Thursday, February 28, 2013

Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon gets nailed to the wall over ignoring 'warning bells' about NHS waiting times, George Laird right again about the disgraceful lack of talent in SNP

Dear All

Just the facts ma’am just the facts!

You may if you’re a film buff recognize the quote from Diehard 2, Bruce Willis, Franco Nero and William Sadler!

I amended it, just in case I am nabbed for being inaccurate by the quotation Polizei.

It seems that Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon ignored “warning bells” about how health boards were meeting her waiting times targets.

This is according to the Auditor General for Scotland.

So, after failing at one task, Alex Salmond moved her to be the ‘face of independence’, and as we currently see by poll after poll, she is failing that task too!

Time for a quote by Alex Salmond:

“My problem is that I have too many talented people and not enough Cabinet positions”!

Maybe in future, he should removed the word ‘talented’ and replace with ‘ass licking cronies’, call me visionary!

Anyway, back to the disaster of health under the SNP Government, Caroline Gardner told MSPs that the former Health Minister Nicola Sturgeon should have investigated why the proportion of patients marked as "socially unavailable" for treatment had risen from 11 per cent to more than 30 per cent.

Seems that the eye for detail isn’t there and it should be.

Instead of making the health service work better, we had a spin operation to make Ms Sturgeon look good and paint the NHS as a flagship policy.

As well as having a pop at Ms. Sturgeon, Ms Gardner appears to contradict Alex Salmond’s claim the problem was caused by NHS computer systems. This was the line parroted out by SNP list MSP Bob Doris who trotted out the scripted line in front of Gordon Brewer, who then nailed his ass to the ceiling.

Bob’s not one of life’s great thinkers, a dull man of limited potential which he eagerly shows it off, a human sandbag to take the Political hits, a patsy, a provincial man, a man of the land, you know ……. a moron!

By contrast, Jackie Baillie during the same interview was calm and collected, however Bob has learned to stop waving his arms about, progress, limited, but credit where credit is due.

Still got politically ass raped on Newsnight Scotland tho, but he didn’t wave his arms about!

The decline in standards prompted me some time ago to state on this blog that Alex Salmond needed to send SNP Ministers back to their desks; sackings are needed in the SNP Cabinet. Unfortunately, Salmond is so short of talent, there is slim pickens sitting behind him.

Audit Scotland first raised concerns about patients being classified unavailable in 2010, so why didn’t Nicola Sturgeon do something?

Did she realise that a house built on spin can’t stand up to facts?

Opposition parties said Audit Scotland’s evidence showed Scottish ministers have questions to answer about the management of waiting lists.

On the shop floor, GPs have claimed patient care was being compromised by politically motivated targets.

And just to mention, the case of Anne Fisher who needs the drug, Ipilimumab highlights another aspect of the failure of Nicola Sturgeon.

But less we forget, Ms. Sturgeon and her husband the SNP Chief Executive Peter Murrell have to cope with a joint income of £200k.

And that’s pressure, because what do you spend it on?

Anne Fisher and her family don’t seem that important to Ms. Sturgeon and her husband, and the Swiss Family Sturgeon aren’t known for sticking up for working class people.

Speaking after Ms Gardner’s evidence, Tavish Scott, a committee member, said:

“The Auditor General made clear that the warning signs were there but the government didn’t listen. We only found this out because of an NHS Lothian whistleblower. That in itself is a scandal. The government hid the fiddle.”

Jackie Baillie, Scottish Labour health spokesman, added:

“Caroline Gardner also blew a hole in the most recent waiting times "success". Even after the waiting times scandal, the most recent statistics, published just this week, can't be relied upon.”

The SNP mantra is that in an independent Scotland, ‘we can make it whatever we want it to be’!

Well this SNP Government stinks in this term, its Ministers need a rocket up their arse and need to get more personally involved in their work.

The ‘cult of personality’ which Alex Salmond is using is now so toxic; I think it won’t be long before he is dubbed ‘Chemical Ally’.

As to Ms Sturgeon, a real leader would step up to the plate and go back and fix the health service, it’s about integrity, it’s about character, failing that there is always the £200k to spend as a Champagne Socialist.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Nicola Sturgeon does a U turn on Europe, SNP Youth does a U turn on expelling member, now Alex Salmond does a U turn on Raasay shooting and fishing rights as they are returned to crofters, George Laird right again lack of talent in the SNP!

Dear All

After the big U turn on the EU by Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, we have another U turn, or maybe we should call it a ‘wee turn’.

Time for a quote by Alex Salmond:

“My problem is that I have too many talented people and not enough Cabinet positions”!

The people of Scotland and of Raasay would probably dispute that claim.

Scottish National Party is full of talentless people.

It seems that after the SNP Government screwed up, Raasay shooting and fishing rights have been returned to crofters, this means they get back the lease to manage shooting and fishing rights on Raasay.

The rights were sold out from under them to an Ayrshire company which sparked a row.

Does this mean an end to the farce of standing up for Scotland?

No, the SNP Government will continue to use that ‘gag’, always someone who is gullible in society.

The Scottish government had been accused of behaving like an absentee landlord; the reality is they just didn’t care; now the media is on the case, they do ‘care’!

Pathetic, another self inflicted wound, brought on by sheer rank stupidty.

Announcing the U turn, First Minister Alex Salmond told MSPs that the contract had now been withdrawn by mutual consent and the crofters' lease would be extended for another year.

