Monday, January 21, 2019

SNP Cult Fiction; Alex Salmond says he has ‘called off the dogs’ in the war between him and Nicola Sturgeon, in his ‘Lady Di’ interview in the press, he calls on Sturgeon to focus on indyref 2, but a new poll shows SNP’s credibility has been damaged by the Alex Salmond allegations, bad news for Nicola Sturgeon

Dear All

In a war, there are always casualties, and the first casualty of war is usually the truth, in the war between Team Salmond and Team Sturgeon, there will be no winners, but a lot of popcorn will be consumed by avid watchers.

Although the ‘War on Sturgeon is going well for Team Salmond, he has decided to use what some people term as the ‘Lady Di’ tactic, the tactic of being reasonable, the tactic of playing the victim, the tactic of winning over more supporters. Yes, in his best ‘Lady Di’ voice, he has let it be known that he and his mob; are to be more statesmanlike and called for an end to hostilities. Previously, they were in the gutter with their political combat knives trying to ambush Sturgeon allies and end their careers.

Some good news in the war, more a byproduct of the feud is that a new poll shows that the SNP’s credibility has been damaged by Alex Salmond allegations. These are the allegations that Alex Salmond sexually harassed two women. After the attempt to stitch up Salmond in an unfair process crashed onto the rocks at the Court of Session, an outbreak of civil war between two factions in the SNP has been played out in the party and media.  

A survey of 1,000 Scots was carried out in the wake of a Court of Session ruling asked the question and found a bleak picture for Nicola Sturgeon. Team Salmond was leaking a Cambridge spy ring, the goal, damage Sturgeon and it worked, very well, aside from the poll results, you would see it in Nicola Sturgeon’s face, and in her hair as she let her grey roots show through. Incidentally, when at Westminster, you could see it also in the faces of her MPs, who stood behind her, miserable as sin, and looking like they were getting looking forward to eating a plate of sick.

Scotland asked respondents:

“Has SNP credibility been damaged by handling of the Salmond harassment allegations?”

The answer is of course, you don’t need to be Einstein to work that out, but with the spiral of decline already in the Sturgeon Government, this is another straw on the camel’s back.

42 per cent said Yes; 32 per cent said No and 26 per cent were Unsure, the tide is turning, and the long lasting effects could usher in a shock result at Holyrood 2021 for the SNP.

Conservative MSP Annie Wells said:

“What the public see is a battle of two egos at the top of the SNP. Instead of sorting domestic issues and getting on with governing, the SNP is completely distracted by internal warfare”.

Prior to that event, they were distracted by indy, indy indy and of course indyref 2.

An oily spokesperson for the SNP said:

“With the clock ticking down to Brexit date - and with the Tory government incapable of governing and Labour incapable of effectively opposing - the SNP will continue to focus on standing up for Scotland’s interests in the face of a disastrous Tory-driven Brexit and further austerity, and setting out the case for Scotland thriving as an independent nation.”

Stock answer, a tired reply not even given a serious update, you have to wonder how things are in the Bute House Bunker, with Sturgeon under pressure and no way out.

Team Salmond know that they face a long road, their pushing for a second poll on independence is a good gag, because it is designed to stick the knife into Sturgeon when she doesn’t deliver in this term of the Holyrood Parliament. The longer there is no date, and that would be an agreed date with the UK Government, the more support will leach away from Sturgeon to Salmond.

As there is no one to take on the leadership of the party, this leaves ‘Lady Diane Salmond’, who would answer the call, the call coming from his own side naturally.

Then there is the ‘cleansing’, the day of full revenge, the removal of the bad seeds, the unbelievers; the false prophets, those who worship the ‘fake’ Queen and didn’t pay true homage to the ‘Return of the King’. 

This assumes that Alex Salmond lasts the pace and doesn’t drop dead of a heart attack.

Finally, is this the end of the SNP Civil War?

The short answer is no, there is plenty more action coming down the pipeline, more victim playing, more attacks, and more fireworks to be lit. In the movie, Highlander, there is a signature quote;

“There can be only one”.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Nicola Sturgeon; The Politics of Failures, Prime Minister Theresa May easily wins vote of no confidence in Commons as unpopular SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon rushes to London to get SNP MPs to vote against the UK Government, did Sturgeon really want a general election or did she see that as a vehicle to get rid of Alex Salmond’s Westminster MP allies?

Dear All

First, the Brexit vote, this was the worst defeat in Parliament’s history for a sitting PM, Theresa May was never going to win this vote because the other political parties had other agendas. MPs were never going to be convinced no matter what the deal was on the table. The Labour Party wanted a general election, the SNP wanted a second referendum and DUP; well they didn’t like the Irish part of the agreement. Theresa May tried her best but almost everyone was going for ‘party interest’ while she trying for what she believed was ‘national interest’. As to the speech by Geoffrey Cox at the dispatch box, his pitch was to berate MPs, turning to look at the Conservative backbenchers, very much the wrong tact.

This guy couldn’t sell ice cream in a desert.

As we know the PM survived the no confidence vote that the Labour Party brought forward, I think the idea was to ‘strike while the iron is hot’. That said, with the defeat of the Brexit vote out of the way, this left ‘the problem’ of coming together mute for the Conservatives.

