serious illness and having a near miss with the Grim Reaper, I commented in a post that Labour was ‘fucking it all up’.

Of course yet again, I was proved right as the results came in; many good Labour MPs were lost in Scotland, along with some pretty bad ones. Unfortunately for Labour, they didn’t do a cull to get rid of deadwood and get some fresh talent in to swell the political gene pool; people with the ability to have several things like a serious work ethic and desire to represent the public. 

The SNP won 56 seats out of a possible 59 in Scotland due to several factors; one being the gullible where suckered into believing that indyref 2 was coming down the pipeline. There was the stock nonsense by the SNP; they were standing up for Scotland, which is rubbish as most sensible people know.

So, off to Westminster went the ‘feeble 56’, the ‘champions’ of Scotland, the public face however didn’t match the private face of the SNP.

I have repeated several times that the SNP is a party of the rich and anti working class. Basically, I knew it was only a matter of time before the SNP MPs disgraced themselves at Westminster, and they didn’t disappoint. You see, the SNP is a cult, and the cult isn’t very politically savvy or indeed nice. 

It now transpires in the public domain that ‘elect a local champion’ mob have a ‘drink problem’, not the usual had a few beers too many, no the SNP Cult who despise the rich are getting pished senseless on champagne. In a disgraceful episode, it seems the ‘celt clowns’ in Parliament’s Sports and Social bar decided to stand on the chairs, a group of fat middle aged men belting out songs to stink up the bar like an unwelcomed spot of VD found on the dinner table. This of course is bad enough, what but was to follow demonstrates my point that these classless oafs have no business in politics or even representing the public. 

When a young barmaid, only in her early twenties when to get the ‘celt clowns’ to calm down and tried to restore some order, it appears a new SNP MP took exception to being asked to ‘pack it in’. Words were exchanged, which begs the question, where the SNP not taught to behave themselves as children, and also by the SNP whips. Where my point about the SNP is proven yet again, is when multiple witnesses allege a drunken ‘f— you’ is uttered to the little girl which I suggest makes my continual point of the SNP being all about the rich and anti working class more potent. And it gets worse, several weeks later, the girl left the employment of the Parliamentary estate.

Some Scottish people have a big chip on their shoulder and are nasty with it, and in the Nationalist camp, there is enough chips to start a fast food outlet.

Things are so bad, that there is doing the rounds, an extraordinary document written by disgruntled SNP aides which is very funny, because it paints for the first time the real SNP from the inside by people still employed by them. How you treat people lower down the pecking in life is important, clearly the SNP MPs are classless oafs.

In their own staff’s words, the SNP Westminster group are described as ‘complete arseholes’, this is in line with the feelings of the women of Govan as I mentioned in relation to Nicola Sturgeon. The document is political gold, and hopefully a full version will be made available to the Scottish public, and read by those who mistakenly voted SNP at the election.

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond has been dubbed the nickname “Mr. Terror”, when you see the false friendly smile of fake sincerity on the TV, you might be mistaken that Salmond is a good person, he isn’t, he is a rat. But, he is a rat on the downward slope of his miserable career, so bear that in mind, when his end comes, I imagine that SNP aides might go and have a celebratory dinner washed down with some champagne socialist bubbly into the early hours.  I am pretty sure that they deserved. Alex Salmond is married to a woman old enough to be his mother, some people might find that terribly creepy; especially women who can on occasion be rather judgmental on your ass.

Another ‘Celt clown’ is ‘three in a bed’ Angus MacNeil who ‘represents’ the Western Isles, he gets singled out as being ‘arrogant, demanding and in general behaving like a five-year-old. I met him in 2008 when he declared he was in charge of the sign in sheets at the Glasgow East by-election, I thought what a dick, 7 years later; it seems that he hasn’t improved with age.

Once a dick, always a dick!     

Although this story of the SNP acting like drunken idiots may upset some people, there is a silver lining, health problems down the line, too much drink, painful early death, or overweight problems coupled with type 2 diabetes, stroke, stomach problems, mental problems, memory problems, lapses in judgment, it just depends if you can exercise patience, eventually, these clowns will get what is coming to them.  

As well as the episodes of ‘alcoholic bravery’ against young women, it seems that the SNP haven’t fitted in well down the road, at Westminster, there is a place called the terrace, for members only, it generally is a place where MPs forget the adversarial nature of the chamber and chitchat with people from other parties. It seems that Nationalists ‘all stand together in a huddle by themselves, not talking to anyone else’.  Remember the Scottish National Party like to brag about how they are an inclusive party, well it seems, the evidence paints a rather different picture, think Deliverance, think duelling banjos, this is the modern SNP, backward, inward looking, common, greedy, stupid, a miserable excuse for humanity and with delusions of grandeur.

