Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Police Scotland ordered by the Crown Office to investigate Michelle Thomson property allegations, mortgage fraud is a serious offence, people get sent to prison if convicted of that crime, SNP losing the public trust, Nicola Sturgeon says she had “no knowledge”, the SNP had "no knowledge", is the SNP really ‘stronger for Scotland’ Nicola?

Dear All

Deary, deary me, it didn’t take long did it?

The SNP sent the ‘feeble 56’ to Westminster to ‘stand up for Scotland’ and in less than a year, less than 6 months, already the Nationalists have been dogged by scandal and stupidity.

The ‘feeble 56’ are now the ‘feeble 55’.

Michelle Thomson, was one of the people who ran the pro-independence Business for Scotland, most of the ‘businesses’ were looked up by people online and the results were less than impressive.

If you ran a hot dog stand, supported independence, had a few staff, you could have been seen as a ‘big player’ in Business for Scotland.

Business for Scotland, what a load of rubbish! (said loud in a football style chant!)

After fronting this crap, Michelle Thomson was selected as an SNP Candidate; unpopular Nicola Sturgeon was promoting women as part of her drive to win the women’s vote. So, in comes Michelle Thomson and by pure bad luck for the people of Edinburgh West, she gets elected.

Goes to Westminster, and then she claims she is the victim of a smear campaign as her email account is released from a data hack on adultery website Ashley Madison. Of course, adultery is nothing new in the Scottish National Party as many of the leading Nationalists like to shag behind their partner’s back.

Dishing out ‘social justice’ between someone’s legs… stronger for Scotland!

Anyway, we now find out that Michelle Thomson; appointed the SNP's business spokeswoman has been suspended from the party after resigning the whip, by doing so, her party membership is also suspended.

So, what the big deal about this time?

Well, it seems that Police Scotland (acting as the forces of law and order) are investigating serious allegations that her property dealings potentially involved mortgage fraud. Mortgage fraud is a rather sticky wicket; they put people in prison for that sort of thing. At present Michelle Thomson said she was looking forward to being cleared of any wrongdoing and pledged to co-operate with the Police Scotland probe.

She is claiming she is innocent.

I remember during the Bill Walker case, Bill Walker also said countless times that he was innocent as well, Walker another close pal of Nicola Sturgeon had 24 charges against him, when the jury found him guilty, he was found guilty of 24 charges against him. His pal Nicola Sturgeon didn’t attend his trial, send him a cake with a file in it, or visit him in prison. Almost overnight Bill Walker went from SNP MSP to persona non grata at Holyrood.

12 months in the pokey, commonly known as jail or prison, or being dubbed up.

To show what stand up guys they are down at Police Scotland, they are saying Ms Thomson was not currently subject of an investigation.

Bless their law abiding cotton socks!

The withdrawal of the SNP party whip from Thomson at Westminster also means that she is now an independent.

It has been ages since Scotland had an independent ‘Nationalist’ MP at Westminster; maybe she can form her own party. As well as the whip going, she is no longer the spokeswoman for Business, Innovation and Skills.

And she is politically toxic!

The news of the alleged mortgage fraud is a major embarrassment to Nicola Sturgeon who kept telling everyone that ‘SNP women will get things done’, certainly this looks rather badly from a PR point of view.

This bad news follows straight after Nicola Sturgeon back tracked on taking in Syrian refugees to her homestead in Baillieston, poor starving little Syrian children going cold and hungry as Nicola enjoys two big houses to roam about in while eating hot curries.

With the Thomson story breaking, the opposition yet again has decided to ask the most ignorant woman in Scottish politics, Ms Sturgeon what she knew about her MP's background prior to Thomson passing selection as an SNP candidate.

This is quite easy, Sturgeon like in the Bill Walker case knew nothing; Nicola never knows anything about anything, blind, deaf and dumb like the three little monkeys.

Obviously with Thomson’s solicitor, Christopher Hales, being struck off and having a key role in 13 deals closely related to Ms Thomson property business, this case will attract a huge amount of public interest, and the press will be all over this and how close Thomson is to the senior SNP leadership.

See the picture above, don't Nicola and Michelle look real chummy, bestest buddies, amigos.