This was the wrong time to have a no confidence vote but you can understand why Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn wanted to push through with it, it was always going to be a gamble on his part.

But not a gamble of the UK Government!

Now, do you remember all those SNP Conferences where Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon would walk up to each other and kiss on stage? This looked to me as a sickening spectacle of false affection for the cameras which was so oily it was sickening. As the camps of both Team Salmond and Team Sturgeon circle each other looking for an opening to thrust a ‘political combat blade’ into the back of an opponent and get a career ruining moment, we all waited with hushed breath. Clearly in this fight between Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon someone has to lose rather big since it is to the death.

We know have a comic moment however as a bright young spark has asked Nicola Sturgeon a simple question, ‘is Alex Salmond still her friend’? Oh to be there when that question was asked to see the look on Sturgeon’s face. Nicola doesn’t hide her emotions well; even the media training of fake concern to create an air can’t help her. As the fight develops, Sturgeon has insisted she will not have to resign over the Alex Salmond row but admitted she faces “difficult issues” because of the rift. The rift isn’t just with her predecessor; it is with his allies who wait their chance.

Imagine being caught out like this on the issue of her relationship with Salmond, you would have think she would have a stock answer all lined up, ready to go, just dripping of the tongue.

"I'm not going to comment," she said.

Of course, Nicola Sturgeon has gone to London for the no confidence vote, getting out of Scotland when she is in trouble is a Sturgeon speciality it seems. She is attempting to play out the scenario that everything is ‘business as usual’ but it is not. The press sense blood in the water even although Westminster is pretty interesting at the moment.

Speaking on Sky News, Ms Sturgeon was asked:

“Do you actually feel at the moment that your own job is on the line?”

She replied:

“No, I don't… With regards to Alex Salmond, there are investigations underway which should be allowed now to take their course. But my job as First Minister is to do everything I can to protect the best interests of Scotland, to see the SNP - as far as we can - play a part in stopping the whole UK jumping off the Brexit cliff edge.”

Just bluster, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP in Westminster have no role, no part and not influence in regard to Brexit.

Interesting, people will be looking at her statement:

“I've been a friend and colleague of Alex Salmond for 30 years - for most of my life. Obviously, there are difficult issues that we're confronting around that at the moment, there are a number of inquiries underway, and it would not be appropriate for me to comment any further while they're ongoing.”

Nicola Sturgeon seems to ‘hedging her bets’ on Police Scotland and their investigation into Alex Salmond to save her bacon. If Salmond comes back into the SNP, you can expect fireworks, possibly a leadership challenge as Sturgeon continues to sink as leader. All Salmond would have to do is pick his moment, build up a consensus that Sturgeon is a liability then pounce.

Here is something to think about, why did Alex Salmond need his former Chief of Staff to broker a deal for Salmond to meet Sturgeon? The reason for this question is obvious, according to Sturgeon, “I've been a friend and colleague of Alex Salmond for 30 years”.

Finally, Brexit is still rolling on, I believe that ‘Hard Brexit’ is more in the UK national interest than the deal which was presented to the House of Commons. People voted to leave the EU; that should be delivered on in full by the government. Of course there will be a relationship with the EU in the aftermath, but it should be based on mutual agreement, not as the EU attempted to do, ram their agenda down our throats.   

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The ‘French Spring’, yellow vest protesters in France faces a new danger as French riot police deploy on streets with G36 weapons, intimidation will not stop what is turning into the second French revolution, how many people is President Macron will to kill to hold power?

Dear All

In France, the people have been protesting for months, the ‘yellow vest’ protests have become a people’s revolt against a government that they feel strongly no longer represents them. The French President Emmanuel Macron is said to be a President for the rich, and his bio tends to bear that out.

Note that he was an investment banker in a highly-paid position at Rothschild & Cie Banque, he uses a party which he help create to get elected which says their goal is to get closer to what the French people want.

Basically as his actions show, this was a con!

The ‘yellow vest’ protests are the people of France railing against him and his agenda, now his government is in crisis as the protesting shows no sign of stopping. In a sign of desperation, French riot police are now using semi-automatic weapons with live ammunition against Yellow Vest protestors as Macron's law and order crisis spirals, The use of armed police is an escalation which basically says that Macron is willing to see people die to hold onto power.

Police Officers were filmed brandishing weapons by Arc de Triomphe in Paris, rifles such as the Heckler & Koch G36 weapons are pretty good, they use the 5.56 mm Nato round and have a range of 800 metres.

Interestingly, a former conservative minister Luc Ferry has called for live fire to be used against what he terms the ‘thugs’ from the Yellow Vest movement who he says 'beat up police'. 

Yellow Vest protestor Gilles Caron said:

‘The CRS with the guns were wearing riot control helmets and body armour – they were not a specialised firearms unit. Their job was simply to threaten us with lethal weapons in a manner which is very troubling. We deserve some explanations.’

The CRS riot police are known for their tough approach to policing, they frequently using distinctively wide-barrelled guns to fire flash-ball projectiles and tear gas canisters and are not slow to use physical force.

If protesters end up dead after being shot, the position of French President Emmanuel Macron will be untenable, there will be calls for a general election and far from backing down, the ‘yellow vest’ protests will see their ranks swell. The French have a history of revolution and standing up against tyrants.

