Thursday, September 3, 2015

Scotland’s unpopular First Minster Nicola Sturgeon says the SNP stand for ‘fairness, equality and social justice’, Herald political reporter Tom Gordon gets gagged on twitter, SNP Member Jim Cassidy gets his car burnt out and 11 year old daughter intimidated at family home, his ‘crime’ asking questions about how the SNP operate, where’s the ‘fairness, equality and social justice’ in that Nicola Sturgeon?

Dear All

Freedom of speech is something we take for granted in Scotland, in a civilised society, people should also respect freedom of press and freedom of the public.

The Scottish National Party doesn’t like free speech and they don’t like criticism, many people have commented on the rise of fascism in the Nationalist ranks.

In Airdrie, a man called Jim Cassidy, now a former SNP member, he had the courage to speak out in the SNP at what he saw going on.

He was subjected to intimidation which reminds me of Weimar Republic under the control of the Nazis.

Jim Cassidy was in his house on 2nd January 2015 when he and his wife were woken by banging at their door.

Going downstairs to investigate, he found his car ablaze.

Given the closeness to the family home, he evacuated his family.

Fast forward to June, Mr. Cassidy sent a letter which was critical of the SNP to the Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser, two days after it was published his wife and daughter saw someone dressed in black hanging around outside and peering in the windows. Two nights later two guys were knocking at his door, in the house was his 11 year old daughter who saw guys with hoods up.

She was frightened. 

The thugs had a message for Mr. Cassidy:

“Take this as a warning, stop slandering XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”.

Anyone want to guess which party XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is in?
On how the SNP operate, Jim Cassidy said:

“Open discussion is labelled as dissent, subversion or infiltration by supporters of Tommy Sheridan. People are threatened with secret files and photographs, and legitimate complaints are ignored at every level. I know this, as I have copied every possible senior SNP member into my emails and seen no action taken”.

While an SNP member, I experience similar treatment regarding my complaints from the very top of the organisation, in this case Peter Murrell, the husband of Nicola Sturgeon.

Nicola Sturgeon as I have commented on many times is a rat; she is a rat in the same way that her husband is a rat, the SNP like to brush off their discrimination by labelling people.

But as we are seeing the public domain, the ‘victims of Nicola’ keep piling up, and up and up, it isn’t rogue members, it is the very top of the party that practice discrimination.

At present, I see Nicola Sturgeon posing with kids, this is something which Adolf Hitler and Alex Salmond also did to attempt to boost their popularity, in Sturgeon’s case she uses primary school kids where as Salmond used to be photographed round teenagers and young adults.

When someone looks at the Sturgeon photos, it might convey to then the image of a working mum, but the reality is that Nicola Sturgeon isn’t a working mum.

I find the pictures of Nicola Sturgeon with kids to be rather creepy.

It seems that now the real SNP is being exposed, the SNP clique doesn’t like it, they don’t like it at all.

Tom Gordon is Scottish Political Editor of the Sunday Herald, I spoke to him once at the Glasgow North East by-election, he dropped by the campaign rooms during the by-election, which was won by Willie Bain.

Anyway after using his twitter account to link to some stories about the SNP, he found his Twitter account suspended twice in two days. The first time, it was because the story related to Central Scotland list MSP Richard Lyle, he is up for destroying greenbelt land in the Labour marginal he hopes to win at Holyrood.

The second time suspension was a tweet included a quote from one of Mr Lyle's supporters, Rab Harkins, and featured a picture of him with Nicola Sturgeon.

Isn’t it rather interesting that Nicola Sturgeon appears in many photos alongside people outed in the public domain because of their conduct?

Bill Walker former MSP!

Piers Doughty Brown!

Natalie McGarry currently an MP!

Chris Stephens currently an MP!

Remember them?

Another story which has made the press is about an SNP candidate, Andy Doig, who is facing claims of allegedly trying to cheat his way into Holyrood.

Do you think there is a picture of Andrew Doig and Nicola Sturgeon together?

Having got Tom Gordon’s account suspended, the joke is now on the person who did it, his bad judgement has turned into a press story, and if by magic, there is a picture of him and Nicola Sturgeon.

