Wednesday, September 23, 2015

SNP Phoney War: SNP MSP John Mason hits out at sycophantic SNP backbenchers towing the party line, you can’t make a sheep into a lion, is this the start of a phoney SNP scam to trick the public into thinking that SNP MSP are standing up for people’s rights, 8 years too late for Nicola Sturgeon to play the ‘heroine’

Dear All

Do you known what a phoney war?

It is the illusion of conflict where none exists, as some people are regular readers to the blog, you will know that I speak my mind as I see things unfold before me. I don’t like to flower things up and soft soap things because it tends to water down points.

I prefer the stark truth, a brutal truth said in a manner that leaves no one in any doubt where I stand on an issue, you might not like my opinion, but I don’t tend to blindly follow the leader because, from experience as we have seen, many leaders get it wrong.

Angela Merkel for example blew it in Europe over the migrant crisis; I spent a bit of time reviewing footage of that events and archive contributions from various politicians speaking in the native parliaments.

The mood of Europeans is going to turn, and when it does, Europe will face its greatest test since World War 2.

Civil war to reclaim Europe’s streets!

But lets leave that for now, and turn to a theme on the blog, the Scottish National Party is a party within a party, it’s a cult. This was my view even as an SNP member watching from the sidelines, the cult members are little more than sheep. And not very smart sheep at that, team work is essential in politics, but what the SNP cult does is blindly follow the ‘cult of personality’, this is a tool used by despots.

My first campaign for the SNP was in 2008, it was the Glasgow East by-election, the person who won it was John Mason; he beat Margaret Curran by 365 votes. The SNP put a lot of resources and people into achieving that win. It was during the height of the Westminster expenses scandal which was raging; some people at Westminster had abused the system.

It left the door open for the SNP to proof from other people’s greed and stupidity. 

When the General election of 2010 popped up, John Mason lost his seat, as I pointed out to him on two separate occasions, he wasn’t doing enough to hold onto it. I was right, he got it wrong and he lost.

In 2011, Mason was elected to Holyrood in the Glasgow Shettleston, beating Frank McAveety, I had campaigned and helped John Mason in three elections. When doing his losing speech Frank McAveety talked about the ‘resurrection’, I was one of the guys who nailed him up to the cross.

The SNP in Government have failed over 8 years to make any real change to the lives of the people of Scotland, health, education and law and order, the big three are disasters. The Scottish referendum resulted in no work being done by elected SNP members in government as they abandoned their desks to chase the independence dream.

John Mason’s stinging attack on his fellow SNP backbenchers for failing to effectively scrutinise the Government may on the surface seem like ‘rebel’ behaviour but to be honest, I don’t see it as that in anyway shape or form. The SNP as I discovered like to play games with people, so in future we may see this ‘debate’ suddenly spring up where some of the sheep take unpopular Nicola Sturgeon to task. The after a ‘show’ is put on, Nicola Sturgeon says she is listening and changes a few meaningless things to make out that she runs a ‘listening government’.

To quote Nicola Sturgeon:


Mason added some of his colleagues in the SNP were "overly protective of the party line", this is possibly because in the SNP, there is a Gestapo or political commissar group of people who silence dissent. If you speak out in the SNP, you can be targeted; this was my experience when I suggested that Osama Saeed should be replaced as a candidate with someone better. Apparently, my suggestion prompted a person called Richard Bache to contact me to ‘warn’ me off, Bache was a friend of William Begg who is better known as the ‘Limbs in the Loch’ killer, Bache also copied into the email the SNP MSP James Dornan; Dornan wasn’t a member of the Pollok SNP branch. Dornan recently decided to ‘follow’ me on twitter, and I asked him to leave, this is twice that he has tried to follow me. As I said to him in a tweet, ‘I don’t forgive or forget the nasty smear campaign against me in the SNP’.

So, some people dubbed the SNP, the Yestapo, except they don’t wear black leather coats or carry 9mm Luger pistols. Although Yestapo is used as a joke, what makes it funny is not the name which is pretty good but how close it touches on how the sinister side of the SNP operates.

Will democracy flourish in Holyrood, well if you take at look at the evidence then you can come to one conclusion, the answer is no, proposals to move towards elected committee convenors, rather than having the roles allocated by party bosses, was rejected by the SNP-dominated standards committee.

Do you really believe that Nicola sturgeon is listening, are you really that politically sad and lost?

Liberal Democrat Alison McInnes said Holyrood's committee system was in need of reform, fair enough comment but where she is wildly OTT is when she adds:

“Every member has a responsibility to scrutinise legislation and policies proposed by their own party just as closely as they would if they were proposed by an opponent.”