Because there is no class in the Scottish National Party, it is highly doubtful that the SNP MP who told a little girl doing her job to ‘fuck off’ will be disciplined, although you can teach animals new tricks, you can’t teach decency and having good manners to ignoramuses.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, September 24, 2015

SNP grievance merchant Nicola Sturgeon is said to have shown “international leadership” by Shami Chakrabarti, the director of Liberty over Conservative plan to scrap Human Rights Act 1998, Chakrabarti shows complete ignorance of Scottish politics, SNP Government had to be forced to reinstate human right to a fair trial in Scotland

Dear All

How much do you know about Human Rights?

One of the things I say to people when talking about Human Rights is this, ‘I want’ isn’t the same as ‘I am entitled to’.

In the main Human Rights are a good thing and a cornerstone of a decent society, most people have heard of European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and also the European Court of Human Rights. To a lesser extent, they will also have heard of the UK Supreme Court.

The European Court of Human Rights and the UK Supreme Court have many passed judgments which I would agree with, on twitter today, I mentioned to someone the Cadder Case which was ruled on by the UK Supreme Court which led to the Crown Office in Scotland being forced to restore human rights back to people accused of crime. The Crown Office and the Appeal Court in Edinburgh thought that ‘gifts’ of rights by the Crown Office were the same as human rights. The UK Supreme Court came to the conclusion that they were not, and forced the Scottish Government to do a climb down.
On this issue, the SNP Government, the Crown Office, the Police and Appeal Court got it all wrong, if you google my thoughts on the Cadder Case, you will see that from quite early on, my view was pretty clear, these organisations were interfering in the rights of an accused to have a fair trial. In short, they were legally trying to rig the proceedings instead of ensuring a level playing field.

Is it important to have a level playing field in a trial of an accused person?

Yes, if you believe in democracy it is, if justice isn’t a cornerstone then effectively there is no democratic society and we are living under a dictatorship.

The SNP don’t believe in human rights, laughingly this is borne out by their deeds on the matter, as I pointed out there was the shameful incident of the Cadder Case, but another equally bad piece of judgment was the SNP’s next attempt in trying to scrap corroboration in a trial. The idea is simple; take an emotive issue such as rape to justify lowering the bar of proof to convict people. So, if you don’t blindly follow their dogma you can be tagged as supporting rapists and being uncaring towards someone who is a victim of crime.

Here is a thought, when is someone legally recognised as a victim of crime in a court?

Is it when an arrest is made of the person or person they accuse?

Is it when the Crown Office represents them and takes their case forward?

Before you answer this, remember until a person is found guilty, they are presumed innocent, and if they are presumed innocent, then the status of the alleged victim is that of a witness.

In order to capture the women’s vote, the SNP decided to attempt to woo women by using several political carrots, one of them was the scrapping of corroboration. It was a cynical attempt to win votes on the back of rape and unworthy of any government to involved themselves in something so low and underhanded.

The issue proved so toxic that the SNP kicked into the long grass as people spoke out about this human rights abused attempted by the SNP and the resultant publicity scared off the SNP.

So much for concerns for women victims it seems; votes were more important as the SNP tried to foster the illusion of competent government.

Prime Minister David Cameron doesn’t like the Human Rights Act 1998 which was brought into being by the Blair Government. He wants the Human Rights Act replaced by what he calls a British Bill of Rights, so the question which springs to mind is this, would a person lose any of the current human rights they now enjoy? If the answer is yes, why would anyone agree with a British Bill of Rights in the first place?

The problem with the Human Rights Act 1998 isn’t the Act itself, it is the people who are judges and how they view the act. Is it right that a foreign murderer, rapist or paedophile can use human rights legislation to remain in the UK? The answer is clearly not, under 8.2 of the European Convention on Human Rights, the State has the right to remove from society any person who is a danger to the State or the people. This is generally ignored in favour of judges allowing criminals to claim another human right, the right to a family life. If this right actually held any water; no person who is convicted of a serious crime should be locked up because imprisonment is denial of the right to a family life. However we do lock people up and we do have the right to deport them.

We don’t have the right kind of judges.

In Scotland, SNP grievance merchant Nicola Sturgeon has seized on the fact that the Conservatives want to scrap the Human Rights Act. Any excuse for a fight with Westminster and to push independence, incidentally most of her supporters are just as ignorant on human rights as she but without holding a law degree. So, we have Sturgeon saying it is "inconceivable" MSPs will agree to the Human Rights Act being scrapped in Scotland.