What was the pitch that the people best placed to run Scotland are the ones who live here?

The Raasay Crofters' Association has managed the lease for 18 years, after paying £3k, the company; South Ayrshire Stalking will receive £9,000 in costs towards expenses already incurred.

Salmond said Environment Minister Paul Wheelhouse would be meeting crofters on Friday.

Mr Wheelhouse said:

"Raasay is a fragile island community and ministers recognise the sporting rights are very important to the islanders. I share the concerns expressed locally about the way in which the contract was awarded and will ensure, as I have indicated previously, that in future appropriate ministerial consideration is given when such decisions are being made. That is why I have taken steps to resolve the situation and I hope the Raasay islanders will be content with this solution."

Didn’t appear to put much stock in their opinions before stabbing them in the back tho!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Scottish Independence: Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon fail miserably to make a solid case for defence in an indy Scotland, anyone got a white flag, already Salmond and Sturgeon have their supporters practising putting their hands up, surrender monkeys!

Dear All


And a tune for the new United States of Salmond Marine Corp.

‘From the Halls of Morayshire,
To the Shores of Penilee
We will fight our country's battles In the air,
on land and sea;
First to fight for right and freedom
And to keep our honor clean;
We are proud to claim the title of United States of Salmond Marine’.

When the Scottish National Party decided wrongly in my opinion to try and win independence in 2014, I thought, has the work been done?

And as we all know now, no work has been done on anything, and that stretches back some 80 years of nationalism.

The defence of Scotland is a key battleground of the independence campaign.

In my policy areas Alex Salmond and the SNP Government weak and increasingly unworthy of trust, a recent poll of Scottish Servicemen and women showed that despite Alex Salmond playing the role of a ‘jolly fat man’, the majority don’t want to join the United States of Salmond army.

In the SNP there is a hardcore that doesn’t support the soldiers of the British Army, doesn’t support NATO and doesn’t support keeping Faslane as a nuclear submarine base. Some objections are based on the fact some of these characters are CND supporters.

Others in the SNP are republicans of what I dub the ‘Sinn Fein lite’ variety, such as the despicable vile bigot Tommy Ball who has pop up to abuse me again on twitter again from the republic of Ireland, they just hate the British Army for involvement in Northern Ireland.

Here is a link on this hatemonger Tommy Ball:

I outed him on twitter and made sure the press knew what he was up to as he spread his vile hatred of the British Army.

I make no apologies for outing this bigot and he later resigned from the SNP, when the lead was flying, the shitbag ran away on the virtual battlefield, hardly the heart of a lion.

What a turd.

Anyway, things are looking bad on the defence front for the SNP just as the EU debacle is a running sore.

An independent Scotland's armed forces would have to start from scratch in terms of personnel and equipment; this is the opinion of one of the UK's leading military analysts.

Professor Michael Clarke, director general of the Royal United Services Institute think-tank, this crowd is a pretty well known think tank which the UK Government and others listen to.

The SNP say Scotland could defend itself for between £2 billion and £3bn a year.

However, the figure isn’t based on any work done by them, they weren’t clever enough to produce their own material, which highlights another point I keep making about a genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party.

The Unites States of Salmond military will not be a super power or a key world player like Britain or the USA, and no seat at the top table either such as UN Security Council.

Clarke warns a Scottish military would have to rely on basic technology, defence on the cheap, no foreign adventures would be possible such as humanitarian missions.

We would have the cheapo stuff such as the Hawk trainer becoming the mainstay of the air force and the navy relying on second-hand Type 23 frigates.

Clarke also says what most already know, most existing service personnel would want to remain with the UK's forces.

Better job prospects, security and training opportunities, all the bolt on benefits of UK Forces will not be available to Scots such as learning a trade.

On the Scottish Navy or Salmond’s yacht fleet, Clarke suggested a Scots navy would consist of about 2000 personnel and 20 vessels.

No aircraft carriers or submarines!

Minesweepers, coastal patrol vessels and three or four Type 23 frigates, old hardware that the Royal Navy will replace from 2021!

The cost is said to run at £650 million per year.

Scottish airforce costing £370m to £400m per year, numbers are estimated at around 2000 personnel and about 60 aircraft.

The bulk of aircraft would be helicopters.

In the event of an attack would probably be used to evacuate Salmond and Sturgeon to London in the event of invasion where they could lead ‘the resistance’ from the their London Embassy. Presumably Salmond would designate someone in the SNP to formally hand over the government while at the same time work with key stakeholders to ensure an orderly transition.

On the ground, a brigade of 8000 troops plus a larger territorial brigade of 12,000, you get more people attending a Rangers Football Game, perhaps someone could make sure if anyone attacks they do it on a match day so guns could be passed out as people are ‘enlisted’ after the match and sent off to the front.

Thus allowing Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon and key players the time to get to England!

And Scotland would still have to rely on the rest of Britain as Clarke says Scotland would have to buy in services such as training and repair and maintenance of equipment.

On the big toys, Clarke completely rules out advanced equipment such as the Type 26 frigate which is due to replace the Type 23.

Not on the goodies list is also, the Typhoon fighter-bomber plane and the Joint Strike Fighter, planned for the UK's new aircraft carriers.

He said:

"Scotland would have to accept top of the range boys' toys would be out of the question."

Presumably, a key part of the Scottish defence training would be screaming ‘bastard’ and kicking people in the balls to save bullets!

