Friday, September 25, 2015

Failing to lead by example, Scotland’s shame, SNP aides write secret document branding SNP MPs as ‘complete arseholes’, one Braveheart MP allegedly in front of multiple witnesses tells a young working class woman to ‘fuck off’ after she tries to restore order in a Commons Bar, Nicola Sturgeon’s respect agenda for women exposed as a fraud, it’s all coming out now, we have Celt Clowns in Westminster

Dear All

Do you remember that I clearly stated that there was a genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party?

Another gem of wisdom which I also dropped on you was what the women of Govan thought of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon…… ‘arsehole’. Yes, ‘arsehole’ not said in a passing or indeed passive way but with the conviction and passion of an orator driving the point home.


Oh, before I forget, on the Conservative Home blog, there is an article about Shami Chakrabarti, the director of Liberty and her embarrassing toadying to Nicola Sturgeon, it seems better known people are thinking on a similar track to me.

Anyway, during the 2015 Westminster election campaign, the Labour Party ran what must have seen to outsiders a rather strange campaign, about three months out, sidelined by serious illness and having a near miss with the Grim Reaper, I commented in a post that Labour was ‘fucking it all up’.

Of course yet again, I was proved right as the results came in; many good Labour MPs were lost in Scotland, along with some pretty bad ones. Unfortunately for Labour, they didn’t do a cull to get rid of deadwood and get some fresh talent in to swell the political gene pool; people with the ability to have several things like a serious work ethic and desire to represent the public. 

The SNP won 56 seats out of a possible 59 in Scotland due to several factors; one being the gullible where suckered into believing that indyref 2 was coming down the pipeline. There was the stock nonsense by the SNP; they were standing up for Scotland, which is rubbish as most sensible people know.

So, off to Westminster went the ‘feeble 56’, the ‘champions’ of Scotland, the public face however didn’t match the private face of the SNP.

I have repeated several times that the SNP is a party of the rich and anti working class. Basically, I knew it was only a matter of time before the SNP MPs disgraced themselves at Westminster, and they didn’t disappoint. You see, the SNP is a cult, and the cult isn’t very politically savvy or indeed nice. 

It now transpires in the public domain that ‘elect a local champion’ mob have a ‘drink problem’, not the usual had a few beers too many, no the SNP Cult who despise the rich are getting pished senseless on champagne. In a disgraceful episode, it seems the ‘celt clowns’ in Parliament’s Sports and Social bar decided to stand on the chairs, a group of fat middle aged men belting out songs to stink up the bar like an unwelcomed spot of VD found on the dinner table. This of course is bad enough, what but was to follow demonstrates my point that these classless oafs have no business in politics or even representing the public. 

When a young barmaid, only in her early twenties when to get the ‘celt clowns’ to calm down and tried to restore some order, it appears a new SNP MP took exception to being asked to ‘pack it in’. Words were exchanged, which begs the question, where the SNP not taught to behave themselves as children, and also by the SNP whips. Where my point about the SNP is proven yet again, is when multiple witnesses allege a drunken ‘f— you’ is uttered to the little girl which I suggest makes my continual point of the SNP being all about the rich and anti working class more potent. And it gets worse, several weeks later, the girl left the employment of the Parliamentary estate.

Some Scottish people have a big chip on their shoulder and are nasty with it, and in the Nationalist camp, there is enough chips to start a fast food outlet.

Things are so bad, that there is doing the rounds, an extraordinary document written by disgruntled SNP aides which is very funny, because it paints for the first time the real SNP from the inside by people still employed by them. How you treat people lower down the pecking in life is important, clearly the SNP MPs are classless oafs.

In their own staff’s words, the SNP Westminster group are described as ‘complete arseholes’, this is in line with the feelings of the women of Govan as I mentioned in relation to Nicola Sturgeon. The document is political gold, and hopefully a full version will be made available to the Scottish public, and read by those who mistakenly voted SNP at the election.

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond has been dubbed the nickname “Mr. Terror”, when you see the false friendly smile of fake sincerity on the TV, you might be mistaken that Salmond is a good person, he isn’t, he is a rat. But, he is a rat on the downward slope of his miserable career, so bear that in mind, when his end comes, I imagine that SNP aides might go and have a celebratory dinner washed down with some champagne socialist bubbly into the early hours.  I am pretty sure that they deserved. Alex Salmond is married to a woman old enough to be his mother, some people might find that terribly creepy; especially women who can on occasion be rather judgmental on your ass.

Another ‘Celt clown’ is ‘three in a bed’ Angus MacNeil who ‘represents’ the Western Isles, he gets singled out as being ‘arrogant, demanding and in general behaving like a five-year-old. I met him in 2008 when he declared he was in charge of the sign in sheets at the Glasgow East by-election, I thought what a dick, 7 years later; it seems that he hasn’t improved with age.

Once a dick, always a dick!     

Although this story of the SNP acting like drunken idiots may upset some people, there is a silver lining, health problems down the line, too much drink, painful early death, or overweight problems coupled with type 2 diabetes, stroke, stomach problems, mental problems, memory problems, lapses in judgment, it just depends if you can exercise patience, eventually, these clowns will get what is coming to them.  

As well as the episodes of ‘alcoholic bravery’ against young women, it seems that the SNP haven’t fitted in well down the road, at Westminster, there is a place called the terrace, for members only, it generally is a place where MPs forget the adversarial nature of the chamber and chitchat with people from other parties. It seems that Nationalists ‘all stand together in a huddle by themselves, not talking to anyone else’.  Remember the Scottish National Party like to brag about how they are an inclusive party, well it seems, the evidence paints a rather different picture, think Deliverance, think duelling banjos, this is the modern SNP, backward, inward looking, common, greedy, stupid, a miserable excuse for humanity and with delusions of grandeur.

Because there is no class in the Scottish National Party, it is highly doubtful that the SNP MP who told a little girl doing her job to ‘fuck off’ will be disciplined, although you can teach animals new tricks, you can’t teach decency and having good manners to ignoramuses.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

no shocker Georgeiboy surprised the fat fcker Eck cant keep em in check


Freddy said...

Be nice if the girl could be found to give her version of events George as opposed to the truth as they would have us believe .

Anonymous said...

What we really need is some footage of these cretins misbehaving. Not the staff doing the filming, as no doubt they would lose their jobs. Let's see if some other party MP is brave enough.

As to telling someone to "fuck off". That has to be a potential breach of the peace. At some point though one of the idiots is going to really screw up and hit someone. Let's see how Sturgeon deals with such an issue.

Anonymous said...

I think the correct term is "ignorami" but I'm just nitpicking.

Anonymous said...

it will happen. I work in PA and the rumour is that they are a talentless bunch of clowns. Someone will get them on film soon enough

Anonymous said...

excellent piece, these people are bams, bams bams, and then some.