If Westminster wishes to scrap a Westminster made Act, they have the power to do so, if David Cameron decided to scrap a Bill made in Holyrood by the SNP would Sturgeon just accept it or would she scream about tampering with ‘our parliament’ and disrespecting ‘our democratic will’.

Think about that for a moment.

To a selected audience of what is term ‘civic leaders’ in the Pearce Institute in Govan, Sturgeon said that David Cameron's plans to repeal the legislation were "wholly unnecessary".

Although I have a deep held personal dislike of Nicola Sturgeon and her husband Peter Murrell as I consider them to be trash, Sturgeon on this occasion is right. What is needed however and something which is beyond her Dreghorn ned like mentality is that the EU needs to reform the European Convention on Human Rights. It is due a review something which I have previously blogged on and comment on elsewhere in the past.

In case, anyone missed the main point in the last paragraph, I will trot it out again, Nicola Sturgeon on this occasion is right, before you get to het up, she is only partially, busted watch syndrome; sooner or later something out of her mouth is bound to be right given the law of averages.  

The European Court of Human Rights hasn’t "devalued" our human rights as David Cameron claims, as an example a guy can still stick his penis into the mouth of a dead pig. And that is seen as the human right of freedom of expression, however most people tend to do it in an indoor setting perhaps surrounded by a few close university friends.

The Act isn’t the problem, it’s the judges!

At present a minority of Tories oppose the idea, along with the Labour Party and other opposition parties. In a matter like this, there should be universal consensus as much as possible however, it doesn’t seem likely and if the Human Rights Act 1998 was scrapped by the Conservatives, I would suggest a future Labour Government would simply bring the Act back, this to me doesn’t sound like good law making or indeed good parliamentary business practice.

In Scotland, there is the 1998 Scotland Act, which states all legislation passed by Holyrood must be compatible with the ECHR; however an amendment could be brought in to change the wording of the Act to say ‘British Bill of Rights’.

Sturgeon said:

“Responsibility for the Human Rights Act rests solely with the Westminster parliament, but European Convention rights are embedded into the devolution settlement and human rights itself is a devolved issue. That means that any attempt to repeal or amend the Human Rights Act is likely to require the legislative consent of the Scottish Parliament. It is inconceivable – given the breadth of the support which the Human Rights Act commands across the Scottish Parliament – that such consent would be granted.The Scottish Government will certainly advocate that it is not granted.”

The key word of that diatribe is ‘likely’, this is her opinion, and my opinion is this, consent is not required by the Scottish Parliament, Westminster Acts currently on the books and passed by the Scottish Parliament don’t require consent. I see this as another feeble electioneering con trick on the gullible who parked their ass at the Pearce Institute in Govan to listen to Sturgeon witter on about something clearly out of her depth and scope.

She added:

“The Scottish Government will also oppose any weakening of human rights protections – not just in Scotland, but across the whole of the UK. Human rights, after all, are not English, Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish rights. They are universal rights.”

Ohhhhh….. someone has read a law!!!!!

Joining Sturgeon at the Pearce Institute in Govan was Shami Chakrabarti, the director of Liberty; Liberty is as much a farce as Shami Chakrabarti herself.

Ms. Chakrabarti said:

“The First Minister of Scotland shows international leadership today. She vows to defend the Human Rights Act, the European Convention on Human Rights and the vulnerable against the powerful everywhere – including refugees. Her message leaves no room for doubt. Policies of divide and rule must not succeed in stripping us of our universal rights and freedoms.”

This statement shows clearly that Ms. Chakrabarti knows nothing of the political scene in Scotland or of Nicola Sturgeon who surrounds herself with some of the most nastiness human rights abusing scum in British politics. Was she blind to the SNP Government’s actions in the Cadder Case or the attempt to subvert a fair trial re corroboration?

“The First Minister of Scotland shows international leadership today”.

Sniff, sniff, did a cow shat in the Pearce Institute in Govan because I think I can smell stomach turning bullshit that makes you want to vomit so hard you think your arse is going to be coming out of your mouth.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

SNP Phoney War: SNP MSP John Mason hits out at sycophantic SNP backbenchers towing the party line, you can’t make a sheep into a lion, is this the start of a phoney SNP scam to trick the public into thinking that SNP MSP are standing up for people’s rights, 8 years too late for Nicola Sturgeon to play the ‘heroine’

Dear All

Do you known what a phoney war?

It is the illusion of conflict where none exists, as some people are regular readers to the blog, you will know that I speak my mind as I see things unfold before me. I don’t like to flower things up and soft soap things because it tends to water down points.