He added:

"The prevailing view is if Scotland wanted to recruit forces of around 20,000 it would have to start from scratch. But there is no reason they could not be extraordinarily good by 2030."

Maybe they could take in laundry as well.

Clarke’s vision differs substantially from the SNP's defence policy.

The SNP promised a budget of £2.5bn to support a "multi-role brigade" of 15,000 regular service personnel and 5000 reservists.

Others claims which are subjective opinion; is that Scotland would inherit existing Scottish-raised regiments and have Special Forces and Royal Marines.

I don’t think that Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon made the case for defence, but them seeing them for what they are, they probably couldn’t make the argument for a bad case of hemorrhoids.

Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon… war leaders….. please, get a white flag, they would fully co-operate with any invading force because it would be ‘the right thing to do’!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Scottish independence: SNP U-turn over EU membership for independent Scotland shows how clueless Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon actually is, angry wee Nat’s should learn to talk sense!

Dear All

Do you remember that I said and said repeatedly that there is a genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party?

George Laird right again!

The independence campaign has been launched and has been botched badly by Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

This is a matter of indisputable fact.

Offered a straight choice of getting it right or fucking it all and looking like a bunch of clowns, the nationalist camp picks option B or Plan McB.

The ‘retreat’ has started in the nationalist ranks towards the George Laird view.

George Laird, always right it appears, I say ahead of time what needs to be done and then get proved correct.

The SNP Government has accepted for the first time that an independent Scotland would have to apply for EU membership.

Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been shown to be out of her depth because she and others in the SNP clique keep making assumptions which are not based on fact.

This is why the SNP under Salmond keep getting caught out and called a ‘bunch of liars.’

And ordinary Scots aren’t as stupid as the SNP thinks, just because some people in the SNP are lacking in vision, intellect and ability, it doesn’t mean the rest of us are infected with what I have dubbed ‘the Hunter virus’.

It just means that in the heart of nationalism, the ‘party within a party’ led by Salmond couldn’t organize ‘a piss up in a brewery’ or ‘fuck a doorknob.’

Anyway back to Ms. Sturgeon, the SNP’s ‘wee angry Nat’, in waiting for Salmond to resign and boost her pay packet, she says Scotland would aim to retain the same membership terms as the UK.

Nicola, Nicola, Nicola!

No, No, No!

Nicola Sturgeon is out of her depth by wrongly claiming Scotland would inherit the same deal, including Britain's opt-out from the euro single currency.

That isn’t possible, and certainly won’t be acceptable to the other 27 countries of the EU.
It isn’t like a menu in a Curry House where she and Alex Salmond get to pick the bits of the menu they like and then leave ‘the peas’.

Laughingly, she also said Scotland would issue a "notification of intent" to negotiate membership immediately in the event of a Yes vote next year.

She added:

"That notification would make it clear that we want to continue within the European Union as an independent nation."

Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon have a ‘date with destiny’ with the people of Scotland and on that date, it will be ordinary working class people who aren’t buying the phony ‘jolly fat man’ or the equally false ‘caring citizen’ portrayed by Ms. Sturgeon putting them in their place.

There will be no celebration, but if you get an invite turn up for the buffet, some people’s appetite will be deserting them.

Across on European shores, she told the European Policy Centre think-tank:

"We would begin as a nation keen to be an equal and constructive partner in the EU recognising its benefits; participating in dialogue about its future; and contributing to its development and growth”.


"And we would begin seeking to apply the principle of continuity of effect: in other words, on issues like the euro, Schengen and the rebate, our aim would be to retain the prevailing terms of Scotland's membership."

Sad that a woman who went to Glasgow University and did law shouldn’t be able to grasp the facts, and the facts say something entirely different, the EU are the ones dictating what they will accept to allow Scotland membership.

Not Salmond or Sturgeon.

This latest debacle is a complete shift in the SNP's position from last year, when Salmond and Sturgeon insisted an independent Scotland would automatically inherit EU membership on the same terms as the UK.

There is an advert on TV about how a certain produce that keeps the colours in clothes, the wife talks, as an actor playing the husband sits in bright golf clothes, she says to him:

“You look like a clown”!

Much of that sentiment could be directed towards Ms. Sturgeon who as the ‘face of independence’ has reached her ‘sell by date’!

A Scotland Office spokesman said:

"The Deputy First Minister's speech finally acknowledges that an independent Scotland would have to notify the EU ahead of negotiations and accession would need agreement of all member countries. This is a major concession."

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said:

"First the SNP said automatic EU entry would be a certainty, then it was downgraded to a 'negotiation'. Now Nicola Sturgeon is trying to pretend the Scottish Government has never taken EU admission for granted, but its behaviour over the past 12 months indicates the reverse."

Time for a quote by Alex Salmond:

“My problem is that I have too many talented people and not enough Cabinet positions”.

Have another pudding Alex!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon plan to hand control of spending to London, this isn’t independence but being held financial hostage by a foreign power, Scots would be trapped in poverty cycle!

Dear All

It is becoming increasingly clear that Alex Salmond is out of his depth on independence, and his ‘jolly fat man’ persona is starting to crack as we see at FMQs.

Despite there being an ‘independence campaign’ run by his and Nicola Sturgeon’s cronies, the real work of independence hasn’t been done.

Awhile ago, I said that there needed to be planning for a Scottish Pound, so that if Scots wanted true independence, we can’t have anyone controlling our currency, SNP clique rhetoric is ‘we can make our country into anything we want it to be’.