A French National Police spokesman confirmed that the CRS were equipped with H&K G36s on Saturday, but would not discuss their operational use ‘for security reasons’. It is plain to see what their operational use is, much in the same way as someone buying condoms, it explains itself.

Worryingly a police G36 was stolen from inside a police van during a Yellow Vest demonstration by the Arc de Triomphe on December 1; however this was seen as an opportunistic theft rather than a planned event.

You don’t steal a G36 as a souvenir; it isn’t like you can walk about the streets of France showing off your new toy. And I am sure that like the British, the French have a database of recovered bullets that trace a weapon’s history.

 When former conservative minister Luc Ferry who is now a full time philosopher was asked about the escalation, he said in reply to the statement that guns might lead to wounding or worse, Mr Ferry said:

‘So what?’

He added:

‘Listen, frankly, when you see guys beating up an unfortunate policeman on the floor, that’s when they should use their weapons once and for all! That’s enough.’

Of course, if the police start the fight, this is of no matter to Ferry, he is just interested in the outcome; the protesters are dead. Police were attacked in major cities including Paris on Saturday on an Act 9 Day of Rage by the Yellow Vests. They have pledged to continue their campaign calling for social, political and economic reforms indefinitely and they mean it. It seems that French President Emmanuel Macron is calling for a ‘grand debate’, whether this is to buy time is speculative. One thing he will be working on is a new anti riot law to be used against the people.

Finally, there will be a number of reasons why the French people are protesting, but you can be sure that the EU will figure in the equation. The French are unhappy that French President Emmanuel Macron is firmly in the globalist camp and not representing them. In a sense they have a right to be unhappy, their country has been hijacked by an uncaring political elite. A political elite which will do anything to hang onto power, even kill!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, January 14, 2019

Inside the SNP Bunker at Bute House; Nicola Sturgeon’s Office accuses Team Salmond of 'smear' campaign against Sturgeon as bitterness engulfs supporters on both sides, allegedly a ‘Salmond insider’ has told the press, ‘She already knew about the inquiry. She knew.’ if Nicola Sturgeon hasn’t got the backing of her own SNP MSPs, then you have to wonder seriously about the SNP Westminster crowd

Dear All

The ‘war’ between Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and ‘vengeful’ Alex Salmond appears to be boiling up considerably. The panic in the Sturgeon Empire after the collapse of the case against Alex Salmond in the Court of Session has left Sturgeon on the back foot.

'Toxic' Nicola Sturgeon has dodge her own party’s National Executive Committee and referred herself to the Standards watchdog, there is even said to be a criminal investigation in the leak in her inept government.

You get the feeling that there is an outstanding stench of alleged sleaze and alleged criminality swirling around the place that threats to choke the life out of anyone caught up in its stream. In an attempt to play the ‘victim card’, Nicola Sturgeon’s Office has claimed she is the victim of a “smear” campaign by friends of Alex Salmond.This is one time that the Nats have used the ‘victim card’ and there isn’t a sign of race or homophobia attached to it. 

The pressure is on Nicola Sturgeon personally to sack her top civil servant and the investigating officer in the Alex Salmond case. It literally beggars belief that the investigating officer in the Alex Salmond case still has employment after what has happened.

As the silence by SNP MSPs showed at FMQs in Holyrood, the support for Sturgeon is on a very sticky wicket, even the silence outside the chamber speaks volumes which no one can ignore.

Where are the SNP MSPs saying they stand with Nicola?

Where are her MSP friends?

Clearly her manufactured ‘popularity’ can’t even be made to work for her in this case!

There is a bunker mentality, a sense the tide has turned against her administration and the feeling that a ‘reckoning’ is coming. Even the press in multiple papers such as Herald Scotland and The Scottish Sun sense blood in the water as Sturgeon has to repeatedly deny that misled the public and parliament. You can smell the fear as the First Minister’s office flatly rejected reports in two Rupert Murdoch-owned newspapers about her role in the botched sexual misconduct investigation.

A statement issued by her official spokesman said of the actions of Salmond’s supporters:

“This appears to be an attempt to smear the First Minister.”

What is now becoming a focus is a report that Sturgeon's chief of staff Liz Lloyd had tried to advise Salmond against a return to elected politics. Her rationale for this last March was by the mentioning possible complaints. Apparently Ms Lloyd did discuss misconduct complaints with one of his friends in March, the bit that may confuse people is the fact that she insisted that it had been in the abstract.


How many times has someone just made up a story of someone?

It appears that Ms Lloyd’s ‘get out of jail free card’ was that a report said:

“Any reference to allegations or complaints of harassment against Alex Salmond in that discussion was in the context of media enquiries made around the time the #metoo campaign began. Ms Lloyd did not know of any complaints against Mr Salmond or of a Government investigation.”

This is an SNP government full to the gunnels of SNP Special advisers who operate like NKVD Russian Commissars.

In a retort back from the Team Salmond brigade, they hit back insisting that Ms Lloyd "knew of the existence of complaints some time before" she and Ms Sturgeon met Mr Salmond on April 2.

