Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Scotland’s shame and disgrace, SNP appeasers demand answers following death of Aberdeen jihadist Ruhul Amin, Article 51 of the United Nations charter, says member states have an "inherent right of self-defence", thank God that Scotland doesn’t have these people in charge of security

Dear All

When the SNP sent the ‘feeble 56’ to Westminster, I knew it would only be a matter of time before they opened their mouths and be shown up as a laughing stock in the full glare of the House of Commons.

Misguided Scots sent SNP ‘clowns’ to Westminster and the ‘clowns’ did their voters proud.

Westminster is now like an SNP crèche for the weak minded to spout the most ridiculous drivel. In their attempts to present themselves as meaningful and a force, they just comes across as non statesmanlike and totally out of their depth.

Westminster isn’t a student debate society.

The Syrian crisis is filling the headlines at present as Europe experiences the biggest movement of people since the Second World War. As people seek solutions, the SNP has become involved themselves in doing tat, providing no insights and no realistic plans to cope beyond the challenges presented to aid workers.

Nicola Sturgeon has offered to take a Syrian ‘refugee’ into her own home, cheap tawdry political point scoring; one wonders how long that would last before the ‘refugee’ ‘leaves’. I find it amusing how Sturgeon keeps ‘upping the ante’ to sell the image that she is a decent human being, one wonders who she is trying to prove that to?

US Foreign policy has always interested me going right back to the days of Henry Kissenger. Kissenger was seen as one of the great diplomats of the American administration.

In recent years, the US has been very active in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and they encouraged what was termed the ‘Arab Spring’ in places such as Egypt and Syria. When the US backed rebels seeking change in Syria, I spoke out that they had made a mistake, for all its faults the Syrian regime had stable government. The rebels tried to take over the country and failed, this left the US in a tricky position, the majority of Syrians decided that they wished to stick with the Government.

So US support kind of withered and died out pretty quickly.

Onto the scene came ISIS, they wanted to create an Islamic State, not by democratic means but by the old time served method of murder. Some British Muslims decide that they wanted to join this group who don’t believe in law and order, or government or even due process. They subscribed to known of the recognised cornerstones of a democracy.

One of the famous murderers of ISIS is someone dubbed Jihad John; he likes to torture people and cut their heads while it is being filmed. The videos of his murders are posted and he appears to gloat and enjoy what he has done. Apparently the security services now know who this individual is and where he is from. Just as Jihad John decided to be a recreational killer, several other British Muslims have followed in his footsteps such as Ruhul Amin, previously known as Abdul Raqib Amin. Amin was born in Bangladesh but had lived in Britain. Another known terrorist is Cardiff-born Reyaad Khan, he made videos trying to get other British Muslims to follow his lead and engage in terrorism.

Prime Minister David Cameron previously sought support in the House of Commons for military action in Syria, the Commons spoke and they came firmly to the decision not at this time. When the vote was going through and it came out as No. I thought and still do, that the right decision had been made by MPs. I also came to the conclusion that the West and that does mean the US and UK needed to back the Syrian Government. That was a tough ask as they had been mad keen on regime change and to go back to Syria and build bridges after what happened was a challenge.

The US had misjudged the situation rather badly and I think they know it.

Syria was still on the radar because of ISIS and the Syrian ‘refugee’ crisis has again focused minds.

So, should there be at this point in time military action in Syria by the US and UK?

That is problem running through the mind of David Cameron at present, he needs to sell that to the House of Commons, my gut feeling is yes, but only if it is done with the cooperation of the Syrian Government and not done in civilian residential areas. ISIS is a threat to the West and to innocent people in Syria; no one is safe from these people as their videos show.

Drone strikes are a highly controversial form of warfare, the technology isn’t what most people can get their head round, as a form of warfare it has its uses. It allows the military to do different things such as airstrikes or collect intelligence without placing the lives of pilots at risk. The drone programme isn’t new; the technology is widely used not just in the West but by military forces the world over. Youtube is a good resource to look at ‘arms fairs’ held in places like Jordan. At these fairs you can get the latest in military hardware and software, arms fairs are usually restricted to invitation only but if you had the chance, definitely worth spending a couple of days going round the stands.

Ex-St Machar Academy pupil Ruhul Amin and Cardiff-born Reyaad Khan were killed in drone attacks. The death of anyone isn’t a cause for celebration but we should remember that these two people decided that they wanted to be actively involved in terrorism. Some people in the Nationalist community in Scotland have been ‘outraged’ that these two people who were British Citizens weren’t given a trial. In the case of these two, they convicted themselves by their own hands, and in warfare, there is one objective take out the enemy.

I have no problem with the decision made to launch a drone strike that killed these individuals because the way I look at it is this, how many innocent Syrian lives and others have been saved by this action? 

It is extraordinary that the SNP Defence spokesman Brendan O’Hara should stand up and urge David Cameron not to use the situation as a “smokescreen”. Could you imagine an independent Scotland’s military being led by people like Brendan O’Hara?

This man is a fool, dangerous, stupid and naïve, he is the type of person who gets people killed because he doesn’t understand defence or how to defend a country or what obligations we have to make the World a safe place.