I prefer the stark truth, a brutal truth said in a manner that leaves no one in any doubt where I stand on an issue, you might not like my opinion, but I don’t tend to blindly follow the leader because, from experience as we have seen, many leaders get it wrong.

Angela Merkel for example blew it in Europe over the migrant crisis; I spent a bit of time reviewing footage of that events and archive contributions from various politicians speaking in the native parliaments.

The mood of Europeans is going to turn, and when it does, Europe will face its greatest test since World War 2.

Civil war to reclaim Europe’s streets!

But lets leave that for now, and turn to a theme on the blog, the Scottish National Party is a party within a party, it’s a cult. This was my view even as an SNP member watching from the sidelines, the cult members are little more than sheep. And not very smart sheep at that, team work is essential in politics, but what the SNP cult does is blindly follow the ‘cult of personality’, this is a tool used by despots.

My first campaign for the SNP was in 2008, it was the Glasgow East by-election, the person who won it was John Mason; he beat Margaret Curran by 365 votes. The SNP put a lot of resources and people into achieving that win. It was during the height of the Westminster expenses scandal which was raging; some people at Westminster had abused the system.

It left the door open for the SNP to proof from other people’s greed and stupidity. 

When the General election of 2010 popped up, John Mason lost his seat, as I pointed out to him on two separate occasions, he wasn’t doing enough to hold onto it. I was right, he got it wrong and he lost.

In 2011, Mason was elected to Holyrood in the Glasgow Shettleston, beating Frank McAveety, I had campaigned and helped John Mason in three elections. When doing his losing speech Frank McAveety talked about the ‘resurrection’, I was one of the guys who nailed him up to the cross.

The SNP in Government have failed over 8 years to make any real change to the lives of the people of Scotland, health, education and law and order, the big three are disasters. The Scottish referendum resulted in no work being done by elected SNP members in government as they abandoned their desks to chase the independence dream.

John Mason’s stinging attack on his fellow SNP backbenchers for failing to effectively scrutinise the Government may on the surface seem like ‘rebel’ behaviour but to be honest, I don’t see it as that in anyway shape or form. The SNP as I discovered like to play games with people, so in future we may see this ‘debate’ suddenly spring up where some of the sheep take unpopular Nicola Sturgeon to task. The after a ‘show’ is put on, Nicola Sturgeon says she is listening and changes a few meaningless things to make out that she runs a ‘listening government’.

To quote Nicola Sturgeon:


Mason added some of his colleagues in the SNP were "overly protective of the party line", this is possibly because in the SNP, there is a Gestapo or political commissar group of people who silence dissent. If you speak out in the SNP, you can be targeted; this was my experience when I suggested that Osama Saeed should be replaced as a candidate with someone better. Apparently, my suggestion prompted a person called Richard Bache to contact me to ‘warn’ me off, Bache was a friend of William Begg who is better known as the ‘Limbs in the Loch’ killer, Bache also copied into the email the SNP MSP James Dornan; Dornan wasn’t a member of the Pollok SNP branch. Dornan recently decided to ‘follow’ me on twitter, and I asked him to leave, this is twice that he has tried to follow me. As I said to him in a tweet, ‘I don’t forgive or forget the nasty smear campaign against me in the SNP’.

So, some people dubbed the SNP, the Yestapo, except they don’t wear black leather coats or carry 9mm Luger pistols. Although Yestapo is used as a joke, what makes it funny is not the name which is pretty good but how close it touches on how the sinister side of the SNP operates.

Will democracy flourish in Holyrood, well if you take at look at the evidence then you can come to one conclusion, the answer is no, proposals to move towards elected committee convenors, rather than having the roles allocated by party bosses, was rejected by the SNP-dominated standards committee.

Do you really believe that Nicola sturgeon is listening, are you really that politically sad and lost?

Liberal Democrat Alison McInnes said Holyrood's committee system was in need of reform, fair enough comment but where she is wildly OTT is when she adds:

“Every member has a responsibility to scrutinise legislation and policies proposed by their own party just as closely as they would if they were proposed by an opponent.”

That isn’t how it works in the Scottish National Party, it’s a cult, and that is what people should remember, these people aren’t interested in democracy, they are interested in power, these people aren’t interested in helping the public, they are interested in helping themselves and their relatives.

Who is kidding who?

If you see some of the ‘Sheep’ appearing in the Herald or the National screaming about the SNP Government doing something wrong, then Sturgeon appearing to fix this ‘oversight’, which is then followed by a photo op of her with people and preferably holding onto a kid; you can be fair certainly that many people will see it for what it is.