If I was Liz Lloyd, I would be looking for employment opportunities in Wales just in case everything goes pear shape, as the old story goes, when you become the story, you have got to go.

Allegedly it has been said that Nicola Sturgeon’s Chief of Staff is on the Salmond’s wanted list. In what may seem to others as pure schadenfreude, Salmond has confirmed he would be "happy" to cooperate with the looming investigation into whether Ms Sturgeon broke the ministerial code.

Surely he must be called as a witness in that investigation?

Team Salmond are hopping mad, they want revenge, full revenge, not an apology, not an intern goat staked out, they want the full bhoona, They also want ‘The Return of the King’, which means the Sturgeon Empire must fall, and the Scottish purges can take place by Salmond. It’s the old ‘let’s put the band back together’ scenario. The ‘war of words’ illustrate the bitterness of the feud between the SNP’s two most successful leaders which now threatens to split the party. Sturgeon’s success however was made on the back of everything Salmond done.

Sturgeon referred herself on Sunday to her external ethics watchdogs is to buy time from the questions from her own party. Sturgeon has maintained that the first she knew of the probe into Salmond was when he told her himself at a meeting at her Glasgow home on April 2. According to the Scottish Sun, they cited a “Salmond camp insider” contradicting this to claim that Ms Sturgeon was aware in advance of the April 2 meeting.

The paper said:

“The source claimed: ‘She already knew about the inquiry. She knew.’”

If this account is true, it would mean Sturgeon has misled the public and Holyrood about the chronology which prompted the First Minister’s spokesperson to quickly deny the claim. The plot seems to thicken as Team Salmond have been ‘making the rounds’ of the press to get their version out into the public domain, which has Ms Lloyd advised Salmond, via an intermediary, not to stand for election because of harassment allegations against him. The contact was on March 6, this would also allegedly point to prior knowledge by Ms Sturgeon’s closest political aide according to The Times’ piece.

On Monday, in a furious attempt to rebut both stories, Sturgeon’s official spokesman issued the following statement:

“This appears to be an attempt to smear the First Minister. Suggestions by Mr Salmond’s ‘insiders’ that the First Minister knew about the investigation before April 2 are not true.
The suggestion put to Ms Sturgeon’s Chief of Staff by the Times, that she knew of complaints when she met someone who could be described as an intermediary for Alex Salmond on 6th March, is also not true. Given that issues around the First Minister's meetings with Mr Salmond have been referred to the Independent Advisers to consider, we will not comment further."

See what I mean about Nicola Sturgeon buying time, problem is that time is short in a relative sense, and in the meantime, Team Salmond will be not calling a truce and the artillery shells will still keep falling.

Nicola Sturgeon needs to get rid of bodies from the bunker!  

Sturgeon’s official spokesman added:

“At the heart of this matter remains the fact that complaints were made that could not be swept under the carpet – and the First Minister and Scottish Government will not say or do anything which might risk prejudicing the police investigation.”

It seems that the Sturgeon Empire have been reduced to hoping that Police Scotland will be their saviour and led them out of the political wilderness, if that case doesn’t materalise into charges, the pressure will be ramped up on Nicola Sturgeon like a boiler on the verge of blowing.

Salmond's spokesman said:

"We will not be commenting on the content of private meetings or discussions on or off the record but Alex has made it clear that, if asked, he will be happy to give evidence to the panel of independent advisers. This then is our first and only comment on this issue of the Ministerial code. In the interests of accuracy, it is the case that the First Minister’s senior special adviser knew of the existence of complaints against Alex some time before the meeting of April 2 and that she initiated the first contact through an intermediary. They then arranged the meeting which Alex asked for. Alex has no certainty as to the state of knowledge of the First Minister before then. In any case we regard this controversy about these meetings as of secondary importance. The substantive issue right now is not the possibility that Nicola Sturgeon may have broken the Ministerial code but the fact that despite repeated warnings the Scottish Government behaved in a manner which was “unlawful”, “unfair’ and “tainted by apparent bias” and further that their decisions have been struck down by the Court of Session at a cost to the Scottish people of over £500,000. The responsibility for that institutional fiasco lies at the door of the Permanent Secretary not that of the First Minister. It is high time that the Permanent Secretary accepted it”.

Let’s cut to the chase, if this was a chess game, it would possibly seem to some that Alex Salmond wants is to take out the ‘pawns’ before attempt to take out the ’Queen’. Has Salmond taken a multi strategy approach in fighting on many fronts which his ‘supporters’ are doing some of the heavy lifting? For Team Sturgeon, recent events show that they are in a bunker mentality, unaware when the next grenade will drop through the door but they know and sit and wait for it coming.

Finally, if Nicola Sturgeon hasn’t got the backing of her own SNP MSPs, then you have to wonder seriously about the SNP Westminster crowd.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Cleansing of The SNP; Alex Salmond says plotters are trying ‘to remove him as political threat’ as Kenny MacAskill says ruthless SNP will shield Nicola Sturgeon at all costs, the SNP 'ratship' is in real trouble, are the battle lines being drawn in the fight to get rid of Nicola Sturgeon?