Their vision of Scotland stinks to high heaven like a burst colostomy bag in a packed sauna.

We can’t have someone else in what would be a foreign country setting our interest rates, or setting our public spending limits, this would place Scotland at an enormous disadvantage.

Scottish freedom would be nothing of sort.

Alex Salmond’s plans are flawed to keep the pound after independence, London with effective control of public spending levels in Scotland.

Far from living people out of poverty as Salmond and Sturgeon suggest, we would condemn those at the bottom to a more restricted choice.

That wouldn’t affect the SNP clique; who are sucking up as much money and power as possible as they see themselves as the ‘new establishment.’

There is a financial crash at the moment, we all recognise that, but there is another crash on the way, a political crash, poll after poll shows that Salmond and Sturgeon’s ‘positive’ vision is being rejected all over Scotland.

Alex Salmond needed two terms of successful government in order to try and make an attempt at independence, this term of the Scottish Government is an omnishambles.

Nothing has been done of note on government reform and local government reform; this was the main thrust and direction of the second term, not independence.

The preparation!

Salmond and the SNP jumped the gun because they wrongly believed that they could carry the popular vote, their increased support was based on Labour’s unpopularity.

That isn’t a basis to make a run at independence, instead of strong government; we have weak government under Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.  

To return to money matters, Scotland would face a deficit “cap” with the Bank of England looking over the shoulders of the Scottish Government, and if they don’t agree saying no!

What type of independence is that?

Getting lender of last resort status from down south is at best doubtful, why would England take the risk?

Scotland would have to turn over control of its assets leaving the country in a right pickle.

A former economic adviser to Alex Salmond warned last week that Scotland must be ready to adopt its own currency after independence, seems people agree with the George Laird vision!

The former advisor says keeping the pound would not deliver real economic freedom.

Professor John Kay said Scotland would not have “equal” status in any currency union, makes a mockery of the Sturgeon claim of ‘equal partnership’, Ms. Sturgeon is growing increasingly bizarre and as others have also commented such as Nigel Farage, out of her depth.

The UK Government is in the process of publishing a series of papers setting out the impact of independence, if the Scottish Government had done the work, these papers would have had a lesser impact.

Chancellor George Osborne said the SNP has yet to set out the case for independence.

80 years of Nationalism and no case beyond spin and rhetoric, it’s time that Nationalists started asking the hard questions because Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon have failed to make the case for Scotland’s independence in a meaningful way.

Osborne said:

“The SNP, if they’re going to persuade the Scottish people to vote for independence, are going to have to answer some pretty fundamental economic questions about the currency they would use, the fiscal agreement they would seek if they want to use the pound with the rest of the UK, and some pretty fundamental questions about the financial services based in Scotland, with the Royal Bank of Scotland based in Edinburgh.”

He added:

“Those are the questions they are simply unable to answer at the moment and as a result I think people doubt the case they’re making for independence.”

So far, we have seen gross stupidity, falsehoods portrayed as facts, incompetence and the SNP Government that has lurched to the right.

The independence campaign isn’t representative of Scots, people aren’t flocking to Alex Salmond and recently Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon spectacularly failed to win the student independence referendum.

That was despite help from SNP Cabinet Ministers, SNP MSP’s, SNP Activists and full time Yes Scotland campaigners on the campus.

Nicola sturgeon couldn’t get the educated student vote from her own university!

Alex Salmond could lead people to a ‘curry house’ but he can’t lead a country to freedom, it requires someone with a vision and both he and Nicola Sturgeon don’t have one, the proof is what we have seen done in the SNP Government since May 2011!

Time for a quote:

“My problem is that I have too many talented people and not enough Cabinet positions’.

What a pathetic statement, there is a genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, February 25, 2013

Steven ‘bin laden’ Purcell breaks three-year silence to say Glasgow must plan for indyref Yes vote, the SNP don’t have any plans and they are the Government, that boy’s a complete warmer and out of touch!

Dear All

He was a legend as ‘President Purcell’, head of the Labour fiefdom in Glasgow that nearly brought the Labour Party in Glasgow to its knees as the Council became the ‘Labour Council of Shame’.

Labour realising how bad things had gotten went on to have a ‘night of the long butterknives’ to kick out sitting councilors.

Now, Steven ‘bin laden’ Purcell, the former leader of Glasgow City Council, has broken his three-year silence to make his first contribution to the independence debate.

He is urging Glasgow to plan ahead for a possible Yes vote.

Purcell feels that the city could capitalise on the thousands of jobs which could be created by new government departments.

Opinion which isn’t backed by any facts or announcements by the Scottish Government!

Other than the new Southern General hospital, the Scottish Government under Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon seem to pumping money into the East and North East of Scotland.

Nicola Sturgeon isn’t standing up for Glasgow, even in her own constituency poor working class people found out that they were being discriminated in the key area of health provision.

In Nicola Sturgeon’s own area that she represents!

If this is a return to politics, does Purcell intend to join the Scottish National Party?

Certainly his Labour colleagues will view his hamfisted attempt to grab some headlines as unhelpful.

After his intervention, Purcell stressed he was not advocating a Yes vote.

Once tipped as a future First Minster, his career hit the buffers over drink and drugs; then he fled the scene.