Once a sheep always a sheep, and if you take the time to listen to the elected SNP ‘nutcases’ you have to wonder what possessed the public to vote in some of the idiots currently drawing a taxpayer funded salary.

You have heard of the Arab Spring, people screaming for change, do you seriously think that radical thinking will suddenly hit SNP like a virus or the common cold? The only virus I saw in the Scottish National Party was what I dubbed the ‘Hunter Virus’, victims were easily recognised by two major characteristics, stupidity and laziness. If you struck up a conversation with a ‘Hunter virus’ victim, you would see a third characteristic, nasty vicious personality coupled with a strong desire to express how much of a dullard they are. 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University   

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Trident, Jeremy Corbyn needs to have a change of mood on Trident renewal, his position has responsibilities beyond him, he took on the job of Labour leader; he is applying for the job of Prime Minister, if he fails to understand what national security is, who is going to make him Prime Minister?

Dear All

The Campaign for Nuclear disarmament has been running for decades and despite that the people of Britain and the mostly rationale political class back it to the hilt.

Then we have the CND politicians who want to get rid of nuclear weapons.

These people argue that if nuclear weapons were abandoned them we would live in a much nicer place and our domestic situation would be much better as the money freed up from Trident could be put into communities.

That is a load of rubbish; it is the politics of the student union and has no business being done by people in senior elected office.

When you are in senior public office, you have to see the big picture; you are there to be the government not the opposition holding government. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn got in popular demand, but before you get all emotional you should remember that the opposition he faced wasn’t particularly liked being Blairities.

The Labour Conference will be happening in Brighton, presumably this will be a very lively affair and lots of cheering etc, but the real business will be getting Labour members to understand the simple fact of life.

You cannot uninvent the wheel.

The nuclear deterrent which sits on the Clyde isn’t simply just the subs and the missiles, or even the jobs connected to it, it is a symbol that Britain stands squarely behind the concept of Western defence. The United Nations Security Council has five permanent members; United States, Russia, China, France and Britain, all have nuclear weapons.

Would Britain remain a permanent member if it abandoned nuclear weapons?

Isn’t that a question worth asking?

For ordinary workers and unions, they aren’t seriously interested in defence, but they are interested in jobs and communities.

To that end Jeremy Corbyn, along with Nicola Sturgeon have been urged to “get real” by the GMB union over Trident renewal.

You can forget getting any help from Sturgeon, she doesn’t care whose lives she wrecks but Corbyn needs to understand that his position isn’t for his personal beliefs; it is for making the best decision in the interests of the Country.

Keeping and renewing Trident is in the best interest of Britain.

It is understandable that the GMB wants to fight for the jobs of its members and they are right to do so, by default they are also hoping to change the direction of the new Labour leader.

Jeremy Corbyn needs to get with the programme, if he runs on getting rid of Trident at an election, he will lose, and he will continue to lose until he ‘gets real’.

Bottom lines; if he isn’t good at international affairs then farm it out to someone who will do what is necessary.  At the Labour Conference, you can expect a lot of divisions among senior Labour party members on this issue. Apparently a number of local constituency parties have tabled motions opposing Trident.

Protesting is very popular in opposition but as I said, not in government or not for any party serious about being in government.

Trident is a test for Corbyn, is it his first major political dilemma as a vice-chairman of CND? I would say so, he has been elected leader but he needs to take his party with him, and get onside his MPs.

Gary Smith, GMB Scotland Acting Secretary, said:

“In a world facing many threats and dangers, a properly functioning defence capability is essential to deal with often unpredictable and unforeseen events that threaten national security. The 40,000 defence workers in Scotland are as vital to our national security as the armed forces. Without the skills of the workforce in the yards on the Clyde and Rosyth the Royal Navy could not defend the nation. It makes no sense to abandon our longstanding overall defence strategy unilaterally for solely political reasons. That goes for Trident and the jobs at Faslane and Barrow.”

Jeremy Corbyn has responsibilities beyond him, he took on the job of Labour leader; he is applying for the job of Prime Minister, if he fails to understand what national security is, who is going to make him Prime Minister?

He has to change his view.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

Monday, September 21, 2015

George Square showdown, pro-independence Sunday Herald banned from backstage area of Tommy Sheridan’s illegal rally in George Square, apparently you need a ‘pass’ to hobnob with a celebrity convicted perjurer who had his arse thrown in jail, the ‘Birdman of Barlinnie’ is a bit deluded he thinks he will get back in Holyrood using Hope over Fear as a vehicle

Dear All

The first time I spoke to Tommy Sheridan was went he was campaigning outside what was then known as the Pollok Centre. It was a sunny day with a high temperature and he struck up a conversation with me as I passed by him.

