Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Scotland’s unpopular First Minster Nicola Sturgeon said during referendum that Scotland was a rich country capable of supporting itself, now Sturgeon threatens a constitutional war over Scotland Bill powers and cash, time to call her bluff and let Scots see the SNP is just a party of protest not of government

Dear All

The Scottish National Party is a cult, as such it is devoid of original thinking, there is no in depth policy beyond soundbite and gestures politics. The ‘act’ by the SNP is grudge, grievance and malcontent in various forms of complaint. At the head of the SNP sits a ‘cult’ leader who the ‘dafties’ and clique surround as some kind of guru, the Nationalists base their leadership round the cult of the personality.

The last guru was Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond, he led his assorted rabble which he managed to cobble to together up to the top of the hill during independence and then unceremoniously had to march them back down in failure.

A few posts ago, I wrote a post saying the ‘coast is clear’; this was to do with the new Nuclear submarine HMS Artful being stationed at Faslane. The MoD isn’t what people would describe as risk takers, but they do know a safe bet when they see it. The independence question has been settled for a generation, all talk of indyref 2 is meaningless pap to convince the ‘dafties’ to keeping providing cheap labour to the SNP Cult members to get them elected.     

Nicola Sturgeon is a clown.

Do you know how to deal with a clown?

The first thing to remember is that a clown wants you to play their game, chase after them; then they attempt to appear to be reasonable as they increasingly make stupid demands.

When you stubbornly refuse to play their silly games, they become more animated and ridiculous, instead of playing their game, they are playing yours.  

Nicola Sturgeon has threatened to cause trouble over the Scotland Bill, if David Cameron doesn’t agree to be held to ransom by what Sturgeon calls a 'fair' share of cash. The threat is that Sturgeon would use the SNP Government to derail the Conservatives' flagship Scotland Bill.

How do you solve this problem?

Quite simple, you let the ‘train’ continue to pick up speed while giving the pretence of having meaningful dialogue, then you just stand back and let it hit the buffers because you calculate the time factor of the point of implosion.

Sturgeon says she is willing to launch a constitutional war with Westminster, in business, you make a low offer then let them ‘beat’ you up to the offer you already had in mind, however in this case, I would go in with an offer of no extra cash. That wouldn’t be to the detriment of Scotland because it would be pound for pound what is available at present.

The Conservatives might for political advantage sweeten the pot because they might think that 2016 could be their breakthrough year in Scotland. That isn’t going to happen politically, you see the Conservatives haven’t climb their particular mountain with the Scottish people. In 2015 at the Westminster election, they lost some of their vote share. And just like in business, you have to make people an offer, in their case their offer given past experience wouldn’t amount to much. The Scottish Conservatives need to put more on the table not for the Scottish Government but for the Scottish people but that probably won’t happen.

Ruth Davidson talks about being the ‘alternative’, but a weak offer isn’t much to pick at, let alone vote for, it isn’t powers that Scottish people are sitting about brooding over, its fairness.


I read Professor Adam Tomkins blog, he is standing in Glasgow Anniesland in 2016; the Conservative vote is going down in his backyard. He probably will top the Glasgow list, it seems that David Meikle; the sole Tory Councillor on Glasgow Council isn’t getting the spot vacated by Ruth Davidson. He might know a lot about Constitution law but he doesn’t know a lot about campaigning. Tomkins has already lost Glasgow Anniesland, you see Mr. Tomkins doesn’t understand that campaigning is like puppies, they aren’t just for Xmas; they are an all year events.

And a few selfies posted on twitter a campaign does not make!

New tax and welfare powers are coming to Holyrood making it one of the most powerful parliaments in the world; this is part of the Conservatives ‘strategic disengagement’ from Scotland. The Labour Party in Scotland has serious problems as the Westminster election has shown them. A cull of MPs who were under performing was needed and didn’t happen, so the public disillusioned stepped up to the plate and did the job that Labour should have done internally. There was a mood in the country for change, the SNP was used to force that change on the Labour Party.

Depending what and who you are reading regarding the political situation on both sides of the border, you may be very tempted to think that the United Kingdom is heading towards federalism? This would benefit Conservatives in England for some considerable time due to the numbers game in Westminster, but it may not be healthy for democracy.

Scotland gets £1,200 per head extra because we are part of the United Kingdom; this is to offset certain problems. It would be a serious miscalculation on the part of the Conservatives to think that if the SNP are forced into being responsible and taking the big hits that everyone will turn round and give Ruth Davidson and Co a big hug when we lose that money.

Surely no one is that stupid?

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said:

“The Scottish Parliament has to turn its attention to the powers over which we have control – from the education of our children and the laws under which our justice system is run, to the state of our NHS. These powers are huge in scope - and over the next year this must become the clear centre of our politics in Scotland. In short, it is time this Scottish Government focussed 100 per cent on the day job.”

Ruth Davidson says she is the ‘alternative’ and she is ‘radical’, okay, lets see her put in her manifesto the pledge to campaign for a totally devolved Scottish Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

As to Sturgeon’s threat, I would call her bluff, and if she refused to take the powers, I would scrap the Scotland Bill, and then never mention it again, there is no downside because the people who voted to stay part of the UK won’t travel towards Sturgeon and her vile nasty vicious clique.

Yours sincerely

George Laird 
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Auld Jock said...

I don't sense any crisis. Cameron has committed to "the vow" and I am sure it will be delivered. Actually it is a solid indication of the weakness of Sturgeon's position that she tries to create a "constitutional crisis" in an attempt to put pressure on Cameron. This does not create any sort of crisis for the UK. However it does put Sturgeon in a position where she will, potentially, approach the Holyrood election with no manifesto commitment to another referendum whilst simultaneously refusing to accept the new powers recommended by the Smith commission. What she is doing is her usual half arsed attempt at facing in two different directions simultaneously by claiming she will use the new powers "creatively and wisely" whilst vilifying a financial settlement which hasn't even been defined. The same job she has done by demanding votes for 16 and 17 year olds whilst also wanting to appoint named persons to protect them from harm. I fully expect the UK government to ignore her bullshit and leave her to decide whether or not to actually refuse the powers and watch her activists jump ship.

G Laird said...

Hi Auld Jock

Nicola Sturgeon is playing a game, and Cameron shouldn't play her game.


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL summing up Georgieboy , if only you were in power


Anonymous said...

Auld Jock. Sturgeon obviously doesn't pay attention to history - you never, ever fight on two fronts simultaneously.

The downfall for the SNP will be a combination of the Named Person and Data Sharing bills. I also think she's in for a surprise with the EU referendum. If Scots vote 50/50 on that issue, then all her bullshit will blow in her face.

Cameron is not going to agree to a second referendum. Not now that he is spending £500million on Faslane.

The SNP are still playing the division card. But it's wearing off now. All we get is demands for this, that and everything, while blaming others for their own failures. In Health, the only positive thing Sturgeon managed was to keep Monklands Hospital open.

I really hope Corbyn wins the Labour leadership election. Simply because Sturgeon will jump into the political bed with him.

Sherbie. said...

As all Sturgeon does is go on taxpayer funded jollies, has her photo taken with kids, blames Westminster for everything, says how wonderful the NATS are doing, and that's about it,,, ohh, and still no word of refunding the taxpayer over T in the Park.

Freddy said...

I'm sure Cameron won't be for running after her George. He should in fact call her bluff, we will all be paying for this via whatever new tax rates they decide to impose. The only upside is that it should help wean people away from them.