Dear All

We have all heard conspiracy theories in our time, whether it be UFO’s, reptile people ruling the world or political back stabbing. The thing that is needed to make a good conspiracy theory is of course a sprinkling of truth and the benckmark of ‘possibly’. On twitter, people have taken to using the hashtag of #snpcivilwar, this is clearly a reference between the Salmond and Sturgeon factions.

So, is there any truth in Alex Salmond’s claims?

Well, he could point to the court case he raised in the Court of Session about how the case against him was conducted.

And it isn’t a huge leap to suggest that there those who see him as a political threat, but who are ‘those’ who see him as a political threat?

It isn’t the pro UK camp.

So, who is it?

Standing back and looking at this from a distance, you could be minded to formulate a theory that the only people who stand to lose out from a Salmond return are Team Sturgeon.

Salmond back means Sturgeon’s position as First Minister is in danger.

Leaks have occurred by where did the leaks come from, and who stands to benefit, are questions you probably want to chow down on.

Many would see Team Sturgeon having a direct benefit from a damaged Alex Salmond, although people can climb many mountains in politics, climbing ‘Mount sexual misconduct’ is too much for most people.

Oh, for the record Alex Salmond denies all allegations against him.

Today in the long running saga, we may be seeing a clearing of the mist as Team Salmond and Team Sturgeon appear to emerge to be at each others’ throats. Today sees Alex Salmond being accused of spreading “conspiracy theories”. In the SNP fostering grievance is an ‘art form’, and rallying ‘allies’ and the rank and file is crucial in the forthcoming battle between Salmond and Sturgeon.

Quick of the mark, Salmond used a message to supporters on his online fundraising page to suggest that he was “close to finding out” who leaked details of the complaints to the Daily Record newspaper.

Alex Salmond, for the record isn’t Sherlock Holmes, and of course the ‘leaking’ isn’t that big a deal, what is more meaningful is who done it, was it a solo run by someone, or was this someone who was acting for a third party with their full support. Let’s face it, if you are in a job and asked to do something like this, you would want to know that you are protected, fully protected, especially if your job is online. But spare a thought that the ‘leaker’ may have been handed the data from a third party to someone connected to the SNP, and therefore attempted to put their buffer in place.

On his online fundraising page, Salmond wrote:

“I have been in public life in Scotland for 30 years. Over that entire time I have had an unblemished record in terms of personal conduct, despite being perhaps the most investigated politician on these islands”.

You then remember Salmond’s other comments, ‘I am no saint’.

Interestingly, Salmond’s pal Kenny MacAskill has said that an inner circle of hardliners surrounding Nicola Sturgeon are “driving out” anyone who threatens to damage the SNP leader’s public reputation.

So, who are these hardliners?

Was one or more of these hardliners behind the leak?

When Salmond went to Court, Kenny MacAskill was at his side supporting him, in times of trouble, it is interesting to see who standby you. MacAskill also mentioned that the party’s treatment of Alex Salmond over his sexual harassment case,  and accused senior figures of a “prejudicial and unfair” approach in order to protect the current First Minister. 

Of course; people will automatically assume that senior figures means elected politicians but it would be a mistake to limit your scope to just solely them?

MacAskill wrote:

“It now seems that, for a coterie surrounding the SNP leadership, not one blemish must be allowed to be cast upon the party leader and First Minister. She is to be whiter than white and the SNP purer than the driven snow. Misconduct will not be tolerated and any who might taint her are to be driven out, whether by leaks to the press or overt actions.”

One person says conspiracy; people laugh it off, two people say conspiracy?

A point mentioned by MacAskill:

 “Loyalty needs not just to be earned but shown, and that has been remiss lately within the SNP leadership.”

You may remember that I wrote many years ago that the SNP is a ‘rat ship’; the problem which MacAskill highlights was never a problem until it was used against Salmond directly. In one sense, this episode shows how weak the position of Nicola Sturgeon actually is, although she holds the position of leader, she is no leader.  When push comes to shove, Sturgeon gets her authority from the position of leader, not from within herself.
Finally, as I mentioned yesterday, the main battle has yet to come between Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, Sturgeon will want to keep Salmond at arms’ length, but just as the voters are leaving the SNP, 

I can see the support for Sturgeon dipping among SNP members. 

An Alex Salmond return to the SNP cannot mean anything else but a return to Holyrood, a return to being party leader. He can only wield the knife as leader to cut out the bad seeds, and that must include SNP HQ staff. I don’t see Salmond accepting just a crack at a Westminster seat and forgetting, he might see this as destiny calling for him to revenge fully.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

‘If you wrong us, shall we not revenge’, former SNP leader Alex Salmond accused of 'personal vendetta' against top civil servant Leslie Evans, Nicola Sturgeon needs as many human sandbags as possible between her and Salmond as she backs top civil servant, this is the phoney war, the real big nasty fight is between Salmond and Sturgeon

Dear All

The Alex Salmond ‘show’, not the one on RT but the piece of theatre being played out in the Courts and Press, like a steam engine, this drama is building up steam gradually, but before you get carried away, this is the ‘phoney war’ at present.

No shells of 105 mm have crossed the battlefield, no one is dead yet career wise, a few people have been shellshocked but everyone is still standing. Of course we haven’t seen much in the way of ‘troop deployment’ yet either. One person who has decided to pop his head up is Dave Penman, general secretary of the FDA trade union which represents senior civil servants. Penman has accused Alex Salmond of 'personal vendetta' against top civil servant, Leslie Evans.