Aberdeen North SNP MP Kirsty Blackman wrongly decided to jump on the SNP bandwagon by demanding answers.

She said:

“David Cameron’s announcement leaves a large number of questions over the way in which the UK Government has acted. It is important that we get those answers and that parliament receives as full an explanation as possible of what took place.”

O’Hara added:

“The case for bombing in Syria has simply not been made – and any involvement of British service personnel in bombing without the approval of parliament clearly flouts the democratic decision taken by the House of Commons.”

Some times in warfare, there is a pressing need, in the case of these terrorists, the need couldn’t wait for House of Commons approval; it was the right decision by military personnel.

This episode clearly shows that the SNP doesn’t back British Forces, many of whom are Scots. It also shows what utter trash has been elected by the people of Scotland in the shape of their MPs, when they open their mouths; they just let the wider public know what many in the political bubble know already. The SNP cult is full of shallow simple minded people who have no idea how to run a country or even defend it properly.

And less we forget, convicted out of their mouths, however it is highly unlikely there will be a need to call in a drone strike for their stupidity.

David Cameron is right to say, his first duty is to protect the safety of the British people. The home grown British terrorists were actively involved in recruiting IS sympathisers to orchestrate attacks against the West, to target high-profile public commemorations in the UK.

Maybe someone should hang a sign outside the door of each SNP MP at Westminster, ‘Think before you open your mouth and say something stupid’.

I think it is time now to support military intervention in Syria to assist the current government maintain their stability of their country. I would expect reasonable care to be taken to protect innocent civilians and drone strikes should not be used in urban areas such as towns and cities of Syria.

People want to live a stable country without fear of terrorism and if using drones to take out terrorists is needed then so be it.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Excellent article George.

Had the drone strike been aimed at families or other innocents, then the SNP would have been justified in raising questions.

The SNP are completely wrong in this case. Now the party will be seen in it's true colours. Their purpose is to oppose Westminster, regardless if they are right or wrong. With any luck, Robertson will be dragged onto Newsnight and made to explain why he things these two individuals are anything special.

If he thinks they are entitled to a fair trail - an argument that does have merits - could he then explain precisely how these two would be brought back to Scotland.
In fact, grab Sturgeon while she is making the most of the Queen's visit. Should be easy enough o tie her in knots.

I bet if there was a poll taken, most people would have supported the action of the Government.

Anonymous said...

Well said Sir. The grass stupidity of these SNP politicians is a stain on Scotland.

Freddy said...

As a normal man in the street i must agree with you George. As an East End boy it comes as no surprise that this is the sort of comment you would hear from O'Hara. However if these animals had succeeded there would have been an outcry and quite rightly so, the fake moral outrage of these people makes me sick. I suppose you will get lots of their apologists on bumping their gums instead of using what little brains they have.

Anonymous said...

they are donkeys Georgieboy , funny as Flynn to see Sturgie kissing the Queens ring today


Smudge said...

Brendan O'Hara and Kirsy Blackman, why don't you SHUT YOUR MOUTHS over something you know nothing about. Better taking out these 2 terrorist scumbags now, than reading about a massacre later on. It makes me sick to the back teeth reading comments made by these 2 nationalist no-bodies. I wouldn't let these 2 useless idiots clean up dog shit, let alone trust our country's future to them. I was also listening to the crap Patricia Gibson was spouting in Parliament regarding accepting refugees. Does this STUPID IDIOT not realise that terrorists could be lurking within these groups of refugees. KEEP THEM OUT OF THE UK. We'e full up. Stop trying to grab the headlines Pat Gibson, on something you know NOTHING about.

Anonymous said...

Shameful you would support Jihadists in this way. Utterly comptemptable!

Anonymous said...

how worrying that the SNP cannot see as far as their own nose what is necessary to protect our country. very worrying.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally disgusted with snp thats why I don't vote for them and never will.
I for one do not want any refugees/asylum seekers/terrorists in or even close to the uk. I definitely don't want them in Ayrshire. The first minister should be held responsible for any persons admitted to Scotland that commits any crime, letting these people cross over into our country is nothing less than treason.
So try looking after our people first snp, get the elderly the best living conditions possible. Get all ex service personnel homes, jobs and the medical attention they deserve. They done there bit for the country now give it back.
Not forgetting the general public who just keep giving and giving and never ask for anything in return, well SNP I'm asking you, asking you to look after all of the above before any refugees. Close the borders now before its to late then the people of Scotland will look up to you. SAVE SCOTLAND NOW

Anonymous said...

These are NOT Scottish as they have chosen their path in life or death, by all means stand up for what you believe in , but when these people are prepared to take innocent lives on behalf of a lunatic based belief they and any other person like them SHOULD be removed from Scotland, what is happening to Glasgow University?? , should it be renamed THE ISIS UNIVERSITY .

Anonymous said...

A very eloquent statement, from a Human Rights organisation. What exactly are the Scottish Parliament doing to protect their subjects? Terrorists are exactly that, they gave up their right to trial by denying their victims that right.