 Steven ‘bin laden’ Purcell is politically retired, Labour will not put him back in Glasgow City Council, Gordon ‘free dinners’ Matheson recently disgraced him and added to it his George Square fiasco.

Despite this, Matheson should stay the course, and that leaves no room for Purcell or his sycophantic group of cronies which have undermined democracy in the City of Glasgow.

People have long memories, Purcell crashed and burned rather badly, the route back is blocked, new alliances have been built, power has shifted and he is no longer the political entity he was once was.

In plain language, he is fucked!!!!

He wants Glasgow to have a plan when the SNP Government doesn’t?

That boy’s a complete warmer!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Scottish independence, Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon heads to Brussels as she continues to flog a dead horse on Scotland’s EU membership, whipping the beast will not make it come back to life!

Dear All

Awhile ago, Robert Redford did a rather charming movie called the ‘Horse Whisper’ about a young girl and a horse injured in an accident.

It seems that from ‘Horsewhisper’ we now have in the present day the ‘Horse Whipper’ in the form of Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon who is whipping a dead horse on EU membership beyond death now.

As the angry wee Nat continues to whip, whip and more whip the dead horse in the hope that somehow life will return to it, what must any reasonable nationalist think, it’s pathetic and it’s embarrassing.

Nicola Sturgeon is now being asked the Labour Party in Scotland to "get on with her day job", after it emerged she was heading to Brussels to address a think-tank.

The subject is the process Scottish independence.

After being rebuffed by the EU, Ms. Sturgeon wants to try and create the appearance of a dialogue is happening between the Scottish Government and Europe so Scottish people think they are dealing with the membership problem that Scotland has.

But the truth is, she, Alex Salmond and the Scottish Government are just wasting their time, burning up resources and not being effective in the independence campaign.

Ms. Sturgeon is speaking at the European Policy Centre on how Scotland would become a full EU member in the event of a Yes vote next year.

Labour whip James Kelly said:

"The minister should be at home trying to create jobs for the 11,000 Scots no longer in work. Europe for the SNP is the hole Nicola can't stop digging and she would be better getting on with the day job."

It is quite dishonest politics by the SNP Government to try and engage directly with key EU players after being rebuffed by European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso last month. No matter how many attempts made by Nicola Sturgeon, the bottom line is failure.

Nothing can or will happen until the referendum vote in 2014, and poll after poll shows that the ‘positive’ message being sold by Salmond and Sturgeon is not appealing.

Trust is an issue, and the SNP Government is losing the trust of ordinary working class Scots, not just on the EU but also in key areas of devolved government such as Health, Law and Order, and Education.

In health at the weekend another NHS health scandal erupted which again appears to lead by to Nicola Sturgeon’s tenure at health as opposition parties claim the SNP cover up.

In a knee jerk response to the latest crisis in accident and emergency departments in Scotland’s NHS, patients were being left waiting for hours on cold trolleys, money was pumped in, a face saving exercise. 

Health is no longer a flagship SNP policy.

This continual beating of a dead horse must stop, her continued farce of what represents negotiation would see her and Salmond unstuck as she says:

"Our intention to remain outside Schengen, retain the pound and keep Scotland's share of the UK rebate will simply be a confirmation of the status quo in terms of our relationship with the EU."

She can’t get a share of the rebate as the contract remains solely with the British Government, and she wouldn’t be able to remain outside Schengen either, again, totally dishonest politics from an unpopular Deputy First Minister who will say anything to the people of Scotland.

Scotland’s EU membership if there is a successful vote for independence, means starting from scratch, everyone knows this, and the continual falsehood only adds to an air of mistrust which is growing on a daily basis!

Labour MSP James Kelly is right, Nicola Sturgeon needs to stop digging a hole on the EU, put the dead horse in the hole and bury it deep, it’s pretty ripe now, the smell can only get worse.

Its seems that Nicola Sturgeon is wishing to barge her way into any room that has ‘Europe’ on the door, to justify her ill judged strategy, tax payer money wasted on another unproductive ‘jolly’.

How long will it be till Labour MSP’s put ‘Europe’ on toilet doors in Holyrood?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, February 22, 2013

Shakira - Hips don't lie

Scottish independence, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon loses key student Scottish independence vote at Glasgow University, 87% not interested in her positive message, and those who voted 62% said No, Nicola Sturgeon cannot win an independence vote

Dear All

Yesterday saw a mock referendum held among the students of Glasgow University on Scottish independence.

Despite Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon taking a key role and fronting the campaign on campus, it was a disaster of epic proportions.

Team Salmond, Team Sturgeon and Yes Scotland threw everything including the kitchen sink into a massive operation trying to secure a win.

But the result was a large majority in favour of staying within the UK.

As I previously said, it was a mistake for Nicola Sturgeon to actively campaign on the streets of Glasgow University.

George Laird right again.

The result also shows another point which I have been making regarding a genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party.

As I say the SNP threw everything into this to win, with Nicola Sturgeon investing her own political capital.

Unfortunately, she wasn't bright enough to understand the political economy and that you do not invest in a collapsing market.

George Laird right again. 

Nicola Sturgeon campaigned, SNP Government Ministers campaigned, SNP MSP’s campaigned, SNP members campaigned, Yes Scotland put two full time people on campus according to reports.

George Laird didn't campaign.

And the answer was No!

Students at the University of Glasgow were balloted using the same question as will be used in the referendum although the result is not representative of the average population; the main story was the defeat of independence at the ballot box under the personal leadership of Nicola Sturgeon.