It may seem to many or a few that Leslie Evans, Nicola Sturgeon’s handpicked choice for the top civil service job is a ‘proxy’ for attacking Sturgeon.

Isn’t it awful when ‘best buddies’ fall out?

Yesterday Salmond attempted to do his ‘Lady Diana’ after winning his victory, he expressed regret dressed in black, but he couldn’t sustain it. In a roller coaster of emotions, he went from sorrow to attack mode and called for Leslie Evans to quit over the "unlawful" way the Scottish Government dealt with sexual misconduct complaints against him. It was an unremarkable performance but a warning shot across the bows that, ‘if you wrong us, shall we not revenge’. Of course, this bit is from the Merchant of Venice but clearly it rather seems that Alex Salmond wants his ‘pound of flesh’.

Perhaps several pounds!

An interesting take on this drama can be found at the Craig Murray blog.

If you were to do a list of people who appear to owe a ‘pound of flesh’, you might come up with this list.

Nicola Sturgeon

Leslie Evans

Judith Mackinnon

Who is Judith Mackinnon, she is ‘Head of People Advice’ at the Scottish Government, she allegedly cost the Scottish Government a whopping £500,000. She was previously Head of Human Resource Governance at the Scottish Police Authority according to Craig Murray’s article. A senior policeman allegedly told Murray that appeared in practice to mean professional feminist. Someone else who was also at the Scottish Police Authority as a board member was SNP Minister Jeane Freeman.

Yesterday also saw Nicola Sturgeon on the back foot while being interviewed on TV, it seemed the wind had been taken right out of her sails by the collapse of this case by her side throwing in the towel. Judge Lord Pentland declared that the Scottish Government's actions were "unlawful in respect that they were procedurally unfair and that they were tainted with apparent bias".

Reading the explanation put forward by Craig Murray, one has to wonder about the future of both Leslie Evans and Judith Mackinnon. Murray’s take is that their position appear to be untenable, but just as Evans is a buffer for Sturgeon, Mackinnon is a buffer for Evans. There was talk of starting the whole process again but given what has transpired, many would say that the ‘window’ for action is gone via the Scottish Government route.  

Everything down the tubes because the person who investigated the complaints had some involvement with the two women prior to being appointed investigating officer!

Craig Murray uses the rather catchy title, “The Salmond Stitch-Up – the Incredible Facts, and why Mackinnon and Evans Must Be Sacked”.

I would have added in Nicola Sturgeon’s name but I am all about ‘belts and braces’.

Salmond repeatedly calls for Evans to quit her post is victors revenge, he demanded:

"When she has got some time for mature reflection, I hope that the Permanent Secretary considers her position."

I think not, Evans has time, it would take quite a few years before Salmond could affect the employment of Evans, even if he could return to front line politics, by that time, Evans could be sitting on a beach with her golden goodbye pension sipping Evian water.

Back to Mr Penman, he said:

"I think what has been disappointing is the way Alex Salmond has continually targeted Leslie Evans from day one on this case, he's called it the 'Leslie Evans procedure'. Yesterday he made repeated assertions that she should resign. He has always portrayed this as a personal vendetta, even going as far as suggesting the Civil Service was acting without ministerial authority, so it was no surprise yesterday that Alex Salmond would therefore call for Leslie Evans' resignation."

He added:

"Confidence in the Permanent Secretary is a matter for the First Minister. I'm sure when Alex Salmond was first minister that is what he would have said and I don't think anyone could be in any doubt from what Nicola Sturgeon said yesterday that Leslie Evans retains the confidence of the First Minister."

Yesterday Nicola Sturgeon said that Ms Evans took the decision to settle the court case "with my support".

Do you see why Nicola Sturgeon should be on the ‘pound of flesh’ list?

Nicola Sturgeon maybe at present ‘standing by’ Evans but given how quick she abandoned her mentor Salmond, I wouldn’t count on Sturgeon’s support. You can almost see the storm brewing the ranks of the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon rammed her ‘women’s agenda’ down the throat of the SNP, the Government and anywhere else she could, and look how it ended up.

Finally, there is an ongoing police investigation; Salmond has admitted no wrongdoing or criminality. It seems almost a foregone conclusion that if Salmond gets back into the SNP, he would want to challenge for the leadership, then become First Minister again.

Is there room at the Cabinet table for Nicola Sturgeon?

I would hazard a guess and say only temporary till he gets his feet under the table and he moves his own people into power, then we could see a Stalin like era of the purges, the backbenches being the ‘new Siberia’.  

‘If you wrong us, shall we not revenge’!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Nicola Sturgeon’s Pre-Funeral; former SNP leader Alex Salmond wins court battle with Scottish Government, after the ‘wee victory’ in Edinburgh Salmond calls on top civil servant to quit her post, but is Sturgeon’s career marked for the funeral pyre, TV interview sees downtrodden SNP leader on the backfoot

Dear All

One thing that the SNP like to do is distract people by flagging up a bit of #fakenews, yesterday, the fake news was Nicola Sturgeon is going to announce a second independence date ‘very soon’. The media and commentators would normally be all over this story but this is a deflection from what you should be looking at.