Finally, after reading this post and if you are minded to join the Scottish National Party, it might be an idea to:

1/ sell your car

2/ install CCTV at your property

3/ give another address when you take an SNP membership out, especially if you have kids.

Tom Gordon’s account has since been reinstated, he asked:

“Is it safe”?

Given what happened to Jim Cassidy and his 11 year old daughter, I would feel that is a question which should be directly put to Nicola Sturgeon on live TV.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University    


Freddy said...

You got to love this civic nationalism George really cuddly.

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

Civic Nationalism is a con.


Anonymous said...

Nazis Georgieboy

Freddy said...

Don't we know it :)

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

The bhoys and ghirls have scored a whole series of own goals over the current "parliament". Now they are kicking their own supporters in the nuts. They are also currently on track to heavily disappoint their activists over their manifesto. It somehow seems unsustainable. Time will tell. I finally got the point about George Osbourne's announcement of £500m for Faslane ahead of Parliamentary approval for renewing the UK nuclear deterrent and the new sub arriving. It is Osbourne code for "you ain't getting independence". It has the effect of tying future UK governments to refusing another referendum for the foreseeable future. It is a bit ad hoc, but it should work long enough for the snp to wither and die.

Sherbie. said...

SNP tv channel STV would NOT be allowed to run a story like this George that's for sure. It would need to be approved by the SNP Dictatorship at Holyrood. I hope the police are involved this act of terror.

Anonymous said...

Deluded lot you are

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic, but relevant to how useless Sturgeon is.

The out of ours GP services at East Kilbride's Hairmyres Hospital is to be axed. The decision is of course NHS Lanarkshire's, but Sturgeon managed a few years ago to get them to keep Monklands open. As a result of this removal of services, patients are now expected to travel to either Hamilton or Wishaw. Getting to Hamilton is difficult in the evenings, as the bus service is limited and stops after 10:30. Wishaw is practically impossible. So unless someone has access to a car they will simply turn up at A&E, thus making to current problems worse.

The SNP is solely responsible for this. They can stop the removal of service, but won't. Some people are criticising the decision, and are already getting the usual response from the SNP trolls.

The SNP is now out of control, or more accurately, it cannot control it's own supporters. There is no attempt to stop the more extreme elements, if fact they are encouraged by the likes of Salmond and Sturgeon, who openly attack the BBC.

AlyM said...

Auld Jock - The SNP will not "wither and die"...their ideals may not all be to everyones tastes but they are a damn sight closer to what Scotland wants from a government that WM...and at least they are not hiding/being paedophiles
No one is completely perfect but SNP are a lot more perfect than Con/Lab/Lib

Auld Jock said...


If you really believe what you posted, you have already withered and died. RIP.

Anonymous said...

'Unpopular'? She has the highest approval rating of any politician in the UK. Just because YOU don't like her doesn't make her unpopular. Of course, when you're posting totally fictitious stories as actual events...
Oh, and GPs are self-employed. No-one can force them to do out of hours work if they don't want to.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"Unpopular'? She has the highest approval rating of any politician in the UK. Just because YOU don't like her doesn't make her unpopular".

I am speaking of the women of Govan who hate her with a passion, I have always said this, for the record, I don't like her either, but then I know her personally.

Hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

Send it to the BBC then.

Anonymous said...

Regarding GPs, the Scottish Government is ultimately responsible for the NHS.

Before the SNP came to power, they rightly criticised the decision to close one of three hospitals: Monklands, Hairmyres or Wishaw. Lab/Lib said it was down to the Trust. In came the SNP and, lo and behold, the plans were scrapped.

The Health Secretary can override the NHS Trusts. And it is the NHS Trust who is fucking about with out-of-hours, not the GPs. I don't give a shit who is in power. If they start screwing around with the NHS, they are on dangerous ground.

As for popularity, let's remember how popular a certain Mr Blair was. All politicians soon become unpopular. It's a curse. But Sturgeon should never have been leader. If Salmond hadn't ridden to the rescue a few years ago, she would have been heavily defeated in the leadership contest. Why is she leader now? There isn't a single credible alternative, except John Swinney in my opinion. (Not that there are many politicans of substance in Scotland anyway).