Monday, September 14, 2015

False Flag, Nicola Sturgeon’s latest con trick, re ‘triggers’ for second indyref fall flat on their face as a third of Scots will be less likely to vote SNP, seems the ‘popularity’ of Sturgeon is heading towards ‘free fall’, Scotland won’t vote for independence under the Scottish National Party, SNP became irrelevant on 18th September 2014

Dear All

Did you catch that bullshit line that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon was spinning at the weekend re ‘triggers’ for second independence referendum?

Do you know what that it is about?

It isn’t about Scottish independence.

That’s gone!

It’s all about Nicola Sturgeon trying to hold onto Labour voters that deserted the party and voted SNP, it’s all about trying to get a second majority; it’s all about keeping people working as cheap labour for the Scottish National Party Cult.

Not for the benefit of Scotland, not for the benefit of Scots but to line the pockets of a select few SNP members and their relatives.

As Sturgeon screams ‘freedom’ blah blah blah, events has moved forward, people in Scotland are sick to death of politics and have no appetite for another ‘liefest’ called Scottish independence referendum Mk2.

Nicola Sturgeon is running a false flag operation re indyref 2, it isn’t going to happen; she is literally playing new SNP members for mugs. 

Bottom line is this; she won’t get another Section 30 order from Westminster, any chance of independence vanished in the last campaign riddled with “Nationalist” lies from Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, and the anti- English hatred by the Nationalists hate mob.  

They showed their true colours.

A new poll says a third of Scots would be less likely to vote SNP if the party promises another independence referendum in its Holyrood election 2016 manifesto.

I will say it again, people are sick of politics and want change, real change, not fairy tales of Nirvana which are just smoke.

Even if Sturgeon does her ‘con trick’ of using ‘triggers’, it might head off the hardliners but it won’t wash with the public.

Sturgeon won’t attempt an independence bid unless she can win and Scotland won’t vote independence under the Scottish National Party.

The Scottish National Party is irrelevant, it became irrelevant on 18th September 2014, Alex Salmond marched his troops up to the top of the hill and he had to march them back down defeated.

What was Westminster 2015?

Westminster 2015 was Scotland doing a cull of Labour MPs, because the Labour Party wouldn’t do it, it wasn’t that people wanted the SNP, it was that there was no one else capable of removing them at the ballot box.

It seems that the public disapproval of Scottish Labour isn’t over, they face a real hard in Holyrood 2016; only 22% plan to vote Labour. Kezia Dugdale has a mountain to climb, and it’s a big one.

Labour needs new blood, not the same careerist Blair clones straight from University but ordinary people to rebuild their party, their image and their activist base.

If you think that Nicola Sturgeon’s threat is worth getting hyped up about then don’t, it is about trying to hold former Labour voters to stick with the SNP, if they do, it will be cause the SNP are offering better election bribes nothing else.

This is a false flag operation by the Scottish National Party.

If she was serious in anyway shape or form, she would just put a second referendum into the manifesto, she isn’t serious, she is playing silly games to con people.

And she hopes that Scots are gullible enough to swallow it, hook, line and sinker.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Terry Summers said...

No section 30 order = no Indyref2! Cameron says he won't sign another in this Parliament. Triggers or no triggers I won't happen. Once again Sturgeon, Hosie and Salmond claiming to offer that which is not in their power to deliver.
You would think that the people will decide mantra must be wearing thin, but I was talking to a committed (should be) SNP supporter today and he was convinced Indyref2 would now happen, he did not know what a Section 30 order was or why they would need one, his final comment after I explained it was UDI.
Even Sturgeon, Hosie and Salmond would go pale at that prospect!!

Anonymous said...

As a non-Scot, I really feel for you guys - we may have some cretins of our own, but this is just becoming a joke. I have no respect for the SNP. The only thing that I will say in their favour is at least Sturgeon isn't as horrendously insufferable as Salmond. Oh, and they stopped foxhunting from returning, but it's not enough to go on, is it?

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

Perhaps Terry misunderstood his separatist friend's remark. Maybe the acronym meant "unparalleled disaster imminent". If so, this guy might be the only separatist who knows where the snp are headed.

Anonymous said...

I really wish Sturgeon would stop going on about another bloody Referendum. She promised it was "once in a lifetime". And she has the cheek to accuse the unionist side about the Vow!

UDI is totally misunderstood by many, especially the cybernat brigade. I'd love to see Sturgeon threaten it.

Stuart 64W said...

Anonymous Terry Summers said...

I was talking to a committed (should be) SNP supporter today and he was convinced Indyref2 would now happen, he did not know what a Section 30 order was or why they would need one, his final comment after I explained it was UDI.

UDI would lead to only one thing, civil war....

Freddy said...

Don't see a conservative government of any type signing a section 30 order George. The Labour party is about to repeat the mistakes of the 1980's although it might be only for one election if they wise up. If not it could be a long time before the country sees a Labour government, the battles that the new labour leader wants to fight were lost decades ago unfortunately he can't see that.

Anonymous said...

Spot on again georgieboy.are u running for da council.? Crookie

Anonymous said...

The sad fact is there is a fairly significant proportion of the Scottish electorate who have become 'radicalised' by the snp and so will swallow this just as wee nikki is hoping. I agree that there's not going to be a new section 30 zny time soon but I'd rather see some specific legislation put in place to make it clear that referendums on independence won't even be contemplated except maybe once every 30 years (Less often would suit me fine) make it clear to the radicalised mob that mumping their gums is just a hobby nothing more.

G Laird said...

Hi Crookie,

I have always said no matter what, I will be a candidate in 2017, if a party accepts me then fine, if not I will go and do it myself all over again.


Anonymous said...

Happy to support you Georgieboy whatever party , except u know who :)


bucksboy said...

Terrific article thanks. SNP running out of time. Wonder for how long Nicky can string the members along.