Monday, September 21, 2015

George Square showdown, pro-independence Sunday Herald banned from backstage area of Tommy Sheridan’s illegal rally in George Square, apparently you need a ‘pass’ to hobnob with a celebrity convicted perjurer who had his arse thrown in jail, the ‘Birdman of Barlinnie’ is a bit deluded he thinks he will get back in Holyrood using Hope over Fear as a vehicle

Dear All

The first time I spoke to Tommy Sheridan was went he was campaigning outside what was then known as the Pollok Centre. It was a sunny day with a high temperature and he struck up a conversation with me as I passed by him.

‘Isn’t too hot to be wearing a leather jacket’, he remarked.

I replied: ‘this is Pollok better to have my jacket slashed than my face’.

In the old days parts of Pollok were less sophisticated than they are now, most of the time, it was pretty okay, but there were neds and bams who liked to slash people.

Tommy Sheridan has had a remarkable rise, he became a councillor and then becaome an MSP.

A rising star with good orator skills, he made others in the political bubble look rather bland and ordinary hedging towards dross.

Sheridan’s world came crashing down by his own hand or knob, depending how you view it. The public fight with the News of the World was high drama the first time round as Sheridan sought money and was awarded £200,000 damages, everyone loves a good sex scandal and serial shagging stories always perk up the public’s interest.Tales of ‘getting the meat in’ do sell newspapers when a politician is doing the ploughing.

Tommy came out to cheers after he won his civil case, the Fist clenched and the rhetoric kicked off, he had beaten the Murdock Empire.

Then the world turned and Sheridan came back to court, this time, he was in the dock. Despite running his own defence case and using his skill to tell a 'wee story' with an additional sob story in his summing up, Sheridan lost the criminal case.

He got prison; the ‘Birdman of Barlinnie’ was born!

The Scottish independence referendum gave Tommy Sheridan an opportunity to try and rebuild his shattered career. Like many others he jumped on the indy bandwagon because it ticked lots of boxes, fighting for indy, fighting the Tories.

But the reality is, and always will be that Tommy Sheridan has damaged his career and reputation so much that it cannot be repaired. Although he can still talk a good game, his time in politics ended when he went to prison. Not only did he destroy his career, he also wiped out his then party the SSP. His new party Solidarity hasn’t got a future because he leads it.

Sheridan got press coverage because of his profile, he has used this to try and rebuild his career as I said, but as I also said, it is a waste of time, but he has the right to try. I even said if he wants to campaign for indy during the referendum, he should get on with it. It doesn’t matter what Tommy Sheridan does, it will not work politically for him.

The public is forgiving, we have seen this time and time again, but Sheridan rather than cough to his guilt still claims he is innocent, and the public don’t forgive that approach.

No forgiveness for Sheridan because he isn’t able to get over his ego.

Tommy Sheridan wants to be an MSP again, how noble and worthy of him, will Holyrood open their arms and hearts to his return?

I think not, he is in the same bracket as Bill Walker, Nicola Sturgeon’s wife beating pal, he is too toxic to sit in Holyrood.

Mind you, it would be funny to see him elected and stink the place up, but I have always liked a comedy that has tragedy in the mix.  

To ‘get back in the club’, Tommy Sheridan is using a political vehicle called ‘Hope over Fear’, this gives him a platform to campaign, get his voice heard and make out he is an okay guy to the punters.

Hope over Fear ran an illegal event in George Square on Saturday, I didn’t go because why waste time giving Sheridan the oxygen of support. The event wasn’t well attended about 1,500 lost souls turned up to wave their Saltires and hear speeches about the need for indyref 2.

The phantom independence referendum 2 threatened by the great white hope of civic nationalism, the shop soiled heroine of Dreghorn, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is scary stuff, methinks not.

Nicola Sturgeon didn’t turn up.

The press however did appear at the Nedfest rally,and apparently weren’t welcome, even the pro indy Sunday Herald wasn’t welcome, barred for the event’s “official” enclosure.  Many key people from the Yes campaign didn’t attend or weren’t invited, but the event did have 28 grassroots speakers and 19 live acts.

And face painting plus a bouncy castle, seems like freedom to me!

What is laughable about this event is that the ‘security’ were guarding a load of nobodies, more fool the press,for allowing Sheridan and Solidarity candidates oxygen for Holyrood 2016.

The joke of this sad affair of social exclusion was that the ‘security’ said to the press that they should have applied for a ‘pass’ weeks or months ago!

A pass for what exactly, met the ‘celebs’?

Tommy Sheridan is a convicted perjurer, who is standing as a candidate in Glasgow for the Scottish elections in 2016; he stays in a big fuck off house in Paisley Road West and he wants people to use the regional list vote to get to Holyrood.

Sheridan will have no chance of winning any first past the post seat in Glasgow or anywhere else in Scotland.

Honestly in this country, there are so many people who are up their own arse who have nothing to offer politics.

What does Tommy Sheridan offer politics in Scotland?


Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

Don't you just love the perma-tanned one , any cause for publicity. How can he afford it all , lives in a nice area etc. It's all about him always has been i wonder how much was collected in their buckets yesterday and where it went. Good blog George as usual.

Anonymous said...

hahaha brilliant Georgieboy

My mum knew tommys mum and dad , she said his dad was a lovely man but the mother was a gobshite ,we know where Tommy gets it from.

BTW you forgot his first jail spell where apparently he loved the showers and soap on the rope, fact!

Keep up the good work

and MON THE BUNDY, horrible people


s said...

I'd NEVER vote for a **** like Tommy Sherridan,,,, ever,, nor Sturgeon's lying shower either. Look out for Alex Salmond's gestapo, or Lord Hee Haw as Salmond is now known,, lol

Anonymous said...

Sheridan is a bloody joke. The SSP brought down to the tone of Holyrood with their childish antics, much like the SNO this year.

What annoys me is that the demonstration was illegal, and could have caused trouble. Even worse, the arseholes are calling it "Freedom Square". What's next? Salmond Place (no pun intended!). Sturgeon Street? God help us, it's bad enough with the Gaelic names at train stations, when almost no one speaks the language. (Not against Gaelic, but I don't like the idea of prioritising it.)

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

The same thought came to me as Freddy. Where does the money come from?

Call me naïve, but sturgeon's speech a couple of days ago to the faithful seemed remarkable to me. It looked like it came out of an urgently arranged meeting between sturgeon and a platoon of political advisors, spin doctors, child psychologists and snake wranglers to come up with a way of heading off a "ned's revolt" at the conference. It was also remarkable in that it appeared to pull the pin on another referendum indefinitely and tell the neds that being angry and impatient "was not enough". So the neds have been rebuked and the only policy the snp have ever had (and the only ambition which keeps them together has been kicked into the long grass. If la sturgeon actually keeps to her word on this (and it's a big if) it will be a huge change in the character of snp output which, to date, has been relentlessly bullish, confident and utterly determined to get what it wants. This speech would have been unthinkable under salmond. Speaking of the saintly eck, video of the event showed him radiating anger and contempt as his leader spoke. Nice to see him so clearly enjoying himself.

Anonymous said...

TOMMY is the ULITMATE tory, middle class aspirations of him and his horrible little stand by yer man wife Gail the gob.

He wants the good life at the expense of the working class, he is Napoleon from Animal farm with his snout well in the trough.

His demise cannot come quick enough, a hypocritical prick of the highest order, I despise him and his niaff Mrs Gail the gob.

The only thing worse are the fucking chimps that cheer him on like the plebs in the Circunts Maximumus