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Scottish independence: panic stricken Alex Salmond forced to setup the Nat Police Organised Cybernat TaskForce as independence campaign collapse continues; Salmond sowed the seeds by 30 years plus of grudge, grievance and malcontent politics!

Dear All

You may remember I stated and stated and stated that there was a lack of genuine talent in the Scottish National Party.

It seems that independence campaign is going so badly that what is termed senior Nationalists; have launched a crackdown on so-called "cybernats."

Cybernats are an unhappy crowd who use the internet to abuse and attack political opponents.

I am a victim myself.

On twitter, a nationalist supporter has set up a fake twitter account in my name called @georgemlaird.

When it was set up, these people started following it, SNP Candidate Jonathan Mackie, one of Sturgeon’s little helpers, Shona McAlpine who works for Humza Yousaf, Anniesland SNP and Yes Scotland.

Currently there are 14 people following that account.

On my little twitter account I am followed by the press and the fake account tried to link their account to them to smear me.

Here is a selection of comments in no order of preference.

“George M Laird @GeorgeMLaird

@onedirection want your hole?”

Posting sexual comments, classic cybernat tactics!


“George M Laird @GeorgeMLaird

@Dungarbhan @GeoLaird I can't beat that. The fat cunt's bonkers. I'm closing my account, can't parody a slide into lunacy”.

Now, things are so bad for the independence campaign that a group of party activists on social media; has begun policing offensive comments on blogs and social networking site Twitter. 

One of the Nat ‘Policemen’ is Calum Cashley, presumably he hasn’t been given a gun as he recently shot himself in the foot by saying regarding cybernats:

"It is not a party thing. The problem is they are not party members. The party does not know who they are."

And who can forget Humza Yousaf’s wife Gail Lythgoe who used the internet to smear Labour MP Ian Davidson via an email of utter poison.

Apparently everyone knew who she is and nothing got done about that, maybe it is because she is married to an SNP MSP and on the SNP Executive Council.

The SNP said she was commenting in a private capacity and therefore didn’t take any action.

In a separate move; and by a fluke of total coincidence the pro-independence Yes Scotland campaign has highlighted warnings to supporters not to make personal attacks or engage in abuse.

Yes Scotland is seen by many as Yes Salmond, and as Mr. Cashley knows in Police work there is no such thing as coincidence. If Mr. Cashley is going to play ‘detective’ then someone should buy him a boxset of Columbo.

However, I expect that Mr. Cashley will limit himself to ‘open and shut cases’, he doesn’t strike me as Columbo, or Banacek, or even Marshall Sam McCloud.

Cashley works as policy director for MEP Alyn Smith so he is part of the SNP clique which shows how bad things must be on the SNP good ship Titantic 2, Captain Salmond commanding at present.

The latest bit of seen to be doing something comes as a cybernat called SNPDunblane prompted a furious online backlash after suggesting the BBC should not have allowed comments on the indy issue from outside Scotland.

The user later deleted his comments and the account was closed down.

Obviously not playing well with others!

Labour MSP Richard Simpson said:

"This sort of online abuse of anyone who disagrees with the SNP is unacceptable. I hope the SNP gets control of its supporters who hurl abuse and denigrate anyone who disagrees with them."

Will the new Nat Police Organised Cybernat TaskForce be a success?

Sadly, no, it is unlikely to have much effect in the debate; Mr. Cashley doesn’t have resources, personnel or the intelligence to do a proper job.

No matter how many times he watches Columbo!

The worst will still post what they want, when they want and using whatever platform they want.

I upset a leading cybernat once, he hasn’t forgiven me, Tommy Ball was posting on Twitter that British Soldiers were ‘child killers’ and 'uneducated racist thugs’, when I challenged him to remove such comments he turned on me.

Given that six British service people had just lost their lives, he was so bitter and twisted he failed to respond to reason, so I outed him to the press to show that decent people in the Scottish National Party don’t think like him.

Later when I put in a complaint about discrimination, I was effectively blacklisted for help by Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell, the Chief Executive.

And; I am blacklisted from the Pollok SNP branch which is run by Chris Stephens, a close friend and drinking buddy of Tommy Ball.

Ball describes himself a democracy campaigner, which I say, fuck off with that shite!

Democracy campaigner my arse!  

In my time of need the ’decent’ people in the Scottish National Party, Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell, the Chief Executive wouldn’t do the decent thing.

What we are seeing by way of freedom of expression and freedom of speech is what the people of Scotland will be getting if Scotland votes for independence, trying to keep a lid on it is almost as despicable as people who cybernat while remaining anonymous.

Things must be going really really badly in the Salmond/Sturgeon camp now!

Maybe if what is termed the ‘leadership’ hadn’t engaged in 30 years plus of grudge, grievance and malcontent things would never have gotten this bad.

Do you ever think they have ever heard of leading by example?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

Your spot on George. Years of pointing fingers at others is coming back to haunt the SNP. Bad examples and weak arguements will kill Scotlands hope of being Independant.
Don't do as I do, do as I say seems to be the latest wheeze from on high.
Latest trend is to blame opposition for everything during First Minister's questions. Its wrong and its weak politics. " youz wur wurse than uz". Putrid!