Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sleekit, devious, untrustworthy, morally bankrupt, deceptive liars, menial and mental pygmies totally out of their depth, devoid of class and statesmanship, this pretty much sums up why the SNP leadership of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon lost the Scottish independence, so now you know why indyref 2 isn't on the cards anytime soon

Dear All

There were a range of issues which lost the Scottish independence referendum, chiefly the worst mistake was the SNP leadership of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon lied, lied and lied.

On the issue of currency they tried to hoodwink Scots into the belief that they could still use the pound and it would be backed the Bank of England.

“It’s our pound” was the cry!

If Scotland became independent they would then dump the pound and have to set up a new currency of their own and a Central Bank.


Because EU regulations for States wishing to be included in the current setup demand it, no currency of your own, no acceptance of potential membership!

And understand this because it is important, no way round it!

During the referendum Alistair Darling who led the BT campaign played an effective game, some people thought he was right for the role, I never had a doubt.

Leadership is more than just personality, it’s about gravitas, he had it, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon don’t; they just leap from short term crisis to short term crisis to garner votes.

Populism may get you into public office but it won’t keep you there, sooner or later the tide of public opinion will force you out. When you do get ejected it is usually because the public has had enough of you and your antics.

Alex Salmond infuriated people in the Yes camp because he was selling a pile of crap dressed up as a blueprint, Joan McAlpine tried to give it gravitas by saying it was an important document like the American Constitution.

Fuck off with that shite!

The White Paper was a badly cobbled together piece of rubbish devoid of substance and frankly a joke, a blue print for an entire country in 650 pages?


When pressed on alternate plans, Salmond said of course there is a plan B and C and D, when directly asked he never answered what they are. Probably because he would then be forced to admit that plan A was a con trick, a massive fraud attempted on Scots.

Lots of Scots fell for it to their shame; they placed people’s lives in danger by their stupidity, the black hole in Scotland’s finances was about around £7 billion. You put that out of Scotland’s budget and people down the line suffer.

And die.

“Sterlingisation” was not the worst lie, the automatic EU membership was even greater, when the SNP got found out on that lie, they change it to of course we would have to discuss terms but we can do it from inside.

That ‘from inside’ was another lie, you have to leave the UK first before you can apply for membership, there is no negotiation from the ‘inside’ because technically part of a current state cannot be accepted for membership.

You have to be totally out.

Another lie was when the SNP said ‘look at German reunification, if they can do it so can we, the situation was quite different, German reunification was first and foremost a matter of internal German politics outside the scope of the EU.

An EU State can enlarge and still keep its membership because it already has it.

On the issue of currency, I was always convinced that a new currency was needed even while I was an SNP member; there is no other option if you want EU membership.

Jim Sillars at present is calling for the launch of indyref 2 and wants a second attempt with a new currency being centre piece.

The boat on indy has sailed, and more importantly, indy is beyond the scope of the SNP to deliver, just as the majority of people wouldn’t back Alex Salmond, they won’t back unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

At present the SNP is riding high, because there is no one seen to be able to challenge them, the main parties are crying out for new blood to come in and bring back their fortunes.

The SNP said many of the institutions such as the BBC won’t change; we later found out that they planned to scrap the BBC.

If the SNP had gone with a separate Scottish currency, a proper white paper and played it straight, they still would have lost but they opted for lying, their supporters used terror tactics, bullying and intimidation.

In the end, the SNP was always going to lose because they had dropped their mask and exposed themselves as they really are nasty, vile vicious people prepared to lie and cheat to get hold of a country to which they planned to use to benefit themselves at the expense of the many.

When I was in the SNP I genuinely didn’t know what these people were like, after I left, I decide as a lifelong indy supporter that there was no way I was turning my country over to these people.

In my area, the Pollok Constituency I helped save Govan Shipbuilders, the BBC and the NHS, all of these organisations would have been crippled by the stupidity of the SNP.

And I am proud that I helped people I never even met keep their jobs, get medical treatment and report the news, independence was supposed to be about the future benefit of the people, not what the SNP meant benefit of the rich, which they were so willing to climb into bed with.

Lying by Alex Salmond and Nicola sturgeon killed indy for a generation!

Yours sincerely

George Laird 
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

With a bit of luck they have killed it off for ever George, I see they are jumping on the bandwagon about those 3 scumbags taken out yesterday. I'm not David Cameron's biggest fan but i'll give him the nod on this and any other time he sends in a drone to blow up some of these scumbags. I wouldn't trust these morons to not selectively leak the reasons why they were blown up even if told and put people lives at risk.

Anonymous said...

Cameron put UK security first so sturgeon and salmons can shut up as they don't care for homeland security, they didn't lose loved ones in any warrant but they love making those now vets suffer through homelessness and starvation...GET YOUR PRIORITIES RIGHT YOU PAIR OF NUMPTIES.....LOOK AFTER OUR OWN AT HOME FIRST.....WE DON't need to house refugees when there are 10,000 names on the housing list in aberdeenshire alone......

Anonymous said...

I was prepared to listen to the arguments for and against independence. What blew the SNP's case out of the water were Currency, EU and Defence.

Currency was totally mishandled. EU membership was tainted by the hooha over legal advice (never figured that argument out). As to Defence, I don't trust the SNP one bit.

Indyref2 cannot be allowed to happen. We have a Scottish election next year, closely followed by an EU referendum (which might blow up in the SNP's face). If referendum was to be held, it would have to be in 2018 or 2019, too close to elections again. On some nationalist sites (not the lunatic mob), some supporters are stating that it must be held before 2020, otherwise the SNP simply won't have any momentum left. That will explain Sillars' desperation.

All Cameron needs to do is ignore Sturgeon. Legally, there is bugger all that she can do. I would love her to try the old UDI move, as that would fuck everything up.

Anon, the waiting list around Glasgow is horrendous. Basically, if you are after social housing, forget it.

Anonymous said...

Two polls showing backing for independence. Sadly I think its inevitable now.

The drop in the oil price should have exposed the SNP for what it really is. Its as though all common sense has gone out of the window.