Another part of Nicola Sturgeon’s failure was that 87% of students weren’t interested in her ‘positive message’.

Of those who did vote, "should Scotland be an independent country?".

62% (1614) voted no, while 38% (967) said yes.

As Professor Peacock read out the result, first the Yes result, a small cheer was heard; then came, the no result which resulted in a loud vocal cheering of celebration, sprinkled with loud booing as the independence supporters disgraced themselves in public.

Only 2589 (13%) of the university's 20,000 students took part in the poll.

Yes Scotland chief executive Blair Jenkins who turned up to witness the personal humiliation of Nicola Sturgeon said he was disappointed for the students backing his campaign.

He added:

"We have to remember that some 2,500 out of 20,000 students actually cast votes and this undoubtedly reflects the fact that a large section of the student and general population has yet to make up their minds."

Carys Hughes, a representative of the Glasgow University Better Together campaign, thought that introducing Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on the campus for a whole day backfired for the yes campaign.

"It was because they did this, because they took the campaign away from the students, that they lost."

Ms. Hughes added:

"Our campaign was led by the students and wasn't consumed by party politics. We talked about the issues."

So, Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is sinking as I previously blogged, yesterday she lost student independence vote, the SNP and Yes Scotland threw the kitchen sink at this campaign and lost.

There is a serious lack of talent in the Scottish National Party, Team Sturgeon got politically ass raped on the campus of Glasgow University because they didn’t understand the political economy.

George Laird right again, and ahead of the curve as usual.

Politics is really rather easy for some of us, but obviously not Ms Sturgeon who campaigned dress in black, appropriate for her own political funeral later on as the result was read out.

And what was the deal with her footwear, heels, again totally inappropriate, the pictures of her looked like a ‘baglady’ who had wandered onto the campus without a paper cup to do some ‘street begging’. 

She left without getting a nickel and her tail between her legs, head down, a major mistake to campaign personally.

And what a stunning coup of a PR victory for Better together which she gifted them. 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Scottish independence: Cybernats show their true colours as they resort to the same tactics used by the Nazis in the 1930’s Germany, smears, lies and poison is their stock in trade, their poison drips right through the independence campaign of Alex Salmond

Dear Anon

I told you to take your filth elsewhere did I not?

“So my initial reaction to you was correct you are a fucking fruitcake”.

Sadly, you appear not to value the opinions of other people, that’s something also common among the Nazis in 1930’s Germany.

“I was obviously right about you wanking of to gay porn also, you have been seen cruising Kelvin Grove Park and wanking in the bushes”.

I find you offensive in the extreme, but this is what I expect from independence supporters such as yourself on the lunatic fringe of the debate.

“I have contacts in the area”.

Do they stand in bushes?

“you are a sad joke man, and you do smell badly, people I know in the BBC confirmed that as they had complaints from the audience about your stinky clothes and oxter guff, when you were in for that programme where you waffled crazy man stuff”.

Adopt NATO?

I am sorry to disappoint you but all my clothing wore that night was brand new.

“No wonder the SNP has given you a body swerve. You should try some soap and water it could change your life”.

Let’s get the facts straight; I walked away from the SNP as an activist first, anyway did soap and water change your life?

“I took the time to Google you, fruitcake is being kind to you apparently, you are a five star fuckwit”.

Funny, to return to the BBC, for a moment, when I said that the SNP should adopt NATO, Nicola Sturgeon can be seen nodding her head, and later the SNP changed to my view.

If I am a five star fuckwit, what does that make Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon for following my ideas?

They did so, on my idea for a Scottish National Police Force.

They did so, on my idea for a Scottish National Fire Service.

The SNP adopted my ideas on social media.

Yes Scotland is currently using my idea for street stalls which I brought up at SNP GRA meeting.

“I took the time to Google you, fruitcake is being kind to you apparently, you are a five star fuckwit”.

If I am that, then what must be your opinion of the SNP and Yes Scotland who are using my ideas?

Go away, you’re a vile little sad person, nothing more need be said, you don’t even have the courage to give your real name, a coward, you think you are the future of Scotland?

Do you want to help the campaign for Scottish independence?

Then don’t turn up, step back and do us all a favour, and stay in and watch Sky TV.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond defends Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as Holyrood erupts over SNP hidden waiting lists under Sturgeon, Anne Fisher still waiting for drug, Ipilimumab

Dear All

When the SNP came to power in 2007, health was pushed to the front as a flagship SNP Policy.

Nicola Sturgeon was put in charge of the brief; in certain areas standards were raised on issues such has hospital infections.

In the years that followed many believed that Nicola Sturgeon was running a tight ship, but the ship rather than being slick was more of a rusting tramp steamer with an SNP spin covering over the lack of substance and competence.

Today is a watershed moment in the SNP Government’s history and proof that my suggestion that Alex Salmond should send SNP Ministers back to their desks was 100% correct.

George Laird right again?

Well yes, always right, it’s a gift.

Another thing I said; was it was a mistake to appoint Nicola Sturgeon as independence minister.

George Laird right again.

Alex Salmond has launched Operation Save Nicola Sturgeon as he was forced to deal with failings in the NHS, he admitted “failings and faults” after a damning watchdog’s report prompted fresh concerns over the unfolding scandal of waiting time fiddles.

Remember how much political capital was made by the SNP over Labour’s hidden waiting lists?

