Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Scotland’s unpopular First Minster Nicola Sturgeon tries to become ‘St Nicola of Dreghorn’, she can’t change water into wine; she can’t feed the 5,000 with the SNP food bank con; beans for votes, no, it’s trying to convert abject failure to govern as a success story, what a wretched individual Sturgeon is as a human being

Dear All

It seems that Scotland’s unpopular First Minster Nicola Sturgeon is trying to create a miracle, she isn’t turning water into wine, she isn’t feeding 5,000 with a few loaves and fishes but she is trying to abject failure into success.

And then she hopes that the people of Scotland which some in the SNP call a ‘nation of drunks’ are so gullible that they will swallow it, she is about to claim that the SNP has laid the “strong foundations for a stronger Scotland”.

To quote Nicola Sturgeon, “bollocks”!

And no one is capable of drinking that much to believe her guff of strong foundations for a stronger Scotland without ending under the table.

Yes, it’s all utter rubbish out of her mouth, so what exactly is Nicola Sturgeon is talking about, where are these “strong foundations” she is talking about?

Do you know?

Any chance that possibly your dear old Mum and Dad knows?

What about the neighbours through the wall, could they know?

Strong foundations in SNP crony ridden Scotland are all about getting the taxpayer’s cash for its cult members:

The Ewing family. Former MP and SNP President Winnie Ewing is the mother of ministerial brother and sister duo Fergus and Annabelle Ewing.

The Gibson Family, Iris Gibson, former Glasgow SNP Councillor who stepped down this year, her son, Kenneth who is an MSP and his wife Patricia Gibson who is now an MP.

Leader of the SNP ‘rat ship’, Scotland’s own shop soiled white hope Nicola Sturgeon and her husband, Peter Murrell (the SNP’s Chief Executive), they manage to get about a quarter of a million a year from being anti poverty champions.

Sturgeon apparently used to employ both her sister Gillian and her mother at Holyrood. Her mother is also the SNP Provost of North Ayrshire Council. Money too tight mention in the Sturgeon household!

What about the odious Natalie McGarry, she is now an MP, her mother Alice McGarry, an SNP councillor in Fife. McGarry is also the niece of Holyrood Presiding Officer, former SNP MSP Tricia Marwick. Marwick has also employed her son at Holyrood as a constituency assistant since 2009.

President of the SNP and MEP, Ian Hudghton, he employed his wife to run his office for 15 years at the tax-payer's expense.

For a broader descriptive list of the “fairer” Scotland that Nicola Sturgeon has created, check out The Quiet No blog because you really do need to know how Nicola Sturgeon pissed on your back while telling you it was ‘rain’!

As we head into the final session of the Holyrood Parliament before the 2016 election, we have a health service that Sturgeon and her best pal Shona Robison balls up, a justice system in tatters after the tenure of Kenny MacAskill, a dud called Michael Matheson who deserves the nickname ‘mouse’ after disappearing. An education where children can read and write well, coupled with other failing standards and declining teacher numbers.  

Sturgeon will say she plans to use new powers coming to Scotland from the Smith Commission both “creatively and wisely”.

Given her disastrous tenure as health minister, we already know that she isn’t creative and also she isn’t wise either. She bailed out of health just before the cracks came to light to show what a mistake it was to appoint her.

Nicola Sturgeon is a complete fraud, during the Westminster election, members of her ‘rat ship’ collected food for food banks, baked beans for votes, at the same time, the SNP stolen the legal right of Scots to buy their own council house, were responsible for 144,000 college places getting cut and lined their pockets with taxpayers’ cash while getting their relatives, friends and partners access to public money.

Regarding her Government’s failure, she said there was a “substantial” record of success on the economy, education, health, justice, transport and infrastructure.

That’s crumbs to you and me, and money into the pockets of rich people!

Sturgeon added:

“I am extremely proud of the Scottish Government's record since 2007. As we enter the final parliamentary session of this current term, the programme for government [will] set out how we will continue to deliver for people right across Scotland, making the country wealthier and fairer and protecting the public services that we all cherish.”

To quote Nicola Sturgeon again; “bollocks”!

Why is there a “crisis in GP recruitment”?

Why is the educational attainment gap between rich and poor increasing?

Why does no one have the political will in the SNP to fix Police Scotland?

Some time ago, I wrote an article about the SNP exploiting the poor; this was before they adopted the food bank scam to get votes for Westminster like they care about people.

And before I forget what happened to the billion quid given by Westminster to the SNP Government to help sort out poverty in Scotland, Nicola screwed the poor on that one while her ‘dafties’ preached in the communities of Scotland that they were anti poverty!

The joke is that they are ‘anti poverty of themselves’, but as then the SNP is milking Scotland on all four tits for as much cash humanely possible they live under constant fear of being found out.

It seems that the poor in Scotland have been duped by these ‘anti Scottish’ SNP Nationalists into believing that an SNP idiot screaming ‘freedom’ and spouting anti English rhetoric is somehow going to lift them out of poverty.  

Finally, when I hear Nicola Sturgeon talking about ‘fairness’, I think back to me standing in the Govan by-election where the Nationalists ran a hate campaign against me, but that isn’t the important memory that I took away from that, no, it was the women of Govan calling Nicola Sturgeon an ‘arsehole’.

Seemed like a strong foundation for standing again in 2017 to me!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

I've been a nationalist since age 10. 63 now. I cannot believe how the Scottish public have been taken in by this lot.

Where oh where have they been successful at anything? What area's?

There is no doubt they talk a good game but that's about it, unless you count free prescriptions and bus passes.

How do people actually believe that the 56 can outvote the rest of Westminster?

health.. Police Scotland... education...food banks...

Nearly 40 million on Prestwick and they have the brass neck to complain about foodbanks. using the poor to keep up the grudge.

Anonymous said...

WILL the tide ever turn Georgieboy?


G Laird said...

Hi Crookie

The tide will turn but that depends on opposition parties getting feresh people in to represent the people in communities.


Freddy said...

Well said George reptiles the lot of them.

Stuart 64W said...

The link to the 'Quiet No' blogspot for those wondering what this post refers to.


There in graphic detail is how Scotland is run by the SNP.

My personal favourite being this;

"•Colin Beattie is the SNP MSP for Midlothian North. He is married to SNP councillor Lisa Beattie, who quit as the leader of Midlothian Council after five weeks and ran up a bill of £7,000 for using the publically-funded Council limo [18]. The Scotsman claimed she “had reportedly clocked up almost 4,500 miles in the authority's chauffeur-driven limousine, despite having her own Porsche and living near the council's Dalkeith headquarters” [19]."

Remember that the next time you hear about, austerity, and food banks...

Sherbie. said...

The more i look at Nicola Sturgeon's face, the more i see Stan Laurel, although he was far better looking.

Anonymous said...

I think we are Donald ducked then :(

JF said...

Best thing you've ever written George, well done.

G Laird said...

Hi Stuart

Thanks for the link, I will put that in the post.


G Laird said...

Hi Sherbie

"The more i look at Nicola Sturgeon's face, the more i see Stan Laurel, although he was far better looking."

Well Nicola has tried to scrub up, I assume you are not impressed.