Monday, September 28, 2015

Refugees not welcome, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon backtracks on her vow to let Syrian refugees stay at her home in Baillieston, this shallow hollow woman is entirely vacuous, inept, fake, insincere and untrustworthy, I guess ‘caring’ Nicola Sturgeon isn’t too bothered that homeless Syrian children are going hungry and suffering unless a TV camera is stuck in her face, 'cue the fake tears Nicola, we are live in 3.. 2...1'

Dear All

Long ago but not that long ago, it was 2012, in my capacity as a ‘roving reporter’ on the campaign trial, I trooped into an election hustings hosted by the Sunny Govan radio station in a Church hall in Kinning Park, to cover the Glasgow City Council election.

During the debate, the SNP Candidate Allison Hunter standing in Ward 5 muttered that the plight of refugees brought her close to tears.

Aye right!

I knew Mrs Hunter as a member of the Scottish National Party; she was a horrible nasty individual with a massive chip on shoulder. I found her comments to the audience and to the listening radio audience to be laughable, so much so, I wrote a post about the event and what I thought of it and those standing for public office.

If you want you can read my take by clicking on the link.

The Scottish National Party likes to exploit people and their suffering for their own ends to gain power and political advantage. Allison Hunter was no more caring about the plight of refugees as a Serbian winter would be; she was also lazy and inept. Ironically, after she passed away the SNP apparently setup the Allison Hunter Training School. That is how ridiculous the SNP is, Alex Salmond described Hunter as a ‘great leader’, of course, Salmond gets a lot wrong but this judgment stretched the bizarre to a whole new level.

Have you heard the expression M.I.A, missing in action, well that was exactly what Mrs Hunter was in her ward, when I asked people who was the SNP Councillor in the Govan by-election, I sometimes got Margo MacDonald or even Nicola Sturgeon, no one it seems knew Mrs Hunter.

No legacy there it seems.

What Allison Hunter had in common with her ‘pal’ Nicola Sturgeon was the ability to express fake concern as to the needs of other people. In my last post, I said a few things, such as Nicola Sturgeon is a rat, and also that she is a shallow hollow woman, entirely vacuous, inept, fake, insincere and untrustworthy. Of course this type of ‘rebel’ talk upsets her sycophantic followers who believe that she is going to deliver for them Scottish independence.

Where a ‘jolly fat man’ like Alex Salmond couldn’t tread, Sturgeon will conquer, she will end austerity, she will bring a land of milk and honey, she will bring nirvana to the masses.

More chance of winning the Euro millions!

You may have noticed that I have been commenting on the migrant crisis, ideas that I have floated in the past online such as new EU border force and internal EU immigration may about to come into operation.

The Scottish National Party has been commenting on the migrant crisis, using this as a stick to beat the Conservative Government as being ‘uncaring’. In truth, the Conservatives have taken a sensible approach, it is cautious and it should be; national security concerns are at stake here.

ISIS terrorists!

The SNP as I have said many times in the past have been trying to portray Nicola Sturgeon as likeable, in countless stage managed political events, a kid is placed into Nicola Sturgeon’s arms in front of photographers and TV crews to create an image of a caring and concerned person.

I also blogged on the rubbish of Nicola Sturgeon: I was 'internally conflicted' about her Vogue photo shoot. Did you buy into her attempt to get you to connect with her on some level, did you feel her pain? Did you wonder, was Nicola Sturgeon alright, juggling with looking unglamorous and being inept in charge of the Scottish Government?

Did you shed silent tears into your big fluffy white pillow that night?

Me neither and I need new pillows!

During the migrant crisis, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon used the plight of others for political advantage which led to her making ‘the vow’.

Nicola Sturgeon said in a Sky TV interview she would give a home to Syrian refugees, her home in Glasgow, Nicola, hubby and Syrian refugees, one big happy family, all munching round the dinner table.

When I heard this, I didn’t think, Nicola Sturgeon is a wonderful human being, gosh I was so wrong about her in the past, no, I thought then as I do now….. she is a rat.

Despite claiming that she would be 'absolutely happy' to help refugees on September 6, it appears she is U turning on ‘the Vow’.

What about the homeless Syrian children Nicola?

Her spokesman has said there were no plans for Syrian refugees to live in her home in Ballieston in the East End of Glasgow. When Sturgeon made the promise this made national headlines, another PR stunt which has been exposed as a sham, there is as I said a genuine lack of talent in the SNP and ethics.

Her spokesman said:

‘She said she would be willing to do it if that’s what it took, but she did not say that there were any plans for that to happen. So if you’re phoning to find out if there’s an update, then there is no update.’

Now remember, she said she would house Syrian refugees in her own home:

“Yes, I would”.

She added:

“And I’ve actually been overwhelmed myself over the past few days with messages from people across Scotland saying that they personally would be happy to give a home temporarily – or for a longer period of time – to somebody fleeing Syria.”

Apparently Scotland’s unpopular First Minster Nicola Sturgeon is currently living her official residence, Bute House in Edinburgh, I was under the impression that she said she wasn’t going to live there but stay in Glasgow.

Is that another promise broken?

Nicola Sturgeon has made ‘the vow’, hiding in Bute House doesn’t change that, but lets be real for a minute, what do you expect from a shallow hollow woman, entirely vacuous, inept, fake, insincere and untrustworthy?

One wonders what her sycophantic followers will make of her backtracking; will they see the real Nicola Sturgeon? Will they realise that they are being taken for mugs, used as cheap labour, pissed on without the courtesy of the SNP cult calling it rain?

In politics, you don’t actually have to be a rat if you don’t want to be, something that Dreghorn’s shop soiled white hope Nicola Sturgeon should remember. Reengaging on a promise, how common and totally lacking in class, Sturgeon might have lots of money, but in so many ways she is poor.

Finally, I guess; the people of Scotland will have to miss out on the headline by Nicola Sturgeon:

‘I just love my new little Syrian Mammy’!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

STONGER FOR Scotland we are split like we haven't seen since 1745, the last two digits are somewhat appropriate .

Great piece again Georgieboy


Anonymous said...

Brillant piece

Anonymous said...

Never a truer word has been spoken. Wonder when they will take him to court.

Ian said...

This is very good, you are a must read on Scottish politics Geo, I love these little articles you pump out, full of info and funny with it.

Ian said...

some people George are so shallow as you pointed out, and this sorry episode is just another example of why the SNP need to be removed from power in Scotland.

Andrew Nicolson said...

To be honest I may make a lot of comebacks around this article. The best one would be try presenting facts, not just one sided arguments.

vonnyk61 said...

Now I know why she does it. Another Referendum. Blame Westminster for the war in Syria and win votes from the refugees she saved, who will be her Scottish subjects. All hail Queen Nicola I of Scotland. Fly wee poison dwarf.