Well, seems that Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has a few of her own to explain away as thousands of patients were removed from NHS waiting lists across Scotland.

It is time that Alex Salmond sent Nicola Sturgeon back to health to clear up her mess made on her watch, his weak leadership is now a problem for the SNP as government is now effectively paralysed by inactivity and lack of vision.

The reasons that thousands of patients suffered under Nicola Sturgeon’s watch was that they were deemed “socially unavailable” when they could not make appointments.

In a show of remarkably weak political judgment, Alex Salmond tried to justify incompetence by saying that there were hidden waiting lists affected to 33% of patients under the last Labour/Liberal Democrat administration.

The defence is that ‘we are just as incompetent’ as others is no defence at all!

On the attack with facts, Labour leader Johann Lamont said that Nicola Sturgeon, the previous health minister, was told in 2011 that only 3% of patients were waiting more than 9 weeks for treatment when the actual figure was 23%.

Lamont added:

“She knew what was happening did she not have the wit to notice that waiting lists were being falsified, or did it simply fit her purpose?”

Now, the SNP Government will swing into action rallying to protect Nicola Sturgeon burning public money to spin away incompetence at the helm, but not a single penny will be available to get dying mum, Anne Fisher who desperately needs the drug, Ipilimumab.

The SNP now do not have a flagship policy in this term of Government.

For opposition parties who tried for years to discredit Nicola Sturgeon, today is the day that her credibility has suffered serious political damage..... SNP hidden waiting lists.

She should return to health, fix her mess and get Anne Fisher who desperately needs the drug, Ipilimumab, the help she and her family expected.

Remember she said her nationalism was based on social justice?

What a joke!

Time for a quote by Alex Salmond:

“My problem is that I have too many talented people and not enough Cabinet positions”!

Tell that to the Fisher family children as they see their mother suffer each day caused by a SNP Government that has become stupid, ignorant, cruel and uncaring of the most vulnerable in society.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Nigel Farage hits the European election trail in Scotland hard as he says Scottish independence is ‘dead in the water’ and Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is out of her depth, two fair comments on state of Salmondism!

Dear All

In politics, there are always strong views floating about from other parties, regarding the performance of their competitors.

Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) says that Scottish Nationalism is a fraud.

He also says that Nicola Sturgeon appears out of her depth.

And to add icing to his cake, he says that the Scottish Government's campaign for independence is "dead in the water."

In politics and elsewhere this is known as the 1,2,3!

So, let’s look at his points.

Scottish Nationalism is a fraud, at present people are unwilling to be activists in the SNP and donations are drying up.


Because the Scottish National Party is run as a party within a party by Salmond who uses the ‘cult of personality’ which has created a vile nasty clique!

Nicola Sturgeon is out of her depth, this echoes my thoughts, her latest whizz to campaign in the mock referendum at Glasgow University is incredibly bad judgment on her part and that of her advisors.

The third point that independence is "dead in the water" is very much a matter of fact, from the start; Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon have botched this, again, incredibly bad judgment.

There is no independence campaign beyond the SNP and Yes Scotland, no momentum and no heart and soul, no vision, no ideas and no sense that we are living in the days of a better nation.

You only have to look at the couldn’t give a fuck attitude by Alex Salmond at FMQ’s regarding the plight of dying mum Anne Fisher who needs the drug, Ipilimumab would give her more time with her husband and three daughters.

Remember the Scottish National Party members saying on indy, ‘we can make our country anything we want it to be’.

Maybe someone should be asking why the First Minister just shrugged off this woman’s plight; maybe it might explain why people won’t work for Salmond and Sturgeon and why donations are drying up.

These two patently don’t care about working class Scots, except when it is election time, Alex Salmond dons his garb and plays the ‘jolly fat man’ and Nicola Sturgeon plays the ‘concerned’ citizen whose ‘nationalism’ is allegedly based on social justice.

Where is the social justice for Anne Fisher?

Where’s her people’s champion from the SNP?

A whole party that has gone quiet because it is run as a one man band, the ‘cult of personality’.

Back to Mr. Farage, he is on the election trail, as he believes presumably that the 2014 European elections will be a watershed for UKIP in Scotland.


Say whit!

Anyway, Farage hopes that UKIP could emulate the Reform Party of Canada – which went on to form part of the largest party in the Ottawa parliament and "do something dramatic and remarkable".

UKIP is very light on the ground in Scotland and seen by many as Tory Eurosceptics out with the Conservative Party.

On Ms Sturgeon’s opinion that an independent Scotland would only have to amend an agreement with Brussels to become a new EU member state rather than negotiate a full accession treaty, he agrees with my position.

Farage said:

"There's nothing Nicola Sturgeon said that has impressed me. Frankly, she appears to be grossly out of her depth in the position she is in. Just for once, I'm going to go with Jose Manuel Barroso [President of the European Commission]."

And Farage is point blank anti EU, so this is a ‘road to Damascus’ moment for him.

On the current bankrupt strategy of Alex Salmond on Europe, he opines that Salmond and his clique have sold a "completely false argument".

He added:

"This has become clearer to Scottish voters. What has sealed it is the EC president making clear that if you left the UK, you have to reapply and sign a treaty that commits you to joining the euro. Frankly, the sheer dishonesty, the twists and turns, and the hiding of the report and all the things the SNP have done, they're doing themselves electorally huge damage."