‘Isn’t too hot to be wearing a leather jacket’, he remarked.

I replied: ‘this is Pollok better to have my jacket slashed than my face’.

In the old days parts of Pollok were less sophisticated than they are now, most of the time, it was pretty okay, but there were neds and bams who liked to slash people.

Tommy Sheridan has had a remarkable rise, he became a councillor and then becaome an MSP.

A rising star with good orator skills, he made others in the political bubble look rather bland and ordinary hedging towards dross.

Sheridan’s world came crashing down by his own hand or knob, depending how you view it. The public fight with the News of the World was high drama the first time round as Sheridan sought money and was awarded £200,000 damages, everyone loves a good sex scandal and serial shagging stories always perk up the public’s interest.Tales of ‘getting the meat in’ do sell newspapers when a politician is doing the ploughing.

Tommy came out to cheers after he won his civil case, the Fist clenched and the rhetoric kicked off, he had beaten the Murdock Empire.

Then the world turned and Sheridan came back to court, this time, he was in the dock. Despite running his own defence case and using his skill to tell a 'wee story' with an additional sob story in his summing up, Sheridan lost the criminal case.

He got prison; the ‘Birdman of Barlinnie’ was born!

The Scottish independence referendum gave Tommy Sheridan an opportunity to try and rebuild his shattered career. Like many others he jumped on the indy bandwagon because it ticked lots of boxes, fighting for indy, fighting the Tories.

But the reality is, and always will be that Tommy Sheridan has damaged his career and reputation so much that it cannot be repaired. Although he can still talk a good game, his time in politics ended when he went to prison. Not only did he destroy his career, he also wiped out his then party the SSP. His new party Solidarity hasn’t got a future because he leads it.

Sheridan got press coverage because of his profile, he has used this to try and rebuild his career as I said, but as I also said, it is a waste of time, but he has the right to try. I even said if he wants to campaign for indy during the referendum, he should get on with it. It doesn’t matter what Tommy Sheridan does, it will not work politically for him.

The public is forgiving, we have seen this time and time again, but Sheridan rather than cough to his guilt still claims he is innocent, and the public don’t forgive that approach.

No forgiveness for Sheridan because he isn’t able to get over his ego.

Tommy Sheridan wants to be an MSP again, how noble and worthy of him, will Holyrood open their arms and hearts to his return?

I think not, he is in the same bracket as Bill Walker, Nicola Sturgeon’s wife beating pal, he is too toxic to sit in Holyrood.

Mind you, it would be funny to see him elected and stink the place up, but I have always liked a comedy that has tragedy in the mix.  

To ‘get back in the club’, Tommy Sheridan is using a political vehicle called ‘Hope over Fear’, this gives him a platform to campaign, get his voice heard and make out he is an okay guy to the punters.

Hope over Fear ran an illegal event in George Square on Saturday, I didn’t go because why waste time giving Sheridan the oxygen of support. The event wasn’t well attended about 1,500 lost souls turned up to wave their Saltires and hear speeches about the need for indyref 2.

The phantom independence referendum 2 threatened by the great white hope of civic nationalism, the shop soiled heroine of Dreghorn, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is scary stuff, methinks not.

Nicola Sturgeon didn’t turn up.

The press however did appear at the Nedfest rally,and apparently weren’t welcome, even the pro indy Sunday Herald wasn’t welcome, barred for the event’s “official” enclosure.  Many key people from the Yes campaign didn’t attend or weren’t invited, but the event did have 28 grassroots speakers and 19 live acts.

And face painting plus a bouncy castle, seems like freedom to me!

What is laughable about this event is that the ‘security’ were guarding a load of nobodies, more fool the press,for allowing Sheridan and Solidarity candidates oxygen for Holyrood 2016.

The joke of this sad affair of social exclusion was that the ‘security’ said to the press that they should have applied for a ‘pass’ weeks or months ago!

A pass for what exactly, met the ‘celebs’?

Tommy Sheridan is a convicted perjurer, who is standing as a candidate in Glasgow for the Scottish elections in 2016; he stays in a big fuck off house in Paisley Road West and he wants people to use the regional list vote to get to Holyrood.

Sheridan will have no chance of winning any first past the post seat in Glasgow or anywhere else in Scotland.

Honestly in this country, there are so many people who are up their own arse who have nothing to offer politics.

What does Tommy Sheridan offer politics in Scotland?


Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, September 18, 2015

Is this the face of Europe to come, Syrians, Afghans clash, hurl stones in migrant refugee border flashpoint

Migrant crisis, has Angela Merkel laid the foundations of civil war in the EU, German public opinion is changing against #migrantswelcome, Jens Spahn, a deputy finance minister said; “This [mood] is changing by the hour. The debate will look quite different in a few days’ time.”

Dear All

Has German Chancellor Angela Merkel laid the ground work for civil war in the EU?

One thing she has certainly down is inflict enormous damage not just to her reputation but that of the European Union.

Although some say that chaos is nothing to be feared and presents opportunity, in this case her bad judgment has created a situation which cannot be controlled by civil means. Normally travelling through-out member states of the EU is a pretty straight forward affair.

As I remarked in an earlier post, the Schengen area seems on the surface to be a pretty good idea, this is because the majority of people travelling respect the rules of the host country as they pass through it.

But what happens to a country when thousands of illegal migrants pass through with no respect for the EU?

Last night, someone told me a couple of story of migrants on the continent being killed, this is bad enough but what makes it interesting was that people living in the area it happened aren’t willing to co-operate with the Police. I am going to try and research where this happened as it makes a good human interest story which to have a discussion about.

Did Angela Merkel really chew down to the bone what the effects of her decision to relax the rules on Syrian refugees flooding into Germany?

Why didn’t she follow the lead of the United Kingdom and say that Syrian refugees would only be accepted from camps, it would have still allowed her to show her humanity and at the same time show awareness of the bigger picture!

Any enterprise such as this involves risks.

Another story which caught my eye was the stabbing of a German Police woman by an ISIS extremist in Germany, the officer was stabbed in the neck, taken by helicopter to a military hospital she is expected to live.

A seemingly ‘good idea by Angela Merkel turned sour pretty quickly, her position on refugees is untenable, so much so that she has gone into retreat and imposed emergency borders in an effort to secure the country.   

From hero to zero in the blink of an eye!

Schengen is dead now and with it the exposing of failure to plan in the EU, decisions made by Merkel or indeed anyone in a similar position require a considerable amount of thought. When she said open borders, did she really not understand the chaos in neighbouring countries; did she expect everyone to be ‘beamed’ in like Star Trek onto German soil?

Carsten Nickel, an analyst with Teneo Intelligence, a political research company said:

“I would not say there is panic in Berlin but they are feeling a little overwhelmed.”

Take it from me, the actions of the German Government over the last few days and the decisions made, do indeed show panic.

Especially the asylum refusal idea which has been trotted out, this is based on third countries in Africa and elsewhere running camps. Which countries will volunteer for that, at present the migrant quota idea isn’t finding favour with member states, in Southern Europe.

The German government has issued denials that its decision to relax the rules was a mistake, given what is available online to see and read, yes, it was a mistake and a major mistake at that.

The liberal Süddeutsche newspaper said:

“Borders open, borders closed. Nobody dares to forecast what will happen. However, many ask whether the chancellor has any plan at all.”

No, she has a plan is my ten cents worth; if she had she won’t be pressing into service through regional administrations temporary shelters in sports halls. Merkel won’t be getting her ear bent by political leaders in Bavaria which is ruled by the conservative CSU. CSU chief Horst Seehofer condemned her “open-doors” decision as a mistake and the failure of other German regions to take refugees from Bavaria in line with a longstanding agreement. Their leaders have seen the scenes of chaos and violence and rightly want no part of that problem.

And let’s be clear Merkel needs to dilute the refugees as widely as possible, because they represent a social cohesion problem. So, the pressure is on both internal and externally by the Germans to use the entire EU to spread out the misstep by Merkel.

Germany is particularly incensed that eastern European states, they don’t want Merkel’s problem on their doorstep and that is understandable. Yes, as EU member states they have benefit from being members in a financial sense but this problem wasn’t created by them.  

German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier failed to win significant concessions at a Prague meeting with his Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Polish counterparts. And he won’t be making much headway or at least the progress will be painfully slow and difficult.

I see the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland not wishing to have the Syrians or indeed any of the ‘others’ who claim to be Syrian on their soil. Clearly German public opinion will turn acts of violence on European and specifically German soil will fix that, and that leaves only one option as a long term solution.

Detention and repatriation!

These people will have to be sent back to their homelands, the people who claim to be Syrians will have to be weeded out from the ‘others’, and dealt with separately. A new policy of only accepting from approved refugee camps will have to be put in place, and illegal migrants who don’t conform to the rules, sent back.

No exceptions unless there are special circumstances.