So, what should you be looking at today?

Let me assist you, Alex Salmond wins court battle with Scottish Government.

Can you imagine the heat on Nicola Sturgeon’s neck now that Salmond has won his legal battle with the Scottish Government after it admitted it mishandled sexual harassment complaints against him? Can you sniff a return of SNP membership, the marshalling of Salmond’s forces, a bloody coup behind the scenes?

Can you imagine Nicola Sturgeon and her SNP Chief Executive husband Peter Murrell quietly retiring, him out the door and her steeping away to the back benches?

In truth, I didn’t think that Alex Salmond would lose, after all how perverse would it be if the Scottish Courts had backed an unfair system put into place by the Scottish Government? I wonder how many people will stop for a moment and ask the general question, why would the Scottish Government put in place an unfair system in the first place? They must have know about human rights, they must have known about Article Six, the right to a fair trial, they are staffed by multiple lawyers!

Salmond currently sitting in the political wilderness is 64, he is also doing a show on the Russian Channel RT, although he would want to possibly return to the political scene, well it is easy money and secured, he is a man without a party.

He is a punter!

Salmond has won a battle, but he is a long way from winning the ‘war’ before he can even think about a ‘D-Day’ landing storming the SNP HQ for a membership application. 

He has been accused of sexual misconduct by two female civil servants relating to his time in office five years earlier. He has always strongly denied the allegations and any criminality but in order to get a candidacy, it rather looks like he would need to become leader.

Of course, if he does win all the way, you can imagine the sickening photo op of ‘unity’ photos with Nicola Sturgeon being played out in the press. Nicola would be doing a lot of talking saying things, like it is ‘right matters can be discussed’ etc etc. One fly in the ointment is the separate police investigation ongoing and active and digging like Yorkshire coal miners, looking for any nuggets of interests.

Today’s victory was not about the substance of the allegations against Alex Salmond but the process used, speaking after a hearing at the Court of Session in Edinburgh; Mr Salmond hailed an "emphatic victory". Before you get carried away, this win doesn’t rate a victory parade through the streets of the Capital like a Rome General entering Rome. After the hearing, it appears that Salmond had nothing good to say about the Scottish Government's Permanent Secretary Leslie Evans. He accused her of wasting "huge amounts of public money and to milk it added in this was an incompetent attempt to enforce an unlawful process. I wonder if Nicola Sturgeon has given Evans assurances on her future job prospects given that her own look a bit ropey these days.

Salmond added:

"Now, having incurred those costs to the public purse, she has collapsed the case prior to a full hearing. As a former First Minister, I find that conduct entirely unworthy."

In a lengthy statement, Evans apologised for how the complaints were dealt with but she left the door open for the Scottish Government to re-investigate the allegations.

Evans said:

"Lawyers for the Scottish Government and for Alex Salmond have this morning informed the Court of Session that his action has been settled and the Court has approved that settlement. As part of the settlement, I have accepted that the decision reached after the investigation of two complaints made against Mr Salmond should be set aside. This action is being taken because it has become clear that, in one respect only (albeit an important one), the investigation was procedurally flawed. However, it is important to stress that this relates to the operational application of the Procedure for Handling Complaints Involving Current or Former Ministers (‘the Procedure’)”.

This translates to FU Salmond.

Evans added:

"The Scottish Government considers the Procedure itself to be robust and it remains in place. After reassessing all the materials available, I have concluded that an impression of partiality could have been created based on one specific point - contact between the Investigating Officer and the two complainants around the time of their complaints being made in January 2018. The full picture only became evident in December 2018 as a result of the work being undertaken to produce relevant documents in advance of the hearing.
I want to apologise to all involved for the failure in the proper application of this one particular part of the Procedure. There is nothing to suggest that the Investigating Officer did not conduct their duties in an impartial way”.

Evans concluded by saying:

"Unfortunately, the interactions with the complainants in advance of the complaints being made meant that the process was flawed, however impartially and fairly the Investigating Officer conducted the investigation. All the other grounds of Mr Salmond’s challenge have been dismissed. The Scottish Government has acted in good faith at all times and will continue to do so. It was right and proper that these complaints were investigated and I stand by the decision to carry out that investigation. It is also important to note that the procedural flaw in the investigation does not have implications, one way or the other, for the substance of the complaints or the credibility of the complainers. The Judicial Review was never about the substance of the complaints, but about the process that took place to investigate those complaints. It is accordingly open to the Scottish Government to re-investigate the complaints and, subject to the views of the complainants, it would be our intention to consider this - however, this will only be once ongoing police inquiries have concluded”.

If the police investigation falls flat, then it would be interesting to see if Evans would be up for ‘Round Two’, but given that is so far down the road, she might have 'cleared her desk' and headed off into the setting Sun of retirement.