In the Euro elections, it would be pretty clear how to get votes by opposition parties, keep using the liar tag alongside a picture of those who have lied publicly on this issue.

Farage hopes to do well, but in order to do so; UKIP needs to built up in Scotland, in the 2009 European elections it came sixth behind the Greens with just under 5% of the vote.

In the years between then and now, they have effectively done nothing in Scotland to raise their profile.

And on that basis they want a breakthrough!

But to return to Anne Fisher, the reason that most politicians say they entered politics, to help people, when is any SNP MSP with ‘a pair of balls’ going to stand up publicly and say that denying Anne Fisher the drug, Ipilimumab is wrong?

Is there one real People’s champion in the SNP who has been elected to serve the people?

I doubt it, which is why SNP members are turning their backs on Salmond and Sturgeon and refusing to be activists and why donations are drying up.

Telling words from Anne Fisher on Salmond:

“He didn’t seem interested all he seems to care about are his great plans for independence.”

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Scottish independence: Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon visits Glasgow University to raise support for independence but the burning issue for students is the Hive closing, where to get drunk and get a shag dominates thinking on campus

Dear All

Glasgow University is holding a mock referendum on independence.

I spent 20 years of my time at this place where I worked for the uni and also did a bit of teaching.

I had a saying; it was harder to get into medical school than becoming a George Laird trainee.

You can’t have failed to notice that the independence campaign has fallen completely on its arse as Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon pilots it onto the rocks.

To show how the mock referendum has failed to raise expectations, one girl said:

“What referendum?"

She added:

"Oh, I didn't know that was happening. That's really bad."

And the apathy of yesteryear is still apparent today among the student body.

The majority of students approached had no idea that a ballot on independence was taking place on the campus.

And an early indication of how ineffective Nicola Sturgeon and the Yes Camp have been was that the few who knew couldn’t name a friend who was planning to vote.

Like the main campaign of Yes Salmond, the mini’s have slung together tatty posters declaring "your vote, your future" or "great things start with yes" on lampposts and staircases.

On the news footage, I saw that SNP members were on the ground but for all the good the Salmond/Sturgeon clique were doing they might have well not been there.

More chance of raising a flaccid penis in the anatomy department, then crying from the nearest doorway, ‘it’s alive, it’s alive’, than interrupt the general apathy.

On Monday, Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon visited the university to help the Yes Scotland campaigners. 

A mistake on her part, so desperate she is for some good publicity that she has invested her own political capital by being on the campus.

Early reports say that the rally attended by her attracted only a few dozen students.

And in another personal humiliation, most of them were involved in the campaign anyway. 

Passers-by were hurrying pass on their way to classes, the library, or maybe even on their way down to the Stevie Building.

My claim to fame besides telling Glasgow University ‘fuck you’ was I without a doubt, the best fitness instructor on campus.

I taught in the dump!

The big story today is said to be the ongoing fallout from the closure of Glasgow University's student nightclub, The Hive.

The Hive was generally regarded as a ‘cattlemarket’ where young students would express undying love and then try to get a shag! 

The student newspaper, Glasgow University Guardian, who did a piece on me in the past, well I was famous and well known on campus, covered both the mock ref and the Hive, the stats tell the ‘tale of the tape’, getting drunk and trying for a shag for the night is more important than indy. 

20,000 potential student voters are up for grabs, but politically a win or loss for either side is meaningless, generally voting attracts a small turnout at Glasgow University.

SRC elections get a very low voter turnout because they are seen as being up the arse of the senior management.

The big story will probably be political apathy; unsurprisingly Nicola Sturgeon did the wrong thing again to campaign personally, fine to attend a debate but campaign, a serious mistake.

Nicola Sturgeon attracted only a few dozen students, it’s hard being popular, I fought against this all my life, but despite this, all my classes that I taught at Glasgow University were full.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Scottish independence: angry vile cybernats start hate campaign similar to the Nazi Party of 1930’s Germany, if this is the ‘talent’ available to Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, the public will get their chance to speak in 2014 at the ballot box

Dear Anon

“You still don't get it fatty no one gives a flying fuck what you think”.

I am Fat?

Am I as Fat as Alex Salmond?

I recall there are quite a few people in the SNP Cabinet who might be clinically obese.

“the fact that no one visits your blog and comments should give you a clue”.

Oh, that is so wounding, but if no one comes to me blog then how do you explain:

Universitat De Barcelona (
British Sky Broadcasting Limited (
Glasgow City Council (
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Trimedia - Greyling (
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This is a small selection of different organisations which drop by.

Does your mum drop by your blog?

Why don't you stop wasting your time sitting there between bouts of wanking of to gay porn and fuck of and have a bath, you smell like the North end of a South bound hyena. Fuck the fuckity fuck of cock breath”.

I am sorry to disappoint you but I am not a homosexual, in the 1930’s the Nazis Party of Germany used the tactic of smearing people.

And in 2013, you use the tactics of the Nazis to attack me. You are a poisonous cybernat who has gone mad lashing out because the independence campaign is sinking and you aren’t bright enough to save it.

So, you attack me, for speaking out, I intend to continue to speak out as I see fit and on whatever subject I choose.

If you are a part of the SNP and/or Yes Scotland, it is no wonder people are turning their backs on you and your ilk, you are a poison festering away in the independence movement; Nicola Sturgeon deserves people like you.

Go away and take your filth with you, I don’t need the SNP as readers, I have enough thanks.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University