As to the EU borders, every EU country will now have to have a secure border which means manned border checks and fences patrolled. 

Finally, there appears to be a shift even within the political leadership in Germany from Merkel’s original welcoming attitude.

Jens Spahn, a deputy finance minister, said in a weekend interview:

“This [mood] is changing by the hour. The debate will look quite different in a few days’ time.”

And the key to change will be violence; this is why the military is needed to deal with this situation which has gone so far out of hand. I read that Germans are buying firearms because they fear for their safety. Migrants, it has been said are breaking into people’s homes to steal, sooner or later those doing so will risk death.

I am asking has German Chancellor Angela Merkel laid the ground work for civil war in the EU.

If the EU doesn’t stem the migrant tide then yes, she has, Merkel has shown weakness and bad judgment. And the bad will towards migrants is also increasing in the UK, not among the political class but among those who have the least.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond did an undelivered indyref speech, I took the time to re-write it, this is the version I wanted him to say to the people of Scotland, he betrayed his country, he betrayed his people and he is political irrelevant now

Dear All

Scotland's 'jolly fat man' Alex Salmond did a speech in the event he won the Scottish independence referendum.

I decided to re-write it, this is what he should have said.


' In the early hours of this morning, Scotland voted No. We are a nation reborn.
The community of this realm has spoken, you spoke out against Nationalist hate and lies, you spoke out against SNP nepotism; you spoke out against SNP cronyism.

I heard your personal message to me and Nicola Sturgeon said with passion and principle:

‘Fuck you’.

Scotland shall be part of the United Kingdom once again. To those who voted No, I extend an immediate hand of friendship except to reporters who I am barring from my resignation speech.

I do so with no respect for our differences, with the bitterness and anger for you opposing my strongly held views, and with the recognition that the joy of the majority be tempered by the disappointment of the minority I duped with false promises.

We aren’t One nation. One Scotland. We are a divided country, and the One Scotland slogan was nicked from a diversity campaign because we are so bereft of ideas and original thought.

This so called campaign wasn’t reclaimed from politicians and parties who had the monopoly of power and decision-making, the Yes Campaign was an SNP front, run by the SNP, directed by the SNP for the benefit of the SNP such was the contempt we held Scots in.

This must be the start of new politics - a time when the voices of the many will be heard and ignored as usual, a time to consolidate hate into a block vote, the SNP through-out its history has been run as a cult and will continue to be so.

The dispossessed and the forgotten who assert their rights as citizens will be ignored, the time of empowerment and participation will only be among a select few setting up phoney little groups to make out they represent Scotland.

To our friends and families across these isles waking to our new democracy, we say this; know that, in Scotland, you will always have your closest friend, greatest ally and most steadfast partner as my members put their relatives and partners into key unelected positions of government.

Independence was never about equality and mutual respect. The principles of hate and division would have defined our new and unbreakable relationship with the people.

I have just spoken with the Prime Minister.

This morning, we renewed our joint commitment under the Edinburgh Agreement to work constructively and positively to implement the will of the people. That work starts immediately and ends immediately as we don’t like the result.

It is, however, important that the people of Scotland remember this; today, tomorrow and for the next 18 months our lives, businesses, shops, schools and hospitals continue exactly as before and then there would have been a financial black hole which would have been blamed on Westminster so that we could have manipulated the election timetable to get the first independent SNP Government.

The blame game dialogue to resolve any differences with the Westminster government would continue for years in any successful independence bid.

Finally, I know that the eyes of the world are today on Scotland laughing at me, thinking how petty and small minded and lacking in vision I am.

We will use the unprecedented attention to make clear that Scotland fully intends to be a constructive and progressive member of the international community despite the SNP Government being backward looking and uninspiring.

Our friends in Europe should understand with total clarity that Scotland's future lies as a fully-engaged participant in the European Union because we want access to the European Central Bank and the Euro.

Our path is towards inclusion and co-operation, not isolation which is just talk and meaningless rhetoric to fool the gullible will continue.

But those matters are for another day.

This morning, I want every person, Yes voters, No voters, everyone in this proud and ancient nation to pause, reflect upon and remember this greatest day in Scotland's history.

The end of my political career, so many people personally despised me and became active.

They did this. They made it happen. They believed. They trusted ourselves and trusted each other.

A country reborn. A democracy reclaimed from illiberal fascists. They reached towards the future.
What they have done this day will inspire and empower not just this generation but the many yet unborn.

They will learn of this momentous day and thank you for investing your trust in each other. And in them'.

I think this is the speech that Salmond should have delivered to camera the morning after the night before.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University