Finally, although Salmond has hailed his technical win as an "emphatic victory", victory, yes, emphatic, not really, there still the several battles and probably plenty of ‘leaking’ to the press yet to come. The SNP Cult has moved on since the Salmond era, everyone has their new chair on the Titanic captained by Nicola Sturgeon; they wouldn’t want to scrabble for a new chair. The SNP don’t even want Alex Salmond in their life raft!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, January 7, 2019

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon’s panto season , Sturgeon’s delusion self exposed ‘Brexit has 'strengthened case for Scottish independence', some people would be embarrassed to spout such rubbish, fable mandate that doesn’t exist and other dreadful tosh marks Sturgeon as the ultimate Brexit loser, her panto season as leader is almost over!

Dear All

It maybe a new year but the SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is still peddling the same old failed bankrupt goods on Scottish Independence, she has said Brexit has "materially strengthened" the case for Scottish independence.


Yes, rubbish, it wouldn’t matter what the issue was good or bad, in the tiny mind of Nicola Sturgeon everything has to be about Scottish independence and everything has to justify her position.

As part of the ‘plan’, Sturgeon relies on grievance by saying that Scotland's interests are being "completely ignored and sidelined".

Have you ever stopped and asked why the SNP#s interests have been "completely ignored and sidelined"?

Let me enlighten you, they deliberately chose not to be team players with the UK Government, an opportunity existed for them, an olive branch was extended, when it was rebuffed, they dug their own hole.

Stupidity won out over commonsense, Scotland could have got a bung just as Northern Ireland did to be a team player, Ireland got an extra billion, we got hee haw, all thanks to Nicola Sturgeon.

Nicola Sturgeon cost Scots plenty, extra money for health, extra money for investment, extra money for education, because of her, we lost out. In an attempt to bloster her position as SNP leader which is looking rather weak, even in nationalist circles, Sturgeon is on a mission, to buy time.

What is the goal?

Firefighting to keep her in power as First Minister post 2021!

Its all about the First Minister’s Scottish roubles salted away before her position becomes untenable as SNP leader and she stepps down to let ‘young blood’ take over, actually, more like getting out the road and trying to wangle a departure that looks credible.

Passing the baton, you get the drift?

What happened in 2016 in Brexit was a watershed moment, it set the UK back on the road to full sovereignty which was in the interest of every part of the UK, a million Scots voted to leave the UK. Nothing since then has reinforced the case to stay, not the mutiny by some Conservative Brexiteers, not the rhetoric of Junker, not the attempt to extort us by the EU Cabal.

The EU are not the UK’s friends!

After doing periodic shouting, Sturgeon says she will not be drawn on timings around an independence referendum, this is because she has no legal right or authority to call a vote. So whether she waits until this phase of the Brexit process concludes or not, she is just treading water. One thing you do know that Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t have a mandate to have an independence referendum within this term of the Holyrood parliament. If the parliament had, it would have used it before now.

There is no mandate!

Sturgeon said:

"Everything that has happened over the past couple of years, from Scotland facing exit from the EU against our will to every reasonable attempt at compromise to protect Scotland's interests by the Scottish Government being spurned, to the powers of the Scottish  Parliament being eroded, to the UK Government even taking the Scottish Government to court, all of that has strengthened and reinforced the case for Scotland to be independent, because these are not just academic arguments, all of this will have a material impact on Scotland's economy and well-being for decades to come."

Scotland didn’t face exit from the EU against its will because Scotland wasn’t voting as a country, everyone was voting in a UK wide vote, so Sturgeon is peddling rubbish and always will because she has nothing else to sell.

She added:

"The case for independence is materially strengthened from an already strong base in 2014 because of all of the experience of Scotland in the last two years. We were told in 2014 that it was voting for independence that would put in peril our membership of the European Union. Because we didn't vote for independence, we now not just find ourselves facing exit, the voice and the interests of Scotland are being completely ignored and sidelined."

You know the more you learn about politics and what is going on, the greater the light shines on these people, and that light clearly shows how willing the SNP is to sell out the people of this country by their small mindedness.

Nicola Sturgeon wants another vote, what she doesn’t want is a General Election because, the SNP are a busted flush, in two short years, they dropped from 56 MPs to 35 MPs, why so steep?

Because the SNP leadership trawled the bottom of the barrel and although you could argue there are worse in the wings, this lot sitting at Westminster certainly aren’t anything to write home about.

Scottish Conservative deputy leader Jackson Carlaw said:

"Today Scots are heading back to work at the beginning of a new year, but Nicola Sturgeon is stuck in the past.”

Stuck in the past because she knows that she has no future!

Carlaw added:

"As at the start of 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015 her priority is to rerun the referendum of 2014. People across the country will correctly be thinking, 'There she goes again'. The best new year's resolution the SNP could make would be to drop the independence obsession and concentrate on delivering for the people of Scotland."

Concentrate on delivering for the people of Scotland?

That boat sailed a long time ago, we need a change of government, we need the SNP gone!

Finally, the more you learn, the more you read, the more you hold your own with these people, you can see the cracks, recently the SNP MEP was mentioned as possibly standing in Ruth Davidson’s seat. The angry Nat who I debated on BBC Radio Scotland is waking up to the truth, the party is over.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Happy New Year 2019 - Feel It Still (Portugal. The Man) feat The Outlaws | Brian Friedman Choreography | Millennium OC

Dear All

Happy New Year 2019, to get the year off to an upbeat start, here is a fantastic song and groups of young talented dancers.

Blogging cracks on from Monday, hope you had a good and safe new year.