After a ruling by the Scottish Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal into this affair, matters became rather sticky, which led to the information being passed to the Crown Office.  Police Scotland then became involved on the instructions of the Crown Office; this is one case which is doing to have to go the distance.

Obviously, there will be a great deal of interest in Thomson’s Solicitor Christopher Hales, who was struck off, his story will certainly be of massive interest to everyone and his dug.

Scottish Conservative chief whip John Lamont wants the SNP to explain this affair and who can blame him for his interest.

He added: ‎

"Having tried to ignore these serious allegations for 48 hours, the SNP has hit the panic button. The SNP promised a new politics at Westminster. It has taken a matter of weeks for their shine to wear off."

Scottish Labour said:

"It is now vital that the SNP come clean about this situation, and who knew what, when. Michelle Thomson was vetted by the SNP and deemed to be an acceptable candidate for an election. Senior cabinet ministers have backed her citing her business dealings”.

This little gem caught my eye, and I am sure it would have caught the eye of Nicola Sturgeon, a business partner of Ms Thomson's purchased a home for £64,000 from a cancer sufferer, then sold it to Ms Thomson for £95,000 the same day.

Ms Thomson then allegedly got a 'cashback' payment of more than £28,000 from her business partner.

The £28,000 payment and the fact that her business partner had owned the home for less than six months, wasn't allegedly disclosed to the lender. The lender had allegedly provided a mortgage based on a purchase price of £95,000.Under guidelines, the mortgage company should have been made aware of both details.

Thomson said:

“Once the investigation is concluded I look forward to returning to play a full role in party activities. I will be making no further comment on this matter."

If I was unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, I would say that as a punishment, the £28,000 from the Stirling deal should be paid to the cancer sufferer or if they are deceased then the person's family, before there is even a discussion of accepting Thomson back as an SNP MP.

And if Thomson found this unacceptable, then I would terminate any future discussion or membership application.

Cancer sufferer Nicola, think on that bunny!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the drones will realise that the SNP are just another bunch out to line their pockets in as short as time as possible.
Michelle is history. 2 massive media stories about her in recent weeks. And of course she'll claim a big boy done it and ran away.

Usually when you hear people claiming " I acted within the law" guaranteed they've fucked somebody over.

Sherbie. said...

Oh dear,,, Nicola Sturgeon said she had "no knowledge about Michelle Thompson" . Hmmm,, now where did we hear that before? Ahh, I remember now. She said she "never knew" that her "close friend" Bill Walker was a serial wife beating thug, even though her husband Peter Murrell knew about him, way back in 2008,,, strange that. Sturgeon knows everything about everything, yet knows nothing when it suits. The SNP shame Scotland with their lies and waffle.

Anonymous said... typical yesser , omnimong

Anonymous said...

The Michelle Thomson scandal just gets better....

"A company owned by a nationalist MP linked to a mortgage fraud investigation boasted about flogging Scottish social housing to English investors at dramatically reduced prices, Scrapbook can reveal."

Now just think about that for a moment, roll that thought around your head.

Here we have a Nationalist MP, bragging about 'English investors' being impressed with Scottish social housing they have just purchased!

You could not make it up...

Freddy said...

This whole thing stinks this sort of thing is dodgy morally never mind legally I await police Scotland's probe with relish.

Anonymous said...

Yes the Wee Hairy knew. Informed by Thompson's branch members.

Smudge said...

Just looking at Sturgeon and Thompson in the photo,,, Tartan Toffs, absolutely loaded, yet still the NATZ sheep can't see it. How much more will emerge from this. The SNP are as bad as any other party. Austerity? What austerity?,, ohhh, and i wonder what Angus Robertson's girlfriend, Jennifer Dempsie got, in return for the taxpayers £150.000 funding for T in the Park. We should be told shouldn't we? Was she paid a bonus? Income Tax, was there any due if she was "rewarded" for services rendered? All these questions and probably more should be publicly answered. We're talking about "Our Money,, Taxpayers Money". It was obvious that this was going to be "SWEPT UNDER THE CARPET,, WHITEWASHED", by Sturgeon/ Hyslop, corrupt shower. The corrupt SNP shames Scotland. I wonder what'll be next to come out from the Rat Ship? Tick Tock.