Tuesday, September 29, 2015

SNP Cabinet Minister Fiona Hyslops offers to mediate in the Spanish Constitution power crisis, the Scottish Nationalists like to present themselves as worthy of stepping onto the world stage, get Fiona Hyslop a broom and Humza Yousaf a shovel and plastic bag, the stage should be spotless for real politiicans

Dear All

Although April fool’s day has passed, we should remember that we are still surrounded by fools.

The SNP Government want to stick their noses in the Spain and Catalonia dispute, many people in Catalonia want to break away from Spain altogether and form their own country.

I seriously doubt this would be in the long term interests of Spain or the people of Catalonia, and I also doubt that anyone in the internal community of the EU will back this separation. Catalonia is by en-large a wealthy part of Spain, people there believe they contribute too much to the rest of Spain in taxes. I don’t have the figures to hand but a country is much more than just money. Spain has had a bloody history, some people remember the Spanish civil war in the 1930’s, a terrible time in the history of that country.

Many people died.

Catalan nationalists had done well in recently elections mirroring what the SNP did against the Scottish Labour Party, in both countries people wanted change, meaningful change, they felt they couldn’t get it with the people representing them so they took the chance on backing the Nationalists.

In Scotland, the Nationalists act like a party of opposition refusing to use the powers they have in government and blaming Westminster for their failures. Also in Scotland, we have a divided society, a society of ‘Us and Them’, a society were hatred flourishes.

This is what the legacy of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon is… pure hatred of anyone who opposes the Nationalists. Now, the SNP wants to offer to mediate between Spain and Catalonia to help ‘solve’ the constitutional crisis. Scottish Nationalists have already aligned themselves to Catalonia nationalists so it is doubtful that the Spanish would entertain them, and also foreign affairs are a reserved issue to Westminster.

The SNP has no business trying to interfere in the domestic political situation in Spain, and I fully expect them to be rebuffed, and receive no help from the British Foreign Office. Although some saw the election in Spain as a proxy referendum on independence, it wasn’t, in much the same way that Westminster 2015 wasn’t a proxy referendum either.

If the Catalonia Government was to go down the road of a Scottish-style vote it would be illegal, and lead to possible violence. The government in Barcelona maybe on a collision course with Madrid but do they want civil war?

This is the question because all others are meaningless.

SNP Cabinet Secretary Fiona Hyslop who is up to her neck in scandal from the T in the Park mess wants to "mediate and assist both the Spanish and Catalan governments", presumably she will do this along with Humza Yousaf who some people think is an outright idiot.

The Spanish Government of Conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy will not be swayed by any SNP offer, and is pretty much laid his cards out on the table, rejection any democratic vote in Catalonia from an illegal referendum.

Spain's Constitutional Court vetoed a putative referendum last year and that stands as is.

Hyslop said:

"We congratulate those who have been successful in the Catalan elections. What happens next is a matter for the people and the Governments of Catalonia and Spain. The constitutional arrangements in Scotland and the UK which paved the way for last year’s legally binding independence referendum, and a vibrant constitutional debate, were part of a process agreed by both the Scottish and UK Governments. The constitutional arrangements in Scotland and the UK are clearly different to those of Spain and Catalonia but should we be invited we stand ready to share our experiences with Spain and Catalonia."

Will Hyslop tell the Spanish Government of the hatred that the Nationalists whipped up; will they tell of the intimidation, the bullying, the harassment and the criminality of the Yes side?

Can you imagine two idiots like Fiona Hyslop and Humza Yousaf using their phoney made up titles trying to pass themselves off as worthy to be on the international stage, the UN, they certainly aren’t.

It maybe that that Europe is heading towards civil unrest and civil war down the line, but the last thing we need is the small minded Scottish Nationalist ‘wisdom’ cluttering the place up. Fiona Hyslop has already exhibited bad judgment in T in the Park; she was formerly removed as Education Secretary by Alex Salmond.

We would be better trying to find two tubes on a work experience programme and send them instead.

It would be cheaper.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  


Anonymous said...

Humza is running around trying to find some A=lister to take in a Syrian family.
Nae luck so far.
Desperate for a feel good story.

Freddy said...

Lol George seen Hyslop on tv squirming a little @ the questions but they won't give a toss anyway. You couldn't make it up a company that's made over 10 million in the past 3 years getting 150k because she thought they were going to move away from Scotland. The festival market in England is pretty full they would have problems even getting a venue.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

“Humza is running around trying to find some A=lister to take in a Syrian family”.

I think that is terribly nice of him, I assume he has already taken in a Syrian family himself?

“Nae luck so far”.

Probably he should try Nicola Sturgeon again at her home in Baillieston, or Bute House.

“Desperate for a feel good story”.

Yes, given the T in the Park and Michelle Thomson stories, the SNP need a divert story.


Anonymous said...

Hyslop is a joke. She denied being in communication with the T in Park woman, yet when it was pointed out that numerous emails had been sent to her, she denied reading them personally!

If that is true, then she is unfit to be an MSP, let alone a minister, if she cannot even manage her communications properly.

As for Catelonia, I can she the SNP stirring things up. Perhaps too much, and they will be exposed for the amateurs that they are when it comes to international politics.

Sherbie. said...

Liars, the lot of them,, LIARS. The SNP SHAME SCOTLAND WITH THEIR LIARS!!!

Smudge said...

Another whitewash verdict by this shower of crooks in Holyrood. Fiona Hyslop should be sacked,,,, nothing, but a useless waste of space and money. That cronie couldn't run a bath. Seems to me that the NATS in Holyrood and Westminster have a death wish,,,, hooorrraaayyyyy.

Terry Summers said...

The 56 are now 55. The shine is coming off the SNP's Westminster cohort. SNP are totally against sleaze at Westminster, unless it is the who are benefitting. I'm looking forward to more revelations like this.

s said...

Who would want a couple of CLOWNS, useless clowns at that, on your side. Hyslop should be sacke. E- mail her and tell her what you think of her, and un-elected Humza,, well,, waste of space and money.

Anonymous said...

Humza Yousaf is a joke politician, holding a joke position in the Scottish Government.

G Laird said...

Hi Terry

10 green bottles, and if one green bottle should accidently fall...

"The 56 are now 55".

There is now an independent Scottish MP at Westminster.

"The shine is coming off the SNP's Westminster cohort".

Yes, it didn't take long did it.

"SNP are totally against sleaze at Westminster, unless it is the who are benefitting. I'm looking forward to more revelations like this".

Well, we must remember that innocent until proven guilty applies in all cases.

Still the bad PR will be hard for the SNP to body swerve.

Now, lets look at the other 55.


G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

I seriously doubt the organisers of T in the Park would have walked away from using Scotland.

This thing makes a huge profit.


Freddy said...

I doubt it either George it's a facile excuse to use, they should get the boss up and ask if he said he would leave or cut it back. Cue lots of music fans saying they did right I see Neil Findlay put a post on Facebook about asking for some funding for a small community enterprise but was told there was none. says it all cue Sturgeon in a classroom full of kids etc :) .

Anonymous said...

MAYBE Sean Cunterry will take the Syrians , another master piece Georgieboy