That isn’t how it works in the Scottish National Party, it’s a cult, and that is what people should remember, these people aren’t interested in democracy, they are interested in power, these people aren’t interested in helping the public, they are interested in helping themselves and their relatives.

Who is kidding who?

If you see some of the ‘Sheep’ appearing in the Herald or the National screaming about the SNP Government doing something wrong, then Sturgeon appearing to fix this ‘oversight’, which is then followed by a photo op of her with people and preferably holding onto a kid; you can be fair certainly that many people will see it for what it is.


Once a sheep always a sheep, and if you take the time to listen to the elected SNP ‘nutcases’ you have to wonder what possessed the public to vote in some of the idiots currently drawing a taxpayer funded salary.

You have heard of the Arab Spring, people screaming for change, do you seriously think that radical thinking will suddenly hit SNP like a virus or the common cold? The only virus I saw in the Scottish National Party was what I dubbed the ‘Hunter Virus’, victims were easily recognised by two major characteristics, stupidity and laziness. If you struck up a conversation with a ‘Hunter virus’ victim, you would see a third characteristic, nasty vicious personality coupled with a strong desire to express how much of a dullard they are. 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University   


Anonymous said...

I doubt you'll see any real dissent. Most of the elected members are now sitting in large houses. Mortgaged to the hilt.

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

Does anyone out there agree with me that the snp have hired the scriptwriters for Neighbours to guide their "policy initiatives"? sturgeon's latest claim is that she "trusts the judgement of the Scottish people and it's time the other parties did the same". This from a woman who is, apparently indifferent to the clearly expressed will of the millions of Scots who voted to remain within the UK last September. She is attempting to run a soap opera rather than a "government". She has raised absurdity to a whole new level. The snp are not only doomed to fail, they already have failed to either justify or obtain "independence". They are now engaged in an increasingly desperate attempt to appear relevant and "justify" their enormous salaries and pensions. This is a bubble which must soon burst. They are going nowhere and genuine internal dissent, rather than the soap opera nonsense which you have flagged up in this post, will take them down. Their dream is dead and there is nothing to hold them together any more. sturgeon now has nothing to offer either the neds or the "gradualists. Dead party walking.

G Laird said...

Hi auld jock

here is the tune for neighbours to listen to.


Sherbie. said...

Hahaha, Sturgeon's MP's are starting to FAKE IT. What a bunch of useless arseholes they are. Everytime you see Prime Ministers questions, watch FLIP FLOP Tasmina Sheik, she ALWAYS jumps up on her feet to ask a question. Thankfuly, the Speaker ignores her most times, probably knowing she'll be speaking a LOAD OF SHITE. Can't stand that female at all.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see The Sunday Herald in trouble, scum bags backed the wrong horse

Brilliant as ususal georgieboy


Auld Jock said...

Hello George

Sadly, I am only too familiar with the signature tune for neighbours as well as their naff plots. "The Management" watches it here at home.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr George Laird

I have a perfect solution on how to deal with the SNP bullies. My policy is called population transfere which would solve 2 very major problems in the British Isles and those problems are in Scotland and Northern Ireland. I believe that since the Southern Irish and the Northern Irish Catholic populations wish that Northern Ireland is runited with Southern Ireland (Republic of Ireland) and the SNP separatists dont want to live under British rule (Westminister) that both problems can be solved by POPULATION TRANSFER. How about this the Northern Irish Protestants can be relocated from Northern Ireland to Scotland where they can live under British rule and the SNP separatists can then be relocated from Scotland to Northern Ireland and live under Irish rule. After all the SNP are very big on Celtic pride and brotherhood and sisterhood with the Irish then them being relocated to Northern Ireland wont be a bad thing but a good thing. The Northern Irish Protestant Unionists would be very happy relocating to Scotland and remain under British rule like they want. I Would like to see the SNP separatists removed from mainland Great Britain and sent to Ireland and forced to live their without British money to support their lazy buts and force them to work for living instead of living on the welfare dole, it would do them some good and hopefully will teach them the hard lesson that they were wrong about seperatism and would change them into unionists very quickly. I am of the belief that every SNP member and supporter who refuses to accept the referendum result should have their British citizenship revoked and force them to leave the country in order to bring peace, harmony and unity back to Scotland and Great Britain once and for all. Scotland would be much better if these people left and never came back. I want the Irish to choke on the SNP bullies, can you imagine Sinn Fein and SNP in the same country. Maybe Gery Adams and Nichola Sturgeon can have an affair and together they will have 2 sons called Gomez Adams and Fester Adams.